samba - Sep 2001

Sunday September 30 2001
9:23PM 1 my samba with ssl doesn't work
6:36PM 0 Printing: Paper Sizes, a very weird one
3:39PM 0 Data corruption with samba 2.2.1a
2:44PM 6 Printers
2:40PM 0 Getting Mac OS X 10.1 to talk to samba
1:04PM 0 DaZoneUSA proudly presents new release of Webebuilder 5.1
12:07PM 0 Windows 98 View->Details Problem
12:02PM 0 Válasz: Re: Válasz: Re: %g problem again
6:42AM 1 XP & samba domain
5:58AM 0 Get userlist from NT
4:53AM 1 Accessing NT machine from Linux
2:57AM 1 Samba Network error !
2:51AM 0 Could notfind the path to the share !
2:38AM 3 smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(62)
Saturday September 29 2001
5:14PM 0 logon script trouble (net use lpt)
3:02PM 1 patch for samba-2.2.1a/source/web/statuspage.c
1:50PM 1 smbmount won't work for normal user
10:09AM 1 Advice on Win98 -> Win2K transition?
Friday September 28 2001
7:52PM 0 acl support for freebsd 4
6:54PM 0 Válasz: Re: %g problem again
6:51PM 0 Válasz: Re: %g problem again
6:47PM 0 Válasz: Re: %g problem again
5:52PM 1 wins hook
3:09PM 2 NT Domain Authentication
12:56PM 1 Latest CVS source
12:49PM 0 Hello fellow Samba users!
10:57AM 0 Válasz: Re: %g problem again
10:39AM 5 smbclient error
10:19AM 1 newbie question regarding domain name in login
9:38AM 0 Winbindd keeps dying
8:16AM 0 My first configuration with Samba as PDC
7:59AM 1 %g problem again
7:58AM 0 Samba speaker needed
4:51AM 2 Samba with SSL
3:55AM 1 Windows2000
3:25AM 0 Samba (LMB) doesn't send "BecomeBackup" requests to potential browsers
3:13AM 1 BUG + FIX in smbprint
2:18AM 2 Server saved Profiles?!
2:04AM 1 Directory Permissions help
1:40AM 1 Security errors in the eventlog
1:17AM 0 samba 2.2.1
Thursday September 27 2001
9:55PM 0 querying smb user names that are in use on a Windows NT/2000 SMB client machine
8:19PM 0 ERRSRV - ERRpadpw (Bad Password...
4:24PM 0 Browse list and user authentication error
3:44PM 0 NT.web service & Samba Q
3:16PM 0 Samba 2.0.7 not visible in browse list on _some_ W2K machines
2:47PM 2 Start your business for UNDER $10 - ah13
2:39PM 2 WINS ...
2:23PM 2 Newbie...config issues/confusion
1:31PM 1 Create mask
1:31PM 0 "Unexpected network error" copying large ... NOT A SAMBA PROBLEM!
12:34PM 0 Client enters subdomain, WINS broken
11:01AM 1 Printer error on client machines
9:55AM 4 configuration question
9:39AM 1 FAT partition served by samba => ms word can't save modifications
8:02AM 3 CD-ROM Emulation
6:53AM 3 Samba & Windows ME
6:19AM 0 recurring samba error
6:18AM 1 Samba for Open-VMS
4:17AM 0 (no subject)
3:39AM 1 samba smbd process looping : Samba 2.2.1
3:37AM 1 Passwords.
3:18AM 0 NT4-Locking.reg
2:39AM 1 Please, Help me.
2:36AM 0 Samba Domain logons via pam_smb password Checking ?
1:33AM 3 Windows viruses hitting linux.....
1:29AM 0 Resolve the Problem with "Unix password sync"
Wednesday September 26 2001
5:40PM 0 THE MAIL KING- ah13
4:21PM 0 winbind stopped working
2:07PM 2 "Unexpected network error" copying large files NT->Linux?
1:25PM 2 HP-UX 10.20 .tdb issues
11:43AM 0 HELP on Password Sync
11:17AM 0 Win2K Joing Samba Domain Issue
11:04AM 0 Samba-2.2.1a binaries for SCO5 available
10:20AM 0 oplocks break refused
9:27AM 0 Upload of printer drivers fails for Xerox DocuCentre
9:27AM 1 Sticky shares?
7:27AM 3 Name mangling bug: was samba bug?
7:00AM 0 force user and word documents
5:48AM 1 Problem using smbmount but smbclient works.
4:54AM 0 WG: Big Problem... screw up samba or linux:(
4:36AM 1 Big Problem... screw up samba or linux:(
12:49AM 1 Problem with "Unix password sync"
12:36AM 0 THE problem with no soluce?
12:01AM 0 Complete freeze
Tuesday September 25 2001
11:51PM 1 access to NT
11:15PM 0 Samba on VxWorks
10:43PM 1 Shares not browseable!
7:06PM 0 WINS trouble ...
5:08PM 0 Konqueror: Can't write to samba shares
4:30PM 1 JetDirect problem
4:30PM 2 Windows viruses hitting linux via network shares
3:43PM 2 Microsoft Office file open/save problem
1:16PM 1 guest account/config file/encrypt passwd problem
1:13PM 0 2.0.9 on Sol 8 - smbpasswd and ALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWORD compiler option
10:35AM 1 2.2.1a
10:33AM 3 windoze whitout broswing network (I did something wrong?)
10:27AM 0 Netware + WIN2K + Samba does any one have this working?
9:37AM 0 AW: Antwort: Win 2000 Compatability issues
9:20AM 1 newbie administration
7:57AM 1 large quantity of fsa*.tmp files
7:31AM 2 problems with msdfs
7:26AM 61 Report to Recipient(s)
6:40AM 2 NFS + samba + Microsoft Office...
6:18AM 2 smbmount, problem with permissions
6:09AM 0 stub received bad data
5:54AM 0 PDC / BDC
5:54AM 0 installing the ps driver automaticly
5:01AM 0 Winbind and AIX
3:40AM 1 installation problem SAMBA
3:20AM 1 bug report: RPC printers document default setting
2:24AM 1 To connect to a printer with nt4
2:06AM 0 (no subject)
1:39AM 1 Samba BDC
1:38AM 0 Antwort: Win 2000 Compatability issues
12:47AM 0 Win2k versus samba2.2.1a
12:45AM 3 unable to access folder
12:28AM 2 ask PDC for domain users
Monday September 24 2001
11:47PM 2 Sharing problems
6:32PM 1 error -13
6:16PM 3 list of users logged on
6:15PM 1 RPC error when M$ browses samba server
5:20PM 1 Solaris versus NT
5:05PM 1 include ...%G... problem in Samba 2.2.1a
3:26PM 0 Record logs
2:41PM 0 Request for information for running samba tests in testsuite directory.
2:34PM 0 Samba is very slow
1:17PM 1 Newbie to Samba - getting '^M' characters from NT into PVCS o n UN IX
1:00PM 0 Newbie to Samba - getting '^M' characters from NT into PVCS on UN IX
12:44PM 2 Integrating Win2k and Linux/Unix for a single logon
11:30AM 0 ICMP error...
10:16AM 12 Winbind slowing down entire system
8:10AM 1 smbsh and file redirction
8:08AM 1 Help me!
7:57AM 1 Upgrading from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1a
7:47AM 1 uploading printer drivers
7:00AM 0 Repost, kinda urgent: changing printer device settings: changes not applied.
6:51AM 1 network problem
6:50AM 0 Win 2000 Compatability issues
5:49AM 1 ctrl + m in files
5:11AM 0 NT Domain Problem.
4:37AM 1 SAMBA is getting overloaded
4:20AM 2 URGENT REPOST: Maximum number of fil
3:24AM 3 no master browser for my workgroup
2:24AM 0 Help! Samba can not work.
12:47AM 1 Smbclient - session request failed
Sunday September 23 2001
11:54PM 0 Send Winpopup msg from Samba to WinNT
9:14PM 1 smbd won't start!! Please help!!
7:53PM 0 Creating users and administoring NT using unix server
2:02PM 0 pizza and stuff
1:39PM 1 ?
12:11PM 2 nmbd tries to send from wrong ip
9:51AM 0 error in installing samba-2.2.1a....
Saturday September 22 2001
6:52PM 4 creating batch file for logon script...
2:51PM 0 File Corruption with Samba 2.2.1a and Windows Clients?
1:14PM 0 Creating nested directories.
6:47AM 0 small bugreport
6:02AM 0 Steps againt Nimba Worm (fwd)
3:07AM 0 (no subject)
Friday September 21 2001
11:23PM 2 Forcing Windows Password Change
9:26PM 1 DHCP, Samba and NT Logons
7:39PM 0 About WinPopUp
4:50PM 0 NOT to send mail to me
4:24PM 0 Problem with wildcards and Samba 2.0.6
2:18PM 0 Thank you to the Samba Team
1:06PM 3 Is there CIFS MIB
11:39AM 1 Help on Linux/ MS-VSS
10:05AM 2 NIMDA -antivirus...
8:33AM 0 Encarta install problem/fixed
8:27AM 3 Deskjet 990C Printer
7:38AM 1 exec difference between folder and printer?
6:12AM 0 analysing log files?
5:49AM 3 URGENT REPOST: Maximum number of files i
5:10AM 1 ACL Question
5:06AM 0 execute a script
4:54AM 0 Samba and file locking
4:51AM 2 Active Directory and SAMBA
4:13AM 0 changing printer device settings: changes not applied.
3:21AM 0 samba digest, Vol 1 #584 - 55 msgs
3:12AM 0 [website] website of nbfw has changed
2:43AM 2 Naive question: [print$] and driver association - where?
2:23AM 0 CIFS/9000 A.01.05 (Samba 2.0.7) + Windows 2000 + Netscape 4.78
2:19AM 0 SWAT Bad Authorization
1:51AM 0 [website] nbfw homepage has changed
1:41AM 0 Still the Kernel32.dll and Watson Problem
1:29AM 0 Turkish character support?
12:11AM 0 Slow WIN 2K
Thursday September 20 2001
11:45PM 2 get the ip if the user who sent printjob
3:33PM 1 Samba and [print$] share
1:01PM 10 Samba Network Neighborhood problem
9:44AM 0 Installing a Samba-Printer on a Windows 2000 Client !??? (BUG ?)
9:37AM 0 Installing a Samba-Printer on a Windows 2000 Client !??? (BUG?)
9:28AM 0 Print error if non-root user
9:26AM 1 can't connect samba to samba
9:07AM 0 CUPS, samba in appliance mode (against NT4) and/or W2K AD?
9:02AM 0 security: cannot add domain groups "Unable to look up user names for display"
8:06AM 1 Complicated network problem
7:17AM 0 Semaphore Timeout Period has Expired on Win2K
7:02AM 2 nmbd sortof works v2.0.5, 7 and 10
6:47AM 0 Can´t connect Win2K or XP to Samba 2.2.1
6:41AM 0 keeping the read-only bit set
6:14AM 2 Printing Windows-2000
5:38AM 0 Still needing Bad Password error resolution
12:17AM 0 Encarta install from Samba server barfs
Wednesday September 19 2001
5:41PM 1 nmblookup -M "-" shows two browse masters
12:05PM 1 windows printers mounting on a samba 2.0.10
10:21AM 1 Swat failure...
9:26AM 2 --with-acl-support
8:20AM 2 Bugreport 2.2.0 "delete veto files" causes "PANIC: internal e rror"
7:08AM 3 problem with dos filemode
5:01AM 0 printing problems (bug?)
4:34AM 1 Samba Server Disappears from Network Neighbourhood but
2:02AM 6 Winbind authentication
1:34AM 1 Bugreport 2.2.0 "delete veto files" causes "PANIC: internal error"
12:03AM 0 Printing from NT as user not logged on to machine.
12:01AM 1 Weird samba mount issue
Tuesday September 18 2001
4:08PM 0 Printing revised...
3:55PM 1 Rather new to Samba, connecting over TCP/IP?
12:42PM 0 Win98+WinNT issues when not a member of Domain Admin group
12:12PM 1 Printer fiasco...
11:38AM 11 ext2 + quotas
10:40AM 0 samba digest, Vol 1 #580 - 46 msgs
9:19AM 1 Problem mapping filesystem on Windows95
9:18AM 0 SWAT Bad Authorization!
8:43AM 3 Why is Win98 looking for user "nobody"?
8:38AM 0 Samba as print server - Driver question
7:31AM 2 CVS to Redhat...
7:13AM 2 WIN PDC capabilities
6:34AM 1 change password on windows
4:55AM 1 MS Access performance?
3:45AM 0 I cannot change the password using CTRL+ALT+DEL
2:49AM 2 Shared printer not accessible
12:39AM 0 The problems with a smbclient.
Monday September 17 2001
10:01PM 2 samba share name lengths
9:01PM 0 vi and tr
6:44PM 4 Setting Up Samba with a LinkSYS Cable Router
2:35PM 5 Samba 2.2.1a
2:28PM 1 Security = user + Win2k native domains
2:02PM 1 Logging Issues
1:44PM 1 samba-2.0.7 remote announce NOT
1:26PM 13 Setting ACLs via Windows client
11:25AM 2 Hi!
11:16AM 0 2.2.1a package requirements?
10:33AM 2 Win2k password sync
9:51AM 0 samba on red hat 7.1 versus windows 2000
9:46AM 1 stop+start winbindd in SWAT and pidfile_create("winbindd")
9:42AM 0 FW: Bug report
9:32AM 0 MACHINE.SID and 2.2.x
7:51AM 1 Problem with Win2K, XP and Linux RedHat 7.1
7:39AM 0 security access problem
7:13AM 0 Samba and Solaris
7:10AM 3 *Nix Security with Samba
6:40AM 0 Changing Passwords
6:35AM 1 Printing to a Samba Printer triggering a DNS lookup and dialling the modem
4:15AM 0 Cannot see server in NetNbhd
4:15AM 0 Update on Samba not showing up in Netnbhd..
3:47AM 2 FW: kernel oplocks 2.2.1a
1:42AM 1 get username of wint client
1:32AM 1 Difference i time!
12:29AM 0 Problem with Windows Installer administrative Install and Samba 2.2.1
12:14AM 0 Buss errror in smbstatus on Solaris 7 64 bit binaries.
12:09AM 1 Access Log Files
Sunday September 16 2001
10:29PM 1 Q: network logging
6:19PM 1 Bug Report: %L can't work in 2.2.1a
4:39PM 0 Why does Samba server do NT authentication ?
3:59PM 0 AW: Script for capturing variables
3:16PM 0 Annoying problem with shutdown
2:53PM 1 Blocking UDP ports in external interfaces
11:07AM 0 Q: Script for capturing variables
6:59AM 0 Samba, DOS partition Or Size Problem? - - "Can't write" problem from Newbie
6:55AM 0 Smb.conf Sample is not working / Microsoft Out Look
3:16AM 0 [OT} Preventing root to access files on systeem
Saturday September 15 2001
6:30PM 0 ???????
3:40PM 0 LDAP and Secure Authentication Techniques
12:55PM 2 Q:samba windows 95
11:03AM 2 Error compiling samba with smbmount support
8:31AM 3 Yield_connection: tdb_delete failed
7:47AM 1 Kind attn
7:17AM 3 kernel oplocks 2.2.1a
6:43AM 3 why my samba doesn't work
6:42AM 0 Updating WINS server
6:35AM 0 winbind interfaces bug and machine account problem
6:34AM 0 Winbindd -- before I send a bug report
6:32AM 2 With W2K SP2, Profile download doesnt work any more
6:30AM 0 suse 7.2 and pam...required or optional?
2:40AM 1 Printing with SAMBA 2.2 and a Windows 2000 Client... !??
1:44AM 2 Smb.conf Sample is not working
Friday September 14 2001
11:33PM 0 Q: domain login problem
8:01PM 0 Error While Installing Samba-2.2.1a
6:53PM 2 Q: samba problem , needs remap after each change
6:10PM 2 Serving NT4 print drivers from Samba
3:31PM 1 same configuration file
2:54PM 0 White Papers, benchmarks,etc
2:24PM 0 Samba 2.2.1a and inetd
1:26PM 3 Samba server not being seen on other subnets.
12:10PM 0 Swat login error
12:10PM 0 Security level = server
11:52AM 0 Samba over SSH tunnel
11:40AM 1 Problems when upgrading from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1a
11:04AM 2 Samba locks-up after a while
10:28AM 0 Windows Administrator can not login in home
10:00AM 1 samba - no C compiler...
9:15AM 0 FW: FW: include =
8:59AM 1 Samba RH4.0->RH7.1: lost WAN services
8:47AM 1 semaphore problem, workaround
7:34AM 0 Samba compilation with option '--with-smbwrapper'
7:27AM 1 Insider query
7:26AM 1 Ok, I'm confused...
7:23AM 0 BugFix for 2.2.1a smbwrapper under solaris2.8
7:17AM 1 procedure number out of range Win2k error
7:04AM 2 Windows 2000 Performance Issue
7:02AM 0 samba 2.2.1a_2 oplocks
6:39AM 0 New York
6:19AM 3 New York WTC (OT)
5:31AM 2 Host Announcement
5:09AM 1 Errors in CVS 2_2
5:08AM 0 Name Query (again)
4:14AM 4 domain controller =
4:11AM 1 Where's my network neighborhood
3:44AM 1 Samba as Secondary WINS server?
3:06AM 0 Locking issues with HP-UX 11.00
1:47AM 0 Viewing Samba from Windows NT
12:32AM 0 Cross subnet DOMAIN level security
Thursday September 13 2001
11:56PM 4 printing dialog problem (slow) 2.2.1a
11:36PM 0 Winb98
11:25PM 1 Guest accounts???
11:08PM 0 Samba over subnet
10:22PM 3 FW: include =
8:51PM 1 Office 2000 and Oplocks
8:51PM 0 The World Wont Stop [Was Re: machine account question]
8:05PM 0 New York WTC
7:22PM 0 error, how it happen?
7:00PM 0 Script for capturing variables
4:39PM 0 samba digest, Vol 1 #572 - 55 msgs
4:04PM 0 Solaris 8 (x86) acl and Samba 2.2.1
3:13PM 4 URGENT!!: browsing using wildcards
3:11PM 2 include =