samba - Sep 2002

Monday September 30 2002
11:31PM 1 windows 98 in user-level access mode
9:50PM 1 Printing problems with Samba 2.2.3a
8:23PM 2 Swat & Samba-3.0alpha20
7:34PM 1 winbind password replication?
6:14PM 0 linux x windows x solaris
6:05PM 0 Winbind UID assignments - keeping a backup
5:56PM 1 Fwd: Re: Mounting Share at Boot
4:50PM 1 Samba version 2.2.6
4:47PM 0 I can´t
4:12PM 4 problem with Samba in domain
2:52PM 0 A very powful tool
12:36PM 0 Nobody is ready to talk on Samba Quota Support
11:40AM 0 Properties & File xfer slow over VPN
11:13AM 1 Successful integration using Winbind - not a dream
9:38AM 2 Win XP SP1 problem
8:07AM 5 2.2.5 and NIS question
7:35AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 groups
7:25AM 0 Winbind or not?
7:22AM 0 Weekly machine password changes (RE: RE: odd: everything SHOULD work... winbind)
7:04AM 0 Error log samba
7:03AM 3 help with Samba and WinXp Pro
2:47AM 6 Password Expiry
1:12AM 0 Problem adding machine to a domain
12:37AM 2 Samba 2.2.5 + OpenLDAP 2.x - Caveats?
Sunday September 29 2002
11:08PM 0 A new twist
10:48PM 1 How to let users create/delete files but not dirs
10:25PM 8 Mounting Share at Boot
8:49PM 3 Fwd: Re: Mounting Share at Boot
7:42PM 1 Fwd: SOLVED SOLVED:Connecting problem:Need Help
7:12PM 1 Reiki Healing
6:10PM 1 Please don't forget me, still searching for solving Networkproblems
6:09PM 2 W9x print driver download problems with Samba 2.2.3a and CUPS
3:30PM 0 ³ÏÑû´úÀíÒµÎñ,ÀûÈó¿É´ï40%£¡È«ÐÂjsp phpÐéÄâÖ÷»ú
2:22PM 0 Fwd: Re: Connecting problem:Need Help
2:09PM 1 RHLinux (7.2) and W2000 Server
2:00PM 2 XP troubles
12:48PM 0 Fwd: Re: Connecting problem:Need Help
9:07AM 1 Win2k/XP problem displaying free space fixed in 2.2.5?
6:28AM 1 how to turn off NTLM?
2:43AM 2 Connecting problem:Need Help
2:42AM 5 Samba with a Win9x network and RoadRunner
Saturday September 28 2002
10:43PM 0 Server without Router
7:13PM 0 Network-connection breaking
4:32PM 1 Mounting Share at Boot Time
2:04PM 1 ACT 2000 and Windows XP problem
9:32AM 2 Problems with lower and uppercase filenames
4:06AM 1 ADS not compiled in, but configure says yes
1:34AM 1 oplock problem - how to fix?
Friday September 27 2002
10:52PM 1 Listing Domain controllers, Local and Master Browsers running in your network
10:20PM 0 nmblookup -A accepts groupname
8:56PM 0 Windows 2000 user profiles and Samba PDC
7:57PM 0 smbpasswd gives 2 "Password changed for user <user>" message
7:07PM 1 browserd
6:15PM 0 Network breaking down after a while
5:59PM 1 ugh, continued ldap madness, cont'd
4:58PM 0 locking issue with solidworks
4:38PM 1 [Please help] Domain migration
4:10PM 0 File corruption using samba
4:07PM 0 2.2.5 LDAP/smbpasswd -L problem help.
3:57PM 0 "incorrect password length" when trying to domain-logon from XP to 2.2.3a
3:43PM 0 samba cups install
2:34PM 0 great thx
2:22PM 4 Problem, help please!
8:52AM 0 "Password expires today" error on WinXP & 2000 with Samba PDC
8:48AM 0 Winbind and SAMBA, what next?
8:16AM 0 Cannot Browse Windows Network:
7:53AM 1 Compile Samba
4:18AM 0 applying patch
3:02AM 1 Bag in 3.0alpha20 downloaded via CVS
1:03AM 0 force a user/owner
Thursday September 26 2002
10:50PM 0 Files missing in Windows Explorer but really there in system
10:30PM 0 Group resolution with Samba 2.2.5
9:19PM 0 (no subject)
9:08PM 1 Large file sizes.
8:12PM 0 Samba-3.0alpha20 released
8:04PM 1 stale smbd process when user logs out
7:57PM 2 valid users and groups with winbind
7:53PM 1 Roaming Profiles question
7:15PM 0 revalidate doesnt work, swat homepage doesnt come up
6:58PM 1 ugh, continued ldap madness
4:39PM 0 PDC and smbpasswd on Solaris 7
4:03PM 0 Win2k PC and RH7.3 PC on LAN
2:45PM 0 GKC Registration Details
2:31PM 0 Weird errors in logfile for 2.2.5
1:26PM 0 Problem with using Samba as a Fileserver 2nd part
1:23PM 0 Problem with using Samba as a Fileserver
1:05PM 1 Cannot join a Samba Domain with a win2k station
12:48PM 3 About SOCKET options
12:03PM 3 spool dir
11:08AM 1 roaming profiles, printers, samba 2.2.4 & windows xp
10:40AM 2 List of magic wins numbers
10:37AM 2 causes delays?
10:35AM 1 Samba and the Mount Command
8:37AM 0 Re: Printer settings problem 2.2.6pre
8:31AM 0 winbind can't access win2k sub domain
6:54AM 1 access control with windows 2000
3:50AM 1 Handle is unvalid
3:33AM 1 bugs
3:22AM 0 SOLVED: (maybe) Re:Windows 95/98 will not connect to Samba 2.2.5
Wednesday September 25 2002
11:58PM 0 SetPrinter call failed!
10:53PM 1 Win95 .bat Issue
10:39PM 0 samba 2.2.5 - RedHat 7.1 - ClearCase ....
10:16PM 0 samba 2.2.3a "Connection reset by peer" problem
10:15PM 0 Adding a NetApp filer to a Samba Controlled Domain
10:00PM 1 other flavors of Unix
9:41PM 0 hide the other computer and share in the localnetwork of windows
9:03PM 0 solaris/2.2.2 authentication against NT domain (ie. r oot canal)
8:16PM 1 solaris/2.2.2 authentication against NT domain (ie. root canal)
7:33PM 3 2.2.6pre2 (and previous?) "tiny bug" with "log file" attribute
7:05PM 4 spool directory
6:52PM 2 samba as a block device
6:20PM 1 Profiles replication problems
5:41PM 4 Samba and WinXP problem
5:05PM 0 Installing in a different directory
4:52PM 2 Samba 2.2.3a SUID root etc.
4:18PM 0 windows 2000 vs 98 client performance
3:59PM 0 possible bug in smb 2.2.5
3:37PM 0 unable to get pushed drivers to work with hp plotters
3:01PM 1 Where can i find document "swat_ssl.html" ?
2:46PM 2 Weekly machine password changes (RE: RE: odd: everything SHOULD work... winbind)
2:37PM 0 smbd out of control processes
2:24PM 3 WinXP-SP1 breaks profiles...
1:58PM 1 How do i configure xinetd for swat ?
1:40PM 0 Unable to map SID to uid or gid...
12:48PM 1 Max length of "hosts allow" param
12:42PM 0 Permanent Samba Network Drive Logon
12:27PM 0 Active Directory causes bad response times
12:14PM 1 Printer settings problem 2.2.6pre2
10:32AM 1 Slow browsing windows shares from linux/samba
9:56AM 0 Domain name contains '(' and ')'
9:27AM 2 smbd process with high cpu utilization.
8:28AM 0 Fwd: Re: Windows 95/98 will not connect to Samba 2.2.5 please help
7:40AM 1 Client errors
7:20AM 1 Multiple NT users on a single box
7:14AM 0 AW: AW: duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & s amba-2.2.5]
7:07AM 1 (no subject)
7:04AM 2 Windows 95/98 will not connect to Samba 2.2.5 please help
6:02AM 3 Is nmbd running?
6:00AM 1 password change in windows
5:49AM 0 Samba help?
5:37AM 0 winbind domain group list
5:13AM 0 Log file
3:35AM 0 NT4 can't see Samba PC - Beginner Query
12:01AM 1 w2k, kerberos and folder redirection
Tuesday September 24 2002
9:49PM 0 'max_four_gig' parameter to normalize to 4GB
8:43PM 2 Problem with cups and samba
7:58PM 3 Samba performance issues
7:25PM 0 Samba acting as PDC
7:20PM 1 Anonymous access to Samba, or something like it?
6:36PM 0 WinbinDD HowTO for HPUX...
5:58PM 1 LDAP Group Mapping Problem w/ Samba 2.2.5
4:58PM 1 Latest versions of Solaris SPARC binaries
4:50PM 1 Wierdness using Samba PDC with WinXP-Pro and Win2K-Pro clients
4:07PM 3 samba ssh
3:51PM 1 Linux Kernel crash on S390
3:15PM 0 Autoinstall printer drivers to windows clients
2:27PM 0 Users (machines) cant login
2:18PM 1 AW: duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & s amba-2.2.5]
2:16PM 2 Printing problem with Samba, XP, and Xerox Printer
12:56PM 1 How to connect from XP to a samba domain
12:35PM 2 Can't access samba from Windows
10:59AM 1 tdb(unknown): tdb_brlock failed
9:46AM 0 Changing file permissions from the command line
4:54AM 1 backup NT box to SAMBA box using xcopy, smbclient, robocopy, or DD command ???
3:01AM 1 Profiles and local profile copy
Monday September 23 2002
10:47PM 3 Read failure for 4. Error = connection reset by peer.
10:40PM 1 smbclient MS-DFS support
9:49PM 0 samba file/service server authentication vs. a remote samba PDC
9:33PM 0 "Network Neighborhood" across subnets
8:26PM 3 Slow Spool speed!
8:19PM 1 passwords for Samba mounts in /etc/fstab
8:06PM 1 interesting WINS resolution problem iwth 2.2.5 PDC
7:27PM 1 [ntdom] permission in the registry
7:01PM 2 Trouble with Windows 2000 sp3
6:27PM 0 Windows NT Domain Support for Samba Shares
6:02PM 0 Weird problem all of a sudden
5:41PM 6 DNS server and printing.
5:32PM 7 How best to get ACL support?
4:39PM 1 ugly messages in log.smbd
4:12PM 1 Oplock break state
4:04PM 0 Tracking WINS Problems
3:10PM 1 samba internal error ... panic ...
1:58PM 0 windows nt4 sp6 crashes when logging in
10:15AM 1 Samba-LDAP with custom object class
9:56AM 1 Continuence on that strange loglevel-bug.
9:08AM 1 Path is too deep
8:00AM 0 Config files of Samba Server - what else
7:49AM 1 Strange error message when a user can't change password
6:35AM 4 Book on using Samba
6:20AM 3 How to automate SMBMNT
6:19AM 0 Using smbclient and nmblookup to send winpopup messages
6:01AM 1 Quota Support
3:31AM 0 File sharing using Samba
Sunday September 22 2002
8:14PM 2 MSDOS on my network
8:04PM 0 Strange segfaulting bug in Samba, has something to do with logleve.
1:49PM 0 CUPS filtering mechanism explained, was: [cups raw mode, was Re: unlink data file in cups_job_submit]
1:08PM 0 Samba-3.0 PDC
Saturday September 21 2002
9:27PM 1 I have problem with winbindd in 2.2.6pre2
9:06PM 7 Another printing problem...
6:39PM 2 Bad links in user profile
6:38PM 1 Can I print throw samba directly to winprinter (/dev/usb/lp0) without lp-driver?
4:44PM 0 Samba Very Slow When Using AFS and MS Office (is this a Bug?)
3:03PM 0 W2K and Samba Print Services: Access Deny
1:41PM 1 2k clients
1:08PM 1 another beginner
11:21AM 2 Hy ..
11:06AM 2 Cannot pause printer
10:21AM 0 Good luck all of you.
9:32AM 1 smb2www
9:03AM 1 lppause command
4:53AM 0 ×ð¾´µÄÐÂÀÏ¿Í»§£º
2:30AM 4 Printing probleme Samba 2.2.3.a with CUPS
2:29AM 0 Samba Print Server on Windows XP/2000 Clients
12:22AM 1 Trouble with Samba/RH 7.3
Friday September 20 2002
10:56PM 1 Mounting a ntfs on a w2k server onto a SuSE linux 8 setup at boot time.
10:44PM 1 swat share view
10:04PM 1 odd: everything SHOULD work... winbind
8:52PM 0 Fw: Winbind-bug Redhat 7.2
8:00PM 1 How to Install and share a printer in SAMBA/SUSE 8.0 ??
7:55PM 3 Problem Seeing Linux Machine From Windows Machine
7:52PM 0 Linksys EFG20, RMA XH01210298
7:35PM 1 Samba 3.0 ADS Server
7:23PM 2 Installation problem with samba-2.2.5
7:02PM 0 Samba Debug
6:54PM 0 Using linux as PDC in win2000 envirnoment
6:38PM 0 speed of printing on samba is slow
5:18PM 0 Samba Help!
2:58PM 1 Winpopup help - will pay
2:50PM 0 ACLs and DACLs not propagated to owner of file/directory
2:35PM 0 Slow printer on samba 2.2.5
2:20PM 0 Logging on to an NT Domain
2:01PM 0 Viewing domain groups in w2k client
1:13PM 1 Samba 2.2.3 and WinXP Pro synchronization problem.
11:04AM 1 Samba 1.9.17 and WinXP
10:57AM 2 updating smb.conf during Samba is working
9:35AM 0 Samba PDC policy problem: User policies work; computer policies don't.
9:33AM 2 samba Mount command failure
9:00AM 1 is there good management tools for samba users
8:52AM 0 Samba password sync question
8:15AM 1 replacing the default samba clients on Windows platforms
7:42AM 0 Can't connect to share
7:34AM 2 Debian server
7:33AM 1 smbfs and 1500 files
6:52AM 3 /etc/fstab
3:00AM 0 (no subject)
2:26AM 1 pam_mount permissions
12:39AM 3 "@" doesn't work in the NT domain name
Thursday September 19 2002
8:17PM 1 samba-2.2.* slow when lock files are on a NFS file system
6:58PM 0 smbd/error.c:error_packet(110) (and more...)
2:44PM 0 logsnip -- sorry, not much detail
2:20PM 4 users/passwds
12:31PM 0 Error joining windows 2000 to Samba 3.0alpha19 domain
11:31AM 4 about uidnumber
10:43AM 0 (no subject)
10:06AM 1 Samba 2.2.6pre2 doesn't try to lookup for user user name by SID + pdbedit
9:46AM 1 samba and windows 2000 server
9:07AM 1 samba 3.0 Features
9:05AM 2 Samba 3 alpha19 - some testing results and problems
8:47AM 0 auth error on domain controler (2)
8:22AM 0 auth error on domain controler
8:17AM 0 Access denied in bats with long path
8:15AM 0 need help accessing samba share
7:04AM 0 RE: [slugnet] Cannot change password!!!
5:01AM 0 Printing to Unix Printer from Win2K "access denied"
4:01AM 0 SAMBA and 'net send user'
2:37AM 1 Request For Help With Samba Connectivity
1:55AM 1 Printing problem - Spooled files won't print
12:04AM 0 disconnection of network drives in xp and 2000
Wednesday September 18 2002
8:49PM 1 CSC-policy and offline files
8:37PM 1 unlink data file in cups_job_submit
8:21PM 0 POSSIBLE BUG IN 2.2.5
8:17PM 0 XP Logon and Samba PDC - another part of the puzzle
7:43PM 1 Samba NT/POSIACL's: "Too many ACE entries"
6:50PM 0 Client timeout problems.
6:43PM 2 Samba Log file format
6:17PM 0 Soalris to NT not connecting
5:55PM 6 Dependecies problem
5:27PM 1 Error log?
4:54PM 2 The Ghost Queue of Summer
3:56PM 0 Window Host Resolution
2:59PM 0 Automounting a share into SuSE Linux 8.
2:44PM 0 Please assist in examination my samba log
2:36PM 1 PDC backup server
1:09PM 2 trackdown user login/logout
11:38AM 0 Samba and XP professional- system policy issue
10:13AM 0 bind interface and WINS ...
9:46AM 1 W2k can't recognise Samba ldap groups of users
8:44AM 1 Information about the default port used by Samba required
6:58AM 0 recursive permissions?
4:15AM 0 Error in Samba while sharing the Unix Directory structure on Windows
3:09AM 1 incredible problem to join NT samba domain with XP client
3:05AM 1 nobody & smbpasswd
1:33AM 0 my win2k machine can not share the printer of samba sever
12:06AM 1 samba problems with FreeBSD
Tuesday September 17 2002
11:43PM 3 [ smbfs ] Does it support ACLS?
10:48PM 0 Samba PDC and Windows 2000 Server
10:29PM 0 Updated Roadmap for 3.0 release
9:40PM 0 logon
9:04PM 0 preexec/postexec for login time statistics
8:36PM 0 problems with Debian Samba packages and w2k DC.
7:55PM 2 configuration & cups
6:16PM 2 Not able to find SWAT in 7.3 version
6:04PM 0 smbclient does not wok if encrypted passwords is true.
6:02PM 0 Still having smbpasswd/ldap problem (mk 2)
5:52PM 1 broken pipe error
4:06PM 1 Can Samba join Netware 4.2 like it joins NT4.0 Domain???
2:17PM 2 Install on Mandrake 8.2
1:59PM 0 Removal of print jobs from samba print queue
1:37PM 1 smbclient return status from shellscript?
1:16PM 2 samba + unix passwd sync when using LDAP
12:50PM 0 samba bdc some questions
12:45PM 1 vorkomg on vmware virtual machine
10:24AM 0 Still can't print to remote printer
9:45AM 2 more than one wins server
9:31AM 2 looping logins
9:21AM 5 samba latest release
7:43AM 0 Cannot change password!!!
7:26AM 1 Getent passwd (WAS Winbind breaking my head)
3:35AM 0 confirm 254414
2:23AM 3 domain group map
1:17AM 5 Small Problem has me Pulling my Hair out
Monday September 16 2002
11:01PM 1 MS-Access Application very slow
10:39PM 1 2.2.5/PDC Problem - Part 2
10:23PM 1 Samba 2.2.x -- which is best for printing?
9:12PM 0 lookup master browsers on a different subnet
8:15PM 0 my patch to tdb - no spinlock version
7:49PM 0 Reclame sus Vacaciones (Ultimo Aviso)
7:24PM 0 smbclient fails
6:48PM 1 domain users' permissions
5:58PM 0 FW: Missing Domain Error Message
5:42PM 1 Installing
5:08PM 1 Cannot access the COMMIT CHANGES tab in SWAT
5:06PM 0 corrupt files
4:55PM 1 Samba in 2 NT domains
3:20PM 3 Access from one box but denied from the other
2:54PM 0 Problem when adding SAMBA-server to a WinDomain
2:32PM 1 2.2.5/PDC Problem
2:28PM 2 HELP!!! Problems with Hidden dot files
1:55PM 1 New users can not access servers behind Samba
1:48PM 0 Samba 2.2.5, ACLs and try to add a user
1:15PM 2 How to bypass smbfs 2Gb limit without patching ?
11:34AM 2 SAMBA Server missing in network neighbourhood/ network places- DESPERATE!
11:19AM 3 Winbind breaking my head ...
10:44AM 0 user can't change password from woskstation
10:23AM 4 Novell vs Linux.
9:59AM 0 Samba Tunning
8:47AM 0 Samba & Windows 2000 printer support on AIX
8:37AM 1 Samba 2.2.0 error on AIX 4.3.3
5:52AM 0 Enforcing file access with ACL?
5:10AM 0 Domain User problems
Sunday September 15 2002
7:47PM 0 Samba 2.2.5, smbsh and Mandrake 8.2
6:25PM 5 XP + SP1 + roaming profiles, working at our site
4:26PM 2 Solve of problem "network disks - lost connection under w2k and wxp"
4:25PM 1 Printing under guest
4:24PM 1 MS-DFS problem
8:22AM 1 samba speed optimization
3:44AM 0 Does Samba work on multiple servers on same network?
Saturday September 14 2002
8:30PM 1 guest
5:40PM 0 Print Capture problem
5:08PM 0 Missing Domain Error Message
2:36PM 0 Samba aka PDC and W2k problem
10:48AM 0 pgp signatures
9:19AM 0 smbmount and WindowsXP Part 2
7:57AM 2 smbmount and WindowsXP
5:28AM 0 win2ksp2 "cannot load profile" from a --with-ldapsam domain controller
4:54AM 1 ×𾴵Ŀͻ§£º
1:42AM 3 printing in dos slows
12:43AM 1 Freebsd make problems
12:29AM 0 tdb_clear_spinlocks(tdb) in tdb_open_ex()
Friday September 13 2002
11:41PM 1 Win XP can't join samba 3.0 domain
8:45PM 0 group access to directory
5:22PM 3 MySQL access
5:17PM 3 Extra sheet after printing a job
4:58PM 0 problems accessing shares in NT domain
4:45PM 0 mapping shares on two different samba servers
4:31PM 1 Samba PDC with Windows 2000 Clients
3:53PM 1 help urgent
3:45PM 0 Trouble with 2.2.3a and Win2K, Please help
3:42PM 0 Locked files (2.2.6pre2) ... is this normal?
2:39PM 1 winbindd and /tmp/.winbind/pipe
2:27PM 1 supress access to the /etc/passwd
1:59PM 0 Irix, Winbind and PAM issues
1:45PM 2 sid_to_uid: Domain controller lookup missing
1:04PM 0 samba file rights. help
12:23PM 2 new feature in 2.2.6 ?
12:03PM 0 Swat and Slackware 8.1
10:22AM 0 wbinfo -I not responding
10:14AM 1 Samba: wbinfo -I not responding
9:26AM 0 Changing Password on Windows Xp / 2000 Client (Samba PDC) - Please Help
7:58AM 1 Samba 2.23 ACL support ?
7:24AM 0 Samba User Profile
7:07AM 0 Help: Access Samba from Win2000 Server
6:33AM 0 viewing jobs under windows
Thursday September 12 2002
11:23PM 0 For manual in romanian languarge please
9:41PM 2 smbclient & server list
9:33PM 0 Re: VFS Virus Scanner idea...
8:22PM 0 2.2.5, MSAccess XP Database files (mdb) corrupt
7:41PM 1 Re: VFS Virus Scanner idea...
7:03PM 1 Protocols
6:42PM 1 Add machine account
5:01PM 0 Logwatch & samba - Anyone???
4:19PM 1 WinXP SP1 breaks roaming profiles.
3:54PM 1 user-mounts
3:45PM 1 Problems with smbd log
3:36PM 4 Major Printing Failure Problem
3:29PM 0 New Users cannot access Unix server after Samba 2.2.5 Upgrade
3:10PM 4 OT - LPD for Windows ...
2:43PM 1 Samba/smbpasswd/LDAP question
2:12PM 0 Winbind and Windows 2000 Sever SP3
2:06PM 1 Problems with 12gb file in samba.
1:52PM 0 Excel oplocks issue?
1:30PM 0 RE: winbind cache bug
1:16PM 2 LDAP PDC problems
1:11PM 1 Howto disable roaming profiles on some Windows client?
11:44AM 7 UWAGA!!! Znaleziono wirusa w li¶cie do Ciebie!
10:35AM 0 How-to configure policies for Users-groups
9:59AM 1 help for samba and ldap
9:53AM 0 samba and sun solaris 8
9:04AM 1 AW: File "locking" problem continues.
8:50AM 0 user name query
8:43AM 0 Sharing of Directories & assigning group permissions to directories
7:26AM 2 Browse Master Election
5:14AM 0 smbclient issue
5:00AM 0 ''resource or device no longer available' error with large files
3:18AM 0 SMB support
Wednesday September 11 2002
9:35PM 0 Samba PDC XP client "My Computer" missing
9:13PM 1 Help with samba control m
8:29PM 1 File Moving?
7:44PM 10 Too many processes kills server
7:11PM 0 FW: Problems with new users since upgrade to Samba 2.2.5
7:10PM 0 please post smb.conf example for Samba 2.2.5 file server member of NT4.0 domain
6:39PM 0 Printer Issue with Access XP
5:41PM 1 Problems with new users since upgrade to Samba 2.2.5
5:22PM 0 Interesting logging issue with W2k and smb 2.2.2
5:06PM 1 File "locking" problem continues.
4:52PM 0 Problem with printersettings for regular users
4:44PM 0 (no subject)
4:36PM 0 Problem: authorise_login: refusing user with no session setup
4:30PM 0 problem downloading printer drivers from w98
4:28PM 0 About BIND and stuff...
4:21PM 0 Samba printer port missing
3:52PM 0 Samba PDC test for failsafe
3:28PM 2 rename not working while all other things work?
2:53PM 0 problems with conecting to samba server as a guest...
2:51PM 0 samba-3.0-alpha19 can't compile
2:32PM 0 "pre-migration" profiles
2:17PM 0 smbspool and Win2000 and partial prints
1:41PM 0 To the list-owners
1:36PM 1 runaway samba, non-responsive daemons
1:25PM 0 DCE/DFS help with samba
1:16PM 0 Re:look,my beautiful girl friend
1:14PM 1 Cups printers troubles
1:05PM 0 Executing program on samba share extremely slow
12:35PM 1 XP Pro will not join domain
11:53AM 1 How to disconnect
11:49AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a(under AIX 4.3) and XP Pro
11:44AM 2 Can't print to win client
11:32AM 0 single Windows 2000 client registry settings?
11:16AM 0 Registry Problems after change
11:04AM 1 tdbsam:
9:49AM 0 problem deleting lots of files
9:29AM 1 Authentication Problem...
9:22AM 4 XFS-ACL-Samba: Trouble adding acls
6:30AM 2 WG: troubles deleting lots of files
5:22AM 1 Runaway nmbd Process - Help!
3:41AM 2 winXP sp1 seems to break roaming profiles on samba3
2:41AM 1 Strange issues with clients using Samba
12:08AM 0 Re: Problem with vnc in inetd mode
Tuesday September 10 2002
10:04PM 1 Getting Win98/95 machines to connect
9:13PM 1 Interesting tidbit...
8:28PM 0 Samba 2.2.5-10, W2K PDC and Winbind - Authentication issues
7:26PM 1 wbinfo with trusted domains
7:11PM 0 Help with file permissions
7:09PM 0 SSL, LDAP SSL and certificates
6:31PM 1 Honey
6:22PM 0 troubles deleting lots of files
5:37PM 0 Re: More on Samba 3.0 vs Samba TNG
5:30PM 2 installing samba 2.2.5 -- no luck...any ideas?
5:24PM 1 Fw: Problem joing a W2KSP1 client to a Samba PDC (2.2.5).
5:15PM 2 i need a break to clean my mail
5:07PM 0 printer/cups
5:00PM 1 print command %J (job name) problem
4:58PM 1 libsmbclient
4:54PM 0 smbtorture??
4:37PM 0 A special excite game
4:32PM 0 CVS Snapshots
4:14PM 3 REPOST: (Newbie) Trying to get name resolution functional across the WAN
4:11PM 3 Printing to a windows printer
3:47PM 2 loading printers
3:39PM 1 Compiling in Solaris 2.8
3:17PM 2 Who may delete a file ?
2:38PM 2 For developers
2:15PM 2 SAMBA 2.2.4 and Win 2k
1:09PM 0 big problems with samba even after update to 2.2.5
1:02PM 0 Japanese lass' sexy pictures
12:30PM 1 Problem joing a W2KSP1 client to a Samba PDC (2.2.5).
12:06PM 1 smbpasswd file!
12:00PM 1 Help!!! Problems copying files from AIX 4.3.3 to Win9x
11:13AM 3 XP woes
11:01AM 4 Profiles XP and Service Pack 1
10:55AM 0 Encrpted Password problem
10:36AM 2 Group listings in samba
9:39AM 1 Re: How do I force Samba to update shared printer list? (2.2.6-pre2)
7:53AM 1 Can u prevent a macintosh from leaving it's of trash files on the shares?
6:33AM 2 xwindows+pam_mount
6:06AM 0 File permissions on public directory
3:12AM 2 Documentation updates...
Monday September 9 2002
11:27PM 0 Samba 2.2.3 & XP user profiles
11:25PM 0 Samba running as PDC, is there a bug
10:12PM 1 Win2k joining samba hosted PDC
10:07PM 0 Re: Samba 3.0 vs Samba TNG
9:08PM 1 Page printing problem
8:45PM 2 Logon Hours with Samba PDC
8:34PM 1 Solaris File Locking - NT/NFS and W2K/Samba
7:59PM 0 Problems using netgroups
7:57PM 2 User names?
7:01PM 0 Compiling on Solaris8
6:32PM 2 Samba 2.2.5-1 problems joining domain - W2K PDC
5:32PM 0 Encrypted logon funny
4:51PM 0 Win xp and samba pdc problem
4:25PM 1 Re-authentication Problems
4:04PM 0 duplicate mapped drives
3:45PM 2 Joining domain XP
3:20PM 6 problem saving word documents
3:07PM 1 Error: "account name and security id mapping was not done" workaround I found
2:43PM 0 SAMBA to work with Solarios 8.0 and Win 2k
2:27PM 0 Cups problem
2:18PM 0 Samba as PDC for Irix
1:47PM 0 A very new game
1:45PM 2 Samba as DC and Profiles
1:42PM 0 roaming profile in mixed environement
12:31PM 1 SMB: : ver 2.2x vs 3.0 vs tng (diff's)?
11:10AM 0 Multiple Nics / Multiple Workgroups
10:56AM 1 How to access windows share from linux
10:54AM 0 smbd/open.c:open_directory(1176)
10:45AM 2 Samba 2.2.x & Solaris fcntl lock problem
10:35AM 1 cupsaddsmb - problem; once again
9:49AM 1 samba 3.0 - trust authentication issue
9:30AM 1 Windows XP hang
9:16AM 1 SWAT Refresh Interval
9:11AM 0 samba PDC/ldap
8:41AM 1 stubborn machine
6:16AM 1 'system error 85 has occurred'
2:09AM 1 Password Sync problems
12:55AM 0 windows ME not view samba machine
12:52AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 is crap
Sunday September 8 2002
8:28PM 0 New login information from Horseland
5:44PM 2 sambaldap tools
5:09PM 2 Problems Setting up an Samba-PDC
4:31PM 2 Printing via smbprint to a WinPrinter
3:24PM 0 Remote browser sync
2:51PM 0 Network disks not unmounting
12:46PM 0 DOS Attributes for folders?
12:20PM 1 %L substitution...
11:11AM 0 Win2k: Could not find network path
4:21AM 1 Designjet 1050C, JetDirect question
3:02AM 1 Compiling RPMS for 7.3 from CVS source
2:27AM 0 Help with installation!
1:43AM 6 Samba 2.2.5 is crap.
1:41AM 0 Special Affiliate Offers from Amazon.Com!
1:05AM 0 MAJOR BUG IN SAMBA 2.2.5 Printing CUPS
Saturday September 7 2002
10:36PM 1 Dynamic discovery of MS Authentication Servers
8:57PM 1 Windows cant find samba server (typical question)
8:16PM 0 2.2.5 hide unreadable. bug?
5:27PM 1 Authenticating users using server=domain
1:52PM 0 Problems with Samba 2.2.5 and Solaris 8 (passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c:pdb_getsampwnam)
12:58PM 1 Newbie SAMBA Printing question
11:14AM 2 Can't access samba server from windows
4:18AM 1 w2000 & sp3
3:10AM 2 UNICAST cross-subnet browsing, Port 445 vs. 139, and Win2k
12:17AM 1 REPOST: another nt4 and samba question
Friday September 6 2002
11:53PM 0 (Newbie) Trying to get name resolution functional across the WAN
10:20PM 0 Samba 3.0 Timeline
10:13PM 0 Help with SWAT and Password Urgent
9:42PM 3 ???????
7:29PM 0 preexec close + Win2K
6:10PM 1 FW: Question on configuration
6:04PM 1 problems joining domain with smbpasswd
5:09PM 0 How do I do this.....
5:07PM 1 A user named homes and homedir mounting
4:03PM 2 Simplifying User Adding
2:27PM 2 samba domeinlogon
2:22PM 0 A new game
2:14PM 0 FAT32 Problem
1:18PM 1 What is in your PATH definition when running the samba configure?
12:21PM 0 Sid Problem with
10:02AM 0 User list from Samba PDC
9:44AM 0 Questions about SAMBA on MVS platform
9:28AM 2 Samba+Kerberos
8:03AM 0 Cant print from the windozes.
8:02AM 1 "delete list" parameter
7:29AM 0 Force user does not work if connecting to more than one share fro m a PC
2:53AM 0 smbmount and taper
1:55AM 1 smbmount/mount/fstab problem
1:24AM 0 Problem Authenticating from Windows 9x clients - SAMBA v 2.2.4
Thursday September 5 2002
10:09PM 0 ÓòÃû×¢²á,¿Õ¼ä×âÁÞ
9:54PM 0 ERRSRV ERRnoresource - what the heck?
9:41PM 1 Multi subnet
7:51PM 0 error in smbpasswd (now in english, sorry)
6:44PM 2 global groups
5:09PM 0 Question on configuration
4:21PM 1 FW: Problems copying files from AIX 4.3.3 to Win9x
3:03PM 1 Q: (Most) files aren't visible via Samba?
3:01PM 0 Printing to a windows printer (ERRSRV 22)
2:48PM 2 using LDAP and PDC together
2:45PM 1 samba 3.0??
2:01PM 0 A nice game
12:36PM 0 Stand-alone samba & Win2k
12:32PM 0 Do I have masquerade on my eth0 card which is conneted to internet.
12:26PM 2 Migrating from TNG to 2.2
11:58AM 0 Problem on smbprint
9:40AM 0 XP client policy with samba
9:34AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 dont read the /etc/samba/passwd file or..
8:23AM 0 SMB2NIS password sync (was: samba and NIS ?)
5:18AM 0 (no subject)
4:43AM 1 Getting a share working
4:07AM 1 can't browse across subnets
2:39AM 2 Lost connection to network drive
Wednesday September 4 2002
8:10PM 3 Probably a stupid question about smbfs and smb.conf.
7:40PM 0 Re: Windows NT PDC and Samba PDC cross subnet browsing? (solved)
6:20PM 2 Samba auto start under red hat 7.2
4:46PM 0 Managing file permissions in samba
3:40PM 2 data corruption with ms-office files on samba 2.2.3a
3:34PM 0 Re: Samba mounting problems
3:22PM 0 Problems copying files from AIX 4.3.3 to Win9x
2:57PM 0 Nested NAT'd subnet
2:38PM 0 2nd Quarter 2002 U.S. Venture Capital Report Now Available
12:14PM 0 samba,cups,iptables and turboprint problem
11:53AM 0 Advanced tab of printer properties, w2k to samba 2.2.6pre
11:31AM 0 samba as PDC with win 2000 clients
9:59AM 0 Can not install samba
9:29AM 1 Smbpasswd file problem
9:27AM 1 Troubleshoot printing to NT Server
8:56AM 2 User sync between SAMBA domains?
8:01AM 0 Timestamp problem with Excel and Samba
7:54AM 0 Re: The need to rejoin NT domains on every reboot (Warter, James)
7:18AM 1 invisible print jobs
6:14AM 0 Why would a client keep requesting WINSPOOL.DRV and WINMM.DLL?
2:54AM 0 Samba mounting problems.
2:23AM 0 Danish characters?
12:23AM 1 Print driver download, Win2K client, Samba 2.2.3a
Tuesday September 3 2002
11:47PM 1 Samba customization - performance enhancement
9:57PM 0 Long Group Descriptions/Samba cannot handle
9:44PM 1 How do you ADD A user to Samba?
8:27PM 1 Location of private/secrets.tdb
8:25PM 0 How to configure network printers for Samba
8:23PM 0 Samba Setup issue
7:19PM 1 The need to rejoin NT domains on every reboot
7:09PM 1 samba/ldap
6:30PM 0 Patch to be able to recompile in a 64-bit nmode
6:15PM 0 One questions
5:39PM 0 Samba 2.2.5 under Solaris 2.5.1
4:59PM 1 problems printing from linux to Win98 SE box
4:58PM 1 Spool files not deleted when "printing = cups"
4:11PM 0 How can I send a broadcast message in all a domain?
3:53PM 0 printcap file
2:47PM 0 Configure problems in samba 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 on both Irix and sola ris
2:46PM 6 samba and NIS?
2:04PM 2 cannot kill smbd processes
12:53PM 0 AW: cannot write to file
12:44PM 1 Samba calling passwd as user?
12:42PM 2 Suddenly can't print: "rec_read bad magic..."
12:21PM 0 Win2k/WinXP and Samba Instant Messaging
11:53AM 0 cannot write to file
10:20AM 0 Question about fileNET
9:56AM 0 Unable to initgroup!
7:48AM 1 hangin when listing named pipes
7:22AM 0 Firewire
6:32AM 1 AW: Printer download - NOT WORKING
5:49AM 1 Problem saving files from XP to Samba on 2.2.6pre2
Monday September 2 2002
11:37PM 3 windows xp connect to share - cannot change user name from guest
10:46PM 1 smbpasswd & ldap in Samba 3.0
9:36PM 1 Samba 2.2.6pre2 + ldapsam + Solaris 9
7:19PM 0 Connecting 2 networks to 1 samba-fileserver - the best way?
7:11PM 0 Desktop.ini problem and Roaming profile problem
5:58PM 0 another nt4 and samba question
5:32PM 1 Samba and Linux users
5:02PM 0 joing machines "Kristyan Osborne"
4:55PM 0 My Epson worked a while ago ,but not after installing samba
1:41PM 1 incomplete smbmount smbfs Win98SE iso8859-1 translation in kernel 2.4.18
12:37PM 1 File types and performance
12:19PM 0 libsmbclient.h
11:57AM 2 Printer download - NOT WORKING
11:12AM 0 Help! Clients want a Linux server on their Win2K domain!
10:58AM 1 "Not listening for calling name" error message
10:25AM 0 Question about Windows 2000 Advance Server
8:42AM 0 my network problem
8:11AM 0 Fw: We Can Put an End to Word Attachments
7:38AM 0 RedHat 7.2 + Samba - disturbing daemons
6:27AM 0 NN browsing
5:38AM 0 Problem with Samba 3 as member server in Win2K/ADS domain
5:26AM 1 joing machines
5:01AM 0 Support to Solairs Intel ???
4:43AM 0 Solaris Intel
2:57AM 3 smbd + nmbd don't want to start
2:30AM 3 Slow Samba Printer initialisation, status, and printing
Sunday September 1 2002
6:18PM 1 Samba and --with-ldapsam on FreeBSD
3:51PM 1 OFFTOPIC - Question about Windows 2000 Advance Server
12:05PM 1 Feature request: Prevent user from changing password
8:47AM 4 Join to Samba-3.0 alpha 18 domain with XP