R help - Mar 2010

Wednesday March 31 2010
11:46PM 0 Keeping only one date for each patient ID and disease SITE
10:44PM 3 barplot and line
9:31PM 1 trying to understand lme() results
8:36PM 1 memory error
8:05PM 2 plotting a function
8:00PM 1 strip.custom with strip on left for three conditioning variables
7:31PM 2 lattice: how to add points to the plot generated by levelplot()?
7:22PM 0 AHRQ Patient Quality Indicators
6:23PM 2 reshaping data
6:09PM 2 Bar plots with bars made of stacked text
5:57PM 0 Comparing times in two time zones
5:19PM 2 Summing data based on certain conditions
4:43PM 6 ODD and EVEN numbers
4:35PM 0 change mbmdr odds ratio
3:50PM 0 Boundary kernel for kernel density plot?
3:44PM 0 You are right and the problem is solved. Re: about the possible errors in Rgraphviz Package
3:32PM 1 predict.Arima: warnings from xreg magic
2:55PM 1 tm package- remove stowords failling
2:39PM 0 How to work with the result of JRip?
2:26PM 0 (no subject)
1:56PM 1 You are right and the problem is solved. Re: about the possible errors in Rgraphviz Package
1:30PM 0 Installing JGR and rJava
1:20PM 3 regular expression help to extract specific strings from text
1:13PM 1 for loop; lm() regressions; list of vectors - lapply - accolades and square brackets??
1:13PM 1 position of mismatches in all.equal()?
12:35PM 2 Printing the function t.test() in R
11:46AM 1 ggplot2: Adding points to a density plot
11:38AM 2 interpretation of p values for highly correlated logistic analysis
11:28AM 1 RCOM Save
10:35AM 1 time series datasets
10:10AM 2 Simplifying particular piece of code
9:51AM 0 Truncated Distributions - Estimating parameters
9:10AM 1 Weird R behaviour?
9:09AM 2 Generative Topographic Map
8:16AM 0 decomposing the error term into time-specific &indiviual specific effect + transitory term
6:12AM 0 Predict function in ARIMA/GARCH- Real time forecastinng
4:15AM 2 (no subject)
2:38AM 1 nlsList{nlme} control of min and max parameter bounds?
1:47AM 1 How to calculate fold change and its confidence interval
1:24AM 3 creating a variable using concatenation
Tuesday March 30 2010
11:33PM 2 Choosing and preserving a random duplicate
11:23PM 1 "is" and the story of a typo
9:23PM 1 Using the get() function on an object within a list
8:53PM 2 jpeg() saving blank files?
8:41PM 1 GEE for a timeseries of count (one cluster)
8:13PM 1 GUI /IDE
7:49PM 0 Fw: Install package of "BRugs"?
7:45PM 5 Problem comparing hazard ratios
7:42PM 2 Install package of "BRugs"?
7:32PM 1 question on creating zoo object from indexed time series: re-arranges dates
7:31PM 0 Inflection point on a curve
6:11PM 0 Lord-, Weir-, and Median test
5:46PM 2 open help files in browser
5:30PM 1 dataframe in loop
4:42PM 1 for loop; lm() regressions; list of vectors
4:31PM 2 Create a new variable
4:30PM 2 weighted.median function from package R.basic
3:55PM 2 dot plot
3:47PM 4 list index rules evaluation behavior
3:04PM 4 Code is too slow: mean-centering variables in a data frame by subgroup
2:55PM 1 update.packages() and install.packages() does not work more because of "Error in read.dcf"
2:51PM 3 From THE R BOOK -> Warning: In eval(expr, envir, enclos) : non-integer #successes in a binomial glm!
2:44PM 8 about the possible errors in Rgraphviz Package
2:26PM 0 number of clusters for k-means
2:19PM 1 Calling R from Perl
2:19PM 0 Substitute of a For Loop
2:02PM 1 Multivariate hypergeometric distribution version of phyper()
1:36PM 0 Easy to use R interface into Macroeconomics data at the Fed, the IMF and Eurostat
1:15PM 2 simple loop iteration
1:09PM 3 Value-at-Risk Portfolio(both equity and option)
12:54PM 2 Finding positions in array
12:49PM 1 Paik, et al., NEJM, 2004, Fig. 4, rate of event at 10 years as a function of covariate
11:30AM 2 How to recode variables using base R
11:03AM 6 Error "singular gradient matrix at initial parameter estimates" in nls
11:01AM 2 library(): load library from a specified location
10:17AM 1 remove from the R mailing list
10:15AM 1 R package licences
9:57AM 1 S3 vs S4
8:04AM 3 error bars
7:58AM 1 A link to a collection of tutorials and videos on R.
7:20AM 2 Need help to split a given matrix is a "sequential" way
5:39AM 1 Error when checking a package.
5:36AM 1 R package checking error.
5:07AM 0 Error regarding knn imputation
4:40AM 3 use logical in cor.test
3:50AM 1 SHLIB not working (Win Vista)
3:27AM 2 Problem with expand.grid() function
3:23AM 1 predict.kohonen for SOM returns NA?
2:46AM 0 Rexcel dataframe import adds "23:00:00" to dates
2:27AM 1 nlrq parameter bounds
12:53AM 1 Adding RcppFrame to RcppResultSet causes segmentation fault
12:21AM 1 Efficiency question: replacing all NAs with a zero
Monday March 29 2010
11:13PM 4 Confusing concept of vector and matrix in R
10:52PM 2 counts of elements in vector
9:40PM 0 Decision Trees
9:26PM 0 mixed effects models for grouped time survival data
9:25PM 1 GLM / large dataset question
9:14PM 1 single quotes and double quotes in a system() command. What to do?
9:06PM 2 mcmcglmm starting value example
8:49PM 4 Data sets with usage in documentation object 'data' but not in the code
8:45PM 1 generating samples by Monte Carlo
8:24PM 1 stuck with affy / limma
7:51PM 0 question for posting
7:15PM 2 Reshaping a data frame with a series of factors and 23 repeated measures
6:40PM 1 plm package duplication problem
6:11PM 2 "too many arguments" error
6:11PM 1 zero standard errors with geeglm in geepack
6:09PM 1 Inverse plot colors?
5:53PM 5 Finding common an unique elements in character vectors
3:41PM 3 one way to write scripts in R
3:39PM 0 Plotting individual points on a surface plot
3:24PM 3 how to update R files included as"source" ?
3:22PM 1 how to prove that the factor makes no difference
3:10PM 1 Question about 'logit' and 'mlogit' in Zelig
2:48PM 1 Error "grid must have equal distances in each direction"
1:29PM 3 about data export
12:20PM 1 xyplot second y-xis and legend
12:13PM 0 package earth - forward pass: out of memory error, how to resolve this?
12:09PM 1 getting CI's for certain y of nls fitted curve
11:45AM 0 Fw: similarity measure
11:32AM 0 multiple plots on the same chart - zipf.fnc
11:24AM 1 inverse function of SSlogis
11:14AM 2 naming consecutive objects
11:13AM 2 Combing
10:45AM 2 Legends for line and point data
10:11AM 1 errors in package nortest
9:45AM 0 Error of a fit parameter, of the data set has errors itself?
9:45AM 1 add sd to a plot
7:44AM 2 Need help on matrix manipulation
6:56AM 0 Problem comparing logistic regression output with SPSS.
6:37AM 2 create space for a matrix
1:21AM 3 Page width figures in Latex
1:12AM 0 Question on entry exit tabulating in any R finance package
Sunday March 28 2010
11:09PM 3 Ellipse that Contains 95% of the Observed Data
8:50PM 1 Renumbering
8:07PM 1 Fwd: col.axis
6:07PM 0 Preserving both yearmon and numeric data in an xls object
5:15PM 6 Coding of categorical variables for logistic regression?
12:15PM 2 Design of a survey using the "survey" package
8:56AM 2 any quick way to write this label
7:19AM 3 Problems with dmvnorm and outer
Saturday March 27 2010
10:15PM 2 Assigning factors probabilistically based on the value of another variable.
8:37PM 0 Problems faced with Levene Test using R
7:25PM 0 can fda handle NA in y?
6:42PM 1 string width calculation
6:30PM 2 emacs: reformat \items paragraph in .Rd
5:04PM 3 Calculate variance/covariance with complex numbers
4:27PM 1 Running example in pkg-Ex.R failed
3:44PM 0 data fitting and confidence band
3:43PM 3 R Cmdr memory
3:42PM 4 replace id by running number
2:53PM 3 Calling R from c in Windows XP
2:29PM 1 anova table for glm with p values
1:28PM 0 Error lm.fit(...) - pairs cointegrated trading
11:42AM 1 insert/copy skipped lines to output
11:19AM 1 R runs in a usual way, but simulations are not performed
11:13AM 2 Simulation of VAR
10:35AM 1 obtaining the index
9:45AM 5 producing a QQ plot.
9:33AM 0 micEcon split into micEconSNQP, micEconCES, and micEcon
9:19AM 7 large dataset
6:46AM 1 Matching pairs of values
6:20AM 1 select n rows
Friday March 26 2010
11:01PM 2 R loop help
9:40PM 1 Trouble loading package
9:34PM 3 Using lapply with two lists
9:05PM 4 Competing with SPSS and SAS: improving code that loops through rows (data manipulation)
9:05PM 2 Odd results with %% and conserving memory
9:01PM 0 Hierarchical modeling MCMC with sample size 1
8:57PM 1 Heirarchical tree data structure
8:46PM 0 plots: gap between x- and y-axis
8:31PM 1 a vectorized solution to some simple dataframe math?
8:05PM 1 expression over-plotted
7:37PM 1 MySQL and RODBC - limitations
7:19PM 0 CDF calculation from kernel density estimates for a 324X 15 matrix
7:14PM 1 how to read this special form of data
6:59PM 1 Linear mixed models with custom link functions in R
6:58PM 5 smart way to turn a vector into a matrix
6:32PM 0 ColorRamp different from ColorRampPalette
6:27PM 1 regular expression
6:24PM 1 Multilevel modeling with count variables
4:42PM 0 New package: equate
4:40PM 2 tapply syntax
4:37PM 2 question regarding conversion from factor to vector
4:32PM 0 Reading a SpreadsheetML / XMLNS into R xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet
4:23PM 2 how to make stacked plot?
4:20PM 1 BaselR
3:52PM 0 fda Data2fd
3:37PM 1 Poisson Lognormal
3:28PM 0 distance matrix, podani, package: proxy
3:08PM 1 Discrete values in levelplot?
2:29PM 1 pause/break between execution of two commands
2:29PM 1 return.replicates in survey pkg
2:16PM 3 grid graphics - concatenating gLists - is there a function?
1:43PM 0 R Crashing when trying to open script or load workpace
1:07PM 1 how to measure accuracy of regression tree?
12:53PM 2 More efficient alternative to combn()?
12:36PM 1 Problems if optimization
12:30PM 3 R, S, S-Plus, whence comes thy name?
12:09PM 3 NA values in indexing
11:48AM 0 Please help Me(R Language)
11:12AM 1 similarity measure
10:37AM 3 Help with assigning a value based on existing numbers
10:32AM 0 row names in regression results and saving the identification results from added variable plots
10:20AM 1 image() function
9:41AM 4 Creating a vector of categories
9:32AM 0 Reverse Y-axis on hist2d diagram
7:53AM 1 Store the model built and Using the same on a later date.
5:57AM 1 cacheSweave fails when used in conjunction with rjags
5:15AM 1 where do I send typos?
5:01AM 3 survival data with competing risks and time-dependent covariates!
4:02AM 0 sample weights in nlme
3:58AM 1 two questions for R beginners
2:38AM 1 whisker definition
1:33AM 1 How can I make a lattice::levelplot block size uniform
1:21AM 3 Create blocks or observations
1:14AM 2 Is there a faster way to do this?
12:36AM 2 DISPLAYING TABLE in file
Thursday March 25 2010
11:50PM 0 Reading SQL Server Tables using RODBC (Got it!)
11:48PM 1 Tukey test on ANCOVA
11:44PM 1 1 - Survival Plot
9:32PM 3 Absolutely No idea how to plot my Spatial Data
9:29PM 1 Precision level
9:24PM 2 netlabR package in English
9:03PM 1 Frequencies from x/y data into a 2d table (for 3d histogram or heatmap)
9:02PM 1 Manually calculate SVM
9:01PM 0 degree index application in network
8:54PM 1 A file with extension .sdb in a codebook section of a large database from a survey?
8:33PM 4 Convert number to Date
8:21PM 4 Creating dataframe of all possible variable combinations
7:16PM 4 3 levelplots and 1 colorbar
6:53PM 6 c(), or cat(), or paste(), all cause unwanted reordering
6:45PM 1 RODBC : reading binary data from a TXT field belonging to a PostgeSQL table
6:04PM 1 Problem with reshaping data from wide to long format
5:42PM 0 sample size mixed poisson glm
4:46PM 3 Reading SQL Server Tables using RODBC
4:19PM 1 Logit/probit model
4:15PM 1 Read SAS data
3:52PM 2 Basic graphs: something like groups, but where each plot has independent axis?
3:50PM 1 Abstract classes
3:42PM 0 matrix to write table with new vector after calculation of one vector
3:22PM 1 how to deal with vector[0]?
3:14PM 1 Sweave running R chunks for figure generation several times
3:08PM 0 Goodness of Fit for Word Frequency Counts
2:15PM 2 Insert .eps files in to an R plot.
1:54PM 3 I have a question on nomograms.
1:50PM 0 Error in png concerning 'type = "cairo"'
1:32PM 1 Creation of a new data frame
1:03PM 1 *** caught segfault *** address 0x18, cause 'memory not mapped'
12:52PM 0 Do the missing values in random effect structure matter?
12:44PM 1 nls, predict() problem
12:40PM 3 Returning Data Frame from Function for use Outside Function
12:17PM 1 setting sensitivity of r to errors
12:16PM 1 Error using Rcpp
12:06PM 0 Counting a number of "elements" in an object
11:34AM 1 Stratified random sampling
11:14AM 0 New paper on why not to log-transform count data
10:11AM 0 help with breaking loops used to fit covariates in nlme model building procedure
9:57AM 1 Error in library(gplots) : there is no package called 'gplots'
7:36AM 1 Selecting Best Model in an anova.
2:10AM 1 Expected pairwise.student.t and TukeyHSD behavior?
1:10AM 2 Choosing the larger of row pairs
Wednesday March 24 2010
11:46PM 2 Exclude data using logical
11:06PM 0 package "wmtsa": how to set up the Tolerance vector to detect time series peaks blindly
10:28PM 0 Trying to create R dataframe with JRI
10:07PM 0 nls object -- how to edit?
9:33PM 0 LDL matrix factorization
9:08PM 0 Using R to analyze limesurvey data
8:51PM 2 translating SQL statements into data.table operations
7:40PM 1 GGPLOT2: Reverse order of legend to match order of x-axis
7:23PM 1 shading an area of a graphic
7:00PM 2 Multi-panel Pie Charts.
6:57PM 0 Suggestions for synchronizing multisite R use?
6:39PM 3 string problems in R
6:34PM 1 Filling a grid based on existing data
6:14PM 1 "methods with * how to see"
4:50PM 0 Export R dataframe to STA with Variable Labels
4:46PM 2 splitting word
4:34PM 1 install ncdf package
4:12PM 0 Recall: vcov.nlminb
3:59PM 1 vcov.nlminb
3:50PM 1 lattice: defining graphical parameters
3:44PM 1 Deleting duplicate rows in a matrix at random
3:29PM 0 Zelig: Error message for 'mlogit'
3:27PM 1 Converting a data set from 'long' format to 'interval' format
3:27PM 0 Using svm function
3:11PM 0 plotting Zero Inflated Poisson regression lines
3:01PM 2 Mosaic
2:36PM 0 Predict from glm
2:03PM 1 R warning and error messages taking a long time and generating pop-up windows
1:52PM 1 flexible alternative to subsetting dataframe inside nested loops
1:38PM 2 removing fields of the same group from a data frame
1:28PM 1 isdst warning when rounding a range of time data: fix or suppress?
1:09PM 0 multiple line plots from ncdf files
12:51PM 0 pca error message
12:51PM 1 ordinal regression
12:49PM 0 likelihood profiles for multiple parameters
12:47PM 0 R-help ordinal regression
12:35PM 0 optimize a joint lieklihood with mle2
12:19PM 0 nls function
11:43AM 3 How to use the paste function to create an already used variable
11:37AM 1 Bulk editing of mySQL tables
10:57AM 1 R Full Screen
10:52AM 3 help in matlab - r code
8:32AM 1 Affymetrix Cancer Dataset
6:53AM 1 R and/or REngine kills Java
6:14AM 0 how to solve error in precict( ) while using with rpart?
5:36AM 1 how to make a histogram with non-numeric x's?
3:00AM 1 with data in the form of an R data objecte: Monte Carlo simulation in R
1:05AM 2 Monte Carlo simulation in R
12:16AM 0 Getting choropleth map intervals correct
12:08AM 1 Changing axis origin for plot
Tuesday March 23 2010
11:48PM 1 Plot ``freezes''.
10:47PM 0 Diffusion entropy analysis
10:03PM 1 Bold greek letters using plotmath
9:15PM 2 Adding matrix rows that have the same name?
8:50PM 2 Saving tab/csv delimited data with NaN's
7:00PM 2 rpad ?
6:27PM 1 Conditional replacement of NA depending on value in the previous column
6:14PM 2 Creating pdfs using qplot in qqplot2
5:59PM 1 Operator overloading for custom classes
5:57PM 1 Displaying equations from .Rd files
5:22PM 1 qplot(ggplo2): axis label sizes/colors
4:58PM 3 Optim() Help, Unusual Error
4:05PM 2 Sample size for proportion, not binomial
3:18PM 3 barplot (stacked)
3:08PM 0 R Participation in the Google Summer of Code 2010
2:53PM 3 using a list to index elements of a list
2:48PM 0 glmpath and coxpath variables
2:39PM 0 multi-stage sampling and hierarchical models: which packages?
2:38PM 0 Solutions for memory problems (packages ff, bigmemory)?
2:18PM 1 no predict function in lme4 ?
2:10PM 3 Converting date format
1:17PM 0 rdcomclient issue - member not found when using borders
10:40AM 0 Extracting all members with a specific similarity value from a large similarity matrix
10:13AM 2 help with survival package
10:07AM 1 R-installation regarding.
9:47AM 2 Transform data set
9:37AM 1 information module Wilks' lambda criterion
9:37AM 1 Changing content of column in data.frame + efficient join extraction between 2 data.frames
9:31AM 1 S4: Multiple inheritance
9:27AM 1 Log linear model - Showing non-deviation form in glm()
8:42AM 1 caret package, how can I deal with RFE+SVM wrong message?
8:40AM 1 printing text within if functions inside a for loop
8:27AM 0 Author "R" books- Packt Publishing.
8:17AM 2 Problem installing package
8:02AM 0 package precedence question
6:59AM 0 Linear Discriminant Analysis
6:56AM 1 how to use node info generated by rpart in mars?
6:32AM 3 If else statements
2:11AM 2 plotrix 2.8-4
1:51AM 3 Summing with NA
1:51AM 2 using reorder in dotplot
1:48AM 1 filled.contour formatting questions
1:05AM 2 Create NA
1:02AM 2 Decreasing Cumsum Function?
12:03AM 0 4th R/Rmetrics Summer School and User/Developer Meeting
Monday March 22 2010
11:54PM 2 Problem with factors in lm() when using Rscript but not GUI
11:35PM 3 ctable error with Hmisc and Sweave (on a Mac)
10:58PM 1 Add title to color spectrum legend in xyplot
10:37PM 1 swutching rows to columns
10:11PM 1 Distance between lines
9:35PM 0 determine upper convex hull, 2-dimensional case
9:26PM 1 sets package: converting a set to data frame?
9:17PM 2 using reorder in "dotplot"
8:53PM 2 Fw: Re: Why "\\" instead of simple "/" to specify a file path [modified]
8:03PM 1 summary.formula and continuous variables
7:56PM 0 Writing out result of tapply
7:50PM 0 Parameter col.axis
7:49PM 1 dotplot
7:00PM 1 Factors attribute format
6:54PM 1 Error while trying to save summary() output as csv
5:49PM 1 Setting breaks to data more appropriately
5:22PM 2 Why "\\" instead of simple "/" to specify a file path
5:10PM 0 superfluous distribution found with mclust
5:08PM 2 Factors attribute?
4:39PM 0 Error message
4:38PM 0 Plot symbols on dendrogram leaves
3:33PM 1 calculate response probabilities using sem-analysis
3:31PM 1 maxNR - Error in p(a, b) : element 1 is empty; the part of the args list of '*' being evaluated was: (b, t)
3:28PM 1 Using dev.copy
3:25PM 3 Embed R code in C++
2:52PM 3 add information above bars of a barplot()
2:47PM 2 a "simple" statistic question
2:31PM 1 how to analyze repeated measures count data?
2:11PM 1 help needed with boxplot
1:33PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 1.9.0
1:27PM 1 Accessing data in groups created with split() and other beginner questions
12:09PM 2 importing .bil files
11:42AM 0 as.ltraj Error in sort.list(y)
11:21AM 3 Mosaic Plots
11:13AM 2 problem with abline and lines
10:38AM 0 R 2.11.0 Scheduled for April 22, 2010
10:37AM 1 SQL-select using native R methods ?
10:07AM 0 IRT - Item Information Function: ltm package
8:49AM 2 queue simulation
8:18AM 1 Replacing elements of list
7:43AM 1 estimation of parameters with grofit
2:44AM 0 Problem using ESS. Error message: "cannot change working directory"
1:00AM 1 calling external .EXE file in R macOSX
12:52AM 1 add euro sign to a plot
12:31AM 0 using lmer weights argument to represent heteroskedasticity
12:01AM 2 fixed effects regression
Sunday March 21 2010
9:06PM 5 multiple logical comparisons
6:40PM 0 Applying SVM model to a new data
3:26PM 2 calculus using R
12:13PM 2 Levene's Test for Homogeneity of Variance
11:12AM 2 Find a rectangle of maximal area
1:22AM 0 Survival
1:09AM 1 using a condition given as string in subset function - how?
Saturday March 20 2010
10:55PM 2 different forms of nls recommendations
10:54PM 5 Problem specifying Gamma distribution in lme4/glmer
9:08PM 1 POSIXct conversion stops part way through a df column
9:07PM 2 Converting a character string into a data frame name and performing assignments to that data frame
8:02PM 1 abline on heatmap
8:02PM 2 summated scale
7:36PM 1 R function to delete a csv file from disk
6:16PM 1 Printing Unicode characters in a PDF document
5:22PM 0 Subscription
5:17PM 1 Time series data
4:27PM 1 Delete all object except some particular ones
2:20PM 3 How to select a row from one dataframe that is "close" to a row in another dataframe
10:38AM 1 grid lines aligned on each ticks with a log scale
7:58AM 1 About new CRAN mirror site application
7:53AM 2 EM algorithm in R
7:43AM 3 How to count the number of occurence?
7:21AM 0 Help with predict and confidence intervals
4:40AM 0 Getting a complete vector of Theta estimates from Package LTM
3:20AM 1 OUTPUT the row
12:04AM 0 R code for normal mixture EM algorithm
Friday March 19 2010
10:50PM 0 spatclus package:
9:44PM 2 sapply, lattice functions
9:38PM 1 Sweave and " object of type 'closure' is not subsettable" error
8:43PM 2 Does S inherit the enhancements in R language?
8:32PM 0 Using substitute in a print method
8:11PM 5 Merging Matrices
8:01PM 0 Survreg function for loglogistic hazard estimation
7:54PM 2 Factor variables with GAM models
7:48PM 0 relaimpo - dummy variable
7:38PM 3 strange behavior, adds new field by non-existent field
7:03PM 1 how to drop fields by name when reading in data?
5:34PM 2 Put square brackets as column name in a data frame
5:15PM 0 FW: New public-use Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 Base Year to 2006 Second Follow-up data set released
5:00PM 5 Encrypt/decrypt in R
4:38PM 1 Can't setup rJava under ubuntu
3:39PM 1 execute functions in .dll
3:32PM 1 Breaking from For loop question
3:07PM 0 Different results from survreg with version 2.6.1 and 2.10.1
2:24PM 1 Gamma parametrization
2:22PM 0 (no subject)
2:05PM 0 How To Specify An Improper Uniform Prior (Bayesian Analysis)
1:59PM 0 lpSolve
1:36PM 1 How to handle missing value as first item in yearmon (zoo package)
1:05PM 2 Dataframe calculations
11:52AM 1 Playwith with Linux Mint
11:06AM 1 Arima forecasting
10:51AM 2 lattice grob
10:47AM 0 mboost: Interpreting coefficients from glmboost if center=TRUE
10:25AM 1 Howto get unnormalized eigenvectors?
10:25AM 2 Sequence of ordered variable to add as column
3:20AM 1 chron package install fail in intel I7 - fedora 12
3:00AM 1 How to plot two cumulative frequency graph together
2:18AM 0 Maximum Data Size that works in RPART Routine
2:14AM 0 lmer: mixed effects models: predictors as random slopes but not found in the fixed effects?
2:10AM 1 One main title and One legend for multiple lattice plots
1:37AM 3 outputing text colors
1:10AM 1 error in map library
Thursday March 18 2010
11:45PM 1 Creating Rcpp RcppDatetime from string with millisecond
10:28PM 1 Count of entries in a row of a data frame
10:11PM 2 Please Post Planned Contrasts Example in lme {nlme}
9:40PM 1 How to read.table with “Hebrew” column names (in R)?
9:01PM 1 Substitute NAs in a data frame
8:46PM 1 Imported tables from Access 2007
8:09PM 3 R front end help
8:04PM 1 r-help
7:58PM 1 Rcmdr plugins produce error
7:10PM 5 can I rotate a matrix
6:44PM 4 Please help with loop, thanks
6:20PM 1 probable timezone confusion with as.yearmon
6:13PM 0 strptime(): on Linux system it seems to call system time?
6:02PM 2 greek symbols on ylab=
6:00PM 3 merge.zoo produces non unique chron time series
5:34PM 1 Using a function to consolidate variables
5:12PM 2 list names
4:40PM 1 How to match two matrices with different dates
4:36PM 2 multiple print commands in win.metafile()
4:30PM 1 Regression of a time series on its Quarters
4:00PM 1 R output to Rich Text Format
3:52PM 0 Help with multiple output
3:27PM 2 Reshape dataframe according to ordered variables
3:18PM 1 how to return "date" part of POSIXct
3:18PM 1 Unable to install Cairo package
3:08PM 1 R takes long time to open
2:41PM 2 Pedigree / Identifying Immediate Family of Index Animal
2:40PM 3 two scales for one plot
2:01PM 1 cumsum for matrix
1:48PM 2 Dataframe manipulation
1:05PM 1 IRT simulation repeated
12:39PM 5 "unbind" matrix?
11:48AM 1 package debug not available in Ubuntu
11:35AM 2 Regress a matrix on another matrix column by column
11:26AM 1 Using nlme and coxme (both!): Looking for workaround
11:08AM 2 recommendations on use of -> operator
10:16AM 5 language!!!
8:01AM 0 package JM -- version 0.6-0
5:05AM 3 Using indexing to manipulate data
4:54AM 2 Care to share an R presentation?
4:03AM 2 R and getting a file through https
2:52AM 1 Intersect, Union of date/time ranges
1:58AM 1 Locating an error
1:52AM 1 Do colClasses in readHTMLTable (XML Package) work?
1:44AM 0 error while usig "tm" package
12:57AM 2 How to remove levels?
12:54AM 2 how to take multiple subsets from a matrix
Wednesday March 17 2010
11:59PM 1 Plotting symbols over a screenshot
11:48PM 2 Sweave and kile
11:01PM 1 Cropped graph using lattice
10:50PM 2 Adding text outside (lattice barchart) plotting region.
9:31PM 0 odfWeave: odt-file damaged
8:27PM 1 Lexis.diagram()
8:24PM 3 R Advanced Programming Course in USA
8:17PM 0 R Advanced Programming Course
8:02PM 2 How to use "ifelse" to generate random value from a distribution
7:25PM 2 Troubles on retrieving rownames
7:06PM 2 Retaining variable name in a function
6:03PM 3 Vector multiplication
5:47PM 0 spikeslab 1.0.0 now available on CRAN
5:30PM 0 How to plot line, points, using Dates as X-axis
5:06PM 0 Partial least square regression and the effect of sampling site
5:00PM 2 How can I return rows from a data frame with maximum value by factor?
4:32PM 1 Writing dataframes to SAS XPT format
3:46PM 1 constrOptim - error: initial value not feasible
3:23PM 2 Using nrow with summaryBy
3:09PM 0 email id
3:00PM 3 Date conversion issue
2:59PM 1 question about multinom function (nnet)
2:51PM 11 How good is R at making publication quality tables?
2:34PM 0 NORMT3
2:33PM 0 cthresh
2:32PM 0 waveband
2:31PM 0 haarfisz
2:29PM 0 wavethresh
2:23PM 3 Converting "factors" to "numeric" in a dataframe
1:57PM 3 Adding minutes to 24 hour time
12:31PM 1 Is there any R package that can find the maxima of a 1-D time series
12:14PM 1 mmap error on macbook pro
12:08PM 0 Antw: odfWeave Error
11:06AM 1 mmap error-12, macbook pro
10:56AM 3 save data to an R object
10:55AM 1 hexadecimal colors
10:11AM 1 accessing info in object slots from listed objects using loops
9:45AM 3 Transform contingency table into data.frame ?
9:24AM 0 mmap error, macbook pro
8:25AM 2 define F-ratio computations with aov
8:04AM 1 Why eval(parse(text="var(vec)")) return a matrix but NOT a number?
5:28AM 1 Effect Size Formaula and Calulations in R
5:22AM 3 Summing daily data for each year
3:11AM 0 In readGDAL(destfile, silent = TRUE) : GeoTransform values not available
2:53AM 3 Are loops handled differently in newer versions of R?
2:29AM 1 How to read a file of the following format?
2:02AM 3 odfWeave Error
1:53AM 0 Help running DEA model
Tuesday March 16 2010
11:30PM 0 panel regression diagnostics?
11:24PM 0 recursive term
11:20PM 1 cut out single lines out of matrix
11:16PM 2 PCA - blank loadings
11:03PM 2 Missing index in vector assignment
10:51PM 1 Simple for-loop runs out of memory
10:51PM 0 FW: How to parse a string (by a "new" markup) with R ?
10:24PM 2 plm "within" models: is the correct F-statistic reported?
10:03PM 2 Help running a Fortran subroutine from R
9:31PM 2 Is there a way to edit a specific line in a function (e.g: doing function->text->edit->function) ?
9:16PM 0 Re : Eliminate border in wireframe plot
9:02PM 2 using RKWard for a function plot
7:50PM 0 Fw: an ordinal regression MCMC run high correlation
7:44PM 2 Conditional variable assignment
7:42PM 2 Retrieving latitude and longitude via Google Maps API
7:31PM 2 How can I save the result for goodness of fit test
6:58PM 5 Constrained non linear regression using ML
6:54PM 0 Problems with loading arm
6:01PM 1 simple line graphics, labels and legend
5:19PM 0 an ordinal regression MCMC run high correlation
4:51PM 1 bottlenecks in R script
4:31PM 1 nested looping functions and dataframes
4:12PM 1 memory failure in adonis function (permanova)
3:06PM 1 heatmap.2 - ColSideColors question
3:04PM 1 Changing global variables from functions
2:50PM 3 remove substring from each string vector component
2:21PM 1 passing columns of tables as a variable to functions
2:12PM 0 tmvtnorm: version 1.0-2
2:11PM 1 Writting in the file
1:37PM 3 boxplot, vertical position of x-axis labels
1:26PM 2 R-Documentation including an image?
12:53PM 0 How can I calculate the error of a fit parameter, when the data set has an error itself?
12:35PM 1 G-test : log-likelihood ratio test
12:26PM 3 function arguments: name of an object vs. call producing the object?
11:19AM 1 interactive 3d plot (identifying datapoint when clicked or mouse-overed)
10:58AM 0 Fwd: Cumulative normal distr
10:45AM 0 New package: ordinal
10:35AM 0 R Training
10:10AM 3 How to parse a string (by a "new" markup) with R ?
9:20AM 0 Ensembles in cforest
9:04AM 1 C# DLL Library
6:06AM 2 Problem in installing ncdf package
6:01AM 0 Including entire dataframe in svyglm formula
5:12AM 1 Correlation coefficient of large data sets
4:28AM 1 labels gone
3:19AM 0 evaluating multivariate time series
1:51AM 1 Regarding variable importance in the randomForest package
1:08AM 0 Error in -class : invalid argument to unary operator
12:46AM 2 Package documentation in dissertation
12:01AM 2 Dimnames of array inside loop
Monday March 15 2010
10:11PM 1 kknn and logistic regression: how to cross-validate binary prediction
10:09PM 0 binary response: from p_hat to 0, 1
8:35PM 2 R example code of Split-plot Manova
8:15PM 1 Error in library(eda) : there is no package called 'eda'
8:13PM 1 Help with calculating entropy of data
8:07PM 0 Fw: assign colnames to data
7:55PM 1 assign colnames to data
7:51PM 1 (no subject)
7:48PM 0 (no subject)
7:48PM 0 (no subject)
7:12PM 1 map2poly - map lat/long cannot be unconstrained?
6:42PM 2 [R-SIG-Mac] How to interrupt an R process that hangs
6:42PM 1 rbind, data.frame, classes
6:40PM 1 Eliminate border in wireframe plot
6:37PM 1 problem in reading trajectory file
6:00PM 0 question regarding variance function in gls
5:51PM 1 Resizing Graphic Device Windows
5:47PM 0 testing hipotheses using GAMLSS package
5:45PM 1 Assigning a sequence to a subsetted data frame variable
5:43PM 1 Aggregate and select mode
5:37PM 2 Stacking matrices
5:10PM 2 aggregate without removing empty subset
5:02PM 2 gaps in time series
4:22PM 3 OT Sorta: Odds Are, It's Wrong...
4:07PM 1 sqlFetch maximum rows
3:57PM 1 Time in minutes
3:37PM 1 Error in pruning hclust object using maptree package
2:44PM 5 storing matrix(variables) in loop
12:19PM 0 Partial Credit Models using eRm
12:19PM 1 inner join sqldf
12:09PM 2 A complex case of distribution fitting
12:09PM 1 XML: Slower parsing over time with htmlTreeParse()
10:16AM 0 RMySQL: Slower parsing over time with htmlTreeParse()
7:53AM 0 how use pvmnorm
7:41AM 1 Packages gnumeric and xlsReadWrite
7:24AM 3 Frequencies from a matrix - spider from frequencies
6:55AM 0 Deducer 0.2-3 and DeducerPlugInExample released
3:41AM 1 Multiple comparisons for a two-factor ANCOVA
3:01AM 1 Error--memory could not be "read"
1:47AM 3 the problem about sample size
Sunday March 14 2010
11:40PM 3 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
11:26PM 3 likelihood ratio test between glmer and glm
10:04PM 7 R on Linux - a primer
9:32PM 6 barplot with a probability density curve
8:49PM 3 for() loop
7:28PM 0 Joining nodes on a minimum spanning tree
7:10PM 1 Direction and scaling of cumulative distribution in ecdfplot
5:18PM 3 the error in DoSimulateRF function
4:22PM 1 Error loading R Commander with version 2.10.1 on MacOS 10.5 or 10.6
4:07PM 1 confidence intervals for non-linear regression
3:38PM 2 special symbols into a text string
2:29PM 0 Inline text labels in Lattice barchart
12:44PM 1 Improve lattice XYPLOT graphic
12:11PM 2 Create vectors from a vector
11:38AM 0 error message when using mice: missing observations in cov/cor
10:55AM 1 Error in object$tables[[v]] : subscript out of bounds
6:44AM 1 formula and class label
6:23AM 3 R and R commander
4:51AM 1 R-Excel Macro Problem
3:14AM 3 range and intersection
2:39AM 2 Why doesn't vec[-real.number] give an error or warning? Kids do the darndest things!
1:54AM 2 code rows depending on the value of other rows in multilevel dataframe
1:34AM 0 nano syntax highlighting for R
Saturday March 13 2010
11:30PM 3 Making multiple columns to a single column
8:39PM 2 Is this a bug (or a feature) in hist(x)$density ??
7:58PM 2 Two questions, first about contingency tables, and second about table () and data.frame (), from a visually impaired user.
7:34PM 1 What can I use instead of ks.test for the binomial distribution ?
6:59PM 1 mcmc sampling and glmer
6:50PM 2 Indexing a matrix within loops
5:15PM 1 Problem building packages on windows: /cygdrive/c/Rtools/bin/cp: target `xf-))' is not a directory
5:01PM 2 dmvnorm masked by emdbook
4:46PM 3 format: from list to data frame
4:27PM 4 Creating images without X11
4:26PM 3 (no subject)
9:09AM 0 A link in the R-project.org website is broken, who do I report this to ?
5:07AM 1 Help needed: Split-split plot analysis
1:05AM 1 testing parallelism of does-response curves using nls()
1:04AM 0 PGMM help - Strange Errors when Fitting Models
12:42AM 0 ggplot2: version 0.8.7
Friday March 12 2010
11:13PM 1 StatEt: Error R Object Browser Update java.lang.NullPointerException
10:29PM 3 defining columns in a matrix
10:27PM 5 Vertical subtraction in dataframes
9:52PM 1 Print density of 600 dpi for a plot
8:47PM 0 R/Finance 2010
8:34PM 2 unknown compression
8:33PM 0 RQuantLib Question
8:28PM 2 Handling repeated values differently
8:06PM 6 Randomly sampling subsets of dataframe variable
7:53PM 2 Data frame question
6:13PM 1 Exporting animation of a series of plots
5:56PM 0 Likelihood Optimization With Categorical Variables
5:45PM 0 invalid connection with pipe()
4:56PM 7 sqldf not joining all the fields
4:15PM 2 Redirect/pipe output to less
4:09PM 3 how to plot only the upper triangle using the pairs function?
2:49PM 4 Form using R
2:26PM 4 Getting multiple matrix-values using a single command
12:25PM 2 looking for a package to solve current-voltage equation I=f(I)
12:15PM 1 using xval in mvpart to specify cross validation groups
12:12PM 0 oro.nifti released (new package)
12:01PM 0 oro.dicom released (replaces DICOM)
11:49AM 1 Usage of apply function with two matrices
10:33AM 1 Length as fun.aggregate in cast function of reshape package: unexpected error
9:41AM 5 Help on getting help from manuals
9:33AM 0 Contingent Valuation Method estimation function
9:28AM 1 Creating named lists
8:14AM 2 Return one value, print another
8:00AM 2 find "CP"
6:58AM 1 please, cant install rodbc into R-project
6:38AM 3 How to format dates (with no century)?
6:18AM 3 rmaxwell in C
6:13AM 1 construct a list that consists of lists
5:32AM 0 How (and where) to get aligned tRNA sequences (and import/align it using R)
5:20AM 2 Question regarding to maxNR
4:39AM 1 help about cluster package
3:37AM 1 Installing R cmdr
2:59AM 1 generic function body display
1:16AM 1 simple plot in ggplot2, wrong error bars
12:46AM 1 Problem installing new packages
Thursday March 11 2010
11:59PM 1 argument is of length zero
11:52PM 1 VAR with contemporaneous effects
10:35PM 1 parse an HTML page with verbose error message (using XML)
10:27PM 1 Append to outfile in R CMD BATCH mode
10:25PM 3 NAs and row/column calculations
10:24PM 2 as.integer and indexes error
10:14PM 1 Statet on Eclipse: ${project_path} is empty
9:25PM 1 combinations/ indexing a matrix
8:23PM 1 Searching for option explanations
8:13PM 2 Importing Time Series Data for an R Beginner
6:37PM 0 Multiple comparisons with a mixed effects model
6:21PM 0 Bug in Cairo?
6:19PM 1 Ubunut + Eclipse + StatET: Console terminates upon error
5:31PM 1 Obtaining name of data frame used in a function argument
5:21PM 3 Help Files Now Load in the Internet Browser?
5:17PM 1 mixed-effects survival
5:10PM 2 logistic model diagnostics residuals.lrm {design}, residuals()
4:59PM 1 console window always on top
4:03PM 2 Can't convert list to matrix properly
3:59PM 0 multiplicative contraint in LS
3:57PM 2 Problem with rcmd SHLIB
3:47PM 1 Dicrete Laplace distribution
3:27PM 1 Calculate mean slope of a function
2:55PM 2 Robust estimation of variance components for a nested design
2:51PM 0 Different results for different order of factor levels?
12:44PM 2 divid the rows of the matrix by the cector
12:37PM 2 Comparing matrices
12:33PM 3 Define column names to a series of data.frames
12:30PM 1 Name of frame
11:23AM 1 modifying the dots argument - how?
11:22AM 6 tm[,-1]
9:48AM 1 Group by
9:15AM 1 merging two datasets
8:42AM 3 Help function "?" in R 2.10.1
7:28AM 1 how does R compute Std. Error's?
6:58AM 4 Forecast
5:37AM 2 ANNOUNCE--Rdsm package, a threads-like environment for R
4:10AM 0 Constraining coefficients to be equal in svar
4:03AM 2 about IRT simulation
2:49AM 1 About multivariate nonparametric local polynomial
2:01AM 2 cluster analysis labels for dendrogram
1:18AM 4 help about solving two equations
Wednesday March 10 2010
11:05PM 1 How can I sort a character type vector?
11:00PM 1 Trouble with plm in Ubuntu 9
10:59PM 0 trouble with plm , Ubuntu 9?
10:45PM 1 How to install dependent packages automatically
10:42PM 1 PCA
10:21PM 2 colname of ... arguments
10:03PM 1 pie EPS BB
9:56PM 0 leaps error
9:35PM 2 modify the levels of a variable
9:29PM 3 Numeric to Date
9:23PM 1 trouble getting multinimial logit model to work properly
9:15PM 0 Incomplete refresh when plotting real-time data
8:52PM 0 Color facets by z-level (solved by creating example)
8:02PM 2 help R non-parametric IRT simulation
7:30PM 1 Variable arguments to function
7:09PM 0 How to assign week numbers to a time-series (duplicate message in plain text formatting)
6:53PM 0 FW: How to assign week numbers to a time-series (additional question)
6:10PM 1 Strange result in survey package: svyvar
6:07PM 2 Using R in a corporate envinronment
5:43PM 0 RSQLite 0.8-4 now on CRAN
5:07PM 2 function to create multiple matrices
4:36PM 1 ifelse logic and multiple assignments
4:24PM 0 R Graphic output files on Solaris 5.10
3:50PM 1 Forecasting with Panel Data
3:34PM 2 How to sum a list of matrices ?
3:30PM 1 nested subset for a dataframe
3:30PM 1 trouble calculating rates--sometimes the denominator is missing
2:36PM 2 Placing the legend 'dynamically'
1:55PM 2 ggplot2: "varwidth"-equivalent for geom_boxplot?
1:52PM 1 expression(), mixed symbols and evaluated objects
12:26PM 3 passing a function as an argument using lazy loading
12:16PM 2 ordering columns in a data frame
11:44AM 1 Joining elements of an array into a single element
11:36AM 1 Displaying political boundaries
10:59AM 3 see the example and help me
10:28AM 2 Dealing with an argument missing in ...
10:06AM 0 Tinn-R RGui Send problem
9:23AM 4 write.fortran
9:01AM 4 cut.POSIXt misconception/feature/bug?
8:46AM 1 ggplot2: Changing colour scheme for bar plot filling?
7:38AM 1 Installing mgarch package for Mac
6:46AM 1 How to take out the content of character string
5:47AM 1 Extract values of a two-factor table and duplicate them into a three-factor table
3:42AM 2 calling map() in xyplot()
2:36AM 3 Help with aggregate and cor
1:52AM 0 RMySQL_0.7-4 core dumped on dbWriteTable
1:08AM 1 Durbin-Watson
1:06AM 1 Generating records from data frame
1:00AM 1 Importing Access 2007 data with ROBC
Tuesday March 9 2010
11:59PM 4 Scripts from The Elements of Statistical Learning book
11:26PM 2 looping through predictors
11:12PM 3 Fine Tuning Plotrix
10:44PM 0 TIBCO Spotfire 3.1 announced, featuring integration with R & S+
10:24PM 0 chairs for stat computing sessions at JSM
10:21PM 0 Tukey test for Mixed Effects Model with more than 1 fixed effect?
9:49PM 2 speed
9:44PM 4 Transfer R workspace on another PC
9:36PM 0 coefficient standard errors in logistic GWR
9:19PM 1 Question on passing in parameter to Cox hazard
9:11PM 1 ks.test; memory problems
8:16PM 1 Obtaining the true aspect ratio for a lattice plot
7:51PM 0 March-April 2010*** R / S+ Essentials and Advanced Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp in San Francisco and other USA cities
6:54PM 2 Moving Average Model
6:48PM 3 Shade area under curve
6:45PM 1 How To Display Current/Next Line Using browser()
6:35PM 5 data frame select max group by like function
6:32PM 0 plotlmer graphics/x-axis and legend options
5:01PM 0 Possible error in anova.lm?
4:57PM 3 sorting data whilst ignoring NA's
4:37PM 1 Help with adding points to allEffects plot
4:27PM 1 ncdf installation
4:24PM 1 penalized maximum likelihood estimation and logistf
4:21PM 2 A list of data.frames merged together
4:01PM 3 Help! I need to use R to calculate a recursive function!
3:58PM 5 is there an inverse method for table()?
3:35PM 2 rcom package
3:23PM 2 Problem with mean
3:21PM 1 using near-zero probabilities in optimization
2:32PM 2 MASS package not on CRAN ?
2:28PM 1 R package pdf files
2:25PM 1 ggplot2 rose diagram
2:09PM 0 Removing Zeros from matrix:Problem fixed
2:00PM 3 Help with ANOVA in R
1:57PM 0 error with adaboost: replacement has 186 rows, data has 62
1:37PM 8 Deltas or changes
1:01PM 1 create picture (k -the nearest neighbours)
12:52PM 2 IMPORTANT - Add a plot to another plot
12:48PM 4 IMPORTANT - To remove the null elements from a vector
12:24PM 1 Source code for the t-distribution
11:00AM 0 wavethresh: length must be power of two
10:59AM 1 error in a function
10:54AM 1 find out commands in package
10:07AM 1 Computation of AIC for gls models
10:05AM 3 Removing Zeros from matrix
8:52AM 0 Package for Sieve Bootstrap Methods
3:40AM 2 ctree - party package multivariate response variables
2:49AM 3 Help! I turned my data into junk!
12:02AM 0 varComb in gls/lme
Monday March 8 2010
11:13PM 2 variance of discrete uniform distribution
11:09PM 1 confused by classes and methods.
10:10PM 0 page boundaries for latex printing of summary.formula objects in Hmisc
9:45PM 1 why this function does not run correctly?
9:41PM 1 Making FTP operations with R
9:29PM 0 error when using svm routine: Error in if (any(co)) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
9:28PM 0 likelihood
9:07PM 2 Monetary support to the R-project (Was: Re: Executable for Production Use)
6:44PM 2 Executable for Production Use
5:55PM 2 how to convert character variables into numeric variables directly
5:37PM 0 Combinations and table selection problem (reviewed)
5:22PM 1 questions
3:59PM 1 compare tables
3:47PM 1 Help with Hmisc, cut2, split and quantile
3:47PM 1 quickest way convert 1-col df to vector?
3:38PM 0 combinations and table selection problem
3:26PM 1 [help] deleting rows which contain more than 2 NAs or zeros
3:24PM 2 fit a gamma pdf using Residual Sum-of-Squares
3:14PM 1 setClass or setValidity?
2:46PM 1 tcltk
2:37PM 3 arbitrary scaling
2:30PM 2 black cluster in salt and pepper image
2:27PM 1 (box-) plot annotation: italic within paste?
1:39PM 0 Speed up sparse matrices
1:15PM 2 Data.frame issue (pls help)
1:06PM 2 using sprintf to pass a variable to a RMySQL query
11:43AM 4 POSIXct type lost
10:39AM 1 error_hier.part
9:36AM 0 plot a distance matrix
9:04AM 2 Lattice: barchart, error bars and grouped data
4:23AM 2 Graphing a piece-wise defined function
2:29AM 1 lapply and list indexing basics (after realizing I wasn't previously subscribed...sorry)
1:41AM 1 How can I understand this sentence,and express it by means of Mathematical approach?
12:30AM 1 lapply and list indexing basics
Sunday March 7 2010
10:29PM 3 aggregate for zoo or its?
8:06PM 2 data.frame question
7:30PM 1 Some hints for the R beginner
6:46PM 1 Is there an equivalence of lm's “anova” for an rpart object ?
6:03PM 2 vectorizing ANOVA over a vectorized linear model
5:06PM 3 mlogit
4:42PM 3 barplot with factors problem
1:34PM 0 lme for repeated measures, one within, one between factor
11:28AM 2 questions about "Cusum"
10:12AM 1 xyplot: strip size
10:07AM 2 Why can't "apply" be used with "as.factor" on a data.frame ?
10:03AM 0 help using ecm.mix
9:16AM 0 OT: stats challege
7:20AM 0 How the change the dimension of an individual cell [i.e. the cell corresponding to an observation in data matrix] in a heatmap.2?
6:43AM 1 category k-means package?
4:52AM 0 some help
Saturday March 6 2010
10:09PM 0 Fisher's LSD and tukey output thing
9:38PM 1 TukeyHSD model thing
8:49PM 1 Interpretation of 'swtich'
6:23PM 1 color2D.matplot not giving colors
5:35PM 2 SVGAnnotation in Windows
5:28PM 3 r code to generate interaction columns
5:21PM 1 qoestion on insert a vector into a matrix
4:01PM 1 Possible to use array of spline functions for storing data?
3:17PM 3 as>date parsing
2:58PM 2 problem with extractAIC()
5:36AM 0 complex--scatter plot
4:54AM 1 Robust SE for lrm object
4:25AM 1 converting multiple lines of text to a data frame
4:05AM 1 transposing data
3:08AM 2 memory error in for loop
2:39AM 2 Plot interaction in multilevel model
1:00AM 1 Plotting Comparisons with Missing Data
12:39AM 3 scientific (statistical) foundation for Y-RANDOMIZATION in regression analysis
Friday March 5 2010
11:48PM 0 Bootstrap standard errors
11:22PM 1 How to parse the arguments from a function call and evaluate them in a dataframe?
11:07PM 0 R algorithm for maximum curvatures measures of nonlinear models
10:36PM 0 convert rpart tree to phylo (in ape)
9:54PM 2 Writing own simulation function in C
9:45PM 1 Redhat Linux Install
9:17PM 2 How to assign week numbers to a time-series
8:19PM 0 REvolutions blog: February Roundup
8:05PM 1 test question, variance
7:43PM 1 how can I look at .Internal(model.matrix(t, data))?
7:07PM 0 Assistance with pointers to code for B-spline derivatives (S-plus related).
5:55PM 2 Sweave and optional document sections
5:42PM 3 How to match vector with a list ?
4:46PM 1 Changing the Prompt for browser()
4:43PM 2 Cross tabulation with fixed dimensions
4:19PM 0 Still on poLCA
3:32PM 1 zoo Package Question
3:23PM 0 Breadt-first-search algorithm
2:52PM 1 hier.part
2:45PM 3 Operating System Variable
2:24PM 1 Error in inherits(x, "data.frame") : subscript out of bounds
2:19PM 1 for help on building a R package with several R function and a bunch of c, c++
2:08PM 1 About the interaction A:B
1:59PM 0 How to compute contrast between more than 2 cells? (in contrast package)
1:26PM 1 Data frame column
1:19PM 4 Nonparametric generalization of ANOVA
1:05PM 1 What does "Odp" mean?
12:40PM 2 Data frame query
12:30PM 2 question on maximum of each row of the matrix
12:29PM 0 Two-way multivariate analysis of variance (single group of subjects)
12:09PM 1 looking into function body without package installation
10:28AM 0 Local dependence term in poLCA
9:51AM 1 I can't find "rpart" help (linux)
9:47AM 0 running R from Notepad++ in Windows 7
9:41AM 2 install rJava in linux
9:13AM 0 Neural Network
6:04AM 3 how to make this sequence: 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1
5:32AM 2 subset a string
3:59AM 2 Selecting rows of a matrix based on some condition on the columns
2:51AM 1 Running complete R script from Java
12:42AM 4 conditioning variable in panel.xyplot?
12:10AM 1 plotting ecdf; R is stalled
Thursday March 4 2010
11:43PM 2 Running script with double-click
10:49PM 2 which coefficients for a gam(mgcv) model equation?
10:02PM 0 iGraphObjects
9:45PM 2 missing date and time intervals in data frame
9:05PM 1 Equation for model generated by auto.arima
8:50PM 2 Hi
8:45PM 0 partial differentiation of a dynamic expression
7:08PM 3 Is it possible to recursively update a function?
6:59PM 0 estimagint MLE of covariance matrix subject to constraints
6:45PM 0 ifthen() question -- whoops--ifelse()
6:27PM 0 Modified R/S statistic
6:24PM 1 Plot help
5:28PM 0 ascending permutation within treatment
5:12PM 2 Removing colon from numerical data
4:15PM 2 fisher.test gives p>1
4:09PM 1 Date conversion problem
3:47PM 4 Analogue to SPSS regression commands ENTER and REMOVE in R?
3:35PM 1 ifthen() question
3:25PM 1 mysqlWriteTable . error in your SQL syntax?
3:02PM 0 Passing rq models to Fstats
3:02PM 1 sum of list elements
12:41PM 2 Histogram color
12:35PM 2 Rows classification problem
11:30AM 6 help
10:47AM 1 Please help me how to make input files in Extremes Toolkit model
9:57AM 1 only actual variable names in all.names()
9:36AM 2 precision issue?
9:27AM 1 IMPORTANT! How work "constrOptim"? Why error in this routine???
7:13AM 1 How to create a SVG plot
7:10AM 0 KmL 1.1.1
6:51AM 4 Sub-setting a data frame by partial column names?
5:56AM 1 logistic regression by group?
1:39AM 1 Setting graphical parameters
1:02AM 1 extracting values conditonal on other values
12:20AM 0 Conditional Logistic Regression in R
Wednesday March 3 2010
11:57PM 0 Using discrete choice data to estimate marginal willingness to pay (MWTP)
11:34PM 0 Arithmethic operations on timeSeries objects
10:48PM 1 empirical copula code
10:43PM 1 R and screen (UNIX question)
10:40PM 1 Heatmap reordering of dendrogram to hierarchical clustering
10:13PM 1 Zero inflated negative binomial
9:50PM 4 Newb question re. read.table...
9:22PM 2 Screen settings for point of view in lattice and misc3d
8:35PM 1 How to create a line and bar panel chart with two different axes?
7:22PM 1 End of line marker?
7:20PM 5 filtering signals per day
7:19PM 0 How to calculate Eigen values from LDA object
7:15PM 1 Loop
7:14PM 1 cluster with mahalanobis distance
4:50PM 0 Issue with length limit in write.table
3:45PM 1 help R IRT simulation
3:00PM 0 ANOVA questions
2:33PM 1 Subset using partial values
2:32PM 0 Creating a timeSeries Object
12:09PM 1 : Three most useful R package
11:52AM 5 Matching rows in a Data set? I'm Stuck!!
11:39AM 1 R help unavailable
11:34AM 1 List of zoo dataframes
11:07AM 1 Finding a date 6 months before
10:38AM 1 error in R
7:56AM 1 Change current plot window size. Or - saving/loading current device plotting history
7:27AM 2 Trouble With for() Loops
6:15AM 1 R times series
4:43AM 1 Help with Loading a Package
4:35AM 1 Output from test script during R CMD check
4:13AM 1 Correct nested design for GLM
4:05AM 2 R beginner
4:04AM 1 Help with multtest (rawp2adjp)
3:54AM 1 Indexing zoo objects
3:15AM 2 Working with combinations
2:27AM 0 parallel computing--help
1:54AM 0 missing time intervals in data frame
12:09AM 1 data.table evaluating columns
Tuesday March 2 2010
11:56PM 1 test the goodness of it for negative binomial type 2
10:42PM 2 turn character string into unevaluated R object
10:26PM 1 Output to sequentially numbered files... also, ideas for running R on Xgrid
10:22PM 2 Binding a matrix to a matrix
9:56PM 0 Creating a timeSeries "Data Frame"
9:28PM 1 R / R+ Webminar *** R-PLUS Rocks: Interactive, Comprehensible and Highly Visual. March 12th @ 12PM ET (USA Time)
8:27PM 1 distribution for random effects?
8:13PM 16 Three most useful R package
7:53PM 0 selection simulation
6:50PM 0 Adjacency matrix of higher order (from winbugs to to R)
6:42PM 0 Compare parameter estimates of a nlsList object
6:35PM 2 Creating matrix from long table in database (pivoting)
6:15PM 1 how to import map data (maptools?) from a html set of 'coords'
5:53PM 2 adding row ID numbers by group
5:36PM 1 add a header to a forest plot (metafor)
5:27PM 0 plotting fitted lme values as a smooth line
5:17PM 1 problem with choose.files
4:12PM 1 Reading data file with both fixed and tab-delimited fields
2:41PM 3 nu-SVM crashes in e1071
1:18PM 1 Double Colors in Main
1:11PM 2 Row-wisely converting a data frame into a list
12:40PM 1 simple data transformation question
12:13PM 0 code for empirical copula
11:31AM 4 two questions for R beginner
11:29AM 2 question to define a matrix with some vectors with different lengths
10:57AM 0 Problem With Pasting (Mac OS X)
10:51AM 5 Random real numbers
10:01AM 1 Problem with package fpc
9:16AM 1 lm.influence on glm objects
8:45AM 0 Version 1.4.7 of package vars
8:33AM 0 embedded nuls in 2.10 versus 2.11
8:02AM 2 Strange behavior with poisosn and glm
7:19AM 2 plotting a subset of a time series
7:00AM 2 ANOVA "Types" and Regression models: the same?
6:43AM 1 sem package and growth curves
6:08AM 1 capturing errors in Sweave
5:11AM 0 Forced variable retention in regsubsets in 'leaps' package
3:23AM 1 bigglm Memory Issues
2:53AM 3 Keeping the order of data set when plotting
2:01AM 0 a question about Joint Model(JM)
12:56AM 1 Stack type
Monday March 1 2010
11:56PM 1 Saving multiple plots named with part of the original file name
10:15PM 2 Simple Linear Autoregressive Model with R Language
10:03PM 1 Generating variable from 2 others in dataframe
9:55PM 1 the predict.lda function
9:54PM 0 Simulation conference -- possible R opportunity
9:37PM 1 rollapply - odd behaviour of NAs
9:31PM 1 Method dispatch
8:24PM 0 Short Course: Predictive Modeling with R
7:46PM 0 S4 issues
5:58PM 3 How to Find Version of Installed Library?
5:30PM 1 Naming output of a for loop
5:14PM 1 Estimate ARMA model with MLE
5:07PM 2 Thougt I understood factors but??
5:00PM 1 GPC file
4:41PM 3 Emacs for R
4:09PM 1 integration function
4:09PM 3 help with lattice boxplots...
3:53PM 1 function odiag(): assigning values to off-diagonal
3:44PM 4 repeated measures anova, car package
3:34PM 2 Advice wanted on using optim with both continuous and discrete par arguments...
3:31PM 1 Mainland "Equatorial Guinea" missing?
3:15PM 1 Fitting chi-squared distribution
3:13PM 5 Type-I v/s Type-III Sum-Of-Squares in ANOVA
2:53PM 3 why a text editor?
2:45PM 1 file reading /problems with encoding
2:25PM 2 Bartlett Test
2:10PM 0 Fwd: Re: Kohonen Package
1:55PM 0 question on DPpackage
1:41PM 0 How to read.graph a file with strings of characters
1:21PM 1 Random Forest prediction questions
1:19PM 0 MASS::loglm - exploring a collection of models with add1, drop1
1:03PM 1 help with zoo
12:09PM 0 Public R training
11:16AM 3 setting the steps for x axis labels on plot
11:11AM 0 NEW: extracat - a package for the visualization of categorical data
8:59AM 1 p-values from bootstrapping of time series (tsboot)
8:11AM 1 remove from mailing list
6:24AM 3 identical() mystery
6:00AM 3 (no subject)
5:19AM 1 bwplot with pch = "|"
5:16AM 0 Is package "dr" appropriate for reducing the dimensionality of molecules conformational space ?
4:24AM 0 RQDA 0.1-9 is on CRAN now
3:41AM 1 Smoothing Spline Basis Matrix
2:45AM 1 R mentioned in the Economist volume 394, number 8671
2:11AM 0 Multicolumn Listbox selectcommand trouble
1:27AM 0 What Bayesian Framework?
1:21AM 1 Expanding a data structure
1:05AM 0 aadding labels to panel plots
12:04AM 1 Why software fails in scientific research