samba - Apr 2003

Wednesday April 30 2003
10:34PM 0 where install my PDC samba server?
9:54PM 1 Samba Service
8:18PM 0 Allowing laptop users to have off-line copies of thei r Samba home directories.
7:25PM 0 Allowing laptop users to have off-line copies of their Samba home directories.
6:21PM 0 receiving change notifications
6:10PM 1 NT Account Lock Out Issue
2:55PM 0 No icons for progs and documents w/ 2.2.7 and higher
2:32PM 1 Is it posible to force Windows 2000 to send print job name?
1:51PM 0 Bogus workgroups in network neighborhood?
1:49PM 0 XP Home Domain Login Workaround
1:42PM 1 Samba PDC/LDAP how to get Win2000 Administrator account?
1:41PM 0 SAMBA 2.2.5 and Share Refresh
12:56PM 0 problem with samba - connection reset by peer
12:43PM 1 configuration de samba
11:16AM 1 Samba and Redhat
11:15AM 2 Samba groups
9:46AM 0 Need Information
8:49AM 3 huge amount of _samr_query_aliasmem errors [repost]
7:23AM 0 number of connections to a share for a user
6:49AM 0 samba /ldap/windows 2000
4:39AM 0 Re: Does 3.0 work with w2k sp3 and/or win 2003? Anyb ody had success?
4:31AM 1 Jaguar Samba Servers etc.
1:51AM 1 Re: Does 3.0 work with w2k sp3 and/or win 2003? Anyb ody had success?
Tuesday April 29 2003
11:30PM 1 Set a login script but no profile?
10:02PM 0 Excel can't find a non-writeable .xls if parent's name not ASCII
9:10PM 10 Samba - User Authentication
9:04PM 0 Setting up Window 2000 for SAMBA???
8:44PM 2 Samba, Linux, and file locking
8:40PM 1 Permissions visibility
8:22PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a and Microsoft Word
8:17PM 0 Transportability of Samba in UNIX - AIX
6:36PM 0 Enumeration of Trusts
6:10PM 0 windows xp suddenly unable to find pdc (samba-2.2.7a)
4:34PM 0 Authentication Through NAT
4:30PM 0 Limit disk usage of public share
4:23PM 1 Windoze don't forget username/password (revalidate=yes why not working?)
4:08PM 1 Errors in browsing and authentication on a FreeBSD dual samba/samba-tng installation
3:52PM 1 Importing all users from /etc/shadow automatically (addtosmbpass not found)
3:34PM 3 ACLs and file/directory access permissions
2:26PM 1 SWAT Authentication
1:26PM 0 Lost PDC switching from 2.2.3a to 2.2.7a
12:00PM 2 remove my email address
11:45AM 2 how log the open file names
11:36AM 2 how to disable home directory to some users?
10:26AM 0 Windows XP + SSH tunnelling
5:44AM 1 Upgrade Samba 2.2.6 to 2.2.8 by novice
3:25AM 1 Nmbd: Static Mappings - To replace a microsoft server.
Monday April 28 2003
11:55PM 1 Re: Linux only Network: Samba ?? or Nis and NFs??
10:26PM 1 Does 3.0 work with w2k sp3 and/or win 2003? Anybody had success?
10:09PM 0 winbind & /etc/passwd
9:20PM 0 FW: Building Source PAM Issue - Any Suggestions?
8:26PM 0 Building Source PAM Issue - Any Suggestions?
7:40PM 1 Re: Why would I want Active Directory (rather, how t o argue against it?)
7:22PM 0 roaming profiels
7:01PM 0 Applying patches
5:39PM 0 redirecting requests
5:32PM 0 Query about Samba + NIS + Password Synching...
5:21PM 2 Samba Authentication2
5:19PM 2 Viewing Linux machine from windows machine
5:12PM 0 Reenviar: Camara de Comercio del Aburra Sur
5:02PM 0 RPM message already installed...
4:18PM 1 cups via web
3:54PM 0 Samba crashes on password change from Windows 2000 clients
3:25PM 0 problem with file handles in
1:27PM 1 NT_STATUS_INVALID_WORKSTATION and SAM.workstation-restrictions
12:59PM 0 Saving a Password in W2K
12:58PM 0 Samba 3.0 and Active Directory
12:28PM 0 Migrating from NT file server to SAMBA file server
12:15PM 0 RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
10:40AM 0 huge amount of _samr_query_aliasmem errors
8:36AM 0 Samba and Codafs, and acl's
7:48AM 1 roaming profiles: login/logout takes too much time
4:36AM 1 Winbind + KDE + GNOME
3:46AM 1 latest samba version compatibility
2:29AM 3 Winbind. making home directory on the fly
12:17AM 0 Probs with winbind and gdm/kde
Sunday April 27 2003
8:49PM 2 smbpasswd via cgi
7:27PM 1 samba over pptp
7:25PM 3 general question - help creating a login script to pass a RPC to create symblinks from win2k on linux
7:02PM 11 Access denied, unable to connect to printer
4:48PM 0 Samba PDC and Windows XP Logons
3:38PM 0 SAMBA System error 5 occurred
1:13PM 0 Authenticating from Windows domains via winbind the easy way
1:13PM 0 Streaming Audio Files?????
12:46PM 0 Network Implementation
10:25AM 0 Winbind-Problem in Samba 2.2.7a with Suse 8.2
10:14AM 1 two PDC's on same machine in same subnet
12:14AM 0 grpid and mount
Saturday April 26 2003
11:08PM 1 winbind + ssh
7:23PM 3 final tests fail with samba...can anyone help?
5:10PM 0 I need help with Musicmatch and my samba server.
4:53PM 1 telnet
3:50PM 0 Samba possibly causing windows 2000 to crash?
3:15PM 1 Multiple smbd running...
12:56PM 0 Version of Unix
11:17AM 2 Linux-windows interoperability
9:32AM 0 Meaning of variables in smb.h
8:11AM 0 ACLs and Windows 2000 look alike (inheritance of perm issions)
8:03AM 0 Why would I want Active Directory (rather, how to ar gue against it?)
7:42AM 0 File server moving from NT to Samba
5:56AM 1 Why would I want Active Directory (rather, how to argue against it?)
Friday April 25 2003
11:35PM 1 My Problems with XP and Samba Domain (and how I fixed it)
11:28PM 0 Newbie - Adding a Samba system to a XP workgroup
10:16PM 0 Cannot sync browser lists across subnets
6:40PM 0 smbmount on redhat 9
6:04PM 1 Guest access from Win '98?
5:46PM 0 Domain and local users
2:01PM 0 INTERNAL ERROR - followup on rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c recommendation
1:18PM 1 Missing File
1:16PM 2 Word problem with large uid/gid
11:55AM 0 refresh not working in samba-3.0
11:53AM 0 Samba PDC + Win2k Server & Terminal Server Client
11:26AM 0 Refresh not working with samba-3.0
9:42AM 2 smbpasswd doesn't work
9:39AM 0 Problem with "domain admin group"
8:43AM 1 unix-filenames do not translate
8:14AM 0 Samba Prob
7:52AM 1 Winbindd and windows server2003
6:58AM 0 security = server problem
Thursday April 24 2003
7:54PM 0 FW: Final list for 4-24-03 CDMA MM change Unix id to Coreid.
7:27PM 0 Release for AIX 5L
6:57PM 0 problem with NT-4.0
5:41PM 1 ACLs and Windows 2000 look alike (inheritance of permissions)
3:14PM 2 msdfs problems
2:39PM 1 duplicate password prompt
2:30PM 0 Remembering Password in W2K
2:07PM 1 PAM authentication
1:54PM 0 robocopy from ntfs to samba
1:45PM 4 QuarkXPress files
1:22PM 0 SAMBA as a member of Active Directory Domain
11:14AM 4 ./configure
10:19AM 1 Different create masks for subdirectories - possible?
10:05AM 0 Can't logon on Samba 2.2.4 PDC with W2k
9:47AM 0 AW: Windows XP - Samba Domain join problems (Wrong Parameter)
9:21AM 0 Windows XP - Samba Domain join problems (Wrong Parame ter)
8:47AM 0 Problems with Offline Caching
8:13AM 0 Windows XP - Samba Domain join problems (Wrong Parameter)
2:29AM 2 Probs with Winbindd
2:24AM 2 Samba 2.2.7 as a PDC on FreeBSD 4.8 and a Windows 2K Pro client
1:20AM 0 SAMBA and NT4 domain
12:58AM 1 intermittant problem with samdump and vampire
Wednesday April 23 2003
10:04PM 0 another stupid question part II
9:56PM 0 another stupid question
9:19PM 3 telnet and samba
7:56PM 0 LookupDomain request gets STATUS_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN
7:17PM 0 RedHat 9
6:37PM 0 ads_connect no such file or directory.
5:57PM 0 SAMBA and Multiple NT or A/D domains...
5:28PM 0 Re: Win XP 'Network path was not found' Error when connecting to Samba s
5:04PM 1 PDC Swap
4:49PM 0 FW: Samba problem.
3:36PM 1 Win XP 'Network path was not found' Error when connecting to Samba share
3:29PM 2 LDAP/Samba Groups question
3:26PM 1 archives
3:00PM 1 Insecure smbpasswd with ldap ??
2:33PM 0 Please provide input on LDAP password change
1:58PM 0 NT4 ntuser.dat problem samba-2.2.8
1:56PM 2 Can't access SAMBA workgroup from Windows machines
1:10PM 0 Possible bug with inheriting ACLs
12:37PM 3 Samba and XP hassles
12:29PM 1 rpcclient (adddriver: move_driver to_download_area, fail)
11:46AM 0 bugs samba
10:29AM 0 Mapping driver letter based on user secondary group
9:58AM 0 hiding files on shares (eg. desktop.ini)
7:31AM 2 Windows 2000 Domain roaming profile problem.
7:22AM 0 [Fwd: Samba, Cups, and Foomatic.]
6:30AM 0 Samba problem with lib files
4:44AM 1 Samba 3.0alpha23 and swat
4:21AM 2 Help with printing
2:55AM 0 w2k auth issues
12:29AM 1 Newbie - with XP Pro workgroup
Tuesday April 22 2003
11:47PM 0 encryption-win2k-samba ??
10:34PM 1 Win2K Workstation Disconnecting Shares from Samba Server
9:35PM 0 HP-UX PAM and pam_smbpass (missing 'requisite' option)
8:43PM 0 Samba & Windows password change
7:51PM 3 getting samba to set the time...
7:31PM 1 cifs samba mailing list
7:26PM 1 help needed - Officejet 7110 printing problem under RH7.2
7:03PM 0 Samba 3 help needed
3:45PM 0 FW: Installing samba ./configure on a Unix IBM RS6000
3:29PM 1 Setting SeServiceLogonRight ?
3:25PM 0 Samba Shares on Solaris 9
3:13PM 1 BUG?? - Samba 2.2.8a Number of Users in a GroupMaxproblem(2.2.7a works, however)
2:21PM 0 smbclient -M/session request failed
1:17PM 1 Samba, Cups, and Foomatic.
9:18AM 0 samba / wondows 2000
3:09AM 1 FW: Unofficial Samba+ACL howto
2:40AM 0 winbind working TOO well! (entire ADS tree returned just local domain)
2:37AM 1 NT groups in smb.conf
1:52AM 0 winbind problem lowercase username
1:17AM 1 Fw: INTERNAL ERROR Report
1:07AM 0 Weird unicode related bug in smbfs?
Monday April 21 2003
8:27PM 0 FW: a real nit
7:27PM 0 can not log onto server
6:19PM 0 FROM WIN XP: can't copy "file": network name no longer available
5:21PM 0 Domain log in via vpn
4:25PM 1 Samba unable to validate usernames; winbind works
4:10PM 0 Help compiling
2:34PM 0 Lost Win2k profiles in Samba PDC
2:15PM 4 How to give one user write permissions to HOME shares
1:52PM 0 Samba and FOS
10:46AM 3 Domain password server not available
8:08AM 1 swat or what?
5:39AM 12 Unofficial Samba+ACL howto
Sunday April 20 2003
9:54PM 1 user profile migration PDCs
9:18PM 1 log of build of 2.2.8a on Solaris9 using SUN's studio7 cc.
7:33PM 0 Error accessing shared network drives
1:29PM 0 How I got Samba 2.2.8a to run on OpenBSD 3.2 i386
Saturday April 19 2003
9:00PM 1 Maximun Share size
6:22PM 0 3.0 alpha23 ldapsam/group mapping issue
5:48PM 0 serving a share to two NT-domains at once
5:33PM 0 repost..Samba password problem
4:55PM 0 problems building samba 3alpha23
2:54PM 1 Logon Script Sometimes Does Not Execute
10:23AM 1 mask question
9:14AM 0 Unified login solution
Friday April 18 2003
11:38PM 1 [Fwd: Win98 logon error]
11:23PM 0 Win98 logon error
10:42PM 0 Broken pipe error when attaching samba 2.2.8a to NT4 pdc
9:07PM 1 Fw: %a reports a Windows XP client as having a "Win2K" architecture.
7:42PM 1 Passwod expire with w2k clients on Samba PDC
7:22PM 2 Shell script execution?
6:52PM 1 Samba permission settings ... Server 777 ... wks 755!?
6:00PM 0 Problems with GID privileges
5:54PM 1 BUG?? - Samba 2.2.8a Number of Users in a Group Maxproblem(2.2.7a works, however)
4:44PM 1 BUG?? - Samba 2.2.8a Number of Users in a Group Maxproblem (2.2.7a works, however)
4:06PM 0 "File does not exist" errors
3:20PM 0 update encrypted?
3:09PM 1 Samba and solaris automountd
2:40PM 0 Leftovers in Network Neighborhood
2:05PM 0 NIS+, Sol2.5.1, Samba
1:29PM 2 in a blacklist...
9:20AM 2 profiles for win98 + xp in same dir under home dir?
7:27AM 0 Error process_browse_packet
5:34AM 0 SMB Problems
Thursday April 17 2003
11:10PM 0 SMBTorture - info
10:44PM 1 Samba and IBM directory server 5.1 attributes problems :: attribute pwdmustchange already in ietf draft
10:43PM 1 i hav a problem
9:45PM 0 Samba on OpenUnix 8
9:37PM 0 Still can't get my roaming profile to work
9:24PM 1 An OK too much when starting smb service
9:09PM 1 Configuring password expiration with SAMBA
8:28PM 0 Symlinks and Windows long filenames
8:25PM 0 RE: Help with virus/hackers
8:00PM 0 winbindd crashing/stopping
6:29PM 2 Samba 2.2.8a Large File Support Issues
5:22PM 0 Samba and IBM directory server 5.1 attributes problems
4:54PM 0 repost
4:34PM 1 RE: Help with virus/hackers
4:02PM 1 BUG?? - Samba 2.2.8a Number of Users in a Group Max problem (2.2.7a works, however)
3:35PM 0 Re: netatalk/samba (fwd)
3:17PM 3 win ME/Samba connection
2:58PM 0 Re: netatalk/samba (fwd)
2:47PM 0 multiple machines cannot access the Windows 2000 PDC
1:02PM 2 add machine script
1:02PM 1 Samba 2.2.8 and ldap and groups
12:48PM 2 Again problem of Samba Corrupting Excel 97 files
12:30PM 5 AppleTalk(netatalk)+Samba
12:00PM 1 Implementation of W2K Group Policies from a Linux Ser ver
10:46AM 3 version scanner?
9:44AM 0 itinerant profile
9:02AM 0 2.2.8 slows down to a crawl within a few days
8:42AM 0 Could not convert uid 10001 to rid
6:51AM 0 Password History
6:36AM 4 Implementation of W2K Group Policies from a Linux Server
5:33AM 0 Problem connecting to Samba server over PPP connection
1:54AM 0 nsswitch and
12:09AM 3 LDAP Bind Failure
Wednesday April 16 2003
11:10PM 2 smbmount often doesn't go daemon
6:57PM 0 smbmount and unicode signs
6:19PM 1 lmcompatibility question
5:51PM 0 Authentication issue
5:35PM 0 Possible bug in samba-2.2.8a-1...
4:56PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 issues?
4:29PM 0 Help Needed on Performance issue
4:08PM 1 Best file system for a Raid5 and samba ?
4:04PM 4 driver download problem - win 98 + cups
3:27PM 0 Problem joining Samba 2.2.7 Domain with Windows XP
3:14PM 0 List of groups visible to Windows
3:07PM 0 [Fwd: Re: No results found]
2:41PM 2 Files Show in Windows but not on the Red Hat server
2:24PM 0 error log samba.
2:23PM 0 userParameters field in HEAD
1:36PM 2 No results found
11:49AM 4 smbgroupedit & ldapsam backend with samba 3.0a23
9:27AM 0 lost trust with w2k client
9:26AM 0 Could not convert uid to rid
9:00AM 1 timestamp OK, but not displayed correctly
8:55AM 1 Big problem with file permission !!
7:44AM 0 expire password
7:29AM 0 Show last logon
7:20AM 0 Replacing an old samba box
7:05AM 1 Password Question?
6:50AM 1 Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE
6:30AM 6 Slow connection
2:25AM 3 File shares seem to timeout?
2:05AM 0 Some PDC problem...
Tuesday April 15 2003
11:45PM 1 winbindd wbinfo -u - can't populate
11:17PM 1 archive
10:16PM 0 how do windows users change their passwords in a PDC
9:40PM 5 net use H: /home does not work
9:25PM 0 smb.conf root={user} directive
6:40PM 0 Windows NT and AIX / Tru64 Unix
5:06PM 0 ACL group permissions only work on primary group (RickSegeberg)
2:08PM 0 Linux Tool for Creating Windows Shortcuts?
2:08PM 2 Re: PDC with roaming profiels
1:42PM 1 couple of questions about 3.0 alpha
12:51PM 2 Samba access denied or only shows top level directories
12:19PM 0 Access on shared files
11:41AM 1 Compile on BSDi
10:59AM 2 kerberos auth fails in samba3.0 alpha23
9:23AM 0 Ldap server parameter
8:50AM 0 Windows File-Security Tab out of sync and wrong SID Mappings with WINBIND 8-(
7:32AM 0 ACL group permissions only work on primary group (Rick Segeberg)
5:58AM 0 "KDC_NOT_TRUSTED" error
Monday April 14 2003
10:50PM 0 modifying password on W2K PDC from Linux (samba 2.2.7-4.8.0)
10:43PM 0 win98 cant access samba on 2nd subnet
10:24PM 1 Queue Control and Cups
10:11PM 0 Help with SMB permissions problems?
10:10PM 0 Windows XP Pro offline file synchronization & Samba problem
9:36PM 1 Upgrade from Samba 1.9.18p4 to 2.2.8a
9:17PM 0 Server is not accessible
9:13PM 0 unable to convert group mapping database to LDAP
8:27PM 0 Samba 2.2.8 and below VFS BUG REPORT
8:26PM 0 Terminal server profile path
8:13PM 1 Printer setup -- How-to??
7:19PM 1 samba pdc premissions problem
6:11PM 0 ACL group permissions only work on primary group
5:09PM 0 XP Users Name is Default When Printing
5:02PM 2 How to accomplish local profiles
4:46PM 0 Multiple connections error on XP (Samba PDC)
4:36PM 0 conf-File-Problem or Bug???
3:47PM 0 Peaceful coexistence; 2.2.7 & 3.0a
3:01PM 0 Windows is not able to connect
2:50PM 0 Multiple connections to SAMBA shares
2:11PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Redhat 8.0 Samba as BDC]
1:43PM 1 Winbind/nsswitch issue on Solaris 9 (Sparc)
1:16PM 0 users used to join domain
1:02PM 0 ADS Support
12:12PM 0 Samba maps any user to nobody -> problem logging on to sambadomain (pdc) from a win xp workstation
11:13AM 1 Interminttant trouble with DFS shares on XP clients and 2.2.8a
11:03AM 1 Samba & ldap & groups
10:08AM 1 Creating softlinks in SMB FS
12:44AM 3 Windows XP Support
Sunday April 13 2003
11:05PM 1 checking nmbd
6:07PM 4 nmbd woes (still)
5:28PM 0 Samba as a DC
4:32PM 1 disabling version number
2:50PM 1 swat failed login caching?
2:35PM 0 Problems with an NT4 BDC and Samba PDC
2:21PM 0 Unusual samba logs
11:37AM 3 Problem loggin on to samba PDC
11:36AM 1 users cannot change their passwords in domain
10:50AM 1 linux network
4:14AM 0 unmarshall samr_q_set_username
Saturday April 12 2003
11:20PM 1 Fails test 8 of smb diag proc
10:42PM 1 Client Disconnects
9:07PM 1 Continual lib/access.c:check_access - what's it mean?
6:17PM 0 Difficulty with Samba 2.2.8 and native CUPS PS driver s
5:54PM 1 RPMS and ADS
9:54AM 1 eDirectory 8.7 and sambaAccount
8:28AM 3 WG: Samba 2.2.7a and XP pro
8:06AM 0 force user statement ignored, BUG in 2.2.8?
7:36AM 1 RIDs in LDAP
7:00AM 2 Problem with a samba print server
5:17AM 0 Samba 2.2.8a Number of Users in a Group Max problem
1:28AM 1 WIn XP + Samba trouble
Friday April 11 2003
10:34PM 0 nobody owned smbd processes are not ending
8:16PM 1 samba 2.2.8a bug: misc. tdb compile problems on SunOS 4.x
7:35PM 1 samba 3.0 upgrade
7:06PM 1 Plain text password
6:35PM 1 --with-winbind-ldap-hack
6:00PM 2 Can't Find Password
5:51PM 0 Multiple 2000 Domains?
5:05PM 1 MS authentification with white space
4:35PM 0 Need local profiles in win2k/sp2
3:50PM 3 printer does not print (stupid question : ( )
3:26PM 1 smb client file list
2:16PM 0 Samba and Microsoft Word
1:46PM 2 Samba / Windows workgroup master browser problem
1:14PM 1 Searchable archieves??
12:59PM 1 Samba+pppd on demand
12:51PM 1 Problems building Samba on SuSE Linux 8
10:31AM 0 Samba maps any user to nobody -> problem logging on to samba domain (pdc) from a win xp workstation
8:46AM 0 groups disappear with ldapsam
8:03AM 1 samba performance on uclinux embedded system
6:57AM 1 Samba on MacOSX and printing
6:34AM 0 Samba: Error applying attributes to file
4:49AM 0 samba 2.2.7a as pdc
1:45AM 2 2.2.8a install on HPUX 11i
Thursday April 10 2003
9:59PM 0 Bug in Samba v2.2.8a with Windows API GetFileAttributes ?
9:56PM 2 Can winbind solve this problem...
9:43PM 4 SAMBA and Microsoft Access
8:11PM 0 Request for Samba 2.2.8a help with SUN 2.8
8:00PM 2 Inability to update SAMBA packages
7:38PM 0 AW: problem logging on to samba domain (pdc) from a win xp workstation
6:45PM 3 samba as fileserver backup fileserver
6:21PM 1 Roaming Profiles for Domain USERS not saved with XP Client.
5:56PM 7 Samba 2.2.7a and XP pro
4:31PM 0 Trusted Domains Samba W2K + DFS
4:12PM 1 Win2k logout exception error with Samba 2.2.3a-12.1
3:36PM 1 vfat / ftruncate problem
3:04PM 0 Timeouts when using smbclient
2:42PM 0 Domain controller - LDAP
1:46PM 1 domain groups in samba 2.2.3a debian woody
1:39PM 1 "Device or Resource Busy" when deleting folders
1:16PM 1 problem logging on to samba domain (pdc) from a win x pworkstation
1:05PM 0 problem logging on to samba domain (pdc) from a win xp workstation
1:00PM 0 Has anyone been successful in getting samba 2.2.8 to work on AIX 5.2
12:49PM 1 Printing from Linux to an NT printer
12:15PM 1 ACLs and ACL_GROUP_OBJ
11:12AM 1 Help: Samba 3.0alpha23 using ldapsam cause "The tag is invalid."
9:33AM 1 Samb and Ldap groups
9:14AM 0 vampire an NT4 PDC
7:13AM 1 Group mapping problem - please help
3:35AM 1 rpc call to power down remote machine?
Wednesday April 9 2003
8:26PM 1 Lingering IPC$ connections
8:18PM 0 Too many open files in Samba
7:46PM 0 One user with a problem accessing shares
6:43PM 0 change_trust_account_password: Failed to change password
6:20PM 1 Samba PDC/Windows BDC
5:26PM 0 Quirkiness/bugs with new security patch
5:18PM 0 Help with Samba 2.2.X on Solaris 2.8
1:38PM 0 Samba & Ldap Groups
1:07PM 0 NT4 problems upgrading to 2.2.8a
11:29AM 0 win2000-terminal-server: access-problem to samba server
11:05AM 0 SMBSERVER failed
9:38AM 1 System Policy with Windows 2000 Profesional
7:19AM 0 Windows 2000 clients won't authenticate when using winbind
6:53AM 0 consistency of credentials strings in smbclient and smbmount
6:15AM 0 new solaris 8 inaries for 2.2.8a uploaded
1:56AM 2 Printing multiple copies
12:50AM 1 dfs replication
12:08AM 0 Winbind /home drive problem
Tuesday April 8 2003
11:53PM 1 logon from WIN ME
10:15PM 1 Can't do Landscape with ManualFeed
9:21PM 0 machine account not accessible
9:20PM 0 Samba logins and MMC
9:18PM 0 Samba & Syslog facility
8:33PM 3 SAMBA 2.07 Question
7:39PM 0 authenticating samba against an Windows AD Domain contd.
7:25PM 0 Terminal Server recommendations
6:32PM 0 Compiling problem in Dynix/ptx v4.4.8
5:36PM 2 Printing PDF very slow
5:14PM 0 unable to make NIS synchronization function
3:18PM 2 Printer form settings
2:31PM 6 Samba and ldap groups
2:23PM 1 Help with critical error
2:04PM 1 Question about samba - smbfstab settings
1:18PM 0 Need Help, trouble configuring/compiling Samba 2.2.8 on Redhat Linux 7.3
1:12PM 0 Re: WinXP DFS problems in samba 2.2.8
12:53PM 3 NIS Authentication Help!
12:12PM 4 Fail to "Connect to printer"
10:33AM 1 vt_mode.c
10:32AM 3 ACL: some maybe stupid questions
7:31AM 0 Directory ACL
6:37AM 0 Compile issue on SuSE 8.1
5:18AM 6 Win2k domain, ACLs and permissions
4:20AM 1 access issue
2:52AM 1 Root Password
1:47AM 1 logging into a windows domain using samba
12:21AM 3 Automating cupsaddsmb or some alternative
Monday April 7 2003
8:18PM 1 Installing 2.0.10a patch
6:26PM 0 User security settings in SAMBA?
6:18PM 0 Access to a server using multiple netbios names and include files
5:46PM 0 PDC and Clear passwords
5:45PM 0 Samba > 2.2.3a and debian
5:33PM 1 build samba in 64bit mode
5:22PM 3 security = domain and NetBIOS aliases
5:10PM 0 Samba and VFP pgm over Terminal Server - access rights?
4:45PM 0 Winbind problems & ads questions
4:37PM 2 Redhat 8.0 Samba as BDC
3:43PM 0 Usermap file structure question
3:09PM 1 smbmount ignores iocharset
2:45PM 3 Samba and Apache
2:18PM 0 Smbd + do_try_free_pages
2:16PM 0 Smbd and do_try_free_pages
1:58PM 0 Workstation Restrictions / System Policy / User rights
1:48PM 0 Samba an Windows file times
1:13PM 0 smb.conf and printer drivers
12:48PM 1 W2003 terminal server profile path error
12:02PM 7 [SECURITY] Samba 2.2.8a security available for download
10:41AM 0 nt acl support
9:41AM 0 I must restart samba every day :(
9:00AM 0 Error messages "Call timed out: server did not respond ..."
8:50AM 4 Samba printing options
8:46AM 0 Help: how to unistall Samba from Linux 8.0?
8:18AM 3 Solaris 8 and winbindd/wbinfo
8:08AM 2 Samba and charset convention with UTF8 to other ....
2:46AM 0 Server String not taking affect
12:47AM 3 Detecting Samba server from Windows?
Sunday April 6 2003
9:27PM 0 pam_smbpass -- passwd ... migrate
7:41PM 0 share /proc file system
7:23PM 1 TDB file format???
4:23PM 0 Samba with netatalk and european Characters
4:18PM 0 samba_3_0+ldapsam_nua: creating machine trust accounts fails
3:36PM 1 connecting to resource IPC$ problems -samba 2.2.8
2:03PM 2 Cable Modem
11:44AM 1 host machine doesn't show up in browse list
Saturday April 5 2003
11:29PM 0 "Failed To Initialise Messages Database"
11:15PM 1 Samba 2.2 + CUPS driver download work for anyone?
11:09PM 0 Samba on Linux and W98 clients
8:21PM 0 solaris/windows
4:25PM 1 Missing components on configure
3:41PM 1 Samba to Samba + LDAP script
3:39PM 2 Share contents and windows XP.
3:11PM 1 flock a file in a NT server
1:10PM 0 unable to view windows folders on Linux
11:55AM 1 Samba 2.2.8 SEGV in rpcclient getdriver on Solaris 7
11:51AM 0 Access Denied to Samba PDC
7:58AM 0 Samba doesn't free network resource with 2000 clients!
6:10AM 0 Windows 95 client with Samba PDC
5:53AM 1 windows 2000 PDC
5:48AM 1 samba, ncurses, and sysV printing?
Friday April 4 2003
10:02PM 0 2.2.8: browsing and accessing Sun from Windows XP
8:16PM 2 2.2.1a / 2.2.2 bug is back in 2.2.8
6:18PM 0 Samba client local user
6:18PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 4, Issue 7
5:01PM 2 samba_3_0+ldapsam: Bug?
4:53PM 5 %a reports a Windows XP client as having a "Win2K" architecture.
4:22PM 1 fromdos - todos
3:53PM 0 copying to share from a cdrom
3:23PM 0 Bug(?): "No locks available" message in log file
2:42PM 2 Problems Compiling 2.2.8 on Tru64 5.1
2:30PM 6 Maximum number of shares
2:24PM 1 Posix acls problem
1:35PM 1 Samba Performance for Digital Recording
11:15AM 0 problems with pam_winbind, that is linux box to samb a remote server
11:10AM 0 strange behaviour in file timestamp on smbfs
10:28AM 1 Samba for Windows 2003 server
10:24AM 6 Problems with Default user profiles.
10:11AM 0 problems with pam_winbind, that is linux box to samba remote server
9:55AM 0 smb_open & smb_readpage_sync error -13
8:47AM 0 "read failure for 9848" ?
8:29AM 0 Can I use winbind to auth against a samba 2.2.7 "PDC"?
7:25AM 1 hide folders from others
6:05AM 0 using acls to provide finer access controls within a share
3:53AM 1 Samba, Passwd, LDAP auth
2:53AM 4 LDAP Supplementary Groups not recognised
2:42AM 0 windows RPC patch crashes my sambas
1:40AM 0 Configure 2.2.8
12:33AM 0 Network logon & slow connection issues
Thursday April 3 2003
10:05PM 1 samba 3 as a pretend DC?
9:56PM 0 Samba Server in an SBS4.5 environment
9:44PM 0 authentication handlers usable from Win2K client?
9:33PM 1 windows terminal server
9:20PM 0 Samba not compiling on AIX
8:54PM 4 Password Aging Policies - SAMBA
8:28PM 1 using linux login for win XP
8:10PM 0 When did the "Take Ownership (O)" for No permissions ACE go away?
7:06PM 1 Using Machine Names on Samba Domain
6:49PM 7 security = problems
6:19PM 0 Syslog files/messages at command line
3:26PM 0 NT works, 2000 doesn't
12:48PM 1 The parameter in a Samba does not work
9:38AM 2 tdbsam
9:27AM 3 smb.conf Parameters
8:58AM 0 How-to make samba server as a active directory server
7:25AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 4, Issue 5
7:12AM 0 Administrator right
1:59AM 0 [DE] (fwd) frage an die sambagurus
Wednesday April 2 2003
11:14PM 2 no mapping between account names and security ids was done
10:39PM 0 Just starting with SAMBA
9:56PM 0 Is there an easier way to add a user?
8:02PM 0 Explorer hangs for about 5 minutes before displaying samba share contents
7:50PM 1 smbclient 2.2.8 gives NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
7:44PM 0 Authenticating users across trusted (win2k and NT) domains
7:00PM 1 Sama as PDC for win2k or winxp
5:10PM 2 AW: Login from win2k client to samba PDC
4:05PM 0 oplock not granted
3:54PM 0 [OT] LISA 2003 Call for Papers
2:07PM 1 Copying profiles to a new samba server
1:38PM 2 Samba 3.0 won't join Samba-TNG domain
12:36PM 0 Default user profiles
12:28PM 1 Samba 3 (PDC+LDAP) problem with user-level access on Win9x
11:42AM 0 password timeout
10:58AM 2 Login from win2k client to samba PDC
10:47AM 3 /var/spool/samba full of print jobs
9:10AM 1 New schema for samba
6:04AM 0 How to configure the file smb.conf
6:03AM 0 migration of samba 3.22a to Samba 3.23a - 2 possible bugs
4:59AM 0 problem to run smbd &nmbd
2:26AM 0 Looking for a detailed explaination of the options listed when you run ./configure --help
12:53AM 2 M$, AD and Samba
Tuesday April 1 2003
11:46PM 1 Login denied after joinined Samba PDC - Fixed?
11:14PM 0 samba works on 2000, but not Win98/ME after relocation
8:28PM 1 Can't join domain
7:49PM 0 Document updates (fwd)
7:07PM 0 ACL behavior
6:55PM 0 [LONG] Can't see the XP shares in my linux samba acting as a PDC
6:43PM 2 nmbd question
5:56PM 0 BUG REPORT: change_trust_account_password works in 2.0.7, fails in 2.2.3a through 2.2.8
5:34PM 0 Reading ADS volumes
4:17PM 0 Bug on samba
3:38PM 1 nmblookup comand
2:29PM 2 WINS on Samba
2:10PM 0 Erwin Earley/Rochester/IBM is out of the office.
1:05PM 0 samba 2.2.7 disconnect problems on solaris 2.8
11:49AM 0 LDAP base samba group
10:01AM 0 Samba - Windows XP permissions issue
9:43AM 0 RAS support
9:20AM 1 Write to NT Share from Unix, possible ?
9:05AM 0 How to configure smb.conf file
7:25AM 1 VFS module programming
6:48AM 1 please help: problems using 'force group' option
3:44AM 1 How to read NT Domain accounts from a Unix box