Rails - Oct 2005

Monday October 31 2005
10:59PM 2 Cascading Comboboxen and GO button ?
10:15PM 1 assert_valid_markup plugin
9:11PM 0 No rdoc for rails
8:29PM 9 Rails 1.0 upgrade guide
8:13PM 0 introducing acts_as_shellable gem
7:21PM 1 Problem with migrate
7:12PM 3 Rails 1.0rc3 and ports on Mac OS X Server
6:36PM 2 habtm insert
6:36PM 3 Post XML to payment gateway
6:09PM 1 Handling of Rails reserved work "type"
5:55PM 1 ordered many-to-many relationship
5:25PM 11 Next ID from DB
4:28PM 1 Typo code review question
2:54PM 1 [prototype] hasClassName returning an object
2:52PM 4 RoR Article
12:51PM 0 Rails and htmlentities
12:28PM 1 Checkbox problem
10:43AM 6 How to programatically build :contitions with elegance?
10:30AM 2 Proposal: habtm :join_model option to treat join_table as a real model, enables acts_as_*
10:27AM 0 paginator usage problem
10:15AM 0 Generate image in rials, to put in pdf
10:12AM 19 Multi languages in rails
8:37AM 5 RailsACL?
7:04AM 1 EzCrypto 0.2 with Rails support
4:56AM 7 0.14.2 Rake task override ?
4:27AM 3 File_column+Rmagick plus flash - Broken?
4:23AM 4 changing db tables after generating model?
2:47AM 5 Rannotate - User submitted notes for rdoc generated documentation
12:25AM 4 File Column/RMagick Problem
Sunday October 30 2005
11:51PM 5 Image data in database
11:03PM 3 Transient models
9:50PM 6 RedCloth Issues
8:24PM 1 rake aborted!
7:24PM 1 attaching the debugger to functional test.
6:34PM 0 link_to_remote does not update a TBODY?
6:33PM 0 sortable_element
6:02PM 0 Setting collections of arbitrary size
4:06PM 12 MySQL 4.0
2:46PM 0 Multiple SQLite databases
10:42AM 1 Function Testing and render_componets
9:00AM 1 Functional testing and login
7:34AM 19 Basecamp database model
5:38AM 7 about ruby compiler ?
5:05AM 4 rake not seeing SwitchTower tasks
3:09AM 0 Custom validation in Model and returning back to the form
2:47AM 3 file_column and local files.
2:21AM 0 More mentions of Rails :-)
2:20AM 0 Newbie Problem running ruby script/generate scaffold Product Admin on OS/X
1:54AM 4 Migrations, MTI
12:16AM 1 [TYPO] config object is ... what?
Saturday October 29 2005
11:33PM 0 Problem with validates_uniqueness_of
8:18PM 0 non database models
8:17PM 1 Navigating Rails Projects
7:37PM 0 Setting a checkbox that doesn't correspond to model data
6:23PM 1 Intermittent 'rails application failed to start' error
6:20PM 4 [newbie] table relationships
6:10PM 2 Active Record: getting all tables from a database ?
5:27PM 1 handle bounced e-mails
2:24PM 7 actionmailer: Subject: lost utf-8
1:45PM 4 Setting http code 301 on certain pages
1:39PM 0 Re: Multiple rails instances, single database
10:37AM 3 Thanks for RoR (for the team)
8:02AM 2 nested routes and action :index
7:52AM 0 freeze_gems and freeze_edge not working in 14.2
7:31AM 0 ActiveRecord :include question
4:49AM 5 Rails 0.14.2 pluralization problems
3:07AM 0 postgres 8.0, PQsetdbLogin() in -lpq... no
2:08AM 1 JavaScriptHelper::update_element_function & multiple AJAX updates?
12:25AM 14 SaltedGenerator maintainer ?
Friday October 28 2005
11:54PM 0 Managing DRb processes and DRb deployment
11:33PM 18 file_column_0.3 plugin with rmagick support
9:34PM 2 Arbitrary sized collections
9:30PM 4 find_by_sql column types
9:00PM 1 SF Beer & Pizza SIG - review and forecast
8:10PM 3 Rails on Mexico? (Rails en Mexico?)
7:22PM 0 Shipping Library
7:08PM 3 PostgreSQL. Multiply schemas in one database. How to?
6:58PM 2 paginating a has_many record
6:07PM 0 error display without model object in
5:33PM 4 FastCGI, Apache 1.3.X and OS X headers problem ??
5:24PM 1 [solution] Testing w/ fixtures on databases with no-delete constraints
4:59PM 11 Bounty for expansion of act_as_nested_set
4:46PM 0 Eager loading and one-to-zero-or-one relationships
4:25PM 2 Accessing fixture
3:41PM 2 Gettext 1.0
3:06PM 2 Bpp appointment calendar (first rails project)
2:41PM 5 What is Ming
2:08PM 0 Re: has_many problems, can't gather items in a todo list (urgent, working on a school project)
1:50PM 0 caching with 0.14.2
1:49PM 1 [Rails 0.14.2] Tests failing because instantiated fixtures are off by default
1:07PM 0 Productize.rb in 0.14.x
12:34PM 3 mysql 5 and activerecord
12:15PM 11 We need love for the Oracle adapter
12:06PM 0 0.14.2 pluralization problems
11:42AM 4 calling Ajax.Updater from onsubmit
10:59AM 3 OnJava-Article: BackButton and Bookmarks in Ajax
10:48AM 0 Looking at Rails for the first time...
10:25AM 1 Actionless self-referential views , logic in my views, yes, but less LOC. One draw back, it dont work.
7:42AM 0 [NEWBIE] BookMan / Manhattan
5:11AM 0 beginner's problem after changing the database configuration file
4:12AM 18 Internationalization for Rails 1.0
3:00AM 2 oops, wrong destination
2:54AM 3 I can't do 'generate scaffold' on Rails 0.14.2
2:53AM 1 So, anything this evening?
2:18AM 1 Caching of application confusion
1:08AM 0 actionmailer header problem
Thursday October 27 2005
11:36PM 0 Re: Skipping framework in new initializer doesn't skip framework - IGNORE
11:16PM 0 Skipping framework in new initializer doesn't skip framework
10:31PM 3 Form helper select and CSS
10:02PM 1 (no subject)
9:48PM 0 has_one with Single Table Inheritance - NameError : uninitialized constant
9:42PM 2 Self referential Models - how to code?
9:14PM 3 Read only model attributes
9:13PM 5 Help. Problem with scaffolding and fields ending in _id
8:48PM 0 SQL Server - Connection Failure after 10 mins
8:33PM 0 rescue_action_in_public error
8:10PM 2 Changes in fixtures for 0.14.2
8:00PM 0 Instant Rails 1.0 preview3 Released
7:26PM 1 Multiple inheritance in Models
7:13PM 2 fckeditor_text_field won't get submitted by form_remote_tag
7:06PM 0 Designers & Developers (equity positions)
6:27PM 8 acts_as_versioned trauma
6:19PM 2 Fixtures are not loading into instance variables. Why not?
5:58PM 3 ActionController: find out if template exists
5:47PM 1 Possible Bug or Issue ?
5:33PM 1 Sub actions
5:00PM 1 Behavior change -- bug?
4:25PM 2 Re: has_many problems, can't gather items in a todo list (urgent, working on a school project)
4:19PM 1 LoginGenerator - calling store_location for every page
4:02PM 2 Windows Rails Hosting
3:06PM 2 Multipart content type with ActionMailer
3:02PM 2 Session lost in Internet explorer
2:57PM 1 Logger datetime_format not working ?
2:35PM 0 my app broke after installing rc3
2:19PM 0 question about routes
11:35AM 1 error Before updating scaffolding...
10:36AM 1 must a has_many association have a primary key sequence?
10:13AM 5 multiple rails applications from one dispatch.fcgi?
7:43AM 4 scgi multi hosting
7:28AM 0 << vs #create and the counter cache
7:04AM 2 Weird ActionWebService Error when using web_service_scaffold after upgrade to Soap4r 1.5.5
6:22AM 0 logger won't print - or prints blanks
5:53AM 1 Code review of typo and questions
4:01AM 0 no sessions under rails 14.2
3:32AM 1 Using render_to_string multiple times
2:59AM 2 Ruby Shipping Gem Help
2:10AM 2 Using date_select to set a date manually
12:47AM 1 Routing Error
Wednesday October 26 2005
11:56PM 2 Change model validation depending on controller?
11:11PM 2 Initializer question
9:54PM 6 PhillyOnRails Meeting - November 2
9:49PM 0 How to display error messages sorted and with index?
9:36PM 0 Intermittent segfaults in webrick on windows after upgrading to 0.14.2
9:26PM 11 Render remote php script as a partial?
8:18PM 1 MySQL updatable view question
8:15PM 0 Expression Interpolation and ActiveRecord relationships
8:15PM 3 AJAX file upload
7:56PM 4 How do you "initialize" model instances?
7:33PM 1 database problem after upgrading rails gems
7:29PM 2 error generating scaffold
7:12PM 1 Problems with Prototype 1.4_rc0/1 and sortables
6:47PM 3 habtm with additional attributes that need to be changed after association is made
6:36PM 0 Feedback request on feature enhancement ticket
5:55PM 1 Basic search
5:31PM 1 How to show a constant on a form
5:19PM 3 question about before_create
5:15PM 2 validates_associated ... doesn't
4:52PM 1 Simple input form
4:35PM 0 link_to_file with 0.14??
4:02PM 1 GWA and ?! suffixes
3:52PM 6 0.14.2, symlinks and RAILS_ROOT
3:01PM 5 Install Woes: RoR 0.14.1, Apache 2.0.55 and mod_fastcgi 2.4.2
2:46PM 1 Re: collection_select question about selected_value
2:38PM 20 Plugin conventions
2:04PM 3 ibatis like solution for rails?
12:17PM 1 Selectlists days, years, months NEED ID not name
12:08PM 2 message board
11:59AM 2 link_to_remote :success not working ?
11:45AM 1 very pretty urls
11:44AM 2 Ferret - Supported languages
11:25AM 0 Railties and unit tests...
10:52AM 5 does latest rails version (0.14.2) support vendor/plugins?
10:50AM 0 Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 3 (0.14.2): A bunch of little things
10:02AM 9 RFC: How best to integrate Ferret with a Rails project
9:38AM 4 ajax trouble !
9:23AM 1 Postgres Password Errors
9:12AM 4 Escaping html using h etc
8:42AM 0 Reporting Tool
8:01AM 3 trying to keep DRY
7:57AM 0 complex form problem
7:47AM 1 q: accessing a mysql result set object without the column name
7:39AM 0 Tip: How to make actions with dashes in them ?
7:12AM 2 How to deploy an older rails version?
4:47AM 3 XHR and character encoding
4:19AM 6 "bad handshake"
4:14AM 1 acts_as_tree parent id problem
3:30AM 1 Localization. What is it?
2:56AM 2 has_many_and_belongs_to ITSELF!?!?!
2:51AM 3 0.14.2 and Windows -- anyone upgraded yet?
1:51AM 1 Slight error when installing Rails 0.14.2
1:19AM 2 Possible bug with acts_as_tree and reloading in 0.14.1 ?
Tuesday October 25 2005
10:30PM 4 Beware puts
9:16PM 1 Extending the Depot shopping cart
8:58PM 0 Junior Rails Developer -- San Diego, CA
8:47PM 13 New Plugin - ActiveRecord Enumerations
7:49PM 2 link_to does not show the link ?
7:39PM 2 distributing rails applications
7:24PM 11 GIS on Ruby/Rails
7:16PM 2 generate scaffold ignores controller parameter
7:01PM 9 Problems with Scaffolding ...
6:47PM 0 ActiveRecord and sequence ids
6:33PM 2 Action mailer
6:13PM 4 Frozen Cookies
6:05PM 0 (no subject)
5:42PM 0 Can I get a copy of manuals.rubyonrails.com sorce
5:34PM 2 Overriding a Rails method
5:33PM 13 Read pdf files
4:49PM 0 before_save and date problems (mine that is)
4:41PM 1 From a relationship id to a relationship instance
3:23PM 0 Using Rails on Bugzilla's MySQL database?
3:09PM 2 Understanding Routes
3:06PM 1 Simple AJAX/javascript helpers problem (I think)
2:53PM 2 Slighlty OT, Locomotive question
2:48PM 3 problem with 0.14.1
2:26PM 1 PDFWriter (Austin Ziegler) writing text and \n
1:53PM 0 Re: urls
1:47PM 0 Best practice: form for has_many relationship
1:31PM 4 id from form clobbered by create()
1:10PM 0 Re: Got a strange RDoc error while installing a fresh env
1:00PM 1 question about updating objects
12:38PM 2 VanRuby Meetup Tonight & Canada on Rails Conference Announcement !
12:36PM 0 VanRuby Meetup Tonight
12:36PM 1 8. Re: passing locals to partials etc
12:29PM 0 bump -
11:42AM 0 Customized Report
11:28AM 0 Gauteng.rb meetup tonight (Tuesday 25 October)
10:58AM 0 rails and gdgraph
10:22AM 2 Pretty urls and ids
10:03AM 2 passing locals to partials etc
9:58AM 1 initialising an instance variable on ActiveRecord creation
6:27AM 3 MySql 5.0
5:29AM 3 How to get the source code for login generator
1:38AM 3 DRY Method for Converting All Strings to Uppercase.
1:14AM 0 Got a strange RDoc error while installing a fresh env of RoR tonight
12:34AM 5 Doing the same validation across multiple models
Monday October 24 2005
11:44PM 5 ERb syntax
10:59PM 1 Request for Interested Parties to Contribute
10:44PM 0 RSS Autodiscovery, the other way
10:21PM 0 Melbourne (Australia) Rails meetup - Wednesday 26th October, 5:45pm
9:41PM 0 problem with class log when using Brick
9:24PM 0 Reverse Proxy in IIS to a good web server
9:15PM 0 MS SQL connection woes (OS X)
9:10PM 0 User_id object to string
8:49PM 8 How can I make my tests login?
8:48PM 4 Need help with helper
8:39PM 4 0.14.1: Problem with ajax search
7:14PM 2 0.14.1 and Libs
6:41PM 0 Association build question.
6:30PM 4 0.14.1 and Rake
6:12PM 2 Sql Server Error When Loading Fixtures
6:07PM 0 Cannot create model objects?
5:32PM 2 name of current controller?
5:23PM 0 RE: Re: Sqlite text field comes out as huge text box on Rails
5:12PM 1 Problem with Edit form.
5:10PM 0 Re: Sqlite text field comes out as huge text box on Rails
5:05PM 3 Relationship GOTCHA?
4:30PM 1 Passing parameters
4:29PM 7 Sqlite text field comes out as huge text box on Rails form
4:04PM 3 bogus find_all in Rails 0.14.1
3:19PM 1 rails 0.14.1 and Oracle
3:15PM 0 Possible bug with acts_as_tree and reloading ?
3:09PM 5 Is Ruby Coverage still viable? Alternatives?
2:43PM 1 Custom date helpers
2:41PM 3 Custom View Location
2:28PM 0 WhyRuby? repository has moved to ruby-doc.org
2:23PM 2 how much should be packed into one controller?
2:05PM 3 2 new rails plugins: security_extensions and asset_timestamping
1:44PM 0 running rails under fcgi/webrick in production
11:34AM 0 posting to this list takes very long
11:07AM 5 autocomplete troubles firefox
10:19AM 0 ActionMailer: sending gpg/pgp encrypted messages?
8:22AM 3 UTF-8 and validates_length_of
7:52AM 0 Rails 0.14.1 & Apache & FastCGI problem, not loading from correct application dir
6:52AM 2 Functional testing bug?
6:15AM 0 Javascript Helpers: Observe_field with hidden_field?
5:24AM 3 Unable to use forms after login generator
1:47AM 7 SCGI Rails Runner 0.4.3 (Docs and Mem Leaks)
1:22AM 0 Struggling with ActiveRecord
12:47AM 3 Problems Installing i2 wiki
12:16AM 1 model vs controller methods
Sunday October 23 2005
10:34PM 12 Showing a neat error message
8:57PM 1 need a rails experience programmer to help in the maintaince of my websites.
8:42PM 22 wow - thanks for ferret
8:00PM 1 unit testing xml_http_requests
6:35PM 0 Models in subdirectories
3:51PM 2 Trouble with multiple fields
1:23PM 6 Why no flyweight in AR?
11:33AM 2 object.method invocation with arguments
11:14AM 1 Foreign Key Question
4:03AM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 13, Issue 321
Saturday October 22 2005
11:41PM 1 has_many problems, can't gather items in a todo list
11:24PM 1 [DOUBT] Rails i10n
9:48PM 0 database design question
9:22PM 3 Encrypting/Decrypting fields in database?
7:19PM 2 question on scaffolding
6:45PM 1 form hashes and url_for - help going nuts
6:43PM 0 Princeton student Railers
6:41PM 4 Using auto_complete_for with an attribute that doesn't map directly to a column in the db
6:17PM 3 using ActionMailer in development
6:14PM 3 table inheritance
6:12PM 1 belongs_to , has_one or single table inheritance
4:45PM 1 Recommended Ruby version for RoR final release
3:12PM 4 Problem getting rails to work on OS X 10.3 (Panther): libncurses5.4.dylib?
11:54AM 1 Storing empty input fields with NULL?
11:00AM 5 FPDF: no image display
9:12AM 2 problem with "gem update mysql"
3:27AM 0 nested set insert library function?
3:25AM 6 graphs/charts in rails
12:19AM 12 Session management w/o cookies?
Friday October 21 2005
11:52PM 1 Updating an old rakefile
10:54PM 0 Breakpointer breaking WEBrick on Windows?
10:32PM 0 Noob Q: Summary of Rails conventions
10:09PM 3 SCGI 0.4.2 Issues So Far
10:00PM 0 Having "selected' in drop down menu
8:58PM 21 PHPonRails ?
8:54PM 1 RE: PHPonRails ?
8:43PM 8 Wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) on routes.rb
8:11PM 2 Constants in 0.14.1
6:50PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 13, Issue 303
5:27PM 19 Locomotive 0.4.0 for Mac OS X 10.3+
5:06PM 1 need assistance with model relationships
4:08PM 1 Inheritance: which attributes belongs to who
3:49PM 0 ModelSecurity issues: User vs. Person (was: "cannot convert Symbol into String" after renaming model)
2:52PM 1 Where the download files locate?
2:14PM 1 cache() method does not work
1:53PM 0 REXML::XPath results out of sort order ?
1:37PM 5 Newbie: How to update parents from child-controller
1:35PM 3 Connection to MySQL 4.1 lost
1:25PM 14 Security Image
12:40PM 4 Where to put hide record logic?
12:02PM 5 FastCGI and Ruby sessions
11:53AM 3 Need feedback on Instiki-AR beta
11:48AM 0 Bachelor Thesis Topic Suggestions ?
10:55AM 1 initialize in helpers
10:47AM 0 [RFC] Multi-language rails
10:05AM 4 environment.rb read only once?
9:41AM 0 make select list with days and select a day
8:38AM 4 SCGI + apache2 not rendering subdirs in images/
8:18AM 6 Scalability, Code and Speed
7:35AM 4 SCGI error with send_data
7:31AM 0 newbie configuration question- how to define global config?
7:28AM 0 sessions in functional test - layouts don't see session
7:17AM 1 How to cache render_component result ?
6:02AM 0 Frapper for Rails community
5:33AM 6 Ajax link_to_remote sadness ...
4:57AM 4 Validate uniqueness on two columns
3:12AM 3 Creating SQL Filters
2:52AM 4 Multiple versions of Rails
1:58AM 1 validation in controller makes loss of selected values
1:32AM 11 Newbie depot issue - Agile web development with rails book
12:06AM 2 params['user[email]'] not working
Thursday October 20 2005
11:21PM 0 context switching while running rails
11:13PM 2 Showing spinner while loading an image
8:59PM 1 Logging from class in lib
8:58PM 9 Rails Development Mode Slowdown
8:40PM 3 View logs on Win32 - coloring ?
8:37PM 9 What is the "right" way to program this?
8:16PM 0 Seattle Railers tonight at Red Robin
7:40PM 2 prototype.js
7:34PM 0 Privileging System / ActionController Module Question
6:56PM 3 Error opening Eclipse
6:08PM 2 Salted Login Generator Installation
5:46PM 0 Help with AJAX multiple-select menus
4:58PM 0 Update elements style
4:54PM 5 Unit Test Error: `load_specification': undefined method `parse' for Time:Class
4:04PM 1 Why Would View conditions get evaled only once?
3:31PM 1 Plugin developers: Test your plugins!
3:10PM 2 question about script using AR models
2:08PM 5 Session updated_at
1:48PM 1 TZinfo problem: how to get diffirence in time from certain timezone
1:40PM 1 How to specify a date using week ?
1:12PM 0 Hiring in NYC
12:56PM 1 Plugin packaging for 1.0 help
12:47PM 1 strange difference between test and development databases
12:43PM 4 Help with virtual hosting of a rails app
11:55AM 8 Best practice for handling result sets.
11:24AM 3 Validating more than one model in a signup form
10:38AM 0 Bug: Scaffold and defaults in tables (Oracle OCI8)
9:10AM 0 DB config and model creation for DB2 databases
9:09AM 6 file_column on windows?
8:46AM 6 sending personalized emails efficiently
8:37AM 1 Error upgrading to rails using gem update
8:18AM 3 Missing id on date_select (0.14.1)
7:53AM 3 Configuring Eclipse for Ruby on Rails
7:52AM 5 render_to_string oddness w/ partials
7:06AM 1 Interesting AJAX worm story
5:43AM 0 Re: osCommerce --> Ruby
3:39AM 3 Newbie: script/generate scaffold problems seems to ignore controller parameter
2:33AM 11 Mysql 5 client protocol error
1:54AM 1 Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Upgrade Behaviour
1:51AM 0 Bugfix: Using :select and :include at the same time
1:45AM 3 STI: getting a list of sub classes
1:17AM 0 Upload Progress and Lighttpd
12:19AM 1 Rails 1.0 RC1 fcgi problems
Wednesday October 19 2005
11:34PM 0 new config system
10:41PM 2 OT: Accessing mysql database from socket versus hostname
10:12PM 0 debian/apache2/rails/fastcgi please help
10:06PM 5 Setting up tree of objects.
8:44PM 6 Rails install on Windows without network connectivity
7:52PM 0 Multiple Sortable
7:48PM 2 Introducing SwitchTower: Distributed deployment for Rails
7:42PM 2 url_for problem
7:36PM 3 Rails 1.0: Release Candidate 2
7:32PM 2 Problems with Date and timezones
7:31PM 0 [OT] Online Store Solution
7:06PM 0 RoR on Apache 1.3.31 on Linux
7:05PM 8 Class Table Inheritance
7:04PM 1 Rails + Eclipse + Utf-8
6:38PM 1 capturing render output into a variable
6:30PM 3 How to generate validation image?
6:24PM 23 I need comparative Python/Rails data
6:16PM 1 Partial validations in Wizards
5:49PM 2 Question about acts_as_list usage.
5:15PM 5 RDT Run with specified method ?
4:54PM 3 Finding all parents of acts_as_tree relationship
4:43PM 2 404 pages
4:26PM 2 Test message
3:43PM 4 ER strikes back
3:10PM 2 Versioning applications in Rails
2:14PM 16 SCGI Runner in a subfolder - Almost there!
1:57PM 2 Beginner question: double one_to_many relations
1:11PM 3 Multiple use of dbase.user
12:52PM 1 "Lost Connection to MySQL Server during query"
12:35PM 1 TZInfo::Timezone problem selected value
12:11PM 0 Live multi-user apps with Rails
11:03AM 0 Active Web Service random failures
9:46AM 0 threads and @session
9:12AM 3 Weird side effct
9:05AM 2 url_for nopt available in Mailer Views
8:32AM 3 timezone problem with select
8:32AM 35 Why you MUST use SCGI for Rails development
6:20AM 1 inheritance and database tables
3:26AM 2 Update 2 models one's got a file field
2:52AM 1 Stack level too deep on controller without model? - routing
2:29AM 4 Integrating a Rails app on another website?
Tuesday October 18 2005
10:35PM 1 Monitoring SCGI (0.4.2)
10:04PM 0 Rails and AJAX article in this months Software Development magazine
9:57PM 4 Development Environment
7:37PM 0 Newbie routes(?) question
5:27PM 6 [Newbie] Moving App from Zope to RoR
5:25PM 3 Beta Gems Fixed?
4:17PM 1 Re: inserting multiple records into a table (hack solution)
4:06PM 3 hand writing sql for eager loading of thumbnails
3:07PM 5 Setting RAILS_ENV: Apache 1.3.x + fastcgi
2:55PM 2 Calling other controller methods
2:44PM 0 Fwd: acts_as_versioned for many-to-many
2:37PM 1 Problem: automatically changes account pass
2:21PM 1 AW: overwriting standard form errors
2:00PM 1 GROUP BY in ActiveRecord?
1:59PM 1 overwriting standard form errors
1:34PM 4 SCGI Rails Runner 0.4.2 (Bug Fixes)
12:55PM 9 Could you verify my AJAX :complete assumption?
10:50AM 1 Rcss - first public release
10:24AM 0 RPC difficulties
10:05AM 1 Setting the layout depending on the domain
9:17AM 0 FPC / FPE fix
8:26AM 5 Rails 0.14.0 testing is weird...
6:52AM 0 use xmlhttprequest to save data back to rails
6:50AM 3 [Instant Rails] Apache 500 error on Windows 2003 Server
6:37AM 1 Date validation for <%= date_select 'user','dob' %>
6:03AM 2 How to rescue duplicate entry errors when calling update_attributes
5:33AM 0 problem with Ajax
4:31AM 3 yellow fade not working
2:44AM 0 Rails success story and thanks
12:49AM 1 Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/26, San Francisco, CA, USA
12:41AM 0 e-commerce store svn repository now open
12:05AM 6 Rails 0.13 Problems on FC4
12:02AM 1 rails gem update
Monday October 17 2005
11:24PM 5 Does Rails know UTF?
11:10PM 6 rubygems is broken for winxp?
10:56PM 0 Using/Writing to another database
10:14PM 1 Inherits_from Plugin
10:11PM 8 Re RubyConf for Stragglers
9:58PM 0 Problem with Routes.rb catchall
8:13PM 2 Rails 0.14.0 + Dependencies
8:07PM 2 What to install/configure?
8:04PM 1 find_by_sql question
7:48PM 0 Zvents and Rails on Digital Life TV
7:23PM 2 inserting multiple records into a table
7:21PM 4 salted login generator: rake aborts in test/time.rb
6:38PM 1 arrg, How to get Development messages from Production environment
5:22PM 3 "cannot convert Symbol into String" after renaming model
4:42PM 1 'Can't Activate' Error on Beta Gems?
4:35PM 6 SCGI, request.xhr problem
3:53PM 0 Trouble railing in a subdirectory
3:43PM 8 Using active record for SELECT MAX(column) FROM ...
3:30PM 0 Ajax multiple updates patterns
3:24PM 1 Error handling Email ?
3:01PM 1 0.12.1 to 0.13.0
2:42PM 1 Actionmailer-Q: Howto Newsletter? Howto BCC?
2:35PM 3 dbmodel errors
1:32PM 0 acts_as_taggable and per-user tags
1:12PM 10 habtm question
12:11PM 3 (Off-Topic) Rails Meeting on BRAZIL?
11:52AM 6 View calling controller's public methods
11:01AM 0 My fcgi setup doesn't doesn't start rails first time
9:51AM 3 xss+css: rails and cross-site scripting
9:50AM 4 How to send excel file to browser (spreadsheat 0.3.2)
9:36AM 5 routes and homepage
7:50AM 4 How to post to specific controller/action
7:08AM 5 Eeeek: "already activated activesupport-1.2.0" Help!
6:33AM 0 HOW to implement XUL with xmlhttprequest 'post' method to save data back to server
6:23AM 2 Acts_as_version and locked_version
6:06AM 12 SCGI Rails Runner 0.4.1 (getting closer)
3:04AM 0 Re: uneven dispatch.fcgi memory utilization (Training)
1:17AM 2 Productize not working for models
Sunday October 16 2005
11:23PM 8 uneven dispatch.fcgi memory utilization
10:11PM 2 Partials Performance
9:02PM 5 Problem with FKs and fixtures
7:26PM 13 More than one parameter with link_to_remote
6:12PM 3 Autocomplete - AJAX
5:58PM 1 Understanding FCGI Options
5:04PM 1 One to One relation questions :=> newb
4:06PM 0 newbie: components & editable views
3:21PM 2 AR: dynamic relations
2:18PM 0 A small example for rails newbie :)
2:12PM 4 Does modifying models need restarting the server?
1:56PM 1 complete :message for validates_* methods
12:54PM 1 Partials and controllers
12:21PM 0 .NET business objects as data store
12:07PM 5 inserting session id
10:37AM 6 FreeMIS Open Source Project - packaging advice needed
10:00AM 0 Does change_column support changing NULL constrains?
10:00AM 0 Does change_column supports changing NULL constrains?
9:35AM 4 Why is it not possible to set an ActiveRecord instance "id" attribute by providing it as a hash key to the contructor?
8:38AM 2 NotifierTest
5:09AM 3 Alternative page instead of Apache proxy error
3:12AM 0 Dynamic database selection
2:16AM 3 Running multiple productized sites.
2:09AM 5 Debian and log issue
2:03AM 4 Where does a Rails app load environment.rb
1:53AM 1 Problem using 'require' inside Rails app. In irb it works fine!
12:20AM 0 Relation :conditions and :include
Saturday October 15 2005
11:11PM 0 Text::Format Licence Exception
10:21PM 2 Rubygems, rails install issues
9:49PM 2 Interactive Ruby for testing models
9:46PM 7 FCGI and SCGI memory consumption
7:25PM 2 how to connect to MySQL 5.0
6:56PM 0 Looking for Rails programmers at Rubyconf 2005
6:45PM 7 Simple - Brain death has occured
6:35PM 3 Help! define_method leaking procs...
6:22PM 14 OT: Anyone Using a Time Logger?
5:40PM 0 mysql_adapter problem, segfault in list action, line 232
5:30PM 1 (long) dynamic content in a form, design question
5:13PM 3 Re RubyConf Presentation Audio
4:28PM 2 ActiveMailer and Spread
1:00PM 7 Importing database's relationships
12:34PM 0 RES: Date and time display format
10:37AM 0 components. alter views
6:43AM 1 RMagick reduce image quality (filesize)
3:38AM 1 uninitialized constant errors?
2:48AM 4 apache graceful/fastcgi rails app stops
12:44AM 0 Making link_to use the routes I define
12:31AM 1 24 Hours on Rails
12:31AM 3 Date and time display format
Friday October 14 2005
11:20PM 2 ������������
11:00PM 1 join tables and position (acts_as_list)
10:02PM 2 ArgumentError in newly generated controller
9:31PM 0 RubyConf Presentations!
9:26PM 1 Problem with before_filter in combination with render_component
8:47PM 6 Codehints for Dreamweaver
8:21PM 2 stylesheets and subfolders
7:39PM 0 Validate associated objects
7:33PM 1 Reflective/Dynamic Access to AR Table Models
6:47PM 7 validates_confirmation_of not working
5:54PM 7 Little help with single table inheritance
5:09PM 1 question about model relationships
4:55PM 2 ActionMailer with DreamHost
4:45PM 2 Re: RubyConf mutlimedia files.
4:29PM 0 ImageMagick helper
4:27PM 0 can't seem to get params correctly formatted using redirect_to
4:24PM 0 ANN: Next meeting of the Columbia Maryland Codefesters October 17th at 7pm!
3:58PM 1 How to explain to my ISP he should offer ROR
3:47PM 0 Slashdotted... :-)
3:09PM 10 Fundamental Question
1:45PM 10 Active Record: Prepared Statements?
1:28PM 2 Capture template output as plain html?
11:07AM 2 AJAX- autocomplete question -
10:35AM 0 Accessing the database through a ssh tunnel
10:22AM 1 how to read xml file from yuby
10:05AM 8 Functional tests, viewing the response
8:45AM 2 utf-8 downcase upcase anyone?
8:28AM 2 using observe_field on fields created dynamically through ajax
7:44AM 2 How to use 'rake appdoc' ?
6:58AM 4 Sharing helper function between Controller and View
5:51AM 1 No need for url rewriting because of routes?
5:49AM 0 rdoc xml ouput
4:49AM 2 subclass not debriefing form properly
4:13AM 1 Diff between attr_accessible and attr_accessor
1:55AM 0 Adding extra field in form using ajax causes extra field to be overwritten, any way around that.
12:31AM 1 Detecting Webrick // determining application "root" directory
12:25AM 20 zebra striped tables?
12:15AM 1 Rails article
12:09AM 0 oci_adapter: limit and offset queries slow; possible solution
Thursday October 13 2005
11:31PM 1 Integrating Coverage (of testing) into Rails application
11:19PM 0 Trouble with excel download under https
11:01PM 5 how does caching work?
10:47PM 2 validate messages and testing
10:02PM 7 New site with rails launched!
9:01PM 6 Composite Key
8:27PM 0 RE: Issue with Objects Not Existing
7:03PM 4 strip_tags
6:38PM 0 Does ActionMailer support multiple configurations? Can an ActionMailer child class define a custom configuration?
5:41PM 0 ModelSecurity ready for wider use
4:44PM 0 [Pre-ANN] ONLamp.com Article: "What Is Ruby on Rails"
4:29PM 7 Debugging/Stepping through code in script/console?
4:16PM 0 Where did my fixtures go?
4:09PM 4 push_with_attributes random ids
4:02PM 4 Suggestions for access control module
3:46PM 1 Typo Error: wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)
3:37PM 6 Introduction
3:31PM 3 Problem with example from Rails Book
3:19PM 0 help saving a new record with a has_many
3:18PM 1 REST Style Web Service in Rails - Looking for example
2:47PM 4 ActiveState: Komodo Alpha Relase for Win/Linux
2:23PM 0 Re: Connection being refused from Rails/mySQL (related to previous)
1:38PM 2 belongs_to one model, several times
1:09PM 2 Re: mySQL command line within rails - access denied? [solved]
1:07PM 0 webrick, ssl, not working
12:44PM 0 Re: mySQL command line within rails - access denied?
10:29AM 3 how to execute code on application start/end
10:19AM 0 adding a relative path to ADDITIONAL_LOAD_PATHS
8:31AM 1 file_column_0.2
7:29AM 4 lighttpd error: error-handler not found: /dispatch.fcgi
6:52AM 1 salted generator problem
6:05AM 1 Design question
5:36AM 1 lisence of software
3:28AM 2 accessing instance variable from validation helper.
3:10AM 6 Can't save a record // update_attributes seems to be ignored
2:52AM 0 Re: rubyonrails problem w/ multiple dbs and webrick
2:50AM 2 Undefined method `camelize' for :controller:Symbol when calling render_component
2:47AM 2 Depot Example - No Edit Form
12:14AM 1 Problems with simple RBAC implementation
Wednesday October 12 2005
10:16PM 1 Installing rails (updating gem) ?
9:38PM 3 joining 3 levels of tables
9:31PM 0 SCGI + edgerails
8:34PM 2 WSRP
8:18PM 4 class << self in rails?
8:07PM 4 Validating 2 related models at once not working
7:41PM 2 Stylesheets and FCGI
7:15PM 3 using sqlite for development
5:17PM 0 Answers for bugs in Instant Rails
5:09PM 5 Using the mySQL command line within rails problem
4:58PM 0 How to update has_and_belongs_to_many attributes
4:53PM 0 Salted Login Generator and https protocol
4:49PM 4 pagination and @params problem
4:13PM 0 uniqueness validation with single table inheritance
3:25PM 2 script/runner Syntax Changed in Beta Gems?
3:16PM 5 Instant Rails 1.0 preview2 Released
1:48PM 4 SCGI Rails Runner v. 0.4.0 (Rough BETA)
1:29PM 1 Global helper method?
1:12PM 1 Product HABTM Products ?
12:14PM 1 rails internal cache
11:57AM 6 [OT] Gentoo install help please
11:54AM 3 Postgres OID
10:20AM 2 Problem with tree table and fixtures
8:50AM 0 text_field_with_autocomplete return values to more DOM objects
6:46AM 5 Restarting the webserver to apply settings
5:03AM 5 Layouts and multi-column pages
4:40AM 2 Help with act_as_nested_set
4:09AM 9 Ruby question
3:17AM 0 Re: Unabashed self-promotion (Rails article in SD--long, sorry!)
2:44AM 0 Download link for Instant Rails
2:03AM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 13, Issue 147
1:49AM 1 OS X Rails Install Problem!
1:40AM 1 any wget like helper ?
Tuesday October 11 2005
11:44PM 1 Runner Problems With Beta Gems
10:12PM 4 Searching an attribute in a hmabtm relationship
9:56PM 16 Instant Rails 1.0 preview1 Released
9:42PM 0 Newb: Simple text_field_with_auto_complete question (two fold)
9:09PM 7 I am having a idiotic nubie moment
8:15PM 8 resize images
7:51PM 4 belongs_to : deprecated_associations
7:07PM 1 Unabashed self-promotion: Rails article in November SD Mag
6:58PM 5 DC User Group
6:01PM 8 Running just Lighttpd on production
5:24PM 2 Pushing Javascript Helper to external file.
5:23PM 2 Array.<< and Array.delete and ActiveRecord
5:18PM 5 Newbie scaffold generation issue.
4:29PM 3 Generating File Fields With Proper Tags
3:37PM 0 Auth_generator : another authentification generator
2:10PM 0 Re: stylesheets directory unavailable in Apache but notWebrick
1:38PM 2 Switchtower Crash
1:23PM 4 Ruby and Rails are great product, but ...
11:47AM 1 RFP : Consultant in Hoffman Estates, IL (Chicagoland)
11:18AM 1 RoR on Apache
11:07AM 2 FCKEditor with Webrick
9:35AM 0 DB in memory...
9:18AM 2 One table references another table twice
9:01AM 8 Search Filter using find_by
8:37AM 5 ActiveRecord relations and dynamic conditions
8:03AM 2 Process meter
7:32AM 2 require_dependency and 'already initialized constant' warning
4:54AM 3 Attempting to override find
3:56AM 10 Sortable columns
1:14AM 2 reusing bound variables
Monday October 10 2005
10:05PM 0 Strange intermittent NoMethodError
9:31PM 2 memcached with ActiveRecord
9:25PM 2 radio buttons - how to use?
9:21PM 2 Back button: force a re-request?
9:08PM 0 Re: stylesheets directory unavailable in Apache but notWebrick
8:43PM 1 generating xml and saving to filesystem
8:16PM 9 Regexp and non-ascii characters
7:33PM 0 [BUG ??] 'uses_component_template_root' problems with implementation in component
7:16PM 0 Re: stylesheets directory unavailable in Apache but notWebrick
6:58PM 0 Re: stylesheets directory unavailable in Apache but notWebrick
6:51PM 1 Need help from Apache mod_rewrite crew !
6:51PM 34 Which Linux platform is easiest for Rails newbie
6:45PM 0 Honolulu Ruby Users Group
6:37PM 2 Helpers, recursion
6:22PM 4 Is SSH required?
5:52PM 3 stylesheets directory unavailable in Apache but not Webrick
5:32PM 11 (long!) An "Enterprise" Rails story and a help with nested transaction support
4:24PM 1 select tag auto-post ?
3:46PM 3 XHTML validation via unit test ?
3:43PM 1 api.rubyonrails.org
3:05PM 0 Relationships
3:01PM 0 model unit tests on SQL Server table w/ Triggers
1:53PM 11 Komodo Thoughts
1:12PM 1 ActionPack tests are failing
12:26PM 1 Associations in Rails
11:18AM 0 [OT] How to skip formatting with Textile
11:01AM 0 Ruby Code & Style
10:58AM 0 Reminder: London meetup this evening
8:56AM 7 Ruby interpeter
8:46AM 7 Fixtures, PostgreSQL, foreign keys, transactionality, oh my!
7:19AM 3 CTI
6:14AM 2 acts_as_version, version not increment
6:14AM 2 XUL and rails
5:57AM 0 Philly on Rails (Philadelphia Area User Group)
5:55AM 16 [OT] New Pragmatic BETA book + P3 of Rails book
5:51AM 0 access denied with scgi on fedora 2
4:44AM 4 So, How Safe are the Beta Gems?
3:42AM 2 non standard primary keys (character based)
3:30AM 1 rails single sign on
12:32AM 5 [Q] Modifying head for one page
12:30AM 3 [Q] habtm with extra attributes
12:19AM 1 Dynamically Generated Image Caching
Sunday October 9 2005
9:52PM 23 Sending SMS with Rails?
9:41PM 1 Setting the user for FastCGI processes?
9:09PM 3 A little fudge for inline images
8:21PM 2 First releast of rgallery is out !
6:34PM 6 Problem With url_for_file_column/file_column
6:27PM 1 Trouble with looping resultsets
6:06PM 3 upload_status_for error
4:21PM 3 context information in layout?
3:11PM 9 How does child know parent.id in one to many relationship?
1:45PM 1 observe_field not updating div
7:03AM 0 caches_page creates empty file for non-exist page
3:02AM 8 Components anyone?
2:40AM 3 ruby9i bind_param errors
12:39AM 3 Newbie Question on has_many/belongs_to
Saturday October 8 2005
8:02PM 3 Child objects validation messages
8:00PM 6 ActiveRecord::Query mixin
7:16PM 0 ��������������1������
6:33PM 5 has_one with a variable foreign_key
6:13PM 4 SQLite on development, MySQL on production?
5:50PM 6 Introducing my self...
5:36PM 2 belongs_to relationship raises nil error
4:51PM 7 RubyOnRails with Apache2 and SCGI_Rails
3:42PM 1 [OT] Eclipse RDT problem
3:01PM 0 Re: Komodo 3.5 Beta for Mac OS X released with Rails
1:58PM 3 I can't install rails on Mac OS X.
12:19PM 0 Export Rails wiki to html
9:52AM 0 PDFWriter (Austin Ziegler) making advanced table
5:05AM 1 need help with observe_field
2:59AM 3 UUID for Primary Key
12:21AM 2 Editing a collection
12:20AM 0 ActionMailer won't connect to SMTP server
Friday October 7 2005
11:54PM 4 IDs in join tables
11:10PM 0 Any Rubyist here work for Boeing?
10:59PM 4 send_file question
10:27PM 2 Some Ruby code help?
10:13PM 1 Creating 'advanced' search feature in a Rails app
10:06PM 0 Unshelved seeking Rails coder
9:45PM 4 Komodo 3.5 Beta for Mac OS X released with Rails debugging
9:34PM 31 Looking for decent Rails web hosting
8:53PM 7 ActiveRecord with No Database
8:36PM 0 ANN: October 10th meeting of the Agile Maryland Ruby on Rails CodeProject CodeFest
8:32PM 0 Flash - unit test object passing ?
8:02PM 2 assert_tag for a hyperlink field ?
7:55PM 2 How do I deal with this?
7:02PM 4 ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::Column documentation missing.
6:54PM 1 not seeing foreign key fields in scaffold generated views
5:49PM 0 Creating excel file with ruby on rails
5:03PM 0 Paginating An Association
4:48PM 0 view help
4:16PM 3 View file headers - am I missing something?
3:28PM 2 Maybe stupid: for statement
3:08PM 1 creating tables with PDF::Writer (Austin Ziegler)
3:07PM 2 multiple rails apps on apache
2:50PM 2 MySQL fix
2:04PM 1 incorrect pluralization
12:11PM 6 logs filled with white lines
11:48AM 12 Can ruby call a C application?
4:38AM 8 mod_scgi and ajax
4:17AM 0 Using check_box for boolean with MySql
2:58AM 3 activeldap or just ldap authentication
2:06AM 1 Tweaking the pagination
1:59AM 3 File_column Not Saving Files
Thursday October 6 2005
10:13PM 1 Lighttpd Fastcgi End of File
10:05PM 1 LoginGeneratorACLSystem
9:42PM 3 AM / PM on datetime_select
9:01PM 0 Class inheritable attributes
8:48PM 0 Johannesburg, SA (and surrounding areas) Ruby Users Group
8:39PM 2 passing parameters from the controller
8:04PM 2 Using AJAX to Disable and Re-enable a form field or button.
7:59PM 2 Locomotive 0.3.0 for Mac OS X 10.3+
7:02PM 14 Need testers for ModelSecurity tutorial
6:57PM 6 Re: RubyConf video, audio, streams and recordings?
6:52PM 1 association_foreign_key vs foreign_key
6:42PM 0 Make Rails Seminar in Universities in China in 2006 Mid Jan to Mid Feb
6:31PM 0 Question on making a multiple update using date_select
5:39PM 3 Switchtower on Windows
5:15PM 5 Newbie has_one/belongs_to question
5:06PM 0 update problem
5:05PM 1 habtm updates
4:59PM 9 Will SCGI work with IIS6?
4:53PM 6 Urgent Rails "Sale" Problem
4:40PM 0 dynamic polling intervals
4:25PM 10 user home areas
1:19PM 6 accessing client apps and libs
1:00PM 3 Ruby/Rails TextMate macros
12:01PM 3 regarding add_to_cart method
8:06AM 4 We all need to stay on the Rails
7:57AM 6 SCGI and Apache SetEnv
6:57AM 0 Routes api documentation ...
6:22AM 3 acts_as_version bug with non-standard foreign key?
6:15AM 4 Submitting forms back to the same URL
6:04AM 2 HABTM << Not Working?
5:18AM 7 Please Advise Java or Rails
4:12AM 8 accessing extra request parameters
3:29AM 2 Attention Funagain Games guy..
3:23AM 5 webrick seen only on local machine
2:54AM 2 Translate default messages
2:45AM 0 Partials as Content for update_element_function
2:00AM 1 Help building Ruby/Zoom on Win32
1:41AM 1 Folks in Japan.
12:55AM 10 Pragmatic Rails Studio-type class in San Francisco area?
12:04AM 1 HEAD requests failing in base.rb
Wednesday October 5 2005
11:30PM 1 How do I change page content with select pop-up
11:11PM 1 lighttpd disallows PUT/DELETE requests?
10:33PM 0 Problem with textilize/RedCloth
10:04PM 0 Database querying for synthetic attributes?
9:12PM 0 Cleanup Orphaned Data in DB?
9:05PM 2 Transient Model Attributes in ActiveRecord
8:59PM 0 UPDATE: Seattle Railers gathering for a beer
8:57PM 3 "When a join wants to be a model"
8:04PM 0 typo - bug or feature?
6:57PM 0 Re: How to ? Eclipse / RDT / unit test / debugging
6:52PM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many on legacy DB
6:32PM 3 How to Make Rails App into a Stand-Alone exe not Requiring Ruby or Rails Install
6:26PM 0 Pagination on non-ActiveRecord objects
6:23PM 4 Static site content recipe
6:22PM 2 Seattle Railers gathering for a beer
5:57PM 0 Newbie site structure question
5:31PM 3 Generating PDFs Using FOP
4:38PM 1 Problem on request.post?
4:12PM 0 Job in Miami Beach
4:11PM 1 debugging info to browser
3:55PM 0 Temporary disabling of updated_at column
3:22PM 2 Eclipse / RDT / unit test / breakpoint.. help?
3:15PM 1 validates_inclusion_of between 2 attributes
2:00PM 1 ActiveRecord and NULL
1:55PM 0 some errors in working on rubyonrails
1:38PM 10 switchtower way of deploying
1:06PM 3 Shopping Cart: SKU and Product Confusion
12:00PM 0 London Rails meetup information
11:35AM 1 [req] AR - real unique id identifiers
10:19AM 0 Group by and Active Record
7:45AM 3 Native database functions in active record
6:47AM 3 FastCGI failng to Start
6:44AM 1 Rails on Mandriva
6:44AM 3 creating new objects with associations
4:39AM 2 customer defined sort order
4:09AM 6 Change views without a new transactions
3:43AM 1 Is there a Gem that automatically stylizes ruby code for display in html?
3:33AM 0 html helper things
2:54AM 0 Running rdoc on "controller.rb"?
2:41AM 3 Huge Ruby/Rails warnings when running rake commands
1:48AM 3 Form responders
1:37AM 2 uploaded file information
12:02AM 2 Addressing hosts' security concerns ?
Tuesday October 4 2005
11:42PM 2 Account and user login method?
11:27PM 2 pulling values from a form
11:08PM 2 profiling controllers question
10:37PM 1 Difficulty With Named Route
10:26PM 1 Re: Best Rhtml Editor?
10:24PM 1 form processing (newbie)
10:16PM 5 Next rails release?
10:02PM 1 Re: file_column, what I need, etc...
9:10PM 3 Ruby/Rails users in Toronto area?
7:51PM 0 Re: Best Rhtml Editor?
6:41PM 13 [OT] Any recommended wireframing tools?
6:19PM 5 RE: [OT] Any recommended wireframing tools?
5:11PM 13 D.C. Area Ruby User Group?
5:04PM 0 Re: [ba-rb] Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/4, San Francisco, CA, USA
3:43PM 3 habtm and eager loading
3:31PM 2 SQL Server ODBC on Linux datetime error
12:52PM 1 ActionMailer gripes
12:02PM 2 Empty fields and Oracle CLOBs
10:52AM 1 Testing helpers
10:26AM 7 Sandbox install
9:33AM 0 ERB code within Textile = possible ??
9:13AM 4 Preventing large file uploads
9:13AM 7 false id using ActiveRecord find :all :joins
9:05AM 2 fixtures on tables without id
8:25AM 0 action_controller/assertions error
4:23AM 4 Some help with AWS please.
3:07AM 3 getting a static pdf to the user
2:47AM 3 [Q] file_column help needed
2:30AM 8 ActiveRecord inheritance
1:32AM 6 RadRails
1:00AM 2 SaltedLoginGen, User vs. App login require
Monday October 3 2005
10:51PM 4 SCGI - multiple processes on Windows?
10:23PM 1 UnderstandingDefaultFileUsage (WIP)
10:12PM 4 Eclipse & helper tags
9:37PM 0 Action Web Service (AWS) - Client not connecting
8:47PM 3 WriteBoard for Programmers? (code support)
8:20PM 1 Atlanta Ruby Users Group Meets Tuesday 6:30 PM
7:59PM 5 caches_page and content-type
7:37PM 1 My flow control is bad...
7:21PM 46 Welcome DHH
6:53PM 1 Creating Predicate and Destructive Methods?
6:48PM 2 does activerecord handle NULL field values?
6:24PM 1 Identity insert of Fixtures on MS Sql Server
6:19PM 5 WriteBoard - Compare Revisions - How'd they do that?
5:51PM 0 i2 wiki Searching problem
5:32PM 4 How do I sign in to the Rails wiki?
4:57PM 17 storing images
4:27PM 0 Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/4, San Francisco, CA, USA
4:10PM 0 Ror and Web service
3:24PM 0 Reminder! Portland Ruby Brigade (pdx.rb) meeting on 10-04-2005
2:56PM 0 Boston Ruby Users Group is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7PM!
1:04PM 0 disable cache/action caching but keep fragments ?
9:38AM 1 ruby view tags
6:02AM 1 where to look for source code
5:49AM 6 When Rails updated for Ruby 1.8.3?
4:41AM 1 Bachelor's Thesis on Ruby on Rails
1:35AM 13 Validation of non-required fields?
1:35AM 3 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in Recipe#index
1:32AM 2 Explanation of how Scope works?
1:04AM 13 WEBrick output in Eclipse/RDT
12:35AM 5 A reason not to use /usr/bin/env ruby
Sunday October 2 2005
11:01PM 1 rendering if template exists
10:49PM 2 Shared partial for next/prev page links
9:37PM 6 Tips for keeping Rails app directory clean?
6:29PM 0 Omit nil value columns in a list/table?
3:40PM 3 test
3:01PM 2 Shared and owned templates/partials
11:55AM 0 webcollaborator?
9:30AM 0 SCGI spinner?
8:22AM 1 problem while creating an application
8:08AM 0 Adding a custom generator to an app.
2:44AM 2 Rails Column Question
2:13AM 0 Problem with Todo example and Apache port 81
1:42AM 2 diagram of Rails' control flow? (resend)
Saturday October 1 2005
11:41PM 2 redirect_to syntax question
10:58PM 5 speeding up unit tests
10:39PM 0 diagram of Rails' control flow?
6:07PM 2 belongs_to and foreign_key not best buddies?
1:31PM 1 testing over-rides of AR
12:25PM 8 Question about something in the Rails book
5:12AM 0 Rollyo is actually pretty good
4:34AM 0 How to customize build-in messages into i18n?
4:11AM 1 Tips for noob's
3:18AM 0 Logging not working
12:14AM 13 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 12, Issue 391