samba - Mar 2002

Sunday March 31 2002
10:22PM 2 Explorer/PDC
7:32PM 0 Problem in WINNT ACL
3:23PM 2 nasty
3:19PM 1 Up Against a Wall with Win9x
10:08AM 1 Win2k SP2 and Samba 2.2.3a PDC
10:04AM 0 SMB wrapper (newbie)
9:30AM 1 Transfer problems
7:46AM 1 Win2k on Samba-PDC
6:31AM 2 joining samba pdc groups to local w2k groups
12:30AM 1 problem on installing samba
Saturday March 30 2002
10:31PM 1 windbindd for resolving addresses on the firewall in a split DNS scenario
3:57PM 0 samba 2.2.3a, 2.2.4pre and 3.0alpha17 and w2k clients
9:09AM 0 Cannot print to linux from w95
12:58AM 0 winbind upgrade - idmap corrupt ?
Friday March 29 2002
9:52PM 1 samba+mysql
2:35PM 0 remote printer driver install (win2k)
12:05PM 0 Problems with correct visualization of icons
11:52AM 1 How do you enter NT domain users into smb.conf shares?
9:21AM 3 Computer accounts & Win2K
8:59AM 0 NIS, smbpwman, and winbind.
7:51AM 1 Strange looking behavior (may be off-topic)
6:57AM 2 Different behaviour when printing to file
5:35AM 0 read-only attribute and reiserfs
5:12AM 1 updating samba
4:51AM 0 Shared Folder
1:18AM 1 Can't give smbpasswd.
1:16AM 1 Can't mount smbfs due to device busy.
Thursday March 28 2002
7:54PM 0 SMBD Process Hanging
3:52PM 0 log.winbindd: ...failure with NT_STATUS OK...
3:39PM 2 windows 'detailed' file listing - no workie
3:28PM 0 Unable to Write?
2:09PM 0 donation to Samba
2:00PM 1 wins confusion
12:50PM 2 Information on setting up printers for windows clients (win2k/win9x)
12:38PM 1 connecting mac os 9.1 client
11:19AM 2 Upgrading from Samba 2.2.1a to 2.2.3a
10:36AM 1 How to write files to an client PC
10:31AM 0 Cant acesss internet from my winbox.
9:18AM 1 Windows for Workgroups
8:36AM 1 Samba LDAP PDC help - can't login.
7:04AM 4 samba-win2k big problem!!!!!!
6:59AM 0 (no subject)
6:56AM 0 Is there anyone out there using Sammba with LDAP against the Netscape
6:54AM 1 MS Access and AccPac
6:20AM 0 (no subject)
5:31AM 1 nmbd output normal?
5:19AM 1 Samba-Win2k
4:56AM 1 Samba hangs computer
4:38AM 2 Smbstatus No Locked files
4:14AM 1 Is there anyone out there using Sammba with LDAP against the Netscape Directory Server?
4:12AM 0 Fw: Windows 2000 server
4:09AM 1 Windows 98 connection problems
3:49AM 4 Name spaces in fstab
3:19AM 2 General question.
3:17AM 1 samba 3.0a rel 17 and ldap support?
3:11AM 0 Share rights ...
3:00AM 1 Remote Admin
1:19AM 0 How to get a list of username and the computernames
Wednesday March 27 2002
11:21PM 0 Error-Message in Logfile
10:49PM 0 OOT - Arkeia
10:34PM 1 User and Password NT to Samba
9:15PM 0 Authentication of Win2K clients to domain with Samba PDC: fails b/c of problem with the "computer account" for the client.
7:35PM 2 processes chewing up resources
6:01PM 0 compiling HEAD code
5:23PM 1 Samba on SCO environment
5:04PM 0 winbindd not connecting to server
4:17PM 2 NT2
2:32PM 1 NET_SAMLOGON (again)
2:08PM 1 is nmdb necessary ?
1:43PM 8 problem with nmbd renewing WINS registration
1:40PM 0 Mount of shared Windows directories on UNIX
1:15PM 3 Reverse DNS question
12:58PM 0 Problems accessing samba services from WIN 2000 clients.
12:00PM 1 share access
11:45AM 1 RE: make error on Samba 2.2.3a
11:39AM 0 Linux Groups and Samba
10:30AM 0 how can user change her samba password on win98 machine.
9:56AM 1 samba 2.2.3a - using winbind on AIX
9:52AM 0 (no subject)
9:49AM 0 samba config on aix with win2k encrypted password issues
9:20AM 0 funny logging error in samba 2.0.7
9:09AM 1 Netbios name resolution on Suse Linux 7.1 with Samba
7:30AM 1 win2k almost works!
7:25AM 0 Install on rpm format
6:56AM 0 Using Samba to see NT2000 from Unix
6:55AM 0 comunicate windows2000 very slow
4:37AM 0 Samba-TNG PDC with W2K Client
4:22AM 1 Joing a win2k machine in a samba PDC
4:14AM 0 Antwort: Re: Domain Groups
12:51AM 3 Regarding killing an application that still has file opened on a smbfs mount.
12:02AM 1 unable to install printer. access is denied.
Tuesday March 26 2002
11:33PM 2 Interesting problem/bug
9:07PM 3 T-Shirts
8:12PM 0 Win 2k + mapped drives = short time disconnections
5:34PM 0 FW: SGI XFS RedHat 7.2 Boot CD
5:09PM 0
3:28PM 0 Samba, Windows 2000 Native Domain, and Active Directo ry
2:40PM 0 installing and configuring winbind woes
2:33PM 2 nmblookup -B localhost __SAMBA__ failing on samba-2.2.3a
11:47AM 0 make error on lastest samba head on solaris head alpha17
11:25AM 1 Wrong permission for mapped drive
10:58AM 1 2.2.3a mount 2.2.2 share
10:56AM 0 Errors on compiling
10:33AM 0 SWAT password change facility
10:28AM 0 PDF Print command (PDF printer)
10:11AM 1 Samba, Windows 2000 Native Domain, and Active Directory
9:53AM 2 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED after successfully joining do main
9:10AM 0 problems joining domain
8:56AM 0 directory permission inheritance
7:57AM 0 tdb_delete error - What does it mean ?
7:51AM 0 Samba PDC and Win2k... as usual...
7:23AM 6 SGI XFS RedHat 7.2 Boot CD
7:03AM 0 make error on lastest samba head
6:40AM 4 Can't print duplex
6:07AM 1 printing from win2k - suddently wrong paper size
5:49AM 2 want to know about samba in linux 7.1
4:47AM 5 Winbind/Samba + sshd incorrect groups
3:52AM 1 Migration
3:33AM 0 Problem with TSM-Client and firewall
3:18AM 1 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED after successfully joining domain
2:54AM 0 What s wrong
2:44AM 1 Excel97 and Win2k and Samba
2:15AM 0 PC Windows, PC Linux, Macintosh Windows => Share and Accounts
1:28AM 13 PDF Print command
12:15AM 2 Excel
Monday March 25 2002
9:17PM 0 Printing Log.
8:50PM 1 apache logs -> samba -> windows file locking question
8:34PM 1 Samba-2.2.3a configuration problem
8:04PM 2 Can't ping the client
6:29PM 0 problems getting samba2.2.2 setup
6:01PM 0 Winbind on multihomed PDC
5:49PM 2 Roaming Profile, LDAP, samba PDC/(pseudo)BDC, and nt acl support
3:55PM 0 (no subject)
3:24PM 1 How to get users list in win9x
2:13PM 0 BackupPC 1.4.0 (backup to disk for WinXX/Linux/Unix)
1:41PM 0 Connecting to Samba Shares in Win2k without a PDC
1:30PM 1 samba --with-afs
11:55AM 0 Samba & AFS support, printer sharing
10:47AM 4 opera is unable to install on w2k sp2 from a samba-share
10:31AM 1 Keeping PC's from losing map to shares
9:13AM 2 sys_gethostbyname error causing large delay in session setup
8:36AM 4 NT files to Linux/Apache web server
8:03AM 1 Printer Dirvers
7:19AM 1 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1039 - 15 msgs
7:14AM 0 File Permissions (Again)
7:10AM 0 print command, but then for shares
5:53AM 1 Delay in access and lose of connection
5:32AM 2 max file size
4:52AM 0 Samba rights
4:44AM 0 warning on compile
4:08AM 0 Samba and centralized autentication.
4:06AM 0 Problem with joining Domains
3:10AM 2 GUI
2:41AM 0 [Off-topic] mime/html filtering
2:03AM 0 memory leak in lp_servicename
12:27AM 1 group based login scripts other thatn primary(wasifmember.exe)
12:03AM 2 Have Problem
12:03AM 1 User Account on NT Locking out
Sunday March 24 2002
10:46PM 1 Naming convention in Samba
10:27PM 1 AccessCheck
8:07PM 0 Cannot execute some programs on samba shares
7:52PM 4 using swat
3:55PM 0 Problem with simultaneous logins. please help.
2:13PM 0 Samba 2.2.1a to 2.2.3a
9:56AM 0 utmp
9:48AM 2 ssh tunnel causes win98 to hang
7:45AM 1 suddenly its not possible to load server-based profile when loggin on
7:06AM 1 sending broadcast messages (-M)
6:20AM 1 WinXP printer driver download
5:20AM 1 IPv6 & Samba
4:00AM 1 RE: Error while saving Samba Files- Local Drive name is already i n us e!!!!!!
3:55AM 0 Error while saving Samba Files- Local Drive name is already in us e!!!!!!
Saturday March 23 2002
11:16PM 0 unable to connect, unable to restart smb cleanly
11:07PM 0 Red X on Samba shares / Win2K clients.
8:48PM 2 Followup with file renaming bug
8:38PM 0 Possible file renaming bug in samba 2.2.3a?
8:32PM 1 :-)
8:05PM 0 samba 3 alpha 15
2:35PM 1 Winbind and Solaris 8
10:17AM 0 RV: installing samba 2.2.3a in rpm format ┬┐it's works?
3:58AM 2 Group Login Scripts in Samba 2.2.3?
Friday March 22 2002
10:28PM 0 HELP Not listening for calling name
4:32PM 0 smbmount compile error in CVS
3:34PM 0 Need clarification on profiles from samba team member PLEASE!!
3:32PM 2 samba 2.2.3a & winbind - "smbmount" binary is missing
2:37PM 1 Help configuring Winbind on Samba 2.2.3a
1:37PM 1 Internal Bug Report
1:25PM 2 strange connection attempts in log files
1:14PM 0 Unable to start nmbd from swat.
1:05PM 2 nt 4 works but w2k not!!! help!!!!!
12:56PM 2 FoxPro/lock troubles with samba 2.2.2/.3a
12:17PM 0 upgrading from Samba 2.2.1a-4 to Samba 2.2.3a-4
12:03PM 0 lpd config question for samba
11:21AM 0 Configuration error (fwd)
10:20AM 2 2.2.4pre/cvs kills PDC SID
10:13AM 3 Is Samba Slow?
9:44AM 3 Domain Trusts
9:33AM 0 Authentication fails sometimes
9:10AM 0 domain admin with local admin rights
8:42AM 0 printing help from win98 client
8:04AM 0 Samba as PDC w/LDAP backend
7:19AM 0 Samba as PDC, VMWare Win2k
6:47AM 0 Is there a timeout Problem ?
6:35AM 0 Joining Domain-Logon from W2k-Clients
6:32AM 5 Permissions in Windows
5:18AM 0 2.2.3a, Win2k, Scheduled Tasks, Connection Flood
5:08AM 2 Samba 2.2.3a joining windows 2000 domain
4:45AM 0 W2000 client mapping lost
3:48AM 3 Error: "Out of file structures"
3:33AM 1 frustrating problems with "preexec = ..." option
3:13AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1029 - 27 msgs
1:32AM 0 samba eXPerience conference program available
12:58AM 1 Accessing samba server locally
12:26AM 0 File corruption with samba 2.2.3a and WinNt/
Thursday March 21 2002
8:00PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a+LDAP Password synch w/MD5
4:20PM 0 Sharing directories with Samba 2.2
2:49PM 1 Samba and MS Access Question
2:20PM 1 Samba + multiple permission sets per file
1:56PM 2 FW: Memory leak in winbindd
1:43PM 1 Redhat 7.2 help
12:18PM 1 samba spool with windows machines
12:16PM 1 Could you help me
11:53AM 2 Samba 2.2.3a and Windows 2000 Native Mode
11:33AM 1 scaling problem
11:18AM 0 look under ownership(maybe will help?)
10:04AM 1 PDC/WINS/Subnetting Problems
8:49AM 0 [smbmount] strange behaviour
8:49AM 1 Samba over a routed network?
7:48AM 0 FW: [Fwd: Re: Samba limits on HPUX???]
7:47AM 0 locking/seek Problems with SuSE-7.3 / samba-2.2.3a
7:17AM 0 TCP Ports
6:54AM 0 (no subject)
6:43AM 0 Samba PDC and Snap servers
6:40AM 0 "Containing Windows" talk slides & paper available
6:11AM 5 Xp on LINUX
5:47AM 0 Strange File Permissions problem
5:47AM 0 Samba PDC in NT / 2000 / XP environment
3:16AM 0 Can't share Windows 2000 workstation folder
2:53AM 0 winbind/pam
2:37AM 1 samba pdc - win2k profiles
1:12AM 0 connection/authentification to netware/novell with ncpfs
12:19AM 1 Anonymous access to samba server
Wednesday March 20 2002
10:47PM 5 Cannot rename problem solved
9:18PM 1 help: new ip range
7:04PM 3 Windows 2000 Sharing option disappear
6:25PM 0 (no subject)
5:18PM 0 Where to get information?
4:43PM 3 XP Problem
3:54PM 2 File corruption with samba 2.2.3a and WinNt/TSE 4.0
1:55PM 1 Printing query with XP and samba 2.2.3a
1:24PM 1 Replacing WINs
1:12PM 0 Tru64 V.50 and Samba-2.2.3a install problems.
12:56PM 0 how to disable offline caching on the server
12:43PM 0 2.2.2 and HPUX lockup
12:04PM 0 Problem with Simultaneous Loggon to PDC 2.2
12:02PM 0 Problem Simultaneous Logon to PDC 2.2
11:56AM 0 Subject: Users suddenly can't log in!!!
11:49AM 2 Samba authentication without unix account?
11:33AM 2 Samba and Tru64 Unix
11:19AM 1 Setting permissions on a file
10:58AM 0 (no subject)
10:58AM 2 force a: to network share
10:48AM 1 Problem compiling clierror.c
10:30AM 1 GUI Frontend Manager
10:23AM 0 "Insufficient system resources.." Winbindd throttles PDC's SAM?
10:19AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1025 - 27 msgs
8:50AM 1 Bug in VFS?
8:47AM 0 Number of Connections Limitation
8:27AM 1 Maxing out CPU
8:26AM 0 nutcracker and samba 2.2.2
8:12AM 0 unix group setting
8:10AM 1 Current ver?
7:32AM 0 RE: Samba and Winbind & "Secret is bad"
6:59AM 2 printing to network postscript printer gives ascii output of postscript job
6:52AM 0 Are passwords encrypted when is used for authentication
6:43AM 1 Samba serving port 445
6:31AM 0 Samba trashes PCL6 printing jobs.
5:41AM 4 Samba & journaled file systems
5:19AM 0 (no subject)
4:24AM 0 jCIFS, net send ...
4:16AM 0 msdfs-root
3:48AM 1 samba and XP
3:47AM 1 Samba Hang.
2:14AM 0 jCIFS
1:36AM 0 Samba usage
Tuesday March 19 2002
10:35PM 0 reg swat.
10:15PM 1 Quick question on adding Winbind/NIS groups to a Samb a ACL
7:43PM 1 Cannot add groups to ACL via Windows Security Tab
7:28PM 2 NT shares on Unix
7:16PM 0 Users suddenly can't log in!!!
6:47PM 0 Question about nmbd
6:43PM 0 (no subject)
6:10PM 1 NIS passwords and PDC's
4:37PM 0 Question regarding Samba
4:30PM 0 (no subject)
4:13PM 1 Secure upgrade of Samba
4:04PM 0 Trouble with encrypted username/password
3:23PM 1 Are passwords encrypted when is used for authenti cation
2:54PM 0 Quick question on adding Winbind/NIS groups to a Samba ACL
2:54PM 0 (no subject)
1:52PM 0 disable offline files - NOT the same problem as everybody else
12:42PM 0 NTFS vs Samba
12:40PM 1 Samba +LDAP against slave LDAP server
12:06PM 0 smbpasswd and "SECURITY=SERVER" (was: RE: Some users can' t log in -- server shows username as "nobody")
11:28AM 0 Samba/PAM/Windbind/Password Sync/W2K
10:08AM 1 Is anyone else accepting the printcap default printers?
9:54AM 1 Connection reset by peer - HP-UX 10.20 & Samba 2.0.10 - repost
9:52AM 0 Passwords and Windows 95
9:38AM 3 Samba limits on HPUX???
9:37AM 2 Which files are open?
8:49AM 0 Samba-2.2.5a
7:18AM 1 samba 3.0alpha17
7:13AM 0 Subject: CD ROM SAMBA LOCK ?
7:12AM 3 Subject: roaming profiles depending on user
7:11AM 0 Subject: Samba 3.0
6:44AM 4 Problems with offline files and Explorer 'hangs'
6:32AM 1 NT Acls
6:07AM 0 Browsing Problems (Samba 2.2.3a-1 for Debian)
5:43AM 1 (no subject)
5:00AM 1 Linux et Nt
4:59AM 0 Win2K Task Scheduler and Shares
3:36AM 0 RE: Low end 2.2.X i386 compiling
2:53AM 0 (no subject)
2:42AM 0 Oplock bug in 2.2.2 ??
2:13AM 1 Limiting users to log in from one workstation at a time
1:58AM 1 Password expiration question
1:11AM 1 winbindd panic 2.2.4pre
12:49AM 0 Problem with shlight e smbtar command
12:45AM 3 sending HUP
Monday March 18 2002
10:29PM 0 Windows 98 Explorer still can't copy larger files to Samba share
6:53PM 1 OT bash permission
4:08PM 1 IE 5.01, Shell Folders, Windows 2000 and Samba 2.2.3a
3:44PM 5 what does "Secret is bad" mean for "wbinfo -t"
2:51PM 0 FW: acl's and samba
2:48PM 1 Problem with smb.conf.%m
2:32PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a won't log
2:27PM 2 Samba 2.2.1a problems
1:49PM 0 tdb corruption
1:45PM 0 Fw: Not displayed in Network Neighbourhood
1:23PM 1 samba --with-pam install problems
1:22PM 0 Connection reset by peer - HP-UX 10.20 & Samba 2.0.10
1:07PM 0 Samba - Cups problems
12:16PM 0 build of latest samba
11:45AM 1 security/firewall rules
11:34AM 0 samba 2.2.3a too many processes
11:00AM 0 Samba on NCR
10:45AM 0 samba on a non-active-directory 2k domain plus bestbi ts ACL suppo rt
10:28AM 2 Slackware 8 and Samba
8:53AM 0 Win2k PDC -> Samba 2.2.3a PDC -> Can't access encrypted data
6:28AM 0 Hello samba group
5:15AM 3 Duplicate Files
2:57AM 1 compiling samba3.0alpha16
2:20AM 1 Cannot unpause printer
12:45AM 0 windows NT 4.0 policy
12:33AM 0 To install and configure samba on a standalone Red Hat Linux7 Server
Sunday March 17 2002
11:29PM 1 I need help..
10:10PM 1 verifying username/password
8:53PM 1 Not displayed in Network Neighbourhood
7:41PM 1 how do I unsubcriber
3:28PM 0 Winbind - wsinfo -u doesn't work.
3:18PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a --with-pam
8:18AM 0 Compression/Encryption
6:18AM 0 Again strange file name
2:05AM 1 Samba 3.0 CVS problem with security tokens
12:47AM 0 problem joining WinNT and Win2000 with samba
Saturday March 16 2002
8:25PM 2 samba 2.2.2 and nis?
10:51AM 1 Cant access Samba after Red Hat 7.2 upgrade
6:37AM 0 samba 2.2.3a: Windows-to-Linux-to-Windows Printing problem
4:50AM 0 samba authenticating via nis
Friday March 15 2002
11:00PM 0 smbclient broadcasts thru eth0 only
9:41PM 0 samba authenticating via nis?
9:20PM 0 force Samba bind to internal IP only (VPN) - possible bug ?
3:33PM 0 Windows/Samba printing error
3:27PM 5 acl's and samba
3:14PM 1 help regarding samba
3:10PM 1 Really novice ques about /etc/passwd
2:42PM 1 home directory auto creation.
2:02PM 2 VPN question
1:40PM 0 SAMBA 2.2.3a printing doesn't succeed on first try (bug 'printer handle not found') (fwd)
1:34PM 1 disabling offline caching from samba
1:26PM 0 Printing woes in 2.2.3a, still
1:12PM 0 Samba Create Mode Problem
12:59PM 3 NT Backups
12:31PM 0 Failed to initialize locking database
12:24PM 1 W2K and XP Offline files stopped working with 2.2.3a
11:54AM 0 samba on a non-active-directory 2k domain plus bestbits ACL suppo rt
11:34AM 0 newbie question: How do I perserve directory permissions?
11:21AM 0 File System Error [1026]
11:01AM 0 User ID gotcha with winbindd when adding local Unix accounts
10:46AM 0 Samba port for USS under OS/390
8:51AM 0 (no subject)
8:46AM 1 access denied, unable to connect printer status
8:40AM 1 2 Samba problems (oplock & hosts allow)
8:12AM 1 Samba PDC and Cisco Devices
7:49AM 0 logon home with ldap under win98
7:41AM 0 Prob Print but no pb with share
7:39AM 1 Joining W2k-clients to Samba 2.2.3a PDC
6:53AM 2 Locks troubles with samba 2.2.2/.3a
6:47AM 1 How does samba handle multiple group file entries of the same name?
6:43AM 0 passwd change program runs as user, not root!
6:39AM 0 Windows XP and desktop.ini
5:49AM 3 AIX Version of Samba
5:05AM 0 2.2.3a PDC Win98 WINS DHCP
4:53AM 0 /etc/pam.conf
4:34AM 5 wbinfo
4:12AM 3 smbpasswd for user does not work
2:09AM 0 Samba - Network problem
1:37AM 3 Printing problems with Win2000
1:20AM 0 Solved: Can't change directory to /tmp (Permission denied)
Thursday March 14 2002
8:00PM 1 loging onto win2k
5:52PM 2 /contains a filesystem with errors check forced
5:01PM 0 ADVERTISING: JobConnect - where people find jobs
3:53PM 1 moving drivers database
2:35PM 6 Some users can't log in -- server shows username as " nobody"
2:32PM 0 Can't find Domain Master Browser
2:23PM 0 (Fwd) smbmount in scripts
1:59PM 1 How do you run swat in forground mode?
12:34PM 0 problem loging onto a win2k machine
11:27AM 4 Samba client issues
11:19AM 0 printing accounting
10:46AM 0 Samba killing connetion
9:34AM 1 multiple connections
8:54AM 1 Printer Configurations
8:24AM 0 AIX Version and Samba Version
8:06AM 0 Re: Oplocks problems with samba.
8:02AM 2 Old SAMBA and WinXP....
7:52AM 0 nmbd WINS registration vanishes
7:51AM 2 Can't find smb.conf
7:49AM 1 smbmount in scripts
7:19AM 0 Antwort: Limit parallel user logins
7:03AM 2 Some users can't log in -- server shows username as "nobody"
6:31AM 3 Samba PDC on FreeBSD problem?
6:28AM 10 Samba and Windows XP
5:52AM 0 Limit parallel user logins
5:39AM 0 Samba browsing slower on 2.2.3a than 2.0.10 - more info
4:33AM 2 MS Access and Samba Problem
4:32AM 0 winbind and solaris8
3:59AM 0 Samba browsing slower on 2.2.3a than 2.0.10
2:25AM 2 Serving Samba through a Firewall
2:07AM 2 occassionally : no domain controller available
1:42AM 2 How to switch of the users profile copying ?
1:05AM 0 Windows 2000 Domain logons
12:52AM 1 RID Question
12:38AM 1 Problem with samba and XP
12:27AM 0 Big trouble after swtich NT PDC to Samba PDC....Help, Please
12:12AM 1 WinXP Client with Samba 2.2.3a PDC
12:07AM 4 testing
Wednesday March 13 2002
10:37PM 0 (no subject)
10:17PM 2 samba as client, adding to browse list
9:09PM 1 Sync passwords with Oracle (off topic)
8:24PM 1 little help over here
4:14PM 3 Windows 98 and samba
2:39PM 1 Print driver woes in 2.2.3a
2:00PM 2 Winbind + Space in Group Name = Not working
1:27PM 2 Need util to resize parition (Off Topic)
12:30PM 0 winbind on solaris 8
11:37AM 1 RedHat 7.2 install SMB authentication option
11:24AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a and 2.2 CVS no go
11:06AM 0 rpcclient man page and "--help"
10:33AM 1 "max disk size = 2047" by share
9:47AM 2 \\[server] is not accessible
9:05AM 2 Winbind on solaris
8:29AM 0 NTBackup against a samba drive
8:27AM 2 smbd service won't start
8:13AM 1 Problem with samba 2.2.3a configured to use domain security
6:35AM 0 SYSVOL share on Windows 2000 Server
6:19AM 1 upper and lower case filenames
5:08AM 0 HELP!Weird user homes share behavior
4:51AM 1 smbfs win2k 2.2.3a error
4:18AM 1 Win2k/Printer Installs
3:25AM 0 (no subject)
3:14AM 1 What group is CPB\unix_group.2147483404?
2:33AM 1 Deletion of read-only files
2:20AM 0 windows NT 4.0 Ws policies
1:43AM 2 Dark Secret of Winbind
1:37AM 0 Problems compiling --with-pam on Slackware 8
Tuesday March 12 2002
11:46PM 0 Samba Postgres and Password sync
8:28PM 2 Samba PDC and local admins
8:24PM 0 Re: Low end 2.2.X i386 compiling
5:57PM 2 swat on red hat 7.2
5:38PM 1 Samba as Wins Server and PDC issue
4:43PM 2 Using Backup from Windows -> Samba : >4GB file limit?
1:08PM 3 failsafe against "stupid" / careless users
12:17PM 2 Multiple-level user shares
11:43AM 0 2.2.3a/2.2.4-pre and MS-Access
11:17AM 2 roaming cache and nt acl support
10:54AM 2 Address already in use on samba 2.2.3.a
9:44AM 0 Migrating profiles NT4 domain -> samba domain
8:58AM 1 Samba 2.2.2 as a PDC for XP logins
8:14AM 0 separate or together: does it really matter?
8:12AM 1 Problem with duplicate directories
6:52AM 0 use of the tdb files?
6:41AM 0 Re: samba and shares
6:11AM 6 Memory leak in winbindd
5:22AM 0 Heineken Face EU Fines for Curbing Rivalry
5:17AM 2 What are these programs?
5:14AM 0 Antwort: Password sync problem
3:38AM 1 Subject: Re: Access Denied, Unable to connect
2:10AM 1 Printing HOWTO
2:01AM 2 Backup of winbindd ID map
1:59AM 0 Antwort: installing software on Win2k workstations with samba PDC
1:30AM 2 Installing Samba 2.2.3a on Mandrake 8.1
1:16AM 0 Compiling samba 2.2.3a on SunOS 4.1.4
12:13AM 0 Samba -> win client>> Broken pipe ??
Monday March 11 2002
11:36PM 0 Samba 2.2.1a and windows 2000
11:30PM 0 Samba X Slackware
11:28PM 1 compiling samba-2.2.3a on free-netbsd finally solved - summary
10:51PM 0 Problem with samba 2.2.2-2.2.3a and maltiple alias address on FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE
10:19PM 0 Re: installing software on Win2k workstations
9:41PM 0 Compile fails on smbd/server.c - unknown opcode
9:39PM 0 Samba browsing and NAT
5:32PM 1 Samba PDC & Groups & Trust relationships & LDAP
4:25PM 0 SAMBA is locking users on NT
3:39PM 1 join 2000 box to domain - troubles
3:37PM 0 OT - add printer
3:36PM 0 OT - ftp
3:36PM 0 installing software on Win2k workstations with samba PDC
2:59PM 0 winbindd problem enumrating users and groups
2:00PM 0 Query on Pipes
12:41PM 1 samba 2.2.3a on SCO OpenServer5.0.5
12:29PM 0 Re: SAmba Compilation on Tru64 5.1
11:47AM 0 upgrade to 2.2.3
11:33AM 0 samba and pdc in the same network
10:52AM 1 Alpha 16 tarball missing files (and an unrelated question)
10:04AM 0 Windows 2000 Pro Map Drive Error
9:18AM 0 Re: Samba for OpenServer
9:15AM 0 How do I setup Samba Shares?
9:13AM 1 Not able to connect to shares w/ cli
9:13AM 4 Mailing list etiquette? [mildly off-topic]
9:11AM 2 force Samba bind to internal IP only
8:42AM 2 Problems printing to Samba printer from W2K (Very Slow)
7:49AM 0 Samba on Tru64Unix 5.1a
7:44AM 0 Samba over PPP (Linux dials up NT 4 Workstation, which is in secu re NT network)
7:22AM 1 Samba still win the elections
6:49AM 0 (no subject)
6:20AM 0 "local copy is incomplete" If I try to make available offline samba share file
6:14AM 1 Groups in Network Windows
5:33AM 1 2.2.3a PDC Win2K Citrix Profiles
4:09AM 0 W2K-Profiles
3:10AM 0 Anyone running sourcesafe/VSS on samba?
1:51AM 1 Problem of Samba with win2000 Professional
1:06AM 1 Problem of Samba with Windows 2000 Professional
12:06AM 1 passwd sync - troubles
Sunday March 10 2002
11:33PM 1 Binaries for OpenServer 5.0.4
10:20PM 0 IP
9:12PM 0 Ownership differences
9:10PM 0 multiple connects
9:08PM 1 Installation
2:26PM 0 Fail on "Test 8" - proposed solution fails... (2)
2:10PM 1 Fail on "Test 8" - proposed solution fails...
12:43PM 1 Hungarian codepage problem using smbmount
10:09AM 0 win98 can't access directories
8:54AM 1 Questions about Samba(-LDAP) 2.2.3a
8:49AM 0 Cannot print to cups 1.14 from Windows 2000 SP2 using samba 2.2.3a
8:29AM 1 nmbd doesn't start after upgrade to 2.4.9-31 kernel
6:48AM 1 Access Denied for printer status
5:16AM 1 Hungarian codepage problem using smbmount q
4:17AM 14 SAMBA 3.0
1:12AM 0 Wierd Authentication Issue?
Saturday March 9 2002
5:10PM 1 Network Path could not be found on HP with XP
1:54PM 1 How does Samba know which driver goes with which queue?
1:39PM 0 How to remove and re-add WinXP clients to Samba PDC?
10:19AM 0 Problem with nmbd...i think
9:22AM 1 smbd and login scripts
9:00AM 1 Problem with smbfs on 2.4.18 kernel
6:57AM 1 smbd running multiple times
5:36AM 0 problem in configuring 2 samba servers on same subnet
1:09AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a, Exact, Autocad 14 and MS Project
1:07AM 2 why Samba using /etc/hosts?
Friday March 8 2002
10:35PM 0 Problems mounting shares in XP
5:39PM 0 Disregard last email...
5:24PM 0 Simple question...
5:06PM 0 File
4:56PM 1 visual fox + samba
4:52PM 0 Info about setting up PDC
2:44PM 0 Samba 2.2.3a & solaris 8 & ACL's
12:23PM 2 disable spoolss - not working
12:18PM 2 needed
11:55AM 1 Using smbmount and losetup
11:15AM 1 smbmount case sensitivity problem
11:12AM 2 samba on HPUX 11
10:30AM 0 Problem with Duplicate File Names in w95 clients
9:43AM 7 Samba in a Win2000 / NT Enterprise
8:17AM 0 'Network Busy' - indeed
7:14AM 3 Samba Upgrade question
7:12AM 0 WINS + multiple subnets + multiple domains
6:39AM 0 configuring two samba on same subnet ???
5:18AM 0 Connection issues between Win98 & Samba 2.2.2
3:53AM 0 disconnect under heavy load
3:30AM 1 tdb((NULL)): tdb_brlock failed on Samba 2.2.3a startup
3:20AM 2 Multiple smbd processes per client
3:19AM 0 High CPU load with Samba
2:27AM 1 Bind failed: Can't contact LDAP server
1:36AM 0 [OT?] Call to the community about one Windows NT domain migration
1:20AM 2 Re: 'Network Busy' - indeed (Gustav Tresselt)
1:14AM 2 codepages and character sets
12:38AM 2 Want to contribute to SAMBA Doc : NT,PDC, Problems, etc...
12:21AM 1 new user: confused about user/password stuffs
Thursday March 7 2002
11:49PM 1 samba won't give up root
9:02PM 0 Source safe on Samba, and corruption
6:48PM 1 unsuscribe me
6:47PM 1 spoolss causing driver issues
4:04PM 3 ldap problems
3:59PM 0 adding permission to users or groups to files
3:02PM 1 File server migration ( win2k to samba on redhat 7.2 )
1:36PM 0 Trouble with smb.log overflowing
1:12PM 0 Winbind & Pam Question
12:54PM 0 nmbd working okay? netmask and master brower foud and not found
12:18PM 1 Configuring SMB print shares for "Everyone" access
11:03AM 0 Print Server Decision
10:55AM 0 Question about ACL's
10:48AM 1 Automatic logoff, kickoff time, etc.
10:41AM 0 (no subject)
10:41AM 0 Configure Err 2.2.3a AIX
10:35AM 2 fstab for a mount point
9:45AM 0 smbmount problem?
9:32AM 1 Locking problems and upgrade to 2.2.3a
9:27AM 0 HELP! groups not seen and users not recognzied as valid
8:17AM 0 Automatic logon to samba shares
7:58AM 0 TR: Authenticating to an NT PDC (other questions : refer to previous post)
6:33AM 0 Samba as PDC and Win2k on VMWare
6:17AM 1 Compile problems with latest CVS
5:30AM 0 Max mux parameter and Citrix
5:22AM 0 File Undelete
5:05AM 0 solved roaming profiles Samba 2.2.3a and W2K SP2
4:18AM 0 Samba-2.2.3a -- configure: error: summary failure. Aborting confi g
3:42AM 2 Access denied error
3:01AM 0 Cannot Rejoin Domain...
2:32AM 1 unknown parameter 'add machine script' in 2.2.3a
2:24AM 0 codepage, character set, W2K and smbclient
2:01AM 1 EpsonC80 printing problem
1:56AM 1 Antwort: roaming profiles Samba 2.2.3a and W2K SP2
1:47AM 0 blanks in filenames can't be seen by Apple client...
1:13AM 1 roaming profiles Samba 2.2.3a and W2K SP2
Wednesday March 6 2002
10:42PM 2 samba 2.2.2 domain security w/ win2k AD
8:57PM 2 failing test 3 - smbclient -L BIGSERVER
7:58PM 0 Regarding samba configuration
7:06PM 1 Linking login and SAMBA on a PDC
4:32PM 0 (no subject)
3:23PM 1 Samba as Client for Samba-Domain
3:09PM 3 printing with lprng
3:06PM 0 (no subject)
2:20PM 0 Problem with logging in across domains
2:17PM 1 ldap configurations
2:10PM 1 missing parameter "share modes = no" in samba 2.2.2 (and 2.2.3 ?)
1:44PM 0 reporting incorrect diskspace
1:25PM 3 can't un-mount
1:21PM 1 Multiple samba servers, 1 smb.conf.include file
1:12PM 1 Can Samba integrate with NIS?
12:46PM 0 samba 2.2.3 PDC and win2k
12:04PM 2 Mail Problems...
11:48AM 1 samba 2.2.3a on PPC
10:36AM 1 NT explorer hangs with samba shares
10:30AM 0 Solved my Win2K client problem
10:12AM 0 New samba not responding properly
10:01AM 1 Antwort: Re: Spoolss permissions, NT & XP print driver misery (2.2.2/2.2.3a/2.2.4pre)
9:55AM 2 trouble with smbpasswd - ldap
9:42AM 1 Possible bug in 2.2.3a source/script/ (with patch)
9:34AM 0 Spoolss permissions, NT & XP print driver misery (2.2.2/2.2.3a/2.2.4pre)
9:23AM 1 Problems using Samba as a PDC
9:21AM 2 Can we still use Samba if routers have netbeui/netbios turned off?
9:01AM 0 File attributes question - offline files
8:21AM 1 smbd/oplock.c:request_oplock_break(997)
7:34AM 1 Frozen applications on Citrix
7:27AM 0 Outlook Express and Share modes = yes problems
7:20AM 3 Locking problems with upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.2.3a
7:14AM 0 Many connects/disconnects from Citrix / W2k TS
6:56AM 2 (no subject)
6:19AM 1 Fwd: Unable to change to the specified driver
5:44AM 0 win98 - can't find files
5:24AM 3 OT(?): Poll: how big is your environment
5:17AM 3 smbd daemon uses all filedescriptors
4:55AM 0 samba rev.2.2.2
4:31AM 1 Help - Samba 2.2.3a + Solaris 8 7/01 - 64 bit binaries
4:12AM 0 Intranet goes slow with Samba???????
3:18AM 0 SAMBA 2.2.3a printing doesn't succeed on first try (bug 'printer handle not found')
2:16AM 0 Easy way of sharing sub-directories?
1:48AM 1 Samba configuration via DHCP
1:07AM 0 Can't change directory to /tmp (Permission denied)
12:11AM 3 Win2000 - Very Slow opening files from Samba Share
Tuesday March 5 2002
11:13PM 0 Windows client login to samba problem
10:58PM 2 2.2.3a
10:36PM 1 printing via samba w/ cups server
7:56PM 1 'Network Busy'
5:19PM 7 Strange Problem with Access
4:01PM 0 HELP with nmbd problem!
3:52PM 0 visible, but not accessible
3:30PM 2 samba is slow copying a file
3:07PM 2 Initial connection after reboot is sluggish
3:05PM 1 winxp + sambs 2.2.3a (as PDC) + printers = no go
1:52PM 0 Web Interface for LDAP
1:44PM 0 Strange printing issue in Samba 2.2.3a
1:21PM 0 Fwd: smbd exits without any messages or action
12:00PM 3 Windows hangs on logout
11:35AM 0 smbpasswd deleting multiple uid field in LDAP
11:15AM 1 Printing Unsolved: samba-2.2.3a, w2k and point & print (HP printers?)
10:58AM 1 change password problems
10:55AM 0 Windows 2000 dns entries
10:35AM 0 WinXP. Ugh. + windows 2000 and higher with WINS
10:07AM 4 2.2.3 W2k
10:04AM 2 2.2.3
8:58AM 2 Problems with Samba 2.2.3a DC and PAM
8:33AM 4 WindowsXP Home and Samba 2.2.3a connection problems
8:24AM 0 Urgent help required for a newbie!
7:34AM 0 Problem with Windows XP not seeing home directories
7:22AM 0 SAMBA 2.2
6:57AM 1 character translations with smbclient (was Share Access)
5:28AM 2 sync between passwd and smbpasswd
4:37AM 0 Winbind - I drive crazy!!
3:53AM 1 samba2.2.2+openldap
3:04AM 2 W2K Sp2 in NT4 domain and roaming profiles on samba 2.2.3a
12:35AM 0 Cannot see any clients in the "network neighborhood"
12:09AM 0 PAM & Winbind
Monday March 4 2002
11:18PM 1 smbd exits without any messages or action
10:59PM 1 Connection problems (Samba & W2K)
8:34PM 0 Windows XP Home with Samba 2.2.3a can't map a network drive
8:02PM 0 Windows XP Home with Samba 2.2.3a can
7:51PM 1 Removing partial Samba Install
7:27PM 1 Software engineer
6:40PM 1 WinXP. Ugh.
6:35PM 2 SGI XFS 1.0.2a, ACLs and samba 2.2.3a with win2k perms
5:48PM 1 Samba as client, windows 200 pro as server of anonymous share
3:57PM 1 Saving files with Opera to a Samba share, printing
3:52PM 0 error logging in form machine which has been joined
2:50PM 1 password synchronization - smbpasswd for ordinary users
2:38PM 2 need win2k help
12:07PM 2 PDC, NIS and password sync.
11:41AM 0 ACL's and Permission Control
11:39AM 0 Server Manager - share-info.tdb - Questions
11:38AM 0 Server Manager - Add Share Problem ... it won't :-(
11:26AM 1 Update: problem with authenticate to Win2K
11:26AM 0 shares with multiple users
11:20AM 1 What's wrong with accentued filenames in 2.2.3a????
10:52AM 1 Samba 2.2 PDC to allow RAS?
10:23AM 0 path issues with Samba install
8:06AM 0 Problem with authentication to Win2K
7:57AM 0 Migrating from packages to source
7:33AM 0 My experiences of the spoolss subsystem
7:13AM 0 Re: samba oplocks problem
7:09AM 0 digital unix 4.0D
6:51AM 0 FW: samba compile broken at summary
6:44AM 1 need path information for installation
6:43AM 0 Unable to change to the specified driver
6:42AM 0 Win2k shares and samba
6:37AM 3 Fwd: Samba connections
2:07AM 0 files no locked
Sunday March 3 2002
7:39PM 0 Permission on homedrives..?
4:49PM 0 [2.2.2] FreeBSD and CUPS ?
2:56PM 1 Redhat 7.2 using Onstream tape backup
2:15PM 1 Can browse from windows, but cannot copy TO samba Seems others have been where I'm at now
1:15PM 0 SAMBA share problems
12:59PM 0 Re: windows 98 remote configuration
9:17AM 1 Samba 2.2.3a, print queue status "opening,"highserver load
7:52AM 0 locking problems after upg to 2.2.2
7:07AM 0 The strangest problem..
6:37AM 0 net view \\BIGSERVER problems
4:48AM 4 Help - samba keeps dialing out
Saturday March 2 2002
1:51PM 1 Samba and XP share drive bug error
12:13PM 0 Problems with getting WinNT/XP/2K to logon
9:25AM 0 samba + SSL + NT4
8:58AM 0 nmblookup -B xxxx _Samba_ failure on redhat 7.2 with latest please
8:02AM 0 SSh'ed tunnel
6:30AM 0 Win2k SRP could cause problems with Samba
3:25AM 1 Samba & VPN
3:13AM 0 Could not access <WinXP box name> Invalid user/password combination
12:41AM 0 Need your guidence
Friday March 1 2002
9:45PM 0 trouble with password authentication fron Windows to Linux
8:59PM 0 Slow turnaround of messages
8:50PM 0 No write access on win98 to samba shares
8:17PM 1 How to set up a multi-subnet Samba network
7:41PM 0 Philosophy
5:51PM 2 Printing from Windows to Samba problem
5:32PM 0 help.. samba is slow
4:45PM 3 Expectations: actual vs. published
4:12PM 0 winbind working then not working !
3:45PM 1 PATCH - smbd/trans2.c to support writing to Unix named pipes(FIFO)
3:28PM 2 Codepages in Samba 3.0
2:30PM 2 unable to validate owner sid
2:18PM 4 profile problem
12:54PM 1 ps -ef | grep mbd reports only mbd
12:28PM 0 Win98: most user can not login samba 2.2.3a pdc
12:24PM 0 samba 2.2.3a -> unable to validate owner sid
11:19AM 1 Netbeui support samba
10:38AM 0 Fw: Samba y Windows 2000!!
9:25AM 0 I/O Error
8:19AM 0 PDC & Browsing
6:42AM 0 Need help with winbind
5:53AM 4 oplock_break and Excel data corruption with Samba 2.2.3a
5:52AM 1 smbclient works but mount doesn't
5:43AM 2 best way to work with cvs?
5:05AM 2 rename user login
4:36AM 1 using samba instead of NFS?
4:35AM 2 Samba y Windows 2000!!
4:30AM 3 --with-ldapsam Compile error on Solaris 8
1:41AM 1 Can I mount with samba on a read-only system?
12:56AM 1 Antwort: [print$] again
12:41AM 14 How to reduce size of samba binaries