samba - May 2003

Saturday May 31 2003
4:04PM 2 Cannot compile - missing <make>
2:14PM 1 FAX Server
1:47PM 2 Samba PDC - LDAP - Roaming profiles - Win XP - Offline Files - Slow - High Load
10:47AM 1 Slow samba access from Mac OS X 10.2.6
3:23AM 0 Failed to set GID on Mac OS X 10.1.5
2:18AM 0 name_query failed to find name __MSBROWSE__#01 when issue command nmblookup -M -
12:18AM 0 Directory Permissons showing partial read-only on Windows XP
12:07AM 1 Win2k Client <-> Samba Server
Friday May 30 2003
11:49PM 0 Disabling win client from changing their password.
11:04PM 2 Running SQL or Exchange over SAMBA
9:39PM 12 pdf printer
9:07PM 0 'net' tool and Windows 2003 domains
8:59PM 2 samba pdc/roving profiles/encrypted passwords
8:25PM 2 required entries in ldap for samba...
7:32PM 3 a few questions
7:03PM 0 Buffer sizes
6:01PM 0 migrate win2K domain to linux domain
3:27PM 0 AW: Samba 2.2.8a :: High CPU usage and Printer
2:58PM 2 Why not seeing samba server
2:48PM 0 Error messaage
2:44PM 0 apache2+samba
1:26PM 0 supplementary groups in SAMBA PDC
1:11PM 0 Big trouble after serverupgrade - Help needed!
1:05PM 0 what is the difference betwen AFPS and samba
1:02PM 1 how can i add samba user and samba password to my samba server
12:20PM 0 Problem: Copying large amount of files to SAMBA Server. W2KError "file in use" for exe files
11:28AM 1 Problem: Copying large amount of files to SAMBA Server. W2K Error "file in use" for exe files.
10:25AM 0 cifs on linux client
10:14AM 0 cant find :'(
10:06AM 1 load password users in Ldap
9:49AM 0 FW: Cannot read from the source file or disk
9:44AM 0 Cannot read from the source file or disk
9:43AM 0 FW: Error messaage
8:44AM 1 compile samba-2.2.8 with libcups support?
8:00AM 0 Help! WinXP failed to logon via Samba
5:15AM 0 Cups printer shared via samba require drives to be mapped
4:12AM 0 2.2.8a default settings and documentation
3:57AM 0 The Proper Way to Back Up a Samba PDC
3:47AM 5 Samba Dropouts...
12:55AM 0 Samba and mapping directories for software
Thursday May 29 2003
8:38PM 2 edirectory and samba
8:29PM 3 Users losing connection at random
8:28PM 4 Samba+CUPS+Drivers autodownload
7:53PM 2 Migrating Profiles: Revisited
7:42PM 0 Help on install
7:29PM 2 File size limit?
7:01PM 2 Weird permissions on samba shared printers
4:52PM 1 Setting up shares with multiple directories
4:39PM 0 Samba PDC - Adding machine to domain
4:13PM 1 weird problem with Samba
4:00PM 1 wtmp support
2:38PM 0 Samba/Winbind/PAM
2:02PM 1 secret.tdb is bad (fixed)
1:27PM 0 Samba Migration Question
1:09PM 0 Samba 2.2.8 and W2K
1:04PM 1 verify version
10:45AM 0 Samba 3.0.a24 -- nmbd coredump when sync_browse_lists with other samba host!!!
10:31AM 3 Samba+CUPS+Driver autodownload
10:21AM 0 Moving samba from one machine to another?
9:54AM 0 squid + junkbuster
8:34AM 2 Folder redirection on samba
8:01AM 1 Samba as PDC, connections from clients refused...
7:35AM 0 Technical Information about samba
4:48AM 6 Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together (2nd try)
12:50AM 1 Accessing printer from outside the domain
Wednesday May 28 2003
10:24PM 0 Samba + LDAP problem
9:55PM 0 more info; current master browser = UNKOWN
9:34PM 0 current master browser = UNKOWN
7:29PM 3 Can we have a WINS
7:25PM 5 Slow performance with QuickBooks
7:07PM 1 Question on Profiles when users join the Domain
7:02PM 1 Member server of Samba PDC
6:40PM 1 RE: Installing on 5.0.6 OSR
6:12PM 0 Share violation
5:40PM 1 Security information missing
5:33PM 0 New users wont authentication
4:23PM 1 Passing domain name to PPP
3:46PM 3 share persistence problem
3:12PM 0 login (W2K) takes very long
2:35PM 4 WINT-NT is working as PDC and Redhat Linux Samba BDC and how to use rsync?
2:34PM 3 "lprm command" problem
2:18PM 1 Samba 2.2.8 on Solaris 9 and recycle bin
2:02PM 0 Samba2.2.8a+Netscape DS4.16:Bind failed
1:59PM 0 Samba vs. Macintosh
1:25PM 1 Cross Subnet WINS?
1:12PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a Install
12:56PM 0 Upgrading Samba on AIX from 2.0.7 to 2.2.8
12:24PM 0 error compiling samba 2.2.8a with gcc 3.0.2 on Reliant 5.44 (SINIX) incl.workaround
11:20AM 0 mount_smbfs + Apache
10:14AM 0 samba as a domain member server using winbind
9:31AM 2 vfs modules audit + recycle
8:44AM 0 getting samba connections list from a host
8:03AM 2 Samba Directory Permissions
7:50AM 2 Problem with samba printer under Win2k
3:18AM 2 Panic action ignored by winbind during crash
2:22AM 0 name_query failed to find name __MSBROWSE__#01 when issue command nmblookup -M - (second attempt)
1:16AM 1 Permissions for the profiles dir
12:27AM 1 samba for Linux Slackware 3.1
Tuesday May 27 2003
10:47PM 0 Problem disabling roaming profiles...
10:14PM 0 Samba 2.2.3-Debian Roaming Profile Troubles
8:35PM 0 crypted communication
8:02PM 0 Question about samba servers
6:29PM 2 Group mapping
6:23PM 1 cannot map drive
6:05PM 0 M$ Access with samba - problem in open file in directory with more than 8 charactere
5:26PM 0 Disabling Password Expiration
4:46PM 2 Samba 2.2.8a :: High CPU usage
4:09PM 0 Controlling access to shares: Using Samba 2.2.8 and LDAP
3:36PM 0 time stamp problem
3:04PM 1 Irix 6.5 and Winbind 2.2.8a
2:47PM 1 Can I have separate Win2K and WinXP profiles?
1:39PM 1 Delete dead browse lists
1:21PM 1 Using security = share
12:58PM 1 How to start smb service?
12:48PM 0 Rückruf: create new share but i cant login
11:58AM 1 create new share but i cant login
11:32AM 1 locking.trb error message
11:23AM 0 net rpc vampire and groups creation
10:42AM 1 [RESEND] crc32 optimization
9:40AM 1 help Roaming profile
8:21AM 1 Ports for printing
8:11AM 0 Samba 2.2.9pre1 eating CPU and memory, big problem for me!
8:10AM 1 Differences between Samba and Windows 2000 with respect to printer driver uploading.
4:17AM 0 WinXP login Samba problem
1:02AM 2 Account Lockout (Repost)
Monday May 26 2003
11:41PM 1 Sambafax - which windows PS driver works? & other options?
8:58PM 0 Samba - Winbind problem : session setup failed : System error
7:00PM 0 Invalid snum error when using [homes]
6:18PM 1 Don't be afraid to answer this question!!!
5:27PM 0 Roaming profile and logon script on Windows XP
2:22PM 0 About samba 3
2:19PM 1 Samba 3.0alpha24 / OpenLDAP / support for groups broken?
2:06PM 0 LDAP Account Manager
2:04PM 0 Mapped SUN drives and Windows XP
1:47PM 0 Linux - Windows samba problem
12:42PM 0 Samba on Debian Woody, trying to set up a PDC
12:35PM 1 smbd and nmbd are very large ?
11:28AM 1 Computer cannot join Samba3.0 PDC domain
10:51AM 1 Ugly bug in Samba
9:37AM 2 samba 3.0 as PDC and Winxp
7:01AM 0 samba win2000 pro
2:53AM 1 Problems with NT passwords on samba 2.2.8 and earlier versions.
Sunday May 25 2003
7:33PM 2 Problem reading/writing permissions under Windows (V 2.2.8a)
5:11PM 0 Help getting SAMBA running
4:29PM 0 Update root can't login to smb-ldap-pdc
12:47PM 1 smbclient itself cause smbd exit
9:51AM 1 Samba performance problem due changing kernel (2.4.20 Linux kernel)
7:09AM 4 Call for help with Samba Printing and WinNT
2:40AM 2 Windows 2000 PDC - Profiles on Samba Server
1:33AM 0 Samba PDC - Samba Member - Windows Member
Saturday May 24 2003
10:30PM 1 smbgroupedit
8:38PM 2 Quota
7:55PM 2 problem getting remote printer working
6:23PM 2 smb "protocol negotiation failed"
5:18PM 5 Doubts about sharing a winprinter
3:36PM 1 root can't login to smb-ldap-pdc
2:31PM 0 Samba & Fiery
1:41PM 2 Problem sending netbios messages
10:41AM 0 Cannot add groups to an ACL (no domain involved, only win2k client and samba server)
Friday May 23 2003
11:53PM 0 Samba] printer driver option
11:22PM 3 Roaming Profile not found - replacement PDC
11:07PM 1 Trust Relationships using Samba
10:58PM 1 Samba and Cups [BUG in alpha24]
10:22PM 0 printer driver option
10:07PM 0 intermittent failure of ability to connect to samba share from win (NT/2k) client]]
8:17PM 1 Trouble installing Tarball samba-2.2.8a
7:49PM 0 ghost network bootdisk connecting to samba server
6:42PM 1 timeout problems with 2.2.8a
6:13PM 1 WinXP Home Edition and Samba File Share
6:08PM 1 VERY VERY Strange problem with Samba Printers
5:55PM 0 RT_SIGNAL_LEASE error message in logs
5:22PM 5 "Additional Drivers" and Print Window Refresh
5:11PM 0 Know any good SAMBA Consultants
4:42PM 0 function of sambaKickoffTime
4:20PM 0 Samba and OS X 10.2
4:07PM 0 stop winbind querying trusted domains
3:51PM 0 LDAP tools for SAMBA 3.24 corrected
3:47PM 0 LDAP tools for samba 3.24 schema
3:40PM 0 Domain users - Home directory
3:39PM 0 ls -l hangs!
3:11PM 1 Inefficient Winbind behavior? Not sure if it posted 1 st time.
3:06PM 0 POSIX locking warnings
2:18PM 1 CLientes Linux..
2:15PM 1 Creacion de usuario...
1:43PM 1 LDAP & Kerberos
1:41PM 1 Setting up CUPS for Samba on 390
12:03PM 1 Workstation xxxx$: no account in domain
11:28AM 0 Maximum Characters in Username
10:14AM 0 Add .... script
9:50AM 0 Problem with winbind authentication on NT PDC
9:41AM 0 unified logins using winbind
9:06AM 0 Recycle Modul don't work - invalid ELF headers
8:35AM 0 Problem makeing RPM in Advance Server
6:59AM 1 Severals question about Samba 3
2:15AM 2 color profile for shared printer
Thursday May 22 2003
10:23PM 1 list W2K shares
9:58PM 0 SAMBA Dropping Connection
8:59PM 6 /var/spool/samba retention period
8:23PM 0 Lost Delayed-Write Data { from win2k advanced server to 2.2.5 }
7:34PM 0 Changing Owner/Group under Domain security
6:44PM 1 Winpopup to Every PC
6:36PM 5 X flag in smbpasswd?
6:11PM 0 Update for doc
5:57PM 0 remove printer
5:56PM 0 winbind? problems
5:52PM 1 Group Question For Samba
4:03PM 1 perl(Net::LDAP::LDIF) is needed by samba-3.0alpha24-1
3:41PM 0 Everything working as expected, but log gets spammed.
3:36PM 1 second group of domain users don't work
2:49PM 0 Samba PDC LDAP
2:10PM 0 Please help ! can't get it to work properly !!!
1:10PM 1 Net bios Look ups
11:48AM 2 Samba and Cups.
10:25AM 0 net rpc samdump and vampire
10:13AM 0 use-after-free in smbfs on 2.5.69-mm5
9:15AM 3 SAMBA 2.2.8 and W98/NT
6:07AM 1 Continued: Join domain OK, but domain not found after reboot
3:32AM 1 Compiling SAMBA from SRC
3:30AM 0 licensing bull; RE: Ssh into Windows XP?
2:37AM 2 Printing. The REAL jobname. :)
1:51AM 1 Macintosh OS 9.2 and SMB Networks
Wednesday May 21 2003
11:09PM 1 Authenticate to existing NTDomain and map to nobody? (Repost)
10:44PM 1 python bindings api
8:54PM 3 Problems accessing shares on Samba from Win2000
7:31PM 0 SWAT files update
7:11PM 1 Disabling roaming profiles...revisited
7:09PM 0 AD Server in a few months?
6:34PM 1 ps -A | grep smbd?
6:29PM 1 Q: Automount client's shares to Samba PDC?
6:03PM 1 windows client annouce strange size on disk of samba directories !
5:57PM 1 Printer Permissions Problem
5:54PM 2 Please one questinon with Winbind
5:29PM 1 Join Domain OK, but domain name not found after reboot :-(
4:22PM 1 Portugues Brasil
2:42PM 2 Fw: Spool directory permissions for printing
2:15PM 1 Fixed it..
1:33PM 0 Strange problem with HP DeskJet 980cxi and HP Color InkJet CP1700
1:05PM 1 Spool directory permissions for printing
12:26PM 1 linux problems
11:00AM 2 Office 97 dont open .doc files
10:59AM 0 nfs-share after smbmount
10:53AM 0 2.2.8a
9:49AM 0 share access (winbind)
9:19AM 1 backup domain controller
9:15AM 1 smb.conf variable expansion
9:07AM 0 connection to an XP box with smbclient
8:18AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 28
7:17AM 1 Need help mounting windows shared partitions
6:45AM 0 getent showing wrong gids af
12:35AM 0 printing question on BSD
12:25AM 1 Samba security setup in an NT domain with multiple domains
Tuesday May 20 2003
9:59PM 1 OT: Sis 900 Ethernet adapter problem
9:25PM 0 Authenticate to existing NTDomain and map to nobody? HLP!
8:19PM 0 w2k Linux integration
8:12PM 1 smbd - wide links / possible buffer failure??
7:58PM 5 Problems with Win-Username containing a "Umlaut"
7:11PM 2 Need help troubleshooting nmbd -D
5:19PM 0 Samba+PDC+LDAP...some success...need troubleshooting though
4:35PM 0 2cent note-- RE: Access denied, unable to connect to prin ter
4:13PM 0
4:12PM 0 zpet
3:44PM 7 ShowMessage (second attempt)
3:43PM 1 Invalid Sign-in Attempts
3:37PM 0 win98_network_problem
3:27PM 2 Cannot access windows shares
2:44PM 1 Can't resolve local names - Master Browser Issues? Production servers please help!!!!
2:32PM 1 french accentuated letters
2:28PM 0 intermittent failure of ability to connect to samba share from win (NT/2k) client
2:22PM 4 Inefficient Winbind behavior?
1:59PM 1 Solaris binary package
1:50PM 4 error with cupsaddsmb - adddriver
1:38PM 0 getent showing wrong gids after c
1:13PM 1 Kerberos TGT support in Samba 3.0
1:06PM 0 Automatic Driver download for Windows 2000 - wrong paper size
1:04PM 2 Samba/Winbind on Solaris 9
12:02PM 0 getent showing wrong gids after
11:56AM 1 getent showing wrong gids after chang
11:35AM 0 Samba problem with WinXP
11:23AM 0 No domain available
10:32AM 0 ldap idea for samba 4.0 or earlier ?
10:11AM 0 Samba 2.2x bits attributes mapped on Linux file permissions
10:11AM 0 newbie logfile question
9:25AM 1 readonly files get un-erasable from win nt clients #REPOST
7:40AM 0 Migrating Samba PDC
7:29AM 0 Fwd: RE: Newbie Configuration of 2.2.3a on HP-UX 11.0
7:15AM 2 root rq'd to join domain
7:07AM 0 Domain Trust
7:06AM 1 XP doesn't logoff from samba domain
7:05AM 2 Profiles after a Samba machine rebuild
6:47AM 0 Running a cmd from Unix script on windows stations ?
1:02AM 0 logon server samba3
Monday May 19 2003
11:41PM 0 NT_STATUS_NO_TRUST_SAM_ACCOUNT - but it exists!
9:16PM 0 Printer and Faxes Slow
9:14PM 2 netbios aliases and shares
8:38PM 1 XP & 2000 Printer problem
8:26PM 1 uninstalling samba
8:10PM 0 Question on LDAP entries and samba
7:19PM 0 Samba/Linux Groups for Power Users
6:46PM 6 XP Joining Samba Domain
6:28PM 1 local master browser
6:03PM 0 can't find service <nam> (note: no 'e')
2:30PM 0 Win2000 Clients in a Samba DC
2:20PM 0 anyone using OpenGFS ? or another GFS ?
2:17PM 3 Newbie Configuration of 2.2.3a on HP-UX 11.0
2:08PM 0 Re: Unable to use smbclient to access xp machine (linux power)
1:58PM 0 Running a script on Win 2K WS from Samba server ?
1:17PM 0 Failing to store a SAM_ACCOUNT for [machine$] without a primary group RID
12:41PM 0 getent showing wrong gids after changing smb.conf
11:55AM 0 Samba 3.24 + LDAP
11:13AM 2 New users cannot log on, current users okay
11:02AM 1 permission to subdirectory
9:16AM 2 Logwatch - malformed password entry(uid not number)
8:48AM 0 Fwd: RE: Outlook.pst corrupt (Rashkae)
7:02AM 5 Samba - Problem Connecting PCs
1:49AM 0 more Updates to the Printing Chapter of HOWTO Collection
Sunday May 18 2003
2:59PM 2 [Q] Why does it take so long for XP to logon?
1:36PM 0 Disk space & "Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler"
6:21AM 1 Samba, LDAP as active directory controller
3:36AM 1 [RESOLUTION..?] wins support = yes time server = yes
Saturday May 17 2003
10:12PM 1 One way trust relationship
8:27PM 0 Ssh into Windows XP?
7:13PM 0 Seeking input for Printing Chapter of new HOWTO Collection on "ADS" and "LDAP"
6:40PM 0 ShowMessage
4:46PM 1 build for osX server 1.1.5
4:12PM 1 WinXP. Samba and Router connection problem
7:43AM 1 NT4 SAM -> passwd/ldif
7:18AM 1 Problem of accessing Redhat 7.3 from Win2K.
6:33AM 0 WinXP Pro / 2k Samba PDC Issue
4:29AM 1 ip to computername[netbios] resolution
3:04AM 0 Permissions "Owner and Group"
Friday May 16 2003
9:02PM 0 winbind and pam_mount playing together
8:44PM 1 Mount the complete SMB tree
7:34PM 1 No problem to join NT domain, not working for Win2000 Active Dire ctory
6:59PM 4 Samba & Terminal Services / Citrix
6:40PM 4 Winxp netlogon script
6:33PM 0 PDC's 1B (and 1C) missing from wins ?
6:06PM 3 Samba 2.2 or 3.0?
5:55PM 1 upgrading instructions
5:25PM 1 Oplocks on Windows Clients and Winbind revisited
5:12PM 1 Question about Samba 3
3:30PM 1 Samba PDC and Win2K BDC
12:24PM 1 Lock an account
11:35AM 1 Unable to use smbclient to access xp machine
9:23AM 3 Samba PDC + LDAP
8:52AM 4 XP Joining Samba Domain - Cry For Help
8:45AM 1 Problems with spaces prefixing usernames when using Samba as a PDC
8:26AM 1 NetApp-Filer and Samba-DC
8:18AM 2 more than one workgroup
7:09AM 1 Wrong Home Directory?
7:03AM 0 Wrong Home Directory??
5:03AM 1 Modified Cups Backed pdf writer to keep the original document name.
2:01AM 0 RE: Samba+LDAP+PDC
Thursday May 15 2003
10:44PM 0 My iptables (RH 7.2) firewall included
10:24PM 0 My iptables (RH 7.2) firewall attached
9:13PM 6 Question on LDAP+Samba+PDC
6:08PM 0 readonly files get un-erasable from win nt clients
6:05PM 2 CVS-HEAD -- make error: "smbd/vfs.c:267: `static_init_vfs' undeclared (first use in this function)"
5:34PM 9 big file server
4:26PM 1 Does automatic printer driver download from Win 2k client work?
3:52PM 2 smbclient -c options
3:48PM 0 Disable Logging in with one acct. multiple times
3:39PM 0 Error opening
3:04PM 0 PDC - W2k or Samba
2:48PM 1 Samba 3.0alpha24 available
2:41PM 0 Domain trust problem? (3.0 alpha 23)
2:28PM 0 latest samba and windows 2000
2:02PM 0 Fw: Win98 problem with shares
1:31PM 0 Problem installing a particular printer WinXP/Samba2.2.8a
1:19PM 0 Samba and Microsoft AD
12:17PM 0 Win98 problem with shares
11:32AM 5 Session and open files
10:30AM 2 CUPS and Samba 3.0 - printers no show
10:29AM 1 Fwd: RE: Outlook.pst corrupt
10:04AM 0 Error opening (using smbclient)
9:52AM 0 Archive attibute bit management question
9:15AM 0 Re: Re: cant ping winbind! again
8:50AM 0 Re: cant ping winbind! again
7:36AM 1 How can i remove a win98 driver ?
6:48AM 0 PDF Samba Printer - ps2pdf Only Lette
6:39AM 4 PDF Samba Printer - ps2pdf Only Letter Size?
4:36AM 1 chrooted smbd crash
2:46AM 3 Printing into ether
Wednesday May 14 2003
11:09PM 0 Bug #24051
9:52PM 2 MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL for 2.0.10a?
8:55PM 7 some simple samba problems
8:36PM 0 Samba upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.2.8 on aix 4.3.3
8:05PM 0 [ Re: mount dies misteriously]
7:59PM 0 smbmount hangs with new gigabit NIC
7:32PM 3 Redhat firewall problem...
7:20PM 1 Problem Accessing A Printer from Windows 2000
7:08PM 1 Joining a standalone samba server to a samba hosted domain
4:45PM 0 SAMBA Server Not Seen in Network Brotherhood
4:24PM 1 [cups.general] Re: windows printer queue failure
3:09PM 2 windows printer queue failure
3:05PM 1 Samba Log: change_trust_account_password
2:33PM 1 W2k client with AD can't access linux-Samba 2.2.1a
2:33PM 1 Inefficient Winbind behavior? Not sure if it posted 1st time.
1:42PM 0 Random Password Expirations
1:36PM 0 Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
1:28PM 0 Compilation warnings for Samba 2.2.8a on Solaris 2.6
1:27PM 1 Help Controlling Permissions
1:01PM 1 mount dies misteriously
12:31PM 1 samba sharing violation
12:20PM 1 se3tting up samba as a PDC to serve XP clients
11:37AM 1 problem !!
11:29AM 1 AW: authentification problems
10:07AM 0 can't add machine to domain with 2.999+3.0.alpha23
9:48AM 0 Question about performance with sync always unchecked
9:14AM 1 OT: need feedback on samba-vscan
9:13AM 0 Fwd: error in running ./configure in samba
8:53AM 0 Crash Linux with Samba
8:12AM 0 AW: 3.0alpha23 not authenticating with LDAP (RedHat 9) - Helpneeded!
3:58AM 0 connecting to multiple domains (or their resources)
3:35AM 0 Whatever happened to smbadduser?
Tuesday May 13 2003
9:50PM 0 Configuration Issues with SuSE Linux rel 8.2
9:40PM 1 Configuration difficulties with SuSE Rel 8.2, Professional
9:32PM 1 Where to get Adobe Postscript Drivers
9:26PM 0 Samba 3.0alpha23 problems
9:10PM 1 3.0alpha23 not authenticating with LDAP (RedHat 9) - Help needed!
8:22PM 0 Trying to migrate from NT4 to Samba3
8:09PM 0 Problems with Word 200 and Samba 2.2.6 - RESOLVED
7:14PM 2 cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call returnedzerobyte(EOF),hilfe!
6:10PM 1 NTFS backup question
5:49PM 0 computer getting partial access
5:20PM 0 Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
5:01PM 1 SAMBA with DOMAIN and SHARE security
4:54PM 5 cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call returnedzerobyte(EOF), hilfe!
3:11PM 0 wrong home directory
2:50PM 0 HELP! Winbind Server Secret password Goes BAD
2:35PM 1 cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call returnedzero byte (EOF), hilfe!
2:16PM 2 Setting up a Samba PDC to server XP pro clients
1:58PM 0 RES: Problems with win2000 Pro in Sam
1:41PM 0 for win2K
1:22PM 0 Samba PAM
1:10PM 0 RES: Problems with win2000 Pro in Samba
1:00PM 0 crc32 optimization
12:50PM 0 Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
12:49PM 1 Problems with win2000 Pro in Samba
12:44PM 2 Samba 2.2.8a smbd/vfs.c:reduce_name not handling sym links correctly
12:35PM 0 Re: cant ping winbind!
11:29AM 0 Re: Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
10:48AM 2 Outlook.pst corrupt
10:21AM 1 Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
9:58AM 0 Re: Re: cant ping winbind!
9:48AM 0 citrix, shadow, samba PDC
9:47AM 0 Re: cant ping winbind!
9:10AM 0 Re: cant ping winbind!
9:08AM 1 ?
9:04AM 1 kerberos support will only work for samba servers
8:44AM 3 windows printer queue display fails
7:38AM 3 PDC problem
7:31AM 0 samba and sql, monitoring pc usage with samba
6:42AM 0 Samba on Sun- Timestamp problem
4:48AM 0 Win2000 Domain Controller Interferes with Samba Connection
4:20AM 3 can't log in from windoz 2000
4:00AM 0 SMB and CIFS aren't they the same ?
3:12AM 0 Username and ipaddress bind
2:42AM 1 dhcp router and samba
1:20AM 0 Avoiding Local Profiles w/ samba as PDC
12:19AM 2 strange Samba - NT4 domain connectivity problem.
Monday May 12 2003
11:33PM 0 empty accounts on a dc
11:11PM 2 Annonymous access guest ok = yes
11:07PM 0 3.0alpha23: configured with ldapsam??
10:34PM 1 Users capable of changing SAMBA passwords?
9:46PM 0 pam_smb?
9:33PM 3 Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
8:29PM 0 home directory error with Win2k PDC users
7:54PM 0 attachment missing in previous message-'Samba 2.2.8a on RedHatLinux8.0'
7:46PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a on RedHatLinux 8.0
7:37PM 1 Delete glitch?
7:31PM 2 smbpasswd and RID/SID problems with LDAP
6:34PM 0 SMBmount, T1, GRE tunnel, VERY SLOW file transfers
6:31PM 0 Very slow file transfers on T1
6:18PM 0 Can't join Samba3 domain
6:03PM 0 winbindd Invalid or wrong password W2K sec policy problem
5:07PM 1 samba 3.0?
4:02PM 1 AW: samba ldap and pam without -with-ldapsam option
4:01PM 1 cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call returned zero byte (EOF), hilfe!
3:46PM 0 samba ldap and pam without -with-ldapsam option
2:25PM 0 samba sub-dir limit??
2:21PM 1 samba+dhclient0007f
2:19PM 3 Samba and large directories
2:13PM 0 samba+dhclient=100007f
2:08PM 2 PDC authentication
9:32AM 0 Re: access to samba dir's without acl
9:18AM 0 Réf. : profile itineranr
9:08AM 0 profile itineranr
8:13AM 0 AW: wbinfo doesnt work...
6:26AM 0 wbinfo doesnt work...
6:23AM 0 Samba and NDS
6:04AM 0 imprints driver upload failure on 2.2.8a
5:05AM 0 File permissions confusion w/ACLs
2:20AM 3 winbind crash
1:40AM 0 samba - winxp losing network drives
Sunday May 11 2003
11:23PM 0 WINS-road warriors-spoolss
3:27PM 3 map drives
12:43PM 0 Question regarding mounting Samba share from Linux
12:06PM 1 recent LDAP schema changes
11:12AM 2 printing issues - lprng
2:46AM 1 Mac OS X canonically decomposed UTF-16 filenames
Saturday May 10 2003
10:43PM 1 Files and directories created by WinXP client are read-only
9:07PM 2 smb.conf changes not getting affected
6:55PM 0 specified network name no longer available (Profile not sync)
6:51PM 1 Smart Card logons with Samba
3:12PM 7 wins support = yes time server = yes
4:02AM 1 can't access vfat partition running mandrake 9.1
12:44AM 1 access to samba dir's without acl's
Friday May 9 2003
10:53PM 1 smbfs: user cannot create file
9:30PM 2 patch for 2.2 to correctly detect WinXP and Win2K2 client arch types
8:38PM 5 windows file compatibility aka A Cry For Help
4:20PM 2 Editing the registry on NT clients
2:29PM 1 Access to NT groups
2:07PM 0 Bad volume labels from samba 2.2.8a
1:51PM 0 Could not fetch trust account password for domain ...
1:44PM 2 Memory Usage
1:44PM 0 Problems to write to Samba shares via VPN!
11:40AM 1 Locked files and DOS application
11:16AM 0 False alarm
10:15AM 1 Howto keep ownership and groupship
8:08AM 0 oplock error
7:02AM 0 Problem with Epson 680 driver after upgrade of Windows 2000 to SP3
5:02AM 0 regarding CHAP passwd encryption
4:46AM 0 error in running ./configure in samba
2:24AM 0 A solution to my problem?
12:51AM 3 Windows 2000 Profiles Through Freeswan VPN
Thursday May 8 2003
11:42PM 1 An old winbind syncronization question
8:48PM 0 clear text password question
8:24PM 2 Winbind + ADS small issues
8:01PM 0 Server Secret goes bad
5:43PM 1 Local groups with winbind
4:36PM 1 Failed to modify entry error
3:49PM 0 Slow login on SAMBA 3.0-alpha23 PDC - Please Help!
3:46PM 1 Roaming profiles migration
3:29PM 0 Problems with offline files on Windows2000 and samba-2.2.8a
3:03PM 2 Why a PDC?
2:29PM 1 Samba-PDC on a large site
2:12PM 0 FW: force group parameter problem
1:51PM 1 Setting DOS 'hidden' 'archive' and 'read-only' attributes on Directories
1:32PM 2 2.2.7a securtiy 'server' auth. problems
1:15PM 0 Removing Domain machine account
11:44AM 0 Which password file does Smbmount use ?
10:22AM 0 Can´t create user root Samba 3.0alpha23
9:08AM 0 upgrade 2.2.8 to 3.0
8:57AM 0 SAMBA and multiple Windows NT and Active Directory Domains
8:54AM 3 wbinfo -u is returning 0xc0000022
8:25AM 1 SV: Samba Installation help for a domain
8:25AM 0 Laptop Users - WINS - spoolss
7:04AM 0 Samba Installation help for a domain
3:46AM 6 Alpha3_23 --with-tdbsam
2:34AM 1 Is samba isntalled or not?
2:31AM 1 Samba is installed or not ??
2:28AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 10
Wednesday May 7 2003
11:19PM 1 Using Samba PDC to update software?
8:53PM 0 Samba - Winbind - S390
8:33PM 21 Replacing WinNT 4 PDC with Samba PDC
7:29PM 0 smbclient on MacOS X via PPTP won't mount Win2k share
5:58PM 2 force group parameter problem
5:44PM 0 Incremental Backup Problem
4:55PM 0 Aix-Samba memory problem
4:24PM 0 Delayed Write failure on Windows XP
4:08PM 2 winbind and pam
3:23PM 0 Join win2k wks to samba domain - pleazeeeee help
3:16PM 0 Re: question about samba roaming profile
2:51PM 0 Executing a Windows Executable on a Samba Share from Windows XP
2:41PM 0 performance issue
11:55AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 9
11:16AM 1 Login Script - Please clarify
10:54AM 0 Samba with w2k Pro
9:38AM 1 access and rights problems
9:06AM 0 different authentication for workstations and users
8:58AM 0 Problems printing more info
8:44AM 3 Problems with firewalls and samba.
8:32AM 0 Printing problem. No English letters.
8:04AM 1 typo in current CVS??
7:43AM 0 Linux as NT Domain member cannot authenticate user logon
7:33AM 0 Attempt to move a WXP client to another Samba domain.
6:30AM 0 Can Samba3 server be a BDC to NT4 PDC yet?
4:17AM 0 Has anyone manage to use Samba as a Domain Controller for Win9x,WinXP environment without any problems?
12:01AM 1 Please change link colours on SAMBA website
Tuesday May 6 2003
10:14PM 0 Permissions linux v. samba
10:07PM 0 Frustrated
8:53PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 7
8:30PM 3 samba-2.2.8a and PDC help!!!
8:05PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 8
8:05PM 0 for what it's worth, I think I have inadvertently solved an old problem...
7:46PM 2 Mounting encrypted WinXP shares with smbmount
5:25PM 0 Samba and printing=cups; printers disappear after a while
4:34PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a not plaing nice with tcpd under Solaris8
4:20PM 0 SMB via SSH on XP
2:55PM 1 SWAT login agony
2:37PM 1 newbie: netbios cache
2:15PM 0 Réf. : smbadduser error
1:58PM 3 Performance Issues With Samba and RedHat 8.
1:40PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a on RedHat 8.0
1:28PM 0 Samba (--with-ldapsam) and replication LDAP-Server
1:23PM 3 DOMAIN level security with smbpasswd???
1:21PM 1 smbadduser error
1:14PM 1 Network Time problems with Windows 2k
12:15PM 0 Print problem. No English letters.
12:00PM 1 params.c:Parameter() - Ignoring badly formed line in configuration file:
11:55AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 7
11:50AM 0 can smbmount to another Linux but not to NT
11:12AM 1 Samba - Active directory
10:38AM 0 logging, delete/rename/move/create dir etc...
10:16AM 2 samba + ldap + pam_mkhomedir ?
10:01AM 0 samba PDC / ldap
8:22AM 1 samba very slow
7:40AM 1 Mount NT dir on Unix
5:59AM 0 samba listening on 139 and 445 with win2k
5:55AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 5, Issue 6
4:21AM 0 RE: redhat linux 9.0 & samba/swat
2:21AM 0 Re: IP address not available
1:04AM 3 Problems adding print drivers
12:50AM 0 subdir problems with 2.5.69 and samba 3.x
12:14AM 0 Issue with Mandrake 9.1 and Samba
Monday May 5 2003
11:17PM 3 How 'accurate' is time sync on the samba server?
10:39PM 1 Help on missing file
9:50PM 2 New Printing Howto collection is soooo good!!! (I learn a lot from theory)
9:08PM 0 Shared database certified?
8:29PM 0 Samba Compile for Red Hat Linux
8:24PM 1 pam_ldap
8:19PM 1 pam_ldap authentication
7:53PM 0 Problems with printing from word xp on w98 client.
7:33PM 0 network printing form redhat 9.0
7:18PM 0 Share problem between windows clients
7:10PM 3 PDC/BDC Domain Logins Samba 2.2.7
6:07PM 1 Disabling Roaming Profiles
4:49PM 1 Hang in 2.2.8a
4:46PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 eating CPU and memory
4:45PM 1 Translating end-of-line sequence
4:36PM 0 Samba and Sun Cluster 3.0?
4:08PM 5 Rpcclient - setdriver.
1:56PM 0 samba 3.x AIX Ldap
1:19PM 1 Samba and Actionlaser 1500
1:11PM 1 Red Hat 8.0 and Samba 2.2.5
1:04PM 0 guest login problems
12:03PM 0 Adding quota to nobody, and make samba to use it.
11:15AM 0 samba macros
10:32AM 6 Multiple Printers on LPT
9:42AM 1 many smbd processes by root
6:46AM 0 Fw: Sorry Samba passwd is not updating from WinXP
4:44AM 1 Samba passwd is updating from WinXP
3:30AM 0 winxp cannot access win9x shares in smb domain
3:07AM 0 WinXP cannot access win9x shares in Domain
2:36AM 1 (no subject)
Sunday May 4 2003
10:54PM 0 mount of vfat compatible with samba
9:49PM 1 Anybody successfuly using pam_mount or pam_smbmount?
9:30PM 0 Support for Samba
10:32AM 0 binary package for Unix System V
9:49AM 0 no route to host?
4:46AM 1 nmblookup fails
2:28AM 0 Áåçàäðåñíîå ðàñïðîñòðàíåíèå ïî âñåé Ðîññèè
Saturday May 3 2003
1:31PM 1 Port question
7:01AM 1 Version 0.81beta4 of Printing Chapter for Samba 3.0 HOWTO Collection available
4:33AM 1 Adding computers to SAMBA/LDAP
3:49AM 1 Winbind support on AIX ?
Friday May 2 2003
9:58PM 0 Join the Domain and the"Nomapping ...error"
9:32PM 2 A Group Policy Question in Win9x (yes, another one).
9:20PM 0 Trying to add "MYDOMAIN/Domain Users" to the "LOCALMACHINE/Power Users" group results in error
8:20PM 0 Cannot see samba server from windows XP or 2000
8:14PM 0 Samba 3.0 Problem
8:02PM 0 Samba-HOWTO-Collection Update
7:30PM 0 *****SPAM***** She's looking like that ?
5:06PM 1 Windows client/ samba server name resolving issue
5:04PM 1 Samba 3.0 and pdbedit
4:16PM 1 Samba 3 problem
4:05PM 1 Oplocks go on and on and on
3:59PM 0 için Anatolya aroma ozlu madensuyu tan?t?m?..
3:03PM 2 valid users list file
2:35PM 1 Problem with smbclient to Windows 2003 Server.
2:22PM 3 WINS Alternative
11:53AM 2 Print speed with an HP Laserjet 4
11:44AM 0 How to Preserve File - Timestamp
11:34AM 0 Samba & AD Domain Controller Roundup
10:45AM 2 Problem in Samba
6:28AM 2 samba slow
5:55AM 0 --with-winbind-ldap-hack problems
4:11AM 0 Importing OE 6 dbx files from Samb share not importing
12:18AM 0 how to trigger NT_TRANSACT_CREATE call from w2k?
12:12AM 0 Samba 3.0 Alpha PDC
12:11AM 0 PAM Ok Winbind
Thursday May 1 2003
11:53PM 1 Update to Printiing Chapter for Samba 3.0 HOWTO Collection available
11:32PM 1 Roaming Profiles: Advantages and disadvantages?
10:10PM 0 samba users trouble
8:38PM 0 FW: SWAT Authentication
6:20PM 0 'make' Building of Executables Fails
5:14PM 2 Questions on Roaming Profiles
5:03PM 2 no wins registering?
4:04PM 0 User Login Accounting
3:35PM 0 Accessing a Redhat AS2.1 Samba Share from Windows 2K Domain
1:18PM 1 Please advise
10:30AM 1 Disc quotas bug
6:23AM 1 red hat linux8.0 to windows communication
5:53AM 2 Sudden disconnect
3:35AM 0 server shares and password with win2k clients
3:01AM 1 Samba 3.0 HOWTO Collection: new Draft for Printing Chapters is available
2:54AM 0 Samba Home drive problems
2:20AM 0 a little issue with ADS
12:01AM 0 PDC Setup