Rails - Dec 2005

Saturday December 31 2005
10:55PM 0 Controllers, Models, Libraries -- Better Ideas Welcome
10:26PM 4 How might I use file_column for incoming email attachments?
9:47PM 3 checkbook application
9:44PM 3 Semi-Dynamic table sorting (without AJAX)
9:43PM 2 numeric_spell plugin
9:00PM 3 Sort or Order a <Select> box.
8:38PM 7 Application Errors w/ layout & custom view pages
8:17PM 3 [Model] [Noob] Table Naming w/ underscores
6:57PM 0 Disabling updated_at/updated_on
6:25PM 0 Executing System calls under Apache
6:14PM 0 RForum 0.2
4:49PM 4 saving a collection
4:45PM 6 habtm recursion via destroy_without_callbacks
4:24PM 0 Using render functions in my own classes
12:12PM 7 Dynamic form? Not really!
10:53AM 0 WISR?
8:13AM 0 Polymorphic many to many linking
8:05AM 0 Fall-Through for link_to_remote?
6:46AM 1 Error when Testing AWS API (ArgumentError: illegal refid http://test.host/login)
6:04AM 9 RJS Templates not conducting callbacks
5:42AM 0 MySql using Pipe connection in Win2K?
4:51AM 1 search engine friendly URL params?
3:44AM 2 Test Unit Problem
3:34AM 2 Validation errors not displaying and will not save
3:27AM 6 What does this error mean when using scaffold?
3:18AM 26 Free "Agile Web Development with Rails" Text
2:49AM 0 :prompt not working?
2:49AM 9 Railspdf plugin problem
2:32AM 0 Question about periodically_call_remote
2:18AM 0 Looking for Ruby and rails in Grater China region (china/taiwan/Hong Kong)
1:57AM 0 Salted Login Generated code throwing lots of errors
1:51AM 1 Custom Classes?
12:54AM 4 observe_field with dynamic forms
12:53AM 0 File_column and multiple file select
12:49AM 1 Web Services -- authentication?
12:00AM 6 I don''t even know how to ask the question (4 lines of code)
Friday December 30 2005
11:56PM 1 Need serious help - unit testing without a database
11:52PM 2 Unable access which domain in my routes.rb to map custom route tables per domain
11:18PM 6 Suggestion for New User
10:27PM 3 Too many columns for list.rhtml to display on one page
10:06PM 1 metaprogramming in controller: accessing instance variables
10:04PM 0 can''t kill infinite loop with FastCgiConfig directive
9:50PM 0 Newbie multiple controllers/layouts question
9:39PM 0 Best way to handle associated object creation WithIN the SAME form ?
9:37PM 2 Beauty in Page Layout
8:59PM 2 help on submit_to_remote
8:38PM 6 Rails in High School Curriculum?
7:46PM 4 Convert "é" in "&eacute;"
7:27PM 0 Prototype and script.aculo.us IRC channel
7:05PM 5 Rails using DB2
6:05PM 2 Locomotive 1.0.0 for Mac OS 10.3+
6:01PM 2 newbie
6:01PM 0 Changing the current connection for Active Record
5:55PM 0 Unescaped selection options
4:25PM 1 does ActionMailer support SSL (TLS) smtp (like gmail)?
4:17PM 1 Independent thread use in Rails app
3:53PM 5 HABTM with finder_sql problem (Rails bug?)
3:24PM 1 Problems with Testing (Depot) demo app in Agile Rails book
3:09PM 2 rails running very slowly on apache (with fcgi or without)
3:02PM 2 I have problem and/or not fully underestand rails --svn
3:01PM 9 cannot load engines plugin/scaffold broke
2:24PM 1 simple one-to-one relationship question
2:13PM 2 Setting up Subdomains as Account Keys Under Mac OS X
2:08PM 2 How to abort program flow after a redirect?
1:43PM 4 High performance queries - RoR, PHP or something else?
1:12PM 0 [Announcement] LetterBlast, my first public (for free) app
1:00PM 6 Unable to get the domain in my routes.rb to map custom route tables per domain
12:33PM 3 model - controller always one-on-one?
10:59AM 3 NewbieQ - Relational tables
10:50AM 2 Radiobutton onclick
9:08AM 0 XP Apache FastCGI ok if RAILS_ENV="", crash when RAILS_ENV="production"
8:25AM 0 L18n help
8:11AM 4 AJAX Drag and Drop Detecting Drop Coordinates
7:46AM 1 NewbieQ concatenating name in options_from_collection_for_select
6:39AM 2 before_create question
6:10AM 5 AWS api_method :returns not accepting ActiveRecord::Base
4:50AM 2 mangled database record ids
4:27AM 3 RoR social software and content management system
4:09AM 1 HABTM Dependency Question
3:58AM 3 Select SUM(?) Query
3:52AM 2 Rails resources, blogs, forums, etc?
2:15AM 0 Fixtures for non AR object
2:14AM 4 soap4r 1.5.5 seems to break actionWebService tests
2:09AM 11 Losing my mind with Ajax link_to_remote
2:02AM 1 Fixture with multiple lines of text as a field
1:14AM 2 scgi apache routes help needed
Thursday December 29 2005
11:59PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete depending on another field
11:42PM 1 Posting to a separate controller in a functional test
11:37PM 0 extranormal.com - social networking on rails
11:12PM 0 textfield helper - formatting the displayed text
11:04PM 1 Using base HTML tag
11:04PM 3 What does ''h'' do?
10:47PM 0 scriptaculous Move Vs. Scale and empty space
10:46PM 2 options_for_select order
10:29PM 1 Detecting the current environement
9:53PM 4 How to handle a non existing action in a controller?
9:22PM 7 Laszlo on Rails kicking off
9:15PM 2 has_many & belongs_to with Plugins (login_engine)
8:58PM 2 Access rails logger from plain class
8:53PM 5 Model Composition in Rails
8:35PM 3 Storage for images: Database BLOBs or files?
8:10PM 3 Why do plugins use class_eval?
8:05PM 1 Resolving ambiguous columns during a join
8:04PM 3 Maintaining DB reflection without scaffolding
7:53PM 8 First module gives "unknown action"
7:40PM 0 Javascript Window splitter
7:32PM 0 Components and rails
7:28PM 2 Problem with apache and rubyonrails
7:03PM 0 UTF-8 and validates_length_of
6:39PM 1 Calling helper from a controller
5:32PM 0 Problem destroying some record with relations has_many has_one
5:29PM 0 tab control Java script
5:11PM 2 form_remote, getting data from submit
5:02PM 1 Has_Many - Saving Child Rows
4:55PM 1 catch-all error redirecting
4:37PM 5 Extracting SQL and Rebuilding from SQL?
3:37PM 0 strange output in http header
3:20PM 1 Best way to prune my list of returned rows?
3:07PM 1 Paginate do a Count(*) request before...
3:06PM 0 Newbie: Radiobutton onclick
2:43PM 0 observe_form without an update parameter
2:25PM 9 Single Table Inheritance
2:17PM 2 validation highlighting on non-scaffold fields
2:17PM 3 migrations
1:47PM 6 How do I open and read/write to a file?
9:40AM 3 FileColumn Help
9:30AM 7 belongs_to causing NoMethodError exceptions ... ?
9:07AM 4 Paginate do a Count(*) request before, how access that count value.
8:37AM 1 Table Generator wiki page broken.
8:16AM 3 Post problem with select lists
8:06AM 5 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.0
8:04AM 3 NoMethodError problem
7:23AM 2 Can''t get scriptaculous to work
6:54AM 3 Class Variable Scope
6:52AM 0 RMagick
6:49AM 0 reworking controllers
6:40AM 4 Any switchers from mod_perl
5:58AM 1 Layout for a module
5:55AM 3 Verification problems
5:48AM 3 globals, incremental voting, images
4:45AM 2 routes.rb
4:31AM 4 Many-to-Many: Where to add the children?
4:27AM 3 Blank pages, ''missing default helper path rails_info_helper''
3:31AM 2 Has any one seen this error message
2:50AM 2 Login plugin
2:31AM 7 NEW RAILS SITE: Riding two bubbles at the same time
2:29AM 0 asset host and link_to
2:22AM 4 Images in Agile Web Development with Rails
2:21AM 1 Best Practice: file_column+Switchtower
2:07AM 0 newb queston to fellow Railians
1:30AM 5 Subversion graphical client?
1:23AM 1 Underscore or not?
12:55AM 0 Full Time Rails project
12:41AM 5 help with installing login_engine
12:25AM 14 Rails 1.0 - Agile book still good?
Wednesday December 28 2005
11:22PM 2 where is WEBrick (daemon mode) output? not in log/server.log
10:36PM 3 [Templates] [Noob] templates across controllers?
10:34PM 1 Switchtoer and and file://
10:12PM 2 OCI/ODBC on Windows
10:09PM 2 form reset after successful form submission
10:00PM 0 Reg SQL Server
9:45PM 4 AJAX works in Safari, broken in Firefox
9:38PM 4 undefined method `include''
9:15PM 6 coverage does not work
9:02PM 5 Shared Hosting Rails Sites ?
8:34PM 1 Help needed with ActiveRecord
8:13PM 0 Calling a stored proc from mySql 5
8:01PM 1 Can''t quite get fcgid working
7:59PM 0 Modifying VERBOTEN_TAGS in TextHelper
7:34PM 2 Getting (and displaying) REST data
6:35PM 11 some notes about rails, apache, fastcgi and windows
6:33PM 0 Probs installing ruby-fcgi on Linux
6:31PM 5 simple scaffold question
6:22PM 4 Changing encoding on text
6:17PM 1 Windows "Lost connection to MySQL server during query"
6:07PM 1 Model from DB generator
5:22PM 1 advice needed: damagecontrol or CIA?
4:52PM 0 another reference to Rails
4:51PM 1 making has_and_belongs_to_many save more elegant
4:43PM 1 FCGI: warning: Object#id will be deprecated; use Object#object_id?
4:37PM 1 Instance variables don''t persist between actions?
4:35PM 3 problems with lighty on linux
3:04PM 2 Rails didn''t install correctly
2:55PM 3 Handcar on Rails
2:35PM 0 urls in ActionMailer
2:15PM 0 Why ar.rubyonrails.com is the rubyonrails homepage?
12:04PM 9 Idiom question - assertions which aren''t in tests
10:59AM 1 Ruby on rail newbie
10:46AM 2 How write input form (layout/controller) so I can enter Id
10:31AM 2 disabling text_field
7:51AM 3 Storing static info in table or model?
6:55AM 2 Plugin question
4:47AM 3 acts_as_taggable query
4:17AM 3 Unit tests, Fixtures, Authority Data, Oh my!
2:50AM 0 Loading flat-file data into multiple tables
1:57AM 8 Rails app lags after inactivity
1:41AM 1 RJS and :loading
12:49AM 2 has_images
12:21AM 0 Testing class variables
12:00AM 3 Module loading
Tuesday December 27 2005
11:29PM 2 Rewriting FormBuilder
10:45PM 0 Edge Rails idea -- was [DRY relative to edit and show]
10:29PM 13 <%= works, print doesn''t
10:28PM 2 creating a pulldown entry on the fly
10:25PM 2 NoMethodError in new scaffold
10:04PM 7 help remove duplication in my app
10:01PM 8 XML Not Working in Explorer 6
9:37PM 2 actions with no views?
9:35PM 1 Rails/Ajax question from a newbie (to both)
9:12PM 0 trouble getting started (on a mac)
8:38PM 0 acts_as_tree, polymorphism and class loading problems
8:31PM 3 created_on & updated_on - helper to display date only
8:10PM 2 Error when starting WebBrick after installing Login Engine.
8:09PM 6 Best Environment for development
8:08PM 0 Authentication/authorization resources?
8:04PM 6 avoid multiple render per action
8:02PM 0 date_select and :include_blank
7:21PM 1 Legacy Data without Primary Keys
7:17PM 4 Using mocks
6:47PM 4 every table must have an id
6:36PM 0 Newbie: Getting Book Data from Amazon
6:30PM 1 Debugging Migrations
6:23PM 4 Migrations & Unit Testing: Possible Bug in Rails?
5:18PM 2 ruby 1.8.2 or 1.8.3 on Linux?
4:17PM 3 execution timeout
2:36PM 4 PostgreSQL Array field type
1:28PM 1 filecolumn to database
1:17PM 0 Limit user ability to edit subset of data?
12:38PM 4 How do you detect if ActiveRecord ''update'' fails?
12:38PM 0 How do I combine :finder_sql and :conditions to perform a sub-search on a custom has_many relationship?
12:36PM 0 Re: RESOLVED: Overloading error_message_on method in ActiveRecordHelper
11:02AM 4 acts_as_versioned
10:50AM 3 What is the best way of setting up the following model:
7:43AM 1 logging a users ip address
7:33AM 10 ActiveRecord flexible columns
7:32AM 0 update_field question
6:37AM 1 SOAP + HTTP authentication
6:31AM 1 How do you detect if ''update'' save fails?
6:02AM 1 Odd Behavior with render
5:49AM 2 Praise Switchtower (plus a quick question)
4:22AM 3 myObject.send(column.name) from Agile Development book
1:05AM 3 Trouble combining :has_many, :finder_sql and :conditions to create a sub-search
12:31AM 1 Form Validation?
12:13AM 2 Drag and drop problem if Droppable zones overlap
Monday December 26 2005
11:10PM 2 confused about ruby fast C bindings
10:19PM 0 Problems with Plugin Models
9:51PM 3 Override Validation?
9:00PM 0 Rake (default task) overwrites development database?
8:03PM 4 Books for Beginners
7:27PM 2 resorting a dataset
7:27PM 2 Fedora Core 2, cPanel and Ruby
7:01PM 0 Help - Overwrote database
6:29PM 1 file_column + restrictions
6:23PM 16 How to create application with single table with primary key
6:02PM 0 Extend the find-method: more conditions
4:38PM 0 File upload generated with scaffold ?
4:03PM 3 data insertion in multiple tables
1:03PM 0 [rjs] How can I render a action template instead of partial
12:41PM 5 show render time on pages
11:54AM 2 Installing rails with gem without net connection
10:30AM 3 probably a very dumb question
8:21AM 3 Display Login Status
7:14AM 2 Dynamic order on has_many relationship?
6:11AM 1 Rails command not working
3:25AM 2 Ruby on Rails with e-novative WAMP
2:18AM 0 Interesting differences between Windows and Linux
2:07AM 0 Status code 0 on functional test
1:03AM 2 special characters in rhtml
12:45AM 0 Why isn''t this working???
12:07AM 5 linux install of RR
Sunday December 25 2005
9:41PM 4 SF Bay Area Beer and Pizza SIG (RSVP request)
9:37PM 2 Caching of models?
8:32PM 0 Setter not being called
8:25PM 2 How do I install user_engine & login_engine?
7:10PM 5 RJS not working?
7:06PM 4 How to display a welcome page
5:09PM 2 scriptaculous-js-1.5.0
5:02PM 3 SQLite primary key schema
3:49PM 2 offtopic: which one is faster: file or database?
3:06PM 1 How to use mem_cache_store?
2:42PM 1 belongs_to loop?
2:27PM 2 App access privileges
1:02PM 0 Simple FasterCSV question
12:04PM 2 [repost] newbie questions
11:25AM 5 understanding session fixation attacks
6:13AM 2 SOAP Client Connections
4:42AM 4 Rails + SOAP ?
12:24AM 3 Rails + postgresql
Saturday December 24 2005
9:53PM 3 ruby 1.8.4
9:28PM 0 acts_as_taggable - adding users and normalizing tags
8:54PM 3 Avoiding HABTM field clobbering?
8:26PM 0 call a method once per page request
6:47PM 2 Multi language pages (access @session from a model)
5:47PM 2 Eleven??
5:24PM 1 Problem with ActiveRecord installation
4:13PM 0 Problem with the association.
4:02PM 1 how to access session id
11:45AM 2 Common menu
7:06AM 2 Authenticating Users fron Foreign DB?
4:40AM 2 Trying to grasp the difference between local variables and instance variables/
3:56AM 1 best way to design uknown depth of subcategories
3:55AM 2 Ajax Help: Multiple Updates - ?
2:32AM 1 periodic email
1:39AM 2 Where can I get a royalty-free/open-source spinner image?
1:36AM 2 Oddly Slow
1:14AM 10 can''t find view from Mailer?
1:03AM 2 Variable dumper
12:57AM 2 Textilize on ajax update
Friday December 23 2005
11:48PM 1 render or redirect_to??
11:45PM 2 NewbieQ: How do you specify a name for a form
11:33PM 6 Selecting time
11:06PM 3 auth_generator and GD woes
7:43PM 0 RE: Maintaining a Dev and a QA environment
7:41PM 1 FastCGI and large file uploads
6:54PM 3 Verisign Payflow Scripts
6:27PM 5 Can''t get data from products into @order
6:08PM 1 Emails that get sent out on various site actions
5:37PM 2 SQLite in-memory
5:13PM 4 DRY relative to edit and show
4:45PM 0 newbie question
4:44PM 5 AJAX : Server to Client callback possible ?
4:03PM 6 Agile book - test error
3:10PM 0 Problem with large join table and ActiveRecord
3:06PM 13 how to form.rest in RJS
12:51PM 1 Overloading error_message_on method in ActiveRecordHelper
12:41PM 0 Completely off topic but ...
12:36PM 5 Newbie question/help 2 tables, ''sync'' cell values
12:06PM 0 Any plans for better deployment on servers?
11:14AM 8 webrick / winxp won''t stop serving cached file??
10:37AM 4 OO model style: inheritance
10:12AM 3 Intergrating delicious?
10:04AM 1 Salted Login Error
9:31AM 3 shared hostings: how to compare/evaluate them (aka: "Rails needs a index")
9:18AM 1 pagination problem
7:27AM 1 key value pairs working
5:56AM 1 Installing Ruby on Shared Linux Host
5:54AM 2 has_many and belongs_to relationship error
5:52AM 0 adding items to a particular invoice on the same page
5:38AM 1 Better way to import initial migration?
5:23AM 0 Any existing survey tool for ruby/rails ?
5:18AM 6 file_column and HABTM
4:50AM 10 Extending model
4:00AM 10 truncating html text
3:51AM 2 Bizarre problems with AJAX / missing variables
2:27AM 1 Handling file uploads & mixing class and instance vars
2:15AM 2 no need for DB reflection when using config.active_record.schema_format = :ruby ?
2:01AM 6 Stories with many tags, tags with many stories, has_and_belongs_to_many howto?
1:55AM 2 getting changes
1:20AM 1 Debugging WEBrick problems?
1:18AM 0 observe_form, ssl and Internet Explorer
1:14AM 3 Getting ri to include rdoc for my rails gems
12:25AM 0 RoutingErrors Showing Up in Production Log
12:14AM 2 Abnormal Pagination Using SQL Server
12:04AM 6 Save using Update
Thursday December 22 2005
11:27PM 2 Pretty Log Output on OS X
11:00PM 3 help with unless
10:42PM 3 NewbieQ : undefined method `stringify_keys!'' Dumb Question
10:19PM 1 Can 404.html use the default layout?
10:12PM 13 in-memory SQLite for testing
10:05PM 1 Lighttpd/rails deployment error
9:58PM 4 Switchtower problem - `sysread'': bignum too big to convert into `long'' (RangeError)
9:33PM 3 Does Switchtower support svn+ssh://
9:28PM 2 routes and url_for
8:56PM 7 Ruby on Rails and lookup tables
8:39PM 5 .Net Developer wants to volunteer at RoR project
8:27PM 0 ActiveRecords: save & relationships
8:22PM 3 RoR presentations
8:20PM 1 helper/partial/component best practices??
7:57PM 2 Lighttpd/fastcgi - one ruby process taking up 98% of the cpu
7:50PM 2 nonstandard postgresql sequence names
7:49PM 3 How to specify SwitchTower SSH port
7:47PM 0 Lighttpd/fastcgi config - what does "the error-handler was not found" mean?
6:31PM 1 Re: Switchtower, Windows & Setup
6:25PM 11 rforum engine
6:17PM 3 Is Hieraki included with Rails 1.0?
5:55PM 1 Script.aculo.us horizontal slide effects
5:50PM 2 Documentation for generate controller
5:36PM 11 first day using rails
5:26PM 3 acts_as_stateless ?
4:42PM 1 amrita2 usage
4:15PM 3 foreign_key setting ignored
4:08PM 0 conditions on model
3:30PM 2 Lightty idle-timeout - does it work?
3:24PM 1 [NEWB] How to access database.yml parameters in a controller
1:17PM 0 Errors object missing when saving AR in Web Services method
1:12PM 0 alternative postgresql adapter socket
12:56PM 6 Performance and scalability
12:09PM 0 use helper methods in controller? (sanitize)
11:57AM 0 ferret setup
10:43AM 1 How to write unit tests with respect to model callbacks?
10:24AM 4 advice on MySQL version
9:48AM 0 Observe_form and ssl on IE
9:24AM 2 help me understand migrations movie
9:00AM 3 getting onto edge rails
7:49AM 2 ACL Navigation Links
6:59AM 0 Elements application in ajax-demo
5:30AM 0 Getting AdapterNotSpecified on simple script/generate
5:28AM 8 Payflow Pro (was Re: FatWreck.com - New Rails Site)
5:20AM 2 Accessing an instance variable by its name (as a string)
4:31AM 0 Ruby on Rails server times out
3:50AM 1 "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"
3:42AM 0 Any way to add ''onchange'' to a ''select'' helper?
3:38AM 0 Ruby now a group on O''Reilly
1:22AM 5 How to access request''s raw_header: HTTP hdr sent by browser
1:02AM 1 Ask Slashdot: Is Ruby on Rails Maintainable?
1:02AM 1 Really OT: terms of service and privacy statements
12:37AM 4 Is "case" a magic name
Wednesday December 21 2005
11:36PM 0 newbie rdoc question
11:26PM 2 ActiveRecord Error with << in Collection
10:48PM 0 Route adds ?admin.html to the end of my URL
10:40PM 1 1.0 stability
10:00PM 1 Active Search
9:47PM 0 subscribe
9:43PM 2 Missing error page templates
9:37PM 1 for_remote_tag to update diffrent <div> depending on call result ....
9:13PM 0 blog post worth reading (and commenting on)
8:54PM 3 Patch Cycle
8:51PM 7 Are there any disadvantages to using locomotive
8:45PM 6 Rails without a db - how to run tests
7:40PM 0 Category/subcategory CRUD
7:29PM 0 Dynamic Finders and Legacy Schemas
6:55PM 0 help with sending email form
6:51PM 1 route a name to an id?
6:49PM 0 weird scaffolding error
6:08PM 4 How can I taalk to our AS/400?
5:07PM 10 can an active records maps to N tables?
4:50PM 7 use of SET command in find_by_sql
4:33PM 4 Who/What is making my field backgrounds yellow?
4:24PM 1 Engines Generator & Howto Extract an Engine
3:56PM 2 what is print_r in rails
3:47PM 1 how to sort records??
3:44PM 0 Webrick keeps caching
1:48PM 4 Switchtower question: how to use SVN export
1:32PM 0 uninitialized constant helper constant ?
1:14PM 3 Object graphs
12:49PM 8 textilize - redcloth
12:18PM 8 Incomplete headers
12:17PM 5 text search engine ?
12:11PM 1 ActionWebService and WSDL
11:22AM 1 Keeping track of logged users
11:15AM 1 Switchtower Hangs
10:38AM 3 Checkbox readonly
10:18AM 10 Globalize plugin
9:48AM 1 Table called applications - causes stack overflow?
9:38AM 1 Escape bytea binary data in postgres SQL
9:29AM 8 text_area
8:49AM 1 Are Ducks Hibernating ?
7:27AM 0 This may be useful to you
5:47AM 0 Counting helpers through a view
4:30AM 0 acts_as_paranoid updated for Rails 1.0
3:47AM 1 How do you use :on_hide in auto_complete_field?
2:50AM 13 Too many login generators?
2:48AM 3 How to make a drop-down automatically submit an AJAX form
1:52AM 3 Lazy Loading?
1:21AM 3 What books are coming out???
1:21AM 3 Best Practices???
1:00AM 4 [OT] server partitioning question (rails + postgres)
12:38AM 0 Overriding inheritance_column
Tuesday December 20 2005
11:08PM 1 Problems w/ Flickr demo
10:44PM 0 2005 a send_file odyssey (or Rails and Apache don''t always play well)...
10:16PM 0 error when I use render(:layout=>false)
10:11PM 7 wrong id for activerecord object when using :joins in mysql
10:00PM 0 Rails training
9:57PM 0 Separating models, controllers, etc. into subdirectories
9:55PM 0 ArgumentError in Main#index, weirdness.
9:33PM 3 File Column Directory Add another layer
8:35PM 9 Rails Configuration Question
8:31PM 1 How do I persist a value in a collection_select
7:59PM 10 Multiple screens before save called
7:46PM 0 Testing file upload
7:25PM 0 Category select list suggestions
7:16PM 2 printing/logging during tests
7:14PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of on has_and_belongs_to_many
6:47PM 2 Matthew Collins/Seminole is out of the office.
6:39PM 1 logging from rhtml
5:24PM 1 How do I close DB connections?
5:08PM 12 How to model "Expense Report" in Rails MVC
4:46PM 9 Mad Rails
4:30PM 0 Using Aggregations in HTML forms?
4:17PM 2 Null Text Fields
4:12PM 1 Can''t use mouseover with auto_complete_field
3:25PM 1 Model method_missing error (rforum)
2:39PM 1 trouble with fastcgi and "undefined method `is_cgi?''"
1:44PM 0 Debugging "failed to start"
12:01PM 1 Unstable rails app
11:15AM 8 Using rails with stored procedures
9:51AM 1 Sending mail error
9:09AM 0 db/schema.rb and PostgreSQL sequences
9:07AM 6 Database Query on the fly Using Forms
8:41AM 1 want to list process with rails
6:06AM 0 Dynamic fields creation and accessing data
4:48AM 2 Modifying data before update or save
4:36AM 2 Designing a data-entry screen
2:58AM 3 Single controller to browse things in categories
2:47AM 3 Help needed: How to Launch web application on IIIrd party server
2:09AM 0 Marketing Side of Ruby on Rails
1:55AM 2 Ancient ''console navigator'' for rails
12:38AM 0 Problem destroying in unit tests with HABTM
Monday December 19 2005
11:56PM 3 Where to put code - app controller, or app helper?
11:55PM 2 Unit/Functional testing for AJAX functions?
11:28PM 1 Newbie Q: HOW TO: make a partial containing tabs
11:16PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 15, Issue 392
11:03PM 4 Locomotive 500 - Internal Server Error
10:47PM 3 tough activerecord problem
10:31PM 0 weird postgres adapter error
10:28PM 4 has_one, the = operator and validates_associated
10:07PM 7 PDF Shipping Order from Rails...BOUNTY
10:01PM 1 FastCGI: comm with (dynamic) server ...../dispatch.fcgi aborted: (first read) idle timeout (30 sec)
9:57PM 1 Lighty External Fast CGI Process Load Balacing Note
9:51PM 0 Application globals?
9:30PM 0 Are Enchancement Patches being committed at this time?
9:10PM 3 created_on, created_at defaulting to 2000/01/01 00:00:00
9:07PM 2 Rails + Amazon
9:02PM 1 multiple databases
8:55PM 1 New rails site. Beta testers need.
8:29PM 2 Advanced search/filter use cases
8:10PM 1 prototype.js vs f-secure
8:10PM 2 prototype.js vs f-secyre
7:40PM 1 FastCGI: comm with (dynamic) server dispatch.fcgi aborted
7:23PM 0 specifying unsigned type in rake migration
6:54PM 1 re-selecting a select list on create
6:25PM 7 How about a forked session supervisor in dispatch.fcgi?
6:00PM 4 need some help designing my messaging system
6:00PM 0 Anyone doing PAM authentication in a Rails app?
5:54PM 8 Single Table Inheritance question
5:34PM 0 Pre-selecting options_from_collection_for_select Options
5:23PM 0 has_one mapping with arbitrary right and left hand side keys
4:43PM 6 how to do security??
4:35PM 3 RMagick Resizing Issue
4:32PM 2 Difficulty using correct moldel for the data in DB
3:34PM 0 Nested validations?
2:18PM 6 custom find methods and pagination
1:57PM 5 gem update fails with "checking for fcgiapp.h... no"
1:47PM 2 rails based wiki: is instiki still being developed?
1:33PM 2 update_attrbutes without saving?
1:09PM 0 Fosdem, dev room
11:36AM 4 Firefox crash while ajax''ing Google Maps
11:32AM 1 Question about rjs templates
10:53AM 2 Validation that works in the controller
10:43AM 0 ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper.text_field
8:04AM 10 missing shortcut
7:14AM 0 Snippets software
6:47AM 8 Simply Ruby question: "zerofill"
6:32AM 1 Disabling input Text box
6:19AM 1 Is there a guide for using ERBSQL?
6:12AM 3 Trying to make an app helper
6:01AM 1 Application.rb / Application_Helper.rb / DRY help
5:48AM 0 Wiki link down that points to SaltedHashLoginGenerator
5:03AM 5 using a local MS SQL Server
4:18AM 15 OpenSSL ''no ciphers'' error on OS X when using Net::HTTP
3:30AM 3 Is there a list of html_options for the FormOptionsHelper?
3:12AM 2 Logging of Form information in production environment.
2:29AM 1 <% unless params[:context] == :gallery -%> question
2:17AM 7 Error handling!
2:01AM 0 Deploying: Not too sure what to do next??
1:29AM 1 Deploying with Sub Directories
Sunday December 18 2005
11:52PM 2 [Bug?] in tests, @foo.bars_count <> @foo.bars.count
10:42PM 0 Time Drop Downs
10:24PM 2 Could someone host my 1mb rails app??
10:12PM 0 Form reset ??
9:46PM 1 Different sessions across controllers?
8:50PM 0 Dreamhost Deploying Problems
8:41PM 2 Rake Test Output Prettifier
7:52PM 2 EdgeRails with other Gems like RMagick
6:42PM 5 restarting fastCGI process
6:01PM 1 date_select and impossible dates....
5:55PM 3 Render Nothing....
4:39PM 0 Caching question
4:15PM 1 session temp files?
4:11PM 0 Fromcontroller to the url_for() representation
3:58PM 2 Create dynamic search with table rows
3:18PM 3 Using Ruby on Rails to Create Historical Blog
12:55PM 3 undefined local variable in partial
12:45PM 2 how to generate the api documentation localy with the same frameset as the online version?
11:22AM 13 calculate age based on DoB
10:04AM 1 assert_template fails?
7:55AM 1 Informix adapter testing
5:56AM 1 Timestamping Log messages in Rails
5:53AM 2 Helper Methods - Help!
4:41AM 1 Multiple selection....
3:54AM 3 could you give me a hand?
3:24AM 0 Couldn''t find Login with ID
3:21AM 1 problems with text_field_with_autocomplete
3:12AM 2 Default routes for unknown actions
2:40AM 8 Invoking Rails from an API
1:59AM 0 Difficulty with creatating a model
1:52AM 8 Log viewer for colorized logs
1:38AM 1 Showing images secure way
1:37AM 0 Testing ActionController::Streaming
1:26AM 3 automatically generate migration from db/SQL?
12:39AM 0 Extending AR::B to provide translations
12:36AM 0 PostgreSQL unit test failure
12:25AM 0 OpenBSD 3.8, Apache 1.3, FastCGI, Chroot
Saturday December 17 2005
11:45PM 0 Problem wih SaltedPassword Generator and rails 1.0
11:30PM 0 bug? saving (valid) updated object results in validation error
11:20PM 0 Does Gruff support negative data?
10:42PM 0 Dropping in example code doesn''t get processed
10:25PM 13 Rookie with ActionMailer
10:21PM 3 Can scaffold generate listboxes in views? I''ve been unsuccessful.
10:15PM 1 webbrick and logger output
10:01PM 0 Proper use of params
9:52PM 0 RJS templates and Opera
9:23PM 1 lost in an ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
8:49PM 0 Looking for Madison, WI railers
8:34PM 2 Subfolders in Rails applications (newbie)
8:30PM 1 Just another syntax question
8:23PM 2 Testing flickr
8:10PM 2 Encrypting files
7:51PM 0 Forcing a POST
7:34PM 1 file_column url_for_file_column from within controler
6:41PM 3 Question on Db Table design
6:23PM 0 [OT] Unicode tokenization for Ferret
6:18PM 0 [rails|fcgi bug] Rails app not responding
5:46PM 0 Cincinnati Ohio, Intro to Rails presentation
5:20PM 6 Why would Webrick use instead of ?
5:18PM 2 Testing RoR
4:11PM 0 No javascript fallback
3:42PM 1 find() and has_many
2:26PM 1 Apache Problems
1:59PM 1 Test
1:58PM 6 Lighttpd Restart Script
12:24PM 0 Passing multiple parameters with select-option to controller
11:34AM 0 Setuping Up Apache
10:50AM 0 Re: ActionViewError in Depot App after Upgrading to 1.0
8:18AM 3 Rails with no direct database access?
6:59AM 2 Storing an object in the db
5:22AM 9 How to clear sessions with cron?
4:07AM 12 new rails-based cms is born.
2:07AM 2 Alternative to nested form tags
1:55AM 4 Rake migrate and creating join tables
1:04AM 1 Adding model attribute without db field
12:45AM 1 How to use validation with aggregation (composed_of)?
12:43AM 0 Qtek 9100 IE simulator
12:20AM 4 user engine: Role.count() is zero in tests
12:04AM 10 need some tips for applying patches
Friday December 16 2005
10:05PM 1 Composing HTML e-mail with a PDF attachment
10:00PM 0 upload problem with mimetypes
9:40PM 0 getting the ri18n to dynamically switch locales without restarting webserver
9:15PM 1 Environment Switching Problem
8:46PM 0 ArgumentError on create
8:22PM 3 Rails Plugins
8:14PM 3 Using :include "recursively" (including the children of the child)?
8:01PM 25 I Would Really Like to Try RoR but...
7:32PM 0 Join table with acts_as_list?
7:08PM 0 relationship help (not a personal problem)
7:08PM 1 Gem update error (Zlib::BufError)
6:18PM 2 Edge Rails Instructions out of date?
5:31PM 3 Help with error
5:30PM 1 Exception Locations?
5:14PM 3 Purpose of ''yield'' in layout file in Flickr video?
4:45PM 0 Error in Depot App after Upgrading to 1.0
4:34PM 0 NYC Rails Developer Wanted
4:24PM 10 ''Code table'' best practices?
4:21PM 3 ActiveRecord: manually setting :id
4:17PM 3 sharing layout code among different controllers
3:57PM 6 Switchtower for production?
3:56PM 2 Ferret questions
3:51PM 10 Associative arrays
3:29PM 1 jedit rhtml autocompletion
3:20PM 0 Master-Detail Updation
3:13PM 3 Adding methods to models
3:11PM 1 Newbie problem - unexpected MySQL error
2:45PM 0 [Gig] Open Source Public Relations Expert Wanted
1:57PM 6 rake remote_exec on Windows
1:35PM 0 Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (SQL Anywhere Studio)
1:15PM 2 Google indexing wiki edit pages
1:02PM 4 Parent Child together in input form
12:47PM 0 caching rails generated images
11:27AM 2 Shared code for controllers
10:01AM 3 Productize on 1.0
10:00AM 7 offline copy of the api site ?
9:37AM 6 managing belongs_to fields in a form
9:26AM 11 mysql mem-tables vs. memcached
7:35AM 1 rails commands
7:33AM 4 Adding extra value to an object
7:26AM 0 More HABTM Save Problems/Issues.. bugs?
6:51AM 4 Validation with Aggregation
6:36AM 2 Is this possible?
6:36AM 0 Quick ORM question
6:13AM 0 belongs_to question
5:52AM 3 Not able to put into a object variable
4:46AM 12 validates_presence_of not working
3:53AM 2 Using logger from rails cron jobs
3:37AM 4 Newbie Q: Controllers and lookup tables - when to initialise
3:24AM 5 Question: image_tag(source, options = {})
2:04AM 1 acts_as_taggable sql injection vulnerability
1:40AM 1 500 Error Page
1:39AM 0 memcached vs regex fragment expiry
12:58AM 2 HOW DO I populate options from previous option click
12:43AM 0 auto_link fails to handle tilda''s (~) and markdown fails to handle acute accent (`)
12:39AM 6 active record outside of rails
12:19AM 13 How to pass a collection to paginate?
Thursday December 15 2005
11:52PM 11 CGI Module in Rails
11:47PM 5 initialize called more than once?
11:09PM 0 Rails Application server
11:09PM 4 rake migrate ignores '':null => false'' on mysql
11:06PM 1 Rails Gem Not Installing Properly?
10:50PM 3 Lonked Select Boxes
10:31PM 1 Problem with ActionMailer -- which looks really cool!
10:27PM 8 slightly OT - Ruby division
10:27PM 6 Navigation menu
9:44PM 4 Order of tests matters???
9:38PM 9 FatWreck.com - New Rails Site
9:29PM 7 PHP include() Type Functionality in Ruby/Rails
9:28PM 2 field update not happneing
9:18PM 0 Installation Help
8:55PM 6 Dynamic Text Replacement
8:23PM 5 Avery Lables, PDF::Writer or LaTex?
8:22PM 2 Error: [Object]Controller: missing default helper path [controller]_helper
8:21PM 1 Locomotive for Mac OS X 10.3+. Now with Rails 1.0
7:56PM 6 Code from famous RoR video?
7:52PM 2 Checking the existance of a NOT NULL constraint from Active Record
7:38PM 0 Zlib::BufError on gem update
7:38PM 3 session scope?
7:36PM 0 getting a value from a select list
7:36PM 5 site takes a while to load after first visit in a while
7:35PM 2 Questions regarding architecture of a server-based image-processor deployed in ROR
7:33PM 13 Fast Bulk Inserts?
7:33PM 0 RJS Templates and the Replace semantics
6:49PM 2 .rhtml in the model rather than the controller
6:43PM 5 Action Mailer - connection refused - connect(2)
6:23PM 2 :session_expires usage
6:16PM 3 Another session question
6:11PM 1 A way to handle looong executions?
6:10PM 1 date_select help
5:20PM 3 Rails: Select and html forms
4:48PM 4 CGI and FastCGI problems
4:46PM 2 Select/Option selected value
4:42PM 2 efficient INSERTS
4:31PM 2 A Rails-based CMS?
3:25PM 2 Rails Tagging Generator?
3:25PM 4 Database best practices?
3:11PM 2 Migrations on SQLServer ??
2:56PM 5 Rails vs. J2EE: Sharing state in memory?
2:52PM 0 Creating and managing Rails routes on the fly
2:44PM 0 remote forms
1:53PM 2 cant install 1.0
1:50PM 3 define_method with parameters
1:40PM 4 Acts_as_tree and routing
1:30PM 3 How to delete a record
12:52PM 0 Deploying to production advise
12:15PM 2 link_to_remote and browser compatibility
11:50AM 4 Newbie questions about Rails on Windows
11:34AM 12 Adding multiple invoice items to an invoice on the same form
10:52AM 2 HABTM being tricky
10:16AM 1 Ruby Hash wierdness
9:17AM 0 web service API and caching
9:14AM 3 CocoaMySql Equivalent Tool for Linux & Windows
8:56AM 1 uninitialized constant Mysql
8:39AM 2 Auth_generator: to handle users
7:53AM 3 save and save! fail but no errors are created
7:23AM 2 Passing parameters to before_filter methods
7:00AM 8 How to ensure deletes cascade to associated models?
6:51AM 0 Connection refused on new install--Not Question
5:54AM 5 Instant Rails 1.0 preview7 -- with Typo!
4:00AM 3 site home page
1:34AM 10 .rpdf ?
1:14AM 6 passing parameters to link_to OR better way to do this?
1:01AM 2 Rails 1.0 & RJS Templates
12:55AM 3 Fixtures and table name
12:51AM 1 Where is instiki.org?
12:10AM 3 Pdf::Writer and "Replacement Tags"
12:09AM 1 migration: counter cache & "reset_column_information"
Wednesday December 14 2005
11:25PM 1 Session Restore
11:20PM 0 counter_cache not updating
11:08PM 1 RE: (newbie?) Questions regarding local Rails installationsas a CMS for remote websites
11:03PM 4 newbie q: Form element focus
10:59PM 14 Install problems: R-o-R on Debian with mod_ruby
10:27PM 9 Passing quantity in a shopping cart
10:10PM 0 how do I list the two tables?
9:06PM 3 Migrations bug with Rails 1.0, PostgreSQL 8.1?
9:04PM 1 Switchtower + SSL
8:33PM 3 Plugin w/ Migrations and/or Fixtures?
8:12PM 3 help - how do I send an email ?
8:10PM 0 relative subdirectory of partials
8:00PM 1 Problems with testing - error posting to other controller
7:57PM 3 Advanced routing question.
7:47PM 1 select_tag and multiple => true
7:46PM 4 find_by_ issue
7:32PM 1 monitoring rails applications
6:50PM 0 Fwd: Logger bug in 0.14.3 ?
6:08PM 2 still stuck on windows lighttpd config
5:33PM 2 RoR not upgrading after (or beign downgraded to) 0.10.0
4:56PM 1 checkboxes
4:46PM 2 console and webrick problems
4:41PM 5 belongs_to and multiple foreign keys
4:39PM 1 just installed rails on ubuntu, error creating rails dir -->unexpected token: ''#<RubyToken::TkLPAREN:
4:23PM 2 errors while starting console...
4:11PM 0 how to get these records in has_and_belongs_to_many relation
4:10PM 6 mysql connection problems
3:47PM 1 How to allow user entered wildcards in find?
3:19PM 5 inserting multiple rows
3:17PM 0 Rails cannot start until session files are deleted
3:11PM 3 why would an int column in a join table be a String class in model?
3:06PM 3 Geocode for Ruby
2:32PM 5 Rails namespace help requested
2:16PM 2 [UserEngine] Configuring minimal access without logins
12:59PM 0 Another routing question
12:52PM 0 eager loading all associations
12:46PM 0 Master-Details with Ajax
12:24PM 0 assert_generates and catch-all routes
11:45AM 0 One of my attributes is nil, but it shouldn''t be
10:59AM 0 File upload (lighttpd + apache2_
10:58AM 3 image upload (apache2.0+ lighttpd)
10:53AM 0 Intro for a new guy
9:33AM 0 Question about testing (chapter 12)
9:20AM 3 Multiple rails apps to appear as one app
8:33AM 0 validate_uniqueness_of builds queries with IS NULL when value is nil (since RC 5)
8:22AM 1 rss double render problem
8:19AM 14 Don't name a tinyint(1) field "open"?
7:22AM 0 Anyone know what happened to annotated ruby and rails APIs?
6:28AM 3 Empty pages served from Lighttpd + SCGI ?
5:19AM 1 500 Error running the dispatchers in Apache?
4:48AM 11 learning to degug? where do I start
4:07AM 13 I am breaking the DRY principle - could I avoid it?
3:47AM 3 newbie q: Truncate text field
3:29AM 0 Can't tell Rails to run in production via my Apache config
2:20AM 24 RubyOnRails.com blocking based on referrer?
1:42AM 3 executing an external application within rails
1:11AM 2 Upload progress form not redirecting when finished
12:12AM 2 Pursuit of Beauty
Tuesday December 13 2005
11:20PM 0 Splitting records into multiple columns (can this code be improved?)
11:18PM 4 [OT] Plugins: svn-externals or not?
11:17PM 0 Help with recurring events, RUNT expressions
11:12PM 4 habtm and date_select problem
10:51PM 12 Do the same in PHP?
10:37PM 2 rdocs fail to build on Tiger [/usr/local/lib]
10:20PM 3 What's planned for RoR 1.1?
10:11PM 0 Rails Developers in San Diego
9:43PM 2 prototype mailing list / questions
9:33PM 0 :conditions executed properly but get overwritten
9:28PM 4 image_column and permissions
9:06PM 19 Rails 1.0: Party like it's one oh oh!
9:03PM 1 Locals and partials
8:49PM 4 Validate presence of 2 fields
8:40PM 3 Forcing the session-id
8:17PM 6 Where to start?
8:12PM 17 RoR 1.0!
7:51PM 3 Any Rails Studios attendees?
7:41PM 4 find()ing rows w/ NULL columns?
7:34PM 0 how do I configrails & lighttpd in windows?
7:31PM 1 date helpers --> where art thou, html_options?
7:07PM 1 scaffold gets Access denied error
6:59PM 10 Problem with mysql: Access denied for user: '@localhost' (Using password: NO)
6:38PM 0 Check condition before rendering action using link_to_unless
6:37PM 3 Routes
6:31PM 1 Rails RC5 and saving associations...
5:42PM 5 radrails server hangs
4:41PM 2 volatile model classes
4:34PM 1 Apache SCGI Win2003 - custom 404 & 500 not rendering
4:07PM 5 link_to question
3:41PM 2 File-column 0.3.1 and different errors depending on the browser used
3:19PM 0 namespace pollution??
3:10PM 4 Just ActiveRecord
2:58PM 3 "EINVAL" Crashing with Instant Rails and PostgreSQL on Windows
1:33PM 10 file_column problem
1:28PM 5 sql injection
12:35PM 0 testing controllers
11:53AM 5 *How* to design a simple app for Rails
11:52AM 3 UTF-8 charset encoding problem in Rails 0.14.4
11:15AM 33 ferret vs. mysql fulltext
10:46AM 11 Problem with .save when model has two HABTM
10:30AM 0 RE: windows network logins?
10:27AM 2 Help with AJAX, controller receiving extra data
8:42AM 1 find_by_sql distinct
8:26AM 0 calendar_grid
8:00AM 1 Form fields show 0 instead of blank, how to fix?
7:04AM 0 what happened to devboi for rails
6:24AM 2 Apache2 - local host works; external route error
5:23AM 17 The similarities and differences between 'name' & :name
4:48AM 0 Replacing table body + ajax
4:22AM 3 send_file doesn't work with Apache?...
4:19AM 18 templates and arrays
3:22AM 2 Apache / FastCGI freak out in PRODUCTION mode on my new rails app
3:13AM 3 Rails Manual
3:00AM 3 Tab control + Rails friendly
1:50AM 0 [JOB] Ruby/Rails Job in B.C., Canada
12:07AM 0 render_component and ActionMailer templates
12:00AM 2 template wrapper
Monday December 12 2005
11:45PM 9 No 1.0 for Rails
11:37PM 1 Helper Classes
11:24PM 2 How do I catch an ActionController Error?
10:46PM 2 How to use arbitrary relationships in Activerecord
10:19PM 3 Ignorant FileColumn question
10:05PM 2 Day one - SuSE factory - Why doesn't rake work?
9:36PM 0 Anonymous class in ActiveRecord
9:09PM 0 Before_filter get name of controller
9:03PM 4 has_many << method returns a class with the wrong base type.
8:56PM 1 paging a collection question
8:37PM 4 Override the name of a Join Table
8:18PM 1 help with login_generator security level
8:03PM 3 Modifying routes in plugins
8:01PM 12 Find all ActiveRecord::Base subclasses?
7:32PM 4 Passing parameters to Javascript
7:24PM 3 rake update_javascripts
7:11PM 1 Transactions and fixtures
7:07PM 0 Gotchya with case sensativity and habtm
6:48PM 5 XML to Database via ActiveRecord
6:43PM 4 Rails crashes over night?
6:39PM 1 Search screens with dates
6:27PM 2 Creating JavaScript
6:17PM 2 Tips on finding memory leaks
6:04PM 5 Problem using rmagick in model class
5:39PM 0 rails on fedora core 4?
5:08PM 14 AJAX in Ruby on Rails
5:00PM 0 Dreamhost, Rails, and FCGI
4:46PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 15, Issue 115
4:41PM 2 How to convert url /contr../action/6.0 to /cont../action/6 ?
4:13PM 8 Rails Relationships
3:45PM 1 upload multi files using file_column
3:43PM 2 Can you unserialize an object from the db?
3:07PM 1 Error during a redirection
2:56PM 1 activerecord.save attributes not saved
2:51PM 2 Ruby on Rails under Apache/FastCGI problems
2:46PM 2 Specifying a binary field in test fixtures
2:05PM 2 Using a lib in YAML fixtures
1:36PM 2 count sql failing with unknown table....
12:21PM 0 :encoding with latest gems
12:11PM 0 Odd error when running rake (Windows/DOS)
10:30AM 9 Dynamic SelectBoxes/DropDownLists
9:30AM 7 Rails on Spike
8:49AM 0 Routing Issues on Shared Host
8:36AM 0 Getting the content-type of an incoming js file.
5:53AM 6 Ajax: update partial without the layout?
5:29AM 0 Searching and then returning value back to form?
4:09AM 0 Is this a good use for Single Table Inheritence?
3:41AM 9 Webrick is being stupid...no info on a brand new project
3:26AM 3 create/new on tables without sequences?
3:16AM 0 [newbie] helpers for height, weight, etc
3:06AM 7 Calling absolute links
1:45AM 2 very very basic question
1:31AM 2 Default route not working?
12:39AM 2 Using named routes in a model
Sunday December 11 2005
11:43PM 5 testing file uploads and Ferret type of things
10:36PM 1 redering CDATA wierdness
10:00PM 1 Converting decimal primary key to integer (oracle)
8:36PM 0 Populating/updating values from select multiple
4:59PM 3 Unable to call method in same class
4:42PM 9 LIKE SQL queries in rails
4:40PM 11 Cron jobs, runner and methods. How to?
4:15PM 2 Best practice advice
3:56PM 1 encrypted passwords and fixtures
3:22PM 3 if in partial ++ getPasswort in LoginGenerator
12:47PM 1 applying css class to form element
11:58AM 3 ActiveRecord does not load attributes
11:41AM 0 Help with associations
11:11AM 1 Ajax auto_complete_field
10:48AM 5 Specifying multiple for select
6:59AM 0 Two quick questions:
6:42AM 4 Problem with acts_as_paranoid: "ArgumentError: Unknown key(s): group"
5:43AM 6 Quick ! Reasons to use Rails !!!
4:09AM 6 Using file_column and switchtower
3:21AM 2 Strange callback behavior
2:20AM 62 PROPOSAL: The list needs to fork (desperately).
2:13AM 7 Catching Exceptions in ActionController
2:04AM 1 pagination_links parameters?
1:48AM 1 Basic question about partials
12:35AM 0 [sot] Lighttpd config
12:22AM 1 fixtures misbehaving
Saturday December 10 2005
11:54PM 5 How to link two tables on a Rail page?
11:12PM 3 ActiveRecord dumb on capitalized acronyms?
11:06PM 7 assiging an attribute in rhtml
9:00PM 5 Multiple Rails apps with SCGI?
8:44PM 5 How to display ë, ä, á, ... in view
8:41PM 1 DRY
8:06PM 2 acts_as_tree and acts_as_list trouble
7:31PM 0 apache cgi 433 forbidden error
7:14PM 5 How to display GDchart image
6:47PM 3 Pagination, Joins and Includes
5:41PM 0 ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
5:00PM 4 multiple file upload form
4:36PM 0 Fwd: [XpWdc] Overview for Ruby On Rails - Tuesday, December 13th
4:32PM 3 How to use JavaScript in link_to_remote?
4:25PM 1 problems installing gems
3:46PM 3 newbie - how do I create an edit form without scaffold?
2:55PM 1 Using fixtures with a legacy database
2:44PM 10 Looking for a reliable + painless + cheap + ... hoster
11:24AM 9 How do you paginate a SQL result with conditions?
7:47AM 0 Alert -- Bug? Model "version 010" subdirectory
5:04AM 2 Inserting a new row into a table
4:23AM 0 Ruby 1.8.2 preview 4
4:11AM 1 RoR based blog
4:09AM 4 recommendations for subversion hosting
3:06AM 0 [JOB] MySQL/PHP/RoR Engineer, Los Angeles, CA
12:22AM 0 Paginate - Count(*) Broken or Am I Cheating?
Friday December 9 2005
11:53PM 1 composite primary keys
11:49PM 6 observe_field doing nothing
11:42PM 6 SCGI and Concurrency
9:41PM 1 vhosts w/php
8:07PM 8 ruby 1.8.4 rc breaks alias_method/rails in bad ways
7:54PM 5 drop_receiving_element question
7:39PM 0 undefined method frustration
7:24PM 0 Help with Ajax
7:10PM 0 Default Logger -> Database log
7:03PM 0 WEBrick fails after upgrade to 0.14.4 (WinXP)
6:42PM 0 One Liner Problem / MaybeMonad
6:25PM 3 FCGI Malformed Header?
6:20PM 0 stack error/infinite recursion with latest rails
5:44PM 5 Problem with autocompletion on firefox.
5:33PM 0 Exceptions being caught in functional testing
5:27PM 0 Time zone select
5:20PM 21 RC5 Mysql Troubles
5:18PM 7 UserEngine - rake bootstrap aborted
5:00PM 1 No comprendo - scaffold producing strange results
4:25PM 2 getting records from database
4:11PM 4 help with form
4:10PM 5 Problems with iso 8859-9 chars
3:57PM 1 JavaScript variable into <%= %>-area
3:33PM 0 Paginating HABTM
3:31PM 2 help - how to use date_select in form?
3:09PM 6 Which mysql for a new project?
2:44PM 7 if controller is rebuilt each time when we uses redirect_to?
2:35PM 5 "true" wildcard in routes.rb
2:08PM 1 Image attachment - broken read
1:35PM 1 back to gemrails from edgerails
1:33PM 2 this forum
12:21PM 1 Meta-search engine with Rails?
11:27AM 1 utf-8 BIG problems
10:33AM 2 AJAX + Ruby on rails
8:54AM 1 Help Installing RForum
8:13AM 1 Controller methods
7:14AM 2 Prototype Form.serialize and mutli selects
6:49AM 0 n00b q - scaffold for multiple models
6:35AM 0 How to test flash.now
5:17AM 5 Problem in installing Rails :(
4:41AM 5 NoMethodError
4:28AM 0 rails report error when rhtml file contains table character "\t"
4:21AM 4 Features of Ruby used in Rails
3:28AM 4 nested renders in the same call
2:50AM 4 how know the length of object?
2:44AM 7 multiple habtm problem
2:42AM 2 possible rails bug? form errors and scoping
1:26AM 7 svn+ssh+eclipse/radrails == :-(
12:51AM 1 Lighttpd - "Routing Error" in production?
12:09AM 4 :failure and :success in form_remote_tag
12:04AM 4 Large(er) File Uploads
12:03AM 10 Is there a Tutorial for Installing Ruby, Rails, and FCGI via SSH?
Thursday December 8 2005
11:44PM 2 Newbie going blind on test from book
11:31PM 3 Different controllers placement
11:29PM 1 Test is not a module (TypeError)
11:01PM 0 Contract Gig: Ruby on Rails, Denver, CO
10:32PM 1 RadRail html entities
10:05PM 2 proper escaping
9:50PM 0 How to auto-submit from a text field ?
9:49PM 1 how to open a popup window
9:48PM 1 how to use <select> with blank selected ?
9:22PM 8 how do I validate a numeric field?
9:07PM 4 caching column names
8:49PM 0 Re: When to restart the server? Was: N00B Question: How to access methods in a helper?
8:42PM 0 0.14.4 Modules and Helpers
8:27PM 2 N00B Question: How to access methods in a helper?
8:16PM 0 Is 'actions' a bad name for a controller?
8:05PM 0 Subversion support for RubyForge
8:04PM 0 Receiving mail with ActionMailer and Postfix
8:04PM 1 checking to see if a variable is set.
8:01PM 2 Sorting a db result set
7:55PM 2 FCGI / lighttpd Hosts
7:51PM 1 help - how to I link to an external app and pass value?
7:32PM 1 redirect_to shows an empty page
7:13PM 1 SwitchTower, Apache, and Routing Errors
7:02PM 3 it's bug?
6:47PM 0 Dependencies::LoadingModule for custom paths
6:11PM 11 How long would it take an experienced Rails developer to ...
6:05PM 2 What's tasks for under the lib directory
6:02PM 0 Anyone from Denver, CO
5:36PM 40 Rails RC5 (0.14.4): Next stop one-oh (really, this time!)
5:28PM 2 File_column upload empty with different controller
5:13PM 0 web_service_api works under WEBRick, but not cgi
4:50PM 1 EdgeRails: Cannot connect to mysql
4:23PM 1 drop_receiving_element help needed
4:17PM 0 raspell on windows
4:12PM 2 [OT] Any one running SVN on Lighttpd?
3:34PM 1 PDFwriter problem with charset
3:33PM 3 Efficient use of layouts - how do I?
3:20PM 1 Accessing paginate extras attributes or methods for parsing collection of records ?
3:10PM 3 habtm and collection_select question
2:52PM 5 Receiving windows-1252 or iso-8859-1 via TMail
2:35PM 4 Generate a couple hundred rows of dummy data - how?
2:19PM 3 test coverage utilities
1:12PM 2 Jacob Nielsen says: "Ajax sucks" and mentions RoR
1:09PM 8 Debian + Apache2 + mod_fcgid + "Application Error"
12:26PM 7 Help shut down webbrick on mac?
11:44AM 9 Forms losing state on errors
10:52AM 0 Mailr 0.2.0
10:28AM 1 Installing Rmagick locally (file_column)
10:03AM 4 Getting the wrong ID field in a join
9:58AM 1 Unit tests - without the db ?
9:17AM 2 html entities problem
7:35AM 0 Saving data model is not validated
6:14AM 0 SF Beer & Dim Sum SIG (12/28) - !change of venue!
5:38AM 1 The reason for 'list'
5:32AM 5 Rmagick Howto?
4:22AM 8 problems on os x tiger (with xcode 2.2)
3:41AM 3 lighttpd proxy w/ apache2
3:01AM 8 Is It Possible to Re-Work This for Better Performance?
2:57AM 2 Rendering text in a controller, converting to html
12:35AM 2 Going round in circles trying to save a HABTM
Wednesday December 7 2005
11:08PM 1 Setting messageid in mailer
10:27PM 3 how can I print a page?
9:33PM 1 Switchtower task :update_code failing
9:22PM 1 Newbie question - loading DB from script - has_many relationships
9:17PM 4 Generically mapping URLs with hyphens to actions
8:35PM 0 Get errors from one model show up in the view of another model
8:33PM 3 Plugin Loading Changes
7:59PM 0 help - conditional search?
7:33PM 0 how can I sort a table?
7:15PM 5 Passing a parameter to a before_filter method
7:02PM 3 SCGI cluster configuration example for Apache
6:59PM 3 How can I test a "magic" route ?
6:41PM 2 Testing Problem
6:29PM 0 rails fcgi and apache on different machines
5:28PM 2 globally affecting pluralization AND primary_key for all models
5:15PM 0 select_language form helper
4:44PM 6 routing and forms
4:31PM 14 Modifying existing PDF files
3:51PM 0 TypeError during a redirection
3:37PM 5 [OT] semantic markup of attributes??
2:51PM 1 Parsing validation on model
2:17PM 0 date_select - looking for elegant solution
2:10PM 4 How can I set default page?
1:54PM 1 unit testing methods interfering with each other
1:36PM 13 multiple same-named request parameters
1:05PM 3 render_component ignores :layout => nil
12:56PM 5 Flash for more than notices
11:45AM 0 Custom columns
10:29AM 0 error : GettextTask constant Uninitalized
9:56AM 4 Importing data for excel file or csv file
8:53AM 6 Amrita2 1.9.6
8:16AM 3 ActiveRecord::Observer problem
7:37AM 2 pluralization
7:16AM 1 Navigation
6:33AM 11 Desperate Newbie Question: Going round in circles trying to save a HABTM
6:31AM 1 Multiple files for the same template
6:26AM 4 Help preloading test fixtures
5:59AM 0 SQL Server issues and ActiveRecord workarounds
5:47AM 2 update(ids, attributes)
4:59AM 1 Tables with two has_and_belongs_to_many releationships
4:27AM 5 SwitchTower bugs: shared_dir, before_setup?
1:55AM 5 url_for_file_column nil
1:53AM 4 Total NOOB Question about Rails and Selenium...
1:52AM 0 Total NOOB Question...
1:25AM 9 [TIP] A Roundabout Way to Write Routes
1:21AM 1 Using dropdown to choose ID (noob question!)
12:59AM 3 "textilize" playing silly buggers with me
12:33AM 2 Navigation - Link back to a calling controller/action
12:30AM 1 rails sysloglogger extremely slow
Tuesday December 6 2005
11:45PM 5 How to set a default value?
10:58PM 2 Stopping periodically_calls_remote
10:56PM 1 Real Dumb Newbie Q: Saving multiple data sets from one form
10:24PM 1 Join table gets multiple records
10:21PM 8 Where to put textile conversion?
10:10PM 1 Partial and model errors
9:13PM 4 How to redefine find() method for ActiveRecord::Base??
8:32PM 2 using one-dimensional arrays in select statements (noob)
8:23PM 9 Need some advice on DB design
8:22PM 0 SwitchTower with spinner/spawner/reaper = teh suxx0r
8:11PM 1 observe_field question
7:56PM 4 Errno::E232 (The pipe is being closed.)
7:45PM 10 apache2 on windows 2003 permissions?
7:18PM 2 custom views for multiple sites
7:15PM 0 infinite loop with breakpointer
6:59PM 3 Where should I put helper objects?
6:52PM 3 plugin - modify routing?
6:47PM 6 aggregation/composed model attribute
5:39PM 1 howto set the form_id in the button_to method
5:21PM 1 Problems Displaying Images in IE 6 - save yourself 12 hours of misery
4:45PM 0 Instiki status?
3:59PM 0 scaffold oracle segmentation fault
3:24PM 1 Connection refused on Windows XP ...
3:16PM 1 Doesn't work
2:49PM 16 Extending ApplicationController with actions from plugin
2:41PM 1 Re: Dreaded "Application error" Apache2
1:23PM 0 Condensed Rails reference?
12:33PM 4 some bugs(?) using the globalize plugin
11:59AM 1 Cant identify Multiple Submit Buttons in form_remote_tag
11:33AM 1 globalize plugin question
10:34AM 2 Ban ips
10:02AM 2 Deploy with Switchtower using multiple users
9:38AM 2 yaml problem
9:32AM 13 [file_column] saves uploading file with wrong rights?
9:28AM 0 [file_column] Storing more documents with :magick
9:28AM 1 Possible bug
6:26AM 0 Newbie Q: Whats the best way to concatenate multiple forms into one view
5:16AM 6 modifying ActiveRecord::Base - where?
4:53AM 11 [ruby talk] Localization woes
3:11AM 2 Rails quick reference?
2:56AM 1 Time Extensions
2:54AM 3 Help on error: dynamic constant assignment
1:44AM 0 combining "stdout" with error
12:43AM 1 Multiple joins to same mysql table (noob question)
Monday December 5 2005
11:52PM 3 isn't flash supposed to errr flash?
11:47PM 3 Overriding column names
10:59PM 1 db_structure_dump/db_schema_dump and ms sql server
10:49PM 5 FCGI Scripts: spawner/reaper
10:32PM 3 Configuration Documentation
8:56PM 33 pass by reference or pass by value
8:35PM 6 Template is missing error
8:18PM 1 Fixtures surviving from unit tests to functional tests
8:10PM 9 bug in date_select
7:59PM 1 Deleting many items
7:48PM 9 cookbook no running in production
7:21PM 6 Re: URGENT -- How do I create a privacy policy with, locomotive?
7:05PM 5 Gruff Caching?
6:32PM 0 NoMethod error for Time.year ??
5:40PM 3 per user cache
4:48PM 0 newbie - production setup help
4:24PM 1 Lack of 'LEFT JOIN' in Oracle 8, any patch for theta style (+)
4:09PM 3 default server port
4:06PM 16 URGENT -- How do I create a privacy policy with locomotive?
3:29PM 1 Managing file and directories using Ruby
2:28PM 0 making sub selects
1:48PM 3 Using acts_as_tree and belongs_to together
1:44PM 0 Rails Job in Switzerland
12:40PM 0 Get variables from button_to
12:30PM 3 text_field_with_auto_complete and record ID
11:44AM 0 Switchtower recipe without rails generated files on SVN
11:42AM 0 modify headers
11:17AM 0 Reporting library
11:16AM 0 Upload progress
11:07AM 11 Inconsitencies between find() and count() in ActiveRecord
11:00AM 4 PDF::Writer crashes
10:44AM 0 Help, my logs have no timestamps!
10:19AM 1 FastCGI - incomplete headers + 500 error
9:56AM 1 WANTED: Ruby Developer
9:35AM 0 Relation null or zero?
9:28AM 2 OT (Mostly): Problem with SQL
9:22AM 1 co usar date_select
7:45AM 3 Noob Question about databases in rails
6:25AM 2 Possible Bug with intercept calls with alias_method
5:05AM 0 question about componets
5:00AM 1 Cache sweeping based on age
4:47AM 1 Session differences between Apache and Webrick
4:26AM 0 ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `url_for'
4:06AM 1 Rails and Postgres ARRAYs
3:59AM 0 javascript_include_tag and scripticulous
1:42AM 0 how to realize this behaviour
1:35AM 0 Uploading via FTP?
12:53AM 0 bug in bubbleshare's Active Record extensions?
12:43AM 3 Trouble with Date class
12:09AM 0 Plugin - ActiveSearch
Sunday December 4 2005
11:30PM 4 Paginate Not Including Other Tables w/ :include?
11:29PM 3 more habtm - complex join
11:02PM 2 HELP! I destroyed files!
10:51PM 7 habtm problem
10:47PM 3 unit testing and the schema
9:24PM 2 When is database.yml loaded with FCGI?
9:12PM 10 web server q -- playing nice w/ PHP
9:05PM 8 Dynamic images
8:56PM 2 Using public images in css?
8:56PM 2 Using SCGI Wrong Causes Bad Breath
8:24PM 0 SCGI in Production ENV?
8:00PM 1 docs on dynamic methods?
7:42PM 2 restful interfaces and preserving PATH_INFO in custom dispatch/route
7:30PM 6 ActiveRecord::Base#find(*a) - but no &b !?
7:19PM 1 How to create multiple objects from the same model on one form
6:40PM 8 FastCGI performance question
6:32PM 1 PDF Shipping Order Document Creation - Help, willing to pay...
6:22PM 3 Nulling a nullable boolean value from the UI?
6:21PM 0 Redirect timeouts
6:05PM 1 How to work with non-CRUD SQL statements?
5:48PM 11 How much scaffold code survives to production?
5:38PM 0 simple paging question
5:35PM 4 Passing in each item.id in a method
3:37PM 12 what is the ideal dev enviroment on os x?
1:47PM 3 Relative URL
8:41AM 5 Detect current controller and action
7:19AM 2 Diffing paragraphs
5:50AM 2 Filecolumn: url_for_file_column problem
4:30AM 1 url_for in ActionMailer?
2:42AM 2 Can you override a private rails method?
2:19AM 7 Database independent representation of schema
1:14AM 3 validates_numericality_of, :allow_nil => true
12:15AM 11 semi-OT: Is there an NNTP accessible version of this list?
12:13AM 9 Fixtures not working in functional tests when run through Rake
Saturday December 3 2005
10:09PM 8 How to validate a date
9:42PM 8 Bug: Multiple Submit Buttons w/ form_remote_tag
9:17PM 1 redirect
8:54PM 0 Can't name a class Url?
7:52PM 6 File Column installation
6:27PM 3 image_tag without magic .png addition?
5:42PM 0 Editing collections
2:41PM 1 RJS Documentation?
11:46AM 1 typecasting HashWithIndifferentAccess
10:34AM 5 safari utf8 fix - why?
9:14AM 0 Can't set cookies in functional tests
8:29AM 5 Rails Docs?
7:17AM 2 problems with observe_field JAX call
6:07AM 2 Protected documents directory
5:17AM 2 newbie: Going round in circles with HABTM
2:56AM 6 self-modifying rails model
2:31AM 1 shared methods for controllers belonging to a specific module
2:03AM 8 Preserving sessions across domain names
12:15AM 6 injecting image= method into model classes
Friday December 2 2005
11:56PM 3 Conceptual Design Question
11:46PM 1 Action Controller Exception caught?
11:04PM 3 Rendering text with textilize
10:50PM 0 WEBrick access from other computer
10:26PM 2 RJS Templates Plugin
9:59PM 3 Offline application with Ruby on Rails
9:53PM 0 sessions => session when pluralization off
9:32PM 1 Anyone find workaround for composite primary keys in AR?
9:30PM 13 url_for_file_column outputting "/development" in the url
8:44PM 0 Too many fcgi listeners
8:33PM 0 Count deprecated?
8:28PM 1 Newbie - not very technical - please help
7:38PM 0 send_file method on windows and webrick
7:35PM 1 undefined local variable or method `errors' for Listing:Clas
7:07PM 3 How to test for controller
7:07PM 0 apache hosting multiple apps - working
7:04PM 0 RE: How to test for controller
6:22PM 43 ANN: acts_as_ferret
4:40PM 0 Session ID in query string
4:21PM 6 Dynamic where clause - revisited
3:35PM 5 link_to_remote
3:19PM 1 how to write "If RAILS code"
3:18PM 3 Validations for non-ActiveRecord Model Objects
3:11PM 2 Testing pipeline for plugins
3:09PM 2 RIALTO announced on theserverside.com
2:39PM 3 Ruby and Excel problem (formatting)
2:19PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 15, Issue 37
1:52PM 4 Many to many questions
1:37PM 3 encoding-differences in mysql/ruby-bindings and mysql/native-bindings
1:25PM 2 Using Ajax to do more than 1 render
1:18PM 1 cache problem
12:34PM 8 UserEngine: stack level too deep
11:19AM 1 habtm checkboxes
9:47AM 1 Cleansing form value Hash's
9:15AM 0 ruby question in rails
8:10AM 3 MissingSourceFile
7:39AM 3 PDF::Writer and Transaction::Simple - conflict between Rails version ?
6:54AM 2 Newbie : Access - Rail , Sqlite combo
6:31AM 1 Bug with Postgres and/or HABTM?
4:35AM 5 Layout question
4:17AM 1 Rmagick/File Column Problems
4:12AM 4 how to use aggregates in a form
3:34AM 0 Port redirection not working anymore.
2:53AM 0 Re: Another very short question
2:35AM 1 Load Paths
1:52AM 4 Overriding rake tasks
1:49AM 0 using in_place_editor and overlib js popup hoses up browser rendering
1:44AM 0 Mysql has gone away
1:16AM 6 templates and partials
12:22AM 3 yaml Error When Trying to Generate Scaffold
Thursday December 1 2005
11:20PM 0 Troubleshooting "undefined class/module"
11:03PM 2 newbie question: Trouble getting HABTM to return joined data
10:49PM 2 UserEngine - rake bootstrap
10:40PM 0 symlink and 0.14.3
10:23PM 0 Problem getting FileColumn working
10:23PM 10 encrypting the database password
10:06PM 1 Is it possible to do something before/after a method in a model and then do the default stuff?
9:58PM 2 Builder templates served as US-ASCII
9:58PM 1 SCGI and lib/
9:46PM 0 :dependent => nullify results in nil object error
9:31PM 3 File_column
8:37PM 0 Upload progress - plugin or core and: does it work in lighttpd?
8:29PM 4 Additional database condition in -all- queries?
8:09PM 12 Difficult process of restarting SCGI, Lighttpd, Apache, sessions
7:51PM 11 newbie - Apache problem two apps
7:09PM 0 What's wrong with my REXML
6:46PM 1 Productize Generator - Status?
6:42PM 2 Active record question
6:28PM 0 Mailing List Analysis?
6:20PM 2 RubyConf 05 Audio and Video files resurrected!
6:08PM 1 newbie - is multi-database servers possible?
5:38PM 6 Does Rails Obsolete XP?
5:35PM 0 Problem using a date helper
5:31PM 24 [Solution] Dynamic Where clause for :conditions in AR::Base.find
5:26PM 0 ruby-ldap install problems
5:13PM 0 [MySQL] extended count function for use with queries containing a GROUP BY clause
4:39PM 2 View helpers and nested attributes
4:20PM 7 JavaScript, rails, and the W3C
4:14PM 10 newbie - a few questions
4:12PM 2 Displaying errors for associated objects
3:29PM 2 Controller-tier errors
3:23PM 2 ruby-postgres 0.8.0 (RC)
3:10PM 3 'Mysql has gone away'
3:05PM 1 Picture uploading / validating / resizing
2:52PM 3 Should I validate the presence of a foreign key?
2:00PM 0 Ajax and select lists
1:15PM 2 Main controller
12:55PM 1 Isnt rails pluralzation recursive??
12:16PM 13 Test Driven Development - Book recommendations ?
11:03AM 4 Problem testing portion of code
11:02AM 1 Globally Observe Ajax Events?
10:46AM 5 gem install rails installs 0.13.1 instead of 0.14.2
9:31AM 0 problem with options_from_collection_for_select() need id not name
8:01AM 0 Issues w/ WEBrick server?
7:54AM 3 Problem installing MySQL driver for OS X Tiger using RubyGems...
7:49AM 3 Help with creating Scaffold ...
7:42AM 3 Hide port 16080 after redirect
7:32AM 0 RE: Ajaxing two drop down lists
6:37AM 4 Going back to where you came from...
5:47AM 0 Anyone see similarly inconsistent code generation errors?
4:52AM 1 setting default selection in select options?
4:31AM 2 Why isn't this working?
3:33AM 1 Executing multiple JavaScript commands?
3:12AM 3 developing an engine
1:59AM 2 Proper Handling of HTML Select
1:46AM 0 assert_tag errors (probably only XML-related)
12:39AM 1 Captcha with typo?
12:15AM 0 Fwd: Ruby Code Jam!