wine users - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
10:42PM 4 Java Virtual Machine Error
7:34PM 0 ole objects erros trying to run a winApp
5:44PM 1 selinux treating WINE aps as viruses in Fedora 12
5:42PM 5 Is anybody here a "Microchip Programmer" expert?
4:51PM 3 X11 location for wine...
4:35PM 1 "Unable to initialize DirectX" opening Sid Meier's Pirates!
3:58PM 3 Wine Releases
2:22PM 10 CSI Deadly Intent
2:15PM 0 PKR +wine 1.1.33 +ubuntu 9.10
12:22PM 1 Weird graphical glitch.
7:34AM 1 Linux
3:20AM 3 GTA - san andreas- problem +screenshot
2:22AM 1 1.1.30
1:50AM 1 Editing registry following EQ2 install directions..
1:37AM 1 Possible to run Wine on Windows XP?
Sunday November 29 2009
10:18PM 0 Re: Do you have to use command line to use win
9:51PM 0 DirectX 7 and NHL 2001
8:16PM 6 call openoffice in linux from wine
5:33PM 13 Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard
4:47PM 0 Re: Do you have to use command line to use win
3:56PM 2 About wine 1.1.33
3:01PM 3 Where is the Karmic .deb Packages for Ubuntu Karmic?
10:47AM 1 Not enaugh Harddisk Space
4:47AM 1 Can wine fully use quad core Intel CPUS?
3:58AM 1 GNOME "Open with" menu flooded with Wine options
1:11AM 2 Drivers
12:31AM 4 Wine 1.1.33 for ubuntu 8.04
Saturday November 28 2009
8:24PM 1 Mahjong client Tenhou
6:58PM 2 Wine has lost sound on Kubuntu 9.10
5:42PM 0 install prob.
2:47PM 4 powerbuilder app segfault
1:00PM 5 New wine(wine-1.1.34) late again?
9:16AM 1 Re: Winetricks?
7:51AM 2 Screen dims when running a game
7:03AM 2 Sluggish apps loading in 1.1.33
3:09AM 6 NCDrive
1:22AM 1 _CheckNotSysLevel Holding lock 0x7e37c900 level 2Hello. I w
Friday November 27 2009
11:50PM 1 Re: DVDFab Platinum
8:06PM 1 cubase studio 4
7:37PM 1 Audio test failed
6:00PM 0 Re: User needs boson netsim
4:47PM 1 Re: User needs boson netsim
4:23PM 3 Wine over QUEMU in PPC
2:47PM 1 Re: Resources for Windows developers to support Wine as a platfo
2:24PM 0 Resources for Windows developers to support Wine as a platform
7:41AM 1 sims 3 'direct rendering' problems
2:41AM 0 A Professional Piece of Software to Rip DVD and Convert Vide
1:18AM 1 Permissions error on C:\Program Files
Thursday November 26 2009
9:59PM 5 Borderlands - black screen
9:19PM 7 How to achieve Japanese localization on Mac OSX?
11:02AM 4 c drive config
10:27AM 1 Application with Windev
10:12AM 5 Flash CS3 Crashes - Can someone help
10:05AM 1 Wine System Tray icon
9:03AM 2 About Lineage 2
8:04AM 0 poker
1:59AM 2 winecfg
Wednesday November 25 2009
7:57PM 0 fixme:x11drv:sync_window_opacity error
5:34PM 1 Disabling auto starting applications?
10:07AM 2 inslat with on internet
6:13AM 2 Call of Duty 6 Multiplayer
5:12AM 1 Running Windows accounting software on Ubuntu/Linux
Tuesday November 24 2009
9:21PM 3 Wine 1.2 USB ?
9:13PM 2 Real Serial port vs USB Serial adaptor difference?
6:36PM 1 problem with starting UT3 mods
4:00PM 1 Enable central installation with a global system.reg file
3:34PM 1 ATI Radeon white screen when starting up FM2010
2:43PM 4 Re: New to this...How to run GTA San Andreas?!
11:35AM 3 Burning to blank dvd in DVD Fab
11:04AM 5 The kernel
9:49AM 3 keil closes as soon as it is launched
8:54AM 6 noob just needing to understand work-around
8:28AM 3 Cabri 3D doesn't work
7:10AM 2 Horizontal mirroring of images when printing from WINE
4:16AM 1 Steam installation completion issues
Monday November 23 2009
11:08PM 4 Xbox 360 controller, xinput9_1_0 and Overlord
9:49PM 2 Full Screen Problems...
6:39PM 1 Kodak EasyShare Installation
6:34PM 0 [Ubuntu 9.10]-Running Full Screen Deletes All Programs From Taskbar...
6:16PM 3 ER-Win 3.5.2 worked fine with old version of Wine
5:24PM 1 runtime error 8003
4:17PM 0 Argentinean white torrontes
1:41PM 0 Re: Rosetta Stone - Cannot find language pack
12:55PM 1 Cabbage Soup Diet
11:29AM 0 Make wine from real grapes
11:28AM 0 Basic ways of making wine
10:39AM 0 OpenType Features :: why has it not been implemented?
3:00AM 5 Keep getting this error msg and cannot find a fix.
2:11AM 2 Help PLS getting game to run using WINE
12:03AM 1 Installing Wine and configuration.
Sunday November 22 2009
4:07PM 3 Activision setup : disk space problem
12:30PM 2 Weather Analyzer Software under wine?
10:49AM 1 Ragnarok Online -FreeRO
7:50AM 0 Business & Personal Webhosting Packages.
3:40AM 1 Run-time error 8020
3:10AM 3 Wine for mission-critical application
12:37AM 2 no flex
Saturday November 21 2009
11:32PM 1 Running wine from source
9:17PM 1 Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
5:25PM 5 Redirecting the c: drive from .../drive_c?
4:06PM 1 Can't upgrade to newest Wine
12:42PM 1 Office 2007 Home and Student - no Excelsheets in word
9:16AM 1 Fly!2
4:32AM 1 wxDev-C++
12:43AM 1 Does anyone use IMESH with wine?? succesfully??
Friday November 20 2009
9:59PM 2 Win 16bit Application: winevdm.exe crash
1:56PM 5 GuardianEdge Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x454552
10:44AM 1 HASP HL USB dongle
9:30AM 0 Re: What happened with WWN?
9:27AM 3 Its relapsed!
9:21AM 13 Explain to me how I do not need root?
7:33AM 3 WoW proxy server
6:37AM 2 Install Issues... winecfg crashing when entering audio tab
Thursday November 19 2009
10:53PM 1 Problems with Wine and X11
10:28PM 2 Totally new to wine how do i use it?
9:09PM 1 Re: Newbe: My system Compatibility
9:06PM 1 msn can't connect to internet
4:33PM 1 what does it means??
4:26PM 1 Question, on lib/wine sizes...
3:39PM 2 running manycam under wine?
3:38PM 3 Blizzard and dxdiag
10:21AM 4 Winscop [French Project]
2:55AM 2 Errors Running Alganon
Wednesday November 18 2009
10:17PM 0 ArcGis winexec error
9:42PM 3 Wine relationship with Chrome OS
7:39PM 5 installer 3.1 is required
7:01PM 2 EPSON R390 DVD labels
6:53PM 1 Karmic Weirdness?????
5:56PM 2 Problem running wine (memory above 0x80...)
5:29PM 0 Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x68008c5
3:32PM 3 Any Video Converter
3:25PM 0 Screamer Radio connect error with MP3 streams
3:21PM 1 iTunes
2:05PM 1 Mac advice
1:14PM 0 wine dsound and ALSA snd-dummy
5:45AM 2 Re: Wine dxdllreg.exe problem
5:42AM 1 New Install Issue
3:26AM 2 question about some error messages
Tuesday November 17 2009
10:54PM 1 DirectX and Gallium3d question
10:14PM 1 Wine, Gnome, and filenames with spaces
9:48PM 0 Fable TLC Video Cutscenes
8:23PM 0 Re: Mouse/keyboard input causes huge FPS loss in Eve Online
7:41PM 1 Patching asistance and questions
3:57PM 5 Regional config
12:46PM 5 Use of wordpad on wine software applications
11:54AM 1 can't install any programe
11:20AM 1 Upgrade from 1.1.26 to 1.1.33 Civilization 4 Non fonts
9:24AM 4 Lotus Notes Crashes while opening with 64 bit wine
7:25AM 0 Error while install wine
2:46AM 3 Wine question..Mac OS X
1:38AM 0 WInelib download
12:02AM 1 Cant install SDRradio on WINE
Monday November 16 2009
11:15PM 2 Soulseek doens´t work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
8:02PM 2 Hacking Kindle for Windows in Linux under Wine?
7:26PM 7 Brazilian Bank programs
6:08PM 0 Changing Machine Id ?
11:44AM 1 property logonuser does not contain a value
10:48AM 4 Installing WINE on Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
9:52AM 1 Wine 1.1.33?
7:13AM 1 AoC
6:37AM 1 Age of Conano AOC still not drawing anything
2:46AM 5 Guide: How to Rip DVD to AVI on Mac/Windows
Sunday November 15 2009
9:25PM 1 Correct usage of winebrowser to launch files
8:49PM 2 Game in Wine 1.0.1 on Mint 6 max. cpu but not on Windows.
8:39PM 0 Re: Debug advice please: err:module:attach_process_dlls ... fail
7:48PM 2 Jackd gives strange output while trying to test Jack
5:37PM 1 dxdllreg.exe Error
4:21PM 0 error in aplication
1:34PM 2 2Moons - Need Help
1:05PM 1 Suddenly cannot change audio driver
12:56PM 8 Segmentation fault
11:43AM 16 Putting the c drive on an external drive
10:49AM 0 Debug advice please: err:module:attach_process_dlls ... failed to initialize
9:40AM 1 Wine 1.1.33 doesn't compile
4:29AM 1 Open File in MSOFFICE winword 2007 Causes Crash
3:46AM 1 Paint Shop Pro 9 and Python
12:55AM 1 hotkey to switch in fullscreen mode
Saturday November 14 2009
9:27PM 2 Alternative Explorer for wine
9:20PM 6 WIne Users Forum
8:04PM 1 Interesting sound issue, multiple pcm & mixer devices
7:15PM 4 RPCRT4.dll and NTDLL.dll
5:19PM 1 Can't update Wine since I've upgraded to Karmic
1:34PM 1 no cd crack. Where is the file to be swaped located?
12:52PM 5 Apex DC++ speed mod hangs up after closing
11:13AM 1 Filmon HDI Player
10:52AM 1 "out of range" need for speed
9:49AM 2 Full Tilt Poker - Text looks fine - next boot, text garbled.
9:25AM 1 upgrade wine
9:24AM 4 FS9 any help?
Friday November 13 2009
10:37PM 1 Rumble Fighter won't Run
8:47PM 2 CreateScalableFontResourceW Error
8:46PM 3 About Win API Stats
8:21PM 2 Wine 1.1.32 (Kronenberg), .Net 2.0 and MDAC 2.8
4:07PM 4 Wine + Last Chaos
3:59PM 3 Installing software from CD - permission errors
3:11PM 0 wine needs asoundconf, and asoundconf needs a package maintainer
11:50AM 4 Predefined prefix internet explorer 7: Can't install..
6:03AM 6 PhysX on 64bit systems
3:14AM 0 PGPsdk.dll, KCLNT32.dll, KRBV4W32.dll, plus
2:49AM 5 How to Convert M2TS to AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV (Windows
Thursday November 12 2009
5:55PM 0 Re: Warcraft III - The frozen throne , Bnet error.
1:46PM 2 Wine freezes at game startup
12:02PM 3 May this program runs on Wine.
11:41AM 4 access shell from programs run with wine
5:36AM 0 Crashes when I install PHOTOSHOP CS4
3:24AM 3 How to Convert MTS/Mod/Tod to AVI/3GP/WMV/FLV/MP4/MPG etc
1:05AM 2 Everquest II
Wednesday November 11 2009
10:30PM 4 New WoW Launcher.exe changes directory permissions
7:37PM 5 Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts
6:01PM 0 wine & video
5:31PM 1 Gom player help
5:04PM 16 Letters like ???????????? :(
4:08PM 9 About darwine/wine distribution
2:14PM 0 How to install Autocad 2004 under wine 1.1.31?
1:54PM 1 Empire Earth not working
12:58PM 2 1.0.1 vs 1.1.32
9:03AM 9 Can Wine be installed in a web server to run a Windows appl?
8:11AM 1 Wine and related processes consume 1.5gb virtual memory each
2:55AM 0 Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 Crashes in Wine 1.1.32
2:52AM 2 How to Convert HD Video Between HD and Standard Video on Mac
2:16AM 1 Unable to focus wine virtual desktop when game is running.
Tuesday November 10 2009
11:10PM 5 Newb here.Ubuntu 9.10, ATI Adeon x1270, trying to run Steam.
10:29PM 2 buffer overrun in cod
10:13PM 2 free disk space and resolution after crash
6:05PM 0 Re: How to handle windows installers that need processing after
5:42PM 1 control pad
5:31PM 1 Cannot run programs on wine since upgrading Ubuntu
3:58PM 1 How to handle windows installers that need processing after a reboot?
3:44PM 9 Microsoft .Net 2.0
3:33PM 2 Mailwasher equivalent
12:07PM 1 Why the bug-list for 1.2?
10:17AM 3 Football Manager 2010
5:09AM 3 Total commander
4:16AM 1 WINEPREFIX shortcut
Monday November 9 2009
11:01PM 5 can't run wow since wine 1.1.32
9:59PM 1 can't run Vizard in Wine - blank (black) screen only
9:31PM 1 Wine won't install? ubuntu 9.10
6:21PM 2 Ubuntu 9.10 - ATI - fglrx - Steam - Counter-Strike 1.6
4:04PM 4 ubuntu 9.10
2:18PM 1 Guildwars, Wine 1.1.31, "Can't find a suitable iPixelFormat"
12:26PM 1 Re: Accessing a COM object's property throws "Object doesn'
10:18AM 1 Free space size returns only free space in root file system
8:12AM 1 Re: Accessing a COM object's property throws "Object doesn'
5:16AM 2 database program only opens for a moment
3:16AM 6 Wine program resource usage question
1:46AM 1 Sudden problems running Photoshop CS4
Sunday November 8 2009
11:56PM 3 Darkest of Days crashes on new game
11:04PM 12 problem when i try to run Borderlands Game
7:27PM 1 success with Google Book Downloader anyone?
6:36PM 2 how to install a msi Package?
5:43PM 1 Error with install windows dll library
4:18PM 0 comskip page fault
3:57PM 2 Wine-1.1.33?
2:46PM 3 Dolphin
2:26PM 3 Winecfg crash on tab library
11:54AM 2 About WineHQ Bugzilla vote
11:01AM 1 Yahoo's Instant messenger...???
10:35AM 1 Why does wintricks vc2005sp1 require vc2005trial?
8:13AM 3 changing wine localization
4:41AM 4 Supreme Lag
Saturday November 7 2009
11:33PM 2 Jedi Academy error with 1.1.32
9:27PM 2 Company of Heroes: Does not Run
6:41PM 5 Wine and mono - problem installing a dotnet 3.5 application
5:18PM 4 Re: DVD-"this projector file is corrupt! Unable to continue
4:28PM 1 Wines personal best connection time
4:08PM 1 DirectX
3:03PM 2 Keyboard remapping (xmodmap) does not work in Warcraft III.
2:28PM 3 Embedding Wine into native MacOS and Linux application...
1:24PM 3 Installation of WeatherProfessional
7:35AM 3 SexyKO + S-Shield.
5:19AM 2 error message trying to wavepad on ubuntu 9.10
4:13AM 1 Error in application start up
3:25AM 0 Tipard iPod/iPhone Transfer Mac/Windows at lower Discount (2
1:45AM 4 @&%$*&## Winzip
Friday November 6 2009
8:45PM 13 Keepass application portable
7:24PM 2 Wine + Net 2.0 + Msi Problems
1:02PM 1 Running Full Screen Deletes All Programs In Taskbar...
10:23AM 2 Copy Windows DLL
9:51AM 1 Black rectangles in full screen mode - how to make them?
8:51AM 1 older versions install
7:37AM 5 Re: No opengl support compiled in
4:32AM 4 Games Install but crashes follow
Thursday November 5 2009
6:45PM 1 Outlook can't start: can't open window
5:54PM 1 Monograph on Wine/ Monografia sobre Wine
4:57PM 1 Enter key - ListView control - Open File (Common Control)
4:55PM 1 Black Borders around icons in some apps
12:59PM 2 Flashing
12:45PM 1 No CD/DVD ROM securom error in Medieval2: Total War
3:13AM 1 Re: installing wow
1:52AM 2 Storyspace-based hypertext fiction install help?
1:18AM 3 deassociate file extensions for wine
Wednesday November 4 2009
9:47PM 0 Fw: RE: how to install a windows service in wine?
5:00PM 0 Fw: Re: how to install a windows service in wine?
4:22PM 15 speed up WINE
3:48PM 1 Photoshop CS4 Issue
3:28PM 3 how to install a windows service in wine?
2:59PM 2 Office 2007 and MSVCR80.dll problem
2:49PM 1 Cannot Compile Wine on Scientific Linux 4.7
12:54PM 3 Windows API calls to ODBC manager are not functional in Wine
3:20AM 1 Help with this program install error
2:27AM 1 i586 vs x86_64 versions of Wine on Fedora
Tuesday November 3 2009
5:23PM 2 Heat Call Logging 9.01 SQL issues
4:41PM 0 attach_process_dlls "shell32.dll" failed to initia
3:01PM 3 Keyboard Issue
2:56PM 3 Infomoto Ubuntu Test
11:56AM 7 Problem with cmd executing a file.exe
11:08AM 9 Moving Microsoft Office from XP to Wine
10:03AM 2 Concept: Alternative Wine Logo Idea
9:32AM 1 combo box does not look the same in wine ( vs Windows )
7:10AM 2 How to Convert Video to AVI/MP4/MPG/MOD/MOV/MKV/WMV/DivX/Xvi
4:40AM 0 e-Sword and the Applications Database
2:08AM 15 Help for install please?
Monday November 2 2009
11:07PM 2 Lag everytime
11:06PM 1 some progress with fear
10:14PM 5 Network Share mounted but still unavailable
9:48PM 9 help running a program for work
5:59PM 0 Problems after upgrading ubuntu (D2GS)
5:30PM 1 wine VS Tapi32.dll help PLEASE?
4:52PM 1 USB connection problem, home made code
2:54PM 1 Virtual Memory
12:37PM 1 No Graphic Card Detected - Problem
9:07AM 3 attach_process_dlls "shell32.dll" failed to initialize, abor
6:38AM 2 Outlook 2007
12:26AM 4 help I want to install wine in obuntu
Sunday November 1 2009
5:38PM 0 World of Warcraft | Unhandled page fault on read access...
5:11PM 1 Starting Full Tilt Poker gives unhandled exception
4:40PM 1 D3D Vertex Blending :: why has it not been implemented?
3:29PM 1 need help badly
3:02PM 1 World of Warcraft 0.3.0 10712 PTR crash on Wine
2:42PM 0 Odd Issue with TES III Morrowind
1:27PM 2 Suggestion to improve Wine
11:08AM 0 Re: Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
8:52AM 1 wine and office 2007 on xp