wine users - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
11:49PM 2 Weird Broken Package Message.
3:33PM 3 Current state of MS Office 2003?
1:48PM 3 Wine cannot be installed
12:01PM 0 Re: Wine err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception - WoW.exe
11:34AM 1 MCI Avi Video Playback Problem
8:20AM 4 No sound using OSS in Steam games
2:11AM 2 wine installation help!!!
Wednesday December 30 2009
10:31AM 0 [CS 1.6] Can't create a server.
7:16AM 1 How to Enjoy DVD on iPod /iPhone
Tuesday December 29 2009
10:55PM 7 HTML rendering with ie6
10:21PM 0 Corrupt textures
5:27PM 1 WoW opengl video degredation
4:39PM 4 Wine Problems after upgrading Nvidia drivers
4:39PM 6 Runaway problem
3:37PM 2 Components missing for installation
1:26PM 0 Re: A program under WINE claims I don't have enough memory - UPD
1:14PM 0 A program under WINE claims I don't have enough memory - UPDATE
12:52PM 1 Lineage II and MS Office 2003 issues. OpenSuse 11.2
12:28PM 0 WoW - black void under characters
7:29AM 0 Re: Tomb Raider - Underworld (anyone got it working?)
6:43AM 1 The folder "<temporary data>" could not be created.
Monday December 28 2009
10:41PM 1 knight online with ubuntu
9:56PM 0 Help getting MobilePass working
9:46PM 3 Problem with Notepad's font display
8:50PM 0 ipv6 borking DNS in applications
8:40PM 1 Help setting up Wonderland Online
8:40PM 0 Why wine keep printing so many messages about the same unimplemented functions?
7:53PM 2 Problems with more than one game installation!
3:36PM 3 Itunes on Wine?
3:29PM 1 Installing .exe files on mac... please help.
2:14PM 2 Re: Torchlight
2:04PM 1 WMVCore.DLL, MSASN1.dll, xlive.dll, problems.
12:55PM 2 RDP6 Portable client
8:26AM 0 Windows-Spooler
7:02AM 1 E_FAIL at CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream
4:58AM 7 IrfanView-Ubuntu dialog box problems
12:47AM 4 Taxact 2009
Sunday December 27 2009
8:34PM 1 Can't load GDI from background service
3:48PM 3 Error to compile Wine
2:13PM 1 WinMSS error messages
4:06AM 0 Frozen Throne: Monitor Goes to standby after a minute
2:53AM 0 Wine (?) spoiling F12 boot
2:25AM 1 Running Spelunky (clearly) URGENT
1:40AM 1 Re: Torchlight
Saturday December 26 2009
11:48PM 0 Ols Win95 Program: Softkey Kitchen Gourmet
11:40PM 1 Installing a game (Dark Age of Camelot) HELP!!! New user
10:48PM 2 A program under WINE claims I don't have enough memory
9:48PM 6 Decadry Express Business Cards
9:40PM 1 Wine and Fisher Price Computer school
8:42PM 1 Help, can't run Warcraft III. undefined symbol: glConvolutio
6:41PM 3 Unable to compile wine on WinXP with Cygwin
6:33PM 1 Need a patched File
6:06PM 1 Re: Torchlight
4:27PM 0 Difficulties building Wine with Fink's Sed
2:05PM 1 wine 1.1.32 and Sharpdevelop
6:17AM 4 Far Cry installer fails: "Run setup32.exe on 32 bit Windows"
2:12AM 1 Christmas Beers
Friday December 25 2009
9:10PM 2 old school 256 bit, 8 bpp apps running in wine
7:03PM 2 Wine doesn't run *.exe
6:09PM 0 Install problem (registry key perhaps?)
10:44AM 4 Football Manager 2010
8:16AM 1 New project for me
3:14AM 1 winetest and Kaspersky AV 2010
Thursday December 24 2009
11:08PM 6 A question
10:26PM 2 Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager installs but won't run
9:38PM 2 Troubles installing sketchup
7:07PM 1 winetest causes a brutal reboot
6:15PM 1 Wine on MAC, Virtual Desktop Active, Background Texture??
3:33PM 2 Firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x Won't Start on OpenSUSE 11.1
12:51PM 2 VB 6 IDE on wine?
11:29AM 4 GTA SA : Can't put anti aliasing.
3:33AM 3 Restarting Wine for game on Mac 1
Wednesday December 23 2009
4:48PM 5 Uninstalling programs - new user - can we manually remove?
2:04PM 3 Fallout 3 cannot start with Wine 1.1.34
2:01PM 3 Hi I'm totally new here
11:57AM 2 Wine 1.1.35 DirectX error on OS X
11:22AM 3 devcpp error
8:37AM 0 Game- ready model shops
3:33AM 3 wine 1.0.1 --- Access from "Office XP" and DirectX 9, how?
3:02AM 2 Instruction: How to Rip DVD to AVI on Windows/Mac
12:53AM 1 Im going crazy
Tuesday December 22 2009
10:02PM 2 Event viewer/logs
6:03PM 2 multiple iso + install problem
3:36PM 1 Re: Mac OS X, DOS tools start X11, this is silly...
1:02PM 2 Problem running The Last Remnant
10:38AM 1 TryWoW.exe doesn't like the install-folder
10:03AM 0 1.1.35+Ubuntu9.10 - Certain games have display flipped
3:51AM 0 How used it?
3:32AM 2 Help!
3:01AM 3 Newsbin and Wine bug ( fixme:ntdll:NtLockFile)
3:01AM 1 Ubuntu 9.10 - Wine 1.1.35 - D&D Character Creator
2:58AM 1 What's InternetConnectA sending if ...??
2:06AM 2 Re: Mac OS X, DOS tools start X11, this is silly...
Monday December 21 2009
11:29PM 0 BSD usbhid joystick / gamepad
6:50PM 6 Wine lags!
6:25PM 0 Re: LexisNexis PCLAW ver. 9.20f - BindToObject failed: 80070057
5:05PM 1 RU-Aion
1:04PM 1 Borland Database Engine (BDE)
10:41AM 1 Re: Installing Wine on SLED 11
7:40AM 1 Choppy Flash with Firefox/Wine
5:05AM 1 How to get help with a specific compiler
3:06AM 1 Ubuntu Karmic Updates Broken With Wine Install
Sunday December 20 2009
10:20PM 1 Building wine on Slax
8:16PM 3 Hacks
8:03PM 5 Anyone out there running Dragon Age:Origins on SNOW LEOPARD?
7:43PM 0 [Not Sound in Game]Star Wars : The Force Unleashed
6:36PM 0 Re: Help with this program install error
4:27PM 1 Games
4:19PM 1 Microsoft Money
3:31PM 1 Battle forge
11:23AM 1 EAX/OpenAL in Wine?
11:11AM 1 Re: Quicken registration page is garbage
3:14AM 3 Half life 2 ep 1 working so much slower on wine than windows
Saturday December 19 2009
11:02PM 5 Configure Wine via Terminal
8:09PM 1 Mouse in wine
8:02PM 1 Disabling a gamepad in wine
7:15PM 1 Re: Beyond Good & Evil
2:15PM 1 Winetest crashes with emesene
2:48AM 3 I have some compatibility questions
1:21AM 2 Lineage 2 install for linux mint
Friday December 18 2009
11:13PM 1 Best version of WINE for source engine games?
8:40PM 1 Wizard101 / Gecko Issues
8:32PM 1 wine-1.1.34-3.1.i586 Access violation at address FTPRush
6:36PM 40 Fallen Earth
3:28PM 2 how to restart wine??
1:35PM 3 missing wine from aplications
10:05AM 2 I get an wow error
6:25AM 20 Legal Issues
5:38AM 1 Starcraft 2 and its standalones and C&C 4
5:02AM 1 Wine and Ubuntu 9:10
3:06AM 4 CabExtract on Mac OS X
2:41AM 5 Printing Setup
2:39AM 4 Wine desktop "active window" issues
Thursday December 17 2009
8:33PM 2 Re: Quicken registration page is garbage
6:33PM 0 google talk?
11:55AM 1 Wine Menu won't show!
7:45AM 4 iexplorer
6:16AM 2 Kings Bounty- Armoured Princess
4:42AM 1 pet vet 2
4:08AM 2 'Setup cannot find necessary files' message
Wednesday December 16 2009
7:46PM 3 The Movies (game) + Wine 1.1.34 Not working
6:03PM 2 Game is choppy
3:41PM 4 No text appearing in Dwarf Therapist
11:28AM 3 Supported software
11:21AM 0 devcpp on wine
7:35AM 1 how should i install wine software in fedora12x86_64?
5:15AM 2 Attempting to install dotnet2 sp2 from winetricks
2:11AM 3 Strange WoW behavior - unresponsive -> disconnect
Tuesday December 15 2009
8:50PM 2 Trackmania Forever is broken in 1.1.34 but works with 1.1.32
8:22PM 0 winegecku caused an error
7:51PM 2 winegecku
3:27PM 2 Some display issues
2:12PM 1 Can't see russian letters in installer.
1:27PM 1 Strange Winsock problem
10:59AM 1 Program Printing in Ubuntu and Wine
10:48AM 3 Controls are missing
6:22AM 3 WINE & 2.6.32 Kernels
3:40AM 0 Re: Tiger Woods 2004
3:15AM 2 Final Fantasy XI on FreeBSD/amd64 Unhandled page fault
2:40AM 1 Convert Video on iPod /iPhone at Will
2:16AM 0 Gunbound in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
1:02AM 1 Sound issue with either WINE or World of Warcraft...
12:43AM 2 How can I add GetFileVersionInfoExW to version.dll
Monday December 14 2009
9:15PM 0 Re: Unable to install Direct X 9
8:36PM 2 Wine acting funny with FAT32 home directory.
6:53PM 2 MENUS don't go away?
6:48PM 1 Wine 1.1.31 Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) 64bit and GTR2
2:36PM 2 FlexBuilder plugin (JAVA) with native windows dll calling
8:54AM 1 Rosetta Stone Microphone
7:15AM 0 winefile
7:07AM 11 wine and vmware
5:42AM 0 Running the OBIEE Administratiol tool on Unix using Wine
Sunday December 13 2009
11:28PM 2 Rosetta Stone Language CD dumps.
10:34PM 3 my whole carrier life depending on your help
10:32PM 3 please help me
8:36PM 3 Older games that wont work
6:15PM 3 rfactor
5:58PM 2 err:module:map_image please help
5:18PM 0 Re: No opengl support compiled in
10:58AM 1 Garena not working under wine-1.1.34
8:44AM 2 Wine not working at all... Urgent
4:10AM 1 Two .exe files?
1:44AM 6 Company Of Heroes, broke at Wine 1.1.34
12:36AM 1 winetricks directx9 test needed
Saturday December 12 2009
5:15PM 2 Application robust testing
3:49PM 1 Red Faction Guerrilla using STEAM - Ubuntu9.10/Wine1.1.34
2:58PM 1 NFS_UNDERCOVER_can't run on Ubuntu 9.10
2:01PM 4 Issue compiling Wine on Ubuntu 9.10 64bit
12:07PM 1 Wine Mouse Settings?
10:58AM 6 Quo mapping software no longer working
Friday December 11 2009
5:17PM 6 Rosetta Stone/Wine not able to detect language iso
4:43PM 0 Dreamkiller
4:08PM 1 IE without Gecko?
3:51PM 1 Autorun CD
1:32PM 4 Color Management, icc files, and Photoshop CS2
12:41PM 1 -dxlevel 70 not working?
11:31AM 2 how to install wine on a mac
7:14AM 2 Steam games not working under OpenSuse 11.2
Thursday December 10 2009
9:51PM 2 Poker-spy crashing
9:02PM 0 Re: "WINHTTP_OPTION_SECURITY_FLAGS unimplemented" cnc
8:24PM 13 Arguments for Wine on windows/incremental adoption
7:04PM 2 default window of wine
4:59PM 1 "WINHTTP_OPTION_SECURITY_FLAGS unimplemented" cnc RA3
2:22PM 3 Tomb Raider 3 Cdrom
11:49AM 5 Inbit messenger throwing a page fault
8:41AM 0 dotnet11 installation error
6:22AM 3 How to Rip DVD, Convert Video and Transfer Your Files From i
12:00AM 3 GMod - Tool Gun lags game
Wednesday December 9 2009
6:51PM 5 printting hack with wine in linux ????
5:07PM 5 About Wine config
2:38PM 7 Wine stopped after winetricks dcom98
1:28PM 1 "unknown processor architecture" error while installing app.
12:18PM 4 world of goo error
12:08PM 0 a question about Age of Conan bug
11:00AM 2 Can't install any winetrick
6:51AM 0 Technical help with computer problem please?
6:50AM 0 HI
Tuesday December 8 2009
11:08PM 3 wine: '/home/WoW/.wine' is a 32-bit prefix, it cannot be use
9:30PM 1 No ubuntu archives for 9.10
9:29PM 4 WoW toons loads 100% and just sits there
8:09PM 3 X Error of failed request: BadMatch
7:24PM 2 Cannot play GTA San Andreas or Maplestory!
6:51PM 0 Re: Alone in the Dark - the New Nightmare
3:47PM 4 Quick question on window controlling.
2:58PM 0 Installing Wine on MacOSX was {Re: Memory Limitations for WI
2:14PM 2 magic workstation0.94f instaler return access violation error Ubuntu9.10wine1.1.31
2:08PM 28 wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
1:50PM 3 Error Message during winecfg
1:09PM 0 Re: Global Loa
11:38AM 2 Strange Applications' Wine submenu behaviour
11:23AM 1 wine: Unhandled exception 0x0eedfade at address
10:01AM 1 Free Or Cheap Backup Software With Specific Functions
10:01AM 0 HTTP_HttpOpenRequestW Unable to escape string!
8:58AM 0 Slow printing
7:59AM 1 How to Convert Mod/Tod to AVI/MPG/MPEG, WMV/DivX/SWF (Mac/Wi
7:34AM 5 Photoshop CS2 Refuses to Install
6:45AM 4 Install a with program multiple CDs on Wine, with a Mac
5:27AM 3 xorg consumes high cpu usage
5:23AM 1 Printing condensed type fonts in wine
3:01AM 0 Installing Wine on MacOSX was {Re: Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard}
2:13AM 1 Connecting to the Internet
1:38AM 2 Trying to Install Wine on Snow Leopard OSX
Monday December 7 2009
11:54PM 5 Uninstall a winetrick
7:53PM 0 Ubuntu 9.10 how to install older wine
6:23PM 1 Fallout 3 with wine-1.1.34: Out Of Memory
2:14PM 2 Native 8bit video mode.
1:57PM 3 A new member,it is hard to register in the WINE forums!
10:54AM 3 Ski Challenge 2010
7:09AM 3 no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
2:48AM 4 How to Convert Video to AVI/MP4/MPG/MOD/MOV/MKV/WMV/DivX/Xvi
12:46AM 2 eve online error after splash screen
Sunday December 6 2009
10:56PM 1 Video card or driver doesn't support enough textures
10:54PM 5 WoW - .EXE Starts, rendering is completely fail (screenies)
10:18PM 1 Runes of Magic won't start...
5:32PM 1 Start from Gnome Menu doesn't work but from terminal (Firefo
4:31PM 0 Font Creator - Fonts to display these windows correctly
2:29PM 1 Warning log
1:20PM 1 When will 1.1.34 be in Ubuntu repositories?
3:07AM 1 Generated graphics transpaencies & window creep
1:41AM 2 Upgraded to 1.1.34, now fonts are broken
1:09AM 0 r overlapping font in Xplore edit window
Saturday December 5 2009
10:08PM 1 Unable to launch any game, weird assertion
6:28PM 8 Midtown Madness 2 issues
5:36PM 8 overlapping font in Xplore edit window
2:34PM 1 ACDSee 2.45 drawing folder icons in black
12:49PM 2 Wine for Ubuntu after how many days from official relase?
12:40PM 1 Unable to upgrade to 1.1.34 on Ubuntu 9.10
11:05AM 10 Sentinal USB dongled program
4:32AM 3 Cannot run Rise of Nations when overrides set to native
Friday December 4 2009
8:37PM 8 One simple cuestion.
8:10PM 1 'struct stack_st_X509' has no member named 'num'
7:55PM 2 Component not correctly registered
1:01PM 3 icons not displaying correctly
12:36PM 1 Re: Mac OS X snow leopard Install Problems /opt/local/lib/libexp
12:17PM 1 SolidWorks 2009 now works !
12:10PM 2 Quick questions concerning Wine
10:51AM 2 Running an app across a network
9:39AM 4 Hindi
8:52AM 1 Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 under wine ?
6:32AM 1 Running program under Wine to a Windows server
3:44AM 1 Sketchup7 fails under WINE 1.1.33
2:01AM 6 Unable To Install Any Applications With Wine
1:26AM 4 What was windows program requested?
1:08AM 5 Can I point Driver C to a partition with windows
Thursday December 3 2009
9:17PM 2 Can't start UT3
8:38PM 1 FLDRVW61 Fail Error!
7:21PM 1 Package dependencies cannot be resolved
6:14PM 0 Europa 1400 Gold & Securom.
5:09PM 1 windbg
2:16PM 1 WoW, Wine, Fedora11; "Hard drive full" before install
1:04PM 1 initialization error
6:29AM 0 New Feature Idea: Scroll in Wine Command Prompt
2:20AM 0 Re: Sonar 8 & vcrun2005
12:51AM 1 Looking for help with an old VB App
Wednesday December 2 2009
8:40PM 0 Wine app disappear from virtual desktop
8:40PM 3 Installed MS Office using Wine
1:55PM 1 Wine 1.1.31-1.1.33
1:30PM 2 Close Combat III: double-clicking does not work
11:54AM 1 PES 2010 Installation Problem
10:14AM 3 what are the steps to install wine in fedora 11?
7:47AM 1 numeric keypad/board doesnt work
4:40AM 0 X3 Terran Conflict on wine
Tuesday December 1 2009
6:33PM 6 2 apps in one virtual desktop
4:30PM 10 RichEdit problem with Delphi QuickReport App
12:47PM 4 HELP
12:39PM 2 Editing windows registry with wine
10:39AM 3 Can I change from Development to Stable maintaining my apps?
9:18AM 2 Running wine as different user
3:59AM 3 viruses
12:07AM 1 Alsa driver support missing from winecfg