Rails - Jan 2006

Tuesday January 31 2006
11:52PM 4 A dumb question on extracting a value from a hash
11:10PM 2 lightpd / fcgi / RoR setup
10:51PM 2 Problem generating CHM Rails doc
10:49PM 2 Production Mode
10:47PM 2 Fragment caching and pagination
10:33PM 5 Can''t connect ot MySQL with YourSQL
9:59PM 3 Lost in routing
9:47PM 4 RoR production app does not refresh
8:16PM 2 asigning values to atributies when source is nil
7:51PM 2 How can I overwrite the parent.children.push(child) Method?
7:39PM 13 Acts_as_authenticated
7:16PM 2 NameError/Unitialized Constant With PayPal Gem
6:39PM 6 Pagination - why is it this hard?
6:32PM 6 Login works in dev but not in production
6:22PM 2 How did I end up with read-only access?
6:21PM 2 Relationship navigation issue
5:17PM 0 Structuring customizations
5:16PM 0 How to use nested arrays in ActionWebService?
5:11PM 1 question on gem update rails effect on fcgi/mysql bindings
4:51PM 3 Random 502 Bad Gateway
4:49PM 2 find_by_sql question
4:44PM 2 Setting a default order for a model?
4:38PM 2 Creating a web service with AWS
4:21PM 0 Inline RJS (correct way to call?)
4:11PM 0 I need a wsdl tutorial.
3:36PM 5 Rails auth systems using LDAP?
3:22PM 4 has_one without inverse belongs_to
3:21PM 0 autocompletion key value
3:18PM 2 Habtm: I can create the same relation more than 1x!
3:10PM 19 Best Practices: Escaping text on input or output?
1:47PM 2 Need advice on RoR app design
1:42PM 4 Ajax and Controller actions
1:05PM 0 webservice problem (cant make client)
11:07AM 0 Apache2+fcgid = "malformed header from script" when page starts with a space
9:44AM 0 "cannot start a transaction within a transaction" sqlite error on OS X Tiger but not Windows
8:34AM 1 Calling Controller without redirecting
6:35AM 11 Mongrel HTTP Library 0.2.0 (Fast And RubyForgified)
5:36AM 2 New free IBM DB2 with few restrictions
5:32AM 1 Ajax and the submit
5:23AM 2 Design question: Storing user fields
5:09AM 4 Rails to Java
4:57AM 1 Updating :has_many - :through related items
4:53AM 0 Extracting email attachments.
4:40AM 2 Liquid templates and forms
4:39AM 0 multiple relational tables theory
4:06AM 4 Rails bug? Conditions on associations ignored by eager loading
3:31AM 11 ez_where plugin updated features.
3:12AM 0 pagination_links - change anchor size?
2:41AM 0 adding an attribute to a ActiveRecord::Base instance
1:37AM 6 How to Affect Plugin Load Order
12:13AM 1 view vs controller - data from multiple tables.
12:05AM 1 Inserting NULL values into PostgreSQL from Rails
Monday January 30 2006
11:46PM 5 Problems migrating from Postgres to MySQL
11:35PM 0 const_missing: uninitialized constant Test when running unit tests
11:34PM 2 problem redefining module method
11:31PM 3 Rails installation fails!
11:29PM 0 Adding ActiveRecord objects to the session
11:10PM 2 fastcgi on solaris 10
11:06PM 1 Multiple associations between tables - do they ever work?
10:52PM 8 Translating a validtion flash
10:17PM 1 acts_as_taggable => error: undefined method ''tag''
10:07PM 1 how to get column_for_attribute?
9:58PM 3 params on controller and view
9:55PM 0 WS-Security
9:53PM 0 Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)
9:20PM 1 Either/Or Validation
9:03PM 4 Is this a case for STI?
8:05PM 2 Cannot see what I have done wrong.
8:03PM 2 DamageControl
7:29PM 10 form_remote_tag and redirects
7:19PM 1 find_by_sql and memcached
7:04PM 0 cached_model-1.0.1 ActiveRecords + memcache
6:51PM 1 AR load script only loading every other item?
6:39PM 0 SearchGenerator Question..
6:32PM 4 How to encode URLs?
6:25PM 0 Database Error Messages
6:00PM 7 "x" and "y" values in a form_tag
5:59PM 0 breakpoint on log error?
5:44PM 2 :condition not being applied
5:23PM 0 Ajax.InPlaceEditor Test crashes FireFox 1.0x
5:14PM 5 Functional tests and dealing with login before_filter
5:11PM 5 a RJS problem/patch
5:07PM 10 How do I get the the full URL of an incoming request
5:01PM 10 How to hide port number from URL?
4:58PM 2 Rake and NOT using schema.rb for clone_structure_to_test
4:56PM 9 error when adding a new table to the existing application
4:54PM 4 multiparameter assignment
4:47PM 1 auto_complete_with_index_for
4:24PM 3 Which library for reading RSS ?
3:46PM 0 Making sense of all the search options
2:56PM 2 Modules, controllers and inheritance
2:46PM 4 characters are not being correctly displayed
2:42PM 0 Local extension to rails default layout generation
2:11PM 1 Running Rails Tests in Eclipse Test::Unit GUI
2:00PM 3 Howto change @article.article.headline to @article.headline ?
1:28PM 6 Looking for better code
1:04PM 4 What is supposed to happen when you run dispatch.fcgi?
11:25AM 0 who are hieraki authors for manuals.rubyonrails.org
11:23AM 1 What is .Instance?
10:42AM 9 Something as after_successful_validation?
10:38AM 1 Introduction & time_zone_select with mapped TimeZone question
10:34AM 0 Serializing has_many associations and ActiveRecord objects
10:29AM 3 Arrays of objects as parameters to webservices
10:21AM 14 RoR admin system
9:37AM 3 webservice consumption over SSL
9:36AM 15 i18n when?
9:14AM 0 Information required on rCalendar
9:08AM 3 ActiveRecord without database
8:10AM 2 Finding grandchildren with has_many?
7:53AM 3 general questions
7:10AM 5 SCGI Rails Runner RubyForge Project
5:34AM 5 File management!
5:01AM 0 ActiveLDAP examples
4:39AM 4 dispatch.cgi Problem
3:49AM 0 file_column content-type, filesize, etc.?
2:36AM 11 Database Selection
1:14AM 5 Action Mailer woes
12:48AM 5 url for image in css
12:18AM 5 Lookup from related tables
12:09AM 2 can I update many rows with one call to the database?
Sunday January 29 2006
11:55PM 0 Rake 0.7.0 breaks "rake engine_migrate"?
11:32PM 1 FastCGI or SCGI
11:06PM 11 HTML Output plugin
10:51PM 3 Persistent form data (using sessions?)
10:13PM 0 File Upload and Security advice
8:55PM 3 Printing quality documents (invoices, etc..) from rails
8:39PM 1 Accessing attributes
7:49PM 6 Depot example problem on Slackware
7:10PM 1 Rendering partials with ActionMailer
7:02PM 0 OffTopic - But Question about Current status of Ruby Talk List
6:46PM 1 RJS template problem!
6:36PM 2 WEBrick not starting
6:24PM 2 Contact form which generates e-mail...
5:43PM 4 ruby can''t open library: /Library/MySQL/lib/mysql/libmysqlcl
5:13PM 0 Active Record and Time support
3:30PM 15 Reload the lib directory
1:18PM 1 ActionMailer Validation
1:09PM 3 Depot example doesn''t work on my pc
1:08PM 2 field sets and unicode
10:35AM 9 Specify options with habtm
9:26AM 3 Mail merging and printing decent documents? how?
7:55AM 8 Determining width and height of image files
7:40AM 1 returned values and consequent usage
7:10AM 0 Pagination and AJAX
4:45AM 0 how do I map this relation?
3:22AM 1 Ruby Price format... (Noob)
3:20AM 1 Works with iframe, but not ajax... ?!?
3:17AM 4 Problems with FireRuby and scaffolding
3:10AM 16 counting rows via associations
3:05AM 0 how to map a relation?
2:39AM 2 GetText and rjs templates?
2:39AM 3 Models within Modules
2:08AM 1 Why am I getting "undefined local variable or method `acts_as_taggable''"?
1:39AM 6 tyro Ruby questin
12:28AM 4 current_page?()
12:21AM 3 SHLG and lib dir
Saturday January 28 2006
11:44PM 1 finishing a lookup value
11:33PM 7 cool components in the form
11:25PM 10 Rails scaffolding - cannot get access to MySQL
11:06PM 1 like clause for find
8:12PM 1 Advice on Optimization, and where to put what?
8:01PM 0 submitting xml documents from POST request/ test framework
6:14PM 4 Randomised variables from sql
6:05PM 2 javascripts
5:48PM 4 Rails Sessions - Disabling and Garbage Collection
5:30PM 1 Collection_select problem
4:56PM 1 Method for returning a random date between two dates
4:52PM 1 Can''t freeze rails on a windows box
4:16PM 1 Switchtower different svn repo urls from my local box and my shared hosting
2:43PM 20 Code security
2:42PM 0 How to get email body in plain/text
1:49PM 0 calling javascript via "eval(request.resopnseText") help needed.
1:14PM 6 Check if user is in right group
1:12PM 0 Auto drop list: Create a form professional or easy?
12:35PM 0 .net WSDL SSL web service conumption
10:51AM 0 I don''t find the problem with Apache
9:43AM 3 DRY conflict with "Updated at" "Created at" "Deleted at" in view
9:08AM 1 RailsCron 0.2 questions
7:44AM 1 Unit Tests Take 2
7:35AM 0 [Frank] How can I access the domain name in routes.rb?
6:46AM 1 Unit Tests Behavior
5:37AM 8 how to pass search parameters to pagination links
5:34AM 1 referencing a table
4:19AM 2 Enum
3:19AM 0 Testing trouble?
2:47AM 0 having problems to map a existing schema into model classes
2:44AM 0 having problems to map a existing schema in model classes
12:35AM 1 WEb Interface to Research Documents - where is it?
12:31AM 13 What''s the verb form of id?
12:18AM 3 App running fine on Webrick, ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished in lighttpd
12:11AM 2 Creating html e-mails with embedded graphics
12:10AM 2 Trying to understand the difference between similariterators
Friday January 27 2006
11:45PM 1 radio_button_tag quirkiness...
11:29PM 2 Forms and one-to-one association
10:56PM 0 "AJAX" file uploading
10:48PM 59 Why Macs instead of AMD or Intel ? Just curious
10:39PM 2 Trying to understand the difference between similar iterators
9:55PM 1 Search generator and non-latin characters
9:47PM 4 testing for nil numeric value in find
9:34PM 0 Calling controller methods from runner scripts?
9:28PM 3 Formatting Data in rhtml
9:24PM 0 Getting a basic web service up and running with ActionWebService
9:20PM 0 Editplus Autocomplete files ?
8:54PM 2 User.already_friend_of(friend)?
8:42PM 0 custom paginator generating Next link when not needed
8:04PM 0 Mad Railers First Meeting
7:47PM 6 Switchtower deploy error
7:46PM 2 Getting gem rdoc via ri?
7:40PM 2 pagination and nested parameters
7:26PM 0 FileUtils copy not working when invoked by webserver
7:20PM 0 Plugin - Redefining Numericality
7:19PM 17 Multiple Model Validation
7:17PM 4 acts_as_whatever
7:14PM 2 Multiple database read
6:29PM 2 simple stuff in rails rhtml
6:06PM 5 Newbie:Adding a new Table-Strange Error
5:56PM 1 Multiple Database write question
5:54PM 0 corrupted double-linked list (Ruby 1.8.4, FC 4)
5:49PM 3 Problem setting multi-value cookie
5:10PM 1 Caching from screen scraping
4:54PM 3 Search/advanced search
4:18PM 4 plugin install behind corporate firewall?
4:14PM 2 DB & AR advise please (diagram inc)
4:03PM 17 Is it just me, or is Ruby exploding?
3:32PM 0 redirect_to(:action => ...) usage?
3:30PM 2 Ruby sprintf style question
3:19PM 4 find.collect problem.
1:51PM 27 Preferred Ruby Editor/IDE for OS X?
1:42PM 1 mysql cluster problem
1:16PM 0 In place editor with Textile
12:52PM 1 Activerecord default order by
12:40PM 8 ror/lighttpd - HTML files via port 80 become application/octet-stream?
10:41AM 1 Code snippet request: Text email with attachment
8:20AM 10 html special characters. h() failure.
7:49AM 0 London UK : Meet Up :
6:02AM 0 Ruby user group in/near Wilmington, DE? Interest in starting one?
4:28AM 2 distance_of_time_in_words_to_now
4:14AM 20 bundled_resource v.0.9
3:35AM 6 Scaffolding to use has_many and belongs_to ?
1:36AM 5 Multiple Apps running under Lighttpd with scgi on a Windows Box ... possible?
1:05AM 5 Before I write this myself, is there already an easier way?
12:59AM 0 Cache Sweepers and runner scripts that act on models?
12:20AM 1 Basic Many-to-One association
12:03AM 9 RedCloth Hard Breaks
12:02AM 0 Rails work avaliable in Melbourne, Australia
Thursday January 26 2006
11:55PM 0 Enforcing Quotas?
11:41PM 0 Troubleshooting a camping trip?
11:15PM 0 Child records needing the ID
10:48PM 1 create() chopping off time zone
10:45PM 1 end_of_month()
10:41PM 0 fastcgi crash
10:10PM 1 "Helper" function for my models
9:36PM 0 If you want to disconnect a database properly, there is the code:)!!!
9:10PM 3 discard_year => true
9:05PM 1 Action variables not available in views with Ajax
9:00PM 1 What''s /app/apis for?
8:35PM 21 pagination_links help
8:28PM 2 javascript in link_to?
8:24PM 0 Save a page
8:15PM 2 Render and publish to static files?
8:13PM 1 Why no login modules?
7:58PM 1 Simple question about :list method in scaffolds
7:16PM 5 ruby and perl
7:01PM 2 link_to_remote > in :action , interrupt ajax to render a new page outside the :update div ?
6:34PM 0 Switchtower deploy failing...
5:54PM 0 Rails and suEXEC
5:45PM 9 Problem with schema_db_import on Site5?
5:19PM 2 Change email template for Salted Hash Login Generator?
5:16PM 0 Article about protecting Rails apps from XSS attacks
5:08PM 3 can RoR work togehter with PHP
4:50PM 3 Calling a SOAP service from within a Rails controller
4:48PM 7 Switchtower Port Issues
3:54PM 1 Help constructing a find_by_sql command
3:30PM 5 rake update_javascripts on edge has no effect
3:19PM 4 is Client.find(params[:id]) safe?
2:58PM 0 lightweight effects with prototype
2:54PM 0 auto_complete with 2 related tables
2:17PM 3 Problems with simple scaffold code
2:05PM 2 Apache FastCGI seems single threaded (W2K)
1:21PM 0 Newbie question: XML Templates
1:09PM 3 global objects?
1:08PM 2 Rails with DB2
1:03PM 2 Run fastcgi in Apache 1.3, or proxy through lighttpd?
12:44PM 2 Easy way to add properties to a model?
12:00PM 0 Bug with table_name_prefix?
11:55AM 0 Timeout::Error (execution expired)
11:28AM 1 Webservices and submitting object with associations
11:27AM 2 Rails Edge stability - has_many :through
11:16AM 0 Get the options in a multiple select tag
10:23AM 1 Transactions for multiple models
9:53AM 2 Newbe Question: Character Encoding
9:50AM 3 Newbe:Where declare constants visible in view & controller ?
9:02AM 4 warning: Object#id will be deprecated; use Object#object_id
8:44AM 0 Graceful handling of temporary failure in name resolution when generating emails?
7:25AM 3 Using variables within a string - The function doesn''t pass the value?
6:27AM 2 semi-on topic -- textmate question
6:18AM 0 Problems with Socket#write and all that depend on it
4:54AM 0 Noob: format column in scaffold (i.e. - datetime)
4:06AM 0 setting default on "has_one" failure
4:05AM 0 Page Rendering problem with the Forum
3:53AM 0 Errors and Forms with arrays
3:41AM 3 Help on implementing rails from html with php
2:23AM 8 switching to edge rails
1:50AM 1 Explanation on Activerecord Associations
1:07AM 42 ruby script/generate scaffold Product Admin hangs
12:42AM 4 Override has_many :order at run-time?
12:24AM 0 selecting from dynamic pop-up list populated by a table
Wednesday January 25 2006
11:43PM 0 Seeking Rails Developers in Bay Area (Marin County)
10:05PM 1 postgres schemas as rails envs
9:52PM 0 The creator of connection_specification.rb, can you please reply me:)?????
9:51PM 0 Another crack at age calculations
9:46PM 1 Protecting Your Apps against Cross Site Scripting Attacks
9:35PM 1 cache_sweeper causes undefined method error
9:00PM 17 Lookup pattern in Ruby
8:56PM 2 Testing a model method - private method?
8:26PM 24 RailsCron 0.2 plugin
8:24PM 2 select list generated from table
8:11PM 1 deep inspecting attributes
8:07PM 0 benchmarker and quotation marks
8:03PM 0 datetime_select discard year bug?
8:01PM 2 how to define content charset?
7:53PM 1 Rails day 2: where is my association?
7:51PM 1 @params Hash Access
7:35PM 2 Agile tutorial
7:13PM 15 Newbie: Static page without controller
6:34PM 1 Flash CSS issues
6:28PM 1 Using image_tag in Action Mailer???
6:02PM 3 Application Helper and Javascript
5:47PM 4 html special char conversion
5:37PM 1 Agile arguement error
5:34PM 38 Rails app won''t run on Dreamhost - "incomplet headers" error
5:11PM 1 Non-model methods go where?
5:06PM 0 file_column and image attributes
4:57PM 3 Resetting sequences in unit tests with pg
4:42PM 2 Setting up deployment scenario
4:25PM 8 conditional replacements in rhtml
4:19PM 0 Shovel Switchtower deployment
4:10PM 4 Cannot :order when using :offset and :limit in find
3:50PM 12 DRY in Models
3:44PM 2 Using ''GET''-method in Forms
3:40PM 1 Ruby on Rails Developer Openings in Austin, TX
3:35PM 0 screenscraping using htmltools and rexml
3:04PM 9 connection_specification and adapter
3:04PM 1 Collection_select ?
2:38PM 0 acts_as_tree validation on parent.children.create
2:30PM 0 rails jobs in USA
2:12PM 0 Reporting support for Rails app
1:57PM 11 Executing Ruby code that is inside a string
1:41PM 1 If Param not set...
12:08PM 6 Displaying based on hostname/subdomain
11:06AM 14 Salted Hash Login Generator
9:20AM 1 Migrations for populating authority tables
8:54AM 6 cant convert integer to string
8:17AM 7 Global Data, where can it go?
7:53AM 0 can components have model?
6:52AM 7 Ruby on Rails Presentation Wed (1/24) night in Menlo Park, CA
6:47AM 2 inserting column headings between grouped rows
6:36AM 1 Routes working with subdirectories repeat subdirectory...
5:49AM 9 AJAX Search w/database results
5:40AM 0 Changing the instantiated table when using STI
4:35AM 1 url_for_file_column in parent model''s view
4:17AM 0 GPLv3 + MySQL + Rails
3:47AM 7 join fields for list views
2:41AM 2 Update join_table attributes
1:59AM 0 InstanceTag
1:56AM 1 xx-0.1.0 : xhtml and xml make it twice as dirty
1:10AM 3 Link_to within :flash
12:35AM 3 web calendar component
12:02AM 11 Schemas and Migrations
Tuesday January 24 2006
10:49PM 1 Search => Application error (Rails)
10:28PM 4 How to filter an activerecord find_all...
10:16PM 17 Updated lighttpd to 1.4.9 - error running dispatch.fcgi
10:07PM 18 Can''t install rails, instructions in the book are wrong....
10:06PM 3 Unitialized constant
9:31PM 2 SwitchTower and multiple database.yml files - how do you deal with them?
9:21PM 4 PDF::SimpleTable performance issues
9:20PM 2 A way to use link_to_remote in appcontroller?
9:09PM 4 SMTPSyntaxError with Action Mailer
9:06PM 2 NULL id''s / invalid references
8:33PM 3 what this line means exactly? (@@active_connections ||= {})
8:32PM 1 Newbie: Cookbook Application problem with MYSQL
8:22PM 1 Liquid templates and RJS
7:32PM 1 Serialize
7:13PM 2 Starting new project
7:12PM 2 Security Code for protecting forms?
6:51PM 4 Laszlo on Rails, Flash GUI
6:13PM 2 Ruby on Rails using XML and XSLT
5:55PM 5 A little problem
5:51PM 2 DOCTYPE declaration:
5:25PM 5 simple formmail question
5:24PM 7 formatting numbers with commas
5:06PM 0 Catching 302 link_to_remote
4:57PM 14 A bad day with Action Mailer
4:33PM 3 Is there a concise way?
4:06PM 9 Constructors
3:59PM 0 spaces versus tabs and shiftwidth
3:43PM 0 Route my.psyguide.org to www.psyguide.org/myguide?
3:35PM 5 Password fields and security?
3:08PM 1 Pagination
2:40PM 3 AJAX Preview & Edit Page Problem
2:38PM 9 ActionMailer: Mail isn''t delivered
1:38PM 0 Calling webservices
10:12AM 4 Parse request URL.
9:35AM 1 Renaming controllers
9:05AM 4 Looking for a Ruby, ROR code sample or info
8:37AM 0 Fixtures subdirectories
8:22AM 2 Noob - port 3000 in URL''s - get rid of it?
8:11AM 1 render_component and private access...
7:40AM 2 collect array values
7:15AM 0 making an object id editable?
6:57AM 0 curious
6:48AM 2 webrick and in_place_editor_field
6:41AM 14 engines
6:10AM 3 Merging two heavily referenced records into one
5:31AM 1 Rather sticky migrate problem
4:37AM 0 Showing error messages for two models as one heading
4:37AM 6 [MacOSX] Firefox Not Diplaying Images
4:36AM 0 Verbose traces (debugging question)
4:22AM 2 Map select value or other to same attribute
3:46AM 0 to_formatted_s(:rfc822) doesn''t work
3:08AM 1 Query String in routes.
2:09AM 2 Is Ruby on Rails our solution?
Monday January 23 2006
11:47PM 2 Multiple Row Form similar to Milestones on BaseCamp
11:44PM 3 HABTM: Records with no parents
11:44PM 2 problem with options_for_select
11:38PM 1 ssl_requirement plugin: how do I override ssl_required?
11:37PM 0 Single view over multiple tables
11:20PM 0 accessing controllers in script/console
10:57PM 15 Looking for DB/Model Design Suggestions
10:53PM 6 Code coverage tools in Ruby?
10:45PM 0 form_remote_tag and Safari (HELP!)
10:30PM 2 del.icio.us-like output
10:04PM 0 Indexed Text Input -> Ajax with Helpers
10:02PM 0 Cartographer/Google Maps Questions
9:57PM 5 can''t install model_security_generator
9:56PM 3 [OT] Lighttpd + AWStats
9:48PM 1 when does validation happen
9:46PM 4 an image that is a clickable link?
9:43PM 1 Spawner -p and --port not working?
9:27PM 11 mysql dates
8:38PM 2 Redundancy recomendations?
8:06PM 1 require_library_or_gem, what this function does exactly?
7:49PM 5 validates_uniqueness_of :username, :if => !self.new_record?
7:30PM 0 Best Practice? Referencing a remote reporting server
7:24PM 2 Action Cache upgrade plugin
7:22PM 3 create and update with has_many :through
7:19PM 0 :derailed => ''Denver Rails Users Group''
7:19PM 1 Help with hmabt relationships
6:57PM 1 Submit_to_remove : possible to send a type="file" ?
6:26PM 6 Ruby at O''Reilly Rough Cuts
6:17PM 1 Problems with Rails 1.0 on Ruby 1.8.4?
6:13PM 1 Image Upload > Submit with AJAX that replace a div content with the uploaded file. Possible ?
6:11PM 3 running a background task/thread in rails?
6:02PM 1 [INFO] SMS Aggregators
5:52PM 6 undefined method assert_valid_keys
5:51PM 0 "UML-like" modelling of RoR
5:38PM 1 How to call C# webservices
5:36PM 4 ActionRecord: how to update many records in one statement
5:04PM 3 running rake commands from rake migrate
4:42PM 8 OT: Problem rotating logs with lighttpd
4:27PM 3 2 Open RoR Positions - Denver, CO
3:51PM 0 continuous integration - how do you do it?
3:50PM 4 Using :id=>''something'' vs :mid=>''something'' params
3:24PM 0 Database column conventions
2:57PM 3 problem with a selfmade helper method
2:52PM 2 require rmagick
2:43PM 2 scaffolding generators and pluralization rules
2:10PM 8 yield vs @content_for_layout, etc..
1:55PM 1 Do you know a decent ROR newssite??
1:39PM 2 Problems with error_messages_for
12:30PM 0 TeensyWeb 0.2.0
11:35AM 3 Encrypt/ Decrypt password
11:35AM 2 DRY encoding conversion and onload ajax execution
11:29AM 0 (sin asunto)
11:06AM 7 Globalize - Wiki down, docs down, status?
10:55AM 2 where are those defined?
10:36AM 1 Display form and process return values with same method?
9:30AM 5 Undefined method error
8:49AM 16 Adding form fields (extending a form) on the fly
8:08AM 7 Search functionality and CMS
7:10AM 5 Bibtex database design
5:29AM 2 Routes question
5:12AM 4 Delete row without th eid field
4:04AM 4 won''t auto_increment
4:02AM 3 Can Google (et. al.) see rails pages?
3:47AM 5 Variable Scoping Problem
3:18AM 0 gem install login_generator
2:53AM 0 Need an RoR Developer ...
2:49AM 1 Do non-AR models reload in development?
2:27AM 3 Clearing a file_column-type field
2:00AM 9 Web Hosting Options?
1:52AM 2 UserEngine -- Permission.synchronize_with_controllers -- trouble with my own controller modules
1:37AM 1 favicon.ico placement
1:16AM 1 learning how models, controllers, and views pass data
1:09AM 3 date.to_s trimming
1:01AM 0 type mismatch because of misled array index
Sunday January 22 2006
11:49PM 3 Formatting input/output of a text box
11:38PM 0 problem setting up lighttpd and rails app.
11:34PM 23 calculate users age
10:53PM 11 ActiveRecord find
10:48PM 0 Using rails Generators for non-RoR
9:49PM 0 ActionWebService::Struct --> minOccurs?
9:36PM 0 link_to scope / avaliability in a controller
9:23PM 0 Adding the ''many'' records
9:02PM 3 file_column and tmp files
8:23PM 0 MySQL Adaptor on WinXP Dual CPU machine broken?
8:22PM 12 Problems with File_column
8:10PM 2 File_column not keeping value during page reloads
7:44PM 6 Destructive behavior with link_to, button_to, :post=>true
7:27PM 0 Escaping and Unescaping text in ERb
7:03PM 1 file_field questions
5:58PM 0 Ajax post to apache2/mod_ssl with client certificates ......
5:36PM 2 Rails and Apache: Error
5:30PM 3 dumping out mysql data only (no structure)
5:15PM 6 Bug in Script.aculo.us'' Ajax.InPlaceEditor?
5:06PM 6 SwitchTower with public key authentication?
4:23PM 0 Problem with change_password action in LoginEngine
4:22PM 0 Validation on composed_of problem
4:18PM 2 Relationship not working
4:14PM 2 suggest for "ambiguous column" when JOIN associated tables
4:00PM 7 : Indexed Search Engine 0.1.3 Released
2:43PM 6 *Very* basic layout question
12:33PM 0 Using AWS to pass in an object and associations
12:17PM 0 datetime_select with postgresql time field
11:57AM 3 Download an Image using Net::HTTP
9:41AM 0 Get colum types in auto form
9:11AM 1 direct sql "delete from"
7:21AM 2 a newbie doomed in the first introduction to rails.
6:48AM 9 ERROR: undefined method `h'' for ERB::Util:Module
5:00AM 2 Is there a way to add items from the bottom of a drop down list
4:51AM 0 link_to query string
3:41AM 5 has_one not working as expected?
3:25AM 0 double metaphone
2:40AM 0 Seperation of application specific view/controller stuff
2:25AM 8 Date Calculation
2:22AM 0 Forms with multiple item entry
2:18AM 2 Using register_template_handler to serve CSS files (Making ActionView handle .css as .rhtml)
1:11AM 2 acts_as_taggable: weird SQL problem with untagging
12:49AM 3 "onload" event handler inside a div
12:24AM 2 a newbie doomed in the first introduction to ruby.
12:22AM 2 What are the benefits of RoR?
Saturday January 21 2006
11:10PM 3 Passing ruby variable via remote_function (JavaScript)
9:55PM 0 caching question
9:05PM 5 How do you deal with non-model property form values
9:04PM 6 Redirecting in a view?
8:03PM 2 TeensyWeb 0.1.0 released
6:19PM 4 Migrations and Time datatype. Bug?
5:47PM 3 Fragment caching with Memcached slow?
5:43PM 5 Distributing a Rails app
4:02PM 1 clearing/expiring the ''index'' action.
4:01PM 9 Where to put method
3:27PM 5 Help...why ''rake migrate'' can''t be executed on RadRails
3:11PM 3 help... why can''t Iuse data from two tables in the same view
3:09PM 2 Documentation for mocks?
3:04PM 2 Specifying which Oracle schema to use with ActiveRecord
2:05PM 0 posting variables from flash to rails app
1:40PM 0 Select box problems
1:13PM 1 HELP: NoMethodError (undefined method `stringify_keys!'' for
11:38AM 1 text_area content with text_area and not text_area_tag ?
10:36AM 1 db access or @session?
9:59AM 0 helpefying a list partial
9:04AM 12 DateboxEngine Plugin
7:46AM 7 n-way joins
5:12AM 2 Testing ActiveRecord associations
4:57AM 4 Single quotes in parameters
3:40AM 3 need some help designing my threaded messaging system
3:05AM 4 acts_as_taggable clouds?
2:52AM 1 Sortable Element with Partials?
2:49AM 0 Display options from HABTM
2:44AM 19 RoR - Mac OS 10.4.4 on Intel
2:33AM 2 flickr demo
1:04AM 1 Request for Proposal: On-Site Rails Training
12:59AM 0 logmerge including ip2name for fast log DNS lookups
12:58AM 4 Ruby processes consuming 1,000 megs of swap space
12:01AM 2 problems in moving an application database from a local to a remote mysql server
Friday January 20 2006
11:57PM 4 Prepending table names on a per user or sub domain basis
11:45PM 4 [newbie]how to use link_to to link to another controller?
11:42PM 0 Problem with updating model
11:30PM 1 Help with test configuration
11:15PM 11 Userstamp Plugin
10:47PM 15 Cannot rake migrate on OS X After New Install, Tons of Debugging
10:44PM 5 Instance variable?
10:02PM 2 The New Memcache ?
9:38PM 3 Is there a way to validate a model w/o saving it?
9:21PM 1 stack level too deep from has_many / belongs_to relationship
9:17PM 0 How to change page "timeout"
8:36PM 3 Getting Rid of Accidental Controller
8:19PM 2 Logging from a functional (or unit) test
8:17PM 1 commenting out ruby code
8:02PM 2 Help needed using assigns() functionality in functional test
8:00PM 6 Pre-populate db with yaml outside of testing?
8:00PM 4 Newbie: from the javascript way to the Rails way... Advice?
7:38PM 2 select_time issue: how to get hours only upto 12 along with AM/PM
6:54PM 0 How to see what environment variables are set via code in the rails app?
6:52PM 4 validates_format_of > Invalid regular expression with simple pattern
6:35PM 2 Creating thumbnail on the fly
5:26PM 0 How to update two records ?
4:42PM 3 Process watchdogging anyone ?
4:31PM 10 Generating a long, unique "ticket" number.
4:03PM 3 text_field_with_auto_complete
3:50PM 1 Update HTML Element with Ajax
3:46PM 4 REST API''s and querying a graph of objects
3:45PM 11 HABTM relations
3:41PM 8 validates_confirmation_of not working
2:58PM 2 Rails and TextMate
2:25PM 47 SQL Server datetime error
2:21PM 0 Dutch Ruby on Rails developer
2:05PM 1 XMLRPC::DateTime from AWS
2:04PM 3 Dispatcher Issues
12:01PM 13 Calendar date picker for use with rails.
11:55AM 0 Problem with RubyOnRails + SCGI + Apache
11:44AM 1 sqlite3
11:28AM 6 HELP: acts_as_taggable problem with :clear => true
10:50AM 1 :interactive Callback
10:28AM 1 AW: Linux Suggestions
9:51AM 2 Gruff image
9:44AM 0 Newbie installation problem: gem [command] --remote
9:14AM 6 Sharing a Model
8:54AM 3 Anyone running a business hosting plan @ textdrive?
8:29AM 2 AWS and passing in a Model
6:39AM 1 Suppress HTML escaping in link_to(:title)?
5:12AM 1 Time From String
3:53AM 1 RoR & MySQL [& LDAP]
3:39AM 3 postgres db setup
3:05AM 0 How to install the Foreign Key Schema Dumper Plugin
1:22AM 10 1st attempt at rails testing - could really use some help...
1:20AM 1 form_tag and multiple buttons inside problem
12:27AM 1 Best way to execute timed actions?
12:03AM 2 what''s the right way to require a file?
Thursday January 19 2006
11:47PM 2 NOOB: Using locals to pass data to a SQL query
11:18PM 5 123 * 3 => 123123123! But why?
10:50PM 3 Troubleshooting Depot App
10:49PM 5 Multiple HABTM relationships with self ???
9:57PM 5 RoR still not working on SuSE 9.0 - incomplete headers received
9:53PM 5 reload controller with FCGI
9:42PM 0 db_schema_dump for SQL Server
9:29PM 1 Relationships, relationships, relationships!
9:15PM 4 Relationships... not the personal kind!
8:53PM 3 Upload File To Web Server?
8:40PM 0 Activerecord | Understanding associations
8:31PM 0 Handling specific page editing permissions for members
8:31PM 3 problem when porting
8:27PM 4 Can the session be trusted for Username/password?
8:20PM 5 TIP: Using field_error_proc to add style attributes to form elements
8:02PM 3 Migrating from Mysql to PostgreSQL
8:02PM 7 Rails or Java J2EE (Spring, Struts Shale) - scalabilty
7:43PM 1 partials and instance variables for file_column
7:41PM 8 Passing variables across forms
7:39PM 4 hash fixture access broken in functional test
7:30PM 0 setting helper defaults
7:28PM 7 validates_numericality_of positive integer
7:28PM 0 Microsoft is Coding4Fun with 37s Backpack!!
7:08PM 0 Problem with an Tree-like object hierarchy (ActiveRecord acts_as_tree)
6:20PM 2 date_select broken
6:17PM 4 Using RoR pluralization rules
6:11PM 3 any one know this problem?
6:00PM 1 Rationale behind render opposed to render_action
5:40PM 4 PHP ob_start in Ruby
5:37PM 10 Where to place uploaded files for later download?
5:31PM 8 I can''t figure out how to solve this one
5:26PM 0 Mutually exclusive test fixtures
5:06PM 4 A simple scaffolding question
4:45PM 0 Centering in Prototype
4:37PM 2 Simple Ferret Questions
4:14PM 4 multiple database in the same actions?
4:11PM 4 Controller / Model confusion
4:05PM 0 Help with nested HABTM relationship
3:37PM 3 template/variable confusion
3:28PM 3 A book we may wish to buy
2:57PM 0 Job Posting - Need Developer for Large-Scale Web App
2:31PM 8 Pagination_links without "?page=" but with params[:id]
2:30PM 2 has_many :through
2:14PM 0 Incorrect number of arguments.
2:10PM 4 UserEngine - rake bootstrap aborted => undefined method `synchronize_with_controllers'' for Permission:Class
1:57PM 3 lighttpd config on os x
1:17PM 1 Using same form for two models
1:13PM 4 DevLists :: Mailing lists made easy
11:28AM 9 start_form_tag not taking url_for options
9:49AM 0 Activerecord error
9:49AM 4 create an object from a string?
8:42AM 0 file_column error: tmp file created but not actual
8:40AM 0 how to rename the controller classes?
8:11AM 0 Strange thing with ActiveRecord ??
7:31AM 1 rjs problems
7:17AM 1 Caching suggestions
7:16AM 2 Easy way to handle form input without a model class?
7:04AM 0 database connectivity problem in instant rails
7:03AM 0 setting a query from another query
5:16AM 1 Populating a select field using observe_field
4:31AM 5 script.aculos.us and the in_place_editor
4:25AM 3 problems with migrations in sql server
4:16AM 0 Input date in different format
3:45AM 4 validates_presence_of
2:50AM 2 select vs. select_tag
2:35AM 5 limits of has_and_belongs_to_many
2:28AM 0 Limited eager loads and conditions on the eager tables
1:54AM 0 Rails with Apache - application failed to start
1:38AM 1 [Newbie] undefined method `useremail'' error
1:29AM 12 Switchtower isn''t restarting lighttpd
12:57AM 0 AJAX Visual effect Loading
12:42AM 1 Model Validation & Floating Attributes
12:31AM 3 -517611318:Fixnum ... WTF?
12:11AM 0 auto_complete_for_text_field to association
Wednesday January 18 2006
11:52PM 3 Documentation for scaffold / views
11:16PM 3 I need superman!
10:48PM 1 Real World Usage page erased
10:39PM 3 retrieving value from select
10:28PM 0 Mysql password hashes- 16 byte vs 41 byte
10:21PM 6 Mention about an open source image editor
9:53PM 3 Support for foreign keys in Migrations
9:43PM 1 The 30 year old *Ruby* Virgin
9:17PM 6 Using conditions in ActiveRecord
9:16PM 7 FastCgi issue
8:46PM 5 access denied problem
8:45PM 0 Agile Web Development with Rails...in french
8:15PM 1 Another uninitialized constant question
7:57PM 7 Inspect
6:49PM 0 Pre-emptive strike for OSX users re problem ichatting rails projects around
5:48PM 6 Consistent testing with methods that depend on Date.today
5:47PM 23 RForum Software Sucks?
5:26PM 2 Migration?
5:20PM 1 Observing radio buttons
4:43PM 1 using unique varchar instead of id
4:41PM 1 RedCloth and lang specific hooks
4:29PM 1 Helps!!!!! Rails database connection guru needed!!!!!!!
4:24PM 2 categories/recipes & books/descriptions - has_many vs has_one => id question
4:22PM 5 redirect_to with an anchor, how ?
4:05PM 4 Ruby "htmlentities" replacement: code review please!
3:58PM 3 search with like operation from a table
3:47PM 2 How do you get link_to to work correctly when using subdomains as account keys?
3:36PM 1 Ruby and PDF creation...
3:34PM 5 Ruby and charting
1:56PM 6 Ruby and Flash?
1:55PM 3 legacy database on remote host
1:54PM 1 Problem with OCI in Apache
1:45PM 15 Anyone got Globalize working???
1:40PM 35 Pay rates for Rails developers
1:31PM 1 Globalize: :select option not allowed on translatable models
1:04PM 0 Job posting Default / Springbolt Ruby / Rails developers
11:55AM 5 Exception not caught?
11:40AM 4 Canada on Rails - Schedule Released
11:35AM 0 how to connect database via instantrails
11:15AM 0 Namespace Issues
10:46AM 0 subclasses_of - why does it ignore subclasses within modules?
10:09AM 1 alias for *table*_id
9:34AM 1 Rails and PostgreSQL bytea
9:28AM 6 next rails release?
8:38AM 1 question on when ruby classes are refreshed
7:49AM 5 Perform action after in-place edit
7:28AM 0 access application helper within controller
7:10AM 5 Inserting the parent Id to the child table
6:43AM 3 Partial Problems
6:28AM 1 HABTM - Destroy just the relationship
6:08AM 5 reading folder structure on server with Rails - possible?
5:44AM 0 form_remote_tag and 302 redirects under IE6 bug
3:56AM 5 NOOB Ajax question: handling form input
3:23AM 1 How should permissions be set for a Rails app?
2:04AM 2 Routing error for css?
1:04AM 2 Newbie question about periodically_call_remote
12:45AM 22 Creating multiple child objects from the same form
12:29AM 4 That ol'' AJAX select box update again : observe_field does nothing
Tuesday January 17 2006
11:46PM 6 An object that initializes multiple objects?
11:45PM 3 file_column :root_path question.
11:45PM 2 Instant Rails request lags >4 sec
11:24PM 3 Models, Modules, and Callbacks
11:07PM 10 ActiveRecord + memcache = cached_model
10:55PM 9 Setting layout template in .rhtml
10:46PM 0 Sorting Lists with handle option
10:39PM 0 Overriding Delete/Destroy in ActiveRecord
10:38PM 5 Noob Question concerning code in Agile Web Development with Rails
10:02PM 1 Rails too Active?
9:37PM 30 MVC design good/bad
9:30PM 1 many-to-many with extra fields
9:09PM 14 Going nuts on ''\n'' to <br />
8:44PM 0 SwitchTower and Bazaar-ng
8:20PM 2 link_to_remote() - can I post data with it???
8:04PM 4 textarea problem with accentued chars
7:57PM 2 New RoR app: RTRails 0.1. Uses HTTP push and a window system
7:42PM 2 jobs.rubynow.com
7:41PM 3 DHTML Drop Menu Helpers with Rails?
7:32PM 2 Switchtower & OpenSSL
7:15PM 2 Getting data back from thread spawn
6:45PM 0 URL to method?
5:58PM 3 Experiences w /payment gateways and credit card processing?
5:43PM 5 NOOB: Numeric only input...can it be done on client?
5:42PM 14 Prototype Size?
5:11PM 5 Hash.new{|h,k| h[k] = ""} ... but for views?
5:07PM 15 legacy database and finder_sql nightmare!
4:45PM 2 Specify ID for a form?
3:37PM 2 update_attribute and validations
2:55PM 9 using "find" when you have 2 has_many relations
2:06PM 6 Rails Best Practices Page
1:49PM 4 find_by_sql column ordering defect?
1:40PM 6 database.yml and remote mysql database
1:29PM 6 link_to or helper to generate a javascript:history.back() ?
12:51PM 1 Insert blob - rails 1.0.0 mysql 3.23 - sql syntax error
11:27AM 2 Rails Unit test Problem
11:16AM 1 Referer
11:13AM 1 How to validate expiry date
8:56AM 0 :afterFinish not getting called?
8:43AM 10 Is STI the only way to do inheritance?
7:38AM 0 file_column with both root_path and store_dir
6:07AM 5 simple question
5:54AM 2 Open new window
5:50AM 8 Next Record
5:41AM 2 file_column plugin and instance variables
4:54AM 9 Formatting a float with a set number of decimals
4:02AM 0 Testing Validations in Rails
4:00AM 2 actionmailer
3:25AM 2 How to run direct sql
3:22AM 2 money data types
2:59AM 0 Dynamically creating textbox in form?
2:34AM 0 mixing engine
1:59AM 2 Does anyone use RedCloth to allow end user input?
1:50AM 0 JOB: Ruby/Rails Software Engineer, Chicago, IL
12:46AM 2 change error messages for Validation helpers?
12:26AM 2 Switchtower to Red Hat with Lighttpd
12:24AM 5 file_column mangling URL
Monday January 16 2006
11:42PM 4 Ruby on Rails is great! - I can code while smashed!
11:36PM 1 Accessing associations in a form helper
11:23PM 1 Run method at the same class
11:08PM 8 [newbie] This Month / Next Month / The One After That
10:56PM 3 37s style modularization ?
10:56PM 0 newbie - MissingSourceFile error
10:36PM 2 Problem with AJAX not working on IE
10:30PM 1 redirect_to is not working with ajax forms
10:28PM 4 Question about self and private
10:10PM 0 Using subdomain names in routes?
10:07PM 1 ActionMailer Funkiness
10:07PM 17 LoginEngine / UserEngine conceptual help
9:58PM 1 Bundled resource -- something I''m missing
9:56PM 2 LoginEngine vs. LoginGenerator?
9:52PM 0 PGconn class doesn''t recognize all the function export from postgres.so
8:56PM 1 switchtower custom tasks question.
8:42PM 1 default_url_options for relative tag URLs
8:22PM 42 Linux Suggestions
8:20PM 5 Soft Deletes
8:15PM 0 Problems with ORBJSON and rails 1.0 under lighttpd
7:54PM 2 recording updates
7:49PM 2 My first test - named fixture not autoloading instance variable
7:31PM 4 Creating two records at once
7:19PM 1 Handling unexpected db exceptions...
7:16PM 0 Specifying Javascript events for form fields
6:51PM 1 (no subject)
6:42PM 15 where''d we come from?
5:32PM 6 file_column plugin error
5:29PM 5 A function that return a link_to, Possible ?
5:23PM 1 Newbie: undefined method (backtick)body(quote) equals error
5:15PM 2 acts_as_tree with Modified Preorder Traversal?
5:13PM 3 routing to controller inside module
5:04PM 2 ActiveRecord: table name with spaces?
4:54PM 2 render :file question
4:48PM 0 Lighttpd/FastCGI dispatch.fcgi processes
4:45PM 0 [newbie] Redundant SELECTs?
4:11PM 2 Basic (newbie) Webrick / ssl config question
4:07PM 7 Editing N instances of a model on one page
3:02PM 1 GetText (change default error messages)
2:47PM 2 Curl help
2:46PM 23 Read data from Excel
2:17PM 0 Re: How to display GDchart image
2:06PM 2 what is your Django experience?
1:44PM 8 AJAX + Table.
12:08PM 0 expire_fragment problem
11:33AM 1 Problem with production on Dreamhost - TemplateError
10:48AM 6 the competition?
9:51AM 0 Methods for clearing page caches?
9:45AM 11 Plans to intigrate ObjectGraph in to Rails
8:31AM 3 Couter Cache for 2 Parents?
7:34AM 3 file_column error
7:26AM 0 belongs_to with has_and_belongs_to_many
7:00AM 2 ruby embedded code replacement for onclick in link?
6:15AM 1 [roles/users]I give up, please help
5:44AM 3 Newbie hitting a wall on first project, help, please!
2:59AM 3 String date parsing
2:40AM 3 the dreaded "Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try creating a table for your model (Blog)" error
2:16AM 16 acts_as_authenticated current_user in a model?
2:09AM 1 ajax search
Sunday January 15 2006
11:47PM 1 Best Idiom for form using multiple models
11:30PM 2 rookie with text editing
11:25PM 0 update_attributes not working
11:20PM 5 ActiveRecordCache
10:36PM 1 You hava a nil object when you didn''t expect it!
9:43PM 2 acts_as_tree & acts_as_list for a single model?
9:27PM 6 PROPOSAL: Validations as Mixin
9:23PM 0 How to Validate Inherintly?
8:58PM 0 Newbie: undefined method `body=''
8:41PM 4 form inputs resetting on sumbit
8:04PM 2 Multi Web Apps ...
7:49PM 2 Please help - Rails hanging on mysql connection
7:25PM 7 Include extra partial in layouts
7:23PM 5 SEO friendly and validation?
7:05PM 1 Getting started with Ruby and FreeRIDE
7:03PM 1 Flashing Login Notice To Non Authenticated Users
6:23PM 4 model helper location
5:52PM 2 new objects and new associations in same view
5:32PM 9 DHH''s dislike of high level components
5:03PM 0 HABTM relationships and retrieving multiple selects in controller
4:50PM 8 Underscore character in session var
4:42PM 4 file_field vs. file_field_tag
4:39PM 2 removing old rails docs after updating rails
3:46PM 0 ANN: ActiveRBAC 0.2.1 released
3:21PM 15 Gettext and Rails ?
2:41PM 1 Cloning a one-many association
12:57PM 4 Redcloth gem properly installed ... still errors
12:17PM 4 Canada on Rails - 15 Speakers To Debut at the First Ruby on Rails Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada
12:08PM 1 how to provide plugin configuration?
11:19AM 6 Saving one-many associations (elegant solution please)
8:08AM 1 Attributes of a relationship
8:03AM 0 Really annoying XMLRPC problem, can anyone help?
5:38AM 0 File field
4:57AM 0 OS X Rails - Nuby
4:27AM 2 What mode does Apache/Rails start in?
3:56AM 7 Rad Rails?
2:55AM 0 ROR and MSSQL server.
1:26AM 13 Hotlinking an entire row in an HTML table
12:57AM 2 scaffold suddenly pluralizing names
12:53AM 2 single table inheritance: change object ''type'' after create?
12:00AM 7 Dreaded Internal 500 Error on DreamHost.
Saturday January 14 2006
11:55PM 1 controller issue with rails? (osx)
11:25PM 11 accessing models from migrations
10:52PM 3 Active record confusion
10:19PM 0 Compact db design a bad idea?
10:10PM 0 Ruby / Rails / MySQL/ AJAX project, developer needed (Oasis Digital)
9:31PM 12 Dedicated Host Recommendations?
9:26PM 0 if condition on validates_presence_of is not working
9:05PM 6 Error installing Rails/FastCGI/Apache2
8:46PM 1 form fields WITHOUT table columns? Can we validate these in the model?
8:08PM 3 How to render from a different controller
7:42PM 3 link_to_remote where the url contain a javascript variable
7:12PM 0 habtm with acts_as_list vs. :through
7:12PM 1 Tests for Models with file_column
6:49PM 2 link_to_remote and an id that points to a text_field
6:00PM 7 Rails on Resin
5:26PM 0 File_column fails with uppercase extentions
5:22PM 1 (ActiveRecord::AdapterNotSpecified) Error
5:18PM 0 Lighttpd and upload progress
3:36PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.1
3:28PM 19 Stopping WEBrick?
3:09PM 2 file_column, ActionMailer, and tests
12:53PM 7 Application Design
12:00PM 0 testing template components
10:04AM 4 hide_action doesnot hide view
8:35AM 1 controller_path says undefined local ....
8:30AM 14 Javascript/AJAX Debugging
8:20AM 2 I think options_for_select is backwards
7:34AM 1 BUG: HTTP body content get parsed in PUT call
6:43AM 11 nuby: do models have to inherit directly from ActiveRecord?
6:40AM 5 New problem with Mac OS X + rails + mysql. Please help!
2:05AM 0 Installtion woes (rails: file not found)
1:33AM 0 OT: Melbourne job - Ruby On Rails, Linux C++, Macromedia Flex 2
1:02AM 0 Overriding column accessors?
12:58AM 4 Rails URLs always try to open non-existent files
12:34AM 1 Forking in Rails => Boom. Mysql has gone away.
12:34AM 2 SwitchTower and SCGI
12:03AM 2 Why can''t I changed the _session_id cookie?
Friday January 13 2006
11:49PM 2 Problem
11:43PM 2 New View Example With Child Object?
11:19PM 4 Flash not cleared with ActiveRecord session store
11:04PM 0 Fwd: [OT] Quick XHTML job
10:53PM 1 Capturing the position of a draggable element
10:47PM 1 ActiveRecord: using with multiple threads/DB connections
10:14PM 0 Finding dead fcgi processes
10:04PM 0 Layout not rendered when render_component used
9:52PM 2 Change Password with acts_as_authenticated
9:42PM 1 h() aka. html_escape in controller code?
9:22PM 0 Lost layout
9:11PM 2 RoR on OpenBSD 3.8
9:00PM 7 installing rails in vendor
8:37PM 6 Locating Objects by associated object.properties
8:32PM 2 file_column in session
7:59PM 6 rails bug ? metadata lost between page invocation ?
7:18PM 1 missing Enum class (windows install)
7:17PM 3 related drop down list / ajax
7:16PM 0 AJAX and select form help
6:47PM 2 Select multiple question
6:42PM 0 AJAX can reduce bandwidth
6:26PM 10 [Announcement] Google: Evil or Not?
5:54PM 1 file_column - how to test for empty column?
5:22PM 1 pointer to standalone ActiveRecord example?
5:10PM 0 Opinions requested on localization strategy
4:46PM 0 Controller part of in-place editing
4:35PM 0 Saving ActiveRecord objects that are composed of other objects
3:58PM 2 FastCGI problems
3:18PM 1 How to disconnect to a database????
3:18PM 2 newbie: access model inside a model
3:12PM 6 Best options for full customer control of content?
2:56PM 19 Problems with scaffold''s parameter on Oracle
2:45PM 2 Multiple Rails Apps in 1 Virtual Host on Apache 1.3
2:21PM 2 Switchtower - openssl error
1:36PM 1 association callbacks
1:16PM 0 Form element that is not an AR object attribute
12:12PM 4 How to add virtual fields in model
12:09PM 2 Populating form elements with AJAX
11:46AM 8 swf''s and rails
11:18AM 1 Rails newbie on Debian: require ''pathname'' error
10:30AM 2 Validation with AJAX; how to DRY validation?
9:35AM 2 Mass Mailing
7:32AM 0 testing Helpers
7:30AM 1 Accessing file_column_helper from withing controller
6:22AM 4 missing foreign key fields in scaffold views
5:57AM 1 threads?
5:40AM 3 The Vendor Directory
5:21AM 9 form_remote_tag breaks inside table
4:44AM 1 page caching - rewrite rules/ trailing slash question
4:23AM 1 validating without saving
4:17AM 1 Rendering an RJS template within another RJS template
3:51AM 4 Single Table Inheritance (this is my 3rd post :( )
3:02AM 1 REPLACE INTO with Active Record
12:51AM 2 JOIN
12:26AM 4 SQL -> Diagram script
12:17AM 5 Form field naming semantics question
12:13AM 1 Send XML Document with SOAP
12:07AM 4 FastCGI processes sometimes ''hang''
Thursday January 12 2006
11:50PM 1 [OT] TDD, Goats and Happiness (WAS: The Guilt List)
11:39PM 10 uninitialized constant error
11:26PM 0 Apache proxy + lighttpd + rails
11:20PM 2 Can''t install rubygems on Debian 3.1
11:00PM 1 Best Forum? Was: Migration doesn''t seem to preserve create_table options in schema
10:51PM 3 File Upload Problems With Apache and Lighttpd But Not Webrick...
10:38PM 0 [RFC] Are patches sitting too long in the tracker - PatchRails to the rescue?
10:32PM 3 VCard Upload Import
10:26PM 0 indexing for sub items appears to fail after validation failureq
10:18PM 0 DWG Viewer
10:08PM 1 Anyone Think a RailsForge Is a Good Idea?
10:04PM 2 Can A Model Have Many belongs_to?
9:54PM 3 How to Selectively Quite SQL Logging
9:46PM 0 Hosting Rails -- catshosting
9:38PM 17 Application.rb params
9:30PM 1 File Upload from URL?
9:30PM 0 (no subject)
9:12PM 1 activewebservice::struct
8:55PM 4 Domain Registration -- Private ?
8:42PM 4 has_one relationship problem
8:41PM 1 Form Entity Names for Child Objects
8:37PM 6 Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
8:32PM 0 Multi Row validation... or running queries within Validate function?
8:21PM 24 The Guilt List
7:52PM 15 Production deployment on Dreamhost?
7:36PM 2 in-place editing with validation
7:36PM 5 Question about using DISTINCT in ActiveRecord find method.
7:25PM 1 methods for file_column
7:25PM 4 Granting SSH access to a Ruby on Rails user
7:00PM 0 Looking for RoR Developer in Monterrey, Mexico.
6:57PM 1 bugtracker for SwitchTower?
6:53PM 5 Ajax: Multiple Element Update
6:42PM 1 Saving habtm relationships and Rails 1.0
6:34PM 2 ActiveRecord models w/ base condition
6:30PM 0 testing
6:25PM 7 user-defined columns
6:10PM 1 adding a destination anchor in the link
5:53PM 2 Rails 1.0 gem installation - rake version not supported on
5:47PM 0 Rename dispatch.fcgi and routing stops working
4:48PM 0 HABTM: xxx.objects.remove yyy return value question
4:38PM 0 Page caching on separate servers
4:17PM 0 Cartographer installation Issues
4:04PM 0 Re: RE: Re: Re: Auto refreshing a page based on select chang
3:59PM 8 Synching between Sqlite and MySql
3:52PM 16 master detail problem
3:47PM 0 Independent SQL connections...race condition?
3:44PM 3 Introspecting Active Record Associations
3:20PM 7 Is anyone using oracle with RoR successfully?
3:11PM 8 Scaffolding support for many-to-many editing (habtm)?
2:41PM 2 ActionController#send_file
2:27PM 9 Scaffold shows all attributes altough I use attr_accessible!
2:12PM 4 where is the ActionStruct::Base in rails???
2:08PM 0 generating user table with Acts_as_authenticated
1:44PM 5 file_column preview in multistage forms
1:28PM 0 Southern Maine Ruby Group...
1:04PM 2 Why doesn''t it print out username?
12:35PM 6 link_to_image - Remove Border
11:16AM 0 Testing ''create'' from multipart/form-data submission
11:03AM 2 file_column issue: file upload fails without error
9:49AM 0 HABTM with conditional field in relation table
9:34AM 9 Is RoR on SQLServer suitable for a commercial application?
9:29AM 1 Lightty on windows?
9:04AM 2 reversing paginated lists, linking to last page from controller
8:15AM 2 Web services and login?
7:54AM 0 Markaby (Markup as Ruby) plugin
7:00AM 1 Does rails support method overloading?
6:17AM 1 Overriding the initializer
6:14AM 4 How do you create a tree strucutre with ActiveRecord
6:02AM 0 override << method
5:58AM 0 Deploying on windows / lighttpd
5:44AM 0 Meta-documentation
5:33AM 1 Current state of login/authentication engines?
5:31AM 0 [file_column] Problem displaying images after upload
5:19AM 10 Take Rails Studio Workshop?
4:58AM 4 If statement based on a action
4:20AM 2 Engines issue: rake test_plugins failing when it shouldn''t
4:14AM 12 Ajax Button Back function?
4:07AM 0 yaml: custom saving and loading of specific classes
3:44AM 3 ActionMailer bug?
3:33AM 3 url_for in tests
3:27AM 3 what about Austin railers?
3:16AM 2 Finding by association
2:37AM 2 Develop locally, Debug Globally?
1:43AM 4 Typecasting and boolean attributes
1:39AM 0 Easy Question, I Think [re-post, sorry if dupe]
12:25AM 2 Anybody building elearning apps with Rails
12:12AM 1 A really newbie question
12:07AM 8 ''stack level too deep'' error message
Wednesday January 11 2006
11:39PM 0 error_messages_for >> Cannot convert Array into String
11:01PM 4 Member.buddies.sort >> undefined method `<=>''
10:42PM 3 Just update 1 field
10:17PM 7 Create a relationship with 2 or more tables on 1 insert
10:13PM 8 Enterprise Rails Apps
10:12PM 7 before_filter: how to give :except more than 1 value?
10:09PM 0 Partial View with SearchGenerator - HELP.
10:08PM 1 handling AR object in multistage forms
9:49PM 3 Idle Apache+FastCGI sleeping?
9:14PM 2 Creating a DB in the schema import process
8:43PM 0 Localization in SH Login Generator
8:29PM 2 Book Gap(s)?
8:15PM 2 Handling ''recognition failed''?
8:13PM 4 Code Shopping in Rails
8:08PM 2 map.connect - redirect with 302?
8:07PM 0 Test ActionView Helper...
8:03PM 2 Wiki Home Page Has Spam Links
7:49PM 1 Keep ketting weird error, NoMethodError in Admin#create_survey Keep getting ''undefined method `assign_variables_from_controller'' for #<Survey:0xb7462244>''
7:43PM 3 How do you do a custom sql call in rails?
7:33PM 0 Best practice for initializing woriing data for development
7:28PM 8 Oracle and Rails seems really slow.... In development
7:26PM 2 Table prefix
7:12PM 14 User Engine/General Engine issues
6:39PM 1 logger in my classes
6:26PM 0 Easy Question, I Think
6:15PM 6 RJS and layouts
5:42PM 17 Different Types of Users and User Engine
5:35PM 4 Help with Non-model classes
5:11PM 0 AJAX: link_to_remote problem
5:08PM 1 Stepping into debugger while in script/breakpointer
5:05PM 0 Issues with dynamic finders ruby-1.8.4 / rails-1.0.0
5:00PM 2 checking Join data for nil before accessing
4:56PM 6 How to display the error messages from the controller
4:53PM 4 [OT] DateInput - Intuitive Date Input Selection
4:47PM 0 Limit attributes written out by to_yaml
4:11PM 0 Cookies, models and nil objects
4:02PM 6 Output non-HTML (CSV) from Rails
3:53PM 1 can remote_function update two div simultaneously?
3:29PM 0 Connection problem with a generic-runtime-built ActiveRecord::Base
3:03PM 1 ActiveRecord customer model with multiple previous addresses
2:38PM 0 File_column : how can I resize/convert/whatever an image according to form-submitted values?
2:36PM 3 FastCgi/OCI8 problem
2:04PM 0 GetText demo blog app: script/server >> permission denied!
1:45PM 1 ActionMailing rendered pages
1:45PM 5 Noob - Associated Tables Find Query
1:04PM 8 GetText: Works with en_GB and en_US, but doesn''t with de_DE!
9:30AM 10 Recommend server for developing RoR on win
9:17AM 1 HELP!! - ActiveRecord derivates in AWS :expects method
9:16AM 0 HELP!! - Problem with AWS and subclasses
9:10AM 3 Test fixtures not loaded
8:49AM 0 movtable
8:30AM 1 Composite primary key
7:42AM 2 NOOB: I need some Ruby/Rails Advice...
6:59AM 2 How to execute an SQL statement in rails?
5:56AM 5 stack level too deep problem
5:54AM 4 "Offline" rails app?
5:47AM 0 NOOB - How do I query other databases for data
5:46AM 1 access value set in config/database.yml
4:42AM 0 St. Louis Ruby Users Group -- Jan. 24th
4:27AM 15 How to use custom url formats?
3:55AM 1 fiile_column persistent across different forms
3:42AM 0 In place editor help
3:08AM 2 validator to ensure two fields are different?
3:06AM 4 what is that IDE in the blog screencast?
2:24AM 0 Developer needed
1:44AM 0 So this is where you are!
12:58AM 0 Documentation for the built-in generator functions?
12:57AM 1 Multiple apps on server conflicting
12:32AM 0 any way to add documents to the rake appdoc task?
12:03AM 6 Help -- NoMethodError in
12:00AM 6 UK Rates for RoR Contract work?
Tuesday January 10 2006
11:56PM 0 find_by_sql + partials question
11:53PM 2 [Q] acts_as_ferret : how to initialize index
11:49PM 0 How to output date select in another language ?
11:40PM 0 New Rails Development Project
10:25PM 5 Select Tag and Associations
10:23PM 1 Support for Unicode strings?
10:12PM 0 problem with cookies in tests (TDD)
10:08PM 0 auto_link generating error (nil.gsub) in functional test
9:48PM 0 Is accessing models in views bad?
9:46PM 15 KISS and DRY? Not even close!
9:19PM 5 Oracle 10g Express - generate scaffold gives error
8:26PM 0 Re: [OT] Where do you find good designers for your RoR, projects?
8:11PM 7 Can only render or redirect once per action - why?
8:07PM 5 problems overriding module with plugin
8:01PM 0 Changing scaffold''s text_field to a password_field causes white screen of death in mozilla?
7:38PM 2 Is there a best practice in dealing with javascript dependencies?
7:36PM 0 Problem installing rubygems-0.8.11
6:53PM 1 Ferret -- Search Partial?
5:58PM 1 OT: Scraper library recommendation
5:50PM 0 Day.find_all_with_appointments - INNER JOIN
5:15PM 0 Looking for Rail Developer to speak at a college
5:11PM 1 select lists - initial and empty elements
5:11PM 13 InstantRails 1.0 problems...
4:55PM 0 bug? : STI and :include => fk and class_name MUST be specified
4:40PM 2 Transactions with multiple databases
4:11PM 13 # of entrys in different months
4:04PM 6 print an instance variable?
4:03PM 9 FastCGI cannot start; Rails doesn''t work
3:27PM 8 first ajax demo in Rails book - does it work for anyone?
3:26PM 0 Customizing autocomplete to update more than one value upon vaule select
3:03PM 7 All My Rails Apps Died Over the Holidays
2:42PM 0 LoginGenerator called on Form Submission
2:42PM 2 [OT] Where do you find good designers for your RoR projects?
2:38PM 3 Getting a user from a model (sort of a noob) (resend sorry)
2:33PM 3 Serving lots of images to only registred users
2:32PM 3 add blog engine to rails app
2:08PM 0 file_column and upload_progress
1:10PM 1 File upload via SSL not possible
1:07PM 0 Getting a user from a model (sort of a noob)
12:53PM 1 Problem with belongs_to
12:16PM 8 Noob: Child records not saved
11:08AM 0 Paginate with two tables ?
10:22AM 1 Can somebody explain when to reload an ActiveRecord
9:31AM 3 ROR setup problems with Suse + apache
9:10AM 2 Returning :success or :failure to remote function calls
8:56AM 1 [AJAX] related drop-down list question
8:52AM 2 DBDesigner4 to AR model (script)
8:34AM 1 Validating Umlauts
7:26AM 0 Validation and Single-Table Inheritance
7:22AM 3 multiple items on 1 column
7:16AM 0 Writing to a file (newbie)
6:57AM 1 Cooky cookies causes trouble
5:44AM 0 Extending Rails with Framework Generators
5:14AM 6 Can we cache user home pages?
4:44AM 1 sql server & linux: left join problem
4:42AM 5 IP Address
4:33AM 0 Linking different Models together and walking them dynamically?
4:09AM 1 sql server freetds/odbc question
3:57AM 2 the dreaded error Before updating scaffolding from new DB s
3:46AM 7 Application Design Question
3:30AM 5 No layout for specific method
3:28AM 5 Noob ActiveRecord Join Question
3:08AM 14 Not wishing to instigate a DB war, but...
3:00AM 0 OSCON 2006 Call for Participation
1:50AM 1 Frames
1:00AM 2 Default unit tests failing?
12:57AM 0 Rails and Single Sign On
12:34AM 2 Make link_to_remote call redirect current view, not read redirected content
12:12AM 0 Error: "wrong number of arguments" in initialize_template_class
12:07AM 4 Problem creating MockController
Monday January 9 2006
11:48PM 3 Scaffolding - disabling Create, Edit, Destroy for some user logins?
11:38PM 4 Problem with habtm and resulting SQL insert
11:07PM 3 Selecting a subset of a table with DRY
11:06PM 4 Engine install problems with OS X
11:04PM 0 ActiveRecord and Cursors (with PostgreSQL)
11:00PM 5 mysql is not recognized as an internal or external command
10:45PM 4 Lack of support of Stored Procedures is a Show Stopper
10:37PM 0 database level cache
10:14PM 0 MySQL Error with Rails on WindowsI just installed ruby on rails on my windows laptop (so I can code on the road dontcha know), I normally use my gentoo box for this, but since moving things to the window box, I get this error when I try to run my app
10:08PM 0 Saving or updating multiple models
9:50PM 2 Ruby on Rails and WURFL?
9:46PM 3 Design Question
9:34PM 3 Pagination :conditions not working - MySQL v. PostgreSQL, Rails abstraction v. embedded SQL
9:33PM 0 Active Record Attributes using Dot Notation doesn''t work
9:18PM 5 file_column content type
9:18PM 3 Include with two references of one model of the same table
8:58PM 1 testing UrlHelper in ActionMailer
8:24PM 4 Switching databases in Rails v1.0 app
7:57PM 0 Re: Welcome to the "Rails" mailing list (Digest mode)
7:38PM 2 Using SQL to get a whole record when using aggregate functions
7:38PM 19 Need help PLEASE
7:28PM 6 What is AJAX?
7:12PM 3 Chopped files when downloading from database
6:38PM 6 has_and_belongs_to_many :self
6:34PM 1 Cooky Cookies
6:33PM 5 Paypal IPN - unable to access breakpoint during POST?
6:09PM 0 Serving image files from filesystem
6:03PM 0 Ruby on Rails Consultant Wanted
6:03PM 7 Large select list, speed issues
6:01PM 1 Problem with RecordNotFound without numeric id
5:58PM 7 File_column Dynamic directory
5:57PM 1 Ruby 1.8.4 and Rails 1.0 - safe combo?
5:17PM 4 scaffold seems broken on show,edit,delete
4:29PM 9 Noob, installing rails on a goDaddy virtual server?
4:27PM 13 Ajax Tabs
4:23PM 2 Pluralizations
4:12PM 0 Need help configuring LoginGenerator
3:22PM 0 bugs in generated drag and drop js (ajax)
1:56PM 0 accessing apache environment variables
1:51PM 1 Moving ROOT_RAILS ?
1:01PM 4 How to carry parameters to a new page?
12:57PM 6 Rendering dynamic Gruff image (send_data)
12:19PM 1 Saving an upload
11:55AM 2 Using RJS templates with observe_form
11:40AM 11 Scaleability and Sharing of code between apps
11:09AM 0 Problem with publishing subclasses by AWS API specification
10:57AM 2 catch id from form and copy between objects
10:31AM 0 cache-control
10:14AM 1 Modifying script generated scaffold output Books/Authors
9:40AM 3 FCGI and Apache2 on win performance problem
7:59AM 2 Rating/Survey Plugin
7:58AM 3 Thomas Fuchs Interview on Audible Ajax
7:30AM 0 Foreign key with 2 or more fields in a relationship
6:49AM 11 Fast Ruby Debugger?
6:35AM 3 rails ignoring the migration file
5:30AM 2 First Rails project: input welcomed
3:42AM 5 form with more than 1 file upload field saves 0 byte file for 1 file field
3:10AM 5 Formatting timestamp objects
3:04AM 1 Newbie Question. I''m dumb with forms and foreign keys
2:48AM 3 Custom flash[:notice]
2:32AM 6 Nil column results, possible to ignore?
2:09AM 1 Question about image storage and relative paths
2:06AM 6 drag and drop problem
1:12AM 3 Emailing lost passwords
Sunday January 8 2006
11:40PM 0 link_to_remote(image_url url_for_file_column(product, "image
11:35PM 6 Persistent session cookies?
11:31PM 0 Agile book depot question
11:11PM 1 uploading an image to a Rails app
9:45PM 2 sorting tables by columns
9:14PM 5 parse error in database.yml
9:02PM 2 sorting issue
8:27PM 10 rCalendar Project
7:29PM 8 RaislsEdge - where to get latest javascripts ?
7:00PM 4 Finding memory leaks?
6:49PM 2 Why is my record readonly=>true?
6:20PM 3 Sceduling Tasks
6:06PM 4 scaffold uses link_to for destroy
6:05PM 4 Redirect to where I was
4:54PM 2 How do can I use XmlRpc with my AWS?
4:42PM 22 Putting it all in one place with Schemas
4:33PM 6 J2EE equivalent
3:54PM 8 I need untyped associations
3:54PM 0 availability of dev.rubyonrails.org
3:17PM 0 uninitialized constant Test
2:56PM 1 Using many-to-many relations in tests
1:58PM 0 Update Your Account Information
1:32PM 4 ID from child table not handled by AR
1:04PM 6 ruby/rails/mysql install on mac os x
12:31PM 0 Debug on form submission
12:29PM 1 Install to Site5
11:46AM 0 Creating versions with file_column but only if file is image
10:19AM 6 newbie session confusions
8:10AM 2 EOF ERROR occurs when sending mail by ROR
7:11AM 1 Options_from_collection_for_select -> Multiple fields in display
7:10AM 0 Please cancel my question -further googling turned up the answer
7:07AM 1 How to insert snippets in textmate from the keyboard
6:27AM 0 migration with blobs
6:26AM 2 ICONV and REXML
6:11AM 0 Migration doesn''t seem to preserve create_table options in schema
5:44AM 10 Resource Bundle Roundup
5:37AM 4 Rails table pluralizing Issue
5:05AM 3 Family Connection 1.1.2
4:49AM 3 Getting the current Action in the Model
3:51AM 2 RoR AJAX select box update?
2:56AM 0 USPS Shipping API
1:25AM 1 Subclassing only a specific portion?
1:10AM 0 Popup search windows: hints needed
12:12AM 9 URL/Site structure
Saturday January 7 2006
11:16PM 2 Before filter...
10:04PM 1 Difference in find_by
9:35PM 1 Sortable Element with Partials??
9:30PM 10 RMagick bus error on OS X in console mode
9:09PM 8 exposing id''d
8:55PM 0 rails behind multiple proxies
7:52PM 1 How to test a failing transaction
7:44PM 0 Run code on application launch
7:40PM 2 OFF-TOPIC; Can''t post to this mailing list
7:37PM 0 gSOAP and ActionWebService interop problems
7:35PM 0 Bug in rails?
5:08PM 3 Beginner Questions parameter passing failing
5:06PM 1 Migrations and doubles?
4:19PM 2 can store array or hash in cookies?
3:17PM 1 AWS, SOAP, and Exceptions
12:33PM 1 datetime returned as string, sometimes....
10:21AM 1 How to DRY with Fixtures (helper or extend Time class, how)?
9:44AM 2 hosting with Pair : Rails'' app dies after a few seconds
7:00AM 2 app no longer runs - MissingSourceFile for any controller
6:14AM 2 help
5:27AM 2 Mailing list software
4:37AM 4 set date with date_select
3:58AM 3 Lowering Logging Sensitivity
2:59AM 4 GIS Image coordinates / markers?
2:20AM 1 Configuration problem on older app upgraded to 1.0
1:50AM 4 To Chris Hall - Re: DB Modelling the Rails way - Opinions??
1:50AM 2 Functional tests with routes
1:43AM 3 RailsCron 0.1 plugin
1:39AM 11 Beware of Mozilla + Rails
12:58AM 0 BundledResource plugin (0.7)
12:44AM 3 user engine question
12:23AM 0 Connecting to Oracle
12:02AM 8 Using find_by_sql to get the sum of a column
Friday January 6 2006
11:49PM 0 Rails ActionWebService and gSOAP interoperability problem
11:23PM 1 DHTML on WEBrick
10:56PM 0 Performance problem w/ Rake on MS SQL 2000 1-GB database
10:46PM 1 ActiveRecord - Switching Databases
10:45PM 4 Design flaw with Fixtures?
10:08PM 0 sessions and search engine spiders
9:58PM 3 Single table inheritance - HowTo?
9:54PM 10 I need debugging tips?
9:48PM 4 Are migrations executed within a transaction?
9:46PM 8 How do I write a generator?
9:30PM 0 scaffold code fails functional test?
9:20PM 1 has_many with :finder_sql question
8:52PM 2 JOB Opening - South Beach Florida
8:50PM 0 Rails newbie question
8:18PM 0 cleaning a string and encoding problem
7:58PM 12 Auto refreshing a page based on select change
7:55PM 0 How to save new record into DB after set_primary_kay and remove id?
7:42PM 3 Where to place a global function
7:28PM 0 date_select and sessions
7:02PM 7 Question
6:46PM 6 AWS and array of Model
6:41PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 16, Issue 132
6:31PM 2 Paginate from a difficult sql query
6:28PM 1 Anyone using AJAX, SVG, and Rails?
5:50PM 6 HABTM problem not saving all associations
5:35PM 3 Getting model class by string
5:09PM 6 Help with TextSearch :all and MySQL
5:04PM 1 Unit Testing - Persistence of Destroyed Objects?
4:17PM 2 How do I reference eagerly loaded Models in the View?
3:53PM 4 Upload Progress Bar Problems
3:11PM 2 beginner: help using <select> drop down list
3:01PM 7 how do I create a change password using sha1?
2:59PM 0 New Database Adapter: OpenBase
2:37PM 0 Newbie file download question
2:03PM 2 replace unkown action with 404
12:47PM 1 Insert to associated table question
11:45AM 2 IRB hex values
10:34AM 3 Error Handling
9:59AM 2 Re: Some advice on DB modeling
9:28AM 3 Countries -> Cities Select box
8:52AM 3 Using DIV tags in HTML - a better Ruby/Rails way?
8:26AM 0 bug rails activerecord association join
8:11AM 5 Routing problems - Apache proxy vs. Webrick direct
6:35AM 6 NewbieQ: How do I refresh view after return from popup window
6:13AM 8 Rails Troubles
5:57AM 3 Cookbook recipes eg - ordering categories in the recipe pull-down box
5:06AM 3 fastcgi on apache
4:54AM 3 BACKPACK: There was a problem processing your email
3:38AM 0 [JOB] Open Source Software Engineer, Chicago, IL
2:34AM 0 capturing keyboard events
1:56AM 1 How to make fancy urls (like basecamp clientx.clientsection.com]?
1:42AM 6 RoR API Firefox search plugin
1:24AM 4 "Selecting" a calculated row / Using :select in the paginate method
12:34AM 3 image replacement (new Effect.*****) problem
12:26AM 2 Problems passing un-sanitized XML to client
Thursday January 5 2006
11:40PM 0 [Ajax] draggable_element with button inside
11:23PM 5 Lost connection to Mysql
11:16PM 0 Problem implementing tagging
10:58PM 8 Repost - Do dynamic finders work with legacy schemas?
10:45PM 3 MS SQL server connection problems
10:32PM 2 Confused...
10:25PM 0 Keep the Queries Down or "Referencing eagerly loaded models"
9:54PM 0 Looking for a simple Scheduler Gem
9:36PM 7 repost - Can one edit the file that generates the scaffolding.css?
9:31PM 3 Rails setup for multi-user environment?
9:04PM 4 Workshops or groups in Boston?
8:59PM 0 cattr_accessor
8:55PM 4 Switchtower for distribution?
8:41PM 3 What is SwitchTower?
8:31PM 0 nooby Q--default page for RoR changed?!
8:10PM 0 Subdomains - redirect to different actions?
8:00PM 2 has_many - when are child objects created?
7:48PM 1 Action fails silently - breakpoint doesn''t hit
7:21PM 4 testing file uploads
7:07PM 0 Caching with default routes
7:01PM 2 Single stepping from breakpointer?
6:39PM 0 I found a way to dynamically switch languages in your railsapp -- look at it and give your opinions
6:38PM 3 getting porn from rails link
6:30PM 13 Naming convention for foreign keys
6:19PM 1 How to freeze SwitchTower
6:13PM 2 help - edit without using scaffold
6:02PM 1 tucson users?
5:48PM 10 OT -- A "HOWTO" is a guide not a question.
5:36PM 6 Inheritance Question
5:27PM 0 Ruby/RoR User Group in South Florida
5:26PM 3 ActiveRecord model classes not allowed in :expects
5:15PM 3 ActiveRecord setting IDs on auto increment fields
5:02PM 40 RoR sucks, and heres why...
5:00PM 2 Instant Rails 1.0 Final has been released!
4:54PM 3 Parsing key-value files
4:42PM 2 Phoenix Arizona Users?
4:26PM 0 Re: html generated from scaffold
4:24PM 1 unicode hacks - fixes for webrick and Safari
4:09PM 1 [REQ] Document, post, DHH talk about "Why Rails ?"
4:07PM 2 how to use a helper which is not inside app/helpers/
4:06PM 0 Online Help HATT for Rails
3:50PM 0 I found a way to dynamically switch languages in your rails app -- look at it and give your opinions
3:19PM 2 Rails 1.0 Crashing: Errno::EPIPE (Broken pipe):
2:53PM 4 Apache2 and popen
2:33PM 1 Photo Tracking: Releases, Subjects, Versions, Metadata, etc
2:02PM 2 Rails Newb: Foreign Key Views?
1:55PM 1 Fixture files for inserting tree like behavior doesn''t work
1:32PM 0 Re: help with link_to_if, I can''t make it work..
1:29PM 2 model with type attribute
1:22PM 2 ActiveRecord callbacks not happening
12:51PM 0 render :partial, accentuated characters and Ajax preview
12:48PM 7 HOWTO: Combine fields from 2 two tables in 1 object
12:44PM 1 Ruby on Rails Workshop in Graz, Austria
12:20PM 13 Date Validation
12:04PM 3 file_column url_for_file returns nil
11:13AM 7 Multilanguage problem, need help
10:34AM 1 Looping through all models in the application
10:21AM 1 sortable_element not recognizing newly added <li> elements
9:56AM 0 Help with the Agile Depot application tutorial
9:54AM 2 Agile Depot Tutorial Help
9:29AM 0 question about Agile Rails
8:34AM 2 ruportoin rails
8:03AM 0 relationships in text fixtures
7:55AM 1 ActionMailer in production vs development environments?
6:08AM 2 Lost Images on Linux
5:51AM 0 running jasper reports in rails
5:34AM 1 import/export VCards
5:33AM 2 Rails on dual network port machine
5:02AM 0 running jasper report from rails
4:42AM 1 recipes/categories to books/authors but listing doesn''t work
4:14AM 1 File_column image validation
2:42AM 0 Rails / Ruby users group in Miami / South Florida
2:06AM 3 has_one :dependent => true question
1:47AM 8 AJAX to submit form, but reload the whole page
1:02AM 3 Ruby OpenID library and OpenIDLoginGenerator
12:53AM 5 File_column crashing WEBrick when using :magick options
12:34AM 2 Ruby On Rails Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland
Wednesday January 4 2006
11:59PM 0 Lead Developoer Wanted
11:57PM 4 many to many link table compound primary key explosion
11:54PM 2 Updating Attributes in a HABTM Join Table
11:50PM 2 Creating a model that acts as a settings manager
11:37PM 2 Rename lock_version field?
11:33PM 2 Problem with multiple collection_select
11:20PM 0 Multiple fields on table X linked to one field on table Y
11:03PM 1 Multiple Associations With The Same Object
10:27PM 14 Rails on Tomcat or JBoss?
10:08PM 0 Re: DB Modelling the Rails way - solution by Chris Hall
10:05PM 0 Simple print statement (was: recongizing the current controller in views)
9:48PM 3 PDF Form Reader using rails/ruby
9:38PM 0 Plugins unit testing
9:28PM 0 OT: Displaying errors on credit-card processing
9:03PM 5 Webservice External XMLRPC
8:51PM 0 Layered/Delegated WebService
8:41PM 2 noob help
8:33PM 2 Mock Objects (Development)
8:01PM 1 Localize validate_error messages
7:33PM 3 HTTP 500
7:17PM 0 update_attribute works, update_attributes doesn''t, why?
7:02PM 3 ActiveRecord delete_all With Sanitized Parameters?
6:56PM 3 How Can I solve this?
6:41PM 0 textmate_backtracer plugin
6:02PM 0 Browse doc apps from within app
5:47PM 0 Generating consolidated rdocs like api.rubyonrails.com
5:39PM 5 How do I set the default value for date fields?
5:39PM 2 collection_select with array as source
5:28PM 3 Legacy Table works-except edit?
5:12PM 1 Passing parameters along
4:56PM 0 Problem with models and modules.
4:44PM 6 ajax in rails is a security violation
4:37PM 11 Query Mixin by Duane Johnson
4:35PM 1 Autocomplete howto?
4:26PM 2 simple_format and in_place_editor_field
4:21PM 7 variables in layouts
4:07PM 0 Mysql::Error: MySQL server has gone away
4:04PM 4 Multiple emails from one SMTP connection?
3:55PM 7 <% if ... -%> What is this?
3:55PM 1 I''d like to edit the scaffolding file - is it possible?
3:49PM 0 (no subject)
3:18PM 10 Is Webrick good enough?
3:05PM 0 Doesn''t "find" call initialize?
2:13PM 4 HOWTO: Render partial in div
1:58PM 5 habtm recusive
1:50PM 0 Ruby on Rails - Get Started
1:36PM 4 Problems with Hieraki 2
12:58PM 4 Need some implementation ideas :-)
12:19PM 4 How to open a pdf file in new window
10:57AM 5 check if a file exists?
9:52AM 0 thsi is my first question
8:20AM 1 [SOLVED] Am I going too far or Rails is just confusing?
8:13AM 1 Rails and document managament
8:01AM 4 file_column
7:59AM 4 radio_button method does not recognize int values?
7:21AM 5 routing title in url
7:15AM 0 Multiple Record Form and Controller to update Multiple Models Example
6:39AM 1 Newbie question abour Rake
6:13AM 2 Array problem
5:29AM 7 wrong number of arguments error
5:11AM 9 Family Connection 1.0
4:42AM 3 Intermittent problem with link_to_remote()
4:32AM 2 how to display validation error messages for multiple record form
4:22AM 1 Rails Wiki gets hit by the spam bots
3:46AM 2 SwitchTower deployment
3:25AM 8 Trying to display data from two tables
2:42AM 6 Ajax makes me cry
2:10AM 2 Using gems from vendor/ ?
1:46AM 3 date conversion
1:36AM 5 help with link_to_if, I can''t make it work...
1:35AM 4 Multiple Sites, One Rails App
1:26AM 7 recongizing the current controller in views
1:22AM 2 Navigation Helper
12:59AM 5 Rails with ireport
12:31AM 0 [Wiki] Down - SaltedHashLoginGenerator
12:01AM 0 Cancel my last question
Tuesday January 3 2006
11:58PM 3 What am I doing wrong!!!
11:54PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 16, Issue 55
11:44PM 2 Using multiple columns as primary key
11:41PM 5 update command not updating DB
11:41PM 7 switchtower, windows and dispatch.fcgi
11:30PM 0 Combating site suckers
11:30PM 1 Virtual Hosts?
11:04PM 18 Trying to do a simple thing ...
10:37PM 2 Reducing Memory Footprint (fcgi)
10:31PM 3 SwitchTower and Subversion branches
10:20PM 5 Are cache sweepers used?
10:20PM 1 options_from_collection_for_select - NIL Object
9:59PM 2 Instant Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 1
9:56PM 1 Max Execution Time with fastcgi (and in general). Getting it done.
9:47PM 3 Rails Noob Question
9:45PM 7 best authorization?
9:36PM 0 PDF Form Reader
9:31PM 3 render :partial stops setting local variables.
9:29PM 0 Minimagick and RoR
9:20PM 20 Subversion AND Rails hosting
9:18PM 0 Automatically mapping content_columns?
9:01PM 1 RequireResourceHelper for JS and CSS
8:48PM 2 Newbie Install Question
8:46PM 5 Announcement: Indexed Search Engine 0.1.2 Available
8:44PM 4 Set the foreign key constraint column name?
8:28PM 3 Can I map 2 tables into one class
8:27PM 6 Am I going too far or Rails is just confusing? was {validates_presence_of *_id attributes}
8:20PM 1 find_by datetime question
8:18PM 2 Pdf::Writer ; page numbering, and table wrapping
7:37PM 3 What''s the best way to do complex inheritance?
7:29PM 1 Another Rails blog entry out of Apress
7:11PM 8 MacOS X Tiger Rails Install problem
6:34PM 14 Family Connection 0.9
5:33PM 2 Plugins include order
5:08PM 3 Changing tables within rails app
4:20PM 1 how do i specify which version of rails?
3:39PM 1 must write '':controller => "/foo"'' because of "admin/bar"
3:22PM 0 data modelling
2:42PM 22 Large-scale application
2:07PM 3 Engine and controller layout confusion
1:44PM 3 file_column howto (beginner)
1:18PM 5 Riby killed after few seconds
12:38PM 11 CRC error installing rails
12:13PM 7 link_to an external url ?
11:44AM 0 newbie question about .titlecase of .titleize
10:28AM 0 vBulletin integration
9:47AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many include problem
8:33AM 1 validating model without saving
7:56AM 2 Stopping a save from the before_save
7:45AM 0 installation using proxy
7:32AM 4 validates_presence_of *_id attributes
7:11AM 0 habtm and insert_sql
7:04AM 3 RoR and Apache2 and app in local directory
6:54AM 2 Rails is slow on Apache !!!
6:35AM 0 how to send cookie value from rails app to browser - newbie
6:31AM 3 Global functions and variables.
6:14AM 5 Pagination Question
5:52AM 2 Odd Routing - How To?
4:45AM 2 Scaffolding - changing number of records per page
4:18AM 0 Extending association options
4:11AM 4 Would someone like to tell me why this code will not solve my problem? (it''s short)
4:04AM 1 prompting to choose an item from a select box
3:53AM 1 Passing parameters with link_to
2:56AM 0 pass parameter to jasper report from rails
2:55AM 4 in-memory test database -- where''s the schema?
1:55AM 2 help me understand association attributes
1:12AM 0 Indexed Search Engine 0.1 Released
1:01AM 5 RDOC and dot on mac
12:45AM 2 Apache FCGI and rails image issues help
Monday January 2 2006
11:23PM 1 January Ruby events in the SF Bay Area
10:57PM 0 Problem with remote updates
10:21PM 8 RoR or Java for community portal?
9:59PM 2 Rails db model validation with separate web forms, help.
9:31PM 3 Pdf::Writer and #image
9:23PM 2 Agile Web Development book - version 4.0 released
9:18PM 0 job: small image bank
9:08PM 3 MySql GUI on Linux
9:03PM 0 Extending a model in a component...
8:25PM 0 Best practice for registering/discovering STI subclasses?
8:06PM 13 Naming Conventions
7:13PM 1 best way to detect drop down changes
6:50PM 1 ActiveRecord, << or push_with_attributes: update if exists?
6:49PM 2 ActiveRecord:
6:42PM 0 Desperate client in NYC
6:23PM 3 SwitchTower 0.10.0
5:38PM 3 ANN: new rails site/RoR praise
5:05PM 5 Can''t get fcgi working with Apache2 on Mac OS X
4:46PM 0 PHP Integration
4:37PM 9 Generating nice tables
3:42PM 6 Paginate with joins messing with id
1:12PM 6 Login_engine - auth against email rather that username?
1:10PM 0 problem with ruby gem activate when trying to run actionpack tests
12:44PM 2 charting (freechart)
12:24PM 3 Altering the accessor of an association collection
12:11PM 2 Dynamic form tags
11:53AM 5 How can one use GRUFF with locomotive ( I guess there is a wider question here, also)
11:34AM 0 Many to Many relationship - trys to destroy twice??
11:16AM 1 Session and flash now working in IE6
10:07AM 1 /usr/local/bin/ruby dispatch.fcgi process - which website?
9:09AM 2 link_to : add title tag ?
8:59AM 1 Dealing with collections of model objects
7:03AM 0 O3 Magazine with article about RoR
6:12AM 2 HTML Fragment not Loading in Firefox; Fine Elsewhere
6:07AM 3 best to integrate dynamic navbar into layout
5:56AM 3 Re: Getting Index When Using render :partial (Benjamin Stiglitz)
5:44AM 3 Selecting conditionally from HABTM
5:31AM 5 NoobyQ: how to work with a table of static lookup data??
5:31AM 2 Getting Index When Using render :partial
5:19AM 5 How to use MySQL sum() to get total of column?
4:42AM 3 rake test_units not loading any fixtures
1:55AM 2 ::?
1:40AM 0 HABTM / Counter Cache
1:11AM 5 DB Modelling the Rails way - Opinions??
1:02AM 2 What happened to Rails::Version::STRING in Rails 1.0.0?
1:00AM 1 Newbie with error.
12:20AM 19 AR: How to store and restore in YML.
12:00AM 2 Can Rails render pages if there is no database connected?
Sunday January 1 2006
10:09PM 0 An Orlando Ruby/Ruby_on_rails user group is forming
10:05PM 4 rails under windows and mysql make webrick unstable
9:35PM 11 Migration db_schema_import always fails.
9:07PM 7 How to show progress
8:43PM 4 i2 wiki
7:52PM 5 scaffold not working on Windows XP
6:51PM 9 Child record becomes orphan
6:40PM 3 Single Table inheitance doesn''t show subclasses ?
5:57PM 0 Using standard helper methods in my helpers
5:00PM 7 Can''t get select helper to populate dropdown w/default value
4:45PM 5 db connection problem: Mac X, MySQL 5, Rails 1
12:02PM 4 Agile book deltas
7:08AM 7 [ ANN ] Hieraki2
1:58AM 11 Can rails make use of accesskeys?
1:03AM 2 Resin and RAILS
12:06AM 0 Join table with attributes