Rails - Jun 2005

Thursday June 30 2005
10:26PM 5 Order Validation - Pages 104-105 in RoR Beta 3
9:42PM 9 I don't get datas
9:10PM 6 Hopping between http and https - Rails best practices?
8:43PM 1 Rails day results are in
7:10PM 9 Unit Test Experience, who use ?
7:08PM 8 My first significant rails site
6:52PM 1 +/- Buttons
6:21PM 4 A Memoir on FastCGI and Apache
5:33PM 0 (no subject)
3:55PM 5 Media Type In stylesheet_link_tag
3:50PM 4 Ruby / Rails Time Class Extension
3:40PM 5 undefined method '' for nil:NilClass on SQL Server (mssql) using ADO.rb
3:21PM 0 Banging my head against the model - can anyone help?
3:14PM 6 Custom Error Pages
3:08PM 0 Errno::ENOMEM in myController#my_action
2:46PM 2 CGI routing question
12:45PM 2 Newbie Question - Embed Flash?
11:33AM 2 render_component includes layout
10:06AM 1 bugtrack error "is a directory"
9:48AM 0 AJAX Method Naming / AJAX Scope
9:11AM 12 Collaboa 0.5
8:55AM 2 Find by ID plus conditions -> ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
7:06AM 1 More newbie questions: a many-to-many relationship
6:48AM 1 case-insensitive urls
5:57AM 5 adding a remote site's content to a database
12:26AM 1 Being Notified of Errors
Wednesday June 29 2005
11:43PM 0 RE: Moving From mySQL to Postgresql and problems withCaSe-SensiTIvity :-) [WORKAROUND]
11:20PM 3 Strange lighttpd behavior
11:12PM 3 Setting the value of a primary key field
10:16PM 1 Salted Login Question
8:55PM 8 The Rails Book
8:32PM 1 Passing vars between controllers
5:22PM 1 Many Models Associations, has_one :x or :y
2:58PM 4 Problem connecting to MySQL
1:44PM 3 component caching
12:49PM 16 Splitting a form into multiple pages
10:25AM 3 trouble with active record and sqlite
7:40AM 0 [REUSE] Relative paths for component links
5:44AM 0 Routes & link_to issues
5:37AM 0 where to put tests for components
4:23AM 1 Css file not loading (newbie question)
3:27AM 0 Re: post installation questions: rhel
2:02AM 2 Complex helper with block help
Tuesday June 28 2005
11:57PM 0 RE: [OT] how to estimate RoR projects that follow the agileway
11:11PM 15 Moving From mySQL to Postgresql and problems with CaSe-SensiTIvity :-)
10:52PM 2 postgresql parameter binding problem
10:37PM 2 Rails Inheritance Question
10:23PM 7 Many to many of many relationship
10:21PM 2 Multiple rails apps under lighttpd on OS X?
7:34PM 6 Re: gems and Windows XP
7:04PM 2 Rails may gain an Og-style approach ???
5:57PM 2 post installation questions: rhel 3
5:20PM 2 Search Methods: Behind The Scenes
2:50PM 3 redirect_to external link from controller suppress layout
8:38AM 0 Revenge of CookbooXUL: Another XUL + Rails Thingy
8:14AM 5 ActiveRecord confusion
4:20AM 0 auto generating a login instead of using signup
3:24AM 7 Problems with Postgresql and Rails
2:52AM 13 [OT] how to estimate RoR projects that follow the agile way
1:57AM 0 Re: brazilian rails user groups or mailing lists? (was Agile... - Translate to Portuguese)
1:53AM 2 active record - newbie question
12:55AM 2 Handling Validation Errors With Ajax Enabled Forms
12:19AM 2 Automatic navigation between controllers
Monday June 27 2005
11:17PM 3 application state data
11:16PM 0 "End of file reached" - Postgres
10:13PM 0 Trouble with DB2 adapter on windows
10:06PM 3 Salted Login Generator: Windows
8:30PM 0 rake appdoc 'exitstatus' for NilClass error
7:56PM 1 layout question
7:46PM 4 Stopwatch -- finding out where the time goes
5:01PM 1 url_for broken in edge rails?
3:26PM 5 Re: gems and Windows XP
2:36PM 2 File upload help
1:12PM 9 FK constraints overrated?
12:09PM 0 ordering of table creation/deletion
7:47AM 3 Strange Mapping Problem
1:03AM 4 Storing to PostgreSQL views in Active Record
12:53AM 3 Partial / Populating a Form
Sunday June 26 2005
10:51PM 10 Clarification on has_one association
9:14PM 3 cookie's place question
5:42PM 1 Confused about login controller in Agile beta book
1:41PM 2 trouble with "belongs_to :" in my model
12:04PM 2 Relation find (Beginner question)
8:49AM 3 Ajax form submit
7:39AM 0 multiple objects of the same type in one form...
2:01AM 4 calling controller and caching from a sweeper class
12:41AM 3 Reading XML docs (Ruby/Rails)
12:09AM 1 Help Wanted: eXPlainPMT Developers Needed
Saturday June 25 2005
10:15PM 1 No 12.1 svn tag for Rails
8:41PM 2 observing a habtm association
7:56PM 0 Ajax Oberver for Radio Buttons
7:08PM 2 Fragment Caching, again
6:41PM 2 looking for ajax chat
5:50PM 1 Ajax content replace w/out user initiation
12:09PM 0 Acts_as_list problems
3:23AM 2 Agile Book - p.151 test_login_with_invalid_user() NameError: uninitialized constant SHA1
2:21AM 4 AJAX - insert item with effect?
Friday June 24 2005
11:55PM 0 lighttpd - sporadic mysql errors
11:37PM 2 Model superclasses
10:12PM 1 Problems with sqlite gem on DreamHost (debian)
9:39PM 3 url_decode
7:48PM 14 apache2 fastcgi (fcgi) internal server errors, still :(
6:52PM 4 Pluralization question
6:00PM 3 interesting helper problem (newbie)
5:19PM 0 ActionMailer template location?
5:02PM 1 select_tag helper issue
4:52PM 2 Where should I start looking to reduce gross slowdown from apache/fcgi?
4:50PM 3 is http://www.bigbold.com/codesnippets down or no longer in service?
4:46PM 5 Rails Book... completed?
2:50PM 0 (no subject)
2:36PM 5 How to reload classes on a production server when you can't restart apache
2:09PM 2 Class Date
2:05PM 9 new mysql gem
12:49PM 0 TestBench
9:55AM 2 Duplicate key inserting a new entry in MySQL
8:01AM 1 components, render_component_as_string, and redirecting
7:54AM 3 table structure best method?
7:51AM 4 column.send Problem
4:32AM 2 No validation on updates?
4:24AM 5 uninitialized constant SQLite::API even though sqlite-ruby gem is installed
2:33AM 1 can active record pagninate over a remote recordset
2:16AM 1 controller mapping problem
1:40AM 2 Using AssetTagHelpers in a helper
Thursday June 23 2005
11:16PM 3 Simple class method problem (newbie)
9:50PM 3 Complex Query - ActiveRecord
9:26PM 0 destroy_all(conditions)
8:56PM 4 Session start
7:04PM 0 SVN repository for script.aculo.us
7:02PM 3 Rails spinoffs mailing list
6:54PM 0 Rails + FastCgi + rewrite rules = damn!
6:32PM 1 Add attribute to Model, filtrable fields.
6:28PM 2 one problem down, then I get another
4:28PM 6 Problems with Hello World
2:53PM 1 Fragment Caching
2:31PM 14 Finding performance bottlenecks?
11:01AM 1 test fixtures => development database
9:06AM 0 Where would I put XSLT files?
9:01AM 0 Fetching with keypathes
7:11AM 0 mod_ruby & mod_xslt
6:49AM 3 ajax calls to a different server?
3:55AM 1 Intercepting form posts for login or otherwise
1:35AM 1 <rails-l> sqlserver_adapter.rb fyi...
1:22AM 1 New records for models with calculated fields...
12:28AM 9 Apache2 / FCGI / Rails = SUCCESS
Wednesday June 22 2005
11:35PM 5 Export to Excel
9:22PM 3 OT: OS X graphics tool
8:57PM 1 Inline Attachment Problems
7:47PM 1 undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass
7:41PM 3 Filtering?
7:41PM 6 Ask Rails: "Rich" client functionality
7:35PM 5 database upgrade/deployment, monitoring
7:33PM 4 Multiple model saves, 1 controller to display them all(errors)
6:52PM 0 ActiveMailer errors
6:28PM 1 How do I enable a popup on a page of form?
6:13PM 2 Artilce about ActiveRecord: need your help with strange problem
6:08PM 2 Slightly Off topic RHTML question
5:59PM 9 New to Rails problem
5:23PM 2 SHOW FIELDS and caching
4:11PM 3 rails deployed in subpath,
4:05PM 0 HTTP_HOST in rails
2:22PM 0 table_name_prefix not used by unit test fixtures
12:48PM 0 Re: Data Modeling: Date Recurrence
11:45AM 1 Undefined FlashHash in application.rhtml
11:45AM 2 Default conditions on Models
11:01AM 2 Upload progress stabilizing
9:27AM 15 script.aculo.us: Web 2.0 JavaScript
7:46AM 9 site-wide button css?
7:00AM 10 Feedback Request: CookbooXUL v2 (Ruby/Odeum w/ 10k+ Recipes)
4:58AM 3 Installation hints
4:00AM 3 Help with paginate and :join
2:36AM 2 Rewriting action method as a class method (newbie)
12:53AM 1 Question About Lighttpd
12:38AM 1 Lighttpd and dispatch.fcgi error
12:21AM 5 Alternating table row class
12:14AM 1 Profiling a complete request-response cycle? Automated performance tests?
Tuesday June 21 2005
7:56PM 0 SimilarThings.com before-pre-beta launch
7:52PM 1 Damage Control
7:48PM 1 Search in many-to-many relationship
6:16PM 1 order by assocation
6:13PM 5 Logs Not Being Written To
5:24PM 2 Multi-statement SQL through ActiveRecord
5:13PM 4 functional test requiring login
5:03PM 6 OT: trying to find a usability study
4:47PM 2 HABTM delete association
3:27PM 1 building has_many data entry forms
2:10PM 6 fcgi procs
1:59PM 5 Depot App - Shipping page has Flash irregularities
1:57PM 3 [OT] French publisher for the Rails book
10:20AM 4 active record outside rails
9:41AM 3 dynarch calendar problem when used with ajax
8:26AM 7 Random Internal Server Error 500 / Apache2 FCGI
3:31AM 9 Activerecord Many-to-many create question
12:38AM 2 Exim and ActionMailer
12:23AM 1 Rails query
Monday June 20 2005
11:32PM 6 text files as backend
10:23PM 5 Convert international chars to ASCII for directory names
9:56PM 8 Anyone know of a good stress test for a Rails app?
9:30PM 3 relative paths not the same
8:12PM 4 different views and behavior for same action and controller
7:52PM 0 Default Route, but no others work
7:29PM 8 YubNub makes Slashdot
7:11PM 3 How generate xml with the same code of html pages?
6:36PM 1 activerecord migration
3:12PM 2 link_to behavior inconsistant within 'if..'
1:47PM 7 [REUSE] Capture2 and an example Calendar Helper
10:47AM 1 innapropriate automatic requiring of helpers with controller inheritance
8:08AM 4 Change the href of a link_to_remote
4:51AM 0 how to hide backtrace in soapfault
2:58AM 2 Manually setting ids?
Sunday June 19 2005
11:19PM 6 form_remote_tag and dynamic :update?
9:25PM 2 special ViM's highlight for Ruby (including Rails + rhtml/erb) was text editor for productivity
4:22PM 10 OT: DB Designer for OS X
2:22PM 2 association validation
4:02AM 1 How do I get a component to see its model?
2:49AM 0 thnaks Scott, i got "require_dependency"
12:22AM 2 Association reflection?
Saturday June 18 2005
7:10PM 9 lighthttpd mod_scgi
6:12PM 8 Image Caching
3:38PM 4 Inline editing - javascript helper
1:19PM 1 where is "require_dependency" method defined?
12:51PM 1 Running general purpose queries
7:03AM 14 Good books
5:33AM 2 Linux lighttpd missing FCGI.each_cgi work-around
3:50AM 2 Beginner's error with updating
2:27AM 17 OT: PostgreSQL vs MySQL
1:42AM 1 script/generate permissions
Friday June 17 2005
8:28PM 1 Max column length
8:01PM 2 Lets push ruby up
7:52PM 5 Agile Web Development with Rails - Translate to Portuguese
5:09PM 2 Dreamhost - FastCGI
2:10PM 2 ordering through associations?
1:11PM 0 Translating URL file extensions
12:16PM 2 Multidimensional array help
9:54AM 1 $RAILSAPP/components/ directory?
7:33AM 2 Why are fixtures loaded by a test class rather than a test method?
7:06AM 1 Inheritance
5:57AM 6 URL of current view
5:16AM 7 FastCGI on Linux: Any Actual Sucess Stories?
3:39AM 1 validation question
3:14AM 3 Scaling of the database
12:40AM 2 Second and subsequent relationship joins
12:30AM 1 Slashdot review: Agile Web Development with Rails
Thursday June 16 2005
10:47PM 3 PostgreSQL Scaffold Doesn't Insert PK?
9:59PM 3 Ubuntu Hoary install: are there unofficial repositories anywhere?
9:23PM 0 congrats to yubnub
7:16PM 8 New FCGI gem
6:41PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 9, Issue 122
6:17PM 24 just a little bit frustrated.... :)
5:58PM 18 top story on IBM developerworks
5:53PM 0 Rails production on Windows2003
5:50PM 0 Pagination error on SQLSERVER
5:50PM 0 Local variable passing/scope in nested partials?
3:01PM 2 validates_associated doesn't actually validate anything
1:21PM 0 Local variable scope of partials within partials
1:00PM 7 rails isn't seeing db tables
12:58PM 0 Ruby/Odeum 0.4.1 -- Bug Fix & Index Server
8:59AM 0 Optimistic locking for habtm associations?
7:39AM 0 ActiveRecord and database views
7:14AM 4 Customize validation error display
6:38AM 1 Sending bulk mail
4:40AM 2 weird database error on Mac OS X
3:06AM 1 debugging tests
2:14AM 5 Nested controllers?
12:41AM 3 Stopping WEBrick daemon process
12:35AM 59 Rails hosting
12:24AM 2 scaffold / access denied error
Wednesday June 15 2005
10:41PM 5 @params help?
8:37PM 3 belongs_to and has_many don't work!
5:18PM 2 relations between 3 tables
4:50PM 7 Anyone know of a clean, flexible, free js menu?
4:04PM 3 Is there a simple way to find out if a shell command exists via Ruby?
3:16PM 1 actionwebservice - controller/invoke - file not found methods.rhtml
2:40PM 7 Problem with Salted Login Generator and Localization Generator
1:25PM 11 Rails hosting and FCGI
1:07PM 3 rails SVN project checkout problem
1:03PM 2 HABTM and saving data
11:12AM 1 AR find_by's not working?
9:05AM 1 Selecting and sorting records problem
4:21AM 0 re: Checkbox trouble - fixed!
3:43AM 1 trouble with using checkboxes in forms
1:44AM 0 Instiki as Rails Application
12:49AM 5 Problems with has_one - not saving association
Tuesday June 14 2005
11:24PM 1 Access to Controller Objects in Helpers
11:12PM 8 Email domain validation - Net::SMTPFatalError
9:39PM 1 saving a habtm, why "update"?
8:37PM 1 FCGI on FC4
7:36PM 1 Submiting ajax form from another form
7:18PM 7 OT: US city proximity search
6:59PM 0 Why can't I rake test_functional even though they all work individually?
3:25PM 5 [REUSE] An 'abbreviate' method for the String class
3:05PM 2 Re: A newbie question, find several documents but still can't fiigure out
2:19PM 7 [REUSE] Text search for ActiveRecord
1:27PM 1 A newbie question, find several documents but still can't fiigure out....
12:55PM 1 railers
12:33PM 0 Understanding dependency management
12:32PM 0 Models which are within a module
10:11AM 4 Ideas for a Rails jobs/freelance site?
9:59AM 1 New rails site StakeItOut.com
9:45AM 4 link_to_remote hanging in IE6
8:52AM 4 [REUSE] language negotiation
5:42AM 8 Beta Book test problem
5:09AM 1 exasperating mysql::error
2:20AM 4 Uploading Files - The classic problem once again
1:49AM 4 Lighttpd + FCGI + Rails -> auto-restart
1:11AM 1 Rails book login layout issue
12:35AM 1 Newbie questions (acts_as_tree && scaffolds; multi-key uniqueness)
12:13AM 7 RailFrog: A proposal for a Rails CMS (and request for involvement)
Monday June 13 2005
11:31PM 1 net/http from rails
11:22PM 2 Precondition Failed with Gambling Words
10:44PM 6 Problem with Rails book
10:38PM 1 Singular/plural conventions
9:48PM 0 functional tests and fixtures
8:22PM 5 DateTime.now !
8:00PM 4 "Four Days on Rails" Updated
7:57PM 4 Reference data - select list data management
7:50PM 3 validations not working with collection population droplists
7:19PM 3 Group By
6:10PM 2 using onsubmit on forms
5:53PM 0 Extending the Access Control List Example
5:45PM 1 Routing question
4:45PM 2 Trouble with Prototype's "Insertion.Top" and Internet Explorer 6
4:33PM 4 Date / Datetime / timestamp / time handling in rails
3:08PM 0 strange behaviour, could you reproduce it ?
2:52PM 1 Rails + phpBB integration (howto)
11:13AM 1 RDoc Dashboard Widget v1.2
6:51AM 0 ActiveLogin ?
5:24AM 1 breakpoint question
3:42AM 1 Is the railsday site still down?
2:40AM 3 Rails and SQL bits...
1:04AM 16 Symbols help
12:03AM 1 Question on Eager Associations
Sunday June 12 2005
11:25PM 1 Overwritting Countries Constant
10:51PM 0 odd error when opening shell
10:34PM 0 Intermittent 404 errors when developing in webrick
9:31PM 4 Select Form Customization
8:14PM 0 Running RoR under Apache 2 with mod_fastcgi error
7:57PM 1 ActiveRecord::Associations confusing
3:47PM 0 HABTM - dynamic attributes
3:00PM 7 BoilerPlate 0.1.0 -- An application skeleton for Ruby on Rails
2:21PM 4 Alternatives to ActiveRecord
12:38AM 1 Referring to static resources
Saturday June 11 2005
10:58PM 3 logger from a Unit Test class?
4:15PM 0 Content columns
4:00PM 0 require problem
8:02AM 14 MySQL vs PostgreSQL
5:51AM 0 betabook - availability of source code
5:30AM 1 beta-book, electronic copy of source code.
2:44AM 25 Code Re-use across rails projects
1:22AM 11 Please help me get "Ajax on Rails" Slashdotted
1:02AM 2 My Rails presentation is available for download
Friday June 10 2005
11:35PM 2 MySQL: column default values
11:11PM 1 Submitting an ajax form via a select
10:28PM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many issues with before_destroy callback
9:28PM 2 Ajax'ed select boxes
7:53PM 1 Localization: session gotcha
7:34PM 0 Strange Ajax behavior
7:34PM 3 display edit form for object with nested object
4:21PM 12 Session annoying
2:59PM 2 layouts and partials with <script> tags
2:16PM 2 Fwd: lighttpd caching - RESOLVED??
1:47PM 0 Trouble getting off the starting blocks with ruby on rails
11:27AM 2 Will Rails 1.0 use "render(:layout => false)" or "render_without_layout"?
6:18AM 0 using the find() method and the beta book
5:55AM 0 Help with web page fix
3:27AM 0 Firebird Adapter patch
2:47AM 1 HABTM Advice
1:20AM 9 Ajax on Rails
12:33AM 0 ActionMailer delivery receipts?
12:22AM 1 Errata for Agile Web Development with Rails
Thursday June 9 2005
10:40PM 4 Problem with code in Rails Book Beta 2
8:52PM 3 Drag-and-drop addon for Prototype (beta)
8:17PM 2 ActionMailer bug? (very strange)
7:27PM 2 How can I set up my own mail server on OS X?
7:18PM 4 why are rails error messages so hard to understand?
7:16PM 3 too late for rails day :(
2:59PM 1 Official Representatives of Rails
2:52PM 3 External authentication
11:09AM 7 Looking for a good team
9:40AM 3 different behaviour when running tests with rake
5:36AM 3 Beta2 PDF code question
5:13AM 8 RDoc Dashboard Widget
5:09AM 0 HABTM before_destroy Issues
4:31AM 0 Re: How to neatly handle multiple checkboxes with Rails
3:19AM 7 rails book pdf beta2?
12:55AM 0 What's the best way to get access to class_inheritable_*?
Wednesday June 8 2005
10:15PM 4 Validation of forms with multiple models
9:18PM 10 MySQL query error
8:21PM 0 PlanetRubyonrails.org
4:19PM 0 RE: Linux/Windows editors :was BBEdit Ruby
4:18PM 2 problems starting up a rails project
3:23PM 0 warning: already initialized constant problem
3:20PM 2 Joins - belongs_to and has_and_belongs_to_many in same class?
2:34PM 2 AR not saving value ?
2:05PM 3 Value objects from separate table?
10:19AM 6 Complex form issue with radio_buttons
4:02AM 2 ActiveRecord not generating ids in sqlite
2:23AM 7 Rails/lighttpd: Changes to controller not being seen?
1:20AM 0 ActionMailer with content from DB: Unwanted HTML escape
Tuesday June 7 2005
11:34PM 26 "Agile Web Development with Rails" via Amazon
9:23PM 13 Rails beta book code problem
9:05PM 5 Help with insert_sql on has_and_belongs_to_many
9:01PM 0 [OT] Need some mod_rewrite help
8:31PM 15 How do I use Rails with PostgreSQL?
8:27PM 0 Client certificates and Rails
8:10PM 1 rake test_units, clone_structure_to_test
5:41PM 1 Rails 0.12.1 not tagged in SVN ?
5:25PM 1 Help with FastCGI Privileges
4:57PM 0 running instiki as a rails app under fcgi?
4:30PM 1 how can Ajax.Updater execute javascript
3:20PM 13 My Rails Day entry: internet command line
2:43PM 1 Rails DB Schema and relationships
2:34PM 0 RE: Linux/Windows editors :was BBEdit Ruby
1:42PM 1 Prefix compute_public_path
12:54PM 5 single table inheritance
12:37PM 2 defaults for url_for
11:09AM 0 ActiveRecord and calcualted columns
8:00AM 0 Ruby/Odeum 0.4: ResultSets, KirbyBase Demo
6:32AM 0 Cloning an object and children
6:30AM 0 Fragment cache expire & replace idea
4:09AM 2 Ideas for a development.
2:46AM 3 BBEdit Ruby & Rails Syntax Module available
2:28AM 3 Salted Hash Login Generator
12:25AM 6 What is cached in Development mode?
Monday June 6 2005
9:55PM 4 Ajax, external links, and the back button
9:46PM 0 Basic Rails MVC Question(s)
9:05PM 3 Column 'id' in where clause is ambiguous
8:52PM 1 Custom Routes nightmare
7:02PM 0 Searching in Associated Tables
6:06PM 2 timezones in rails and ruby
6:03PM 2 how long will rails beta book be current?
5:18PM 0 Using freeTDS for non-windows environment
4:53PM 7 Future of Rails?
4:34PM 1 Special Characters
4:28PM 14 Handling Images And Rails
4:18PM 0 Session settings broken
3:59PM 2 How can I have RoR prepend a path to link_to links
3:34PM 4 MySQL 3.23.58 Syntax Error (does it work with Rails?)
3:33PM 1 ActiveRecord attribute names
2:40PM 0 Cleaning out old sessions from PStore
1:55PM 2 ActionMailer TMail Segmentation Fault
12:36PM 1 Rails spider/site copy with internal web requests
11:12AM 3 render(:layout => false) question
5:40AM 0 ActiveRecord find with :include more than one level deep
2:58AM 0 Yet another Rails beta book review
2:25AM 2 Verification not working with salted login generator
2:10AM 1 Website absolute path & url_for, link_to, image_tag etc
12:06AM 0 Generate PDFs with Rails
12:03AM 2 find methods
Sunday June 5 2005
9:38PM 1 Salted Login Generator Test
8:12PM 1 Apache/FastCGI + Multiple Apps
6:14PM 6 monitoring db changes
4:13PM 0 rescues/layout.rhtml?
1:20PM 0 validates_acceptance_of
7:12AM 13 What did you do for RailsDay?
5:40AM 1 Rails Not Installing
Saturday June 4 2005
10:51PM 2 ActiveRecord::Base#save
10:26PM 3 validating positive numbers
5:23PM 2 Need help getting a database installed for Rails on Fedora Core 3
11:58AM 11 Return of the straw poll
5:40AM 5 Frustrating Day testing!
12:54AM 0 Salted Login Generator quickstart
Friday June 3 2005
9:22PM 2 Rails application failed to start properly
8:32PM 0 RUC video - audio quality
6:32PM 23 downsides to WEBrick?
5:29PM 0 Building my portfolio
5:19PM 5 How do you prevent Set-Cookie from begin sent?
4:47PM 1 sorting on a habtm relationship
4:18PM 10 habtm - best practices
3:31PM 1 undefined local variable
3:30PM 4 Password and Password_confirmation on update
3:19PM 0 remote_autocomplete on text_field_tag
2:39PM 2 Ajax: observe_field
1:11AM 6 Identity for unsaved AR objects
Thursday June 2 2005
11:49PM 9 Web spider in ruby?
11:29PM 0 JavaScript Visual Effects for Prototype, the Website
7:56PM 5 Changing temp dir?
7:31PM 1 Populating Data on a Foreign Table
7:06PM 0 Mocking a database connection?
7:00PM 4 Hyperlinks in Pickaxe and Rails book?
6:00PM 2 [OT] Purchasing Rails beta book and CC Verification
4:19PM 2 Using select_time with the TIME type
3:47PM 2 Testing If A Session Variable Is Set
3:37PM 0 [OT] Anyone for writing a Ruby language module for BBEdit?
3:37PM 16 Running Edge Rails with local modifications
12:46PM 1 [railsday] cron jobs and possible alternatives
12:38PM 1 The rows holding the group-wise maximum
12:33PM 4 Looking for a Ruby on Rails mentor for Google Summer of Code
10:37AM 0 Don't use an attribute/column that matches a Kernel method (including 'y')
6:59AM 1 Changing template_root in production
4:58AM 4 In page editing
3:55AM 2 Local Development to Live (on TextDrive)
1:07AM 10 Returning JS in AJAX
Wednesday June 1 2005
11:21PM 12 UTF-8?
9:26PM 0 Multiple date/time form fields
9:22PM 0 validating date_select()
8:44PM 3 Mixing Controllers
8:03PM 3 template_root and Routing
7:41PM 8 SSN
6:22PM 2 Hi and a quick introduction
6:04PM 4 method finishing processing even after encountering a redirect
5:28PM 4 validation for form fields not tied to a db record?
4:11PM 0 Associations causing validations to be run multiple times
3:53PM 19 XSS attacks
2:49PM 5 somewhat OT: your development environment
1:44PM 0 problem with rails rails-0.12.1 with Ruby 1.8 on OS X Panther
1:21PM 0 mailing list archives
1:15PM 2 Localization tools
12:41PM 4 searching for a set of blog articles
9:57AM 2 Recommendation?: controller -> view data
8:21AM 3 Column caching in ActiveRecord
7:07AM 0 Raisl Beta Book: thanks to the authors
3:58AM 5 undefined method `password2'
1:04AM 3 render or render_partial into a string?
12:26AM 0 associated attributes in has_and_belongs_to_many join tables are not being coerced to column types
12:18AM 5 ruby/odeum: anyone using this in production?