R help - Feb 2010

Sunday February 28 2010
10:33PM 1 trend test for frequencies
9:55PM 6 A slight trap in read.table/read.csv.
9:25PM 1 ggplot 'annotate problem' again.
7:54PM 0 Netlogit and large networks
5:37PM 0 qustions about to check a sample from truncated gamma dist.
4:17PM 2 Calling SAS from R
2:50PM 1 Gradient Boosting Trees with correlated predictors in gbm
1:40PM 1 rgraphviz crashes
10:59AM 0 tsboot
10:44AM 3 R help question: How can we enable useRs to contribute corrections to help files faster ?
9:54AM 3 Slightly OT: Does anyone use latex2rtf with sweave output ?
7:39AM 1 "Types" of missingness
3:01AM 1 Error in tapply when reordering levels of a factor
2:37AM 2 lapply with data frame
2:33AM 1 Which system.time() component to use?
12:56AM 4 Reducing a matrix
12:44AM 3 Change the scale on a barplot's y axis
12:07AM 1 Combining 2 columns into 1 column many times in a very large dataset
Saturday February 27 2010
11:07PM 1 help with Gantt chart
10:38PM 0 pass an array of array from Java to R- Rserve
8:54PM 3 Editing a function
5:47PM 3 Best Hardware & OS For Large Data Sets
4:35PM 1 Bug in ecdf? Or what am I missing?
4:24PM 2 scan and skip - without line breaks in the input file
3:53PM 1 Newbie help with ANOVA and lm.
11:32AM 1 reading data from web data sources
9:22AM 2 Overlap plot
5:43AM 1 Converting IEEE Float in 16 char hex back to float
5:13AM 3 somebody help me about this error message...
4:55AM 1 R from Java (cluster heatmaps)
3:52AM 1 Help Computing Probit Marginal Effects
12:40AM 1 New Variable from Several Existing Variables
Friday February 26 2010
10:56PM 3 Preserving lists in a function
10:04PM 2 decomposing an irregularly spaced time series
9:06PM 1 factorial block design with missing data
8:43PM 1 Automate generation of multiple reports using odfWeave
8:37PM 1 wrap long lines in table using "latex" in Hmisc
8:22PM 1 match.call to obtain the name of a function
7:58PM 2 dramatic speed difference in lapply
7:31PM 7 How to add a variable to a dataframe whose values are conditional upon the values of an existing variable
7:04PM 1 need help to resolve RODBC error
6:55PM 1 split function
6:44PM 2 R Experts
6:27PM 6 using grep
6:20PM 1 ODBC with Filemaker
6:04PM 2 New methods for generic functions show and print : some visible with ls(), some not
5:55PM 1 Working directories... Again
5:41PM 2 sort columns
4:40PM 0 possible arrangements of across sample ties for runs test
4:31PM 1 help system works under IE but not Firefox
4:10PM 5 text editors
4:04PM 1 biclust package
3:43PM 0 pallet with open intervals
3:42PM 1 How to calculate the "Transitivity" (Clustering coefficient) of a "Directed" graph?
3:36PM 0 update.packages with UNC library path
3:33PM 2 Problem accessing sub-methods of functions stored in a vector
3:23PM 7 question to make a vector without loop
2:58PM 0 treemap grouping
2:40PM 7 counting the number of ones in a vector
2:23PM 2 t-distribution values
2:06PM 1 ggplot2 : bug in coord_equal() ?
1:55PM 2 Error in mvpart example
1:31PM 2 Loop overwrite and data output problems
1:06PM 1 Unique Values of a Matrix
12:23PM 1 Hartley's table
10:30AM 4 Boot R
9:32AM 1 Error in Aggregate function
8:50AM 1 One ploblem
8:29AM 3 Plotting a Trivial Matrix
8:22AM 0 R: MANOVA help
8:15AM 1 Reading multiple csv files
6:39AM 2 TukeyHSD troubles
5:45AM 0 pMCMC versus Pr(>|t)
4:22AM 1 Legend's attribute
3:54AM 0 cloud() / wireframe()
3:00AM 1 bwplot() {lattice}
2:12AM 1 S4 programming
1:41AM 1 RODBC looping sql script
Thursday February 25 2010
11:51PM 2 Ordering categories on a boxplot - a serious trap??
11:11PM 5 Plotting 15 million points
10:59PM 1 Heterogeneous Correlation Matrix with Survey Weights
9:53PM 1 Accessing named elements of a vector
9:25PM 1 taking the median across similar data
8:10PM 1 read.table (trying one more time)
6:59PM 1 Linear models interaction
6:34PM 2 Restructure some data
6:31PM 0 missing values in 'ncdf', integer versus byte
6:28PM 1 Help with simple bootstrap test
6:16PM 0 nested design
6:11PM 1 error in lmLists in lme4 package (bug?)
5:31PM 24 two questions for R beginners
5:16PM 1 Minimum Spanning Trees
4:01PM 1 Including Rcpp in Eclipse C++ project
4:01PM 1 How to add a title to represent four different plot in lm function
3:57PM 1 How to do: Correlation with "blocks" (or - "repeated measures" ?!) ?
3:23PM 2 error using pvcm() on unbalanced panel data
2:06PM 6 Building R packages in Windows 7
2:02PM 3 behavior of seq_along
1:58PM 1 mtext with at=NULL
1:22PM 1 adonis(), design
1:17PM 2 Rearranging entries in a matrix
12:26PM 2 Reading a password-protected Excel workbook
11:42AM 1 export results
11:32AM 1 data mining
11:06AM 2 how to install rattle for data mining
9:59AM 1 Barplot colours
9:24AM 1 Updating a hexbinplot
9:15AM 1 Help with "split".
9:11AM 1 locfit: max number of predictors?
9:10AM 2 how to fast extract values from different list elements
8:54AM 1 What is "assign" attribute?
8:48AM 4 different types graphs
7:56AM 1 multicore in R
7:47AM 0 Help with Beta Distribution and Transformation method
6:37AM 6 Subset Question
5:44AM 2 reducing data.frame
5:05AM 1 binding multidimension array
4:53AM 1 Zero inflation model - pscl package
4:40AM 3 R and Wordpress
3:57AM 1 lattice package: Changing colors in graphs
3:34AM 2 How to fill in a region with different patterns?
2:53AM 3 angle phase mapping
1:31AM 2 How to use a 'hidden' function directly?
1:18AM 3 variable substitution in for loops
Wednesday February 24 2010
11:29PM 4 R Graphics into Latex‏
10:15PM 1 Adjust lattice graph axis label on final page
10:00PM 1 Sparse KMeans/KDE/Nearest Neighbors?
9:31PM 3 "get" problem
9:14PM 6 R error- "more columns than column names"
8:46PM 1 Inverse function
8:34PM 1 Defective help pages
7:56PM 1 extracting results from wilcox_test (package::coin)
6:38PM 0 New version of rms package now on CRAN
6:28PM 3 ggsave in Linux
6:06PM 2 sprintf + integer(0) problem
3:59PM 1 Changing style for groups in xyplot
3:56PM 4 block matrices
3:44PM 1 Forest Plot X-axis cut-off problem
3:17PM 1 problem with looping on sqlSave()
2:48PM 1 RODBC connection name
2:36PM 2 Calling Data frame objects with spaces in their names
2:21PM 2 Question:How to get rid of missing values
1:51PM 2 mlogit is not an S4 object error
12:52PM 0 anova.rq in quantile regression
12:22PM 2 Bimodal distribution
11:33AM 1 how to label individuals with FactoMiner ?
11:15AM 2 How to read percentage and currency data?
9:52AM 3 Question on "Zoo" object
9:34AM 1 Optimise huge data.frame construction
9:19AM 1 Remove missing observations
8:55AM 1 problem with sqlSave()
6:18AM 1 Opaque error message and R GUI crashing while using glmnet
6:09AM 1 Requirement
4:23AM 3 reading "surfer" files
12:02AM 0 Extracting individual parameter estimates from mmlcr
Tuesday February 23 2010
11:52PM 0 subtracting 100 from strptime year vector generates missing values in POSIXct where none appear to exist in strptime year vector
11:50PM 1 GenABEL - problems with load.gwaa.data
11:17PM 1 Excel Data Import using RODBC
10:27PM 3 how to rearrange a dataframe
9:47PM 1 Circles around letters or numbers in plot title
9:37PM 1 Importing Headers from excel files
9:33PM 2 heatmap.3
9:30PM 2 importing S4 methods using a namespace
9:18PM 1 Turn three Columns into a Matrix?
8:47PM 1 select row based on highest value
8:10PM 0 Name for factor's levels with contr.sum
8:06PM 2 Importing a file to r
7:59PM 2 significance of coefficients in Constrained regression
7:43PM 1 e1071: Cannot predict probabilities
7:18PM 0 Casting "character" to "Date" using the "as" function
6:44PM 0 BUG with LSSVM in R:
6:26PM 1 Problem with strptime generating missing values where none appear to exist
5:40PM 4 First. Last. Data row selection
5:21PM 0 multi-response models in the pls package
5:16PM 1 RODBC to import/export xls files
4:03PM 0 graph.var function factominer (layout issue)
3:45PM 2 how to pass external parameters to an R script
3:31PM 0 Frequency: NA values returns zero
2:48PM 3 difference between date and times
2:37PM 1 Accelerated failure time interpretation of coefficients
1:05PM 3 colour highlighting inputs and outputs in the R terminal?
12:39PM 1 how to assess the significance of regression between a set of response and predictor variables
12:34PM 1 Matching Problem
12:33PM 1 R Aerodynamic Package(s)?
12:26PM 5 table data as input to the function
12:04PM 5 deleting column from data frame
11:46AM 1 latent class factor analysis (LCFA) in R?
11:44AM 1 Iterative Closest Point (ICP) - Implementation of algorithm in R?
11:40AM 2 scatterplots in car package
11:03AM 5 axes limits in do3d
9:35AM 5 export tables to Excel files
9:22AM 2 export graphics for editing in Illustrator
8:46AM 1 Where can I find general help on statistics?
8:26AM 1 Longitudinal analysis: contrasting time points
7:59AM 0 simulation of censoring data
7:04AM 1 function on all pairs of vector entries
5:35AM 1 generating reports from database through R
4:18AM 1 Short cut for documenting arguments in Rd file
2:27AM 2 Lists into matrices within lists...again
2:13AM 3 Use 2 "ifelse" to sort data
2:04AM 1 How to change a venn command into a named object that can be plotted like a lattice object
Monday February 22 2010
11:44PM 1 lmom: plotting log Pearson Type III
11:11PM 1 Boxplots with similar number of classes....
10:47PM 1 tickmarks with time in dotplots
10:42PM 1 matching on two criteria
10:13PM 1 big panel: filehash, bigmemory or other
8:52PM 2 Creating regularly spaced time series from irregular one
8:44PM 3 relative file path
8:22PM 4 Normal distribution (Lillie.test())
8:02PM 2 Siegel-Tukey test for equal variability (code)
7:58PM 3 env() for lme4
7:49PM 2 Re-assigning variables stored as character strings in another variable
7:27PM 0 useR! 2010, Submission/early registration deadline: March 1
7:12PM 0 First Appearance of value in splitted matrix
7:11PM 1 Goodness of fit test for count data
6:07PM 0 Bootstrap Multivariate Times Series Forecast
5:27PM 1 counting repeating sequence lengths in a vector
5:21PM 2 adding infrequent date labels to x-axis
4:25PM 3 gsub patterns from vector elements w/out loop?
4:21PM 3 Re : how to plot select points in preexisting persp plot
3:00PM 0 How to run the VECM BEKK model in R?
2:49PM 4 Count between interval
2:18PM 1 Normality in split-plot design
2:06PM 5 Rounding like in finances
2:05PM 2 Extract information from S4 object
1:11PM 1 R language syntax highlighting file of VIM
12:46PM 4 Alternatives to linear regression with multiple variables
12:40PM 1 Raster table: how separate lines with the same value (count > 1)
12:27PM 2 change email subscription
11:39AM 0 cmdscale error message - k' must be in {1, 2, .. n - 1}
10:38AM 5 Generating reports from database
9:46AM 1 rownames cannot allocate vector of size
9:18AM 0 bug in R 2.10.1 html help
9:13AM 2 how do I calculate means or cov matrix for multivariate groups
9:08AM 1 plotrix 2.8-3
9:05AM 6 Single character input without Enter
8:14AM 1 RExcel + RCOM + Linux
7:49AM 3 new to R Project
7:44AM 1 how to generate graph from dataframe?
4:48AM 2 (Somewhat) broken EPS files produced
2:15AM 2 vloopkup or search function
Sunday February 21 2010
11:39PM 1 tests for measures of influence in regression
10:43PM 4 R on 64-Bit…
9:04PM 2 cross-validation in plsr package
8:19PM 1 Comparing two date columns
7:51PM 2 Newbie woes with par:mar
7:47PM 2 PostgreSQL under Snow Leopard
7:37PM 1 machine precision problem
7:27PM 3 Exporting Graphs
4:41PM 0 Hotelling T-test in R - error?
4:35PM 1 odfWeave - merged table cells, and adding information like totals and p-values
3:57PM 2 plot is not keeping the order of variable
2:03PM 0 Intervention Analysis
12:47PM 1 Tutorials and scripts of Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Linear Programming.
12:17PM 1 How to: Compare Two dendrograms (Hierarchical Clusterings) ?
11:59AM 0 Downloading data from Reuters - second trial
10:51AM 0 Time series cross-sectional regression analysis
2:58AM 4 replicate matrix
2:40AM 1 a question about the command "followup.plot" of epicale package
1:50AM 1 how do I get the legend?
12:54AM 1 (no subject)
Saturday February 20 2010
11:58PM 0 effective sample size in logistic regression w/spat autocorr
11:54PM 3 aggregating using 'with' function
5:50PM 1 coerce (list) object to type 'double'
5:49PM 1 What is your system for WorkFlow and Source Code Organizing in R ?
1:49PM 1 Contingency Table - output to odfWeave not working for matrix
1:22PM 1 How get the single bar x coordinate in barchart when groups is used?
12:26PM 3 Rearranging a data frame for multiple observations
12:13PM 2 R died on large data set
8:31AM 0 new package RFLPtools
8:13AM 0 deficient rank question
7:51AM 1 SEM error
7:17AM 1 How to store an array like this?
7:10AM 0 plot.logistic.fit.fnc
4:09AM 3 LaTeX/R/Sweave Problems
3:21AM 1 Problem with installing "genetics" package
12:24AM 1 Add lines (contours) to lattice wireframe plot
12:22AM 3 Error Bars in lattice- barcharts
Friday February 19 2010
11:10PM 0 "tsne" package for t-SNE dimensionality reduction
9:34PM 3 plot circular histogram
9:33PM 3 Omitting members of a sequence
9:10PM 0 is GEE2 for continuous outcome implemented in R?
9:07PM 1 r help date format changes with c() vs. rbind()
8:29PM 0 Running R scripts via Java R Interface (JRI)
8:01PM 1 Print table in lme
7:49PM 1 ggplot2 X axis levels
7:44PM 0 ggplot2: version 0.8.6
7:05PM 1 "Legend" question
6:39PM 2 how to make R plot under Linux
5:42PM 2 What is the difference between expression and quote when used with eval()?
5:39PM 6 retrieve from function
5:11PM 4 Accessing values of a matrix
5:09PM 2 inverse lexicographical ordering
4:44PM 1 tiff() and antialias option
4:02PM 0 Generate Univariate Normal Mixtures???
3:45PM 1 order two dataframes by an integer column from either data frame
2:24PM 1 lty dots pdf issue
2:19PM 5 Bind field of a list
2:11PM 1 eha aftreg performance
1:55PM 1 BMDP and SAS (was R in clinical trials)
1:17PM 2 Rgui.exe cannot be set as default program under Vista wtih R2.10.1
12:48PM 1 Confused about appending to list behavior...
11:32AM 3 Plotting multiple table automatically
11:25AM 3 dot-dot-dot as an actual argument
10:25AM 1 Update RMySQL and ... it's no more running
9:58AM 0 Error using update.packages
8:40AM 1 Quadprog help
8:20AM 1 How to use same function for diffrent input values
7:20AM 3 Date label lost while inverting y axis.
6:17AM 3 Deleting colmuns with 0's and also writing multple csv files
5:38AM 1 color graph in multiple plots
2:02AM 1 Set Colour of Histogram Bars (lattice)
2:02AM 2 problem with RGtk
12:35AM 1 Subtracting one based on an If
Thursday February 18 2010
11:32PM 0 2 ecdf from different set of data
11:15PM 3 Appending Data to A n Existing List...
10:11PM 0 Univariate Normal Mixtures - HELP
9:54PM 1 cluster analysis
9:51PM 0 Possible to save workspace image including packages and class definitions?
9:41PM 1 Graphics Question
8:44PM 0 lme - incorporating measurement error with estimated V-C matrix
8:36PM 2 how to execute R script piece by piece on SSH terminal
7:21PM 2 Extracting values from a list
7:06PM 0 Natural Language Processing of R help archives
6:58PM 1 logistic regression - what is being predicted when using predict - probabilities or odds?
6:29PM 0 Changed results in analyses run in sem and nlme ??
6:29PM 1 survey package question
6:14PM 0 Plot spatial location by using azimuth and distance?
6:07PM 1 Hmisc summary.formula.reverse
6:05PM 2 Funny result from rep(...) procedure
5:59PM 2 subset() for multiple values
5:10PM 2 problem with multiple plots (mfrow, mar)
5:05PM 1 an error about " return some vectors from some functions within a function"
4:54PM 3 svm regression
4:43PM 2 3D plot
4:07PM 2 Extract p-value from aftreg object
4:01PM 3 row indexes from logical statment
3:50PM 1 aggregate by column names
3:48PM 2 error in using sample( )
3:22PM 2 Error message when using error.bars(x,add=TRUE)
2:38PM 0 'npmc output'
2:32PM 1 Shapiro-Wilk test problem
2:18PM 0 Munich R Course - Parallel Computing with R
2:15PM 1 variable substitution
12:53PM 0 reading socket hangs
12:52PM 0 bipartite- is the quantitative linkage density measure weighted or not?
11:45AM 1 Matrix in a Reverse order
11:30AM 0 Sweave in PNG: driver online
10:27AM 1 how to change number of itemes appeare in right-hand-side of the rule with apriori in R(arules)?
10:24AM 1 R-commands for MDS
9:21AM 2 Rearranging data
8:29AM 3 parsing strings between [ ] in columns
8:06AM 2 sprng 2.0 header file for Rmpi
4:46AM 3 Can R make an usual dotplot
3:44AM 1 Problems installing R-2.10.1 on Linux
1:50AM 0 Chisq test for truncated count data and estiamte the expectation value
1:15AM 1 Solve equation using R
1:12AM 0 Appropriate test for overdispersion in binomial data
Wednesday February 17 2010
11:34PM 1 Procedure not working for actual data
11:18PM 1 Checking the assumptions for a proper GLM model
10:07PM 2 Problems with xyplot
9:52PM 2 Trouble with optim function
9:13PM 1 crhon compile directive faul in version x64, in Intel i7?
9:09PM 2 multi-argument returns
9:07PM 0 Characterizing overall agreement and the p values associated with the agreement. Kappa statistic
8:58PM 1 Replicating output from a function
8:21PM 0 R in Institutional Research - Institutional Effectiveness (Higher Education)
8:16PM 8 Use of R in clinical trials
8:06PM 1 boxplot - vertical axis
7:13PM 1 Bayesian Block Kriging?
7:13PM 1 function to display histogram fails to do so when histogram is not the last expression in the function
7:09PM 0 Different colors for different groups in lattice wireframe
6:54PM 2 Survival analysis
6:50PM 1 Unordered Factors For ggplot?
6:46PM 0 March 2010***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp in New York City and other USA cities
6:37PM 0 Help with sigmoidal quasi-poisson regression using glm and gnm functions
6:31PM 2 How to provide a result from D(f(x), "x") to a curve(f'(x)) ???
6:11PM 1 Empirical Pvalue
6:11PM 0 boxcox shift parameter estimation
6:06PM 4 Question about "Title"
5:18PM 2 array question
5:14PM 0 adf.test help
4:49PM 2 qr test?
4:32PM 1 Dock graphs when using R in Eclipse with StatET plug In
4:21PM 1 Ordered Logit in R
3:59PM 1 lapply to apply a function using a vector
3:53PM 2 non-linear contrained optimization
3:53PM 1 R 64-bit memory.limit() is max of ?
2:59PM 1 skip lapply item for conditions(RAM, execution time)
2:46PM 0 Does the R "statistical language includes, > modules/packages to carry out nonlinear optimization similar to the, > SAS NLIN and NLP procedures?
2:09PM 1 nonparametric mixed effect model
1:26PM 1 Package or function for selecting matched pairs?
12:15PM 2 Split Plot and Tukey
9:00AM 3 Extending data frame with longer columns
8:36AM 2 Is the aggregate function the best way to do this?
7:46AM 1 Error while installing 'netmodels'
7:29AM 0 How to compute heteroskedasticity-robust LM statistic?
5:59AM 1 (log normal distribution ) giving my own input to X and Y axes.
4:55AM 0 [Reminder] R/Finance 2010: Applied Finance with R
2:50AM 1 Building R from source
2:46AM 1 Bivariate Uniform distribution
2:38AM 2 extract the data that match
2:21AM 3 sql query variable
1:31AM 1 side-effects in functions that replace object values and attributes
12:05AM 1 strangeness in Predict() {rms}
Tuesday February 16 2010
11:47PM 3 Keyboard
9:44PM 2 Interactive plot (histogram) in R..........possible?
9:27PM 1 READ.TABLE for Mac
9:00PM 0 Random center effect
8:25PM 0 General JRI questions
7:25PM 1 Math.factor error message
7:18PM 0 Analyzing event times with densityplot
6:59PM 1 Legend Text Font Size
6:55PM 0 SVM e1071
6:50PM 0 replicating aov results with lmer
6:31PM 1 suppress printing within a function
5:39PM 1 RODBC missing values in integer columns
5:06PM 1 OT: computing percentage changes with negative and zero values?
5:01PM 6 delete repeated values - not unique...
4:33PM 0 Reminder: ASA Stat Comp/Graph Chambers Award Competition Deadline 2/22
4:23PM 1 Build failure on Solaris 10 (SPARC)
4:21PM 3 margin text warning message NAs coercion
4:19PM 1 combining dataframes with different row lenght
4:12PM 2 reading quattro pro spreadsheet .qpw into R
4:09PM 1 Does the R "statistical language includes modules/packages to carry out nonlinear optimization similar to the SAS NLIN and NLP procedures?
4:03PM 0 line options on read.spss
3:23PM 2 Random Forest
2:57PM 3 False convergence of a glmer model
2:25PM 3 Triangular filled contour plot
2:18PM 3 error : unused argument(s) when boxplot
2:18PM 1 ellipsis-related error: used in an incorrect context, no ... to look in
1:00PM 1 lint for R? and debugging
12:58PM 1 RODBC - Any faster driver?
11:25AM 2 for loop Vs apply function Vs foreach (REvolution enhancement)
10:58AM 1 penalized package for ridge regression
10:47AM 3 converting character vector "hh:mm" to chron or strptime 24 clock time vectors
10:45AM 1 nls.lm & AIC
10:20AM 4 lmer - error asMethod(object) : matrix is not symmetric
10:13AM 1 How can I associate a list of defined names with the dataframes to be downloaded
8:27AM 2 Reshaping grouped data
8:24AM 2 Error of Stepwise Regression with number of rows in use has changed: remove missing values?
6:08AM 1 Total and heading of portfoilo table
5:54AM 1 survival - ratio likelihood for ridge coxph()
5:08AM 2 HELP on Non-Linera Mixed-Effect model
5:02AM 0 Outliers detection using wavelets
2:39AM 1 projections
1:58AM 2 error message when downloading packages using the OS X shell
1:57AM 0 tm package
1:41AM 0 Help with lsei() from package limSolve()
1:19AM 1 difftimes; histogram; memory problems
12:25AM 0 a fast way to get AIC, BIC and logLik?
12:09AM 1 How to check the two different nulls?
Monday February 15 2010
11:24PM 1 Predicted points in splines
10:50PM 3 plot more series or more colors
9:58PM 0 Variance functions in nlme: varFixed with nlme() function.
9:58PM 1 Error analysis for circular data
9:38PM 1 Non-metric multi-dimensional scaling with "NA"s / "0"s
9:35PM 1 Extract values from a predict() result... how?
8:07PM 1 (no subject)
7:47PM 1 Adjusted means and generalized chain block designs
7:30PM 2 creating functions question
7:01PM 2 Confidence intervals nls
6:34PM 1 Which method is called when print(a_list)?
6:07PM 1 tree-drawing in R ?
5:34PM 0 R still accepts the undocumented option --with-iconv=no
5:07PM 1 Which method is called in command like "class(x)='something'"?
4:39PM 1 Mailing List
3:59PM 1 Non-monotonic spline using splinefun(method = "monoH.FC")
3:28PM 1 Which is the proper mail list?
3:26PM 1 rlaplace using rmutil - HELP
2:37PM 2 (no subject)
2:34PM 3 Adressing multiple cores (CPUs)
2:27PM 0 installation of package 'e1071' had non-zero exit status
2:06PM 1 Is this a bug? (layout and par)
2:01PM 1 argh .. if/else .. why?
1:22PM 1 get current window (device) size
1:08PM 4 density estimates for fixed points
12:22PM 1 CORRECTION - Storing results in a loop
11:56AM 1 "EstimableS" in R
11:47AM 1 Storing processed results in a loop
10:37AM 3 executable R script under xp (to avoid migration toward Matlab or C++)
9:47AM 1 What symbols are loaded when require()ing?
9:41AM 2 Printing 2 digits after decimal point
9:21AM 1 R-Commander plug-in difficulties
6:33AM 1 GAM for non-integer proportions
6:31AM 0 Exponential Fitting to Credit default data - A theoretical query
6:07AM 4 Separating columns, and sorting by rows
5:34AM 1 error message error
4:41AM 2 SLR 500 Random Samples
4:34AM 1 Using text put into a dialog box
4:02AM 1 Difference in Levene's test between R and SPSS
3:41AM 0 optimization problem with linear constraints
1:29AM 1 error message in endseq
Sunday February 14 2010
11:49PM 2 Estimated Standard Error for Theta in zeroinfl()
11:33PM 1 Adding a regression line to an xyplot
9:39PM 1 how to delete a parameter from list after running negative binomial error
9:05PM 1 R project
9:03PM 0 gnls not optimizing values
8:44PM 2 xyplot, overlay two variables on one plot with group factors
8:20PM 1 Problem with specifying variance-covariance matrix for random effects (nlme package)
7:32PM 1 unexpected results with higher-order functions and lapply
6:55PM 2 Problems with boxplot in ggplot2:qplot
6:08PM 1 mlogit function cut off formular
4:48PM 3 Shapiro-Wilk for levels of factor
4:36PM 3 evaluate variable within expression - how?
4:00PM 0 Keeping the attributes of an observation
3:33PM 2 lattice/ylim: how to fix ylim[1], but have ylim[2] dynamically calculated?
3:06PM 3 Get rid of the first row of the LaTeX table generated by xtable
2:33PM 3 Multiple missing values
2:23PM 0 Help for programming a short code in R
1:59PM 4 Newbie woes with *apply
12:35PM 2 multiple-test correlation
8:14AM 0 histbackback
7:42AM 4 Problem in performing goodness of fit test in R.
5:52AM 1 NextMethod() example from S Programming by Venables and Ripley (page 78)
1:46AM 1 Dimensional reduction package
Saturday February 13 2010
8:50PM 1 Highlighting points in a quantile plot for different values of a second column
8:39PM 1 max and in the zoo package
7:33PM 2 NMDS ordination
6:35PM 3 Plot different regression models on one graph
6:13PM 3 legend mathematical annotation problem
5:53PM 2 (no subject)
5:39PM 3 how to do calculations in data matrices?
2:27PM 4 Labels on a pyramide
2:17PM 2 Help for numbers close to 1 in R
8:18AM 1 Using getSYMBOL, annotate package on a list with empty elements.
12:54AM 2 lm function in R
Friday February 12 2010
11:48PM 1 "drop if missing" command?
11:36PM 1 Problems with savePlot() and postscript under Snow Leopard
10:55PM 2 How to source files from a search path?
10:45PM 1 data frames; maybe aggregate?
10:25PM 1 Why double quote is preferred?
10:06PM 5 logical operations with lists
9:58PM 1 popbio and stochastic lambda calculation
9:49PM 2 Multiple figures margin problem
9:43PM 0 Logistic regression with weights?
8:46PM 1 Need help on boxplot panel chart
8:18PM 1 all possible subsets, with AIC
8:16PM 1 help with EXPASY HTML form submission in RCurl package
8:12PM 0 Interactions
7:19PM 0 Execution timing in .First()
7:01PM 2 Access dataframe with variable name in function
6:40PM 1 Help with submitting HTML forms in RCurl
6:29PM 3 Code working but too slow, any idea for how to speed it up ?(no loop in it)
6:27PM 0 Y average in plot
5:29PM 2 expression() help
5:23PM 3 summary statistics for grouped data
5:11PM 1 R - Compiling and calling Fortran code that uses IMSL libraries - Help!
4:47PM 1 paired wilcox test on each row of a large dataframe
4:22PM 1 Selective load of .First() function just for Rgui.exe
4:18PM 1 Sweave
3:41PM 1 Is there a way to figure out what nonlocal variables and functions have been used in a function?
3:22PM 1 Potential problem with subset !!!
2:50PM 0 New solaR package
2:30PM 0 Thread-safeness of unif_rand()?
2:19PM 1 Assign Name of Data Frame
1:24PM 1 using mle2 for multinomial model optimization
1:14PM 1 List to matrix or to vectors conversion
12:38PM 2 Function Fstats and p value
11:50AM 1 Lattice: How to implement "varwidth" analogous to "graphics::boxplot" in "bwplot"?
11:47AM 1 Using seq_len() vs 1:n]
11:31AM 1 how to read csv file having variables unequal column sizes
11:17AM 1 restricting coefficient value
10:43AM 1 validate (rms package) using step instead of fastbw
8:57AM 1 Convert data frame to XML-Tree
6:26AM 2 for loop function output
5:46AM 1 R connection with sql server 2005
5:40AM 4 How to get the source code for the assignment of a variable?
3:52AM 2 print() / split()
3:42AM 1 ffsave.image() error with large objects
3:30AM 1 wireframe() help {Lattice}
3:19AM 1 Switching Axis in Time Series plotting
3:17AM 2 Help on loading "xlsx" package
3:17AM 0 Switching
2:31AM 1 error
2:26AM 1 scatterplot in Package CAR
1:46AM 1 Identifying special characters in a text file
12:32AM 1 nlme w/no groups and spatially correlated residuals
12:32AM 2 Average of a variable against another.
Thursday February 11 2010
10:36PM 1 Using sapply on a two argument function
10:26PM 3 How to use a string to refer a function?
9:38PM 4 Formatting question for separate polygons
8:47PM 1 igraph
8:46PM 1 Blinder-Oaxaca decompositions
8:40PM 2 difftime result for days not an integer?
8:39PM 2 Using seq_len() vs 1:n
8:20PM 2 Using contour3d: axes, plotting to file, with lattice
8:12PM 1 Loss of precision when importing data into R
7:39PM 3 read numeric values with thousands seperator from csv file
7:36PM 1 formatting do.call output
6:35PM 1 Reading raw intensity data from getGEO's gse object
5:18PM 1 aggregate function / custom column names?
4:40PM 1 Fwd: Recall function: "evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)?"
4:18PM 4 Access variables by string
4:15PM 1 Dual Category X-Axis (Multi-Level)
3:54PM 0 Recall function: "evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)?"
3:50PM 3 Creating a new Access database with R
3:36PM 2 trouble with read.table and colClasses='raw'
3:25PM 0 Using "Rscript" in combination with "eval()" results in error
3:13PM 0 cluster/distance large matrix (fwd)
2:47PM 2 R ANOVA gives diferent results than SPSS
2:28PM 1 for loop the can be skipped
2:10PM 1 Question re model development
1:51PM 0 WMF conversion
1:22PM 1 cluster/distance large matrix
1:17PM 1 Zero-inflated Negat. Binom. model
12:01PM 0 Coda or R or input error? (Error in lowess(xp, yp[, k]) :...)
11:48AM 1 ACF and PACF
11:31AM 0 GWRM package
11:08AM 1 (linux) display messages in R startup screen
10:06AM 1 gdata
9:51AM 1 Biclustering package
9:44AM 2 ZOO object colnames refering to Dates
9:43AM 1 Sweve/cacheSweave
9:31AM 0 Regarding a error while plotting R chart using qcc package.
9:12AM 1 Sweave, lty = 3 line incorect in pdf output
8:47AM 0 ff package: How to save and open ff(df) files.
8:38AM 2 SAS and RODBC
8:04AM 0 Proxy settings
7:47AM 2 Problem with retreaving numeric data
7:23AM 2 Question about rank() function
5:22AM 3 Failed install of package xlsReadWrite
5:20AM 2 Suprising behavior of paste or cat?
4:51AM 1 histogam plots
4:42AM 1 Flattening Graphics
4:38AM 0 sqlSave data into multiple *.mdb files
2:41AM 1 dimensions checking
2:06AM 2 Unexpected output in first iteration of for-loop
2:03AM 4 Barplot axis titles
1:58AM 2 Find each time a value changes
1:56AM 1 question about boxplot,does it accept ad hoc data
1:15AM 1 Code find exact distribution for runs test?
12:30AM 1 Find Source File Corresponding to Sourced Function
Wednesday February 10 2010
11:34PM 3 What is the difference between typeof and storage.mode?
11:06PM 1 mean calculation within dataframe corrupted
10:58PM 1 Count variables by ID
10:26PM 1 using step() with package geepack
9:49PM 0 Using system to call a program
8:57PM 1 Simplify the code
8:46PM 0 Installing the glmnet package.
8:29PM 3 Sampling from Bivariate Uniform Distribution
8:27PM 4 expand the inside of command with rep ?
8:10PM 0 How to sample from Bivariate Uniform Distribution
8:02PM 1 Make a table using data with frequency
7:34PM 0 boxplot label cleanup
7:28PM 1 eval function with javascript-semantics possible in R?
7:26PM 2 Subscripting
7:14PM 2 color palette heatmap
6:59PM 0 Multiple tables by splitting column headings
6:26PM 2 How to create probeAnno object?
6:18PM 1 Calculating mean for a number of columns
5:58PM 1 How to solve: Error in * unused argument(s) ?
5:57PM 1 Integral of function of dnorm
5:37PM 0 Compose in roxygen - order of function application?
4:32PM 0 mlogit: Error reported using sample dataset
4:05PM 0 getting input from the console when running R in batch mode
3:29PM 2 Total least squares linear regression
3:13PM 1 R Group on LinkedIn has new book discounts
2:33PM 1 heplot3d / rgl : example causes R GUI to crash
2:02PM 0 How to call the R hidden function lgammacor ?
1:41PM 0 Column width in dbf file ... again ...
1:31PM 1 Create a function with multiple object as an output
12:27PM 0 SF RUG 2010 kickoff next Tue: John Chambers & Drinks!
12:16PM 5 WMF conversion...
12:09PM 1 Running rscript in windows
11:29AM 0 Help needed in fine tuning the sapply output
10:17AM 2 How to plot three graphs on one single plot?
9:50AM 2 replace a for loop
9:44AM 2 Problems with looping in R
9:44AM 3 How to repeat the names?
9:21AM 0 RODBC Update image file into a MS-SQL database table
8:49AM 1 Installation require proxy settings (2)
8:44AM 2 R2HTML
7:47AM 2 Help Please!
7:02AM 4 Readjusting the OUTPUT csv file
6:16AM 3 Using R to format a file using a server (PDB to PQR file)
6:02AM 1 Converting pdb to pqr
5:12AM 6 prompts and running means
4:20AM 1 The 'variables' attribute of terms()
3:23AM 1 looping problem
3:15AM 2 write.zip?
2:37AM 2 simple subtraction in a single vector
2:21AM 2 estimators based on Truncated likelihood
2:06AM 2 sum sections of data of different lengths from within a data frame
1:53AM 1 OrdFacReg
12:30AM 2 manipulate missing dates in a graphics a vector
12:13AM 3 Novel (Maybe?) Visualizations
Tuesday February 9 2010
11:46PM 3 split strings in a vector and convert it to a data.frame
11:43PM 1 Superimpose ksmooth() onto barplot
11:33PM 2 Model matrix using dummy regressors or deviation regressors
10:40PM 2 Double Integral Minimization Problem
10:21PM 0 Bad characters/fonts or something in R Help
9:34PM 0 survey 3.20
8:12PM 3 subset in a matrix
7:02PM 1 how to rest the variables
5:32PM 1 Bar plot
5:31PM 0 Kernel density / weights matrix?
5:18PM 0 model II major axis regression
5:18PM 1 The default argument 'envir' of eval()
5:13PM 1 odfTable: table width and alignment
5:00PM 2 Comparing means and trends in short time-series
4:50PM 1 Nonparametric alternative to LDA
4:24PM 2 How can I rearange my dataframe
4:24PM 1 Formula used to create new plot
4:21PM 4 Re-execute previous command
4:20PM 2 Resampling a grid to coarsen its resolution
3:42PM 1 Interpretation of high order interaction terms.
2:30PM 1 question about nlme...
2:20PM 2 transparent concentric circles
2:19PM 3 performing the same commands on two different data sets
1:06PM 2 step and glmer
1:04PM 1 linear predictors and survreg function
12:22PM 1 Missing interaction effect in binomial GLMM with lmer
12:10PM 1 Help on R functions
12:09PM 1 Problems installing stats (prcomp) package
11:22AM 1 interpreting error estimate in SEM
11:07AM 0 For and while in looping
10:38AM 1 lmer
9:55AM 0 useGeneric and useMethod
9:55AM 0 append something to an xls file
9:27AM 1 how to adjust the output
9:12AM 1 Problem in Installing R Packages
8:10AM 0 Calculation of VCOV using FFT.
5:11AM 1 Installation require proxy settings (continued)
3:28AM 1 "1 observation deleted due to missingness" from summary() on the result of aov()
12:01AM 3 Conditional plot
Monday February 8 2010
11:56PM 1 R ggplot2 legend text left justify
11:38PM 2 object 'xxx' not found
11:31PM 3 Dividing one column of form xx-yy into two columns, xx and yy
10:31PM 3 What is the equivalent function in R to xyplot in S?
10:16PM 1 release memory
10:06PM 1 interp function in package akima
10:01PM 0 Mixed logit models with a random coefficient
9:42PM 1 mle.stepwise
8:36PM 3 Hypercube in R
8:18PM 1 Wilcoxon signed-ranks test using package coin ?
7:40PM 2 constraining functions for optim()
7:39PM 0 Poisson and neg. bin. regression with random effects
7:28PM 4 Problem with R on USB-drive
6:14PM 2 Selecting single TAZ based on area proportion
6:05PM 1 Follow-up Question: data frames; matching/merging
5:45PM 1 Color intervals in image.plot function
5:43PM 1 R wiki link ?
5:07PM 2 How to reverse the axis direction in log plot?
4:39PM 7 data frames; matching/merging
4:09PM 0 confidence interval for negatively skewed, leptokurtic sample
3:28PM 0 optimized R-selection and R-replacement inside a matrix
2:17PM 1 objects masked from packages
2:16PM 5 Fast way to determine number of lines in a file
2:07PM 2 evolution of Nelder-Mead process
1:44PM 0 PriorControl MCLUST
12:48PM 2 Physically open Excel file from R
12:13PM 1 About scales in graphics
11:54AM 2 Counting by rows based on multiple criteria
11:22AM 2 the hat ^ in regular expression
10:47AM 1 Hi problem with read.csv
10:12AM 1 R installation require proxy setting
8:51AM 2 Error on start R in server
8:19AM 1 Help with assigning values to a row or column
4:52AM 1 problem with Tinn-R
4:40AM 3 ggplot2 stacked line plot
4:31AM 1 using setMethod or setGeneric to change S4 accessor symbol from @ to $
4:27AM 2 Contributed packages
3:04AM 1 split plot with aov
1:26AM 2 Help with apply()
12:51AM 3 dataframe question
Sunday February 7 2010
10:37PM 1 Out-of-sample prediction with VAR
10:03PM 1 mboost: Interpreting coefficients from glmboost if center=TRUE
9:57PM 3 specifying colors in a heatmap/image -like plot
9:46PM 1 contour & persp
9:43PM 3 using a variable name stored in another variable?
9:25PM 3 Noval numbers
8:22PM 4 x-axis plot problem
6:08PM 1 Why does aggregate fail?
5:32PM 2 conditioned xyplot, many y variables
3:57PM 2 Reading hierarchical data
2:35PM 2 convert R plots into annotated web-graphics
1:48PM 2 predicting with stl() decomposition
3:33AM 3 Non-linear regression
Saturday February 6 2010
11:39PM 1 Posting an 'S4-creating Package Problem'...
9:57PM 2 read and process files line by line
8:29PM 2 R-Help
8:04PM 1 EC2 - Amazon
6:28PM 4 Plot of odds ratios obtained from a logistic model
6:21PM 4 Sorting
6:15PM 1 optimized R-selection and R-replacement inside a matrix need, strings coerced to factors
4:53PM 1 limit to p-value using t.test()
3:27PM 0 How to open gmail accounts
2:03PM 1 How to suppress vector indexes in printout
1:25PM 4 time serie : question about date time class
12:51PM 1 Why does smoothScatter clip when xlim and ylim increased?
10:51AM 3 melt on OSX ignores na.rm=T
10:46AM 1 SimpleR and UsingR
10:45AM 2 lmer Error message
7:57AM 1 The KJV
2:24AM 2 question about bigmemory: releasing RAM from a big.matrix that isn't used anymore
1:54AM 2 embedFonts with pdf files and Windows 7
1:53AM 1 duplicating records
12:35AM 0 parallel xyplot, different y scales, conditioned
12:24AM 0 Multinomial glm with nested and random Effects
Friday February 5 2010
11:48PM 0 Append multiple optim result with a loop (or apply?)
11:48PM 1 Strange "rownames"
11:19PM 1 ecdf error
10:07PM 3 metafor package: effect sizes are not fully independent
10:04PM 2 Random number quality
8:57PM 1 Incompatible types error
8:44PM 0 multicore children not quiting
8:33PM 1 a function
6:14PM 0 Non-linearity test in R
6:10PM 2 glm models with more than one response
6:05PM 0 RJDBC with MS Access
6:00PM 0 how to draw two series in bwplot
5:53PM 1 ggplot stacked bar chart help
5:53PM 2 (Another) Bates fortune?
5:35PM 0 Quasi-binomial GLM and model selection
5:21PM 1 histogram scott
5:20PM 2 sum a particular column by group
4:54PM 3 Extract p-value from lm for the whole model
4:44PM 3 t.test
4:18PM 1 maximum elements in an ff object?
4:14PM 1 Appending results via for loop
3:48PM 1 About graphics
3:48PM 2 ifelse on a series of rows for multiple criteria
3:35PM 2 Importing data coming from Splus into R.
3:21PM 2 Spider Plot color problem
3:11PM 1 String Manipulation- Extract numerical and alphanumerical segment
3:11PM 0 remove a row from a dataframe, row names disappear - solution
2:44PM 1 remove a row from a dataframe, row names disappear
2:13PM 2 number of Excel worksheets
1:23PM 1 mlogit
1:13PM 1 Reg: Rgraphviz installation
12:46PM 1 Lines in code
10:30AM 3 AFTREG with ID argument
10:23AM 1 reading csv files
10:21AM 1 Finding ranges on a per-row basis from several objects
10:13AM 3 Multiple lines in a graph
9:33AM 2 total summary of matrix
9:31AM 2 Pause in non-interactive mode
9:26AM 0 Censored outcomes - repeated measures and mediators
9:22AM 0 Plot point text labels over polygon w/o overlap?
7:22AM 1 Hodges-Lehmann EXACT confidence interval for small dataset with ties
6:22AM 1 Rename R package name on R-Forge
3:23AM 1 unique function works funny
2:51AM 1 How do I use "tapply" in this case ?
2:38AM 0 Testing Significance of Correlation Matrix using Brien's Test
1:27AM 5 Reading large files
12:53AM 3 open script file from command line
12:33AM 1 splint / lint-like syntax checker for R
12:32AM 2 lattice barchart using a time scale in x axis
12:31AM 1 Using coxph with Gompertz-distributed survival data.
Thursday February 4 2010
11:42PM 1 random slope models with lme --> failured to converge
10:31PM 5 Reading sas7bdat files directly
10:30PM 4 xyplot 3 panels 3 different Y variables
9:40PM 1 replace a for loop with lapply or relative
9:39PM 0 Update of interval package
8:26PM 1 Zero inflated negat. binomial model
8:25PM 2 Filling a logical matrices with values
8:00PM 1 Minimizing two non-linear functions with genoud - Trying to minimize or converge near zero
7:59PM 3 Legend symbol?
7:07PM 2 help needed using t.test with factors
7:06PM 1 for loop with if statment problem
6:02PM 2 coefs from summary.lm of an aov object
4:44PM 5 export test results to csv
4:33PM 0 GLMM and false convergence (8) warnings
4:04PM 2 ggplot2 / time series with different scales
3:41PM 1 Splitting up rows in a data frame
1:45PM 0 Prediction intervals for beta regression
1:04PM 2 Conditional sampling?
12:12PM 2 no write access for help files
12:03PM 2 2 dimensional interpolation from matlab to R
11:56AM 1 Changing fonts of axis labels in Histogram() function
11:32AM 1 plm issues: error for "within" or "random", but not for "pooling"
11:28AM 0 First differences back to Levels
11:26AM 1 simulat from dirichet process
11:23AM 1 [Fwd: question on plot in R with mac]
11:07AM 3 mgcv problem
10:29AM 1 how to plot single frames as a movie?
10:27AM 0 pca in R: Problem Fixed
9:52AM 1 mgcv problem to load
9:51AM 1 Retrieve estimates from glmer()
8:32AM 3 strange behaviour of median
6:26AM 6 problems with SPC charts in R
5:58AM 1 How to read HTML or TEXT file with tm package
5:50AM 0 Change point analysis package bcp() reference?
3:57AM 1 How to choose "seed" in set.seed(seed, ...)?
2:31AM 1 create zip archive in R
12:29AM 1 Help....package "GPLOTS" will not install. Linux
Wednesday February 3 2010
11:55PM 2 Creating a table with median for multiple variables
11:54PM 1 legend help
11:36PM 1 Changing an unordered factor into an ordered factor
11:18PM 0 Jankowsky conservative analysis
11:09PM 3 pickle in R
10:13PM 1 Calculating subsets "on the fly" with ddply
9:08PM 4 Header in read.table() function
9:00PM 1 Histogram function from lattice package
8:46PM 2 Problem accessing help files
8:36PM 1 Additional field data collection
8:30PM 0 Can not p.adjust on the conservative analysis.
7:15PM 2 ggplot2/qplot question regarding reducing the no. of x-axis labels
6:19PM 3 How to flatten a tree (based on list) to a certain depth?
6:05PM 1 What font exactly is tkrplot looking for
5:53PM 1 graphing help: line runs off top of graph
5:38PM 1 how to combine 2 3d scatterplots in R
5:35PM 0 how to combine 2 3d scatterplots
5:33PM 0 About the risk code in the fportfolio package
5:25PM 1 how to operate a S4 objecti
4:38PM 0 mboost: how to implement cost-sensitive boosting family
4:38PM 1 Mix Distribution Fit
4:10PM 0 Package np update (0.30-6) adds nonparametric entropy test functionality...
4:01PM 5 How to export the examples in help(something) to a file?
3:59PM 1 comparison of parameters for nonlinear regression
3:53PM 2 Delete missing value rows from a matrix
3:43PM 2 selecting a group of points from a scatterplot?
3:43PM 0 Can't compile R 2.10.1 on AIX
3:21PM 3 diagnostic plots
2:27PM 1 Package plm & heterogenous slopes
2:02PM 2 Positioning the y label in scatterplot3d
1:52PM 1 group factor levels
1:27PM 3 to convert a character string in time
12:50PM 1 About Markov Random Filed
12:09PM 2 How to change output 'csv' file
11:25AM 1 Boundary problem
10:59AM 4 contour function: changing colour according to different levels
9:43AM 1 color blending and transparency
9:37AM 1 plm package index
8:19AM 1 I need your help
8:09AM 2 sqlUpdate RODBC
7:57AM 4 Interactively editing point labels in a graph
5:46AM 1 odbcConnectExcel2007 connection error
5:34AM 0 polr for ordered multinomial response without additional variables
5:09AM 0 contrast package tutorial
4:48AM 1 How to show the definition of a S3 function?
4:42AM 1 typo in contrast package's vignettes
4:41AM 0 "read.table" and "scan" skips newlines which "count.fields" finds in Thai textfile
4:38AM 1 What are Type II or III contrast? (contrast() in contrast package)
2:44AM 0 Color code leaves on dendrogram
2:29AM 0 Rotating dendrograms
2:15AM 2 merging columns
1:44AM 0 Creating missing children element in XML file
Tuesday February 2 2010
10:55PM 3 how to read this data file into R?
9:52PM 2 Error with R CMD check - Packages required but not available:
8:58PM 3 tapply for function taking of >1 argument?
8:56PM 1 iterative regressions, adding a new line of data each, time
8:37PM 0 Basic matrix math question and avoiding additional memory allocation?
8:32PM 2 Writing out csv files
8:17PM 0 February/March 2010***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp in San Francisco and other USA cities
8:07PM 1 Build a matrix from another matrix by specifying the indexes
8:02PM 3 Update problem? Rcmdr disappears, won't re-open
7:51PM 2 Subset and plot
7:13PM 2 mysterious extra spaces appearing in expression paste
7:04PM 0 factorial map?
6:19PM 2 Retrieve distinct values within a whole data frame
6:18PM 1 Subset and point plot
6:14PM 2 Error with write.table
6:08PM 3 List of object properties
5:32PM 1 Doubt about cluster analysis
4:35PM 5 Deleting many columns of a data frame with the same name in a row
3:34PM 1 Finding the difference between two vectors
3:11PM 2 Plot - specification for grid of x axis
3:09PM 2 finding files whose name does NOT contain a given character
2:49PM 1 "strange" behaviour: recognition of decimal numbers by 'which'
2:48PM 1 Subtracting time series
2:44PM 1 Biclustering / Co-clustering in more than 2 dimensions
2:16PM 1 R assistance
12:22PM 2 hvcluster() with distance method from vegdist(), package = vegan
12:01PM 4 3D plot of following data
11:01AM 2 Yield to Maturity using R
10:33AM 6 Memory Problem
10:01AM 2 Suppressing scientific notation on plot axis tick labels
9:19AM 0 Major update: mboost 2.0-0 released
8:58AM 1 how to use optim() or nlm() to solve three nonlinear equations
5:50AM 2 character variables in substitute()
4:17AM 1 subset function unexpected behavior
4:16AM 2 using rbind in a for loop
3:56AM 0 Is Least Squares the Best Approach?
3:49AM 1 lme4 package and gamma family
2:06AM 1 ggplot/time series with indicators question
1:25AM 0 Plot questions: grid line do not correspond to tick marks and 2 line axis label
1:20AM 0 Recommendations on nonparametric statistical inference textbooks
1:00AM 0 Seattle Area R User group
12:49AM 0 any R course this month in San Francisco?
12:44AM 1 Changing direction of an axis in cloud or wireframe plot
12:22AM 0 Revolutions blog: January Roundup
12:11AM 2 barplot y axis too short
Monday February 1 2010
10:16PM 3 merging data frames gives all NAs
9:09PM 0 Autocorrelated error prediction correction
7:31PM 0 Abstract submission deadline, useR! 2010
7:27PM 2 Missing names in LMER and GLM
6:57PM 5 regular expression submatch?
6:52PM 3 Convert a column of numbers to a column of strings
6:42PM 1 Query on p-value
6:40PM 0 xmlToDataFrame drops me into browser
6:19PM 2 hiding/protecting utility functions in .Rprofile
5:58PM 0 Biclust package: drawHeatmap()
5:43PM 0 Building a plotmath string in a function
5:40PM 2 numerical subscripts in a loop in a plot
5:37PM 2 Weighted SD
5:34PM 0 (no subject)
5:33PM 1 assigning 'default' values
5:08PM 0 Multiple items in menu()
4:40PM 6 Import fixed-format ascii file with mixed record types
4:25PM 2 how to write a function that remembers its state across its calls
4:11PM 1 Comparing Variables and Writing a New Column
1:51PM 1 How to repeat "for" function?
1:49PM 1 Isolating a column within a loop
12:57PM 0 Issue with the package dyn used together with the function loess
12:55PM 3 playwith error message
12:32PM 0 working with taxonomic trees: sampling
11:29AM 2 programing problem with for( )
11:29AM 1 Manipulating data, and performing repeated simple regressions, not multiple regression
11:27AM 2 Pipe /shell - R does not wait
9:50AM 1 strings plots
9:43AM 4 'R' and 'Yield to Maturity'
9:36AM 1 Question about interpretation of paired t-tests
9:16AM 1 Help with multiple poisson regression with MLE2
8:52AM 1 matrix columns
8:49AM 1 problem withrbind function
8:27AM 0 Query on R-Climdex
8:13AM 0 Sorting with NA skipped (not omitted)
8:00AM 1 Number with fixed digit length - zero fill-up
6:40AM 2 Adding line plot to a barplot
4:24AM 2 Hierarchical data sets: which software to use?
4:22AM 2 Merging vector data into one file
4:13AM 0 How to globally enable warning messages or stop the program if NA is encountered?
3:41AM 1 Dear professor
3:31AM 1 String Comparison
2:46AM 1 how to generate data set with different length and calculate the mean?
2:10AM 2 Loading data from folder
1:56AM 2 Is there a way to make blocks of code independent from each other?