samba - Dec 2002

Tuesday December 31 2002
11:14PM 2 Printing with CUPS & Samba...
9:54PM 1 virus mailing
8:14PM 0 samba3.0alpha21: why these messages for most commands? Please.
7:22PM 0 user level access control with win9x and samba 2.2/3.0
7:06PM 0 Still on 2.2.2 becuase of printer driver problems with 2.2.7a
7:05PM 0 ADS support in 3.0alpha on slowlaris 8
7:01PM 0 SAMBA 2.2.7-2 with Redhat 8 + and NT-4 (sp6 PDC)
5:38PM 0 Something equivelent to 'invalid chars'?
5:00PM 1 Samba 2.2.7a PDC with W2K SP3 clients - can't stay in domain
3:24PM 1 Trouble pinging servers DNS name.
4:22AM 2 NTLMv1 v. NTLMv2 ; more than one "identity" on a TCP connection
3:46AM 2 how to verify the connection between a Samba server and a Windows Xp client?
2:02AM 0 Fw: ALERT - GroupShield ticket numberOA4_1041293542_SJVAPCD.MAIL_1 was generated
12:56AM 1 Samba & Vision FS
12:32AM 6 Antigen found FILE FILTER= *.scr file
12:20AM 1 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA4_1041293542_SJVAPCD.MAIL_1 was generated
12:05AM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #2021 - 20 msgs
Monday December 30 2002
9:55PM 0 Probelms with compiling ADS in samba3.0alpha and head
9:49PM 1 Problems with a PDC
8:19PM 0 authentication question: NT4 PDC, Win2k clients
5:09PM 2 Expected service, found `wins, dns, files'
1:04PM 1 how to create smbpasswd file
12:26PM 0 (no subject)
11:51AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a and Win2k
11:32AM 0 Samba 2.2.7a and LDAP Rebind for Slave enviroment ...
5:42AM 1 Can't access Linux from Windows Xp box.
2:10AM 4 error message in smbd.log file: bind failed on port 139 socket_addr =
Sunday December 29 2002
11:14PM 2 win98 browsing problem across VPN subnets
9:07PM 1 Multiple domain browselist over a wanlink
7:50PM 0 searching printers
5:24PM 0 Slow performance
8:07AM 3 How to join Linux to Win2k PDC
5:02AM 0 (no subject)
Saturday December 28 2002
3:06PM 1 Disabling NBT
9:43AM 1 Possible security hole in 2.2.0a?
5:37AM 1 httpd error
4:31AM 3 samb.conf
12:33AM 1 Logging
12:30AM 1 samba 2.2.7 vs. win2ksp3
Friday December 27 2002
11:53PM 2 Virus in message
11:49PM 0 Antigen found FILE FILTER= *.pif file
11:44PM 6 ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found and action taken.
11:38PM 5 ScanMail Message: To Recipient file blocking settings matched and action taken.
11:35PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA2_1041031653_SJVAPCD.MAIL_1 was generated
11:32PM 1 Thank You Cards
8:06PM 0 File Replication Question
7:36PM 0 creating policys?
6:38PM 0 Cross-subnet browsing, interfaces
5:59PM 0 WINBINDD set up problem - chgrp fails
4:50PM 1 windows to sco
4:06PM 0 re-exporting smb mounted filesystems from Redhat linux 8.0 to Solaris 8.0
4:04PM 2 CUPS permissions issues
3:33PM 1 Optimizing Samba
12:33PM 0 Backing up Windows 2000 PDC, disaster recovery
9:44AM 1 Solaris Date getting changed while using samba
9:20AM 1 Samba 3.0 PDC and Active direcory
5:23AM 0 WinXP can't open print queue listing
Thursday December 26 2002
10:44PM 1 WinNT -> samba -> Linux -> NFS -> Solaris
9:32PM 1 changing passwords from win2k
8:52PM 0 (no subject)
8:48PM 0 (no subject)
8:39PM 0 (no subject)
8:35PM 0 (no subject)
8:18PM 3 questions from a newbie
8:11PM 3 windows to linux printer problem
7:45PM 4 smbclient thinks passwordless account is anonymous
7:41PM 3 Pentium Samba server?
3:55PM 2 XP keeps disconnecting
9:18AM 3 Win98 clients not 'seeing' each other
9:04AM 0 Win9x clients not 'seeing' each other
4:26AM 0 samba essential files
Wednesday December 25 2002
11:11PM 1 problems using samba as PDC
8:14PM 0 Fw: need roaming profile + local profile (srry for resending it but plz try to help me)
3:31PM 0 authenticating NIS via Samba trusted by AD
2:53PM 1 Multiple Profiles
1:04PM 0 (no subject)
10:25AM 0 diagnosis file suggestion
2:10AM 1 Trouble installing samba
Tuesday December 24 2002
7:48PM 1 ERROR when trying to start nmbd
6:39PM 1 large file handling problems in 2.2.7a
5:35PM 4 A problem about ICMP Destination Unreachable
5:15PM 0 PAM problem with Samba and Winbind (on Solaris 2.8)
5:11PM 1 nmbd dies regularly, no log files
4:16PM 1 LDAP - adding info to database
3:35PM 0 nmbd doesn't start under slackwere 8.1
2:55PM 0 Slightly OT: LDAP System Administration
2:03PM 2 Unable to install SWAT
11:52AM 0 lib_iconv ???
10:42AM 1 Persmissions on 'root' folder
10:35AM 3 Oplock break request failures
10:29AM 0 FW: Swat File
2:34AM 0 tmp in profile
2:21AM 4 Method for joining machines to PDC without using root
12:23AM 0 SAMBA 2.2.7a and Windows XP
Monday December 23 2002
8:00PM 2 What the difference between
7:57PM 1 slo2.4
7:10PM 1 (no subject)
4:58PM 1 Windows notification
4:52PM 0 NULL files in Samba
4:49PM 0 Cannot connect to the shared printer
4:31PM 2 can not connect to the shared printer
6:57AM 0 nt bdc samba pdc
5:43AM 0 PROBLEM SOLVED: Samba + Backup Exec 8.6
4:54AM 0 Problems with Backup Exec
Sunday December 22 2002
11:18PM 0 PDC conversion, XP, and printing
7:21PM 2 Print queue not viewable from Windows XP
2:15PM 1 LDAP, SASL, Invalid credentials???
2:04PM 0 MS Word / office hangs from Win2K workstations when using samba s hare
6:57AM 1 weird stat()
6:14AM 0 Bug ID: 26222 - SMB Storm
6:02AM 0 gcc 3.2 produces huge unstripped binaries compared to gcc2
Saturday December 21 2002
9:17PM 1 re: Security in samba file sharing
7:48PM 1 Error Saving Certain Files in Profile from Win XP PRO
6:40PM 2 samba win2k network path not found error 53
5:04PM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #2006 - 24 msgs (Out of the office - Returning Monday, Jan. 6th)
10:34AM 1 need roaming profile + local profile
Friday December 20 2002
10:12PM 0 FW: Strange locking errors with LabView under Samba 2.2.7 and HP-UX 11.11
8:00PM 0 (no subject)
7:17PM 0 Problem with slow connection...
6:26PM 1 How to enforce client to download the profile form se rver
6:11PM 0 Validation problem with NAUTILUS 2.0.6
5:11PM 0 'credentials supplied conflict
5:07PM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
5:00PM 0 Not allowed from station.
4:57PM 1 Cannot install samba
4:40PM 0 Compilation warning on 2.2.7a
4:23PM 1 "force group" not working with shared directories
4:11PM 3 Delayed Write failures with Windows XP
4:07PM 1 How to enforce client to download the profile form server
3:28PM 0 Newbie: Simple Samba Configuration
2:03PM 2 DISASTER - Samba corrupts shared directory data - URGENTLY
1:40PM 1 Add Workstation to Domain - valid local system user?
9:14AM 1 Installation of SAMBA 2.2.7a
6:38AM 0 ????????500?/?????DDN???????
6:30AM 0 Samba 2.2.7a with Netware client is SLOW!
12:55AM 1 Strange behavior with samba mountpoint
Thursday December 19 2002
11:20PM 1 Oplocks...again...
11:16PM 2 Strange locking errors with LabView under Samba 2.2.7 and HP-UX 1 1.11
10:28PM 0 remember free
9:38PM 1 Re: Samba problems with Sco Openserver
9:04PM 5 Desperate Help Required Getting SAMBA back on line
9:01PM 0 Add Win2kPro Workstation to new Linux PDC
7:58PM 0 winbindd and aix
7:55PM 0 Samba Password and Synchronization
6:15PM 0 Failed to delete entry for share
4:43PM 0 Keeping Ownership and Permissions
4:37PM 0 Previous questions about Samba 3.0alpha PDC
4:30PM 0 Generic smb.conf file
3:37PM 0 Help : Samba 2.2.7a inlcude generates an error
3:34PM 2 Help adding Samba users on unix
3:01PM 0 I messed up winbind....but what is wrong?
2:18PM 0 Does Samba attempt Anonymous logon to IPC$ shares? Can this lockout accounts?!?
11:41AM 0 Annoying Printer problem...Samba 2.2.7a on Debian 3.0 with lprng
11:19AM 0 How do I get Samba to ignore SIDs in non-Domain workgroup?
10:04AM 1 Trust relationship.
9:04AM 0 Help with SAMBA configuratin.
8:04AM 2 Samba 3alpha20 Bugs (FreeBSD 4.6)
8:02AM 1 smbstatus+info
6:05AM 1 private user accounts
5:57AM 1 ????
5:33AM 0 Creating read/write directories and files for everyone from an smb client
5:26AM 1 creating read/write files for everyone from a SAMBA client
1:12AM 1 Large File support not quiet working..
Wednesday December 18 2002
10:54PM 1 Scrambled Jobnames when Printing
10:43PM 0 Samba with Global File System
10:19PM 1 max log size setting ignored
9:40PM 0 samba pdc does not rember default keyboard layout
9:30PM 1 samba to samba via LDAP
9:05PM 1 ownership of smbfs mounts
8:33PM 4 Odd problems with XP
8:19PM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
8:12PM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
8:09PM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
8:06PM 1 Re: Winbindd question/problem
8:03PM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
7:34PM 0 windows xp and domain logon scripts
7:21PM 0 Unable to lookup names to display / .NET client problem (fwd)
7:00PM 2 samba and ipchains
6:11PM 1 Trouble Printing
5:22PM 0 BIG samba PDC problems
5:17PM 0 Rights NT on samba
4:41PM 1 [newbie] access config
2:12PM 4 Samba domain with non-domain Win98
2:01PM 1 Samba pdc, Norton Ghost enterprise edition and joinin g the domain?
1:54PM 1 Samba pdc, Norton Ghost enterprise edition and joining the domain?
1:30PM 1 multiple permissions, multiple groups
1:01PM 0 master browser election between samba bdc ang nt pdc
12:50PM 2 Pretty much a newbie - Profiles and XP
10:19AM 0 problem to connect samba on Mac os X (user/passwd)
9:37AM 3 Integrating a samba server in a samba controlled domain
9:16AM 0 Error when add machine
7:01AM 3 How important are oplocks?
6:43AM 0 Speed of smbcacls?
2:46AM 0 Valid user not able to authenticate
Tuesday December 17 2002
11:52PM 1 I am at my wits end
11:27PM 0 2.2.7a on MacOS X 10.2.2 giving "failed to set gid" error
11:13PM 2 Virus Protection
10:31PM 0 How to disable "net ads join" verbose and why it core dumps
9:49PM 1 Bug in 2.2.7a
9:00PM 1 Add workstation to Samba PDC
8:10PM 0 Re: samba PDC and windows xp profiles...
7:49PM 1 Windows 2000 Printers: "Access Denied, Unable to Connect"
7:30PM 2 samba domain controller + Windows 2000
7:10PM 0 Samba Problem Fixxed
6:40PM 3 File Locking and MS Access
5:37PM 1 Still Problems with Samba and Sco OpenServer 5
5:28PM 0 Program loading samba
5:17PM 1 Trouble with my printer
4:50PM 2 Profiles and Win2000
4:19PM 2 slowness when using roaming profiles
3:55PM 2 How does one use a Netbeui name to ping?
3:49PM 0 samba pronlems Sco OpenServer 5
3:00PM 2 Still having trouble with copying large files
2:50PM 1 samba does not work
1:16PM 0 WinXP
12:56PM 0 samba 2.2.7, 2.2.7a bug possible
11:34AM 3 ÌؼÛÐÂÊé-298ÔªÂòÒ»×ùͼÊé¹Ý
11:30AM 0 S3.0a21 -> Creation of lokal Profile-Folder failed...
9:12AM 1 Newbie question re Samba
7:42AM 0 Workgroup = MYGROUP - but should be sambadomain
4:21AM 0 IP address change fouls things up.
3:44AM 1 Will Samba 3.0 do any group mapping replication?
2:09AM 0 Problem with winbindd ... Please help
1:25AM 1 FOX PRO 2.6 on SMB
Monday December 16 2002
10:34PM 0 windows xp, samba domain logon, roaming profiles
10:14PM 0 Samba Log.
10:05PM 3 Dumb question time
9:50PM 0 Anyone doing unified logins?
9:41PM 0 Access home from domain or local acct.
9:33PM 1 Samba & Win XP
8:51PM 0 È«ÊÀ½ç×îµÍ¼Û£¡ÊÕ¼¯·¶Î§×î¹ã£¡×¼È·ÂÊ×î¸ß£¡
8:03PM 0 samba, RH7.3 and windows NT/2K/XP problem?
7:58PM 1 Changing the name of a server?
6:49PM 0 re large files with 2.2.7a
6:28PM 0 Samba versus NFS/ftp
5:27PM 0 The Specified Domain Either Does Not Exist or Could Not Be Contacted
5:16PM 0 sync smbpasswd with system passwd
4:46PM 0 Winbind and wrong domain
4:38PM 2 Save open access databases
4:36PM 0 applying ACL patches to Red Hat: update
3:26PM 1 Blocking one subdirectory
2:54PM 0 I can´t unsuscribe
2:04PM 1 Create time changing by itself?
11:06AM 1 ldap users would like to change their own (smb)passwords
11:00AM 0 Network is ureachable
9:13AM 1 Samba 2.2.7a, Solaris 5.8 and GCC 2.95.3 compilation warnings
8:36AM 1 samba 2.2.7 & MIT Kerberos 1.2.6
6:21AM 0 sync /etc/passwd with samba's smbpasswd file
3:17AM 1 SMB LDAP tools
Sunday December 15 2002
9:10PM 0 SAMBA/LINUX/WindowsNT?2000
9:01PM 2 PAM, PDC and Winbind
7:47PM 0 Login across domains
5:32PM 2 samba and os/2 "warpserver for ebusiness"
4:11PM 1 Sleeping Clients
2:51PM 1 Offtopic question to longtime listusers
2:47PM 1 can't print more copys than one
11:10AM 0 Public shares under user security level
8:51AM 2 Laggy and faulty Samba server
8:47AM 3 smbmnt.
6:45AM 1 ÄãÕÒµ½ÁËÂð£¿
4:26AM 0 Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 12: Safety For Children On The Web & Virus Protection
1:26AM 0 Samba too slow with many little file
Saturday December 14 2002
11:05PM 0 Problem with character mappings, underscore, and smbfs
10:34PM 0 Samba 2.0.6 and win 2000 pro
9:51PM 1 OS X slow with Samba server
2:01PM 2 IPCo Mail Server Notification
1:56PM 0 Samba versus NFS client??
11:11AM 2 Troubles with Network Neighbourhood
3:19AM 0 disjoint domain?
Friday December 13 2002
10:50PM 3 Samba 2.2.3a and W2k Sp3
9:49PM 0 smbpasswd join strace - failed session setup = 21
8:35PM 1 %U bug
8:24PM 2 UNIX with samba .vs. native Windows Server , how to compare thei r performance for Windows-biased management
7:53PM 0 Timeout problem
7:28PM 1 Samba on XFS filesystem
7:25PM 2 Stumped at "Network Neighborhood", Samba server is vi sible, but it's path can't be found ...
7:19PM 2 Stumped at "Network Neighbourhood", Samba server is visible, but it's path can't be found ...
7:13PM 1 Any experience with Latest S
7:10PM 0 browsing remote subnets
7:07PM 1 Symbolic links and SAMBA
6:34PM 0 APW print problems with Samba 2.2.7a & CUPS, enumprinters, setdriver fail.
5:40PM 1 Browsing on remote subnets, domain logons
5:13PM 0 Migrating Samba PDC to new machine (with different name)
4:50PM 0 Recycle Bin Question
4:43PM 4 winbind help for newbie
4:42PM 1 Any experience with Latest SMB Patch fro
4:38PM 2 Fwd: Access to Everyone
4:23PM 1 Access to Everyone
3:53PM 1 \\FILESERVER is not accessible. Access is Denied
3:09PM 1 Swat inactive, xinetd issue?
2:46PM 2 Some doubts
2:11PM 0 \\FILESERVER is not accessible. Access is Denied Error message
1:33PM 3 Problem authenticating with Samba (security=domain) + Windows 2000 PDC
1:27PM 2 the process when client joins and logs off....
1:16PM 0 AW: Word 97 and Samba
1:13PM 0 Troubles with samba and xp or W2000 Pro
1:07PM 1 security=user with windows clients
12:10PM 0 How to deny roving profiles?
10:49AM 3 NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND for filenames with 8bit characters
9:12AM 1 Samba not visible on network neighbourhood
8:33AM 1 Word 97 and samba.
2:34AM 4 large files with 2.2.7a
1:05AM 2 Must Samba have DNS server?
Thursday December 12 2002
11:14PM 0 Printproblem WinXP / Samba / Cups
10:54PM 1 (fwd from Compiling error
10:14PM 1 Any good how tos to configure samba on HPUX?
9:48PM 0 Delayed Write Fail
9:35PM 0 samba 2.999+3.0.alpha20-4 + cups 1.1.16-4 runing debian problem
8:29PM 5 oplocks and samba 2.2.7
7:26PM 0 Connecting to another printer
7:08PM 1 Access RPC Support for Samba 2.2.7
6:56PM 1 Samba/CUPS new printer not showing up, must restart
5:56PM 16 ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found or matched file blocki ng setting.
5:53PM 0 Samba HP-UX 10.20
5:13PM 2 Using Office2000 with Samba (latest version)
5:02PM 0 Problem connecting to Win2k share
4:10PM 1 permssion issues
3:52PM 1 Logon using windows domain
2:48PM 2 Problem with smbclient and domain logon
2:12PM 0 Problems accessing files from application
2:08PM 7 PDF printing problem - can't find Samba's spool file?
1:47PM 0 win2k & ntconfig.pol
12:25PM 1 libsmbclient init error
12:05PM 4 Samba 2.2.7a
11:06AM 1 Rejoining domain with W2K
9:56AM 0 Can't copy Floppy(A).lnk
8:41AM 1 Samba update FreeBSD
8:19AM 2 Large-scale ACL copying?
7:15AM 0 ITÈÏÖ¤Åàѵ¼°»¥ÁªÍøʵÑéÊÒ¿ª·Å
6:59AM 0 "Conversion from UTF8 to CP850 not supported"
6:55AM 3 ÌؼÛÐÂÊé
3:58AM 0 setting Home Directory permission
3:52AM 1 incorrect file creation dates
3:49AM 2 Protect virus file onSAMBA ?.
3:40AM 1 SAMBA hosts vanishing from WINS server running on NT4
3:33AM 0 test msg 2 pls ignore
3:29AM 0 test mesg pls ignore
2:44AM 0 Losing share connections?
1:55AM 3 lprm command not getting called.
Wednesday December 11 2002
11:38PM 1 Samba 2.2.7a still broken for me
11:06PM 0 Problems installing samba 2.2.7
10:45PM 1 question about security, UID, and /var/log/messages
10:16PM 2 samba PDC profile issues with winxp and win9x
10:02PM 1 Slow Printer Connection (net use ... )
9:59PM 12 File Systems - Which one to use?
9:00PM 1 Samba printing on Solaris 8
8:45PM 8 What project should I use ?
8:38PM 3 2 gigabyte issue
8:24PM 1 Samba performance on the mainframe
7:48PM 2 samba authenticate to 2K AD?
7:28PM 0 Re: Samba] Winbind UID
6:25PM 0 Samba PDC for Win2k and WinXP Pro
6:22PM 0 Newbie: Auto mount of NT User Directories on Linux
5:33PM 2 Samba 2.2.7a released
5:27PM 0 NT Password did not match ! Defaulting to Lanman
5:10PM 3 Caching
4:48PM 0 Forcing Local Profiles with
4:37PM 1 Strange winbindd situation
4:27PM 2 Winbind UID
4:21PM 0 MS Access XP and Samba Print Queues
3:58PM 2 Forcing Local Profiles with a Samba PDC
3:52PM 2 Installed New version of Samba for HPUX 2.2.7 - Winbi nd doesn't w ork
3:26PM 4 can we map windows folder onto unix
3:03PM 0 AW: Samba Performance question
2:51PM 1 domain local groups in winbindd
2:40PM 0 PAM rlogin Winbind - Solaris - NT Domain
2:09PM 0 Can write but not read user profiles from the samba server
1:54PM 1 Can I change my NT domain password with SAMBA?
1:23PM 3 Error starting the samba services
12:44PM 2 samba2.2.7 with cups 1.1.14
12:38PM 2 Searchable archieves
12:25PM 0 Is anyone join W2k/XP workstations to Samba3.0 Domain ??
11:50AM 2 gihas
8:39AM 1 Precisions to bug 26128
8:24AM 1 choose printing system between lpd and CUPS
7:18AM 0 Samba 2.2.1a crashing on RH 7.0
7:16AM 1 Login via winbind -> hangs for certain time
5:47AM 1 cannot browse domain
3:53AM 1 newbie: Verification of the downloaded Samba source
3:46AM 1 Running smbd under various ids
2:50AM 2 Uninstall Samba?
1:08AM 0 secure passwords
12:43AM 0 Windows 2000 Client unable to log onto Samba PDC 2.27
12:37AM 0 Windows 2000 Client Unable to Join Samba PDC 2.2.7 Help
Tuesday December 10 2002
11:46PM 2 incomprehesible quirk
8:54PM 0 Error code -43 when copying from OS X to Samba server
8:51PM 0 (no subject)
8:32PM 0 trying to share a directory using anonymous access...
8:09PM 0 Configuring Linux firewall to allow samba connections
7:46PM 1 bug: smbtar and incremental backup
7:14PM 5 nt->samba backup suggestions
5:18PM 0 Logins via winbind & ssh/xdm/... take a lot of time
5:04PM 0 FW: Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication - Here is the Answer with a clarification.
5:01PM 1 Samba with Mysql as backend and VIRTUAL users.
4:57PM 4 Help to a wet-behind-the-ears Linux newbie
4:53PM 0 [Fwd: RE: Samba connecting to NT PDC]
4:43PM 0 Are there any special steps i need to take in order to upgrage from Samba 2.2.2 (with winbind) to the current 2.2.7 (with winbind)?
4:31PM 1 Non-installation of Samba
4:28PM 2 FreeBSD as a PDC
4:11PM 2 Installed New version of Samba for HPUX 2.2.7 - Winbind doesn't w ork
3:48PM 0 Strange access problems with hostname vs ip
3:45PM 4 process owner
3:35PM 0 SuSE 8.1/Samba 2.2.7 - files disappear in home subdir s
3:29PM 1 SuSE 8.1/Samba 2.2.7 - files disappear in home subdirs
3:21PM 0 Samba and OS/2 Warp Server 4.0
12:59PM 2 Migrating W2K AD to Samba?
11:59AM 4 Synching browsing with two subnets
11:14AM 1 SAMBA 2.2.7 configuration for a ULTRA1 Solaris 2.5.1 system
8:41AM 5 Using the right network interface
8:03AM 0 Changing printer properties caused infinite loop (samba-2.2.7, cups-1.1.16, Solaris 2.8)
7:08AM 5 2gb limit & weird filenames
1:10AM 1 FW: Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication - Here is the Answer.
12:15AM 0 Description of Shares in Windows
Monday December 9 2002
11:41PM 1 Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication
9:11PM 2 PDF printing problem - can't find Samba's file?
7:31PM 0 ICS
5:59PM 1 authentication problem with winXP
5:36PM 1 Problem printing with WinXP and samba
5:26PM 1 Samba and FlashMX and Photoship
5:24PM 0 Problem with smbmounted W2K-shares listings
5:19PM 0 does samba server knows abt client status....
4:45PM 0 Problems with audit.c in Samba
4:31PM 0 Protect virus file.
4:11PM 0 Heather/ Followup
3:55PM 3 smbclient returns incorrect file size for large files
3:02PM 0 win2k client unable to logon to the samba pdc . Please Help !
2:53PM 0 what happens when client logs off...
2:44PM 1 (no subject)
2:31PM 1 samba as secondary domain controller
1:59PM 0 SAMBA 2.2.7, compilation errors
1:55PM 2 PDC: Problems making the win2k client join domain
1:38PM 0 help me my lprng print are VERY SLOOOWW
12:55PM 0 I can't log into a NT( i could ); but can from another samba
12:25PM 1 my Win2k client wont login into the Samba PDC , HELP !
8:43AM 0 xcopy /o query
2:59AM 0 No mapping between usernames and ID's was done
Sunday December 8 2002
11:07PM 7 Has anybody got ACL to work w/ debian, winbindd in a w2k mixed domain?
10:07PM 0 Browsing between subnets, domains
8:15PM 1 unable to connect to SWAT
8:11PM 0 3 Wishes Lingerie * * * Christmas Gift ideas * * *
7:47PM 4 Antivirus
7:23PM 0 Samba and NTLMv2
7:21PM 1 Serious recurring problem with Samba 2.2.7
7:11PM 0 NTLMv2 and Samba server
6:27PM 2 Installation Samba 2.2.7
3:13PM 1 Sudden Bug
2:53PM 1 Print status problem
1:33PM 0 "admin users" and "printer admin" in smb.conf
1:24PM 3 deleting files problem
12:24PM 0 sharing one profile-directory with multiple users
10:22AM 0 nmbd behaving...
7:01AM 1 roaming profile fails with NT_STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL
2:55AM 1 "checking whether to support ACLs... no"
12:01AM 1 SAMBA slower than MARSNWE...
Saturday December 7 2002
9:15PM 2 directory vs. file delete permissions
6:39PM 4 Big Migration
3:54PM 0 can't connect to samba's printer
3:51PM 2 SuperSlow Browsing
3:42PM 1 HP Deskjet Driver Problems
2:33PM 2 Multiple client code pages?
10:22AM 0 prblems with accessing server.
7:42AM 0 (no subject)
2:14AM 0 Unable to connect to domain
12:59AM 0 Error running copy through samba
Friday December 6 2002
10:59PM 1 typical performance on 10mbit switched network
9:35PM 0 Problem with File Permissions on NT
9:01PM 0 Printer wont appear in samba...
7:46PM 3 pre-/postexec in printers-section
6:55PM 0 Win Xp and Samba
6:05PM 4 problem with logon and outlook
4:41PM 3 New files and directories
4:29PM 0 Samba Tip´s
3:51PM 3 do not show printers?
3:40PM 0 Re: ACL issues still unresolved (Andrew Furey)
1:37PM 0 Hepl
11:07AM 0 URGENT DMB,LMB's Configuration Please help...........???
10:57AM 2 File changed as we read it.....
10:54AM 0 Maping beteen UID and RID
10:23AM 0 XP Profiles
10:20AM 0 Password query
10:12AM 0 illegal parameter at domain logon
9:44AM 1 i need help on samba installation
8:04AM 0 LPRng and Samba -- Still
7:34AM 0 Security = domain & groups
7:26AM 0 smbclient stops getting files
4:19AM 1 Profile problem (samba+ldap)
12:27AM 1 mapping drive in XP hangs
12:24AM 0 smbpasswd has password length problem with the 2.2.7 security patch
12:21AM 1 Problem with 95/98 and Outlook....
Thursday December 5 2002
11:39PM 1 write_socket_data(54) errors
10:45PM 1 I want to get rid of user "nobody"
10:30PM 2 2.2.7 RH 8.0 Binary RPM's
10:00PM 1 Samba/LDAP Authentication and SSL Conflicts
8:31PM 4 Printing - "lprm command" not getting executed
7:53PM 1 Samba 2.2.7 - Domain SID
7:23PM 0 Adding users to samba 3.0alpha21 -> ldap backend - fails
6:58PM 0 Where is this rid coming from?
6:47PM 0 change password
6:37PM 0 winbind log
5:58PM 0 Setting Trust Beetween NT and Samba
5:47PM 0 (no subject)
5:26PM 1 file corruption problem, HELP
5:21PM 0 Samba and ACL problems.
5:14PM 0 Auto printer drivers download for RAW printers
4:36PM 1 swat not working this time
4:30PM 1 Authenticate Linux Session with NT Domain Acct.
3:43PM 1 Administrator account samba-3.0alpha21 and LDAP
3:25PM 1 Samba 2.2.7 - client computer can NOT log IN.
2:54PM 1 smbclient -L <nameofserver>
2:49PM 0 on LM8.1, LM8.2 but not LM9
2:46PM 0 New Italian samba support mailing list
1:06PM 2 Locking user accounts
12:25PM 0 Strange logentries in samba
8:01AM 4 ACL issues still unresolved
5:14AM 0 Can you change your NT user password from linux using Samba?
4:53AM 1 winbind + groups hogs CPU
3:43AM 1 tdb_reopen: open failed error
3:00AM 0 (fwd from Password query
Wednesday December 4 2002
11:32PM 0 Owner job in a cups printer whithin samba
11:10PM 0 (no subject)
10:39PM 0 (no subject)
10:37PM 0 "personal" share list
9:50PM 1 Can Solaris/Samba authenticate to a n NT domain??
9:35PM 0 Access Samba Servers from th
8:51PM 2 Access Samba Servers from the Internet?
8:47PM 0 Samba on Sco Openserver 5 Printing
8:18PM 0 SID when joining samba domain
7:42PM 1 What issues are there with running smbmnt suid root?
7:24PM 0 Admin users cannot delete files
6:53PM 0 winbind problems solved!
6:12PM 0 Client connect to MSDFS
6:10PM 1 Automatically Creating User Home Directories
6:05PM 0 question/problem - SAMBA server dies
5:56PM 3 Debian Samba Versions
4:47PM 2 Won't %L work anymore?
4:40PM 2 Is Redhat / Samba the only combination that can authenticate to a n NT domain??
4:19PM 0 Problem with winbind: PAM
4:16PM 0 Help Moving to NT DHCP
1:48PM 0 Cannot download
12:38PM 0 Mozilla browser
9:51AM 0 how to turn "enable advanced printing features" off?
8:24AM 1 MARSNWE -vs- SAMBA...
8:16AM 1 DNS
7:31AM 0 Q: Can't add machine account
6:08AM 0 'logon drive =' makes w2k reboot after login.
4:10AM 0 poor transfer speeds - Technical comment required
3:04AM 0 Samba 3,0 alpha21 - fail to join the domain !
2:51AM 0 lib/util_sock.c:read_data
2:48AM 2 Disconnected...:( It MUST be a kernel problem OR a Samba problem.
2:39AM 0 Does Samba3.0 support .NET Server
2:28AM 2 For big guys...
Tuesday December 3 2002
10:31PM 1 RE: Machine accounts are no longer recognized in SAMBA 3.0-20-4
10:17PM 0 Question on using CIFS VFS client with DFS share
9:50PM 0 sharename not found
9:09PM 0 Large file problem..
8:53PM 9 Problem with winbind (is this the right list?)
8:41PM 1 misc problems on samba/linux
7:25PM 2 Samba 2.2.7 login script processing
7:16PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 and logon script processing
7:12PM 0 [ Re: Accessing network shares under sshd]
6:55PM 0 hide unreadable with homes share
6:52PM 1 Questions on fs mounting
6:28PM 0 help !!!!!
6:06PM 2 Printing from samba to W2K
4:41PM 0 File Size Transfer Limit
3:41PM 3 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:21PM 2 Simultaneous logins
3:09PM 0 Need to know the code error returned by smbmount utility
2:34PM 0 Samba Workstation domain membering
1:08PM 1 plus some general / opinion type questions (maybe newbie questions)
12:30PM 0 winbind unhealthy
12:07PM 1 2.2.7 nmbd doesn't start under RedHat 7.1 (Kernel 2.4.2-2smp)
12:04PM 1 CVS release-2.2.7 and debian
11:47AM 0 Global Group win Nt
11:40AM 1 Long Share Names and Windows NT Workstation 4.0
11:38AM 2 Samba SWAT 2.2.7 Doesn't Work in Redhat8.0?
10:18AM 0 Global Group WinNt domain
10:05AM 0 domain logons+linux client
9:29AM 0 domain logon
7:12AM 0 Error explorer.exe
6:44AM 0 Can't see domain groups on Win 2K client
6:39AM 2 printing and other questions
5:48AM 1 samba printer configuration
2:47AM 0 Domain for Linux Clients
Monday December 2 2002
10:22PM 1 oplocks and pagemaker files
10:10PM 1 compiling samba 3
9:08PM 0 cannont change the Workgroup="" setting with swat
9:05PM 0 Win98 and Samba 2.2.3a (PR#26045)
9:03PM 1 HELP: tree connect failed
7:44PM 0 File Duplication
7:42PM 0 RE: [linux] [newbie] Tar - Is there a 2Gb limit file size on NT4
7:39PM 6 Issue with Samba and Microsoft Word
7:33PM 1 samba server+wat abt linux systems...
7:15PM 0 user not in domain
7:07PM 2 unsupported action mkdir
7:03PM 0 Samba Windows domain and squid 2.5 stable1
6:12PM 0 strange smbstatus locked files
5:28PM 1 problems...
5:24PM 0 user not in group
4:40PM 0 user not in domain group?
4:34PM 1 Automounting a shared Windows Drive with
4:31PM 0 samba 3 cvs
3:54PM 5 Issues with Samba
3:46PM 0 samba 3.0a21+pdc+ldap+pam_ldap - add machines [Can
1:28PM 1 transferring profiles
10:26AM 0 Invitation to e-attend an NYU e-business seminar!
7:42AM 0 Samba on Tru64
12:26AM 0 Authentication of windows NT Clients
Sunday December 1 2002
10:48PM 4 using samba as unix network filesystem
9:54PM 3 Share Concurrency
8:14PM 0 smbpasswd -j joins wrong domain?
5:25PM 4 WinXP duplicate computer name problem
1:01PM 0 weirdness when creating stuff in root of smb share
12:33PM 1 CUPS printing problem under Samba 2.2.7
4:11AM 1 WinXP problems accessing Samba shares
2:21AM 1 Unknown parameter encountered: "ads server" - Samba in ADS.