Rails - Apr 2005

Saturday April 30 2005
9:41PM 0 Finding associated AR class for association name?
7:37PM 10 Thoughts on merging rss feeds?
5:46PM 3 XML Parsing
5:18PM 4 Application-wide model scope question
3:12PM 1 The groups that have not the user
3:03PM 0 script/generate -p seems not to work
10:22AM 1 Dynamically generated images
9:22AM 2 Avoiding dynamic handling of /public/... URLs
3:03AM 1 [OT] I was part of (Apple) history
Friday April 29 2005
11:30PM 0 Preloading reference data
10:30PM 0 Faulty link
9:31PM 8 Complex selects and joins with ActiveRecord
9:13PM 0 Time Limit on HttpRequest and Rails..
8:36PM 6 Rails vs ASP.NET
8:32PM 6 Internationalization Effort
8:31PM 1 Multiple database connections
7:14PM 4 HttpRequest and Rich Text Editor!!
5:53PM 10 Salted login generator 1.0.5 available
5:18PM 12 a 'the rails way' question/date formatting
4:54PM 2 problem installing login generator on windows
3:18PM 0 Designers For Hire
3:08PM 9 images in DB or on filesystem?
3:07PM 1 Multiple associations across two tables
1:42PM 2 Tools to help understand Rails
12:04PM 3 Problems with MissingSourceFile in <controller not set>#<action not set> in todo tutorial
10:01AM 1 "Application-level data"
7:04AM 1 has_one/belongs_to and rails modeling questions...
7:04AM 9 *Secure* Rails hosting?
5:04AM 0 Eager Loading Enhancements
Thursday April 28 2005
8:45PM 4 bug in find(:all)?
7:02PM 3 Problems with Rails+Postgres+WebBrick
6:43PM 0 Problem with plurals
6:03PM 5 fcgi woes
2:16PM 3 Rails list search function not working for me
10:22AM 4 Code organization for portal
8:22AM 17 Moving Beyond the Basics / Staying Current
4:57AM 7 Four days on Rails bug?
3:40AM 10 Yellow Fade a div
3:34AM 3 Scaffolding for associations?
3:08AM 2 RMagick image + thumbnail creation question / plea for help
2:02AM 8 noob question: how do you display blob image data?
12:11AM 7 Calendar helper?
Wednesday April 27 2005
10:54PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 7, Issue 291
10:45PM 2 noob question: rhtml new/edit views and the date functionality
9:24PM 6 Form prototyping apps?
9:22PM 21 OT: nice images, IMO
9:17PM 3 LDAP question...
8:47PM 2 Association with join table
8:15PM 3 Question about login generator
7:53PM 3 caches_page questions
7:04PM 3 where to put.. helpers?
6:54PM 1 Routing Error
6:07PM 1 Trac bug dependencies?
5:52PM 1 Ruby Shipping
5:21PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 7, Issue 286
5:17PM 0 Non-ActiveRecord Validations
5:13PM 0 association helper
4:45PM 0 Screencast Videos: A better way to "get it"
4:06PM 18 Rails on JRuby?
3:33PM 3 Re: Rails on JRuby?
1:11PM 3 Problems with Database Relationships
1:10PM 5 Eager load mysteriously deletes records
1:04PM 2 random 500 error
12:55PM 12 FormHelper doc. questions
9:38AM 6 Selenium integration into Rails, request for feedback
7:40AM 8 GUI Design tools for Linux
6:09AM 2 Re: Rails on Tiger, does it work?
4:50AM 5 uncertain how to generate RSS feed... ?
4:40AM 1 What's the best way for the salted login generator to skip encryption/validation?
4:06AM 4 has_many syntax
3:51AM 1 Re: Rails on Tiger, does it work?
12:38AM 4 REQ: would someone "in the know" create a diagram of...
12:08AM 4 Referring to tables/model objects farther away
Tuesday April 26 2005
11:56PM 2 Error with YAML fixtures
11:51PM 8 Good AJAX related example app source code or tutorials for Rails?
11:40PM 9 XSLT and Rails
11:37PM 2 Problem with deployment
11:32PM 1 Re: Rails on Tiger, does it work?
8:13PM 8 how convert string to html (\n to <br />)
7:48PM 0 NoMethodError (undefined method `fetch_fields' for nil:NilClass)
7:15PM 1 Destroy and foreign keys
7:12PM 0 Eager loading and conditions
7:10PM 2 SQLite error
6:49PM 1 keeping up with Rails
6:06PM 0 Any RailsDay developers need a UI designer
5:53PM 3 Salted Login Generator: Error with Account#verify
5:12PM 1 1.0 timeframe?
5:02PM 2 RSS Generation Problem
4:54PM 0 Accessor method in model
4:49PM 10 Determine the number of last id in table
1:17PM 0 Callbacks and has_and_belongs_to_many
11:22AM 2 find (:all, :include=>:something, :limit=>4) doesn't work
8:36AM 5 augh, problems installing rails.
7:42AM 2 Search Generator for static content
6:08AM 6 help with find(:all)
5:41AM 10 FastCGI on Windows
5:32AM 0 search_generator 0.5.1 - bugfix
5:29AM 2 Does the paginate method count rows with a "join" for you?
5:28AM 4 Handling many checkboxes
4:19AM 9 Benchmarking
2:37AM 12 Lookup Tables
1:27AM 1 newb help please with building query into variable
1:03AM 10 Cannot force WeBRICK into submission (UTF-8)
12:43AM 15 recommendations for version control?
Monday April 25 2005
10:24PM 0 Oracle connection problem: rails ok!
8:59PM 0 On save!, lost error messages
8:53PM 4 How print(puts) string in the console?
8:41PM 2 Ajax and field checking
7:30PM 0 File upload with Apache - permissions not being set
6:50PM 1 Odd ActiveRecord#valid? behavior
6:35PM 8 ticket 1189
5:46PM 4 Thumbnail generation on file upload
5:12PM 13 version-controlling database schema
5:02PM 6 Login Generator Problem
5:00PM 0 Classifier 1.2 with Bayesian and NEW LSI classification
4:26PM 5 How to create a graphical view of your database?
4:12PM 0 Redirect problem
3:22PM 0 nil instead of empty string
3:15PM 0 Rails, DB2, and Windows
2:46PM 1 passing information from controllers to observers
1:22PM 1 Problems when using sweepers with postbacks
12:41PM 1 session, flash and symbols vs strings
12:28PM 5 Find :order=>["?",@variable] doesn't work
6:55AM 1 Referrers and forward flow
6:17AM 4 Table prefixes
4:06AM 1 Oracle connection problem: ruby ok, rails not ok.
3:18AM 5 Pretty Simple Pagination Problems
3:10AM 0 Help?/Question about instance methods in ActiveRecord (and probably generally)
1:52AM 0 search_generator 0.5
Sunday April 24 2005
9:37PM 5 MySQL Error
8:56PM 2 Model names in controllers
6:56PM 10 Pretty print output
6:21PM 1 Coding Standard for New Adapter
5:55PM 0 Email address vs Nickname?
4:46PM 1 Question about creating a controller(?) for feeding XML + map.connect...
3:39PM 1 not-so-after filters
2:58PM 0 acts_as_list plus one more
10:13AM 6 problem with search generator
4:01AM 4 Really Eager Associations?
2:29AM 0 Installing rails in a non-standard location?
2:10AM 7 nil has an id?!!
2:08AM 4 Typo 2.0
12:19AM 4 Bad handshake
Saturday April 23 2005
11:40PM 0 collection_select: generated select tag not marked on error
11:40PM 5 Really basic Rails question
9:34PM 2 [Tip] Introspection to determine if a column may be null
8:16PM 7 Validation question
3:21PM 0 nullify?
2:45PM 2 Really basic Rails model question
10:50AM 3 probably the easiest question ever
10:25AM 3 newbie: user-check in scaffolds
5:55AM 3 trac not sending bugmail?
5:02AM 6 newbie question regarding validation
3:04AM 0 Uploading a File and an Easy "link_to" Question, Please Help
Friday April 22 2005
11:26PM 1 Creating a menu tree
10:43PM 0 Problem with multiple associations referencing the same table
10:20PM 0 Can you see an error? How debug?
10:06PM 0 Consultation needed
7:28PM 6 boulder_denver.rb
6:15PM 0 noob question about validation
6:09PM 2 Views: dealing with criss-crossing commonalities?
4:34PM 4 Complex Layouts - is there a better way?
4:04PM 3 ActiveRecord including modules (possible bug)
3:47PM 0 n00b question regarding check_box
1:53PM 31 Using Ajax to toggle the display of a div
10:34AM 0 Polish Rails community ?
12:52AM 0 Instiki integrated into rails site?
12:24AM 18 Human-friendly, readable dates?
Thursday April 21 2005
10:55PM 10 Multi-field key?
9:32PM 2 Routing variables
8:24PM 2 Faking file extension with routes
7:03PM 0 Uninitialized constant in 0.12.1?
6:41PM 1 Replicated databases support in Rails ?
5:59PM 1 How to set Collection selected value
5:58PM 1 Logs in Production?
4:08PM 2 Subclassing generators
3:36PM 1 undefined method `length' but I use it in the breakpoints
3:20PM 2 sqlserver adapter error with paginate
2:46PM 8 has_one association returning nil
12:30PM 2 Callback data
9:59AM 2 global template for htmls
9:41AM 3 equivalent to <%= ... %>
6:08AM 16 Proposal for Better Upgrade Instructions
5:05AM 0 Multiple DB connections - is this a good idea?
4:03AM 3 Can ActiveRecord do this?
3:27AM 6 Conclusions about logging
1:42AM 1 Feedback/help on possible ActiveRecord patch/research?
12:38AM 11 tricky AR question
12:10AM 1 Eager associations: ordering gets mangled
Wednesday April 20 2005
11:49PM 1 default date in date_select?
11:09PM 2 Has And Belongs To Many Validations
10:53PM 2 Hash Conversions?
10:50PM 7 find_all_by and :order
10:18PM 3 Uninstalling filters
10:03PM 5 ActionMailer: Net::SMTPSyntaxError (502 unimplemented (#5.5.1) error
8:38PM 4 Error in tutorial or sintax changed?
7:51PM 4 acts_as_list and single table inheritance
4:23PM 1 update without find
2:27PM 8 Simple Qs about logging
11:35AM 7 Ruby/Odeum 0.2.1 (RubyGems Enabled)
10:57AM 3 rails & postgresql
7:44AM 3 redirection fails
5:57AM 2 Detecting Session Expired
3:41AM 4 Searching for Record in Database
3:36AM 3 Perplexing problems w/ FastCGI at Textdrive
3:04AM 7 Selecting random records
Tuesday April 19 2005
11:59PM 12 SVN, Rails and applying patches
11:43PM 3 Rails 0.12.1: No major update without a bit of pain
10:18PM 3 eager associations still hitting database for associations?
10:17PM 8 render_with_layout hook
9:17PM 3 Rails 0.12.0 / ActionWebService 0.7 bug?
7:56PM 1 Form parameters passed to find()
7:28PM 1 non-database model
7:21PM 2 Recursive Error
7:12PM 10 Partials versus Helpers
5:44PM 2 rails unknown version on osx
4:42PM 3 oci_adapter errors
4:02PM 7 Erb Caching
3:43PM 3 PayPal / IPN in Rails?
1:10PM 0 Rails 0.12.0 bug?
10:48AM 4 FULLTEXT searching
7:51AM 4 prototype.js Element.toggle
5:30AM 8 Rails and MySQL
4:14AM 2 generating the complete Rails API rdoc set
3:12AM 4 Rails 0.12.0: Eager associations, new Base.find API, assertions revisited, more Ajax!
2:52AM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 7, Issue 194
2:17AM 2 Redirect_to after POST [was Forwarding control to another controller and action]
Monday April 18 2005
11:10PM 10 List views: avoiding n+1 selects
10:53PM 6 Rails and firebird
9:35PM 2 attribute value as a class name?
8:30PM 1 Mock setup
8:08PM 3 Caching problems
7:29PM 8 Forwarding control to another controller and action
6:58PM 3 RBAC?
6:33PM 2 Using application helper in a controller
3:14PM 2 Login Generator update
2:52PM 0 Localizing error messages?
2:44PM 1 App Start/End; Session Start/End
2:37PM 1 remove_from_list called twice bug
1:55PM 2 printable version of The Hieraki bookshelf
1:47PM 2 scaffold and an oracle error
1:27PM 3 Fastcgi Failures on Mac OS X
12:36PM 5 How to write and where to put my own view helpers?
10:47AM 1 Lighttpd performance on Debian
9:31AM 9 manual & caching column types
8:40AM 1 belongs_to / has_many multiple validation errors
8:38AM 1 Is there a Rails equivalent to <jsp:include>
7:34AM 3 Active Record and is_a relationships...
6:03AM 3 Ruby on Tiger
1:11AM 11 Create a pseudo-model from SQL query?
Sunday April 17 2005
9:42PM 1 url munging...
9:27PM 1 Problems with running server
8:33PM 0 Sorry
5:56PM 3 Calling other controller actions?
1:34PM 8 Recommendations for dev environment?
9:54AM 24 reducing the number of columns written by Active Record
8:01AM 1 Sybase adapter status?
4:03AM 0 [Tip] Introspection to determine all the controllers/actions available.
3:48AM 14 Leaky Webrick (?) & image corruption
Saturday April 16 2005
9:26PM 10 Filters for methods?
9:06PM 0 setting nested attributes and displaying nested errors
8:17PM 1 Accessor not set
5:55PM 0 Using ActionMailer on remote SMTP - AUTH problems
5:28PM 1 Setting a habtm collection to an array
1:58PM 1 Role based logins
1:37PM 2 [brian-DcfkaLM1YyUyJZ9hMiHtYPC9HSW9iNxf@public.gmane.org: WEBrick error]
11:12AM 2 Authorization
11:06AM 1 What is wrong with this code?
9:38AM 0 cache management
4:56AM 6 Great Ruby/Rails Developer Blogs?
3:49AM 1 Errors trying to installs gems
3:41AM 0 bootstrapped documentation search
2:49AM 0 RBAC on Rails?
2:24AM 1 RailsDay.com Versions?
1:40AM 14 Handling Multiple Categories for Articles
12:38AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of strange behavior
Friday April 15 2005
11:41PM 0 WEBrick error
11:22PM 2 Accessing render_partial from outside controller?
10:41PM 2 newbie question : including files
9:01PM 3 customizing views based on login
5:41PM 1 Store erb block and alter scope of erb block eval?
3:27PM 0 how to get the error line of a helper
2:44PM 35 Need DB without root
1:56PM 1 .htaccess and routes.rb
1:04PM 1 RI Ruby Group
12:39PM 2 children of objects are not instantiated?
12:36PM 0 AJAX and IE
12:25PM 4 Re: ActiveRecord bug with has_and_belongs_to_many, using association table with primary key "id"
12:03PM 6 FastCGI on FreeBSD 5.3
11:23AM 6 Language, non-english
8:52AM 1 Ajax IE compatibility
8:38AM 2 Session ID Cookies question
8:37AM 0 Server Side Includes in .RHTML files?
5:23AM 14 RailsDay.com Launched, contest to be held June 4th!
5:10AM 5 New Problem With IO.popen?
2:53AM 1 update_attributes not working for me
2:21AM 5 Problems with check_box
1:04AM 1 Overriding ActiveRecord::Base for fun and profit
Thursday April 14 2005
9:49PM 1 unit tests on svn trunk
8:05PM 1 SQL Server Pagination broker?
7:24PM 2 Creating a date from request params?
6:23PM 0 Recognizing routes?
6:01PM 1 Mixing the Model & DB definitions (again)
5:32PM 4 FastCGI and Constants
5:20PM 5 TextDrive
2:57PM 0 destroy list item with dependents problem
1:06PM 7 Webrick and Windows services
12:11PM 6 Ruby/Odeum Full Text Inverted Index Extension
8:32AM 2 Capture with delayed evaluation?
7:17AM 2 Suggestion: belongs_to? method
2:15AM 7 Catching 'unknown action' ?
Wednesday April 13 2005
9:39PM 0 Strange error with old variables
9:08PM 0 Rails with https
8:27PM 2 render_partial & RXML
6:02PM 5 acts_as_list question
5:53PM 1 How user can change tree order by..
5:39PM 1 mod_fcgid
3:41PM 20 Printing out the Rails API documentation
2:55PM 6 stop processing after redirect_to
1:59PM 4 scaffold dies on create?
1:08PM 1 Routes, url_for and such
9:11AM 22 Justifying the use of Rails to a client
8:42AM 5 Railsday Contest!
7:41AM 6 only one database connection?!
7:02AM 2 Creating multiple option groups
6:38AM 4 Meetup.com changes
5:22AM 3 Storing data in a many to many relation
1:16AM 1 Rendering a partial from the controller
12:45AM 8 A good tool for creating and publishing graphs
Tuesday April 12 2005
11:55PM 2 Models and FK enforcement?
10:33PM 5 Adding filters to tabular data
9:30PM 0 Handling data reporting
8:45PM 1 method_missing gsub! for a Time instance when #save is called
7:46PM 5 newbie has_many question
5:52PM 2 @ and normal variables
5:19PM 4 rake tries to use pluralized tablename?
5:18PM 3 Where can I report a bug in 'generate scaffold'
3:12PM 0 detroit.rb
2:19PM 6 Components and layouts
1:34PM 3 one def NOT using views/layout/application.rhtml , but the other def's do
1:01PM 0 NYC Ruby
11:35AM 3 Weird RMagick + Rails problems
11:11AM 5 Version Control best practises
9:32AM 9 A good tool for creating and publishing graphs (eg. pie chart etc.)
6:52AM 0 What does EOFError mean in ActionMailer?
6:52AM 4 search_generator 0.4, now a gem
5:18AM 0 Help to query outside r-o database
4:08AM 5 How do I create dependant objects?
3:34AM 5 Using 3rd party libraries with Rails and Typo (uninitialized constants)
2:57AM 3 Re: Ottawa.rb
2:24AM 0 RE: Rails Scripts Slow?
1:41AM 0 global variable available in controllers and views
1:40AM 0 Amrita2 1.9.4
1:04AM 1 put code in model or controller?
12:03AM 2 Transactions, audit trails, and logging (fairly long)
Monday April 11 2005
9:15PM 11 Having two instances of same class, how to set up relationship?
8:42PM 5 printing manuals
8:37PM 1 how can i query a submit button in a controller method?
7:53PM 1 Setting Active Record human_name
7:17PM 4 Bayesian Classification for Ruby
6:38PM 0 [OT] Looking For Graphic Aritst/Web Designer preferably in Montreal Area
6:31PM 2 Problem with my many-to-many relationship
6:25PM 4 Check Box
5:54PM 5 ActiveRecord Enhancement: Help me to package it...please!
4:33PM 7 Rails without the ORM
3:29PM 11 Ottawa.rb?
2:34PM 2 Association/Refresh Problem
12:33PM 0 Corrupt source_cache and source_caches
9:38AM 1 search_generator 0.3 released
5:13AM 1 Two relations over the same models
4:43AM 3 Sharing a "global" image
4:35AM 22 Windows XP/Rails/Apache Config setup
4:32AM 0 ActionController documentation questions
1:09AM 2 trying to write odbc adapter, but stumbled into a blocker
Sunday April 10 2005
11:35PM 1 Re Tiger comes with Ruby 1.8.2 standard!
10:54PM 4 Getting multiple values from <SELECT> into @params?
9:44PM 5 Functional tests not functioning
8:41PM 3 RForum 0.1 released
8:35PM 1 Submitting form using link_to
8:09PM 5 adding a condition to all queries AR issues
7:38PM 1 before_destroy callback / maintaining referential integrity
7:11PM 2 controller.action_name and components
2:48PM 9 Old News, Baby!
2:37PM 4 Directory reference in Ajax autocomplete patch
12:51PM 2 Login Generator - changing User details
12:29PM 9 Keeping params in flash
11:42AM 7 combining multiple rails apps. how? + thoughts
11:28AM 2 Routing & components
7:14AM 6 Managing complexity in helpers
5:34AM 5 Independent webpage-section updates
3:23AM 0 Chicago Area Ruby Group Meetup with DHH
Saturday April 9 2005
7:43PM 2 calling process_cgi?
7:14PM 0 How do we paginate associated collections?
6:47PM 11 Updated login_generator fixing *security hole*
6:13PM 3 Fixtures, booleans, and PostgreSQL
5:56PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Again "WinXP/Apache2/FastCGI/Rails"?]
5:51PM 2 Idea for Rails app, would love your opinion
1:01PM 4 square brackets in field names
10:54AM 0 Overriding Human Name
10:48AM 2 Roadmap to 1.0
10:28AM 4 db strategy: advice needed
10:27AM 0 date helper include_blank problem
9:50AM 3 Prefix tables and controllers?
5:23AM 0 RE: error handling
3:18AM 0 newbie question - dispatcher
2:53AM 0 Singleton Scope With CGI
2:16AM 1 Is there any reason Rails doesn't use backticks?
12:01AM 5 [OT] Ruby question
Friday April 8 2005
11:40PM 9 Rails dies with rdebug option
11:27PM 2 generate scaffold + MS SQL incompatible?
11:04PM 2 Singleton Scope
9:53PM 1 What does the options parameter do for the Form Helpers?
9:30PM 0 Render Partial in a Tree
8:49PM 1 How compare strings?
8:40PM 2 problem with passing a parameter to a condition (for find_all) - newbie question
8:34PM 4 Rand number/letter
8:26PM 4 problem with passing a parameter to a condition
8:07PM 3 Dealing with files uploaded through IE
7:33PM 1 How does this work?
7:05PM 5 Deletion of fixtures
6:54PM 1 Tree - acts_as_tree
5:58PM 0 switch mod_ruby to fastcgi but still use eruby?
3:40PM 4 Modifying data?
3:07PM 23 Again "WinXP/Apache2/FastCGI/Rails"?
1:24PM 1 Instiki 0.10.0 - On The Rails
12:26PM 1 permission hierachies
10:48AM 8 Rails Special Ops Task Force in trouble!
1:21AM 0 Tracking down a SessionRestoreError
Thursday April 7 2005
11:35PM 3 WebDAV for Ruby?
10:54PM 0 Accessing a model class inside ApplicationHelper
10:40PM 3 Seeking Answers to Rails Newbie Questions
9:18PM 10 describing associations on a join table
9:15PM 3 getting at models from outside Ruby code
9:14PM 2 Date Formatting problem.
9:08PM 0 Functional Tests Require Path
7:54PM 3 Linux IDE
7:37PM 4 What documentation is needed?
7:04PM 7 created_by_user_id similar to created_on?
6:46PM 1 generating a csv file
6:34PM 1 Figured out session problem
5:50PM 8 How do I print within a ruby block (in a view) without using angle brackets?
5:46PM 1 render_text on a new page
5:39PM 5 Many Exeptions, howto
5:22PM 0 Re: In-depth schema details in ActiveRecord
5:05PM 0 Session help for rails on windows
4:33PM 1 Date selection?
3:13PM 20 image caching
1:09PM 0 Re: legacy database best practices
8:13AM 0 Problem with rails on windows using sessions, any help?
6:09AM 1 No route for path: "cookbook"
5:58AM 2 Mailing list is broken for me
5:25AM 1 (no subject)
4:15AM 0 Supporting WebDAV: access to request methods and URIs?
4:14AM 12 Application hash?
2:05AM 0 RoR Auth Help
12:09AM 3 flash syntax
Wednesday April 6 2005
11:33PM 11 Regular Expressions in Routes
11:07PM 0 Internetware "spam"
9:07PM 3 NameError in <controller not set>#<action not set>
8:57PM 2 Model query issue
7:52PM 4 MSSQL Server Transactions problem during test/unit
5:40PM 2 Weird MySQL error
5:32PM 1 single inheritance and postgres views
5:23PM 0 Deployment
3:54PM 1 fcgi processes dieing / hanging
3:32PM 0 non-vhost install problems with Hieraki and 0.11
2:54PM 6 unable to run script/console on OS X
1:35PM 22 Can someone please fully explain partials?
12:09PM 1 Look-up field
8:19AM 6 Mimic something like layout on a smaller scale?
7:28AM 6 Rails Presentation
7:26AM 5 Class variables in controller
4:37AM 15 AR: GUID vs. auto-increment as primary key
2:38AM 4 Radio button question
1:41AM 2 Params['myparam'] validation best practices?
12:39AM 10 Form question: virtual fields
Tuesday April 5 2005
11:39PM 6 Basic multi-user-app question
10:52PM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many creates duplicates
10:38PM 6 WSDL Generation
10:29PM 5 re-using templates
10:19PM 1 Newbie questions on models/controllers/helpers
9:48PM 2 Use models outside of web app?
9:13PM 0 Survey Generator Database Layout Question
7:53PM 4 Accessing constants
7:51PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 7, Issue 58
7:01PM 1 Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
6:31PM 0 RUC Video - Audio problem
6:28PM 8 WinXP/Apache2/FastCGI/Rails problems...
6:01PM 0 ApplicationController filters
5:57PM 7 shopping cart
5:18PM 7 Form Field to JavaScript
5:14PM 5 forms with method="post" must have parameters
3:40PM 5 legacy database best practices?
3:12PM 2 0.11.1 scaffold bug with booleans?
3:06PM 2 Deploying with static content: best practices?
2:13PM 2 What happened to html_date_select?
2:03PM 6 Session conditional
12:15PM 2 framework question
11:40AM 3 Validation problem with active record: Association Type Mismatch
9:51AM 3 Stuck on a hash problem
9:39AM 6 character encoding in AJAX
8:33AM 5 AJAX discussion
7:12AM 0 Rails List Archive broken?
6:02AM 28 A client chooses PHP, PHP goes on Rails
3:37AM 12 Nuby Model Problems - All Help Sincerely Appreciated!
2:33AM 1 New ruby-fcgi-0.8.6 release
2:11AM 7 anybody else being spammed by postmaster-H4aWS73dXupJd1Aiw63z1LVCufUGDwFn@public.gmane.org?
1:28AM 3 URL encoding and other short questions
Monday April 4 2005
11:55PM 0 Self-Contained Rails App, How do I bundle SQLite
11:22PM 0 Validation problem with active record: AssociationTypeMismatch
10:34PM 4 Best way to package?
10:28PM 0 RE: [OT] I went to the Apple store today...
10:23PM 3 Hello there World
9:36PM 12 File Upload and XMLHTTPRequest/Ajax
9:35PM 1 Validation problems: ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch
8:13PM 2 created_on and updated_on
7:46PM 1 #<NoMethodError: private method `split' called for nil:NilClass>
6:51PM 6 Rails on straight CGI - doable?
6:38PM 10 Programmatic HTML generation
5:43PM 10 Encrypted ASP.Net type viewstate
4:59PM 8 Re: AJAX discussion
4:49PM 7 Hello World
4:44PM 1 Fwd: Slashdot: Ruby On Rails Showdown with Java Spring/Hibernate
3:20PM 2 DB connections number increasing
12:52PM 2 problems receiving mail (actionmailer)
12:00PM 2 Rails + fcgi + Fedora Core 3
11:23AM 1 url_for and sub-directories
8:54AM 0 Aggregations and Null Database Columns
5:41AM 6 Rails Wish: more capitalization assumptions
3:31AM 38 I went to the Apple store today...
1:28AM 0 Rails timezone problems / DST
Sunday April 3 2005
10:58PM 4 Installing Gem and RoR on 1AND1 - possible?
5:47PM 12 Installing Ruby+Rails+MySQL/Ruby on a shared webhosting?
3:52PM 7 Evangelizing Ruby and Rails to Hosting Providers
3:12PM 31 New Manual: Using Gettext To Translate Your Rails Application
1:27PM 12 Rails on Windows?
5:13AM 5 ActiveRecordStore with latest rails and actionpack releases
2:03AM 2 Generating PDF Files
12:38AM 4 rails 0.11.1 and ruby 1.8.2 problem on OS X
12:34AM 2 ActiveRecord : delete entries from join-table?
Saturday April 2 2005
8:14PM 5 MuraveyWeb 0.2 -- tons of new stuff (Ruby on Rails CMS with a live demo)
7:27PM 0 Rails svn-commit feed
4:24PM 0 [RFC] acts_as_nested_set
3:03PM 5 "Rails application failed to start properly" <-- is there a way to debug this?
2:38PM 3 Validating value of numerical field
12:10PM 4 sharing a session across domains?
9:45AM 3 How to get offline Rails' API manual ? I really need it ...
12:09AM 2 frozen hash and cookies
Friday April 1 2005
9:08PM 1 Methods on models
8:43PM 0 Date formatting in form
8:12PM 0 weird ERB error
7:16PM 1 Receiving inbound mail
4:01PM 1 wiki down?
2:38PM 4 Sqlite on Cygwin
1:29PM 0 Getting rails running on a VPS/VDS
1:22PM 3 Session file prefixes
1:19PM 3 TSS changing focus
12:49PM 1 store_location
11:12AM 2 Simple relationship question
10:21AM 0 Suggestion: terse timestamp format in the logs
9:47AM 14 Rails Wiki
9:06AM 0 Problems with the help given by script/generate
8:25AM 1 warning: already initialized constant (is this a bug?)
4:32AM 0 Easy way to scaffold a has_and_belongs_to_many?
3:18AM 1 xp-cincinnati::ActiveRecord
2:34AM 0 Root of app giving me 403 Forbidden under Apache
1:40AM 3 Collected info about tools/docs?
1:34AM 11 I want to blog!