samba - Jan 2003

Friday January 31 2003
10:59PM 1 exel
10:28PM 3 Account Lockout using Security=Server
8:44PM 3 Samba - winXP lookup
7:15PM 0 Need help with strange "rejected the tconX on the IPC$ share" error messages.
5:54PM 5 Using working devmode from windows clients on samba server?
5:30PM 1 Question about version 2.2.5
4:42PM 0 samba3.0alpha21 PDC
4:29PM 1 How to find out, if samba has SSL/LDAP support or not ?
4:15PM 4 Moterboard help Please
4:10PM 0 samba printing on Solaris 7
3:58PM 1 samba drive acces through VB6
3:04PM 1 passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
2:22PM 0 Samba PDC does not properly synchronise registry
1:05PM 1 Dumb ? question abount Name Resolution on a full Samba Domain
12:40PM 0 samba.src.rpm(RedHat site) VS samba.src.rpm(Samba site)
4:35AM 2 Windows access problems
Thursday January 30 2003
11:02PM 1 WINS Server failing to start
11:00PM 2 Mandrake 9.0: rpcclient problem exporting printers to samba for windows
10:48PM 1 win XP off_line
9:24PM 2 Can't see all of the directories in a share with 2.2.7a-1 &RH8...but older version/kernel can
7:47PM 1 Use client driver
6:52PM 0 File timestamp proble with smbmount
6:37PM 3 Can't see all of the directories in a share with 2.2.7a-1 & RH8...but older version/kernel can
6:33PM 1 Wins Server Fail
5:00PM 2 WinXP Printing issue
4:47PM 1 Samba File Sharing- Some Doubts?
4:09PM 1 Samba wins problem
3:50PM 3 Smbmount for Solaris 8?
3:33PM 1 ls -l hangs
2:10PM 1 what's up about NETAPP and SAMBA PDC ?
2:09PM 0 Compiling 3.0 alpha 21 on HP-UX 11.00
1:17PM 2 Auth PPTP X SAMBA
10:44AM 2 SAMBA ===== I have problem.
10:31AM 0 FW: Samba authentication against a windows 2000 domain.
10:20AM 1 winbind and enum groups
9:29AM 0 Samba printers: Office stuck while changing text attributes
8:25AM 0 Actually reverse a g i n g symptoms!44-2
8:15AM 2 WINS question
4:13AM 0 smbclient -c commands
1:01AM 1 Upgrading from 2.2.3a to 2.2.7a concerns
12:55AM 3 Problem with Samba PDC and WIN2000
12:47AM 3 help Error with Cli_spoolss_notify.c in CUPS
12:24AM 1 not enough charcters available in %J or confusing blanks?
Wednesday January 29 2003
10:54PM 1 Having problems getting RH72 Samba to join a W2K Domain
10:54PM 0 Samba File Sharing
10:45PM 1 WinXP failing to join PDC
9:59PM 8 So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads
9:47PM 5 Problems making use of 2K PDC
8:41PM 3 Samba LDAP user adding
8:40PM 1 Disappearing Windows machines ...
7:51PM 1 ANNOUNCEMENT: New Project- Baltra (AFP/SMB services compatibility)
7:06PM 2 CUPs and Samba and XP
6:41PM 1 Winbind Problems and doubts
5:42PM 1 Error was : NT_STATUS_OK
4:51PM 1 Wins Refresh
4:50PM 0 Samba Wins Fail
3:23PM 0 SmbPasswd To Be Sync With Passwd
2:30PM 0 Office XP slow (again)
2:12PM 18 None
1:55PM 0 samba 2.2.7a, security=server, password server = win2k, winxp client
1:47PM 0 trust relationship between XP(workstation) and the Primary domian (Samba PDC) failed
1:39PM 3 Printing irritation
1:30PM 0 Include samba server as a member of WinNT Domain
1:29PM 0 SUMMARY: Can't unzip package
12:47PM 1 Error with SMBCLIENT (Called name not present)
8:13AM 0 Weird problem with mixed up id's
8:09AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a & Win2000 SP3
5:59AM 1 Win98 clients accessing Samba file server.
1:30AM 1 Multiple Samba Instances on a Single Distribution.
12:35AM 1 Win2k DC no longer authenticates for Samba shares (th at fixed it)
Tuesday January 28 2003
11:59PM 1 ldap_modify_s Insufficient access
10:50PM 1 Logon script never runs in 2.2.7a, but does in 2.2.4
9:59PM 3 Using Winbindd in nsswitch.conf
9:57PM 1 Simply Accounting on Samba 2.2.5
9:31PM 0 Un-install/Re-install Samba - HP-UX11
8:54PM 5
8:39PM 1 Samba 3 & ADS current capabilities
8:22PM 0 Refusing
8:21PM 0 Winbind trusted domain
8:05PM 0 using local account with winbind
7:18PM 0 windows authentication problem?
7:13PM 0 windowmaker and winbind
7:07PM 4 auto creating home dirs
7:06PM 1 Can't Find NT or LM Password
6:39PM 0 How do I get the @#$$% job name to show instead of smbprn.xxxxxx. xxxxxx?
6:34PM 0 BackupPC and Win9x Boxes
6:00PM 0 sharing a folder to one computer
5:52PM 0 list filtering
5:24PM 2 File size limit = 2G?
5:07PM 1 RE: Need information
5:00PM 1 winbind authentication problem on windowmaker
4:36PM 2 Can't unzip package
4:17PM 1 %windows_version?
4:16PM 1 Drive already connected Error in Windows 2000
3:41PM 1 password syncronization
3:18PM 0 - adding domain users to local windows 2000 groups
1:40PM 0 Policies with Samba as PDC for a Win 2k-XP client
1:26PM 0 delayed write failure
12:10PM 0 smbmount error (Called name not present)
10:43AM 2 PAM Module for SMB-LDAP
10:07AM 1 Fileaccess-Problem Samba <--> Win2k
9:36AM 0 Troubles with SAMBA and SAN
9:33AM 1 Samba+LDAP--PDC : change user passwd
6:14AM 0 Samba 2.2.7a - Unix groups bug?
5:09AM 1 [nsswitch/pam_winbind.po] Error 1 With Compiling 3.0
5:09AM 1 Having a problem ...
5:09AM 2 Workstation Trust Accounts
5:09AM 1 can't create user entries in smbpasswd
5:09AM 0 CVS pserver upgraded on
4:12AM 0 WinXP - duplicate name exists
12:02AM 1 FreeBSD & Machine accounts
Monday January 27 2003
11:19PM 1 Moving Existing W2K Local Profile to W2K Roaming profile
9:42PM 1 TDB to text
9:33PM 2 NT PDC to Samba PDC migratio
9:16PM 1 unable to join 2000 to samba domain
9:09PM 1 NT PDC to Samba PDC migration
9:04PM 2 Winbind: login "cannot find name for group ID XXXXX" ONLY RedHat 8
8:55PM 2 Samba 3.0 help
8:24PM 2 Win2k DC no longer authenticates for Samba shares
8:13PM 0 FW: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-070: Flaw in SMBSigning Could Enable Group Policy to be Modified (309376)
8:06PM 1 samba pdc smbpasswd error
7:55PM 1 OT: Virus Traffic jams
7:32PM 0 Samba on masqueraded server
7:30PM 1 Remove the infected user
7:22PM 0 Antigen found FILE FILTER= *.bat file
7:08PM 3 Beginner feeling a little better now
7:02PM 0 Multiple Domains/Workgroups (again sigh)
6:59PM 0 Fw: ScanMail Message: To Recipient file blocking settings matched and action taken.
6:05PM 1 running a script when a user logs on (NOT netlogon!)
5:35PM 1 more info - NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED opening remote file
5:34PM 1 yup, i'm still stuck
4:27PM 0 Configuring Samba on Dynix
2:46PM 0 Windows accounts with samba
2:32PM 1 Samba as PDC for WinXP, Win9
2:19PM 0 **VIRUS ALERT**
2:12PM 2 Fw: Neu Textdokument (2)
1:57PM 0 spoolss_io_r_setprinter/WERR_ACCESS_DENIED on 2.2.7a
1:36PM 1 Virus Protection ... Which one...?
1:21PM 5 Samba as PDC for WinXP, Win98 and Win95
1:07PM 4 Samba print permissions for specific users/groups wanted
12:54PM 0 interdomain authorization with samba-3.0alpha20
12:49PM 0 Recieving Virus!!
12:27PM 2 samba + apache + XP ... weird
11:10AM 0 home section not working
11:00AM 0 Windows accounts with samba pdc
10:42AM 1 How forcly disconnect unwanted user?
10:35AM 0 SAMBA 3.0 documentation ?
10:16AM 0 Strange error messages
6:10AM 1 Linux to Win2k Active Directory authentication using samba.
1:08AM 18 Winbind on HPUX11, Totally Stuck, Please Help
Sunday January 26 2003
9:51PM 2 cannot find network path
7:46PM 0 Strange delays/hangs/freezes with samba
6:24PM 2 Remote machines seen as UNKNOWN
5:12PM 2 Antigen found VIRUS= I-Worm.Lentin.g (Kaspersky) virus
5:02PM 3 NVC for Domino Virus Warning!
4:34PM 0 Re: removing overstrikes
3:49PM 1 bug - white paper
2:19PM 2 Samba spoolfile name
3:31AM 1 Q'n for HOWTO - setting ldap ssl = off
Saturday January 25 2003
7:47PM 1 Samba 2.2.7a discards LDAP attributes
7:10PM 0 Console messages from Samba (XP client)
5:26PM 0 samba-2.2.7a RPMs available for Mandrake 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0
5:10PM 0 (no subject)
5:05PM 0 (no subject)
4:58PM 0 Connection problems from win2k clients
12:48PM 1 Connection refused - port 445
11:55AM 0 hanging windows98
11:38AM 1 Losing print jobs using LPRNG 3.8.15 and samba 2.2.5
5:31AM 0 TDB Backups?
2:03AM 0 Win2k Sp3 and Samba 2.2.4
12:16AM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED opening remote file
Friday January 24 2003
11:44PM 0 Samba 3alpha21
11:13PM 0 libsmbclient:smbc_getdents->a lot of unknown entries
10:59PM 0 Dependency problem with RPM
10:29PM 0 Disabling symlink following
10:21PM 0 libsmbclient::smbc_getdents->lotta unknown type entries..
10:04PM 0 limit login.
9:58PM 1 Disabling symlink following client side?
9:28PM 1 Good Pam how-to??
9:21PM 0 Solaris, Active Directory, and Samba 2.2.7a or 3a21
8:34PM 3 LDAP Filter Problem
8:33PM 0 how i added it to the domain
7:42PM 0 help add
6:47PM 1 2.2.7a and 64-bit AIX
6:16PM 2 redhat and windows smb
5:04PM 10 linux server completely hangs copying files with samba
4:13PM 1 Windows 2000 Domain Controller Security Setting
2:50PM 0 user shares
1:47PM 1 Strange behaviour with M$ WORD 97 under Win 2K
12:29PM 1 help quick answer
11:38AM 3 win98 & samba file server
11:32AM 0 Trouble with connecting on/from W98 share using usermap file.
11:27AM 0 Error attempt_netbios_session_request
10:22AM 1 conenction refused
9:59AM 1 Samba 3, Win2K, and MIT KDC -- possible?
8:02AM 1 Password Overview
6:36AM 3 Removing Print Driver?
4:59AM 0 Samba upgrade and NT domain membership
3:34AM 1 Win2k SP3 Domain Logon
Thursday January 23 2003
11:58PM 0 High count of smb processes
11:30PM 3 still not working
11:15PM 3 Who and When
11:07PM 0 Thanks for all the assistance!!!
10:54PM 3 Beginner with a beginner's question..
9:31PM 1 logon script client configuration?
9:21PM 0 2.2.3a multiple users from w2k term server denied access
7:28PM 2 Joining WinXp to Samba PDC
7:25PM 1 windows xp cannot find profile share
5:44PM 1 still having a connection problem
5:29PM 0 Short "lock-ups" when connecting to Samba server (2.2.2) from Windows ME
4:17PM 1 problem (maybe OT)
4:06PM 0 Winbindd - final step
3:50PM 0 Samba, win2000 & logging in via scripts
3:48PM 0 (no subject)
3:09PM 0 PDC seems to disappear (only service restart helps)
3:06PM 7 New Debian Packages?
2:35PM 1 (no subject)
1:51PM 0 4th Magdeburger Linuxday (Germany)
1:05PM 1 Installation configure problem
10:42AM 1 Can't get Win 95 to see SMB
10:32AM 2 SuSE 8.1 start SMB at boot
9:59AM 0 Change passwords
9:58AM 2 printer take long time to print
9:33AM 1 winbindd with Windows 2000
9:04AM 0 rpcclient on a netapp filer returns NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
8:03AM 2 Really bad Read performance
8:02AM 1 linux ldap samba-PDC windows
7:37AM 2 samba account question
7:06AM 0 automatic print queue update on client machine
6:48AM 1 12 Charakter Sharename
3:26AM 0 [ ]
2:45AM 0 litle help
2:22AM 2 SWAT port change
2:02AM 1 Samba goes catatonic...?
12:20AM 3 Locating the MACHINE.SID fil
12:12AM 1 Locating the MACHINE.SID file...
Wednesday January 22 2003
10:57PM 1 password server is not connected
10:53PM 0 RE: samba digest, Vol 1 #2098 - 22 msgs
10:45PM 0 RE: samba digest, Vol 1 #2098 - 22 msgs
10:11PM 0 Samba installation on a HP-UX box.
9:47PM 1 FW: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-070: Flaw in SMB Signing Could Enable Group Policy to be Modified (309376)
9:25PM 0 A-TEEN 5265
8:07PM 2 Data Conversion
7:58PM 0 Printing to Windows XP
7:49PM 0 Issue - RESOLUTION
7:41PM 0 User account unable to be up
7:36PM 2 smbfs + large UID's
7:34PM 1 PDC and BDC
7:12PM 0 Re: Can't add Machine account ( LDAP ) ... (solved)
7:09PM 0
7:07PM 0 User account unable to be updated
5:21PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Authoring a HOWTO]
4:37PM 0 Samba 3 and net user
4:17PM 0 Two MS Access questions (compact database & Access XP)
3:50PM 0 O Samba Bin Baden--samba is losing it's mind or maybe it's just m e
2:58PM 0 Samba 2.2.3a and w2k connection problems
2:15PM 0 problem starting samba 3.0
1:43PM 3 - Out of office
1:19PM 0 pwdMustChange Problem (PANIC: failed to set gid)
1:15PM 1 Problem with roaming profiles..
12:18PM 2 No domainserver found
11:40AM 4 Samba-to-samba migration
11:35AM 1 Known problems with profiles in home directories?
11:32AM 0 Subject: Re: Samba 3.0 + AD + OpenLDAP
10:52AM 1 Samba PDC+LDAP on FreeBSD
10:38AM 0 Simple Share Question
10:13AM 0 Security question on Domain admins in Samba PDC
9:48AM 2 ghost jobs through samba
9:35AM 0 Changing from Domain security to User authentication - How To ?
9:29AM 2 winbind withoutt PAM
9:09AM 0 Trusted domains with samba3.0
8:56AM 1 having problems with prf*.tmp files and samba pdc
8:00AM 2 Damnit audit
3:57AM 0 Testing...
12:32AM 2 Authoring a HOWTO
Tuesday January 21 2003
11:54PM 1 Samba version compatible with Windows XP?
11:46PM 5 Samba 3.0 + AD + OpenLDAP
11:14PM 1 Self-locking files...
11:01PM 0 Repeated Questions
10:54PM 0 Unvisible Shares... - problem!
10:45PM 2 Mounting a Windows share in AIX
10:23PM 1 Long pauses.
9:14PM 0 login from winxp machine
8:57PM 1 Question !!!
8:55PM 0 printing on windows domain printer
8:45PM 1 Samba Encrypted Passwords
8:22PM 0 pam_smbpasswd fails, HP-UX 11i (revisted)
7:52PM 2 net view work alike
5:08PM 2 writing to a samba share
4:01PM 2 Can't add Machine account ( LDAP ) ...
1:44PM 0 Samba BDC to Windows 2000 PDC
1:35PM 0 Joining other Samba-Servers to Samba-LDAP-PDC
12:36PM 2 sort-of fix for net rpc vampire account creation
12:22PM 0 Adding Domain users to local Win2k Groups
11:55AM 2 WARNING : no network interfaces found.
11:11AM 1 security = 'domain' and 'server'
11:03AM 1 newbie on winbind.. help required.
10:19AM 0 Linux (X) Clients and NT Server ?
10:17AM 0 linux workstations on NT Server ??
10:11AM 1 Question Use of a domain control with windows XP prof
10:09AM 1 Winbind Fails to start
10:07AM 1 Linux clients + NT server
10:05AM 1 confusing windows terms?
9:54AM 1 Re: [CLUG-tech] odd samba error
9:46AM 9 I am out of the office.
9:38AM 0 Fw: smbpasswd sync please help
9:34AM 0 VS: Samba BDCs and machine trust account passwords
9:27AM 1 re: website is missing most of the documentation?
1:06AM 2 Setting up samba so XP will login in to a linux box
12:45AM 0 Messages in Logwatch / Long usernames
12:35AM 3 A way to shut down workstation
Monday January 20 2003
11:58PM 0 3alpha21-release
11:17PM 0 (fwd from Samba 3alpha21
10:47PM 1 server list question?
9:47PM 1 Samba and "\\server not accesible; The network path was not found" error message
9:31PM 1 net command
9:26PM 0 Big News at FollowUp
8:53PM 1 Print driver installation problem
7:44PM 0 Copy creates empty file then fails
7:11PM 0 user/group issues
5:53PM 6 netlogon sometimes works (corrected with smb.conf attached)
5:38PM 1 keeps asking for username and password - help
5:32PM 3 xp doesnt log out
5:10PM 0 smbpasswd sync
5:08PM 1 netlogon sometimes works
4:54PM 0 newbie stuck in a domain and can't get out.
4:53PM 3 Second Posting! Please reply - Need HELP!!
4:47PM 0 Re: frustration samba and LD
4:46PM 0 [OT} apology
4:24PM 1 [OT}
4:09PM 0 Syslog error messages
3:48PM 1 Hola... !!!
2:50PM 2 Borland Paradox Databases on a samba share
2:32PM 2 bug desc.
2:26PM 1 LDAP PDC, net rpc vampire
12:34PM 2 spoolss.exe
11:17AM 0 samba 2.2.7a/LDAP backend problem ... bug ?
10:51AM 1 frustration samba and LDAP
10:49AM 1 One interesting question !?
9:32AM 1 session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
9:29AM 0 8-bit characters in windows login
8:54AM 1 deleting fifos under W2K
4:15AM 1 Auth Systems Security mini-audit
1:17AM 0 ??: is it a bug in samba?
1:04AM 3 Samba and XP - Updated Registry - Still no go
12:49AM 1 How do I enable groupname map functionality?
Sunday January 19 2003
6:40PM 2 Samba Fails
4:40PM 0 nbtstat -A returns "host not found"
12:07PM 0 Samba-2.2.7a and Admin Users with NT PDC
11:29AM 2 Samba server setup
Saturday January 18 2003
10:57PM 3 Adding a machine; I think I am onto something
4:57PM 1 An addendum to my PDC troubles.
12:17PM 1 Win95 client can see everyone but linux box
12:00PM 0 Trusted domains in 3.0
11:49AM 1 UNIX/SAMBA file permission interaction
9:36AM 4 File Creation Dates Question
8:38AM 1 Printing from Win2000 to Linux
3:35AM 1 Known error - missing user directories
12:32AM 1 IIS, ASP, and File Change Notification
12:10AM 2 secretly replacing a windows domain client with samba
12:03AM 3 Virus Notification: A virus has been detected in a message origin ating from yourself
Friday January 17 2003
11:48PM 1 Why ADS if I can join the ADS domain as an NT 4 server?
7:11PM 0 PDC Trouble
5:18PM 1 Logon Scripts for Mandrake 9.0
4:22PM 2 Samba Internationalization
4:01PM 0 Need help! My major screw up!
3:57PM 1 Samba ON NT?
3:22PM 0 XP Home explorer hangs on samba drive
2:24PM 2 Linux permissions vs Samba permissions
11:11AM 1 Cannot reconnect network drives from Windows XP
10:20AM 0 tdb_delete for name failed with error Record does not exist.
9:59AM 0 max connection insa samba
9:54AM 1 Samba Question !
9:27AM 2 User Profile Migration Solved
8:39AM 1 Samba-LDAP - Getting Computer accounts to live in ou=Computers
6:45AM 0 Cannot join W2K-machine to Samba-3.0 domain
6:33AM 4 Group file ownership...
4:58AM 1 auth. samba users against Win2K AD
3:14AM 0 Configure error: cant find test code
1:59AM 1 First letter in filenames missing
1:55AM 0 Bad crash with Samba 2.2.7 and linux software RAID-5
1:09AM 0 No access to root-level of shares on NT4 SP6 with Samba2.2.2 on FBSD-4.7
12:54AM 0 Samba 2.2.7 loses performance (20%) over 2.2.5
12:36AM 0 File access rights and usernames from Windows XP client
12:18AM 0 Multiple problems with 2.2.7a-0.2
12:16AM 0 Something I dislike
12:06AM 1 Browsing Problems.
Thursday January 16 2003
11:44PM 1 RE: How do I get the @#$$% job name to show instead of smbprn.yad a.yada?
10:15PM 0 Windows XP Usernames in Start Menu
9:46PM 0 Slow initial access from w2k workstations
9:21PM 0 Configuring Samba Users
8:58PM 1 is use rhosts = yes still supported?
7:31PM 3 Samba and MC/Service Guard
6:45PM 1 Samba PDC + 2K/XP
6:41PM 4 File transfer corruption (NULL characters)
6:06PM 4 Does 3MB/sec seem as fast as
5:33PM 2 My Workgroup eventually disappears when I enable SAMBA!
3:29PM 0 SMB mount
2:07PM 1 problem printing win2k+samba (redhat) + lprng
2:05PM 1 multiple vfs object extensions per share ?
1:51PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Exporting a samba mount]]
11:59AM 2 No access to root-level of shares on NT4 SP6 with Samba 2.2.2 on FBSD-4.7
11:58AM 0 Appropriate privileges of users on Win clients
11:43AM 2 Samba BDCs and machine trust account passwords
11:33AM 0 Samba Print error
11:20AM 1 library problem
11:06AM 1 log file access on shares?
11:00AM 0 Fw: groups and users
10:57AM 1 Profiles on Samba share
10:49AM 1 Longfile names and Samba
10:30AM 1 Second Post: Unable to add user with Samba 2.2.7 - LDAP - PDC
9:53AM 0 msdfs samba client - Linux CIFS Client
8:34AM 1 Samba-LDAP PDC - Disjoint uids required for different ou's?
8:11AM 0 Samba trust NT Domain machine accounts!
7:24AM 1 only owner (and root) can change attributes?
4:54AM 0 Solaris Samba/WinNT to Win2k Migration Question
4:43AM 0 (fwd from about samba problem
1:35AM 2 writing to samba shared directory & printer sharing
12:36AM 1 How do I get the @#$$% job name to show instead of smbprn.yada.ya da?
12:06AM 0 winbind / NT authentication / ssh
Wednesday January 15 2003
11:43PM 0 Re: automount shares
11:33PM 0 Problems with wins Server
10:46PM 1 A lot of errors
10:31PM 0 pam_smbpass fails, HP-UX 11i
9:59PM 1 security = server "random" failures
9:09PM 2 Samba and system 390 Unix system services
8:57PM 0 Red Hat samba 2.2.5 to 2.2.7a Kablooey
8:29PM 0 Windows Xp network file server
7:59PM 3 guest ok = yes
7:49PM 2 Winbind authenticated users - no home directory
7:31PM 1 Browsing Shared Performance Problem
7:26PM 0 3.0alpha21 performance degraded comparing to 2.2.5
7:13PM 0 FW: winbind LOGON_FAILURE
6:50PM 4 problems with mandrake samba and xp
5:34PM 3 Issue
4:30PM 3 winbind LOGON_FAILURE
3:25PM 2 Does 3MB/sec seem as fast as Samba is?
3:23PM 3 Postscript printer PS-Logfile
2:42PM 1 Printer not accessible! Plea
2:30PM 0 cups Printer Driver Donwload with Win9X (Adobe driver/cupsaddsmb) cups-1.1.18, samba-2.2.7
2:23PM 0 Re: automount shares
2:20PM 3 Profiles ...
1:54PM 3 SMB+LDAP Question ...
1:34PM 0 Samba Linux File Server, Windows XP Pro workstations, Adobe Indesign
1:30PM 0 wrong time/date with smbfs on powerpc (kernel 2.4.18)
12:15PM 1 smbmnt and friends
11:48AM 1 Printer not accessible! Please review my conf on leaks
11:05AM 0 Starting Samba... RC script or inetd.conf (SOLARIS)
10:59AM 0 Samba and symbolic links
10:45AM 0 groups and users
10:34AM 0 Printer problem(?)
10:32AM 1 Solaris + Samba + Mount windows printer
9:59AM 2 PDC.
7:56AM 2 How to automount windows share?
4:19AM 1 Installing manpages?
4:13AM 0 Samba is Speedy
4:11AM 4 Profile migration again
Tuesday January 14 2003
11:21PM 1 %U.log.
10:45PM 0 winbind not authenticating
10:35PM 1 Something Wrong? Or Is Samba Meant To Delete My Passwords?
10:06PM 0 Change Samba PDC transparent
9:55PM 2 Password protect shares with
9:52PM 0 Change Samba PDC transparently
9:28PM 0 Password protect shares without creating user accounts
8:55PM 1 Windows Files for Unix programs
6:59PM 0 Broken pipes
5:48PM 0 passwd chat
5:40PM 0 smbclient -L and long filenames from Win2000 Server
5:28PM 0 samba-3.0alpha21 - quotas on recent glibc breaks build
4:58PM 0 Viewing user with Samba 2.2.7 - LDAP - PDC
3:36PM 1 Running Sage from a Samba server
3:32PM 1 Problems with migrating from local to roaming profiles
3:15PM 0 iso8859-15 and 1252
2:04PM 1 Samba 2.2.7a & CUPS 1.1.18, Win2k is not downloading cups windows drivers
12:56PM 2 Using win2k non-pdc as password server
12:32PM 0 W2K and XP loose connection to 2.2.7a-Share
12:08PM 2 Windows 2000 + roaming profiles
12:03PM 1 ACT 5.0 and Samba
12:01PM 0 Samba and VPN Road Warrior setup
11:49AM 0 (fwd from domaincontroll-problem!!!!!!!
11:21AM 2 SCO 5.0.5, samba 2.2.5, copying large files
9:56AM 0 winbind trouble
9:39AM 0 Custom smbprint script for testing
8:55AM 0 [Samba 3.0alpha21] Cannot see NT4server ?
8:09AM 2 printer driver access denied
7:56AM 0 Issue with adding machines to domain
7:22AM 2 for samba + LDAP
3:20AM 1 Samba 2.2.7a Large File Corruption
3:04AM 0 Oplocks_break FAILURE in 2.2.7? hmm..
2:09AM 0 add driver
12:15AM 1 Domain member in a Windows 2003 .NET network ?
Monday January 13 2003
10:10PM 1 pam_smbpass Guidance
9:18PM 2 Which filesystem to increase Samba performances ?
8:43PM 3 auto start
8:35PM 0 Is anyone using Netsaint/Nagios to monitor SAMBA?
8:05PM 2 Exporting a samba mount]
7:53PM 0 Deleting non empty directories
7:13PM 3 mapping usernames between Windows and Linux
6:51PM 1 Force the user to change its password
6:13PM 1 request_oplock_break: no response received to oplock break request
5:52PM 0 Windows vs. samba print server comparisons
5:07PM 0 smbclient/smbmount authentication methods
5:00PM 0 Retrieveing group membership
4:38PM 4 How can I restart samba?
4:06PM 2 I can see the Linux box, but not it's shares.
3:13PM 1 Exporting samba mount via NFS
3:09PM 0 (no subject)
3:06PM 4 Dos To Unix?
2:07PM 0 (no subject)
1:32PM 1 < 700 MB to samba share error
1:28PM 1 (no subject)
1:20PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a and cups 1.1.18
12:21PM 1 Running Samba twice
12:04PM 2 general question about samba.
9:37AM 0 Ext3, Lots of Files, Slow performance
9:31AM 0 administrator rights in samba 2.2.7 +ldap + XP
9:02AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a Bug ? Share with msdfs root=yes: NT 4 client can't create directory
8:10AM 1 printer suddenly unavailable
7:04AM 0 Changing of Rights thru Windows program?
7:01AM 3 Change of Domain Name
3:13AM 1 printing probs and samba update
Sunday January 12 2003
10:27PM 2 Application Question
10:02PM 1 unix password sync = yes problems
10:48AM 0 Retrieveing group memberships
9:52AM 0 samba valid char problems
4:43AM 3 Using ssh as a wrapper
4:35AM 0 Allow group member to change permissions?
3:02AM 1 Compiling python_ext ?
12:31AM 1 Newbie Question: smbmount and file attributes
Saturday January 11 2003
2:20PM 2 Domain Users cannot use quic
1:34PM 0 Disparity in listing files and searching
4:48AM 1 Samba 2.2.7 Session setup fails with NetApp filer (F850).
4:32AM 0 among 60 pc only one pc accessed from samba server
4:27AM 1 Samba 2.2.7 on Red Hat 8.0 and Windows 2000
2:29AM 5 Exchange data with NT Wins server
2:01AM 0 SMBmount in daemon mode slow to write
1:03AM 1 Can samba refres the connection to the PDC?
12:55AM 1 Can't add print drivers for existing printers
12:50AM 0 Problem to access sambaserver from another subnet.
12:08AM 1 Domain Users cannot use quickbooks
Friday January 10 2003
10:06PM 1 samba errror
9:55PM 0 Directly smbmounting share folder (a la w2k)
9:45PM 3 user mount problems
9:35PM 0 Re: Here is that sample
8:49PM 1 Win98 Samba Login Script Errors
7:14PM 0 add printer
7:03PM 0 Deleting hosts
6:36PM 1 Please help! Updated to Redhat 8.0, now can't get samba to work
6:13PM 1 Windoz Browsing
5:14PM 0 Re: Movies
5:10PM 1 Windows XP and Samba 2.2.7a Print drivers--they upload fine, but driver list for printers is emtpy.
5:05PM 0 Keeping local Profiles in WinNT and W2K
1:41PM 0 RE: Samba locking problems
12:47PM 2 The use of Samba
11:55AM 3 Message Command
9:31AM 0 no access to passdb when domainlogin from xp client
9:10AM 0 RE: problems with inherit permissions (Armin Baumgaertner)
7:43AM 0 Unix password
2:05AM 0 Samba-2.2.7a Compile error --with-pam
1:56AM 2 How to set the directory tp allow all user can read,write and execute all the files inside that directory ?
12:45AM 5 Move existing Local Profile to Roaming
12:42AM 1 Samba/CUPS printing again
12:09AM 1 Urgent help please: Samba constantly giving INTERNAL ERROR
12:05AM 1 Windows XP Pro
12:00AM 0 SambaXP 2003
Thursday January 9 2003
11:57PM 1 Troubleshooting Samba - (2)
11:32PM 0 Win2k Print Server and Samba PDC problems
11:27PM 1 Re: Fwd: Samba & Referrals
11:20PM 2 XP slow to print to Samba 3.0 alpha21 server
11:17PM 1 smbclient and large file support
11:08PM 0 (fwd from Uninstallation??
11:06PM 0 RE: Samba connecting to NT PDC
10:59PM 3 serious problem with W2K TS and 2.2.7 PDC
10:47PM 0 Re: samba digest, Vol 1 #2048 - 21 msgs
10:14PM 0 samba print problem
8:50PM 0 can browse/copy/delete file from samba's shares but can't print
7:26PM 0 sending samba logs to a central logging server
7:09PM 1 problems with inherit permissions
7:01PM 1 nmbd -D
6:43PM 0 WinXP, samba 2.2.7, and intermittent "unable to open passdb"
6:38PM 0 RE: [Private] RH8 and Samba 3
6:32PM 0 Samba 3.0Alpha for RH 8
6:12PM 7 Samba Authentication against NT domain
3:20PM 4 Slow performance with lots of files in one directory
1:32PM 1 MSDFS Share can't create directory from NT 4 SP6a Client
1:21PM 2 Poor performance and strange errors
11:49AM 0 Re: user names with dots
10:15AM 1 Linux platform for samba 2.2.7
8:50AM 0 Taking ownership of files on NT/2k
6:40AM 1 Re: samba (2.2.7a) + openldap (2.0.x)
4:08AM 0 how to use mcf5272 to visit a windows
2:44AM 0 Inheriting Group Ownership on File Move
1:39AM 2 (no subject)
1:21AM 1 GS PDF creator
12:25AM 0 include smb.conf files
Wednesday January 8 2003
9:19PM 0 nautilus problem and smbclient question
9:05PM 0 samba domain member can't validate users against 3.0 DC
8:32PM 0 Samba Version 2.2.7 on a True64 UNIX Cluster V5.1
8:27PM 3 Autocad file corruption...
8:11PM 1 Tuning for a large environment
7:39PM 2 Problem with SAMBA File Sharing
7:32PM 0 Re: samba (2.2.7a) + openldap (2.0.x)
7:23PM 0 Winbind: How many users?
7:19PM 3 Removing Samba
7:09PM 1 Problem with rpcclient and installing PS-Driver
6:16PM 0 Firewalls (was: Sigh....ok once more with feeling)
6:11PM 5 WinXP/WordXP "Read-only" problem
5:32PM 0 Account Disabled Error
5:20PM 0 FW: RH8 and Samba 3
5:08PM 1 RH8 and Samba 3
3:58PM 3 Removing requirement for local machine accounts
3:42PM 0 Tree
3:31PM 0 How to enforce the client to download the profile from the server
3:14PM 0 VS: oplock_break (PR#26342)
2:39PM 0 FW: files with dot at the end of the name
10:31AM 2 oot: reply-to
10:29AM 1 samba and bin/text modes
8:48AM 0 samba 2.2.7 (cosmetic ?) bug
4:21AM 0 print issue with 2.2.4a on FreeBSD
4:18AM 2 Sigh....ok once more with feeling
3:08AM 2 Wow im dumb
1:47AM 0 Getting NT Domain password.
12:48AM 5 Default domain for winbindd?
Tuesday January 7 2003
10:24PM 2 Automatic Printer Driver Download Access Denied
10:15PM 1 Hiding shares
8:37PM 0 Printing OK but bad message.
8:17PM 1 Troubleshooting Printer setup
7:55PM 1 smbd using alot of cpu on HP-UX 11.11
7:13PM 5 Usernames with dots
4:31PM 0 SAMBA and daemontools
3:55PM 0 Winbind runs great for a while then dies with "read from socket failed!"
3:32PM 0 Testing, please ignore
1:41PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a PDC gives errors - HELP!!!
1:09PM 2 user names containing @
12:43PM 0 (no subject)
12:38PM 0 admin users & write list
12:29PM 0 Zip Drives
9:40AM 0 XP oplock woes
9:29AM 0 winbind performance in large domains
8:53AM 1 Strange Behavior
8:48AM 0 copy files (>20k) to samba server fails
6:03AM 0 (no subject)
5:12AM 1 nss_wins
3:57AM 1 Problem I am having with Samba 2.2.7a and Win2k
3:03AM 1 Samba machine trust account setting in FreeBSD
2:29AM 1 Trouble Printing from Win2K machine to Linux Box running RH8.0
1:55AM 2 Problem with Winbind and groups
1:52AM 0 samba problems going from NT to Win2k PDC
1:49AM 0 Clarification on initial setup problems
1:29AM 2 LDAP workstation field
1:01AM 0 Server Manager
12:43AM 0 (fwd) files with dot at the end of the name
Monday January 6 2003
11:36PM 0 smbd using alot of cpu
11:12PM 0 Samba and 2 NICs
11:05PM 2 Initial configuration help
10:44PM 0 smbclient and a accent problem....
10:37PM 0 no longer getting samba emails?
10:32PM 3 smbclient with accent
9:41PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 with Win2k SP3 with Citrix XP1
9:27PM 0 3.0alpha with ADS on Slowlaris 8
9:10PM 0 Help: Windows User Permissions on Samba
9:02PM 2 samba 2.2.7a and winbind
8:19PM 1 problem adding printer driver
8:10PM 1 samba 2.2.6 PDC
7:36PM 0 samba with pam
7:24PM 0 Samba 3.0 and Authentication
7:00PM 0 Samba configured with Active Directory
5:55PM 3 Simple question - Machine / User relationsip
5:28PM 3 Printer Driver Download Problem - PPD's Not DL'ing
5:14PM 1 replacing a w2k machine with samba 2.2.7a
4:49PM 2 users can't set smbpasswd, root can
3:55PM 2 (no subject)
2:45PM 0 Desktop.ini (part) solution
1:08PM 1 Using user account information from another machine
11:16AM 1 Problem with some applications
11:04AM 1 Eudora slow moving from samba 1.9.18p10 to latest
9:30AM 1 Samba PDC with windows XP
8:09AM 0 (no subject)
8:02AM 0 (no subject)
5:41AM 0 Full upgrade of Samba server
5:10AM 0 appologies
3:57AM 0 winbind (again)
1:05AM 1 security = domain and Mac OS X
Sunday January 5 2003
10:19PM 4 mounting smbfs...
9:02PM 0 Problem with Samba and Cups
9:00PM 0 Large file transfer problem
4:24PM 2 and passwd sync problems...
12:33PM 1 "Only users" seems nonfunctional
11:45AM 0 add user script not executing samba-server-ldap-2.2.7-1.1mdk
11:39AM 0 mount_smbfs sending parameters incorrectly?
5:32AM 0 Samba-based Linux fileserver using account info from another Linux box
4:42AM 0 Add User Trouble on SMB LDAP PDC 2.2.7-1.1mdk
3:42AM 2 Troubleshooting Samba
2:18AM 6 Authenticating against a Windows 2000 DC?
Saturday January 4 2003
11:11PM 2 Directory went missing
10:33PM 0 problem with koi8-u
5:36PM 0 Samba - Samba WINS replication ?
3:59PM 0 WinXP reghack wont stick after reboot
2:10PM 0 Error while copying files from Windows XP host
10:02AM 2 Auto Mounting home directory using samba
8:53AM 1 Samba slow to Windows clients
4:34AM 0 SambConfigureitout?
Friday January 3 2003
11:16PM 2 samba with XP
9:28PM 2 os x and samba performance vs netatalk
7:56PM 1 Win2k clients and PDC
6:14PM 0 problems smbmounting. Samba error?
3:12PM 0 Samba in a trusting domain users in a trusted domain?
12:47PM 1 password expired...
12:12PM 1 (no subject)
11:29AM 3 known bugs/issues/gotchas
10:09AM 1 Problem installing a particular printer WinXP/Samba2.2.7a
6:42AM 0 samba 2.7.7a and redhat 8
6:12AM 1 Winbind & Samba 2.2.7a on FreeBSD
5:37AM 0 can see the netw. but not connect...
3:34AM 0 Network ( LAN) browsing
2:30AM 1 Error in SNIA spec wrt. SessionSetupAndX response when dialect is NT LM 0.12
1:44AM 1 Problems with compiling
Thursday January 2 2003
11:53PM 1 samba 2.0.6 on HP-UX 11.0
8:54PM 1 win 2000 - samba unix mount
8:14PM 2 Initial configuration problem
8:09PM 0 Netware and Samba PDC password sync
7:32PM 0 what the AD support in 3.0 means?
4:49PM 1 Windows 2000 Terminal Server Connections
4:44PM 1 apparent w2ksp3 problem
4:37PM 1 Samba Share out of space
4:21PM 0 Dos Window Access
4:13PM 0 Samba PDC passwd update to NIS server
1:11PM 0 Sometimes WBINFO reports "Bad Secre"t for Computer Ac count of ser ver
11:04AM 1 Sometimes WBINFO reports "Bad Secre"t for Computer Account of ser ver
10:06AM 2 anti-virus
9:16AM 1 Virus
9:15AM 0 too much connection
7:59AM 2 crazy smbpasswd
2:40AM 0 New at Samba and need some help
Wednesday January 1 2003
11:06PM 0 preexec/postexec scripts
9:41PM 0 How to map the Unix groups to NT domain groups?
9:08PM 0 Administrators
4:13PM 3 Tape Drives
11:19AM 1 Can't change directory to /public (Permission denied)-Illogical error in Samba 2.2.6
10:28AM 1 please answer ! need help ! samba team.
12:38AM 0 windows to linux server, figured it out
12:13AM 1 RH ACL patches ?