Rails - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
11:45PM 6 How To Validate Boolean Form Field
11:44PM 5 Getting number of days in a month
11:37PM 1 Updating only some of the fields of a table.
11:34PM 2 Authentication on delegated web service methods -or- How the heck do I protect these things?
10:21PM 1 RoR date_select() default date
10:15PM 1 Can I let routes.rb take precedence over file names?
10:08PM 2 Escaping Arithmetic Symbols
9:47PM 0 Confusion with counter and single table inheritance
9:40PM 1 Wrong id after join!
9:11PM 1 SQLite database filename?
8:34PM 6 Log Files in View
8:24PM 3 Composite Key Support
8:15PM 2 AJAX: do render but show element in same click?
8:06PM 2 acts_as_taggable and auto_complete
8:02PM 1 adding to errors in controller?
7:56PM 6 File_column, RMagick, and watermarking
7:40PM 2 Need help with a Power Find()
7:38PM 10 Salted hash login, postgresql, unit tests
7:26PM 6 Activerecord equivalent of the SQL "SUM()" function.
7:23PM 0 Help: Script isn''t sending any email
7:18PM 0 Fun with Webrick
6:53PM 0 Designer Wanted
6:43PM 2 search button on ruby-forum.com isn''t working
6:33PM 5 List and update installed gems?
6:26PM 0 Help needed: Sessions and memoryStore
6:20PM 5 Problem with paginate, include and foreign keys
5:49PM 0 Word wrap regexp question
5:11PM 2 sorting collection lists
5:10PM 2 FerretOnRails
5:05PM 5 Session Sweeping
5:00PM 3 String to Array?
4:30PM 0 LDAP issues
4:19PM 1 Accessing form array when errors display
4:04PM 0 Rails, Webrick, development mode and models
3:57PM 2 dispatch.fcgi aborted: error parsing headers
3:54PM 1 gem update problem
3:51PM 2 database tables
3:34PM 6 Problem with select and each_with_index
3:02PM 10 Scaffold command, how and what may be wrong?
2:39PM 19 Session magic question
2:26PM 4 multiple keys table
2:09PM 3 [AR] #{id} namespace visibility used in finder_sql
1:33PM 1 Ajax functions with embedded objects
1:22PM 1 make a method in a controller do something by console script
1:18PM 7 windows sqlite client?
12:52PM 0 Fix your links in the Commercial Support page in the Rails wiki
12:38PM 0 How to include html files to layouts?
12:36PM 1 Cache Magic field for totaling
11:55AM 2 Comment out RHTML code?
11:46AM 8 HABTM count table
11:33AM 4 number_to_currency UK pounds
11:29AM 1 support back button
11:15AM 1 Oracle OraNumber problem with Authentication. Please help!
11:07AM 1 ArgumentError (string contains null byte) -- file upload problem
9:28AM 0 acts_as_taggable and mechanize
7:43AM 1 Validate two fields so they do not match
7:39AM 0 acts_as_taggable vulnerable to attacks ?
7:25AM 4 Problem since r3679
6:51AM 1 this feels ugly
6:46AM 2 SwitchTower rake deply failure on DreamHost
5:35AM 3 Agile Web Development Example Application Question
5:28AM 0 Catching the table/database deletion case in a controller for mysql
5:27AM 0 Exporting/Importing selected columns of a database?
4:51AM 0 Dallas Ruby Brigade meets March 7th
4:26AM 1 Rails page on Apple homepage
4:23AM 0 Want To Listen To Chad Fowler''s Keynote Presentation?
4:21AM 4 How to use Ruby on Rails on OS X
4:05AM 0 help with sanitizing html (comments in blog)
3:46AM 4 No action from AJAX link_to_remote...
3:43AM 0 Ruby Feedparser and exceptions on valid feeds
3:23AM 0 Rolled my own alternative to trigger function with OLD/NEW
3:13AM 5 rake appdoc errors
3:02AM 3 Object#id will be deprecated?
3:01AM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 17, Issue 663
3:00AM 0 ActiveRecord: Legacy primary keys
2:56AM 6 scgi+lighttpd+windows - why wont it work?
2:06AM 0 acts_as_taggable in Rails 1.1 question
2:00AM 1 Working with date_select ...
1:41AM 1 AR validation for email addresses?
1:07AM 7 multi-page printing moving on
1:06AM 12 Examples for Money library ?
12:24AM 0 Sending email in functional test times out
Monday February 27 2006
11:38PM 2 RoR Blog application?
11:33PM 2 Find not working
11:25PM 1 Controller methods
11:21PM 2 Migrations - How to set auto increment?
11:16PM 1 @content_for_sidebar?
11:03PM 5 the best open source OS for Rails?
10:59PM 0 MemoryStore
10:57PM 0 Example code for select_from_db (a.k.a. combo box)
10:46PM 4 Belgian Ruby on Rails Site
10:25PM 0 Better counter_caches
10:18PM 3 Send parameter along with method in before_filter
9:53PM 0 BIGINT IDs in migrations
9:51PM 3 Ruby & SWIG: recommended technique?
9:34PM 0 session disappears when I leave site
9:30PM 2 Multiple Undo History
8:55PM 1 Rails + WebSVN ?
8:47PM 4 Instructions for installing RoR for Apache 1.3/2.0?
8:38PM 1 Help!!! horizontal scroll doesn''t appear on the browser!!!
8:27PM 0 Keep Getting Error 403 - lighttpd
8:09PM 1 Nested hash from form params into create()?
8:08PM 1 Uploading into a directory outside of the rails root
8:02PM 0 Difficult bug
7:46PM 0 DB error
7:25PM 4 Gettext and rails
7:17PM 0 Simple Namespace Question
7:13PM 6 One to Many example... please!
7:12PM 0 Rails job opening at local search company
6:45PM 3 Newbie Question
6:11PM 0 Lighttpd,Apache, FastCGI, SCGI
5:33PM 3 Rails via Lighttpd
5:27PM 0 self-referential many-to-many using a join model
5:25PM 0 TextMate: Rails Bundle 1.0 RC 4
4:52PM 3 form questions
4:45PM 1 Trouble Ticketing Systems written in Ruby
4:44PM 0 Mapping '':action/:id/:controller/'' doesn''t work
4:43PM 1 Undefined Method Error in View
4:30PM 1 Odd problem in Agile tutorial
4:25PM 1 Help on validates_format_of
4:24PM 0 Session with Indifferent Access?
4:03PM 2 Upload & Parse CSV
4:00PM 0 when partial render is wider than the main part, scroll doesn''t appear on the browser!!!
3:12PM 21 what hardware shuld I but to manage 100k of connections per day?
3:07PM 2 list of countries, states, cp, etc.
2:52PM 2 Read IMAP
2:43PM 0 auto_complete_field Vs text_field_with_auto_complete
2:41PM 1 rails activerecord
2:35PM 0 Functional Tests when using the User Engine
2:17PM 16 Rails 1.1
2:12PM 1 Models and Inheritance
2:09PM 2 [Q] Active Ducking
2:02PM 0 too long from column
1:55PM 4 update_attribute with Validation?
12:16PM 1 Trapping specific errors
10:42AM 2 submit_tag
10:30AM 0 AJAX Timeouts
10:17AM 1 decode URL
10:06AM 8 Newbie question - Automatically update _form.rhtml?
10:05AM 1 problem with rakefile
10:03AM 15 Webrick in production?
9:45AM 5 Database connections...so many connections!
9:39AM 2 Publishing a Plugin via ./script/plugin
8:02AM 4 2 belongs_to to the same parent table
7:40AM 1 Help with tricky object relations
7:21AM 2 Ajax - from there to here
6:40AM 0 (no subject)
5:48AM 0 File_Column: Saving image dimentions in database
4:55AM 0 Depot - How to change the Store to a Form based application?
4:15AM 1 Functional test problem with environments variables
3:58AM 12 RedCloth
3:56AM 1 How to build a recursive parenting structure?
3:36AM 5 Localization: word wrap in tables?
3:35AM 2 Multiple forms on a page
2:51AM 0 application helper and tri-state images
2:33AM 1 Instance methods in runner?
2:23AM 0 Rails Error when searching this mailing list
1:38AM 8 Change Bit Value To Text When Viewed
12:37AM 4 (resend - sorry!) Which controllers?
12:30AM 6 MySql 4.0.16 and Migrations
Sunday February 26 2006
10:29PM 2 Help - WEBrick won''t start - "Bad file descriptor" error
10:09PM 1 noob question on deleting from join tables
9:54PM 0 Review of Black, Ruby for Rails, Chapter 4
9:46PM 1 Layouts for static pages
9:35PM 1 Help with ruby=>html
9:30PM 0 Newbie needs some guidance
8:31PM 1 rails/lighttpd on os x
8:10PM 0 NoMethodError in Agile Web Devleopment Depot Tutorial
7:30PM 4 Newbie rails woes - the 'Recognition failed for “/admin”' thing
7:09PM 1 [prototype] private members
6:37PM 0 Ajax, MemoryStore and sessions
6:28PM 4 New CMS: AdminPages. uses sortable tree to arrange pages
6:26PM 0 rescue_action with RoutingError not loading ApplicationController/ApplicationHelper
6:19PM 3 Representing relationships between model objects
6:06PM 5 Help On Associations Extension.
6:02PM 0 ActionMailer view templates don''t pick up application_helper.rb?
5:52PM 1 Any Rails users in Omaha, NE?
5:26PM 0 ANN: next meeting of codefesters in Columbia Maryland is Monday Feb 27th at 7pm
5:25PM 3 Fast inserts?
5:00PM 5 Subversion | CVS | Sourceforge | OS X : Tutorials
4:59PM 5 log in
4:51PM 7 LoginEngine problems
3:50PM 1 HABTM SQL generated
3:48PM 0 using rake test_unit on Bitkeeper repository
3:25PM 0 Rdoc mode for Emacs
3:23PM 0 rdoc-mode for emacs
2:22PM 9 State of the Breezy
12:56PM 16 MySQL GUI for OS X
10:50AM 3 Ajax training in Austria: "Ajax richtig verwenden"
10:38AM 1 Migrations: column option "offset"?
10:11AM 2 howto keep already entered form fields
8:34AM 17 please help: having problem with the scaffold commad, mysql.
6:27AM 3 simplify
6:11AM 6 Having trouble getting Edge Rails running
5:33AM 0 Routing based on host domain
4:44AM 2 auto_complete on steroids
4:36AM 4 Creating objects with has_many :through relationship
3:37AM 3 Rails Naming Conventions
3:00AM 28 A Follow up to my fedora question: Favorite Flavor Of Linux?
2:21AM 1 Ruby on Rails and Fedora Core 4
2:02AM 0 file_column issues
1:32AM 3 how to format and syntax highlight code in html
12:27AM 2 How to capture the last DB insertion id ??
12:11AM 0 error Before updating scaffolding?
12:00AM 5 Plugins? Components?
Saturday February 25 2006
11:28PM 0 ''requests'' is a bad table name
11:15PM 1 TextMate: syncPEOPLE on Rails Bundle Becomes Built-in Rails Bundle
11:11PM 7 Help with DRY: too much code in my view
10:37PM 1 checkbox helper question
10:29PM 1 a switchtower recipe to copy rather than checkout
10:23PM 0 self referential habtm using join tables
9:47PM 1 Ruby for Rails chapter 4 up now
9:44PM 0 Dumper, mySQL adapter and TIMESTAMP ... something strange ?
9:37PM 31 Ajax Scaffold Generator for Rails Released
8:32PM 10 Performance issue.. after a while
7:05PM 6 [OT-ish] Rails, Mongrel and apache
6:30PM 1 extending a class
5:08PM 2 ActionFaxer?
4:08PM 5 WEBrick Bad File Descriptor Error
4:05PM 3 Enumerating over a Tree by Depth
3:59PM 2 A Couple of Questions
3:12PM 2 newbie advice
1:31PM 0 Simple file upload help
1:04PM 7 generating HTML instead of XHTML
12:39PM 2 How to access param entered through text_field
12:17PM 5 [Half-OT] PDA Clients and Rails
12:04PM 0 app structure
12:00PM 1 Safari File upload problem
11:46AM 2 SSI like function in Rails?
11:19AM 1 How to pre-populate Edit form in rails?
10:28AM 1 ANN: Nomic on Rails
10:26AM 1 Migrations for initial schema: Where to put initial data?
8:12AM 0 neverending i2/lighttpd problems
6:57AM 1 RJS and File Uploads
5:36AM 3 Is there any projects that implement the social bookmarking?
5:06AM 2 How do templates get access to controller variables?
4:01AM 8 linking a .swf file in a rails document
4:00AM 5 MySQL client ran out of memory
3:49AM 20 Agile Rails book code fails page 32
3:45AM 5 Setting character encoding - do I do it with Rails or lighttpd?
2:14AM 2 Ruby Interface Recommendations Photo Gallery Creation?
Friday February 24 2006
11:59PM 2 sqlite sets a new model''s id to 0 after a save
11:38PM 5 need help with form layout
10:55PM 2 Help with the configuration of apache and fcgi
10:30PM 4 Problem having two belongs_to of the same class type
10:25PM 6 MySQL client used in online presentation?
9:52PM 1 Ruby and Jabber?
9:25PM 2 reloading in development
9:23PM 0 howto download and send a secured file using default email client
9:13PM 6 [JOB] at yakimaherald.com
8:27PM 6 when i save, rails doesnt update the model instance with the id of the new record
8:24PM 4 too many components?
8:22PM 1 request for help
8:12PM 6 Changes to Class File Not Being Recognized by Webrick
8:04PM 2 Unable to automatically link controller and model?
7:55PM 2 Rails apps in subfolders
7:33PM 4 Rails Newbie Forum?
7:32PM 8 Ruby site structure on Apache
7:11PM 5 Plain text passwords displayed in production.log
7:03PM 0 preloading children of child rows
6:45PM 2 Double Render Error
6:16PM 3 Migrations, data loads and changes to the model
6:13PM 1 How to: Date - time format
5:51PM 4 Any way to pass state to a component?
5:32PM 0 Switchtower & Linux Updates
5:08PM 2 Formatting values of numbers using text_field
4:40PM 8 RoR meets .net *cringe*
4:28PM 1 image swap for link
4:26PM 1 store rhtml in database
4:20PM 0 Depot Application - Adding a Quantity field to the Store
4:15PM 4 lighttpd and Apache .. will they play together?
4:11PM 0 Registration now open for Silicon Valley Ruby Conference
3:59PM 2 Problem Referencing Fixture Objects
3:52PM 1 New Environment?
3:41PM 7 One To Many To Many
3:10PM 0 UrlRewriter problem in components
2:26PM 0 observe_field and onkeypress
2:08PM 3 Offline Installation
1:40PM 1 File Column
1:39PM 6 Duplicate entry - how to check if an id exist before saving?
1:10PM 9 Growing beyond unsigned integer for the id field
9:40AM 1 Any way to audit view pages for missing h() calls?
9:08AM 5 Controller Methods gets called twice on single invocation
8:36AM 5 Changing default behavior of fieldWithErrors
8:24AM 0 1st Ruby and ROR meet of Pune Ruby group
8:06AM 1 RailsCron: Trigger one time
7:40AM 0 Visited Link Style and link_to_remote
7:29AM 5 Sanity Check
7:24AM 1 multi-page prints
7:23AM 1 sqlite3 error: uninitialized constant API
6:48AM 18 I need more bling!
6:35AM 2 Shortcircuit evaluations
6:25AM 1 rake freeze_edge doesn''t work
6:21AM 1 Preventing Double Submit?
4:39AM 4 Understanding controllers
4:21AM 1 Autocompleter Problems
4:10AM 0 Re: file_column on windows?
4:07AM 2 raking my brain to fix this
4:04AM 2 how to better generalize a tree?
3:44AM 0 increment!(attribute) no worky
3:14AM 1 (mostly) self documenting schema
2:45AM 1 Form within table?
1:54AM 1 Where to obtain the flikr interface for rails?
1:40AM 2 Model Inheritance?
1:36AM 1 Returning a "select count()" in ActiveRecord
1:22AM 1 Help a n00b?
1:05AM 0 More concise edit methods
12:51AM 1 create table from within rails?
12:18AM 0 Net::SMS::BulkSMS 0.2 - with international support
Thursday February 23 2006
11:33PM 7 Session Based Record Locking - Solutions?
11:17PM 1 PostgreSQL CASCADE not copied to test db
10:54PM 6 lighttpd on mac for local development
10:46PM 20 ActiveRbac 0.3 release - We''re now on Engines
10:03PM 11 Need help for simple RoR code.
9:43PM 2 SwitchTower remote_exec migrate
9:21PM 4 form_remote_tag params not passed .. PLEASE help!
9:06PM 0 How to set Ruby on Rails with Apache server?
9:02PM 0 Searching within active record results - ror n00b
7:58PM 1 AJAX Patterns Blog
7:09PM 1 Base path
6:47PM 5 Q: Where to put a periodic updater?
6:30PM 1 Anyone done a "File Browser"? Like a free StrongSpace?
6:01PM 3 rake error
5:48PM 0 inflections for different languages
5:44PM 0 Project help needed ASAP.
5:22PM 8 SQL quoting for :order parameter
5:14PM 5 Web/HTTP Testing
4:52PM 5 Running apps in subdirectories using lighty/scgi
4:47PM 5 text_field not populating, but object exists!
4:43PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0
4:43PM 12 RoR site structure on Apache
4:35PM 2 Performance problem due to ruby or fcgi or mysql?
4:29PM 12 how to output something from within <% %> tags?
4:23PM 2 create_for_*
4:17PM 5 Access to session from plugins
3:59PM 4 looping
3:42PM 1 extracing a cookie before the cookie is set
3:40PM 0 Sending parameters for filtering
3:37PM 9 Suddenly a Blank Page
3:31PM 6 Search Forms with Pagination
3:17PM 1 Ajax, validation, flash messages & redirects...
3:05PM 1 Packaging an Application on Mac OS X with Platypus
2:51PM 13 Check if a saved user''s name is admin
2:31PM 0 Problem with db_schema_import and MySQL timestamp!
2:24PM 3 Decimal comma instead of decimal point (i18n issue)
2:14PM 0 Patterns for multiple forms
2:05PM 1 OT: Collaboa on Debian
1:39PM 2 find_by_sql aliasing issue when accessing attributes
1:28PM 7 How to set a relationship with a value from a selection list
1:07PM 3 Unable to update database object
12:37PM 5 layouts
12:30PM 1 HABTM testing - fixtures not loading?
12:25PM 0 acts_as_tree order option
11:33AM 2 ActiveRecords question
10:42AM 0 Logging the pid of the dispatcher.fcgi
9:56AM 1 Pretty HABTM check boxes
9:27AM 11 Sessions question
8:26AM 0 RAA for rails
7:42AM 1 RailsCron: ''every'' in background
7:28AM 3 has_many reference
6:44AM 2 Saving a collection field with <<
6:37AM 2 Stripping out non-word characters?
6:28AM 3 has_many: inserting children when inserting parent
6:09AM 1 Import Vcard with VPIM
5:49AM 5 sortable_list added to by AJAX question
5:44AM 6 irb with rails
5:30AM 2 Calgary Ruby Users Society (CRUSERS)
5:01AM 2 lighttpd and blank page
4:42AM 6 prototype ajax + xml response
2:56AM 3 Correct to use Apache with Rails?
2:39AM 4 MySQL Duplicate Key Error
2:00AM 5 Help with SCGI please :(
1:38AM 11 Can''t use Gruff with Rails
1:28AM 12 Showcase On Rails CMS v0.1
Wednesday February 22 2006
11:53PM 3 Reading files from dir
10:46PM 15 Fixtures and Relationships
9:52PM 5 svn externals and Edge Rails
9:37PM 1 specifying m/d/y order in datetime_select
9:28PM 0 How to get model observer to work?
8:58PM 0 rake migrate problems
8:45PM 3 is there really a restart task in switchtower? How do you invoke it?
8:41PM 1 Back returns "Warning: Page has Expired" ?!?!
8:27PM 8 filtering "tags" via checkboxes - HABTM
8:07PM 3 Newbe Rails question on Apache.
8:06PM 1 Toronto Rails Pub Nite
7:59PM 7 Ruby on Rails with Apache2, MS SQL on Windows XP
7:56PM 1 Cursor position
7:31PM 2 Removing form observers
7:16PM 8 Install Rails
6:57PM 13 Mongrel 0.3.6 -- Win32 Service/Rails Real Good
6:47PM 2 sudo in switchtower and security
6:26PM 1 [Tip] Keeping fastcgi in memory
6:21PM 2 Newbie seeks helps ordering ancestors from acts_as_tree
6:19PM 0 [DEVELOPERS NEEDED] Podcasting Website
6:05PM 0 Failover with Rails?
6:01PM 0 model''s custom attributes not loaded if file is not in app/models/ folder, HELP!!
5:24PM 4 Creating Application on base directory?
5:20PM 2 loggin of sql statements
5:08PM 1 managing dates in forms
5:02PM 2 accessing an attribute within an embedded object
4:54PM 0 Problem: Null values in a CSV format fixture show up a 0 in the test database
4:47PM 3 ri docs for Rails?
4:37PM 0 Word wrap?
4:31PM 0 Rewriting attribute accessors?
4:25PM 0 STI and Inheritance
4:14PM 1 MLS Integration
3:51PM 1 ActiveRecord strange behavior
3:35PM 2 Select menu validation
3:34PM 0 validates_format_of datetime?
3:27PM 9 Error 500
3:12PM 1 Running mysql scripts from rails.
3:06PM 5 Rails on lighttpd locks up, freezes, unresponsive every day
2:58PM 5 Moveable Type import question.
2:35PM 5 [OT] Apache rewrite stuff...
2:06PM 1 Rails with postgres-oids?
1:55PM 3 OT: svn installation tutorial
1:12PM 0 Can you make an HTTP request inside an Ajax action?
12:32PM 3 Unit test failure - nil object?
12:15PM 3 [OT] Email line separator
12:01PM 4 Rails in Brisbane, Australia
12:00PM 0 wish list for table column sorting
11:41AM 1 Ruby on Rail on apache
11:22AM 9 acts_as_habtm_list plugin
10:00AM 3 how to escape from AJAX URL
9:34AM 4 UUIDTool and weird timestamp split error
8:00AM 0 Executing Ruby on Rail On Specific Server!
7:21AM 2 Filtering all find methods so expired records not returned
6:45AM 2 Using ez_where
6:40AM 5 Optional Include Relationship
6:03AM 5 Auditing mixin for model classes. Small problem
3:29AM 3 why ''hello world'' doen''t work?
3:26AM 0 Rails controller limits time spent on shell commands?
3:02AM 3 Listing/Relationship Question
2:05AM 3 after_update: old, new values?
1:52AM 1 Urgent help needed
1:31AM 2 self.use_instantiated_fixtures
12:48AM 3 [OT] Curly Quotes on a Mac
12:22AM 0 Need help getting value from text_field_with_autocomplete
12:10AM 1 Rails Book finally hits Japan
Tuesday February 21 2006
11:00PM 4 File_Column w/ Dynamic Sizing
10:56PM 0 End User Documentation
10:46PM 0 file_column: Complex image processing with Rmagick
10:37PM 0 components using helpers
10:02PM 11 helper for models?
9:42PM 8 pdf generators
9:39PM 4 Select error
9:38PM 2 validates_format_of :url, regexp?
9:28PM 3 HABTM :insert_sql help
9:23PM 2 empty link_to_remote
8:02PM 29 script/console
7:59PM 7 Validation issues
7:44PM 8 Validations continued
7:39PM 2 Single table inheritance problem
7:25PM 5 how to include an html file?
7:12PM 0 DB not being repopulated prior to Unit test execution
7:10PM 2 ActiveRecord before_ callbacks question
6:28PM 1 Module level layouts and controllers
6:26PM 2 Switching to production environment
6:18PM 2 Managing Database Alter Scripts
6:15PM 9 Rails and Windows Active Directory Authentication?
6:10PM 1 [ADV] Next beta of Rails Recipes is available
5:53PM 0 best practices for simple query
5:18PM 1 formhelper methods don''t work with render collection partials
5:15PM 7 Self-referencial habtm relationship
5:05PM 10 segfault after page view
4:59PM 3 Images directory
4:38PM 0 acl_system plugin first look
4:35PM 2 start_form_tag with method GET
4:26PM 0 How do I get Webrick to autoload modules?
4:23PM 5 No Log
4:18PM 2 Production ecommerce sites?
4:11PM 2 [News] Ruby-on-Rails to be used in Dutch Rapid-Application-Development contest
4:09PM 0 How do you order fixtures within each yml file?
3:32PM 7 has_many :through failing to save changes
3:25PM 0 Deployment question: running multiple applications using symlinks, what does my lighttp.conf look like?
3:23PM 26 Net::SMS::BulkSMS 0.1
3:20PM 4 rekord id-je .create után
3:19PM 4 Error, got String?
2:32PM 0 A little charting example with Gruff
2:16PM 4 displaying double digits
1:13PM 1 Custom forms and fieldWithErrors tags
1:06PM 5 Abstracting ownership verification out of Controller
1:03PM 0 Rails edge breaks my app
12:57PM 6 Select articles from group with id ''1'' and id ''2''
11:54AM 4 customizing layouts for functions
11:24AM 0 Module and model names
10:24AM 4 Models, Helpers, Modules, etc.
9:03AM 1 Russian RoR email-group announce
6:31AM 2 Authorization Plugin for Rails
6:28AM 3 must be a cleaner way to do this ...
6:20AM 2 validations and directing errors
6:11AM 3 AJAX sub-list
5:15AM 9 SwitchTower 1.0.1, SwitchTower Extensions
4:05AM 0 Bibliofile, a Logging App for your Reading
3:28AM 0 Plugin dependencies/migration/versioning support?
3:20AM 6 What do I need to learn Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, AJAX?
2:11AM 2 caching and admin area
1:57AM 3 controller subroutines
1:51AM 0 observe_field custom event?
1:32AM 4 Multi-page forms
12:30AM 0 Blog of building Agile Web Development w/Rails Depot App using Ackbar/KirbyBase (Chapter 6-7)
Monday February 20 2006
11:51PM 0 Ajax and tables
11:44PM 2 Problem with flash[:notice] appearing twice
11:17PM 1 Upload Text File into a string
10:49PM 1 belongs_to, has_one, has_many question (again?)
10:46PM 0 custom_require.rb:21:in `require__'': no such file to load --
10:41PM 2 OT: screencast Editor for MacOs X?
10:35PM 3 Rewriting with an after_filter
10:19PM 3 Pretty Data Grid
10:09PM 0 Contract Work ...
9:59PM 5 find(:all) vs find_all
9:08PM 1 I can''t insert records using sql server database!
8:57PM 0 Rails CMS
8:56PM 0 Windows Deployment questions
8:34PM 2 Interrupted query causes "Rails application failed to start properly" error
8:14PM 2 How can i render an external url?
8:09PM 6 LoginGenerator - multiple user types...
8:06PM 2 .08Fast .8Furious (syncPEOPLE TM Bundle update)
8:02PM 0 No Magic for HABTM forms?
7:25PM 3 Caching of classes non working or Howto?
6:47PM 0 Best Practice: Validating and returning conflicting object
5:43PM 3 Message with multiple attachments
5:36PM 3 rails temporary table?
4:58PM 0 YAML and has many associations
4:32PM 0 Review of Ruby For Rails Chapter 3
4:20PM 0 Object Finalizers help
4:16PM 13 Agile Legacy Interop
3:48PM 0 UTF-16... Wait wait dont go, just pass it through
3:38PM 1 Form linking question
3:00PM 0 Override automatic accessor for reference field in model
2:56PM 0 appTrain and instant rails
2:46PM 4 SHow do you suppress ERB newlines globally
2:40PM 3 file_column and login_engine incompatibilities
2:06PM 18 Win XP/ Mysql Problem
12:22PM 7 Native erb lacks -%>, where is Rails'' erb?
12:03PM 4 Obtaining the ID of a newly saved model object
11:11AM 0 Securing the Model
11:00AM 1 Using :except or :only on a before_filter block
10:57AM 1 extract month from date column
10:55AM 2 Oracle & Ruby on Rails
9:25AM 9 a complex availability problem
9:17AM 1 Howto use the <map> tag?
9:00AM 3 Uninitialized constant error
8:29AM 1 create_without_callbacks
8:17AM 0 Most active forum
8:09AM 3 Scaffold NoMethodError on Mac
7:56AM 1 Breakpointer fixed in OSX 10.4.5
5:35AM 2 what is gem?
5:31AM 4 how to set a simple application in Apache?
5:11AM 5 RailsCron: error message
4:25AM 0 How to reference a field of an associated object in a text_field
3:39AM 3 Background work
3:13AM 2 Alternating Table Row Colors
2:44AM 46 Ruby + Apache Lucene using XMLRPC?
2:29AM 2 file_column: changing default store_dir
1:25AM 3 Trouble connecting to a Rails SOAP web service with a simple Ruby client
1:15AM 8 Downloading Files
12:16AM 4 redirect_to_remote ?
Sunday February 19 2006
11:55PM 0 newbe: observer setup
11:52PM 4 Multiple Characters Negate Using Regexp
11:40PM 0 Dynamic assignment - a Ruby question
11:39PM 10 Switchtower - unitialized constant
11:19PM 2 Asynchronous Encryption?
11:13PM 1 Validation relative to other attributes
10:57PM 3 Rails urls & the AWD book
10:21PM 1 script/console & script/runner
10:02PM 4 Why is configuration in YAML and not Ruby?
9:30PM 0 SOAP error messages? (When it all goes wrong.)
8:11PM 1 action.controller.domain instead of dmn/cntrlr/action ?
8:06PM 2 how would you implement this normalizer?
8:03PM 8 building multiple find conditions
7:27PM 2 instance variables in components not read by component view?
7:26PM 3 newbie wanting to understand controller action relationship
6:57PM 3 accounts and subdomains
6:46PM 0 Clearing script cache?
6:38PM 0 creating a model that has other models as elements
6:36PM 3 Is there a ''right'' way to do _tag field validation?
6:09PM 1 One Model from two Tables with no foreign keys
5:25PM 4 Multiple HABTM to one table
5:18PM 0 Re: can store array or hash in cookies?
5:10PM 8 select, first option empty value?
4:57PM 8 uninitialized constant RailsFCGIHandler
3:43PM 0 Handling nil attributes in views
2:53PM 0 acts_as_taggable
2:10PM 2 New version of Selenium on Rails
1:59PM 0 Disabling AJAX Responder for a particular request
1:42PM 3 multi-sql problem?
12:46PM 2 possible rails -> postgresql bug
12:08PM 0 Selenium testing plugin
10:22AM 1 distributing iconv.dll
10:11AM 2 Another "escaping" problem
9:50AM 3 "syncPeople on Rails" Bundle 0.7 Released
9:46AM 2 Sortable list (scriptalicious) and updating database
8:13AM 8 SwitchTower to skip config/ directory
6:58AM 2 Prototype Ajax + File Uploading-- How?
6:47AM 1 NOOB: ratings/voting mixin or code example?
6:26AM 0 Rendering of Files Speed Versus Rendering from Databases
5:37AM 16 Open source rails e-commerce engine?
5:30AM 5 can you give a answer?
5:01AM 2 SwitchTower 1.0.0
4:54AM 0 uninitialized constant (NameError)
4:49AM 0 TextMate Backtracer v.1.1
4:28AM 0 syncPeople on Rails TextMate Bundle
3:56AM 8 require ''digest/md5'' not working on Mac or Windows
3:50AM 1 has_many classes
3:25AM 2 Missing text/html content in production (but not development)
3:19AM 2 progressive updates
3:08AM 0 looking for more idiomatic way of doing this
2:30AM 2 How far can you get without learning Ruby?
1:44AM 0 [ADV] Shameless Hype for Ruby Stuff Goodness
1:38AM 4 is "display" a reserved name of some sort?
12:09AM 5 Memory use: WEBrick vs Apache
12:04AM 4 Sending Scheduled Email Ticklers
Saturday February 18 2006
11:23PM 2 Newbie question on id
9:24PM 3 Easy Newb Question
9:08PM 3 Mongrel 0.3.5 -- Rails/CGI Actually Works
8:35PM 0 indexed date_select
8:27PM 3 scoped databases need explanation...
7:26PM 1 Questions about ActiveRecord
7:03PM 4 validate against spaces
7:00PM 6 Naming join models
6:58PM 4 Basic question: Where to initialize a flag?
6:39PM 0 Comparing two hashes
6:36PM 1 Premature end of script headers:....dispatch.cgi
5:30PM 5 don''t destroy last user
5:26PM 44 I forgot. Why do we hate* Java?
4:53PM 4 verifying best practice
4:45PM 0 Ackbar, KirbyBase, and Agile Web Development With Rails Blog
3:39PM 0 Ruby For Rails Chapter 3
3:05PM 2 Question: Table referenced by many tables
3:04PM 5 Model methods and partial view templates
12:36PM 0 Ein 3 Tages-Workshop für Ruby on Rails auf Deutsch
12:23PM 2 Effect queues with RJS templates and scriptaculous
11:48AM 2 Sharing a Hashtable between all sessions?
10:51AM 0 rxml with xsl
9:26AM 1 installing datebox_engine
7:59AM 2 Extracting URL and text from HTML?
7:07AM 3 Controller to View and Back Again (TextMate shortcut)
6:31AM 0 activerecord connections with xmlrpc
6:15AM 0 Radrails with Instantrails
4:57AM 2 Extending the onclick properties with link_to ?
4:55AM 5 Date formatting error
4:34AM 1 sql logic is killing me
4:23AM 1 Access a command line tool
3:47AM 0 question on text_field_with_auto_complete
2:58AM 6 Why doesn''t my "action" take action?
2:33AM 2 select widget in partial, can it use :index?
1:28AM 0 RoR with FastCGI cannot get it working.
12:59AM 4 Using Sqlite3 Activerecord with multiple clients
12:57AM 6 Active Record errors value - Why doesn''t this work?
12:56AM 3 Edit in Place
12:00AM 1 Should assert_tag be used to test rxml views?
Friday February 17 2006
11:33PM 1 switchtower, CVS, and ''configuration.local''
11:31PM 0 Validation highlighin errors?
11:02PM 2 validate uniqueness of two fields
10:54PM 3 Accessing Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail address book?
8:58PM 1 AJAX and radio buttons
8:25PM 3 Switchtower (0.10.0), ssh and environment confusion
8:13PM 4 PayPal WSDL API on Rails anyone ?
8:11PM 0 SearchGenerator: Results list duplication
8:04PM 2 Last Resort Route...
7:18PM 7 Rich Text Editor (RTE)
7:07PM 3 Using :include with has_one vs. has_many
7:04PM 2 Helpers?
6:26PM 8 Atom
6:25PM 1 validate() with has_many association
6:16PM 7 FCGI hanging w/ lighttpd and RoR 1.0 (need to kill -9)
6:04PM 1 Developing reusable components?
5:35PM 2 Set HTTP headers on response?
5:17PM 21 ''Best'' IDE for testing and debugging
5:05PM 0 Forum Engine
4:35PM 2 acts_as_versioned and acts_as_taggable on same model?
4:17PM 4 Why doesn''t this work!
4:10PM 1 foreign key support in mysql adapter
3:42PM 27 deployment server
3:19PM 0 Ruby''n''Rails
2:26PM 0 Strange Effect.Highlight behavior
1:45PM 0 SQL Server pains
1:29PM 2 console doesn''t work
12:48PM 1 Session Data Question
12:03PM 2 HELP: Strange problem with breakpointer - stopped working
11:09AM 3 How to get RAILS_ROOT when writing a ruby utility in /lib
11:01AM 0 directory selector
10:53AM 3 Ajax On Rails
9:54AM 16 Booking system
9:09AM 1 firefox on linux triggers action when browsing upload file
9:06AM 4 Need Help with Globalize Plugin
8:53AM 5 getting old values
7:31AM 2 form_tag with protocol => ''https'' help
6:48AM 0 file_column generating random empty images
6:02AM 4 link_to_remote doubles border size
5:55AM 2 Accessing just the body of email in text format?
5:49AM 0 Output text (not HTML) with RedCloth?
4:38AM 0 : Indexed Search Engine 0.2.0 Released
4:21AM 0 "unable to get local issuer certificate" OpenSSL errors?
4:11AM 4 Table with Constants
4:04AM 4 Three-tier
3:50AM 2 Dealing with *a lot* of Mailers
2:39AM 5 Rad Rails and rails console
2:35AM 0 Model relationships in tests
2:29AM 3 Migration Errors?
2:28AM 0 Problem with string "merging" / escaping
2:21AM 0 Caching Auto Complete Field
1:27AM 1 redirect error on componenet
1:04AM 1 acts_as_taggable plugin and multi word tags
12:52AM 4 Best practice for showing errors AND updating list
12:31AM 7 Create and then show
Thursday February 16 2006
11:43PM 1 setting the right routes
10:53PM 1 [PATCH] acts_as_taggable plugin
10:36PM 4 newbie question regarding basic AJAX form verification
10:25PM 2 How do I use ODBC with rails.
9:54PM 2 Postgresql array converts to string????
9:10PM 0 Updating application
9:10PM 1 runner: url_for with mailers impossible
9:00PM 2 Broswer Based Game
8:36PM 0 Shouldn''t mailers be controllers?
8:32PM 0 Help with foreign keys, two keys joining same table
7:31PM 2 Rails, rSpec and BDD
7:25PM 1 explicitly creating new sessions
7:24PM 1 Acts Plugin Howto''s (Other than the rails wiki)
7:07PM 1 Draggable Window
7:00PM 1 validations with associated object
6:53PM 9 rake migrate HANGS
6:43PM 0 [JOB] Los Angeles South Bay
6:40PM 3 rescue_action_in_public question
6:34PM 3 Apache lists contents of /public directory
5:54PM 5 Firefox and IE performance with Rails App
5:53PM 1 file_column problem
5:51PM 0 Really Really Important
5:29PM 4 Help with "Updating Gem Source Index"
5:24PM 5 filter a list
5:15PM 9 calling a controller/action from another controller
5:14PM 2 Making the browser cache an action
5:10PM 0 Observer two fields?
5:01PM 7 RoR vs JavaScript/AJAX vs Java interface. Conflicting ideas?
4:59PM 10 Ruby class variables and access from view templates
4:08PM 3 jedit ruby plugin
3:52PM 0 PhillyOnRails Meeting - Tuesday, Feb 21
3:08PM 0 RJS Question
2:46PM 0 rescue_action_in_public in development environment?
2:37PM 3 How to use Selenium from Rails
2:34PM 2 Joel on Software Rails Rant
2:30PM 21 RoR VS Rails ???
2:18PM 0 url.access-deny
1:33PM 1 Help with validation
1:23PM 1 Executing an action of a component _within_ a component !
1:08PM 0 RE: Applying list-item format depending on action (Diego Scataglini)
11:11AM 1 OT - generating test data...
10:51AM 1 Rails documentation location
10:28AM 4 Problems to test controllers which require login
8:59AM 1 Relative paths in Webrick vs. lighttpd
8:45AM 0 Accessing Metaweblog API
8:29AM 6
8:27AM 0 Web service interface
7:40AM 4 file_column :: changing image with object.update
7:37AM 9 Mongrel 0.3.4 -- Win32 Gems/Better CGIWrapper
7:04AM 1 Where to put the code? Helper or Model?
6:31AM 1 Some questions about Ajax.Updater
6:10AM 0 OK.rb''s First Meeting
5:50AM 1 Pagination help/how to
4:08AM 0 Local assistance in Wellington/NZ ?
4:03AM 9 association not inserted automatically.
2:45AM 5 Edge Rails, Ruby 1.8.2 and "uninitialized constant ''modelname''" error
2:43AM 3 Breakpoints completely fail to work
2:41AM 10 Confused over Model attrbutes and @ prefix
1:52AM 4 Lost while trying to deploy rails app on apache
1:51AM 1 set response headers from controller?
1:28AM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 17, Issue 355
1:04AM 0 [JOB] RoR Developer - West Springfield, MA
1:04AM 2 simple association question
12:33AM 6 session usage
12:30AM 2 fixtures outside of rails
12:23AM 1 Newby: Getting "unitialized constant SockServ" -- help
12:17AM 11 Multiple Rails app on the same server?
12:00AM 1 HABTM -VS- belongs_to/has_many, for self-referential joins
Wednesday February 15 2006
11:49PM 5 strange behavior with has_many and size
11:41PM 5 Lighttpd now works for production. Development is broken?
11:34PM 36 Rubuntu Live CD for Rails
11:01PM 0 Lighty/SCGI: not found: /dispatch.scgi
10:42PM 1 how to -- newbie
10:27PM 3 Like Query Across Multiple Tables
10:17PM 1 where to set $KCODE
10:00PM 3 accepting and passing args to find
9:58PM 0 Looking for Boston-area Rails developers
9:49PM 2 Ruby 1.8.2 work with Edge Rails
9:33PM 0 Confused by this error when trying to use ''pagination''
9:22PM 11 VPS hosting
9:11PM 8 [OT] I user CocoaMySQL... anyone have any other preferences for MacOS X?
9:07PM 12 Does your *shared* hosting account work without errors?
9:03PM 0 MySql adapter error
9:02PM 2 First unit test fails
9:02PM 1 Per Database Migrations
9:00PM 2 Search on ruby-forom.com is down?
8:39PM 0 RoR and BitPass?
7:59PM 10 STI Question
7:38PM 3 Applying list-item format depending on action
7:31PM 2 extending rails via /lib - problems
7:18PM 5 dispatch.cgi error affecting specific browsers
6:56PM 2 Financial app - decimal to float conversion problem
6:41PM 0 Testing problems in Rails
6:22PM 0 Need help setting up and iterating thru a tree
6:16PM 6 Problem creating appdoc documentation
5:28PM 8 Agile book - getting confusing error
5:28PM 0 Sessions and associations
5:13PM 0 WebRick Page not found on strange URL''s
5:12PM 0 Multiple Conditions and ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
5:08PM 0 Acts_as_taggable and exclusively_dependent?
5:08PM 2 Problems Connecting to SQL Server
5:06PM 0 file_column / Rmagick "invalid image" when image is valid
4:40PM 0 Reading cookies - weird problem
4:26PM 6 error_messages_for trouble
4:02PM 2 Ruby install tips
4:01PM 0
3:57PM 4 Lightty 1.4.10 socket file problem
3:49PM 4 beginner - multiobject searches
3:37PM 0 help! file_column permission
3:31PM 0 Wild ideas about fixtures
3:12PM 4 Lighttpd1.4.10 problem on debian
2:25PM 1 Rails on Apache
2:22PM 9 newbie-> help understanding "magic" behavior
1:56PM 4 problem with saving id''s in a join table
1:52PM 0 File Column and Colorspaces
12:54PM 3 RailsTidy: validates your HTML
12:38PM 0 Re: Re: XML to Database via ActiveRecord
12:30PM 1 self in before_create
12:19PM 1 Webrick hangs rendering page with multiple link_to_remote
11:58AM 3 UserEngine testing
10:14AM 6 Measuring hosting performance: shared <--> vps <--> dedicated
7:52AM 0 how to generate webpage with specified extension?
7:10AM 2 migrations still
3:42AM 2 Polymorphic joins work one way, but not the other
3:41AM 0 Uploading to Strongspace via Rails app
2:01AM 9 Liquid - form helpers? multiple liquid templates?
1:27AM 5 Formating @content_for_layout
1:16AM 3 See Rails::Configuration for more options?
12:53AM 0 $stderr and $stdout are send as part of http response
12:52AM 1 Newbie Question: I want to open a socket on another server
12:44AM 7 Ackbar - ActiveRecord Adapter for KirbyBase
Tuesday February 14 2006
11:51PM 1 ArgumentError in <controller not set>#<action not set> ??
11:49PM 8 Best Practices For back/cancel/return button
11:20PM 1 Controlling the controller for text_field_with_auto_complete
10:40PM 0 Preserving seconds fraction in PG timestamps when updating?
10:18PM 2 Heads up - Ruby for Rails chapter 2 released
10:15PM 2 mysql/ruby + gcc 3.2 ?
9:13PM 1 Additional Model Validation
9:11PM 4 Escaping the AJAX View
8:55PM 25 Rails and background tasks/threads
8:38PM 2 sqlite and migrations question
8:35PM 5 problem with apache
8:21PM 4 possible to reload a model in script/console(irb)?
8:18PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 17, Issue 319
7:29PM 0 Rails puts and pp logs are showing up on browser
7:16PM 7 Action when database changes
7:05PM 3 Ruby equivalent to PHP Beautify?
6:57PM 3 Can Ajax updates more than one <div>?
6:29PM 2 nulls changing to blanks
5:57PM 2 Inline list editing with RJS: best practices
5:52PM 3 is shared hosting evil?
5:46PM 18 Does shared hosting work? Anywhere?
5:37PM 1 Customizing RedCloth
5:33PM 6 Rails on Sun
5:13PM 5 Radrails - Quick (if misplaced?) question...
5:12PM 5 integrating vbulletin
4:55PM 0 [REQUIREMENTS] Macromedia Flash View for Rails Controller
4:06PM 0 RoR BSD setup, file_column / Rmagick "invalid image"
4:00PM 0 rake migration with transactions.
3:49PM 2 CMS-like routing
2:24PM 7 Launching a standalone Rails app
1:34PM 1 Firefox java script error in prototype.js
1:32PM 8 routing failures
1:23PM 6 Mongrel 0.3.3 -- Bug Fix
1:07PM 20 Adding payment to an app: how hard and risky is it?
12:33PM 4 Fine grained access control
12:22PM 4 SSO with IIS?
12:22PM 1 Error handling
11:19AM 6 Multiple associations to the same class
11:18AM 1 Browse for a file, absolute path only
10:34AM 8 Assigning has_many child in parent creation question
9:49AM 1 Associating a query with a active record class
9:35AM 1 How can I order_by a sub folder?
9:14AM 6 routes question [Catching URL in a variable]
9:04AM 5 SSL and domain as account key
8:59AM 2 confusion with validates_inclusion_of
8:53AM 0 Abt config.reload
8:34AM 0 Using token in text_field_with_auto_complete?
8:00AM 1 Installing Ruby On Rails
7:59AM 22 Teaching Models to Render Themselves in the Controller
7:03AM 1 Does Mysql can store image?
5:29AM 1 Another HABTM Question
5:07AM 9 Deploying in Dreamhost
5:03AM 3 Arranging Models
4:35AM 4 Newbie stumped by "NameError in "
4:15AM 2 AJAX on page load
4:14AM 0 Best practices for handling associations in ctrlrs/views
4:09AM 0 rubyforge-0.1.1
2:02AM 0 Ideas Regarding Sports Ladder?
1:56AM 6 [newb] Find vs Find :all question
1:26AM 1 authentication and session variables
1:21AM 0 Help with Eager Association
1:18AM 0 Edge Rails and Not Working So Consistently
12:48AM 10 acts_as_versioned and getting authors
12:36AM 6 Creating a String of Random Characters and Numbers
12:33AM 0 help: link_to with :post => true
12:19AM 7 9cays - A Rails app for Group Email
12:13AM 0 Engine users/developers - please read!
12:05AM 2 Mongrel 0.3.2 -- The Right Site/All Requests Answered
12:00AM 1 timing how long a user takes to do a test
Monday February 13 2006
11:42PM 1 acts_as_taggable scoped in another class/table?
11:40PM 4 Problems deploying in Dreamhost
10:36PM 9 Please e-mail (not only post) the Forum Instructions URL
10:29PM 0 count_as_taggable distinctly
10:23PM 0 (no subject)
10:16PM 5 now that I have migrations working (I think I do anyway)
10:14PM 5 Acts_as_taggable pluralize
9:56PM 0 (no subject)
9:24PM 0 using Scaffolding Extensions plugin
9:12PM 1 Paginate @member.items?
8:40PM 7 Concatenation
8:08PM 0 [JOB] RubyOnRails Opportunity in Orange County, CA
7:57PM 3 Getting Rid of Error Divs around fields that have errors
6:46PM 2 Ajax.Autocompleter is not a constructor
6:41PM 11 ROR code syntax highlighting on blog?
6:34PM 6 How can I access the value of params[:tags] in my validate function?
6:12PM 3 caches_action does not go off the entire URL
6:11PM 0 Library (Ferret) Trampling Namespace
6:00PM 4 activerecord << operator
6:00PM 2 Scaffolding
5:59PM 2 Overriding the error_messages_for method
5:46PM 1 new Fedora rails environemt
5:42PM 1 Where to put customization of plugin?
5:33PM 1 another simple question: per_page in pagination
5:13PM 3 TypeError
5:02PM 2 Will session object be send to the user browser each time a request is sent to server?
4:30PM 2 Anyone got a working RoR with ubuntu?
4:09PM 4 FreeMIS 1.0 Released
4:04PM 2 How can I put the error messages generated by the validation routines into it''s own side frame and how can a click on a error message take me right to the error?
4:02PM 0 Including a Module within a model
4:01PM 1 CachedModel anyone?????
3:37PM 5 ActiveRecord with Legacy Database
3:31PM 1 hackish error handling
3:27PM 4 Calling find()
2:28PM 8 Anyone have Ruby for IIS installer?
2:12PM 3 file_column: uninitialized constant Magick
1:40PM 6 Form -> File save tutorial
1:38PM 1 autocomplete input field name
1:01PM 2 How to parse HTML doc in Ruby?
12:52PM 2 Help reading csv data in a dynamic arrays w/ loops... =)
12:41PM 0 slow Net::HTTP within rails?
11:48AM 3 Multi language
10:53AM 1 Component or plugin
10:09AM 1 dynamically generating a controller and appropriate routing
10:09AM 0 file upload browse button triggers action
9:35AM 1 master and slave issue.
8:34AM 1 Is this same or different
8:30AM 0 Money library error
8:23AM 1 Executing ruby on rail program through address bar
8:07AM 1 Executing ruby on rail program
8:00AM 2 Do I need separate file for each model
7:08AM 9 Selenium. Replacement for traditional rails functional test?
7:01AM 4 Table Relationships and ActiveRecord Associations
5:41AM 4 about rails connection pool?
5:26AM 2 categories and admin/categories - different controllers and templates?
5:18AM 1 authenticate users in public folders
4:14AM 1 Change redirect after method ''redirect_to''
3:07AM 0 has_many finder_sql #{id} single/double quotes voodoo
2:43AM 8 postgres and rake
1:35AM 2 how to find the helpers code ?
1:10AM 10 Clearing browser history?
Sunday February 12 2006
11:30PM 2 AJAX calls don''t do validation
11:17PM 2 Using Random Longer Non-Sequential IDs
10:49PM 7 ROR Recipes Beta: Why use taggings instead of tags_contacts? NoMethodError tag_with?
10:45PM 0 Re: sending personalized emails efficiently
10:41PM 3 Timestamp -> Date
10:19PM 3 Flickr demo screencast
9:49PM 0 Passing multiple values with link_to
9:11PM 6 Design question - where to store constants?
9:10PM 0 saving mime type and size of uploads - newbie question
8:59PM 3 Error when Eager Loading "Not unique table/alias"
8:37PM 16 Mongrel 0.3.1 -- New Site/Runs Right
8:16PM 2 ActiveRecord Many-To-Many relationship question
7:23PM 6 habtm doesn''t save old IDs
7:15PM 3 AJAX to a table row
6:59PM 1 Tests not picking up table name changes.
6:43PM 0 no method error - you have a nil object....
6:35PM 1 [newbie] Question about form_remote_tag
4:01PM 4 How do I emulate directory structure with routes?
3:57PM 0 One or Multiple Controllers
3:09PM 0 FastCGI config problem on RHEL 4.0 w/ Apache 2.0.52
2:01PM 2 link_to_remote (AJAX) and tables: IE issues, validation?
1:59PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 17, Issue 256
11:46AM 1 fcgid -> errors
10:11AM 3 Invoke render multiple times
9:39AM 6 Including another helper
8:21AM 0 Repost: brainspl.at tutorial and lighttpd .10 crashes
6:35AM 4 Rails Install on Linux (SuSE 9.3) Fails
6:35AM 3 memcache-client/cached_model help
6:15AM 0 problem serving files which start with newlines
5:49AM 4 [newbie] if expression "weirdness"
3:09AM 0 February Ruby events in the SF Bay Area
1:41AM 2 Webrick very unstable with MySQL 5.0 on Windows
1:32AM 3 .empty? Method
1:25AM 7 form_remote_upload plugin
12:42AM 0 slicing and dicing timestamps by month, week, day, etc
12:38AM 0 Setting html breaks when using textile (redcloth)
12:18AM 9 CSS in Views
12:05AM 5 Passing Multiple Values In URL
Saturday February 11 2006
11:59PM 6 models and validation problem
10:52PM 0 Hard Rock Hotels Uses Ruby on Rails and Ajax
10:39PM 5 Strange messages in "congratulations" mode
10:21PM 9 Textmate Backtracer 1.0
9:54PM 9 Upgrading to Ruby 1.8.4 and strange problems!
8:56PM 2 Session ID in a cookie?
8:25PM 0 html question
6:24PM 1 problem with globalize
6:08PM 7 Menu Helper
5:44PM 0 show table
5:03PM 1 autocomplete inside a table?
4:50PM 7 Rails development on Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
4:47PM 1 Retaining multiple select values from action to action?
4:35PM 16 Why does''nt rails pick up more metadata from a mysql schema?
4:07PM 1 Naming confusion
3:51PM 6 Rails Edge, has_many :through in searches
3:20PM 5 [OT] How to prepend copyright notices to each source file
3:12PM 1 table name and scaffolding
2:44PM 1 Looking for Ruby programmers in Houston
12:44PM 2 Good tutorials & more
12:40PM 4 Helpful resources for averyone
12:30PM 4 Starting Ruby On Rails
10:47AM 1 Instructions required for RailsCron
10:33AM 5 after_(read|find) callback?
10:01AM 1 What one *cannot* store in a session???
9:45AM 4 Timesheet application for Rails
9:24AM 1 Re: Ruby/Rails T-Shirts/graphics
8:12AM 3 read-only access to database?
7:19AM 1 graphics de stats
7:07AM 1 Singularize and Pluralize of the word Faculty
7:03AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of - how to use multiple values for scope
6:58AM 1 auto_complete
6:40AM 7 A quick question on popup windows
5:41AM 1 Switchtower deploy fails though setup works
5:21AM 5 acts_as_taggable : plugin vs gem
4:57AM 1 How to POST raw data?
4:53AM 4 Ruby/Rails T-Shirts/graphics?
4:03AM 6 DHH Interviewed by MySQL
3:52AM 6 Rails 1.1?
2:09AM 0 Ajax/View Best Practices
1:46AM 2 Migrations and Unintialized Constants Error
1:45AM 2 two questions:
1:29AM 1 Fastcgi and mysql woes
1:21AM 3 Creating new object using params posted from form
12:06AM 1 Storing fied contents in a session variable before link_to
12:02AM 3 Intial data in Migrations
Friday February 10 2006
11:57PM 2 Search from has_many?
11:33PM 1 Questions regarding plugin version
11:33PM 0 Solution for multilanguage caption lookup speed improvement?
11:18PM 0 Update two models that have belongs_to relationship
11:00PM 4 How to do a find with conditions that contain an OR
10:24PM 1 Caching in development mode on webrick
10:14PM 1 Timezone problem
10:11PM 0 Partitioned Index
10:03PM 1 Add more ''answers'' at once
8:46PM 4 before_save gotcha
8:27PM 3 Using two select elements (master - slave)
8:26PM 12 Accessing ''many'' variables
8:22PM 0 Deleting the association entry for has_and_belongs_to_many when one object is destroyed
8:16PM 0 Re-Posting a Form
8:11PM 4 hiding header/footer on html print?
7:23PM 3 RoR, Apache 2, FastCGI
7:07PM 1 Setting RAILS_ENV before running script/server in the comma
5:12PM 1 Plotting library
4:02PM 0 ajax form submission and updating multiple divs
3:58PM 1 Bizarre ActiveRecord::Errors/validation problem
3:46PM 1 instance_eval and Proc objects
3:42PM 3 robots.txt best practices
2:50PM 36 Advocating RoR in the enterprise?
2:22PM 15 "Ruby for Rails" in early access release
1:50PM 2 How do I test actionview helpers in the console?
12:49PM 0 sharing layouts across multiple Apps
12:17PM 4 RegEx Question
11:59AM 1 Rails is the devil on your client-side shoulder
10:57AM 4 db vs filesystem
9:43AM 3 Lighttpd segfaults on first access
9:36AM 3 [Req] polymorphic associations howto
9:17AM 0 active_support and class_inheritables
8:46AM 0 Does anyone have Ruby for IIS installer?
8:27AM 2 file column within link_to
8:27AM 2 Paypal and subscriptions
8:13AM 0 Rails workshop downunder
8:12AM 0 Functional testing - why can you use session[:key] but not session[:key]= ?
7:53AM 22 Mongrel 0.3 -- Runs Ruby On Rails
6:16AM 7 convert rails object to javascript variables
5:58AM 3 Error: Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try creating a table for your model (Product)
5:39AM 4 Handling a relationship between users and newsletter subcriptions.
5:01AM 1 validation error reporting on child object
4:13AM 1 Eager loading issue
3:57AM 14 dynarch calendar and calendar helper usage
2:34AM 1 Auto-generated find queries adding bogus WHERE clauses
2:14AM 2 Sudden Strange Webrick Error: Errno::ECONNABORTED
2:00AM 0 Updating a select in a form
1:01AM 0 AJAX update for select list onchange?
12:03AM 5 Re: Manually running dispatch.fcgi fails (Please help!!)
Thursday February 9 2006
11:56PM 0 rails 1.0 loses its symbol table randomly
11:56PM 2 Crazy @55 Inheritance
11:12PM 2 How to call a standard function from a class inside the lib folder ?
11:07PM 2 select options for HABTM?
10:56PM 3 acts_as_taggable Produces Bad SQL - Find Fails
8:50PM 2 breakpointer error
8:32PM 0 Extending ActiveRecord creates TypeError
7:57PM 3 accessing associated models in a validate method
7:44PM 2 postgres connection problems
6:51PM 0 pass values with autocomplete textfield
4:55PM 9 RMagick on OS X - HOW
4:54PM 6 Can I protect access to a relationship?
4:40PM 1 (no subject)
4:35PM 0 Problem with web services
4:07PM 2 Strategies for updating multiple parts of the page with AJAX
3:36PM 0 Weird simple_format behavior
3:23PM 0 Single Table Inheritance
2:44PM 1 session cookie expiration
2:43PM 3 [JOB] RoR/PHP Developer needed - London, SW2
1:26PM 0 Need help with REST using Rails
1:07PM 1 Irb Web Interface
12:44PM 6 troubleshooting an observe_field
12:10PM 1 Alternative take on Selenium in Rails
12:00PM 4 Setting up Ruby + RubyOnRails on the new intel mac (any feedback?)
11:47AM 3 Rail in teaching environments
11:37AM 13 Howto work with a page not generated by the scaffold ?
10:49AM 1 acts_as_authenticated plugin
10:35AM 0 Validations with conditions (:if)
10:14AM 4 Ruby 1.8.4 trouble
9:35AM 30 why there is no automatic relationship discovery
8:42AM 11 Ruby on AIX?
7:52AM 1 migration with PostgreSQL - function nextval does not exist
5:37AM 0 acts_as_taggable Generating Funky SQL
5:01AM 6 Getting the name of the calling controller
3:43AM 17 complicated finds are eating my sole
3:09AM 1 How to use url_escape in controller?
3:08AM 2 Performance profiling & routes
2:50AM 0 OT: Melbourne job: Ruby On Rails and Macromedia Flex 2
2:15AM 0 OSCON Call For Proposals Deadline (Feb 13)
1:53AM 9 Looking for hosting advice
1:53AM 1 SwitchTower with multiple repositories
1:37AM 0 announce: rcms-0.2.1 content management system
1:36AM 4 Theme wanted for new Rails CMS
1:35AM 1 How to reorder rows in a table?
1:03AM 4 Login_Engine: trouble configuring
12:58AM 2 Very weird issue - Function not being recognized in template?
12:51AM 2 Manually running dispatch.fcgi fails
12:00AM 2 Polymorphic Associations
Wednesday February 8 2006
11:39PM 5 Can rails cache a table?
11:27PM 2 Installing Rails on FreeBSD with Apache (and php)...
11:26PM 2 compound conditions in find
11:15PM 1 Adding children via small subform
11:14PM 0 subversion AND gem rails howto?
11:00PM 1 functional test problem
10:41PM 5 debugging 500 Internal Server Error when dispatch.fcgi run?
10:34PM 10 Writing activex controls and dlls in ruby.
10:13PM 0 configuration.frameworks
9:59PM 2 Idiomatic way to change partial''s behavior based on caller
9:40PM 2 trouble inserting rows
9:37PM 0 Stange regexp problem with case sensitivity
9:36PM 2 NameError (uninitialized constant UnknownAction)
9:14PM 1 Save only inserts null instead of actual values
9:14PM 2 Extending Rails classes
9:09PM 2 helpers and plugins
9:09PM 1 routing: requiring requirements for non-existent params?
8:15PM 3 Extends ActiveRecord from the application ?
7:51PM 0 foreign table references...a new twist
7:44PM 0 two authenticated users simultaneously in same browser
7:39PM 3 Basics - help with models &controllers...
7:27PM 1 Many-To-Many w/acts_as_tree?
7:06PM 1 AJAX Event Handlers, like shift key pressing...
7:00PM 2 REST / WS adapter for Rails
6:23PM 4 Fixture question...
6:02PM 0 How to call a basic function ( like url_for ) from a class inside the /lib folder ?
6:00PM 5 Regular Expression Question
5:40PM 3 Newbie and MySQL
5:07PM 2 Adding routes via a plugin...
5:04PM 1 testing with loginengine and userengine
4:40PM 5 beginner - problem with understanding relationships
4:35PM 2 URL rewriting
4:23PM 2 Best way to know the domain across all controllers?
4:17PM 8 Strategies for Unit testing 2 databases
3:56PM 5 validates_acceptance_of + functional testing
3:50PM 8 Liquid with database?
3:02PM 0 CAL
2:48PM 2 How to install RailsCron?
2:26PM 1 render_component vs. render_component_as_string?
1:58PM 8 Riding the Rails to acquisition
1:29PM 2 301 Redirect with Rails
1:28PM 1 Weird validation issue
1:23PM 1 port used by webrick
1:17PM 3 activerecord: column named ''type'' silently ignore (pgsql)
1:07PM 3 OpenRico LiveGrid or similar
12:43PM 5 RJS
12:23PM 1 Boolean values with Oracle?
11:39AM 4 ssl certificates
11:39AM 10 Sharing sessions between subdomains?
10:48AM 1 why sqlserver column with ''user_id'' can not display in rails scaffold?
10:36AM 6 can''t get date_select to work
10:06AM 8 [kind of OT] Software Remote connect to MacOS ?
10:06AM 0 sqlite in-memory database for testing
9:54AM 1 Question about interaction of external processes and a Rails app
9:21AM 0 Classes indise lib folder not refreshed until reboot server ?
8:22AM 1 is the --svn option functional?
7:44AM 3 ungenerate / remove scaffold command?
7:33AM 0 Publish to static pages
5:47AM 0 form_remote_tag and tables
5:30AM 2 Protecting controllers - looking for a DRY solution
5:21AM 5 Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query:
5:10AM 35 BACKPACK: There was a problem processing your email
5:09AM 3 RJS templates before, during and after
4:05AM 0 Rails on Sybase?
3:51AM 0 Fixture access question
2:01AM 0 SwitchTower deployment hangs after HTTP Auth
1:34AM 7 DRY methodology
1:33AM 2 What page is an item on?
1:12AM 2 ActionMailer EOFError (sometimes)
12:54AM 3 Using shared RJS templates
Tuesday February 7 2006
11:41PM 0 in_place_editor_field with blank value
11:12PM 11 breaking down a list view
10:49PM 0 complicated search/model question
10:48PM 3 model and controller organization
10:46PM 2 Browser Detection
10:38PM 0 Newbie question: has_many to multiple classes
10:00PM 3 help with relationship
9:52PM 7 select list error - following Agile guide
9:33PM 2 render collection undefined local variable
9:19PM 13 CHM Documentation for Rails Version 1.0
9:02PM 7 What happens to manuals.rubyonrails.com?
8:59PM 0 scope problems testing a helper method that calls link_to()
8:27PM 15 So, this search thing...
8:17PM 3 ActiveRecord for kirbybase?
7:39PM 3 in place edit, save on blur
6:39PM 14 Production Server That Just Works?
6:37PM 1 Altering the starting URL for webrick
6:35PM 2 how does it know?
6:24PM 0 Link_to_remote with dynamic textbox
5:55PM 11 Possible Rails Security Issue?
5:45PM 0 Re: odd http header corruption
5:03PM 0 redirect_to and complex values
4:53PM 21 Paypal and Rails
4:52PM 0 Render Time, Search Time
4:49PM 2 Multiple questions
4:37PM 0 oracle scaffolding
4:37PM 1 habtm :uniq causing duplicate inserts? How to update Rails?
4:30PM 0 Creating DB from within Rails
4:30PM 4 Dynamic url with javascript? - Help Please
4:21PM 3 [Possible spam] New project - any volunteers?
3:53PM 5 OCI adapter slowdown on dictionary access
3:40PM 4 Can''t stop/start lighttpd
3:30PM 2 Checking for nil in views
3:27PM 5 homepage instead of welcome page?
3:21PM 4 __END__ equivalent for erb?
2:50PM 0 trying to order a list view
2:14PM 0 Rendering objects directly via <%= render @some_object %>
1:27PM 1 Page caching when name contains a dot (period)
12:49PM 3 Creating a new object with a passed in parent?
12:43PM 1 acts_as_taggable plugin: more delimiters?
12:28PM 1 acts_as_taggable plugin question
12:24PM 3 Problems with flickr gem: already initialized constant
11:56AM 3 Dinamic controller
11:10AM 4 Ruby, Rails & Inheritance
10:55AM 1 Error undefined method `of_caller'' for Binding:Class
10:53AM 2 Is acts as nested set safe in a concurrent environment?
10:37AM 1 Using select with saltedhashlogingenerator
9:26AM 0 Routing by URL postfix
8:38AM 4 inexpensive ways to make a rails application highly available? mysql replication?
7:45AM 6 Switchtower not working due to openssl not found
6:19AM 1 displaying foreign keys help request
5:33AM 9 Is there a good time_select tag helper?
5:29AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of case Sensitive
4:22AM 1 DB2 and SQL Server Drivers
3:52AM 4 RailsCron 0.2.2, please update
3:49AM 1 AWDWR: NameError (uninitialized constant UnknownAction) in rescue_action_in_public
3:45AM 0 Article: Fun with STI
2:31AM 17 Easy way of dealing with nil properties in templates?
1:57AM 3 Why would @params[:page] >= 2 give an error?
1:28AM 0 newbie -- displaying foreign key
1:24AM 1 Re: keeping plugins up to date [was: template choice error (layout.rb)]
1:17AM 0 link_to_remote from Controller
12:41AM 0 second table column data lift
12:27AM 4 Ferret on Rails -- Webrick won''t start?
12:17AM 4 ruby-forum.com problems?
12:07AM 3 Newbie help ..
Monday February 6 2006
10:53PM 4 Relationship Question (STI)
10:50PM 0 Sorting records from multiple tables, on different fieldnames
10:36PM 1 Two subdomains with diferent controllers but same helpers and components
10:29PM 4 fcgi to run cgi scripts
10:22PM 4 Searching large tables with Rails?
9:36PM 1 Traversing an object / array?
9:31PM 3 rails + apache question
9:26PM 3 linked table confusion
9:14PM 1 belongs_to versus references
8:59PM 6 ActionMailer - ROR Recipes - Multipart/alternative
8:56PM 1 Check, and display, AIM status on rails page
8:34PM 2 Globalize plugin, now I have two classes with the same name
8:21PM 7 Delaying initialization of associations until first access
8:21PM 1 template choice error (layout.rb)
7:05PM 3 where should I start? If I want to use dataschemas with postgresql?
6:49PM 1 Intermittent "Application Failed to start" errors
6:39PM 35 ROR Recipes Beta
6:31PM 2 ROR Production issue
6:18PM 5 Sentry Plugin - Easy Question I don''t doubt
6:08PM 0 Webrick, ldap segfault on Linux
6:06PM 6 .rjs template doesn''t load?
5:14PM 4 Memory Issue while looping through CSV file
5:05PM 5 RTRails now open sourced
4:43PM 0 character encodings back and forth
3:56PM 1 How to pass an additional parameter from the url to a xmlrpc service?
3:51PM 0 Adding a parameter/path to the URL of a invocation to a XML-RPC call
3:51PM 3 Typo download during site migration
3:49PM 0 sqlserver image columns
3:02PM 2 File_field and Firefox
2:53PM 5 Just to say hello.
2:44PM 1 New Ruby on Rails Powered Job Site
11:03AM 2 how do i reload a module in the vendor directory?
10:46AM 0 how can I retrieve a session based on the session-id
9:56AM 2 acts_as_nested_set
9:21AM 9 tests fine, but fail under rake
8:11AM 0 Spreadsheet problems
6:25AM 0 raspell / aspell
6:00AM 2 basic usage confusion
3:00AM 3 acts_as_threaded plugin
2:22AM 4 Basic MVC in RoR question
2:11AM 0 Scaffold for AWS (webservice)?
1:41AM 0 Problem with login form in sidebar
12:53AM 2 Selenium on Rails plugin
Sunday February 5 2006
11:35PM 0 validating presence of file uploads
10:35PM 1 return yr/mo archive of posts
10:15PM 3 attr_accessor help understanding
10:14PM 8 sha1 or md5?
9:53PM 2 accessing the values in a view
9:38PM 16 script/plugin install fails
8:47PM 6 render partial -- show certain content only if...
8:01PM 0 Better User Facing Errors
7:27PM 0 Session FileStore directory
7:13PM 5 Ruby on Rails Fans
7:10PM 26 Ruby on Rails and other sites use PHP?
7:09PM 4 Another layout question - Layouts on a per method basis - Layouts with AJAX
6:36PM 0 How can i specify default time to datetime_select tag
6:21PM 2 SCGI
6:03PM 2 Continuous Integration question (not CIA question)
5:24PM 0 [GLOBALIZE] Trouble getting example on wiki working
4:45PM 1 Check/uncheck all checkboxes
4:23PM 0 is there an inverse of ''url_for''
4:05PM 2 in_place_editor is missing load_text_url option
4:04PM 3 Accessing Strongspace from a rails app
3:26PM 2 render partial, object.property missing
2:04PM 0 Database Querry without a Object or Model associated with it
1:38PM 2 request.request_uri in production environment?
1:37PM 1 [OT] How to get a deal for INTL speakers?
12:35PM 1 Database works with console, fails otherwise
12:26PM 5 Mail server on Windows
11:10AM 30 Emacs rails.el
11:01AM 8 Agile Rails book: depot problem 2
10:49AM 8 Agile Rails book: depot problem
10:16AM 0 Newbie AJAX validation problem. How do I validate field and color field on error
10:14AM 0 Enum patch for Rails
5:20AM 1 acts as nested set
4:22AM 2 Where is a good place to update a date field?
4:03AM 2 working with rails and unicode
1:06AM 0 Question about re-using entry form when a validation error occurs
Saturday February 4 2006
9:17PM 4 Page caching feeds and cache file extensions
9:06PM 1 CSS question: div cover another div on AJAX
8:58PM 4 AJAX rendered select doesn''t get submitted
8:48PM 2 Associations oddity
8:08PM 2 rendering subtemplates
7:08PM 1 i2 vs. instiki-ar
6:42PM 0 form_tag_with_upload_progress
6:25PM 22 What''s the best way to embed a form?
5:42PM 3 I just can''t figure it out !
5:32PM 0 Apache2 and fcgi external
4:32PM 3 helping with scriptaculous/Thomas Fuchs MIA?
4:27PM 0 XmlSimple vs XML::Simplel?
2:36PM 0 object.update_attributes(hash)
1:34PM 2 Dynamic Rails
11:13AM 1 Possible bug in render collection behaviour
11:03AM 1 Error when using form helper and child objects
8:49AM 0 Easy way to force using jlenght and no lenght in validations
8:19AM 2 file_column path problem grouping controllers in to modules
8:14AM 2 CIA question
7:55AM 0 how to create API for .NET DataSet type
7:52AM 0 date_select
6:30AM 0 home install frustration
6:27AM 2 Differentiating between normal site content and accounts with subdomains
6:25AM 2 Looking for tools developed on Rails
6:16AM 4 Dynamic loading view from DB
5:17AM 0 Cartographer plugin problem: was: ArgumentError when installing plugins with -x
4:20AM 1 Specifying multiple foreign keys to another table?
3:37AM 6 Best practice: "reaching" through many tables?
3:30AM 0 [ANNOUNCE] Argon Express - Portland to RailsConf 2006!
3:24AM 1 Can I reset the cycle helper?
3:15AM 1 Issues with sending HTML email
2:45AM 5 file_column + form_remote_tag
2:04AM 0 ArgumentError when installing plugins with -x
1:06AM 1 Rendering objects
Friday February 3 2006
11:44PM 1 XML Builder File Extention
11:21PM 0 Instantiating multiple child objects
11:09PM 2 _form rendering question for adding multiple child objects
10:14PM 1 Rolling with Ruby on *Instant* Rails - "New" Tutorial
10:02PM 6 Postgres question
9:21PM 1 nested has_many associations
9:17PM 2 JavaScript Prototype Help?
9:16PM 3 Breakpointer not working
9:01PM 0 validates_associated questions
8:55PM 2 validation only on a specific action
8:48PM 6 Rails from the command line
8:38PM 1 Only iterating over the middle content_columns?
8:30PM 6 Go back to previous action
8:11PM 0 newbie trouble with find method and dual many-to-many relationship
8:00PM 0 Re: the dreaded error Before updating scaffolding from new D
7:52PM 0 FastCgiExternalServer vs. static/dynamic
7:27PM 0 One table with two keys to another table
7:17PM 7 how to add multiple new records from one form
7:09PM 3 rubystandard library question
6:33PM 2 acts_as_tree counter_cache behavior is different than API docs
4:02PM 1 Encoding/Compiling Ruby Code?
3:53PM 4 contoller code mysteries
3:13PM 0 component/ajax variable access problem
3:04PM 0 multiple instances of WEBrick against one rails directory?
2:45PM 5 writing my own generator
1:45PM 3 how to maintain data while using migration
9:47AM 1 modifying scaffold method
8:30AM 4 Zipcode Search
7:48AM 6 Saving a User Object while in the Address Controller
7:37AM 4 (BUG in svn/trunk?) - superclass mismatch for any subclass of ApplicationController
7:21AM 3 Mongrel HTTP Library 0.2.2 (Serving Directories)
6:10AM 2 Calling a javascript function after loading a partial with rjs
5:51AM 9 Because I''m very slow - trying to use console
5:00AM 5 Limiting the columns loaded from a legacy db
4:41AM 9 validating phone numbers
4:36AM 33 [ADV] Rails Recipes Beta Book is now available
4:22AM 2 testing to see if emails are sent out on exceptions
3:59AM 1 Database Foreign Key - Basic question
3:41AM 3 File_column and rmagick options
12:26AM 3 My associations are coming out nil.
Thursday February 2 2006
10:54PM 1 Accessing external library
9:02PM 8 How to get all selected rows in the mutli-selection listbox?
9:01PM 1 FYI lighttpd 1.4.9 has problems running with rails out-of-the-box
8:33PM 1 What''s the javascript to submit an AJAX Form?
7:38PM 4 Doubts on validation
7:35PM 3 breakpointer failing
7:17PM 1 circular table refs in activerecord
6:58PM 0 Setting and testing session data within a test.
6:41PM 0 What is best way to show only records belonging to loggeduser?
6:16PM 0 RJS Template rendering viewable code
5:46PM 19 No more logs after SVN?
5:12PM 1 ordering of params
5:09PM 0 REST on Rails implementation / lib directory and Controllers
5:07PM 0 just a feedback
5:02PM 1 Inserting svn revision into site
4:12PM 6 How do I? Same Model, Different Controllers, Different Validations?
4:02PM 3 Strange SQL Server error
3:44PM 0 Is there an on_reload hook?
3:11PM 4 Vim error-format
2:06PM 4 How switching global layout (application.rthml <or> custom.rhtml)
1:54PM 0 date_select problem
1:45PM 3 What is best way to show only records belonging to logged user?
1:26PM 0 ANN: WSS4R was released
12:15PM 4 Random (connections.c.1330) error-handler not found: /dispatch.fcgi
11:07AM 2 multiple ''render :partial'' in a helper ??
10:46AM 5 access controller var within model
10:17AM 4 Portal behaviour - beginner question
10:13AM 1 Table naming - Can''t name table name as Tables
10:03AM 1 Two foreign keys to the same table
9:51AM 4 ajax insertion into a form
9:50AM 4 uninitialized constant Test (NameError)
9:28AM 1 redirect_to response code?
9:17AM 2 PayPal Credit Card processing
8:31AM 2 Can Ruby do this?
8:21AM 12 basic ''find'' question
7:57AM 1 tricky form validation
7:31AM 0 Mongrel HTTP Library 0.2.1 (Fancy URI Matching)
6:53AM 1 allow_empty instead of allow_nil
6:36AM 0 Validation fails with select option list
5:52AM 4 AjpRails; Rails runner using AJP13
5:38AM 2 uninitialized constant
3:31AM 1 First Houston RoR Meetup
3:28AM 1 redirect :back unless members controller?
2:57AM 1 actionmailer - No rhtml, rxml, or delegate template
2:37AM 0 newbie rails app: bookmarks. Includes No-Fluff HOWTO
1:54AM 3 acts_as_family_tree
1:53AM 2 Installation behind a proxy
12:52AM 1 Grouping with tags or joins?
12:29AM 4 rails-1.0.0 gem rdoc problem
12:19AM 4 rake test_units slow on startup
Wednesday February 1 2006
10:50PM 3 Test data life cycle confusion
10:42PM 4 Locking out users from certain records/urls
10:35PM 6 how to create a command line script that acts on a model?
10:34PM 0 ruby resources
10:33PM 0 rake db_schema_dump: Dump the data too?
10:08PM 0 habtm and counter (xxx_count field in DB)
9:39PM 3 Testing components
9:31PM 1 Unwanted sessions after routing error
9:31PM 1 Class of uploated file
9:22PM 4 exclude a column in save!
9:10PM 8 ruby equivalent of isset()
8:57PM 0 Problems running Planet Rails
8:10PM 0 to_param() / url generation Question
8:00PM 1 ActiveRecord::FileSystem???
7:54PM 0 Fwd: Feb BYU RUG meeting 1 week notice
7:50PM 3 Configure Apache 2.0.55 and FastCGI
7:49PM 1 Problems with sample code from "agile webdev. w. rails"
7:45PM 0 Ruby OpenID 0.9.4
7:34PM 3 apache2 / fcgi / RoR - no connection
7:33PM 5 Starting lighttpd/Rails apps as user, not root
7:25PM 4 REXML::ParseException - but the feed IS valid
7:09PM 3 Problem using form_remote_tag and multipart
7:08PM 2 Dates entered as MM/DD/YY
7:00PM 2 Getting Started with Site Redesign and RoR
6:08PM 1 Rails pagination problem
6:08PM 1 SwitchTower & CVS repository
5:57PM 4 rails IDE
5:38PM 2 Weird problem with script/server, lighttpd, and FreeBSD
5:32PM 4 Where is the send() function?
5:25PM 0 Please explain transactions within sqlserveradapter.rb ?
4:38PM 1 detecting whether a request comes from render_component
4:31PM 0 ajax and creation of a list
4:31PM 1 Help with ajax and form submission
4:09PM 5 Apache 2.2 don''t work with fastcgi
3:58PM 0 Nil in CSV Fixtures
3:47PM 3 XML on a external website
3:29PM 1 RAGI Gem - Running an additional server thread
3:21PM 2 How do you display nested elements in their hierarchy?
2:56PM 3 Parsing RDF coming from a URL
2:54PM 3 Getting database config info
2:04PM 5 Sybase ctlib Adapter
1:18PM 1 SR&ED Calculator (features in-place-editor and RJS templates)
1:08PM 7 Explanation of "alias_method"
12:28PM 5 lighttpd not starting on os X (intel)
9:32AM 4 Custom view helpers
8:42AM 1 distance_of_time_in_words_to_now with "ago" suffix
8:06AM 1 Bus error when running Hieraki
8:00AM 3 SimpleRss: Poorly formatted feed
7:19AM 1 Scaffolding Extensions plugin and multiple HABTMs
6:54AM 2 Trouble with migrate over Switchtower
6:50AM 6 Little Ferret Problem
5:42AM 4 Viewing all Properties and Methods?
5:39AM 2 Need clarification for Rails Engines SVN repository
5:17AM 18 Switchtower Error
4:39AM 1 Getting multiple rails apps going on a single domain using lighttpd
4:25AM 1 LoginGenerator - Firefox Problem -The page isn''t redirecting properly
2:32AM 8 Spring-rich killer: rails rich-client proposal
1:03AM 2 Uninitialized constant ApplicationController?
12:05AM 0 how to remove or change a validation rule after it''s been set?