samba - Oct 2001

Wednesday October 31 2001
10:45PM 0 please plesae help Im ın real trouble
10:35PM 3 readonly - can't change
9:30PM 0 Password Share
8:40PM 3 Alternative Auth Methods.
8:01PM 3 CPU Problem on Solaris and 2.2.2
4:24PM 0 Drives Full?
4:21PM 1 Criptografy
3:56PM 3 Help...Help....WInbind Enum User Problem in Samba 2.2.2
3:29PM 1 smbstatus & connections.tdb
2:24PM 1 Getent problem in samba 2.2
2:07PM 1 Solaris-8 (intel) --with-smbmount (Linux only) ??
1:57PM 0 LFS 2GB file support
1:39PM 1 Username Map not work
1:13PM 2 creating new shares and restarting SMB
1:00PM 1 nmblookup status meaning
12:47PM 1 Samba 2.2.1a - cannot connect from win98 to sun
12:30PM 0 Spooling Problem
12:16PM 1 New 2.2.2 question/ACL Lists
12:00PM 0 network settings
11:53AM 1 doubts
11:31AM 3 Attaching to Samba shares..
11:04AM 0 Print Job Priority
9:34AM 0 nsswitch.conf
9:15AM 0 Need Your Help
8:53AM 1 samba in wireless network (again)
8:53AM 1 Error mesage
8:48AM 0 NT Domain Admins change rights
8:27AM 3 SWAT/md5/shadow/pam
8:26AM 0 PAM and FreeBSD with Winbindd...
8:17AM 2 Samba And Macintosh(netatalk)
7:38AM 1 wbinfo -t fails, what now?
7:24AM 1 winbind exists (allmost) immediatly: winbind uid parameter missing
7:21AM 0 Odd behavior when logging into SMB
6:51AM 0 more than one IP for wins server in smb.conf
6:37AM 1 Automated user lockout during certain hours
6:24AM 0 trusth relations
6:21AM 2 password expire in samba PDC
6:03AM 2 spool unixXwindows and password
6:00AM 0 FW: HP3000 problem
4:45AM 2 XP plaintext
4:08AM 0 (no subject)
4:07AM 0 2.2.2: smbclient and stdin
4:05AM 0 (no subject)
1:23AM 0 brows list question from Jephe Wu
1:20AM 3 Samba network recycle bin
1:03AM 0 compilation of samba-2.2.2 on AIX415 failed
12:41AM 4 What is Samba speed?
Tuesday October 30 2001
9:39PM 0 Video server optimisations
8:35PM 1 samba in wireless network
7:25PM 0 I have a problem (fwd)
6:32PM 0 replace O/S
5:03PM 2 testparm looks for smb.conf at default $samba_dir
4:05PM 0 Login problem to a SUN server
3:03PM 0 Automounting shares
2:47PM 7 Active Directory
2:47PM 1 Network problem URGENT!!!
2:33PM 1 installing Samba without SWAT
2:09PM 0 (no subject)
2:03PM 1 Some questions about networking with WinNT/2K
1:57PM 0 rpc_server/srv_netlog.c:api_net_sam_logon(208) api_net_sam_logon: Failed to marshall NET_R_SAM_LOGON.
1:24PM 0 rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_samr_query_aliasmem(2613) _samr_query_aliasmem: Not yet implemented.
12:14PM 1 dynamic wins->DNS functionality gone?
12:13PM 1 Guest access even when domain is out of service?
11:55AM 0 Profile update fails
11:24AM 2 smbd is stopped
11:13AM 1 How do I make samba NOT be a domain controller?
10:34AM 1 Alpha
10:25AM 1 Samba 2.2.1a/2.2.2 install with Win2000ServerSP2
10:23AM 0 Problems with SAMBA and setting of Group ID bit
9:51AM 1 Passowrd Authentication
9:34AM 0 Windows sees Samba computer but can't access
9:28AM 2 Trusth relationship
8:47AM 0 Winbind stoped working after two weeks?
8:45AM 0 user login incorrect after public present
8:38AM 0 IPC$ services exist after the user leaves the server
8:17AM 1 samba 2.2.2, workgroup on several subnetwork
7:56AM 1 Problems Accessing the same file with more than 1 client
7:56AM 1 print/queue pausing (and resuming), BSD style
6:54AM 0 Log question
6:38AM 0 Permissions and groups from Win2000 workstation
5:49AM 4 FUD or foolishness? Windows XP Home and Samba
4:10AM 4 samba will not work for me... :/
2:49AM 2 HP3000 problem
Monday October 29 2001
11:47PM 0 =?ks_c_5601-1987?B?sKHA5SDA+rfFx9EgvvC+7r+svPY=?=
6:40PM 2 Trouble registering Samba Server in an NT domain
6:18PM 3 Possible bug when I try to copy a subtree with windows explorer (PR#21927)
4:35PM 0 how to configure WinXP for samba
4:10PM 1 LDAP Authentication
3:10PM 6 Samba 2.0.7 problems (on RedHat 7.0)
2:04PM 1 Samba 2.2.1a PDC and Win XP
2:03PM 0 Network Neighborhood not watching
1:58PM 2 Samba 2.2.2 PDC - Win98/Winme - Can't see more than 100 users when sharing (PR#21923)
11:59AM 2 Bidirectional printers, LPRng, and Samba...
11:45AM 0 Changing Look of SWAT
11:14AM 0 Errors while running make
10:55AM 2 es posible....
10:51AM 0 disks appear full in Explorer
10:30AM 0 samba and include
9:49AM 0 Auto start of samba with SSL
9:21AM 1 Printer driver information during upgrade
8:49AM 0 Fwd: Re: Using rpcclient to install printer drivers
7:20AM 1 mounting windows clients
6:54AM 0 [Fwd: solaris 2.5.1 smbd 2.2.2 (& 2.2.0) SIGSEGV in initgroups when using nisplus]
6:51AM 0 [Fwd: HP-UX 11.00 samba 2.2.* smbd SIGSYS in pread]
6:44AM 1 Configuring Samba on AIX 4.2.1
6:39AM 0 Samba / Winbindd / Cups / Managing print jobs
6:31AM 0 Remote printing
5:11AM 2 How to share files/directory to the members of the group?
4:36AM 1 Problems compiling (Samba 2.2.2)
4:10AM 0 Multiple UID-0 accounts in a Samba domain?
2:58AM 1 Release 2.2.2
2:32AM 1 lower case filenames and directory names
2:00AM 1 Samba use with NetApp filers ?
Sunday October 28 2001
11:56PM 1 Password expiry in Samba?
11:05PM 0 Compiling torture.c for windows ?
10:57PM 1 Please help !!
10:40PM 0 help: why are my shares read only when they should be writable?
10:27PM 0 Slow nettwork rate
10:16PM 1 samba 2.2.2: Unknown parameter encountered: "use client drivers"
8:35PM 1 How to resolve shared Windows folders with $ sign
4:59PM 2 undelete files
3:29PM 0 tdb_delete failed error, please help
12:41PM 1 how to edit ntconfig.pol
12:39PM 2 Grant Admin on a Win2K workstation?
8:13AM 1 [2.2.2] ./configure --cups ??
6:40AM 1 samba 2.2.2 with NIS/NIS+?
4:26AM 1 YASNPP - [Yet Another Stupid Newbie Printing Problem]
2:28AM 1 How to create but not delete file/dir?
1:58AM 0 YASNPP - Yet Another Stupid Newbie Printing Problem
Saturday October 27 2001
10:05PM 0 Samba dropping PoPToP?
2:38PM 1 samba 2.2.2 and pam
10:34AM 1 Slow network traffic
10:32AM 0 Thanks Andrew
5:11AM 1 Can't see network neighbourhood
Friday October 26 2001
9:47PM 2 dns forwarding?
8:24PM 2 ERROR! Out of pipe structures
4:51PM 0 SAMBA not syncing with SAMBA
3:09PM 1 smbpasswd format
2:58PM 1 everything was perfect and then...
2:36PM 1 Startup for smbd
2:26PM 1 FW: twice delete a directory before it really is deleted
11:37AM 0 HP-UX 11.00 samba 2.2.* smbd SIGSYS in pread
11:34AM 0 (fwd)
10:49AM 0 solaris 2.5.1 smbd 2.2.2 (& 2.2.0) SIGSEGV in initgroups when using nisplus
10:20AM 0 winbindd and Domain password server not available
10:04AM 1 can't mount drive - HELP!
9:13AM 0 Samba newbie question. (RESOLVED SUMMARY)
8:54AM 0 advice on samba configuring
8:36AM 1 print server and windows 95/98
8:01AM 3 Samba-2.2.2 + RH 7.2
7:42AM 0 Samba newbie question.
7:22AM 2 Printer: Access denied, unable to connect
7:12AM 0 Groups and Permissions
5:49AM 1 missing last character on share name
5:07AM 0 Error: Network busy !!!
5:04AM 4 Performance problem
4:46AM 0 Speed problems with Samba 2.2.2
4:13AM 1 Cant browse - Network name not found - shares working fine
3:18AM 1 two logon scripts
2:39AM 4 dBase-speedproblem
1:58AM 1 Using ACLs with Samba 2.2.2 on a 2.4.10 Kernel
1:27AM 0 SOLUTION! RE: Winbindd as deamon or in debug mode is a BIG differ ence ?!?
12:21AM 1 smbmount - failed to load nls ´850´
Thursday October 25 2001
10:16PM 1 Samba 2.03 with SCO Openserver 5.04
10:09PM 0 nmblookup patches
8:27PM 3 Transfer file
7:37PM 0 Failed authentication but everything still works!
7:27PM 2 Writing files
7:09PM 0 W2KSP2 Profile and 2.2.2 hell...
6:44PM 0 (no subject)
3:22PM 0 Virus scan for samba
3:20PM 0 Mounting other domains
1:55PM 2 twice delete a directory before it really is deleted
1:36PM 0 samba on Tru64 clusters "in_multi"
1:26PM 1 Samba Logo and GPL
12:57PM 0 samba 2.2.2 on RH7.1 with NT server
11:15AM 0 Domain account (winbind) and mail
11:08AM 0 Using two Sambas.
10:28AM 0 Winbind, RedHat 7.1, Pam 0.74-22 ohh so close to working(even closer)
10:27AM 2 smbd fault
9:52AM 1 log activity -- related?
9:18AM 1 from 2.2.1a to 2.2.2 ?
9:05AM 2 log activity
8:57AM 1 Dual samba servers and Win2k and browsing?
8:55AM 1 Users in ACL can't save changes from Excel 2000
8:54AM 2 execvp error
8:32AM 1 Text File Busy, Samba Locking?
8:20AM 1 Advanced user rights on a samba PDC
8:17AM 1 moving samba driver config files to backup server...
8:04AM 0 Winbindd as deamon or in debug mode is a BIG difference ?!?
8:02AM 0 A quiet Samba ?
7:57AM 1 A quiet Samba ??
6:57AM 1 mapping at /home level
6:42AM 4 wbinfo works, getent doesn't
6:05AM 2 Page size won't stay on A4 :(
6:03AM 0 Can't join NT domain (any more)
5:38AM 1 More than one nmbd process
5:34AM 0 Samba-2.2.2 uses 100% of resources.
4:48AM 2 Solaris compiler environment trampled by GNUs
4:23AM 0 windows groups
3:56AM 2 Spool filename changing!
3:39AM 3 winbind / nss_winbind with Solaris with large amout of uses/groups
2:00AM 1 about Swat
1:30AM 0 Samba character set BUG ???
1:12AM 0 AW: Samba NIC Failover
12:39AM 1 Samba on SCO/ HELP
Wednesday October 24 2001
11:39PM 6 Very slow performance after installing RAID controllers
11:05PM 0 Problem installing Printer
10:47PM 0 Lose of local access.
10:15PM 0 ??? ???? ????. ???? ???!!!
8:48PM 0 Proposal for implementing WINS replication using DNS
7:27PM 0 attention to those running ZONEALARM on windows and using samba
3:52PM 3 A bug report
1:23PM 0 ip address versus server name
12:43PM 4 "Sticky" bit with samba, is it possible?
12:07PM 2 2.2.1 cannot do what 2.0.7 does!
11:13AM 1 Question on printer share comments
11:07AM 0 Errors in /usr/bin/dmesg
11:06AM 3 winbind separator ignored in smb.conf
10:44AM 1 Printing to a share
10:43AM 0 Problems with trust relationship and machine accounts
10:35AM 2 LDAP
10:07AM 1 (no subject)
9:40AM 0 FW: Users not being created...
9:20AM 0 Win2k share: permission denied
8:27AM 1 Bad Passwd
8:25AM 0 HP-UX 11.0 and Samba 2.2.2 -- anyone successfully compiled?
8:05AM 0 SWAT: cannot login as root
7:59AM 0 W2K and include=%U
7:40AM 1 Winbind - NT domain groups with a space in the name
7:34AM 0 problems connecting to win2k share.
7:26AM 0 Users not being created...
6:23AM 3 logon home
6:21AM 0 password expires in 10 days no matter what Win2k Sp2 (All critical updates)
6:17AM 1 How to run SWAT when installing SAMBA from source
5:30AM 0 winbind username without DOMAIN+ prefix????
5:27AM 3 smb_panic when joining computer to domain with W2K SP2
4:19AM 0 Linux w/ samba and pc on different subnet address, how?
2:20AM 0 Regarding tape configuration through samba
12:02AM 0 cvsup
12:00AM 0 Take the risk out of on-line gaming!
Tuesday October 23 2001
11:45PM 0 Usermanager for Windows?
11:30PM 1 samba NT ACL support problem?
11:04PM 0 win2k->linux: can see linux machine, but not share; using cable modem router
9:59PM 1 Profile update fails.
6:37PM 0 W2K makes too many authentication attempts
6:06PM 1 Problems with Win 2000
5:39PM 0 include insamba
4:19PM 0 samba2.2.2 and usermanager from NT
4:06PM 3 Misc. Samba questions
3:57PM 2 problem viewing the list of users
3:45PM 1 Winbind working, but...
3:04PM 3 smbclient works, smbmount does not
2:17PM 3 Samba NIC Failover
2:13PM 0 I found your company on Centerwatch, will you pls participate in my survey.
1:22PM 3 Automatically mounting user's home directory
12:46PM 4 Active Directory Winodws Compatible?
12:28PM 1 IPFW and SAMBA
12:24PM 0 Samba accros multiple nets
11:55AM 0 changing samba share permissions using windows NT computers
11:16AM 1 2.2.2 swat and shadow
11:11AM 2 Case sensitive issue
9:03AM 1 Samba panic when a user is a member of too many WinNT groups
8:15AM 0 How to:SWAT after installing from source
8:10AM 0 Samba 2.2.2 on 2.2.19+
8:00AM 0 Storing NT-style permissions as extended attributes?
7:46AM 0 Odd Speed Issue
7:29AM 0 SuSE Linux and Pam
7:01AM 0 International chars in server string
6:48AM 0 Winbind/RH7.1...Problems joining domain
6:02AM 2 Please Help...Help...Samba 2.2.2 : Problem in Migrating from NT T o Linux File Server with quota and winbind
5:34AM 1 Help! Newbie
5:30AM 0 Problem browsing from Windows Machines (more info)
5:15AM 1 PATCH to Samba >= 2.2.1, accents and special chars
3:52AM 3 Samba as PDC for win2000 (I know it will be simple but I need to know)
1:56AM 1 optarg undeclared in utils/smbcontrol.c (samba-2.2.2)
1:01AM 0 Error: The file already exists
12:25AM 3 can't logon to samba from w98
12:21AM 1 chdir failure
Monday October 22 2001
9:29PM 1 Samba as PDC for win2000
9:03PM 0 still having virtual server install problems
8:48PM 0 Samba 2.2.2, Windows 2k, and Windows media player
7:19PM 1 Samba Configuration Problems
5:46PM 1 Solaris8 and winbind.
3:12PM 8 Access Denied, Unable to connect
2:35PM 2 What is WinBind and how does it work?
2:02PM 3 Win2K Errors using samba 2.2.2
1:44PM 1 Just another Winbind problem ;)
12:56PM 2 Tech support request (an odd one)
12:34PM 7 Add User Script
12:32PM 0 Wow!!
12:18PM 1 can not set a users password
11:33AM 0 Browse list syncing only works one way -- HELP!
10:50AM 10 Winbind, RedHat 7.1, Pam 0.74-22 ohh so close to working
10:46AM 1 Win2k unable to copy roaming profile?
10:44AM 0 Just had a really wierd problem
9:44AM 2 File not found/No permissions problem (Solved)
9:09AM 0 Fwd: Re: Using rpcclient to install printer drivers
8:15AM 0 User/Group
7:56AM 0 virtual host problem - getting closer
7:56AM 1 Browsing problem on the Windows Side
7:32AM 1 swat and pam.d
7:15AM 0 Network nieghborhood and error 53
3:44AM 1 unicode characters
3:42AM 0 winbind on solaris8
3:27AM 4 Samba and NT 4.0
3:16AM 2 login delays
2:51AM 0 Binaries for Mandrake 8
2:48AM 3 Printing Support in Samba 2.2.x
2:48AM 4 Changing password!
1:35AM 1 Unusually large log file
1:08AM 1 Bulding Samba 2.2.2 with ACL Support
Sunday October 21 2001
11:28PM 1 BDC
11:20PM 1 samba setup on virtual server help needed
7:11PM 0 Cross Subnet Broswing works only one direction
2:09PM 1 W2K SP2 + Samba 2.2.2 roaming profiles problem...
9:29AM 0 Unable to connect, access denied "Trying to print for W2K to Samba"
8:25AM 0 'account not authorized to log on from this station' error?
7:05AM 0 turn off roaming profiles
3:36AM 1 compiler warnings Samba 2.2.2
3:34AM 0 rights between samba 2.2.2 and NT4
1:10AM 1 Login Troubles
Saturday October 20 2001
8:53PM 2 Locking error - Samba 2.2.2
8:38PM 0 VERY slow reads, fast writes on RH 7.1/2.4.12 with Samba 2.2.2
7:12PM 0 Problems with Samba 2.2.2
3:17PM 0 ERROR: Netpath not found
1:55PM 0 Subnet Broswing working one direction
12:54PM 0 smbclient to a win2k share
5:51AM 0 testing functionality
12:50AM 0 Help ....Please.....
Friday October 19 2001
11:12PM 2 Samba installation - "execvp - permission denied" problem - Plz help
11:11PM 1 smbmount access denied, smbclient OK
4:56PM 0 two simple questions
3:56PM 0 error 53
2:25PM 0 samba and win2k: account is not authorized to log in from this stataion.
2:18PM 2 Best way to upgrade Samba
12:51PM 1 SAMBA Unseen!!!
12:33PM 1 OS upgrade & Samba
12:25PM 0 Solaris smbd problem
10:58AM 0 Where is doc file DOMAINS.txt???
10:04AM 0 File not found/No permissions problem (Update 2)
9:32AM 7 Force User
9:32AM 1 Samba PDC talk - Thu 25/10/2001 - London, England
8:59AM 0 Shares Disconnecting
8:25AM 2 Question about ldap
7:41AM 1 hide SAMBA server name from browse list
7:32AM 1 Upgrading Samba to 2.2.2
7:23AM 0 Bash error when login as DOMAIN\username using winbindd
7:21AM 10 Winbind/RH7.1...More Help
7:14AM 0 Having problem with install latest-samba.tar? can you help?
6:06AM 3 samba 2.2.1a- URGENT HELP NEEDED
6:02AM 2 Winbind/RH7.1...Help
6:01AM 0 Request reissuance: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
5:40AM 0 File not found/No permissions problem (Updated)
5:36AM 0 Questions on SAMBA
3:27AM 0 Problem with %U and Win2kSP2
3:14AM 0 Incorrect time in server SMB 2.0.7 + NT 4.0
1:52AM 1 smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(63)
1:17AM 2 Samba 2.2.1a and accentuated letters in file names
Thursday October 18 2001
10:33PM 2 share name doesn't appear
4:50PM 1 Samba 2.2.2 & OS/2 & SMBwriteBmpx (fwd)
2:01PM 0 terminal server/thin clients info
1:51PM 1 possible rtfm question...
1:38PM 0 Printing from TDB
12:54PM 2 samba tries to access /root/tmp?
12:53PM 1 Solaris 8 as PDC For Win 2K SP2
11:43AM 1 Just an FYI
11:06AM 0 Database speed issues on 2.2.1a ?!
10:50AM 0 browselist visibility problem with Win2k (but not 9x/ME/NT) dialup clients
9:26AM 0 System process-lost delayed write data
9:12AM 0 [PATCH] 2 fixes for 2.2.2
9:10AM 0 Samba/nmbd on strange-sized subnets
8:15AM 0 BUG in Swat samba 2.2.2
8:12AM 2 Linux Samba Client access to Samba Share
7:59AM 0 Samba 2.2.2 & OS/2 & SMBwriteBmpx
6:59AM 0 Could someone please let me know what these error messages mean a nd if I should be worried
6:47AM 0 what does 'smbclient returned 1' mean?
6:33AM 0 Frozen Samba
6:17AM 0 Mandrake 8.1
5:03AM 3 Samba and VNC
3:05AM 1 Smbmount for windows
2:24AM 2 smbmount with ssl doesn't work
2:18AM 0 File not found/No permissions problem (2.2.2, RH7.1,Kernel 2.4.2)
1:58AM 1 Release 2.2.2 missing docs
1:57AM 1 ACL Extended Attributes + Samba 2.2.1a
12:00AM 0 password changing from windows client
Wednesday October 17 2001
11:59PM 0 Caldera/SCO Binaries Available
10:42PM 0 Samba 2.2.2 Compiling problem
8:54PM 0 Slowness of Win98 clients with Samba 2.0.10
5:05PM 1 (fwd from help me please (samba)
4:43PM 0 New IRIX binaries
4:05PM 0 Fw: samba/win2000pro
3:52PM 1 samba question about NO SECURITY
3:20PM 1 samba and win2000 pro
12:28PM 2 How to remotly mount smbfs from a windows m/c
11:54AM 4 Samba 2.2.2 RPM package for Redhat 6.2
11:48AM 0 Cross Domain Authentication Problem
11:07AM 0 Lojs spremmer gahr snigget %L Windows 2000!
10:26AM 0 FW: Implications of 2.2.2 rpm
10:16AM 0 Samba and access files big problem !
9:38AM 1 Windows 2000 sucks !!!
9:10AM 0 home files...
8:10AM 0 Samba problem with deleting shares
7:33AM 0 Configuracao do samba?
7:22AM 1 How do I create a new file share?
7:04AM 0 Compiling samba2.2.2
5:36AM 1 samba upgrade and linux kernel
5:20AM 0 libsamba shared library request.
3:41AM 1 [homes] don't switch to username
3:32AM 1 Feedback
2:51AM 7 samba --help
2:32AM 1 problem with login scripts
2:11AM 9 large files
2:05AM 1 Solaris 8 and Samba 2.2.2 winbind make problems
12:48AM 1 Wrong password when remapping Samba shares at logon in Windows 2000
12:30AM 1 Porting SWAT to VxWorks
12:28AM 0 Samba strange problem
12:27AM 1 Samba 2.2.2 / Winbindd /
Tuesday October 16 2001
9:19PM 2 Error messages to console
9:17PM 1 How to use samba "mangled" japanese filename as Linux args?
9:01PM 1 Calling winbind from C/C++
9:01PM 3 SAMBA false start
8:45PM 2 Samba 2.2.1a setup
7:51PM 5 %U in share name
7:45PM 1 Follow-up Possible bug with samba 2.2.2
7:42PM 0 Possible bug with samba 2.2.2
5:28PM 2 lvs & samba
3:33PM 0 samba-2.0.7 on solaris-Help
3:11PM 1 Samba & Win2K logon: All or nothing?
2:58PM 2 Win 2000 says Samba file as a revision 3 ACL (ACL_REVISION3)
2:57PM 0 Samba 2.0.7 Help Wanted
2:21PM 0 checking configure summary error: no seteuid available
2:05PM 1 HELP Please!!!
2:02PM 3 using %g or %G in an include
1:15PM 4 Slow response in Windows Explorer Window
1:14PM 0 error: Has not been the name of specified network
1:14PM 0 Samba Win98 User Level Question
1:06PM 0 ACL support on HPUX
12:33PM 1 Smbsh Again More Problems
11:58AM 0 Compile error -help plz
11:45AM 0 Printing from linux w/winbindd?
10:51AM 0 compile error - need help
10:42AM 2 Problem with restrict acl with mask?
10:39AM 1 IRIX password sync timeout
9:54AM 0 Problem: The account is not authorized to initiate the sessio n from this station.
9:07AM 0 (no subject)
9:04AM 3 Samba for Clearcase
9:03AM 0 Problem: The account is not authorized to initiate the session from this station.
9:02AM 2 Problem with lookup_name
9:01AM 0 User owned processes
8:14AM 3 samba2.2.2
8:10AM 1 UGH. Samba 2.2.1a, and Win2K roaming profiles
7:30AM 0 Directory access permissions
7:29AM 2 username map behavior
6:51AM 1 Strange Win2k / Samba share problem
6:32AM 2 win95-98 problems
6:25AM 2 help pls!
5:39AM 6 Request for Tech Support
5:30AM 4 directory mask = 2770
4:47AM 0 Share/User Security Mix (unnecessary!)
1:40AM 2 session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
1:30AM 1 Printer setup on Solaris 8 / samba 2.2.1a
Monday October 15 2001
9:48PM 0 confusion between Credentials
6:00PM 0 Niklas Axelsson/vgregion är inte på kontoret.
5:06PM 1 Unix permissions not blocking access on samba shared drive
4:38PM 1 Samba 2.2.1a On Dual Xeon 866 (1Gb RAM) RedHat Linux 7.1 Server (800 users 300Gb of data)
2:58PM 1 Logon once parameter.
2:07PM 1 Samba 2.2.2 include Winbind??
1:57PM 0 read only in Win2k
1:17PM 0 Implications of 2.2.2 rpm
12:56PM 0 Another Windows XP question
12:46PM 1 Accessing a share without a login
12:44PM 0 Using Samba to get Users and their Groups
11:33AM 0 cannot connect to local host
11:24AM 0 Not Logged On..
11:18AM 0 smbclient test fails (Bad Password Error)
11:13AM 0 FW: WindowsXP Win2K HELP
10:42AM 1 Auto Mount Windows Share at Startup
10:39AM 0 of Samba 2.2.2 and Roaming Profiles
9:42AM 0 FW: Notification: Inbound Mail Failure
8:56AM 4 Samba 2.2.2
8:55AM 0 Errors Using rmdir
8:33AM 0 [Fwd: TIP: File with the name * in a Samba share]
8:33AM 0 dynamic shares are lost
8:32AM 0 SOS... Interesting SAMBA problem :-(
8:04AM 1 2.2.2 on HP-UX 11.00
8:02AM 0 Java Access to User Samba File Privileges
6:58AM 0 Help, Samba-2.2.2 with gcc-2.95.3 on hpux-11.00 failled to compile.
6:03AM 2 Help !!!!
5:54AM 2 Sync Linux to SAMBA passwords
5:08AM 0 Re(2): CVS sources
4:43AM 7 CVS sources
4:19AM 1 2.0.7 to 2.2.0 migration issue
2:36AM 1 Binaries
2:31AM 0 Adding to Win2k domain
2:16AM 1 URGENT: Problem with credentials
1:46AM 2 Japanese filename problem
1:36AM 0 SWAT authentication and loopback interface
12:32AM 0 Accessing Powerflex data files
Sunday October 14 2001
10:34PM 2 connections.tdb keeps getting corrupted. v2.2.1a
7:52PM 1 Solaris 8 Smbwrapper Build Failure Update
7:07PM 0 Solaris 8 Smbwrapper Build Failure
5:05PM 2 Trying to troubleshoot Samba
1:48PM 1 printing from win2k
1:48PM 1 Share/User Security Mix
9:38AM 5 Text Conversion
7:13AM 1 Problems displaying large files on
4:23AM 2 Samba 2.2.2 and logfiles
3:56AM 0 migrating ACLs and ownership
2:59AM 1 source rpm?
Saturday October 13 2001
4:57PM 1 RedHat 7.1 Samba 2.2.2 Intel RPM binaries available.
4:23PM 2 Samba 2.2.2 released
3:05PM 0 WindowsXP Win2K HELP
8:38AM 0 Does "--with-profile" create "smbcontrol" executable?
8:29AM 0 Force SSL in communication &
6:01AM 0 oplocks and Suse 6.1
4:39AM 0 unmount hangs when server is unreachable
12:45AM 1 Access denied in Swat web administration tool
Friday October 12 2001
9:17PM 1 Samba 2.2 and "nt acl support = no"
6:06PM 1 Samba - DHCP & NAT
3:38PM 2 Smbadduser not there
3:16PM 5 Samba restart
1:53PM 0 Compiling 2.2.1a SRPM into an RPM file.
1:41PM 2 Upgraded to v2.2.1a, now netlogon.bat doesn't run
1:18PM 1 newsgroup config?
12:57PM 0 Repost: Browse list error on Win98 with Domain Logons
12:43PM 2 Cannot connect
12:31PM 0 Samba authentification on LDAP Server Directory 4.0
12:14PM 1 Upgrade from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1a
10:46AM 1 samba and subnets and switches (Oh my!)
10:35AM 2 samba virus wrapper
10:25AM 1 Can't see samba server from Win98 machine
9:25AM 2 Win2K doesn't exec logon script
7:58AM 0 W2K -Printing again
7:02AM 2 LDAP Again
6:18AM 0 secure
5:54AM 0 Log all connections to a single share?
5:49AM 1 Large backup files from ntbackup to a samba share
3:19AM 0 Is this a samba problem or soemthing else: No logon server available
12:53AM 0 samba for aix 4.1.4
12:13AM 0 win2k and lost shares [was:Re: unknown %a]
Thursday October 11 2001
11:48PM 4 Can't see samba server from Win98 machine - full data
10:50PM 1 no response received to oplock break request
8:53PM 2 What "os level" needed to beat Win2K?
8:34PM 0 NTLM HTTP Authentication - distinguishing between win9x and NT and 2000
5:26PM 0 Praise
3:24PM 0 Not connecting..
2:29PM 3 winbind and /home/user
2:19PM 2 Lower case/upper case problems
12:37PM 1 password authentication-disk quotas
11:43AM 1 mount question
11:27AM 1 Strange Error.....
10:58AM 0 Win2k Printing
10:57AM 2 smb_trans2_request: result=-104, setting invalid
10:37AM 2 Windows XP and Samba Domain.
8:36AM 3 inherit permissions + read-only
8:19AM 0 win2k and lost shares [was:Re: unknown %a]
7:02AM 1 Getting Rid of NetBIOS/Computer Names
7:00AM 0 win2k and lost shares [was:Re: unknown %a]
6:54AM 0 Win2000_plain Password
6:49AM 0 Urgent. upgraded domain to Win2k now samba can't join anymore
6:48AM 0 Access to other network
6:29AM 0 samba oplocks and network timeout issues
6:25AM 0 unknown %a [was Re: Shares disappear in Windows 2000 (Samba 2 .2.1a)]
6:25AM 0 preserving file creation date and time when using smbclient
6:01AM 0 unknown %a [was Re: Shares disappear in Windows 2000 (Samba 2 .2.1a)]
5:49AM 0 Fwd: Re: Newbie Help ! Can't Even see the Share In Windows : (
5:14AM 0 Performance problem: many concurrent RO operations on the same file
4:34AM 1 What is going with Samba for OpenVMS ?
3:00AM 1 Memory problem
1:58AM 1 hungarian chars
1:07AM 1 Browsing accros remote subnets
1:01AM 1 File time with SAMBA file server for MS-clients
12:18AM 2 Configuring network in win9x
Wednesday October 10 2001
7:31PM 1 connecton reset by peer - socket problem
4:32PM 1 Connection to server failed..
2:02PM 1 Share between two Unixes...
1:07PM 1 Printer mapping problem
1:02PM 1 Win2k NOT print to SAMBA
12:43PM 1 delete drivers
12:21PM 0 act and quickbooks
11:41AM 1 Newbie Help ! Can't Even see the Share In Windows : (
11:16AM 1 UNIX username needs to be greater than 8 characters - but can 't b e
11:04AM 2 UNIX username needs to be greater than 8 characters - but can't b e
10:52AM 2 Compiling samba under RH 7
10:12AM 1 Anyone with experience with HPUX and winbind?
9:42AM 3 Shared Memory
9:26AM 4 WINS Server/Browsing help required
7:46AM 1 Samba nmbd crashes with PANIC
7:32AM 1 Problem with Samba in combination with ISDN
7:15AM 3 Samba connection on windows...
6:34AM 4 C$ Share - Please
6:33AM 0 BUG (?) High CPU usage in samba-2.2-cvs
5:24AM 0 SAMBA (Performance problem: many concurrent RO operations on the same file)
4:57AM 1 User manager from NT
2:58AM 1 Premissions
2:18AM 9 Shares disappear in Windows 2000 (Samba 2.2.1a)
2:04AM 0 saving office 97 documents
1:28AM 1 how do I setup it?
Tuesday October 9 2001
11:28PM 2 Help required....Please
4:30PM 1 Printer drivers for XP
3:30PM 0 domain groups (samba as pdc)
2:02PM 0 Printing, TDB's and confusion
12:51PM 0 Error #5 for samba...
11:47AM 1 Qouta in the current ac-linux-kernels
10:05AM 1 Strange xcopy between Windows and Linux
9:50AM 3 Unkillable Samba on Irix
9:36AM 3 incorrect password for...
9:07AM 2 Print driver settings
8:49AM 1 Migration strategy?
8:44AM 2 C$ share
6:48AM 2 smbclient - Unable to resolve name.
6:47AM 1 locking problems with samba 2.2.1a
5:35AM 1 dumb question about SMB and Squid
3:27AM 1 Configuring network in windows 9x
3:25AM 1 Access Denied when trying to delete file from SAMBA share
3:25AM 0 Unix 10.20 with Win 98Se and WinMe
3:12AM 2 samba printer configuration query
12:33AM 0 [Fwd: nttrans.c:call_nt_transact_ioctl(2516) error seems to prevent homes access]
12:04AM 1 samba doesn't close the connections
Monday October 8 2001
11:56PM 0 nttrans.c:call_nt_transact_ioctl(2516) error seems to prevent homes access
11:37PM 1 Problem faced while defining permissions for read & wirte access
8:54PM 1 How to install Samba patches
4:51PM 1 Using rpcclient to install printer drivers
3:37PM 0 Profiles not keeping SGID on IE Directories
3:35PM 1 Rename "New Folders" using WIN2K & samba
2:29PM 1 quotas has me stumped
1:20PM 2 time server parameter
1:16PM 2 mapped drives
10:50AM 1 Meaning of these errors?
9:41AM 0 mod_auth_smb problems
8:56AM 0 "map hidden" doesn't work on directories?
8:55AM 0 bandwidth limitation (?!)
7:48AM 3 Cups, Samba and Print Queues
7:02AM 0 WinPopup [Was: Re: max connections error message]
6:25AM 1 Problems saving word and xls documents
5:53AM 1 Printing with ACT! 2000
5:02AM 1 Problems to mount w2k
4:57AM 1 Browser woe's
4:49AM 1 linux-2.4.9 smbfs: samba does not samb
4:17AM 1 access denied but only in cetain situations
3:09AM 1 Logout scripts
1:22AM 0 Excessive Session Setup SMBs from Windows 2000
1:20AM 0 NT Domain validation error
1:14AM 0 tdb-corruption with 2.2.2pre, 2.2.1a and 2.2.0a
Sunday October 7 2001
10:00PM 0 Client / Server config samba->samba
4:47PM 1 smbpasswd file flags
12:23PM 0 FreeBSD connectivity problems on a Win98se and Win2k Pro mach ine
11:54AM 1 Samba over SSH
11:25AM 0 FW: Installing Samba-2.2.1a
10:50AM 1 Problems connecting to Windows ME
6:58AM 1 FreeBSD connectivity problems on a Win98se and Win2k Pro machine
4:19AM 1 W2k don't substitute %
Saturday October 6 2001
11:08PM 0 Clarion database
10:39PM 0 Data corruption with samba 2.2.1a (resolved)
12:42PM 1 W2K, Samba 2.2.1a, naming conflicts when copying folders
12:40PM 1 2 computers, different IP class, problems connecting
12:13PM 1 smbmnt 2.2.0: permission denied
10:07AM 2 samba & automounts
9:24AM 0 Probems to sync changed passwords from the NT-server !
8:28AM 5 samba 2.2 installation binaries
7:21AM 0 Does anyone know if there is a way to make samba to change file permissions
3:57AM 0 ????????? ????? ?? ?????? ??????
12:20AM 1 setting range of ips allowed to browse samba..
Friday October 5 2001
11:33PM 2 Printing from Windows
12:49PM 3 Security issue
12:34PM 1 Calendar question
11:43AM 3 Default File Permissions
11:36AM 2 Samba + CUPS + HP8500N
10:33AM 9 ACL and Redhat
10:26AM 1 Winbind tdb question
10:14AM 1 DDNS
9:42AM 3 Short Names : samba and WinNT/2K differs
8:25AM 0 domain -> winbind fails after PDC reboot
8:04AM 4 Memory/CPU usage
7:44AM 0 Samba, Solaris, and print jobs gone missing
6:25AM 0 rpcclient with enumprinters command
6:17AM 1 RES: SaMBa 2.2.1a in HP/UX 11.00
6:00AM 4 SaMBa 2.2.1a in HP/UX 11.00
5:12AM 0 (no subject)
3:08AM 0 Strange errors : write_socket_data
2:50AM 2 Bug or problem?
Thursday October 4 2001
9:17PM 1 SambaXP
4:15PM 4 Win2000 and RH 7.1 with Samba 2.0.10 or Samba 2.2.1a
2:52PM 2 case in naming share
2:28PM 2 "Access Denied" when trying to rename a file from win2k
1:42PM 0 Doc on 2.0.10 -> 2.2.x update?
1:27PM 0 Multiple smbd's for users...
12:09PM 0 Profile confusion
11:58AM 2 samba server an virus info
11:32AM 3 MONITORING user's file activity in SAMBA (2.0.7)
11:08AM 2 Folder Redirection
10:55AM 0 Query: any popular app does NOT like "strict locking = no"?
10:04AM 1 smbmount & locking
9:30AM 2 max connections error message
9:15AM 1 off subject question
9:14AM 1 Record locks from linux clients
9:09AM 0 THE MAIL KING - ah13
8:47AM 0 Hiding Samba behind a firewall
7:34AM 1 Manintaining Public Share file Permissions
6:57AM 0 DNS and Samba
6:05AM 1 How do I Share specific printers in my printcap
4:19AM 5 msdfs
1:44AM 1 Samba shows on some machines but not on the others
1:28AM 2 Broken pipe on ls after doing mount -t smbfs
1:19AM 1 Many smbd processes per user
12:20AM 1 Authentication problem - after upgrading
Wednesday October 3 2001
11:56PM 0 Corrrupt database and no connections possible
9:20PM 0 Printing Stuff again
9:08PM 1 Samba sharing a samba mounted directory
8:33PM 3 Host name problems
8:19PM 0 Samba & Win2000 server
4:11PM 1 smbfs very slow
3:25PM 0 samba/linux and w2k
3:24PM 0 samba 2.2.1a-20010717rh71 and Win98 profile some save problems
11:54AM 1 Subnet mask change- disables Samba (and telnet)
9:04AM 1 Security Problem with Samba 2.0.9??
8:59AM 0 Delay when accessing samba shares
8:54AM 3 samba on solaris 8
8:10AM 0 problem in print
8:03AM 1 Problem with SID-username lookup
7:10AM 0 Mount points and free disk space
6:47AM 0 Virtual Memory exhaustion on samba server [probably OT]
6:06AM 0 Xerox xpadmin and Samba printer sharing
5:39AM 0 (no subject)
5:03AM 1 memory requirements
4:54AM 0 new member with a problem
4:43AM 0 samba with pam_ldap: problem with groups
4:38AM 3 winbindd: Domain password server not available.
4:21AM 0 up to date debian package of samba-cvs?
2:04AM 0 Too Many Active Users HAVE_STRUCT_FLOCK64 Problem ?
1:44AM 1 vasprintf() bug.
12:23AM 5 Could not connect to a Win3.1 share
Tuesday October 2 2001
8:28PM 1 WINS ?
6:50PM 1 Manual Printer Driver Installations
2:52PM 0 Questions on Windows 2000
2:48PM 1 machine accounts question
12:24PM 0 demande de configuration
11:05AM 0 W2K Services connecting to Samba Share
9:27AM 0 Office files getting corrupted under Win2k/upgrade to 2.2.1a?
9:12AM 0 Pizza voucher
8:46AM 0 group membership and access to files from NT
8:03AM 0 Q: reverse nmblookup *outside* a subnet?
7:31AM 1 Russian name of the files and dirs from Win98 client
6:13AM 0 Security Again
5:54AM 1 Simple win2k problem
4:28AM 1 Win 2K Compatibility
4:11AM 1 Smbclient and W2K files with accents
3:39AM 2 I have problems with Samba
2:42AM 0 problem with sharing files
2:36AM 1 printer error
1:34AM 1 smbmount problem from samba 2.2 pdc to w2k sp2
Monday October 1 2001
9:51PM 1 (no subject)
7:42PM 0 Login from Samba client to W2k Active Directory domain
5:10PM 2 oplock errors and frozen programs.
3:03PM 2 can I use samba to share a tape drive?
2:11PM 0 No login prompt (somehow related to Samba)
12:43PM 0 Moving users to a new server
11:40AM 0 BackupPC 1.01 released (backup to disk for WinXX/Linux using Samba)
8:47AM 1 Printing question revisited
8:17AM 0 Error in PDC Event Log
7:15AM 3 Collisions
7:10AM 5 Printing question
7:03AM 2 strange problems
6:17AM 0 samba client's access-time modification causes that windows clients receive notification about the file has been changed
5:08AM 2 Problem with W2K -Login
4:45AM 2 Cannot see share from Network Neighbourhood
2:46AM 1 Problem canceling print jobs from client
2:46AM 4 User Access