wine users - Dec 2010

Friday December 31 2010
11:07PM 6 Multiple instances of wine?
9:55PM 1 Star Sonata - wine client error:25: write: Bad file descript
8:48PM 1 Wine doesn't open the installer
8:27PM 1 support of 64 bit windows programs in wine?
8:25PM 1 support of 64 windows programs?
12:28PM 1 wacraft problem
12:17PM 0 Display very messed up in Temper (sequencer)
11:36AM 2 Allonds Online
10:28AM 3 Diablo 1 on Mac OS X
9:33AM 1 VisualBoyAdvance and Wine(bottler) ?
9:02AM 1 Kerboros and Custom application
7:45AM 2 Device Mapping Error
4:07AM 0 drag images and minimize windows on photoshop
2:44AM 1 Ampersand (&) in filename
2:05AM 2 CoD Black Ops Multi stuck on "Waiting for other players"
Thursday December 30 2010
10:06PM 1 Re: DVD-"this projector file is corrupt! Unable to cont
7:21PM 0 Lotus Word Pro - Equation Editor - symbol font
7:03PM 2 WoW stops working all of a sudden
5:51PM 4 Error Installing Icewind Dale II and Morrowind
7:29AM 2 Sudden Failure of All Games
5:48AM 1 Re: Wine 1.2 IE8
3:50AM 2 Microsoft Office 2007 installed but won't work
3:31AM 2 File Blocking
2:05AM 1 Compiling wine on 64 bit Linux Mint Debian Edition
1:02AM 5 Black screen when trying to play a game.
Wednesday December 29 2010
10:03PM 1 Re: ** ERROR **: implement type compare for 1b! aborting...
6:11PM 2 DVD-Drive mapping in Wine-Config
5:03PM 5 Problem with Need For Speed Most Wanted
4:18PM 3 Sims 3 crashes while loading town (Bug 18991)
2:22PM 4 Photoshop Elements 7
12:33PM 4 need help
11:18AM 0 Re: Error when openning MS Office files (*.doc, *.xls, *.ppt)
11:18AM 3 dbpoweramp and cdrom
8:08AM 1 Problems with Final Fantasy XI Online - Japanese
7:02AM 1 Wine Uninstall Re-Installs????
3:53AM 1 Dream match tennis fail install
Tuesday December 28 2010
7:39PM 2 Problem Running wineboot.exe
7:24PM 0 Baldur's Gate 1 problem
2:06PM 2 How to set up google client
11:46AM 0 How to use winecfg and winetricks with 64-bit wine
5:49AM 0 Re: Activating Movie Magic Screenwriter 6
4:14AM 1 Vindictus Help!
3:24AM 5 compile wine 1.1.1
3:05AM 2 World of Warcraft Crashes
2:40AM 6 how to patch wine
12:20AM 2 Cannot install BTTF Episode 1
Monday December 27 2010
10:27PM 1 duke nukem manhattan project - doesn't see the CD
7:24PM 2 Office 2007 install fail
5:47PM 0 Browser user agent
5:37PM 2 Progress on DNS installation with 1.3.8
4:32PM 4 Steam installs and runs fine on POL, but not Wine ?
3:23PM 0 +AFs-Wine+AF0- How do I make wine run for non root users?
2:34PM 3 Wine not detecting correctly graphic vendor
2:23PM 1 F.E.A.R Sound Issues
1:55PM 1 Games don't open
10:31AM 2 Wine 1.3.10: config doesn't save anymore!
7:40AM 13 How do I make wine run for non root users?
5:28AM 2 Error in SSL connection
12:07AM 2 Mac OS X version of Wine should be official
Sunday December 26 2010
7:43PM 1 Wine 1.3.10 erroring out
6:20PM 5 Starcraft II install fails, no text
4:42AM 1 Assassin's Creed White Screen Problem
3:52AM 3 ATI Graphics card
1:53AM 0 Wacom pressure problem Toonboom Studio 6 on Ubuntu 10.10
1:49AM 3 How to debug driver code when app run on wine?
1:40AM 2 iptool (ink reset canon question)
1:38AM 7 Divinity 2 Bug exist or is new bug? d3d:state_vertexblend_w
1:28AM 1 Wine, Steam and the kernel
Saturday December 25 2010
11:34PM 0 Re: Wine 1.3.1 X_CreateWindow Error
11:19PM 0 For sale Yamaha DGX-640 Grand Piano Keyboard for $450USD
10:46PM 3 Oblivion Stop to work after apitude safe-upgrade
9:59PM 2 Steam Crash on Startup
5:07PM 1 Sketcup
4:09PM 0 Re: WoW quits right after I click PLAY
3:56PM 1 Need a message interpreted please.
12:33PM 0 GTA San Andreas: Problems with Sound
6:49AM 2 Compiling wine for Debian?
2:50AM 1 Trying to run DDO on Ubuntu 10.10
1:40AM 1 Serial Connection through Bluetooth
Friday December 24 2010
11:26PM 1 Red alert 2 network play
11:11PM 1 :(
9:38PM 14 Wine crashes on WoW install
8:43PM 1 Just Cause segfaults
3:50PM 2 Shaiya loading screen
12:15PM 1 Linux DLL wrapper
11:05AM 1 Re: [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?
9:17AM 4 help with winetrick
9:10AM 0 Re: Wine for the iPhone anyone?
Thursday December 23 2010
5:46PM 3 matching timezone information
5:33PM 2 internet connection
1:35PM 4 could someone help me make a japanese game run?
4:50AM 1 Testing Starcraft 2 newly release demo with Wine
Wednesday December 22 2010
9:03PM 1 Problem In-Game screen refresh rate
8:43PM 0 Adobe digital Editions auto open
7:53PM 0 problem with PDFXchange Viewer under Wine.
7:03PM 4 Bundle Wine with Windows App in Mac OS
6:28PM 2 "running wineinstall as root" error - Mac OS X
4:07PM 4 VirtualQuery function returns ENOENT
3:53PM 2 Error Encountered When Running Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
10:36AM 1 Hybrid graphics, Wine with Bethesda games
1:12AM 1 Where's the program?
Tuesday December 21 2010
9:05PM 1 NO installers work
5:23PM 2 Compatibility with Far Cry broken with update
4:55PM 1 Building 1.3.9 shared 64bit / 32bit install deb for Ubuntu
4:37PM 1 Re: 64-bit chess engines and wine 1.2
4:31PM 1 adobe cs5 + System 32 .Dll for increased compatability
4:25PM 2 ATI DRI not seen by Wine
1:56PM 0 regression, troubles with setup git tree
1:01PM 4 D drive
9:26AM 1 Steam shuts when clicking on a button
7:02AM 1 Problem with Landscape printing
5:34AM 1 Re: regression, troubles with setup git tree
2:58AM 3 Properly rating my submissions
Monday December 20 2010
11:49PM 3 Can't play any games
8:43PM 0 trouble compiling and running wine 64-bit on Ubuntu Natty Studio
5:36PM 0 Problems with WINE
3:32PM 5 Hello
2:30PM 0 joysticks in FSX
10:26AM 1 Re: Oracle 6i on Wine
2:20AM 1 Need help getting a program installed and running
1:21AM 4 noob here :)
Sunday December 19 2010
9:37PM 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos. Joey 2-player problem.
8:16PM 2 Game question
8:11PM 1 build
4:59PM 1 Installing programs on 64 bit.
12:32AM 0 Screen Freezing.
12:30AM 3 the state of wine under Mac Os X
Saturday December 18 2010
9:30PM 1 Icons, Xrender, Flash, Firefox, how to resolve problems
4:19PM 2 Recommended processor for running wine
12:50PM 1 Newer Wine Fails to draw Bitmap Graphics (Regression)
12:34PM 1 Wine with Renderpal -> Communication Error
9:50AM 2 DRM status?
6:02AM 1 Wine Development
2:21AM 4 VB2005 trial winetricks install
2:14AM 0 WOW Cataclysm won't install
Friday December 17 2010
9:10PM 3 Wine networking problem
4:15PM 1 Steam won't start
3:53PM 1 Wine with Modern Warfare 1
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 No subject
2:10PM 0 MACOSX - Open program window maximized everytime...
1:48PM 3 DVDFAB and WINE
10:53AM 0 CodeWeavers 30% off Winter Solstice Sales on CrossOver Mac a
9:47AM 0 Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Dropping Audio Bug/Issue
8:21AM 2 Wine uninstaller crashes
Thursday December 16 2010
10:12PM 1 Window scrolling artifacts in PDF XChange Viewer
9:54PM 1 Need help APPing a program - Anyone willing to help?
5:18PM 0 [1.3.9]-CoD:Black Ops Broke After Game Update?
2:15PM 1 {ActiveX}{VBscript}{scarddlg.dll}Fail to open html pages with VBscript and ActiveX using wine builtin IE
12:56AM 1 undelete files Mac
12:55AM 0 Data Rescue Mac
12:54AM 0 Recover data Mac
12:53AM 0 Data Recovery tools Mac
12:00AM 0 White Screen when i start San andreas
Wednesday December 15 2010
5:02PM 0 Wines For Humanity
3:34PM 1 Installing iTunes on Linux Mint Isadora 9
10:55AM 2 How to run VBscript using wine?
10:46AM 1 3Dsetup.EXE has encountered a serious problem....
Tuesday December 14 2010
11:29PM 2 Wine profiles
11:12PM 13 Wine+Rosetta Stone(yes, this again)
10:58PM 2 winetricks and I
10:18PM 2 do How to fix my error?
8:10PM 1 Best fglrx (ati) driver for wine?
7:31PM 2 Drop in performance
7:26PM 2 Need advice! Beginning wine development!
7:03PM 0 Warband + Wine
4:47PM 1 Joystick functionality in Wine for Mac OS
2:59PM 1 Processors core
12:38PM 1 [1.3.9]-Red Faction Guerrilla/Steam Does Not Start?
12:18PM 4 Outlook Express
10:26AM 1 installing from a cd rom
10:09AM 3 Transgaming Cider Game users can now save 25% off CodeWeaver
9:55AM 2 delete Office 2007
9:53AM 1 "Problem in Installing wine"
9:14AM 5 Missing .Net checkboxes
8:27AM 1 remove remote desktop Web Connection in Windows XP Service P
7:54AM 1 Plz Help Problem running Oracle6i Forms in Wine under Ubuntu
7:41AM 0 iovSoft releases Video Converter for free as giveaway during
5:07AM 0 msoffice2003 setup problems
Monday December 13 2010
10:48PM 2 AudioSurf - Runtime error
7:17PM 2 Guitar Pro 6 - Need help with possible regression?
6:23PM 1 Downloadspeed gamersgate using wine 1.3.8 and 1.3.9
5:40PM 1 Problem with Modern Warfare 2 on Wine 1.2.1
2:23PM 0 Help testing regression
1:11PM 2 Wine produces lots of errors
12:42PM 1 Word 2007 Blog Post Feature Does Not Work
10:40AM 2 Wine installing error
8:37AM 1 Re: Help testing regression
7:59AM 1 Re: MSVCR80.dll Unimplemented Function.
4:59AM 0 new member to the forum
12:04AM 0 ArmA2
Sunday December 12 2010
9:44PM 2 Programs in WINE are lagging
8:27PM 4 using original windows files - how to?
7:14PM 2 dragon naturally speaking will not work
6:52PM 1 Can't install a program...
5:28PM 0 Can't get a HighID with eMule 0.50a on wine 1.2 and Ubuntu
4:50PM 1 Re: No Sound in Spotify with WINE
4:30PM 1 err:menubuilder:convert_to_native_icon (MS Office 2010)
4:15PM 2 Thanks, Dan
3:33PM 2 wine netstat / netstat.exe
3:17PM 9 SPAM?
11:59AM 0 1000 CAD projects awarded here
11:18AM 1 The Next Big Thing - Bug: xmllite.dll.CreateXmlWriter
2:43AM 2 Wine is using onboard graphic card instead of the "real" one
Saturday December 11 2010
7:18PM 1 Guild wars problem
12:17PM 1 Wine and Alsa driver
1:17AM 1 Battlefield Play4Free
Friday December 10 2010
9:00PM 1 Screen is unsynced with the window in Melty Blood: AC
8:28PM 1 Zombie Panic! Source and Lead and Gold [Ubuntu 10.10]
8:27PM 1 Installer hangs but this app has Gold range
5:05PM 1 .CAT catalog file hash problems in CryptCATOpen()
4:51PM 1 blankety-blank M$ wizards ....
4:42PM 3 Graphics and Version questions
4:30PM 4 How To Run VB6 Appliactions with SQL Server 2000 at back end
2:28PM 2 Mass Effect 2 bug 23135
11:46AM 1 TeleVantage Client 8
10:31AM 1 wtlib2010
6:42AM 0 windows presentation foundation training in chennai
5:23AM 0 err:module:DelayLoadFailureHook failed to delay load crypt32.dll.CertOpenStore
5:16AM 1 Victoria II Play Failure - Encountered Serious Problems. . .
4:07AM 1 Victoria II Install Failure - installshield breaks
1:49AM 1 WineLib support for STL, I/Ocompletion and Critical Sections
1:45AM 2 Problems with Wine 1.3.8 on Fedora 14
Thursday December 9 2010
8:58PM 5 Does Wine supports Microsoft Visual C# 2008?
7:45PM 1 [Steam] Left4Dead isn't launching
4:51PM 1 Unable to visualize menus and tooltips from a ribbon toolbar
11:59AM 4 Lineage II - Freya (Russian release)
10:51AM 1 Ninjatrader
10:22AM 3 Sufficient Security Privileges
10:07AM 4 Almost 2000
9:37AM 3 How to recompile Wine on ARM
6:19AM 0 VisualFoxPro program problem
4:54AM 0 CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver Games 9.2.1
4:32AM 1 Adobe Director issues
12:17AM 2 Sim City 4 instalation problems.
12:02AM 1 Running rollercoast tycoon doesn't run
Wednesday December 8 2010
11:04PM 1 Separate isolated instances of programs
9:48PM 0 Streaming games using Wine
9:01PM 2 new to wine installing "clash of nations"
6:47PM 2 Wine Problem Help Plizz
6:45PM 0 Problems with game keyboard input - "Janoschs Vorschule" from Terzio
6:20PM 2 Help Plizzz Wine
5:12PM 0 Running rFactor - vertex shader error message
5:04PM 1 Wine fails to install/uninstall windows apps
4:58PM 5 Attempting to Run Maplestory V93
9:52AM 1 Libraries needed on Watchtower Library 2010?
8:46AM 0 How to make parallel port work?
5:56AM 0 Melty Blood
Tuesday December 7 2010
11:58PM 2 Can't Get a game to run
11:38PM 5 step by step tutorial request for newbie
11:31PM 2 Cannot install dcom98
11:01PM 1 Re: Tableau Public vis software / Ubuntu
7:43PM 3 opencl ???
7:14PM 2 Error whit .tmp file
3:48PM 0 Berserker@Quake2
3:12PM 2 how to restrict user from running apps
12:45PM 1 Deathspank TOV crash
9:30AM 1 Control Panel\\Colors
3:09AM 1 Help running an exe that loads a dll
2:35AM 1 Certain Steam games won't launch
Monday December 6 2010
9:56PM 1 Backbuffer problem troubles SimCity4 RH/Deluxe
9:21PM 0 games through wine not detecting video card consistently
8:47PM 0 £40 Wine Voucher at Naked Wines
8:27PM 1 8800 Ultra support?
8:15PM 1 How to fix Baldur's Gate 2 in CIDER so it doesn't crash?
8:06PM 4 Re: Missing textures
5:11PM 4 Cant see the models
2:15PM 4 Sound issue with Bioshock
8:09AM 0 Re: Prince of Persia : Forgotten Sands = No sound
6:57AM 3 E-volved Cultures screensaver
6:42AM 0 Voddler 3.1 does not work in Wine 1.3.8
12:45AM 12 FSX install... Failure
Sunday December 5 2010
9:28PM 1 ATI FireGL v5200 and Guild Wars
8:19PM 1 Dungeon Siege slow disk I/O
6:35PM 0 General quad SLI performance issues
5:54PM 3 Fallout New Vegas - Antialiasing
11:29AM 0 bryce7 PLE
9:22AM 6 wintricks error
7:59AM 1 Spotify doesn't work anymore
7:28AM 1 winetricks vcrun200* does not install the overrides properly
6:18AM 3 Do I need IkernelUpdate.exe for Wine 1.3.8?
3:01AM 1 Wine/WoW issues
Saturday December 4 2010
9:50PM 1 Who was able to run Starcraft 2 with and intel GPU ?
7:30PM 1 wine for ubuntu netbook
7:23PM 1 Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
6:58PM 2 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
6:45PM 0 Stereo photo maker crashing
6:28PM 7 Error loading mfc42.dll - failed (error c000007b)
5:49PM 2 Counterstrike sourge.
4:49PM 0 Steam Games/Full Screen/No Keyboard???
2:06PM 0 Re: gstreamer-0.10 development files not found, gstreamer suppor
6:42AM 0 Father of Groom Speech and Toast - How to Input Hu
4:27AM 3 Super Meat Boy Crash on startup
3:35AM 1 SoapMaker won't install completely or startup
3:10AM 1 Application Installation Error
Friday December 3 2010
11:45PM 1 Bioshock semi-issue
11:13PM 1 Need help with bugreport...
10:48PM 3 Battlefield 2 startup crash
8:53PM 0 [CoD:Black Ops] - Using STEAM, Keyboard Not Work In Full Screen?
4:30PM 1 Deconflict Unix Forward / and Windows Back Slash \ Directory
12:59PM 3 Any Game is not working in wine. Why?
11:21AM 1 Last Game Play
9:11AM 0 Main Window
3:07AM 2 Wine Games Don't Render Correctly Anymore. Very Odd.
12:32AM 0 Batch file porting: Is there a way to use "if exist" with a wildcard?
Thursday December 2 2010
9:43PM 2 World of Warcraft -opengl issue using radeon drivers
8:30PM 2 fallout new vegas wineskin mac osx 10.6.5
5:55PM 1 Problem with windows and minimizing icon
1:49PM 4 Why msvcrt generates errors ?
12:50PM 4 Need help with a bug in wine
6:35AM 1 sound in Tomb Raider Underworld
Wednesday December 1 2010
8:23PM 2 Giving multiple users access to programs
6:55PM 1 Mint 9 "Isadora" integrating WINE ( Getting started)
5:44PM 2 How to control antialiasing on a per-application basis?
12:32PM 1 copy paste
10:52AM 0 Bordeaux 50% off recession busting sale
8:22AM 1 update wine
6:54AM 5 Wine icons for Windows applications
4:05AM 3 Error While installing Wine on OSX version!!
3:56AM 2 how to run HpUserEdit in wine-1.1.44...
2:01AM 0 Re: CS:S microphone