wine users - Jan 2011

Monday January 31 2011
10:09PM 6 TablEdit runs from install but not after
9:45PM 1 Trouble installing Wine
8:48PM 1 Nostale again...
8:45PM 1 get unique code identifier for computer (license key calc)
6:43PM 3 For Vitamin Only
5:26PM 5 WineHQ says Nostale works but doesnt for me
5:06PM 1 Files dbf and cdx - net linux
4:02PM 1 crash with winecfg
3:48PM 0 No subject
7:59AM 1 wine 1.3.12 - alsa not showing in winecfg > audio
7:43AM 1 which mkv video converter working for Stable:Wine 1.2.1
5:53AM 3 Problem with wine
5:23AM 1 Re: e-sword under a tiling WM
4:11AM 0 Re: Starcraft II install fails, no text
4:03AM 1 No keyboard input accepted for Heroes3
3:43AM 1 Re: e-sword under a tiling WM
1:23AM 1 wine-users Digest, Vol 66, Issue 120
12:39AM 3 .Net Application Errors
Sunday January 30 2011
9:26PM 2 winecfg errors
6:52PM 1 debian 64 bits, some dev files not found...
6:21PM 2 Re: Run Command (or option) to disable Wine Title Bar
4:19PM 0 wine survey:
2:38PM 7 no clue what is wrong
2:17PM 1 need help on Dragon raja MMORPG !
10:53AM 1 Re: Run Command (or option) to disable Wine Title Bar
Saturday January 29 2011
8:49PM 7 WoW crashes randomly during gameplay.
7:42PM 1 FIXED
7:02PM 5 free download manager 3 not opening into wine 1.2.12
6:10PM 0 wine poll for grad student
6:07PM 2 How do I "reboot" Wine?
6:20AM 6 how to install .Net Framework in Wine in CentOS 5.5
4:51AM 2 Re: Forsaken World Crashing
12:46AM 0 Omega Research Prosuite 2000i for Ubuntu 10.04
Friday January 28 2011
8:39PM 1 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 run error "fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatus.."
8:22PM 0 Re: What antivirus program is the best for a computer?
8:07PM 1 dramatic slow diskperformance
4:32PM 7 how to install wine for centos 5 32 bit
2:30PM 4 Opengl Application crashes
12:35PM 4 Wine: font shows blank squares instead of characters.
10:48AM 4 wine + wow v4.0.3a
10:34AM 0 Re: Sketcup
4:19AM 2 Wine crash
12:08AM 1 N00b - Photoshop CS5 help (Ubuntu)
Thursday January 27 2011
9:23PM 2 How to get started
8:14PM 2 Registry keys in WINE 1.2.2
6:42PM 1 BestPractice 1.03
4:08PM 1 Problems with World of Warcraft in wine-1.3.12
3:40PM 3 CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 10 for Linux and Mac aka the
10:28AM 0 SplashID 4.6.1 on Wine 1.2.2 causes fixme:service:Enum...
3:47AM 1 Patching source
Wednesday January 26 2011
9:19PM 1 Wine 1.3.12 build failed on OpenIndiana b148
7:48PM 0 vlc work on windows aplication but doesn't work for linuks
5:03PM 3 Yousendit uploader in Wine?
4:58PM 1 Wine Fedora 14, no sound.
3:23PM 1 FIFA 11 won't install in Wine 1.3.12
1:56PM 1 Re: Can not open Excel password protected file
11:53AM 2 Audio Settings
7:03AM 2 Need help with TEXT and SPACE error using WINE
6:41AM 2 Re: Guitar Pro 6 - Need help with possible regression?
6:21AM 0 Re: World of Warcraft 3.3.5 ptr crash
5:06AM 10 Stumped with winetricks and source code
4:15AM 1 Wine fails to compile on Caos NSA 0.9 x86_64
Tuesday January 25 2011
11:37PM 1 Using Wine with windows partition
11:19PM 1 Borland Quatro Pro 5.0 for Windows help
9:05PM 4 Call of duty 2 1.00 error
8:30PM 1 problem launching PC400 (campbell scientific) with wine
8:25PM 1 Counter-Strike Source won't open
5:37PM 2 Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
2:17PM 3 Inexperienced Wine user. Copy and Paste problems
11:01AM 1 How to install Adobe Fireworks CS4 in OpenSUSE11.3 using win
8:17AM 11 SSE2 - Wine issue or not?
1:41AM 2 Black Ops and Use GLSL disable
12:52AM 1 Can Office 2007 be updated in Wine?
12:12AM 0 Wow Of Warcraft Frame Rate fix
Monday January 24 2011
11:30PM 0 Re: Wine is used WORDsearch mac but doesn't work in Linux?
9:16PM 4 toruble downloading programs using winebottler
8:35PM 0 dynamicC and RabbitLink stops at 200 packets
2:35PM 1 Problems with Wine and twin view
8:32AM 3 Porting a windows application using COM, ActiveX, MFC
6:57AM 2 Debugging Wine itself (kernel and all DLLs)
2:59AM 8 Unable to run Dungeons And Dragons Online.
Sunday January 23 2011
9:32PM 1 Some troubles with app under Wine: Sybase PD12 and MS VC 6.0
8:06PM 2 Multiple copies of MS Office Programs
7:42PM 9 Wine and sudo
5:56PM 1 Problems running F.E.A.R. 2 Installer
5:20PM 3 Mafia: City of Lost Heaven: Crash
4:41PM 0 Re: Help with USB-to-serial cable
4:12PM 1 name resolution does not work under amd64
4:09PM 3 phase-6 program crashes with ubuntu 10.10 and wine 1.3.12
4:02PM 1 Shutcats Ragnarok private client
9:19AM 1 New problem with the mouse...
1:39AM 7 Wine, Wow Cata and D3D
Saturday January 22 2011
9:53PM 1 Re: Help with USB-to-serial cable
7:45PM 1 Wine halt itself when the the window is out of focus.
1:18PM 1 How to run 'Todolist' under Wine?
12:32PM 2 Runtime libraries not found
11:06AM 1 wine 1.3.11 dragon age: origins
11:06AM 2 Re: Super Meat Boy Crash on startup
10:44AM 1 How do I tell wine which sound card to use?
7:21AM 2 nyc website design
6:39AM 4 wine on mac os x and x11
Friday January 21 2011
9:53PM 1 XRandR and Screen Resolution Again
9:01PM 2 Universal procedure to know if wine can run 32 bits apps
4:49PM 3 How do I compile a specific version of wine?
2:17PM 5 access violation in module
12:35PM 1 Unable to install a setup.
12:16PM 1 Building a deb package on Debian Squeeze give a error
12:16PM 5 FSX redraw screen
6:12AM 1 Unhandled exception error on single account
1:38AM 1 Wine and Fulltilt poker
1:11AM 1 Ragnarok Online Private Server -- Still don't connect
Thursday January 20 2011
11:53PM 2 Windows Media Center
8:41PM 0 Worms World Party fails to run
8:27PM 4 Problem to install MSI file
6:09PM 1 Characters don't appear in Perfect World International
4:13PM 3 Wine 32 bit office 2010 64 bit??
1:14PM 0 Re: Metatrader Installation error
12:51PM 3 Do NOT reply to spam posts
12:03PM 0 Help required with VBScript - Missing cdo.Message
11:17AM 0 Haegemonia (Hegemonia) and shiny surfaces? Effects missing?
4:32AM 29 Runes of Magic ClientUpdate.exe crash???
3:37AM 4 Help identifying a Bottle
Wednesday January 19 2011
11:55PM 1 Re: Problem BMC Remedy User Version 7.0.01 on ubuntu 8.10
11:28PM 5 CrossOver Linux Vs. Wine
11:28PM 1 Office 2007, wine-1.3.10, CentOS 5.5
10:48PM 2 Problems with managing layers
10:28PM 2 Error re: keyboard layout
10:23PM 1 DirectX, I have to install that for DX games right?
8:59PM 9 RtCW: GLW_StartOpenGL() issue
8:22PM 3 Wine crashes while running ACT! 6.0
7:57PM 1 Eve online: Incursion won't start??
6:10PM 6 GTA San Andreas: Crash with Wine 1.3.11
5:24PM 1 Unable to Install Starcraft 2
3:28PM 2 Re: Please someone help me with Winetricks! =(
2:44PM 2 wine doesn't launch DDO
4:04AM 6 Getting League of Legends to work on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
Tuesday January 18 2011
9:47PM 1 Little Big Adventure 2 without sound
8:32PM 1 How can I have input into the FAQ and the Users Guide
8:21PM 2 Have I got my CentOS Wine installation correct
3:36PM 2 Runes of magic problems
1:45PM 0 Re: Toolbook problem?
1:06PM 2 Guitar Pro 6 won't launch
12:25PM 2 "Problem installing wine"
10:38AM 0 Steam, Garry's Mod not launching.
7:03AM 1 Compatibility with newgame: Perpetuum.
6:03AM 0 Re: Problem with F.E.A.R.2 DVD
4:12AM 0 Please test winetricks-alpha and add your impressions here
2:56AM 1 I can't get any games to work.
2:28AM 8 ppc powermac G5 wine to open Cubase.exe
1:42AM 3 Critical Error -> General protection file -> History:appInit
1:34AM 0 Need a directdraw fix on Ubuntu 10.10 to play Diablo (1)
Monday January 17 2011
11:09PM 0 Trouble with Dual Monitors
10:25PM 1 Re: Gurps Character Assistant 4
10:08PM 0 Re: Installing the game Freestyle Street Basketball
7:54PM 4 League of Legends Help
7:22PM 1 Quicken 2010 QDF file can't be read on windows machine
5:56PM 2 Running program in Wine disables audio for everything else
5:56PM 7 Virtual DJ freeze
5:20PM 2 Arch 64bit - Wow -
4:44PM 1 Quicken 2011 Starter Edition, installs, crashes when run
8:21AM 1 Re: Problem with ToolBook (16bit)
6:37AM 1 compiling wine on 64bit, an script
2:02AM 1 Why some DLL libraries beginning with an asterisk
Sunday January 16 2011
6:43PM 4 Flickr Uploader Unable to Read From SD Card
5:48PM 0 Re: Diablo Direct Draw Issue
2:48PM 5 Winelib Calling POSIX function from Windows application
2:11PM 2 Since update of January 15th Left 4 Dead 2 (steam) crashes
Saturday January 15 2011
3:59PM 6 Unity 3D Ubuntu
3:09PM 2 Bad file descriptor
2:59PM 2 Red Alert on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
1:01PM 5 Wave audio problem
7:49AM 0 Watch Movies Online
6:39AM 4 Flow Of Execution Of Instruction in Wine
Friday January 14 2011
8:33PM 2 app troubleshooting
7:42PM 3 libraries or the packages which are there in windows and not
5:28PM 5 Reading from serial port
5:04PM 1 Epicor client on Fedora 13
11:47AM 1 Change/Hide Mouse cursor in Wine app
8:20AM 4 HOWTO develop a Linux application that uses a Windows LIB ?
8:05AM 5 Steam can not be launched
7:51AM 4 ATI 5770 and Wow (low )
5:56AM 1 How to disable font antialiasing?
5:34AM 0 Re: Carrara 6 on WINE 0.9.59, Ubuntu Hardy 8.04, Gnome 2.22.1...
5:04AM 0 Paltalk scene
12:27AM 0 FYI: Wine works well :)
Thursday January 13 2011
11:31PM 2 winetricks: opensymbol failed?!
10:53PM 1 Wine Installation
10:17PM 1 GTK on wine???
8:45PM 6 Anyone able to install Sony Vegas HD Platinum in a linux os?
8:08PM 0 Error: File not found
6:30PM 1 Bitmap Fonts and wine 1.3?
5:21PM 0 Newbie help
4:17PM 0 Mobipocket not detecting usb connected ereader
4:03PM 2 Problem with some program
1:27PM 3 Wine app, can use Linux Java (JNI)?
12:12PM 6 Does Wine support Adobe CS4?
10:45AM 1 Steam Doesn't work
9:33AM 4 Could not load wine-gecko
3:43AM 2 Axure RP Pro
3:20AM 0 Re: HTML rendering with ie6
Wednesday January 12 2011
9:34PM 3 Secret of Monkey Island SE, steam on wine, crashes on start
8:37PM 1 hl2.exe and fermi=bad?
3:57PM 0 Wine-Reviews Acquires The Bordeaux Technology Group
11:14AM 14 Problems with DC Universe Online
9:43AM 1 Problems with compiz, fglrx, and City of Heroes
9:38AM 1 Install app from "untrusted Source" ???
9:24AM 1 wine culture in turkey
5:30AM 1 ie6 in Fedora 14
5:00AM 1 RE: Check internet connection or firewall settings
1:05AM 1 Re: Any Game is not working in wine. Why?
12:29AM 5 SoF3 nealry completly white with latest GIT
Tuesday January 11 2011
10:20PM 2 wineserver listening port 2001
9:23PM 11 Re: Carrara 6 on WINE 0.9.59, Ubuntu Hardy 8.04, Gnome 2.22.1...
8:42PM 1 Will Wine Auto-Launch Windows Programs
7:49PM 2 IE6 install problem
6:56PM 3 Linux Suse, Wine and the new guy...
5:50PM 2 Rare Find
3:35PM 1 Did DirectX apps suffer regressions?
3:18PM 1 An idea on operation Wine on ARM
11:06AM 2 Problems with activex
10:05AM 1 Re: Any Game is not working in wine. Why?
7:28AM 1 Problems with date in wine 1.3.10
2:13AM 3 Warcraft III Frothen Throne
2:12AM 0 D3D problem... Mac Specific?
1:00AM 1 Help: gameux error (flatout ulmimate carnage port to OSX)
Monday January 10 2011
8:28PM 1 Installing Internet Explorer 8 through WineTricks
6:10PM 6 gstreamer on Mac OS X
6:01PM 1 Wine 1.3.11 and Micorsoft Money Sunset Edition
5:21PM 2 Free Youtube Converter doesn't work
2:06PM 1 Re: Where can I find libgsm development files?
6:30AM 0 Re: Get Empia webcam to work with Wine
2:23AM 4 Karaoke5 need help (Not in AppDB)
1:06AM 2 Privileges to create COM components
Sunday January 9 2011
10:21PM 1 alsa - spdif
9:13PM 6 Team Fortress 2 Server List Font
7:58PM 2 Sonic Foundry Vegas under Wine 1.3.10
5:07PM 1 Static linking - is this supported?
2:20PM 0 Master of Olympus - Zeus wont start in Wine for Mac
2:02PM 9 Problem With Ragnarok Private Client :(
12:50PM 0 [1.3.11]-"GTA:San Andreas"-Graphic Problems???
11:50AM 3 Radegast Wine running on OSX
9:02AM 1 drivers
8:24AM 3 Using Wine - Random machine switch-off?
2:38AM 1 Wine and Dreamweaver CS4
1:23AM 0 Ubuntu screen saver problem related to Wine
Saturday January 8 2011
7:07PM 2 open gl or direct x?
6:32PM 0 [1.3.11]-"GTA:San Andreas" Control Problem?
5:33PM 1 CD drive in wine
4:01PM 0 Steam Popcap games on nVidia TwinView
2:36PM 2 Wine-1.3.11 will not compile for me
12:06PM 4 wine freezes entire System
6:49AM 4 Size and limitations of wine
5:21AM 1 Which dll should I replace according to this backtrace?
4:18AM 1 mscorsvw.exe crash when wine opens
Friday January 7 2011
10:03PM 2 Problems viewing
6:00PM 2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 - help me with log from terminal
5:08PM 2 Anno 1404 Online - RAS support is not implemented!
12:54PM 1 Starcraft 2 i don't see the img (the mo of the people =(.
9:15AM 1 Re: Wine on Android
Thursday January 6 2011
10:33PM 1 Re: Civilization IV (Direct2Drive)
10:29PM 3 winpcap library
10:13PM 0 Streets of SimCity under Wine - "No PCI Bus detected."
8:43PM 0 Irritating bug on Sanitarium (game)
8:32PM 1 Problems with FullTilt, Ubuntu 10.04 and Wine 1.3.10
8:22PM 1 C:\users\[me]\Temp\file.tmp cannot be opened
7:50PM 4 Problem with Windows app accessing internet
5:35PM 1 Wine for running OS X applications in linux?
2:19PM 1 Can't install Wine on Ubuntu 7.04
2:28AM 2 Error when trying to open Half-Life 1 in Mac OSX
Wednesday January 5 2011
10:57PM 1 Edu-Track
8:50PM 1 Windows license required?
8:38PM 2 Steam crashes at startup. Doesn't even reach log in screen
8:03PM 3 WINEPREFIX - some questions
3:03PM 1 Wine 1.3.10 and Skype 5 -- anybody?
3:01PM 4 Wine is not doing a clean --purge
8:07AM 1 Making wine to close after a crash/backtrace
1:48AM 0 Onset HOBOware under Wine (Issue with a Windows/Java hybrid)
Tuesday January 4 2011
10:25PM 2 Microsoft Office and Wine
6:32PM 1 Team fortress 2 won't launch
5:45PM 5 mac Ethernet Adress in Wine for installing Pro-Engineer Wild
3:43PM 1 See also: Myths 6 and 8.... there is not Myths 6 and 8!
2:33PM 1 Wine on Windows XP
1:43PM 2 Anno 1503 Gold edition graphics problem
11:45AM 1 Wintermute Spriteedit crashes
10:34AM 2 multicore support
9:11AM 4 Can the WINE window be larger on high resolution settings?
6:20AM 2 getting error on wine with game
3:53AM 3 Linker problems with latest GIT
Monday January 3 2011
10:17PM 3 Linux noob
9:49PM 2 WoW crashes my microphone.
5:28PM 1 Guild Wars launch problem
4:41PM 2 Can I use Peerblock with Wine, if yes how?
3:28PM 1 Help with Wine
1:05PM 1 pokerstars filter not complete
12:57PM 0 Macmillan dictionary (gold App) fails first run
11:12AM 0 How do you buy wine?
11:10AM 0 Re: Can someone point mee in the right direction =?
10:01AM 1 set registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\X11 Driver to "ClientSideWithRender"="N"
1:19AM 0 Font '?' cannot be found when running .NET apps
Sunday January 2 2011
9:57PM 2 how is block program run under wine?
9:19PM 3 Civilization 3 1.29f on OS X crashes on launch
7:11PM 5 diablo ipx lan games?
5:37PM 3 Re: ASIO audio drivers for WINE?
5:22PM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
2:47PM 2 Page fault in winecfg
7:19AM 6 Star Wars Empire at War opens blank text box instead of game
6:37AM 4 OSX binary
5:37AM 1 How to reset the StarCraft 2 Graphics Settings
5:24AM 2 xpadder
4:55AM 2 Wow+wine+intel integrated graphics card, needing help please
Saturday January 1 2011
10:50PM 1 How To Get Wine Version 1.1.6 and Winetricks
10:19PM 4 Brain Fitness Pro By MindeSpark
10:02PM 6 Flyff rto.exe Error
6:58PM 6 Easy question
12:10PM 2 Applescript and .exe?
5:31AM 2 Nvidia 3d Vision
2:50AM 2 Re: Dragon Age dlc issues
1:52AM 1 Error installing steam