Rails - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
11:52PM 7 Recommended search library?
11:14PM 2 Removing Apple Firewall for Rails Testing
10:47PM 3 RJS templates outputting bloated code?
10:40PM 2 W3C Standard
10:22PM 18 Modelling Foreign Keys
10:10PM 13 validation with in_place_edit_for
10:05PM 4 I feel stupid - help with Element.show
9:47PM 3 Layout Question .. (Sitemesh related)
9:04PM 6 Install rubygems error
8:51PM 35 Frustrated with RoR environment splintering
8:41PM 6 how to access a hash within a hash in ruby?
8:16PM 2 [Howto] custom and translated AR validation error messages
8:14PM 1 mongrel_rails start --version = 1.8.4
8:11PM 0 can activesupport gem be used in "standalone" fashion?
8:09PM 4 javascript help
7:54PM 2 Backslash Escaping in View
7:47PM 1 url_for leave out ''index'' action
7:02PM 1 SortHelper Question
6:45PM 6 Calculating Dates
6:43PM 1 sharing among views
6:41PM 6 Adding objects to a :through association
5:57PM 0 Rails questions businesses ask during evaluation
5:35PM 2 ''=>'' : Ruby or Rails?
5:24PM 0 update a div element without having a corresponding action
5:22PM 2 Eager loading of polymorphic associations
5:15PM 6 Split Validations?
4:11PM 3 params vs @params
4:08PM 10 ruby help / if (cond or cond)
4:05PM 4 Question about pagination
3:57PM 6 string interpolation - #{} vs. single vs. double quotes
3:50PM 6 Radrails: workspace in use, choose a different one
3:35PM 1 Oracle 8 to 9 strange performance issue
3:33PM 5 Titles in URL ?
3:19PM 6 A good editor for .rhtml files?
3:07PM 3 Complex Through Statement
3:03PM 2 Capistrano, multiple instances of an application
3:01PM 2 Silly question
2:39PM 5 RoR 1.1 RJS problem
2:21PM 0 Know how many objects are created in ruby/rails???
2:01PM 6 BigDecimal + Float => Float?
1:50PM 7 problem with habtm conditions in pagination
1:37PM 1 FreeBSD powered Rails sites
1:31PM 11 Model and Controller relationship
1:28PM 14 [newbi] Create a Model
1:16PM 0 Has_one and Class Table Inheritance
1:15PM 0 Testing multiple databases
12:17PM 3 Updating to 1.1.0 crashes webrick on existing apps
12:11PM 5 Best Linux distibution for ruby on rails developement?
12:09PM 0 Calendar helper adjust
11:48AM 4 Date magic?
11:38AM 1 Active Record: subclassing a model
11:01AM 2 "Owning" a polymorphic
10:13AM 1 many to one :through another
10:05AM 2 Model inheritance is borken in Rails1.1
8:34AM 0 acts_as_taggable doesn''t work with uniqueidentifier
7:55AM 4 Ruby on Rails - South African Community
7:53AM 0 packaging
7:33AM 3 Position For Ruby on Rails Consultant
7:00AM 3 ID fields not getting picked up
6:58AM 1 rake doc:rails fails with edge rails
5:14AM 5 Changing Table Schema and Models
5:09AM 1 dumb question: what is attr_xxxx
5:02AM 5 Model reloading problem
4:33AM 2 How to secure web services created by ActionWebService?
3:47AM 1 Ruby 1.8.4 upgrade screws up ActiveRecord
3:40AM 1 rails + svn automation script
3:37AM 0 Mysql + cygwin
3:00AM 6 Lighty+Mongrel: More than one connection per client?
2:46AM 4 How to have a form within a form?
2:44AM 7 Checkboxes expand to show new options when checked?
2:20AM 0 comments for joel about rails in software discussion
1:58AM 3 Rails with GoDaddy problem
1:36AM 0 HELP! native mysql bindings on windows/cygwin
1:13AM 3 Why use a Subdomain?
12:40AM 3 Need to use a method without the layout
12:32AM 2 A.R. Associations problem
12:20AM 2 AAARGH! Need some fresh eyes to look at this pls
12:17AM 4 form_remote_upload and rjs
Thursday March 30 2006
11:53PM 0 Re:No database specified. Missing argument: database.
11:42PM 11 Rails 1.1 and Ruby 1.8.3
11:18PM 1 DRY Rails question
11:09PM 1 Passing values to a Partial
11:03PM 1 strange has_many array problem
10:58PM 4 with_scope and filters for Rails 1.1 (scoped_access plugin)
10:56PM 7 Enterprise rails app with - about 100 tables
10:38PM 0 Polymorphic compatible with HABTM?
10:02PM 5 Has_many :through problems -- please help
9:34PM 3 Rails 1.1 hosed my Apache!
9:06PM 0 ruby actions and scope
8:11PM 0 Specify callbacks before associations
8:08PM 1 Howto configure Lighttpd with fastcgi on Ubuntu?
7:43PM 15 ActiveRecord 1.13.2 -> 1.14.0 breaks Postgres connectivity
7:27PM 3 Rails 1.1, Markaby, options_from_collection
7:08PM 0 Making the session cookie persistent
6:26PM 1 Applying a patch?
6:20PM 4 Select List to change type of STI class
5:56PM 4 redirect_to("url") with post?
5:47PM 0 [TIP] Flush your plugins
5:46PM 4 ActionMailer e-mails getting tagged as junk in Outlook 2003
5:26PM 3 Model.find(:all) where Model.association has more then 0 items?
5:13PM 3 simple migration problem
4:38PM 2 Confused about 1.1 installation
4:32PM 11 Illegal char \002? Need to restart Rails to see changes?
4:28PM 9 script/console not working after Rails 1.1 upgrade
4:21PM 15 Survey: Favored Rails Production Environment
4:05PM 6 Global Method Declaration?
3:49PM 2 Test output from dispatch.cgi --- Rails 1.1
3:47PM 4 SSL Requirement plugin
3:30PM 6 MS SQL query strangeness for ActiveRecord in Rails
3:23PM 2 Transactions with different types of model object
3:05PM 1 Yahoo! User Interface Library on Rails???
2:11PM 1 Active Directory Authentication
2:04PM 2 Rails lost connection to MySQL server!
1:47PM 1 What is the entry-point for a rails app?
1:21PM 10 Problems upgrading to Rails 1.1
12:54PM 4 [NEWS] Ruby-on-Rails reached second place in Dutch Rapid-Application-Development contest
12:30PM 2 A few problems after installation
12:28PM 2 RJS and variables help...
12:17PM 4 Capistrano Shovel onto Textdrive SVN error
12:14PM 0 Page navigation using named routes (need your help)
11:44AM 3 Export Fixtures Plugin
10:48AM 0 design question - user data from two different sources
10:38AM 25 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.12 -- Finally Out
10:11AM 1 Logger::Format not defined (NameError) [NOOB]
9:28AM 9 Getting data from multiple controllers (Newbie question)
8:58AM 4 Simple Ruby/Rails question, doing posted hours ago
8:19AM 1 flash, before_filter and redirect_to
8:05AM 0 FileColumn Redux
7:58AM 1 Globalize DB translate not working in Rails 1.1.0
7:27AM 7 text_area
7:25AM 2 acts_as_ordered plugin
6:57AM 6 Stable Production Environment on Unix/Linux
6:54AM 2 help : No database specified. Missing argument: database.
6:49AM 13 Trying Agile book, found problem
6:39AM 0 Shameless Plug, early rails application
6:36AM 5 Re: How to Password Protect a Controller
5:41AM 4 Upgrading to 1.1 causes MySQL Lost Connections under WinXP
5:40AM 1 file_column running tests in production?
5:21AM 2 Functional test confusion
5:19AM 2 database.yml and Dreamhost
4:46AM 1 Removing id from show for good
4:40AM 13 need an Ruby on Rails IDE
4:24AM 2 How do I format text before saving it?
3:15AM 5 Heeelp - no idea what''s going wrong.
2:16AM 11 Capistrano/SVN: Deploying different database.yml for live?
2:14AM 0 How to work with a mysql db that does''nt have persistent conections?
1:58AM 15 Rails 1.1 ~ Kick Ass
12:57AM 2 hello
12:45AM 1 Rails mangle my ''class''?
12:16AM 4 404 Error on dispatch.fcgi
12:08AM 25 TextMate for Rails development -- why?
Wednesday March 29 2006
11:53PM 4 :through alternate
11:50PM 4 Why doesn''t Rails 1.1 have all the Script.aculo.us 1.6 files?
11:40PM 0 rhtml & rjs syntax hilighting in scite
11:34PM 4 HELP: Rails / Ajax with 3 Drop down lists (see code)
11:13PM 2 active record basics
11:09PM 3 Loading records during class definition
11:03PM 0 Draggable question
10:51PM 0 problem with gems command
10:36PM 2 Migration fails when using certain table name
10:35PM 2 edge_rails, sqlserver, and an error!
10:34PM 5 How to skip password validation when updating other fields?
10:33PM 1 Fixing output_compression for Rails 1.1
10:31PM 1 Posting multiple files - how to set up params correctly
10:28PM 0 Many-to-many relationship with multiple models?
10:24PM 2 save related models from one form
10:21PM 6 Pagination ...
10:11PM 2 Multiple calls from drop_receiving_element :complete
9:54PM 2 can you do drag and drop sorting with multiple lists?
9:44PM 0 Bug with skip_before_filter?
9:40PM 38 Poll: Which distro do you use for Rails/Ruby development?
9:39PM 0 How to organize models into modules
9:29PM 3 Self-referential many-many joins with :through
9:21PM 42 Production environment for Rails on Win32, anyone interested for a binary release?
9:16PM 0 Trouble getting Mysql and Ruby to talk
9:06PM 8 Action Mailer
8:54PM 1 Ayuda
8:45PM 6 Prototype Window Class 0.6
8:38PM 4 Ruby/OCI8 not working on Rails 1.1
8:35PM 2 Rake Migrations for Rails 1.1
8:21PM 5 whats the mysql gui front in the blog in 15 min. screencst
8:19PM 6 Simply Getting Post Params
8:11PM 2 How to undo ''rake rails:update''?
8:02PM 0 mongrel gemplugin name error
8:01PM 2 switchtower / capistrano deploy by tag
7:58PM 0 active record bug?
7:41PM 2 rails error on DreamHost all of a sudden
7:39PM 3 MySQL in dev, Postgres in prod - differences in "LIKE" query
7:28PM 2 inserts now set unset columns to null
7:15PM 0 Join Finder Question (ActiveRecord)
7:06PM 3 beer
7:04PM 2 vim syntax highlighting of rjs templates
6:25PM 0 Extract one page of PDF with rmagick?
6:21PM 0 Intermittent error - undefined method ''destroy_without_callbacks''
5:48PM 1 ActionMailer - Message-id issue
5:38PM 5 Database passwords with numbers
5:36PM 7 Uploading files and writing them to server?
5:19PM 3 Upgrading to Rails 1.1 in InstantRails
5:16PM 0 css, div-tags and ajax
5:02PM 0 Ruby 1.8.4 causes script errors and invalid chars in RHTML
4:50PM 4 Scaffold generator: create vs. new
4:26PM 3 socket for mysql
4:15PM 7 Dreamhost upgraded 1.1 - app doesn''t work
4:04PM 4 using onchange options in forms
4:00PM 2 distance_of_time_in_words and Time classes
3:57PM 0 I can''t get to work css class with link_to_remote function
3:49PM 0 Cross model''s data
3:40PM 1 schema dump corrupts date defaults in mysql
3:39PM 1 Rails and proxies
3:29PM 0 RJS Production vs. Development
3:23PM 2 Extreme newbie
3:13PM 0 routes and caching
3:11PM 3 Redirect Post for Hiding ID?
3:03PM 0 auto_complete_on_select don''t work correctly
3:02PM 6 RadRails Broke with 1.8.4 / 1.1
2:57PM 1 HELP: Installing RoR on GoDaddy
2:47PM 1 Help: Input of form 1 to hidden field in form 2?
2:32PM 1 ruby in the enterprise
2:30PM 0 freeze_gems broke my app
2:21PM 4 Directory Listing outside of app structure
1:37PM 3 partial variable help
12:55PM 1 Query a timetable (cute solution?)
12:42PM 2 delete_all not resetting auto incement in database
12:37PM 1 send_file is behaving strange
12:25PM 0 cattr_accessor missing for test of AR
12:03PM 0 newbie learning ruby on rails question
11:43AM 0 Named routes - which one has been used?
11:42AM 5 MySQL losts connection, can''t refer to User
11:27AM 4 Collecting data from forms
11:18AM 2 AR 1.14 oracle_adater.rb does not work
11:17AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many and collections management
11:13AM 0 Fast and reliable host for database + AJAX intensive Rails application.
10:04AM 3 Grouping Controllers into Modules - Doesn''t work!?
9:07AM 13 Rails on Mongrel
9:04AM 1 Problems with lighty
8:42AM 0 placing specific views within a subdirectory?
8:26AM 3 tagtools vs acts_as_taggable
8:23AM 1 model questions about using ?
7:41AM 1 2 ajax related questions
6:48AM 4 Dreamhosters beware: 1.1 migration ruckus
5:37AM 11 why belongs_to does not like validation?
5:01AM 10 newbie question
4:54AM 0 Validation
4:34AM 1 View sharing between controllers?
4:06AM 1 load testing
4:03AM 2 1.1 ruby schema breaks MySQL FULLTEXT index
3:11AM 1 Unit tests rail on 1.1, was fine on 1.0
2:58AM 4 xmlsimple not found
2:44AM 4 trouble adding to database (stringify_keys)
2:36AM 2 Textdrive Rails 1.1 Error - Dependencies::LoadingModule
2:35AM 6 Comments for a blog
2:33AM 0 rails 1.1: fix to ''rake rails:freeze:gems''
2:21AM 3 Bash
2:10AM 2 Fragment Cache Wackiness
12:35AM 0 rake default(?)/test_unit magic
12:01AM 0 Rails 1.1 - model access from view broken
Tuesday March 28 2006
11:38PM 8 1.1 broke my app
11:34PM 0 substring and html in the db
11:33PM 0 Multiple databases & testing
11:05PM 0 Rails Day 2006
11:04PM 0 Ruby 1.8.4 broke my Rails 1.1
10:52PM 5 RJS call from controller issues javascript that doesn''t get evaluated by browser
10:50PM 1 simple output string
10:49PM 74 Is this an elaborate hoax/troll?
10:48PM 0 using ''onchange'' option in select from a partial to update a
10:34PM 3 Rails 1.1: Is HABTM obsolete?
10:01PM 1 Efficiently convert this SQL statement to ActiveRecord loop
9:49PM 4 Problem with ActiveRecord, create, save, and Oracle adapter?
9:43PM 8 Rails 1.1: not-null constraint violations
9:40PM 0 Capistrano: can''t get remote connection to work
9:33PM 3 (slightly OT) Reporting tools (Jasper, DataVision, etc.)
9:27PM 1 Capistrano: env not setup properly over ssh
9:24PM 12 cached-model broken with Rails 1.1
9:16PM 0 Question about Mapping from Forms
9:14PM 1 acts_as_taggable plugin to tag multiple fields in a model
8:59PM 1 Model attributes that are not backed by persistent storage
8:32PM 8 Correct way to capture a select param
7:58PM 2 Typo 2.6.0 broken with Rails 1.1
7:53PM 2 ADODB and SQLServer
7:42PM 1 freeze_gems version number
7:40PM 2 JS Toggle graphics on action / click
7:34PM 0 Why is RAILS_ROOT so roundabout?
7:21PM 0 ajax question about refreshing divs
7:04PM 5 Your RoR 1.1 Adoption Prediction?
6:54PM 2 Dealing with Form Data
6:49PM 3 Problem with 1.1 and component...
6:41PM 5 combining two models in one controller/view "set"
6:32PM 2 Mysql stored procedures from Rails
6:28PM 1 Ajax callback to javascript array ?
5:57PM 1 How to create a taxes column
5:50PM 3 compiling php with fcgi on tiger
5:31PM 2 Homepage as index.rhtml, not index.html?
5:21PM 7 Rails 1.1 and "freeze_gems"
5:19PM 1 Using request.env[''REMOTE_HOST'']
5:16PM 3 Routing Error after upgrade
4:59PM 3 coolest software ("coolest startups" re-asked)
4:34PM 3 AJAX/CSS issue (more UI focused)
4:21PM 0 [Tip] Rails 1.1 / Ruby 1.8.4 - Fixing Syntax Errors on Windows
4:19PM 2 Rails Oracle connection
4:14PM 0 Upload progress bar changes in 1.1
4:09PM 0 Pointer to "Why Rails?" info?
4:08PM 11 ActionWebService date casting error
3:55PM 2 Problem with generating a scaffold with an Oracle DB
3:24PM 2 Fastest way of adding " " around multiline text in RADRAILS
2:45PM 6 Deploying rails...
2:41PM 2 Newbie question - ActionController::RoutingError
2:26PM 0 ActiveRecord and columns with spaces or strange characters
2:25PM 5 Rails 1.1 for new apps only
2:13PM 1 server not starting in new Rails 1.1 - lighttpd parser error
2:12PM 1 stylesheet_link_tag and apache2
2:06PM 0 MySQL problems and undefined class User
2:01PM 2 In_place_editor_field throws error ...
1:58PM 4 1.1 won''t install!
1:55PM 1 Simple Sidebar Solutions: How does yours work?
1:29PM 0 Looking for Developers in Singapore
1:22PM 1 graphing solutions
1:21PM 0 How to set session variable in plug-ins
1:17PM 1 Passing the input name to "text_field_with_auto_complete"
1:09PM 2 error 500 page not showing on production (lighty)
12:57PM 2 plural to singular blunder
12:54PM 1 Master - Detail Form
12:13PM 5 Is it possible to upload file with form_remote_tag?
12:11PM 0 Sql error using MAMP with rails 1.1
11:49AM 0 load testing with rails
11:33AM 1 toplevel constant Type referenced by Item::Type
11:09AM 2 Testing STI models
10:44AM 3 I hope this is not spamming
10:12AM 0 Engines 1.1
10:04AM 6 RHTML designer
9:56AM 2 add_limit (in acts_as_taggable) breaks in 1.1, solution?
9:52AM 8 Problem connecting with an SQL Server 2000 database
9:05AM 1 Rails generates query with reserved word for field name
8:52AM 3 [tip] making cached pages look dynamic
7:44AM 12 Rails & PHP
7:38AM 7 Is Ruby stable for production use?
7:24AM 0 Web Stats - Log Files
7:17AM 2 Rails 1.1 and Rails 1.0 gems
6:45AM 5 Rails 1.1 released
6:33AM 1 RJS, Active Record++, respond_to, integration tests, and 500 other things!
5:21AM 1 Rails 1.1 RC1 Troubles
4:16AM 1 What if a webservice is not available = "execution expired" error
4:12AM 1 Newbie question: Dynamic view creation from obj.to_html_form
3:47AM 1 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.12 -- Updated, Getting Closer
3:33AM 6 blank page output
2:24AM 8 Large Database with lots of tables
2:05AM 5 Anyone use .uniq! ???
1:55AM 2 Apache/FCGI Rails - is apache restart required on DB change?
1:51AM 3 Brand newbie question relating to link_to
12:42AM 0 Can different models use different databases?
12:05AM 0 Wanted: Ajax Ruby On Rails Developers
12:02AM 1 Rails noob db questions
Monday March 27 2006
11:48PM 0 Crashing irb...
11:28PM 5 Fixtures, Postgres & Constraints
10:40PM 4 widgets on rails?
10:23PM 0 Contract Development positions available.
10:17PM 5 RedCloth and Rails
9:51PM 3 regular expression matching in routes.rb
9:48PM 2 Capistrano deployment issues under Ubuntu Dapper
8:40PM 0 Ways to detect if session cookies are enabled?
8:26PM 1 Problem installing Rails IN WINDOWS
8:07PM 2 :through and STI
7:44PM 3 RMagick and thumbnails
7:42PM 0 legacy column names
7:36PM 2 svg image link
7:34PM 6 Problem installing Rails
7:18PM 3 Email On Dreamhost
6:49PM 3 Define methods for controllers, helper AND models?
6:41PM 3 any luck installing RoR with apache / cpanel setup?
6:13PM 3 XML Storage?
5:34PM 2 403 Forbidden Error
5:22PM 1 Get in RoR!
5:21PM 1 Tests not tiding up after themselves?
5:17PM 0 render_to_string troubles
5:08PM 2 Problem with an AJAX drop-down menu
4:53PM 3 Specify a controller action via attribute in INPUT tag?
3:37PM 0 Solved: RJS Templates Not automatically evaluating
3:15PM 3 Migration commands -- create a SQL Server production DB?
2:36PM 3 act_as_paranoid and model references
2:22PM 0 Where is ActionController::TestRequest documentation ?
1:28PM 0 no :group option in paginate helper?
12:40PM 2 dispatch.fcgi hanging after lighttpd shutdown
12:30PM 3 Validation - How to pop up error messages
12:19PM 1 polymorphism + inheritance
11:25AM 1 rescue value
11:15AM 1 rio instabilities
11:07AM 4 How to create a daemon in a rails app
11:04AM 4 How to create exe for my ruby on rails application?
10:51AM 0 update subset of my data
10:39AM 2 Form Validation with 2 models on form. Nubee Question
10:38AM 5 Accessing Session Object from a model
10:28AM 5 Fake ActiveRecord model?
10:18AM 0 Informix adapter for Ruby on Rails
10:10AM 0 acts_as_taggable not loading in dev environment?
10:08AM 0 Newbie stuff: Adding a New Library Class
10:06AM 0 how the check_box_tag works?
9:49AM 0 Templates
9:46AM 1 Rad Rails IDE
9:07AM 9 rename app>controller subfolder crashes app
8:05AM 24 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.12 -- Pre-Release
7:46AM 13 Is this a bug in Ajax handling?
7:32AM 14 Image manipulation/resizing server-side?
7:22AM 2 very easy ruby lang question...
6:30AM 1 Naming conventions for models on older database????
6:21AM 1 Naming Convemtion for Model????
6:16AM 6 Fwd: Tricky block args
6:03AM 0 Looking for Ruby/AJAX Developer/Designer
5:59AM 0 Designer/Developer Needed
5:54AM 0 Hiring AJAX/RUBY web designer/developer
5:36AM 3 Enumerable?
4:26AM 0 RMagick + Cygwin = IRB Crash !!
4:24AM 1 Is there a way to persist a Hash in ActiveRecord?
3:59AM 1 file column inserts wrong file url field into database
3:04AM 7 rjs template ? (how to check for existence of a dom element?
12:44AM 2 Trouble with rendering partials
12:33AM 1 accessing models from lib
12:22AM 1 Best way about doing this?
12:18AM 15 Go Go Gadget - A Rails ecommerce site released today
Sunday March 26 2006
11:34PM 2 Controllers in modules, not recognised - driving me mad!
11:14PM 0 Trigger in place edit by clicking on label also?
10:05PM 3 Making a custom selection form - newbie
8:40PM 2 File_Column plugin causes strange errors on windows
8:24PM 0 Association count caching
7:38PM 5 How to write manage created_on and created_by via mixin?
6:33PM 4 Updating query results in real time with AJAX
6:16PM 0 Shunya.in - a slashcode on rails
6:00PM 1 Newbie Question: How do I zip stuff
5:23PM 9 validate_uniqueness_of {combination of fields} ???
4:50PM 10 How to delete a uploaded file with file_column plugin?
4:40PM 0 Eager loading and polymorphic association
3:47PM 4 edge and 1.8.2/1.8.4 issues
3:34PM 1 How to override generated in validation html code?
1:39PM 0 Italy on Rails - First Europe Ruby on Rails Conference
12:57PM 17 activeldap
12:50PM 3 help with rails and apache
12:48PM 2 Shared Columns in an STI
12:00PM 7 MVC Design
9:49AM 0 Another test problem
7:37AM 3 Charts and Java servers
12:44AM 4 A unit test that should pass
12:21AM 3 Using a Gem in your App without installing to the system
Saturday March 25 2006
11:09PM 5 button_to with image?
10:49PM 1 style sheets border
10:05PM 3 validates_presence_of validation order?
9:01PM 1 routes mapping, subdomains and page-caching
8:14PM 1 alternative form processing pattern
7:51PM 2 acts_as_tree wierdness with children.count and children.size
6:38PM 0 Session not working in testing mode
6:19PM 2 Calling an action in another controller
6:07PM 1 Controller/View Problem
5:30PM 0 in_place_collection_editor
5:29PM 0 newb: convert contents of sql text field to an array or hash
4:37PM 1 foreign keys on migration
4:22PM 1 Prototype Window Class v0.5
4:10PM 2 Rails Plugins: How to copy artefacts to the public directory during install? When is install.rb executed anyway?
3:52PM 3 Rails Plugins: Why to register your own functionality with send()?
3:32PM 1 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 18, Issue 656
3:29PM 2 where is the root?
3:05PM 1 Question about upgrading to rails rc1.1
2:11PM 4 dynamic set_table_name for achives
1:28PM 4 Rails PayPal and Currencies other than USD
1:25PM 1 Nuby: HABTM and drag-and-drop views
1:11PM 5 Unit test fails on different line the second time it''s run
1:05PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 18, Issue 654
12:27PM 4 the textilize method
12:25PM 67 Your Ruby IDE
12:03PM 0 How to display validation error in layout ?
9:44AM 2 Current controller
9:04AM 3 RAILS_ROOT Help Required!
8:54AM 3 Rails and Lighttpd, hangs?
8:50AM 1 confused on RoR deployment
6:52AM 7 upgrade to 1.1RC on ubuntu breezy
6:19AM 0 Oracle driver doesn''t support expressions for default date values
6:04AM 11 Firefox ''Rails Mailing List'' search engine plugin
5:37AM 0 Self-Referential Many-To-Many relationships where the relationship itself has data.
5:18AM 14 Creating a symbolic link within a Rails application?
4:18AM 1 Automatically Filling in form field tags
3:37AM 4 Can''t quite get Rails working on Mac, help please :).
2:46AM 1 undefined local variable or method `errors'' for Customer:Class
2:45AM 6 Where''s the doc for get(), post(), put(), delete() & head()?
2:22AM 7 Overriding <div class="fieldWithErrors">
2:12AM 2 Textilize problems with line breaks
2:01AM 12 Newbie question about database consistency
1:41AM 0 [Sentry]-before_validation(model) not working for crypted-attribute?
1:12AM 4 Trouble Running my new controller
12:43AM 0 typo integration with existing site
Friday March 24 2006
11:56PM 0 Re: Isolating Rails apps?
11:41PM 2 Error Checking and Processing
11:11PM 2 Basic Auth in WEBrick
11:09PM 0 Connecting to SQL server on Mac OS X
10:36PM 3 Tweaking Rails to Reduce RAM Usage
9:56PM 4 habtm: attribute on join table
9:18PM 6 Microsoft SQL Server has me stumped
9:16PM 3 Pilot to Bombardier
9:15PM 3 ajax response event ? (Should be easy..)
8:43PM 6 login forms , redirect_to and ajax-scaffold problems
8:40PM 2 1 layous for application with modules
8:32PM 2 RoR, pg_connections, and pg_users
8:20PM 6 Chinese characters in the title
8:00PM 0 merging models/views with scaffolding
7:57PM 0 Time ago in words -- how to use in controller or model?
6:25PM 1 Has and belongs to many ... howto in the view?
5:48PM 2 check_box_tag
5:42PM 1 Rails 1.1RC Where?
5:34PM 3 String manipulation
5:33PM 4 Parsing Filemaker 6 XML into something I can use
5:21PM 1 Caching and Capistrano
5:09PM 8 [OT] Does Net::HTTP support secure connections ?
5:03PM 1 Radio Button Tag and hash @Params.
4:47PM 2 Where to put array to be shared across models.
3:30PM 1 upload a file to server???
3:21PM 0 fcgid woes
3:15PM 1 AJAX & Posting Reccomendation
2:50PM 0 rforum at China on Rails
2:46PM 2 Change to has_many :through associations
2:44PM 2 Return all rows, split then show uniques
2:18PM 3 Gem doesn''t update rails ...
2:17PM 2 before_destroy not called
2:15PM 0 conceptualizing help for web application
1:38PM 7 Question about flash
1:37PM 0 A "virtual model" that encapsulates other models?
1:13PM 0 Eribium Demo | Rails CMS
1:12PM 0 Embedding swf files in emails to be sent via Action Mailer
1:11PM 1 Problems with before_validation
1:07PM 4 validate if different?
12:14PM 3 JS validation on a form/submit tag? Like :condition=>...
11:22AM 3 Changing sidebar in layout per controller
10:48AM 2 ajax redirection
10:21AM 3 generating a controller that inherits from a base controller
10:04AM 19 Storing images in Ruby
9:49AM 1 validates... :if => Proc.new{...} does not find a method!
9:08AM 3 1.1RC and Lighttpd
9:07AM 4 Newbie Question: How can I access the referer
9:02AM 6 Should counter_cache fields be saved in the database?
8:20AM 10 Running Rails tasks by schedule, instead of an HTTP request.
8:15AM 0 Do I need ruby1.8.4 to run 1.1RC1?
8:10AM 1 Bug (or feature?) in association_proxy: attributes in conditions
7:47AM 0 Hang after upgrade to 1.1RC1 and Edge
7:25AM 2 Expiring cached actions outside of ActionController
7:21AM 0 ISPConfig with Rails?
7:06AM 7 Polymorphic associations?
6:15AM 3 Performance slow down with increasing log files size?
5:43AM 10 innodb vs myisam
5:17AM 2 How to use Readymade plugins?????
3:38AM 2 Access to session data
3:25AM 3 Using Tags in Applications
2:49AM 3 Picking apart the rails codebase / transitioning from novice
2:09AM 7 belongs_to relation busted....why?
2:07AM 1 handle multiple warehouses
2:05AM 1 Modifying a session variable from a different process?
1:27AM 1 To Open Source Or Not To Open Source?
12:50AM 0 undefined method `crypted_password='' while using Sentry
12:41AM 4 Changing accessor list order
12:35AM 1 Isolating a Rails app?
12:27AM 1 Multiple table relationships
12:18AM 0 in_place_auto_complete_field?
Thursday March 23 2006
11:42PM 3 when (not) to use belongs_to
11:37PM 0 Reading image file field data directly into RMagick
10:59PM 0 acts_as_taggable and deleting tags
10:56PM 5 Dirt simple .rcss templates
10:25PM 2 Way to iterate over each associtaion
10:00PM 0 SAP and Rails Integration
9:58PM 2 Scheduling Reminders
9:57PM 8 The fastcgi crash after few hours
9:21PM 5 Polymorphic associations
9:00PM 10 Domain Requirements in Routes (Edge Rails)
8:59PM 1 Using ImageMagick with Locomotive
8:38PM 6 easy scaffold question(s)
8:34PM 0 HABTM relationship
8:24PM 0 Flash issues with 1.1RC1
8:15PM 3 drag and drop sorting recipe
7:52PM 1 Routing Issue
6:56PM 0 Porting from Struts to Rails
6:52PM 2 lighttpd rails
6:50PM 4 ANN: capistrano-runit-tasks 0.2.0
6:49PM 14 Distribute Rails app. without source code
6:45PM 2 Ruby and RoR Book Roundup
6:41PM 1 mod_fcgid
6:38PM 0 Ajax and Rails Problem
6:37PM 4 RJS and Form Validation (Best Practice)
6:36PM 15 Is Rails Appropriate for our Project?
6:32PM 0 fastcgi and rails
6:08PM 1 handle multiple lists: move an item from one list to another
6:07PM 0 Strange errors when some paths are wrong
5:51PM 1 YAML inconsistencies...
5:42PM 2 rails 1.1 and mysql errors
5:23PM 0 Delayed scripts and tasks
5:10PM 5 Custom date format
4:41PM 1 Rails AJAX question, calling remote_function in a loop
4:39PM 2 newbie - form_tag with get?
4:33PM 3 Split to array then save to DB
4:21PM 3 How to redisplay submitted data on validation error?
4:00PM 4 how to put the model class in module?
3:53PM 1 Newbie: Saving file from a URL into DB
3:50PM 2 ajax replace div
3:30PM 11 ActiveRecord: Oracle metadata loading slow on large database
3:22PM 8 ActiveRecord & Prepared Statement
3:19PM 1 using :include with acts_as_tree?
3:15PM 7 Fixtures just Do Not Work for Me
3:04PM 2 Securing pages
2:59PM 0 optional has_one association
2:54PM 11 Contact page
2:30PM 8 DRY principle - how to implement?
2:22PM 5 validates_dateness_of ?
2:19PM 3 RJS plugin and rails 1.1
1:48PM 1 Using regional settings from windows registry
1:39PM 5 Filecolumn storage location
1:36PM 1 Select not providing default option
1:00PM 2 Slow database imports with active record
11:48AM 3 Returning CSV data to the client
11:00AM 1 start_form_tag how to use the options parameter ?
10:14AM 4 Postgresql connection problems
10:05AM 1 Graphing library?
10:04AM 0 Newbie - populating select list from db - BUMP :)
9:47AM 6 [mongrel] [fedora5] install error " can''t find ruby libs"
8:16AM 0 Spawn-fcgi spawning & killing
7:58AM 2 [OT] Canada on Rails by ferry?
7:41AM 2 rails lighttpd fastcgi archlinux
7:16AM 0 Newbie; Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.2 to Ruby 1.8.4
7:15AM 0 Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.2 to Ruby 1.8.4 - any issues w/Rails
6:23AM 3 User/group/role model question
6:13AM 0 Why browsing "http://localhost:3000" get redirect?
6:07AM 0 Rails 1.1RC1 corrupts my sqlite3 database
5:09AM 2 Displaying only titles that starts with a defined caracter.
5:08AM 4 Error with Rails 1.1RC1 and Properties page
4:45AM 1 Need installation Help
4:41AM 1 validations.rb of ActiveRecord - bug or misunderstanding?
3:58AM 2 Question About Scaffolding for My First Rails App
3:39AM 0 Houston RoR/ Ruby Group
3:37AM 2 Lighttpd Configuration Problems
3:21AM 3 Which is more robust/bug-free? Rails 1.0 or 1.1-RC1?
2:57AM 4 belongs_to more than one model
2:48AM 1 Implementing a model with logging?
2:44AM 1 can befor_filter expect other controller''s action?
2:40AM 1 Require statements fail under rails?
2:27AM 0 lighty + ssl??
1:28AM 1 Rails on Windows 98 help
1:21AM 1 Multiple file uploads
1:17AM 5 [OT] building fastcgi
1:12AM 3 migrations: how to have all data dumped into rb ?
1:07AM 3 Newbie: ''find'' across multiple relationships
1:00AM 0 1.1RC1 upgrade notes
Wednesday March 22 2006
11:24PM 1 has_many :addresses, :as => :addressable
11:19PM 2 RubyGem loading into a controller (High quality question)
10:45PM 6 OT: a very simple .vimrc example to use with my gmail account, pls help
10:43PM 0 Oracle connect limit exceeded by with WEBrick
10:39PM 5 Adding Custom templates?
10:26PM 0 Rails on Fedora Core 5
10:17PM 1 JOB: Intermediate Web Software Developer
10:12PM 0 How does WEBrick load Gems requested at runtime?
10:11PM 6 Project management
9:45PM 2 How to verify that I can see a Gem from Rails?
9:34PM 0 www::mechanize help
9:33PM 2 Successfully importing Rubyful Soup objects
9:23PM 0 validating composite model keys
9:13PM 0 Really enjoying RoR after about 80 hours with it
8:52PM 2 habtm vs. has_many/belongs_to
8:32PM 9 Setting empty fields with in_place_editor_field
8:22PM 6 Relatively easy HTML/XML parsing utilities?
8:17PM 2 has_many, belongs_to
7:48PM 0 Changing the onsubmit event using an RJS template
7:38PM 2 Docs for 1.1?
7:37PM 5 FTP hangs Rails!
7:30PM 2 n00b question
7:07PM 2 scaffold.css question
7:03PM 1 Generic ''save'' function for multiple objects?
6:45PM 0 Lighttpd aliased does not render css or images - please help!
6:29PM 4 How to write this SQL query?
6:03PM 0 Wierd hash being returned from a .find_all call (usingmySQL)
5:42PM 3 Which JavaScript effect is this?
5:41PM 9 Display problem
5:35PM 3 Rendering partials in ActionMailer?
4:56PM 0 Re: hyperlinks in Agile Web Development with Rails 1.1
4:44PM 0 page caching
4:43PM 2 Nice breadcrumb navigation component?
4:37PM 1 RJS - Still not working in IE
4:33PM 1 Can you supress warnings when running rake?
4:26PM 1 Lightning Fast Javascript Auto complete
4:08PM 1 Multiple Updates, Multiple Renders, One Ajax Call
4:06PM 3 Limiting the number of caracter displayed
3:56PM 3 STI and ActiveRecord attributes unprotected
3:54PM 5 foreach item in column
3:11PM 12 RJS page.replace(_html) problems
3:09PM 5 Apache - Rails communication.
2:50PM 3 Something wrong with content_columns
2:19PM 5 Class Caching Problem [was Newbie Question about Custom Classes]
2:06PM 9 render partial from withit mail template
1:22PM 0 Another Problem with params
1:07PM 0 Time table models and querying approach
12:51PM 3 stack level too deep error : Pulling my hairs out
12:37PM 1 An easy one: Accessing fixture data in 1.0+
12:14PM 4 Newbie - populating select list from db
12:13PM 0 I need a Ruby U.I Designer
11:35AM 4 Problem with ACL plugin system
11:17AM 1 Please: Desperately Seeking Session expiration (DRbStore)
11:09AM 0 assert_redirected_to behaviour
10:45AM 3 database access from outside rails
10:25AM 10 Need for multiple acts_as_list
10:14AM 0 Session accounting with DRbStore: how?
9:53AM 7 What is difference between render & redirect methods?
9:44AM 3 Anyone using Theme Generator
9:29AM 0 Private method gsub Error
9:26AM 2 What am I doing wrong with this? :)
9:15AM 2 What is wrong in this method??????
8:50AM 0 Subdomains as account keys and domain pointers
8:46AM 1 How to go DRY?
8:24AM 1 How to retrieve attribute values of objects?????
7:53AM 2 Test Failure: <0.01> expected but was <0.01>
7:35AM 1 Engine Trouble With Edge
7:18AM 1 How do you clean up this cryptic code?
7:11AM 3 Problems with validates_presence_of...anybody?
7:04AM 2 Controller instance variables falling in and out of scope
6:47AM 1 Ajax.Updater dropping first <OPTION> on IE?
6:44AM 3 strange issue locating a file
6:30AM 3 Parent-Child Tables Help
6:25AM 2 Edge Rails (1.1.0 RC1) and Typo Trunk
6:14AM 14 currency conversion webservice in a rails app?
4:43AM 0 multiple virtual hosts within sigle rails installation
4:30AM 1 plugin version dependencies?
4:10AM 0 memory leak using sql server
3:57AM 3 rails api 1.0 chm version
2:53AM 1 updating multiple attributes
2:51AM 4 hivelogic lighttpd install
2:16AM 1 undefined method `respond_to'' when using Exception Notifier Plugin
1:48AM 15 Rails-1.1.0-RC1 tagged today (4010)
1:40AM 2 observe_form without ajax?
1:14AM 2 How to bypass routing for a particular request?
12:41AM 2 Good Ruby browser/user agent implementation?
12:31AM 1 Capistrano - run command
12:25AM 2 Radio Button Defailt Value?
12:20AM 1 HABTM / Dropdown Help Needed
12:07AM 8 Premature end of script headers: dispatch.cgi
12:05AM 4 How do I substitute variables into class names?
12:03AM 1 page.insert_html and the :text argument
Tuesday March 21 2006
11:56PM 0 is "Task" a reserved class name in Edge Rails? (it clashes with Rake''s Task)
11:52PM 2 Capistrano: creating your own tasks
11:41PM 0 MuraveyWeb CMS status
11:37PM 0 save form values w/paginate (next page links fail)
11:11PM 0 Drag and Drop. Can an element be both?
10:24PM 4 render :action => ''list''
9:59PM 3 ror-generated sql syntax fails at ''where''.
9:54PM 2 Rails newbie can''t initialize a new Paginator object
8:43PM 2 Lighty+Mongrel unresponsive after so many requests
8:00PM 0 Automatic namespacing of custom Rake tasks
7:57PM 1 RoR on Jaguar anyone?
7:54PM 4 Determining Browser?
7:46PM 4 Broken config/lighttpd.conf? (in EdgeRails)
7:29PM 0 Nested One-To-Many ActiveRecord Question
7:18PM 2 Need :through to work as has many rather than HABTM.
7:17PM 7 Rails and JRuby
7:10PM 4 Feedtools
7:08PM 5 Use select_date for my model?
6:54PM 0 Verification: Module methods being called from controller
6:53PM 4 activerecord - mysql blobs...
6:41PM 3 Do module source code changes require reboot of WEBrick?
6:39PM 8 How to avoid multiple submits/posts?
6:06PM 3 Migration Rollbacks
6:01PM 2 Migration ~ Create
5:39PM 3 Instance variable shortcuts to fixture data are not working?
5:35PM 2 SQL bug in acts_as_taggable
5:16PM 1 including templates/views in plugins
5:15PM 3 Newbie - ActiveRecord relationships
5:14PM 4 habtm > join()
5:13PM 1 Mongrel + Lighty + Multiple Rails Apps : How to Route ?
5:11PM 1 Form Validation
5:02PM 0 mod_scgi build problems on FreeBSD
4:53PM 0 theme_generator custom application views
4:49PM 5 Getting a time select input
4:48PM 0 does after_save get called if failed save?
4:46PM 2 Sorting by computed temporary field
4:36PM 7 Nuube Sequence problem
4:13PM 1 web_client_api within ActiveRecord
4:12PM 1 Valitation only on one page?
4:10PM 0 sqlite3 SQL logic error or missing database
3:53PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 18, Issue 525
3:36PM 11 Stuck on ActiveRecord
3:32PM 4 running .bash_login everytime
3:02PM 0 INTERVAL datatype
2:29PM 8 Redirect without port number?
2:24PM 4 Can RoR''s AJAX helpers do this?
2:13PM 2 Can you render partial with collection non-existent rows?
2:04PM 8 Loading the contents of a CSV file to a database
1:15PM 5 Object#id being deprecated - Rails 1.1
12:50PM 0 Why is the path displayed instead of just the filename?
12:36PM 1 Functional Test: post - Other controller
11:58AM 2 Several ''app'' directories ?
10:36AM 13 "Remembering" link to redirect to after logging in
9:25AM 1 Any project for study?
9:24AM 1 Offline installation of ruby gems and rails
9:05AM 2 Validation to make sure associations don''t change?
8:43AM 13 Double and single quote usage in AWDWR
7:32AM 1 dumb svn question
7:31AM 5 Order records based on number of children
6:49AM 5 Encrypting source / application licensing
5:45AM 0 pfpro4r - Ruby bindings for Payflow Pro
4:06AM 0 Multiple records, both save and create
3:45AM 2 These objects aren''t equal..I''m confused
3:44AM 0 Passing named command arguments to a generator
3:35AM 1 Konqueror Ajax update
3:26AM 0 cache and exception safe around_filter (after_filter)
2:51AM 2 How do I get substring of utf-8 string?
2:44AM 4 Using onSubmit tag in form_tag?
2:18AM 8 AS/400?
1:59AM 0 Job - San Francisco
1:31AM 3 Switch...err Capistrano hangs
1:06AM 1 What is the difference between render partial and component?
12:35AM 1 image verification
12:13AM 4 Kaybord problem with "@" and "[" and "]" in console..
12:10AM 5 RoR and Growing Pains
12:03AM 1 Automatic parsing of POSTed XML (SOLVED)
Monday March 20 2006
11:51PM 0 Only 8 tickets remaining for Next Final Drive (Rails 1.1)
11:46PM 8 Best way to organize non-controller logic???
11:39PM 0 Automatic parsing of POSTed XML into @params
10:56PM 2 AHHHhhhhh... has_and_belongs_to_many, that is going on?
10:51PM 2 breakpointer socket errors?
10:36PM 2 Testing Models And Fixtures
10:27PM 5 Wrap error_messages_for() call when no instance var present
10:09PM 1 Mongrel + Apache = Parallel processing ?
10:01PM 2 my howto install rails on os x
9:58PM 0 sortable_element behavior change from 0.13
9:57PM 7 strange charecters after redcloth usage
9:44PM 0 latex plugin
9:30PM 16 logic inside a view file
9:18PM 0 Rescue to public/404.html
9:17PM 0 MYSql (possibly) crashing server
9:11PM 1 Migrations with multi-column indexes
8:54PM 1 script/plugin update [plugin_name] broken?
8:47PM 5 Google AdSense question to Rails community
8:23PM 3 rhtml templates and syntax
8:00PM 0 Rails 1.1 and Timezones
7:51PM 4 Capistrano: cap show_tasks working but rake show_tasks not?
7:26PM 3 Linking two HTML SELECT''s together
7:08PM 1 Url encode
7:00PM 6 Rails and Offline processing
6:31PM 3 can''t get my rss to validate with feedtools
6:31PM 2 Capistrano, ftp user and svn user are different
6:17PM 3 login_engine
5:51PM 2 Noob Understanding Collections
5:24PM 0 Using render within plugin.
5:22PM 3 Where does it come from?
5:20PM 4 Ajax.Request w/standard redirect doesn''t render
4:35PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 18, Issue 502
4:11PM 0 Re: Problem with AJAX not working on IE
3:37PM 24 Newbie Question about Custom Classes
3:26PM 1 Error when configuring rails to run in subdomain
2:58PM 1 Location to startup DRb Server
2:40PM 16 Secret URLs and file downloads
1:32PM 1 RJS & IE Woes
12:54PM 1 has_many in a view
12:15PM 1 How to use flash in javascript?
11:34AM 0 unchanging session id
10:59AM 5 :conditions => ["phone like ''%:phone%''" , {:phone => "555"}]
9:30AM 9 jEdit Snippets for Ruby on Rails
8:52AM 22 Applicationwide BusinessObject/Hash
7:46AM 0 Is this a Bug?
6:49AM 1 AJAX in conjunction with partials
6:29AM 1 Running total of a field in child records
4:21AM 1 FileColumn question
3:56AM 7 FreeBSD Performance Tip
3:29AM 2 Rails Plugin to Help Debug Views
2:55AM 7 error using feedtools
2:52AM 1 I need some help with OptionsParser
2:29AM 11 has_many brings back ''uninitialized constant''
2:17AM 1 Rails CGI calls
1:50AM 3 help: acts_as_versioned setup error "undefined local variable or method ''base_class''"
1:40AM 3 Unit tests leave data behind when they should not
1:18AM 0 Only 50 Tickets left for Canada on Rails
Sunday March 19 2006
11:05PM 3 Can''t add data during migration if column is called "type"
8:54PM 1 Rendering Partials w/Collections - is there a way to find the position?
8:52PM 2 Multiple polymorphic belongs_to declarations
8:51PM 1 Finding RDoc templates
8:42PM 2 How to create a proper name for the diff for the RoR patch?
7:15PM 38 Macbook for Rails Development
6:50PM 2 Blank Page Loading before Action Complete
6:32PM 2 Unit test confusion
6:31PM 1 Rails and REST Example
5:07PM 1 How to access attributes from a join table?
5:06PM 1 How to access atributes from a join table?
4:35PM 3 Multiple website section = multiple controllers ?
3:47PM 3 Table belongs_to either of two other tables?
2:08PM 3 String keys in hash
2:08PM 1 testing helpers
12:58PM 7 Tag Cloud Code
12:46PM 1 Sending post request with post_form
12:34PM 0 Trouble redefining ActiveRecord default error messages
12:11PM 3 Ferret 0.9.0-alpha (port of Apache Lucene to pure ruby)
11:55AM 0 Ackbar 0.1.1 - ActiveRecord Adapter for KirbyBase
11:36AM 4 elemental race conditions question
9:00AM 20 Instiki 0.11.0 - ActiveRecord Forever
8:47AM 1 Ruby startup slow on Windows Server 2003
8:34AM 0 wishlist: revisiting subdomain access in routes.rb
7:17AM 1 some strange behavior for has_many with STI
7:08AM 0 rails syslog
6:04AM 4 Trouble with composed_of
5:58AM 4 function names contain regex?
5:30AM 0 RJS Templates Don''t Automatically Eval
4:48AM 2 After Migration dispatch.fcgi not doing its job? Keep gettting the home page
4:15AM 1 Question on creating a report
3:47AM 0 Oracle connection problems when connecting to multiple databases
3:09AM 0 rails analyze issue
2:36AM 2 Functional Testing
2:34AM 2 Pretty-Printing (X)HTML Output
12:27AM 0 User engine apparently breaks wsdl in some cases
12:15AM 3 How can I access an attribute via a symbol?
Saturday March 18 2006
11:29PM 1 user engine redirect configuration help
11:18PM 3 Migrate hangs on Mac OS X
10:20PM 3 Weird stylesheet_link_tag issue after moving servers
9:59PM 5 Getting a blank page for uknown reason
9:35PM 2 basic operations in rails
9:28PM 16 fixrbconfig - does it work on intel macs?
9:17PM 4 Mongrel Console 0.1 -- script/console meets mongrel
9:02PM 5 How would I get the previous id from the database?
8:52PM 2 redirect killing dispatch.cgi
8:08PM 24 rails is extremely hard to install
8:05PM 2 Additional link tag attributes with link_to_function...
7:59PM 1 rails-y way to handle quasi-numeric type
7:41PM 2 ANN: capistrano-runit-tasks 0.1.0
7:22PM 10 collection_select''s linked
7:06PM 1 Ruby on Rails CMS Video
6:42PM 9 Using <%= text_field %> within partials is problematic
6:30PM 1 change HTML gnerated by form_input
6:02PM 0 Selective Tests w/ in-memory db
5:57PM 0 RTex Plugin
5:45PM 1 Date formatting and adding question
5:38PM 0 unit tests for sub-classes
5:10PM 1 How do you decide what controllers and actions to have?
3:53PM 1 has_many and validates_associated
3:47PM 1 Need help .. Rails Recipes, in_place_editor, selecting associations
3:19PM 4 Accessing overridden method
2:49PM 2 Need help with my view populating rows
2:24PM 2 in_place_editor change request...
2:08PM 3 paginate a collection
1:07PM 2 problem with webrick and edge rails
12:33PM 1 Fixtures and single table inheritance
11:45AM 0 How to use "form_remote_tag" to retrieve the values
11:22AM 4 new user.presentation
11:12AM 1 How to hide controller name in the url?
10:58AM 0 Catching Errors
10:56AM 9 How do I write this SQL the Rails way?
10:00AM 1 Custom Capistrano maintenance template
7:40AM 3 Nil result on find & pretty print
6:20AM 0 AJAX and partial template rendering
2:15AM 0 implicit template naming for multipart/alternative emails
1:07AM 6 ActiveLDAP and variable sub scope object writing
12:53AM 0 Live Search problems - HELP
12:24AM 9 RJS - not working in IE
Friday March 17 2006
11:43PM 1 Module Caching in devel mode?
11:41PM 0 Generating WSDL when using delegated or layered distpatching
10:08PM 1 [noob] params vs query string
8:56PM 2 SOA on rails...
8:25PM 0 ActionController::Verification problem (sorry if it is double post, I''m not sure about the first one)
8:02PM 2 How do I use ''reply-to'' with Action Mailer
7:58PM 4 Noob question about the "show" function
7:49PM 5 Radio Button Validation
7:43PM 0 Installed Gems on godaddy.com
6:36PM 0 Hosting a Rails project (svn, trac, etc.)
6:27PM 2 Temporary Model Data
6:23PM 1 RSS problem when trying to display ID - HELP
6:10PM 0 unit_tests and deleting from the database
5:56PM 2 British Pound character in error messages
5:30PM 2 Controller/View Organization (Newbie Question)
5:27PM 1 Re: Rails SQL Server adapter
4:44PM 10 breadcrumbs?
4:39PM 0 validations using acts_as_taggable
4:16PM 1 Re: Rails SQL Server adapter
4:16PM 0 Using a New Builder Version
3:59PM 1 Design / Pattern / Scaffold for has-and-belongs-to-many ?
3:53PM 2 Security issue dealing with comment posting - anyone?
3:12PM 0 Multiple Associations, Multiple Joins
2:23PM 1 MySQL-Front strangeness - help needed, esp. from newbies
2:11PM 7 OT: Subversion folder cleanup
1:18PM 1 How to handle errors - HELP
12:23PM 4 using ajax and layouts
12:10PM 3 Timestamps casted to nil?
11:53AM 1 How to update values in database in this form?
11:17AM 2 Test if remote file is actually RSS/XML
11:11AM 4 deleting from hash question
10:26AM 4 hidden fields
10:23AM 2 Favicon.ico doesn''t show in IE 6
9:19AM 6 Problem with ruby 1.8.4 One-Click Ruby Installer on windows
9:04AM 1 Picture upload - picture gets chopped
8:02AM 1 edge - scaffolds now pluralized?
7:33AM 2 How to specify default action for particulr actioncontroller
6:34AM 3 How to check for presence of particular value entered ?
5:38AM 0 Unable to find rdoc for mepis.
5:24AM 3 Best debugger for Rails on Linux
4:58AM 2 How to let the layout be more OO?
4:50AM 0 Returning from Ajax call - "redirect_to error"
4:44AM 2 Validation not working.......
3:53AM 1 Congratulations!Both Rails book and framework win Jolt Award
3:22AM 1 does the template know the name of the method that called it
2:21AM 0 China On Rails
2:16AM 1 DB2 Migrations?
2:03AM 2 Installing MySql using Ruby Gems
2:02AM 22 godaddy & rails
1:40AM 3 Updating Table without ID Column
1:14AM 0 validates_format_of before type_cast?
1:05AM 1 graceful session expiry?
12:48AM 6 SVG showstopper
12:43AM 3 RoR problems with Created_At and PostgreSQL
12:00AM 0 ODBTP
Thursday March 16 2006
11:54PM 1 access to cookies using auth generaor ?
11:46PM 6 Sessions or lookups?
11:26PM 5 Multiple databases + switching databases
10:52PM 0 problem with file_column storing images and other files
10:46PM 2 Arrays of Model Objects, Intersections, Object Identification... ?
10:36PM 1 Problem with Rake ''remote_exec'' for Capistrano/Switchtower
10:34PM 10 Substruct Open Source E-Commerce Platform
10:31PM 6 File Auditing with rails - File I/O issue
10:23PM 4 Handling/Catching Exceptions
9:47PM 2 Verifying existance of related record
9:46PM 0 Full time Ruby on Rails position in Provo, UT
9:30PM 1 Re: rcov 0.2.0 - code coverage tool for Ruby
9:25PM 0 getting ActiveRecord with Sybase ASE 12.5 going in Windows
9:13PM 0 using ajax-enabled search field in rails
9:09PM 1 rails3 - example of Amazon S3 on rails
9:03PM 0 HanselMinutes on WATIR
8:58PM 0 ZLIB::GzipWriter - Strange file encoding?
8:56PM 6 How to have multiple fields appear in collection_select?
8:36PM 2 Questions about file_column plugin
8:28PM 3 Lighty+Mongrel: Limiting persistent db connections?
8:20PM 4 problems with latest and greatest ?
8:07PM 1 sql functions in cru ( not d )
7:47PM 0 using defaults for stylesheet link tag
7:41PM 4 Mongrel 0.3.11 - speed test ... seems slow
7:37PM 1 login_engine error
7:20PM 0 Firefox Live Bookmarks
7:16PM 0 Help with research for an enterprise Rails whitepaper
7:09PM 0 ActionController::Verification problem
7:04PM 8 Question on gems on Mac OSX
7:00PM 1 You have received a postcard !
6:52PM 1 beginner question on active record relationships
6:38PM 2 how to limit standard layout on action
6:18PM 0 Ajax_scaffold_generator and datebox_engine
6:13PM 9 Baffling AJAX issue
6:00PM 1 application_helper.rb vs application.rb
5:52PM 0 validating presence of a tag
5:40PM 23 AJAX on Mobile Internet Explorer
5:20PM 3 Passing function names from string variables
4:53PM 1 Problem with STI and validation
4:44PM 2 please help: "undefined method ''updated?''"
4:43PM 0 Patched 1.0.0--Better than Rails-1.0.0 or latest revisions?
4:29PM 3 image doesn''t show (rhtml path???)
4:21PM 1 include once in partial
4:21PM 1 include once in partials
4:18PM 0 RewriteRule with scgi on Apache 2
4:17PM 1 [ADV] New Beta of Rails Recipes available
3:52PM 3 Questions on using Capistrano with CVS
3:49PM 3 ACLSystem and session variables
3:38PM 0 Commerce Server 2002
3:31PM 2 How install Ruby on Rails WITHOUT MySQL
3:30PM 5 TimeZone, TZInfo, daylight savings, and composed_of
2:44PM 0 Conflicting Attributes in Model and Join Table...
2:43PM 4 Capistrano :update_code problem
2:35PM 0 Accessing Helperfunctions from the Controller
1:40PM 0 Ajax and comments - HELP
12:39PM 2 question about ajax/rjs and redirection
12:38PM 0 The panel of the gusto.com
12:37PM 10 Nubee Callbacks problem
12:28PM 3 How to paginate in descending order?
12:23PM 9 Help needed on STI syntax
11:42AM 3 Windows Deployment on Unix
11:34AM 3 inserted_at seems buggy in production mode?
10:36AM 3 Connecting to Oracle8i
10:26AM 2 Bulk upload of pictures
10:16AM 1 Use Migrations in modules in separate source trees?
10:12AM 2 WEBrick and OS X 10.4.5 problems?
9:00AM 6 Newbie question - Rails without database
8:21AM 21 RadRails 0.6 out
6:15AM 1 Newbie Question on Link_to Method
4:13AM 32 iterating a partial with :collection
3:29AM 0 UserEngine and the test environment
3:28AM 1 Rails SQL generation (Firebird adapter) - can someone explain ...
1:43AM 4 calling an actionview method from inside a model
12:35AM 4 Table Relationships Problems.
12:06AM 0 Dynamic Link Library
12:04AM 2 Developers Wanted
Wednesday March 15 2006
11:35PM 1 Dynamic Link Handler
11:24PM 4 New RadRails tutorial using AWDWR book
10:57PM 2 Rails Error Query
10:51PM 7 O''Reilly Rails Cookbook on Rough Cuts
10:14PM 10 Question on hardware for site
8:37PM 0 customizing scaffold_generator.rb to add :maxsize
8:35PM 1 Rails license agreement
8:27PM 0 Mailing List Woes
8:09PM 2 Route for any image?
7:46PM 2 Capistrano/Switchtower screencast
7:44PM 3 rails apps look & feel
6:48PM 3 App design help for a newbie (trying again)
6:22PM 5 Passing params to a component
4:45PM 1 Console load failure on windows
4:24PM 9 Rails 1.1 is coming!
4:13PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers needed for Steve Case''s new company(co-founder of AOL)
4:13PM 3 [login_generator] implementing login limits
4:11PM 0 Problems with Texmate Rails bundle
3:57PM 9 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.11 -- Edge Rails and Win32Compliant
3:02PM 0 ROR Developers needed for Steve Case''s new comp(AOLF founder
1:39PM 4 Ruby - Feed Generators
1:32PM 6 my Rails app "freezes" everytime I log out from SSH
1:16PM 7 Populating text_tag with serialized data
1:10PM 2 Session (stored in db) not working in testing mode
12:57PM 0 on components
12:55PM 1 Maintaining a selection list
12:46PM 1 rake + http proxy
12:41PM 1 An Association Problem: AR::Base.find{:include} and n-deep association traversal
12:19PM 1 Nested layouts problem
11:57AM 0 table builder?
11:27AM 1 AJAX + Rails question
11:25AM 1 Through method problems with custom foreign_keys
11:21AM 4 RJS template eating encoding
11:07AM 3 Adding Gems and Plugins To A Shared Hosting Account?
11:02AM 0 Acts_as_nested performance query
10:45AM 4 [NQ] How to set an initial FK for a new item of something?
10:16AM 4 help with DRY violation
9:58AM 1 File Upload Problem
8:54AM 1 rails and visitor stats
8:43AM 6 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.11 -- Edge Rails and Win32 Compliant
8:37AM 0 Rails Plugin to Validate (X)HTML and CSS
8:23AM 2 link_to_remote issue after upgrading to rails 1.0
8:16AM 7 rails on OS X 10.3.9 not working
8:14AM 0 Prepend string to output URLs
7:52AM 3 Any one who can help with how to implement such a login?
7:38AM 0 App design help for a newbie
7:31AM 5 Apache (both 1.3 & 2) not calling dispatch.fcgi on Debian
7:04AM 1 Strange behaviour of dates
6:59AM 1 dynamic events calendar
6:54AM 10 Scaffold with Foreign Key
6:06AM 13 usage of constants
5:15AM 0 Raise your hand if you''re going to the MySQL conference
5:12AM 5 acts_as_threaded - help ???
4:59AM 0 [ADV] Best of Ruby Quiz available
4:57AM 1 file_column imagemagick strangeness
3:49AM 2 Table with a field name ''type'' problem.
3:49AM 1 push_with_attributes not inserting default values
3:22AM 3 Oracle Hosting
3:10AM 3 Self-referential join model does not work
2:58AM 3 Special characters in ERB
2:51AM 0 Rails App Error with lighttpd
2:37AM 2 Inventory Project
2:33AM 2 Using form_remote_tag, setting the form name
2:17AM 2 ruby data dumper?
2:12AM 8 Tags to ruby interface: What I am missing? (repost)
1:44AM 0 Grid making helper in view
1:32AM 0 Ajax_generator as a component for master/detail use?
1:23AM 2 Where are the session objects stored in the filesystem on the server?
12:53AM 0 The session used in Login-Engine & autologin
12:47AM 0 FCGI hanging w/ LightTPD in about 24-48 hours
12:38AM 1 RSS <description> problem
Tuesday March 14 2006
11:44PM 5 Column aliasing in ActiveRecord?
11:28PM 1 include method in helper
11:24PM 4 Cmd. line scripts that use Rails?
11:16PM 3 How to save parent and child objects in a single action?
11:02PM 2 no such file to load -- login_system
10:32PM 3 Check whether externam URL is valid?
10:28PM 1 Where to validate?
10:22PM 0 problem with components
10:18PM 7 Application error (Rails)
10:17PM 2 Two unsaved related objects
9:56PM 1 ActionMailer Error - Please Help!
9:54PM 1 Dynamic Finders with _or_create Don''t Work?
9:34PM 3 specifying table type
9:26PM 7 Overriding new or create for a model
9:08PM 2 Rails redirect/jump script?
9:07PM 1 html-scanner in controller?
9:05PM 0 WEBrick alternate port specification
8:57PM 3 rails on emacs - need a working .emacs sample
8:51PM 14 Gusto.com Rails Site
8:47PM 0 Hyperlink "pop-back" from popup window
8:41PM 2 noob question about find()??
8:29PM 0 broken installation (no such file -- rubygems)??
8:09PM 8 The RoR equivalent of out.write() in JSP?
8:04PM 15 in_place_editor_field -- values not clickable
7:54PM 5 Unable to display errors for multiple records
7:52PM 3 Help doing find - look for nonempty habtm
7:42PM 1 ActionRecord: Need for "identity"/"serial" columns?
7:36PM 0 using components
7:17PM 2 Nubie: collection_select with two fields concatenated
7:07PM 3 Simple search on joined table
7:07PM 0 Where to put Exceptions
7:00PM 2 rjs woes
6:58PM 4 Two Customer Types - Best Design Principle?
6:24PM 3 ActiveRecord row-by-row processing
6:22PM 2 [OT] Comments wanted on use of bitwise op
6:04PM 2 autocomplete using other models
5:58PM 1 ActionMailer - help!
5:54PM 4 What does the send() method do on a model object?
5:46PM 0 validates_associated stops after first fail
5:32PM 2 How to not display :id in link_to URL
5:13PM 2 Where i can download docs for offline reference?
5:03PM 0 Trouble running script/indexer at Dreamhost
4:57PM 5 Controller Naming Question
4:50PM 0 Vim autoindenting?
4:46PM 3 LDAP Authentication
4:31PM 11 how to work with a designer
4:23PM 9 Can you better this String acronym method?
4:19PM 1 where do i put an modified String class?
4:17PM 0 RoR consultant required in UK
4:05PM 5 Maddening library loading problem
4:03PM 5 How to display different images using ajax?
2:47PM 3 How to write ! version of non ! method?
2:40PM 2 Only allowing areas of site to users using authentication
2:36PM 2 ActionMailer not working correctly
2:30PM 5 Apache2 + FastCGI + SSL: File upload fails with HTTPS
2:19PM 3 Lighttpd stops after serving 2 requests.
1:57PM 2 RJS & Unicode (again)
1:41PM 4 ruby-postgres: can''t convert string to integer
1:28PM 1 Ruby Dates - help
12:33PM 0 Multiword autocompletion
12:20PM 0 how to render_component in global layout
12:14PM 4 validates_confirmation_of has stopped working
11:39AM 8 "Database" as a collection of XML docs
10:45AM 3 cascading eager loading patch not working in oracle
10:40AM 7 Starting with RJS - not working
10:33AM 2 acts_as_paranoid and :include
10:30AM 6 How to provide 2 actions to a form?
10:03AM 1 I''m missing something obvious to a taglib programmer ...
8:46AM 5 GROUP BY and SUM
8:41AM 0 reporting tool
7:13AM 3 Can anybody tell me step by step how validate data on form?
6:54AM 0 How can I get the Eastern time zone when inserting?
6:28AM 0 Bar Camp Chennai Happening
6:24AM 1 Dreamhost Error - HELP
6:13AM 0 Search within an Add page
5:37AM 2 RDT and breakpointer
4:03AM 1 removing an object from params hash
4:01AM 21 Changing default date format in Rails
3:50AM 4 has_one
3:40AM 6 Framework
3:06AM 8 email address parse
2:34AM 5 Dreamhost Database problems
2:27AM 1 ruby/rails and NACHA
1:59AM 2 slider.js in ruby on rails
1:54AM 7 Single form w/ relationships: how do I integrate it?
1:37AM 5 Dreamhost and fcgi....help!
12:11AM 0 Unbuffered Output?
12:11AM 4 Rails Developer Positions in San Diego
12:01AM 5 Best way to use partial rendering in global layout
Monday March 13 2006
11:57PM 2 relationship woes
11:34PM 7 Problem with params
11:29PM 0 REST webservice client
11:28PM 0 Encrypting data before saving
11:18PM 2 Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server using ADO
11:14PM 0 Pagination attributes
10:36PM 2 Can Rails handle PUT requests??
10:23PM 0 Deployment on Virtual Host
10:20PM 2 Help with mysql_adapter.rb?
10:16PM 4 Storing model object in session in EdgeRails
10:12PM 1 has_many.collection<<obj doesn''t set attributes?
8:53PM 6 noob question!! auto fill forms
8:47PM 0 dabbleability
8:41PM 2 how do I render a partial view into a string from inside a view ?
8:16PM 6 Specifying none/single/many conditions at the same time
8:09PM 3 "./blah/blah" vs. "/blah/blah"
8:06PM 3 adding new validates_foo to the models
7:53PM 1 adding custom cache field
7:49PM 9 what the ยป ???
7:24PM 5 UPS Shipping Table?
7:18PM 1 Multiple instances of the same app
7:15PM 32 DRY principle form validations
7:01PM 2 Rails : Objects, Patterns and Practice
6:53PM 0 save''s implicit transactions when updating?
6:37PM 0 Time Column
6:21PM 1 Pagination & Feedtools
6:19PM 0 noob: Is there a "root" for IIS virtual dir?
5:20PM 2 Autocomplete broken after update to Rails 1.0
5:15PM 2 Newbie: Can''t get file to upload
5:13PM 4 Trouble Using AR Object based on a Piggyback Query?
4:55PM 6 JobsOnRails
4:48PM 0 Problems with association named :task
4:45PM 3 unit tests executed for every page load ?
4:40PM 0 Getting AR to downcase table and column names
4:30PM 0 Hieraki2 status quiestion and postgres schema
4:13PM 2 Excessive Errno::EBADF with dispatch.fcgi
4:09PM 0 Upload progress problem with Ajax component
3:57PM 3 Translate to one language: Globalize is overkill?
3:34PM 0 Flash keeping forever when using ActiveRecordStore
3:04PM 3 problem updating mulitple divs with ajax
3:02PM 1 issue with redirect_to
2:55PM 2 Keypress events with no AJAX needed
2:42PM 0 (Nested) collection in a view
2:18PM 1 rendering templates outside defaultl views location
2:15PM 7 Wilcard search
2:13PM 0 RubyCorner a meeting place for the Ruby and Rails blogging community
2:10PM 4 How to embed the Login Engine in to the layout?
1:43PM 8 Nested find(:all, :include => ) statements
1:35PM 2 Dreamhost uploading
1:14PM 5 Ruby on Rails Applications - To get RSS Feeds
12:40PM 2 Ruby/Rails contract: Sydney, Australia
12:15PM 4 Problem realted to upload..
12:05PM 1 Styling pagination links ?
12:01PM 0 Download edge rails as zip?
11:54AM 0 Using :group in find method
11:51AM 2 HowToHandleMultipleRelationshipsBetweenTables?
11:49AM 1 How to run rails app exe on port other than 3000?
11:48AM 0 rake scheme_dump ignores foreighn keys ??
11:33AM 1 svn rails problem
11:18AM 2 How to apply an effect to a link_to_remote :update without using evaluate_remote_response?
11:11AM 5 What is the matter with content_for_layout?
11:08AM 1 Problems with this list and .Mac??
11:05AM 1 Installing edge rails. PLease help
10:54AM 1 "rake freeze_edge" over proxy?
10:41AM 1 active record mysql query help
10:23AM 0 Adoppt Ruby on Rails: A social Networking Platform
10:12AM 16 Lost connection to MySQL server during query
9:47AM 2 Routing in Rails
9:38AM 6 lame newbie question: how to pass instance variables
9:16AM 2 error message for empty object
8:41AM 9 apache 1 fastcgi config correct???
8:21AM 3 validates_associated problem
8:03AM 0 How to integrate layouts?
7:57AM 2 Prototype ajax/javascript q
7:35AM 4 undefined method `validates_presence_of'' for #<ProductsContr
7:18AM 4 controllers, models and views in plugins
6:59AM 0 Controller handling of Non-model fields
6:56AM 0 How to use flash in ROR.......
6:54AM 3 validation and update
5:57AM 2 newbie: parent-child view
5:01AM 3 DreamHost problems (SSH)
4:33AM 4 Find and eager loading questions
4:00AM 3 HABTM: two habtm''s between the same two tables
3:50AM 5 Displaying related entries by tags - HELP!
3:17AM 2 Engines with InstantRails
2:14AM 0 (no subject)
1:48AM 3 Convert line breaks to paragraph tags
1:28AM 9 Subversion problem - since you guys talked me into it :)
12:14AM 6 :dependent => :destroy
Sunday March 12 2006
10:58PM 2 Dealing with empty 404 images
10:02PM 5 AR - Migrations - how to use a varchar as primary key instead of int ?
9:53PM 0 NameError when trying to combine Recipe 14 (rich HABTM) & Rec. 10 (self-ref HABTM):
9:33PM 1 restart ROR app running on Apache, FCGI (textdrive)
9:19PM 2 Find all the methods on a object in an irb session?
9:07PM 11 HABTM selection conditions
8:40PM 0 Best way to cookie a user?
7:50PM 0 Unexpected attribute modification
6:52PM 0 Conditional Action Caching?
6:50PM 0 undefined method and auto_complete
6:48PM 0 RoR Developer needed - short-term assignment
6:27PM 1 a better way to alias methods
5:25PM 1 What''s the correct way to use ":with" with link_to_remote?
5:06PM 2 InstantRails works with WEBrick, fails with SCGI
4:55PM 3 select_time help needed (Noob)
4:22PM 1 alias_method interferes ApplicationHelper
3:30PM 2 Strange error: undefined method `rewrite''
2:39PM 0 Validate a model with a session parameter
1:40PM 0 ERB and Builder template engines shouldn''t be so heavily wired in ActionView::Base
10:31AM 0 redirect_to with different HTTP error status
9:16AM 2 engines in edge
6:07AM 5 Webrick and Lighttpd
4:15AM 5 Authentication and authorization of static content
3:30AM 1 Error when starting webrick with "ruby script\server"
2:11AM 3 Newbie: using find like a sql join query
2:11AM 3 Displaying a Tree
1:09AM 2 Ruby syntax question, I think ...
1:05AM 2 counter_cache reference/tutorial
1:01AM 3 Setting environment variable for Rails app?
12:33AM 2 Default option in collection_select
12:31AM 4 Apache not running Fcgid
12:29AM 0 Setting env vars from within a Rails app?
Saturday March 11 2006
11:30PM 11 Noob needs help with ''if'' block
11:00PM 0 How to best handle a hierarchy
10:57PM 0 ActiveRBAC
10:28PM 3 Watermarks?
9:46PM 2 how do i retrieve a newly created id
9:05PM 1 how to test flash.now?
8:58PM 2 How do you display validation errors when validating child models?
8:35PM 0 PDFlib releases Ruby bindings
7:17PM 1 feedburner api xml
6:10PM 6 develop multiple apps simultaneously how?
5:58PM 2 Has anyone created a UAT environment to go with test, development and production?
5:52PM 2 assignment of parent ID in child''s fk field
5:14PM 0 clientside transformation of markdown to HTML
5:08PM 5 rails log
5:03PM 4 Live search in Rails
3:53PM 2 ActiveRecord increment confusion
3:44PM 0 more app suggestions?
3:25PM 3 website monitor?
3:23PM 4 Looking for a Freelancer!
2:46PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.3.0
2:18PM 1 I do not get it
11:26AM 2 Problems building mysql gem
10:54AM 1 unit testing date columns
10:19AM 3 Helper methods for ActiveRecord
9:21AM 3 Widen in_place_editor ?
7:52AM 1 HABTM 1.1 - counter cache?
6:34AM 0 file_column value always null
5:47AM 0 Client-side validation in Rails?
5:26AM 0 plugins and testing
4:55AM 5 500 Internal Server error
3:04AM 1 actioncontroller sans view
12:51AM 8 SVG in Rails
12:26AM 0 Using :joins - How to help Rails populate a list of records from a complex join
12:12AM 2 Customising FCKeditor
Friday March 10 2006
11:37PM 3 Problems installing rubygems -No such file to load: rubygems
10:44PM 5 PDF::Writer Simpletable Iteration
10:07PM 0 link_to(... :popup => true) problem
9:53PM 1 Error using mysql store procedures
9:25PM 0 Design question
9:16PM 1 text_field_tag html class
9:12PM 1 Problem rendering components
9:04PM 0 can''t start webrick on windows (fixed?)
9:00PM 0 Data modeling - representing data across models
8:55PM 4 problem when looping through habtm children in a view
8:31PM 4 validation is giving me heartburn
7:53PM 5 ActiveLdap and windows.
7:43PM 1 Maximum size of Ajax partial in Firefox?
7:29PM 0 Overriding save breaks increment!/decrement!
7:26PM 2 textilize != RedCloth.new ?
7:25PM 0 Rails/Ruby users in the Lubbock area
7:22PM 4 Problem with ajax and textareas on firefox but works on IE
6:47PM 14 Oracle Date type errors rails on edit
6:36PM 2 Generating RSS 1.0
6:28PM 0 Form Array Elements Handling
6:26PM 3 Ruby on Rails developers in Singapore?
5:56PM 2 validation null objects and objects with data
5:22PM 0 Multiple radio buttons for defining multiple objects?
5:04PM 2 rake fails on build server, but not in development
4:43PM 6 boolean select problem
4:37PM 0 [JOB] Ruby/RoR Software Engineer, Lake Bluff, IL | 75-120k
4:33PM 0 ODBC to Web Service -- any advice?
4:30PM 3 before_filter question
4:17PM 3 installing rails 1.0 on Windows
4:00PM 8 XML Databinding frameworks
3:43PM 1 how can I add a new fct to the class Hash
3:13PM 7 ODBC adapter connection help please.
2:52PM 0 Need an opinion on ActiveRecord vs.(?) duck typing
2:09PM 3 Using Rails without a webpage
1:59PM 6 Ruby for presentation layer, C# for business layer - how to
1:21PM 3 External controller code
1:00PM 3 WML sites
11:50AM 0 WEBrick crashing
10:52AM 5 case insensitive search
10:47AM 6 How do i apply a patch?
10:27AM 1 How to use variables inside rhtml??
9:49AM 8 multiple sub categories (parent-child)
9:40AM 0 Problem with fireruby when connecting to database
9:37AM 2 Syntax for <input type=hidden> in rhtml????
9:23AM 0 Getting error like "wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)"
9:21AM 19 validates_date plugin for ActiveRecord
7:26AM 3 css question
7:22AM 10 Textmate Rails Plugin Cheat Sheet
6:46AM 0 file_column: post processing to add or delete thumbnail sizes
4:34AM 7 Problem saving data in different languages
3:44AM 3 Changes to class caching between Rails 0.14.3 and 1.0?
3:05AM 3 Searching database using foriegn keys
3:05AM 2 adding to has_many on create and edit
1:43AM 3 [OT] Rails in Bristol?
1:37AM 1 Validate fields and display errors from two models?
1:21AM 2 RoR Deployment on Shared Hosting
1:12AM 0 auto_complete_field, :on_hide woes
12:54AM 0 Session management changed in EdgeRails?
12:23AM 3 In Place Editor and Empty Fields
12:14AM 9 Observers?
Thursday March 9 2006
11:34PM 2 EXTREME Newbie Qestion - Is RoR the right tool?
11:25PM 1 Howto save / update using multiple tables?
11:24PM 2 rails noob
11:10PM 6 svn and ruby structure
10:32PM 1 [TIP] Making an intelligent form fields
10:15PM 3 How to copy between databases?
9:50PM 2 turn off auto increment
9:48PM 5 Newbie - Help Please
9:36PM 3 removing something from the session
9:17PM 3 Script to count lines of code in Rails app?
8:57PM 0 markably in instance_var mungling
8:50PM 6 rmagick and captcha
8:15PM 7 how to make two forms on the same page???
7:50PM 2 get info
7:39PM 4 calling partials from public/*.html?
7:35PM 3 problem with find()
7:24PM 22 How to scale mysql servers for a rails application?
7:21PM 2 handling events: mouseover, etc.
6:57PM 2 Edge Rails Webrick Problem
6:57PM 4 RoR developers in China needed
6:42PM 1 Rails File Upload w/ Ajax Update?
6:40PM 0 validating code for security issues
6:19PM 0 Get width of an element using javascript
6:07PM 4 habtm questions
6:02PM 0 Sybase/FreeTDS and RoR
5:26PM 3 ONLamp.com Tutorial Trouble
5:13PM 0 Why are migrations not part of the model?
5:12PM 0 why do i not get error warning from validation?
5:05PM 11 syncPEOPLE on Rails TextMate Bundle 1.0 & Screencast
5:03PM 7 How to restrict access to admin part of the page?
4:59PM 3 Need help PLEASE!!! - updating collection from form
4:42PM 4 Testing Migrations
4:35PM 2 New and lost
4:29PM 3 Building a model from a database view
4:07PM 1 Mutable models based on dbfunctions or stored procs?
3:54PM 3 OT: Subversion repository layout
3:45PM 0 Re: Displaying related tables in forms.. probably an easy qu
3:36PM 4 sort-weirdness - active record issue?
2:39PM 8 Problem with scaffolding and table name
2:39PM 4 Stop users accessing methods.
2:04PM 6 [ADV] New version of Rails Recipes Beta is available
1:58PM 4 cross domain cookies
1:36PM 1 OOP basics
1:07PM 0 Sending files other than html via Actionmailer
12:07PM 0 odbc adapter error with one-click-installer 1.8.4 pv3
12:04PM 12 ruby/rails seems to be fubar''d
11:59AM 2 How to keep formatting of text in textarea?
11:11AM 1 I wanna use INFORMIX DB in Ruby on Rails
10:01AM 2 issuing raw SQL in Rails
9:41AM 4 Strange Unit Testing error - newbie question
9:40AM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many -- how to create test fixtures?
9:23AM 3 redirect_to :back question
9:12AM 2 clarify
9:10AM 0 acts_as_encapsulating / acts_as_inherit
9:00AM 16 Preloading child rows 2 levels deep?
7:53AM 2 How do I get an array of object ids?
5:53AM 0 Caching Rocks!
4:33AM 2 Newbie question: How to represent parent-child denormalization
4:25AM 1 RSS testing on localhost?
3:48AM 15 regular expressions slay me
2:22AM 1 Capistrano Error undefined method ''local''
1:45AM 1 ActionMailer Question -- can''t find email templates
1:43AM 13 Apache or lighttp for Ror/2003server?
1:39AM 15 open source editor
1:20AM 1 disable link to current page
12:57AM 1 very basic newbie question!
12:46AM 5 link_to_remote id or class
12:36AM 0 Lighttpd-1.4.11 prerelease available for testing with Rails
12:28AM 0 Caching problem: expire_page not working
Wednesday March 8 2006
11:41PM 1 Limiting a user''s view of data
11:30PM 2 RailsConf speakers
11:24PM 4 Performance with many look-up tables
10:57PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 18, Issue 216
10:47PM 2 inheritance problem with controllers
10:47PM 3 List and update values from text_field_tag fields
10:44PM 4 order.products << product w/out persisting
10:23PM 5 object.save is not creating an insert statement
10:21PM 5 Ruby/LDAP on Rails
10:19PM 1 Caching model metadata?
9:56PM 2 mysql freakout!
9:16PM 0 Can components call components?
9:10PM 12 best way to combine results from two tables
9:02PM 1 displaying database errors
8:47PM 19 Creating multiple rows with one form
8:27PM 2 RJS - page object in helpers?
8:26PM 1 MSSQL error - 80004005 & Rails
8:19PM 3 accessing form elements
7:56PM 0 RESTful tutorial
7:05PM 0 OK.rb meeting on March 14th
6:59PM 0 Unit tests dynamic finders
6:56PM 0 server closed the connection unexpectedly
6:52PM 0 call activerecords private methods
6:50PM 0 Autocompletion for <SELECT>
6:45PM 2 Displaying related tables in forms.. probably an easy question!
6:38PM 0 ajax timing and queued visual effects
6:28PM 8 New ajaxy CMS on Rails: adminpages
6:25PM 2 (no subject)
6:22PM 4 Rails running on new MacIntels?
6:21PM 0 looking for ad hoc mailing list webapp startup posted on the list a while back...
6:02PM 2 Upload progress update bar question
6:01PM 5 @params["aKey"] and multiple aKeys in request
5:56PM 2 Creating new Magick::Image from uploaded data
4:54PM 6 GD error...
4:52PM 3 Run command via SSH session displaying results via AJAX
4:45PM 0 tests loading when server exists
4:14PM 4 Sending Documents via ActionMailer
4:13PM 1 question about options_for_select array
4:03PM 6 Difficulty with params hash and submit_to_remote
4:00PM 6 best practices for handling uploaded images and capistrano
3:55PM 0 Two EdTech Projects: RoR Dev''er Needed
3:50PM 2 Multilingual Validation Messages
3:31PM 5 ActiveRecord returning Strings with find_by_sql?
3:18PM 0 Postgis on Rails
3:01PM 4 unless connected? + multiple databases
2:46PM 4 scrollbar doesn''t show on the right place when using partial( )
2:43PM 3 mod_fcgid first request slow
2:24PM 0 Any one interest in BlogBuy?
2:12PM 3 Many renders in one view?
2:08PM 1 fastcgi
1:32PM 1 SXSWi
1:21PM 0 acts_as_tree circular reference
1:12PM 2 where is version1.1
12:34PM 0 script/console custom prompt
11:33AM 3 file_column Cropping -> image offset information
11:20AM 3 getting holiday dates?
11:07AM 3 email signup/splash page
10:55AM 0 combining STI + polymorphism + rich self HABTM : how to ?
10:53AM 2 "humanizing" model attributes presentation
10:53AM 4 Creatulator: Before I go and make it myself, does this exist...
10:52AM 3 Namespace & Organisation Conventions
10:50AM 3 stupid basic concept problem
10:41AM 2 Rake error after installing Capistrano
10:28AM 8 Acts_as_authenticated plugin?
10:06AM 0 map.connect ''/directory_name'', :point_to_directory_name_located_in_public_directory?
9:38AM 1 Components calling components...
9:14AM 1 Poor Man''s Continuations
8:29AM 3 attribute or instance method or what?
7:16AM 1 Nil Object Error
7:10AM 1 Help with NameVirtualHost
5:41AM 4 ajax with tables
5:12AM 2 Script timeout problem
5:07AM 3 migrations schema_info table, Rails Recipes Bug?
4:14AM 2 Exciting Website Development
2:47AM 2 Need some brainstorming help: acts_as_taggable_list?
2:46AM 23 rubynuby == I''m a''scared to set it all up...
2:20AM 0 How to add something similar to :counter_cache - :avg_cache
1:56AM 0 Configuration for libraries/plugins
1:42AM 3 ActiveRecord and Images
12:53AM 0 render_to_string() in a controller that isn''t default route?
12:53AM 2 fade out and then fade in....how to make it work?
12:38AM 12 favorite FTP client of railers
12:12AM 7 Function could determine the caller action ?
12:07AM 4 RMagick Instant Rails install problem
Tuesday March 7 2006
11:51PM 4 Controllers More Than One Sub-Directory Deep?
11:19PM 4 transaction question
11:08PM 0 setting relative_url_root for static files in webrick
11:03PM 0 MemCacheStore; memcached-problem on freeze_edge (export version 3811)
10:56PM 3 fastcgi problem
10:52PM 5 RoR Hosting
10:28PM 2 freeze_edge problem
10:22PM 10 [PREVIEW] SmallCap
10:00PM 2 Commercial RoR support
9:46PM 0 Gems
9:32PM 0 RE: nuevos requisitos
9:31PM 0 have two versions of ruby play nice on the same box?
9:24PM 1 How does the ActionController class get loaded/accessed?
9:06PM 0 production.log says status 200, browser says 500?
8:42PM 0 dispatch.cgi errors
8:36PM 0 Storing sessions files elsewhere on EdgeRails
8:19PM 0 Webrick Timeout Problem
8:16PM 13 hosting multiple rails apps in one webroot?
8:16PM 0 API Suggestion
7:44PM 6 form_tag - directing to new target window
7:06PM 17 [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] YAC? (Yet Another Capistrano)
7:03PM 1 Understanding ActionPack
6:56PM 1 Access flash from a model class?
6:55PM 2 Using form_tag_with_upload_progress
6:33PM 3 STI and unit testing
6:30PM 2 webrick RoutingError
6:21PM 6 how to add onchange javascript event to select field
6:19PM 1 Relative stylesheet reference
6:15PM 12 Edge Rails doesn''t work for my app
6:09PM 0 Re: rjs isn''t update_page problems (Cody Fauser)
6:06PM 2 Determine which action, which controller is calling ?
6:04PM 12 rjs and partials
5:47PM 0 Making AR attriibutes private
5:25PM 2 Sql Server 2000 booleans not working
4:49PM 7 Help me (php dev) choose Ruby on Rails. Few questions.
4:33PM 2 redirect after validation
4:08PM 1 setting tab order in a select form field
4:02PM 6 Flickr - Tutorial
4:00PM 0 Re: Hash in a Cookie?
4:00PM 0 Fwd: [Ruby on Rails] #4112: PostgreSQL views not supported when dumping schema.rb file
3:38PM 4 Edge Rails - same code, different issues on mac and windows
3:35PM 6 fcgi dispatcher crashing
3:10PM 6 Can Ruby and PHP play nice together?
2:32PM 4 should a AR object be able to see backwards?
1:43PM 7 m:n or multiple 1:n?
1:42PM 10 Star Rating Component?
12:52PM 3 audio / sound recording with RoR app
12:28PM 1 Find By SQL + multiple tables
12:16PM 5 Capistrano: command never finishes?
11:37AM 4 Get rid of the "public"
10:59AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many tags
9:56AM 2 file_upload ... won''t
9:53AM 2 Can I set up multiple deploy targets with Capistrano?
9:52AM 2 memcached and Joe Hosteny''s Salted Hash Login Generator
9:26AM 1 column human names in validation errors
8:47AM 0 Overriding date helpers in a logical way
8:47AM 2 LoginEngine problem
8:41AM 0 Extend user table/create new table, best practice?
8:27AM 0 The ''failed to catch: (interrupt)'' problem
8:02AM 1 Error when trying Rolling with Ruby On Rails
6:05AM 0 Active record and multiple primary keys
5:56AM 0 Free Ruby/Rails Workshop
5:02AM 0 Form fields and MySQL column name Association
4:31AM 3 ActiveRecord allows un-synced aliases?
3:22AM 4 Lighty + Mongrel?
3:01AM 1 ROR with C++ Backend
1:50AM 12 what is the IDE tools used in the video?
1:26AM 17 Handling Erros from AWDWR
1:19AM 0 Can not insert null by fixtures
1:16AM 5 subversion help!
1:09AM 1 decorators for models?
1:01AM 13 Active Record - Can''t figure out relationship.
12:49AM 2 grep page source
12:45AM 0 Your health
12:41AM 3 Can variables in the template be used in the layout?
12:30AM 6 Anybody use Red|Blue Cloth?
12:19AM 1 html extension?
12:07AM 0 checking for existence of object in views
Monday March 6 2006
11:56PM 1 Deploying Sites : Capistrano
11:53PM 0 Rails 1.1 is coming--when and what remains to be done?
11:48PM 2 Convert \n newlines to html <br>
11:03PM 0 Mongrel as FCGI replacement for rails?
10:59PM 1 MySQL connection problem
10:54PM 2 Cookies & gsub ?
10:39PM 11 Capistrano setup fails
10:31PM 0 time-based counter design
10:06PM 1 Revision 3637 killed support for models in modules?
9:31PM 4 rails internals?
8:53PM 13 Internal Server Error - I want to cry
8:52PM 11 coolest startup?
8:38PM 46 Capistrano 1.1
8:32PM 4 Newbie problem with adding new method to a class
8:00PM 1 Uploaded File to Database
7:34PM 3 File uploads giving "page not found" on IE
7:28PM 5 Oracle XMLType data
6:50PM 2 Computer Inventory: Problems Retaining Values in a Forms
6:49PM 0 repocaster.com : RSS feeds of SVN/CVS repositories
6:32PM 0 Developer Assistance Needed
6:30PM 0 How to use: INNER JOINS & IN
5:53PM 8 RoR on a VPS
5:48PM 0 fastcgi upload - multipart problem
5:40PM 2 Can''t see documentation after executing "rake appdoc"
5:04PM 1 looking for a JSON parser in Ruby
4:59PM 0 Weird MissingTemplate error in production only
4:58PM 0 Number of actions per controller
4:51PM 6 Executing SQL in rails, and the types of the data returned
4:26PM 0 startup/shutdown hook for a rails application ?
4:05PM 7 Set base url?
3:47PM 0 two or three tables in one form
3:18PM 0 Rails Developer Required
3:04PM 1 Model for Tracking changes
2:34PM 5 Dreamhost subscription?
2:21PM 4 Where in the filesystem to place the rails application root?
2:15PM 0 Multiple actions for one route (making pretty URLs hit different actions)
1:42PM 1 WEBrick / lighttpd information?
1:25PM 0 superclass mismatch for class OrderedOption Edge Rails
1:13PM 4 Are views inheritable
11:29AM 4 Apache 2.x: Use fcgid or Mongrel?
10:42AM 2 form_tag error -- not found, 404 -- action DOES exist!
10:07AM 5 Rails MySQL query
9:56AM 6 rails app in professional development environment
9:15AM 2 Login Engine Missing Source
8:15AM 5 Question about file_column plugin
7:55AM 0 ok
6:36AM 5 Mongrel 0.3.9 -- GemPlugin Based
5:19AM 9 Apache + Displaying images
3:45AM 1 Using Runt with Rails Tutorial or Helpers?
3:38AM 1 rubynuby == two views on one page?
3:01AM 4 One-way change
2:40AM 20 How painful is the 1.0 -> 1.1 upgrade going to be?
12:52AM 0 Rails Training in South East Michigan
12:51AM 2 is "alias" reserved?
12:13AM 1 ActiveLDAP handle uppercase attributes?
Sunday March 5 2006
11:43PM 0 Handling timeouts
9:57PM 0 opening popup on another companies website - possible?
9:52PM 7 whatever happend to unobtrusive javascript in Rails ?
9:49PM 0 Summary of my Rails/Ackbar/KirbyBase experiment posted
9:18PM 2 depth needed in model()
8:55PM 1 post params
8:33PM 3 "Undefined method" problem in "Agile Web Development With Rails"
8:31PM 0 Pagination + pretty URLs
8:27PM 4 Resizing images and creating thumbnails
8:22PM 1 Help with Self-Referential HABTM
7:39PM 3 Trying to connect tables .....
7:18PM 4 Ruby Based "Mint"?
7:03PM 2 Is Rails getting testing semantics wrong and making things confusing?
6:52PM 0 Canadian Rails hosting? Monsterhosting.ca is good?
6:02PM 2 Need help understanding Rails magic!
5:54PM 2 Sending http post requests
5:46PM 5 lighttpd / WEBrick forum?
5:40PM 0 Converted tattle.pl to ruby - anyone want to be a tester?
5:28PM 5 special characters?
4:40PM 2 How to clean up this code?
4:10PM 2 AJAX call chain and DRY questions
11:15AM 0 Can I execute DML from within Rails?
11:14AM 1 access methods defined in helper
10:51AM 1 rdoc on edge rail fails at generator template
10:49AM 8 Model Inheritance, Mixins and Database design
10:42AM 0 rake clone_schema|structure_to_test fail
10:21AM 5 A nicer and gentler form of spawner
9:50AM 2 Article: Creating a Live Datagrid
9:36AM 8 workflow support in Ruby on Rails
9:27AM 6 Which postgresql adapter to use for rails core? How about production?
9:01AM 0 Pagination Question [Tagging: find_tagged_with]
8:36AM 1 TypeError in Rpc#invoke_submit
8:34AM 1 capitalize each word in a string
8:05AM 2 RSS feed for blog entries...
7:31AM 3 SQL Query for related entries based on tags
7:16AM 1 Storing a Selected Option in DB
5:49AM 4 Help implementing a 43things-like ''activity'' measurement
5:29AM 5 DreamHost and ActionMailer
4:43AM 1 encoding: utf8 in database.yml causes error
3:41AM 9 Rails Development on a Mac Mini?
2:32AM 0 How to make a live search
1:00AM 0 Rails coding question
12:27AM 0 ETech BOF: "Ruby on Rails: Power in Numbers"
12:27AM 2 Sending an email when a comment is posted
12:12AM 2 ActiveLDAP maintain user connection
Saturday March 4 2006
11:34PM 0 ModelSecurity for Rails by Bruce Perens
11:21PM 4 AjaxScaffold 2.2.0 released with graceful JS degredation
10:50PM 3 select helper method
10:12PM 0 HABTM Relation / Save Question
9:43PM 1 How to install Markaby as a Rails plug-in
9:21PM 6 Favicon?
9:15PM 0 Reading from Session in routes.rb?
8:19PM 7 Get ID after save
7:58PM 0 lesson learned: careful with :update in link_to_remote
7:56PM 10 Help setting up relationships needed
7:28PM 4 managing number of dispatch.fcgi processes ?
7:21PM 6 Can''t get Fast CGI working.
6:40PM 6 Determine if a value is an instance of String , or Array , or...
6:05PM 0 HELP with redirect_to!
5:33PM 29 Getting RJS / EgdeRails working
5:25PM 5 Correcting Bent Records: Mongrel is not SCGI
4:53PM 2 Using Migrations to Build a MySQL FULLTEXT index?
4:07PM 2 Declaring ActiveRecord observers
2:58PM 0 case-blinding db table and column names
2:38PM 0 mod_fcgid first connection issue
2:19PM 13 file_column
2:07PM 1 How to upgrade to Ruby 1.8.4
2:07PM 4 authorization framework?
1:45PM 2 count("<p>") in a string
12:43PM 1 validation for items in a 1 2 many
10:45AM 0 Best way to perform lengthy operations?
10:38AM 2 application_helper can "include" another helper ?
10:26AM 0 How? - Non-blocking XML message over HTTP
10:12AM 13 Using helpers from controllers ?
9:47AM 3 :class in link_to_remote?
9:20AM 5 has_many and belongs_to example?
8:09AM 1 active migration gives undefined_method ''string_to_binary''
7:17AM 2 Ajax commenting
7:15AM 1 Hiding and expanding form fields?
7:00AM 12 cross domain ajax
6:05AM 5 SQlite3 hoopup issues on mac os x
6:01AM 4 Two quick newbie questions
5:41AM 2 Canada on Rails announces location, and a site redesign
5:08AM 6 validation of aggregates
4:58AM 2 Using the rails configuration outside rails
4:33AM 4 How to redirect_to the same page after comment posting?
4:31AM 3 Gzip compression
4:27AM 2 Current date/time - how to store with comments?
3:57AM 2 convert string to AR class
3:55AM 1 Saving current date/time upon comment submission - help!
3:51AM 2 unittest, not loading yml data
3:09AM 16 Unacceptibly slow.
2:57AM 4 Submitting data to two different tables with two different models
12:15AM 1 UTF-8 page is missing images?
Friday March 3 2006
11:56PM 3 dynamic queries
11:53PM 1 common header help
11:51PM 5 Quick question about @params
11:38PM 0 Ruby 1.9, rdoc error in rails source?
11:15PM 17 RCSS problems
10:59PM 1 Emerging Tech: Who''s going?
10:59PM 0 acts_as_network plugin
10:54PM 1 Large External Data Integration
10:41PM 13 Listing help
10:34PM 3 Switchtower not updating code...
10:12PM 0 multiple checkboxes from another sql table
9:30PM 7 Meta Programming Help
9:09PM 2 strip html
9:09PM 0 observe_select ?
9:09PM 0 Help with AJAX autocomplete and links
9:03PM 6 has_one :next - invalid name?
8:37PM 0 send_file bug
8:32PM 5 Yahoo UI Library with Rails
8:21PM 0 error running generate scaffold - doesn''t see table which is there
8:15PM 1 Pagination and custom routing
7:37PM 68 Agile Web Development with Rails 1.1
7:35PM 1 number_to_currency() helper == non DRY == could be improved
7:12PM 0 Submitting data to two tables
6:57PM 1 Blank page after inactive wait time
6:52PM 2 css classes
6:49PM 9 Credit card handling
6:05PM 0 re: rjs update_page problems
6:01PM 7 Workflow + Rails
5:54PM 5 Rails Site: VegasLists.com
4:56PM 1 rjs isn''t update_page problems
4:35PM 3 embedding a forum inside a rails app
4:27PM 0 Setting up apache as a proxy without subdomain
4:14PM 4 DB data type enforcement in Active Record
3:14PM 3 Need Authentication Source
3:02PM 4 Must one be a web page designer to make use of RoR?
2:47PM 5 Message Board?
2:14PM 2 Accessing cookie and session objects
1:53PM 0 AR::Base.pluralize_table_names doesnt work with scaffold generator, right?
1:44PM 1 arrays in model objects
12:33PM 3 TinyMCE or FCKEditor (WYSISYG editor)
12:19PM 2 FCKEditor Image uploading feature
11:32AM 4 code conversion tool
10:37AM 1 starting webrick from ruby (tar2rubyscript.rb)
10:30AM 0 Array of strings for select input - how to display it later?
10:12AM 0 Many objects in single form
10:02AM 7 Best Practices question regarding views & controllers
9:45AM 2 ENV[''RAILS_ENV''] pb
7:27AM 1 Mongrel -- 1000 Paper Cuts Release
6:35AM 5 avoiding nil object error?
6:31AM 2 voice recording with ruby/ rails
6:05AM 0 Rails chicklet
5:37AM 3 Pluralisation issue?
5:36AM 0 render_component in application.rhtml
5:12AM 0 Does content_columns hold related data from other tables?
5:12AM 0 Hidden links on ROR Wiki
5:10AM 1 weird error with login engine
3:59AM 1 roobie noobie migration question
3:45AM 0 unused composed_of bits
2:50AM 0 binary_to_string/string_to_binary confusion
2:14AM 0 Embedding Rails
1:37AM 2 Through relationship
12:21AM 2 newbie scaffold question
12:06AM 19 Dreamhost rating?
Thursday March 2 2006
11:55PM 2 List controllers?
11:46PM 0 Cleaner code in rails view
11:29PM 0 Local Collection Variables in Helpers
11:15PM 2 How to get mime extension with file_column
11:06PM 2 [slightly-OT] postgresql 8.1.3 on intel OS X problems
11:02PM 2 Ajax.Autocompleter with an empty field
10:57PM 3 validates_uniqeness_of
10:26PM 9 FastCGI vs. Simple CGI
9:27PM 1 FC4/Rails/Ruby/Apache/FastCGI wiki anyone?
9:26PM 1 newbie questions: two tables - one form
9:10PM 5 Two foreign keys on the same column?
9:08PM 6 Newb question about facade columns
9:08PM 5 Instiki and SQL Server??
9:00PM 0 ActiveRecord View subclass? -- Helper table lookups
8:52PM 2 A nasty evening with dispatch.fcgi
8:49PM 0 Select from Many to Many
8:47PM 2 Unit tests, salted hash login
8:28PM 1 Speaking of sessions
8:19PM 2 url_for_file_column not returning correct path
8:14PM 3 merge with symbol problem
8:02PM 3 @session or session
7:41PM 4 Getting Acts_as_Paranoid to work with validates_uniqueness_of
7:40PM 1 Rad_Rails IDE bash @ RailsConf?
7:22PM 1 ActiveRecord in modules & associations
6:59PM 2 Define maximum logs size ? Desactivate logs ?
6:51PM 3 Left Joins with Rails?
6:39PM 0 EdgeRails with_scope and :select
6:35PM 17 can''t get rails to connect to mySQL - HELP!!!!!!!!!
6:29PM 4 LDAP and Rails ???
5:31PM 6 Lighttpd and fastcgi problems...
5:14PM 0 path problem with file_column and :magick options
4:59PM 3 Custom SQL Question
4:07PM 0 Help with this comparison and loop
3:47PM 3 What am I missing?? Activerecord & Sessions!!
3:05PM 2 Help with routing error.
2:33PM 2 Use ActiveRecord outside of Rails to upload to database?
2:33PM 0 Displaying date-time based on regional settings
2:10PM 2 wiki on rails
2:00PM 3 How to identify the browser?
11:36AM 1 Engines SVN repository move
11:23AM 1 Coding conventions (mostly AR)
11:13AM 0 syntax for number_with_precision
10:27AM 1 Insert a data in Oracle with Rails
10:27AM 1 Forms with and without Models and Error Handling
10:24AM 3 Modifying "Find" to always add a condition?
10:12AM 1 web serveces problem
9:53AM 0 Making SwitchTower work with csh (and other non-posix shells)
9:32AM 2 custom sql queries beyond CRUD
9:30AM 1 calling RoR from command line
9:25AM 1 PostgreSQL function in an insert statement
8:18AM 4 Instance variables in Javascript param
8:17AM 7 Timing of effects before and after Ajax call
7:55AM 0 Rails and Turbowidgets
7:19AM 0 SQLite3 hook up error on OS X 10.4.5
6:08AM 2 testing duplication in model and functional
4:37AM 8 User Authentication
3:43AM 5 Installation Problem
3:10AM 2 SwitchTower: why symlink releases/under -> current?
3:04AM 1 script\generate View ?
1:24AM 5 Need to link to something like JasperReports
1:14AM 0 March Ruby events in the SF Bay Area
1:03AM 3 plugin versioning
1:03AM 0 Way to put javascript you want to appear in the head but declare it in a template?
12:47AM 7 The no-framework PHP MVC framework
Wednesday March 1 2006
11:59PM 0 TextHelpers in Controller?
11:43PM 0 datetime_select & styles
10:47PM 4 STI, subclasses and callbacks
10:36PM 2 o''reilly''s arrogance
10:22PM 1 Accessing AJAX''ed elements via javascript
10:08PM 0 rake test_unit from controller
10:07PM 3 console doesn''t reload app
9:52PM 4 RailsFCGIHandler(NameError)
9:21PM 15 Is there a perl equivalent of .= in ruby/rails??
8:59PM 3 Form helpers and overloaded methods - help!
8:51PM 4 graphics rendering
8:49PM 2 Validating that a foreign key is present and ok
8:38PM 0 A Functional Lightweight Wiki in Rails
8:24PM 0 Rails AJAX scaffold generator question: organization
7:55PM 2 kickstarting with rails routing problem
7:51PM 7 Instant Management Frontend with the Scaffolding Extensions Plugin
7:40PM 3 Using aspects to apply authentication
7:39PM 1 Net/Https & active_rbac & Debian Sarge
7:35PM 1 How-to question: form creation / different table update
6:59PM 4 link_to_remote, doesn''t receives params?????
6:48PM 2 Rails and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
6:35PM 1 Using delegate templates
6:34PM 2 Oracle auto_increment ??? & Rails
6:10PM 3 SwitchTower: Two development environments
6:03PM 0 [Semi-OT] How to minimize transaction fees in escrow like environment
5:51PM 2 Method Calling Problems
5:37PM 4 cached_model and memcache-client slowness
5:30PM 2 Rails Machine: Automated Rails application hosting
5:25PM 5 validations without AR - going crazy trying to find link
5:19PM 2 active_record postgresql adapter problem
5:09PM 1 Strange Postgres Behaviour with Session Variables
5:04PM 9 ajax doesn''t show at the right place
4:38PM 1 question
4:37PM 0 scaffold and Migrations
4:35PM 1 HowtoInstallOnTextDrive : run command ?
4:34PM 2 Problem with paginate search
4:28PM 2 Help with Many-To-Many insert
3:30PM 0 Too many connections
3:23PM 6 How to retrieve attributes from HABTM?
3:13PM 5 rails models, logging and testing
3:12PM 7 Oracle Sequence & Rails
2:52PM 5 scaffold.css and Rails tutorial problem
2:42PM 3 Security issue: a user can fill cache with random urls
2:25PM 0 rails equivalent of autoflush
1:56PM 0 display form post results AND generate PDF data
1:39PM 3 Strange Error
1:05PM 2 Rake error on edge rails
12:54PM 1 params from observe_remote_form
12:43PM 4 Oracle Bug
12:43PM 1 Eager loading problem. Help greately appreciated
12:15PM 2 In_place_editor in a For loop
11:52AM 5 single transaction migrations
11:14AM 2 Find non-empty association?
11:03AM 0 link_to problem when used in folder
10:44AM 1 break in a each function
10:43AM 3 Convert Date to Time
10:43AM 1 Circular dependency problem
9:32AM 6 Rails on 2003
9:13AM 0 Possible bug in ActionMailer (with patch)
8:33AM 1 Typo in a sub directory
7:50AM 5 Error installing the MySQL Ruby bindings?
7:18AM 2 error: uninitialized constant
7:17AM 1 observe_field question
6:46AM 0 Spicy stuff on web development
6:36AM 4 another select_list question - bad bad booleans
5:40AM 1 upload file above /public, authenticate before serving?
3:05AM 2 safe html links
2:51AM 4 SwitchTower deployment has errors with different :db server
1:16AM 1 maddening intermittent failures in unit tests with "working" code
12:41AM 2 SQLite in small production environment
12:41AM 1 Storing environment.rb settings in the database...