Rails - Aug 2005

Wednesday August 31 2005
11:40PM 0 RE: [Discuss] Fwd: Eclipse / RDT / Rails
9:32PM 6 Software to code Rails
9:20PM 1 ruby script/generate scaffold Product Admin
9:19PM 3 Help with FastCGI please? Apache 500 errors
8:39PM 4 Best solution for on the fly image creation
7:54PM 5 Exception when uploading a file with file_column 0.1.3
7:13PM 2 autocomplete selected item trigger action
7:05PM 0 RE: Ruby upgrading
6:26PM 1 current_page? question
6:18PM 0 Segmentation faults on Windows XP mysql native driver
5:34PM 7 App stuck in development environment, refuses to run in production
5:19PM 2 Help with pattern for reusable large chooser / select
5:03PM 0 Rails Tools (was: Locomotive 0.1.1 for Mac OS X 10.3+)
4:18PM 0 Help getting my app running on Apache - I need a second set of eyes.
4:04PM 0 PHP and Ruby
3:38PM 1 problem with apache+fcgi setup
3:36PM 10 Locomotive 0.1.1 for Mac OS X 10.3+
3:35PM 5 periodic actions in a rails app
2:42PM 7 New site built with rails.
2:35PM 7 MySQL path info.
2:09PM 2 CSS Form Builder
12:53PM 0 Anyone else lightttpd 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 problems?
12:48PM 0 FCGI Static server definition
12:16PM 0 new rails extreme programming group on yahoo
9:53AM 2 Rails & Django meetup in London - 5th September
9:48AM 10 Receiving posts to this list in gmail
9:18AM 0 cPanel on Fedora and Rails
8:08AM 0 Testing only (please ignore/delete)
6:39AM 0 Using constants in a helper module durring development
5:46AM 1 Gotcha in deploying Windows-edited files to Linux/lighttpd
2:49AM 2 Generators vs. core mixins
2:36AM 2 (newbie) accessing file_column to save a thumbnail
1:30AM 5 image_tag :align => 'absmiddle' ?
12:51AM 5 gallery type layout with paginator
12:42AM 1 Memory questions.
Tuesday August 30 2005
11:51PM 4 Help with large chooser / select
9:30PM 1 Form fields without Model classes
9:27PM 0 array data to db?
9:13PM 1 problem with DATETIME type
9:03PM 0 Fixtures Outside of the Test Environment
8:56PM 2 Multiple :conditions complexity
7:13PM 0 Getting value of select when using remote function
5:46PM 2 global error_messages_for
5:31PM 0 FCKEditor and Rails Walk-through
3:49PM 0 Is there a Ruby(and Rails) based EMail Server?
3:43PM 3 Rails from the command line
2:37PM 1 Going on sabbatical.
1:21PM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid error after app has been running for a while
12:16PM 0 question on HABTM relationship
11:36AM 0 Any frenchies in there ?
11:21AM 0 Collection Presentation and Update
7:56AM 0 why does update_attribute exec SQL for the whole row?
7:34AM 1 dispatch.fcgi using over 24m mem,is that ok?
6:44AM 3 Slow list
5:31AM 2 array to DB??
2:44AM 1 array to table??
2:13AM 3 array data to table?
1:44AM 7 Lag
1:41AM 10 Eclipse / RDT / Rails
1:35AM 0 Can anyone suggest a nice [free] ajax menu?
12:45AM 4 How to give a model default values / setup?
12:42AM 1 AJAX form fields
Monday August 29 2005
10:01PM 2 Controllers have no session object when you construct them, so how can I test the flash?
9:23PM 4 can rails handle external urls?
8:01PM 6 Distance Logic
7:13PM 6 Query sensible URL from form
5:14PM 3 Migrating back using migrations
5:11PM 2 Concerned...
4:52PM 11 Possible? Fake Portal URLs?
4:45PM 2 Help: OPENBSD chroot Rails
4:30PM 5 please ignore
2:50PM 2 share fastcgi process
2:20PM 2 Where to point the browser to for appdoc documentation
2:16PM 0 Share fastcgi proccess
2:04PM 7 Javascript Libraries
1:11PM 22 Mailing list delay?
9:41AM 5 AR question:
8:30AM 7 outsmarted by dependencies
7:26AM 5 SCGI Rails released with Ruby/Event 0.4
5:14AM 5 question on hosting a web-brick server in local PC among a microsoft network
4:18AM 0 Using different layout locations...
3:55AM 2 Date Types in Unit Tests
3:30AM 2 AR - Bit Kurioz
Sunday August 28 2005
11:40PM 2 mysql problem?
11:38PM 0 SF Bay Area: Ruby/Rails BBQ next weekend (Menlo Park)
10:22PM 0 habtm and before_destroy
9:40PM 1 Active Record problem
8:51PM 2 strange difference between has_one and has_many
8:29PM 3 migrating just production database
7:56PM 4 suitability of rails
7:20PM 8 Save and delete buttons: POST vs. proximity dilemma
6:09PM 0 RE: Comparison between CF and RoR + CF on Rails
6:04PM 0 Re: question on using update multiple check box.
5:39PM 5 Testing Date Types
3:59PM 0 Questions on update more than one record at a time
3:28PM 0 INSERT specific id?
12:14PM 7 'You have a nil object' in (very) basic template
11:42AM 0 ANN: Next Meeting of the Agile Maryland Code Project in Columbia
11:23AM 0 questions on updating rows of record.
11:16AM 6 ActiveRecord Question
10:22AM 10 #!/usr/bin/ruby1.8
10:18AM 4 Re: voila c'est traduit..alors ca le fait nan ? :-D
10:05AM 2 RE: Comparison between CF and RoR + CF on Rails
9:34AM 1 migration question
9:23AM 15 correctly using partials
9:14AM 9 When NOT to use optimistic locking?
9:03AM 4 generalizing admin links
8:46AM 4 Re: rails on oz
8:06AM 13 Local API
7:53AM 2 select specific one or all ?
6:45AM 1 role-based authorization of select pages
6:33AM 15 Dealing with "static" content
2:31AM 0 mime.types configuration for webrick (scripts/server)
1:43AM 1 Overriding to text of a model column
1:11AM 1 Validating password changes
Saturday August 27 2005
11:01PM 14 problem with rails on OS X
10:49PM 9 [OT] French Railers in the place ??
9:57PM 1 ModelClass.new() with invalid property names fails
9:15PM 1 ActionMailer from database
8:19PM 2 question on using check_box helper
7:31PM 12 Stuck on empty! method in Rails book
6:26PM 2 Is lighttpd on Windows using Cygwin viable?
5:02PM 3 SQLiki -- a SQL based wiki generator (alpha 0.0.1)
4:36PM 1 Subdomain functional testing
4:02PM 1 Any good profiler?
1:08PM 2 Defining a class for all find_by_sql calls ?
11:18AM 2 Problem with remote installation of rails
10:01AM 0 Model attributes in a separate table. How?
8:24AM 6 acts_as_taggable : easy tagging with Rails
8:21AM 0 acs_as_taggable : easy tagging with Rails
3:46AM 1 ActiveRecord attribute default values
3:46AM 1 Rails developer needed for new project
3:44AM 7 switchtower question
3:08AM 5 Quiet the logger?
Friday August 26 2005
11:42PM 1 AJAX Deletion with link_to_remote
10:53PM 0 Select on Form To Navigate to New Page
10:49PM 7 Rails on Apache: VirtualHost vs Directory config
10:25PM 0 Checking/modifying response before it's sent to user
8:10PM 1 New Rails-based podcasting site
7:38PM 1 obj.send(:y) acts different than obj.y for active record.
7:23PM 11 Using (say) ISBN as ID
6:35PM 4 In-place performance measurement
5:40PM 2 Calling generators within controllers
5:27PM 1 error linking an ApplicationHelper method
5:23PM 0 Detecting file added to form (safely)
5:19PM 9 Temporal Patterns in Active Record
4:25PM 5 Simple ajax question
2:46PM 2 Temporal Partten -Active Record
2:43PM 2 Swedish mailinglist
1:37PM 21 Comparison between CF and RoR
1:35PM 1 Model Reflection
11:56AM 0 Kwartz integration?
11:17AM 5 simple search form
10:48AM 2 Getting Going with collection_select
10:43AM 2 Generating barcodes (as gif/jpg)
8:57AM 2 send_file performance
8:56AM 0 Hi anyone working in ruby and rails in Hong Kong
7:40AM 3 All items getting refreshed when sweeping cached RSS
4:11AM 6 Favorite (open-source) HTML editors for RoR??
3:59AM 1 OT: Date Formatting
3:10AM 11 Textdrive and RailsAppHosting
2:00AM 0 Generated scaffolding errors
12:28AM 15 RE: Re: rails on oz
12:12AM 2 Salted Login Hash Woes
Thursday August 25 2005
11:03PM 6 Find with association
10:57PM 1 how to display both a generated image and its image map
9:31PM 0 Manually passing date for date_select
9:09PM 0 do validation on string, only if present
8:52PM 5 Specifying a record after autocomplete
8:34PM 4 problems with postgresql and date columns
7:28PM 30 flash not working
5:27PM 0 logging modifications to records
4:59PM 1 Call for a contractor
4:29PM 8 Indestructable Database Records?
4:27PM 0 Rails as CGIServlet?
4:26PM 2 Helpers for ActionMailer templates
4:22PM 1 newbie questions about hosting address
4:17PM 3 understanding MVC, models and ActiveRecord
3:40PM 1 DrbServerNotFound while running debugger on functional tests?
3:28PM 3 Active Record Object Dependency
3:13PM 2 Double Render Error: Reason?
3:09PM 2 different session cookies in app
3:01PM 3 Suggestions for new view renderer - CodePieces
2:40PM 0 ActiveRecord and Threads
2:39PM 0 Acts as list with STI
2:25PM 0 multiple refreshs clicks cause errors in WEBrick
2:22PM 3 global variables
2:07PM 0 Dealing with warnings from activerecord, activesupport
11:48AM 0 Big XML + Rails
11:25AM 3 Generating dynamic charts in a RoR application
7:52AM 2 Building a whole community System with Rails
6:54AM 2 FLPR.org - The Most Excellent Open Source Web Platform
4:59AM 17 Fear of Commitment
4:30AM 1 Multi-level objects in form helpers
2:34AM 1 session stuff still available when cookies deleted
1:32AM 4 Secure instiki
12:44AM 4 how to use ruby debugger instead of irb from script/breakpointer
12:36AM 7 generating urls
12:04AM 1 Experience using the CAPTCHA module?
Wednesday August 24 2005
11:13PM 1 Render vs. Redirect / Validation
10:01PM 12 nested select controls
9:31PM 2 replacing human_name
9:17PM 1 FastCGI timeout problem
9:17PM 12 Long running tasks
9:14PM 5 Best Rails platform
8:12PM 9 product catalogue design problem
6:28PM 4 Scaffold broken
6:22PM 0 When does = not equal = ?
6:07PM 3 Eclipse + Rake?
6:05PM 2 Routes and Renaming
5:56PM 3 Interest in an LA Rails meetup?
5:53PM 0 action in link_to_remote
5:13PM 0 Auto_complete text field submits form on enter
5:03PM 11 London on Rails
4:47PM 1 [OT] "Ruby On Rails" fonts
4:36PM 8 scaffold with Firebird
4:09PM 0 Problem with Grouped selection list Agile Book p. 360
3:42PM 0 Possible documentation bug ?
2:59PM 0 Newbie on Rails: Double IDs after Join
2:51PM 42 Good cross-platform IDE / multiple document text editor for ruby / rails?
2:46PM 0 re: Proper way to install on a disconnected machine (WEBrick error)
2:19PM 5 RHtml template methods?
2:02PM 0 rails 2 exe ?
12:12PM 2 i18n in RubyOnRails ?
11:29AM 1 how can I create formated reports?
10:40AM 0 fcgi
6:03AM 2 Developers Wanted
5:47AM 0 Determine if layout was rendered from within a filter?
1:20AM 14 validates_numericality_of: minimum, maximum, ranges
12:49AM 0 How to observe radio buttons ?
Tuesday August 23 2005
11:44PM 2 Posting to two tables from one method
11:38PM 1 Using form helpers with a collection of new model objects
11:38PM 0 Rails job
10:50PM 1 Render + Calling An Action
10:40PM 1 creating a new AJAX request
10:28PM 1 Controller Size
10:17PM 1 Where is h defined?
10:09PM 2 Php like str_pad_left() function in Ruby
9:57PM 7 Problem with Tutorial and Sqlserver
9:35PM 2 HTML escape of umlauts
8:58PM 1 insert javascript in link_to_remote
8:41PM 1 adding authentication to instiki
8:36PM 0 Adding files to new rails applications
8:25PM 4 Rendering Nested Partials
8:23PM 1 Mild newbie frustrations regarding testing.
7:46PM 2 Taming Apache2+FastCGI on Windows
7:25PM 5 application specific HTTP status code?
6:35PM 8 Web Services testing... Agile Book p. 435
6:20PM 0 回复: Rails Digest, Vol 11, Issue 308
6:19PM 1 Posted 0.3 Released and Project Inquiry
6:13PM 1 Re: Newbie question: mysterious i afer using formhelper
6:06PM 0 Paginating arrays(collection of image filenames) and showing progress of zipping
4:53PM 2 XML Builder not escaping entities in attributes?
4:36PM 0 re: Proper way to install on a disconnected machine (WEBrick error)
4:08PM 4 ActiveRecord Question : Populating Extra Columns in Join Tables
3:52PM 3 Newbie question: Missing id
2:14PM 10 Creating a simple sum (or: I suck at blocks!)
2:12PM 4 Active Records outside of rails
12:59PM 5 closing db connection?
12:38PM 2 fixture question
12:19PM 1 Dependency input
12:06PM 0 Fixtures: pluraly bitten
9:30AM 0 Default Error Messages
8:00AM 12 securing my code
7:44AM 0 installing additional packages on Debian
7:18AM 4 Issue with 'basket' action ... ??? Wha ... ?
5:37AM 0 Moving my domains to Ruby on Rails
4:35AM 1 A List Apart now powered by Ruby on Rails
2:51AM 0 Multilingual Rails v0.7
2:27AM 1 Results in HABTM; strange or no return
1:27AM 2 Still Struggling with Window, Apache, Fastcgi
12:19AM 1 Developer List?
Monday August 22 2005
11:35PM 5 XML "Un-Builder?"
10:33PM 5 [Off Topic] SQL results horizontally
9:03PM 6 Mocking Rails classes in unit tests
7:39PM 12 Why no (exclusively_)dependent on belongs_to?
6:36PM 0 one more questions Re: newbie question: Anyone can help me about this
6:35PM 1 gem and cygwin
6:31PM 2 accessing referrer
6:25PM 0 rails error
6:19PM 2 scaffold won't work completly
6:16PM 0 Re: newbie question: Anyone can help me about this
6:10PM 2 clear out a text field on an ajax page
6:08PM 3 New Rails Application - Posted 0.2
6:06PM 4 documentation non sens sentence
4:56PM 1 newbie question: Anyone can help me about this bug
4:16PM 5 UK Rails hosting
3:47PM 10 Equivalent of PHP's echo or ASP's response.write?
3:41PM 0 Proper way to install on a disconnected machine
3:26PM 0 Arrays and Views
2:37PM 8 checking for data < 0
2:04PM 2 tabbed navbar
1:20PM 1 current controller, current action processed..
11:18AM 0 Act_as_list data model and select box in a view
9:53AM 2 Microsft SQL Server Problems
9:51AM 2 TRAC on Rails ?
8:59AM 1 AJAX submit form on click outside of element
7:07AM 8 mulitple link_to inside if..end
6:14AM 1 urls and users
5:52AM 2 Symbols as Parameters
2:07AM 0 AJAX submit on click outside of element
12:03AM 1 XML Builder question (Brain Teaser? or At A Total Loss?)
Sunday August 21 2005
11:43PM 3 Do I have fastcgi configured???
10:16PM 0 Printing rails version number?
9:25PM 8 validates_numericality_of
7:12PM 4 Validate two objects
7:08PM 0 Partials with blocks helper: useful?
6:53PM 18 How to convince a manager to use Ruby & Rails?
3:51PM 0 Instiki bug large texts cause unwanted text output.
2:56PM 3 Accessing Controllers From The Layout
2:38PM 0 BoilerPlate 0.2.0 -- easy data-centric applications on Rails
1:47PM 2 ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
10:48AM 0 Weird error running rake on Salted Login Generator
8:52AM 5 singleton global hash
7:32AM 4 Reverse validation in testing, no validation at all in development
6:31AM 9 delay caused by ActionMailer?
Saturday August 20 2005
11:50PM 2 Editing In Place and Updating Accordingly
5:29PM 0 Where to put the WEBrick doc in the wiki?
5:10PM 5 Railers in Bay Area?
4:34PM 0 Where in the wiki to put the WEBrick info?
2:57PM 1 Extending User Class
2:51PM 0 Application failed to start
1:14PM 2 validates_inclusion_of doesn't allow any input at all?
12:32PM 6 How to find() only selected columns ?
10:48AM 0 [Noob] Slug helper method
6:40AM 1 Can't get rolling...
3:36AM 8 config for no sessions
1:28AM 1 How do you see the :id param inside AJAX?
1:07AM 1 FastCGI Dev. Libs on Fedora installation error
Friday August 19 2005
11:50PM 0 Performance Log Analyzer and components
11:45PM 1 Recurring Billing
10:53PM 13 Enumerations (again): Comments please
10:02PM 3 Exploiting authentication from outside Rails
10:02PM 5 controller name
9:31PM 15 Good solution for managing stylesheets
8:45PM 5 "RuntimeError: Called id for nil" when saving
8:13PM 3 accessing DB result in template
7:07PM 3 WEBrick OS X StartupItem?
6:39PM 1 css style fieldWithErrors when using tables
6:14PM 2 Multiple values for a single GET paramater name
6:10PM 5 Generators: understanding complex_template in scaffold_generator
5:52PM 0 Can't access a class method from a public method in Rails using the login_generator
4:43PM 23 [OT] Web Design Training for Progammers
4:05PM 0 Business Rules and DB Lookup Tables
3:41PM 1 Django article, pt. 2
3:01PM 2 data validation
2:40PM 2 Rails and MSSQLserver: Anyone had success with Microsoft Sqlserver ?
2:25PM 7 Rails book bug, page 478
3:31AM 1 replace redirect_to with link_to_remote
3:00AM 0 Scaffold generator: How to make it use the correct table name?
2:15AM 1 Looking for Drag and Drop Javascript
12:59AM 1 Generator: symlinking files instead of copying?
Thursday August 18 2005
11:31PM 10 Scaffolding, DRY and RHTML
11:16PM 8 Typo Install URL
10:43PM 1 Segmentation Fault using WEBrick
10:20PM 2 Calling a partial form from another class.
6:06PM 3 PostGreSQL connection failure.
5:30PM 0 NoMethodError when updating
4:55PM 1 Routing headaches
4:50PM 12 Installation on OS X 10.4.2
4:07PM 0 FastCGI and require
3:41PM 2 Why is <railsapp>/lib/ not included in rake appdoc ?
3:12PM 0 Help with generated auto_complete and observe_field
2:51PM 1 file-column-0.1.2 bug?
2:44PM 2 Submitting a patch?
2:33PM 6 accessing ActiveRecord model programmatically
2:17PM 0 Vitalsource - what are the potential applications of this?
12:49PM 18 best method for site template
10:09AM 0 How to: 1 Exercise with 4 Answers
8:18AM 2 Joel should get on rails
7:38AM 2 RE: O<->RM (was "Re: Comparing Ruby on Rails to Django")
2:58AM 0 Help with app structure
Wednesday August 17 2005
11:25PM 7 Fixtures and foreign key constraints?
10:32PM 4 Of Models and Controllers
10:13PM 26 Catalyst/Rails
10:01PM 0 lighttpd Recognition failed for "/" (wait! don't go just yet!)
9:43PM 17 How would you do this?
9:32PM 4 Where are the Webrick on Windows install instructions?
9:08PM 3 inet_aton: CrossDB Solution (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
8:50PM 53 Everyone wants a RoR framework
8:26PM 3 Unable to check out the latest version of Rails
7:58PM 4 underscores in table names
7:51PM 46 Get rid of pluralization in rails
7:32PM 0 Ruby/Rails Developers in S.E. Michigan
7:31PM 1 Protecting an upload folder with Webrick
7:11PM 7 (newbie) #{method}_relative_path empty (file upload 0.1.2)
6:00PM 2 Graphing package?
4:16PM 1 find() funkiness
4:06PM 5 Ruby/ Rails Developers
4:00PM 4 Stop an action ?
3:48PM 7 Need help with the rubyonrails wiki - instiki filters
3:32PM 2 Application path var
3:25PM 0 37signals Mantra
3:05PM 4 please wait page
3:05PM 2 SwitchTower setup problems
10:16AM 2 Mysql issues on Win2k
10:11AM 5 RailStat generator 0.1.0
9:02AM 9 Defining classes/objects as read-only?
8:46AM 2 default value for select
8:20AM 19 Ruby/Rails Memory Usage
7:54AM 1 Test Fixtures and Transaction Confusion
2:31AM 0 LOG in rails source
Tuesday August 16 2005
11:01PM 2 Memory use under fastcgi
10:52PM 1 assert_tag error in functional tests
10:50PM 0 assert_tag error
10:44PM 0 Rails Processes
10:13PM 1 ActiveRBAC Effort
9:30PM 7 adding styles to form elements
9:02PM 3 Rails Docs in CHM format
9:00PM 0 join table attributes question
8:24PM 6 Rails developers in Michigan?
7:51PM 5 Rails mailinglist summary anyone?
7:22PM 1 Adding objects in a HABTM
6:24PM 6 What's up with the leading '?
5:39PM 0 Rails_Product - How Configure Lighttpd to Multiple Sites
5:30PM 7 link_to brain cramp
5:29PM 0 Using Upload Progress with WinXP/Apache2/FastCGI (2nd try) - ATT: Fuchs, Sean
5:09PM 2 Losing @flash[:notice]
4:10PM 4 Why is there no discussion of rails on the rails IRC?
4:10PM 1 Defining model classes for enumerations
3:59PM 0 update without and ID column
3:50PM 4 SQL fixtures?
3:32PM 7 Syntax error in paginate
2:25PM 0 Fixtures for models within modules
2:23PM 1 ActiveRecord Limitations?
2:04PM 8 Comparing Ruby on Rails to Django
12:51PM 6 Rails slow on Windows 2003 with IIS6 and fcgi
11:32AM 9 Needed - a step by step WAMP installation of Rails
10:20AM 6 DevBoi extension updated
10:08AM 1 Best way to access constants in application_helper.rb from views?
9:55AM 0 CurrencyConverter 1.0
9:19AM 0 Browser Compatiblity problems when using update_element_function
8:56AM 1 (Newbie) Connect a selection list with a controller method
5:50AM 5 Job Opportunity
2:01AM 0 Newbie question: How can I implement full-text search of object attributes?
1:12AM 5 DSL for database definition
12:59AM 1 Running process on server
12:55AM 3 Duplication between unit and functional tests in Agile Web Development with Rails
12:29AM 3 Acts_as_list Move_to_bottom Bug
Monday August 15 2005
11:17PM 1 New site built using RoR
10:32PM 0 The Book (worldwide delivery tracking)
9:57PM 1 Upload Progress on WinXP/Apache2/FastCGI
9:19PM 3 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 11, Issue 199
8:38PM 1 Eager loading over multiple relationships?
7:52PM 0 datetime_select with timezones
7:42PM 0 "rails" follows symlinks in generated files?
7:34PM 2 Find beginner question (using a find with many conditions)
7:12PM 0 MySQL Error - Lost Password
6:44PM 0 list of application models
6:20PM 1 AJAX and Model Validations
6:15PM 8 Subdomains/Lighttpd
4:45PM 20 Why is there no Rails acronym?
4:41PM 0 GMail style loading pages using iframes, rails and prototype
3:26PM 1 html_options for select_date
2:26PM 5 Routing recognition problem: filenames containing '+'
12:11PM 0 RE: has_many_belongs_to_many insert issues [CLOSED]
11:22AM 13 Multiple Docroots
11:12AM 0 has_many_belongs_to_many insert issues
10:17AM 0 Using db_structure with PostgreSQL?
9:52AM 13 Open source or free service?
8:47AM 25 Anyone interested in Firefox sidebar with Rails docs?
8:37AM 2 Newbie rendering problem
8:06AM 0 Component model and controller generator patch
3:41AM 14 Instiki with SQL backend
1:40AM 1 Auto complete + unique items
Sunday August 14 2005
10:21PM 2 Juggling data between controllers
8:23PM 1 Rails Movie for fun
7:48PM 23 Newbie question about fastcgi scaling
6:51PM 9 inject/find_all with has_many object
6:38PM 3 "constrains" -type conditions for ActiveRecord class
2:43PM 2 curious environment question
12:46PM 4 accessing action parameter in application.rhtml
12:13PM 0 Aggregate Group By Queries
11:23AM 0 ActiveRecord and SQL92 INFORMATION_SCHEMA?
3:46AM 2 matching column names in content_columns
1:20AM 3 Good tutorials
Saturday August 13 2005
9:39PM 2 moving from gem rails to edge rails?
4:11PM 3 Single Table Inheritance seems to ignore :foreign_key
4:04PM 0 [OT] GCP 4.0 Released
3:22PM 9 Multilingual Rails v0.6
2:47PM 2 Using AJAX with select fields
2:19PM 1 Recognition failed for '/'
1:39PM 20 Microsoft SQL Server issue
10:29AM 0 Small prototype
9:04AM 5 cPanel/Apache: Failed to remain running
7:41AM 4 Help with composed_of
1:32AM 2 [OT] rubygem idea: Adwords campaign creation
Friday August 12 2005
11:44PM 4 Noob question - Class member access
10:21PM 2 rails with lighttpd
9:57PM 0 Common ActiveRecord/ActionView Patterns
8:31PM 1 RE: RE: Another newbie one....Primary Kye and tableoverloading
8:23PM 0 RE: RE: Another newbie one....Primary Kye and tableoverloading
7:32PM 8 Calling a controller within a Controller
7:27PM 2 RE: RE: Another newbie one....Primary Kye and table overloading
6:40PM 5 enum columns in mysql - supported or not?
5:56PM 2 FeedTools 0.2.3
3:43PM 2 [Ruby] get a reference to a function or method, not call it with no arguments
3:27PM 6 actionwebservice params
1:15PM 4 M17N Ruby, Kconv and Multilingual Rails
12:04PM 2 Gemming a Rails app
6:20AM 1 Rolling with Ruby on Rails 2 not working
6:20AM 3 Another newbie one....
5:40AM 0 Association Loaded
4:36AM 10 Anyone using Firebird w/ Rails?
3:57AM 8 Serious newbie question...
3:14AM 1 question: use of check_box in Agile Rails book
2:32AM 4 403 forbidden errors
2:24AM 3 Cross-database referencing (was: Dynamic choice of tables for the same Model)
2:20AM 7 Search on this mailing list is not working
Thursday August 11 2005
11:42PM 9 Creating Two Objects From The Same Form
11:19PM 1 Salon.com article about 37Signals and Rails
11:18PM 1 Article about ruby and rails (in portuguese)
10:32PM 0 Components and partials
9:24PM 8 ID Column
9:02PM 0 Autocomplete onComplete callback?
8:47PM 2 Application partials
8:10PM 4 Newbie: Good progress until Shipping; Double Render error
7:26PM 4 RDT nigtly build for Eclipse 3.1 - broken
6:42PM 0 fastcgiconfig in .htaccess?
4:47PM 0 No-brainer HABTM vs. select input question
3:04PM 4 Pagination and join tables
10:41AM 0 Ruby http response help with getting cookie ID
10:07AM 3 I can't find Pixaxe
9:59AM 1 Help with get_fields method?
9:44AM 0 file_column 0.1.1
4:33AM 6 Need just a little help to start a rails app
3:58AM 4 how to use send_file
3:24AM 5 Rails & Django
3:17AM 7 Dynamic Table Change
12:07AM 3 Switching, Caching, Reusing connections
Wednesday August 10 2005
11:58PM 1 using modules with models?
10:56PM 3 Table prefixes and pluralization
9:41PM 3 same form... different action
9:39PM 0 Just another Slashdot story about Rails
9:21PM 0 Re: utf-8 string return types in action web services AND association loading
9:03PM 1 Utility Method Location
8:27PM 0 How to catch exceptions in prefilter action?
7:17PM 16 file_upload 0.1
6:57PM 5 validates_format_of on an optional field using :if
6:48PM 6 Tab Control
6:14PM 1 generate lighttpd.conf, httpd.conf ?
5:56PM 8 inner workings of AR - would a dev please respond?
5:27PM 1 Caching and expiration
5:02PM 24 Multilingual Rails v0.5. Big update!
4:46PM 3 Rails list archives search broken on Gmane
4:45PM 1 Image Uploading with FastCGI Woes, App Stops Responding to Requests
4:29PM 6 Hieraki + FCGI + Problem
2:53PM 5 getting rails running on mac os x tiger
1:52PM 7 Newbie: Problems during Shopping Cart Example
1:42PM 6 Single rails app on multiple virtual hosts
11:10AM 6 ERb in create_db.sql
8:57AM 2 Separating areas of a large application
7:34AM 27 RoR w/ FCGI Decaying Application Performance
6:29AM 0 Iterate though actions?
6:10AM 1 Finding children in a model acting as a tree
6:05AM 0 inherit views
4:58AM 3 render_image?
2:51AM 4 Ideal Subversion Integration
1:11AM 4 generating documentation on windows
1:11AM 2 SQL generated by paginator problems [and a workaround]
12:51AM 1 Unit Testing Questions
12:04AM 6 RoR training material
Tuesday August 9 2005
11:45PM 4 media.rubyonrails.org cannot be found
11:39PM 7 Ruby encoding, protecting your source code
11:16PM 9 Code in lib/
11:05PM 1 Instiki diffing problem
10:47PM 0 beta gems?
10:37PM 6 specifying release for SwitchTower
10:25PM 2 [newbie] upload problem when using model + controller inheritance
8:51PM 1 ActiveView Helpers in ActionMailers?
8:34PM 4 single model for multiple tables of same structure
7:32PM 0 ActionMailer and uses_component_template_root
7:22PM 2 Best Practice: Configureable Components
7:05PM 3 Custom Scaffolds
6:32PM 3 invalid belongs_to at display time
6:16PM 4 Newbie Problem with Scaffolds
6:16PM 0 Re: Octopuses was Re: Let's call a spade a spade., [was Re: Pluralized Controller Names?]
5:30PM 1 Component Questions
4:44PM 1 sqlite install on Mac OS X
4:10PM 11 Ruby, Rails and Database Abstraction
3:20PM 12 Eclipse with RDT
2:24PM 0 rails errors
2:05PM 12 Active Record Relationship
12:22PM 0 rubyforiis config issue
11:44AM 1 Controller Action summary
11:33AM 6 efficient mass record "insert or update" on mysql
10:43AM 0 todo tutorial
8:40AM 4 is it possible to create multiple records from one form and to get validation work ?
8:38AM 0 coLinux for those stuck on Windows
7:52AM 3 Adding created_by and updated_by trouble
4:43AM 6 Multilingual Rails v0.4
4:09AM 0 Rails shim on top of IIS 6.0 + ISAPI wildcard + HttpModule?
3:40AM 0 validates_uniqueness_of and scope
2:20AM 4 Web Services Help
1:33AM 0 AR: Reflection
Monday August 8 2005
11:26PM 1 Inheritance and partials
11:22PM 8 Lookup Tables
10:52PM 12 OT: class << self; self; end
9:37PM 4 Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
8:54PM 68 Pluralized Controller Names?
8:45PM 5 Redirection in superclass before filter: DoubleRenderError
8:30PM 1 date validation
7:55PM 1 url_for()/link_to() Broken under Webrick?
7:16PM 0 RE: Rails is a Hammer? (was Rails is Mainstream ?)
6:52PM 4 'undefined method' using belongs_to and STI
6:18PM 1 Help with cascading filter on paginate
5:53PM 0 Multilingual Rails v0.3
5:30PM 1 flash["notice"]
5:06PM 1 php_serialize- questions
4:41PM 4 Flexible fixture architecture
4:40PM 0 Fwd: help me override ActiveRecord find?
4:09PM 0 Calling expire_fragment from a standalone script
4:09PM 0 Re: DotProject
4:06PM 0 "Dispatcher failed to catch: can't dump"
3:54PM 5 In-Line List Editing with AJAX
3:04PM 5 Lookup Tables/foreign keys
2:53PM 1 RE: Rails is a Hammer? (was Rails is Mainstream ?)
12:56PM 5 Class Table Inheritance?
10:59AM 7 Problems with ./scripts/generate scaffold
10:38AM 0 OT: Railers in Oslo?
8:49AM 6 Multilingual Rails v0.2 released!
8:35AM 3 Groupware anyone?
7:40AM 1 storing an object into the session causes framework to freeze
6:26AM 1 :protocol => 'https://'
5:32AM 16 Site Stats
5:21AM 0 on select options
4:09AM 4 human_name?
Sunday August 7 2005
10:50PM 4 help needed on validates_associated....
10:01PM 5 Generate "Recent Activity" list
9:45PM 9 Dynamic SQL in Rails
8:01PM 1 get timezone abbreviation
11:20AM 7 rhtml and swf flash files
8:50AM 2 Hash keys: symbols vs. strings (again)
8:26AM 2 Streaming files discreetly back to the user.
3:51AM 4 BACKPACK: There was a problem processing your email
3:24AM 11 HABTM Movable Select Box
2:58AM 3 tracking online users
2:27AM 1 Component for maintaining habtm relationships
2:21AM 0 Authenticating as a user
1:38AM 1 error 'empty symbol string' on save
Saturday August 6 2005
10:13PM 4 Next Maryland Ruby on Rails codefest August 8th 7pm
9:56PM 2 associated objects created with the same FORM....how about validations???
9:23PM 1 observe_form question
7:55PM 4 Newbie question
7:26PM 4 has_many problems
7:17PM 8 model without database table
6:59PM 1 firing a controller's method with IRB?
6:56PM 4 [OT] Graphical mysql editors for linux
6:45PM 1 Interfaces for has_and_belongs_to_many
6:00PM 9 Dreamhost Deployment Question
5:30PM 1 Multiple layout rules
4:20PM 3 Macromedia Flash Loading Issues
4:09PM 7 Dynamic CSS with ERB
3:44PM 2 Multiple Refernces to the same table
3:38PM 0 Multiple references to the same table
2:44PM 0 Re: Error when going to Fastcgi.
9:30AM 2 regexp for :controller component in routes
6:36AM 1 Getting started - comment and question
6:16AM 2 [OT] WinProxy says LoudThinking is Pornographic
5:45AM 0 :select option in find()
4:13AM 5 Searching this list
3:40AM 5 validates_uniqueness_of -- special conditions..
2:57AM 2 Problem with 0.13.1 ActiveRecordStore with PG 8.0.3.
2:05AM 16 Using a MAC Mini for Rails dev
1:54AM 1 Deal with foreign key constraints in app and/or db?
Friday August 5 2005
10:52PM 0 link_to_and_mark_current_section helper
10:41PM 1 link_to_unless_current
9:55PM 2 Error when going to fastcgi
9:48PM 1 Testing routes.rb
9:27PM 3 Upgrading to 0.13.1
9:22PM 2 Cascading layouts?
8:47PM 0 PostgreSQL: Using Ruby for stored procedures?
8:16PM 1 specifying options to session stores
7:14PM 56 [OT] Postgres vs Mysql
7:04PM 3 [INSTIKI] Textile block modifiers not working.
6:14PM 1 Eager Loading with 2 references to same table
5:59PM 3 [RE-POST] Finding rows in table a with zero related rows in table b, part ii
5:52PM 21 My Opinion: Comparing Rails to Other Platforms
4:59PM 0 looking for skills exchange with a designer
4:23PM 20 Rails is Mainstream ?
2:17PM 0 Please help make CodeZoo truly useful
2:15PM 0 Re: "Rails application failed to start properly" happens on Apache 2 + fcgi
2:05PM 1 Join Table Update Issue
12:42PM 0 FW: RoR vs PHP
10:00AM 10 RoR vs PHP
9:50AM 9 Alias legacy database columns
9:01AM 2 Mysql-5.0 authentication protocol error
8:18AM 1 errors using schemas in postgresql with ActiveRecord/Rails
7:22AM 5 Single table inheritance
5:45AM 5 Newbie Question: Lets be straightforward with form building.
1:04AM 6 Double Ajax
12:48AM 0 Finding by inclusion in nested set
12:41AM 3 How do I run
Thursday August 4 2005
11:34PM 2 sqlite3 problems on tiger
11:02PM 0 too-biased deploy script/lighttpd problems
10:47PM 4 webserver for dev?
10:32PM 1 Separation of Logic & Presentation
10:28PM 0 Building a Listing Component
9:53PM 1 Testing of database creation and loading.
9:33PM 1 Windows xp Command line
9:20PM 2 Rails + apache + fastcgi - is there a definitive source?
9:20PM 4 Ajax for nested collections
9:16PM 1 RubyGems can load my rmagick
8:26PM 0 Rails Date/Time Validation and Parsing
7:25PM 14 Timer
5:55PM 2 datetime_select to Time object
5:23PM 6 For Loops and the first or last element
5:19PM 9 Memory Leak Issues
5:10PM 11 Database or Session-based cart for e-commerce?
4:54PM 0 Finding rows in table a with zero related rows in table b, part ii
4:32PM 2 Data Dumping
4:13PM 2 Trying to rows with zero matches in related table...
3:52PM 1 problems with examples in Agile Web Development with Rails
2:48PM 2 Stuck with the example (Agile Web Development with Rails)
2:31PM 7 Concerning associations in models
2:01PM 5 updating has_and_belongs_to_many collection join attributes
1:04PM 7 Large Object in PostgreSQL
11:19AM 0 RoR and SAP
11:15AM 8 Possible Named Routes Bug
8:39AM 1 using AJAX with Rails
8:18AM 7 Frames within rails
6:49AM 3 Paginators
5:49AM 0 problem running under anything but webrick
5:06AM 1 SwitchTower CVS support
4:54AM 1 Pagination and :include (eager associations)
3:45AM 1 Lighttpd Proxy to Instiki
2:17AM 0 association.clear and callbacks
Wednesday August 3 2005
11:18PM 1 Paginator and render_component
10:52PM 8 agile development?
10:07PM 2 Status of the *other* Rails books?
8:16PM 4 overriding CGI::Session
6:57PM 0 Ruby2Exe + Rails - any reason why this shouldn't work?
6:27PM 2 Method Naming Conventions: ! and ?
6:17PM 0 r43 hits beta! 0.3.0 release
5:01PM 0 Opera 8 and observe_field
3:53PM 1 ActiveRecord save = false ?
3:38PM 7 Problem with :joins and aliases
3:21PM 0 lots of conditional validations
2:40PM 2 Column max length
2:00PM 1 Ruby International Upcase
1:13PM 2 associated object creation/editing in the same form possible?
1:10PM 1 Javascript Support & Widgets
11:54AM 2 Any utility for tag stripping?
10:21AM 0 Polish Rails Site
9:28AM 0 small bug on the web page
8:43AM 2 writing 2 ':complete' calls in link_to_remote
7:22AM 10 RMagick problem
6:27AM 0 Apache::RailsDispatcher for mod_ruby
5:30AM 17 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for ActiveRecord
3:19AM 2 Controller Inheritance and View
2:49AM 17 Award for DHH
2:31AM 0 form_remote_tag update on success
1:58AM 1 Session inside model?
12:25AM 4 can't get id after saving model
Tuesday August 2 2005
11:56PM 2 Association troubles
10:42PM 4 Render vs. Render
9:53PM 1 accessing public/images from model
9:49PM 3 Hungarian Rails site
9:44PM 0 changing template to be rendered
9:30PM 1 Party at Kells in Portland Wednesday night - OSCON attendees take note
9:24PM 1 Using observe_field() more than once
9:01PM 0 Debugging woes
8:54PM 1 Code Coverage
8:48PM 4 Output/logging in tests
8:42PM 0 Rails RSS reader?
8:34PM 0 RE: Rails Text Editors
8:15PM 0 Table Relations II
6:35PM 0 ModelSecurity
5:45PM 1 Linking a table to itself.
5:28PM 8 An initial look at Trails
4:35PM 1 Re: RubyForIIS
4:28PM 1 Re: RubyForIIS
4:27PM 7 Drop Target?
3:48PM 1 Paginator and Components - Problems?
3:13PM 1 dev mode requiring "other" files
1:06PM 2 How to access flash from partials?
12:53PM 0 Re: Using find() in a habtm
12:39PM 0 Ruby on Rails @ opensourcexperts.com
12:29PM 0 Re: Rails Text Editors
11:49AM 8 wysiwyg editors
11:48AM 0 Re: Rails Text Editors
11:30AM 8 date for rails book release?
11:25AM 4 Re: Routing question:
10:18AM 3 Subdomains under one Rails app
9:49AM 17 Re: Rails Text Editors
9:43AM 10 Introducing ModelSecurity
8:40AM 2 Re: Rails Text Editors
8:23AM 0 Re: RubyForIIS
Monday August 1 2005
2:36PM 2 Selectively turning off logging
11:18AM 1 Session and Controller: undefined local variable or method
8:25AM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete - brain meltdown
7:12AM 5 Is rails has blog like jroller?
12:39AM 5 Rails Command and Cygwin
12:25AM 1 Exception Handlers