Rails - Jul 2005

Sunday July 31 2005
10:23PM 1 Continuous Integration in RoR
9:21PM 3 Conditional Model Relationships?
7:31PM 2 Central list of Rails gems?
5:49PM 19 0.13.1 Salted Hash Login Generator now available
5:28PM 0 Ajax observe_field does not send the value OK
4:54PM 1 form_remote_tag and validations...HOW?
2:47PM 1 macosx address book clone with rails and ajax
2:17PM 1 Yet Another Newbie Question ... about storing stuff in sessions
12:29PM 2 possible to replace a div (not just its content) with ajax helpers?
11:49AM 0 Rails and a long running thread that collects information in the intranet
5:53AM 5 Textile v. Markdown
5:47AM 0 work with dbdbd file
5:45AM 0 problem with symbol
5:42AM 1 (no subject)
5:34AM 0 Ruby and Rails and Apache2 and FastCgi on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
5:15AM 0 OT: Instiki and Search for Published Site
2:46AM 6 Status of Salted Login Hash Generator
1:04AM 1 DB nameing with "*_id"
Saturday July 30 2005
11:58PM 4 In over my head with CSS & Javascript
11:53PM 32 10 Easy Steps To Make Your Rails Apps Multilingual (I18N)
11:02PM 4 Is this an 'anti-pattern'?
10:38PM 0 rake test_units/rake (no params) problems
9:42PM 2 Ajax help on form_remote_tag
6:17PM 44 Webmail in Rails / ActiveMail
5:42PM 6 ActiveRecord backend for Instiki - call for volunteers
5:20PM 1 restricting list columns
5:02PM 0 Instiki 0.10.2
3:02PM 1 Instiki mailing list
4:12AM 3 Estimating a Rails project
12:02AM 0 Cybersource payment gateway?
Friday July 29 2005
11:46PM 0 Arrays not all created equal?
9:14PM 0 Fwd: Products and mod_rewrite
9:14PM 1 object level transactions
9:07PM 2 Tooltip/Rollover AJAX in Rails
9:02PM 0 (no subject)
8:55PM 2 Sequenced actions mixin for controllers
8:38PM 1 Undefined method 'keys'
8:28PM 2 has_many ordering...
6:53PM 4 Export to HTML?
6:34PM 1 How do use stored procedures ( sql server)
6:20PM 0 Products and mod_rewrite
6:08PM 10 Rails Wiki down
6:05PM 3 More issues with Rails Book Cart tutorial.
5:59PM 1 Link_to_remote with a different controller
5:47PM 0 Webrick exception
5:44PM 7 RoR and Amazon Web Services
5:31PM 1 FastCGI + sudo madness
5:05PM 4 Using a builder-like construct in a template?
3:56PM 1 Another Project Approval
3:32PM 0 submit_to_remote and "action"
3:10PM 0 some rdocs not viewable
2:46PM 7 ActionMailer, Timeout, .13?
2:22PM 3 How do I do joins or paginate find_by_sql?
1:54PM 0 cannot use production_log_analyzer! T_T
1:46PM 0 Salesforce API
1:28PM 1 Rails App Design/Deployment Best Practices?
9:20AM 1 Form validation without using a model
9:04AM 3 rails wiki responds Bad Gateway
7:15AM 7 Ruby/RoR equivalent of PHP's phpinfo() function ?
6:44AM 2 Rails looks for "Addres" instead of "Address"?
6:09AM 1 postgresql auto increment error
4:34AM 0 Fastcgi dispatch.fcgi processes don't respond to killall -USR1 dispatch.fcgi
4:15AM 2 autofill for create by who, update by who
2:28AM 3 validation on update
12:24AM 1 Customizing the display of form errors
Thursday July 28 2005
11:55PM 0 Problems with Typo, Apache 2, FastCGI on Windows XP
11:01PM 7 all professional Rubyists and Railsists - email me off-list
10:12PM 0 Humanize
9:59PM 0 ActiveRecord Seg Fault
9:05PM 0 ActiveRecord, computed values, and associations
8:41PM 0 activerecord-1.11.1 unit tests woes
8:41PM 10 What is the "rails" way of doing this?
8:38PM 3 Where to put favicon.ico?
7:31PM 1 segfault on debian sarge amd64
6:53PM 0 [ADV] Rails on RubyStuff
6:01PM 1 Customizing error messages on validation
4:52PM 6 Reporting on the Rails
4:42PM 5 collection of collections checkboxes
3:58PM 0 Fwd: (Dreamhost) [Announcement] Ruby on Rails change to production mode
3:07PM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in Admin#list
2:30PM 5 newbie:Is there a way to make log file smaller?
1:19PM 7 Words to avoid in Rails?
1:01PM 0 Ruby IDEs with auto-complete
12:24PM 3 preloading/caching small tables
11:26AM 3 Help troubleshooting save
10:45AM 4 New app, 1 scaffold, pages completely blank
10:42AM 2 Sales on Rails Trac
7:15AM 8 compound primarey key and ActiveRecord ??
6:53AM 0 How to access debug logger in a class
6:24AM 1 How to beautify validation messages
6:07AM 0 autocommit problem with mysql
5:55AM 6 Rails is really great... but it could be even better
5:32AM 3 newbie question: scaffold: todo error
5:23AM 1 (no subject)
3:12AM 8 Example Application
2:07AM 1 Rails+Apache 2+FastCGI on Fedora Core 3 Linux: Has anyone got it working well?
Wednesday July 27 2005
10:38PM 2 How do I change/extend scafold behaviour w/o changing the library?
10:29PM 7 Rails on Eclipse 3.1 Tutorial
10:25PM 2 "Redefining" Accessor Methods
9:17PM 0 Looking for help with a strange problem...
8:54PM 7 Oracle OCI8, or "am I going crazy?"
8:44PM 11 outlook newsgroup membershi
8:43PM 14 Upload Progress woes
8:27PM 0 Newbie questions
7:49PM 4 custom rubygems directory ?
7:41PM 4 date_select default date bug
6:09PM 0 Fwd: Agile Maryland codefest - Ruby on Rails
6:01PM 1 Error in CGI mode (under redhat9)
5:50PM 0 net/smtp, TO and FROM fields
5:44PM 1 Upload Progress, Error in Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater
5:18PM 1 OT: Rails podcasting startup needs a designer
4:47PM 0 RoR developer needed in Seattle
4:20PM 1 Re: Rails VS ASP 2.0
2:59PM 0 SQL Server to PostgreSLQ migration
2:50PM 1 Problem connection to oracle
2:48PM 0 using distance_of_time_in_words with a variable in time.local()
2:00PM 4 A time helper
11:12AM 1 creating a model for a join table
5:38AM 2 Defining a link_to :action => 'new' with a predefined variable
4:24AM 31 Rails implementation: Blog + Wiki + Photo Gallery + Forum ?
3:02AM 14 Ruby Chart Library
2:58AM 1 setting mime type
2:51AM 0 Testing scaffolding controllers
2:19AM 2 apache-fastcgi on rails4days. something missing ?
2:15AM 1 require and require_gem in config/environment of rails 0.13.1
1:48AM 5 Displaying selected items in a many-to-many relationship
1:29AM 1 where does on_submit go?
1:01AM 0 FastCGI error says "Dispatcher failed to catch: undefined method `is_cgi?'" What Gives?
12:41AM 5 Can Rails produce (and possibly help design) online PDF reports?
Tuesday July 26 2005
11:32PM 14 Rails VS ASP 2.0 on IIS and Windows 2003 server
11:32PM 0 bug fix version of pure Ruby i18n Module.
11:25PM 0 Lighttpd / Rails / FastCGI - Small Problem and Solution
11:04PM 1 validates_presence_of interacts poorly with integer fields
10:58PM 0 Ordering, Joins and Has_and_belongs_to_many
10:37PM 0 select and Generating the Correct Form
9:02PM 1 equivalent of the asp Request object
8:30PM 0 Rails PostgreSQL and domains
7:52PM 5 select box on "type" field
7:29PM 2 Detecting cached files on the client ...
7:23PM 5 Search generator modification
7:21PM 2 Oracle Wiki entry
7:09PM 0 Webrick hangs with layout
6:15PM 2 user agent...
6:10PM 3 Unit test looks for wrong table name
5:54PM 3 Cannot update
4:25PM 0 collection_select question
3:29PM 1 Assuage my locking fears
3:12PM 4 Large memory usage in development mode with fcgi
2:59PM 3 svn repository & commits in "branches"
2:37PM 1 MySQL permissions help
1:38PM 8 how easy is it to start
1:06PM 1 Local variables in a XML Builder template...
1:03PM 6 eager associations and limit/offset
12:44PM 1 lesson learned about model names vs controller directories
12:42PM 7 Ajax selects and checkboxes
11:15AM 8 i18n module for Rails released.
8:57AM 3 FCGI production mode association const_missing errors.
7:24AM 11 SCGI Server for Rails using Ruby/Event
5:31AM 3 Generating unique random tokens for ActiveRecord objects
5:25AM 0 newbie having trouble accessing database on rails
5:02AM 0 Dependencies::LoadingModule
3:30AM 0 alsted user login
3:10AM 1 Lisp on Lines??
2:11AM 1 namespace problems only with fastcgi
1:02AM 6 implement audit trail table
12:01AM 2 dbmodel - A gem for generating Rails files from DBDesigner
Monday July 25 2005
10:42PM 0 Loading the Clipboard with Data
10:12PM 8 The rails_product generator (Productize your app)
9:51PM 8 Web Stress/Load testing tool
9:43PM 0 missing :encoding for mysql 4.1...
8:29PM 0 Re: Depot App. PostgreSQL vs. MySQL question
8:15PM 4 Testing Routes
8:08PM 4 Depot App. PostgreSQL vs. MySQL question.
7:58PM 0 Dynamic variables?
7:57PM 15 join tables
7:32PM 4 Export to Excel Help
6:55PM 1 issues raising UnknownActions
5:24PM 1 RE: Export to Excel Help
5:21PM 2 acts_as_tree and traversing parent/child relationships
5:00PM 0 Search / Site Map for Rails Apps
4:22PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 10, Issue 280
2:39PM 2 Error in Ruby on rails
2:05PM 1 Unit tests vs database constraints round II
1:33PM 7 SCGI Server [Very Very Alpha]
11:13AM 2 ActionWebService woes
10:12AM 0 sqlsever, scaffold and set_primary_key
9:51AM 4 Stylesheets for printing
9:10AM 7 prototype.js Ajax example?
6:00AM 0 class_inheritable_accessor?
5:11AM 6 primary key
5:09AM 1 Implementing Update/Destroy Audit trail
1:50AM 3 Helper method to test all links on page
12:56AM 11 standard "community" app
12:33AM 2 has_many :foo, :order => bar
12:18AM 1 Best way to structure a psuedo multi-app rails app ?
12:03AM 1 text_field Not Rendering Value
Sunday July 24 2005
11:55PM 0 [Active Record] Missing optional client encoding for MySQL 4.1
11:50PM 15 Rails Petstore
10:33PM 0 DB Connection Issue on Remote Webhost
10:23PM 0 Question setting up Typo Blog.
8:59PM 0 Rails Slides from ApacheCon EU
8:05PM 4 No such file to load 'config/routes.rb'
6:37PM 1 Emailing Form Submitted Images
5:09PM 0 rake clone_structure_to_test doesn't clone structure properly
4:39PM 5 Fcgi error
3:54PM 0 session indexes
3:33PM 6 Order by date
1:10PM 0 change in routes broke variable ?
1:06PM 1 Rails, lighttpd, fastcgi - sessions don't get deleted from /tmp
12:30PM 2 Ajax update_element_function
8:34AM 3 content_for not working...
8:18AM 0 autocomplete with additional form parameters?
5:52AM 1 simple and frustrating... can you help a newbie
5:12AM 0 cancelling before_destroy
5:11AM 0 step by step tips to look at the rails source, please (was like php.net manual)
4:00AM 1 international version for number_to_currency ?
1:41AM 0 submit tag confirm
Saturday July 23 2005
11:28PM 3 Flash Contents nil on Redirect
11:16PM 11 Client-side validation?
11:13PM 4 Help! I'm repeating myself!
10:51PM 0 undefined method `rewrite' error.
10:37PM 11 ANN: RailsAppHosting Now in Beta
9:20PM 0 Translation of date chooser
8:56PM 0 Snippets 0.3 released
8:07PM 0 observe_field issue with '&' and other characters typed in
7:08PM 1 Routes and escaped slashes (%2F)
2:38PM 1 whitespace
1:49PM 0 validates_presence_of and blanks
1:09PM 37 i18n
10:47AM 1 "has_many :finder_sql" vs iterating over has_many relationship
6:06AM 11 Validation without ActiveRecord
4:51AM 0 has many, ajax and some design questions...
4:15AM 0 render partial and local variable question
1:25AM 2 NZ Streetmaps by Me!
12:47AM 2 Creating 2 different object records at once
Friday July 22 2005
10:53PM 10 TextMate for Linux? (was rails video question)
10:03PM 0 cookies gone!
9:58PM 5 Models without associated Tables
9:57PM 1 Upload Progress Modifications and Problems
9:28PM 2 Extracting From Hash
6:58PM 1 A Bit Baffled By text_field
5:22PM 4 Rails OSX -- General questions.
4:48PM 0 Error Messages not working
4:35PM 3 Documentation for model.send
4:15PM 3 Anyone use GeekISP or Site5?
3:13PM 0 Lazy fcgi-processes in Lighttpd
3:12PM 0 strange session error in 0.13.1
2:03PM 3 testing application_helper.rb
11:33AM 0 'Template Is Missing'...
10:11AM 1 Bug in sqlserver adapter
7:50AM 7 Thousands separator in printf - how to do it???
5:53AM 7 Agile Web Dev w/Rails, feedback and questions
5:30AM 0 has_values?
2:31AM 3 rails video question
12:43AM 1 Custom Libraries and Unit Tests
Thursday July 21 2005
11:05PM 1 Auto-complete box delay
10:32PM 4 Agile Rails Tutorial Help- Cart Checkout
9:21PM 1 Wiki Change in Progress?
9:00PM 1 Salted login generator install errors
7:38PM 0 activerecord single table inheritance: find(:all)
7:20PM 2 script/console error
6:48PM 73 rails book
6:38PM 6 development.log went quiet
6:22PM 0 Wiki getting spammed
6:15PM 0 ActionMailer duplicates output
6:02PM 1 Self-Referencing Tables and Other DB Complexities
5:57PM 48 Behaviour
5:34PM 2 how to set directory for PStore sessions
5:12PM 0 StatementInvalid -> Stack level too deep
4:38PM 0 Rubygems now integrated in the FreeBSD ports tree
4:35PM 4 ActionMailer::deliver?
3:59PM 6 OT: JavaScript books?
3:16PM 1 RAILS_ROOT in Models
2:59PM 8 Problems with fresh Darwinports/Rubygems install on OS X 10.4.2
2:19PM 1 wiki links bad
2:01PM 1 link_to in email bodies
12:21PM 0 Rejected mail hosts
8:04AM 1 Protecting attributes
6:30AM 0 How to paginate many-to-many collections?
4:00AM 0 Can't find file: 'users.MYI'
3:45AM 1 howto: look up city and state from zipcode with AJAX
3:32AM 2 How to create form with validation that sends email instead of storing in DB?
2:44AM 1 Default control (set focus)
2:43AM 0 Base.clone()
2:27AM 2 rails on macosx 10.4.2
2:07AM 12 OT: Many-to-many user interface
1:29AM 5 Unit Testing in Rails
12:50AM 1 reset_session
Wednesday July 20 2005
11:41PM 0 AR collection allows new objects that fail validation?
11:17PM 1 Help With File Uploads
9:18PM 1 svn trunk fails oci_test
9:07PM 12 acts_as_tree using many SQL queries
8:56PM 0 Transient model
8:31PM 4 SQL Server, Rails and trusted security...
8:17PM 4 which is the best host for rails?
8:02PM 1 Duplicate caches
7:49PM 27 Oracle patch: synonyms, then sequences
7:48PM 1 [OT] tricky SQL query
7:00PM 2 Rails/Ruby Usergroups
6:53PM 1 Fwd: .rb meetings
6:50PM 0 setting date_select default value
6:40PM 0 Render_component and path to components directory
5:07PM 1 Accessing session from ActiveRecord::Observer
4:15PM 5 link_to full path
4:00PM 1 Is this a bug, or am I being daft?
3:27PM 0 Ruby 1.8.3 with Rails?
1:25PM 0 assert_redirected_to failing and 0.13.1 bugs
12:54PM 0 observe_field: how to update a text field? how to respond only after 5 characters in observed field?
11:52AM 5 Can't connect to MySQL on another machine
9:51AM 4 :maximum must be a nonnegative Integer
7:40AM 1 Customising built in objects
6:54AM 0 Useful PDF for has_and_belongs_to_many data entry
6:32AM 0 shared controllers in Rails
4:30AM 23 SCGI wish list?
3:59AM 2 The Monkey Finds RoR
3:28AM 0 odd rubygems error
2:45AM 0 lighttpd/No such file to load -- config/config.rb
1:00AM 2 sortable_element
12:34AM 2 Giving models access to session data
Tuesday July 19 2005
10:22PM 2 A Little RegEx Help?
10:07PM 2 Apache 1.3 proxy to lighttpd?
9:21PM 3 cart problem
9:09PM 0 Sporadic SessionRestoreError in webrick
9:03PM 1 Rendering collection as xml
7:33PM 0 Wiki down?
7:01PM 0 render :collection, :if_none built-in ?
6:49PM 4 Active Record Problem
6:22PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 10, Issue 214
6:15PM 8 Atlanta Ruby Group
5:41PM 0 RE: hide 'id' field in 'edit' viewagain(afterHowToExtendScaffolding)?
5:34PM 4 Updating Rails apps
5:29PM 1 lazy loading of columns?
5:28PM 2 prototype.js docs
4:29PM 1 Typo working with apache2 and fastcgi
3:26PM 1 AJAX syntax with Insertion.bottom
2:42PM 0 Rendering inline using a helper
2:25PM 4 useful output..
2:24PM 4 form_remote_tag and two AJAX requests
2:16PM 9 AJAX rendering on IE Mac
2:08PM 1 error_messages_for and the dreaded Back button
1:28PM 5 Coldfusion Recovery Group
12:14PM 1 [AR] Are column names case-sensitive?
11:51AM 0 will update_attributes ever handle associated objects automatically?
11:28AM 3 Keep selected option upon validation?
8:47AM 6 session tutorial
8:16AM 10 Extending methods in the module Inflector ?
6:12AM 1 Rails for the stock market (Berkeley, CA)
5:21AM 0 acts_as_tree, foreign keys and fixtures
3:32AM 1 application.rb
3:22AM 7 association calls instead of piggy backs
3:20AM 4 Ruby Friday
3:03AM 1 wanted: people with passion who want to build great things
1:02AM 2 Forcing controller naming
Monday July 18 2005
11:36PM 1 scripts/create_db
11:01PM 1 Builder XML files in sequence?
10:17PM 12 improvements to the Rails OCI adapter
9:59PM 4 Uniqueness based on a child/parent relationship?
9:46PM 6 n00b here, have some questions
9:27PM 2 Multiple databases
8:30PM 1 RE: hide 'id' field in 'edit' view again (afterHowToExtendScaffolding)?
7:55PM 3 adding methods to has_many and habtm collections
7:20PM 0 Fwd: Problems with the upload progress bar after updating to 0.13
7:01PM 6 Django setup and Rails setup
6:23PM 0 Rails forum (other than RForum)
6:16PM 1 Dynamically generate form fields
6:16PM 12 Dreamhost users
6:13PM 13 Seperating public & admin areas
5:25PM 5 One more has_many/belongs_to question
5:16PM 1 Relationships lost when adding models to the session
3:30PM 5 To the rails community, please accept my apology for the inappropriate earlier mail sent
2:59PM 5 ImageMagick, rmagick, and OS X 10.4
2:34PM 0 Single Table Inheritance Implementation Question
2:29PM 4 are there any working paypal integration/payment gems?
2:23PM 0 Using paths to denote objects
1:14PM 6 Apologies to the community should have made myself clear !! Please see the attached Job Specification
12:52PM 1 Apologies everybody i didnt make it clear who to respond to !!
11:27AM 2 Everyone
11:04AM 2 Rails installation problem
9:29AM 0 input verification with AJAX
9:24AM 2 lighttpd and compressing generated html
9:13AM 0 How to build rails under WindowsXP??
9:04AM 2 check record changes before saving
6:00AM 1 RE: item = collection.build/ attributes =params/ item.save.Protection against collection_id being set in params?
5:57AM 3 item = collection.build/ attributes =params/ item.save. Protection against collection_id being set in params?
5:41AM 2 How to integrate rails with java?
5:35AM 0 RE: Validations and belongs_to: etc - MY SOLUTION
3:36AM 0 0.13.x and problems with SHLG tests
3:36AM 1 Uninitialized Constant Using Component
3:26AM 6 Validations and belongs_to: etc
1:51AM 8 problem installing rails app on 1and1 host
1:27AM 1 Single View For Create and List
Sunday July 17 2005
11:21PM 1 textfield in Ajax
11:14PM 2 Problem installing rails on Ubuntu... Soap Missing?
11:01PM 1 Integrating with Apache
10:31PM 11 Getting the Key From a Hash in Params
10:09PM 8 How easy is it to implement RSS with rails?
9:51PM 2 hide 'id' field in 'edit' view again (after HowToExtendScaffolding)?
8:34PM 0 Need help w/ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection
8:34PM 2 Tada My Site!
8:27PM 1 Adventure's Dawn
7:08PM 1 passing arrays or maps in url or postdata
6:44PM 4 Wrapping methods in derivative classes with logic from the super class
5:24PM 8 Ubuntu-Rails problem -- any solution out there?
5:12PM 0 Newbie: recursive controller invocation / portal solution
4:20PM 1 link_to and CSS
4:19PM 0 RE: link_to and CSS
1:19PM 0 Two AJAX calls and one form
8:12AM 1 Controller Inheritance again ... how to share db-accessing methods?
6:07AM 1 Acts_as_list query
2:53AM 1 Common layouts
Saturday July 16 2005
11:58PM 6 Newbie Question: Trouble getting off the ground with rails.
11:54PM 1 Pagination issue with join
10:52PM 4 Multiple Submit Buttons in One Form
9:46PM 2 link_to and 'title'
9:23PM 14 Thoughts on Second-Tier Documentation
8:30PM 21 acts_as_versioned extension
8:18PM 3 Session Restore Errors & .13
7:44PM 7 Avoiding session race condition in concurrent requests
5:28PM 2 Applying css style to a link_to
5:16PM 0 Safari Crash with prototype/success callback interaction
5:07PM 1 loading joined tables
3:55PM 0 Several questions about errors, collections, etc.
3:19PM 9 Multiple DB Users?
2:12PM 1 error_message_on usage
1:32PM 0 CRUD and Parent/Child Models?
10:56AM 4 Anything like (lineitem.product.title)?if_exists in freemarker?
3:51AM 0 I have changed webrick_server.rb, am I right?
1:58AM 16 Added created_by & updated_by
12:49AM 1 Customizing extension of cached pages
12:37AM 0 Webrick not loading/calling observers
Friday July 15 2005
11:44PM 1 unit test questions
11:35PM 1 Ajax form validation
10:49PM 2 Where is the documentation for "ruby script/generate xyx"
9:55PM 4 bugtrack FastCGI error?
9:18PM 6 OT: Trac hosting?
7:59PM 0 troubles with log_error
5:25PM 7 "find"ing Null Values
5:09PM 1 lighttpd, fcgi, strangley slow
5:05PM 1 RoR from a Plone perspective?
4:32PM 4 Spell-checking
2:29PM 5 Nested Controllers
2:16PM 0 SQL resources?
2:14PM 1 How do you do functional tests?
2:12PM 2 Additional environments?
12:14PM 0 error_messages_for backwards
8:52AM 11 RailDock 0.7 - Time to start documenting
6:27AM 88 let the battle begin: Django
4:52AM 3 rails don't support mysql-5.0?
4:28AM 5 MySQL insert id
1:42AM 3 Logger Patch
12:36AM 1 Tricking sort_by to handle Nils
Thursday July 14 2005
11:41PM 1 Single-table inheritance and eager loading
11:21PM 0 select multiple - difficulties
11:14PM 1 RE: Newbie: Anything like [www.php.net/manual/] for Ruby & RoR
10:18PM 7 ActionMailer Templates in DB?
9:12PM 1 Ignoring duplicate records in HABTM relationship
8:51PM 2 problem with boolean fields in test fixtures
8:46PM 9 RE: Newbie: Anything like [ www.php.net/manual/ ] for Ruby &RoR ?
8:31PM 20 Newbie: Anything like [ www.php.net/manual/ ] for Ruby & RoR ?
8:08PM 0 Local rails documentation not being generated
7:06PM 2 Race condition with Webrick and dependency reloading
6:36PM 2 SSL certificate access with Apache2/fastcgi
6:21PM 3 Session sharing
6:12PM 1 actionmailer bug in 0.13.1?
6:11PM 12 Job Opportunity
5:53PM 6 Rails graphics for Ruby Paraphernalia
5:42PM 1 Textilize (RedCloth) character entity issues...
5:27PM 1 Using An Anchor And Render
4:51PM 1 Ajax question
4:48PM 4 routes to static content?
4:25PM 1 Installation Problem
4:06PM 5 Link that does multiple updates.
2:17PM 0 validates_presence_of question
2:09PM 3 Question about lighttpd set up
1:10PM 3 Salted Login Gen. and Rails 0.13: Confirmation email not sent
12:11PM 3 Is there a time_select?
11:03AM 1 htmlarea and the prototype library
9:45AM 0 Persistent server connections
9:01AM 1 No locks available... help wanted!
7:37AM 18 RE: Why no i18n?
7:20AM 0 Intermittant webrick error
4:44AM 2 Basic generate scaffold question
4:32AM 4 initialize model
3:26AM 0 sqlite gem os x install problems
3:22AM 9 Rails IMAP client?
2:53AM 3 Pagination over a custom-generated array of objects?
1:45AM 4 Agile Web Programming Not Shipping Yet?
12:13AM 3 Dynamic Attribute Finders, eagerness and ambiguity
Wednesday July 13 2005
10:49PM 1 Remove an item from a list with ajax
9:52PM 5 Spreadsheet on rails
9:48PM 27 "Rails doesn't scale"
9:45PM 7 Workaround for controller named 'action'?
9:33PM 1 Monitoring File Uploads
9:23PM 0 Where's that thread on creating another 'rails' command?
8:53PM 4 uninitialized constant CONFIG - Salted Login Gen.
8:16PM 2 can't figure out how to add option tags to a select with ajax.
7:51PM 1 Proper Controllers
7:24PM 4 ruby, rails and tracking svn development?
6:46PM 2 rake test problems
6:32PM 11 Multi-Field search approach?
6:14PM 0 habtm and attributes problem
5:41PM 5 Rails after Version 1.0
5:00PM 2 Re: Agile Web Development with Rails - PDF ready
4:32PM 1 Ajax from a pop-up
4:29PM 0 FlashHash and boolean values
4:29PM 1 link_to_unless_current woes...
4:13PM 5 syntax gem
2:12PM 26 proposal: Inflector's rules modifications
2:08PM 0 Testing failing
2:03PM 3 0.13.1: Development mode source caching problems
12:46PM 1 oldnewsbaby.com version 2
11:49AM 2 usps with 'shipping' gem?
11:09AM 3 Tracing
7:40AM 1 wiki spam attack: 100's of wiki pages rolled back
6:48AM 0 weird test problem
6:25AM 6 Migration questions
Tuesday July 12 2005
11:36PM 3 How to determine current controller
10:20PM 0 Re: Article: Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both?
8:20PM 2 Conditional Image Caching
8:20PM 2 SearchGenerator wiki page contains spam
8:16PM 2 routes
7:23PM 0 possible to have .NET and Rails play nice on IIS?
7:14PM 5 Can't access helper method from controller
6:55PM 5 file locking issues
6:36PM 31 [REUSE] Productize your application
5:21PM 2 Subversion, gem packaging, externals, and symlinks
4:57PM 2 Problems with a certain name (template)?
4:08PM 1 did I make a mistake building my database?
1:02PM 0 auto_complete_for error
9:44AM 2 Ajax Visual effects don't work after upgrade to 0.13.1
6:28AM 0 Auto_complete & belongs_to relation?
6:19AM 2 created_by / modified_by (user_id)
4:44AM 1 RailDock 0.6
4:36AM 9 utf-8 string return types in action web services
3:32AM 8 [OT] Question about Subversion
2:41AM 2 quote colors
2:09AM 9 problems with fcgi after upgrade to 0.13.0 / 0.13.1
1:56AM 0 Is there an easier way to do this? (ActiveRecord / has_many from form post)
1:03AM 2 Make fields uppercase
12:47AM 3 Extending scaffolds
Monday July 11 2005
11:25PM 11 Migrations Part 2
10:51PM 15 Spam attack on the wiki
10:40PM 1 Implementing a tree structure
10:13PM 1 Copy items between associations?
10:13PM 3 0.13.1 update generated errors
9:58PM 0 Help w/Windows C-compiler (slightly OT)
9:17PM 26 TextDrive feedback
9:07PM 7 General security
7:58PM 4 AJAX Chat Script: Thinking out loud
7:54PM 0 accessing an alternate controller from text_field_with_auto_complete
6:12PM 5 Seg faults on WinXP with the MySql native driver?
5:55PM 3 security vulnerability on ruby 1.8.2
5:50PM 0 How might I re-open and modify a controller class?
5:35PM 2 Marshaling model-objects wont save id property
5:30PM 8 Rich Text Editors - Any preferences?
5:13PM 1 GPS Golf Pro
2:51PM 0 has anyone written a helper for OpenRico.org?
1:01PM 0 where is 'human_name' method defined?
1:01PM 0 Rails 0.13.1: Faster for all, eager limits, more Ajax
12:21PM 17 TypeKey + Rails?
11:58AM 1 index and DoubleRenderError
6:42AM 0 anyone using ENCODE and DECODE in SQL in ActiveRecord?
3:36AM 12 RailDock 0.5
2:09AM 7 Rolling Rails logs
Sunday July 10 2005
8:01PM 5 Automatically populating "has_many" association with form post / ActiveRecord
6:33PM 8 Rails, Apache, mass virtual hosting?
4:43PM 13 preventing double form submission (double clicking)
11:39AM 2 url_for :controller =>
10:21AM 4 TextMate Rails bundle
8:23AM 0 Handling long running request
6:55AM 1 Any way to specify different controller in start_form_tag?
6:52AM 1 Database doesn't revert to default when doing unit tests
5:18AM 2 Calling reload after saving
3:06AM 2 Mailer not resolving method from ApplicationHelper as of 0.13
3:00AM 8 Compressing Rails Output
1:04AM 3 .rxml for XHTML?
12:21AM 20 Table called 'lens', won't work....
Saturday July 9 2005
8:59PM 1 script/generate not working on fresh Windows install
7:59PM 5 Sending data from controller to Javascript
6:14PM 12 RailDock
5:16PM 1 auto_complete questions
3:38PM 4 joins on has_and_belongs_to_many
10:00AM 8 form_tag_remote and :update
9:58AM 0 RE: form_tag_remote and :update
8:44AM 0 Perfomance on older machine
3:42AM 2 Do something only once
2:17AM 13 editors - UE rhtml syntax file
1:21AM 3 sending variables to controller from view
Friday July 8 2005
11:40PM 8 Slowdown problems fixed in beta gems
10:28PM 2 including external javascript files
9:46PM 0 Problems with the upload progress bar after updating to 0.13
7:30PM 1 Editor For Ruby
7:23PM 4 Generating URLs in Public Folder
7:20PM 4 Ruby on Rails Paraphernalia
6:28PM 10 Crimson Editor & rhtml
5:30PM 1 [REUSE] Adding erb to your database.yml file
5:06PM 1 Question about Tobi's Login Generator (changing password)
5:04PM 3 Best Practices: When to Put Definitions in Model or Controller
4:44PM 2 rescue?
4:42PM 4 Using attachments drops the plain text message
4:35PM 1 Rails 0.13 auto_complete problems and resolutions
4:13PM 4 How to do a batch insert in AR ?
4:00PM 3 Rails wiki package?
3:12PM 2 OT: Ruby plug-in for Jedit
2:34PM 0 Redirecting Autocompleter
1:19PM 6 Automating relationships
11:13AM 3 Problem after upgrading to 0.13
9:04AM 2 Multiple language support
8:53AM 3 arrays of form parameters
8:41AM 0 Setting $KCODE in environment.rb?
7:00AM 1 Integration with Kupu?
6:04AM 1 Deprecated summary ?
4:22AM 1 Can I connect to Mysql using AR without a database?
3:06AM 4 Using Domains as Account Keys
1:37AM 0 Neat trick
12:45AM 2 real rails programmer don't use ruby script\generate?
Thursday July 7 2005
11:51PM 2 Usefull app idea: autocomplete rdoc
11:07PM 3 ANN: RubyForApache 1.3 released
10:56PM 2 mofications to Rakefile SQL Server
10:43PM 2 Rails equivalent to System.out.println?
10:34PM 0 Re: Rails 0.13 failing on Win XP - SOLVED
10:29PM 4 Production log not working
10:15PM 1 Rails 0.13 failing on Win XP
10:04PM 0 DamageControl and Rails 0.13
9:45PM 0 Joins
9:34PM 0 How Should I Do A find_by_sql when I am querying a view?
9:27PM 6 SQL Question
9:05PM 0 AR object without model?
7:20PM 0 Webrick
6:44PM 4 associations
6:37PM 2 0.13 ajax sortable lists and acts_as_list
6:30PM 0 Salted Login Email Notifications not working with Rails 0.13
6:10PM 14 0.13 very slow
5:11PM 4 win2000 + IIS 5 woes
4:27PM 3 NameError Exception
4:16PM 4 Checking to make sure user has "ajax ready" browser
4:10PM 0 I have AJAX problems
3:52PM 0 render :file problem
3:17PM 3 newbie question: recent local api manual
3:07PM 24 0.13 slower, or fastcgi not working anymore?
2:31PM 4 autocomplete js error
1:34PM 5 fastcgi + rails + apache2 (in a subdir) howto
1:32PM 3 Problem in localization library after 0.13
12:29PM 6 ActiveRecord find question
11:46AM 1 Possible bug in Rails 0.13 (action_view/base.rb:272:in `evaluate_locals')
11:26AM 0 Routes: *path in dev/production and test mode differs?
9:47AM 8 Mass mail performance
7:02AM 1 RoR Hosting comparison matrix???
5:23AM 5 .13 and SRE
3:49AM 14 lighttpd/fastcgi/osx performance
2:48AM 0 gem error updating to 0.13
1:33AM 13 MySQL 4.1/OS X Tiger and Rails 0.13
1:28AM 2 .13 issue any ideas?
1:14AM 12 Rails 0.13 gotcha
1:01AM 3 PostgreSQL sequences
12:42AM 1 unexpected token:
12:22AM 8 fastCGI question
Wednesday July 6 2005
10:09PM 1 webhosts upgrading to Rails 0.13
9:20PM 0 New version of rails broke my code :-(
9:12PM 1 rails on Mac OS 10.4
9:01PM 0 Translation System - Hash of same fields in one form
8:30PM 0 Salted Login Woes ...
8:18PM 4 undefined method `stringify_keys!'
7:25PM 12 Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days!
7:03PM 1 collection_select not selecting the selected item
7:03PM 6 DoubleRenderError exception
6:48PM 0 Problems uploading files
6:20PM 24 "Platform" Curiosity
5:57PM 3 Subclassing ActionView::Helpers::DateHelper
5:52PM 5 OT: svn ignore
5:23PM 0 Profiling / Benchmarking
4:46PM 2 Composite Views
4:25PM 3 populating development database from test fixtures
4:13PM 4 Rails Community Site Hacked
3:35PM 1 Another Dates question
3:31PM 2 easy way to store attributes as integer but edit as hex?
2:59PM 1 Multiple database records on one form
1:10PM 1 updating a rails install...
10:36AM 0 Strange Apache On Windows Rails Error
6:26AM 5 List box with ordering
2:44AM 1 Singularize bug?
1:10AM 2 Send Mail when requested/available
Tuesday July 5 2005
9:55PM 0 Strange behavior on windows
9:39PM 2 strangest error ever
9:32PM 1 Could not find RubyGem syntax
8:00PM 4 Ideal solution on Windows
7:24PM 0 What browser compatibility can we expect for AJAX?
6:59PM 1 Marking attributes as read-only in Active Record
6:58PM 2 Help with mod_fastcgi + apache in windows
6:50PM 1 RE: Help with mod_fastcgi + apache in windows
6:31PM 4 adapter connection pooling advice?
5:25PM 4 triggering AJAX off selection
3:50PM 1 IIS-Rails
3:27PM 6 Any comments on this?
1:37PM 7 Empty selects vs. validity
7:46AM 2 Salted hash login generator (verification problem?)
7:13AM 2 environment.rb:5:in `initialize': No such file or directory
1:47AM 1 Debugging lighttpd
Monday July 4 2005
11:30PM 8 ActionMailer#method_missing
10:59PM 1 ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper.COUNTRIES
10:27PM 1 Writing tests, how to separate
7:44PM 6 Trying to write a simple login mechanism
6:29PM 4 form_remote_tag works on Firefox but not in IE
2:34PM 2 map.catchall
12:55PM 4 Reading cookies
11:32AM 1 Localization problems with leeding html escaped ÅÄÖ
11:24AM 2 Architecting a has_and_belongs_to_many site
11:11AM 0 From action_controller/test_request.rb
2:28AM 9 Change rails default Rakefile
2:03AM 0 Error: Premature end of script headers: dispatch.cgi
12:47AM 0 link_to within mailer
12:47AM 0 mailing password with underscores?
Sunday July 3 2005
10:28PM 0 newbie question re: Basecamp like mini calendar
9:43PM 1 RAILS_ENV=production
7:32PM 2 introspection in rails
4:04PM 1 Single Table Inheritance problem
3:33PM 4 App Doc Errors
2:53PM 1 Inheriting from ApplicationController
2:48PM 3 link_to in controller
9:57AM 2 Caching directory
8:01AM 4 [REUSE] Customized Scaffolding in Rails
7:05AM 1 Associating objects with an association
4:40AM 1 Reloading of Classes not inheriting from ActiveRecord::Base
1:15AM 3 Dynamic Routing
12:22AM 2 Multiple fixtures, same table
Saturday July 2 2005
10:15PM 6 Agile BetaBook3 = stuck because p.103 != p.498
10:01PM 1 Lighttpd bin-environment='production' not quite production
10:00PM 1 What does find return?
8:26PM 2 [TIP] How to keep Apache and use Lighttpd for its superior FastCGI
7:19PM 2 Prototype Version Error, When Rails will use 1.3.X ?
3:53PM 0 Re: method_missing on basic object/table from scaffold
1:59PM 2 Just in case anyone else is having trouble with id2name
6:24AM 3 what does the "h" in <%=h ... %> means?
5:15AM 17 anyone interested in cloning salesforce.com in rails?
1:21AM 1 [0.12.1] Bug with a table named 'Address'?
12:58AM 0 Where are cache fragments stored by default?
12:05AM 1 Ajax form and normal form on one page
Friday July 1 2005
11:57PM 0 Mysql::Error Bad handshake
8:55PM 2 Dynamic Image Display
8:32PM 6 so should we go for rico or for script.aculo.us?
7:57PM 4 I don't understand has_one and friends
7:02PM 3 rails under IIS only
6:11PM 1 Plural or singluar?
5:13PM 1 how does one determine what associations an ActiveRecord has?
4:57PM 0 Previous/Next on Detail Pages
4:44PM 1 railsday developers - a request
4:03PM 11 Railsday -- Demonstrating that Rails "can't scale"?
3:36PM 1 hidden_field help please
3:09PM 2 Latest Docs
2:00PM 0 Off-topic: binary diffing
1:12PM 0 Modifying data that will be added to the database
10:02AM 3 Postgresql driver on Windows?
9:36AM 1 Qanah being put on the back burner - for now
9:22AM 2 Rails way of thinking
8:15AM 0 Re[2]: Template Missing Error on first list in tutorial
7:34AM 4 Customizing scaffold partial form
6:24AM 2 create_db for MySQL 4.0.2
4:57AM 0 helpers and arrays
4:48AM 1 Template Missing Error on first list in tutorial