samba - Jun 2002

Sunday June 30 2002
11:46PM 2 Killing an open file doesnt work? (i dont know how to..!)
8:32PM 3 Network IP address
6:18PM 0 Samba does not link to ldap
5:53PM 0 Samba requires LPD to be running before smbd
5:20PM 0 FW: FW: Accessing Samba share with Win2k
3:57PM 0 Samba PDF
3:43PM 2 Samba 2.2.5 - RECYCLE BIN (VFS) problem
3:30PM 7 FW: Accessing Samba share with Win2k
2:52PM 1 make pam_smbpass
12:58PM 0 Winbind in Windows 2000 Domain
12:00PM 0 How to change permissions on files in samba?
11:48AM 0 logon scripts no longer work (samba-2.2.5 and w2k client)
7:45AM 0 Samba & Cluster
7:35AM 1 Help with Windows XP, linux and multi-subnetting
2:09AM 0 Printer Driver Uploading Problem
2:06AM 1 Win 2k and XP clients intermittent failure
1:50AM 0 Printer Problem: Canon LBP-1000 & Samba (2.2.[3a,4,5])
Saturday June 29 2002
9:47PM 0 电脑配件惊爆抢购价 samba
8:55PM 0 Adding Users to a Share/File
1:07PM 0 Compiling Samba with LDAP support - please help
11:41AM 0 wrepld crashing with multiple interfaces
10:40AM 0 help- samba 2.2.3a "forgot" all installed printer drivers
9:12AM 0 From W2K: Can See Samba Share But Can Not Log In
7:42AM 1 Bug in Samba 2.2.4
4:59AM 2 Samba as PDC & File Server compared to Windows Server
2:22AM 1 NMB problem
Friday June 28 2002
4:10PM 0 sunflash-info
4:03PM 0 SOLUTION! Samba + XFS + ACL support
3:45PM 1 peachtree issue
1:51PM 0 wbinfo -t fails winbind log info
1:23PM 0 Re: multiple wins server entries
1:06PM 1 Samba and Windows Active Directory Services
12:55PM 0 wbinfo -t fails
12:18PM 0 Winbind question: Is there a variable with UID (and one for GID)
11:59AM 1 Re: multiple wins server entries
11:43AM 0 Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message yo u sent.
11:41AM 0 Saving word or excel files kills the application
11:06AM 0 WAS: Join the Samba-Domain with win2k pc
9:51AM 2 Linux Join Domain Problem
8:27AM 3 Slow transfer between Win2k and Samba
8:16AM 0 Accessing shares into Win95 need help
7:39AM 1 AW: samba and PDC don't trust
7:24AM 0 samba and PDC don't trust
7:03AM 2 AW: Join the Samba-Domain with win2k pc
6:36AM 2 Slow File transfer between Samba and Win2k
6:27AM 2 Error when configuring pam on samba (MANDRAKE 8.2 and before)
5:56AM 0 Urgent XP/Samba Problem.
5:54AM 0 AW: AW: Join the Samba-Domain with win2k pc
4:57AM 0 troubles with PDC
4:52AM 1 Join the Samba-Domain with win2k pc
4:43AM 0 Tr: RE: Samba 2.2.5 and printers
4:16AM 0 How to change samba PDC
2:14AM 0 NT permissions on Solaris
2:06AM 0 OT:DDNS and RNS ...
1:37AM 0 Disallow extensions
1:11AM 1 Problems with MS Access 2000
Thursday June 27 2002
9:52PM 1 Linux - WinNT PDC
4:19PM 0 Error Installing RH 7.3 RPM of Samba-2.2.5-1.i386.rpm
4:14PM 3 Printer Problems (Access Denied)
3:49PM 3 smbclient can't start a session with stupid XP
3:36PM 0 mapping shares via Network Neighborhood?
2:53PM 2 Samba 2.2.5 Recycle Bin file permissions
2:32PM 1 winbind problem on solaris (samba head)
1:56PM 0 RE: Browsing cont'd
1:54PM 1 Patch for 2.2.5 (start_tls with OpenLDAP 2.0.x) is not working ...
1:24PM 0 Replacing ^M Windows return char to $ AIX return char
1:16PM 0 Help with file access using SAMBA and Borland Paradox
1:15PM 2 Cant change password from win2k/98 on PDC/Samba 2.2.5
12:58PM 0 setting drivers? (followup)
12:55PM 0 SAMBA version available for AIX 5.x
12:54PM 1 setting drivers?
12:33PM 2 Run executable file
11:12AM 7 causing LMB elections
10:56AM 0 (no subject)
10:50AM 0 FIXED in 2.2.5 : Unable to lookup user name for display
10:10AM 0 (no subject)
9:24AM 0 dns and wins problem`
8:26AM 2 Cant get getent to work with Winbind
8:18AM 5 Browsing and Mapped Drives over a VPN
8:16AM 1 After update to 2.2.5 "join to domain" doesn't work
8:12AM 1 Large Papersizes
7:55AM 0 Integrating Win9x with Samba
7:46AM 2 printer permissions
7:42AM 3 help: How to add Win2k PC to Samba PDC?
7:39AM 1 How to include Win2k client to Samba PDC??
7:27AM 0 Lot of connections
7:21AM 0 RE: Real-time Connectivity between Windows & Linux hosts
7:09AM 0 Pure Samba PDC/BDC configuration with winbindd ?
6:58AM 2 removal of special characters
6:16AM 3 Samba as a PDC -- HELP NEEDED
5:25AM 0 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH ==> winbind and pam, work please ! !
5:23AM 1 Samba 2.2.5: denying access to printer...
5:00AM 1 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH ==> winbind and pam, work please !!
4:52AM 0 Samba PDC, problems handling global groups
4:48AM 0 Cannot access shared folders in Win98 using UNC path.
2:24AM 0 WG: parsing fix for spoolss & samba-2.2.5
1:43AM 1 Slow transfers under W2K, OK under NT4
1:18AM 1 Samba PDC issues - same problem
12:58AM 0 Samba PDC + Win 2K problem
12:53AM 0 Domain Administration group.
12:51AM 1 Antwort: Re: Samba bug
Wednesday June 26 2002
11:12PM 1 smbd to 100%, hangs samba - HELP!
11:11PM 0 readonly files in public directory ...Help!!!
9:23PM 1 PLEASE!!! FW: Joining XP Pro Client to Samba Domain- Was working, not anymore
5:19PM 2 Configurations for Samba/LDAP/Linux password sync
4:19PM 0 Win XP Pro, Samba 2.2.5, Sybase ASA and Linux 2.2.19
2:26PM 0 Reg. Error: "The remote computer is not available "
1:11PM 5 parsing fix for spoolss & samba-2.2.5
12:54PM 4 nmbd causing very high CPU utilization
11:48AM 0 wbinfo mystery?? - partial user listing
10:45AM 22 FW: samba woes
10:39AM 1 map to two different win2k shares with two different accounts?
10:33AM 0 Doing Nt Authorization
10:28AM 0 win2k security with samba 2.2.4 pdc
9:39AM 0 Samba to broadcast between subnets on a routed network
8:43AM 0 samba and FTP
8:17AM 1 Win2K Profiles and a Samba PDC.
8:12AM 1 Microsoft Active Directory Services to authenticate linux users using samba
8:11AM 6 Samba 2.2.5 and printers
7:41AM 0 Client connections seem to drop
7:04AM 0 Unknown parameter encountered...etc...
4:24AM 0 (no subject)
4:19AM 0 (no subject)
4:19AM 0 (no subject)
3:48AM 0 samba 2.2.5 unable to validate sid.
3:32AM 2 Windows 95
3:13AM 0 Printers folder visible
3:01AM 0 Problem with homedirs on sambaserver due to IE
2:23AM 0 Samba PDC issues
2:21AM 4 Can't create profile directory
1:54AM 0 Question on winbind
1:38AM 0 Fwd: Samba as DC in a win2k network
12:39AM 0 amba 2.2.4 configure --with-ldapsam error on rh 7.3
12:18AM 1 w2k sp2 + ntconfig.pol
Tuesday June 25 2002
11:43PM 0 Unhelpful error
9:43PM 0 Install Printer drivers through APW fails
8:43PM 0 Re:samba,questionnaire
8:28PM 0
8:12PM 0 Joining XP Pro Client to Samba Domain- Was working, not anymore
8:08PM 0 Help look at this log file please
5:47PM 0 ftp/pub/jerry/patches/post-2.2.5/
4:33PM 1 RE: [PATCH] smbfs readdir fix (CFT: NetApp, OS/2)
4:26PM 2 RE: [PATCH] smbfs readdir fix (CFT: NetApp, OS/2)
3:13PM 1 Samba server authenticating to NDS with win 2000 clients?
2:45PM 0 Windows Terminal Services
2:34PM 0 SMBFS Problems: smb_proc_readdir_long: name=,result=-2, rcls=1, err=123
1:43PM 1 Samba PDC, Win9x, 2k, XP domain logon problem
1:26PM 1 wbinfo returns subset of all the users (stale data?)
1:24PM 1 Protocol negotiation failed error
1:07PM 0 installed stopped and can't seem to get it restarted
12:46PM 0 smbsh/smbwrapper/winbind linux help
12:15PM 0 Password synchronisation between W2K-Pro and Samba PDC
11:17AM 2 Samba Add Users -- Samba Rookie
10:35AM 0 SMBFS Problems: smb_proc_readdir_long: name=, result= -2, rcls=1, err=123
10:32AM 2 Home directory not working
10:29AM 0 SMBFS Problems: smb_proc_readdir_long: name=, result=-2, rcls=1, err=123
9:43AM 1 Re patch for 2.2.5 and check for start_tls with OpenLDAP 2.0.x libs
8:38AM 0 Unix map to Win2K
8:26AM 0 Logon to windows NT4sp6.
8:19AM 1 linux+samba as DC in a win2k network
8:03AM 1 please help in samba 2.2.3a with permissions?
6:59AM 7 SAMBA-LDAP and variable substition
6:18AM 0 W2k-client, simple logon
6:16AM 0 This list is great and alot of help Thank you
5:19AM 0 Samba & Redhat - Oplocks
4:39AM 1 policies do not get applied with w2k sp2
4:13AM 1 password sync HP/UX 11.00 and samba 2.2.3a
3:49AM 1 weird rtl8139-problem
12:58AM 1 Uploading printer drivers to Samba
12:53AM 1 MS Office crashes on files from samba 2.2.3a Server
Monday June 24 2002
11:02PM 0 (no subject)
10:06PM 1 Can't write QuickBooks file to Samba share
10:02PM 1 problem compiling samba 2.2.5 on rh 7.3
8:40PM 3 samba 2.2.5 don't compile with-smbwrapper and enable-cups params
8:37PM 0 samba 3 alpha 17
7:06PM 0 Profiles dir permissions
7:00PM 0 Help with profiles FreeBSD
4:25PM 0 One more point of confusion using smbusers if someone could help clearify.
4:19PM 0 patch for 2.2.5 and check for start_tls with OpenLDAP 2.0.x libs
3:00PM 0 sorry for my previous post
2:55PM 0 samba - nazwy plików (przyd?ugawe)
2:34PM 1 secrets
2:28PM 1 About Samba Server.... and windows....
2:16PM 1 2.2.5 "--with-lockdir" problem?
1:14PM 1 Freebsd and WinXP
12:24PM 3 Weird problem - one machine works another doesn't on new server - both OK on old one.
11:34AM 1 Swat pw
11:32AM 1 Bad Interperter?
10:57AM 0 More FreeBSD and XP help please
10:29AM 1 Visual Source Save and samba
10:20AM 0 strange Samba share backup issue
7:52AM 2 Samba 2.2.5 and XFS
7:30AM 0 error code definitions
7:27AM 0 Running Samba 2.2.2 on Solaris
7:21AM 0 several MS Domains
7:16AM 2 Please Help FreeBSD 4.5 and XP
6:06AM 0 RH7.1, winbind, pam
5:31AM 1 PDC SAMBA e workstation Win2000
5:28AM 3 Tunnel SMB thru SSH?
4:44AM 0 Other purpose.
4:44AM 2 A IE 6.0 patch
4:34AM 0 samba 2.2.5 vs win2k sp2
1:41AM 0 ASCII chars in filenames HELP!
12:51AM 0 (no subject)
12:49AM 0 Disallowing directory creation
12:24AM 3 smbpasswd + ldap questions
Sunday June 23 2002
11:16PM 1 3.0 alpha 17 fails to build under Solaris 8
11:05PM 0 Samba server using Linux PAM modules.
9:42PM 0 Problems joining administrator-group
8:55PM 0 Discarding packets msg in log files
8:52PM 2 Easy security administration?
7:48PM 0 Samba Error in Log watch
7:34PM 3 samba 2.2.4 configure problem with --with-ldapsam on rh 7.3
6:38PM 0 max smbd processes on a per user or machine basis?
6:24PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 printing problems
4:11PM 1 Large Files Support
4:10PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and openldap 2.1.2
2:02PM 0 Samba & OS/2 Extended Attributes (EAs)
11:36AM 1 xp problem revisited
9:09AM 0 Why does the Win2K print monitor say Paused when prin ting?
8:25AM 2 SAMBA + LDAP Single Signon Achieved
Saturday June 22 2002
4:36PM 0 dos bites SAMBA ???
1:37PM 10 Print Job Notification
1:31PM 0 Why does the Win2K print monitor say Paused when printing?
12:49PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 - Cannot copy The path is too deep
9:42AM 1 Login script doesn't run - Solved
8:48AM 1 2.2.5, xp and incorrect logon drive as root
7:32AM 0 Accessing Samba share with Win2k
7:29AM 0 Re: Bug List
6:33AM 2 PDC & NMBD log
2:57AM 3 Samba PDC + Winbind
2:17AM 0 ASCII 254 char in directory name
Friday June 21 2002
9:40PM 1 old password in passwordchat empty
8:21PM 0 samba 2.2.4 configure error with --with-ldapsam
6:55PM 3 Login script doesn't run
6:28PM 0 Username for Share-level Not working. (re-send)
3:37PM 1 Config Help
3:32PM 1 Samba Fax Server
1:51PM 1 Where discuss VFS issues
1:34PM 0 winbind controlling user access with PAM
1:18PM 2 Buffer in Windows holding samba info
12:13PM 0 Samba on SUNOS5.8
11:40AM 1 XP and NT printer driver conflicts
10:17AM 0 Username for Share-level Not working.
9:57AM 1 Problems with odd characters in filenames on smbmounted Win95 share
9:33AM 1 help with suse
9:08AM 1 winpopup and Domain auth?
8:47AM 0 samba 2.2.5
8:44AM 0 Losting connection...
8:29AM 1 Windows XP Printer Queue
8:16AM 0 File date stamp on overwrite
8:08AM 0 {VIRUS?} Window.onerror
7:56AM 0 2.2.5 for solaris 2.5.1
7:30AM 1 Bug in 2.2.5 ? Configure can't find ldap_start_tls_s ..
7:05AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and srv_spoolss_nt error
6:57AM 1 trash folder ?
6:48AM 1 samba-2.2.5 -- a minor "make install" problem and 2 suggestions
6:46AM 1 mixed-mode --> native mode
5:15AM 1 Machine reset
3:41AM 0 Re: mixed-mode --> native mode
2:17AM 0 Winbindd stopped working?
12:19AM 1 XP and PDC patch alternative
Thursday June 20 2002
7:41PM 1 local groups
6:52PM 0 RE: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 949346
5:32PM 2 Could see the share
4:03PM 1 Need permissions/ownership info from a CUPS installation
3:07PM 1 NullSessionShares under samba.
1:22PM 0 Praise and thanks
12:54PM 1 inconsistent caching - bug?
12:50PM 0 Recycle bin patch
12:36PM 1 possible security bug with SWAT logins
11:39AM 1 2.2.5 upgrade bug report - winbindd and password servers
11:18AM 1 mount problems with recent mount and samba
11:08AM 0 (no subject)
10:59AM 1 Newbie login question
10:43AM 1 2.2.5, recycle: %U is ok, %u is not
9:58AM 0 2.2.5 port fails on FreeBSD when choosing Recycle option
9:56AM 0 Re: NT4 SP7
9:35AM 0 Just WINS
9:19AM 0 Re: NT4 SP7
8:49AM 0 Strange Logs to me
8:21AM 1 Weird "add wizard" bug? in 2.2.5 and previous?
7:44AM 0 Re: Hello,introduction on ADSL
7:39AM 1 Head Tar Ball
6:52AM 4 I think It is a bug!
6:23AM 0 Compiling VFS stuff on HP-UX 11.00
5:57AM 3 Samba / Win2000
5:52AM 0 NT 4.0 SP7
5:42AM 1 Compile error with samba-2.2.5 on HP/UX 11.00
5:39AM 0 Windows XP & Samba.
4:32AM 2 Printer Errors with 3.0 Alpha 17
3:24AM 1 Kernel Oops with smbfs - is there a patch?
2:23AM 0 Error looking up domain users
1:58AM 1 security = domain / security = server
1:04AM 1 brlock.tdb and locking.tdb always missing on RH 7.2
Wednesday June 19 2002
8:48PM 0 Acrobat Reader
8:46PM 1 samba-2.2.4-2.2.5.diff
8:13PM 1 Trying Samba 2.2.5 compiled for Solaris 8 Sparc
6:15PM 0 can't download 2.2.5
5:43PM 0 Local -> roaming profiles
4:51PM 4 Little list of horrors.
4:43PM 0 Re: Of Navigation Panel (PR#24721)
2:02PM 0 Found solution! (was RE: WINS querying (Advanced))
1:08PM 0 Difference between smbstatus and WINS (was WINS querying (Advance d))
1:05PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 has been released
1:01PM 0 Samba 2.2.4 on Solaris Sparc reporting "cannot create a SAM SID "
11:48AM 4 WINS querying (Advanced)
11:25AM 0 smbpasswd Flags being changed
10:42AM 0 Samba 3.0 alpha 17 Active Directory question
9:56AM 0 Samba test.
8:28AM 0 swat questions
8:19AM 2 UPDATE: syncing unix passwords
8:12AM 0 Samba as File Server in 2000 Domain
7:52AM 0 roaming profiles will not load at times...Samba as PDC
7:22AM 0 winbind: user not found on PDC
6:58AM 0 Connection reset by peer - problems saving large files with WindowsME
6:41AM 0 re: Data not written
6:39AM 0 Accessing NTFS streams from Samba SMB client
6:28AM 0 DOS and Samba
6:17AM 0 Samba doubts
4:58AM 3 kill roaming profiles!
4:36AM 1 Log file usage ...
4:27AM 0 Winbind problem, can resolve NT machine names to IP, but not IP t o name
4:23AM 1 linux - win me
2:51AM 1 I don't see links in my home
2:01AM 1 NT clients are not logging on
1:36AM 0 nmbd - not running
1:10AM 0 Introducing new time tracking solution by!
12:24AM 2 VPN and SAMBA
Tuesday June 18 2002
9:09PM 0 NTFS shares on Solaris 2.8 box
9:00PM 0 epson printing errors
8:04PM 0 BIGGGGG Probem
7:23PM 1 maintaining permissions on smbpasswd/smb.conf
7:22PM 0 maintaining permissions on smb.conf
6:53PM 2 Is Samba 2.2.4 stable & error free
5:38PM 1 Data not being written to smbmounted node
3:14PM 1 SMB signing.
2:45PM 0 Error trying to join my samba server (HP-UX 10.20) to a W2K domai n.
2:30PM 1 Epson Printing...
2:16PM 0 Can't change password
1:37PM 2 smbd/password.c:domain_client_validate(1604)
1:24PM 0 Re : Re: performance problem ??? AN ANSWER PLEASE ...
12:58PM 0 profiles and permissions
11:36AM 3 FINDNEXT problem, w2k and linux smbfs
10:54AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 running in Tru64/v5.1
10:39AM 0 Domain Member
10:37AM 2 read_data: read failure for 4
10:27AM 5 Samba as a PDC for W2K Network
9:24AM 1 Compile Samba-2.2.4
8:58AM 0 what's the difference??
8:30AM 2 Samba-LDAP:Ldap call each time you open a text file?
8:01AM 2 Print problem
7:30AM 1 FreeBSD as NT
7:28AM 0 Winbindd questions and concerns
6:59AM 1 Domain renaming problem.
6:48AM 0 2nd encouter ! help!
6:40AM 0 (no subject)
6:04AM 0 Winbindd error or pam error
5:19AM 0 Samba too slow in Win2K => HP-UX direction
2:35AM 1 Beginner problems
1:54AM 0 Interesting problem . . may not be Samba.
12:48AM 0 Can't print duplex -- getting worse
Monday June 17 2002
8:37PM 0 Question re: smbmount, extended paths -- \\server\share\path
6:17PM 0 netbios name shows up but not found??
5:29PM 0 Bottleneck problem??
4:43PM 0 Can't run Xwindows with home mounted by samba
4:29PM 0 RE: Unable to Access W2K share as read/write using SM BMOUNT
4:03PM 1 RE: Unable to Access W2K share as read/write using SM BMOUNT
3:12PM 1 Win2k-Pro and MacOS X
2:38PM 2 use samba for WINS name resolution on solaris
1:28PM 1 Rookie Question
12:46PM 0 RE: Unable to Access W2K share as read/write using SM BMOUNT
12:43PM 0 Question about Samba software
12:26PM 2 A weird thing happened.
12:11PM 0 The dreaded SPOOLSV.EXE error
10:58AM 0 Passwd Program, and Passwd Chat Program
10:49AM 1 uploading files to Samba server using Windows XP
10:34AM 3 Fix for smbpasswd Samba 2.2.4 on Solaris only taking 8 character passwords
10:28AM 1 Finding Computer on Windows Network
10:05AM 0 RE: Unable to Access W2K share as read/write using SM BMOUNT
9:45AM 0 Attempting to implement SamOemChangePassword in Java
9:45AM 1 Multiple Adapter Issues -Bug?
9:42AM 1 Bind failed: Inappropriate authentication
9:40AM 0 Samba unable to browse shares in new network
9:36AM 5 Samba and netbios --- HEEEEELLLP!!!
8:22AM 1 mounting samba server error for WinNT 4.0
8:19AM 2 Method to verify existance of trust account?
7:39AM 0 Re: unix password sync doesn't work
6:58AM 0 Strnge Printer-Problem
6:25AM 0 Samba Domain and Winbind
3:41AM 2 Problem with Samba 2.2.4
3:19AM 2 [PATCH] chages to pdb_ldap for new OpenLDAP versions and for better rebinds
12:32AM 1 O_EXCL unreliable?
Sunday June 16 2002
11:49PM 0 we don't want local profiles
11:46PM 0 setting default printer fails by "old" accounts
11:13PM 0 Can't initialise locking module - exiting
2:44PM 1 Time Server? - Answers/Summary
2:29PM 1 Multiple Adapter Issues
1:08PM 0 Server failing to appear in Network Places
10:55AM 0 Discarding packets... In log file
7:59AM 2 Status of Samba as a PDC
Saturday June 15 2002
5:33PM 1 let's make it simple
12:45PM 1 Another newbie question...
11:57AM 2 Selecting Samba Printer Port
8:26AM 0 Problems working with CVS on a Samba share
Friday June 14 2002
11:27PM 0 SMB Connection Failing
6:11PM 3 Time Server?
6:02PM 2 Help: dfree command
4:23PM 1 Samba & W2K shares: ERRnomem: Insufficient server memory to perform the requested function
12:15PM 3 [swat] won't run
11:14AM 10 Opposite of Samba (Anti-Samba?)
10:33AM 0 Samba won't start and log says cannot create a SAM SID.
10:15AM 1 Samba and NetBios
9:16AM 0 Adding Samba Server to Win2K AD
9:07AM 0 winbindd pid changes when launched - is this a bug?
8:51AM 1 What FS type for ACL support ?
8:46AM 0 User -level Share user list retrive problem
8:45AM 0 Read only question
8:40AM 1 can't access samba shares
8:35AM 0 2.2.4 - Compiling error --with-dfs
7:50AM 1 Problems with CUPS and a networked epson printer
7:47AM 4 ipchains question
6:49AM 0 Problem printing from win98SE client
6:49AM 0 AW: Samba versus Dreamweaver
6:47AM 1 groupname gid with blank char in file /etc/fstab
6:39AM 0 Samba: bug in smbstatus with force group parameter?
4:52AM 4 Slow response from new Athlon 1.4Ghz machine?
4:27AM 1 "unix password sync" doesn´t work !
3:54AM 0 winbind is running, win boxes still can't see shares
2:48AM 1 rights to change ACL's
1:21AM 0 Windows "change passwd" in clear?
1:12AM 1 with ldap - samba - password sync - domain group map
12:17AM 0 confusion on changing passwords
12:13AM 1 different loginscripts
Thursday June 13 2002
11:47PM 3 imac problem
10:08PM 2 DHCP and Samba
9:15PM 1 NAV detected the virus W32.Klez.H@mm in a document you authored.
8:48PM 1 documentation updates
5:40PM 0 Hide Printers share
4:48PM 1 failed to make clean all on today's samba_2_2
4:47PM 1 does rpcclient support ntlmv2?
4:43PM 0 last job queued quirk - understanding at last!
3:40PM 1 request for an info tool
2:53PM 1 wins-database
2:25PM 0 Time out error in logs
1:37PM 1 win - samba
12:49PM 2 and 2.2.4 issues
12:28PM 0 win
11:44AM 0 Format of %systemroot%\CSC
11:34AM 1 "wbinfo -a" problem, plaintext password is not allowed
10:37AM 10 Anyone using antivirus software?
10:35AM 1 syncing unix passwords
10:26AM 2 Samba versus Dreamweaver
10:22AM 0 Regedit
10:19AM 1 Unable to Access W2K share as read/write using SMBMOUNT
9:48AM 1 strange samba problem with connection timeout...
9:31AM 1 wbinfo -g yields "Error looking up domain groups"
8:53AM 1 [mntent]: line x in /etc/fstab is bad
8:10AM 1 FW: Samba and Helios Ethershare resource fork information
7:11AM 1 Issue regarding timestamp mismatch
6:05AM 1 with ldap - samba - password sync - domain group map - login message
5:25AM 3 error: "printing subsystem unavailable" when trying t o print test page to samba server
5:10AM 0 Update question
4:43AM 0 Windows 2000 login bug?
3:31AM 1 cannot setup print in w2k on debian/samba/winwind/cups server
3:23AM 0 (no subject)
2:30AM 0 passwd chat timeout?
2:28AM 2 pam_mount and winbind
1:39AM 3 How to automatically mount shares.
1:17AM 0 Slow just from a PC
1:02AM 0 slow & readonly profiles
12:45AM 1 Cannot use \\hostname\dir in Windows2000 client's windows explore r
Wednesday June 12 2002
11:28PM 3 'Access denied' when moving files
6:09PM 1 Error: Failed to initialise locking database
4:50PM 2 authentication question- pls respond
4:28PM 0 Win2k oplocks and you
4:11PM 0 HELP NEEDED: Cannot run samba 2.2.4 on HPUX
2:48PM 0 locking files...
2:40PM 0 create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID...
2:28PM 0 Samba: "Failed to open byte range locking database"
2:21PM 0 Samba and Helios Ethershare resource fork information
1:45PM 2 altering the "create mode" for samba shares
1:19PM 0 Windows 2000 - Access denied
1:12PM 4 WIndows 98 asking for a password
1:08PM 0 query_name_responses
1:02PM 0 Virtual samba servers possible with samba 2.2.x ?
12:38PM 0 Useful Link
12:18PM 1 Mapping Drives from Windows 2000
12:05PM 0 Share & Domain Level Authentication Required From Sam e Server
11:55AM 0 network browsing problems
11:12AM 0 How to Handle Invalid Characters in File Names
10:47AM 1 Share & Domain Level Authentication Required From Same Server
10:28AM 2 Error Joining NT DOMAIN
9:09AM 1 SuSE8.0 and SAMBA crash
8:33AM 0 error: "printing subsystem unavailable" when trying to print test page to samba server
8:28AM 0 mangling names
8:18AM 0 cannot rename folders/files via samba
8:15AM 1 Trouble with 2.2.4 ?
7:24AM 0 AW: WinXP Pro 'Loses' Samba Server
7:09AM 0 executeable permission on a samba share
7:03AM 0 winbind - so close but no cigar (HELP PLEASE)
6:09AM 3 Repost : Incorrect Reporting of Drive Space from the Windows 2000 Explorer on SAMBA shares
5:56AM 0 RES: winbindd fails, cannot join domain - HELP
5:53AM 1 winbindd fails, cannot join domain - HELP
5:40AM 1 WinXP Pro 'Loses' Samba Server
5:27AM 0 RES: Tuning SaMBa in HP/UX 10.20 (200 Users)...
5:20AM 1 Ldap and "domain admin group"
4:57AM 0 Samba 2.2.5pre1 + OpenLDAP + Ldap replication
4:35AM 0 UTF8 and codepage850
2:03AM 0 Monitoring file Access
1:39AM 2 spoolss printing: downloading printing preferences in W2K
12:47AM 0 Profiles are read-only
Tuesday June 11 2002
11:36PM 2 Possible Samba Bug
10:53PM 1 Add Printer Driver Wizard - does it work in 2.2.5pre1?
6:23PM 3 nt/2000 password has expired
6:09PM 0 SWAT on slackware 8
5:20PM 0 gnomba
3:58PM 2 print job not deleting
3:21PM 0 samba 2.0.7 invalid mid form server
2:21PM 1 performance problem ???
1:52PM 0 Problem, Samba as PDC
1:49PM 1 User Authenication
1:46PM 1 Samba as Win2K Native DC
1:39PM 2 Strange problem with samba
1:23PM 0 Compiling 2.2.4 on HPUX10.20
1:01PM 0 Sol 2.8-Samba 2.2.4-Sun WS 6 C Compiler-Compiler Warning Messages
12:38PM 0 Re: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD - fixed
12:08PM 0 Files won't close - Help
11:51AM 1 "net" command with openldap 2.1.1?
10:50AM 1 'net rpc trustdom establish' not yet working?
10:41AM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
10:22AM 2 WinXP Client fails to logon to domain
10:17AM 0 Wbinfo -u
10:16AM 1 Access denied errors: FIXED!
10:09AM 5 DNS Proxy - WINS problem - please help
8:14AM 1 wbinfo / NT4 PDC
8:12AM 1 smbmount and win2k permissions
8:00AM 1 2nd edition of Using Samba
7:51AM 1 Testing results for version 2.2.5. pre1
7:39AM 3 samba performance issue
7:13AM 0 VFS and DOS attribs ...
6:54AM 1 NT user name doesn't match unix username when winbindd is runnin g
6:45AM 0 NT-domain names:
5:39AM 0 Is there a limit in the number of users in a NT group used by win bind ?
5:23AM 1 printing with passwords
4:35AM 0 Darling
4:32AM 2 401 Bad Authorization
3:30AM 0 can't change samba password
2:18AM 3 spoolss back connections to client
1:58AM 1 Monitoring samba shares
Monday June 10 2002
8:32PM 0 XP problems after updating
7:08PM 0 samba2.2.4 : "inherit acl" in smb.conf ?
4:49PM 0 linux shares
4:42PM 0 Another printer problem.
4:29PM 0 printing rpoblem
4:07PM 0 Re: samba-3.0a13_1 PDC
3:24PM 1 rpcclient that uses Kerberos?
1:57PM 0 Some notes...(and a compliment for Samba people)
1:53PM 3 Asking for Password
1:32PM 0 solaris 9 and samba question
1:31PM 0 Hylafax printer for Respond
1:25PM 1 Question about username maps in Samba
1:14PM 0 getent group
1:13PM 0 samba server not broadcasting
1:00PM 1 Tuning SaMBa in HP/UX 10.20 (200 Users)...
12:23PM 0 DNS Proxy problems
10:54AM 1 W2K not registering correct disk space
9:49AM 3 smbwrapper or smbmount ?
9:39AM 1 Samba with LDAP - conflict with pam_ldap?
8:51AM 1 Samba 2.2.4 and Printing with W2K
8:49AM 0 can not find samba server through broadcast
7:55AM 0 After Update Problem running applications from samba share
7:27AM 0 Samba's sharing sleeping
6:45AM 1 REPOST: Changing from Mixed mode to pure Active Directory
6:41AM 5 Samba-2.2.5pre1 - all binaries require libldap with --with-ldapsam
4:47AM 1 Very strange problem with profiles
4:26AM 3 oplock break
4:01AM 0 Which samba release ?
3:25AM 1 smbmount filename case forcing
3:04AM 1 samba.stack samba.xinetd
2:29AM 3 samba 2.2.5a
2:28AM 2 [Fwd: ldap + pdc + adding win2k clients...again(sigh)...argh]
2:23AM 0 a test
2:15AM 0 Dual Samba 3.0 and WINS
12:41AM 1 consultation
Sunday June 9 2002
10:09PM 2 "password server" not working: 2.2.4
8:10PM 1 account aliases?
6:46PM 2 Win98 not doing name resolution.
4:00PM 1 SPOOLSS Emergency
3:31PM 2 problem copying ACLs with xcopy /o (2.2.5pre1)
2:14PM 2 Clean install of RedHat 7.3, including samba - unable to connect to port 139
10:36AM 0 w2k does not join pdc with ldap
9:57AM 1 CUPS & client driver download
9:30AM 1 Samba as a client to windows2000/98 is slow.
3:15AM 0 One BUG that I have found
2:31AM 1 problem about windows2000 again
Saturday June 8 2002
9:02AM 0 Samba as PDC with Win2k/XP clients
3:20AM 0 create new files/folders
Friday June 7 2002
10:07PM 0 Using Samba for DOS type file sharing
5:46PM 0 Printing problem from Win2K client...
3:44PM 0 question regarding samba.
3:44PM 0 Samba questions on AIX server, with win2k clients
2:35PM 1 Mac OS X and non-networked printer
1:45PM 1 Roaming Profiles - delete profile when logging off
1:45PM 1 Roaming profiles - outlook / outlook express is not replicated ?
1:39PM 0 smbd: Too many open files
1:35PM 0 Network user ID greater then UNIX user ID - Log on problem
1:10PM 2 Win98 client passwords w/Samba 2.2.3a
12:58PM 1 why username for winbind authentication
12:28PM 0 no trust account in the security database for this computer
11:43AM 0 Samba and CUPS and drivers, oh my! (Why is this so **** hard?)
11:15AM 0 locking/freezing on 2.2.4 across subnets
9:59AM 0 Re: connecting to multiple networks
9:44AM 0 Changing from Mixed mode to pure Active Directory
9:26AM 0 Error creating New Folder in samba 2.2.4
8:55AM 0 win2k samba 2.2.4 failed creating machine accounts
7:48AM 0 winbindd + wbinfo -> NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO
7:09AM 0 Domain Name
7:08AM 0 Incorrect Reporting of Drive Space from the Windows 2000 Expl orer on SAMBA shares
7:03AM 2 problem about windows2000
6:48AM 1 command line errors
5:45AM 1 Re: Filelocking-Problem: Mars_NWE together with Samba
4:27AM 0 RE: [SOLUTION]query_name_response error
4:14AM 0 FW: Samba 2.2.4 Winbind question on Solaris
3:37AM 2 Mappoing from Samba client to \\server\share\dir ?
1:52AM 1 linux & windows 200
12:19AM 0 Filelocking Problems with Samba and MarsNWE
Thursday June 6 2002
11:31PM 1 Accounts/Passwords How does it work?
10:43PM 0 Problems with Samba 2.2.x under FreeBSD with Win2k Clients
10:27PM 7 samba with ldap
3:54PM 1 Authentication levels in samba
3:01PM 1 Re: Domain SID for BDC
2:57PM 3 admin users' file is owned by root
2:10PM 0 2.2.3a - buggy homedir mapping with profiles for 9x/winxp
12:24PM 0 Loop involves Lotus Notes
12:13PM 0 Mail Loop (Was: Re: WARNING! Re: ASSISTANCE NEEDED)
12:06PM 0 What the hell?
11:57AM 0 Client W98 doesn't login into a SAMBA Domain
11:04AM 2 attachment test - IGNORE
10:42AM 14 FreeBSD 4.5, Samba 2.2.4_1, W2K client "printer prope rties cannot be displayed"
10:24AM 10 FreeBSD 4.5, Samba 2.2.4_1, W2K client "printer properties cannot be displayed"
10:03AM 2 WINS Retention
8:58AM 1 smbpasswd Question ...
8:50AM 0 Problem running dejaGNU testsuites for samba.
8:19AM 8 problem joining the domain
7:58AM 0 Script Error Log Request ...
7:52AM 0 Samba Configuration on AIX 4.3.3
7:33AM 1 bug for printing with Win2000
7:32AM 0 Filelocking-Problems with Samba and Mars_NWE together
6:55AM 1 Maybe OT, but need help
6:53AM 0 Tuning Samba (speed access to directories with plenty of files)
6:52AM 0 Oplocks are not used ?!
5:46AM 3 Loosing Samba Shares Across Segments
4:23AM 4 Linux and Printing via smbprint
3:52AM 1 Setting ACLs from Win 98 Clients
1:57AM 2 samba through a firewall
1:29AM 1 Effective UID is not 0 in: unable to open passdb database...
Wednesday June 5 2002
11:47PM 1 How to switch from NT to Samba transparently?
10:25PM 1 using "@group_name" in smb.conf
5:37PM 2 smbmount and 2GB limit.
5:04PM 0 Nested DFS shares
4:25PM 1 printing situation in HEAD
4:07PM 9 swat seems broken in HEAD
4:00PM 1 Mounting shares using fstab at bootup
1:53PM 1 Setting the timeout of smbmount
1:15PM 0 Connect to a NT-server from freebsd throught a ppp link
1:01PM 1 Get the SID in secrets.tdb
12:50PM 1 SOLVED! PDC and BDC with LDAP and Samba 2.2.4
12:22PM 13 Welcome to the Linux Magazine newsletter
12:22PM 0 AIX / NT Networking
12:19PM 1 Please Confirm Your Membership to the Linux Magazine newsletter
11:58AM 0 samba-2.2.4
11:42AM 0 Samba questions - updated
10:35AM 0 was Samba PDC and BDC
10:13AM 0 2.2.3a can not print from win98 client
10:11AM 3 Act! database on a Samba server
9:59AM 1 oplock break failures
9:37AM 1 samba AIX / NT network issue
9:25AM 0 Samaba Help Of Course ... If I May
8:37AM 1 Open a W2000 Session in a domain
8:07AM 0 domain or not domain
7:33AM 0 Joining a W2k domain - Could not look up dc's for dom ain
7:28AM 0 System V printing problem
7:19AM 0 Joining a W2k domain - Could not look up dc's for domain
6:32AM 0 funny error message
6:23AM 6 Virus waarschuwing / warning
6:05AM 0 samba 2.4 and win2k clients doesn't work
5:53AM 4 Samba compiled version to rpm package
5:51AM 0 Bericht an =?iso-8859-1?Q?Empf=E4nger?=
5:47AM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OB1_1023280909_ISIS_1 was gene rated
5:42AM 0 Error in smbd and nmbd log files
5:34AM 0 Weird problem in NMBD
5:23AM 0 smbpasswd not found...
4:22AM 0 Printing to Sambaprinter
3:04AM 1 Request on Samba directories
2:21AM 0 Fwd: Re: Setting up share permission
2:18AM 0 homedir %G with windbind
Tuesday June 4 2002
11:43PM 0 Setting up share permission
9:51PM 0 Limb Fitting Centre
9:40PM 0 (including
8:18PM 1 2K/ME/XP Connectivity
7:34PM 0 Filename translation hook
5:50PM 0 samba access permission questions
3:39PM 0 WinXP autority versus WINS server
11:59AM 0 plese help configure error in samba 2.2.4
11:23AM 0 problem with libsmbclient making new netbios names
11:17AM 1 winbind & anonymous access to PDC
10:54AM 1 VFS unavailable on FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE
10:54AM 2 Dangers of oplock break wait time
10:35AM 0 weird problem joining a domain (pdc)
10:24AM 2 Diagnosing Your Samba Server
9:48AM 2 User can't access share
9:27AM 2 Compiling the recycle bin
9:19AM 1 Power outage and now cannot connect
8:56AM 0 Samba & DOS based applicaion issue.
8:41AM 0 filename more than 8 caract
7:55AM 1 [Fwd: Re: [K12OSN] Re: [Lrlug-discuss]emergency....file/directory recovery]
7:38AM 0 smbd, nmbd - not running with otions
6:32AM 5 Trust Domains ...
6:23AM 0 VS: WinXP allows login to expired/forbidden accounts
6:05AM 1 Share using %U -> File already opened
5:51AM 2 PDC and BDC with LDAP and Samba 2.2.4
3:04AM 1 Netatalk connection on Samba machine account - security breach?
2:48AM 0 File truncation/copying problems
2:48AM 1 problem with authentification and winbind
2:16AM 2 subnet browsing crappy solution!
1:04AM 0 Samba 2.2.0 [SuSE 7.2] ignores requests after a while
1:01AM 0 AW: unable to open passdb database
1:00AM 0 Can not join samba domain?
12:41AM 0 authentification problems
Monday June 3 2002
11:38PM 0 (no subject)
11:38PM 0 (no subject)
11:12PM 0 How can I take user's list from Samba?
10:21PM 1 Samba shared files not visible to Windows NT/2000 clients
9:39PM 2 Why can I not see this w2k host (dreaded subnet browsing question)
8:59PM 0 disable automatic mapping of homefolder to Z:
5:33PM 0 WAS: Newbie: can't connect localhost:901 - help
5:06PM 0 How to use recycle bin on FreeBSD 4.5?
4:02PM 2 Help with 2.2.4 binary build
3:54PM 0 Winbind + machine account + non-anonymous access (RestrictAnonymous)
3:01PM 2 Re: [Lrlug-discuss]emergency....file/directory recovery
2:37PM 1 Problem with pam_winbind
1:20PM 2 Win2k Printer Woes Continue
1:19PM 0 Samba in Y2K network
12:26PM 0 smbclient timeout
12:16PM 1 Out of pipe structures
12:00PM 0 more than one samba
11:56AM 1 smb service restart question
11:21AM 3 How are people managing startup/shutdown of winbindd?
11:06AM 0 Mounting NT shares
10:53AM 1 WinXP allows login to expired/forbidden accounts
10:35AM 0 probelm compiling
9:58AM 1 Synchronizing offline files
9:01AM 0 profiles not consistent in where they are stored
8:54AM 0 Samba on Win 2000
8:52AM 0 8 char passwords on Windows XP
8:50AM 0 Weird login behaior with windows 2000
8:45AM 0 Upgrading Linux & Samba
8:36AM 2 Ports that Samba Uses
7:20AM 2 FW: oplock break on excel files using samba 2.2.4
6:47AM 0 Fw:questionnaire
6:24AM 1 oplock break on excel files using samba 2.2.4
6:14AM 2 Inherited permissions problem
6:04AM 2 Help on configuring the samba
5:12AM 0 (Fwd) can't log into domain(samba PDC) with client(win
4:48AM 1 can't log into domain(samba PDC) with client(win2k)
4:24AM 0 smbmount/smbumount problem
3:34AM 0 ACL support - Adding users in NT security tab gives winbindd error message "Can't find domain from sid"
3:34AM 0 ACL support - entries of filesystem acls are not displayed in NT security tab
3:11AM 1 Powerpoint and modification time
2:25AM 1 What is so bad about primaryGroupID=513?
1:29AM 1 Samba as a PDC in a citrix environment
Sunday June 2 2002
11:49PM 0 daemontools supervise and smbd
9:35PM 1 Samba + XP = no go
8:41PM 1 winbind storing PID-1 in file. Cannot use wbinfo.
4:10PM 0 !広告! 新サービス開始に伴う提携のお願い。
11:03AM 2 Mounting and Unmounting shares
10:26AM 0 BDC with LDAP and Samba 2.2.4
8:26AM 0 Error in Samba 2.2.4 and printer Folder
7:45AM 0 Configuring Samba!
3:01AM 0 w2k vs. XP
2:58AM 0 access files via web
1:33AM 1 Spaces in WinME Directory Names
Saturday June 1 2002
12:15PM 1 A small problem for samba on Solaris+gcc
10:34AM 0 W2K & XP applications supported in a SAMBA environment
9:40AM 1 Use windbind to keep same passwords between NT4 DOM and linux email?
4:15AM 0 Problems with file-creating: Wrong access-rights