Rails - Apr 2006

Sunday April 30 2006
11:51PM 4 Migration, BigInts, and string lengths
10:50PM 3 New to Rails/Ruby how to proceed?
10:48PM 1 has_many :through, form for join model attributes
10:43PM 82 Mongrel 3.15, Ubuntu and Park place (S3)
10:01PM 1 Callbacks on has_many relation
9:28PM 3 MySQL connection problems on Dreamhost
8:46PM 2 Give me NIL or null results
8:23PM 7 Rich text aera?
8:18PM 0 Calibre-bbcode gem installation problem
7:32PM 13 Programming with designers in mind
7:19PM 3 Ruby Reference
7:17PM 6 Help, Gruff is killing me
6:42PM 1 Select Lists
6:18PM 1 storing sessions in RAILS_ROOT/tmp
5:55PM 0 populating model attribute from one of many lists
5:53PM 0 Turning off Sessions
4:49PM 4 Server IP
4:40PM 0 weird error when running my unit tests
4:36PM 0 Posts not getting through (was problems with MySQL gem
4:02PM 4 acts_as_ordered_tree
3:20PM 4 renamed partial won''t render?
3:18PM 0 Breakpoints in plugins?
2:04PM 4 Subversion and Capistrano
1:08PM 1 Can''t freeze rails using rake...
12:57PM 4 Adding values from a db the rails way?
12:47PM 0 Ruby and Rails on Linux
10:27AM 2 HABTM: Find sorted by number of associations
9:29AM 3 require "ajax_scaffold" in model error
8:06AM 0 Best Practice [Display a list of items]
6:55AM 2 Rss feed items disappear using feedtools?
6:45AM 1 Rails Sessions : Is it possible?
5:01AM 0 Role based auth recipe from a subfolder?
4:57AM 0 jEdit Snippets for Ruby on Rails
4:36AM 1 no such file to load -- net/https
3:14AM 0 Howto: show to tables on one page?
1:41AM 0 ActionMAiler and file_field Question
1:24AM 8 format numbers as words
1:09AM 3 Problem(?) updating gems - mysql gem
12:56AM 16 postgresql duplicate key violates unique constraint
12:24AM 0 Using a DIV or SPAN for a content_tag (link_to_remote)
12:13AM 1 link_to_remote possible with :class AND progress indicators?
Saturday April 29 2006
8:42PM 2 nuby migration question -- data migration, MySQL => postgresql
8:17PM 4 Wild SQL -- public/500.html -- postgres-pr
7:56PM 2 iCal / Authentication / Site5 ?
7:45PM 5 Getting Session ID
6:28PM 5 HABTM - how to insert join row when associated rows exist
5:44PM 0 Trouble with firefox and AJAX
5:40PM 2 Seeing performance problems with has_many :through relation
5:33PM 1 can i alter the _form.rhtml without have troubles to validat
5:15PM 10 A Good Tutorial on Params and Variables
3:30PM 0 Rails API as postscript.
2:20PM 3 undefined class/module
1:58PM 3 Post to a remote page
1:46PM 1 Caching foor starters
12:47PM 2 Streaming to/from MySQL
11:41AM 0 Upload problem when file is small/StringIO
11:05AM 3 Noob question... confused
10:17AM 1 reloading include-modules inside controller not working
8:45AM 2 counter_caching clobbered when preloading association ?
8:28AM 1 Webrick can not support such a request/response?
7:42AM 11 Multiple actions from one form - possible?
6:47AM 3 Feedtools question
6:42AM 7 catch "find" exception
6:15AM 3 Geolocation -- hostip.info code for rails
4:08AM 1 Display SVN Revision Number in a View
2:47AM 2 Creating your own params
2:32AM 1 Warnings printed to console causes error if console closed on Linux
12:25AM 1 undefined method `category_id''
12:01AM 0 created_at timestamp bug???
Friday April 28 2006
11:35PM 7 a simple problem but difficult
11:32PM 1 acts_as_taggable help
11:27PM 2 file_column with polymorphic table relationship?
11:04PM 0 Re: Recognition failed for "/dispatch.cgi"
10:07PM 0 miniruby and rails
9:25PM 0 rq-2.3.2
9:15PM 4 Call for patterns...
9:09PM 2 Calling Javascript function using observe_field
9:02PM 2 Rails and Firebird
9:00PM 0 Render time
8:54PM 4 Conditional in Model
8:43PM 0 Ferret failing to rebuild_index - occasionally unable to delete a file (_j.cfs)
8:40PM 1 undefined method `name'' for #<Category:0x3820f70>
8:27PM 0 UserEngine + Profiles
8:24PM 0 UserEngine + User Profiles
8:22PM 3 NoMemoryError Oracle
8:21PM 1 how do I test links in templates?
8:06PM 2 Active Record save doesn''t save! (more detail - is this a bug?)
7:24PM 3 persistent cookies
7:20PM 2 Ajax form error handling
7:17PM 3 Error with show.
7:15PM 0 RE: Rails Digest, Vol 19, Issue 784
7:11PM 4 can someone help DRY a noob? thanks...
6:50PM 1 fastcgi stopped
6:33PM 7 Active Record save doesn''t save! (or throw an exception)
6:29PM 0 Have to restart Webrick when changing a view template/layout
6:01PM 3 Rails wizard page support
5:54PM 5 please explain web services
5:44PM 0 image content-type question
5:32PM 35 what''s your rails wishlist?
4:54PM 19 Remember James McGovern?
4:21PM 10 Sharing RJS Templates
4:10PM 0 Extracting Email Attachment Content
4:00PM 3 how to do form field validation using javascript in rubyonrails
3:26PM 7 acts as drop down
3:24PM 2 Accessing fixtures from unit tests
3:22PM 1 Apache proxy to lighttpd leads to Rails routing error
3:10PM 4 Existing Tabs Helper?
3:04PM 6 [OT] Ruby ftp client for windows
3:03PM 9 How to display numbers or word graphically?
2:57PM 0 Anyone help with using Mocks inside plugins?
2:56PM 2 cannot kill infinite loop. please help
2:48PM 1 auto_complete galore
2:09PM 6 SSL and url_for
2:02PM 3 ActionMailer - 550 Error - Net:SMTPFatalError
1:32PM 3 store user id in session or find user id
1:12PM 3 [OT] How to pick a shared host
12:58PM 5 Newbie: using date-picker
12:43PM 0 available: google sitemap for rails project
12:09PM 1 rails + iis + virtual directory = desperation
12:07PM 1 Software QA with Ruby
11:48AM 0 rails and dojo
11:30AM 0 Add extra data to objects in an instance variable?
10:59AM 3 Handling errors - incorrect value entered in url...
10:53AM 0 Model caching for pseudo-constant globals
10:04AM 2 validates* gives me problems
9:55AM 1 @model.update_attributes(params[:model]) without saving?
9:42AM 0 ActiveRecord associations -- when to use force_reload = true
9:33AM 0 error with database.yml when running rails generate script
9:22AM 1 Where to put localization strings
9:04AM 9 Global find and replace in RADRAILS. Can you do it?
8:23AM 2 outputing table data
7:31AM 0 Minimum needed to observe a model
7:26AM 0 rake tasks on test environment
6:52AM 4 mongrel error on debian sarge
6:17AM 5 Migrations - use them or not?
5:57AM 1 object passing for distributed model
5:53AM 1 beginner - default form values
5:19AM 1 lib directory cached?
4:50AM 3 AJAX effects not smooth on Rails
4:28AM 2 tests and login_engine
4:01AM 2 ["acts_as_authenticated"] << "Role-Based Authorization Rails Recipe"
3:54AM 8 Rails magic for MySQL -> XML file -> MySQL and back again ??
3:21AM 1 Beginner Question - <% ... %>
2:27AM 2 Trying to turn params field into a variable
1:42AM 9 [AWDR] Tutorial in A4 wont ''destroy'' items
1:06AM 9 Q: Timing of render :update in an action ?
12:17AM 4 Accessing Rails Models/app from command line script
12:16AM 1 Full-text Search Options Redux
Thursday April 27 2006
11:25PM 1 Shipping gem on windows
11:13PM 0 Red Cloth HTML not allowed
10:58PM 4 Up-dates
10:44PM 7 Role Based Authorization recipe implementation?
10:40PM 5 one more try - ENV and FastCGI
10:38PM 4 pdf render inline .... update ''main'' div
9:37PM 2 "for column in..." not picking up _id columns
9:32PM 0 DRY validation
9:27PM 2 check_box_tag and :disabled => ''disabled'' problem
9:20PM 0 redirect_to is changing my webpage charset
9:09PM 2 Red cloth
8:59PM 4 customize validates_uniqueness_of
8:54PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete - NoMethodError in the model
8:44PM 6 Functional Test Problem. Nubee, please help
8:31PM 0 partials and content_for
8:22PM 0 RedCloth + security = h(textilize(@company.description)) ?
8:12PM 0 How to use prepare statement?
8:08PM 0 PDF Form Fill
8:01PM 0 It''s all the same list: Gmane, Mailing List, Ruby Forum, Nabble, ...
7:57PM 5 mysql lost connection
7:41PM 5 ColumnComments Plugin
6:50PM 0 last stupid question today
6:38PM 5 Realtime Form Validation Plugin Available
6:29PM 7 HTML Title
6:12PM 15 Which is faster, calling helpers or rendering a partial?
5:59PM 12 ducktyping ruby
5:49PM 3 XML output
5:46PM 3 Rails apps and TextDrive
5:42PM 1 XML output ..
5:23PM 10 OT -- billing and estimating, good resources?
4:55PM 5 def list - paginate question
4:43PM 3 collection_select to display 2 fields
4:36PM 2 postgresql ruby rails connector ?
4:23PM 0 User Authentication for Event Tracking
3:44PM 0 Trigger ajax form submission with drop_receiving_element
3:35PM 1 Any ruby wrapper for Reuters SSL ?
3:16PM 1 help with observe_field :on
3:14PM 2 Noob Design Question
2:47PM 0 Integration testing an api
2:29PM 4 Sessions Problems
2:27PM 4 select item based on previous select list selection?
2:25PM 6 How to trim a string?
2:22PM 1 validates_acceptance_of, virtual attributes and mass assign
2:13PM 2 autocomplete question
1:46PM 4 GD2 to Make Charts
1:32PM 3 HELP!!!! What is the CGIXXXX.YYY stored in /tmp/ ?????
1:27PM 6 Why not mod_ruby?
1:13PM 1 issue with deprecatiing push_with_attributes
12:52PM 0 Dropdown list to populate drag and drop sortable list
12:36PM 0 mod_fcgid-1.09 released. Adds DefaultMinClassProcessCount
12:03PM 1 Ajax response won''t display
11:44AM 3 LoginEngine File_column interop
11:18AM 2 ''Agile Web Development'' book
11:08AM 1 Seperating Client and Internal Users
10:30AM 2 NoMethodError - why?
10:23AM 0 Odd issues loading classes
9:12AM 12 Execute controller function from RJS
9:01AM 0 How To Apply Patches
8:59AM 0 delete joiner entry when a habtm entry is removed
8:47AM 3 Books, other resources for new Rails VPS sysadmin
8:41AM 4 Execute commands
8:15AM 0 rails prettyurl''s
7:45AM 1 SOAP service - perl server, ruby consumer incompatability
7:38AM 3 Routing problem
7:22AM 1 Simple question - several submit_tags for multiple actions
6:35AM 0 Another simple rails application - really only a hour or two
6:28AM 3 Where to put general utility functions?
6:27AM 0 Newbie: Help with wiki IMAP example
6:09AM 3 How to create multiple selects with related content?
6:07AM 4 how to make views changable
5:59AM 3 Removing a default value for a foreign key with not null set
5:45AM 1 How to set value in text_field_with_auto_complete
5:38AM 1 Ruby Scripts in SVG
5:36AM 0 Application Server in Rails Framework
4:38AM 6 Possible to use dashes instead of underscores in rails?
4:05AM 12 how to do a count with a variable...
3:46AM 11 Action Mailer Error!!!
3:10AM 2 easiest rails install for LAMP webserver?
3:04AM 5 ERb on he command line re: Ruby For Rails book
3:02AM 0 Intergration testing with ordered fixtures
2:57AM 7 RJS & Ajax question...
2:49AM 12 Stealing users IP address
2:23AM 2 Login Generator
2:16AM 2 How to override pagination_links method
1:34AM 7 SuperImage plugin
1:19AM 2 problematic admin/views
Wednesday April 26 2006
11:59PM 2 Is there a way to dynamically add new tables?
11:54PM 3 Dead Simple Deployment
11:44PM 0 Problems with AJAX and IE6
11:14PM 0 Observer method names
11:08PM 1 Access To Referring Controller
10:45PM 1 Bug in validates_associated?
10:29PM 3 re-sizing pictures.....
10:15PM 0 Returning multiple models or models with child rows in AWS
10:09PM 1 Observer best practices
10:05PM 0 Unusual WEBrick caching behavior
9:57PM 2 MASC = A New Way to Use Textmate Snippets
9:54PM 3 Article: Open Says Me
9:28PM 0 mysql-ruby produces segmentation fault on close
9:21PM 1 rake db_schema_dump make syntax error
8:59PM 5 accessing created_on causes type error
8:58PM 2 Problem with auto-submitting AJAX form
8:50PM 0 Are you a help vampire?
8:45PM 1 How to handle default database values now?
8:35PM 5 one authentication for multiple rails apps
8:04PM 2 migrations and database creation
7:28PM 0 q: master/child with ajax
7:23PM 3 q: master/child where children are added with ajax
7:18PM 0 active record adding odd chars to insert statement
7:05PM 3 problem with database.yml moving from 0.13.0 to 0.14.4
6:52PM 4 How to search in your application?
6:23PM 2 Multiple Select example?
6:16PM 1 List shows always first page
5:43PM 8 script/server lighttpd on Windows
5:32PM 3 acts_as_taggable gem: deleting tags
5:13PM 4 O/T: Good OSX Primer
5:10PM 2 Routing to a static HTML file under RAILS_ROOT
4:55PM 1 script/plugins doesn''t discover my repository
4:23PM 7 Not updating
4:19PM 0 upload_progress
4:11PM 0 acts as taggable gem vs plugin
4:08PM 0 How to get the values in the confirmation page
3:59PM 0 Re: gSOAP and ActionWebService interop problems
3:23PM 3 Test fixture syntax
3:22PM 0 How to parse a global variable trough the views?
3:05PM 1 Accessing Ouput from the Shell
2:50PM 4 Adding a column to a table
2:10PM 3 Writing proprietary application with Rails
2:00PM 0 DB2 under Windows XP - "Missing DB2 Libraries or headers"
1:57PM 0 JOB: Bandzoogle.com
1:45PM 8 Newbie: Hide div I''ve just show using link_to_remote?
1:35PM 3 My GD2 is not working
12:40PM 6 Immediate help needed
12:38PM 2 Retrieving :id without passing it
12:18PM 3 drop downs
12:17PM 0 Controller and Model Responsibilities
11:59AM 2 Deploying Rails Application?
11:41AM 2 Ruby On Rails Salary in the UK? how much?
11:27AM 5 imagemagic / rmagic dmg for OSX?
11:15AM 6 get foreign key table data
10:15AM 0 partials or helpers: which to use?
10:01AM 0 Anyone successfully used a calendar control?
9:28AM 5 Best way to split forms into steps?
9:26AM 0 Validation of params
7:36AM 10 Rails Document must be more detailed otherwise...
6:47AM 2 armageddon vs. polling for shared resources, ajax, stale browsers
6:46AM 2 RJS and Greybox : executing the js in the parent window?
6:32AM 2 freezing to Rails 1.0 for a production site
6:29AM 2 two layers of has_many
6:20AM 3 catch all error for incorrect urls etc
6:00AM 10 save new model with child model
5:54AM 1 Simple Rails Questions
4:13AM 1 Installing ror on vps with cpanel
3:54AM 0 Re: Re: Ruby book for beginner
3:32AM 10 ANN: svn_conf generator -- making "svn import" easy and fun
3:22AM 1 cant able to c welcome page. ...http://localhost:3000/
2:48AM 5 remote ruby
2:31AM 2 application failed to start for subdomain
2:07AM 3 Setting focus in a rhtml view
1:27AM 2 Rich text editing
1:02AM 2 HABTM with ajax_scaffold
12:00AM 1 Possible acts_as_authenticated bug (or rails)
Tuesday April 25 2006
11:48PM 5 millisecond precision over internet
11:31PM 3 RoR book for beginner
11:22PM 0 railsconf ticket
11:20PM 2 Transactions and migrations (lots of records)???
11:15PM 6 Searching over multiple MySQL tables
10:50PM 1 Minimum Package List
10:49PM 6 SQL WHERE equivalent in rails
9:53PM 2 Upgrade 1.0 => 1.1.2 Broke My App (environment.rb ?)
9:28PM 0 Capistrano adding shared files
9:04PM 11 How much Ruby?
8:59PM 3 Creating your own generators
8:53PM 3 Simple Rails Question
8:42PM 2 DateTime format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ ????
8:36PM 1 DateTime problem in AWS
7:35PM 2 agile depot app login failure :(
7:26PM 2 Question about Callbacks in link_to_remote
7:21PM 3 belongs_to and has_many
7:05PM 2 JRS problem
6:43PM 5 Rails using Ruby that ships with RHEL 4
6:33PM 5 where does logic for the layout go?
6:23PM 3 limiting options in file_upload
5:57PM 2 Noob Question: REgarding Forms ( Take 2 )
5:50PM 0 function parsing different sql options
5:43PM 5 Routing and extensions.
5:32PM 7 Rails producing the / page.
5:19PM 12 Newb Gem Install Help!
5:13PM 0 completely stuck on Role-Based Authorization
5:10PM 0 How to manage one to many within application.
4:57PM 0 Re: Re: New Rails book coming down the tube... (Kevin Monceaux)
4:47PM 7 Quick functional test question
4:45PM 14 validate_on_update with a save()
4:44PM 6 Does Rails need more useful URL helpers?
4:39PM 4 redcloth poblems
4:24PM 2 how can I access a class variable outside of the class???
3:46PM 3 Profiling views
3:38PM 1 problem with environmental variables and FastCGI
3:24PM 2 Noob Question: Regarding Form
3:16PM 1 IvyGIS --- Rails Engine for custom maps.
3:07PM 1 looking for a PHP developer/listserv
2:55PM 1 How to drag & drop within a DIV?
2:23PM 5 to ajax or not to ajax
2:14PM 3 select boxe
2:12PM 0 fedora configuration with ruby on rails
1:38PM 0 ActiveRecord bug since 1.0
1:36PM 16 case statements in views...strange error on OSX
1:27PM 8 Does Rails suppports XHTML for views for inline SVG''s?
1:20PM 1 Array of dates/times from time.now till nextweek
1:06PM 3 command rake migration also runs #down method ?
1:05PM 0 Role Based Authorisation
12:51PM 1 Problem in uploading Files
12:49PM 4 RoR & IIS &
12:30PM 7 [TIPS] File_column plugin and multiple file uploads
11:27AM 4 Symlinks in Capistrano?
11:18AM 5 Authorisation question
10:32AM 3 file upload and check width and height of the picture
10:27AM 1 Validations
10:02AM 4 belongs_to :through
9:43AM 2 has_many :through
9:41AM 2 How to see all queries
9:21AM 4 Newbie - Grouping of items...
9:10AM 2 Capistrano :db role
9:07AM 1 Limiting the number of concurrent users
9:02AM 1 simple collection_select problem.
7:46AM 1 Validating format
7:42AM 2 undefined method `to_url'' for "This is my weblog":String
7:19AM 0 IMAP disconnect method broken?
7:13AM 2 Bug in Rails 1.1 implementation of before_filters
5:34AM 2 School Years/Teams listing problem
5:14AM 0 Need help making code more rails like!
4:48AM 0 Params Help to Pass variables from URL
4:01AM 3 rake test:units fails on Postgresql due to nil
3:41AM 3 how to get the count/index of the current row ?
3:30AM 0 Migrate default now()
2:53AM 0 Submit a form_remote from arbitrary JS
2:42AM 3 New Rails book coming down the tube...
2:32AM 7 undefined method form_for ?
12:58AM 5 markaby or erb?
Monday April 24 2006
11:20PM 1 search recipe
11:14PM 0 design question for a web service client
10:42PM 1 Upload Progress Bar not showing
10:05PM 1 How to require a regular module into my controller?
9:20PM 0 observe_field inside of a form?
8:45PM 7 Controller can''t find helper?????!!!!!????
8:21PM 2 Checkboxes - Saving a Checked record to another table
8:19PM 1 implementing a Slider control
8:14PM 4 javascript in RoR page - Check ALL/uncheck ALL buttons
7:59PM 0 Updating a form containing array of text fields with has_many/belongs_to relation?
7:58PM 3 Rails Recipes Book: Routing Error
7:52PM 5 Sanitising a Phone Number input
7:23PM 1 A question of style - save vs. save!
7:08PM 2 Ror has problems with memory usage??
7:01PM 7 ImageMagick/Rmagick replacement?
6:51PM 2 Session Restore Problem
5:57PM 3 quick q on script/generate scaffold
5:47PM 0 Web Services/Invoke Inconsistencies
5:25PM 9 Confusion with expressing many to many relationship
4:58PM 2 sortable table rows?
4:45PM 1 Gmail style Ajax Spell Checking in Rails
3:56PM 4 creating a select box
3:50PM 4 mongrel_cluster 0.1: easy mongrel clustering
3:47PM 1 using helper which is placed outside of /app/helpers????
3:31PM 2 Console and changes to models
3:26PM 2 link_to external link
3:03PM 4 Does Rails need more useful form helpers?
2:25PM 4 [TIP] Ensure your test data is valid
2:17PM 8 Application Design
2:06PM 0 ImageMagick and EXIF Data
1:48PM 0 Blank page output :(
1:46PM 2 Session problem?
1:30PM 2 rails calendar system
1:19PM 2 flickr
1:06PM 7 Online banking with Ruby on Rails?
12:39PM 3 Migration: How to make a column the primary key
12:38PM 3 AJAX drag and drop sorting with pagination
11:23AM 4 Joined search returns NIL ids
10:35AM 6 Error starting lighttpd
10:22AM 3 Storing images: filesystem or database?
10:15AM 1 Including an extra variable
9:56AM 5 Custom pagination
9:04AM 9 A Stylesheet for a database app
8:53AM 7 Can you improve on this code?
8:50AM 4 Ruby/rails on Mac OSX not working
8:43AM 3 TimeStamp conversion
8:14AM 12 Design Decisions
7:28AM 3 Form with multiple rows of content
7:06AM 1 Yet another ''how to sell Rails'' (performance related) question -
6:39AM 4 Problem with the image
6:19AM 0 Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4 -- if you really wanted the idof nil, use object_id - solved
5:57AM 0 deployment
5:50AM 5 New RBAC Plug-In for Rails
4:28AM 1 Rumbling Java volcano may erupt
2:29AM 12 setup a staging site?
1:27AM 1 Upgrading Rails to 1.1.2 exception thrown ...
1:08AM 3 Regex in HTML
12:32AM 5 radrails gone mad
12:05AM 1 Just a couple questions on how I should go about
12:00AM 12 pass checked boxes to controller
Sunday April 23 2006
11:39PM 3 Just a couple questions on how I should go about this.
10:31PM 2 file_column and Thumbnails
10:18PM 2 blog model?
9:14PM 0 Don''t you think RDoc should be changed when used in Rails?
7:58PM 37 Newbie .. nil object and missing something obvious
7:06PM 8 Shattered, the rails-based MVC game development framework
7:05PM 1 LoginGenerator problem after updating to FC5 and latest Rails
7:00PM 0 Severe STI, HABTM with Attributes and 1.1
6:50PM 5 Controllers in folders and helper scope in Rails >1.0
6:47PM 3 RJS not sent as text/javascript
6:38PM 0 Using unicode_hacks breaks Rails 1.1 RJS
5:24PM 13 post() to other controller in functional test?
5:21PM 0 SOC project
4:49PM 2 models and views
4:47PM 1 really silly question (my first project and such)
4:40PM 3 Does AJAX form_remote_tag remove "\r\n"?
4:33PM 4 Ruby, Rails & Linux - Which distro
4:27PM 0 Using Paginator outside of controllers
4:17PM 0 Complex Database Associations
4:04PM 3 Error on new install "View Application''s Environment"
3:18PM 1 Can''t override routing code
2:29PM 6 multiple applications to reduce complexity but how to interact...
12:23PM 2 Check if current route == some route
10:51AM 3 custom form builder
10:02AM 1 checkboxes for filtered search
9:46AM 0 programming tips for a newbie
9:45AM 3 Validates_presence_of in ActionMailer model
9:06AM 4 ActiveRecord: Exclude some columns while fetching
6:43AM 4 Penalties of using an eval on every request
5:35AM 5 Newbie Ajaxy Question
4:59AM 0 Pagination issue because of join
4:54AM 1 rake db:migrate error: uninitialized constant mysql
2:04AM 1 ezcrypto HELP!!!!
1:46AM 0 Relationship woes! [Link to original unanswered post]
1:28AM 2 pass the params please
1:27AM 2 Rails Recipes
12:37AM 1 file_column does not work with update model
12:00AM 18 Applications used in the Rails video?
Saturday April 22 2006
11:53PM 2 put variable in session each time any controller runs?
11:06PM 7 Proper Database Design For A Newbie
11:02PM 2 selected value
10:29PM 1 How to save data with dynamic forms?
9:41PM 0 Remove validation for a property
9:40PM 6 Friendly Reminder (OT)
9:15PM 6 nOOb question: How to use find_all with form input data
9:03PM 7 Expiring items
8:39PM 3 quick ''link_to_remote'' question
8:38PM 5 selenium plugin not working with rails 1.1
8:27PM 3 Creating a select dropdown box with links to methods
7:49PM 7 Can''t get rails working
7:19PM 2 ruby/amazon isssue
7:06PM 3 rjs woes, any hints?
7:03PM 0 available: lib for Paypal''s Payment data transfer
5:58PM 0 Another apache + fcgi problem...
5:55PM 2 Rails console -- how to start it
5:49PM 1 Rails db adapter problem - "-- statement #0"
5:34PM 4 Multiple sites sharing a single application
4:27PM 3 how do I manually throw a 404?
4:14PM 9 one to many question
3:33PM 0 Re: CRUD pattern for has_many relationships (forms containin
3:08PM 1 RJS, scriptaculous, page.replace problem with input fields?
3:06PM 0 cross-posted on RForum, f/t web app developer, NBC UNI (LA)
2:28PM 0 RJS question - Query DOM/CSS from RJS?
2:24PM 4 Slice and dice plugin
2:19PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 19, Issue 611
2:08PM 0 Newbie - list based on joined query?
2:04PM 6 STI and type tables?
1:33PM 0 Connecting to existing postgreSQL database in Win32
1:07PM 1 Newbie question about using helpers in controllers
1:06PM 0 Sending arguments to filter methods
11:36AM 4 How to supress field name in error message?
11:33AM 5 ActiveRBAC 0.3.1 Released
10:14AM 1 Gruff
9:52AM 2 Question about functional tests and log/test.log
7:15AM 3 freeze_gems not freezing all gems?
7:03AM 1 Newbie .. authorize.net
6:57AM 1 using file_column
6:18AM 0 Rails Dispatcher Problem
5:03AM 3 question about Rails with non-relational databases
4:03AM 3 Gems installation into custom directory
3:48AM 2 restrict specific model columns per user
3:44AM 1 Capistrano - SSH Port
3:10AM 7 Instance variables versus local variables
1:54AM 3 Making a separate admin zone
1:14AM 0 Checkboxes get reset in sortable element in IE
1:09AM 3 Ajax call not being made on a Sortable list
12:49AM 3 How to use Rails and REST
12:43AM 0 Is it possible to have one class containing tw
12:38AM 4 Anyone know how to copy rows?
Friday April 21 2006
11:10PM 2 me.defeated!
11:08PM 0 acts_as_list with the scope on boolean field
10:33PM 9 Capistrano, OS X
10:25PM 9 Yet another dry question..
10:01PM 1 Enabling ruby -r by hacking out Webrick''s fork
9:56PM 4 Scaling Rails with Apache 2.2, mod_proxy_balancer and Mongrel
9:44PM 8 web services and dealing with before_filter
9:37PM 2 update_attribute... only ONE
9:32PM 4 WebDAV library for fastcgi/webbrick
8:55PM 2 Passing Variables to a sub template
8:54PM 0 collection_select has_and_belongs_to_many update_attributes
8:50PM 4 Bus error in ./script/console with postgres (ext. library)
8:47PM 1 select box with multiple rows
8:35PM 3 rjs in multiple ajax page
8:10PM 2 Using before_create and conflicting setter method...
8:06PM 0 model modules
7:57PM 0 Troubleshooting recognition failures?
7:10PM 1 Problem wiht built in JS libary
6:56PM 2 newbie q about saving data to mysql
6:37PM 8 FastCGI: Apache 1.x or 2 on new Debian System?
6:20PM 1 Using fixtures inside migrations
6:18PM 0 Wanted: Rails developers for Web 2.0 opportunity in Atlanta
6:16PM 2 accessing to a table (model)
6:12PM 1 Catch authentication result from a model in a controller
6:07PM 1 log file handling
5:45PM 3 Problem with Mongrel, Rails and web services using xmlrpc
5:41PM 1 Which internationalization plugin to choose?
5:15PM 0 Rails Develper Available, San Diego or Telecommute
4:50PM 8 Stop Models auto loading
4:13PM 6 How access to the tables whitout a model
3:50PM 3 Environments and updating production applications
3:46PM 1 How can i use info of two or more tables in the one form
3:29PM 6 when using scaffold flash[''notice'']
3:23PM 4 link_to_function with submit
2:52PM 1 Simple debugging solution for RJS templates
2:32PM 0 Caching of collections/references on session?
2:23PM 1 Controller Model Modules loading
2:20PM 2 How to call FFMPEG using Rails?
1:49PM 5 input controls on-the-fly ?
1:14PM 1 HABTM - two lists
1:03PM 1 Searching by datetime field with Rails
12:57PM 2 destory Test Case Messes up all tests
12:18PM 1 render_component includes layout
12:03PM 3 Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4 -- if you really wanted the id of nil, use object_id
11:29AM 28 Ruby, Rails & Linux - Which distro ??
11:06AM 0 navigation
9:13AM 1 "Lost connection to MySQL server" error
8:33AM 10 Paypal payments and IPN
8:07AM 3 Rails on Pair networks
8:06AM 13 Sorttable.js
7:38AM 1 Date edit control
7:10AM 2 Forms Containing Collections problem
7:01AM 1 Question on Active Mailer
6:20AM 2 Pagination and routes problem
6:09AM 3 Documenting web services API''s
5:45AM 5 installing hieraki help
5:21AM 1 Proirty
4:57AM 4 Problem with the Authorization recipe
4:50AM 1 Data access problem in object when using acts_as_authenticated
4:42AM 2 Action Mailer E-Mail
4:27AM 4 Simple Controller/Routes Question
3:53AM 1 Is AJAX https request possible from http page ?
3:52AM 2 Rails report engine?
2:37AM 3 polymorphic,has_many through can not work?
2:32AM 2 NoMethodError with test_read_with_hash
1:17AM 0 checkbox with has_many
1:07AM 3 Conceptual q about rails
12:51AM 4 Dynamic Menu
12:50AM 11 Phone Numbers in Rails/MySQL
12:07AM 5 Simple Question: How to merge SQL results?
Thursday April 20 2006
11:54PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete onclick show dropdown with all options
11:42PM 0 many many checkboxes
11:32PM 2 Textmate/Rails Question
11:21PM 2 Which Rails revision am I using ?
11:17PM 0 Custom path overriding - routes.rb
10:54PM 3 has_many :through with has_many/has_many join models
10:46PM 1 ruby-ldap crashing WEBrick server
10:28PM 7 checking date
9:56PM 0 ActiveRecord IO Mode Plugin
9:40PM 9 How to change project location?
9:36PM 0 How to pass the body of the email while sending the email
9:24PM 4 ActiveRecord: Many-to-Many problem
9:19PM 4 Question about Associations
8:58PM 0 link_to mapped urls
8:52PM 1 Gruff Charting Question
8:26PM 1 error on stpexec : ROR on Linux with SQLServer Connection
8:24PM 5 Integrating with Legacy Databases
8:02PM 2 Image Display Question
7:56PM 1 multi level :includes for preloading objects from database
7:53PM 0 collection_select returning multiple values
7:45PM 1 fit testing, FitNesse
7:23PM 0 EastMedia Group to offer Ruby on Rails training courses in New York City and London
7:16PM 0 Rails - Ajax tutor position
7:00PM 5 Mystified by ActiveRecord.serialize
6:09PM 0 acts_as_list not CASCADE''ing in singular n-tier model structure
6:02PM 5 Using Migrations to convert join table to join model
5:58PM 1 getting the local IP
5:48PM 5 Rails, FCGI, Dreamhost
5:42PM 0 Ruby bindings for Valentina: help wanted
5:16PM 0 paginate :includes not working as I thought it should
5:13PM 0 NYC Ruby Job Fair ‹ April 25th
4:57PM 2 Salted Login Generator glitch
4:42PM 2 acts_as_taggable magic.... please explain
4:26PM 2 Additional Fields in a Join Table
4:23PM 0 Using render_to_string in other custom classes
4:14PM 5 strange mysql problem
3:56PM 5 nil object when you didn''t expect it
3:55PM 5 a table for every user?
3:53PM 0 Sqlite3 migration and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
3:50PM 0 Clearing text_field_tag -- Help PLEASE
3:48PM 1 has_many.count not accepting options hash
3:46PM 8 generate scaffold not generating views
3:23PM 5 Noobie problems with helper
3:18PM 8 Whats the best way to do this?
3:16PM 1 Setting :status for inline RJS?
3:10PM 1 lighttpd with Rails + PHP
2:52PM 0 Please help me !
2:50PM 0 Flash error not showing
2:34PM 4 Many to Many Category structure with itself
2:32PM 4 oci8 mac os x intel
1:50PM 5 How to find the last SQL statement executed in ActiveRecord
1:38PM 2 Broomstick - Making Sweeping a Little Bit easer
1:37PM 1 How do you run a rail app from a subdirectory?
1:32PM 8 2 layouts per .rb page
1:13PM 2 Firefox JS Console unusable
1:00PM 21 Can someone please explain Lighttpd + Mongrel + Rails.
12:38PM 7 AJAX/RJS Updating of Table Rows
12:24PM 1 Newbie problem with passing values along with forms
12:20PM 0 activerecord and ruby-dbi
12:14PM 4 css
12:04PM 3 Need help cutting down on db traffic
11:01AM 6 Database is cached?
10:46AM 1 Unable to connect to postgres on Fedora Core 5
10:32AM 2 Is there a problem with Agile code in Web 2.0 chapter?
10:30AM 1 Hmm, interesting guy on the RoR list
9:43AM 5 acts_as_taggable patch 3866 needs some testing
9:10AM 4 Small Date Formatting Question regarding datetime_select()
9:08AM 8 SCM for a Rails project - Darcs or Subversion?
8:39AM 2 Globalize : how to detect if a translated text is available ?
8:30AM 1 cannot convert Time into String
8:18AM 0 looking for a job
7:53AM 2 table that have many-to-may relationship to itself
7:42AM 1 Please Suggest me
7:15AM 3 How to restrict access to images by user?
6:59AM 3 how to use own classes properly
6:35AM 0 vim 7 ruby omni-complete 0.4
6:30AM 2 previous|next navigation question
6:30AM 1 Capistrano not working for me
6:17AM 4 Newbee rake migrate question
6:11AM 0 Migrations that don''t affect schema_info.version?
5:58AM 0 MySQL support for LOAD DATA LOCAL
5:54AM 1 Rails is losing key information
5:12AM 7 Rails + postgres case insensitive searches.
4:19AM 11 dynamic mock object anyone?
4:14AM 4 JavaScriptGenerator Dead End
2:52AM 0 Virtual Store in Rails?
2:33AM 1 URL encode & decode
2:12AM 0 Tvs Plasma notebboks E-gold apy
12:51AM 1 Returning Count from find_by_sql
12:45AM 5 Toolbox
12:26AM 12 memcache, sessions, fragments, oh my!
12:10AM 0 problem in "depot" app - cart contents not shown on checkout
Wednesday April 19 2006
11:45PM 1 Anatomy of an application in rails
11:43PM 4 RJS replace_html auto-closing tags
11:29PM 4 Another DRY question
11:04PM 0 Disabling RedCloth ?
10:55PM 2 Credit Card Processing / Merchant Account
10:23PM 2 Capistrano on Windows
10:14PM 0 Mouse grab scrolling?
9:45PM 1 Separate databases for reads and writes?
9:44PM 0 Error in rails on unbuntu.
9:21PM 0 Many to many relationship...I think
9:19PM 0 How to rubify this query
9:17PM 2 I need help in ActiveRecord..
9:15PM 4 emacs rails 0.39
8:19PM 1 How to save the uploaded file
8:07PM 2 Filtering items within scaffold
7:37PM 1 render() call that does AJAX request?
7:24PM 3 Determining screen size and/or resolution?
7:09PM 2 select_tag and :include_blank => true not working
6:57PM 0 Instant Rails 1.3a -- bug fix release
6:32PM 2 how to pass a hash as a parameter in link_to_remote
6:10PM 2 [Article] Great Browser Expectations
5:32PM 3 Flex or OpenLaszlo
5:08PM 2 Using Reflections to find out ActiveRecord class association
4:14PM 3 include contents of one rhtml in another
4:12PM 2 Is it true that you cannot use bind variables with Oracle?
4:02PM 3 Useful article for anyone programming for paid client work
3:46PM 1 AJAX, Response codes and Opera.
3:36PM 2 ubuntu 5.10 postrgres gem
3:34PM 9 geolocation db?
3:16PM 0 Some strange questions about SQL
3:03PM 0 ResultSetMetaData
2:56PM 9 translating RoR framework into the Java environment
2:45PM 9 Does RoR + Oracle use bind variables?
2:31PM 9 Initial load time when periodically_call_remote
2:26PM 4 Weird Problem - probably a noob mistake
2:25PM 2 Ferret EOFError creating index
2:18PM 0 PhillyOnRails Meeting - April 24
2:10PM 5 new article up at Linux Journal
1:59PM 1 Model.create ignores id attribute
1:28PM 2 How to use multiple buttons on the same form with AJAX?
1:19PM 1 Payment gateways
1:01PM 6 undefined method `create_table'' for #<LoginController:0x5e60
12:49PM 1 session memcache
12:48PM 1 Flash, Rails, and Routes
12:26PM 1 validates_presence_of
11:12AM 3 newbie question : select distinct in model
11:01AM 0 Finding items that aren''t associated
10:52AM 6 Please help Me!
10:44AM 1 Recognition failed for "/"
10:32AM 3 help! installing rubygems in ubuntu... problems with zlib
9:43AM 3 ror css
9:41AM 5 Apache, Rails, FastCGI, Ruby, slow
7:58AM 24 Why Ruby on Rails
7:27AM 5 Swedish characters problem
6:48AM 1 How to read ActiveRecord errors
6:40AM 2 Beginner problem with foreign keys
6:39AM 1 AJAX - update item forms problem
6:17AM 1 Login_Engine and use_email_notification
6:12AM 2 Tools rund um Rails
4:55AM 3 Custom Form Buttons
3:19AM 8 Module and Model
3:01AM 7 Setup problem
2:57AM 0 TRUGhat 2006:1
2:51AM 0 open4-0.3.0
1:58AM 3 best way to check session for nil
1:42AM 2 validation :on => :update....
1:09AM 0 XMLexamples?
12:52AM 0 My database model''s connection appears messed up.
Tuesday April 18 2006
11:47PM 3 Capistrano from windows to linux.
11:08PM 0 custom content widget design
10:56PM 1 Shared model with Capistrano/SVN
10:24PM 6 Best Practice for Returning to Calling Page?
10:17PM 1 ''wrong number of arguments'' for text_field?
10:15PM 0 extend doc:app rake task to Include lib/*?
10:14PM 1 Custom Database adapters
10:05PM 4 Mixin variables
10:04PM 1 NoMemoryError
9:45PM 0 activerecord and mssql server
9:32PM 4 upcase special chars (åäöü...)?
9:21PM 0 - RealApps CMS - Simple Content management Plugin
8:34PM 6 Help with Forms
8:14PM 12 Formatting data drawn from a DB
7:57PM 4 Security considerations with displaying uploaded HTML
7:50PM 0 AJAX not displaying - due to action not complete?
7:22PM 1 habtm and belongs_to one table
7:21PM 1 N:M:K Relationships
7:17PM 2 RoR, lighttpd, and localhost
6:25PM 3 Join Queries? - find() or find_by_sql()
6:11PM 1 inserting value got problem
5:01PM 4 The two methods of handling deleted records. Standards?
4:59PM 0 iFrame File Upload
4:57PM 2 Instant rails - need a bit of help.
4:34PM 6 Postgresql and ActiveRecords problems
4:11PM 1 ''depot''app, trouble with session / cookies
4:00PM 0 Recursive Tables + a single table inheritance Q
3:50PM 0 Upload a file through an iFrame
3:31PM 0 Rails developers needed for start-up (preferably in Atlanta)
3:31PM 1 Problems freezing rails 1.0
3:14PM 11 Which database to choose for a new Rails application - MySQL 4.1 or 5.0?
3:13PM 11 how to release a plugin
3:10PM 4 PHP and Rails integration
3:00PM 3 install rail behind a proxy
2:57PM 7 Ruby Central's Google Summer of Code page
2:53PM 6 Linking one model to another
2:11PM 0 how to inser value of datetime_select value in database
1:47PM 0 GNUPLOT + Ruby question
1:29PM 2 link_to_function onmousedown
1:14PM 1 Pagination links with separator
11:54AM 10 Validates_ip_of
11:37AM 3 Capistrano and Certificates
10:59AM 4 ''depot'' tutorial failing on adding to cart
10:29AM 1 :through example
10:01AM 0 Re: Searchable archive of this list?
9:57AM 2 Implementing Globalize
9:49AM 0 sortable_element not updateing more than once in a page load
7:59AM 0 Re: undefined method `stringify_keys!'' for "Tue Apr 18 11:26
7:19AM 0 RangeError problem
6:56AM 4 how would you take the duplication out of this?
6:41AM 6 scaffold.css
6:29AM 4 update_page yields escaped code in callback
6:02AM 0 activerecord(mysql) and hash to unique count
5:59AM 0 undefined method `stringify_keys!'' for "Tue Apr 18 11:26:00 India Standard Time 2006":String
5:26AM 1 what happened to my increment_counter method?
5:13AM 2 ruby on rails and Micro$oft environment support - IIS & ms sql
5:06AM 1 Anyone get mini-magick plugin working on windows?
5:01AM 0 New plugin directory
4:43AM 1 Sponsoring the Sponsors of the Summer of Code.
4:17AM 9 SQL Syntax Errors
4:09AM 2 check_box
3:13AM 1 Save item to DB x times (howto)?
2:49AM 2 Connecting to multiple databases with multiple database users
1:42AM 2 make rails 1.1 code 1.0-compliant
1:38AM 7 Functional test, pls help!!!!
12:35AM 3 ez_where query question
12:31AM 7 Connecting to multiple databases
12:27AM 7 freeze_gems to upgrade and SVN
Monday April 17 2006
11:44PM 2 Can I catch something like Errno::EBADF with rescue?
11:20PM 0 Using variable class names breaks has_many?
11:20PM 2 Understanding when flash gets reset (render vs. redirect_to)
10:55PM 5 Pull down menus / Nested Javascripts
10:49PM 0 Where is the correct place to put custom exception classes?
10:46PM 2 Building Dynamic DOM Element IDs for RJS Templates
10:27PM 3 How To Remove Unnecessary Controllers?
9:19PM 2 Refreshing RHTML page with previously posted data?
9:17PM 0 pre compiled gnu scientific library for win one-click-installer
8:41PM 7 Serve static XML files how?
8:39PM 3 Does render() have 2 be last statement in controller method?
8:37PM 1 Autocompleter to read value from hidden field
8:09PM 0 getting active sessions
8:05PM 0 render (:action => ''xyz'') in a private controller method
7:56PM 6 Is there anyway to make Rails NOT cache?
7:48PM 2 probably easy q: flash before redirect
7:45PM 0 quickly convert SQL DDL -> Migration
7:39PM 7 Action Controller: Exception caught
7:39PM 2 wiki community
7:30PM 0 doing synchronous JSON on rails
7:16PM 2 installation of ruby on rail on linux fedora
7:12PM 11 Would you switch jobs for the chance to use Textmate?
6:59PM 2 nesting layouts?
6:31PM 2 newbie before_filter question
6:27PM 0 Validation schemes for model objects that are not yet saved
6:19PM 5 Finding out updated fields
6:16PM 0 Trailing Slash Issues
6:09PM 1 Error with installing rails/gems on ubuntu-dapper
6:01PM 2 binary info in test fixtures?
5:54PM 15 Version 1.1.2 CHM Documentation File
5:29PM 3 model.models.models or model.models.find(:first).models
5:28PM 0 3rd member
4:55PM 4 Best place for generic utility classes?
4:44PM 1 Importing Contacts from Outlook Address Book
4:35PM 0 Pros/cons of doubling up in Self-Referential has_many via :through
4:34PM 0 Fastcgi problem on windows
4:28PM 4 Is "target" a reserved word?
3:49PM 2 Email Multipart message
3:29PM 0 One model class per file?
3:16PM 3 Slow-down with Capistrano?
3:08PM 0 Rails Developer Available for Remote Assignments
2:56PM 1 SOAP and exceptions
2:54PM 2 Simple Problem
2:43PM 7 Should Perl talk to Rails via LWP
2:38PM 3 help debugging an error
2:27PM 8 file upload
2:13PM 0 urls within components
1:26PM 1 can we take two argument in params
12:49PM 9 ruby on rails book, fundamental question
12:37PM 0 How do I attach a video I''ve made to the wiki?
12:36PM 1 problem with reverse mapping (url_for problem)
11:55AM 5 XML-RPC Webservice API
11:48AM 1 Effect.appear
11:22AM 0 RMagick installation error.
11:21AM 3 Please help : how to link_to() and css styles ?
10:14AM 9 Reload an application without restarting the Server?
9:41AM 0 Rails 1.1.2 Flash in Functional Tests
9:08AM 0 Comboxes -Databsse
9:00AM 20 Rubricks - CMS on Rails
6:12AM 0 AcctionMailer templates
5:33AM 6 acts_as_taggable confused
5:13AM 0 polymorphic association with single model as target
3:34AM 1 Resize pictures in the client end
3:28AM 1 database design Q
2:57AM 5 Strange question on file_column
2:52AM 0 Canada on Rails notes
2:22AM 40 Convince me to buy TextMate!
1:24AM 18 The lone PC in Raleigh
12:52AM 2 has_one problem in a form
12:31AM 1 migration issue
12:11AM 1 HABTM relationship with two join tables
Sunday April 16 2006
11:56PM 1 How to use ZenTest?
11:46PM 2 newbie actionmailer question
11:37PM 8 "Cannot convert String to Integer" after using association
11:22PM 11 Multiple domain name, One Rails application, is this possible?
11:11PM 11 RJS templates not found
10:23PM 2 conditional updated_on update
10:14PM 1 has_many :through and belongs_to
10:13PM 2 AJAX effect when inserting new div
9:18PM 5 Granular model validation based around controller actions?
9:08PM 5 Newbie Problems with pluralization
6:41PM 9 ''depot'' app, where''s session?
6:23PM 4 Preventing crawlers on link_to''s
4:24PM 2 Capistrano and multiple Dev environments?
4:14PM 5 render :collection and default value
4:09PM 5 ActionMailer
3:53PM 2 :after_update_element on text_field_with_auto_complete
3:52PM 3 AJAX multi actions?
3:46PM 0 Prototype Window Class v0.70
1:32PM 4 wsod since upgrading to 1.1
12:30PM 2 Possible to implement Textmate key shortcuts in RadRails?
12:23PM 0 re: trouble in Lighty
10:49AM 1 plugins problems with RoR 1.1 in production
7:30AM 1 Design question: Years/Teams/Students
6:30AM 0 automatic URI encoding on url_for?
5:59AM 1 AJAX
5:02AM 11 Best way to sort categories w/ pager
4:52AM 0 scaffolding issue - new action defaults to list action
3:32AM 2 AJAX update of <img> element?
3:28AM 7 table sorting
3:23AM 12 tired of using defined? all the time
3:17AM 3 variable variables?
2:52AM 6 still learning maintaining data with join tables
1:31AM 6 sorting
1:21AM 7 Problem running unit tests
12:34AM 2 Making requests in order
Saturday April 15 2006
11:10PM 1 is it allowed to mix .rhtml and .html
11:02PM 9 Mongrel in Production ?
9:57PM 7 New to rails - scaffold command , how to get related items?
9:55PM 0 Grouped selection lists
9:09PM 0 [maybe ot] Special Characters in DB Fields
8:27PM 0 drag&drop strangeness
8:07PM 8 Inheritance in Rails - I need some help
7:32PM 0 active record and tsearch2, works?
7:26PM 6 Two forms for two models - one page
6:36PM 9 newbie q: acts as authenticated or login engine?
6:33PM 19 Trouble with Lighty
6:31PM 2 3 models -> 1 image
6:04PM 23 "Ruby for Rails" now available in PDF!
5:48PM 2 ez_where : i''m puzzled
4:03PM 0 ssl_requirement, https, webrick and ruby
3:57PM 4 sql injection
3:34PM 6 view code regular expression
3:24PM 2 Model isn''t in the scope when running script/console
2:51PM 8 Instant Rails on Win XP SP2
1:46PM 6 Good image API for RoR?
1:01PM 0 too much in the log file
12:53PM 0 form_for, partials, and rjs
9:43AM 0 parent.children not updated (has_many)
8:05AM 2 Users authentication & Autorization
6:42AM 3 Multiple Paramters and observe_field :with
6:14AM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.4.0
5:41AM 0 respond_to issue
5:24AM 2 Sub-selects with Find
5:17AM 0 Component using
5:13AM 8 Migrations - adding a new table and automatically creating records
4:03AM 3 login_engine database migration broken?
4:01AM 0 Ticket #4140? observe_field issue.
3:53AM 8 I need to send an email when something happens in my model...
3:20AM 1 Right way to pass conditionals to partials
2:50AM 2 Using a Button to render partial
2:27AM 2 Multi-parameter assignment
2:19AM 1 Is this a HAS_ONE bug?
1:36AM 2 Can''t run MySQL queries
12:14AM 3 Dumb newbie question - text formatting?
Friday April 14 2006
11:45PM 2 Which Ruby is my Rails using?
11:32PM 0 Updating a select the correct way?
10:57PM 2 Language setting before routing?
10:51PM 2 sessions test
8:55PM 3 Boston Rails work/Meeting Railers
8:29PM 6 LoginGeneratorACLSystem Issue
8:27PM 1 Summer of Code
8:00PM 0 Gruff on Windows
7:29PM 3 Am I doing this right?
7:21PM 18 RJS Templates & Safari?
6:49PM 1 [OT] Serving Multiple Stylesheets
6:17PM 1 rake test errors
5:38PM 1 Rendering an ApplicationController''s action
4:48PM 7 SHA2 Issues
4:48PM 1 CLOB handling in ActiveRecord 1.14.2
4:42PM 4 Newbie stuff (.new method)
4:07PM 11 Whats the best Ajax way to update a textarea''s text?
3:58PM 1 Model extends and belongs_to another model - problem
3:56PM 1 Validating Existing Models
3:44PM 3 Rails deployment
3:34PM 0 Bug: Requiring "breakpoint" causes the entire Rails framework to load.
3:34PM 0 Premature end of script headers
3:20PM 4 Application and Database Design
2:33PM 6 Running through results of find()
2:27PM 1 SaltedHashLoginGenerator Integration Woes
2:08PM 0 Trouble installing plugin?
2:06PM 5 state_models plugin and file_column?
1:55PM 7 How to call a java function in rubyonrails method
1:48PM 1 file_column and custom store_dir
1:43PM 2 Markaby trunk broken?
1:22PM 0 Masked Input Fields?
1:11PM 3 link_to_remote_with_overlay - Easy Ajax Overlays
1:03PM 0 SQLite: Pros, Cons and when to use it (Informative)
12:25PM 1 Configuring rails app on web server
11:58AM 2 Nested AJAX remote_form in form?
11:57AM 0 has_many through generated SQL column names incorrect
11:52AM 0 how to make template
11:51AM 0 flash.now in functional tests
11:30AM 1 Grouping a list of links by category
11:28AM 0 Multi-page forms...again :-(
11:08AM 2 Puzzled with filters
10:49AM 6 Login Generator with Extensible authorisation
9:25AM 3 Updateform with a has_many relationship ?
9:08AM 3 Canada on Rails, Day One
8:32AM 8 Error with Web Service tests after upgrading to Rails 1.1.2
6:46AM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete and special characters
6:21AM 2 spot the error (I can''t, I''m new)
5:45AM 10 DHH Says...F You
5:05AM 5 One Controller, Many models
5:04AM 4 Newbie needing help! How to read from database?
5:02AM 2 Rails 1.1.2 is working on shared hosting that has rails 1.0
4:33AM 7 Support for Comet?
4:16AM 1 ActiveRecord and multiple associations
4:07AM 0 SQLite for your web applications! The pros, cons and when to use it!
3:52AM 3 Lighttpd config...
3:21AM 3 Many to Many
3:04AM 0 Rails AWS questions
2:55AM 2 Rails AWS authentication????
1:20AM 1 How to upload file together with other form data?
12:36AM 1 AWS and Rails connection?
Thursday April 13 2006
11:31PM 0 Forms in COmponents
11:04PM 0 keep getting undefined method `rewrite'' error for mapped urls
10:48PM 0 Globalize not with Rails 1.1.2
10:10PM 1 Best way to debug environment.rb and boot.rb
10:05PM 0 How to display model data along with the images from the file store
9:38PM 1 Layouts in render_component?
8:53PM 2 Content-type on render :file
8:44PM 2 acts_as_versioned gem
8:24PM 0 Custom validation of form fields?
8:05PM 1 ActiveSchema?
7:55PM 0 redirect_to or link_to mapped url. any other way than "../../smth"?
7:21PM 3 Java/J2EE DAO/model objects vs. Ruby/Rails model objects
6:31PM 2 running rails on Linux
5:57PM 1 url_for in email templates
5:25PM 0 Re: One model won''t work like the others, generating weird e
5:16PM 4 equivilent to PHP''s nl2br?
5:04PM 1 Setting CWD to be RAILS_ROOT for fastcgi/Apache
5:01PM 1 [ADV] Pragmatic Studio: Advanced Rails
4:39PM 4 Rails with existing RDBMS schema
4:38PM 1 What is the working directory for fastcgi procs w/Apache 2?
4:37PM 8 DevTower Beta3 Release!
4:25PM 4 ORA-12663 and @connection.describe with Oracle7
4:01PM 4 Installation of Rails without ''gem install rails''
3:54PM 4 Apache/fastcgi setup can''t find custom config/*.yml file!
3:50PM 2 Rail''s basic idea
3:37PM 7 Whats the best way to achieve this?
3:34PM 10 Code Igniter
3:31PM 2 One model won''t work like the others, generating weird error
3:20PM 1 Read User Agent
3:16PM 2 Legacy database with varchar2 primary key?
2:33PM 3 Salted Hash Login Generator problem
2:19PM 1 Adding a title to an AJAX link.
1:55PM 0 Model with file uploads
1:42PM 1 Prototype contribution?
1:31PM 3 Rails, Views, and Legacy Data
12:42PM 0 How can Rails find ''digest/sha2''?
12:31PM 8 Controller paths
11:01AM 0 Action mailer ''Content-Type'' found without required MIME hea
10:49AM 3 Why won''t this work - simple helper text ??
10:35AM 1 Uninitialized constant in a template for production server only
10:23AM 0 ALE ( Ajax Linking and Embedding) and ROR ?
9:30AM 2 acess local variables from helper?
9:26AM 2 Dynamic finder conditions
8:30AM 2 German Rails Site in production
8:24AM 1 Model is not a class
8:13AM 1 Would validation w/o ActiveRecord have clean sol''n?
8:06AM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete and foreign characters
6:50AM 7 Complex SQL in paginate command?
3:25AM 1 Setting up Testing model, getting an error
3:01AM 3 Offsite Job
2:46AM 1 New Guide - Looking for Feedback
2:45AM 2 Automatic finder
2:10AM 0 Making @headers[''Refresh''] and send_file work together?
2:03AM 1 How to implement this kind of autocomplete?
1:33AM 3 Creating 2nd rails app on Dreamhost?
1:02AM 3 [OT] Is it safe to ''su'' to the right user ?
12:58AM 3 Sorting an array of models
12:42AM 5 Changing class data in environmrnt.rb
12:15AM 0 FastCGI and multiple Virtual Hosts.
Wednesday April 12 2006
11:38PM 5 Rails talking to MySql (cygwin on Windows XP)
11:03PM 3 form_remote_upload
10:10PM 0 supporting migrations in firebird
10:01PM 8 newbie radrails question
9:59PM 1 Link helpers and AJAX callbacks
9:50PM 3 noob question
9:37PM 4 Binding Text Field/Areas to Array?
9:08PM 6 distinguishing mapped urls from ordinary action urls
8:53PM 1 pluralization issue? (taxes/taxis)
8:36PM 1 acts_as_list problem with records coming in and out
8:15PM 0 fixtures advanced question
8:13PM 1 How best to handle non-serializable session data?
8:08PM 0 StringIO - getting filename for multipart form uploads?
8:00PM 8 500 Server Error - stumping me at the moment
7:54PM 2 ActiveRecord Parent-Child relationship bug? config problem?
7:53PM 0 Sorting with SQL for has_one, belongs_to relationship
7:52PM 2 Problems doing addition/subtraction with floats
7:35PM 0 file_column plugin with minimagick?
7:18PM 0 Updating script.aculo.us scripts
7:03PM 5 Production deployment speed "wakeup" issue
6:50PM 0 Model in two different parts of the app.
6:50PM 1 Great Job Instant Rails Team
6:47PM 1 link_to_remote with form values?
6:46PM 1 Ruby on Rails/Java Intermediate Developer - Silicon Valley
6:41PM 0 RMagick
6:35PM 9 Showing Images from a file store
6:24PM 8 Ajax Scaffold 3.0.0 released
6:12PM 0 mod_auth_token (or secdownload) and routing
6:11PM 2 IO.read fails on relative path in model object
5:59PM 2 Why doesn''t acts_as_tree support :scope?
5:40PM 2 Inverting validates_format_of
5:14PM 0 For the Rails Newbies
5:04PM 0 Netmask validator
5:03PM 0 Looking for a simpler model using :through associations
4:44PM 4 rails stack on debian
4:34PM 3 uninitialized constant OpenSSL::Digest::SHA1
4:20PM 7 AJAX automatic print to specific printer??
4:04PM 0 Re: Re: Oracle unit test problem in Rails 1.1.2/Ruby-OCI 0.1
3:19PM 11 validate_presence_of not working for me
2:58PM 4 Using join in a link_to
2:57PM 1 URL Paths
2:45PM 1 Back In Time
2:19PM 1 Doing destructive actions with a GET request
2:12PM 1 How to handle big string
2:09PM 13 rhtml produces so many white places?????
1:57PM 5 SPAM on rails-list
1:51PM 3 Capistrano Issues
1:24PM 2 Handle null item
12:56PM 1 lib_filter in ruby
12:36PM 3 Apache 1.3 + remote FastCGI balancing
12:35PM 0 How to get validates_presence_of worked in this situation?
12:35PM 1 LondonOnRails - next meetup
12:15PM 0 create_table and char columns
12:09PM 0 datamodell/databasestructure
12:01PM 5 File upload doesn''t work in production mode
12:00PM 0 class attributes and thread safety
10:35AM 22 Dynamic Select Box
10:12AM 1 Dealing with documentation : how to find REAL doc ?
9:21AM 2 Collection has next question
9:21AM 1 Any case studies available for RoR implementation?
9:16AM 1 Dynamically updating list
8:58AM 1 timestamps in fixtures
8:52AM 2 Rake not finding lib/tasks folder?
8:07AM 2 unit testing with model inheritence
7:53AM 1 rails api for dashboard widget like ruby rdoc widgets
7:41AM 4 Instant Rails SCGI Problem
7:16AM 0 Managing large file uploads - best practice?
6:56AM 0 [ADV] New Rails Recipes Beta Available
6:05AM 0 Select Collection with Conditions - May Help You...
5:59AM 0 Workshop for Good - May 20/21, Washington DC, $400, Benefitting Public High School
5:55AM 4 CSS and Javascript with partials and layouts
5:29AM 3 acts_as_authenticated trouble
4:17AM 0 capistrano error: uninitialized constant WEBrick
4:07AM 2 vim 7 ruby omni-complete v0.2
3:27AM 0 Validating collections
3:04AM 1 how to use toggle_effects
2:26AM 0 Unable to load fcgi.so?
2:23AM 13 Public Directory not accessible
2:17AM 4 Laszlo on Rails underway
2:07AM 2 where to put utility code.
2:03AM 2 RedCloth versus BlueCloth efficiency
1:59AM 2 wiki.OnRails.com.ar Argentine Comunity Started
1:26AM 0 Ingres
1:07AM 2 Tracking page hits
12:45AM 1 how do i paginate the results of a query?
12:04AM 0 counter_cache and updates
Tuesday April 11 2006
11:37PM 11 I can''t get rails to see my plugin. How can I this?
11:33PM 1 Default value in a Partial that use index
11:13PM 26 Firefox won''t let me send ''&'' with AJAX!
11:10PM 3 model classes in different folders
11:10PM 4 Managing "application scope" data - best practices
10:58PM 0 Errors during migration.
10:44PM 1 Variable not evaluating, returning nil object
10:29PM 6 Oracle unit test problem in Rails 1.1.2/Ruby-OCI 0.1.14
10:27PM 10 Ruby on Rails as rapid prototyping tool
9:50PM 0 tutorials and tips for ajax effects
9:33PM 2 class level "static" code in controller object not working
9:23PM 1 acts_as ... hourly_list?
8:47PM 0 Instant Rails 1.3
8:41PM 0 Best way to manage app. level properties?
8:38PM 0 upload_progress with apache
8:14PM 3 Validations and has_many :through (Join Models)
8:03PM 8 Ruby 1.8.4, Rails 1.1 and Rmagick?
7:55PM 1 Double redirect
7:50PM 2 Finding items from two models - then merging them
7:25PM 9 Rails failure after upgrade to 1.1.2
7:20PM 3 fun/flamebait: Java Web Devel Stacks
7:12PM 0 Inflections in environment.rb ignored on rails 1.1.x?
7:11PM 18 Rails 1.1 in Production
6:45PM 0 Unit test is failing when I am using SQLite
6:12PM 4 cookbook2
6:11PM 6 Reduce Number of Queries When Using ActiveRecord
5:38PM 6 asp''s application object rails equivalent?
5:36PM 2 Extending Depot Example
4:47PM 0 can''t get render... :collection to work ??
4:34PM 1 Whats the big deal with UTF-8?
4:33PM 5 Reading MySQL rows
4:32PM 2 ''rake rails:update'' Error - can''t upgrade to 1.1.1
4:31PM 0 vim 7 ruby omni-completion
4:04PM 2 Passwords in SVN?
3:52PM 9 rails equivalent to asp''s Application object?
3:47PM 2 concat results from db query
3:23PM 7 Undefined Method
3:23PM 0 KittenAuth vs. CAPTCHA
3:22PM 0 Problem using generate/scaffold and FireRuby
3:17PM 8 Does Rails provide solid support for UTF-8?
3:13PM 3 Web services and security
3:06PM 1 how to do a simple update on the server from a change of a select box?
2:58PM 2 How do I apply a patch to Rails?
2:49PM 0 habtm and :uniq
2:40PM 1 content_tag can not work?
2:39PM 5 multiple select_tag
2:37PM 2 link_to_remote to update multiple components
2:35PM 1 FeedValidator :: validating feeds RSS or ATOM
2:32PM 2 Mapping contained objects to forms?
2:10PM 0 Page cache and query string
1:45PM 2 Noobish URI Question
1:41PM 12 RJS
1:35PM 2 AR class names
1:28PM 0 in_place_editor_field breaks with onComplet option
12:59PM 15 Migrating rails 1.0 app to 1.1 - Noob question
12:54PM 2 using log4r and rails
12:46PM 1 Apache configuration problem
12:39PM 4 wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)
12:15PM 4 Two versions of Rails on one PC
11:51AM 5 Multiple "has" in ActiveRecord
11:47AM 1 Mixins?
11:27AM 7 Offering downloads only to registered users
10:57AM 1 Implementing Optimistic Offline Lock - How ?
10:53AM 1 Foreign Keys
10:39AM 1 Why will gems only install rails 1.0 when using a proxy?
10:33AM 0 access mysql with lower cased collum name failed
10:27AM 0 quirky behaviour when using CVS ?
9:47AM 0 url_for - results inconsistency ??
9:44AM 4 find(params[:id]) question
9:39AM 3 Easiest way to deploy a ruby on rails site
8:57AM 1 error using find() method "couldn''t find"
8:55AM 2 Schema.rb and MySQL decimal
8:50AM 1 dev mailing list?
8:36AM 2 Uploading files using a web service
8:24AM 2 how to order by a related class???
7:42AM 5 RJS adds comment but doesn''t update form
7:17AM 6 Google Base... in Rails?
6:02AM 2 Getting distinct years from a date column the Rails way
5:57AM 2 saving controller state
5:34AM 0 Problem w/ error_messages_for: wrong number of arguments?
5:17AM 0 Getting error while running typo......
5:13AM 4 text_field_auto_complete not working in IE?
5:05AM 0 a user model in all controllers in 6 lines of code
4:05AM 5 [OT] RailsConf Tickets ?
2:23AM 2 New ROR Site
1:01AM 0 Trying to come up with a nice DSL, but having some problems
12:54AM 1 Ad hoc query from derived view
Monday April 10 2006
11:43PM 0 uninitialized constant WEBrick
11:17PM 15 Apache/FastCGI still in development mode?
10:57PM 0 Loadpath question
10:48PM 1 Capistrano/SwitchTower: DB activity for deploy task?
10:18PM 1 Capistrano/SwitchTower "current" dir deployment question
10:05PM 0 302 Redirect + XMLHttpRequest = ARGH!!1
10:04PM 3 Regarding using Web service to handle file uploads
9:56PM 2 Any way to implement delay() with ruby code?
9:10PM 5 I have a Capistrano 1.1 patch - where does it go?
9:09PM 2 Capistrano with CVS repository doesn''t seem to work
9:08PM 0 Inheriting data from one model to another
8:15PM 4 has render_component changed?
8:04PM 6 detecting browser type?
7:57PM 1 ActionWebService PDF...
7:20PM 3 Problems with multiple ActiveRecords and Validations
7:08PM 1 Add''l filtering on HABTM
6:46PM 6 "Pursuit of Happiness" ? Are you sure ?
6:30PM 3 preloading child rows just a level deeper...
6:13PM 0 open_session for functional tests; should it be moved or used in this way?
6:08PM 1 Substruct e-commerce platform 0.61 RELEASE
6:05PM 1 Add Column After Column in Migrations
5:47PM 0 specify include directory
5:42PM 3 File Upload Problems
5:30PM 0 Plugins & ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions
5:18PM 3 autocomplete 2nd field based on 1st field''s input
5:11PM 0 Rails Workshop For Good
5:09PM 1 Bizzare Date, DateTime, date_select issues
4:34PM 8 Advice on Similar Views with Helpers
4:30PM 1 Changelog/Commit Feeds?
4:19PM 3 form_remote_tag : additional onsubmit funct. possible ?
4:18PM 1 column.name question....
4:12PM 6 image_tag adding request parameter
3:55PM 0 RMagic via Rails: "Corrupt JPEG data"
3:53PM 3 can I expire a cached page using a regex?
3:45PM 2 using web service for authenitcation
3:40PM 2 RJS newbie - need help with iterating / existence test
3:38PM 0 Mongrel Web Server -- Relaxed Parser, Date Fix
3:37PM 1 routing
3:24PM 3 form_remote_tag can only have one submit button?
3:07PM 1 LoginEngine 1.0.1
2:46PM 0 undefined method exception
2:41PM 3 Reminder Chad Fowler in London tonight
2:13PM 1 [Q] How run Custom code on each request/action
2:07PM 0 Issue with session variables
2:01PM 6 Single Table Mapping
2:00PM 0 parent - child help (RoR & MySQL)
1:50PM 2 Fix log files
1:41PM 3 Upload an image
1:16PM 4 Many To Many''s Join table attributes + migrations
12:16PM 0 Rails form error message oddness...
12:11PM 6 Object isn''t being saved when called through association
12:04PM 2 acts_as_taggable with only 1 taggings table
11:57AM 3 Simple act_as template
11:47AM 1 rake throws a lot of warnings
10:53AM 9 Pagination with letter (A B C D ... Z)
10:43AM 4 First time with Rails
10:40AM 0 TaskThis undefined method `remembrall_expires'' for #<User:0x
10:28AM 4 Best way to propogate model rules to controller?
10:21AM 0 running ruby script/plugin install ... from behind a firewall
10:05AM 1 How to specify Ascending or Descending Option?
10:00AM 0 Routing questions
9:37AM 5 ActiveRecord: Behavior not doumented
8:58AM 1 Tracking 1.1.x release using svn:externals?
8:45AM 5 How to create tables/models on the fly?
8:11AM 3 How to validate optional fieldset which becomes mandatory?
7:12AM 0 Problem with freezing rails to vendor/rails
6:25AM 0 Log rotation
5:00AM 1 How to set foreignkey in such a situation?
4:57AM 1 Error When Sorting
3:43AM 5 Inflections.rb in spanish
3:40AM 0 Gems on custom dir are ignored
2:19AM 2 X-HTMLifying Code
2:01AM 10 Anyone has experience with railsplayground.com hosting ?
1:39AM 1 random | in join statement with more than one :include
Sunday April 9 2006
11:01PM 7 Simple Search
10:23PM 1 PageSweeper not working since upgrading to 1.1.1
10:16PM 16 Rails 1.1.2: A tiny fix for gem dependencies
10:06PM 0 action cache plugin, bad yaml?
10:01PM 8 Computer Name
9:52PM 6 Validating a DateTime
9:32PM 4 Best RJS process for what I''m trying to do...
8:52PM 7 The search on this forum should improve to improve the forum
8:13PM 0 Can rails create table if doesnt exist allready? (~django)
6:43PM 0 ''Has Many'' in one View form?
5:53PM 12 Validating two models from one form
5:08PM 8 Testing (ignore)
3:39PM 1 select helper question
3:28PM 4 Inheritance via Though Associations?
3:27PM 1 http request, hash table
3:11PM 1 Join using :THROUGH - SQL is wrong even when using :SOURCE
2:33PM 12 Help With Dependent Drop-Down and @Params
2:29PM 6 Write/Display AR query as Grouped Results?
1:53PM 16 Mapping to BigDecimals instead of Floats
1:01PM 0 Upgrading form 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 breake my app :-(
11:59AM 1 RJS across iframes
11:37AM 0 Form Filler
10:48AM 1 single database field --> multiple fields on form
9:17AM 2 Substruct v0.6
9:16AM 18 I can''t get mod_fcgid to work
4:06AM 1 RadRails question
3:40AM 4 submitting forms help
2:55AM 4 help with installing ruby
1:05AM 1 MySQL data in Cyrillic displayed as question mark
Saturday April 8 2006
11:34PM 2 Issue with validation
11:33PM 2 trouble expiring cached pages
11:27PM 6 Deploy with Capistrano Win32 -> Linux
10:57PM 16 International characters
10:32PM 5 If-Else Conditionals in Views
10:23PM 3 Dreamweaver with Rails
9:52PM 1 Welcome to Your WebMD Health Newsletters
9:47PM 3 [Tip] Application Wide Context Howto
9:38PM 7 How to create your own markup language ?
8:59PM 0 What does SystemExit mean in this context?
8:53PM 1 lighttpd fcgi and rails banchmarks
8:50PM 7 text_field and arrays
8:39PM 4 rails won''t cache my action
8:26PM 6 Mass mailing best practices
8:19PM 2 Cannot use view helpers in RJS helpers
8:15PM 5 rails.el on Ubuntu
8:04PM 4 Stack level too deep error :(
7:50PM 9 DESIGN question: We do not need damned publishers
7:38PM 0 Understanding observe_form...
7:17PM 0 Gay.com UK | CONFIRMATION NEEDED - Your newsletter subscription request
7:15PM 0 Jupiter Direct Subscription Confirmation Needed
7:08PM 3 [Totally OT] CSS Best Prac. Rails Apps
6:43PM 4 Calling validates_inclusion_of out of default namespace
6:39PM 1 How To ??? change class of DIV
6:31PM 5 Moving my site into production mode - general questions
5:58PM 5 Strange error ...
5:37PM 2 Is caching in rails broken or at least very flawed?
5:02PM 0 Help working with timezones
4:42PM 1 control for acts_as_tree structure
4:12PM 1 How do I allow downloading pdf & and other files?
4:03PM 0 Typo and Instant Rails 1.2
4:01PM 4 API rails
3:50PM 2 ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper instance methods should take an object reference rather than an object_name.
3:48PM 1 text_field behaviour with validations
3:17PM 1 Problems with Login Engine/rake
2:57PM 76 MIT vs GPL vs LGPL for open source project
2:18PM 3 FastCGI issues
2:08PM 2 RadRails problems - any ideas
12:53PM 0 Layout context
12:44PM 5 file_column
12:41PM 5 What is the h for?
10:01AM 5 Creating sub actions
9:12AM 0 adapting plugins to RoR 1.1
8:13AM 2 Add id to form_tag?
6:25AM 4 saving related objects using has_many_through associations
5:04AM 5 Sending email on Windows
4:53AM 4 Development Environment
4:52AM 0 Thanks!
4:01AM 1 help : uninitialized constant Song
3:49AM 1 Aw: Instant Rails 1.2
3:02AM 2 respond_to causes DoubleRenderError?
2:35AM 2 one-to-one relationship confusion
1:48AM 1 How do I fix these annoying errors?
12:55AM 2 ToDo list examples?
12:45AM 2 Multiple submit buttons
12:08AM 2 Does anybody know what what is causing this console message?
Friday April 7 2006
11:11PM 0 Plugins selection & order
10:02PM 5 Are there any Czech people using Rails?
9:57PM 5 RJS support "toggle" effect?
9:55PM 3 log4r and rails
9:52PM 1 ''unicode'' library as win32 binary
9:31PM 3 RJS removing content of div, but not div itself
9:29PM 0 Updating a relationship in a has_many and belongs_to
9:08PM 3 List of all Models
8:52PM 1 Re: page.replace_html "#{var_containing_id_name}",:partial
8:47PM 0 Where are my action cache files?
8:41PM 1 Question on RHTML and puts
8:34PM 0 Re: Capistrano & openssl
8:25PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 19, Issue 216
8:21PM 0 Custom Non-ActiveRecord Classes or not...
7:54PM 1 Help... Ajax scaffold problems
7:52PM 0 Printed version of the API reference
7:51PM 3 activeLDAP - ldap_mapping - wildcard
7:07PM 1 Rails on Oracle tutorial... from Oracle!
6:37PM 0 webrick, cross-thread violation on rb_thread_schedule()
6:31PM 5 Instant Rails 1.2
6:30PM 0 Question about extending schemas at run-time
6:03PM 0 Routing requests to a default controller module
6:01PM 1 Formatting form tags for children of parrent data?
5:55PM 0 Rails Cookbook - call for contrib/reviewers
5:46PM 0 Rails Prod Win 0.2
5:41PM 1 How do i manually abort a transaction?
5:40PM 2 Re: Re: page.replace_html "#{var_containing_id_name}", :partial
5:19PM 1 [FYI] issues with integration testing
5:18PM 3 Inline editing of datetime and dropdown select objects?
5:10PM 2 Re: page.replace_html "#{var_containing_id_name}", :partial
4:39PM 0 how to display a tree?
4:28PM 2 page.replace_html "#{var_containing_id_name}", :partial => ''edit''
4:26PM 0 Migrations & Postgres: Change column not functional?
4:25PM 0 css for textile/redcloth?
4:18PM 2 ActiveRecord find all based on array -- need ids from array
4:18PM 6 Foreign Key naming convention override
4:15PM 1 empty production.log
4:11PM 0 Redirecting after "create" action
3:44PM 0 ActiveRecord Question across Tables
3:42PM 4 file_column and animated gifs
3:30PM 4 reading mpeg4 dimensions and flv dimension using ruby
3:30PM 4 belongs_to and lookup tables
3:02PM 2 ActionWebService and namespaces
3:01PM 3 Strange errors in generated html
2:59PM 1 Testing problem
2:57PM 2 MSSQL activerecord uses bad syntax
2:53PM 5 Confusion about has_many / belongs_to ...
2:47PM 2 Paginate single items
2:05PM 0 Double opt-in mailing list engine / gem?
1:57PM 4 How to generate mapping with migration
1:53PM 3 Logging And Environment
1:53PM 1 how to map one-to-one relation to two tables
1:29PM 3 Ajax render a template
1:19PM 1 changing visual_effect defaults
1:12PM 6 Multiple view types for a single action?
1:01PM 4 Big fcgi problem...
12:47PM 2 Fat Data Model vs Skinny Data Model
12:18PM 3 Howto set a global parameter
12:15PM 2 Prototype 1.5.0_rc0 breaks my Form.serialize
12:11PM 2 has_one not using the pk?
11:45AM 0 SVN ''stable'' branch missing
11:22AM 2 how much longer Mr Gael?
11:19AM 8 New to Ruby... installation questions
10:54AM 2 errors.add_to_base
10:38AM 0 HABTM query return all results
10:35AM 3 *dont* empty the database...?
10:30AM 6 validation nightmare
10:02AM 0 weird problem with draggable_element in a partial rhtml
10:02AM 2 Case Sensitivity and ID Field Naming
9:53AM 4 What to install for Rails development?
9:42AM 3 How to wait for an image to be loaded?
9:14AM 8 Why Ruby on Rails won''t become mainstream
9:09AM 0 how we can show the action of different model
9:02AM 1 How to install plugins in RoR?
8:31AM 0 validates_acceptance_of problem
8:17AM 2 Installing RoR locally
8:15AM 1 Satellite Navigation POI files
8:06AM 1 Validate_presence_of error in nested object is not displayed
8:03AM 0 what goes where on ruby on rails?
8:02AM 2 weird error with rake create_sessions_table
7:33AM 1 How I can stop periodically_call_remote?
7:13AM 0 How to combine rjs with ActiveView::Helper?
7:07AM 2 Access instance variables from model?
6:56AM 22 Find WHERE in Rails
6:51AM 2 minor issue with mysql/ruby - major headache
6:44AM 3 How to consume XMLRPC/SOAP web services in Rails?
6:17AM 6 Magic Field Names - "position"
5:40AM 1 no interpreter found - depot
4:16AM 1 error when rendering partial from an email template
4:13AM 13 Pop up menus - any ideas?
3:53AM 1 Upload corrupts images. Any ideas why?
3:25AM 1 How can I remove myself from this mailing list?
3:24AM 0 Permissions error on dispatch.fcgi
3:13AM 4 STI and foreign_key problem
2:54AM 0 Dynamic Scaffolding vs. ScaffoldGenerator
2:45AM 1 Acts_as_Taggable
2:20AM 0 Path resolution change in 1.1.x?
2:20AM 0 acts_as_taggable and tag list
2:18AM 1 Off Topic: Boston area bootstrap startup looking for part-time rails help
1:52AM 2 Coming soon ... a Rails Virtual Applicance
1:23AM 0 Getting Mongrel to execute scripts?
1:02AM 0 render_to_string and DoubleRender error
12:59AM 8 is it worth learning ruby?
12:05AM 3 Different validation for different users
12:02AM 2 Functional testing Pretty Urls
Thursday April 6 2006
11:28PM 4 Engines 1.1.1
11:12PM 0 Using Rails and the Flickr API
10:59PM 2 Directory for ActionWebService classes?
10:39PM 1 Puzzled by "radio_button".
10:31PM 0 Clearing text_field
10:15PM 6 Flexible data schema in a database?
10:13PM 0 (no subject)
10:12PM 1 Primary keys and migrations
9:38PM 3 sortable list not saving to database
9:01PM 4 GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick and RMagic on OS X
8:53PM 3 Rails 1.1.1: Fixing a slew of minors (but you must still freeze Typo)
8:47PM 4 Using RJS to call custom JavaScript class/method
8:14PM 3 RoR and Threads...
8:14PM 1 Rails 1.1.1 looks tagged waiting for official word
8:12PM 0 Sending mail to a group of users
8:07PM 4 ajax question, not so basic I guess...
7:46PM 0 any experience with highspeedrails.com ?
7:35PM 6 pagination question
7:34PM 2 text_area and :value
7:30PM 0 embedding mysql or other DB into rails apps
7:29PM 2 Problem with select helpers
7:23PM 0 FormBuilder-friendly labels?
7:15PM 0 $SAFE ERB
6:13PM 1 textile - redcloth - code block
6:02PM 0 what''s wrong with engines
5:53PM 1 Rendering partials with pagination
5:52PM 4 Record retrieval in Many-to-many using :through not working
5:32PM 2 using select() to relate tables
5:23PM 5 Using helper method of another model
5:15PM 6 select method
4:29PM 16 Rails Masters'' debugging techniques -> Rails Recipes?
4:05PM 1 drop down menu - getting @params[:id] value.
3:56PM 2 Strange Error at the end of a succesful Migration
3:55PM 3 scaffold question
3:54PM 3 Deploying with Capistrano via cron
3:46PM 3 Inserting parent_id
3:16PM 1 Strange message in fastcgi.crash.log
3:14PM 2 Java: How to interact with ruby generated fields
3:08PM 0 how to stop simultaneous execution of commands in rjs templates
2:49PM 3 Apache as proxy for webrick
2:44PM 3 Irreversible Migrations
2:41PM 2 Quick Question: Using a CSS class statement in a link_to tag
1:57PM 1 how to tell server to do <something> once ?? or schedule thing with rails??
1:55PM 1 Rails and Ruby 1.8.2 -- Is there a Security Issue?
1:41PM 4 using two foreign keys to the same table
1:17PM 4 Mongrel Web Server -- Thread Tracking and Debugging
1:08PM 10 Advice needed on tracking down unusual error
12:45PM 1 ActiveRecord subclassing best practises
12:30PM 0 How to use polymorphic in a beautiful way in such a case?
11:23AM 1 observer doesn''t react
10:51AM 7 LoginSystem : make @session available to models
10:50AM 1 array
10:18AM 6 all elements of an array
10:17AM 0 Association extensions: how to access the object?
9:49AM 1 Strench Error
9:44AM 8 Fastest learning path to RoR
9:30AM 2 Your app release and marketing strategy..
9:29AM 2 making an integer from a float
8:30AM 0 Open Source Tagging Engine
8:05AM 2 rails 1.1 - console broken
7:59AM 0 Keeping sql query in session hash
7:33AM 2 OpenSSL: SSL_CTX_new:: library has no ciphers
7:06AM 9 How to get Form values in RubyOnRails
6:53AM 1 Install Rails Engine Plugin for every Rails Application?
6:46AM 3 data base
6:15AM 2 how we can GET and POST values
6:13AM 1 Application and Server variables
5:06AM 1 is there a wait instruction in ruby?
5:03AM 0 Class definition OK?
3:51AM 1 Rmagick file conversion
3:46AM 0 :disable_with breaks form_remote_tag?
3:12AM 1 Preventing data being written to the database on error
2:41AM 0 Table w/ 2 columns feat. the same foreign key (accessing?)
2:35AM 2 Apache 1.3 OSX Tiger(intel) mod_fastcgi
2:26AM 3 Formating Float ActiveRecord attributes in text inputs
1:55AM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many find
1:53AM 10 Does Rails perform better-or-worse on different O.S.? Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris in particular
12:26AM 0 3 doubts on observe_field
12:20AM 4 Lighthttpd not working as default (configuration?)
Wednesday April 5 2006
11:56PM 4 Why does titleize remove hyphens?
11:43PM 0 Has Many :through associations
11:35PM 0 each_with_styles, for adding CSS classes
11:33PM 1 SQL Logging in Rails 1.1
11:13PM 3 CRUD pattern for has_many relationships (forms containing collections)?
11:09PM 0 IT Manager/Rails Developer position in SLC
11:07PM 1 New AJAX function: remote_replace_with_partial() <-- write less code
11:04PM 7 AdminPages Rails CMS is now an engine
10:56PM 0 Segfault installing rails-1.1 gem
10:43PM 23 how to create RJS visual effects callbacks
10:26PM 0 Loading Binary Data into Rails Fixtures
10:24PM 0 Is this model ordering logical or crazy?
10:23PM 0 MS-SQL Server dropping connections
9:39PM 9 Is eval the only way?
9:28PM 3 Rails 1.1 and webrick/mysql problems
9:13PM 6 Howto add application-wide variables?
9:08PM 1 where do you put Classes in RoR
8:53PM 0 [SPAM] Problem with scaffolding on test setup
8:51PM 2 Default page in the public directory
8:20PM 0 file_column create image on fly
8:08PM 1 RoR group in DFW (TX) area?
8:04PM 0 Tests creating output?
8:02PM 10 RoR with CSS on Firefox?
8:01PM 4 How to do IN(?) query?
6:42PM 16 Migration won''t rollback to specific version?
6:19PM 1 Not able to pass the parameters in Firefox
6:08PM 0 Stackable URLs
5:55PM 3 "partitioning" table access
5:43PM 1 select in *.rhtml
5:42PM 2 Typo on Dreamhost
5:41PM 1 processing code within a partial
5:38PM 0 Fancy MySQL footwork
5:19PM 2 Overring hidden_field_tag ?
5:19PM 4 Self-referential join creation/deletion and :through
5:17PM 3 Issuing an ajax request to a different web server?
5:14PM 0 markaby, installation problem,
5:13PM 1 Problem with paginate and conditions
4:44PM 0 Starting the Riverside Ruby Users Group
4:22PM 1 Which ruby postgresql driver is recommended in rails?
4:17PM 4 Development Mode on Dreamhost
4:13PM 1 Validation error messages help please
4:09PM 4 distributing rails apps for localhost usage
4:06PM 3 RoR user group in NYC?
3:33PM 1 an instance of one model in another model''s definition?
3:29PM 13 Apache Deployment Woes
3:14PM 0 Any Rails developers in Bristol/South-West UK?
2:52PM 0 FileColumn - version and not image files
2:47PM 11 session error in rails 1.1
2:42PM 3 how to install a patch on windows xp ??
2:41PM 2 Return Rendering Controller In View
2:31PM 4 validation on before_add callback
1:24PM 3 how to insert Current DateTime value into database?
1:11PM 1 DevNotes: Plugin, Component, Generator, or Engine?
12:56PM 3 Bad times (off topic)
12:40PM 6 How to Upload Image through RoR??
12:19PM 7 Regex for splitting string
11:58AM 0 problem upgrading app to RoR1.1
11:41AM 0 Environment don''t load in the console
11:34AM 0 Is there AR magic for this?
11:34AM 1 send_file VS. send_data (performance)
11:26AM 13 scaffold misuse?
11:21AM 8 Pass paramter via form
11:14AM 0 Markaby problem, in need of help
10:55AM 0 Providing limited CRUD access to arbitrary tables through a web interface.
10:08AM 1 please help me......
9:32AM 7 Archive monthly count for blog
9:27AM 1 Anyone had success with other ORMs?
9:18AM 0 RoR groups/classes in Osaka
9:04AM 5 Updating attributes in HABTM association
8:49AM 0 Advice needed for new versioning plugin
8:47AM 7 select_tag - populating options
8:45AM 25 How to avoid bunch of <% %> ??
8:43AM 0 Howto disable Firefox Drag + Drop
8:22AM 0 Validating Comments Form in
8:14AM 5 when is model() needed?
7:43AM 6 rake freeze_gems errors
7:31AM 1 FormTagHelper form names: possible?
7:25AM 1 Tag libraries for ERB/RHTML?
7:22AM 0 HTML linking in RedCloth
7:01AM 0 24 postgresql tickets in rails listed here
6:53AM 2 Integrating Rails With a Standard Ruby Application
6:44AM 0 HTTP request
5:39AM 11 Managing a Rails project
5:15AM 2 RJS and remote forms
5:01AM 1 Installing Rails for emacs on OSX - emacs newbie
4:19AM 2 How to add add child items to parent via parent show view?
4:12AM 0 how to intall ruby local?
2:48AM 1 ./script/console - disabling "records found.inspect"?
2:42AM 1 ''Implicit'' subselection of data in find?
2:23AM 3 Where to find non deprecated docs?
2:17AM 1 number_to_currency inside model
2:17AM 0 apache and subdomains
1:46AM 4 validates_format_of ?
1:39AM 0 Another application design question
1:20AM 0 DreamHost and "froo handler"
1:20AM 0 cookies not deleting?????
1:09AM 0 Submitting sortable_element as part of form
12:30AM 7 Conditional toggle button
12:25AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of with habtm
Tuesday April 4 2006
11:29PM 5 getting the value of a form select
11:26PM 1 Redirecting after "new" action
11:02PM 1 using form_remote_tag and radio_button
11:00PM 3 newbie - HABTM problems writing to Join Table in SQL
10:42PM 21 Rails on IIS
10:36PM 0 Links for authenticated users on public pages.
10:35PM 0 Customized buttons for button_to()?
10:14PM 0 rails Test problem
10:04PM 1 Calling a method in another controller
10:02PM 1 Does anyone have a primitive rake "deploy to test" script?
9:51PM 0 radio_button in a loop not working
9:38PM 4 Aggregating two objects of the same type
9:32PM 0 ActionMailer config on OS X?
9:11PM 1 Prototype Window Class 0.65
9:02PM 13 Myowndb: a web database built with rails
8:53PM 0 Intercepting scaffold functions
8:44PM 1 has_many fails where find_by_sql succeeds
8:30PM 9 Does ActiveRecord have support for "Boolean" columns?
8:11PM 4 Ruby 1.8.4 on SUSE 10.0 howto
7:59PM 1 San Diego Rails Group?
7:56PM 2 HABTM
7:55PM 1 2 Tickets to the Canada on Rails Conference (Vancouver - April 13, 14) for sale
7:55PM 1 Manipulating has_many :through associations
7:52PM 2 Application configuration options
7:44PM 2 Pagination and Parent Conditions
7:36PM 6 Replaced Rails Package with HiveLogic Install - problems
7:34PM 7 odd error
7:24PM 1 What is the best way to handle this? It''s not a good use of the new Polymorphic-Association thingy is it?
7:11PM 1 "uninitialized constant Reloadable" error heads-up
6:39PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 19, Issue 102
6:37PM 4 Newbie File_Column and Console Question.
6:34PM 0 Parsing a SQL file directly intoactiverecord::executemethod - Not a vamp I swear
6:33PM 1 ActiveRecord object
6:33PM 1 sessions failing on debian apache2 fast_cgi
6:29PM 4 How to read rails documentation
6:24PM 0 Does observe_field work with date_select?
6:16PM 2 "script/server -e production" doesn''t work
6:11PM 0 Parsing a SQL file directly into activerecord::executemethod - Not a vamp I swear
6:05PM 1 habtm and options_from_collection_for_select [1.0.0]
6:04PM 7 Not getting the whole RJS-based partial rendering concept ...
6:02PM 4 Threads vs. Processes and Rails
5:49PM 2 loading data with migrations
5:33PM 2 Foreign keys not showing!
5:21PM 1 Other options for SQL Server connectivity on Linux?
5:10PM 1 Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel (Parser Fix)
5:10PM 2 Ajax Effects Tutorial
5:08PM 10 Ruby server infrastructure evolution -> app. servers?
5:06PM 2 Sharing controller code between views - best practices?
5:00PM 4 checking existence of a partial
4:40PM 1 Parsing a SQL file directly into activerecord::execute method
4:26PM 0 New Rails Group - Albany, NY Area
4:25PM 2 Accessing datetime_select value
4:22PM 2 Syntax Error in find()
4:21PM 1 subdomain routing
4:09PM 0 Operation Ticket Cleanup - volunteer to close fixed tickets
4:03PM 4 strange problem with table displayed
3:53PM 2 How can I stop view caching?
3:13PM 5 Database usage technique -- user-specified fields
3:05PM 3 Keeping javascript in the <head>
3:03PM 6 Oracle Problem. Maybe driver
2:55PM 3 model validates twice in tests, produces duplicate errors
2:47PM 6 connecting to mysql on OS X 10.4
2:47PM 6 check_box_tag is limited?
2:42PM 2 newbie-server bound to 3000, cannot disconnect
2:40PM 3 Forms, view & AJAX best practice help
2:07PM 6 Console for Testing Routes?
2:06PM 4 Find records based on associated table''s colums
1:19PM 1 Keeping 2 different sessions active together
1:12PM 1 Ruby Column at Linux Journal
12:46PM 0 schema.rb: foreign keys and reference data
12:24PM 0 making a set column type with create_table
11:58AM 0 [SUISSE] Utilisateurs Ruby on Rails région Lausanne
11:55AM 0 Log4r database outputter
11:05AM 11 Date/Time format and syntax
11:04AM 0 Session-Problem: singleton can''t be dumped
10:48AM 3 Mongrel on AIX
10:35AM 16 No Method Error
10:23AM 0 Rails Local Installation issues
10:17AM 4 Anyone noticed slow rendering performance with formhelpers?
9:52AM 3 small question about the relevance of the "database schema has changed"
9:48AM 4 Maintaining and securing the "Perfect Rails/Debian/Lighttpd Stack"
9:30AM 1 exception_notification crashes fast_cgi process
9:19AM 4 Cannot upgrade rails to 1.1, only 1.0. Nubee. Please help
8:51AM 2 How to add CSS tips to link_to_remote?
8:38AM 2 how to perform client side validations in RoR?
8:32AM 4 Membership Management System Plugin/Gem?
8:05AM 26 Models accessing the session...
7:58AM 3 How to use in_place_editor_field ?
7:34AM 8 very bold internet explorer only website
7:31AM 1 Moving to Rails-1.1 from Rails-1.0
7:26AM 0 Local Installation issue
7:15AM 1 Added method to ActiveRecord Class
6:45AM 0 Render an html according to external link
6:36AM 2 How to apply class from Stylesheet to "link_to" element???
6:13AM 3 Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel
5:40AM 3 uuidtools across processes
4:46AM 0 Redirecting after adding new object
4:46AM 0 Reload automatic lib after change
3:55AM 4 Help with many-to-many using :through
3:52AM 4 Freezing Architecture-Dependent Gems such as Rmagick, Ferret, Unicode
3:33AM 0 rails url to object reference
2:14AM 1 Running external scripts that know about a minimal Rails env
1:33AM 1 integration tests - 1.1
1:25AM 1 Houston Ruby/RoR Meetup 8 April
1:16AM 5 How to implement tag clouds using plugin?
1:13AM 2 Default logger inside arbitrary classes
1:04AM 1 Apache, SSL, Mongrel and File upload question...
12:55AM 2 typo 2.6.0 with vendor/rails
Monday April 3 2006
11:52PM 7 global variable - @@var
11:19PM 0 Making output_compression work with send_file
10:35PM 0 follow_redirect! aborts rake during integration tests
10:17PM 1 Why no call to Model.new on find?
10:15PM 0 N file uploads from one post - one File, (N-1) StringIOs
10:01PM 3 Ready to call this a bug
9:58PM 2 no marshal_dump is defined for class Proc
9:58PM 3 render :partial + redirect_to :controller
9:50PM 2 Capistrano - how do I set up the database config?
9:39PM 2 Fast way of finding new position for model object?
9:20PM 12 scgi?? do i need it for ruby?
9:20PM 2 Looking for an example ...
9:01PM 1 Q: periodically_call_remote ( how to make it execute just once? )
8:46PM 2 popup forms?
8:46PM 3 Retrieving a record using created_by
8:35PM 7 Getters and setters problem?
8:33PM 1 Best way to set custom Controller options
8:22PM 0 Canada on Rails
8:20PM 2 HABTM migrations
8:19PM 8 Layout problem
8:06PM 11 Rails VPS Business Hosting
7:44PM 1 has_many :trough with 2x the same table
7:44PM 3 Read Only Error Since 1.1?
7:34PM 4 Edit in Place in 1.1
7:33PM 9 Problem with Windows not finding methods
7:32PM 2 undefined method `scaffold'' for #<LocationsController:0xb7a9e858>
7:29PM 0 file_column and adding/changing :versions
7:18PM 0 documentation question (ri and binding vs. get_binding vd getBinding)
7:16PM 4 How to create new rails 1.1 app if only rails 1.0 installed?
7:16PM 4 validates_numericality_of, :allow_nil => true?
7:06PM 0 Question: periodically_call_remote ( only run once? )
7:03PM 1 singular table names testing
6:57PM 4 How to fake composite primary keys?
6:50PM 0 Using "in_place_editor_options" for script.aculo.us options?
6:22PM 5 Heavy e-mail receive
6:07PM 11 View source after AJAX update?
5:57PM 4 STI Broken on 1.1
5:56PM 16 Dealing with Application error (Rails) in production
5:41PM 5 RJS Queue
5:30PM 3 New software, test site, OpenProfile
5:01PM 4 Multiple file uploads - only one file object gets posted
4:57PM 5 Is old school STI broken? How would you do the same now?
4:53PM 3 AJAX Insertion.Before
4:52PM 3 SaltedHashLoginGenerator Verification Trouble
4:37PM 11 Runaway FCGI Processes with Debian, Apache
4:17PM 1 debugging RJS output
4:16PM 0 FPDF and charset
3:31PM 3 [newbi] Problem Routes
3:23PM 1 attribute select problem
3:22PM 1 Setting up FastCGI for RoR under Apache 1.3.34
3:05PM 8 [OT] - Career Advice
2:59PM 1 why ruby GC can take only 8 meg of memory????
2:36PM 2 Order By Number of Comments
2:31PM 0 Textmate Backtracer 1.1 on RoR 1.1?
2:15PM 2 Formatting a list from the DB
2:15PM 0 with_scope used in a has_many :through model
2:01PM 2 Rails Widgets
1:08PM 0 Cookies and functional tests
1:05PM 0 Problems with Functional Tests after upgrading.
12:56PM 1 How to handle failed finds.
12:48PM 1 Functional tests use ''test.host'' whereas integration tests use ''www.example.com''
12:09PM 1 Single table inheritance and relations
12:09PM 2 problems testing on 1.1 and postgresql
11:39AM 6 getting fcgi to work
10:52AM 1 gem install rails -include--dependencies doesnt -> to 1.1
10:32AM 1 :through causes White Screen of Death
10:18AM 0 Re: acts_as_taggable can not be used under 1.1
10:05AM 18 newbie generate scaffold
9:55AM 1 Automatically changing strings to pass unique constraints
9:50AM 11 Legacy database Oracle
9:32AM 6 problem upgrading to rails 1.1 on Unix
9:31AM 7 Javascript helpers not updating table row in IE6
8:42AM 4 page.visual_effect :highlight not working
8:39AM 5 rails migrations - enhanced usage
8:25AM 0 Changing the session id?
7:49AM 15 How should I pick a random entry from the database?
7:19AM 3 Lost Connection to MySql during query.
7:13AM 2 It seems that acts_as_taggable can not be used under 1.1?
6:30AM 1 London Ruby Group Meet Up
6:12AM 1 Migrations on models using gettext validation messages
5:30AM 1 Reaper Capistrano and FCGI user.group
5:13AM 4 Clearing out filters in ActionController
5:06AM 2 Problems with STI in has_many/belongs_to in Rails 1.1
2:37AM 5 Strange Problem with ActionController (I think)
2:33AM 3 How do I programmatically send a 404 error
2:33AM 5 Newbie question about acts_as_taggable
1:52AM 4 Layout Question w/ code from vendor library
1:18AM 1 Helpers for ActiveMailer templates
12:28AM 6 problems with Rails 1.1 observe_field :with serialized
12:25AM 0 has_many questions
Sunday April 2 2006
11:19PM 5 PostgreSQL and unit tests
10:57PM 0 Ajax inserting a collection of partials
10:51PM 0 STI and through
9:41PM 1 Migration Error
9:24PM 0 Re: updating the dom - Solution
9:00PM 3 updating the dom
8:29PM 2 Recognition failed for "/rails_info/properties"
8:25PM 2 "Quiz" site
7:27PM 5 Showing current user''s information and saving
7:03PM 1 (network.c.300) can''t bind to port: 80 permission denied
6:31PM 1 Floats being stored in database as integer?
5:27PM 2 Recommend a good CSS forum?
4:51PM 0 sqlonrails.org april fools joke
4:33PM 6 Neat style trick
3:45PM 0 login_engine - redirect
3:13PM 7 RANT: belongs_to -> refers_to
3:04PM 1 how to write a gem package
2:36PM 3 FeedTools syntax question
1:00PM 1 switching environments
12:14PM 2 Problem with edge rails
11:08AM 2 rails db indexing and through association
10:38AM 2 Problem with RSS feed from Rails Recipes
10:19AM 2 Delaying table attribute load using ActiveRecord
10:07AM 2 Custom built link_to display text problem
9:43AM 2 Problem with lighttpd on mac
8:24AM 1 not null constraints added when running rake - is this a "feature?"
8:16AM 16 12 / 16 = 0
7:53AM 1 Fixtures For Logging In
7:24AM 1 Scaffold Display Changes When Destroying Records
6:15AM 1 Looking for helpers/components/controllers for form wizards
4:53AM 0 Cluster Design
3:30AM 1 How to count number of pages in a PDF?
3:11AM 2 Blank image for non-existant image URLs
2:17AM 5 adding primary_key to join table using migrations
2:02AM 5 foreign keys and migrations
1:55AM 1 uninitialized constant error
1:51AM 0 Wrapping DDL changes in transactions ?
1:17AM 1 One to Many Relationship Issues
1:07AM 1 Best method for extracting text from a longer text in Ruby
12:35AM 2 Focus on ajax newly-created form element
Saturday April 1 2006
11:20PM 7 Any way around AssociationTypeMismatch?
10:58PM 3 Quick question about <% link_to something, :action => ...
10:49PM 3 Can I do a redirect in an ajax request?
10:31PM 7 Rails Cluster Design
9:51PM 1 piggybacking an action on an autocompleted field
9:00PM 0 invalid compressed data -- crc error
8:33PM 4 Custom Validations
8:14PM 2 Paypal donation or Amazon wishlist for core team?
7:57PM 12 Repost: Why is rails generating bad SQL?
7:49PM 0 ADV: New Rails Application
7:44PM 4 problems getting ActionMailer working (on server)
7:21PM 3 acts_as_list with scope : position update problem?
7:02PM 8 ROR on solaris 10 gem installation error
6:14PM 3 SQL on Rails :)
6:06PM 3 permission denied creating ruby sessions
5:47PM 0 select_tag problem
5:07PM 5 What IDE for Rails on OSX?
5:00PM 2 Textile headaches
3:34PM 2 my app broke this morning on with this error.
3:12PM 3 Syncpeople Plugin Scope Never Active
1:53PM 2 Inline RJS in controller
1:43PM 0 Newbie question: How to reference models in subdirectories
1:21PM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many construction
1:17PM 15 Ruby on Rails CMS released. Web 2.0, Ajax, etc
12:23PM 5 Upload a zip using a form and extract if afterwards on srv?
12:13PM 0 Getting error After installing rails...
11:20AM 10 You have a nil object when you didn''t expect it!
10:45AM 2 RadRails KeyBindings
10:37AM 3 Gracefully degrading Ajax AND Drying up actions
10:13AM 1 Ruby 1.8.4 on Debian stable
9:52AM 2 Instant Rails 1.1
9:29AM 5 Triple relationship
8:59AM 2 ActiveRecord callbacks not called
8:52AM 3 Determine image width of png, gif or jpg?
8:42AM 7 need help(raidrails)
7:37AM 1 STI with_scope on parent - bug or feature?
7:23AM 1 set_table_name and fixtures
6:57AM 1 problms with apache and fcgi
6:39AM 1 A bit OT...but here is a nifty Rails sighting.... ;)
5:42AM 2 Migrating Rails 1.0 Application to 1.1
5:36AM 18 OT: iBook or MacBook Pro?
4:49AM 0 Okay, what gives? find_by_id is failing.
4:33AM 6 how to use datepicker
4:03AM 4 Saving images in shared directory w/ Capistrano/SVN?
3:49AM 0 Using globalize and Net::HTTP.get
3:29AM 0 late binding
3:26AM 1 Passing a Record as a Parameter
3:10AM 0 A missing piece in Prototype helpers
2:09AM 1 using find with multiple objects in active record
1:54AM 7 BigDecimal column type?
1:49AM 2 Can i cache models?
1:15AM 1 UTF-8 in migrations: problem with broken chars in db
12:50AM 3 acts_as_taggable, wrong number of arguments
12:29AM 0 Many file fields w/same name don''t show up as params array
12:23AM 3 Ignoring Validations In An Admin Tool?