samba - Aug 2002

Saturday August 31 2002
4:31PM 0 I cant mount samba file system on my server
7:54AM 1 Windows client refuses multiple print copies when printing to samba printer
5:02AM 1 Help with PDC on samba
Friday August 30 2002
12:59PM 0 how to authenticate with ldap groups
12:02PM 0 Erro while connection or restarting Samba
11:39AM 1 winbind in samba-2.2.5
10:24AM 0 Windows NT PDC and Samba PDC cross subnet browsing?
10:08AM 1 PANIC, Samba 2.2.3a-6
8:59AM 1 confusing name mangling results
8:56AM 0 umlaut character in username
8:51AM 2 Help with Multi stream files
6:16AM 0 iis-5
5:13AM 0 (no subject)
4:06AM 2 Authenticating users over samba
3:42AM 1 Tool for testing
2:38AM 0 winbind ans W2k Domain
1:54AM 1 cupsaddsmb - problem
1:40AM 4 Enhancement of wbinfo in samba2.2.6pre2
12:48AM 1 Appletalk printing through Samba
12:27AM 0 corrupt NTUSER.DAT
12:03AM 0 _spoolss_addform: denied by handle permissions -samba-2.2.6pre2
12:01AM 1 Problem on mount.smbfs
Thursday August 29 2002
9:54PM 1 Problems with joining NT Domain
7:30PM 1 test RPMS for RedHat 6.2 & 7.3
6:38PM 0 Change the character
6:09PM 1 Why is this failing???
1:06PM 0 SID translation taking inordinate amount of time
11:49AM 0 samba 2.2.3a multiples errors with a w2k +SP3
11:41AM 1 trouble saving files to network shares in win2k
10:39AM 0 Help need with communication to NT Domain
10:33AM 1 Need Help: Sometimes Stop during smbd start
9:19AM 0 bug printing with Windows XP? bug using a home directory with a username with spaces?
9:03AM 1 Limit on name size for cloned home directories?
7:26AM 1 samba-2.2.6pre2 snapshot available
6:35AM 0 Samba and Win2k Terminal Services
5:48AM 0 problem changing permissions
5:43AM 1 For those who have problems logging off and writing the profiles with w2k
5:41AM 0 Domain Issue
4:27AM 0 New to the list and possible dumb question
3:24AM 1 Starting an both port 139 and 445
3:21AM 1 weird loop selecting print driver from w2k client w/ samba 2.2.5 w/ patches
2:49AM 2 simple LDAP question
1:31AM 1 recycle bin feature in smb
1:29AM 1 tmp files problem
12:13AM 0 Where is the smbclient???
Wednesday August 28 2002
11:57PM 0 Additional info on loopback, UDP, session request failed
11:55PM 1 Download Samba
11:50PM 0 Windows XP - mandatory Profiles
11:29PM 3 samba / ldap
10:40PM 0 Problem with "hide unreadable = yes" in Samba 2.2.5
7:05PM 1 Samba and BDC
5:21PM 0 Someone *still* likes you - Come get your CLUE!
1:58PM 0 Strange problem with file locking (so it seems)
1:23PM 0 disable roaming profiles and still have a home drive
12:08PM 1 Printing patch
10:35AM 1 SAMBA: umask
10:16AM 0 RV: win/linux connect problem
10:06AM 1 Problems with mapping drives
9:26AM 0 Weird Samba Browsing Problem
7:47AM 1 rpcclient regenum
7:46AM 0 Profile problem :-(
7:23AM 1 Re: samba-2.2.5-printing.patch (Llu'is Batlle)
7:05AM 0 Complete newbie to this, but....
6:15AM 0 NT Domain Controllers, samba, and Win2k clients
5:55AM 2 Win2000SP3 can't connect to Samba
5:29AM 0 username with spaces
4:50AM 1 samba with IPX/SPX support
4:34AM 0 Need help HPUX11 and winbind (pwgetent)
3:32AM 3 problems writing to profile share when updating from samba 2.2.3a to 2.2.5
3:03AM 2 strange problem printing to windows box
2:08AM 1 Special Characters in smbmount
1:59AM 1 2.999 unable to join domain - update
1:29AM 3 samba-2.2.5-printing.patch
12:17AM 3 win/linux connect problem
12:02AM 1 AW: duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & s amba-2.2.5]
Tuesday August 27 2002
11:16PM 6 Roaming profile problems
9:30PM 0 FW: Test 3 failing ...
7:24PM 1 cumulative printing patch for 2.2.5
1:13PM 2 unicode
11:34AM 0 NT security dialog
11:17AM 0 root preexec
10:56AM 2 unsubcribe
10:26AM 0 Sharing a printer across workgroups
9:11AM 0 NetBSD samba-2.2.5 \\Brutus not accessible
8:57AM 0 winbindd not creating local pipe file
8:19AM 0 win2k: "printer port is not installed"
8:11AM 0 samba domain, plus password synchronization.
7:13AM 2 smbclient broken in 2.2.6pre CVS (20020824)
7:09AM 0 Re: Honey
5:27AM 2 Browsing some directories
5:15AM 0 2.999 unable to join domain
4:57AM 1 smbpasswd with a postscript error
4:42AM 0 User not privileged to join domain.
4:37AM 2 Rookie Question - Change Computer Name
4:09AM 1 Pb downloading driver
3:57AM 1 tdb failure when attempting to use Samba
3:33AM 4 Strange MS-Access Problems with Samba 2.2.1a
2:39AM 3 Local mount of Win shares.
Monday August 26 2002
11:48PM 0 Where do /var/log/samba/* get there name from?
9:42PM 0 informational
7:04PM 1 Winbind + smb.conf -- adding "Domain Users" as a valid user
6:59PM 0 Question : Is Synchronization of Samba Password with Linux Password is possible?
4:01PM 6 ACL support?
11:19AM 0 samba 2.2.5 pdc and windows xp pro
11:03AM 0 Migrating to windows 2000
9:39AM 0 Virus Found in message "Japanese lass' sexy pictures"
9:27AM 0 linux and w2k laptops on a switch - how to get this working?
8:45AM 0 SAMBA Workgroup/NT Domain question
8:40AM 1 Win2K: "access denied" from samba printer
8:22AM 1 SWAT and SuSE 8
8:01AM 1 Having login problems
7:06AM 1 Printer error: The data area passed to a system call is too small. ???
7:02AM 2 Homedrive mapping
6:45AM 0 SWAT - Problems
6:02AM 0 Solaris 9 for sparc
5:35AM 0 read & write permission
5:13AM 0 samba + acl + xfs on debian woody
3:45AM 2 w2k and samba, printer properties hourglasses forver after driver upload + OK
3:03AM 0 directory rights ( again )
2:58AM 1 samba prints to WinME printer
12:10AM 0 Test 3 failing ...
Sunday August 25 2002
9:15PM 0 tool to analyse logfiles
8:54PM 3 How do I create a globally accessible directory [partly solved] (XP works/98 doesn't)
8:29PM 1 Why is an extra 'home' dir showing up?
6:09PM 2 (no subject)
1:13PM 0 a question...
12:52PM 0 strange: failing upload of special profile-dirs
10:39AM 0 Samba build on solaris 9
10:23AM 0 nmbd install clean up
9:55AM 2 About using root...
9:13AM 2 Samba for FreeBSD
8:56AM 0 slow write speed
8:42AM 2 Trouble building Samba 2.2.5 of Solaris 9
6:28AM 0 NMBD, Roaming Profiles not working after upgrade!!!
4:30AM 3 Installing 2.2.5 latest on Mandrake 8
Saturday August 24 2002
5:52PM 1 Virtual servers - multiple sambas
6:58AM 0 Samba Login Problem
Friday August 23 2002
6:01PM 1 smbmount how to?
3:54PM 1 Newbie question, Making samba use the /etc/passwd file instead of smbpasswd
2:08PM 1 Sync Unix passwords when not PDC
1:36PM 0 Questions about Domain Controllers
10:41AM 1 Can't upload printer driver from property sheet.
9:35AM 1 Samba | Windows FindNextChangeNotification API call
9:04AM 2 Random "File Not Found" errors Using Samba, Works on NetApp
8:57AM 1 samba-ntdom list missing
8:05AM 1 Logo Use
6:21AM 0 Samba, HSM and Windows 2000 Data Center.
5:19AM 0 three samba questions
4:41AM 0 File Locks & Network Neighborhood
4:09AM 0 Re-2: Winbind Auth with 2K ADS Domain Problems
4:03AM 0 企业最低廉的宣传手段 samba
1:23AM 1 Samba won't share: ?nmblookup problem
1:01AM 1 Config problems (?)
12:20AM 0 trust relationship with SAMBA 3.0 alpha19
12:14AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday August 22 2002
11:50PM 3 samba-2.2.5.rpm for SuSE 7.3
11:48PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and LDAP start_tls
10:32PM 2 SAMBA on HP-UX specific problem: Write Delay Failures! Why?!
8:31PM 0 Request
6:18PM 1 A few doubts I need to ask
4:59PM 1 File Copying Logs
2:44PM 0 Why do I have to have guest ok?
2:35PM 1 Thanks.
1:59PM 2 Winbind Auth with 2K ADS Domain Problems
1:54PM 3 print job name
10:45AM 0 can't access home dirs from winxp
10:36AM 1 accessing linux box via my network places
8:43AM 1 Re-Creating Windows Profiles After SAMBA Migration
8:38AM 5 Roaming Profiles Dead
8:32AM 7 a "hidden" setting for a samba server
7:59AM 2 HELP: XP cannot login to Samba 2.2.5
7:28AM 4 trouble printing to samba share
7:15AM 3 using pam_winbind to authenticate PPP?
6:15AM 0 NDS and Samba
5:26AM 0 samba 3.0-alpha19
5:14AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 DC: problem with groups
5:07AM 2 NT4 WINS Server forgets samba servers
5:00AM 0 Domain Login Error: "ADVANCED INF INSTALL error"
4:16AM 0 cygwin hangin in a ls vall using samba
3:32AM 1 Can't log in... more
3:23AM 2 Two domains in the same subnetwork.
3:21AM 2 Can't browse workgroup
3:00AM 1 ntadmin group
2:45AM 1 Samba/LDAP/RID
1:17AM 1 Solaris Binary Packages
12:33AM 1 Can't log in
Wednesday August 21 2002
10:46PM 0 Problems of sync of roaming profiles
10:38PM 0 SID on Samba and Windows XP
9:31PM 0 [ Samba ] Profile Sync Problems
9:29PM 0 Access denied on samba printer
8:04PM 0 odd errors in log files: service name trucation
7:56PM 0 Can't join windows XP to samba 2.2.3a
5:18PM 0 Problem building samba 2.2.5 on Solaris 9
12:59PM 1 can't browse server by name
12:57PM 1 Browsing from My network places in XP
12:43PM 0 ADVANCED INF INSTALL error: "%Remove_nodir_error%
12:37PM 0 on installing the package
12:29PM 1 Basic SAMBA configuration help
12:17PM 0 samba slowness
12:09PM 3 (no subject)
10:51AM 0 Error in log.nmbd (read this one)
10:11AM 0 Samba Install - problems joining Win2K domain
9:57AM 0 Error in log.nmbd
9:37AM 0 Cannot map drive...
9:27AM 1 Printing w/ CUPS
8:42AM 0 HEAD/TNG Problems.
8:35AM 0 filelocking how to ...
8:09AM 2 WINS and lmhosts
6:07AM 0 Authentication Errors
3:55AM 2 search in ldap
3:46AM 0 sqlserver-connect fails with smb-domainuser, but ...
2:36AM 1 Groupmember of more than 32 Groups
2:15AM 0 Error connecting to IPC$
12:34AM 0 Too many open files - Please help me ...
Tuesday August 20 2002
11:29PM 0 Access WinNT Shared Printer for users of Samba but not on WinNT machine
11:09PM 0 SMB restarting command on Mac OS X
10:23PM 0 Printing Permissions
10:14PM 0 Shares not visible to Win2K users.
8:08PM 1 pam_smbpass
6:34PM 1 (no subject)
6:21PM 1 winbind initgroups problem with 2.2.5 on RH 7.2
5:28PM 1 samba authentication not auth'ing
3:40PM 0 ADDENDUM: Procedure number is out of range
3:34PM 0 HELP: Procedure number is out of range
1:27PM 1 what's wrong here? it is a problem?
1:09PM 0 samba and darwin/macos x
12:56PM 2 My Documents folder and roaming profiles.
12:15PM 6 load balancing CIFS/Samba
11:09AM 0 re:samba file share tricks
10:59AM 1 PDC to LDAP migration
9:30AM 1 SPAM on the list
9:25AM 1 Win 98 - Red Hat 7.3 Samba connection
9:20AM 0 WinNT4 and Win2000 different behaviour authenticating to printer shares ?
9:16AM 3 RH 7.3 + Samba DC
8:48AM 0 Argh! Severe driver problems
8:13AM 0 Samba share and windows 98 problem
8:11AM 0 samba 2.2.5 and WinXP
8:09AM 0 How does smbd remove a file?
7:51AM 0 Problems with Control M
5:35AM 1 ldap authentification suddenly fails partially
4:51AM 1 Web Sites
4:23AM 2 Upgrade broke file locking
4:15AM 0 domain policy applying
3:34AM 0 Strange problem, seems to be authentication related...
3:30AM 2 "admin user =" problems
3:12AM 1 explain please? was: pblms with samba 2.X /3.x and NT--W2k
2:25AM 0 ldap question
2:15AM 1 Offline File Syncing
12:30AM 0 is admin privilege on nt required for user add to work?
12:19AM 0 Nuevo Ruteador Linksys con Net2Phone
Monday August 19 2002
11:38PM 2 Access Denied when changing ACLs from W2000 client
11:04PM 1 Samba/Winbind
10:41PM 4 Error when logging off a W2K Client!
9:27PM 2 Samba 2.2.5 with Filemaker Pro 5.5 Databases
6:18PM 0 Trouble killing NMBD Processes
4:37PM 0 OS X Setup Woes
3:14PM 0 common passwd authentication
1:46PM 1 force duplex mode for Apple LW8500 printer
1:44PM 0 Conversion Issues with W2K sp3
12:54PM 0 extra page printing
12:38PM 0 am I doing somting wrong? Version 3.0-alpha19
12:20PM 0 imposible to save roaming profiles correctly
11:39AM 2 angry red X's & disconnected drives
11:27AM 0 Problem Sharing disks to a W2K client
10:46AM 1 Unable to join NT domain from Solaris 9.
10:44AM 2 embedded spaces in group names
10:42AM 0 RedHat + XP workgroup
10:10AM 3 Samba on NT domain
9:57AM 1 smaba 2.2.5 and acls on XFS
8:52AM 3 pblms with samba 2.X /3.x and NT--W2k
8:44AM 1 Join Domain to SAMBA from Win2K
8:07AM 1 RPM build errors-Possible Bug?
8:05AM 0 Samba server identify
7:57AM 0 Whereis "nt acl support = no"
7:19AM 1 Caching along linux->win smbmount?
7:09AM 0 Pause in file transfers while printing,
6:49AM 0 HP-UX 11.0 to HP-UX 11 i
6:48AM 2 Samba Server Problem
6:39AM 1 extra user logs
6:36AM 0 join domain problem with Samba 3.0 alpha18
6:34AM 0 samba user add command requires NT administrative priviledges
6:22AM 1 IPC$ share
5:45AM 3 Printers Always Paused - A Solution
5:33AM 0 Trust relationships between NT and Samba?
5:18AM 3 Windows Fax Client
4:28AM 0 Synchronisation of roaming profiles
4:06AM 1 Centrally stored policies with group settings
2:08AM 2 Applying ACL patches
2:06AM 0 Aktualisierung des Serverprofils fehlgeschlagen!
1:55AM 1 Samba 3.0 and client code page
Sunday August 18 2002
11:36PM 0 Samba DC issue
10:58PM 2 Are these BUGS? anyone experienced either of these?
10:35PM 1 openssl and samba
10:27PM 3 Challenge to experts: Is archive bit so difficult?
8:19PM 2 Sharing a CD-RW
5:16PM 0 NT domain workstation -> workgroup samba server problems.
4:20PM 1 Paying Gig with Samba Client
2:02PM 1 András Megyes/DatCenOp/IT/KHB/HU házon kívül van.
12:21PM 1 [2.2 CVS] wrong message
10:31AM 1 Problem logging into Samba
4:27AM 0 why password sync didn't work for me
12:35AM 0 Win2000 and XP can't join Samba(CVS)-Domain
Saturday August 17 2002
10:59PM 0 Windows XP - Samba Problem
7:33PM 0 Net use doesn't
2:14PM 0 Specify port in Windows
12:11PM 1 integrating win2k and redhat linux
12:08PM 0 Samba 2.2.4 + Win2K Printing Problem
11:52AM 1 UDP listening
11:01AM 0 SAMBA and WIN2K server/domain
8:38AM 1 Samba 3 stable approximate release date?
5:04AM 0 Return Message
4:24AM 1 Defunct shares won't go away
4:12AM 0 Help: Browsing
12:37AM 1 ͨÓÃÍøÖ·-----Ö±½ÓÊäÈëÆóÒµ¡¢²úÆ·¡¢ÍøÕ¾µÄÃû³Æ£¬¼´¿ÉÖ±´ïÄ¿±êÍøÕ¾
Friday August 16 2002
11:58PM 0 SAMBA server not showing up in the APW
6:07PM 0 Help: Adding printer drivers by RPC fails (NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)
2:45PM 0 win98 vs win2k client performance
12:22PM 0 XP file locking
12:02PM 0 Mapping "My Documents" to home directories for Domain Logins
12:00PM 1 Re: (2.2.5) Does AUTO PRINTER DRIVERS work - definitive statement please (Trevor Fraser)
11:45AM 1 pam_mount and winbindd
11:31AM 1 Samba Won't start on Boot.
10:29AM 2 samba & exchange
9:03AM 2 change_to_user: Invalid vuid used 101
6:36AM 0 Domain Logins in WinXP -- Visual Studio.NET Problems
6:09AM 3 IPC$ service
6:04AM 0 RPM build errors:
5:56AM 0 RE: 1st thought: was: help (Still) w2k pro no longer trusted by 2.2.3 pdc
5:47AM 0 Support multiple NT domains.
5:01AM 0 Access WinNT Server via Samba.
4:10AM 0 help (Still) w2k pro no longer trusted by 2.2.3 pdc
4:03AM 0 Printing to Windows on SCO
4:00AM 3 unix_group.214783404
12:01AM 1 Fw: Directory missing on RH 7.3
Thursday August 15 2002
10:56PM 0 Small Bug with username map (2.2.5)
9:23PM 0 Samba MiniConf at LCA 2003
8:56PM 0 Gizli cekim
8:21PM 0 backup of directories with ACL
7:49PM 0 OT - Jeremy Allison leads Geeks to victory
6:49PM 0 (no subject)
4:23PM 6 (2.2.5) Does AUTO PRINTER DRIVERS work - definitive statement please
1:42PM 0 Samba 2.2.5 Winbind Issues
12:12PM 2 Question on Accessing Samba Shares from a Windows XP Pro box...
11:19AM 1 Latest CVS 2.3+ version
11:06AM 0 (no subject)
10:48AM 2 Directory missing on RH 7.3
10:28AM 1 Connecting Linux Desktop to NT network
9:51AM 0 Win2000/share browsing performance problem
9:40AM 0 wierd performance problem
9:16AM 1 finding broadcast addresses.
8:03AM 1 rid and uid on ldap pdc
7:39AM 5 REPOST: queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won' t work
7:01AM 2 Samba Speed Problem
6:40AM 0 README.Win2KSP2
5:38AM 2 Power Failures or Spikes
4:46AM 0 REPOST: queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won't work
4:44AM 0 Windows XP does not prompt for password for shared printer
4:27AM 0 Re: openswan no more?
3:58AM 3 [2] Samba for a Corporate File Server?
2:36AM 0 segmentation fault (smbclient)
2:08AM 2 WERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if more than 21 printers on enumprinters
1:28AM 0 Join to domain. Unknown problem :(
12:02AM 1 Winbind in Samba 2.2.5 not automatically mapping the NT users with corresponding UNIX accounts
Wednesday August 14 2002
11:32PM 2 Applying a Patch.
11:16PM 2 Bug? Seg. Fault
11:04PM 0 AD and PWDump?
10:41PM 0 samba between win2000 and linux
9:35PM 1 Status of Printer Driver Settings
9:25PM 0 Unable to connect to samba server at another subnet
4:34PM 0 Error message: smbd/sec_ctx.c:set_sec_ctx(3)
2:41PM 0 winbindd authentication errors from AD server account expired
2:24PM 1 Re: How to setup VPN share
12:04PM 0 samba3.0a18 "net ads join" core dumped - bug?
11:03AM 0 File Permission problems after upgrade
10:56AM 0 Adding Users on the system.
10:43AM 1 WinXP Login/Share Problem
10:32AM 1 Samba download Performance problems
10:14AM 2 Samba isn't functional here?? Or my settings??
9:55AM 0 Winbind in Samba 2.2.5 not automatically mapping the NT users wit h corresponding UNIX accounts
8:37AM 1 Browse Master
8:33AM 0 .exe file executes while read only in samba share
7:06AM 0 Newbie - RedHat 7.2, Samba 2.2.5 problem - I'm begging here
6:59AM 1 ACL in Linux and AIX
6:51AM 0 Instalar o samba no sco-unix
6:34AM 1 Mounting WIN2K user space on RH 7.3 Box
6:14AM 1 pam_mount: /etc/fstab or suid root smbmount?
4:51AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and ACL
4:46AM 2 Newbie problem with smbmount & >2GB files
4:36AM 1 File Type recognition
4:26AM 1 NT 4.0 Server to Samba migration
3:57AM 0 Problem with add to domain still exists :(
3:32AM 0 winbind template homedir
1:50AM 1 How to mount WindowsNT disks onto Solaris workstation
1:28AM 1 Changing ACLs
1:23AM 5 samba & acl & xfs
1:02AM 1 Firewall, PDC and access restriction
12:08AM 0 AW: Installation of samba server in solaris
Tuesday August 13 2002
11:46PM 0 Problem with win95 osr2 & samba
11:17PM 2 Win2k explorer.exe dies when dealing with printers
10:58PM 0 Installation of samba server in solaris
10:56PM 0 Samba/Linux - Password synchronization problem - solved!!!
10:39PM 1 backup of file server
8:37PM 0 Domain Admins group not working
6:08PM 1 Pause in access of realtime file transfers when printing
5:18PM 1 FW: how to refrain users from deleting files
4:49PM 2 FW: Password change on Windows 2000 clients not working
3:50PM 1 Windows XP domain logons with Samba as PDC - trust relationship problems
2:20PM 1 another printing question
1:38PM 0 Winbind smbd NT Groups
12:48PM 1 w2k pro no longer trusted by 2.2.3 pdc
11:46AM 0 Periodic Winbindd failure
11:26AM 4 Can't Connect to Swat
11:06AM 1 Internal error when using NIS+ with Samba 2.2.1a on Solaris 5.8
11:00AM 0 UTF-8 (or UCS2) in the output
10:20AM 3 Possibly a bug
9:14AM 0 AW: AW: Unable to open configuration file "/etc/smb.conf" (or whe reve r i specify)
9:00AM 0 smbclient reports a w98 as master
8:45AM 1 Migrating NT files (with users/groups) to Linux Samba with ACL kernel patch.
8:04AM 1 Re: Drive Mapping issue on W2K (Trey Nolen)
8:02AM 2 AW: Unable to open configuration file "/etc/smb.conf" (or whereve r i specify)
7:40AM 2 Additional printer drivers
7:31AM 2 WinXP can’t connect Samba_Server which can connect WinXP for files sharing
7:18AM 1 ACL: need additional samba option ?
6:53AM 1 Problem with samba and screen saver
6:51AM 1 Fw: Configure samba for remote requests...
6:42AM 1 Performance problems in XP
6:35AM 0 Configure samba for remote requests...
6:04AM 1 [OT] Mail List Question
5:56AM 1 pwdMustChange ignored in Samba 2.2.5, SAMBA_2_2?
5:34AM 2 Samba killing windows spool service
5:17AM 1 compile problem samba-2.2.6pre1
5:10AM 1 Too Many Files Open
5:00AM 1 Samba/Cups Newbie question...
4:54AM 0 AW: Simple and Stupid Share...
4:34AM 1 RES: Simple and Stupid Share...
3:49AM 2 Samba 2.2.3a on HP-UX 10.20
2:07AM 4 Samba for a Corporate File Server?
1:52AM 2 Word and samba
1:33AM 0 Problems with DOS Archiv Bit
1:13AM 0 LDAP/Samba
1:09AM 1 Mounting past the share level (\\server\share\path)
1:01AM 2 AW: Unable to open configuration file "/etc/smb.conf"
12:47AM 0 failed to set gid
12:24AM 1 Help: Need whatsnew.txt from v2.0 to v2.2
Monday August 12 2002
11:06PM 1 AW: add user script going Horribly Wrong (tm)
11:01PM 1 Samba print share.
10:57PM 1 Samba/Linux - Password synchronization problem
9:43PM 0 Problems with samba under HPUX
9:09PM 0 Samba+Solaris+printer sharing
7:50PM 1 79.00FE error on HP8150DN
6:08PM 0 printers not working, nmbd not dying
1:57PM 0 Es-Peri.Com
1:38PM 6 Unable to open configuration file "/etc/smb.conf"
1:11PM 1 security = server & Win2k PDC
1:09PM 1 windows XP native printer driver upload
11:17AM 4 Simple and Stupid Share...
10:15AM 1 Can I use smbclient to run EXEs?
9:40AM 0 Incorrect User/Password
9:20AM 0 Samba SCO Openserver Printer Install?
8:53AM 1 windows spooler crashing
8:19AM 0 NT BDC on SAMBA-LDAP Domain
7:23AM 0 samba authentication with Netscape Directory Server
7:11AM 0 add user script going Horribly Wrong (tm)
6:47AM 1 Update -- Username to SID translation on Security Tab
5:47AM 5 Why does this logon-script not work under Win9x ?
5:08AM 2 PDC roaming profiles and templates
4:32AM 0 tdb_mmap
4:30AM 1 PCL vs. PCL 6
4:27AM 0 AW: AW: Samba tries to contact external IP ?
4:23AM 3 Winbind cannot find/connect to PDC.
3:24AM 0 administrator account on pdc is locked by samba
2:21AM 0 Pb with windbind and groups
1:56AM 1 Possible bug!!
1:54AM 2 ACL settings
1:20AM 0 Unable to open new log file /usr/local/samba/var/log.smbd: Too many open files
1:18AM 1 Function address causes a protection fault.
Sunday August 11 2002
10:07PM 0 Password Size Limit
7:46PM 0 BackupPC 1.5.0 released (backup to disk for WinXX/Linux/Unix)
7:03PM 0 using shared printer connected to win2k?
6:48PM 0 how to refrain users from deleting files
6:11PM 1 Password change on Windows 2000 clients not working
3:16PM 0 Locking problem reported when starting smbd on a second systen!
12:54PM 1 Samba Open Server 5 package?
12:47PM 0 Windows shares, smbclient and missing files
10:12AM 0 samba pdc redhat 7.3
9:57AM 0 Ukrainian character "i" in Samba 2.2.5
9:17AM 1 debian samba with ldap support
8:26AM 1 Samba on Red Hat 7.2
12:45AM 0 Displaying Chinese characters in filenames
12:15AM 0 Problems installing printerdriver after successful upload to samba-2.2.5
Saturday August 10 2002
8:03PM 1 Samba wont let me connect
4:01PM 1 mount and user
3:59PM 1 Drive Mapping issue on W2K
3:02PM 0 Installing printers via the Login Script
2:13PM 4 File Not Found Errors
2:09PM 2 Samba Printing + LPRng Issues
1:35PM 2 config problems
12:20PM 1 SAMBA 2.2.5 & Solaris 8
10:14AM 1 question about PDC & permissions
5:47AM 4 Samba PDC and Word
5:12AM 1 Samba 2.2.x PDC code small corrections
5:06AM 0 Work?
5:04AM 1 Mount Shared directory in Win2k
5:01AM 0 Dead link?
4:58AM 1 How to mount a resource with non ascii chars??
4:43AM 4 2.2.5, Sol 2.8, W2k - Printers...Status: Access Denied unable to connect - ??
4:40AM 2 ps2pdf "Print command" script trouble
4:35AM 0 weird username mappings in samba 2.2.5
4:23AM 0 authenticates but won't login
4:18AM 0 Why can't my backup user log in to the share?
4:15AM 0 queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won't work
4:09AM 0 (no subject)
4:00AM 0 compiling 2.2.5 with cups
3:55AM 0 variable replacements
3:44AM 4 Connection Refuse
3:39AM 0 Sorry to see you go.
Friday August 9 2002
5:08AM 0 swat files not found !
12:43AM 0 README
Thursday August 8 2002
9:39PM 1 Can not access linux printer from windows
9:36PM 0 Bad NT connection problems!
8:57PM 1 Create samba user in batch
4:25PM 4 Fail to login to WinXP via SAMBA PDC
1:43PM 1 Using Samba between Unix and Unix.
1:30PM 1 LDAP Domain Trust
1:20PM 0 removed parameters for 2.2.1
12:46PM 0 Non running DOS programs from path with long names
12:08PM 0 Winbind help on FreeBSD
11:57AM 0 Fw: MSDFS Error with Windows 2000
11:50AM 1 samba & gateway
11:50AM 1 Permission nightmares
11:02AM 0 after 2.2.5 upgrade, change_trust_account_password fails
10:29AM 0 Win. 9x Printer Problem solved
9:36AM 1 Win 9x printer problem
9:06AM 0 excessive Unique name registration
9:04AM 1 SetPrinter failures
7:34AM 1 Samba PDC and Powerusers
6:30AM 2 Problems with Samba 2.2.5 and Solaris 8
5:50AM 2 Samba and AIX Version 5.1
5:47AM 2 Printing to XP printer
4:50AM 2 Connectivity problems...
4:27AM 0 Samba Server not found through broadcasting
3:43AM 2 Samba PDC and Citrix Metaframe
Wednesday August 7 2002
11:29PM 0 Version 3.0
7:34PM 0 Old Samba - New Solaris - Max. number of Groups?
7:20PM 0 Fw: Win XP, Samba PDC, Profile Question
7:05PM 0 smb message to Instant Message gateway?
5:22PM 2 Samba PDC Problems??
5:08PM 1 Folder Creation Errors
4:22PM 0 Newbie with quest (tions)
3:50PM 3 Netbios Ping in Solaris??
2:59PM 1 Help/Note: Bug in samba-2.2.5/msdfs
1:50PM 3 Removing Printer Driver on Samba 2.2.5 using rpcclient
1:45PM 1 /etc/rc3.d/S85Samba
12:13PM 0 MSDFS Error with Windows 2000
8:42AM 0 Culling dead smbd's?
8:37AM 0 Windows XP Pro accessing Network Shares
8:07AM 0 Help needed on smbmount
7:48AM 1 Setting up a PDC + multiple BDCs across subnets
7:32AM 0 wins lookup is broken
6:51AM 2 can't pause a samba shared printer from w2k pc
6:11AM 0 FW: Samba and *groan* Windows XP Home problems!
5:43AM 0 ltsp winbindd and kernels
5:35AM 0 Fiile Permissions on samba shares
4:16AM 0 Subject: winbindd ping failing
3:23AM 0 Compiling Samba 2.2.5 on Tru64 UNIX
3:09AM 2 print$ on merlin - Paused
2:15AM 0 Which Samba Version for winbind and Solaris 9
1:52AM 0 Samba server not responding to nbtstat / net map requests...
1:44AM 0 [ [PATCH] pam_winbind bug]
1:39AM 1 [PATCH] pam_winbind bug
1:36AM 1 PDC user manager + transferring accounts from NT
1:32AM 2 REPOST: Samba 2.2.5 under Debian 3.0 i386: Still frequent connections.tdb corruption
1:24AM 4 still winbind! plz...
Tuesday August 6 2002
11:46PM 0 Fwd: Re: Samba in a MS Active Directory Services Environment
11:45PM 0 Fwd: Re: samba 2.x and password history
11:44PM 0 Fwd: Re: Incorrect password error
11:37PM 0 samba shares being disconnected on w2k clients
10:41PM 0 Incorrect password error
7:38PM 2 domain logons - help
7:07PM 0 error installing from source.
4:56PM 2 RedHat 7.3 smbmount
3:56PM 0 smbclient for AIX 5L
2:59PM 0 Samba as PDC questions
1:51PM 0 samba 2.x and password history
1:39PM 0 problem with option "hide unreadable" in Samba 2.2.4 and 2.2.5
1:15PM 0 problem with dos readonly attributes and inherit permissions = yes
1:06PM 1 stuck in a loop?
11:54AM 2 Need a 'no password required' configuration
9:13AM 0 Consolidating multiple domain controllers?
9:09AM 0 Samba server can't see WinME
9:06AM 3 Samba Print Driver Errors
8:19AM 0 Samba in a MS Active Directory Services Environment
8:05AM 6 Samba and *groan* Windows XP Home problems!
7:21AM 1 Intermittent failures mapping drives.. need debugging help/sugges tions
7:00AM 1 Samba client segmentation fault on huge SMB file systems
4:59AM 2 Samba printers published in AD?....folders too!
4:51AM 1 Print share using hpoj.
4:09AM 1 Unable to reregister samba server with Primary Domain Controller
3:45AM 0 [Fwd: CVS update: samba/source/registry]
3:40AM 1 AW: Samba tries to contact external IP ?
2:51AM 1 winbind trouble...
1:02AM 0 pam_winbind bug?
1:01AM 0 pwdump for ASU (Advanced Server for Unix) needed!
12:29AM 0 Samba tries to contact external IP ?
12:05AM 0 'incorrect parameter' on 9x login
Monday August 5 2002
11:47PM 1 Problems compiling on QNX
11:34PM 0 use client driver?
5:55PM 1 Samba printers published in AD?
3:48PM 1 samba pdc- dialin allowed flag?
3:26PM 1 Samba & Windows 2000
2:19PM 0 Weird problem with share
2:13PM 0 winbindd and dir creation problems
1:47PM 1 sp3 Windows 2000?
1:45PM 0 Samba PDC/98/2k/XP plus NIS
1:38PM 1 Has anyone seen this before?
12:56PM 0 Is offline folder sync possible with Samba?
12:22PM 0 Printing: most printers work, one doesn't?
11:05AM 1 Samba 3.0-alpha 18 - Swat doesn't work.
10:14AM 0 oplock_break messages in logs after 2.2.5 upgrade
10:07AM 0 smbsh: as root ls works, cd does not!
9:59AM 1 winbindd ping failing
8:26AM 1 smbmount: mount option "noauto" causes codepage and/or iocharset to fail
7:43AM 2 Samba Printing with CUPS
7:28AM 0 w2k print to samba problems
6:22AM 1 samba pdc and winbindd on same server?
6:09AM 0 pam_winbind problem
5:52AM 0 Help with browser
5:36AM 3 Two versions of Samba?
4:44AM 1 cannot compile pam_winbind
4:20AM 0 printing to windows with cups
4:12AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 and wrong rights after relogin
2:50AM 1 Problem in 3.0a18 (join computers to domain (W2k))
2:39AM 0 syntax error
2:02AM 1 Saving & Upgrading Samba domain data.
1:14AM 1 locking db corruption with 2.2.5?
12:56AM 1 {long} smbd maxes CPU when returning user details and loops...
Sunday August 4 2002
6:45PM 4 Help! Mysterious samba problem...
5:44PM 0 Unescape(aCrumb
4:08PM 2 PAM session trouble
12:30PM 2 Getting printer into w2k
11:47AM 0 Posix locking question
11:02AM 2 can someone PLEASE tell me how to mount a share with all stuff world
6:29AM 0 Re:samba digest, Vol 1 #1482 - 16 msgs
3:55AM 2 read/write problem - access denied - Red Hat 7.3 - XP connection
1:39AM 1 "Denied Access" when using APW?????? HELP!!!!
1:25AM 1 WebMin vs SWAT
Saturday August 3 2002
11:34PM 0 Japanese Characters between Linux Server to Mac OS X Client
10:05PM 0 Swat & mac os x
8:39PM 1 RE: winbind and gdm on RH7.3
8:27PM 1 Desperately needing help with Samba
12:21PM 0 Fw: Samba 3.0-alpha 18 with ldapsam backend and primary gid of user?
11:50AM 0 X-Windows Login Auth with WINBIND?
11:26AM 0 Samba 3.0-alpha 18 with ldapsam backend and primary gid of user?
10:52AM 2 Uploading Printer Drivers with XP
9:01AM 0 DFS
7:26AM 0 Re: Winbind patch fixes broken client. Please have a look.
4:14AM 2 Password Expiration when using LDAP
3:22AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 under Debian 3.0 i386: Still frequent connections.tdb corruption
Friday August 2 2002
11:23PM 1 Print Properties will not open on a Samba shared printer
5:32PM 0 Fax, Samba and CUPS
5:27PM 1 can someone PLEASE tell me how to mount a share with all stuff world writable?
4:19PM 0 LDAP & Samba help
1:43PM 1 ShellClassInfo
1:35PM 1 WINDOWS Security on a share
12:54PM 1 Replacing Microsoft on the server side :-)
12:35PM 1 Winbind creates linux folders?
12:09PM 0 NCR/BASS RBX Version
11:28AM 0 does anyone have group mapping in head working?
10:38AM 1 NT, 2000, and XP can print - 9x can't!
9:11AM 0 Transfering multiple files within one rsync session -revised
9:00AM 0 Canot find host
8:59AM 1 Local device name already in use
8:59AM 1 AIX as PDC: troubles with length of usernames.
8:59AM 0 'Security' parameter puzzle
8:51AM 3 CD-RW Sharing
8:49AM 0 sharing with apple macs
8:24AM 0 Forced/Automatic Password Change for Win98/XP
6:22AM 1 mysql authentication
4:10AM 1 Network Mandrake Linux with Windows XP
3:05AM 2 I have a few different problems with samba 2.2.5 PLEASE HELP
2:17AM 0 winbind & usernames with Swedish characters
2:05AM 1 {samba digest, Vol 1 #1475 - 26 msgs} Outlook/Express Crawling with Domains
1:38AM 1 Disabling accounts on a Samba PDC
1:27AM 0 Problem printing on Windows 2000
1:07AM 0 help samba shares being disconnected on w2k clients
Thursday August 1 2002
9:59PM 2 Can't Cange password
7:58PM 0 Unix problem
7:26PM 0 Source file may be in use
4:22PM 1 Outlook/Express Crawling with Domains
3:58PM 3 Problems with SPOOLSS WinNT driver uploads
3:10PM 4 NetBIOS problems in presence of audio stream?
2:37PM 0 Ok here we go... toner cartridges
1:57PM 2 Samba for a Windows guy
1:07PM 5 SUQ: Share permissions
1:01PM 0 Virus found in sent message "A WinXP patch"
12:50PM 1 How can I make the Norwegian chars ø:Ø valid???
12:46PM 0 FIXED - Print jobs hang in Samba, don't go to UNIX spool er
12:45PM 5 Authenticate against NT Domain Group Membership
12:22PM 0 primaryGroupID Attribute in 2.2.6pre1 with ldapsam
11:53AM 0 Compaq and IBM computers starting from $125 !!!
10:07AM 0 FIXED (Mostly): XFS / ACL / CUPS Issues
10:04AM 0 Has anybody used Linux failsafe for redundancy. Please I need to know how reliable this solution is.
9:34AM 2 Samba and ACLs with XFS [WAS: Samba and RSBAC or LSM]
9:27AM 1 Accpac Plus on Samba?
9:22AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 - can't initialize locking module`
9:17AM 0 Multiple domain question
9:12AM 0 Redhat 7.2 and Samba
9:01AM 0 User directory shares with Samba, Winbind, and Win2k domain - Partial solution
8:54AM 2 RE: Missing files as seen by Explorer on a client (was Need help on this) **********FIXED******************
8:45AM 0 FW: Print jobs hang in Samba, don't go to UNIX spooler
8:21AM 4 Samba and a firewall
7:56AM 0 more printing + general domain advice
6:57AM 1 Zfax
6:38AM 5 Print jobs hang in Samba, don't go to UNIX spooler
6:14AM 0 RE: Solaris/Winbind Problems
5:46AM 0 Samba is having babies
5:31AM 0 RE: Solaris/Winbind Problems
5:13AM 0 W2k no longer has Trust to samba pdc
4:37AM 0 Problem with authorization in SAMBA 2.2.5
3:29AM 1 Samba server as a WebDAV proxy
3:01AM 0 smbpasswd problem - Please help!