wine users - Feb 2011

Monday February 28 2011
10:05PM 1 windows app to communicate with cocoa lib
6:46PM 5 COD4/Steam/Punkbuster
1:56PM 1 Problems with embedded TWebBrowser
9:37AM 3 Can I play a game as soon as it's released?
8:56AM 3 Wine flickering
5:27AM 7 CadStd Access Violation Problem
4:29AM 2 Call from 0x7bc4b7a0 to unimplemented function MSVCR80.dll ?
4:05AM 1 mortal online
Sunday February 27 2011
11:38PM 5 ┬┐Can you create support for thumbnail video creator 3?
7:31PM 2 Re: GDI and MSCMS Color Management Patch
5:24PM 0 Re: Oblivion lost sound
5:18PM 2 Wine doesn't detect my mounted iso
4:20PM 3 Out of (video?) memory!
2:42PM 3 xp and ubuntu
2:38PM 1 Re: World of Warcraft OpenGL render problem
3:37AM 1 Re: WoW quits right after I click PLAY
3:19AM 4 Is winetricks sending reports to the developer?
3:16AM 1 Blocking certain input
2:54AM 3 Can wine be used to view a webpage online?
1:01AM 5 Entropia Universe with patched wine 1.3.14
12:32AM 5 Xfire Crashing
12:31AM 1 Re: WoW quits right after I click PLAY
12:19AM 1 Re: Oblivion lost sound
Saturday February 26 2011
11:04PM 9 No connection to mysqld
10:04PM 0 Newbie asking about program links
9:45PM 2 Wolverine 1.0, invisible people
4:01PM 1 Re: WoW quits right after I click PLAY
12:47PM 3 tbx player and asymgrid.vbx
9:52AM 1 realflight
9:24AM 5 Igo for PC ver. 8.3
6:29AM 1 Setting WINE applications as file defaults
6:16AM 1 Welcome to my store!
2:35AM 2 Permissions Error when Installing from Multiple CDs (CIV IV)
12:48AM 1 Re: WoW quits right after I click PLAY
Friday February 25 2011
11:35PM 3 Can the Sidekick PIM run in Wine?
8:42PM 1 Installing Wine1.2.2 on Mint9
7:09PM 2 Anarchy online
2:56PM 3 32bit to 64bit game migration
7:53AM 1 wine-1.3.14 working on Solaris 11 Express
3:04AM 1 err:ole:CoCreateInstance apartment not initialised
2:28AM 7 Current best AMD processor for running mainstream games?
Thursday February 24 2011
9:54PM 0 iphlpapi dll not found
9:32PM 1 wow 4.0.6 wine 1.3.13 opengl segmentation fault
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
8:23PM 0 No subject
11:59AM 1 Rome TW on Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick)
11:34AM 3 WINE limitation?
8:45AM 1 Re: MS Outlook 2007 won't open
7:33AM 7 normally how to install wine development package ?
Wednesday February 23 2011
10:05PM 15 World in Conflict wont start, read all guides, still no luck
7:17PM 1 wine & codeblocks
4:06PM 1 trouble running an .exe (game)
3:13PM 4 TIME_MMTimeStop Timer still active?!
7:52AM 2 Dragon Age 2 Demo
7:38AM 5 Strange uninstall issue - privileges.
6:26AM 2 Re: Process to get games working better?
3:16AM 8 Stuck on loading screen
2:49AM 2 Newbie help
Tuesday February 22 2011
9:27PM 1 Wine Icons
8:57PM 0 Work hard, Play harder at 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention in
8:32PM 5 Wine Java Error: Cannot find "winemenubuilder.exe"
4:57PM 3 QQ International -- Almost works, but always says I'm "Away"
3:10PM 0 Chilean Wines
2:21PM 3 HTTP/SSL (HTTPS) sites not working in IE6/IE7 - advice reque
2:19PM 4 Segmentation fault on running program
Monday February 21 2011
8:28PM 2 How to use Winedebug variable or winedbg?
5:31PM 1 Missing text issue in CCNP test application
10:12AM 3 GTA San Andreans
8:44AM 3 Set riched20.dll specifically for powerpoint 2007
1:18AM 3 Diablo 2 installer problem
Sunday February 20 2011
8:22PM 1 Screen resolution changing not working (Debian Squeeze)
7:25PM 1 Permissions error
6:42PM 1 Error while installing FlatOut 2
5:03PM 4 Nba2k11
10:58AM 2 Running wine to an existing windows partition
10:39AM 1 Counter Strike 1.6 "Choose Pixel Format Failed"
10:24AM 9 Civilization 4
10:23AM 1 unable to set drive label
10:01AM 2 Same Error with many games
7:14AM 1 Running a program that doesn't have an installer?
6:58AM 3 Re: git connection to times out
3:39AM 4 Diablo 2 Display problem
2:29AM 2 Are logfiles generated for for wine sessions?
2:25AM 0 Installed Wine on MacBook Pro- no problems
2:20AM 1 Who is the site admin?
Saturday February 19 2011
11:29PM 4 flyff issues
10:52PM 2 Can't get wine to run any programs: included error message.
9:35PM 1 sh winetricks msxml3 FAILED...?
8:48PM 3 MS Outlook 2007 Unable to open default mail folders
8:07PM 2 Homemade Wine
5:57PM 2 [Warcraft 3 FT] Using the ALT + <x> combination for items
5:34PM 2 cant start program
1:47PM 4 dotnet crashes during installation
1:42PM 7 Use raw-format drives
12:33PM 2 bthprops.cpl Missing + Wrong Architecture Error...
10:41AM 0 Lucida Sans Full Font
6:34AM 1 Problems with various attempts at running a 256 color game.
Friday February 18 2011
11:36PM 1 Anyone succeeded to update an Olympus LS-10?
10:23PM 0 Re: Any Video Converter
9:18PM 2 Kubuntu 10.10 hangs up, while using DVDFab with wine 1.2/1.3
6:25PM 5 Native Instruments Battery3
6:19PM 2 How to set path to .NET runtime to use
3:23PM 2 [Settlers 7] Game crashes at startup
12:32PM 2 Running a program without title
10:02AM 0 Lego Universe: Can't figure out the error
9:49AM 1 EADM.exe works.. nearly
9:00AM 0 Re: Any Video Converter
8:48AM 0 How to Choose Video Converter?
8:18AM 0 New Boiler or New System?
7:46AM 2 Ubuntu10.10 + Wine + Apache(Win32) = Can't open html
Thursday February 17 2011
10:44PM 1 Can't uninstall software
9:13PM 2 Steam crashes at startup (with no error message) on Ubuntu
7:46PM 1 Re: 64-bit chess engines and wine 1.2
6:51PM 3 Getting "Dungeons" to work
4:42PM 2 UBUNTU 10.10+WINE+STEAM=Counter Source dosent works
10:55AM 3 What actually does cause 'windows slowly moving down + right
7:38AM 2 a bit of help bug 25206
4:29AM 4 Wine registry format question
Wednesday February 16 2011
2:15PM 3 mscorsvw.exe crash when wine opens
2:07PM 0 Re: mscorsvw.exe crash when wine opens
12:45PM 0 Re: Why I cant use WEB CEO?
10:24AM 0 Stronghold Kingdoms
7:14AM 2 Https, ssl connection with wine
6:54AM 0 Ronaldo anounces retirement from football
4:37AM 2 CS 1.6 lagging badly (Intel 4500MHD)
4:32AM 0 Re: Mahjong client Tenhou
Tuesday February 15 2011
1:29PM 0 iMac 21.5" or 27" for Gaming?
1:28PM 2 Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?
1:25PM 0 360 controller wont work with the force unleashed!!
10:33AM 1 Dead Space 2 issue
5:29AM 1 Anybody succeeded to run PhotoInstrument
12:22AM 11 Is Wine64 usable yet?
Monday February 14 2011
8:33PM 0 Pspi and wine
7:06PM 2 Windows 9x games
5:23PM 2 Earlier Windows versions
4:49PM 4 Device manager
5:38AM 1 Re: Master of Olympus - Zeus wont start in Wine for Mac
1:27AM 4 Stick on installation: winecfg not found
12:17AM 3 XP SP2
Sunday February 13 2011
10:42PM 1 Re: Master of Olympus - Zeus wont start in Wine for Mac
9:12PM 4 Forward-Compatibility with Ubuntu 11.04 (10.10 Netbook) plus
7:16PM 2 AutoGK issue on OS X
5:28PM 2 Starcraft 2 Patch Issues
2:05PM 1 BattleForge - Keyboard won't work
1:47PM 0 Re: Star Sonata - wine client error:25: write: Bad file descript
11:38AM 1 no comdef.h while compiling ff-activex-host with winelib
10:15AM 4 Problem with popcap games and more
10:07AM 1 Re: World in Conflict Addon connectEx Hack
9:57AM 1 black ops multi : mouse buttons inactive
3:26AM 1 How do I run Turbo Lister
Saturday February 12 2011
11:36PM 1 Valve Steam -- Virtual Desktop Question
8:34PM 5 Agent under Wine
4:57PM 0 Re: The Next Big Thing - Bug: xmllite.dll.CreateXmlWriter
4:04PM 7 Keyboard does not work
12:33PM 1 Re: XmlHttpObject
10:40AM 2 Game launching crashes
10:09AM 1 Scirra Construct
5:44AM 1 First time configured Wine not running .exe files
3:52AM 1 Error with wine & wiso tools
Friday February 11 2011
9:30PM 1 windows/fonts files interference (bug?)
6:59PM 3 Help with IE7 running on Macbook Air
2:57PM 0 Quality Wines Club
1:32PM 5 Centos + Wine + Ms Sans Serif.
12:58PM 1 Can any one tell me how to install QEMU WINE?
11:13AM 0 Valentine's Day special
9:43AM 1 [rfc] dsound: decrease sound latency
8:20AM 1 HELP! Stuck AVTECH DVR Video Client Viewer
3:53AM 2 Warcraft 3 Connecting to
Thursday February 10 2011
9:27PM 1 Intel GMA4500HD and glUseProgramObjectARB
8:50PM 1 Run Game In Separate X Server?
8:14PM 3 Legions: Overdrive on Linux/Ubuntu with WINE
8:05PM 4 Support priority request
6:50PM 4 [1.3.13]-Valve's STEAM Games Do Not Work...
12:22PM 1 Wine on 64 bit Linux m/c
12:17PM 1 graphics freeze when one program is calling another program
11:23AM 1 WoW: Error loging in...
3:56AM 9 No sound in wine with Ubuntu 10.10, native sound works fine
3:42AM 1 Re: Ubuntu - Wine, CounterStrike Source issue.
3:31AM 1 Re: nfs undercover
3:23AM 1 Re: I need install
3:12AM 1 Re: Cleaning up and starting from zero
1:09AM 6 quake3 running on mobile phone(arm processor) by wine
Wednesday February 9 2011
11:52PM 1 Wine debian mirror
8:04PM 9 taxact 2010 install problem
7:26PM 1 Re: Solar Accounts
5:22PM 3 World of Warcraft problems in Patch 4.0.6
4:29PM 3 change path to c:
10:15AM 0 Re: Game in console mode without X environment
9:25AM 2 Wiki - consensus about personal pages?
5:42AM 8 Odd error no one seems to know how to fix
3:00AM 1 ASA Prepware
2:18AM 7 No wine after install
Tuesday February 8 2011
10:06PM 2 snow leopard, freetype installed but not being found?
9:37PM 1 New Vegas Steam version on Ubuntu 10.10 no dialog.
5:36PM 4 1.2.1 dlls/d3d9/teste/d3dlexec.c struct member missing.
4:13PM 5 Need error clarification with winetricks
Monday February 7 2011
9:32PM 2 how to install "missing" netsh.exe using commands?
5:14PM 0 Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
1:08PM 1 ActiveComputerName vs ComputerName
12:59PM 1 Wine & Prince of Persia Warrior Within
9:12AM 0 How to run RO private server in wine?
8:56AM 3 Winetricks Problem
5:28AM 1 iTunes
4:01AM 2 Trouble with WOW "Trouble finding sutible display device".
2:54AM 1 Woofy and Magic the Gathering Online
2:39AM 4 Dragon Age on an ATI/AMD Video card
Sunday February 6 2011
8:54PM 3 Ragnarok Client
7:05PM 2 Running IE7 setup
6:07PM 2 Linux for Use on MacOSX
4:59PM 2 Re: Call for translators
2:03PM 3 Re: Can someone point mee in the right direction =?
Saturday February 5 2011
6:15PM 1 does a 404 error
2:33PM 2 Re: Error loading mfc42.dll - failed (error c000007b)
5:48AM 5 Using a custom library in iTunes
Friday February 4 2011
8:23PM 10 Installation problem , Failure to register Com ActiveX
7:45PM 1 error of interface
7:26PM 3 Program fails to start
7:01PM 18 _INS5176._MP
5:20PM 1 Moyea FLV converter
2:08PM 1 Q4Wine - Where are the wine libs ???
1:57PM 12 Run Nice Player .nmf app
9:04AM 0 Re: Install a with program multiple CDs on Wine, with a Mac
12:49AM 3 multiple wine versions
Thursday February 3 2011
4:45PM 2 having trouble start Black Ops on Ubuntu 10.10
2:07PM 3 Dreamweaver 8/MX in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit wont start.
7:11AM 3 Unit Testing On Wine
1:25AM 1 possible bug running Finale 2009 on Wine 1.2
12:52AM 0 Adobe air error with Dofus 2.0
12:15AM 4 Direction that wine is going
Wednesday February 2 2011
8:54PM 1 Battlefield 2 with Wine
7:16PM 4 Allow Directx apps to stop the mouse leaving their window
6:51PM 2 Not implemented function GetRealProcAddress
12:51PM 0 CodeWeavers CrossOver ComeToTheLight sale has been extended
10:10AM 2 Launch a native application from wine app (system call)
10:04AM 0 Re: Brain Fitness Pro By MindeSpark
9:51AM 0 4D v11 on wine 1.2.2
8:26AM 1 error message while creating prefix
6:03AM 3 Paltalk client for Ubuntu
4:09AM 5 new with Mac, trying to play FFXIV, please help
3:07AM 2 Instalation and Uninstall Issues
2:44AM 2 Switching between Applications (Alt + Tab ? )
Tuesday February 1 2011
11:56PM 1 No sound in Steam with Bose USB speakers
10:05PM 0 Re: Trying to run DDO on Ubuntu 10.10
6:04PM 2 AllWebMenus won't open
4:53PM 3 brand new and confused (re: kings bounty 2)
3:58PM 1 Ecabinets - problems accessing multiple db
11:44AM 1 Steam on Wine (Fedora 14 x86_64)
11:09AM 1 Lotus Smartsuite 123
8:29AM 0 Re: Blizzard Downloader Crashes
6:10AM 3 Help: WineLib vs Java
2:58AM 3 Wine 1.3.12.tar.bz2