samba - Jul 2002

Wednesday July 31 2002
11:27PM 0 bfd target problem
11:15PM 1 tough problem joining test domain
10:20PM 2 Win98 can't login to NT
8:14PM 2 Unmountable Linux Samba mounts
4:10PM 0 2.2.5 on SOL 8 - deleted folder reappears
3:32PM 0 dmask and fmask both 777, but subdirs STILL do not allow changes
3:08PM 8 Desktop.ini and samba - Please comment
3:04PM 0 samba portal fileserver
3:03PM 0 LPRng: FW: my printers are still paused in Win2k and WinNT 4.0
2:31PM 1 Need help on this -PLEASE
2:06PM 1 Review for dummies
1:56PM 0 w2k-no longer trusted (plse help!)
1:54PM 0 nsswitch/
1:41PM 0 Samba Security Help!
1:35PM 0 Re: [sqwebmail] vpopmail+mysql and sqwebmail authentication problems]
1:26PM 0 SWAT problem with RedHat 7.3
1:01PM 0 XFS / ACL / CUPS Issues
11:25AM 1 User directory shares with Samba, Winbind, and Win2k domain - help deparately needed!
11:07AM 1 testparm error
10:54AM 0 RE: Solaris/Winbind Problems
9:12AM 0 SWAT problem with auth
9:07AM 2 Help 2.2.5 causing me to run out of filedescriptors
8:48AM 1 access denied errors after reboot
8:35AM 2 printer status w2K / cups
8:07AM 0 File permission problems
7:55AM 0 RE: Problems deleting files from Server, Please reply
7:55AM 0 [2.999+3.0cvs20020723-1] Problem with german umlauts
7:34AM 0 SWAT errors
7:25AM 2 wierd samba problems - NEED COMMENTS
7:23AM 3 Samba and CIFS question
7:08AM 16 Trying to debug a WinXP - Win2000 ADSproblem..HELP!
7:06AM 0 General Request
6:51AM 1 Trying to debug a WinXP - Win2000 ADS problem..HELP!
6:28AM 0 ACL Problems
5:55AM 1 How to create Computer Account without 'hands'?
5:18AM 0 German Umlaut Problem
4:34AM 6 how to become poweruser?
2:51AM 0 ACL with Ext3 or XFS
2:39AM 0 NT password server problem (under heavy load)
2:24AM 2 Samba SWAT
12:55AM 2 PDC samba
Tuesday July 30 2002
11:17PM 0 Antwort: samba, ldap und suse...
9:27PM 0 problem when configure
6:32PM 1 Fwd: Reh Hat ipchains tricks
4:08PM 2 Re: Joining a domain spanned across different subnets
3:13PM 0 ./configure error while trying to compile the source code
2:44PM 5 Samba running as PDC and BDC
2:37PM 0 backup roaming profiles server
2:34PM 0 Redundant Roaming Profiles servers
2:18PM 1 Latest won't configure on my Sparc running Solaris8
1:57PM 0 RE: Problems deleting files from Server, Please reply
1:52PM 0 RE: Problems deleting files from Server, Please reply
1:39PM 3 samba and cifs
1:20PM 1 Samba 2.2.4/DFS and Linux 7.2
1:12PM 1 Eric Thorsnes: Samba 2.2.5 update process
1:00PM 0 Performance of subtree copy ??
12:36PM 1 updating passwds
12:36PM 1 Security Concern
12:00PM 0 Home server drops connection, can't reconnect
11:15AM 1 Trying to debug a WinXP - Win2000 ADS problem.. HELP!
11:04AM 0 Recycle bin Functionality
10:47AM 0 Winbind/WIn2k domain question
10:31AM 0 quick winbindd/samba question
10:21AM 2 History search
10:19AM 0 Problems Migration from version 2.2.1 to 2.2.5
10:15AM 0 'wbinfo -g' works but 'getent group' does not
10:02AM 1 Inetd.conf
9:16AM 0 (no subject)
9:05AM 0 Passwords on UNIX
9:03AM 0 (no subject)
8:43AM 4 Samba 2.2.5 update process
8:16AM 1 Ping is fine, cannot connect through Network Neighborhood
8:05AM 0 no such file .smbmnt
7:53AM 1 Several questions with w2k printing to samba
7:34AM 0 Winbind: wbinfo -u doesn't match wbinfo -n
7:29AM 1 Installing Samba in a Suse 8.0 server machine
7:24AM 0 Ruteador DSL para Prodigy Infinitum de Telmex
6:54AM 0 Problem with permissions on share
6:36AM 1 limit on number of pc guests.
4:12AM 0 Some questions concerning PDC
3:59AM 0 Sysvol
3:48AM 0 Samba on PDS, using PAM authentification
3:15AM 0 nmbd error: find_response_record
2:59AM 0 RE: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 871338
2:42AM 1 Samba PDS
2:33AM 0 Printing:using usb port.
2:15AM 0 Problem with the norwegian cahrs ø:Ø
12:41AM 1 Print to PDF file with CUPS
12:35AM 1 FW: BHA--W2k wSMB no longer trusted. help
Monday July 29 2002
11:17PM 0 Fw: Outlook Express and "nt smb support=yes"
10:30PM 0 Question from Korea
8:26PM 1 password never expired
5:37PM 6 Looking for a script to add/remove multiple shares from smb.conf
4:23PM 1 Access Error
3:44PM 0 Network neighborhood does not connect to samba server
3:31PM 0 Re: Hello,honey
2:37PM 0 Samba 2.2.5 PDC doesn't trust Win2K Pro (really!)
2:06PM 0 group ids not showing and recommended kernel changes for Samba on HP-UX 11?
1:09PM 0 Samba 3.0alpha18 PDC and winbindd 3.0alpha18 client communication
12:35PM 0 Help-w2k pro no longer "trusted" in 2.2.3 pdc
11:47AM 4 Printing:access denied.
11:22AM 0 messages to students in a lab from login script
10:36AM 2 Migrating WINNT to SAMBA PDC
10:33AM 5 HOWTO Create a PDF Writer in samba
10:31AM 0 Partial BDC functionality ...
10:28AM 0 2.2.5 Unable to authenticate users: no ldap secret re trieved
10:27AM 0 Reh Hat ipchains tricks
10:22AM 0 Can't add drivers or print from Windows
10:17AM 1 File locking ?
3:23AM 1 Samba and RSBAC or LSM
12:02AM 0 Little note about slow performance?
Sunday July 28 2002
7:11PM 0 Samba connection problem btw RH7.3 and WinME
6:04PM 0 how could i add quotas/disk space limits to a share?
5:45PM 2 how to use w2k acl to modify samba premission
5:10PM 1 rw issue with smbmount
4:25PM 1 ssh tunneling
3:02PM 1 bug or "feature" ?
7:04AM 0 Slow login, a solution maybe interesting for other people
5:57AM 1 smbspool
5:43AM 2 2.2.5 Unable to authenticate users: no ldap secret retrieved
4:40AM 1 Samba and OpenLDAP integration problem
3:37AM 1 PDC operation allowing guest machines to log in ?
2:28AM 1 write list parameter in 2.2.5?
1:57AM 4 Strange crashes and disconnection from PDC?
Saturday July 27 2002
9:12PM 2 Samba 2.2.6pre1 non-prouction release available
3:49PM 2 Worm Klez.E immunity
3:41PM 1 ls after smbmount gives segmentation fault
12:59PM 6 mode=777 does not work as fstab option
10:27AM 3 PDC and BDC load-balancing
Friday July 26 2002
9:48PM 1 User has no privileges to add printer or even change his wallpaper
5:47PM 1 xp using samba share in rh7.3
3:28PM 1 Mac OS X -- Unable to initgroups. on every anonymous connection.
2:11PM 0 smbclient and encrypted passwords
1:55PM 1 Samba, ldap and Domino feedback anyone?
1:08PM 0 adding machines to a pre 3 pdc
12:33PM 2 print jobs to a Windows connected printer disappear
12:03PM 2 If in [global] <guest ok = yes> why do I get an authe ntication sc reen when accessing from NT box?
11:50AM 0 If in [global] <guest ok = yes> why do I get an authentication sc reen when accessing from NT box?
11:46AM 2 Windows NT/2000/XP printer driver downloading
11:02AM 0 FOUND REASON - no longer connecting
10:35AM 1 Needed: step-by-step HOW-TO for Smaba and Winbind in mixed environment
10:34AM 1 creating unicode_map.437 and unicode_map.ISO8859-1?
10:06AM 1 rejected the tconX - Error
9:30AM 2 no longer connecting..
8:54AM 2 Slow driver properties?
8:54AM 0 in /etc/pam.d/samba ?
7:40AM 0 Fw: Question About Samba PDC/NIS/2k
7:27AM 1 pwdMustChange weirdness
5:38AM 0 The specified network name no longer exists
5:35AM 0 smbgroupedit and ldap
4:45AM 0 win98 passwords problem - possible solution
4:31AM 1 Subjects on a mailing list.
3:19AM 1 Samba connection
2:16AM 0 smbpasswd broken pipe problem on trying to join domain
1:57AM 0 win98 passwords problem
1:07AM 0 Secret bad error
12:36AM 0 mounting a windows drive as a block device
Thursday July 25 2002
6:29PM 2 do I need winbind ?
4:05PM 2 won't load
3:41PM 3 Documentation / boolean fix for oplocks = command
3:14PM 0 NW2NT
3:10PM 0 Windows 2000 and Samba - Domain users
3:07PM 1 RE: Experimental support for regedit.exe -> URL correction
3:04PM 1 password authentication failing for winbind
12:59PM 0 Re: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 681643
12:11PM 1 samba and winbind to itself
11:43AM 15 Changing ACLs as administrator
11:14AM 0 HPUX 11.00 & CIFS/9000 Server - Domain authenticatio n problem
9:45AM 0 Please evaluate my patch for Winbind
9:44AM 0 Compiling Samba 2.2.5 on Solaris 8
9:35AM 1 R: High CPU utilization with samba2.2.5 on HPUX 11.00
9:34AM 1 HPUX 11.00 & CIFS/9000 Server - Domain authentication problem
8:22AM 1 Question About Samba PDC/NIS/2k
8:09AM 1 "hide unwritable" as a requested feature
7:59AM 0 smb server + local printer on Win2k workstation (shared)
7:48AM 2 need help with preexec
7:42AM 1 Need Help -
7:40AM 1 Experimental support for regedit.exe
6:56AM 0 tarred softlinks problem with smbclient
6:29AM 0 winbind from samba 2.2.5, solaris 8
4:58AM 0 samba vs legato
4:14AM 3 User Profiles
3:12AM 0 change permission under windows
2:13AM 0 High CPU utilization with samba2.2.5 on HPUX 11.00
2:10AM 1 Winbind: SID-gid mappings lost after server crash
12:38AM 0 Réf. : Backing up both AIX and NT using Samba
12:36AM 0 Win XP Profiles
12:22AM 0 OOT - Neighbour table overflow
12:00AM 0 Problem with files not being found in Accounting software
Wednesday July 24 2002
11:47PM 0 Setup samba 2.2.5 with ldap against windows nt4 domain?
11:31PM 0 winbind, Active directory - wbinfo browsing strangeness
10:12PM 0 Re: Financiera en $ y (PR#25096)
8:49PM 0 Connection cut-outs?
7:22PM 1 ./configure error
7:22PM 3 taking ownership
7:00PM 0 How can I control the handling of codepages with Samba 2.99+ ?
6:35PM 1 Win2k, Samba 2.2.5 and LDAP
5:39PM 1 Changing file & folder permissions
4:51PM 1 SUMMARY: hiding Unix perms
4:32PM 3 Simple Samba
4:13PM 0 Samba as the PDC and Windows 2000 clients - a question about Group Policys
3:18PM 0 winbind: challenge/response password authentication failed
3:07PM 1 Backing up both AIX and NT using Samba
1:56PM 1 hiding Unix perms
1:51PM 4 ACLs on client Samba machines with Samba PDC.
1:42PM 0 Strange problem: File changed while we were reading it
12:05PM 0 Samba VFS - suggestions
11:54AM 2 importance of sid and rid?
11:50AM 1 %u etc not working
11:36AM 0 Weird: cron or sendmail don't work properly after I installed winbind
10:34AM 1 Print Jobs stuck in queue
10:04AM 1 Does Password Aging work in Samba?
10:02AM 1 Controlling Access to directories within shares
10:01AM 4 Winbind trouble. Wbinfo see's users, "getent passwd" doesn't
10:00AM 0 tdb_reopen: failed to obtain active lock
9:59AM 0 Web Site Alert: Not Responding
9:58AM 1 Unable to join W2K Active Directory Domain
9:57AM 1 "account not authorized to log in from this station" - What's wi th this?
9:56AM 0 Printer rights in NT Printer Server / Samba PDC
9:54AM 0 (slightly OT) anyone knows a web site with 'cool stunts' you could do with PolEdit?
2:46AM 0 ºÃÏûÏ¢£¡MCSE¿ÉÒÔÉêÇë¹ú¼Ò¼¶ÍøÂç¹ÜÀíÔ±£¡
2:35AM 0 yet another samba 2.2.3 + winXP question
1:29AM 2 printing trouble
1:15AM 0 Antwort: Re: Smb-LDAP Authentification -- HowTo IDEALX
1:03AM 2 strange things happening here, with WinXP pro
12:20AM 1 Smb-LDAP Authentification -- HowTo IDEALX
12:13AM 0 enumerating shared printers to the print browse master
Tuesday July 23 2002
10:38PM 0 samba clarification
9:26PM 0 Profiles & Passwords, SMB & WInXP
6:46PM 1 Wierd Problem, appears Samba related perhaps?
1:15PM 0 nis+ password conversion for samba 2.4
12:23PM 2 Samba + VPN + W98
11:30AM 0 Slow down with large files from Sun Samba server to NT workstatio ns.
11:19AM 0 SWAT bug/misbehaviour
11:02AM 0 Directory with large number of files (follow-up)
10:09AM 1 locking.tdb - Failed to open byte range locking database
10:07AM 0 Samba error on NT server
9:41AM 0 NMBD cannot find Domain Master
9:25AM 0 Just a quickie
9:07AM 0 samba 2.2.3a&Windows - Long share names truncated
8:26AM 0 Samba as PDC - No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
7:17AM 0 Domain group appearing as Unix group?
6:30AM 1 strange files appearing after file copy
6:28AM 0 Unable to initgroups. Error was Operation not permitted
6:03AM 0 sharing a printer
5:24AM 0 电脑配件惊爆价 samba
4:36AM 0 Strange apparently WinDNS-related problem
4:26AM 0 Samba as a DC w/ Win98 Clients :: "Incorrect Parameter"
4:08AM 0 Adobe PS driver files
1:43AM 2 Too many connections
12:28AM 1 process hang
12:16AM 1 Number of Users
12:00AM 0 Saving printer settings trouble
Monday July 22 2002
8:06PM 0 RE: A Suggestion
6:28PM 2 Help for configuring samba-instructor from NewJersey USA
3:25PM 1 A question about [homes]
2:45PM 1 Samba 2.2.4 - files have disappeared!
2:44PM 0 security = SHARE + valid users = john
2:41PM 0 FW: my printers are still paused in Win2k and WinNT 4.0
2:35PM 1 host lookup while printing
9:19AM 2 share name size limitation?
9:08AM 0 Features list
8:10AM 0 Printer drivers...automation
8:09AM 1 TR: [Printing]
8:05AM 0 smbd & nmbd fail to start - log file entry is..
8:03AM 0 file permissions problem; please help
7:06AM 0 Trouble with aix jfs and samba 2.2.4
6:13AM 0 Remote printer on Windows, connect through linux server
4:56AM 0 (no subject) <- libacl
4:25AM 1 killing "uninterruptible sleep" process
3:32AM 1 Fw: [GEN]A Suggestion
3:03AM 1 XP client awfully slow
2:26AM 0 Patches for windows Xp Professional
2:22AM 0 SAMBA > 2.2.0 print driver does not install
12:59AM 0 Here's a working samba.conf
12:52AM 1 Printer Migration hackery
12:40AM 0 Samba refuses to act as PDC
Sunday July 21 2002
10:37PM 0 ACL !?!
3:28PM 0 winbindd problem - more debug dataz
12:40PM 0 PDC plus firewall
12:07PM 3 password case sensitivity
10:42AM 1 Someone different....
10:06AM 1 (no subject)
9:21AM 0 How do I set $WINBINDD_DOMAIN
8:58AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 as PDC for Win2k(SP2)
8:46AM 2 Samba & XP PRO
8:06AM 2 Samba as a NT Domain PDC
4:46AM 0 Strange logon problem with Windows XP
Saturday July 20 2002
11:05PM 0 An easy & great contribution to yourself, family, neighborhood and society
10:14PM 2 "admin users" & new file ownership
11:43AM 1 offline files stopped working
8:23AM 2 Mac and SAMBA
7:19AM 1 Three reasons for staying with Microsoft PDC's
7:07AM 0 ½¨²Ä±¨¼Û
4:03AM 2 SAMBA 2.2.5 recycle bin problem - LONG ...
2:13AM 0 rpcclient -c enumdrivers 3 segfaults. HELP
Friday July 19 2002
2:36PM 0 ÖйúÆóÒµÃû¼
2:36PM 0 ÍøÕ¾¡¢²úÆ·Íƹã·þÎñ
1:52PM 0 Problems with Samba as a PDC for Win2K
12:24PM 1 long username - netlogon problem - access denied
11:47AM 0 SOLUTION :to can't copy files to samba volume
11:29AM 1 Slow performance with W2K
11:23AM 6 problems mounting smbfs
11:06AM 1 Win98SE Password Confused
10:54AM 1 Copying Files to Shares?
10:14AM 2 Update Samba
8:57AM 0 user on W2K SP2 SERVER cannot auth on samba PDC (but W2K WS yes)
7:09AM 1 Howto open NULL session with samba clients ?
7:05AM 1 Print spooler dies?
6:54AM 2 Samba stops working on HP-UX 11
6:46AM 0 Excel & disk full
6:40AM 0 NT Mapping Problem
6:09AM 2 MAX_MPX
6:06AM 0 deleting samba accounts
5:58AM 0 No auto netlogon execution with 2.2.5!
5:55AM 0 samba: user does not exist
5:27AM 1 smbclient & /etc/printcap Why does my printconf-gui doesnt work? (samba 2.2.3a) Red Hat Linux 7.2 enigma-
4:13AM 0 Problem With Windows Xp and Samba....
3:36AM 1 once again: horrible speed!
12:27AM 1 Domain Controler
Thursday July 18 2002
5:24PM 1 unknown parameter "ldap server", head branch
4:46PM 1 2500 smbd processes for 30 users. tdb_oob len beyond eof.
4:45PM 0 SBS/NT alternative..
2:24PM 3 Error Trying to Join Win2k to Samba 2.2.5 Domain
2:01PM 2 Samba + OpenLDAP + ACL patch on Linux 2.4.18 problems.
1:18PM 1 CRITICAL can't copy files to samba volumes
1:00PM 2 mounting a Samba volume on startup
12:52PM 0 Importing CGM files into Powerpoint
11:05AM 0 Request for addition to the samba FAQ (s)
11:01AM 0 RE: Re: spoolss printing: downloading printing preferenc es in W2k
10:44AM 0 Loading homedir from windows 2000 server with autofs
10:02AM 2 Please Help. Samba as PDC and printing
9:45AM 2 The specified network name is no longer available: HELP
9:44AM 1 smbclient works, mount does not
9:33AM 0 same time file access problem
9:30AM 0 briefcases on samba question
9:02AM 0 Fw: Fw: file refresh on windows 98 client
7:52AM 1 Compile error in Samba_2_2 CVS
7:33AM 1 Cannot copy files to samba share. (A little off-topic)
7:26AM 0 Problems giving Samba a netbios name
7:18AM 0 Fw: file refresh on windows 98 client
7:12AM 1 CUPS and Samba without authorization
7:09AM 1 Linux Client
7:02AM 1 NT user name resolution to UNIX user name doesn't work the same
6:47AM 3 PDC BDC should I or shouldn't I?
6:11AM 1 Samba client not visible for XP
5:59AM 0 horrible transfer-speed
5:53AM 0 Removing installed drivers
4:21AM 2 file refresh on windows 98 client
4:11AM 0 Samba - 2.2.5
4:08AM 0 about RedHat
3:25AM 0 Need some help !!
1:59AM 0 smbclient does not dump to standart output
Wednesday July 17 2002
6:56PM 1 spools: Probem with W2k/DJ1120/Word97-2000
3:25PM 1 smbclient 2.2.5 segfaults on Solaris 7 x86 (long article)
2:39PM 1 m$ briefcase / access question
2:23PM 1 Re: smb.conf - fixed? :)
1:44PM 3 Case Sensitive Problem
1:38PM 0 Samba on OpenBSD 3.1 (Resent in Plain Text)
1:37PM 1 (no subject)
1:21PM 2 Can't print, but can see printers
1:05PM 0 [Fwd: Some PCs not present to smbclient]
12:50PM 2 strange samba problem
12:22PM 0 Vax VMS Help
10:48AM 1 Books for Solaris installations
10:10AM 1 w2k, adding printers and other questions.
8:47AM 1 Samba on OpenBSD 3.1
8:38AM 0 Help with Domain login Win98se and Samba 2.2.4
7:54AM 0 WinXX file locking on mouse over
7:33AM 1 rpcclient enumdrivers enumprinters
5:13AM 0 api_netlog_rpc: NET_SAMLOGON failed
3:59AM 2 Installing/Removing RPM's
3:37AM 0 user password expiration patch (Samba 2.2.4/2.2.5 PDC with LDAP)
2:07AM 0 welcome message
1:57AM 1 Specific PPD Files are not downloaded on an automatic installation
12:46AM 1 Possibly problem with case of filenames ?
12:43AM 0 What are the *.tdb all about?
Tuesday July 16 2002
10:37PM 0 Loading Moss (MX) files takes ages... anyone?
7:46PM 0 Trying to connect to linux from win2000
5:04PM 1 RE : Linux Client
2:43PM 1 OK, Samba's OK, now I need swat help.
2:29PM 0 a few questions...
11:58AM 0 Samba+cups+permission issues
10:45AM 0 SaMBa 2.2.2 Eating CPU!
10:03AM 9 my printers are still paused in Win2k and WinNT 4.0
9:46AM 3 connecting to samba server from win2k
8:26AM 0 Samba/Linux newbie question.
8:06AM 0 local/domain master browser
7:54AM 0 Samba Client Performance
7:47AM 0 Samba Winbind errors
7:20AM 0 Folder/directory permissions
7:16AM 1 integrate print with windows, print administration from w2K/NT
7:02AM 0 E-mail address has changed
7:00AM 2 5 non-answered questions.
6:30AM 1 Quick question 2.2.5 printing
6:08AM 1 Setting Samba Password Through Script
5:58AM 6 Sage Line 50
5:17AM 0 Update your list to find your secret admirer!
5:07AM 0 samba server not visible
4:08AM 1 rpcclient and setdriver
Monday July 15 2002
9:50PM 0 Re: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 110221
8:54PM 0 Problem with Samba 2.2.2 and Windows 2k client
8:26PM 0 is the compiletime option FAST_SHARE_MODES still in use?
5:18PM 3 Controlling Samba with xinetd
3:39PM 3 Removing ALL security from samba. :)
3:28PM 1 Winbind problems when mapping shares
3:14PM 0 userPassword lmPassword ntPassword synchronization via pam_ldap patch
2:42PM 1 DFS & Samba Winbind
2:35PM 1 samba ldap and anonymous shares
2:27PM 1 Connecting Linux to Win2000
1:44PM 0 assinging multiple owners/groups to a dir/file
1:38PM 4 Network access speed.
1:33PM 0 2000 DC rejecting password
1:25PM 1 WINS on Solaris 7/8 - broken?
11:52AM 0 cygwin & smbtorture
11:44AM 0 No Ports Selected error
11:41AM 0 weird printing with samba 2.2.4 problems under FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE
11:40AM 1 Queres conocerme ?...
11:38AM 1 Print queue doesn't clear
11:36AM 1 How to setup Winbindd:
10:13AM 2 Access control question
10:08AM 0 samba disconnects user profile
10:07AM 0 Re-register with WINS server
10:01AM 2 Change Filelocking
4:59AM 1 特价电脑配件、手提电脑、手机,货到付款
4:23AM 0 AW: security
4:23AM 0 Corrupt tdb?
2:54AM 1 Users moving
Sunday July 14 2002
10:25PM 0 Samba question - File or
8:39PM 0 Samba PDC slow logon
6:29PM 0 Samba and RPM
11:32AM 0 Network printer confiuration question
11:20AM 0 unable to change password.
9:28AM 0 DIAGNOSIS.txt and TEST 8
6:52AM 0 CIFS tech ref
4:51AM 0 samba 2.2.5, nmbd
2:48AM 1 PDC Migration to Samba
2:07AM 0 make error compiling samba 2.2.5 on RH Linux 7.3
1:19AM 0 samba v2.2.2 small files transfer - slow read speed
1:16AM 2 Precedence of usernames w/Winbind
Saturday July 13 2002
10:44PM 0 MP3 Moving (Not Copying Problem)
10:34PM 0 Can't add 'Domain Users'-group to local groups
6:05PM 3 mount_smbfs on freebsd 4.6 is it browken?
5:04PM 1 SAM from NT BDC to Samba
10:50AM 1 win2k client slow with samba 2.2.3.a - maybe a bug?
9:17AM 0 Unix command
7:57AM 1 Strange group appearing in local user/group manager
6:50AM 0 Your new password
5:57AM 2 samba printing 2.2.5 - RPC server is unavailable
4:17AM 0 Welcome to!
3:40AM 2 Win98s and Samba
Friday July 12 2002
11:29PM 1 Multiboot and machine trust accounts
8:44PM 0 Client connection problem
8:43PM 0 Custom Printer Forms in Samba 2.2.5
8:36PM 0 Someone likes you!
8:36PM 0 Version 2.2.5
8:34PM 0 installation instructions?
8:24PM 0 Directory with large number of files
8:23PM 2 Comments / suggestions wanted - Winbind, 2K, and user Homes
10:48AM 0 Winbind and Samba:
10:35AM 0 Win XP and Win 98 problem working together with Samba as PDC
10:34AM 1 Restricting Access to Samba Shared Printers?
10:34AM 0 importing SID from samba PDC
10:33AM 0 Account not authorized to login from this station
10:32AM 0 Setting MAX_MPX
10:28AM 2 removing samba accounts
10:24AM 1 Outlook Express and "nt smb support=yes"
10:20AM 3 adding users
10:19AM 1 Determining client IP address in failed connections
10:18AM 0 Sending poweroff command over lan.
10:17AM 0 AW: Outlook 2002 and roaming profiles
10:15AM 0 Windows Client files Sharing Control
10:01AM 0 About DENY-MODE or file locking
10:00AM 3 how many linux boxes do I need????
9:59AM 2 NE00: printer files left behind on Samba shares
9:59AM 1 job fails to print via samba 2.2.6-pre1 - lpd ASCII a nd postscript test works fine...
Thursday July 11 2002
6:18PM 0 Problems deleting files from Server
5:35PM 1 OS compatitbility
5:13PM 2 Samba + Abacus Law anyone?
3:45PM 1 Samba + winbind on Unixware
12:27PM 2 Format of LSA Secret for Interdomain Trust Password
10:21AM 1 job fails to print via samba 2.2.6-pre1 - lpd ASCII and postscript test works fine...
9:15AM 0 Winbind: unknown request fn number
8:30AM 0 Outlook 2002 and roaming profiles
7:52AM 0 Is there an easy way to reset Windows AD Domain password from Linux using Samba/winbindd
7:40AM 0 SAMBA and Tandem computers
6:51AM 0 samba domain / NT SID (2)
6:13AM 0 Strange log message
6:04AM 2 Win Xp logon issues
5:36AM 3 Printing from W2K clients
5:18AM 1 How to find out default values
5:05AM 0 Auditing
4:59AM 1 Silly question??
4:54AM 1 Samba 2.2.5-1, Error Creating Directories
3:22AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 on PS2-Linux (mips) - can't start smbd
1:38AM 0 migration from nt4 pdc to samba ldap pdc
1:13AM 1 Samba 2.2.4 make fails on Solaris 8 (Ultra Sparc III) using Sun Forte 6-update 2 compilers
12:23AM 1 Automatic driver downloads (was: [semi-ot] Printing w/ NT, automated driver download and modifying printer settings)
Wednesday July 10 2002
11:23PM 1 Can't upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.2.5
7:30PM 3 connectivity problem
6:26PM 0 RE: My earlier Request
6:22PM 0 Samba and connecting to Win9x/NT/2000/XP PC's
1:48PM 5 multiple domains?
12:36PM 0 samba advice
12:06PM 1 Browsing works, only Samba servers show up
11:42AM 1 permission issues afer upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.2.2
11:33AM 1 Samba 2.2.4 make fails on Solaris 8 (Ultra Sparc III) using Sun F orte 6-update 2 compilers
11:31AM 0 Permissions issues after 'upgrade'
10:15AM 0 samba domain / nt SID
8:48AM 0 Lost print job
8:17AM 1 samba 64 for Solaris
8:06AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1397 - 21 msgs
6:05AM 1 XP load roaming profile only after reboot
4:01AM 2 Problems with DOS printing from W2K on Samba
3:32AM 0 NetBIOS name for BDC?
3:27AM 1 Samba 2.23a PDC
2:51AM 0 Winword/Oplock Performance.
2:50AM 0 please give me a help about configuration!
2:21AM 0 How to prevent ...
2:20AM 0 What NetBIOS name for SAMBA BDC
2:10AM 0 W2K connectivity problems
2:10AM 0 SMBLDAP-Tools Permissions 753
1:57AM 1 samba-2.2.5 on Solaris8 -> cant find test code. Aborting config
1:53AM 0 Status of LDAP support in 2.2.5
1:22AM 0 confirm 949368
1:16AM 0 - objectClass account
Tuesday July 9 2002
11:40PM 0 PAM.d files other general knowledge
11:12PM 0 [Samba 2.2.5] Startup error: (..)mesages.tdb
10:32PM 0 Samba and Quota
9:10PM 0 Samba Performance Questions (1 share for ALL user homes or 1 share PER user?)
8:45PM 0 About Samba's limit
6:23PM 0 Un Buen Momento...
6:20PM 0 Offtopic: Mailing List was harvested
3:15PM 9 Samba authenication to Window Active Directory
2:48PM 1 Solaris, windows and samba
11:07AM 5 Cant Log Into Terminal Using Winbind
10:49AM 3 [semi-ot] Printing w/ NT, automated driver download and modifying printer settings
10:38AM 1 smbpasswd command won't work
10:37AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 on Redhat Linux 7.2 - Domain Auth Question
10:29AM 9 'Not listening for calling name'
10:18AM 0 smbcacls question
9:53AM 0 Samba binding to two IPs, even when specified
9:15AM 0 Auditing with VFS
9:15AM 1 Merging shares
9:14AM 1 Printing is too slow
8:46AM 2 Automating migration of files from windows to samba
8:38AM 0 roaming profiles and netscape bookmarks file
8:25AM 1 Windows 2k/XP and roaming profiles
8:20AM 1 FW: minolta printers
8:12AM 1 PATCH: Performance improvement for parameterised include path names
7:44AM 0 Multiple Connections from Win2k machine - revisited
6:53AM 1 Samba 2.2.5-1 BDC
2:36AM 0 samba..file system full error
1:44AM 2 Oplocks - samba 2.2.4 & Windows 2000 server
1:13AM 0 Log file problem
1:03AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and RedHat 7.0
12:59AM 1 Samba 2.2.1a and deleted files in /tmp
Monday July 8 2002
9:05PM 0 Samba an Local filesystem
8:32PM 4 FreeBSD version of smbmount?
6:29PM 1 home directories & winbind ?
6:03PM 0 Unasked-for ACL/Unix ownership changes with XFS?
4:08PM 1 Smbmount (2.2.3a) and windows
3:20PM 1 secrets.tdb
3:01PM 1 Samba password and WinNT server password files
2:25PM 1 Smbfs crashes
1:54PM 9 Cannot Sync Browser Lists
12:59PM 0 browsing, name resolution, etc,etc....
12:38PM 0 browsing and name resolution
12:28PM 2 Is Samba running on a Dual boot system while using w2k ?
11:53AM 0 Problems using winbindd and samba
10:33AM 0 Problem with security=server
10:21AM 2 Setting file permissions through SAMBA
8:58AM 1 Winbind problem when heavy loaded ...
8:27AM 0 help with logon script and samba permission
8:21AM 0 XP: Setting Printer Properties on Samba Printer
6:50AM 0 Windows 2K policies
6:44AM 1 Connexion to W2000
6:42AM 0 connecting mac to samba
6:23AM 0 kernel recommendations
5:52AM 0 X-windows.
3:46AM 0 winbind loses domain connection
3:46AM 0 Samba PDC SSL with Windows Client
3:10AM 2 FlashMX creates BAD .swf file on Samba
1:44AM 1 Impedir validaciones simultaneas
Sunday July 7 2002
10:45PM 1 Bug reporting instructions need update
9:08PM 3 Win2k TS authentication probs / pw changing probs
8:22PM 1 why is samba trying to connect to other computers in NT domain?
5:34PM 0 weird samba problems.
3:51PM 2 wins.dat to DNS
1:41PM 1 i wanna umount....
1:35PM 1 Use smbmount as a user
7:18AM 1 SMBmount on more than one IP?
7:14AM 0 Sharing Windows Folders
5:58AM 0 A question about NFS and Samba
4:21AM 1 samba issue?
3:42AM 1 samba - win2k- how?
Saturday July 6 2002
6:03PM 2 Time attributes in LDAP SAM
3:49PM 1 A strange error
3:36PM 1 NT4 roaming profiles not being saved completely
3:02PM 0 samba-2.2.5 + spoolss + WindowsXP=DENIED? plus some
2:40PM 0 Development Countries, News in brief
12:06PM 1 Aide sur samba
8:26AM 0 Samba binding to two IPs, even when specified not to
7:49AM 0 FW: Newbie Help
4:05AM 1 Compile error with kerberos and samba
4:02AM 0 Timeout problem win2k -> linux
1:27AM 0 samba : path too deep error
12:15AM 0 Fw: Errors in samba 2.2.4
Friday July 5 2002
10:32PM 0 Samba Quota problem
9:40PM 0 Virus Alert - ScanMail for Lotus Notes
7:00PM 2 Linux printer shows in Net Neighborhood, but "No Access"
2:01PM 3 Printing with Samba...
1:10PM 0 NT 4.0 Workstation Services not starting Error 1221
12:02PM 0 Internationalization Problem
10:49AM 1 migrating samba to different machine
9:56AM 1 How to stop authentication for guest?
8:39AM 0 Samba porting
8:17AM 0 access an excel files
8:11AM 0 hohsts equiv
8:05AM 0 hosts equiv
6:54AM 1 NT domains authentication problem
6:02AM 1 Help with Profiles Please
5:52AM 0 FW: Winbind and Windows 2000
5:39AM 1 Printing to a file on a samba share
5:11AM 1 NT domains - which list?
4:58AM 0 WindowsXP client prob's !
3:24AM 3 Slowdown and errors
3:23AM 1 path to long in samba-2.2.5
1:34AM 0 Couldn't read /dev/null
Thursday July 4 2002
9:14PM 0 Contact for web site problems?
8:42PM 0 PDC and BDC password changes
6:46PM 1 runaway smbd processes
4:04PM 0 Please, help me
3:57PM 1 Getting samba to require authentication on every connection
3:54PM 1 Weird thing.
3:54PM 3 How to prompt for username\password on each connection?
1:45PM 0 netlogon problem samba 2.2.5 suse 8.0
12:53PM 1 "Invisible" directories in Windows... but not in DOS
12:28PM 3 Reloading Smb.conf automatically?
10:45AM 3 Failed mount of Windows share on Linux box
10:36AM 0 help with samba and cups (printer not reachable in winxp)...
10:33AM 0 "addprinter command"??
9:51AM 0 WinXP needs a lot of time to read files from Samba Share
7:48AM 0 Cross-subnet browsing (again)
7:36AM 0 WinXP Group Policy Objects and Samba
7:19AM 3 How to check which current version you're running ????
7:09AM 3 tail -f doesn't work on a smbfs mount
7:06AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 - Swat Died
6:56AM 0 (no subject)
6:34AM 1 using links makes troubles
6:12AM 2 Samba Server - WinNT Domain
3:53AM 2 Problem with permissions
2:46AM 0 LDAP support?
1:46AM 2 Same user validated on two machines
12:46AM 1 Warning, really to read
12:15AM 0 problems password changing 2.2.5 samba PDC with openldap
Wednesday July 3 2002
10:00PM 0 Retaining Win2k ACL during backup
8:10PM 0 win 2k logon (again)
6:41PM 0 2.2 authenticate against AD but no corresponding local user
5:58PM 1 win 2k logon problem
2:46PM 0 Printer drivers not showing up
2:44PM 1 smb.conf file help !!!!
2:13PM 1 Samba with revalidate, posibile bug!
1:59PM 2 mount windows xp share
1:27PM 0 acceess an excel files
1:25PM 2 Name resolution problems
1:23PM 0 Documents !!!!
12:52PM 0 Problem with tmpfile() on samba share
11:50AM 0 samba shares through NAT
11:00AM 2 Can not map to my samba server from windows
10:56AM 2 WINS server/client
10:20AM 2 2.2.5 - SOl 2.8 - Recycle Bin VFS
10:11AM 0 minolta printers
9:04AM 2 Occasional problem with hanging SMB mounts.
7:57AM 2 Samba logs
7:23AM 2 What's up with this
7:23AM 1 connection problem to W2k DC
6:35AM 0 Samba-PDC & clientintegration
5:21AM 0 Problem compiling samba 2.2.4 on HP-UX 11.00
4:58AM 1 Samba+PDC+LDAP+add user script - problem
4:43AM 0 samba as PDC; nt4 as BDC
4:00AM 0 Paused printer while printing...
3:11AM 0 manage nt accounts from linux/samba
1:48AM 0 Session ID problem
12:44AM 0 Printer and clients info
12:16AM 1 Closing shares in Samba
Tuesday July 2 2002
11:57PM 0 Quotamaintenance
8:45PM 0 smbpasswd -S
8:35PM 1 lpresume vs queueresume
1:01PM 3 Cannot join Win2k with Samba+LDAP PDC
12:44PM 1 Is it possible to map shares via Network Neighborhood?
12:38PM 0
12:25PM 0 Possible problem
12:25PM 2 Synchronizing 2 samba linux servers
10:58AM 0 samba vers 2.2.0
10:37AM 2 access denied when trying to connect XP to samba-2.2.1a-4 PDC
9:35AM 1 Different files sizes
9:18AM 0 File Size
9:18AM 0 Authentication problem with samba 2.2.5
9:17AM 1 UPS Package Tracking Information
8:59AM 0 Killing open file by file and not by pid
8:41AM 2 Samba 2.2.5 Printing problem with HP Designjets
8:21AM 1 Change atrributes of file on windows side (or DOS)
8:20AM 2 printing setup
8:10AM 4 Samba 2.2.4 and PRINT$
8:09AM 0 w2k accessing samba share
8:01AM 0 Bug with Samba ACL support or did I screw up somewhere?
7:10AM 1 What's happening to "strip dot"?
6:50AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 on Solaris 8
6:10AM 0 Print to W2k Server
5:35AM 1 some newbie questions
2:54AM 1 Major samba load caused by re-reading of the configuration file
2:48AM 0 samba and remote office auth.
2:22AM 0 Ignore - testing dnsbl
2:01AM 2 Printing eats my CPU
1:27AM 0 root account in smbpasswd
12:45AM 3 samba 3.0 and group mapping
12:24AM 0 Samba shares not appearing for some time after creation
Monday July 1 2002
11:20PM 0 AW: Errors in samba 2.2.4
11:16PM 2 I Need A Little Help...
10:38PM 1 samba PDC & XP
9:45PM 1 Win2000 Print subsystem shuts down
7:31PM 0 Slow Printing with Windos 98 Clients
7:21PM 0 Password expiration and Samba 2.2.5
5:54PM 1 smbclient can't find this new XP
5:54PM 0 Re: LPRng: Putting a stamp on all printed sheet
4:52PM 0 announce:
4:24PM 0 Windows System Error 53 The network path was not found
4:09PM 0 Weirdo samba error
3:52PM 1 changing group ownership on a file from windows
2:39PM 0 Printing in w2k. Access denied, unable to connect & F ailed to open retrying
12:14PM 0 samba-ldap-2.2.5 + pwdMustChange
11:08AM 2 Samba corruption and SuSE 8.0]
10:43AM 0 printer queue listing problem
10:32AM 1 Multiple Ethernet Cards: Ignoring one of them
8:27AM 0 failure domain logon from remote site
8:27AM 0 Printing in w2k. Access denied, unable to connect & Failed to open retrying
8:10AM 2 SAMBA setting file permissions
7:59AM 1 Fw: Print driver removal
7:25AM 1 samba-2.2.3a with ldap: no logins after a while
6:35AM 0 Samba problems with capitals letters.
5:43AM 5 ./configure --with-pam
4:42AM 1 can samba server act as a domain controller for 3 subnets?
3:59AM 0 smbpasswd doesn't work with ldap-acl-restrictions
3:56AM 0 Initial Samba Config
2:26AM 0 password-problem
2:02AM 1 Virus problem
2:00AM 0 Problem compiling samba 2.2.4 un HP-UX 11.00