samba - Jun 2003

Monday June 30 2003
11:16PM 1 Status of samba 3.0 against Win 2003
10:09PM 0 PDC disconnected until restart (NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVER - or so)
7:35PM 0 IGNORE my last e-mail
7:23PM 0 Problems with Samba 2.2.7 and Mac OSX?
7:07PM 3 Cups or Samba?
6:05PM 2 Samba as PDC across multiple physical sites
4:58PM 1 Disable roaming profiles
4:08PM 9 Huh... 2.2.8 exploit?!
3:48PM 2 Give users Power user access level to local machines.
3:01PM 0 High cpu load
2:30PM 1 samba 2.2.8 vs samba 3.0 beta
2:02PM 0 mount -t smbfs
1:45PM 1 preexec, logging, and my problem
1:37PM 1 FW: mount -t smbfs
1:31PM 0 Incorrectly formatted request
12:33PM 1 problems with ae, oe, ue etc.
12:29PM 0 Strange and serious problems on 2.2.2
12:17PM 0 Performance: FASTIO_CHECK_IF_POSSIBLE win32 call differs on Linux / SunOS [LONG]
12:07PM 0 delete user script = /usr/local/samba/bin/del_user %u
9:49AM 0 Groupname is not shown
9:39AM 1 WinXP samba2.2.8a joining domain trouble
8:51AM 1 Windows XP SP1
7:18AM 0 ACL problem with WinXP and Samba 2.2.5-2.2.8
5:46AM 0 header intact
2:27AM 1 Can't sync passwd with ldap
1:15AM 1 Samba acls
Sunday June 29 2003
9:04PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a PDC + OpenLDAP + W2k Terminalserver
1:13PM 1 Prob configuring Samba / Ldap an PDC
12:03PM 0 Illegal attachment type found in sent message "Re: Application"
11:25AM 2 rpcclient returns NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE on adddriver
12:44AM 1 Add Machine Failed
Saturday June 28 2003
6:50PM 3 Listing samba 2.2.8a (redhat 8) verables to a text file
5:37PM 1 Help please, samba IPv6 support?
1:59PM 3 exec scripts question
11:15AM 1 ask about oplock kernel in detail
10:02AM 0 I don't see any domain groups with usrmgr
8:33AM 1 Computer Account
12:27AM 3 win2000 service pack 4 - samba 2.2.2
12:02AM 0 Re: preeexec and samba
Friday June 27 2003
11:45PM 0 export samba password file to "real" win2k or nt4 server
10:15PM 2 Can't add machine account to domain
9:29PM 1 3.0beta1 group mapping problem
8:59PM 0 big performance difference between Samba and FTP
8:54PM 0 Good and cheap electronics!
8:07PM 1 Problem with OS X (as client) to Samba on Linux box
7:43PM 1 NT Policy Editor
7:22PM 0 Printer Issue over IPSEC VPN
7:12PM 0 authentication to ADS via Kerberos at login?
6:39PM 2 Samba 3.0.0 beta
6:05PM 1 forcing one logon per user
5:17PM 1 krb5_cc_get_principal failed...
5:11PM 2 Probs with smbfs
4:20PM 1 samba not working with ldap
4:17PM 0 Winbind STILL not working.
3:57PM 0 Print Job Names
3:31PM 0 Samba 3.0 Recycle Bin *AMEND*
3:26PM 1 Samba 3 beta + LDAP going from Samba 2.2.7a GID problem
3:14PM 0 Samba 3.0 Recycle Bin - VFS Module
2:55PM 0 running make and make install
2:39PM 0 Failing test 5
2:28PM 0 Still can't join domain
1:39PM 0 Joining Domain with windows XP servicePack 1 swedish edition
1:15PM 1 Slow printing problem
8:32AM 1 What's happend when the UID/SID mapping changes for a computer account ?
8:07AM 0 Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases) configuration problem
7:04AM 0 Problems with Ad and Winbind
6:56AM 2 Mapping User from ADS
6:47AM 2 W2K PDC Domain
6:20AM 1 Problems after changing operating system and versions
5:30AM 0 Samba and ghostscript to build a pdf-printer
12:51AM 1 concurrent login
Thursday June 26 2003
8:16PM 1 Multiple domains, one PDC
7:29PM 3 Off Subject
6:48PM 0 Hooray...I've got Samba to play with LDAP!!
5:39PM 0 Hier is a working smb.conf file, almoust working.
5:27PM 0 RH9 compile problems AND WinXP netlogon script
5:25PM 0 how can i share directory using samba
4:56PM 0 Ecartis command results: -- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Ecartis --
4:11PM 0 quick detection of wins server
3:42PM 1 net ads join - tells me ADS support not compiled in but i did configure it!!
3:26PM 1 UID/SID mapping across PDC member servers?
3:14PM 0 3.0 beta1 problem
2:36PM 0 Unable to contact LMB of a workgroup on another subnet
2:30PM 0 smb_pam_accountcheck: PAM: Account validation failed...
2:27PM 8 2.2.8a, printer driver download: need to use setdrive r
2:24PM 1 2.2.8a, printer driver download: need to use setdriver
2:21PM 1 [homes] share not available for this user....
1:35PM 0 SV: RH9, Samba 2.2.8a and printing with CUPS
1:20PM 1 samba-ldap and password expiration
1:06PM 0 (no subject)
12:45PM 0 can not add users, Machine account are not made automaticly.
12:32PM 3 setting passwd help
12:22PM 0 smb.conf file
12:17PM 0 Can't setup password database vectors.
11:16AM 3 RH9, Samba 2.2.8a and printing with CUPS
11:16AM 0 delete recursively
10:35AM 0 Fwd: Segfault in Samba
9:00AM 0 SMBMOUNT: Problems with 866 codepage and others
8:16AM 1 Urgent : Connection problem to a Samba PDC
5:14AM 1 unable to mount W2k shares to Linux box
1:22AM 0 Security Parameter Question
12:37AM 1 smbmount, winbind, win 2000 permissions
12:15AM 0 Accounts randomly clobber on user add (LDAP, XP, Samba PDC)
Wednesday June 25 2003
10:53PM 2 snprintf, vsnprintf
9:58PM 0 Samba3.0b1 compliaton error
7:39PM 0 Setting up home directories.
7:29PM 0 pdc and password expiration
6:41PM 0 Authentication Scheme for Samba3.0beta
4:58PM 0 Filename Encoding Issues (umlaut, foreign letters) [Solved]
4:21PM 2 Two winbinds in one machine?
4:10PM 1 Printer drivers on a samba 2.2.8a server: how?
3:24PM 2 Multiple wins server entries
3:23PM 1 Installing samba on Red Hat 8
2:56PM 1 XP Pro, Samba-3 authentication consistancy problems
2:54PM 2 2.2.8a-1, Raidzone, filesize > ~17.6GB
2:09PM 1 Kerberos PAC information
12:23PM 1 samba x win2000
12:06PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a and DOS .bat script
11:28AM 1 IDMAP usage
11:27AM 0 static wins
11:10AM 0 Call timed out/session request failed Samba 2.2.8a on SVR4 System
10:34AM 0 SMB connection failed.
9:25AM 0 Share without machineaccuonts
9:13AM 1 KDC has no support for encryption type
6:39AM 1 (no subject)
6:31AM 4 Searching for Doku Samba with LDAP
6:15AM 0 Samba and Citrix Metaframe.
3:45AM 0 having a hard time diagnosting my samba server
1:50AM 0 User home dirs
12:21AM 1 Nautilus & 'smb:' command
Tuesday June 24 2003
10:15PM 0 samba 3b, windows xp, not sure what is wrong or where its going wrong, this might be it?
9:50PM 0 Win2k File Locking/performance/getting kicked off (kinda was: quickbooks)
9:43PM 0 wbinfo --sequence returns DISCONNECTED in NT 4.0 domain
9:31PM 0 Need help with WINS Resolution
9:22PM 1 Samba 3.0.0beta1 box drops out of ADS network periodically.
7:39PM 1
6:26PM 0 smb.conf suse 8.2 samba 3 beta cvs pdc german umlauts working
6:06PM 1 Samba and XP - potential newbie questions
5:58PM 2 3.0b1: NTFS permissions - how to set?
5:58PM 0 Local File Locking Doesn't Work
5:39PM 0 Samba ans Windows 2000
5:35PM 0 Intermittent problems copying files
5:24PM 0 Cleaning out the NetHood.
5:16PM 0 NT4 PC's will not connect
3:56PM 0 Mounting home directory from user record
3:41PM 1 filename conversion from samba 2.x to 3.0beta
2:40PM 0 samba+ldap to novell ldap
2:08PM 0 getent and freebsd 5.0
2:05PM 0 basic questions for samba with ads
1:52PM 0 general
1:48PM 0 Using printers with SAMBA
1:47PM 2 Samba3-beta1 as a PDC and using tdbsam as passdb backend it takes the home-directory info from /etc/passwd
1:17PM 0 inheritited permissions
1:14PM 0 How create vampire the machine account´s
12:57PM 0 Has anybody used the mysql passdb backend in samba3-beta1 ?
11:12AM 0 Has anybody used the mysql passdb backend in samba 3-beta1 ?
9:02AM 3 Problems with Samba File Server
6:59AM 1 Join ADS on startup
5:52AM 0 Security Parameter Question?
12:31AM 0 Samba with dual network interfaces
12:23AM 0 winbind, ads, and trouble with group lookups
Monday June 23 2003
10:54PM 1 samba authenticated netatalk logins??
10:40PM 3 can not find domain name
10:19PM 1 Authentication from W2K PDC..Samba 3.0beta
9:13PM 0 (no subject)
8:00PM 0 SAMBA 3.0 joining Domain fails with SuSE rpm's
7:44PM 3 Trouble with CUPS/SAMBA - Solved
7:07PM 1 delete user script is not working from usrmgr
6:49PM 0 Winbind troubles...
4:59PM 0 smbclient always returns 0 on exit
4:36PM 0 How does @group works after all?
4:19PM 0 What is the cause of this
4:09PM 0 Issues
3:56PM 2 2.2.8a and printers
3:38PM 0 Euro Sign
3:07PM 3 Ghost Create account: procedure number out of range in Samba
3:01PM 2 Multiple domains in the logon window
2:57PM 0 AW: LDAP + SAMBA...about to give up...
2:36PM 1 can not join the domain
2:35PM 1 Samba in AD + trusted KDC environment
2:19PM 0 LDAP + SAMBA...about to give up...
9:10AM 1 Strange UID/GID mapping in Samba-3beta1 and Win2003 server
8:34AM 4 Trouble with CUPS/SAMBA
8:19AM 3 paid-for-print
8:07AM 1 Moving Samba installation from one host to another
1:15AM 3 Hi need some understanding
1:03AM 0 Winbind Error Message
Sunday June 22 2003
11:44PM 0 BackupPC 2.0.0 released (backup to disk for WinXX/Linux/Unix)
7:37PM 1 roaming profiles on beta samba3 as pdc
1:33PM 0 share printer
4:42AM 1 passwd db backend *_nua
4:38AM 0 samba-2.2.8a libsmbclient install
Saturday June 21 2003
8:26PM 0 Fwd: Re: samba3 beta as pdc
8:10PM 0 Fwd: [Foomatic] Foomatic PPD files and Windows clients
6:42PM 1 Doubts about Winbindd
6:18PM 0 Re: VFS module with Samba 3.0 beta.
2:45PM 1 Time synchronizing a Samba (member) server
2:06PM 1 OT: Why are so many using Samba to authenticate as PDC??
12:57PM 0 Users keep getting Your password expires today
12:27PM 0 samba3 beta as pdc
11:59AM 2 Setting up a cups printer
10:11AM 0 samba-python
5:35AM 0 Samba 3.0 as ADS domain member (atleast).
12:26AM 1 Charset module could not load
Friday June 20 2003
9:51PM 1 User can delete file when they have no read/write access
9:34PM 0 Can't join linux machine to linux pdc controlled domain.
8:59PM 0 File Locking for dropbox
8:24PM 0 samba -v- unix file/group permissions
8:09PM 0 User Script
7:40PM 0 Samba 3.0 Question...
7:40PM 0 why is samba3.0 server showing as PDC in W2K domain?
7:07PM 0 Samba PDC???
7:04PM 1 src rpm?
6:43PM 0 Machine Account Question With LDAP
6:41PM 0 XP causing sending full user's name instead of login after already logged in
3:59PM 2 Samba 2.2.7a - adduser script only worked the first time
3:31PM 1 what is the default amount of time that smbpasswd increments the sambaPwdMustChange value
3:24PM 1 Fwd: Re: add user script & samba 3.0b
3:14PM 1 Error "Could not fetch trust account password" in Samba 3 Beta..what do I need to do?
3:13PM 0 Bug or feature?
3:06PM 1 Samba3 and winxp printing problem...
3:00PM 0 smbpasswd change from win2000
2:16PM 4 Windows domain group policies
2:16PM 7 ok, so oplocks: good or bad?
11:26AM 1 use id and paswrod problem
10:34AM 0 Changing the domain namn
10:01AM 1 Roaming Profile XP
9:52AM 0 backup problems
9:51AM 1 udp 137/138 vs tcp 139
9:49AM 3 Need an explanation on Samba Log.
9:38AM 2 add user script & samba 3.0b
4:31AM 1 Regarding Samba as a PDC
1:21AM 0 Winbind auth problems
Thursday June 19 2003
11:54PM 0 {VIRUS?} Helvetica, sans
11:34PM 0 Joined AD, Kerberos working, now what?
11:19PM 1 NT ACLs for deny
9:23PM 1 Win(yuck)NT
8:25PM 0 Winbind problem - "id: cannot find name for group ID"
7:37PM 0 Re: How to share the tape drive in samba server
7:14PM 2 Samba on Solaris 7 exhibits slow performance when switch from SECURITY=USER to SECURITY=DOMAIN on WinXP clients
4:56PM 0 PDC upgraded from 2.2.7 to 3.0.0beta1, now XP clients can't logon
4:32PM 3 Exec file incompatible with hardware
3:35PM 0 Re: Calculating file size
2:47PM 0 Samba/CUPS Printing from Windows
2:38PM 1 smbwrapper/smbw.c does not compile (Error 1)
2:24PM 1 the last word on antivirus ?
2:20PM 0 binary vs source
1:57PM 5 Setting up 3.0 to authenticate to AD
1:36PM 2 Replacing Samba PDC with new hardware
12:40PM 3 Unexpected IP resolution
10:45AM 1 How do I start smb and winbind in debug mode?
10:25AM 1 'Little' problems with Samba v2.2.3a-12.3 (Debian Woody) and PRINTERS !!)
10:10AM 0 big file server #2
7:34AM 1 Winbind and Organization Unit
7:05AM 1 Mapping/mount smb file systems without using password
6:57AM 2 how to make unix password and samba password same
6:46AM 1 Samba 3.0 != ADS, whats missing?
6:16AM 1 Samba & Unicode
5:51AM 0 call timed out smbclient error on get command
2:35AM 4 WinXP can`t log on Samba PDC
12:46AM 1 Slow windows -> cups print - CONCLUSION
12:19AM 0 Win2K Machine Accounts No Longer Valid after Samba PD C Upgrade (2.2.2 to 2.2.8a)
Wednesday June 18 2003
10:31PM 0 Winbind group ID problems
9:35PM 0 Samba 3, Domain Trusts, Exchange server
9:31PM 0 Printing trouble in Citrix
9:05PM 0 Samba 2.2.5-10 and Win XP SP1
6:35PM 3 Drive letter map to Samba using ssh or scp?
6:20PM 0 Cannot Authenticate against AD ...
6:13PM 1 smbpasswd -a failure
5:13PM 1 vampire: account mapping strangeness
4:30PM 0 LDAP & Samba 3.0b1 & Password Sync Problem
4:04PM 3 Slow windows -> cups print (Facts discovered)
3:12PM 1 Permissions with CD's Copied from Win
2:39PM 0 Goups and domains trusted
2:33PM 0 Shortened service name results in inaccessible files
1:58PM 1 User/Group management with windows MMC management tool?
12:16PM 1 'Little' problems with Samba v2.2.3a-12.3 (Debian Woody) and PRINTERS !!
11:47AM 0 guest account login
11:33AM 0 samba 2.2.8a - winbindd and domain-USER/GROUPS
10:15AM 0 samba 3.00b1 + passdb: mysql problem
8:59AM 0 Samba 3 beta 1, LDAP and USRMGR
7:57AM 0 IP address for workstation
6:44AM 1 My Samba 3.0beta1 stopped working as ADS member
4:20AM 2 New Samba Server
2:56AM 1 WinBind and gdm/login
Tuesday June 17 2003
11:10PM 0 Problems with timeouting connections
9:01PM 3 cupsaddsmb NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE
7:04PM 1 samba auth problems in RH9 w/ log
6:49PM 1 problem clearing the "Read Only" attribute from Windows XP
6:33PM 1 Primary Domain Controller problems
5:45PM 0 Winbind working with telnet but not thru X
2:57PM 2 More Domain Groups
2:21PM 0 Problems Accessing Printer
2:03PM 0 problems compiling 3.0beta
2:01PM 0 Winbind+Pam
1:35PM 0 Access Databse
1:26PM 0 Redhat 9.0 and samba-2.2.8a src rpm
1:02PM 2 concerning saving roaming profile and the long delay
12:37PM 1 samba30b1 - net join responds failure - but machine account was created
12:05PM 1 number of login sessions
11:59AM 0 Suse SLES8 Samba 3.0 Beta1 Winbind
11:32AM 0 Samba Access Problem From Window NT/2000
10:00AM 0 findsmb deprecated?
8:41AM 1 Cannot add Domain Groups to Local Groups (D Users OK)
8:34AM 0 slow performance samba 2.2.7 with windows explorer on Win 2000 or Win NT4
7:57AM 0 I am testing Samba 3beta1 as a PDC and have a Q about it's behaviure
5:46AM 0 Question on configuring samba 2.2.8 as PDC under OS X 10.2.4
4:40AM 0 samba 3 - debian
4:31AM 0 Can't See Samba via Domain
4:02AM 3 Can't access Samba Servers using cable internet access
3:06AM 1 Implementing NIS based ACLs
2:28AM 1 Samba3.0 domain GID/UID/SID transformations
1:31AM 1 winbind - getent group problem...server show 'samr_open_group: Not yet implemented'
12:30AM 0 samba configuration problem (LOGFILEBASE, configure, make, 2.2.8a)
Monday June 16 2003
11:52PM 0 lost PDC
11:23PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a + LDAP: smbstatus -b does not show username
11:18PM 2 CPU consumption by samba
10:53PM 6 Full wNT/w2K ACL conformance
10:46PM 0 Help with printing on Samba, CUPS
9:09PM 0 Help me Print Server
9:02PM 0 W2K Domain and Restricted Shares
7:34PM 0 Mounting Shares
7:13PM 0 Help Needed! NT4 to Samba-3.0.0beta1 Migration
6:36PM 2 (no subject)
5:56PM 0 smbd dies with "I/O Possible"
3:55PM 2 HP-UX and Samba 3.0
2:08PM 3 --with-quotas ??
2:05PM 1 How can I kill a smbfs mount
1:24PM 0 LDAP smbpasswd help needed
1:22PM 0 Error in howto
12:28PM 0 AW: FAQ or Doc für Samba 3 beta 1 -
12:08PM 0 rejecting plaintext passwds
12:03PM 1 NT logon scripts "error 59" ?
11:21AM 2 FAQ or Doc für Samba 3 beta 1 -
9:37AM 1 error compiling samba-2.2.8
9:29AM 1 GroupMap : 'Privilege >> No privilege'
9:20AM 3 Access Files
8:44AM 0 Problem logging on to successfully joined domain
8:27AM 0 error log: couldn't find service (user) --- and log user statistics
7:24AM 1 german umlaut and samba 3
7:08AM 0 Errors: unmatch entries, nmbd
6:05AM 2 WinBind - 3.0.0beta1
4:50AM 1 usermapping in 3.0b1
1:20AM 0 Windows and executable permissions on files
Sunday June 15 2003
11:00PM 1 My big problem with samba. Please help me
9:56PM 0 netbios nameserver nmbd doesn't work with non-standard subnets
9:39PM 1 net groupmap question
8:58PM 1 Unable to run SWAT
3:29PM 1 Samba on A SGI Indy Cyclone IRIX system???
12:51PM 0 testparm is telling me something but i dont know what.
8:36AM 0 error loading module - samba30beta1
6:35AM 4 LAN Browsing shows IP Addresses instead of Computer Names.
Saturday June 14 2003
8:37PM 0 Study in London! Earn 2 degrees
11:44AM 1 send message problem
10:16AM 0 Reg "ptrace"
Friday June 13 2003
9:56PM 1 LDAP and Samba 3 Beta 1
9:13PM 1 Windows 2000 Domain Local Users & Groups
8:56PM 1 Printing from Windows to Samba takes a LOT of time.
8:33PM 4 HP-UX smbmount
8:17PM 2 Samba servers
7:18PM 0 Samba + LDAP problem...SOLVED
6:46PM 0 LAN team says I have 2 IP's w/1 MAC address, but I have 2 cables with 2 separate IP's. What gives?
4:52PM 0 Opened file problem when saving
4:02PM 0 Configure errors, cant find test code
3:49PM 1 samba failover plan on unix OS using hardware RAID
3:45PM 1 Samba 3.0.0beta1 problems when using 'unix password sync'
3:19PM 0 Printer no longer available
3:18PM 2 Samba + LDAP problem...
3:18PM 0 PDC Domain Users
3:07PM 0 PDC profiles
3:00PM 0 group mapping problem (winbind 3.0.0beta1-1)
2:44PM 0 Samba + ldap authentication question
1:06PM 0 Win98 Printer problem with Samba PDC
12:37PM 0 Problem with WinXP-Pro clients, samba-3.0-alpha-24
12:37PM 0 Problem with primary groups, samba-3.0-alpha24
12:36PM 0 Problem´s with Vampire
12:27PM 0 Problem with large NIS groups - Samba 2.2.8
12:20PM 0 Samba slow performance when switch from USER=SHARE to USER=DOMAIN on WinXP clients
11:38AM 1 mount other users with 0755 perms
10:46AM 0 Windows 2000 printer sharing
10:35AM 0 MS Word + 2.2.8a: cannot save, read only opens
8:36AM 1 PDC without profiles
6:08AM 0 groupmap failed in samba 3.0b1
5:11AM 0 Samba configuration question.
5:10AM 3 domain master name query fail
3:54AM 1 Workgroup/Domain Browsing
2:36AM 0 SMBFS, automounting and NFS
2:35AM 1 SMB hogs cpu - printing freezes server
Thursday June 12 2003
10:36PM 1 tdbsam backend
9:05PM 1 need help to check samba conf
8:00PM 1 wibind and windows 2003
7:40PM 0 question about refreshes
7:38PM 0 Win XP machine account not found
6:54PM 1 convertSambaAccount Problem
6:40PM 0 How to authenticate a user as printer admin
6:30PM 3 LDAP problem
5:14PM 0 samba 2.2.8a SWAT enhanced
4:25PM 0 net usermap? or something like that?
3:48PM 0 Can't access to a file from a win2k client
3:09PM 0 SMB Authentication
3:02PM 1 smbpasswd not attempting to use LDAP
2:01PM 1 Samba member server not seen in network neighborhood
12:41PM 1 Samba Docs
11:40AM 4 Samba XP
11:24AM 1 Dead simple question
11:06AM 1 idmap mapping questions
11:00AM 0 windows unicode clients
8:39AM 2 Samba with SSL Support - how to know?
8:13AM 0 Groupmapping question
7:50AM 0 Samba intergrated with Active directory, is it possible??
4:21AM 0 Samba3.0b1 Issues with XP, LDAP, and ACLs
4:03AM 1 I would like a concise doccument on how to setup samba 3.0.0b2 using ldapsam_nua
1:07AM 0 (no subject)
12:41AM 0 Problems with samba2.2.7a (RedHat9)-as PDC- and Windows 2k Prof. Workstation
12:40AM 0 Samba and a rather large domain
Wednesday June 11 2003
10:06PM 1 I get the following error....
9:35PM 0 Can't seem to change "logon script = logon.bat"
9:22PM 3 OpenLDAP Administration for Samba3
9:03PM 2 smbclient - session setup failed: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
8:44PM 2 Accessing remote samba server
8:24PM 0 (no subject)
7:21PM 1 Permissions and long filenames
7:21PM 0 Fw: problem after upgrading redhat 9
6:32PM 0 Samba 3/Windows 2000
6:13PM 0 nmbd error messages - Samba version 2.2.8a
6:10PM 2 Root user problems with Samba 3.0.0beta1
5:40PM 1 win bind authentication
3:39PM 4 WinXP support
3:35PM 3 copy files from Linux to NT Server
3:07PM 2 Kulak exploit
2:48PM 0 Add printer driver : access problem
2:46PM 2 Setting Separate File server from Samba PDC
2:34PM 0 usrmgr samba3 beta net groupmap add
2:26PM 0 FW: Outlook .pst on a samba share; do or don't?
2:22PM 0 Problem joining Samba Domain
2:08PM 0 Local authentication or synchronization with win2000/win2003 serv ers.
1:57PM 1 Print Problem - printcap file cups
1:24PM 2 Samba 3.0.0Beta1 - perl(Net::LDAP::LDIF)
1:17PM 0 Can't use windows domain users in local group
11:51AM 0 Workstations on a PDC using LDAP
10:51AM 1 Reverse Name Resolution
7:56AM 0 make homedir
7:44AM 1 forcibly disconnect a user
4:05AM 1 Winbind no longer mapping groups correctly
Tuesday June 10 2003
11:43PM 1 Cups / Samba Driver Download question
11:20PM 1 problem after upgrading redhat 9
9:59PM 3 Can't use mount command with samba
9:31PM 0 samba / solaris 7 /sparc 5 -110
8:51PM 1 Samba + CUPS = Two printers instead of one?
7:44PM 0 Samba newbie need help with files copied from NT to s amba linux box...
7:37PM 1 "shadow" folders in XP explorer?
7:33PM 0 Samba newbie need help with files copied from NT to samba linux box...
6:57PM 2 Compiling 2.2.8a with SSL support on Solaris 7
6:46PM 1 NMBD option bug
6:41PM 2 samba/ldap - smbpasswd/userdelete
5:01PM 3 net groupmap syntax ?!?
4:24PM 1 Samba 3 Beta and Encryption Issues
3:50PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 6, Issue 19
2:53PM 1 Idmap probs with smb3beta
2:30PM 1 Samba 2.2.7 as PDC causing BSOD on 2K domain logon
2:29PM 5 Access Denied setting Directory Access Permissions
2:29PM 0 2.2.8a with XFS and LDAP - What should and wont work?
2:22PM 4 Outlook .pst on a samba share; do or don't?
2:09PM 1 SAMBA 3.0 on HPUX as an ADS Domain Member
2:09PM 1 ./configure problems using --with-pam under Debian stable.
1:54PM 1 AW: Problems with machine accounts
12:57PM 0 Problems with machine accounts
12:56PM 0 FW: Samba Linux and Windows 2000 Server
12:52PM 1 Samba client and KDE
11:54AM 2 Final stable version
11:52AM 2 Cups printing works but status is always Access Denied
9:54AM 0 Problem to get winbind working for Samba3-beta1 on Solaris 9 against W2003 PDC
9:53AM 3 Samba 3.0 PDC on debian linux
9:24AM 4 Windows XP Machines (well mostly the XP ones) hanging
8:19AM 0 slow login from Win xxx
4:31AM 0 Diagnosis Test 8 Fails only with computer name, however IP address works
4:23AM 0 Diagnosis Test 8 Fails only with computer, however IP addr works.
3:30AM 0 browse list error
3:12AM 1 Compiling 3.0.0beta1
Monday June 9 2003
11:01PM 0 Driver Download with Foomatic-PPDs: Win2K Client says "Device settings cannot be displayed" if PPD's TranslationString longer than 40 chars
6:31PM 3 No umlauts in filenames
5:38PM 4 PDC error; can not open passdb database
5:14PM 0 Samba + OpenBSD VPN
4:34PM 0 Homes Directory
4:17PM 0 Preservation of short and long filenames in Windows 9x with Samba
4:16PM 1 Copyright problem cp936.txt?
4:13PM 2 update encypted and LDAP
4:09PM 7 Quickbooks revisited
3:59PM 0 Printsharing and Drivers for 2000/98/95
3:39PM 1 Samba Server as Win App Server
1:29PM 0 linxu to windows server problem
1:25PM 1 Printing problem with samba and cups
11:43AM 0 passwd file in remote machine
11:13AM 2 nt pdc
9:03AM 1 Large site installation
8:40AM 0 Error adding a pc to a samba domain
8:28AM 3 Samba3.0beta1 as PDC with LDAP
7:57AM 1 Problem with Samba %U
6:43AM 0 logs says that my samba server is domain master browser but nmblookup is contradictory.
5:57AM 0 swat problem with samba-3.0.0beta1
4:50AM 1 Swat documentation broken
4:06AM 1 Problems connecting to samba shares from w2k or XP system after configuring smb.conf file...
12:58AM 0 Samba 3.0.0beta1, NT4 Joining a Domain Problems
Sunday June 8 2003
11:38PM 1 protocol negotiation failed
11:26AM 0 FW: samba security
Saturday June 7 2003
11:27PM 1 Cannot connect from Linux to XP
10:51PM 3 First beta of Samba 3.0.0 available for download
9:34PM 3 German characters for Windows and Linux clients
7:17PM 0 Badly need some help with those BEEEEEP roaming profile....
4:43PM 1 No password for specific IP address?
3:53PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Win XP logon issues]
2:55PM 0 AW: how run samba in background?
1:07PM 0 Samba over netbeui partial success.
2:26AM 0 New error in my logs, what does it mean?
Friday June 6 2003
10:23PM 0 FWD: Re: stability
9:06PM 0 Winbind crash (Samba 3)
6:50PM 1 Samba3 Testing
6:20PM 0 PDC error
5:58PM 5 stability
3:40PM 0 .doc opens in linux openoffice but not windows
3:29PM 0 OT: Mail rules (was: Re: Auto-away replies)
3:04PM 3 Do we need WINS Replication?
2:39PM 0 Authentication- WinXP, 98, 2k and ME clients
2:39PM 0 Q: Drives need remapped under Win2k against Solaris Samba server
2:11PM 0 (no subject)
1:19PM 3 Accepting Time Server
1:14PM 2 Firewall & samba
1:00PM 0 Active Directory, Samba 2.0.9
10:01AM 1 WARNING! Blocked mail [Approved]
8:26AM 0 Re: fax program
7:28AM 0 File permission problem -> oplock?
6:40AM 0 Samba Locks Location
6:09AM 0 Re: Your application
5:06AM 0 reg: Samba login /logout authentication
5:04AM 0 Samba login/logout authentication !!!!
3:37AM 1 mount a windows FS to a linux box
12:52AM 2 samba newbie having trouble configuring samba on RH7.3...
Thursday June 5 2003
10:18PM 0 Trying to join a domain
9:21PM 0 OT: RE: Spam to the list, plus the Nigerian Scam
9:07PM 2 Multiply Domains with Samba
8:43PM 0 Samba & ulimits?
7:29PM 0 Does "passwd chat debug" work?
7:00PM 2 Auto-away replies
6:40PM 0 Trouble connecting to share
6:28PM 4 Spam to the list, plus the Nigerian Scam
6:19PM 0 NT4 to Samba Migration
6:05PM 1 SCO OpenServer 5
5:56PM 1 Aix and Large File Support
5:04PM 0 deleting of files in samba ???
5:03PM 0 reg: Samba Log Format
5:00PM 0 deleting of files by samba ???
3:27PM 1 Admin Please read RE: Re: Submited (004756-3463)
3:22PM 2 CVS over SSH
3:14PM 0 Problems with Windows Server 2003
3:13PM 0 Running Windows 2000 Login Scripts Without Password Encryption
2:48PM 0 Database Sharing
2:25PM 0 server=domain does not work in samba3.0-alpha24
1:28PM 0 samba-3.0alpha24-1.i386.rpm install problem
1:26PM 1 samba-3.0alpha24-1.i386.rpm install p
12:33PM 0 Re: Besoin d'aide au sujet de swat
12:03PM 0 File is opened read only
11:58AM 0 One way trust relationship between Win2k and Samba 2. x.x PDC
11:37AM 0 Problems joining W2003 PDC with Samba 3.0 alpha 24
11:34AM 0 Winbind works on one machine not another
10:42AM 0 Réf. : Samba & Sage Line 50 Accounting
10:35AM 2 Samba & Sage Line 50 Accounting
9:16AM 0 Joining windows 2003 server with samba 3.0 alpha 2.4 + advice
8:23AM 0 Joining windows 2003 server with samba 3.0 alpha 2.4
8:17AM 1 Where is te file ''?
3:55AM 0 can't join workstations to domain
2:52AM 0 NTFS ACLs
1:37AM 0 FW: No Session Setup-Refused Connection
1:37AM 5 Printing isses with LPRng
Wednesday June 4 2003
11:55PM 1 Unable to map to samba share
11:30PM 0 WARNING! Virus detected
10:59PM 1 One way trust relationship between Win2k and Samba 2.x.x PDC
10:12PM 1 DOS programs unable to create files on Samba 2.2.7a
9:27PM 0 log in problem
8:30PM 0 problems setting password with net command and security=domain
8:26PM 3 Unable to Log into the PDC.
6:38PM 2 "name_query failed to find name" when using broadcast address
6:03PM 0 Spurious auth failures with 2.5S3 + wb_ntlm
5:59PM 0 Codepage inconsistencies
5:50PM 2 SWAT - how to logout
5:43PM 2 Samba LDAP Primary Domain Controller
5:41PM 1 Winbind Cache not updating
5:38PM 0 Messy Authentication
5:01PM 1 Printers and Faxes folder
4:51PM 0 Can you use winbind and be a PDC at the same time?
4:26PM 0 wbinfo -u crashes
4:10PM 1 Re: Looking for answers....
4:06PM 1 Réf. : Retry: RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support
3:51PM 0 Samba/XP accessing remotely.
3:47PM 0 eDirectory as backend
3:20PM 5 Retry: RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support
3:07PM 0 RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support
2:42PM 7 Samba as PDC with WinXP Clients -> headache!!
2:28PM 1 FreeBSD + winbindd + PAM
2:19PM 0 is possible to setup "bad lockout attempt" police in Samba 2.2.8a?
2:12PM 0 Réf. : FW: Besoin d'aide au sujet de swat
1:54PM 1 FW: Besoin d'aide au sujet de swat
1:45PM 3 I am totaly frustrated running samba
1:23PM 0 different use for smbpasswd
12:52PM 1 where is the SAM file?
12:51PM 1 secrets.tdb location
12:47PM 1 Random Directories
12:20PM 3 Limiting Users
10:42AM 0 install samba-3.0alpha24-1.i386 under rh9
10:42AM 0 System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found. After moving working system to a new domain.
9:38AM 0 Pranks
9:04AM 0 Samba 3.0 and ACL's
8:51AM 0 samba & PDC
8:45AM 0 IDMAP and root account
8:40AM 0 Problems with Samba 3a24 and smbpasswd
8:07AM 0 Problen with Samba3 beta1
7:13AM 0 samba 3.0 alpha 24 with LDAP question
4:41AM 0 Hasta 10 cargas de impresora por 1
4:03AM 3 network printers
2:38AM 0 Winbindd GID/UID Static Mapping
2:28AM 0 Samba 2.8 and problems printing
1:32AM 0 file size issues/drive 100% full?
1:18AM 0 Winbind and net -t failure
1:16AM 0 veto oplock option
Tuesday June 3 2003
9:28PM 1 Win2K Machine Accounts No Longer Valid after Samba PDC Upgrade (2.2.2 to 2.2.8a)
9:06PM 3 how i install samba!!
9:00PM 0 AW: how i install samba!!
8:51PM 0 Samba and Winbind
8:40PM 0 (no subject)
8:33PM 0 Add new user
7:16PM 5 Archive attribute
6:58PM 1 password sync program NOT running as user root
6:41PM 0 Need Help Analyzing PDC Packet Data
6:12PM 1 how i install smba!!
5:52PM 4 UNIX passwords
3:51PM 0 Share violation when opening a shared file
3:25PM 4 PDC and routing
2:53PM 0 Minor pam_smbpass annoyance
2:52PM 2 mcafee antivirus ?
2:52PM 1 don't display file names with accentauted letters
2:45PM 1 New samba connection will not work
2:42PM 1 will it be possible ? i heard ..
2:39PM 0 Deleting machine account ?
2:36PM 1 samba + winbindd + w2k
2:21PM 0 Samba on XP
2:11PM 1 PDC/Roving Profiles/and Password Encryption
1:53PM 2 Joining windows 2003 server
1:45PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA194_1054647938_MA6_1 was gen erated
1:13PM 2 subshares ?
1:05PM 0 sambaDomain ObjectClass
11:35AM 0 (no subject)
11:12AM 0 (no subject)
11:06AM 0 libsmbclient for NCR MP-RAS SVR4 unix System
10:54AM 1 Re: ./configure --with-pam fails always
10:16AM 0 Telefonia - Internet Satelital - Rural (CHILE) Consulte
10:14AM 1 3.0 and 2.2 Delta
10:08AM 0 setting uid,gid on samba share
9:01AM 0 samba share not accesable from window
8:44AM 0 SAMBA - Problen with several users
8:42AM 1 samba share not accesable from windows PC,s "newbie here"
8:24AM 0 virus znaleziony w wyslanej wiadomosci / found in sent message "Re: 45443-343556"
8:19AM 0 samba 2.2.8a on Reliant (SINIX) 5.44 smbclient request timed out
8:04AM 1 PDC and remote login
6:53AM 0 Group aliasing
6:42AM 3 Authen in LDAP with samba and squid
6:29AM 0 domain trust from Win NT server
6:29AM 0 iPlanet Bug and PDC Problem
6:11AM 0 Strange user/uid pairs
6:04AM 1 Help Required !
4:54AM 1 Samba 3.0 Alpha 23 and windbindd
3:38AM 0 Email alias no longer in use
3:07AM 0 Losing Home Directories
2:59AM 1 Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together
2:42AM 0 print command: ? for decent print accounting (Was Printing. The REAL jobname. )
1:44AM 0 Re: 45443-343556
1:28AM 3 smb "protocol negotiation failed" (Out of Office)
1:08AM 0 WinXP cannot connect to PDC
Monday June 2 2003
11:34PM 0 msdfs syntax
9:15PM 0 configure - more indepth - More
9:00PM 0 configure - more indepth
8:58PM 0 Help Help Help, Samba & AIX 5.1
8:13PM 0 Woo
8:06PM 0 Segfault in Samba
8:01PM 0 Samba 2.2.8 and OS X 10.2.4
6:56PM 0 Re: Movie
6:44PM 0 kerberos authentication lost. MS AD update samba computer account and delete the servicePrincipalName attribute.
6:35PM 0 copy
4:26PM 1 unix password sync trouble
3:43PM 1 Samba+LDAP PDC - A few questions.
3:39PM 1 Roving Profile Issues
3:15PM 0 Who is using the file?
2:58PM 0 login auth problem
2:50PM 2 Any LARGE production Sambas?
2:39PM 1 AW: AW: AW: AW: Re: AW: samba installatio
2:32PM 0 (??)??? ??? ??? ??? ??..?? 24?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?????.
2:16PM 0 AW: AW: AW: Re: AW: samba installatio
1:30PM 2 ./configure --with-pam fails allways
1:25PM 0 PDC looses PDC role ?
1:20PM 0 AW: AW: AW: Re: AW: samba installation
1:19PM 0 The Associated Press has detected a violation in a document you authored.
12:50PM 0 AW: AW: Re: AW: samba installation
12:21PM 0 AW: AW: Re: AW: samba installation
12:00PM 0 How do I go from 2.2.3 to 2.2.8a for LM8.2
9:18AM 0 AW: Re: AW: samba installation
8:23AM 0 AW: Re: AW: samba installation
8:21AM 0 Accentuated letters
7:24AM 0 Samba PDC and remote login
6:57AM 0 My be Cache problem
6:44AM 0 Authentication against NT-Domain - valid users
6:19AM 0 Help ! Bug Samba....
4:11AM 0 Searching for codepage "unicode_map.ISO8859-6"
1:07AM 0 Making winbindd and pam_mount play nice together (2ndtry)
12:26AM 0 Connecting over different hosts problem
Sunday June 1 2003
11:01PM 3 SMB won't authenticate
9:26PM 2 AW: samba installation
2:55PM 0 latency accessing mapped samba drives from winxp
2:13PM 1 Samba 3.0 alpha 24 and LDAP
3:34AM 1 daemon crashes
3:10AM 0 Call for contributions