samba - Feb 2003

Friday February 28 2003
9:13PM 1 Across subnet question?
8:49PM 0 Samba doesn't free network resource with XP clients
7:38PM 2 Cannot Copy File: Access is Denied, the source file may be in use?
6:09PM 3 [Fwd: samba 30alpha21 + NT4/2K WS-s]
5:57PM 0 Printer Owner not valid in Windows
5:18PM 0 [help] Error in join domain
4:16PM 1 Samba offering dynamic homes share trouble..
3:56PM 0 Samba PDC and NetApp anyone ?
2:24PM 2 OT? PDF printer driver for automatic deployment
2:19PM 4 Hiding a share
11:06AM 0 Samba training
10:10AM 2 Separate mailing list for printing problems ?
6:25AM 1 profiles name not same
5:32AM 1 OSX Server - Excel files
5:30AM 2 Thanks Samba Community!!!
4:35AM 1 Samba, CUPs & Win2000 printing
3:53AM 0 HPUX 9.0
2:49AM 1 smbldap-tools badly messed up
1:03AM 1 Lee J Kendrick/GIS/CSC is out of the office.
12:13AM 1 LDAP and a strange problem
Thursday February 27 2003
10:23PM 4 Need help understanding smbldap-tools and user records
10:03PM 5 Weird..
9:18PM 0 smbmount and long file names question (again)
8:09PM 1 Error when runing ./configure
7:10PM 1 more problems on Solaris 9
6:36PM 0 Fw: 95 and NT cannot access shares
5:58PM 0 access denied to home directory
5:41PM 1 Could Linux load average problem be related to smbfs?
3:58PM 0 smbmount problem (codepage problem)
3:47PM 4 ACL permissions with XP problem
3:14PM 0 SAMBA and ADS
2:08PM 0 samba pdc + win xp = no logout
1:55PM 3 forcing smbmount to unmount question
1:46PM 1 Printer drivers on Samba server
12:31PM 0 Domain member server starts logging "change_trust_account_password: Failed to change password for domain" after one week
9:43AM 0 Easy Samba Server suite scripts
8:43AM 0 "No such process" when restarting SAMBA
8:27AM 1 "guest ok = no" but guest user is used
7:25AM 1 (reposting) Yo!! Anyone knows how WinXP can join Samba PDC running on FreeBSD ?
7:14AM 0 Short file names
4:54AM 1 NT roaming profiles unable to be updated
3:43AM 0 my smb.conf file
2:10AM 1 Domain Controller problem
12:41AM 2 win2k usernames with spaces
12:21AM 6 Samba Domain Login
12:13AM 1 Guest Account causing lod.winbindd messages
Wednesday February 26 2003
10:26PM 0 How soon will samba be able to act as an Active Directory Server?
10:03PM 0 samba problems in RH8 and 98/Me
9:31PM 0 Use the integrated Samba in SPARC Solaris 9 or a later version?
8:07PM 0 Get the "USER" to map home directory
7:42PM 1 printing using SAMBA-OSX and XP Network
7:02PM 0 Windows XP, samba 2.2.7a; delayed write failure
5:37PM 2 SWAT login - is password entry secure?
5:21PM 4 Swat, not there
5:18PM 1 SCO OpenServer 5.0.6a and missing (fwd)
4:30PM 1 more rpcclient weirdness
4:12PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a - UID Problems ?
3:54PM 2 SCO OpenServer 5.0.6a and missing
3:27PM 2 Samba corrupting files
3:17PM 0 performance problem with Samba built with pread/pwrite on HP-UX 1 1.11
2:07PM 2 Scripting with smbpasswd
1:12PM 0 smbmount and long file names question (fwd)
1:01PM 0 windows packet drop problem
12:59PM 0 [help] Can't Join Samba 2.2.3a to TNG+LDAP
12:31PM 0 2.2.8pre1 domain logon failure
12:08PM 1 Samba LDAP PDC change password
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 2, Issue 79
11:46AM 0 Problem: cancel copy of file makes smbd go crazy
10:59AM 1 Browsing automatic update
10:44AM 1 [bug] ldap server missing from swat in 3.0
8:31AM 1 FW: Log
5:08AM 0 cant access samba share with xp when domain password is different from samba password
12:13AM 0 lockups with windows 2000 client, every 15 minutes or so
Tuesday February 25 2003
11:31PM 0 Limiting File Name Length
11:23PM 3 can't log into Samba.
11:09PM 1 ignore
10:55PM 0 Trouble Creating Folders
10:45PM 0 This message was inadvertently quarantined by SPAM filtering software and is being forwarded by US FWS email Administrator
10:17PM 2 nmbd in redhat 8.0
9:16PM 0 Swat is empty.
8:28PM 1 Do I need NETBIOS/NETBEUI on windows clients when samba is my PDC
8:25PM 1 edit winbindd_idmap.tdb
8:20PM 1 Samba spanning subnets
7:51PM 0 samba as PDC and browsing network problems with Windows 2000 Pro SP3
7:01PM 0 Adding Win2k Clients to the Samba Domain
6:39PM 1 Problem starting smbd ( on AIX 4.3.3...
6:30PM 0 writing to smbfs mount
6:25PM 1 Re: Need solution to Printers window access denied, unable toconnect message.
6:08PM 0 accessing Windows shares with smbount garbles german Umlaute
5:44PM 3 Samba -> Expire Password
5:17PM 0 suse 7.2 and xp pro - newbie Q
4:44PM 0 smbmount and long file names question
4:26PM 1 Samba and nmbd
4:23PM 1 SAMBA with LDAP active directory
3:54PM 1 Strange behaviour on Win98
3:54PM 1 New user seeking information
3:13PM 1 Samba on Novell 5
3:06PM 0 smb_request: result -104, setting invalid
2:41PM 0 all names point to the same machine
2:21PM 0 mapping unix-windows groups
2:15PM 0 current master browser = UNKNOWN , no longer in browse list
2:06PM 0 Re: [GLUG] pdc
1:59PM 0 ntconfig.pol with W2k
1:54PM 0 Problmes joining Samba server to Active Directory
1:18PM 0 WinXP cannot join domain (Samba PDC on FreeBSD)
1:08PM 0 Create and use Policies
12:20PM 2 local profiles on xp
11:23AM 3 Starting a process from a windows client
10:39AM 1 encoding problem with samba 227 ad rh80
10:21AM 0 Linux+samba problems
10:14AM 1 Samba locking problem - is this a bug ?
9:21AM 2 Samba using Virtual Servers (load balancing)
7:46AM 1 Figuring out name of Kerberos server?
6:34AM 0 monitoring Samba with Tivoli
6:17AM 1 samba as a replacement for ftp
5:31AM 1 (fwd) FW: Starting a process from a windows client
1:37AM 0 Samba Compile problem (2.2.7a)
12:47AM 2 Specified User Does not exist ?
12:05AM 2 Printer Passwords and Print Auditing
Monday February 24 2003
11:30PM 1 [Fwd: Re: GCC 3.3 release criteria]
10:59PM 0 NetBIOS Datagram (UDP 138) probe
10:24PM 0 Samba as PDC + IIS + Frontpage
10:08PM 5 PDF Printer issue
10:02PM 1 Retrieving group membership from Active Directory
9:57PM 2 RE: NEWBIE Samba installation issues
9:46PM 2 problem configuring smbd for domain authentication
8:58PM 4 NT_STATUS question
8:56PM 0 Samba solaris
8:48PM 2 Windows XP Profiles
8:34PM 0 [Fwd: Re: GCC 3.3 release criteria]
8:31PM 5 XP irratic delay in opening files....
7:11PM 0 passdb
7:01PM 1 passdb not found
6:48PM 3 SAMBA PDC User Permissions, Admin Settings, and Logon?
5:48PM 0 domain pswd policy? single-sign on?
5:41PM 0 Why am I getting this error?
5:29PM 0 Is Samba made for trash?!? Newp.
5:10PM 0 first accessing swat - connection refused
5:03PM 0 capture Printer port...
4:42PM 2 Large (3000+ users) NT to Samba migration
4:25PM 0 Print command %J question
4:17PM 0 No connection between NT and SUN system running solaris 8
4:04PM 2 Recovery from Domain/WINS Outage - Didn't work well
3:45PM 1 Accesing shares from ClearCase
2:53PM 0 Permissions for fun and profit...
2:27PM 2 logon script to adjust time on workstation
2:16PM 0 RE: 2.2.7a logon script will not run (Rich Forman)
2:15PM 1 Samba stops sharing ?
1:27PM 0 map system en bad database performance
12:56PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a and Solaris 9 ACLs
12:26PM 1 Win NT / Win 2k variants
11:02AM 1 smbfs and lfs (2.4.20)
10:07AM 6 what's on port 139
6:00AM 1 (fwd from Please help with smb printing
4:46AM 2 Unable tp map to a samba share from home
Sunday February 23 2003
9:13PM 0 Re: Multiple client access same file
9:11PM 0 Strange Roaming Profiles problem
9:08PM 1 XP logon to Samba in a AD Domain environment
8:07PM 1 2.2.7a logon script will not run
4:24PM 0 Urgent : Samba 2.2.3a -- File Mangling
9:07AM 3 95 and NT cannot access shares
4:45AM 0 Re: Multiple client access same file
2:57AM 0 samba Bdc to samba Pdc
12:15AM 3 Can't login from Xbox - No session setup?
Saturday February 22 2003
9:29PM 1 finger print for samba-pubkey.asc
7:43PM 0 Problem transferring files
5:07PM 1 SMB library
12:27PM 0 re: Samba PDC shared applications and a default start menu profile (Kevin S. Brackett)
11:49AM 1 moving a samba pdc
11:09AM 0 Possible bug in nmbd.
11:02AM 0 patch: better msgs in client.c
10:11AM 1 Samba PDC + Win XP Pro
9:52AM 1 samba, win2k and logon scripts
9:06AM 4 Restrict access to [homes] share
5:45AM 1 Slow printers share
Friday February 21 2003
11:41PM 1 Samba PDC shared applications and a default start menu profile
10:27PM 0 cannot FTP
10:17PM 0 need help with Samba permissions
10:03PM 0 Samba 3.0 w/ Kerberos On FreeBSD 5.0 Will Not Compile
8:44PM 0 Samba Domain Support Problems
8:40PM 1 pam_mount_conf?
8:27PM 0 Samba + LDAP segfaulting
6:32PM 1 Re: [expert] Brainstorm - add user script in Samba-LDAP
6:19PM 1 Windows XP client cannot access Samba share on Linux
5:12PM 1 please reply
4:29PM 2 pam settings for winbind
4:07PM 0 Samba locking problem
3:35PM 0 not the same file attributes after copying
2:17PM 0 Problem with Sharp AR-286 PCL Printer
2:13PM 0 2.2.7a breaks on ATM stack on AIX 4.3
2:05PM 0 Encrypted Password/Auth Problem?
2:02PM 2 One last windows/linux question
2:00PM 1 cannot delete non-empty directory
1:33PM 0 can one samba be a DC for two domains?
1:22PM 1 2.2.7a - lot of open/close calls
12:39PM 2 Maintain file ownership when saving office documents
12:38PM 4 how do i umount a device busy ?
11:36AM 2 How to protocol file changes, deletions
9:36AM 1 Samba installed: but not working - Please help!
9:27AM 1 Samba 2.2.7a 64bit executable on Solaris 8
8:07AM 0 winbind support for messengers
3:49AM 0 Success! (was Re: samba print server
2:05AM 0 2.2.7a slowness on AIX 5.1-ML03
1:15AM 1 Is it possible to specify Username/Password in a UNC when connecting to a samba server from W2K?
12:24AM 0 Re: Need solution to Printers window access denied, unableto connect message.
12:21AM 0 Win2k box multiple domains
12:17AM 1 PATCH: downloading drivers from Solaris [was Re: So SAMBA no longer ...]
Thursday February 20 2003
10:26PM 0 Netbios name service forwarding.
9:19PM 0 Multiple language support ?
8:23PM 2 Samba-LDAP too imature for production?
8:11PM 3 cupsaddsmb - why the heck can't I get rpcclient-addprinter to work?
6:16PM 0 Help in Password Server
6:15PM 1 updated: managing acl's via windows in samba 3.0 alpha 21
6:01PM 0 RE: pam_mount ( was RE: Help with Winbind )
5:55PM 0 Samba PDC + Win98se Printing Problem
5:01PM 0 Teo Chee Hong/isp is out of the office.
4:48PM 0 RE: pam_mount ( was RE: Help with Winbind )
4:48PM 7 XP needs ~30seconds to open network share
4:07PM 0 Upgraded to LPRng-3.8.20-1, now status is always "ready"
4:01PM 1 Winbind / AD
3:50PM 0 Samba PDC and NetApps Success
3:16PM 0 Solaris, Samba and Windows XP Home ed
2:59PM 0 RE: likeauth? (Was: Help with Winbind)
2:35PM 2 Suport to HP UX 10.20
1:53PM 1 New Users wont authenticate.
9:28AM 2 Joining Samba 3.0 to a "pure" Active Directory
9:04AM 2 LDAP auth with nis.schema
8:35AM 0 wbinfo: full name of nt user
6:54AM 0 Local Administrators error
6:44AM 2 Does smbmount support timeout equivalent to nfs "soft" mount ?
5:18AM 3 accessing outlook pst files w/ samba
3:38AM 0 (fwd) HELP!HELP!
3:35AM 2 Need solution to Printers window access denied, unable to connect message.
3:09AM 0 (fwd from Windows 2000 Terminal Server Roaming Profiles
12:29AM 2 managing acl's via windows in samba 3.0 alpha 21
Wednesday February 19 2003
11:05PM 0 more domain controlled by one sambe
10:22PM 2 Is Samba made for trash ?!?
10:00PM 2 Win2K/XP, oplocks, and readahead.
9:44PM 2 pam_smbpass and ldap
8:11PM 6 password aging
8:06PM 0 netbios broadcasts
7:59PM 1 CD sharing via iso9660, mounted, and samba
7:20PM 0 Samba loggin ti MySQL
6:54PM 1 Okay I am confused
6:32PM 6 Help with Winbind
6:15PM 1 hostname length
6:11PM 1 force users to change their passwords
6:01PM 1 sasmba e xp home
5:01PM 2 trying again - bug? (was re os X)
4:06PM 0 Netbios name lost...
4:04PM 2 Red Hat 7.1 installation
3:21PM 0 Changing password from Windows 2K / XP client on samba server with different passwords on client and server
2:38PM 1 Errors installing on Solaris 9
1:50PM 0 [WINBIND]wbinfo-t error
1:43PM 0 vfs modules stackable?
1:36PM 3 Thoughts for you geniuses
1:08PM 3 log files - slackware
11:22AM 1 version of samba for windows xp
9:12AM 1 Re: mapping printers from 2K and XP
8:40AM 6 Phasing out windows
4:41AM 1 Networking linux machines in windows environment
4:22AM 2 Samba, rsync and a newbie sorting it out...
Tuesday February 18 2003
11:57PM 2 nmbd daemon
10:59PM 0 NT 4 PDC --> Linux RH 8 Samba PDC
10:07PM 1 Users/Machines Unable to Logon to Samba PDC
9:45PM 1 samba in a High Availability Configuration
9:30PM 3 The Big Plunge
6:38PM 0 FW: NT Domain BDC
6:38PM 2 windows client use Linux printer
5:18PM 4 Samba processes
5:01PM 1 Samba as printserver for XP clients
3:32PM 0 winbind joining domain problem
3:05PM 1 Swat shows smbd as not running when it is and had worked fine the day before.
3:01PM 0 Access to Samba server across subnets
2:28PM 1 SAMBA and root entry
2:04PM 1 User Manager for Domains
1:44PM 0 more roaming profile issues
1:37PM 2 Worksatation Logon restriction
1:30PM 0 is trust relationship working/implemented?
1:24PM 1 Problem printing long files
1:02PM 0 Winbindd vs. ADS
12:54PM 0 logon scripts, shares, and permissions
12:51PM 0 home directories on samba
11:47AM 1 Files copied from windows box set owner to "nobody";[homes] problem
11:45AM 1 wbinfo --sequence DISCONNECTED
11:43AM 0 2 Probs: Mangled Case & Briefcase
11:22AM 1 Help in connecting to a smbfs (nt4 server) directory.
10:38AM 1 add/delete/remame/move logging ?
7:37AM 0 ACL changing problem
6:27AM 0 Problems with the Perl scripts smbldap-tools
6:10AM 2 Infrasoft MX very slow loading from Samba share
12:42AM 1 problems with ldap tls
Monday February 17 2003
10:36PM 1 remote swat enabling
10:35PM 0 AIX 4.3.3 smbd won't start
10:08PM 0 home directory mapping can cause strange Windows errors
9:50PM 0 SAMBA PDC, WinXP SP1 - config attached!
8:12PM 1 Help setting up on AIX 4.3.3
7:02PM 1 problem with printing server
6:40PM 2 Difficulties getting Windows 2000 and NT working with Samba on Redhat 8
6:00PM 1 Samba:connection only works one time
5:43PM 1 win9x-cachehandling.reg
5:43PM 1 Help request setting w2000 to use Lexmark z25 printer on linux RH7.3 running samba.
5:09PM 1 XP cannot get into smb-PDC domain
4:54PM 7 - How do I create it?
4:45PM 1 OT: suggestion! (was Re: !!ATTENTION NEWBIES!!)
4:41PM 1 valid users = too long?
4:33PM 4 Groups with Samba domain controler or domain member
4:25PM 0 Error messages about locking.tdb
3:12PM 0 Which Samba versions will work of AIX 5.1? Thank you
2:35PM 1 Roaming profiles issues
12:31PM 0 slow connection to shares
12:20PM 3 Novell EDirectory as LDAP backend
12:12PM 1 Fw: help No domain server was available to validate password
11:58AM 0 no access by set as NT Domain Member
10:39AM 2 how to define share for sharing lmhosts?
8:45AM 1 samba logs utility?
3:40AM 1 logging by name and ip address in 3.0a21
2:24AM 1 Testparm Solaris 8
12:00AM 1 recycle icon?
Sunday February 16 2003
7:24PM 0 os X finder wonkiness
6:42PM 0 Samba Member of NT-Domain: Prefix
5:52PM 0 Low-cost SMS gateway in South Africa
3:31PM 0 Customizing login script
2:40PM 2 No domain server was available to validate your password.
11:44AM 2 Access Denied when trying to login to samba PDC
6:15AM 2 NT Domain BDC
5:38AM 0 Samba not printing
1:13AM 1 Turning Off Roaming Profiles? (resend)
1:03AM 1 Turning Off Roaming Profiles?
12:01AM 6 Default settings for print drivers
Saturday February 15 2003
10:28PM 0 Re: samba-docs Digest, Vol 2, Issue 5
7:45PM 1 Samba Print Server Problems
6:30PM 1 File won't copy to client
1:52PM 1 Win XP and 2.2.7a
1:48PM 0 Win98 and >2.2.5
Friday February 14 2003
9:55PM 0 SAMBA 3.0 with active directory
8:04PM 0 Samba on Solaris9
7:45PM 1 Microsoft Access file locking woes
7:41PM 5 permission issues
7:30PM 1 domain users in local groups
7:17PM 1 linux newbie classes taught by Chris de Vidal
6:29PM 1 problem with printer hp930c
5:51PM 0 Stange output when sid to name
5:08PM 1 About SRC
5:04PM 1 limits question
3:57PM 1 Winbind & login names
3:52PM 0 Samba as WinNT Password Change Prompt HELP ME!!!
2:38PM 0 Attention newbies, an apology.. I WASN'T slamming you.
2:14PM 1 Stopping Net Access without proper login.
2:01PM 0 Re: problems with win 2k (Cristi S)
11:59AM 0 problems with win 2k
11:33AM 1 Found MS-Word 97 & Samba bug : diagnostic found!
10:37AM 4 domain users in local groups with Winbind/Samba/Redhat
9:54AM 1 win2000 and linux 7.2 trouble using samba
4:55AM 2 Calculating file size.
Thursday February 13 2003
8:37PM 1 Can't access remote workstations without MASQUERADE
8:22PM 0 Some clients not connecting...
6:13PM 2 password key in Windows XP
5:55PM 0 winbind bug in 2.2.3
5:10PM 0 wbinfo -t "secret is bad 0xc00000e5"
5:02PM 1 SSL problem
4:37PM 0 Printer and file share discovery howto???
4:04PM 1 pdb-mysql HOWTO
3:52PM 1 Samba in Samba
3:39PM 0 Swat does'nt show smbd as running when it is
3:24PM 2 How to join a linux machine to a "pure" Active DirectoryDomain using Samba 3.0alpha21?
2:27PM 1 NT_STATUS code list ?
2:16PM 3 FoxPro test
1:39PM 0 Unable to change password from win2k with a samba pdc
1:23PM 0 samba log files/directory not found
12:42PM 1 Cpu Usage in Solaris
11:02AM 0 Samba server in Samba PDC network
10:50AM 1 Samba Daemon start @ boot time
10:42AM 1 How to join a linux machine to a "pure" Active Directory Domain using Samba 3.0alpha21?
10:25AM 1 AW: Samba server in a failover environment
10:13AM 0 saving profiles on different servers
8:29AM 0 slooow Windows2000
7:19AM 1 Storing mangled names
3:52AM 0 adding machine to Samba2.2/LDAP domain ?
2:11AM 0 Duplicate winbind uid/gid
12:39AM 0 re Samba on IRIX
Wednesday February 12 2003
10:50PM 0 2.2 or 3.0 ?
10:41PM 0 WinXP connecting to SAMBA 2.0.2
10:03PM 2 Samba server in a failover environment
9:32PM 0 multiple domains with samba
8:34PM 2 samba acl's
7:28PM 3 Failed to parse ACL smbcacls
7:17PM 0 How do you mount an NT share from a solaris machine running Samba 2.2?
6:03PM 0 WIN Servers: Primary and Secondary
5:22PM 0 Please include Samba release or CVS branch name in posting
5:15PM 0 Constant pings from a WIndows to Linux Samba Server Question?
5:02PM 0 3.0 alpha22 strange running
4:58PM 0 Does samba really need /etc/passwd when using LDAP ?
4:24PM 1 rpcclient enumdrivers 3 times out on NT drivers
4:05PM 1 Locking between GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows
3:57PM 1 Samba vs IPP printing
3:41PM 1 How to know what users i have added with smbpasswdprogram?
3:20PM 0 windows 2000 pro "successfully" joins samba domain, but domain user login fails after reboot.
3:09PM 1 nmblookup can't resolve IPs (but SMB-names)
2:22PM 2 How to know what users i have added with smbpasswd program?
2:02PM 0 acces to shared directory
12:49PM 0 Samba, PDC, logon, logoff
12:36PM 0 Windows XP printer status, samba and cups
11:28AM 2 Samba 3.0 AD usage problems
9:22AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 2, Issue 40
5:00AM 2 Access Denied when connect to samba box
2:55AM 0 VFS RecycleBin.
1:25AM 1 fine grain perms
1:21AM 0 iSeries Positive Pay 4.0
12:15AM 3 re: Samba up, but not listening
Tuesday February 11 2003
11:12PM 0 Experience with Samba - are errors normal ?
11:05PM 1 Adding Printer Drivers from Windows XP
10:36PM 0 duplex printing
9:46PM 1 Samba running, but nobody can see shares
9:37PM 1 samba config help please
9:35PM 2 Samba / OpenLDAP and groups
7:16PM 0 CUPS on RH 7.3
7:14PM 0 Vmware and samba
7:01PM 4 Adding printer driver with cupsaddsmb
6:57PM 1 Unable to see linux files on windows using Samba
6:01PM 1 Samba & Delphi & Paradox
5:39PM 0 printing with cups?
5:09PM 2 krb5 + samba config
4:40PM 2 Problems loading printer list using Samba 2.2.7a with CUPS
4:29PM 2 VPN access
4:16PM 0 smb.conf + freebsd 4.7
3:30PM 1 2.2.7a panic with VFS Audit when writing file (reading is ok)
3:25PM 0 NT4 with Samba PDC Domain Admin Privs
2:57PM 0 Samba and a headache
2:06PM 1 user in two groups - acl problem
1:58PM 2 Joining PDC w/LDAP Question
12:56PM 0 samba, winbind, 2k PDC and dynamic home shares?
11:59AM 3 Swat configuration problem
10:55AM 0 samba 2.2.7a and multiple logins...
10:48AM 1 acces to shared directories
10:35AM 0 Displaying correct file ownership information on smbfs filesystem
10:21AM 3 Samba getting user info from NT PDC
7:41AM 1 samba.2.2.7a clearcase solaris 8 "Too many open files"
6:57AM 2 example: Samba + OpenLDAP on FreeBSD (4.7)
4:42AM 1 MRTG + Samba
3:32AM 2 Samba + LDAP = Misery
12:57AM 2 2 nics, 2 shares, 1 PC
12:23AM 3 trouble joining domain
12:11AM 1 Samba LDAP - bug in
Monday February 10 2003
10:13PM 0 "valid userse = @anyGroup" breaks samba
9:36PM 0 access to win95 files
9:31PM 2 explorer.exe crashing at login
9:07PM 0 Password Authentication using NT 4 Domain
8:54PM 0 missing dlls & exes?
8:22PM 2 HP Deskjet drivers, Samba and Cups
8:10PM 1 Mysql module
8:02PM 1 general questions about samba 302alpha
7:50PM 0 pdc samba and user quotas
7:41PM 1 Directories marqued as read only
7:23PM 0 random print job files stay in /var/spool/samba
7:20PM 1 is CVS server up?
7:18PM 2 Apple shares?
6:59PM 0 change password when security=server
6:34PM 1 Duplicate name error when joining XP to Samba domain
6:04PM 0 domain logons problem from win9x
5:57PM 0 AIX 5L
5:37PM 1 preserving extended attributes during a file copy over the network
5:09PM 1 Network Chatter!
4:01PM 1 Different preferences when printing through Samba
3:56PM 0 missing dlls, exes?
3:50PM 0 unwanted change to uid 0
3:35PM 0 Windows 2K local groups
2:39PM 1 Mandrake Binaries
1:53PM 1 Samba 2.2.7a as PDC with LDAP: c000019b error code
12:21PM 0 Samba w/LDAP on Redhat 8
8:47AM 0 Swat access configutarion
8:40AM 3 Problems with XP
8:29AM 1 help me pleas
8:29AM 0 viewing the windows client shares?
8:23AM 5 Samba/Windows XP and SSH tunnelling
8:20AM 1 Mangling problem
5:15AM 0 user locked to terminal for specific share
12:16AM 0 smbtar restoring files
Sunday February 9 2003
11:40PM 0 getent groups doesn't return all groups - reported as a bug but was there a fix?
10:41PM 0 Password problems::
9:50PM 0 Linux PDC / Win2K /Frontpage
7:55PM 0 missing .dlls .exes?
5:10PM 3 Which .tdb files are safe to remove?
5:06PM 0 Solved: Login script doesn't run
9:31AM 0 sorry i have sent some messages about hardware problems into this mailing list.
9:27AM 2 Samba user becomes root user
6:56AM 0 What video editing program are you working with?
6:54AM 0 SIS 315 T graphic adapter driver
6:49AM 1 can't transfer files from linux to xp?
6:48AM 2 Pinnacle Miro DC10+ video ecditing card
6:44AM 1 Windows XP Service Pack 1
12:53AM 1 Samba, AD Server, possibilities?
12:16AM 5 "Incorrect function"?
Saturday February 8 2003
8:12PM 2 Help a newbie (please!): Samba and WinXP in a non-PDC environment
6:59PM 0 making a Unix machine "Join the Windows Domain"
3:49PM 1 samba PDC, admin user rights
1:33PM 0 konqueror problem
12:52PM 1 2.2.8pre1 smbclient log in problem
12:44PM 1 Kmail & Konqueror.
8:34AM 0 Samba and Login Tracking
8:30AM 0 Tar "file changed as we read it" error
12:05AM 3 Win files from *nix?
Friday February 7 2003
11:11PM 2 Windows 2000 printing to public printer
10:44PM 0 too much work?
9:51PM 0 Changing SID on Windows boxes (plug)
9:50PM 0 Printer driver upload with current 3.0 (from XP)
8:19PM 0 Soloris 2.6, ClearCase 4.2, Samba ?
8:03PM 0 Configuring Samba for connection bet linux and Win 2000 server
7:13PM 0 0x95
6:39PM 0 Getent problem with NT groups - conf files included
5:22PM 1 Samba Machine Domain Registration
5:18PM 0 classic problem
5:07PM 1 Error on locking database
4:54PM 0 login scripts and netdrive mapping Win95
4:35PM 0 nmbd was down --Samba 2.2.1a on Redhat 7.3
4:13PM 0 browse ntfs files from *nix
4:06PM 1 problem with password setup
3:58PM 0 Question with Samba and CUPS
3:57PM 1 "nomtab" option
3:49PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 2, Issue 20
3:34PM 0 Slowest file tranfers
3:06PM 0 Printer not working Unix-W2000
2:58PM 1 Sending Winpopup messages
2:33PM 1 Performance Issue: Red Hat vs SuSE
2:18PM 1 Change password via CGI script.
2:06PM 0 Call for Paper SambaXP
12:36PM 5 File "In Use" when it's not... problem
12:05PM 5 Rejecting User
9:32AM 1 Samba PDC - XP login problem
9:06AM 3 Active Directory - Which Samba version is needed?
8:58AM 1 problem for printing with smbclient
8:42AM 1 Rare problem with MS Office shared docs
8:33AM 0 Duplicate short file name
7:16AM 0 username map behaviour with security=user
3:17AM 0 PDC + roaming profiles through VPN
1:07AM 1 To the webmaster
12:43AM 1 dual-boot and gettings SIDs to match
Thursday February 6 2003
11:08PM 0 Strange File Permission
9:51PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 as printserver
9:32PM 2 Novice question
6:28PM 2 Broadcast message with smbclient -M
5:34PM 0 Yes, finally it works !!!!
5:33PM 0 codepage problems
5:23PM 3 Interesting problem with samba and .ntprofile
5:10PM 3 Win98 policies,profiles and logon scripts
5:07PM 1 quick question re: smb.conf parameters
4:42PM 0 WINS Server periodically losing entry for Samba Server
4:21PM 0 Fwd: Re: oplock problems
3:37PM 1 Net ADS JOIN error
2:51PM 1 Strange "username map" behaviour with "security=user"
1:52PM 1 net ads vampire?
1:35PM 1 Samba failover
1:18PM 0 samba X processing (please - help me is very important!!!!!)
12:51PM 1 Binary packages for RedHat 8.0 of 3.0?
10:20AM 3 samba and OS X
10:08AM 2 which ACL attributes are supported by Samba?
9:54AM 0 samba slow at overwriting of files
9:48AM 1 Problem inchanging Samba Passwd:Thank you
9:39AM 2 please help...
7:06AM 0 Help Active Directory client trying to connect to Samba Server
5:59AM 0 Printing Questions...AGAIN
4:49AM 0 Authorising a Linux DHCP server in MS Active Directory
4:35AM 0 Probably a bug in samba audit
1:43AM 0 sponsor
1:13AM 1 Samba-2.2.8pre1 available on mirrors
Wednesday February 5 2003
9:51PM 2 summary: printing to Win95 local printer
8:57PM 1 Copy User/Pass from Samba to WinXP
7:19PM 0 Samba with windows 2000
7:13PM 1 Write-Protection-problem with opening Documents w/ Samba 2.2.5 / AIX 4.3.3
7:04PM 0 Move to Win2000
6:41PM 1 joining xp to domain
6:34PM 1 Speed/lockup problems with wireless client
6:09PM 3 Solaris binary distribution question /usr/local
6:00PM 0 Samba printer sharing problem
5:23PM 1 Mailing list HOWTO (Unofficial)
5:00PM 1 INTERNAL ERROR on smbd_audit
4:57PM 1 version 2.2.7
4:28PM 1 Win 2000 & XP Printer problem RESOLUTION
4:04PM 0 Printing to a Win95 with attached Local Printer
3:46PM 0 Problem with samba + ads
3:39PM 0 Samba authentication question
2:53PM 1 Create smbpasswd file from /etc/passwd on Solaris?
2:21PM 1 Delayed Logins
2:09PM 3 Redhat ACL support
12:58PM 0 openldap as a win2k AD slave?
12:53PM 1 Swat not run
11:54AM 1 netlogon script help!
11:47AM 0 Samba and Windows 2000 ADS
11:06AM 0 Connecting multiple users to a Samba-share under Win98SE
10:37AM 0 Problem changing settings on printer driver
10:32AM 3 Problem in changing Samba passwd
4:15AM 0 Problem in changing the Samba password
2:27AM 7 Winbind on HPUX 11, some small progress
1:45AM 1 samba and writing through hard/symbolic links
12:03AM 1 Controlling use of roaming profiles
Tuesday February 4 2003
11:56PM 1 Samba quotas (one more)
11:23PM 0 MAC OS 9 on Samba 3.0 vs. Samba 2.2.7
10:45PM 0 Winbind Corrupting Win2k Domain Controller Machine Password
9:32PM 0 Not able to login to Samba PDC --> debug level 10 included
9:20PM 1 transmit the second ip on multihomed machines to wins server
8:37PM 1 Linux as an AD Client questions
8:33PM 0 Not able to login to PDC ---> Tcpdump log included
8:07PM 2 Not able to login to Samba PDC : The specified user does not exist
5:13PM 0 LINUX NFS Shares Question
5:00PM 0 SMBMOUNT Performance between RedHat and SuSE
4:54PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a / XP / Printing
4:39PM 0 SAMBA PDC permissions quandry
4:23PM 1 Issues with Joining an NT4 Domain
4:15PM 0 SWAT and Solaris 8
4:07PM 0 Problem: Samba terminates
3:46PM 4 File log
3:30PM 1 Logon time restrictions; change ownership via samba
3:16PM 2 configuration help
2:03PM 2 Win 2000 & XP Printer problem
1:25PM 0 Samba PDC and Samba Client
1:19PM 1 Samba on Tru64 UNIX Cluster
11:52AM 1 spurious domian login problems
11:27AM 2 query on security = server, domain
11:03AM 2 some permissions issues
10:17AM 0 Logging user auth with mysql
10:17AM 0 RE: problem connecting the win2k client to samba server at linux
9:58AM 0 Samba on SCO OpenServer
9:27AM 0 Error in configure Last CVS and 3.0.alpha21 on Solari s 8
9:17AM 0 Sambe Help Required
8:58AM 1 deleting symlinks only
8:53AM 0 winbind and useradd
8:44AM 2 AW: Samba and Winbindd problem
8:37AM 2 Password expire
8:34AM 2 Not able to login to Samba PDC
5:38AM 2 please help me.....
3:41AM 0 FW: [despammed] Samba - winXP lookup
2:32AM 3 password expire time
2:30AM 0 Samba wont join a work group behind iptables doing dnat ....
2:04AM 0 samba xp domain login trouble
2:01AM 0 how can i preserve extended attributes?
12:44AM 0 Samba and Winbindd problem
Monday February 3 2003
11:33PM 3 Windows 2k Home directories junk
10:51PM 0 ppt
10:28PM 0 restricting concurrent logons
10:18PM 2 Binary distribution for AIX 4.3
10:07PM 3 Runtime error
8:52PM 1 Net Send?
8:51PM 0 Can't connect to Samba server
8:28PM 1 smb dealing with extended attributes
7:14PM 1 help needed : Error : The specified user does not exist.
6:35PM 1 I need no profiles.
4:26PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a: Compilation error on QNX 6.2 & fix
3:53PM 2 release-date of 3.0
3:24PM 0 any news on samba as a BDC?
3:16PM 0 Auth. from Win2k Works
2:47PM 0 Please, Help me with this == SWAT
2:34PM 0 WinXP Printer problem
2:33PM 0 getent passwd and getent group
2:30PM 0 2939 Dark Reality
2:26PM 1 Not able to login to Samba P
2:07PM 1 Error in configure Last CVS and 3.0.alpha21 on Solaris 8
1:06PM 0 security = 'domain' & 'server'
1:04PM 2 Hashing for short pathnames
12:26PM 1 eliminating password authentication??
Sunday February 2 2003
10:31PM 0 Samba download for Sequent Dynix
10:29PM 1 FreeBSD 5.0 + ACLs
5:41PM 2 howto kill connection to an smbclient
4:29PM 1 RAV for Samba (Linux i386)
1:27PM 2 Windows 2000 Terminal Server Environment
4:02AM 2 Mount at boot - and a bug - where to report?
Saturday February 1 2003
6:15PM 0 Adding printer to default profile
5:17PM 0 windows2linux help please
3:31PM 1 Samba on OSX
3:22PM 0 3122 People Experience
3:13PM 1 Extra sheet after printing a job.
1:38PM 0 Samba & Printing.
11:13AM 1 winxppro/nt4 cant find my samba pdc
8:36AM 2 Not able to login to Samba PDC.
12:57AM 1 Samba 3 & ADS current capabilities [adr]