samba - May 2002

Friday May 31 2002
10:02PM 0 Error log entry (due to trying to configure a CUPS printer?)
7:17PM 0 Empty share
4:19PM 2 Mounting an NT share on Linux Server
3:58PM 2 printing with samba with NT clients
3:46PM 0 Can't connect from windows to linux
2:48PM 0 Authentication failure for Windows XP clients
1:42PM 0 WINS changes IP address on netBios name
12:31PM 2 Logon scripting for W95/98
11:39AM 6 I will pay you $10US (via Paypal) out of my own pocke t if you can solve this CUPS & Samba problem.
11:31AM 0 How do i get SambaFax to register Owner from Windows client
11:31AM 2 I will pay you $10US (via Paypal) out of my own pocket if you can solve this CUPS & Samba problem.
10:45AM 1 can read but not write to samba server
9:48AM 3 Stupid Newbie: can't connect localhost:901 - help
9:45AM 0 auto client updates
7:33AM 0 Read-only users opening files in DENY_DOS vs DENY_NONE mode
7:31AM 1 Win98 not transmitting passwd to samba server
7:07AM 2 Windows won't send passwd to samba server
6:58AM 1 patching howto for samba?
6:55AM 2 Slightly OT: Conference this year?
5:52AM 0 Winbind issue - Again
5:25AM 0 Authentication Issues
4:58AM 0 Printer drivers to define printers within samba
3:28AM 1 hash2 mangling alghorithm
3:04AM 0 samba server creates server entrys
1:42AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a as a WINS server for a multisubnet network
12:04AM 3 About password length in solaris 8 and samba 2.2.4
Thursday May 30 2002
11:02PM 0 Problems joining an XP box to a Samba PDC domain
10:50PM 0 MAILS
9:31PM 0 Can I print from Samba to Printer Canon LBP-800 in W2K
8:43PM 0 Can't browse network neighborhood after changing network address on server
7:27PM 0 Authentication problem between RH 7.3 Samba and W98
6:09PM 2 Winbind, again...
4:43PM 3 Profile creation
4:17PM 1 Bug/documentation error report
2:09PM 0 slow send samba->w2k
2:08PM 0 Mangled Names of Long File Name with 2.2.4 (fwd)
2:03PM 0 W2K Pro and Samba 2.2.3a Printing Problem
1:50PM 0 fcntl_lock problem: samba 2.2.3a, kernel 2.2.19
12:57PM 1 Samba 2.2.1a and named pipes
12:29PM 2 error connecting to myhost:139 (Invalid argument)
11:41AM 2 Frustrated with Samba and CUPS
11:09AM 0 Two domains on a single subnet
10:08AM 1 (no subject)
9:33AM 2 Accessing PC from Unix
8:55AM 3 domain administrator
8:16AM 0 Authorized user on Samba 2.2.4 PDC becomes nobody !?
7:33AM 0 Upgrading for Samba 2.2.2 to 2.2.4.
7:31AM 0 Samba PDC/Win 2000 Time Errors
7:29AM 0 share problem and netlogon
7:02AM 0 Re: Win9x login script problem - solved
5:25AM 0 NT Add Printer Wizard, printers not browseable
5:02AM 0 Exchange and Samba ...
4:26AM 1 First login VERY slow only with XP client
3:10AM 0 Hide the samba server on the Network Neighborhood
12:39AM 0 can't browse network after changing networks
Wednesday May 29 2002
11:45PM 1 domain admins, and workstation software install permissions
9:16PM 1 If the manual pages aren't clear enough then please send a patch or bug report to
8:37PM 0 samba 2.2.4 and ligin scripts problem
6:48PM 0 Roaming profiles, W2K and Samba PDC.
4:54PM 0 Windows 2000 SP2 WINS server<--- vpn ---> Samba 2.0.10 WINS server
3:30PM 2 Winbindd Problem
2:16PM 1 Submiting a bug: smbclient -M host
1:38PM 1 A good book...
1:22PM 1 need help setting up a printer
12:38PM 0 Re: Win9x login script drive mapping problem - more info
11:40AM 0 Swat, winbind, authentication, @DomainAdmins
11:04AM 1 New with Samba
10:54AM 0 Samba 2.2.5-pre and --with-winbind is not handling passwords properly
10:54AM 2 Will rpcclient ever get better?
10:51AM 0 FW: Samba 2.2.4 Error Messages
10:15AM 0 Windows XP using Samba WINS
10:11AM 0 Re: Win9x login script drive mapping problem - more info
9:18AM 0 Making printers available on Domain Browse list
9:13AM 0 Ok, back to browsing problem
8:58AM 1 change_trust_account_password failing
8:55AM 0 Need help compiling on HPUX 11.00 for 2.2.4
8:51AM 2 Win9x login script drive mapping problem - addendum
8:33AM 1 Win9x login script drive mapping problem
8:07AM 1 Redhat 7.2 & Samba_2_2_4
7:01AM 0 W2K client Printing Problem
6:28AM 1 BUG: when using 'addprinter command'
6:00AM 2 What ports does Samba use?
5:59AM 1 Unable to configure 2.2.4 on HPUX 10.20 (locking not available)
5:53AM 1 annoying authentication failure problem: sambatest[ho stname]
5:35AM 0 Samba flaky on RH7.3. Need HELP!!!
5:24AM 2 print commands
4:43AM 0 Win2K unable to see shares
3:56AM 1 samba as win2k
3:13AM 0 annoying authentication failure problem: sambatest[hostname]
2:55AM 5 installing printer driver on Samba 2.2.4
2:42AM 5 Update to 2.2.4 on SuSE 7.3
1:59AM 1 Shared dir permissions problems
1:52AM 0 Samba as PDC and share for Domain Admins
1:11AM 1 samba-ldap pdc howto problem
12:39AM 1 trusted domains - samba user authentification
Tuesday May 28 2002
11:15PM 0 printer-shares
11:09PM 0 W komunikacie "Wszystkie serwisy" zosta? wykryty wirus
9:55PM 0 Massive connectivity problems.
9:24PM 0 Print drivers and Windows2000 clients...
6:21PM 1 Time sync problem
5:40PM 0 Access rights?
5:02PM 1 tdb errors with 2.2.4
4:47PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a does not allow non-root users to smbmount a share po int...
3:56PM 2 Re: Problems compiling Samba 2.2.4 with quota under Debian stable
1:24PM 2 Re-Sharing A Samba Share via Win32 Platform
1:03PM 0 Confused over pam/ldap/pamsmbpass
1:00PM 2 nmbd not running
12:44PM 3 how can I check current smb user
12:23PM 0 query_name_response error
12:01PM 1 Linux and Samba vs WIN2K
9:19AM 0 Samba + Fat32 partition = Corrupted files???
9:05AM 1 smb print server tries to connect back to client?
8:58AM 0 SUMMARY: enterprise implementations of SAMBA
8:22AM 0 link errors compiling 2.2.4 on HP-UX 11.00
7:43AM 0 Help on "bad" nt 4.0 domain name - using security=domain
7:42AM 0 similar command of ms-dos config.sys
4:35AM 0 add user script ? (Samba v2.2.1a)
4:19AM 3 NFS versus SAMBA
3:19AM 2 MYGROUP inaccessible
2:21AM 0 samba 2.2.4 / winbind: UNIX user id of NT users has changed after system reboot
2:01AM 0 windows can't print :o(
1:44AM 0 No space char in filenames?
1:20AM 2 Mysql samba authentication
Monday May 27 2002
10:41PM 0 98 Profiles
5:27PM 0 Win2K VPN server + Samba WINS trouble
5:13PM 3 Samba 3.0 + LDAP
5:13PM 2 samba speeds: update
2:28PM 2 samba speeds
12:37PM 1 security = none?
12:13PM 1 Problems sharing a MS Access 2000 DataBase
12:11PM 2 Samba stuck!
10:27AM 5 roaming profile
9:19AM 1 Samba as a WINS Server
9:12AM 1 Odd high load occurance 2.2.4
8:45AM 0 A program to make a hosts file from DHCP leases
8:34AM 0 Changing OSes
8:26AM 1 Samba for Solaris 8 SPARC version
7:30AM 2 Interleaved writes fwom W2K and NT4
6:26AM 1 Print on RH 7.2
6:03AM 1 charset problems on mixed network
5:22AM 1 Complex samba setup, requesting advise
3:37AM 1 samba 2.2.4 bugs
3:25AM 1 How to set up Join samba PDC from windows 200 server
3:24AM 2 Problems with samba 2.2.4
3:20AM 0 Samba - file server (LOCK FILES)
1:51AM 0 Problem with locking files in MS Mail Server
Sunday May 26 2002
7:58PM 0 How to check samba with winbind?
7:17PM 2 Tru64 Samba queue display problem
2:48PM 1 smbfs makes other processes hang
12:22PM 0 locking module - problem
12:02PM 0 Talking on different networks.
11:23AM 1 Samba + Active Directory
9:16AM 0 Re: »¶Ó­·ÖÏí (PR#24319)
Saturday May 25 2002
3:52PM 0 Problem with samba printer
11:33AM 0 (no subject)
10:49AM 1 Question about commercial support
8:17AM 2 Problem with winbind in Win2k domain
6:56AM 0 VB: Trouble browsing on different nets.
4:09AM 1 Trouble browsing on different nets.
1:28AM 0 (no subject)
Friday May 24 2002
10:22PM 1 Really high load average. Config problem?
8:20PM 0 Windows client can't use a CUPS printer
4:15PM 1 smbmount works but cannot see C:\WINDOWS directory
3:33PM 2 How map the sharing automatically
3:05PM 0 I can't download last version samba
2:06PM 0 2.2.4 and XP Pro
1:26PM 0 Errors while joining a domain/authenticating
1:01PM 1 Out of memory need to restart system - Probably OT
12:46PM 1 NT user name doesn't match unix username when winbindd is running
10:37AM 1 add user script w/ idealx perl script (ldap)
10:08AM 1 small problem: password expiration
9:59AM 1 Printing Patches for 2.2.4 (roll-up)
9:44AM 1 using samba to replace bdc with nt4 pdc
9:32AM 1 Poor Performance
8:21AM 0 bug? Q:
8:05AM 0 Remove space char from Vaild char
7:54AM 0 - Adding Domain Groups to Win2k local Groups
7:25AM 1 How force inherit group info on new created files ?
7:11AM 0 2 quest.: cups - samba and ACL under HPUX
5:38AM 0 hi i have.a question
5:11AM 1 What's Happening
4:15AM 1 "disk full" error message (again, again)
3:05AM 1 Do machine accounts have to be group 100
2:37AM 2 Password Length Conundrum
Thursday May 23 2002
11:09PM 0 Login Script Error...
8:41PM 1 p.s. AutoCAD file names UPPER CASE on samba
8:35PM 3 AutoCAD file names UPPER CASE on samba
3:57PM 0 Printing Question (fwd)
2:59PM 0 Samba-Docu. suggestion
2:39PM 1 Samba 2.2.4 frequent mangled names clashes
1:30PM 1 - Domain Users and Windows 2000... Help
1:18PM 1 Migration to TNG
12:42PM 1 changing domains
12:29PM 1 Samba 3.0 Release?
12:28PM 0 print job logging
12:20PM 2 Only Netbeui on the client is it possible ?
11:46AM 0 Semaphore Timeout on from Win2K to Samba
11:43AM 0 slow localhost smbclient xfer
9:16AM 1 Regenerate MACHINE.SID
8:54AM 1 want to stop logging on 2.0.3
8:54AM 3 SMB sharing under Mac OS X Server
8:47AM 1 Newbe
8:40AM 2 - Win2k local groups and domain groups on linux PDC
8:38AM 0 share modes explanation
8:28AM 0 Strange Problem with Word 97 saving to samba share
8:11AM 1 Using an IBM 8227 Lan Entry Access Point
7:31AM 2 PANIC: share_modes_identical
7:09AM 1 Saving file and file locking problems
6:14AM 1 Netlogon from win9x using Kixtart to Samba server
5:34AM 1 Fwd: samba pdc won't work with other samba file servers
5:12AM 1 alternate data streams problem
3:27AM 1 $SMBDOPTIONS in xinetd.conf
2:18AM 0 Mangled Names of Long File Name with 2.2.4
1:30AM 0 samba pdc won't work with other samba file servers
12:18AM 1 samba fileserver
Wednesday May 22 2002
9:55PM 0 Having Problems with Interface Settings
5:55PM 0 Can't access FreeBSD hosted Samba Shares
5:09PM 0 How do I mount an SMB printer on an Apple?
4:31PM 0 Delays after a few minutes have went by.
1:50PM 0 Samba for Sun Solaris 8
12:32PM 0 Correction - RE: using winbind in pam.d/system-auth, doub le prompts for password
12:25PM 0 NT4 browsing issue
12:22PM 0 using winbind in pam.d/system-auth, double prompts fo r password
11:57AM 1 Winbind = yes
11:51AM 0 Help resolving Error...
11:01AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 and printing from Win2k / RedHat 7.2
10:41AM 1 using winbind in pam.d/system-auth, double prompts for password
9:48AM 3 Sun finally ships Samba as standard on Solaris 9
9:44AM 1 samba cross subnet
9:15AM 0 samba 2.2.4 problems
7:48AM 1 smbclient, bug?
7:41AM 0 locks corrupt
7:28AM 0 Re: A special nice game (PR#24040)
6:02AM 5 netbios name
5:46AM 1 !!! HELP !!! samba and win95
4:43AM 0 How to synchronize user accounts between W2K and Samba.
4:42AM 1 My Briefcase???
4:27AM 0 3 OS/2 Server, 120 user, we waited to avoid W*-Server, is now the time? How? (no win english ;-))
4:07AM 1 3 OS/2 Server, 120 user, we waited to avoid W*-Server, is now the time? How?
3:52AM 0 Problem to recognition the user of group Domain Admins
3:23AM 0 From Linux to Windows Dfs
3:02AM 1 Killing smb-connection
2:30AM 1 Mounting PC filesystems on SGI IRIX
12:59AM 1 adding w2k computer accounts to samba 2.2.4 PDC
12:13AM 0 NET_SAMLOGON failed.
Tuesday May 21 2002
11:17PM 0 strange logs
10:56PM 0 userlist
9:22PM 1 PAM/winbindd/smb_pass/pam_smb_auth/smb_ntdom to authenticate SSH
8:09PM 2 just curious..!!!
4:49PM 2 Macintosh + Samba integration
4:14PM 1 smbfs related oops
2:12PM 1 Automating Joining a Domain
1:58PM 2 weird winbind scenario
1:24PM 4 Samba+PDC+LDAP (add user script + unix passwd sync) Can't call perl script
12:51PM 1 Configuration Issues
11:39AM 1 Windows user not in UNIX db.
10:06AM 1 statuc code is c0000022
9:48AM 3 Controlling share create permissions
9:25AM 0 mount user home on login
9:24AM 1 Printing.txt Typo
9:08AM 0 samba 2.2.3a/W2K print server
8:45AM 0 FW: smbmount question
8:18AM 1 HP Jetdirect, Intel Netport, Samba, And Windows XP
7:42AM 3 Hangs files copying (from WinXP)
7:05AM 2 Problem compiling samba 2.2.4 with SCO Open Server 3.0, Unix 3.2.v4.2
6:37AM 0 (no subject)
6:23AM 0 query
6:23AM 1 samba as PDC with w2k clients
5:57AM 1 Error compiling...
5:21AM 2 LPR or LPRng or CUPS
5:16AM 2 Static WINS entries
4:05AM 1 Linux to Windows Dfs
3:02AM 0 SMB 2.2.4 PDC "Security Info"-Problem
1:16AM 0 Samba with LDAP and SSL
1:07AM 2 user's profile not deleted
1:05AM 0 Different unix permission for user profiles
12:50AM 0 Summary: RPC error accesing server
12:11AM 1 Initialize samba at boot time
Monday May 20 2002
11:18PM 1 SENDER ! Virus found in message from you !
9:46PM 1 Samba encrypt passwd -additional info
9:26PM 4 Samba encrypt passwd
8:27PM 0 samba-2.2.4 mount -smbfs
7:11PM 3 Will/Can Exchange Server run with a samba pdc?
7:03PM 2 How can $VARIABLES be used inside smbclient -c'xyz' command strings?
6:41PM 0 =?gb18030?B?V2lsbCB5b3UgZ29vZCBlbm91Z2ggZ2l2ZSBtZSB0aGUgc21iY2xpZW50IHNvdXJjZSBjb2Rl ID8=?=
4:35PM 1 Problems accessing files with (lib)smbclient
12:58PM 0 Printer: User Intervention Required - Use Printer Off line
12:44PM 1 Printer: User Intervention Required - Use Printer Offline
9:49AM 0 Fwd: Re: Apple cannot connect to RHLinux Samba
9:22AM 0 directories not visible on win9X but share is
8:15AM 0 Problem printing with CUPS through SMBd
8:02AM 1 NFS Mounting Exported SMB MOUNT
6:28AM 1 Apple cannot connect to RHLinux Samba
6:20AM 3 Samba & Symantec Ghost
6:19AM 0 Samba & Oracle
6:13AM 2 smb_newconn error
4:20AM 1 Compilation problem with samba2.2.4
12:02AM 1 samba option for users to have admin rights for their machine
Sunday May 19 2002
3:51PM 2 Can't join Samba PDC from Win2k
12:28PM 0 smbclient for netbeui+core protocol only print servers
6:17AM 1 Queries on samba with roaming profiles
6:00AM 0 (no subject)
6:00AM 2 Samba and windows 2K Active Directory
1:44AM 0 Printing to an epson C80 using cups
Saturday May 18 2002
7:54PM 2 joining a w2k machine to a samba domain
7:53PM 2 WinBind does not work well with Rational ClearCase (bugfix atta ched :)
6:28PM 2 can't connect from windows
5:13PM 0 Problem with user authentication
3:07PM 0 Samba authentication problem
2:22PM 0 Importante!
2:05PM 1 winbind and FreeBSD
11:40AM 1 lpr printing using samba
4:57AM 1 Separated Win2k and XP profiles anybody ?
Friday May 17 2002
10:24PM 0 About support on winXP
6:50PM 1 [BUG] Problem with Case Sensitivity for Usernames between a Samba PDC & Windows
4:29PM 1 i can`t delete print jobs in my samba server from clients windows
2:09PM 0 RedHat 7.3 + 2.2.4 + Winbind on a Multi Domain Network
1:37PM 1 windows and samba
12:59PM 0 installing printers
12:46PM 1 Change password via rpcclient?
12:35PM 0 windows domain and outlook 2000
12:32PM 0 (no subject)
12:00PM 0 reposting problem: tdb_oob len 1111638618 beyond eof at 8192 in secrets.tbd
11:09AM 0 Samba 2.0.6 with solaris 8
11:00AM 0 $TMP and $TEMP problems from w2k
10:13AM 0 Samba and Win2K failures
7:37AM 3 samba + openldap + tls
7:33AM 1 How to hide shares
7:06AM 0 Unresolved SIDs when setting ACLs
6:44AM 1 2.2 4 inherit acls problem on IRIX 6.5
6:26AM 3 Can I kill... 'add user script' behaviour in adding users during logon?
5:56AM 0 Samba vs. WIndows 2000 problems
4:45AM 0 Time Synchronization
2:53AM 0 FW: Unable to validate owner sid.
2:47AM 0 Quotas
1:35AM 3 more smbd & nmbd on a single eth ?
Thursday May 16 2002
11:09PM 2 redhat linux 7.3 package
10:44PM 0 profiles permission
9:00PM 0 MyBriefcase and samba
5:19PM 0 force user broken
4:52PM 1 some 390 problems fixed...
4:22PM 0 dfs support
2:12PM 0 unusual use of Samba for authentication of W2k??
12:35PM 0 browsing wierdness
11:29AM 9 WinY2k Access Denied on Printing
11:13AM 0 File copy error with Samba 2.2.x and 3.0/Novell/Win2k
11:00AM 2 WinBind does not work well with Rational ClearCase ( bug fix attached :)
10:50AM 1 Samba [2.2.3a-6] printing: looks like a major security hole?
10:25AM 1 VFS modules (recycle).
9:37AM 7 Name Resolution, Pinging
9:23AM 0 ldap+pam+NT/unix-password sync :: please help!
9:01AM 1 SAMBA Enterprise-wide solution?
7:26AM 0 rh7.3/samba as PDC
7:20AM 2 Problem with Samba 2.2.4 & XP/2000 ?
7:14AM 1 MS Office cannot access a mapped networkdrive
6:25AM 1 Samba 2.2.4: Problem with output of smbpasswd
5:58AM 1 file coruption bug.
5:39AM 0 Smaba fileserver with NT4 PDC (with a bad NT domainename)
4:51AM 2 2.2.4 and "veto files" -> cpu maxed out
4:48AM 1 smbmount and tar
3:48AM 0 How to turn off annonymus shares enumeration
3:20AM 0 New Win XP client - password problems
2:27AM 0 UPDATE: winbindd not working - linux s/390
2:20AM 2 Simple configuration question
1:51AM 1 shareing ADMIN$
1:34AM 2 RPC error trying to access server
1:05AM 0 Unable to run make during installation gives WARNING!
12:58AM 5 winbindd not working - linux s/390
12:34AM 0 Public inside Home.
12:01AM 0 smbcacls problem
Wednesday May 15 2002
9:40PM 1 WINS.DAT getting wrong address automatically?
5:39PM 2 Linux server, Win2k client: Almost works, what am I missing?
4:53PM 3 connections always mapped to guest
4:18PM 1 tdb_oob len 1111638618 beyond eof at 8192 in secrets.tbd
1:49PM 1 get IP number from netbios name
1:37PM 0 separate Win2k and XP profiles
1:36PM 2 Samba Tuning
1:34PM 0 Unable to copy service - source not found:
1:33PM 0 handle_source_env: Failed to open file , Error was Success
1:33PM 0 INFO: Debug class all level = 2
1:04PM 2 Problem Joining to Domain with XP Pro
1:00PM 1 WinBind does not work well with Rational ClearCase (bug fix atta ched :)
12:45PM 0 Win95 Update for Encrypted Passwords
10:57AM 0 Recycle Bin VFS.
10:50AM 0 FW: RE: RE: Win2k Printing Problems
10:34AM 1 Win 98 domain password change to Samba not ok
10:11AM 0 browsing users/groups in 2.2.1a
9:05AM 1 VFS
8:58AM 1 acces denied
8:54AM 5 printer admin problems with 2.2.4
8:26AM 1 Win2k and Linux with same computer account in Samba-domain(PDC)
8:19AM 0 Daemon Error
7:31AM 1 disable guest print account
7:19AM 2 joining an NT-Domain with samba 2.2.4 on HPUX 10.20: wrong IP Adress
7:00AM 0 Looking for some information on samba/ad domains
6:52AM 1 general cups & access permissions woes
6:49AM 1 Printing not working with Samba 2.2.4
5:37AM 4 Unable to validate owner sid.
4:16AM 2 Samba 2.2.1a - ls inconsistancies.
3:03AM 2 Devices not appearing/Manually add devices to Browse List ?
2:26AM 1 Permission problems with samba 2.2.x
2:06AM 0 Compiling Samba 2.2.4 on HPUX without winbind?
1:12AM 3 how to get 2.2.3a.tar.gz
Tuesday May 14 2002
9:53PM 0 Clarification
6:49PM 3 files locked
4:30PM 0 win98 dos client connection breaks
4:18PM 1 Samba daemon
3:44PM 1 Samba developers - Printing/driver downloading
3:42PM 0 samba printer driver uploading
3:16PM 2 Creating Samba users?
1:12PM 1 Samba 3.0 pre 17, character set
1:06PM 1 Winbindd+W2K+NT+Pam+Samba 2.2.3a+Solaris
1:04PM 0 Re: Bug 23074 - Linux 2.2.19 - Samba 2.2.3a - fcntl - value too large for defined data type (Gerald Carter)
12:29PM 1 Error in compiling from new SAMBA_2_2 On OpenBSD 3.1
9:50AM 3 Only read rights when mounting
9:45AM 0 will not start
8:54AM 2 OT: Jerry seems like such a polite chap
8:50AM 0 security=share problem with NT 4.0
8:43AM 0 uid not available in printer script
8:29AM 0 Win98/samba 2.2.4 problem w/folders in explorer
8:21AM 2 ldap pam and samba
8:21AM 0 re: NIS and smbpasswd
8:04AM 1 Joining A Windows Domain
6:49AM 1 upgraded to 2.2.4 and printing stopped working?
6:11AM 1 Srtring Overflow Error in Samba 2.0
6:00AM 2 Error in joining samba server to Windows Domain
5:11AM 0 SAMBA + ACLs + QUOTAs + WINBIND = headache
4:59AM 1 2.2.4 and printing problems
3:35AM 3 How to mount a samba partition in Linux?
2:48AM 2 Trust domain
1:46AM 0 Solaris 2.8 Samba 2.2.[2|4]/CUPS 1.1.14 compilation problem
1:27AM 0 Bugfix for idealx smbldap-tools
1:18AM 0 smbmount or equivalent for Irix 6.5?
1:15AM 0 AW: Problems building Samba 2.2.4 under HPUX 10.20
12:16AM 0 Roaming Profiles with WinNT 4
Monday May 13 2002
8:23PM 3 Samba DC issue.
6:53PM 1 Samba 3.0 and ETA?
6:13PM 1 Wierd 2000/XP problem
4:52PM 3 Can't access a linux server using a Win2K client
4:49PM 0 smbpasswd + ldap -- changing stuff it shouldn't
4:40PM 1 "smbstatus" reporting strangeness
4:33PM 0 Can't Access 2.2.4 Shared Folders Now
3:50PM 2 Winbind and local accounts
2:30PM 0 How to provide local auth and remote domain access.
1:07PM 0 Any way to tweak away LOTS of collisions?
1:00PM 1 winbind needs a PDC?
12:56PM 0 Slow print browsing in WinNT/Win2K with Samba 2.2.3a
12:47PM 1 Samba 2.2.4 SWAT Says Broken Link
11:35AM 0 samab and 2000
11:06AM 1 Win98 SE - problem with copying to shares
11:05AM 1 Problems with Samba 2.2.4 and Windows 2k, XP
10:48AM 1 Lock file problems? smb_open and smb_readpage_sync issues
10:44AM 0 AIX 4.3.3 MR9 SAMBA 2.2.1a runs slow
9:45AM 0 Samba with split personality
8:43AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 with Win 2k
6:52AM 1 Synchronizing uids on deferent machines running winbind
6:28AM 0 maximum connections samba server can (should) handle
6:18AM 0 FW: WinXP joining a samba PDC
6:02AM 0 FW: to whom it may...
4:58AM 1 2.2.4 on Solaris SPARC
4:40AM 1 Adding users by ignoring unix password file
4:23AM 3 lib/debug.c:reopen_logs(349)
4:14AM 1 (no subject)
4:02AM 0 logon on Samba PDC server
4:00AM 2 smb printer errors
3:57AM 0 Problem with & in domain name.
3:41AM 3 Problems building Samba 2.2.4 under HPUX 10.20
3:23AM 1 Adding Printer Drivers for existing Printers (Win2000, WinNT x86)
2:44AM 1 Compatibility with active directory
Sunday May 12 2002
11:13PM 0 Samba problem !
7:24PM 0 Replace NT Domain Servers?
5:48PM 1 Dispelling Myths About Samba Encrypted passwords, NT_STATUS_LOGON _FAILURE and XP
2:23PM 0 Samba Upgrade Weirdness
2:09PM 2 WinXP joining a samba PDC
1:32PM 0 make error in 2.2.4; Tru64 Unix
1:18PM 0 2.2.4: NT ACL problems
6:14AM 2 Building source rpms does not build all the rpms.
5:42AM 0 Client PCs crash when in MS apps.
3:58AM 0 samba nmbd network errors
3:41AM 0 Can't use NET USE /HOME
2:42AM 1 PDC login problem solved
Saturday May 11 2002
10:15PM 0 Fail to join win2k to a NT domain where samba serves as a PDC
9:06PM 1 To mount at login
5:18PM 1 Samba + Windos XP/2k + Netbench Problem
4:52PM 0 Samba 64 bits or 32 bits program
4:30PM 6 Re: Linux, Samba, and the Lexmark z53
1:59PM 0 PGP + samba errors.
10:12AM 0 Win2k SP2 and logging into a samba domain controller
8:59AM 0 eDirectory + SAMBA + PAM + W2K Clients
8:13AM 0 OT: OS2 & Samba: "Your home directory could not be set up"
7:57AM 0 smbpasswd for normal user
7:18AM 1 Does 2.2.4 need hex user and group rid?
4:33AM 1 winbind...!!
4:26AM 3 printing fails
3:56AM 1 Why do i see "homes" twice ?
3:39AM 0 Are YOU looking for a new website, to develop an existing website, for cheaper hosting or domain names?
3:38AM 1 ldap_connect_system: Failed to retrieve password for from secrets.tdb
Friday May 10 2002
8:13PM 0 vfs audit broken ?
5:49PM 3 Samba + Quickbooks
5:35PM 1 hi!! samba team
4:43PM 1 Changing ACLs using W2k client and samba server with bestbits ACL patch
3:27PM 1 Samba does not work over masquerade
2:35PM 3 Unix Group Question with repect to Samba
2:18PM 0 Cannot find Primary Domain - Please help, rather urge nt
1:49PM 1 Upgrade From 2.2.3a to 2.2.4 Broke Solaris 8 PDC
1:33PM 1 Cannot find Primary Domain - Please help, rather urgent
1:10PM 16 Win2k Printing Problems
12:30PM 2 Samba - cannot print multiple copies
12:28PM 1 "." at the end of files/folders name causing problem!
12:25PM 0 FW: Windows 2000 and Samba
11:56AM 0 (no subject)
11:50AM 0 Keeping your code current via wget through an ftp proxy
10:55AM 1 Advice needed about remote colaboration
10:26AM 1 mount -F ?
10:19AM 3 Problem with samba 2.2.4 and Mandrake 8.2
10:16AM 2 Authorizing login per station
9:57AM 1 issue with long domain names and winbindd_cache
9:25AM 0 PATCH: Printing from ACT 2000 on Win2k
7:56AM 0 2.2.4: VFS->recycle->sig11
7:36AM 0 Cannot connect to server upgraded from 2.0.6 to 2.2.4
7:14AM 0 Re: Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in I nfrastructure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !
7:11AM 0 Disclaimers
6:30AM 0 Oplocks, Oplock_break and request Oplock_break
6:22AM 3 Samba 2.2.4 on s/390
6:10AM 1 Most common samba uses
6:03AM 2 After reIP, Samba hosts not browsable.
5:52AM 0 Problems when compiling samba3.0alpha17
5:49AM 0 Re: Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in I nfrastructure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !
5:16AM 0 Proxy
2:58AM 1 What's the newest samba-tng ?
1:59AM 0 Win2k won't join Samba-Domain
1:42AM 3 samba and win95
12:41AM 0 The status of Active Directory support in Samba
12:29AM 1 somebody please help
Thursday May 9 2002
11:21PM 1 How do i set different permission for a shared directory?
9:53PM 4 copy a large volume of data from PC to samba server
8:52PM 0 another patch for samba-2.2.4
6:43PM 2 tdb_open_ex
6:01PM 1 try Again?: Setting up net of W2K boxes with Samba PDC
4:42PM 1 share help
3:34PM 4 Win98 join a PDC
3:19PM 2 still problems with password-expiration
3:19PM 1 Logging in to the domain
3:17PM 1 Quota visualization and Printer Sharing
3:16PM 2 How can I tell which users are currently connected?
2:59PM 1 Howto join Win2000 to a Samba acting as a PDC?
2:39PM 1 Re: Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in I nfrastructure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !
2:03PM 1 Can Win Clients change passwords?
1:37PM 0 adding a printer to samba via cupsaddsmb
12:21PM 0 gdm and winbind logins
11:03AM 0 winbind and 2.2.4 and redhat 7.2 Please Help Anyone.
10:57AM 0 Latest version of Samba
9:56AM 1 Which filesystem supports ACL?
9:53AM 7 Windows 2000 and Samba
9:28AM 1 Quickbooks data corruption...
9:27AM 0 What accounts are needed for PDC?
9:18AM 2 Trouble with banking software on Samba share
8:53AM 0 ATTENTION! Infection discovered by Network Associates Mailbox Sca nner
8:51AM 0 Can't get winbind from samba 2.2.4 on redhat 7.2 to work wbinfo -u gives an error
8:51AM 1 Problem saving files from XP to Mandrake 8.2/Samba 2.2.3a
7:49AM 1 Printing Problems from ACT with samba
7:19AM 0 minimal samba
7:18AM 1 patch to for Solaris/gcc (-KPIC vs. -fPIC)
6:22AM 4 Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in Infrastructure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !
6:21AM 1 Moving to Samba PDC - 2K+XP profile problems?
6:19AM 1 Error when running -a
5:32AM 2 Samba 2.2.4 and SCO Openserver 5.0.6
4:34AM 0 transfer a PDC from NT to Linux
4:31AM 0 Error when running from idealx
4:12AM 1 Can't add users with smbpasswd to LDAP
3:42AM 1 Configuring the system to use LDAP
3:00AM 2 wbinfo -t is not working yet
2:23AM 1 Can't Apply Group ACL
1:34AM 0 Fail to join win2k clients into a domain where samba serves as a PDC
1:07AM 1 user nobody can print on a non-public printer?
1:04AM 0 Make error found in Samba 2.2.2
12:33AM 0 For Andrew Tridgell
12:16AM 0 Running WinNT application
Wednesday May 8 2002
11:28PM 2 wbinfo -t
7:36PM 0 Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in Infra structure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !
3:07PM 0 problems with 2.2.4 on RH7.2
1:59PM 1 How/when do the PAM files get created?
12:16PM 2 called name not present
11:24AM 1 A job for you
9:56AM 1 Configuring PAM
9:43AM 1 Is 2.2.3/4 as reliable as 2.0.10?
9:32AM 4 losing print driver associations on reboot
9:09AM 0 Getting Winbind to work with 2.2.4
8:23AM 2 Error in netlogon service samba 2.2.4?
7:58AM 2 Automatic Printer Driver Downloading - Does it work?
7:57AM 0 ads_set_machine_password: KDC reply did not match expectations
6:58AM 1 Samba 2.2.4 and Solaris 8
6:51AM 0 Problem with disk quota view
6:36AM 3 How well does printing support scale in Samba 2.2.x ?
6:36AM 0 Some errors
5:41AM 0 need help - where to get binaries for HPUX 11.0 for 2 .2.3a AND winbind
5:41AM 0 (no subject)
2:18AM 1 Possible Problems with the Sybase product PowerBuilder
1:47AM 2 Secret is bad
1:07AM 1 PROBLEMS with XP and SAMBA
Tuesday May 7 2002
9:49PM 0 Re: SAMBA compile errors at XFS kernel.. (fwd)
9:41PM 1 XP: Access denied to printer share but it still works
5:23PM 0 Intermittent slow reads from Samba 2.2.3a server
5:22PM 0 New search engine!
5:22PM 0 Batch file access denied error
5:20PM 1 kanji characters in filenames are not being translated properly?
5:20PM 4 2.2.x Printing from Win2k-more clues
5:16PM 1 help with configure
5:16PM 1 Win2k and Samba 2.2.1a PDC
5:15PM 0 Unofficial Mandrake 8.x RPMS uploaded to
5:14PM 3 lp & cups on samba
5:14PM 0 slightly OT: setting up net of W2K boxes with Samba PDC
5:13PM 0 multi-byte character set - CANCEL
5:12PM 0 multi-byte character set usernames
6:54AM 3 download samba-2.2.0.tar.gz
5:53AM 0 Re: Workstation PC2000$: no account indomain
5:39AM 0 user add error
4:52AM 1 Session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0
4:50AM 7 (BRMA) Mensagem não autorizada
2:51AM 6 What to do for ACL support?
2:31AM 0 AW: Looking for samba software
2:30AM 0 accessing GDI printers via Samba?
2:18AM 0 Looking for samba software
2:08AM 1 conflicts with file from package samba-2.0.7-4
1:31AM 1 Help for my thesis- VB with samba
1:25AM 3 XP, shares and connections to port 80
12:59AM 1 Problems - 2.2.4
Monday May 6 2002
11:27PM 0 General Problem
5:49PM 0 (no subject)
5:31PM 0 Virus detected / Virus détecté
5:09PM 0 Samba x user add error?
5:04PM 1 Quickbooks 2000 multiuser on Samba file server access denied
4:42PM 0 Attrib problem fixed in 2.2.4
4:07PM 1 Unix side authentication
3:11PM 0 2.2.3a machine accounts not created
3:04PM 2 A WinXP patch
2:18PM 2 samba 2.2.4, domain auth, and smbpasswd file.
2:05PM 1 (somtimes) very slow access: windows-xppro samba 2.2.3a on redhat7.2
1:56PM 2 Roaming Profiles and My Documents
12:54PM 1 2.2.4 didn't install smb.conf
12:54PM 1 Printing on XP Client
12:31PM 1 Errors in samba 2.2.4
11:50AM 2 samba & cups
11:11AM 0 Problem setting up stunnel
11:07AM 0 suse 8.0 with samba 2.2.4 ldap
10:58AM 0 Please Disregard, testing
10:42AM 0 What are *nix parameters for Samba directories?
10:17AM 0 Database file sharing errors
10:01AM 0 2k installation
9:40AM 2 passwd encryption
9:10AM 0 New versions of Samba 2.2.4 RPMS available for RedHat
9:02AM 1 The refresh problem
8:49AM 1 name resolving
8:34AM 3 2.2.4 : smbstatus reporting weird dates in locked files
8:12AM 1 Samba Panic Directive
8:08AM 2 Users can't map drives after upgrade
7:43AM 1 File blocked - ScanMail for Lotus Notes-->Printer INF file executution
7:14AM 0 RH 7.2 RPMs
6:49AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 Bug
6:32AM 1 Using a Norton Ghost with Samba and dos client bootdisk
6:09AM 1 Samba 2.2.4
2:53AM 0 Win2K not joining to Samba+LDAP
2:26AM 1 A make problem with Samba 2.2.4
Sunday May 5 2002
11:20PM 2 samba w/ multiple network cards/machines
11:16PM 0 [??] ?? ?? ?? ???
8:52PM 0 Tum Sifreli Uydu Kanallari Artik Bedava!...
7:58PM 0 Samba 2.2.4 Solaris packages available
6:45PM 0 Master Browser Problem
12:50PM 2 Can't get MSDFS to work, help!
12:50PM 1 Login Scripts won't run on W2K
12:25PM 0 Weirdness with Mac OS X
8:47AM 1 Trying to set-up Stunnel for samba
8:34AM 0 nmbd strange port error please help
7:15AM 1 Problem on large number of shares
6:26AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 - RedHat 7.2
4:15AM 0 Video Kaset CD'ye Kaydet
Saturday May 4 2002
10:34PM 2 Samba as PDC and Win XP Pro Machine Accounts
8:28PM 2 Winbind doesn't authenticate users -2.2.4/RH 7.2
4:02PM 3 How do you configure SWAT to show all options with regular logon id?
3:46PM 4 samba-2.2.4 compile error at smbd/password.c
1:35PM 1 netlogon not working
1:11PM 0 nmblookup, WINS, cross-subnet
12:44PM 2 Help! desktop.ini hell!
11:08AM 1 2.2.4. %z %c + deb?
10:36AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1161 - 23 msgs
9:41AM 4 2.2.4/spools/HP DJ 1120 driver problem
8:09AM 0 Sorting directory listings
8:04AM 1 File Archive bit not cleared
7:10AM 1 samba 2.2.4 and logonscript
7:05AM 0 samba 2.2.4 and logon script
4:39AM 1 machine accounts and ldap?
4:09AM 0 Thanks on 2.2.4!
4:04AM 1 Can't print from applications in W2K to Samba (version 2.2.3a, Debian woody)
3:50AM 0 Windows 2000 and Samba as PDC
2:50AM 0 problem while connecting to samba when dialup connection is made
2:40AM 1 Samba 2.2.4 install
Friday May 3 2002
10:21PM 0 samba feedback
6:30PM 0 2.2.4 RPMs for SuSE Linux 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0
4:34PM 0 swat, solaris & pam
2:33PM 0 Win2k Printer Installation Woes Continue....
2:21PM 1 kernel oplocks don't work on Linux/Alpha
2:21PM 0 No code for Alpha architecture in tdb/spinlock.c
2:16PM 2 Printing from linux to windows shared printer
1:49PM 0 Re: Failed to open byte range locking database
1:42PM 0 domain level security and guest access
1:41PM 0 nmbd dies at startup
12:19PM 1 Samba connecting to a Samba PDC
11:45AM 2 the account is not authorized to log in from this station.
11:40AM 1 Replacing 3 out of 4 NT servers w/ Samba
11:34AM 3 NetBIOS name of 15-characters still doesn't work
10:55AM 1 Printer Settings
10:44AM 0 Re: A nice game (PR#23554)
10:29AM 0 homes share and winbind
9:59AM 0 sync between two samba servers
9:54AM 0 Solaris 8 package available for 2.2.4
9:48AM 0 Unofficial Samba 2.2.4 packages available for Mandrake
9:11AM 0 Samba 2.2.4 IRIX binaries available
9:09AM 0 Browsable shares
8:17AM 0 A re-built WinXP won't join domain
7:59AM 2 Impending Removal of --with-ssl
7:26AM 1 Problems to 'configure' SAMBA-2.2.4 under OS/390.....
6:32AM 0 (no subject)
6:15AM 2 AW: can't get 2.2.4 release to work
5:52AM 1 can't get 2.2.4 release to work
5:17AM 0 Samba* and SQL pass backend
3:59AM 0 Timestamp different if replacing a file vs just copying it to the server.
Thursday May 2 2002
11:40PM 1 smbfs crash
11:29PM 3 2 Qs, Win ME failure and SWAT issue.
10:45PM 0 Samba not responding from behind routers?
10:05PM 2 NAV detected a virus in a document sent to you.
8:32PM 1 RedHaT RPMS/SRPMS for 6.2, 7.1, & 7.2 available
8:16PM 0 Browse Share by Valid User
7:08PM 3 Samba 2.2.4 Released
6:31PM 1 Network Neighborhood can see Samba server, but cannot access!
6:31PM 0 Printing Banner Pages...
4:43PM 0 Oops
4:15PM 1 local/roaming profile default
3:38PM 0 Win2k displaying SID, not User Info
3:31PM 1 flaky authentication
3:15PM 0 adding users on the fly
2:43PM 1 [print$]
2:43PM 1 I need in your help. SMB & 2 problems.
1:20PM 0 Can't connect to a win2k system.
12:33PM 0 Can't display HP4Plus Printer Properties, but can HP4MV, etc
11:51AM 0 logging number of pages being printed
11:21AM 0 Problems to compile SAMBA 2.2.1a under OS/390......
10:42AM 1 turning off Netbios
9:17AM 0 Samba and PostgreSQL?
9:10AM 0 Virus encontrado na mensagem "Scrolling" [Virus found in received message "Scrolling"]
8:58AM 3 Domain trust relationship
7:13AM 0 Samba 2.2.1a : empty directory share name problem with WinNT
7:04AM 0 Samba Messaging
6:39AM 0 "Access denied", yet empty files written?
6:36AM 0 Samba 3.0-17 Kerberos configuration errors to KDC
5:54AM 1 redhat rpm install of samba-2.2.3a-20020206.i386.rpm
5:12AM 2 unix/nt-pdc group mapping
4:22AM 0 Winbind-Solaris Documentation**Attn:Samba Group
3:05AM 0 Domain Authentication failure
1:53AM 1 problem with Name Resolution
12:56AM 0 <????? ?? ??>300??? ?????? ???... (???OK)
12:33AM 1 disabling winbind
Wednesday May 1 2002
9:08PM 0 Error from Network Neighborhood: \\SMBSERVER is not accessible
8:31PM 0 smbd consume cpu resources
4:30PM 0 Secure Samba - Stunnel and inetd
2:57PM 1 Error---semaphore timeout period has expired
2:38PM 2 wget vs cvs for getting current code
2:23PM 2 Problems w/ samba 2.2.3a as PDC for Win2KPro
2:23PM 0 WinNT 4.0 NTBACKUP.EXE and Samba
2:12PM 2 winbindd with Samba PDC
12:27PM 2 Still need help linking samba on Redhat 7.2 -- ANYONE?
11:38AM 0 How to setup backup-admin permissions
10:25AM 5 Roaming profiles problem
8:28AM 1 15-character NetBIOS name won't join domain
8:08AM 0 Password/Username not valid for SOME users
7:26AM 2 Bug 23074 - Linux 2.2.19 - Samba 2.2.3a - fcntl - value too large for defined data type
7:21AM 2 Advice on Secure Samba usage
7:01AM 0 Virus encontrado na mensagem "W32.Elkern removal tools" [Virus found in received message "W32.Elkern removal tools"]
7:00AM 0 Slow access from Windows 2000/XP
2:24AM 1 [BUG] smbfs crashes when listing dir with sepcecial character
1:21AM 3 smbclient & printing on win2k box with HP Deskjet 560C (Drivers?) SMB 2.2.3a - Kernel 2.4.7, red hat 7.2