samba - Oct 2002

Thursday October 31 2002
11:14PM 1 initialise groups winbind making samba useless
10:43PM 0 (no subject)
10:29PM 1 Samba 2.2.6 RPM for RedHat 8.0
8:30PM 2 Re: Samba PDC and Kerberos(MIT or SEAM in Uinx, without microsoft ADS)
7:53PM 3 where is smbmount??
7:33PM 1 smbmount share into root filesystem/permissions error
7:30PM 7 Which tree should I be barking up?
7:23PM 0 samba stability, scalability in enviromentens with more then 200 clients?
7:15PM 1 2.2.6 nmbd dies unexpectedly.
6:43PM 1 Head & Rotor VE 11/01
5:00PM 0 SMB as PDC and NIS on same machine
4:44PM 0 My Apologies for the HTML!
4:38PM 0 Samba 2.2.4 Printer Driver Issue
4:36PM 3 PDC connect problem
4:34PM 0 Samba wbinfo problems
4:30PM 1 Joining an NT domain using the smbpasswd command
4:11PM 3 bizarre issue with opening Quicktime files from a share
3:48PM 9 getent not working correctly
3:25PM 1 Re-Send - Non-HTML - (Sorry) Samba and Solaris and Linux
3:04PM 1 Going Then Other Way
2:44PM 8 Winbindd not listing users/groups
2:19PM 0 Samba and Solaris and Linux
1:37PM 2 nmb
1:34PM 0 Problem with samba2.2.6
11:15AM 2 Error joining Win2K domain: ads_connect: DSA is unavailable
10:57AM 1 Problems with Samba 2.0.7
10:46AM 1 SWAT display
10:42AM 0 3000'ish Open Files - causes network connection to be reset from single machine
9:47AM 1 2 GB Filesize-limit?
9:21AM 2 PDC Problems (read this the first one is incomplete)
9:03AM 1 PDC problems ....
8:16AM 2 Problems of groups accessing shared directory
7:39AM 0 pam authentication solaris9
4:52AM 0 Domain Users and file owners
4:41AM 2 quota support on AIX
12:40AM 0 can connect when security = USER but not when security = SHARE
Wednesday October 30 2002
11:27PM 0 NT domain name?
11:12PM 3 segmentation fault
10:48PM 0 Suggestion: maybe no need to add SMB_ACL_GROUP_OBJ in ensure_canon_entry_valid()
9:35PM 0 nmbd messages
9:27PM 1 Samba as PDC and Win2k security options
8:30PM 2 Upgrading from 2.2.1a to 2.2.5 on RH 7.2
8:14PM 2 Unable to login with regular Linux accounts?
8:00PM 1 sticky bit, etc.
7:13PM 0 HELP: configure fails for latest cvs samba 3.x
6:49PM 0 nmblookup problem
6:39PM 2 Groups and Samba and Winbind
6:29PM 0 Sending "fake" ip address to WINS server when advertising?
6:17PM 1 acl resource
6:14PM 0 share folder
6:11PM 1 restricting interfaces.
6:09PM 0 unable to join samba domain.
5:50PM 1 Winbind unknown parameter
5:27PM 0 and Samba question (was: RE: Script question)
5:25PM 1 Print Queue Management through windows Clients
4:53PM 1 Re: Samba - root preexec & login scripts
4:34PM 1 Microsoft outlook or outlook express and roaming profiles
4:27PM 3 Blocking internet access to Samba
4:14PM 1 Crontab ??
4:10PM 0 PDC operation: "controller cannot be located" error
3:29PM 2 codepage-conversion for smbclient
3:15PM 0 Samba Printing Issue - Windows cannot see the print queue
3:04PM 1 Samba <-> LDAP auth
2:16PM 1 preferred Oplock settings
2:13PM 0 Samba... help!
2:08PM 0 (no subject)
1:13PM 2 Problems joining a Samba PDC controlled Domain
10:48AM 0 Mail not delivered (virus suspected)
10:11AM 0 Fwd: network browsing
9:57AM 0 Printing problems with NT/Samba
9:15AM 1 smbldap-tools problem
8:06AM 1 File lost all pictures
7:18AM 4 PDF printer using ps2pdf ?
6:45AM 1 [ns]mbd, sync'ing of disks, and hdparm
12:19AM 1 Printing only as admin?
12:05AM 1 Trouble with XP/Pro and Samba PDC
Tuesday October 29 2002
11:42PM 1 smb show /tmp when you use UNC
11:12PM 0 smb over ssh still valid?
10:51PM 1 NT4 "at" jobs & samba
10:37PM 8 samba will not start
9:10PM 0 Misterious problem after upgrading from 2.2.4 to 2.2.6 (possible bug?)
9:02PM 1 Matching two redhat servers
8:59PM 0 locking error 2.2.6
8:50PM 2 Printing Status - Access denied, unable to connect
8:38PM 1 Samba PDC reliability?
8:30PM 0 solaris 7 and cvs samba 3.x build - No locking availa ble. Running Samba would be unsafe solaris
7:47PM 0 [Fwd: NDN: Re: Samba PDC+LDAP: Account restrictions]
6:51PM 0 RE: Can you assist me? I have seen yours and Jennifer Fountains corr espondence
6:10PM 0 Re: Samba and Kerberos PDC(MIT or SEAM, without microsoft ADS)
5:40PM 2 Samba PDC+LDAP: Account restrictions
5:25PM 0 and Samba question (was: RE: Script question)
4:39PM 1 and Samba question (was: RE: Script question)
4:37PM 1 concerning smbmount
4:25PM 1 RE: Samba PDCs/BDCs and Trusts WAS: auth to two diff PDCs? (succe ss, sort of)
3:49PM 5 oplock problems
3:38PM 5 Script question
3:24PM 1 Help for integrated Samba 2.0.6 and Windows NT Server 4.0
3:21PM 2 2.2.6 leaking session ids?
3:12PM 5 People
2:57PM 1 RE: Samba PDCs/BDCs and Trusts WAS: auth to two diff PDCs? (succe ss, sort of)
2:47PM 0 RE: Can you assist me? I have seen yours and Jennifer Fountains corr espondence
2:43PM 1 BUG: 2.2.6 and dos recusive filecopy
2:41PM 0 About shairing
2:38PM 2 Wins over subnets
2:24PM 3 FW: (no subject)
2:06PM 0 (no subject)
1:55PM 0 Again problems with PDC
1:46PM 0 Hello Samba
1:22PM 0 Time updating
1:04PM 0 Fw: Samba PDC
12:57PM 3 Cannot see the samba server in Network Neighbourhood
12:42PM 2 File locking problems - v2.2.6
11:51AM 2 Error when list a directory
10:20AM 1 ¹úÇì¹ýµÄ»¹ºÃ°É£¡
10:00AM 1 Hiting a limit to the number of connections
9:10AM 0 Rsync - what is max --modify-window number?
8:44AM 0 network drive automatically appear
7:18AM 1 strange locks
6:02AM 1 samba compiling error
4:29AM 1 Problem running ./configure
3:45AM 1 Problem Uploading Printer Drivers from XP
3:09AM 0 samba error when browsing network.
2:48AM 1 what GCC and GAS version needed for samba 2.2.5
1:41AM 2 Machine can login, Machine(s) cant.
Monday October 28 2002
11:50PM 2 NT Administrator account changes permissions when logging onto samba server
11:37PM 1 smbd is the source of usually high CPU usage
11:32PM 11 Winbind!
11:04PM 0 FW: Access Problem connecting from windows 2000 client to Samba U NIX server Share
10:25PM 0 Access Problem connecting from windows 2000 client to Samba UNIX server Share
8:58PM 3 SMBFS files receiving incorrect timestamps
8:00PM 1 solaris 7 and cvs samba 3.x build - No locking available. Running Samba would be unsafe solaris
7:43PM 0 security bug or misconfiguration ?
7:41PM 3 Samba, Cups, printer driver download problems
6:00PM 0 Daylight savings
5:43PM 0 Windows 2000 server and Samba PDC
5:40PM 0 New Error with smbgroupedit
5:30PM 1 Help: configure error with cvs download samba 3.x
5:13PM 0 Run smbclient in Unix shell script
3:24PM 2 ENC: utilizing smbpasswd with two user #######URGENT#######
2:45PM 2 root prexec/postexec & login scripts
2:11PM 3 samba and oplocks and office applications
1:06PM 1 intermitent domain logon failures
1:03PM 2 Is 2.2.6 Final?
10:19AM 1 cipsaddsmb UNSUCCESSFUL
10:00AM 4 Failed to find real path for mount point
9:29AM 4 2.2.6 error
8:57AM 4 MS Access and RAID
5:57AM 0 Pls help me, you cannot view the list of users at this point of time pls try some time later
5:46AM 2 auth to two diff PDCs? (success, sort of)
5:33AM 0 postexec umount /cdrom doesn't work
3:53AM 1 Windows cannot see Samba Server
3:38AM 0 (no subject)
3:33AM 1 smb.conf - user access
2:45AM 0 Do you ever wonder if someone is talking about you? Get SpyEar!
Sunday October 27 2002
11:56PM 0 Samba success
6:53PM 0 Get paid for your opinions
6:21PM 5 Another GUI
5:57PM 1 HELP: cupsaddsmb is asking for the root password, but it does not work
5:55PM 1 Problem with Samba 2.2.6 as PDC
4:07PM 0 Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
12:04PM 1 Samba client question
Saturday October 26 2002
8:54PM 1 AD Question
2:11PM 1 procedure number is out of range
1:51PM 0 Bajos precios de productos de Internet para Pymes
12:59PM 4 Older Mac to SAMBA copy
12:31PM 0 Rollover Your Minutes on Your New Free Nokia
7:04AM 1 2.2.6-1 src rpm
5:30AM 1 libsmbclient in Mac OS X / Darwin
3:37AM 1 use samba timeserver for linux box
2:31AM 3 0.32?????????
Friday October 25 2002
9:06PM 0 Samba Server in a WinNT 4 Domain - SOLVED, sort of...
8:52PM 0 Problem with Winbindd
8:01PM 0 smbadduser
7:26PM 0 name resolving via routers
7:02PM 1 Winbind with samba PDC
6:51PM 0 Samba Server in a WinNT 4 Domain
6:31PM 0 acesso remoto a um cd-rw
6:29PM 1 Samba 2.2.5 and Winbind bug.
6:20PM 2 Creating user home directories with domain login
4:58PM 0 Cant connect
4:55PM 1 Re-establishing a Samba 2.2.1a domain controller after major "crash"
4:37PM 0 Samba 2.2.6 Install Issue With Solaris 9
4:33PM 1 Samba 2.2.2 and ScopeID
3:48PM 1 how to browse Windows shares
3:25PM 2 utilizing smbpasswd with two user #######URGENT###### #
3:20PM 0 utilizing smbpasswd with two user #######URGENT#######
2:23PM 0 winbind_lookup_name for group foobar failed
1:36PM 0 One Time Migration script from a Windows NT 4.0 PDC to a Samba PDC (verification)
1:06PM 1 language in posts
12:58PM 1 One more empty page printig via samba.
11:48AM 3 One Time Migration script from a Windows NT 4.0 PDC to a Samba PDC
11:32AM 1 Lan Manager Printer Port and Samba 2.2.x
10:46AM 0 problem to join the domain with WinXP
10:31AM 0 Samba 2.2.6 leaks file descriptions! My smb.conf included
10:21AM 0 share of a share and lockups
10:08AM 4 Samba 2.2.6 leaks file descriptions!
9:57AM 1 Configure problem with Solaris 8, samba 2.2.6
9:38AM 2 How to configure server smb.conf and client Windows NT under auto DHCP obtain IP address?
9:19AM 2 Printing problem..
2:40AM 1 Use of pam_smbpass
1:29AM 0 windows 98 > Samba server IPC$
1:22AM 5 ACL support in Samba
12:46AM 2 smbclient error - SUCCESS - 0
12:11AM 1 Add User Confusion With 3.0 + LDAP
Thursday October 24 2002
11:51PM 0 Write/Modily permissions
11:17PM 0 Help with logon script
11:07PM 0 [Fwd: Problem with CUPS and Samba]
9:57PM 0 Problem with winbind and network neighborhood...
9:04PM 1 Does Samba 2.2.4 support 64 bit?
8:29PM 2 Linux Compression
6:26PM 0 Re: Failed to open /usr/local/samba/private/secrets.tdb
6:22PM 0 printing from w2k
6:17PM 1 Samba with AIX version 4.0
5:50PM 2 Install to alternate location
5:20PM 1 Domain not available
4:52PM 0 Samba Community BoF at LISA 2002
4:13PM 1 XP connect to Samba as workgroup?
3:51PM 1 user or group names with blanks
3:38PM 0 w2k hangs while access samba
3:35PM 0 RE: Always use the native protocol of the client -- WAS: How Samb a let us down
3:21PM 1 OpLock+flat DB corruption (Was: How Samba let us down )
3:02PM 0 Winbind Help : NT Group permissions don't seem to apply when us ing username map
2:40PM 0 Unable to change group permissions from Windows
2:20PM 1 Trust relationship lost in 2.2.1a repeatedly !
2:06PM 1 OpLock+flat DB corruption (Was: How Samba let us down)
1:50PM 0 Samba PDC and XP Pro Problem. (Not signorseal - fixedthat one some time ago)
1:34PM 0 [2] Re: How Samba let us down
12:59PM 0 problem with ML
12:55PM 0 (Fwd) Re: SMBFS missing files using ls and find on RH7.3
12:50PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Always use the native protocol of the client -- WAS:How Samba let us down]
12:33PM 0 Always use the native protocol of the client -- WAS: How Samba let us down
8:43AM 1 Samba PDC and XP Pro Problem. (Not signorseal - fixed that one some time ago)
8:33AM 1 Csc Policy
7:24AM 1 MSDFS info...
5:25AM 1 Domain login problem...
5:06AM 0 Kudos to Samba team - again
3:05AM 1 2 samba's?
12:08AM 1 Secret is bad 0xc000018b
Wednesday October 23 2002
10:42PM 0 smbmount on hardhatlinux-mppc8xx doesnt work for win2k
10:16PM 1 XP Clients joining samba domain.
9:37PM 2 samba stop
8:25PM 0 Sambas as fileserver for a IIS WebServer
8:09PM 0 tdb_delete errors
7:52PM 0 Printing issues.
6:45PM 0 Hi, project (samba-php)
4:52PM 3 Samba + Winbind + Squid
4:45PM 2 Printing from Linux to Windows 2000
4:39PM 0 Can you delete this message from the web???
4:35PM 2 plea for sample config files : accessing samba from windows...
4:23PM 2 Running smb without nmb? (Linux Suse 8.1 feature)
3:57PM 2 ipsec problem
2:14PM 0 Windows printer share problem.
2:01PM 3 cupsaddsmb rpcclient error
1:50PM 5 samba and winbind issues
1:17PM 1 getent group 'Domain Users' hangs
1:08PM 2 Random Network Failures
1:04PM 3 How do I permit NT Administrator to manage ACL's on s amba file server
12:39PM 0 Unable to connect MS Lan Manager Client for DOS to SAMBA
12:01PM 1 SAMBA and Win2000 SP3
10:34AM 2 Strange filenames after copy to smb-share
9:46AM 2 Audit in 2.2.6
8:53AM 0 re pbm samba cron
8:33AM 0 join a win 2000 realm with samba
8:30AM 0 How do I permit NT Administrator to manage ACL's on samba file server
8:22AM 1 Samba 2.2.6 and RAS
8:09AM 1 re stagiaire embetée ...
7:19AM 0 gros pbm ... help !
6:15AM 16 How Samba let us down
5:22AM 0 Asegure su Vida y el Futuro de su Familia
4:45AM 0 Re: samba -- confirmation of subscription -- request 148282
4:27AM 4 XP clients & inexplicable pauses
1:11AM 1 mounting a printer shared on a win9x machine
12:29AM 0 Samba & CUPS...
Tuesday October 22 2002
10:39PM 2 Delete files
10:03PM 1 Mailing list.
9:11PM 0 Group write permissions denied when using username map
9:09PM 1 Printing problems.
8:17PM 1 getent passwd fails at 20,000 users
8:15PM 0 pgina / gina
7:23PM 0 2.2.6 file size problems
7:18PM 1 Website Safety Test Results
7:11PM 1 Wins. Urgente !!!
6:53PM 0 username parameter
6:17PM 1 nmbd dies as soon as it's started
6:08PM 1 NTFS file property - "primary group ID" instead of DACL
6:06PM 1 2.2.6 configure problems
6:03PM 4 Re: Coming round to SURS...
5:49PM 2 XP Reg Hacks
5:17PM 1 Disabling Active Directory in Win2k Server
5:10PM 0 Disabling Active Directory in Win2k Server to connect to Samba PDC
4:53PM 0 Wishlist for
4:30PM 4 repeatedly crashing smbd when printing: broken pipe
4:22PM 4 share a linux box with win2K
3:50PM 2 AW: can't install printer driver to samba2.2.6 and 3.0alp ha20
3:27PM 1 Utmp Problem
3:24PM 1 Roaming Profiles, My Documents and XP
3:13PM 0 Samba users on Windows 2000 server
2:49PM 0 Samba or Win2K Server as Domain Controller?
2:13PM 6 2.2.6 problems
2:05PM 2 rpm -i samba-2.2.6-1.i386.rpm
1:55PM 1 can't install printer driver to samba2.2.6 and 3.0alpha20
1:28PM 1 Multiple codepage support
12:57PM 0 Samba server and Win98 networking problem
12:40PM 1 Samba Question w/ RH 7.3 and Windows
11:51AM 0 iPlanet ldap authentication: NT password check failed
10:24AM 0 Help for installing Samba on SUN SPARC SOLARIS with O S 8
10:11AM 2 Help for installing Samba on SUN SPARC SOLARIS with OS 8
10:08AM 1 problem on user mapping
8:36AM 1 Browser elections
5:46AM 1 dial up and samba
1:10AM 0 Win 9x vs Win XP clients???
12:19AM 3 Files Missing on smbfs on RH 7.3
12:17AM 0 Install Problem
12:11AM 0 I have a MS Project question
Monday October 21 2002
11:58PM 0 FW: Folder re-direction by Group Policy in a Multiple-Samba serv er environment
11:52PM 0 Other Documentation: Linux as PDC for Windows NT network
11:43PM 0 Folder re-direction by Group Policy in a Multiple-Samba server e nvironment
11:37PM 0 Info
11:21PM 1 Performance problem executing programs from shares
11:06PM 0 (fwd) "Cannot shmget structids"
9:38PM 1 username map with NT groups
8:37PM 1 ERRDOS -ERRnoaccess Error during smbmount "session setup failed"
8:12PM 0 Solution for winbind problem: incorrect password or unknown usern ame
8:02PM 2 SetPrinter call failed
7:53PM 3 Strange Share Trouble
5:34PM 1 Booting win95 with a floppy on a samba drive
5:32PM 3 Problem with Samba on Solaris 2.6
5:24PM 2 W2KSP2 vs W2KSP2RP1 - failed logon to Samba 2.2.6
5:16PM 3 Adding a Win2k Server to a Samba PDC
5:13PM 3 win2K passwords
4:54PM 6 can't add w2K client to samba domain
4:43PM 1 samba - force user parameter (bug?)
4:17PM 2 Wierd error logging into Samba 2.2.5 from Winxp
3:36PM 0 cannot get swat to work with redhat 8.0
3:26PM 3 AW: user root is not accepted anymore
3:22PM 0 Samba 2.2.6-1 util_sock.c error
3:16PM 0 smbclient with share name in foreign langages
2:45PM 4 samba 2.2.6 name
2:19PM 1 Problems logging onto Samba from Winxp
1:50PM 0 Windows XP Professional SP1, add a domain-user to a lokal group
1:36PM 1 unicode_map.850
1:18PM 0 W2K doesn't automatically mount home drive
1:05PM 0 assert on frag length failed when enumprinters
11:58AM 1 user root is not accepted anymore
11:52AM 1 locking .. smb locks and unix locks
9:41AM 0 Winbind adduser scipt
9:17AM 1 Samba 2.2.5/XP-Pro with Domain Account
8:53AM 0 PATCH for libsmbclient.c (samba-2.2.5)
8:10AM 1 Error - should be sent to WINS server
7:00AM 1 compilation probs...
6:37AM 1 nmbd: wins: records not updated
4:45AM 0 German codepage and Samba3.0alpha20
2:41AM 1 "The network path was not found." error message
1:44AM 0 smbtar file size limit.
12:46AM 0 installclientlib patch
Sunday October 20 2002
10:56PM 1 Samba and Win2000 with Service pack 3
10:02PM 0 Need help with some DFS ideas.
7:43PM 2 Roaming Profiles with win 98 - Doesn't work.
4:41PM 1 Re: Samba 3alpha, XP: can't login
3:20PM 1 print$ share
1:10AM 4 ./configure failing 2.2.6 install (Newbie question)
Saturday October 19 2002
11:54PM 0 Fwd: [hangout] Busy Week for NYLXS []
4:30PM 1 slow logon (and logoff) to Samba PDC
4:05PM 0 Virus encontrado na mensagem "MARGINHEIGHT" [Virus found in received message "MARGINHEIGHT"]
2:04PM 2 public and private share
1:03PM 1 Win2k & Samba - beginner
12:50PM 0 problem - how do i fix this - please advice
6:26AM 3 IPCo Mail Server Email Notification
6:20AM 1 Trouble with domain logins
1:25AM 1 DNS error connecting to Domain
12:39AM 0 Add User question
Friday October 18 2002
10:11PM 6 winbind, getent and wbinfo
8:52PM 0 Username map and UNIX UID assignments - my findings
8:41PM 1 Change your bookmarks for these three sites
8:34PM 0 Problem installing Samba 3.0
7:53PM 0 winbind wbinfo -t secret is bad
7:02PM 1 Modify pdbedit
6:33PM 0 non-English filenames (one more attempt)
5:46PM 3 Two nmbd processes on 2.2.6
5:17PM 0 unjoin w2k from domain message == what's this mean?
5:08PM 0 Fw: something wrong with the list (or its members)
4:30PM 0 Mapping drives from W2K domain controller
3:49PM 0 protocol question
3:41PM 0 Samba 3.020 and Win2K as PDC
3:28PM 1 Slow transfer file between Windows and Samba PDC (2.2 .3a)
2:30PM 4 something wrong with the list (or its members)
1:50PM 1 Slow transfer file between Windows and Samba PDC (2.2.3a)
11:57AM 8 MS Access and Samba
11:52AM 3 Please help, going mad with permissions
10:13AM 1 Readonly AND Writable share
9:33AM 0 nmbd and the Domain Master Browser
9:19AM 4 Netlogon no longer works in 2.2.6 with W2k client
9:16AM 0 Send message
8:57AM 0 Samba server - windows Archive bit's
8:15AM 3 samba & fat32 lockup my linux machine
7:15AM 0 Windows PDC with Samba PDC
4:31AM 1 timeout?
3:12AM 1 SMB.Conf when using security = domain
3:09AM 0 NT4 & W2K homepath
3:07AM 3 Another Shot At It
2:07AM 0 Samba for NCR MP-RAS Unix
1:17AM 0 Samba 2.2.6 Compile error
Thursday October 17 2002
11:22PM 1 Cannot mount with newer samba
10:40PM 3 Samba proposal document.
10:24PM 0 NT PDC problems...
9:05PM 5 Resolving NetBIOS names within linux
9:04PM 0 WIN2000 Reconnect at logon.
8:48PM 1 Need suggestions for choice of print services for Samba
8:44PM 0 Help with samba/winbindd issues
7:18PM 1 Printer Management
6:58PM 0 Samba as a Member of the Domain
6:40PM 2 Samba 3.0 alpha20-2 and Win2k SP3
5:54PM 1 winbind question
5:45PM 3 quick question
5:19PM 0 Fw: Samba as a NT PDC
5:02PM 1 Username map and UNIX UID assignments
5:00PM 1 Samba Roaming Profiles
4:32PM 1 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED - Samba on Mandrake 8.2
4:28PM 3 Printing issue
4:16PM 1 newbie problem: can't mount win xp disk into linux (regkey is set)
4:10PM 0 Samba + LDAP + SuSE eMail Server questions/problems
4:07PM 3 tdb Format
3:42PM 1 Password aging ...
2:28PM 1 Samba as a NT PDC
2:13PM 0 Samba hastles
2:11PM 0 two sambas on one machine?
1:33PM 4 upgrade samba
1:17PM 1 Compile failure samba3.0alpha20
1:15PM 1 Documentation help
1:10PM 3 Mounting a windows share
1:08PM 0 (no subject)
12:47PM 0 Samba 2.2.6 (final) RPMS released for Mandrake Linux 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0
12:42PM 0 Samba server and WinME connection problem
12:40PM 0 multiple samba servers in a single workgroup
12:24PM 1 join a win2000 kdc
11:42AM 0 Performance Problem on GUI-Session
10:56AM 4 information about XP <-> samba ?
10:42AM 1 Samba 3.0 alphaX running ok
9:18AM 1 i can't print directly to my samba printer server...
9:01AM 1 Samba 3.020 and Win2K with Kerberos 5
5:00AM 0 (no subject)
4:38AM 1 Possible to install client only from source
3:52AM 1 The Samba Team Releases Version 2.2.6
3:33AM 0 Doh!
3:30AM 0 Still can't make it work (LONG)
3:25AM 0 don't let this one pass you by!!1
2:42AM 0 Samba and Make Utility Question
2:37AM 0 Samba with ipfilers and NAT
12:23AM 1 Samba & NSS_LDAP
12:17AM 0 Connect Problem with UNIX Client: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFULL
Wednesday October 16 2002
11:36PM 0 Connecting Linux to Windows Me
9:54PM 0 ERRNO=Network is unreachable
6:44PM 4 does smbmount use keepalive and/or smb.conf?
6:37PM 0 Transfer rate on NT/XP/2000 with service pack 6a
6:04PM 1 Possible bug in SAMBA connection close?
5:28PM 1 follow up to novell file issue and a question about "fstype"
5:12PM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #1731 - 8 msgs
4:36PM 0 newbie question multiple samba servers in a single workgroup
3:53PM 1 Windows Drivers and SAMBA
3:39PM 1 Problem with PDC + Printing
3:22PM 0 CVS Client
3:06PM 2 NMBD going down almost immediately after startup
2:09PM 1 new server/recommendations
1:51PM 3 Problem Logging in to Samba PDC
1:24PM 0 to make a printer usable by all the world even with those which d on't belong to the domain
1:18PM 0 samba books ?
12:48PM 1 xp and joining a samba domain
12:45PM 0 Samba. DR-DOS and Terabytes...
12:20PM 1 Problems w/long file access times (samba2.2.5 & WinXP pro) (fwd)
11:12AM 1 integrated mail+ftp+samba+proxy auth mysql
9:49AM 0 Network down - timeouts << URGENT >>
9:37AM 1 samba & LDAP
9:09AM 1 Samba 2.2.6rc4 RPMS released for Mandrake Linux 8.2 and 9.0
8:03AM 1 nt pipe support and nt smb support in smb.conf
6:21AM 0 Samba 2.2.6rc4 released
4:22AM 0 Fw: Errors for old server
3:57AM 0 Errors for old server
3:54AM 0 uncertainty principle is untenable !!! (new)
1:21AM 0 (fwd from Comment on a web page
Tuesday October 15 2002
10:37PM 1 strange behavior on file copy from Novel
10:27PM 2 Unstable Samba PDC
9:49PM 1 perl module for creating nt/lm password hash from cleartext
9:31PM 2 Being Administrator on a Samba Domain
8:31PM 0 What is "client failure in oplock break"?
7:07PM 2 Printing W2K net use lpt
6:38PM 1 2.2.6rc2 and authentication issues...
6:21PM 0 Exe on samba does not work
6:14PM 2 Need installation help of SAMBA on UNIX Sun- Solaris version 8 platform
5:54PM 0 upgrade to 3.0alpha20: accented chars in filenames unreadable
5:33PM 0 strange trouble with Win2k
4:57PM 3 Share names causing big troubles
4:46PM 0 PAM
4:32PM 0 Windows Session timeouts -- when Samba is slow
3:43PM 0 looping smbd/ldap
3:37PM 1 smb_errno: class ERRDOS, code 112 from command 0xb
3:32PM 2 Runaway samba processes
3:18PM 4 win2000 and samba
3:02PM 0 Multiple authentication attempts from print server
1:50PM 0 Re: Network down - timeouts << URGENT >>
1:01PM 2 workaround assigning domain group permissions on PDC clients
10:47AM 3 Win2K Domainlogin with PlainPasswords
9:21AM 1 Login password to SWAT
5:58AM 2 Don't know how to config after compiled the source code ?
4:07AM 0 Problem with Winbind, logging straight out
1:04AM 2 don't let this one pass you by!!!
12:47AM 1 trailing $
12:28AM 1 "No such file" error when reading Win98 profiles
Monday October 14 2002
11:44PM 1 Problems with Windows XP clients
11:38PM 0 assigning group permission on clients in a domain
11:10PM 1 Authentication problems using swat.
10:50PM 0 Problems compiling 3.0alpha20
9:33PM 0 Possible bug found in Samba3.0 alpha-20 testing (Winbind related)
9:23PM 0 Samba and MS Access Problems]
8:05PM 0 Unterminable folders listing
6:55PM 1 Help Requested - nmbd Stopping
6:32PM 1 swat problems under RedHat 7.3
6:27PM 1 WIN40 printer driver on Solaris not being installed?
6:22PM 0 Diagnosis script?
5:28PM 0 kixtart and group based logins
5:06PM 0 Connecting to Samba Shares over VPN
4:17PM 1 good solution for "automount" homes
4:07PM 1 Samba Accross Lans
3:51PM 1 where did the NAT tool go? (smb network testing/scanning)
3:34PM 1 mount_smbfs: can't get handle to requester (no /dev/nsmb* device)
3:31PM 1 Printer settings on 2.2.5
3:10PM 1 samba server does not appear in network neighborhood
1:51PM 2 oplock_break
1:12PM 1 "gui interfaces"
12:35PM 0 collating multiple copies does not work
10:56AM 3 Directory size display discrepency
10:17AM 0 Distinguish Samba from Win* programmatically
9:31AM 0 printing in samba 2.2.5
7:03AM 0 webmin/usermin and winbind authentication
6:51AM 0 Re: [GLUG] Samba password changes?
2:49AM 0 XP and setting permissions
Sunday October 13 2002
7:15PM 2 strange error
6:24PM 0 problem with non-English Windows filenames
5:50PM 0 Samba vs. LPR printing from Win2K/WinXP?
4:18PM 0 can't add "Domain Users" group to local "Power Users" group
4:05PM 1 rpcclient error -- CUPS 1.1.16 provides PostScript driver for WindowsNT/2K/XP
3:50PM 0 Migrating PDC from NT to Samba
12:18PM 1 obtaining domain sid
8:01AM 0 Odd errors in /var/log/messages - find_response_record
4:08AM 1 Server crashes during Roaming profile Transfer
3:15AM 2 ssh tunnels
Saturday October 12 2002
7:59PM 2 Share home dirs?
7:14PM 1 Problems with Roaming Profiles under Win2k SP3
6:21PM 0 Moving from NT PDC to Samba PDC - SID problem with MS Exchange (?)
5:52PM 3 Files are showing up as hidden when view from windows ...
2:07AM 0 Required Group Entries for 3.0 LDAP backend
1:45AM 1 FW: 2.2.5 LDAP/smbpasswd -L problem help.
Friday October 11 2002
9:55PM 1 Samba 2.2.6rc3 released
9:48PM 1 SAMBA with mounted ISO images
9:25PM 2 smbclient -M
9:10PM 1 Samba 2.2.4 Printing Not Liking WinXP
8:36PM 0 [Fwd: samba-2.2.5 in Tru64 unix v4.0e]
8:34PM 0 Samba & Connection Sharing
8:32PM 0 samba-2.2.5 in Tru64 unix v4.0e
7:27PM 1 Can't manipulate files on Samba server after installing W2K SP3
6:54PM 0 Samba group error Can anyone fix it?
6:10PM 1 Cant find uid=0
5:52PM 1 dose any one know? using samba3_alpha20
5:50PM 3 Help - Moutning XP Drives on Linux box using.
5:40PM 0 Printer issue: Any Ideas?
4:44PM 1 Domain Admins
4:42PM 9 Memory Leak in 2.2.6rc2??
4:39PM 0 browsing and mapping a drive using Samba 2.2.5 and Winbind
4:31PM 0 Problems using smbclient with a Win2k server
4:06PM 1 Quota problem (soft=hardlimit?)
3:31PM 0 Looking for some older printer drivers for some HP printers
3:21PM 1 xp pro + excel xp + samba 2.2.3a
3:14PM 0 Same configs, different results
2:47PM 5 Fwd: XP-Problem - suddenly XP canot connect to samba
2:04PM 6 who's on
1:18PM 0 (no subject)
12:58PM 0 Pb Samba: Double Click
12:45PM 0 XP-Problem - suddenly XP canot connect to samba
11:53AM 0 Integrating Samba & Active Directory
11:27AM 0 Problem since upgrade to Novell Client 4.8
10:15AM 2 XP Pro - Domain Login ... great trauma and sorrow
9:58AM 0 OS/2 ibm linker creates files with 1.135638 GB length
4:56AM 0 Preventing Multiple Logins in Samba.
3:38AM 1 simple setup for 2 pcs
1:51AM 2 mount_smbfs can't get server address
1:46AM 1 winbind /etc/pam.d/system-auth
12:30AM 0 Share permisions
Thursday October 10 2002
11:32PM 1 Configure problem on Solaris 8
11:23PM 1 session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Called name not present).
9:11PM 0 Files are showing up as hidden when view from windows...
8:26PM 1 Win95 Issue
6:20PM 1 Specific directory permissions
4:59PM 0 Policy Editor or User Level Editor
4:40PM 0 PDC Problem with Samba 2.2.5 on AIX 4.3.3
4:29PM 1 Problem accessing some hosts with space in netbios name
3:46PM 0 Winbindd and ACL Support
3:37PM 0 Added NT$ machine to SAMBA PDC and got this in the administrators group?
3:31PM 0 Slow file openings on XP using Samba to Linux
3:00PM 1 Trusted domains between NT PDC and Samba PDC
1:47PM 2 samba 2.2.6pre2 make fails
12:47PM 1 Problem with oplock
12:38PM 1 multiple alternative LDAP backends
12:33PM 0 Samba Double Click Pb
12:13PM 2 Firewall rules
11:38AM 1 Windows XP Pro.
10:42AM 1 smbpasswd replication
10:14AM 0 smb.conf and include to suite.%G
9:49AM 0 Mandrake RPMS for 2.2.6rc2
9:26AM 1 Double Click
8:57AM 0 Samba problem on HP-UX
7:16AM 2 parse error near 'view'
5:32AM 5 Samba3.0a20 PDC + win2k client
4:42AM 0 Samba 2.2.6 rc2 released
2:16AM 2 Samba+MYOB
1:46AM 0 PDC not found - Samba 3.0 alpha20
Wednesday October 9 2002
10:11PM 1 Samba client Bug : First letter of directory name missing
8:54PM 1 NTLM version?
8:36PM 1 Error 54 with Net Use
6:50PM 0 Samba print server as part of Win2000 domain, having access issues from winXP
5:34PM 1 tail -f & the missing data:2.2.5, 2.2.19-6.2.16,
4:08PM 1 Strange issue with pam_smbpass
3:53PM 1 Satellite TV hex files for Funcards, Goldcards
3:39PM 1 Where to download samba-client-2.2.5-1 for RH7.3/RH8.0
3:35PM 5 [Fwd: samba client problems???]
3:30PM 1 File validation errors?
3:18PM 3 KDE
3:16PM 1 How to forbid user to login?
2:53PM 2 ftp upload to a smbmounted folder
2:31PM 1 Samba 2.2.x and domain groups
2:11PM 0 multiple shares
2:09PM 0 Newbie needing help - Samba 2.2.3a & Windows clients RDR - redi rector??
2:01PM 0 Kayak & Boat Fall Clearance
1:11PM 0 Netlogon script with samba
11:46AM 3 AW: New User in Samba 2.2.4
11:44AM 1 Problem with mails
11:41AM 0 Numéro de procédure hors de l'intervalle admis
11:24AM 0 New User in Samba 2.2.4
10:28AM 0 RE: Protocol error with ldapv3
10:05AM 0 Joining a domain with smbpasswd
9:29AM 0 What version of Samba can work on Solaris 2.9 ?
9:08AM 0 Samba with Win2000SRV as DC (with active dir.)
8:55AM 0 How to access the RAS settings of the NT domain users with help of Samba ?
7:52AM 0 Samba 2.2.5 - Managing ACL?
7:28AM 0 w2k machine fails to join Samba PDC domain
7:20AM 1 Compile samb with vfs
7:05AM 3 directories creation troubles
7:02AM 1 (no subject)
4:46AM 1 System error 5 has occurred
4:40AM 1 Auto machine account creation
3:16AM 0 Re : The chinese problem in sammount !
2:55AM 2 SAMBA problem: nmblookup
Tuesday October 8 2002
11:40PM 0 Problems with Windows XP reading Big 5 Code on Samba Server
11:10PM 1 Get Your IE Toolbar!
9:59PM 0 Can see the share (SuSE linux on IBM S/390).
9:49PM 0 Help is needed
9:32PM 9 Please assist with Winbind issues!
9:26PM 1 MD5 checksum NOT OK on 2.2.5 binary from samba ftp site?
8:48PM 0 No printer status on Win2K client; Win98 and Linux clients are OK
8:20PM 1 For developers: charset conversion on user names
8:13PM 0 Need a help, From Qing
7:17PM 0 w2k term. server and samba 2.2.5 PDC
6:35PM 5 Filesystem for Samba server
6:16PM 1 Limit drive space
6:13PM 2 Mapped drives gets disconnected ?
5:34PM 0 Deactivating service netbios-ns due to excessive incoming connections
5:18PM 0 Sharing printers across subnets?
5:14PM 0 Win2K Printer Driver Problems - Ah HA!.
4:47PM 3 2.2.5 burning from network share not possible
4:39PM 0 profiles (again)
4:14PM 1 new box can't join domain since switch to ldapsam
4:12PM 4 Win2K Printer Driver Problems - Hi Jerry!!
3:19PM 3 protocol error with OpenLDAP, v3
3:03PM 0 'spoolss_connect_to_client(91)' errors
2:37PM 4 problem with samba server
2:34PM 0 NT Registry Problem
2:20PM 0 (no subject)
1:51PM 0 VFS and version control?
1:38PM 1 enable IP Forwading
1:32PM 0 user managment in an winnt domain
1:14PM 0 Fresh install
12:58PM 2 changing passwords / winbind
9:11AM 1 Change samba name other than hostname?
7:40AM 2 name_query failed to find name
7:16AM 1 Windows RPC and samba
7:00AM 2 Samba password changes?
6:34AM 0 copying files to windows - permissions, time
5:23AM 1 Samba Crashes on High load ?
4:38AM 0 pam_mount? Anyone?
3:00AM 0 Password Expiry?
Monday October 7 2002
11:17PM 0 TPassword expiration ...
10:46PM 1 How to set up a domain logon
10:44PM 9 GetPrinter Level 2 does not get devmode
10:42PM 0 Server Crashing
10:17PM 1 changing smb passwords from non smb machines
10:01PM 0 nmbd log message: what this mean?
9:55PM 1 Problem installing
8:55PM 0 Connection reset
8:48PM 1 Authentication Help
7:39PM 0 WinXP Pro, Profiles and Home Dirs
6:45PM 0 Urgent help needed - Samba 2.2.3a related problem with Windows cl ients RDR - redirector has timed out a request to .....
6:39PM 2 Active Directory user authentication with a Samba File server???
6:37PM 0 Setting up print logging
6:33PM 0 User auth problem
6:28PM 0 smbpasswd resolve problem
5:58PM 1 users can't change permissions on samba share
5:20PM 1 FW: samba audit patch
4:55PM 4 Samba 2.2.5 Security Bug?
2:53PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA110_1034002314_LWZIMR_3 was generated
2:50PM 0 A special new game
2:48PM 2 Samba and MS Access Problems
2:46PM 0 LDAP, Winbindd, XFS and many problems
2:22PM 0 Strange printer driver upload prob..
1:43PM 1 winbind+samba3.0 pdc on the same machine
1:34PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA108_1033997569_LWZIMR_3 was generated
1:32PM 1 W32.Klez.E removal tools
1:07PM 1 A problem..
12:56PM 0 NT Domain and Power User
12:51PM 2 Samba file server and Active Directories
10:35AM 0 smbclient & error 53
9:07AM 1 About Samba 3.0 goals : Am I Right or Not?
8:10AM 4 Application
8:07AM 1 Samba 2.2.6
6:50AM 1 Win2K Printer Driver Problems - Landscape margins off, no collat ing.
6:42AM 2 FW: The trouble with XP client...
4:50AM 1 Off-topic tcpdump/samba
4:27AM 0 Using the XP backup utility with SAmba
4:25AM 0 smbclient: protocol negotiation failed
3:19AM 2 FireWall Effects on Samba (Newbie)
Sunday October 6 2002
8:57PM 1 Server is getting slow
5:30PM 0 (no subject)
5:22PM 1 Show stopper - 2nd cry for help
3:24PM 2 strange behavior maybe dependent on valid users
11:01AM 1 Problems using WinXP-Pro client and Samba PDC
6:20AM 2 Windows 2000 sp2 -> sp3
12:28AM 1 Authentication problems with winbind (I am so close)
Saturday October 5 2002
7:58PM 1 communication linux 7.3 with windows XP using samba.
4:08PM 0 Password expiration ...
10:08AM 1 Winbind and AD
7:14AM 2 Win2K domain at work, Samba workgroup at home
1:51AM 1 Samba and WinXP connection problem
Friday October 4 2002
10:08PM 0 3.0 Alpha20 Testing Results (winbindd related)
9:24PM 0 Strange windows error writing to samba share:
6:29PM 2 samba no deleting spool files
5:14PM 1 Wonderful interview with tridge :-).
3:03PM 1 NetBios name when browsing domains
2:04PM 1 Samba servers and Mac OS X clients
1:54PM 0 ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked? BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02
12:54PM 2 Smbclient Connection to Samba server failed
12:46PM 1 Question regarding the possibility of W2K smartcard logon - 2nd post
9:10AM 0 netlogon and config.pol
4:21AM 0 space in netbios name
3:47AM 1 Error at client side
12:36AM 3 NT Security tab changes
12:29AM 0 Question on Samba--W2k
Thursday October 3 2002
9:58PM 0 Programs and PDC
9:02PM 1 XP Client Connects to Print Queue, Sends, Fails to Print
8:08PM 5 Port 139 versus Port 445
8:04PM 0 smbpasswd command for windows or something else
7:40PM 3 Print server on all linux network
7:15PM 0 Printer properties into ntprinters.tdb file
5:51PM 2 Can't mount dir as read/write
5:47PM 1 Samba HPUX 11.0
5:20PM 1 security vs domain in configuration file
5:04PM 0 VSS and Samba
4:50PM 1 enumports command
4:45PM 2 Cannot connect WinXP
4:04PM 1 Autoreply to samba digest, Vol 1 #1685 - 12 msgs
3:50PM 3 SWAT could not start -localhost:901
3:32PM 1 XP user priviledges with Samba
3:23PM 0 Samba&NT4
2:58PM 0 samba30alpha20 informations
2:55PM 1 Fw: 'max_four_gig' parameter to normalize to 4GB
2:35PM 0 HOME share behavior
1:23PM 0 A special funny game
10:53AM 1 File corruption with write cache enabled - patch included
10:32AM 0 WinXP Rotate Photo function do not work on Samba server
8:40AM 1 SWAT could not start
8:08AM 1 Urgent: LDAP showstopper
7:57AM 0 Question regarding the possibility of W2K smartcard logon
7:03AM 0 Changing machine password
6:03AM 2 Samba log
5:07AM 1 Active Directory to SAMBA migration
4:59AM 2 Profiles and automatic drive mappings
2:59AM 1 Another winbind question (hopefully easy one)
1:10AM 0 A question about windows 9x series
Wednesday October 2 2002
11:39PM 3 samba printer
11:00PM 0 ZENWorks Alternative
10:29PM 5 SaMBa permissions problem
10:09PM 0 usrmgr running error.
8:30PM 0 How to mount NT share & maintain NT share permission via SMB for LTSP user??
7:45PM 2 Chmod in SambA.
5:58PM 7 Samba - Performance Issues
4:25PM 1 Re: [slugnet] Password Expiry
3:43PM 0 Copy files from NT4 to samba share
3:36PM 2 2GB Limit
2:59PM 1 Queue listing.
2:47PM 1 smbclient returns error
2:02PM 2 really tough question about wins database
9:56AM 1 Mounting smbfs and Swedish Letters
8:10AM 1 Windows XP Authentication
7:03AM 0 problem Samba-Win NT 4.0 (sp 6a)
6:49AM 0 Different HGH products
6:24AM 0 Fw: Question for Samba list
1:25AM 0 Samba error log
12:53AM 0 Acceso a sus datos.
12:19AM 1 printers + windows XP
Tuesday October 1 2002
10:51PM 0 Is this a DOS behavior, or a bug?
10:19PM 0 Please help to add a machine to a domain
9:45PM 1 Prevent NULL Session
9:19PM 0 MS-Access Application very slow (Solved ?)
8:37PM 0 ÖÐ-¹ú-Æó-Òµ-Ãû-¼
8:35PM 0 setting a printer driver problem.
8:29PM 0 RE: using samba over AT@T broadband (Barry deFreese)
8:05PM 0 passwords and case sensitivity
7:55PM 3 password and case sensitivity
7:06PM 0 W9x print driver download problems with Samba 2.2.5 and CUPS 1.1.15
6:23PM 1 Drop down slowness on mapped drives
5:44PM 2 default for 'writeable ='
5:41PM 1 file permission problem
4:43PM 6 XP Pro and Samba 3.0-alpha1.9
4:34PM 0 Reconnect problem to samba drives after reboot on XP/2000
3:49PM 1 quick question about the wins database.
3:10PM 0 Solaris, winbind and console login
2:39PM 0 binaries corrupted when transferred
1:47PM 1 file quotas
1:06PM 1 Roaming profiles and Win2K
12:13PM 1 winbind trouble under load?
10:38AM 1 (no subject)
8:54AM 0 Won't see entire space on hard drive
7:58AM 1 2.2.5 and DOS file transfers
7:47AM 0 SAMBA 2.2.5 and quotas (Linux SuSE 7.3)
7:33AM 1 Semaphore timeout
6:24AM 1 Samba Errors while trying to connect W2K machine to RH 7.3 Samba v.2.2.5
5:05AM 1 Problem with Samba 2.2.5: a lot of smbd processes are generated
4:38AM 0 Everything Dissapears after certain commands
3:42AM 1 using samba over AT@T broadband
2:11AM 1 smbd, nmbd crashes