samba - Nov 2002

Saturday November 30 2002
9:32PM 1 LPRng and CUPS disconnect Proxim XP pro USB wireless adapter after spooling
9:15PM 3 \System32\GroupPolicy named pipe?
4:28PM 1 Head & Rotor VE 11/30
2:29PM 1 Fw: cant update roaming profile
1:14PM 0 Problem with using files from samba with macromedia FLASH
12:02PM 1 cant update roaming profile
2:11AM 2 Load profile from samba+ldap
1:15AM 0 FWD: Re: "net ads join" hangs
Friday November 29 2002
8:30PM 2 Mounting a Samba Share in /etc/fstab
8:21PM 3 smbd crashing machine
6:02PM 3 Version 2.2.6 and above are not able to store big fil es over 2GB
4:26PM 6 [homes]
4:13PM 6 Version 2.2.6 and above are not able to store big files over 2GB
3:52PM 0 libsmbclient problem
3:21PM 0 "net ads join" hangs
12:23PM 0 Problem in authent. a REDHAT 8 machin in a SMB domain
11:47AM 3 Samba + Clipper
11:16AM 0 Can Samba act as a PDC for Win2K clustered server ?
10:40AM 0 procedure number out of range
6:21AM 1 need smbmount cron script
6:12AM 0 Build problem - 2.2.7 (latest) - further info
5:48AM 1 Build problem - 2.2.7 (latest)
5:34AM 2 Need a cron script written
4:42AM 1 Access Linux PC from other windows machines in the WorkGroup
2:05AM 0 Current master browser = UKNOWN
2:02AM 1 Changing samba account password from Windows XP
12:45AM 2 Connection to a Remote XP Box
Thursday November 28 2002
8:28PM 1 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1924 - 22 msgs
7:34PM 2 no logon servers available
7:08PM 1 DOMAIN SID in samba ldap
6:51PM 0 delay while browsing printer list
6:33PM 0 Netware copy fails
6:05PM 1 Samba and WindowsXP
6:03PM 0 samba-2.2.7-1.7.3 & Win XP home vs Pro?
4:45PM 0 Problems with Passwordchange from NT4 to samba 2.2.7
4:42PM 4 config/performance problem on solaris 8
4:33PM 2 Trusted domains with Samba 3.0alpha21?
4:30PM 0 CUPS installation with SAMBA
4:25PM 0 Problems with Passwordchange from NT4 to samba 2.7.7
4:03PM 1 samba & nfs...
3:34PM 0 RPMs of alpha21 for Mandrake 9.0
2:31PM 1 Connection failed with smbclient
2:24PM 0 problem with smbc_init in libsmbclient
1:24PM 1 IP address change
1:20PM 0 Problem with creating machine account for domain logo n
1:14PM 1 AW: "attrib +R myowndir" fails to write-protect my own dir
12:06PM 0 CUPS cancel print problem
11:02AM 0 still no sol. !!!
10:38AM 0 approximate net rpc vampire HOWTO, as promised
10:18AM 1 samba server for windows (I know it defeats the object...)
10:13AM 0 how to use policy files with samba (NT/w2k)
10:01AM 1 Problem authenticating against a W2K server
9:36AM 1 system error 64, win xp and samba
9:03AM 1 Problem with creating machine account for domain logon
8:50AM 0 mapping accountnames and SID's error in winxp sp1
6:54AM 0 Roaming user profile
6:00AM 0 samba xp oddity
4:13AM 2 Foxpro configuration
3:16AM 0 Compile samba 2.2.7 warning message
2:06AM 3 Samba3.0Alpha21- error on logging in to KDC
1:29AM 1 Samba share is not writeable
Wednesday November 27 2002
10:42PM 1 samba 3.0a21 adding machines to the domain
10:04PM 0 "attrib +R myowndir" fails to write-protect my owndir
10:00PM 1 authentication as nobody ?
9:21PM 1 samba 3.0a21+pdc+ldap+pam_ldap - add machines [Can anyone help?]
9:13PM 1 How to disable anonymous account on SAMBA
9:10PM 0 Veto files, doesn't seem to work
8:46PM 0 RE: security=domain and Citrix MetaFrame on W2K was Windows 2000T erminal Server and Samba
8:13PM 1 problems using challenge-auth with winbind
8:08PM 0 Spanish characters & Win98
8:01PM 0 How to do Samba to use multiples LDAP Servers ???
7:51PM 0 Can't mount Samba share on Linux box, Windows clients
7:38PM 1 Samba printer questions
7:33PM 1 Samba as PDC, and password cached??
7:21PM 1 lp_servicenumber: couldn't find printers
7:02PM 1 Printing view queue
6:56PM 1 Hiding shares and/or their contents from Windows Explorer
6:34PM 1 Can't mount Samba share on Linux box, Windows clients OK
6:31PM 0 c++ with libsmbclient
6:24PM 6 "attrib +R myowndir" fails to write-protect my own dir
6:20PM 1 Domain Admins?
5:51PM 0 unable to connect to nt-server with security patch
4:26PM 0 ERRSRV ERRAccess with smblient
4:19PM 0 security=domain and Citrix MetaFrame on W2K was Windows 2000Terminal Server and Samba
3:25PM 0 Samba 3.0 - User Changing His/Her Passwords
2:50PM 1 Upgrade failed? 2.2.5-pre1 to 2.2.7
2:42PM 0 RE: samba digest, Vol 1 #1918 - 24 msgs
2:14PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 and NIS
1:47PM 0 machines accounts
1:27PM 2 Samaba 2.2.7 and windows printer driver woes
12:34PM 0 Printng problem using Samba
12:23PM 1 Urgent Unix Support Requirement for Frankfurt
11:35AM 0 invalid key given to dptr_close
11:09AM 1 Printer defaults (duplex, tray) missing in Samba 2.2.7
11:06AM 1 Setting up Red Hat machine on a windows network
10:52AM 0 close connection during night
9:39AM 2 I want no browsing
8:44AM 4 libnss on solaris
7:32AM 0 DB Record Locking problem...
5:59AM 2 PDC help
4:49AM 1 Win2k(IIS5) + Samba weirdness
4:46AM 0 Logon error "Your account has been disabled" from Windows 2000 cl ient to a Samba PDC
4:23AM 0 samba 2.2.7 Install Errors on Slack 8.1
4:04AM 1 Can't print from Windows XP Client to samba
3:33AM 3 Samba 3.0 alpha21 released
3:27AM 0 RE: Samba newbie question... (SWAT)
2:11AM 1 Another Samba+ACLs thread
1:42AM 1 RE: Samba newbie question... (SWAT)
Tuesday November 26 2002
11:12PM 0 WinXP and Samba Profile Permissions
11:04PM 0 samba3.0+pdc+ldap adding machines to domain[someone help]
8:53PM 0 "Special" link folders - Readonly attrib
8:46PM 3 Access denied when trying to access printer
8:37PM 1 Samba & Citrix
6:51PM 1 MSVC TerminalServer Speed
6:42PM 4 samba, openldap, smbldap tools
6:17PM 1 2 GB file limit
5:22PM 1 Re: 2.2.7 compile error using --with-acl-support
5:13PM 0 Very poor performance
5:11PM 0 Change directory permissions
4:51PM 0 Win98 and 1026 error.
4:40PM 3 passwd
4:12PM 3 MS DFS and File Replication
4:06PM 4 printer list from cups without restart?
4:00PM 0 Solaris package for Samba 2.2.7
3:53PM 0 Re: Samba COnfiugration and Remote Access
3:26PM 0 Re: Samba COnfiugration and Remote Access
2:58PM 0 Re: Samba COnfiugration and Remote Access
2:41PM 1 problem with samba and a dos application
10:53AM 2 Samba with HP 110x Machines.
8:24AM 1 Big Problem with ml-4500
8:23AM 4 samba.
8:07AM 3 Annoying winbind problem solved
6:07AM 0 Autostart RedHat 6.2
3:23AM 2 Samba Configuration and Remote Access
2:22AM 0 Password-changing program "cpasswords.c"
1:24AM 0 Dropped connections with Win98
12:26AM 0 winbind pam.d cofigurations
12:02AM 0 Win2K, Unix, Mac OS via Samba and Helios
Monday November 25 2002
10:41PM 0 smbmount windows 2000
10:15PM 3 samba3.0+pdc+ldap adding machines to domain
9:53PM 1 Can't start smb
5:43PM 1 Problem with a printer
5:13PM 1 install from sources samba 2.2.7
5:09PM 1 share rights
4:53PM 1 log.smbd says no hosts
4:22PM 0 Goldmine errors.
4:06PM 2 smbpasswd problem with LDAP
3:53PM 0 2samba2 you today received an ecard created by Daniel.
3:04PM 0 acls unable to map SID solaris w2k
2:51PM 0 Possible PDC security hole r
1:52PM 1 Kerberos and smbmount
1:13PM 0 smooth migration from nt4 doamin controller to samba pdc
10:54AM 0 Multiple Login Problem
9:40AM 0 printing on win98 printer from RHL8.0
9:38AM 2 No share-names longer than 12 characters...
8:48AM 1 Load profile cross subnet
8:38AM 0 help for lpd
8:30AM 4 naming the pdf output file
7:17AM 1 XP caching password
6:48AM 1 lost and confused
6:10AM 1 server passwrod authentication
6:05AM 0 Mark Gosselin/NetScout is out of the office.
4:12AM 0 Possible PDC security hole re/machine accounts
3:08AM 0 Linux and Samba Code
2:50AM 1 Disconnect problem
1:50AM 1 IP in utmp: smbd/session.c
12:55AM 0 Collective Help (Little off Topic)
Sunday November 24 2002
11:02PM 2 windows 9x Cannot find Domain server
8:37PM 0 rights of shares?
7:04PM 2 testparm & smbstatus
6:18PM 1 Change administrator password remotely with Samba?
5:36PM 2 Compile Samba 2.2.7's option suggestion?
2:51PM 1 W2k Clients using modified 'Shell Folders'/'User Shell Folders'...
2:39PM 0 (no subject)
12:25PM 1 3.0: machine trust accounts & ldap servers
12:17PM 2 Problem with SuSE 8.1 & Samba 2.2.5 PDC
6:51AM 1 Samba, LDAP, PDC and udding users
6:11AM 1 How to compile samba-2.2.x on HP/UX 11.00
3:57AM 1 Password woes...
2:35AM 1 Cannot enable encrypted password
1:14AM 0 Re: PDC Problem...
Saturday November 23 2002
9:47PM 1 Samba / Win2K Disconnects - HELP!
5:31PM 3 Upgrading to Samba 2.2.7
4:41PM 0 2.2.7 and printer status
4:20PM 0 Domaine pas disponible
2:51PM 1 Swat: can't authorize
2:02PM 1 Date Problems.
1:13PM 0 w2k-client and ntconfig.pol...
10:47AM 1 2.2.7 compile error using --with-acl-support on debian
6:46AM 1 Slow and bad performance on large dirs.
3:13AM 1 Questions about W2K and SAMBA PDC
2:23AM 0 Witaj!
12:27AM 2 The smbd ran away with the spoon...
Friday November 22 2002
10:09PM 0 RE:swat in samba-2.2.7
9:41PM 8 Samba newbie question...
9:33PM 0 2.2.7 compile issue
9:14PM 4 smbd weirdness
8:50PM 1 Alpha-21?
8:23PM 0 Weird file copy
8:19PM 0 problems with authentication server
8:16PM 1 acl control in access for acl_external
7:59PM 0 samba 2.2.7, Solaris 8 & 64-bit mode
7:48PM 0 Copied file becomes infinate
7:39PM 1 Windows 98 machines
7:26PM 1 SAMBA doesn't like me anymore :(
7:03PM 1 "Destination unreachable"
6:17PM 0 Copied file becomes infinately large
4:44PM 0 smbclient says NT_STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE - how to
4:40PM 0 Cannot see long filenames of shares...
4:35PM 1 Unregistering with WINS
4:21PM 1 smbclient says NT_STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE - how to change password?
4:12PM 0 samba pdc 3.0a adding w2k machines to domain
3:21PM 1 wbinfo -A trouble
2:38PM 1 profile problems with XP and my samba box
2:34PM 0 (no subject)
2:06PM 0 Password puzzle
1:33PM 1 winbind -> error looking up domain users/groups
1:24PM 0 RE: License Metering Software to work with SAMBA
12:52PM 0 Persistent error
12:27PM 1 acl: what's missing ?
11:42AM 2 Add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED definition for HP/UX 11.00 platform
11:31AM 0 2.2.7 string overflow in
10:10AM 0 Lock request returned EINVAL (samba-2.2.x on HP/UX 11.00) on local FS
10:06AM 1 Starting smbd & nmbd from xinetd ?
9:42AM 3 Print limiting
9:14AM 0 Can't connecto to samba after PDC boot?
8:40AM 2 unable to login to domain using XP
7:16AM 0 problems with unmounting
6:19AM 0 getent output corrupt ?
6:06AM 0 not able to browse workgroup/domain
5:29AM 0 winbind / sid problem.
2:58AM 0 Server Manager In SAMBA domain - Display Error or Bug?
1:58AM 0 Samba 2.2.6 Write Problem
Thursday November 21 2002
11:26PM 0 SWAT, where ? Got it, not working :-(
10:50PM 0 please can someone help me?
10:08PM 0 smbclient connection problem from MVS to Windows suspect EBCDIC to ASCII conversion problem
9:16PM 0 Problems with samba pdc and
9:13PM 4 ACLs with samba
9:05PM 1 W2k clients wont' join samba
8:53PM 0 samba 2.2.2 versus windows2
8:44PM 0 How to make changed smb.conf effect without restarting Samba?
8:37PM 1 Help with smbpasswd
8:21PM 0 PDC Newbie suggestion Request
7:44PM 1 is this is a problem?
6:50PM 1 Samba is broadcasting other network shares...
6:27PM 1 Oplocks problem
6:18PM 1 %U in include
5:51PM 0 (fwd) some question about chinese character support
5:41PM 1 rpcclient: adddriver: lsa_io_sec_qos: length c does not match size 8
4:40PM 0 (no subject)
4:18PM 1 samba 2.2.2 versus windows2000 service pack 3
3:56PM 2 Problems with samba pdc and windows 2000 client
3:04PM 1 Out of connection structures
2:58PM 1 [homes] problem using SAMBA 2.2.7
2:35PM 3 NT username/password export
2:33PM 5 PDC Problems...
2:15PM 2 smb restart??????
1:45PM 0 samba 2.2.7/ldap/pdc some user can't login
1:10PM 2 winbind is my enemy :) hehehe
1:04PM 1 W2K-Clients won't join Samba Domain
12:25PM 0 Problems with printer-drivers (samba 2.2.7)
11:18AM 0 Problem with Samba 2.2.x - access to files
10:38AM 2 Subject: Error join NT domain
9:43AM 2 swat not found
9:36AM 1 samba 3.0 ldapsam
7:28AM 2 Configure Sambe 2.2.6 - installing on HPUX 11.11
3:34AM 1 nmblookup not honoring smb.conf?
2:02AM 1 winbind 0xc0000022 error
1:50AM 1 samba & trust
Wednesday November 20 2002
11:25PM 0 (no subject)
11:03PM 1 reload smb.conf & terminate connections
10:32PM 0 Rediscover Your COBOL Assets with Acucorp
10:23PM 0 DTDNS Updater
10:16PM 0 Access 97 and Samba 2.2.6
10:10PM 0 SAMBA working with MS project
9:02PM 0 Samba 3.0 Alpha20 PDC: can't create local profile
8:15PM 1 opening excel sheets slow, copying fast ?
7:40PM 1 pam authentication failing...
7:30PM 1 Does anyone have winbind working on Freebsd?
7:27PM 2 Limiting User Space on Samba Share
7:06PM 0 samba 2.2.x
6:56PM 0 windows connection problem
6:31PM 1 winbindd again!!!
5:39PM 1 Controlling smbclient from python weirdness
5:05PM 0 How to configure Samba to use multiples ldap servers
4:52PM 0 Delay on first Attempt to resolve PDC host name
4:39PM 1 cupsaddsmb failure
4:37PM 0 Modifying file permissions from Windows
4:23PM 0 Filesystem and file number limitations
4:08PM 0 WINBIND cache and security
4:04PM 0 error: prs_mem_get: reading data of size 60 would overrun buffer.
3:47PM 0 "Printer settings could not be saved. Access is denied" problem
3:21PM 3 The Samba Team announces Samba 2.2.7 - security release
3:17PM 0 Winbind failed to create socket
3:03PM 1 Linux workstation can't print to Samba printserver
2:55PM 1 Samba PDC windoze BDC
2:45PM 1 RE: License Metering Software to work with SAMBA
1:16PM 3 Samba as BDC in NT domain
1:04PM 1 Not able to see public shares on W2k from Linux
12:49PM 0 smbpasswd and passwd passwords
12:43PM 2 Win XP + Samba PDC ( problem )
11:53AM 3 Shared profiles under XP?
11:26AM 0 Yenilenen noseks ymebq
10:18AM 1 Samba 3 as BDC
9:23AM 2 RE - servers keeps disapearing
9:13AM 1 "Add user script" option never running?
9:05AM 1 Domain / Server disappear from network neighbourhood
8:48AM 1 FYI : oplock problems
8:02AM 1 How many files can samba display in one folder?
7:38AM 3 here's a fix for Goldmine (and other ISAM database based programs) on Windows NT/2000/XP clients talking to samba
5:39AM 0 Samba server and firewalls
4:09AM 1 passing passwords
12:40AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1879 - 23 msgs
Tuesday November 19 2002
11:23PM 0 (fwd from [ FW: W2k wkstation no longer recognized by samba pdc]
11:21PM 1 (fwd from
11:17PM 0 [ FW: W2k wkstation no longer recognized by samba pdc]
11:15PM 4 Please no HTML email.
10:56PM 0 winbindd+ win24
10:54PM 0 Help configuring DG/UX R4.20MU07
10:45PM 0 problems with win2k +winbindd
10:36PM 0 Samba deletes tmp-directory
10:31PM 0 to jeremiah
10:27PM 2 Problems with Word 200 and Samba 2.2.6
10:11PM 0 "Printer settings couldn't be saved. Access is denied" problem on Samba 2.2.6
9:40PM 1 Samba on SCO Unix
9:37PM 2 smbclient: support for long share names..?
9:01PM 0 Any way for smbmount to ignore Read-Only attribs?
8:54PM 1 Driver download problem (still)...
8:46PM 1 Yet another print-driver download problem...
8:34PM 1 remote access to samba server
8:03PM 0 nmbd wins emulation, manual entries & read-only config required...
7:56PM 1 Using Dat drive on another LM9 machine
6:05PM 2 help with winbind!
5:19PM 0 snmbd.log
5:15PM 2 Problem with win2k and winXP
5:00PM 1 Samba 2.2.6 on Sun Cluster 3.0
4:27PM 0 joining multiple domains
3:44PM 2 SWAT, where ?
2:37PM 0 printer device settings
2:29PM 0 Printer Config Error?!
2:25PM 0 Printer Driver Config Error?
1:15PM 0 username rpc invalid?
11:53AM 1 concurrent accesses to the same file
11:03AM 1 problems compiling samba3.0alpha20 on SOLARIS 7
10:12AM 2 %user hack still available ?
9:51AM 0 Knowing The Limits
8:33AM 0 FW: RE: Backup Samba Using ARCServe
8:24AM 0 Fw: Samba and Windows XP
7:09AM 0 Why can't I get email thru to the list?
6:43AM 1 Attaching to Netware-Server
5:45AM 0 swat from 2.2.6 and RH 8.0
5:40AM 1 Real Player and PPTP
5:05AM 1 IPC$ share accessible with arbitrary usernames/passwords
4:17AM 2 Should be easy-printing problem rest of Samba works
3:22AM 1 Winbind and apache - help please
2:48AM 0 A way to automate smbpasswd file from /etc/passwd
2:17AM 1 Samba mappings not reconnected on WinXP reboot
12:53AM 2 I want to know how many samba user connect at same time?
12:43AM 1 Backup Samba Using ARCServe
12:25AM 0 SUMMARY: Can't 'save-as' from MS Word
Monday November 18 2002
10:28PM 3 Changing passwords under Win2K/WinXP (Samba 2.2.6)
10:20PM 0 Changing passwords under Win2K/WinXP
10:06PM 0 Winbind Apache PAM and NT Groups - please help
9:53PM 0 Win NT PDC - Linux Client
9:45PM 1 Error joining ldap PDC (samba 3.0 alpha20)
9:37PM 0 openantivirus - samba-vscan
9:31PM 0 Errors in log.smbd
9:15PM 0 samba compilation
8:50PM 1 nmbd dies at random
8:26PM 1 windbind how-to ?
8:14PM 2 Winbind basic questions
7:45PM 0 (no subject)
7:24PM 0 Want to keep local profiles on W2k
7:19PM 1 (no subject)
7:14PM 0 What Windows application will break if set "share modes=no"
6:52PM 1 write access to shares on PDC faulty (samba 2.2.6)
6:19PM 0 winbind enumeration ?
5:41PM 0 Spark Press Release
5:01PM 0 Samba printing and CUPS
4:43PM 0 user help
4:33PM 1 adding users question
4:25PM 0 Re: Welcome to the "samba" mailing list (Digest mode)
4:05PM 2 joining an NT PDC, WinNT user privileges
4:01PM 0 Re: Welcome to the "samba" mailing list (Digest mode)
3:34PM 0 User Manager problem
3:07PM 2 Problem with SAMBA & Winbind
2:43PM 1 nobody can answer this question?It's very important for me.
2:09PM 1 Help with PAM Config
1:44PM 0 SUMMARY: Samba "unable to validate password" error
12:53PM 0 messanger service
12:43PM 0 Gratuito.url
12:29PM 0 samba running, but invisible to network!! please help...!!
10:38AM 0 R: 3rd POSTING: winbind mixcase DOMAIN+username???
9:50AM 2 Users changing samba passwords directly from windowsclient
9:39AM 1 未承諾広告※ Get Free Prog. CD プログレCD無料プレゼント
8:28AM 1 THIRD POST: Samba Authentication Issue
8:12AM 2 3rd POSTING: winbind mixcase DOMAIN+username???
7:52AM 2 duplicating winbind gid/uid mappings
7:10AM 1 Using Samba share folder for Win2K home directory
7:03AM 1 Writing CD on Samsung SW-248 Writer
6:55AM 0 Painful question -- nobody answers -- Jerry please answer!
6:10AM 0 XP logon to Samba errors
5:20AM 2 RPM Build Error
4:39AM 3 Users changing samba passwords directly from windows client
4:12AM 2 samba connect error
3:27AM 0 can't compile samba-2.2.6
3:08AM 3 Problems copying digital images to Samba Share
2:23AM 0 winxp no response by using samba fileserver?
1:39AM 0 Windows 2000 vs NT4 ...
12:32AM 1 changes for RH8
Sunday November 17 2002
10:05PM 2 2nd POSTING: Samba PDC shares causing errors in MS Word 97 SR2
9:46PM 2 FW: WINBIND configuration and NT Authentication]
7:03PM 0 A little help w/ Debian Samba and XP clients
5:20PM 0 samba error in all versions of samba code
12:48PM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED with smbclient
9:51AM 2 WINBIND configuration and NT Authentication]
9:05AM 0 Windows 98 cann't connect to
5:18AM 2 WINBIND configuration and NT Authentication
4:53AM 0 Keep getting "access denied" when trying to connect to Samba server...
2:05AM 1 Master browser problems (I've RTFM;)
1:15AM 0 Samba as PDC vs. XP-SP1 profile storage
Saturday November 16 2002
10:51PM 1 winbind still asks for password
8:58PM 0 Samba domain controller problem....
8:12PM 1 bind failed on port 139 socket_addr =
8:08PM 1 Intermittent problem with samba & win2k
5:52PM 1 upgraded to kernel 2.4.19 from 2.4.7, samba not found from windows, network ok
4:11PM 3 samba and automount
4:03PM 1 acute problem
2:18PM 1 Windows Domain Question
1:19PM 1 Dynamic updating DNS with win2K workstations
12:36PM 0 re: Samba PDC Problem (Account name security ID mapping blah blah blah)
12:25PM 0 Re: Samba PDC.... no mapping between account names and security IDs was done
11:40AM 1 file locks problem??
1:44AM 1 LDAPSam + Samba 3 Alpha 20
12:40AM 0 Windows 98 cann't connect to Samba
12:15AM 0 Re-post : Windows 98 cann't connect to samba
Friday November 15 2002
9:36PM 1 LPRng: LPRng and Samba (fwd)
8:59PM 0 What can we do to help?
8:52PM 1 Winbind and Samba
5:58PM 0 Missing Files in listing from Windows XP share
4:30PM 0 question on samba/pam
4:12PM 1 null session and winbindd questions
3:28PM 2 Samba "unable to validate password" error
3:00PM 0 Samba & Win98 shares trouble.
2:54PM 1 FW: How to configure Unix file mode on NT/2000 file transfer
2:14PM 0 SAP specialists required for Europe.
1:55PM 2 How to configure Unix file mode on NT/2000 file transfer
12:00PM 5 filename problem
11:56AM 1 Roaming profiles on WinXP SP1 and samba....
11:45AM 3 Problem with print$
10:34AM 0 winbind "mixcase" DOMAIN+username!?!
9:46AM 1 ÄúÓвúÆ·ÐèÐû´«Âð?ÎÒÃÇ¿ÉÒÔΪÄúÌṩÂúÒâµÄ·þÎñ!
9:38AM 1 winbind + samba 2.2.6 PDC
9:26AM 1 Where is the WINS info saved.
8:54AM 0 samba ldap and starttls
8:38AM 7 Oplock problems with Office 97 and Windows 95 in Samba > 2.0.7
8:28AM 0 ReiserFS and acl support?
5:34AM 1 NT domains -vs- simple workgroups????
5:29AM 1 Did I get hacked?? strange log info...
5:19AM 0 NT domain vs simple workgroups???
3:52AM 1 Samba's Printer Going Off-Line (after a Win98 Machine speaks to it)
2:23AM 2 Help on ACLs and samba
2:19AM 0 migrating from NT to samba
1:42AM 2 NULL sessions - Listing shares anonymously - restrict anonymous
12:37AM 1 Can't 'save-as' from MS Word
12:15AM 3 Su vivienda en Miami, Florida.
Thursday November 14 2002
11:57PM 1 Problem with integrating Samba 2.2.6 into NT 4.0 domain
11:53PM 0 How can I read and write a file at the same time?
11:28PM 1 Bullet proof bulk email friendly hosting & cheap mass email campaigns.
9:28PM 0 Samba against DNS!
8:58PM 1 Samba Member Server or LDAP?
8:02PM 2 nmbd memory leak in 2.2.x CVS
7:44PM 2 Server v. Workstation installation
7:04PM 2 Bytle Locking
6:30PM 3 XP Pro And Samba
5:38PM 1 Solaris version 8
5:09PM 2 locking "issue"
4:58PM 0 anyone know when hpux 2.2.6
4:21PM 1 Am I using the wrong list???
4:17PM 1 help with NT-to-Samba
3:42PM 0 General info "Samba as Printserver for NT4.0"
3:39PM 1 Fw: How is the Samba people stress testing Samba.
3:18PM 0 Strange samba behavior
2:35PM 1 Win98 stange behaviour in 2.2.6
2:30PM 1 Force NT4 WINS ....
1:52PM 0 Domain logon trouble
1:46PM 0 Strange issues - 2.2.6 and RH 7.3
12:27PM 1 No raoming profiles
12:04PM 3 How is the Samba people stress testing Samba.
11:49AM 0 Certificating authority
10:59AM 0 share don't access
10:50AM 0 Probling with disk usage.....
9:39AM 0 Umask in Unix and samba
9:19AM 1 --with-fhs options doesnt work when configuring
8:17AM 1 Citrix trigging printing bug??
7:53AM 0 winbind mixcase DOMAIN+username???
6:00AM 1 help on kinit
4:14AM 0 Reason for slow MS-DOS MS client writes
1:13AM 1 samba and/or DAV
12:53AM 0 Word97 SR2 error while working on a doc stored on a Samba PDC share
12:47AM 3 Default Profiles
Wednesday November 13 2002
11:46PM 1 Shared folder / Samba issue
11:19PM 0 smbd/nmbd consuming system resources.
10:05PM 3 samba as a BDC
9:01PM 0 Can't Find Test Code
8:33PM 1 2ND POST - Problem With Winbind
8:06PM 1 ADD Printerdriver to server through APW
5:14PM 0 Samba configuration errors
4:33PM 0 Full albüm mp3 xsxu
4:29PM 0 Samba 3.0a20 lldap error: attribute rid not allowed
4:25PM 0 one trouble
3:12PM 1 »¶Ó­À´µ½ÉîÛÚÍøÂçÊéµê
2:37PM 0 samba log problem
2:30PM 0 Error messages galore with 2.2.6!!!!!
2:19PM 1 Name resolution problem, looking for advice on best solution
1:54PM 0 File/folder security options?
12:55PM 0 Setting up a file server for Windows workgroup
11:30AM 1 Does the newest version support Mulitibyte NETBIOS name?
10:52AM 0 machine windows - don't access share
10:38AM 0 help for documentation about trust with samba & NT
6:14AM 0 Re: "PANIC: failed to set gid" on Jaguar
3:49AM 1 [Samba 2.2.6] share permissions override Unix rigths?
2:07AM 2 Scripting Question and Profile Question
2:01AM 0 update group
1:05AM 1 Active Directory PDC?
Tuesday November 12 2002
11:38PM 0 file folder directory copy problem from Netware 5.x box to a RH AS2.1 box
10:10PM 0 smbd processes hanging around (fwd)
9:08PM 3 Slow network to samba machine
8:48PM 1 UI performance awful - please help!
8:21PM 1 Samba with Win2K client -- dual network cards -- same segment
6:58PM 1 Where and how do I get the fixes to 2.2.6?
6:24PM 0 inscripcion
5:25PM 0 printing woos (CUPS + automatic printer download...)
5:20PM 2 Why Using Samba + Ldap
5:15PM 1 roaming profiles on win98
5:07PM 1 Need clarification
4:55PM 1 using winbind without a PDC
4:52PM 2 pam password change = yes
4:42PM 0 Can't become connected user!
4:37PM 1 internet access+samba PDC
4:11PM 1 Question about spaces in a share name
3:46PM 1 passdb/pampass.c:smb_pam_error_handler(71)
3:26PM 0 Samba server forgets printer driver settings
3:17PM 0 Re: net ads join blows
2:00PM 0 Newbie question Samba/Win XP/printing
12:56PM 1 winbindd +win2k
12:49PM 6 Fw: Samba and Windows XP, 30 second lockup
11:36AM 0 Limiting user logons (XP + Samba as PDC)
11:19AM 0 Problem with net use
10:46AM 0 (no subject)
10:43AM 1 server manager on samba pdc
9:55AM 0 [OT] NT hash on Windows?
5:51AM 1 Viewing Windows shared resources in Linux
4:51AM 2 Which list for general help?
2:51AM 7 Switching to another Samba server
2:42AM 1 Can'T log on to samba server
1:45AM 0 2.2.6 performance question (solaris 8 on SS20)
12:56AM 0 HOW do I look into a Windows print queue with smbcient?? [was: "Printing using smbclient "]
Monday November 11 2002
10:57PM 1 How to join a linux machine to a Active Directory Domain using Samba.
10:31PM 1 samba browser problem!
10:03PM 3 PDF Creation
8:59PM 0 nmbd bug
8:21PM 1 Printer driver downloads...?
8:09PM 0 Re: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 370006
7:33PM 0 smbd processes hanging around
7:26PM 0 RES: problem with different user
7:19PM 2 Manually adding Samba attributes from Perl
6:07PM 0 keeping ownership/groups and permissions using tar and smbmount
5:34PM 0 ERROR: no seteuid method available
4:49PM 8 problem with different user
3:43PM 0 PDC migration
3:03PM 0 OT - JustLPD ...
2:55PM 0 RE: samba with redhat and act
1:01PM 2 Installing samba 2.2.6 on Mac OS 10.2.x
12:23PM 0 error conecting from winxp to samba on tru64 or linux
12:13PM 0 Smbmount password interfaces
12:06PM 2 making Samba works together with PAM
11:40AM 1 Forcing Password change from Win2k client
11:08AM 0 nmbd is not working
10:48AM 1 Samba and non-ASCII characters
10:44AM 2 System error 53 has occurred
9:36AM 0 Import File Size Limits?
7:59AM 0 WARNING messages
7:53AM 1 MSDFS...
7:04AM 0 FW: nmbd help please
6:50AM 0 Turn off Roaming Profiles.
4:16AM 0 new to samba, please advise...
1:59AM 0 FreeBSD 4.7-Stable, samba 2.2.6 from ports
Sunday November 10 2002
11:19PM 0 Samba is fast with slow hardware, but slow with fast hardware.
10:49PM 0 GPL Under Fire
10:24PM 0 Configuring samba to accept existing NDS/LDAP universal accounts
8:25PM 0 Win2k Browse Problem after Re-Install:
8:07PM 0 win98 cannot change samba/unix passwords
7:32PM 0 Recycle on non-user dirs
6:03PM 0 "smbclient //printserver/printersharename -c queue" doesn't work
5:56PM 0 nmbd help please
5:44PM 0 Mistake
3:54PM 1 samba and ldap together
2:40PM 0 "PANIC: failed to set gid" on Mac OS X Server 10.2.1
11:48AM 2 Does samba use NSS to find users/groups ?
10:15AM 2 Trying to join a Solaris 8 box to Windows 2000 AD.
10:01AM 2 Bulk Email Sending & Bullet Proof Web Hosting
9:44AM 0 (no subject)
9:28AM 1 How stable is samba 3.0?
6:19AM 1 delay in utmpx entry when users logs out of samba domain
4:53AM 1 Samba PDC problem: Please help me avoid a mutiny! :-)
1:45AM 2 taking the 3.0 plunge
12:56AM 0 Samba and Windows XP, 30 second lockup
12:01AM 0 General Question
Saturday November 9 2002
11:12PM 0 Network Domain
9:52PM 0 (????)DVD? ???? ?????.(19??? ????)
9:24PM 1 Performance problems with new server
5:44AM 2 Windows Client Sharing Problem (Access Denied)
12:31AM 0 Separate PDC and file server
Friday November 8 2002
9:38PM 1 Using LDAP with samba
8:39PM 1 smbfs mount error
8:18PM 1 Linux clients can't logon to win2k shares unless domain admin
8:16PM 0 about samba-latest install Redhat 8.0
7:28PM 3 Samba 2.2.6 bug with Windows XP
6:12PM 0 re Roaming profiles - How to turn them off?
6:06PM 1 question: syncing AD and NDS w/ samba?
5:47PM 0 SAMBA 2.2.6 on HPUX11i hides date&time
5:12PM 0 cusaddsmb and setdriver
4:52PM 0 corrupt lock file 2.2.6
4:39PM 0 ¶þ´Î¹©Ë®ÏµÍ³×îÐÂרÀû²úÆ·---³ÏÕ÷¸÷µØ´úÀíÉÌ
4:09PM 0 cupsaddsmb and samba
3:43PM 2 Hosts files
3:39PM 0 anyone from samba?
3:36PM 4 How to Refresh jobs in samba queues ??
3:31PM 2 file and directory permissions
2:57PM 1 samba as pdc: error
2:45PM 0 (no subject)
2:30PM 0 List messages using Entrust
1:52PM 3 Question about version 2.0.6 & 2.0.7
12:42PM 1 SunOS Clients + Windows Shares + CVS
12:31PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 as Wins-Server with Win XP workstation.
12:28PM 1 Sudden change in profile access
12:13PM 1 problems on windows part
12:07PM 4 W2000/PDC/logon drive
11:26AM 0 Help! winbind problem...
11:23AM 0 Help for integrated Samba 2.2.6 and Windows NT Server 4.0
10:41AM 1 Problem with configurable Linux as a PDC with Windows 2000 clients
9:57AM 2 smbpasswd not installed wit 2.2.5 and 2.2.6
5:24AM 2 win2k connecting to sbm Linux server
4:47AM 0 Painfully slow writes in MS-DOS
3:57AM 0 rsync problem
3:53AM 1 remote admin of win2k boxes via samba
3:09AM 2 mounting smbfs
1:07AM 1 Samba & LPRng: Printer Status in Windows
12:18AM 0 Margo bekler gegp
Thursday November 7 2002
10:37PM 0 swat status takes forever
10:29PM 0 Graphing
10:25PM 0 Problems authentication with NT PDCs in security = se rver (was security = user)
10:11PM 1 windows -> 2.2.6
10:03PM 1 RE: SWAT not working, can't authenticate
9:56PM 0 Problems authentication with NT PDCs in security = server (was security = user)
9:48PM 1 RE: SWAT not working, can't authenticate
9:17PM 0 Samba 2.2.5 installation problem
8:32PM 0 Can't get 8.3 filenames to lower the case
8:12PM 0 Dot in username - clients cannot auth to Win2k AD servers
7:46PM 0 web share prompting for domain credentials
7:27PM 3 Problems authentication with NT PDCs in security = se rver (was sercurity = user)
7:16PM 0 Problems authentication with NT PDCs in security = server (was sercurity = user)
6:56PM 0 (no subject)
6:41PM 1 Problems authentication with NT PDCs in security = user
5:50PM 2 RE: standby mode
5:35PM 2 Windows2000 + SAMBA + SunOS
5:19PM 1 smbpasswd (adding machines?) with pdb_mysql doesn't work
3:43PM 0 migrate from winnt pdc to samba pdc
12:54PM 0 logging which files are read/written
12:11PM 0 W32.Elkern removal tools
11:29AM 2 Samba and large implementations
10:35AM 2 Looking for help with PDC implementation problem
8:31AM 1 pdb_mysql isn't working for me :-(
7:11AM 1 samba idealx
6:50AM 2 Help needed...
2:58AM 0 (no subject)
2:34AM 1 Can't update profile 3r floppy
2:30AM 2 smbd and nmbd refuses to run
Wednesday November 6 2002
11:52PM 3 Printing: Access denied, unable to connect
10:21PM 1 Samba (v.3) LDAP passwd sync
10:18PM 0 Problem joining a Linux computer to a Windows 2000 domain server
10:02PM 4 "hiding" and "vetoing" files (for Samba 2.2.2 & Windows Explorer)
8:29PM 0 Samba ACL and EA problems
6:27PM 0 Newbie Question - installing Samba
5:11PM 1 Printing to pdf
4:51PM 0 Creating Samba PDC
3:55PM 0 why is netlogon sharing accessed twice?
3:35PM 0 NT4 Standalone Server How to join a Samba PDC
3:30PM 1 FW: Odd Service Outages
3:22PM 0 Linux trust
3:19PM 0 can't quite get share working on w2k
2:29PM 3 Multiple Groups Assigned to a File
2:23PM 1 PDC and logon script - try 2
12:45PM 1 "primary domain controller"+"internet access"
12:34PM 0 Password synchronization with PAM
11:00AM 1 cupsaddsmb: cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was SUCCESS - 0
10:51AM 0 win2k profiles
9:53AM 3 Samba 2.5 PDC + WinXP problem
9:45AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1828 - 23 msgs
9:18AM 0 Refresh jobs in samba queues
8:57AM 0 Default use Local Profiles
8:51AM 2 Roaming Profiles + Win2000 + XP
8:43AM 1 Daily smb_trans2_request errors
8:30AM 2 samba-ldap-pdc
8:12AM 0 Fw: Performance Problem
6:44AM 0 How to start samba with linux 8.0
6:10AM 1 Questions for Review
4:20AM 0 ???????????
3:29AM 0 problem reading and creating unicode filenames with Samba 3.0alph a20
3:21AM 0 Adding computer to domain... Bug?
2:57AM 0 Software Development $20-$25 USD per hour!
12:37AM 0 semaphore error
12:14AM 0 ¸ÐлÄúµÄ¹Ø×¢£¡
12:00AM 1 Samba 2.2.6 and Winbind
Tuesday November 5 2002
11:11PM 1 group privileges on newly created files?
10:47PM 0 Howto get Samba to auth. from W2k PDC
9:52PM 1 Samba limitations
9:43PM 0 Re: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 894317
9:27PM 1 "obey pam restrictions" and encrypted passwords
8:58PM 0 FW: getent not working / winbindd issues
8:49PM 1 Printer in Win2k to share with RH Server
8:41PM 1 Adding user permissions
8:32PM 2 ms dfs? What is it?
8:15PM 0 Samba 3.0. Cannot join a Linux computer to a Win 2000 domain
7:32PM 2 cross subnet browsing (win Xp problem)
7:12PM 1 SWAT is not starting. Please help?
6:08PM 0 Ports Recommended?
5:20PM 0 reg - soft print server
5:11PM 0 Hi Ibelieve SAMBA can help me
4:58PM 3 Swat NOT Working Yet!
4:45PM 1 Synchronising NT, unix and Samba passwords
4:21PM 1 Security Question: passwordless machine accounts
3:58PM 1 getent not working / winbindd issues
3:42PM 2 sorta-newbie: installing 2.2.6 rpm with --nodeps on RedHat 7.2 ?
2:32PM 0 Password Expire - in Samba 3.0 using pdbedit
2:13PM 0 pid file is not removed wher exiting with SIGTERM
1:28PM 1 Valid characters in NT user/pass, wbinfo -a
1:21PM 0 Make Uninstall
12:43PM 2 Retaining ownership of files
11:30AM 1 nss_wins (was winbind)
11:26AM 1 Warning when updating Samba via mandrake update
11:23AM 0 Warning for updating samba from 'Mandrake Update'
11:16AM 1 PB samba 2.5 and clients W2K SP2-SP3
10:30AM 0 High Load on Reliant Unix 5.45A20
9:48AM 0 Windows 2000 (some sp2 / sp3) + Roaming Profiles + Samba PDC 2.2.3a (Redhat 7.3)
8:54AM 0 login name - capital and lower case
8:21AM 0 Winbind + machine account
7:29AM 0 (no subject)
5:14AM 0 W2K Clients intermittantly unable to connect to a samba PDC
4:27AM 0 UTMP problem and Samba
4:16AM 0 mount_smbfs problem
4:05AM 1 swat will not start
3:08AM 2 SCO Unix - Unixware
3:03AM 0 Shutting down SAMBA Services and Un-installig SAMBA
2:59AM 0 How to configure Samba
2:56AM 0 Samba Woes.
2:52AM 0 Error on "Tree connect"
2:44AM 0 Samba configure
2:40AM 0 Please ...
2:35AM 0 \\server is not accesible
2:30AM 3 Nothing work : Win2k Nethwork path not found
2:26AM 3 Adding Printer
12:35AM 2 Force User -
Monday November 4 2002
11:25PM 0 smbmount in mount
10:20PM 1 mount in smbmount
9:42PM 1 User nobody logging in to shares instead of domain us er
9:35PM 1 Invalid key xxx given to dptr_close?
8:02PM 0 Directory Problems on Samba 2.0.4b
7:47PM 3 Trouble with groups
7:16PM 0 User nobody logging in to shares instead of domain user
7:11PM 0 MAC OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) -47 errors
6:49PM 0 binary install for HPUX
6:41PM 1 Bad magic
5:46PM 3 passwd command problem with Solaris/winbind/pam
5:29PM 0 ÓÃemail×ö¹ã¸æ,ÎÒÓÐÈ«¹úemailµØÖ·¿âÊýǧÍò,»¶Ó­¶©¹º,¸½ËÍÓʼþ¼«ËÙȺ·¢Èí¼þ(ÂÌÉ«Èí¼þ²»Ðë°²×°,²»ÐësmtpÉèÖÃ),½¨ÍøÕ¾880Ԫȫ°üÆð.
4:38PM 0 CUPS PostScript drivers for Samba explained -- was: Re: 2.2.6 and printer questions
4:08PM 0 Share name length issue?
4:00PM 0 Error updating
3:58PM 1 Virtual domains
3:32PM 0 Odd Service Outages
3:29PM 1 Force local master?
3:21PM 0 Mac X goto Samba PLZZZZZZZ....
3:11PM 0 Full qualified Server-Name
2:51PM 0 ssh pam solaris samba 2.2.6
2:32PM 2 Windows 2000 logon error
1:14PM 2 route NetBIOS protocol throught SAMBA.
1:12PM 1 Samba as printserver; problems with settings
12:53PM 0 Problems in logging on to a samba 2.2.4 domain from W indows XP
12:37PM 0 uncertainty principle is untenable !!!
11:17AM 0 how to avoid two users using the same login id at the same time
10:47AM 1 Problems: Samba and Win2000
8:21AM 2 - servers keeps disapearing
7:39AM 0 problem getting printing started via CUPS
6:40AM 0 samba modifies permissions when reading them
4:49AM 1 samba not showing all files.
3:59AM 2 MySQL authentication & kickoff time?
3:56AM 0 Imprints Problem
2:24AM 3 Problems connecting to Samba through windows
1:31AM 2 swat tool
12:33AM 0 2.2.6+acl - strange behaviour
Sunday November 3 2002
10:36PM 4 Not visable server
7:03PM 0 PDC and logon script
6:31PM 1 Roaming profiles - How to turn them off?
4:47PM 0 libsmbclient bug ?
12:11PM 3 call_trans2qfsinfo, Signal 11,smb_panic, internal error
4:37AM 0 Repeated Smb Log Messages
Saturday November 2 2002
9:12PM 0
7:35PM 0 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Are you looking for a new or re-designed website, better hosting or dom?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?ain names??=
7:05PM 1 nmbd quitting
5:15PM 1 Unable to open passdb???
3:55PM 1 Winbind and space in username
10:46AM 0 Fully qualified Server-name
10:41AM 0 Fully qualified Server-names
2:09AM 0 RE: samba digest, Vol 1 #1814 - 19 msgs
1:13AM 0 some log files do not roll over, some do
Friday November 1 2002
11:43PM 0 Oplocks Usage Recommendations Whitepaper (with attachment)
10:58PM 1 Oplock Usage Recommendations Whitepaper
10:28PM 0 FW: act database problem
10:08PM 0 Samba over IPSEC VPN wierdness
10:05PM 0 pam and solaris and bumps in the night
9:45PM 0 Re: 3-wishes-lingerie
9:43PM 4 Clarifying CUPS Printing
9:29PM 0 Re: Samba PDC and Kerberos(MIT or SEAM in Uinx,without microsoft ADS)
9:25PM 0 act database problem
8:53PM 1 SAMBA Clustering
8:51PM 3 Samba wins
8:31PM 1 Stress Testing
8:27PM 1 SLOW connections
7:54PM 0 The domain is not disposable!
7:50PM 0 about multiple nets
7:46PM 0 Doubts.
7:44PM 0 Could you use some help with Samba on AIX ?
7:42PM 0 hidden and dot files
7:38PM 0 Question on Samba for AIX version 4
7:36PM 0 Samba "save as" problem
7:26PM 0 Big files
7:23PM 0 Authentication with Samba
7:16PM 0 not configure samba-2.2.5 with parameter --with-pam
7:12PM 1 Garbage
7:10PM 0 user
7:08PM 0 Windows change port, how?
7:06PM 0 confused
7:04PM 0 samba Unicode support
7:01PM 0 problem in smb print server
6:21PM 1 Is this a Samba error message?
5:55PM 0 Samba upgrade questions - resent *with* subject...
5:39PM 0 Admin users and input locales
5:32PM 0 Samba3 parallel installable RPMs for Mandrake 9.0
4:36PM 1 Help Please!
4:34PM 6 Roaming profiles problem - loading failure
4:14PM 0 Re: Samba PDC and Kerberos(MIT or SEAM in Uinx, without microsoft ADS)
4:07PM 1 Problems in logging on to a samba 2.2.4 domain from Windows XP
3:57PM 1 multiple ldap servers
1:45PM 0 Redhat 8.0 and Samaba 2.2.5
1:42PM 0 Problem with add a w2k to domain
12:38PM 4 2.2.6 and printer questions
11:49AM 0 Outlook and roving profiles.
8:54AM 3 Getting msg acces denied while adding a new printer
7:35AM 3 NT4 machine trust breaks on a Samba-BDC
4:07AM 0 Samba server can browse client, but client can not browse server. WHY??
3:58AM 1 General question about Win 3.1 and Samba
3:37AM 0 Re: Samba PDC and Kerberos(MIT or SEAM in Uinx, without microsoft ADS)
1:00AM 1 AutoCAD temp file error