R help - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
10:44PM 2 drop last character in a names'vector
10:34PM 1 QIC for GEE
10:15PM 0 installing R2.11 on RHEL5.3
10:13PM 11 What is the best way to have "R" output tables in an MS Word format?
10:08PM 0 Power Law Fitting
9:52PM 1 confused on model.frame evaluation
9:48PM 1 Trouble using Ecdf () from the Hmisc library
9:29PM 0 RMySQL and dates
9:26PM 2 Flattening and unflattening symmetric matrices
8:52PM 3 apply question
8:30PM 2 Curve Fitting
8:30PM 0 How to use apply or tapply to calculat the sum of squared residuals
7:35PM 3 3D Surface plot
6:31PM 0 ROC curve in randomForest
6:15PM 2 Likelihood ratio based confidence intervals for logistic regression
6:08PM 0 ggplot2 legend how?
5:20PM 1 as.environment Error
5:17PM 1 Problem with format(,"%G-%V") - Segfault
5:04PM 2 deriving mean from specific cases
4:26PM 0 decisions.values meaning in SVM
4:20PM 1 help needed with help
3:59PM 1 re.findall equivalent?
3:53PM 1 R package compilation in windows
3:33PM 0 Help importing data from SPSS
3:10PM 1 tis: cannot alter subset when input matrix contains NAs
3:08PM 3 Why do data frame column types vary across apply, lapply?
2:42PM 2 Newbie question
2:37PM 1 Ayuda exportar a SPSS
2:17PM 0 Rcpp & static variables
2:14PM 0 extracting pairs from correlation matrix and p-value matrix
2:10PM 4 plotting multiple CIs
1:08PM 3 short question about data frame manipulation
1:06PM 0 y-axis log scale in library lattice
12:14PM 2 RBloomberg for 2.11 ?
11:20AM 1 Problem: packages TinnR, Hmisc, applications Tinn-R and R version 2.11.0
10:49AM 5 apply fun to df returning a matrix
10:26AM 2 R Windows64+RCommander
10:04AM 1 Something similar to loess for 2D curves?
8:19AM 3 Find solution for an error in the condition of if
8:12AM 1 How to generate a distance matrix?
7:53AM 1 X11() device widht and height parameters limited to one screen
7:39AM 1 read.csv and blank character in object name of my data.frame
4:00AM 0 Efficient calculation of matrix cumulative standard deviation
3:39AM 3 replace elements in a list
3:11AM 0 predict.gbm
12:53AM 1 how is xerror calculated in rpart?
12:10AM 2 Building Hmisc
Thursday April 29 2010
11:49PM 1 Periodic regression - lunar percent cover
11:26PM 2 understanding behavior of "merge"
11:17PM 2 can not print probabilities in svm of e1071
10:22PM 1 a question on autocorrelation acf
9:07PM 2 dopar parallel assignments
9:05PM 2 Is it possible to transform a factor to a number like this way?
9:02PM 1 any feedback on XL Solutions Courses for R?
8:52PM 2 Upgrade process for libraries: can I use installed.packages on an old installation followed by install.packages in a new one
8:22PM 1 How to estimate the residual SD for each sample separately in mixed-effects model?
7:40PM 1 data.table error
6:15PM 1 image function with date-time on X axis
6:08PM 2 Rotating Titles
5:58PM 1 2D look up (within interval)
5:17PM 2 substring comparison
5:17PM 0 RandomForest diagnostics plot
4:45PM 3 dump not evaluating promises?
4:39PM 2 getting random integers
4:30PM 1 forecast in arima
3:55PM 1 How to extract data table
3:37PM 5 reduce size of pdf
3:36PM 1 how to parse out fitting statistics and write them into a data frame?
3:17PM 3 generating correlated random variables from different distributions
3:09PM 0 Fidelity of lattice graphics captured to jpeg or png... followup
3:05PM 1 Fidelity of lattice graphics captured to jpeg or png
2:28PM 1 Generalized Estimating Equation (GEE): Why is Link = Identity?
2:27PM 0 merge on criteria
2:21PM 1 merged files
1:56PM 1 Changing from 32-bit builds to 64-bit builds
1:33PM 1 time zone convert
1:21PM 1 lm() with non-linear coefficients constraints? --- nls?
1:16PM 0 Dendrogram and fusion levels
1:06PM 1 Using plyr::dply more (memory) efficiently?
1:01PM 1 randomness in stepclass (klaR) or lda (MASS) ?
12:27PM 2 Tinn-R related problem
11:52AM 1 R Anova Analysis
11:40AM 0 errors returned upon trying to update JGR
11:39AM 3 Simple loop code
11:12AM 3 convert Factor as numeric
11:07AM 1 UpdateLinks = FALSE
10:28AM 3 control span in panel.loess in xyplot
9:40AM 2 Random numbers with PDF of user-defined function
8:24AM 1 Request - adding recycled "lwd" parameter to polygon
8:05AM 1 Compact Patricia Trees (Tries)
7:53AM 1 using get and paste in a loop to return objects for object names listed a strings
7:42AM 2 Split a vector by NA's - is there a better solution then a loop ?
3:56AM 2 by funtion
3:31AM 1 Sweave question
3:21AM 2 Convert character vector into string
3:07AM 1 Help in web browser
2:59AM 1 BB package
1:24AM 0 Flexmix - mixture modeling
12:57AM 1 variable importance in Random Forest
12:10AM 3 Can't load "doSMP" from REvolutionR in regular R2.11.0
Wednesday April 28 2010
10:46PM 1 problem with installing clim.pact
10:32PM 0 Functions to plot geopotential heights
10:31PM 7 operator problem within function
10:12PM 1 how to remove the names in the list result
10:06PM 1 Multiple cex sizes in main for xyplot?
9:55PM 0 results=hide?
9:45PM 2 unexpected result from format(x, digits)
8:29PM 1 Interaction terms in logistic regression using glm
7:54PM 0 heatmap.2
7:40PM 0 Error loading RMySQL
6:36PM 0 relative influence plot
6:20PM 1 function which saves an image of a dgtMatrix as png
5:08PM 0 other methods for dist()?
5:01PM 2 Size limitations for model.matrix?
4:58PM 1 Errors when trying to open odfWeave documents
4:42PM 0 help wiht model.matrix -- how to keep missing values?
4:21PM 2 Determining whether "plot.new" has been called
4:11PM 1 bwplot - scattered
4:06PM 1 Question on: Random Forest Variable Importance for Regression Problems
3:49PM 0 New package for ICA uploaded to CRA
3:44PM 0 Help with bw plot
3:33PM 5 non linear estimation
3:14PM 3 data frame move columns
3:01PM 1 Strange zoo behaviour, possible bug?
2:44PM 0 nwsServer
2:27PM 2 How to read contents of a text file into a single string?
2:12PM 2 Generating a model fitness when score using svyglm?
1:54PM 0 Estimate the parameter in AR(1) Model
1:40PM 2 JRI API: sourcing from Java String
1:11PM 1 rJava (installation?) problem: unable to find the basic String class
12:10PM 0 Truncated Lognormal Distribution
11:43AM 1 NLS "Singular Gradient" Error
11:13AM 1 gsub,regex and replacing
10:42AM 1 how I can see the results are saved
10:06AM 1 plot with personalized axes
9:55AM 1 model selection, lme
9:14AM 3 data frame manipulation and regex
9:12AM 0 Combining Plots, Plotting functions, Changing scale of axis
8:27AM 1 What is the best way to plots surfaces in 3 dimensions?
7:35AM 1 Problem with optimization (constrOptim)
7:27AM 0 small change in output
5:17AM 0 Traitr
5:02AM 1 Robust ANOVA functions in R?
3:42AM 1 Finding the max correlation coefficient value using CCF function
12:05AM 1 How to create R package
Tuesday April 27 2010
11:49PM 4 Selecting rows based on contents of string
11:10PM 0 classification tree
10:15PM 1 R with command line
10:07PM 2 ShortRead with BWA
7:23PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 86, Issue 28
6:59PM 1 Symbols in biplot
6:10PM 2 Passing values to a function when using apply
5:30PM 2 Curve Fitting/Regression with Multiple Observations
5:26PM 1 Problem with time in coxph/survfit
4:07PM 1 what package/model should I use when response variable is binary and predictor variables are categorical?
4:02PM 1 Changing Y Axis of Plot
3:51PM 2 Matrix package + mfcol/mfrow
3:34PM 1 Merging files
3:05PM 5 get means of elements of 5 matrices in a list
3:01PM 1 R for Ubuntu 10.04?
2:47PM 1 Cairo package failure to load backend
2:44PM 1 Maps: Country coding
2:40PM 1 suggestion on method dispatch
2:32PM 0 Question according on new package installation test in R 2.11
2:14PM 1 coda sweave
1:45PM 1 How to plot a table of numbers as an image using ggplot2?
1:28PM 1 sprintf() and return() oddity
1:02PM 1 Problem installing gtools package
11:48AM 3 Problem calculating multiple regressions on a data frame.
11:00AM 1 Problem with Tinn-R communicating with REvolution R
10:32AM 0 NULL variable read in from SPS
10:21AM 2 warning message cran
9:40AM 1 Randomization for block random clinical trials
9:37AM 1 save a data frame in environment
8:55AM 1 ggplot2 - help with intervals in geom plot
8:15AM 1 cca standard error species
7:32AM 1 TikzDevice and texi2dvi
5:00AM 1 Mathematical symbol
3:18AM 2 How to work out 3-way probabilities
2:21AM 2 Bhapkar V test
2:04AM 2 Histogram not plotting correct breaks
1:52AM 2 how to set chart output size in rgl (surface3d)?
1:49AM 2 when setting environment: target of assignment expands to non-language object
1:39AM 0 Question on StatET
1:14AM 1 Unable to connect to 'cran.r-project.org' on port 80.
Monday April 26 2010
10:58PM 1 Problem with 'lars' package
10:06PM 3 Identifying breakpoints/inflection points?
9:36PM 1 plotmeans in trellis view?
7:39PM 1 failing to select a subset of observations based on variable values [Sec: UNCLASSIFIED]
7:34PM 0 lm.ridge {MASS} intercept questions
7:23PM 1 Dropping "trailing zeroes" in longitudinal data
7:18PM 1 change the size of matrix
6:19PM 1 RServe across network
5:49PM 1 Why am I getting different results from cor VS ccf ?
5:33PM 1 mvpart : Printing response values at terminal nodes
5:15PM 1 Help with replacement of certain values in dataset with SAS code equivalent
5:11PM 1 problems accessing MS Access 2003 database with RODBC
5:10PM 3 Sweave
4:47PM 3 R.GBM package
4:29PM 2 Finding First of a Type in a Sequence
4:14PM 0 Rmpi installation problems on slave nodes
3:55PM 1 help with code
3:20PM 1 I can't with expression
3:12PM 4 concise syntax for selecting multiple rows
3:07PM 5 data frame
2:45PM 2 seed
2:27PM 1 Upgrading R using the "global library folder" strategy -, what do you think about it?
2:17PM 1 Simple Slots Question
2:09PM 0 Update: working mirrors and services due to IT failure at WU
1:14PM 1 How use lapply over one column in a dataframe?
12:43PM 1 help on autocorrealtion time
12:37PM 2 Cluster analysis: dissimilar results between R and SPSS
12:22PM 0 Permutation tests using apply function with package coin
11:47AM 1 CRAN master, R-Forge, R-Project websites down
11:32AM 5 How to make legend with line+ character
11:23AM 1 number of rules
11:07AM 1 Sweave: centering with echo=TRUE
10:33AM 1 Interpreting output of coxph with frailty.gamma
10:05AM 2 plot dates
10:02AM 0 New rwiki page for "large scale data"
7:22AM 1 Error in pf(q, df1, df2, lower.tail, log.p) : Non-numeric argument to mathematical function
6:34AM 1 Just about "approximate F-test"
6:00AM 2 Using optim function for logistic model simulation
4:55AM 1 logical(0) response from lrm
4:52AM 2 Tapply.
4:44AM 1 boosting with decision tree
4:31AM 2 Unexpected warnings from summary() on mcmc.list objects
2:15AM 1 sum on column using apply
2:04AM 1 PDF text to work with maps.
1:49AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 86, Issue 26
1:09AM 1 finite difference scheme for 2D differential equations
Sunday April 25 2010
11:38PM 1 function pointer question
10:25PM 1 Obvious reason for not looping twice?
9:53PM 1 R for Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial , Civil, etc.)
8:46PM 0 S4 generic and method arguments -- "expanded signature"
8:14PM 3 numerical or not?
8:14PM 1 Growth potential for open source math tools: 10 questions
8:11PM 1 Problem loading MLInterfaces
6:21PM 1 replace question mark with a dash
6:10PM 3 Determining Index of Last Element in Vector
5:13PM 4 Image into Excel file from R
5:08PM 0 substitution cipher
4:52PM 4 how to make read in a vector of 0s and 1s with no space between them
4:39PM 2 Upgrading R using the "global library folder" strategy - what do you think about it?
4:09PM 1 Manipulating text files
2:27PM 1 randomForest predictions with new data
1:53PM 1 Struggling with two questions : Newbie student .
1:07PM 1 method dispatching vs inheritance/polymorphism (re-post)
6:29AM 3 Noobie question on aggregate tapply and by
5:08AM 1 How to assign scores to rows based on column values
3:30AM 1 categorical variable in scatterplot (car)
1:47AM 1 How to save as PDF when I used par(ask=T)
Saturday April 24 2010
10:41PM 1 barchart in lattice 0.18-5
10:14PM 1 Formatting numerical output
7:53PM 2 left-to-right series of box and whisker plots from a csv file
7:13PM 0 method dispatching vs inheritance/polymorphism
7:11PM 1 how to import a dataframe with mixed text and numbers
7:04PM 2 barplot - offsetting individual bars
6:48PM 1 did you find a solution to this?
6:45PM 1 help please: predict error code
5:40PM 1 how to lmport this dataframe into R
5:14PM 0 Assumptions on Non-Standard F ratios
1:59PM 2 table command
1:26PM 0 'geepack' and 'gee' package outputs
1:13PM 4 assign value between different type: Double vs Integer
12:58PM 4 DICE Coefficient of similarity measure
10:49AM 2 multiple paired t-tests without loops
10:44AM 2 barplot() and highlighted values
10:07AM 1 Multiple Correlation coefficient (spearman, Kenall)
1:49AM 1 Adding new column variable to a existing spreadsheet
Friday April 23 2010
11:07PM 1 Linux System Function
10:14PM 0 After updating packages I got "Error in normalizePath(path) " for one of the packages
9:51PM 2 bigmemory package woes
8:10PM 3 reordering of matrix rows to maximize the sum of the diagonal
7:58PM 1 Patch submission / request.
7:48PM 4 basic table statistics
7:27PM 1 creating dummy with loop command‏
7:09PM 1 doBy and Hmisc on R version 2.11.0
6:00PM 0 dot dot dot and NextMethod
5:54PM 1 how to rotate elements in a vector and points in a plane
5:30PM 2 help
5:06PM 4 Intersection for two curves
4:52PM 7 2 simple question
4:37PM 2 how to put \ in a string?
4:31PM 1 Combinations with restrictions
4:21PM 2 Library (tm) Error: could not find function "TermDocMatrix".
4:10PM 1 uninstalling and installing on linux
3:57PM 3 substract start from the end of the vector
3:48PM 1 help in conditional histogram
3:45PM 0 a question related to table output
3:43PM 1 Check character string for value and assign corresponding value in a new variable
3:26PM 1 creating dummy with loop command
2:09PM 3 Event History Data Recoding
1:49PM 3 cancelling in fraction
1:38PM 1 ggplot2: how to specify x-axis limits to geom_abline() ?
1:00PM 2 read.csv data frame thousands separator
12:54PM 1 I am failing to run the (windows) example in: help(Startup)
12:51PM 2 3D Plot
12:22PM 2 How do you change library location ? (in R under windows XP)
11:20AM 1 Oddity with internet access and R 11.0 with Sophos firewall and Windoze XP - solved
10:06AM 0 HCA and KMEANS
9:45AM 2 Matrix diagonal help
9:03AM 0 HAC and Kmean
5:28AM 0 A distance measure between top-k list
4:43AM 6 transpose? reshape? flipping? challenge with data frame
4:24AM 2 Problem with parsing a dataset - help earnestly sought
3:06AM 1 help with plotting lines linking two sets of points?
2:05AM 4 Remove duplicated rows
1:29AM 3 Practical work with logistic regression
Thursday April 22 2010
11:49PM 1 Why does 'apply(.., 1, .., ..)' transpose result
11:25PM 0 ROC curve in randomSurvivalForest
9:39PM 0 BACI analysis
8:35PM 2 legend problem
8:31PM 2 How to insert gridlines in lattice density plot
8:15PM 0 Subject: R and S-Plus: Two programs separated by a common language?
7:45PM 2 index ordering
7:42PM 1 What is the test statistics in perm.test
7:20PM 0 mixed model with subject-specific variance structure
7:05PM 3 read.table understands comment field and ignores text
7:00PM 2 R and S-Plus: Two programs separated by a common language?
6:58PM 1 Can merge function pick up mismatch part of two data set?
6:35PM 0 Accessing outside data sources for stock data?
6:03PM 2 Unable to make bitmapdll files on windows 7 64 bit machine
5:36PM 6 simple question
5:09PM 1 Error in plotting non-linear regression
4:41PM 0 Arima online forecasting
4:18PM 1 Multicolor main title in a plot or mtext
4:08PM 6 macro variable in R?
3:21PM 3 using which to select range of values
3:15PM 1 cell-based high-throughput chemical compound screens package?
3:07PM 1 compare variables and take largest value?
2:32PM 1 packages gdata / gtools - installation in R 2.11.0
2:27PM 3 Amusing coincidence
1:41PM 2 Compare two data frames
12:47PM 1 Help with tapply selection
12:10PM 2 R2.11.0 - rasterImage() and barplot fill-patterns
12:09PM 2 install or uncompress package build in one platform in another platform
9:16AM 1 Convert character string to top levels + NAN
9:12AM 0 time series' year not recognized
9:01AM 0 R 2.11.0 is released
6:58AM 2 time difference
5:42AM 0 Community help: creating Syntax-Highlighter-brush for R and WordPress.com
3:13AM 1 how to reorder of groups and specify ylim for each row in lattice barchart
2:17AM 4 how to select the first observation only?
1:50AM 0 r-help
12:23AM 2 Jonckheere-Terpstra test using coin package?
Wednesday April 21 2010
11:56PM 1 Creating artificial environmental landscape with spatial autocorrelation
11:29PM 2 problem of R CMD check
11:07PM 0 predict error code
10:24PM 1 Adding error bars to xyplot()
10:07PM 0 R courses ***May-June 2010*** R Programming Essentials and Advanced Techniques by XLSolutions in USA Cities
10:01PM 2 long output in R
9:46PM 0 optimisation, pseudo maximum likehood and family exponential in R
9:41PM 2 How to stamp my graphs with date and time
9:20PM 2 ?rpart
8:58PM 0 problem on semiparametric single index estimator
6:31PM 1 A question about plot.mcmc
6:27PM 1 overlaying a levelplot on a map plot
6:26PM 1 Degrees of Freedom Not Allocated to Residuals in Reduced Model
6:24PM 2 Table to List Transformation Scenario
5:51PM 1 question on rpart
5:42PM 1 Cross-checking a custom function for separability indices
5:27PM 0 (no subject)
5:16PM 2 Sparseby Problems
4:15PM 1 Can I compare two clusters without using their distance-matrix (dist()) ?
4:11PM 0 vegan: grafical problem in ordiplot/ordisurf
3:41PM 2 R crashing oddly
3:14PM 0 Maximum Likelihood in R
2:37PM 2 RNG
2:36PM 1 Unexpected warning from matplot
2:28PM 0 Problem when reading tables containing Unicode characters in Windows
2:24PM 2 Help: formatting the result of 'cut' function
2:16PM 3 Count matches of a sequence in a vector?
1:40PM 1 median Q?
1:35PM 0 Updated MiscPsycho 1.6 on CRAN
1:04PM 2 calculating age from year of birth and date?
12:37PM 1 How to obtain the coefficients from a summary of aov ?
12:14PM 2 Maximum Likelihood Estimation in R
12:01PM 0 (no subject)
11:50AM 0 Full Professor Position at LMU Munich
11:00AM 1 VERY basic question about S4 classes
3:16AM 4 Converting daily data series to monthly series
2:43AM 1 'cuts' option in levelplot()
12:59AM 1 ggplot and scale_x_date
12:24AM 1 Best subset of models for glm.nb()
12:24AM 3 User inputs
Tuesday April 20 2010
10:12PM 2 Using all variables in a linear model
9:59PM 1 Results from clogit out of range?
9:41PM 1 Changing the position of label title and rotating the title
9:25PM 1 "some problems"
8:02PM 0 Building Rblas.dll failing on Windows 7 (64-bit)
7:54PM 2 Error in from:to : NA/NaN argument
7:32PM 1 Help with Partial dependence bar graph
7:21PM 3 Basic doubt on ylim
6:03PM 2 shift and pop equivalent in R
5:59PM 5 Assigning Week Numbers
4:42PM 1 fit a line to power law distribution
4:39PM 0 Visualize a fitted line in a log plot of a power law distribution
4:28PM 0 lattice visualization - superpose multiple columns over another (fixed) column
4:03PM 1 lattice code to plot columns over another variable
3:35PM 1 3D surface plot with wireframe or persp?
2:48PM 2 QCA3 segfault
2:36PM 0 Assigning Week Number to Dataframe
2:34PM 2 having more than one plot in one figure
1:46PM 1 the bar width of barchart plot in lattice package
1:22PM 0 Fwd: Re: bwplot puts the bars in the wrong place
12:58PM 1 multiple plots problem
12:48PM 0 Effective distance measures for Text Clustering
11:32AM 2 problem with retreaving column from a data.frame
11:14AM 2 log-linear regression question
11:12AM 0 cudaBayesreg update
8:33AM 1 how to select the last non-'NA' observation in a row
8:27AM 1 local and global variables
8:24AM 2 apropos and find
6:54AM 3 Words appear to be bolded in the PDF output
3:18AM 3 Help: coxph() in {survival} package
2:31AM 1 converting a zoo or an xts to a data frame
1:15AM 0 Solved: DCA and centroid analysis in Vegan
12:47AM 0 DCA and centroid analysis in Vegan
12:02AM 1 Problem installing RODBC
Monday April 19 2010
11:31PM 1 What is mclust up to? Different clusters found if x and y interchanged
11:29PM 1 How to embed italic Greek letters in a eps file?
10:15PM 2 Select single column, preserve name?
9:34PM 2 Overlay of barchart and xyplot
8:31PM 1 Week number calculation
8:07PM 2 Huge data sets and RAM problems
7:21PM 1 densCols: what are the computed densities and how to create a legend
5:46PM 0 help in output file
5:08PM 0 S4-based package failure: setGeneric example#1
4:58PM 2 How to pass a list of parameters into a function
4:29PM 2 plotting RR, 95% CI as table and figure in same plot
4:27PM 0 Identifying names of matrix columns shared by many matrices
4:21PM 1 How to make a boxplot with exclusion of certain groups
4:00PM 3 How to set proxy settings for R
3:50PM 2 Tinn-R
3:46PM 2 Drawing a line with misc3d
3:39PM 3 stupid regexp question
3:38PM 2 nls minimum factor error
3:32PM 3 nls for piecewise linear regression not converging to least square
3:06PM 2 Using split and then unsplit
3:00PM 1 Grouping rows of data by day
1:38PM 0 Extracting the coefficients of each local polynomial from loess()
1:04PM 2 ecdf
12:42PM 1 fit a deterministic function to observed data
12:28PM 1 Follow up on installing formatR...
11:51AM 1 Writing methods for existing generic function
11:07AM 6 comparing attitudes of 2 groups / likert scales?
10:13AM 1 Formatting data, adding column names, use reshape, a newbie question
9:25AM 1 Equivalent to Python os.walk?
8:12AM 5 dataframe
7:55AM 0 Natural cubic splines produced by smooth.Pspline and predict function in the package "pspline"
7:38AM 0 R's unfortunate treatment of X11 failures
7:21AM 2 Truncated Normal Distribution and Truncated Pareto distribution
5:24AM 0 S4-based package failure: setGeneric example#1
4:32AM 2 Error message GSA package
4:04AM 1 BRugs
2:44AM 2 Kaplan-Meier survfit problem
12:41AM 2 selecting rows based on number that occurs after letter
Sunday April 18 2010
11:54PM 3 Exporting PDF
11:50PM 3 xtabs() of proportions, and naming a dimension (not a row)
8:55PM 1 var.test
7:05PM 0 Identify() "stop" shortcut? (in windows XP)
5:28PM 0 ancova
5:24PM 1 About Random Forests,ROC,Misclassified
4:57PM 2 Table or file as STDIN to the R Script
4:43PM 2 how to use Excel VBA's Shell() to call and execute R file
4:30PM 1 Comparing data frames
4:02PM 2 sample period specification
2:40PM 2 getting column's main
1:46PM 2 plotting pca of samples in different colors
1:37PM 1 update of a function
12:46PM 3 loops and if statements
12:25PM 4 confused with yearmon, xts and maybe zoo
10:59AM 1 load all data sets in a package
10:03AM 1 unorder an ordered factor
9:09AM 2 Problem with RGenoud
4:56AM 3 Serverless databases in R
4:16AM 2 Calculating a Maximum for a row or column with NA's
3:46AM 1 Calling R using Shell Script and give input file to the R script
3:04AM 2 rosavent problem
12:04AM 2 sqlite and r
Saturday April 17 2010
11:35PM 0 Error when creating 2 R instances on the same context.
11:14PM 2 Please help with min()
10:25PM 1 Fishy error with NAMESPACE when checking package
6:25PM 4 how to remove one row at a time from a matrix keeping its nrow consistent
6:01PM 0 Newbie - and OSCON activities ??
3:15PM 2 interpreting acf plot
2:30PM 2 Question regarding R plot
1:35PM 2 Interacting with dendrogram plots, locator() or click()
11:15AM 0 adehabitat functions
9:57AM 1 Error message when trying to install Rcmdr
4:31AM 1 Frequency table
2:21AM 0 Optimize nnet() for cross-validation error
1:32AM 1 Problems with labels and scaling in star diagrams
Friday April 16 2010
11:13PM 0 Check for overdispersion in logit model
10:12PM 2 Scanning only specific columns into R from a VERY large file
10:00PM 2 how to change the position of xlab in truehist?
8:57PM 0 Command not found
8:54PM 6 bwplot puts the bars in the wrong place
8:21PM 2 efficient rolling rank
8:08PM 2 managing data and removing lines
7:56PM 1 histogram breaks
7:47PM 3 GSL in C code for R
7:44PM 0 more on bwplot problem
7:39PM 0 RCurl slow when sending data over 1kb
7:32PM 2 read.table behavior for Dates.
7:31PM 1 Multiple comparisons on Anova.mlm object
6:05PM 0 read xml
5:23PM 1 PCA scores
4:11PM 3 Is it ok to apply the z.test this way?
4:02PM 4 return of a function
3:21PM 0 Outlier detection from trayectory data
3:18PM 2 piecewise nls?
2:57PM 3 run R script from Excel VBA
2:44PM 0 Blocking and Nested ANOVA Design. Am I using the aov() function correctly?
2:35PM 4 score counts in an aggregate function
2:34PM 0 call R script from Excel VBA/macro
2:27PM 0 Removing empty (or very underpopulated) sub-populations
2:18PM 0 Yet Testing rKward
2:15PM 1 multiple variables pointing to single dataframe?
2:05PM 1 vector matching
1:43PM 1 xyplot ontop a contourplot (package: lattice)
1:28PM 2 format() method
1:28PM 0 how to use the neural networks package for time series prediction
1:21PM 3 problem with FUN in Hmisc::summarize
12:11PM 2 Weights in binomial glm
12:05PM 0 generating a SpatialLinesDataFrame (rgdal)
12:01PM 2 Image RGB calculation
11:59AM 0 Help on rKward
11:08AM 1 Counting number of values by row (text, not numbers)
10:35AM 4 R loop.
10:09AM 2 Bootstrapping a repeated measures ANOVA
9:54AM 1 problem with the version of R
9:40AM 1 error at R CMD check
9:27AM 5 merge
9:26AM 2 Return a variable name
8:16AM 1 data frame manipulation
3:51AM 1 tsp for xts or zoo object
3:43AM 2 hugene10stv1cdf
2:55AM 1 TeachingDemos install bumps out with 'Out of memory!'
1:37AM 1 error
12:39AM 0 factors as bwplot x axis
Thursday April 15 2010
11:47PM 2 Regression using R
11:23PM 2 Efficiency of C Compiler in "R CMD SHLIB"
9:29PM 1 multidimensional integration in R?
9:19PM 0 converting Ggobi csv input to xml for line plots in 3d
9:12PM 4 Does "sink" stand for anything?
9:00PM 0 [R-pkgs] vcdExtra 0.5-0 is released to CRAN
8:24PM 2 r-loop
6:24PM 0 nested (hierarchical) anova
5:51PM 3 Replace / with - in date
5:37PM 1 Rserve : CStack usage too close to the limit
5:34PM 0 fixed portion of lme4 model in newdata
5:10PM 1 Unwanted boxes in legend
4:22PM 1 Problem with ONE of the Special German Characters
4:04PM 2 data.frame and ddply
4:01PM 1 Poblems wih EBImage
3:42PM 1 can't find "daphnia.txt" and others while working through Crawley's R-Book
3:37PM 2 using nls for gamma distribution (a,b,d)
3:05PM 0 Connecting to Rserve remotely
3:01PM 0 step size truncated out of bounds
2:46PM 1 Help with TukeyHSD
2:34PM 3 Add header line to large text file
2:17PM 1 R CMD REMOVE etc. query
1:23PM 1 Alignment of x-axis labels
1:22PM 0 Weighted Spearman Correlation with significance test
1:13PM 0 [announce] yeroon.net/ggplot2 web application v0.2
12:37PM 7 sum() returns 0 not NA
11:03AM 0 debian lenny R GUI instalation problems
9:33AM 1 sum rows in a data.frame...solution
9:24AM 3 Exporting an rgl graph
9:10AM 0 Any GARCH-in-mean Implementation?
8:10AM 2 Consistent behaviour of for-loop
7:50AM 1 sum rows in a data.frame
7:25AM 1 grofit
6:36AM 0 Automating searching text for key words
5:40AM 1 Efficient algorithm to get a solution path for ridge regression?
4:52AM 2 Regression w/ interactions
3:29AM 0 nlsList {nlme} - control arguments problem
3:20AM 1 classes and functions for qqnorm and stem
3:19AM 2 sequence clustering and assembly
2:55AM 2 Question about R mode
2:43AM 0 lme posthoc comparisons in R
2:11AM 2 Summarization
1:57AM 2 graphic question
1:10AM 1 histogram
1:06AM 2 predict.lm with NAs
12:15AM 1 R interactive input like C++
Wednesday April 14 2010
11:19PM 1 Non-parametric Tests for location in R
10:11PM 2 search and replace
9:12PM 0 fImport - yahooKeystats
8:59PM 2 curve
6:42PM 1 Sig differences in Loglinear Models for Three-Way Tables
6:34PM 0 ur.df ADF Unit Root Test: what is the meaning of phi1 and phi2 test statistic?
6:19PM 1 Selecting derivative order penalty for thin plate spline regression (GAM - mgcv)
5:13PM 1 what is the intercept of a two-way anova model without interaction term?
5:02PM 2 Import ASCII data using a .sas program
4:44PM 1 array manipulation
4:32PM 0 Conflict plot.circular and layout() using different column width of the layout matrix
3:56PM 1 envelope in spatstat
3:17PM 0 Roxygen - basic usage uncertain
3:12PM 6 fitting a quadratic function - poly?
2:56PM 4 how to delete columns with NA values?
2:36PM 4 how to draw multiple vertical bands
2:11PM 0 total. factor. prodctvty. help!!
12:18PM 5 Running cumulative sums in matrices
11:58AM 1 Problems getting symbols() to show table data
10:32AM 2 R package documentation
10:08AM 3 MiscPsycho - incorrect levenshtein distance?
9:18AM 0 Bayesian bootstrap with boot
8:57AM 6 sum specific rows in a data frame
8:03AM 2 GAMM : how to use a smoother for some levels of a variable, and a linear effect for other levels?
7:56AM 3 Problem with recode -Error in parse(text = range[[1]][1]) : unexpected end of input in " c(0"
7:54AM 1 Problem trying to plot Vennerable object
6:36AM 0 maptools-export owin as shapefile, error message
5:07AM 1 creating a new corClass for lme()
4:45AM 8 how can I plot the histogram like this using R?
1:56AM 4 Error: could not find function "tsts" tradesys package
1:25AM 2 Gaussian Quadrature Numerical Integration In R
12:45AM 0 debug 1.2.2 on CRAN
12:42AM 0 mvbutils 2.5.1 on CRAN
Tuesday April 13 2010
11:49PM 2 Getting Started with Bayesian MCMC
11:20PM 0 dbFD computing distinct species wrong?
10:59PM 2 liner regression for multiple keys
10:41PM 3 writing function ( 'plot' and 'if') problem
10:27PM 1 Simulation problem.
9:51PM 0 Help in gam() in MGCV
9:44PM 1 filled.contour ON TOP of a base map
6:56PM 2 Network Analysis
6:48PM 1 WinBUGS Question
5:57PM 0 Revolutions blog: March Roundup
5:54PM 0 Kennard-stone or other uniform subset sampling algorithm?
5:43PM 0 random effect prediction with $frail in survreg
5:26PM 2 import file formatted RFC-822
5:10PM 0 ccf problem (cross-correlation)
5:06PM 0 SNPassoc
4:51PM 1 stepwise regression-fitting all possible models
4:49PM 1 Time series and non-integer seconds
4:37PM 1 Converting a .txt file into a matrix
4:32PM 0 Hmisc::summarize with a dataframe as input?
4:16PM 1 formatR: farewell to ugly R code
3:58PM 1 Smoothing
3:57PM 0 Wilks lamda and single discriminant function
3:36PM 0 Variable selection with quadratic terms
3:21PM 2 how to work with big matrices and the ff-package?
3:08PM 2 sensitivity analysis, input factors
3:03PM 0 Master Thesis - R
2:58PM 1 raise a matrix to a power
2:18PM 2 renaming factors *efficiently*
2:12PM 2 Generating model formulas for all k-way terms
2:03PM 0 Scales and bwplots
2:02PM 3 <<- how/when/why do you use it?
1:53PM 0 exract Shrinkage intensity lambda and lambda.var
1:46PM 3 Inline Package: void vs return type functions
1:11PM 1 lapply - function with arguments
1:02PM 1 vegan (ordisurf): R² for smoothed surfaces
12:47PM 0 standard errors, graphical representation of glmer
12:43PM 1 Using object.size inside a function
12:39PM 0 Coloring leaves in Dendrogram according to gene names
12:07PM 1 replace cells with column number
12:04PM 2 transpose but different
11:19AM 2 lines - graphics
11:06AM 1 How to run Shapiro-Wilk test for each grouped
10:21AM 4 kruskal-wallis, stratified
8:58AM 1 R documentation
8:19AM 1 Merging "list" object
5:20AM 0 gnls for negative autocorrelation?
3:41AM 2 Help required with png graphic production as text has shadows?
3:20AM 1 checking frequency in xts and zoo objects
2:07AM 1 Binning Question
1:33AM 2 efficiently picking one row from a data frame per unique key
1:21AM 0 Error using reshape method
12:31AM 0 R Internal Web Server Loopback Interface Limit
Monday April 12 2010
11:14PM 2 source(,echo=T) doesn't echo final comments
9:48PM 1 zerinfl() vs. Stata's zinb
8:38PM 0 Tck/tk help
8:07PM 3 Figures within tables [slightly off-topic]
8:00PM 4 R GUI
6:26PM 0 read.socket and timeout
5:50PM 0 Data Synchronization -- detecting time differences in multi-source data
5:47PM 0 rgdal package: save multiband image in tiff file
5:20PM 1 lattice garphs: combining multiple scatterplots and adding legend
4:08PM 1 Sweave and multiple figures from an R source file
4:05PM 0 How to derive function for parameters in Self start model in nls
3:56PM 1 Strange results from Multivariate Normal Density
2:52PM 0 multilevel (3-level) Hausman-Taylor estimator
2:36PM 2 Excel date to R format
2:11PM 3 glmer with non integer weights
12:15PM 0 rGraphviz: Changing edge label font size
11:06AM 2 SAS like Macro variable substituion?
10:53AM 1 Local R Training
9:50AM 1 rpart: Writing values of the leaves to a dateset
9:21AM 0 Problem writing netcdf data with Rclim
9:15AM 2 Interpreting factor*numeric interaction coefficients
8:44AM 0 graphical data representation after glmm, glmer
8:44AM 1 problems on JGR package and demo() function in Ubuntu linux
7:04AM 0 New package mvngGrAd
6:53AM 1 N'th of month working day problem
6:35AM 2 make.groups function of laatice is not working?
6:34AM 1 two problems on R in Ubuntu linux
6:00AM 1 can not execute two functions - env() and profile()
4:17AM 1 how to calculate a table
3:38AM 0 WMTSA "wavCWTPeaks" : Error in if (time.start < times.range[1]) time.start <- times.range[1]
1:23AM 3 using double loops and saving the data
Sunday April 11 2010
11:27PM 0 using varFunc in gnls to replicate Wedderburn-style variance?
11:22PM 0 Advice on variable color stacked bar graphs?
10:59PM 1 Matrix is not symmetric under lme4
8:46PM 0 converting a ts object to an xts object: please ignore this message
8:43PM 0 converting a ts object to an xts object
8:27PM 1 Peculiar behaviour with MatchIt and a function
8:26PM 0 cluster analysis :: urgent
8:20PM 1 MCMC results into LaTeX
7:38PM 2 ".Rhistory in Mac OS X"
1:30PM 3 Help me with writing function sort()
10:28AM 2 simple question about contrasts, lm and factors
9:33AM 1 How to assign variable name (of a vector, matrix, array) from element of another vector or by using paste?
7:59AM 1 Adding country boundaries on field map plots
6:59AM 0 Calculating the half-life for mean-reversion
6:55AM 0 Statistical test for cointegration-how
6:52AM 1 Statistical test for stationarity-how
1:31AM 4 Expectation of E(x^1/2)
1:26AM 1 using BLAT in r
1:18AM 0 plotting rpart objects, text.rpart, fancy option
12:40AM 1 formatting data???
Saturday April 10 2010
11:49PM 1 writing function (plot problem)
10:23PM 1 .Call function crashes initializing matrix
10:11PM 2 selecting certain columns or rows from a .csv
8:32PM 0 writing function help
8:09PM 3 simple data import of .csv
3:58PM 1 minimization function
3:13AM 1 Unable to load EBImage
2:28AM 1 How to install Defaults package offline
2:11AM 1 str: how to use "no list" recursively?
2:05AM 0 adehabitat raster import
Friday April 9 2010
11:38PM 1 Any chance R will ever get beyond the 2^31-1 vector size limit?
11:35PM 1 interpolating between lat/long position data with time
11:22PM 3 using as.numeric() without generating warning message
10:46PM 0 panel regression with twoways random effects, on unbalanced data?
10:10PM 2 How to update JGR
8:58PM 6 function rep
8:35PM 4 perhaps regular expression bug with | sign ??
7:47PM 0 Fox's algorithm?
7:32PM 0 Standard deviation of an accuracy rate
7:06PM 1 Evaluate variable
7:00PM 0 step function
6:56PM 0 maSigPro
6:47PM 0 rjags syntax error
6:19PM 0 Excel R1C1 reference style in Rcom?
5:47PM 1 Question on implementing Random Forests scoring
5:03PM 0 GARCH estimation with exogenous variables in the mean equation
4:53PM 0 Trouble with mChoice() in the Hmisc package.
4:33PM 0 Bootcov for two stage bootstrap
3:52PM 1 Rsge: recursive parallelization
3:28PM 0 garch estimation with exogenouse variables
3:27PM 0 Dallas R Users Group has a Yahoo Group for signup now
3:25PM 5 Read data in sequences
3:22PM 5 Ranking correlation with R
12:59PM 1 Beyond reshape: automatically streamlining data
12:42PM 1 Combining ggplot2 objects and/or extracting layers
12:16PM 6 How to run Shapiro-Wilk test for each grouped variable?
12:04PM 2 computation of dispersion parameter in quasi-poisson glm
10:55AM 2 error bars on barplot
9:27AM 1 terminating function
9:23AM 3 NAs are not allowed in subscripted assignments
8:04AM 3 How to replace all non-maximum values in a row with 0
7:51AM 0 Installation of R on a MIPS netbook
7:32AM 3 "fill in" values between rollapply
6:32AM 1 How to get the penalty matrix for natural cubic spline?
6:01AM 5 SSH Through R Script
3:20AM 0 how to put two mosaic plots together
3:08AM 1 Problem with Loops
3:07AM 2 lattice background grid
1:24AM 2 How to use tapply for quantile
Thursday April 8 2010
11:15PM 0 Reading dates in R using SQL and otherwise (and someinteresting behavior by the data editor)
10:52PM 2 Overfitting/Calibration plots (Statistics question)
10:20PM 1 formatting a result table (number of digits)
10:18PM 0 biOps package installation
9:16PM 3 how does one print code
8:58PM 1 a small question about R with Winbugs
8:45PM 1 Placing the ≥ symbol in the Trellis custom strip
8:01PM 1 how to manipulate object in specific environment?
6:51PM 2 erasing an area of a graph
6:19PM 0 [R-pkgs] SOAR - Stored object caches for R
6:14PM 1 incomplete final line found by readTableHeader
5:18PM 1 RandomForest how to identify two classes when only one is present
5:03PM 1 texi2dvi runs but produces no output
4:55PM 1 reshape panel data
4:32PM 2 I can´t run the example shown in the inline package
4:03PM 2 general linear hypothesis testing for manova model
3:40PM 0 Problem with mtext
3:33PM 0 LondonR meeting 4th May
3:30PM 1 plm package twoways effect problem
3:18PM 1 Extracting specific rows from irregular zoo object and merging with a regular zoo object
3:14PM 2 Reading dates in R using SQL and otherwise (and some interesting behavior by the data editor)
2:53PM 2 xts off by one confusion or error
2:35PM 1 Exchanging zoo object dates
2:30PM 2 C-index and Cox model
2:25PM 1 Accessing elements of plm outputs
2:23PM 1 Question on using elements of a vector
2:22PM 2 Problem using elements in a vector
2:05PM 3 use read.table for a partial reading
1:48PM 0 Time Series question
1:06PM 0 Interest in R Users Group in Dallas, TX?
12:21PM 1 Intra-Class correlation psych package missing data
11:41AM 0 XML-2.8 not writing indented XML anymore
11:39AM 2 subsetting a matrix with specified no of columns
10:55AM 0 Blotter: addTxn() method
10:52AM 1 Question about simple.median.test
9:11AM 0 Halting execution in Rcmdr
7:42AM 0 khat and included polygons
7:32AM 2 Meaning of "lag 0.2, 0.4,..." ?
7:16AM 0 Copulas
7:00AM 1 mixed effects ordinal logistic regression models
6:52AM 0 Importing large data set from teradata
5:45AM 1 square root of inverse
3:09AM 1 Error in leaps.setup
2:57AM 0 selected observations based several variables
1:31AM 2 How to locate the difference from two data frames
1:26AM 1 Strange csv parsing problem
1:09AM 1 Using read.table to read file created with read.table and qmethod = "escape"
12:15AM 2 how can I stop getting email from every comment posted in this forum?
Wednesday April 7 2010
10:44PM 1 RWeka - Error when attempting to summary() model
10:27PM 1 Use a variable of a list in a loop
9:44PM 1 Vectorized forms of isTRUE, identical and all.equal?
9:15PM 1 unexpected behaviour with ddply and colwise
9:06PM 0 s4 class documentation in R
8:50PM 1 Exporting data to .xlsx file
8:32PM 0 C++ source code for MANOVA
8:28PM 0 attach
8:24PM 2 help in attach function
7:15PM 1 FW: fairly simple file I/O
6:34PM 0 Decompounder for German
6:14PM 0 R 2.10 Read/write.table
5:40PM 1 combn with factors
5:31PM 2 recoding variables-recode not working
5:17PM 2 Creating two lines of best fit on a scatter plot
5:08PM 0 Help with manipulation of svytotal output
5:02PM 0 question about fold function
5:01PM 2 as.ffdf.data.frame now breaks if using pattern
5:00PM 2 label the bars by the percentage values in the conditional histogram?
4:57PM 1 help in histogram
4:41PM 1 extracting ctree() output information
3:24PM 1 finding weekly average...
3:15PM 3 match function or "=="
3:10PM 0 --enable-prebuilt-html
2:49PM 1 html help not built
2:37PM 1 Specifying parameters for use in "plyr" / "ddply"
1:29PM 1 Struggeling with svydesign()
1:28PM 1 It This data viz possible in R?
12:39PM 1 kriging problem - very urgent
12:26PM 2 Summing a series made up of part of a vector
12:16PM 1 Step by significance
11:36AM 0 simultaneous plots
10:43AM 1 How to specify only minimum ylim parameter for boxplot
10:11AM 1 ggplot2, density barplot and geom_point layer
9:50AM 0 plm package "twoways" problem
8:46AM 1 behaviour of xls2sep when running read.xls (package gdata) sinceupgrade of R
8:03AM 0 SOAR - Stored object caches for R
7:45AM 0 Error bar:Problem Fixed
4:18AM 1 specifying header in sqldf() and RSQLite
3:05AM 1 Customizing ordination plots using symbols for factors
2:23AM 0 exporting rotating plot into Powepoint
1:55AM 1 Quartering a plot() ?
Tuesday April 6 2010
11:12PM 6 3-D response surface using wireframe()
10:29PM 1 help with "macro" in R
10:00PM 2 help output figures in R
9:33PM 1 estimating the starting value within a ODE using nls and lsoda
9:28PM 3 appending an R-object to a list
9:26PM 1 How to import data from teradata
7:54PM 2 Merging data frames on two conditions
7:40PM 4 Need Help with Manipulating Columns
6:54PM 0 Adding labels on maps (using sp, maptools, or something else suggested)
6:43PM 0 Need help on predictive modeling of count data
6:02PM 1 plot.png
5:49PM 1 Error bar
4:33PM 2 help in function in R akin to macro in SAS
4:25PM 1 Out of sample forecast
3:32PM 1 Caret package and lasso
3:21PM 1 glmpath in R
2:42PM 1 approx function wierd result
2:22PM 0 betareg 2.2-2: Beta regression
2:12PM 0 Formula 1.0-0: Model formulas with multiple parts and responses
1:28PM 1 lattice package: line end style
12:21PM 1 median of two groups
12:09PM 2 Extracting formulae from expression() / deriv()
12:07PM 3 svm of e1071 package
11:48AM 2 checking bivariate normality
11:39AM 2 respecting original matrix dimensions
11:31AM 2 is.na<- doesn't seem to work with labelled variables?
9:42AM 0 about ARMA(p,q) SCAN method: SAS vs. R
9:11AM 1 GridR
5:57AM 1 Error with read.csv.sql on processing large file
Monday April 5 2010
11:37PM 1 strange behavior of matrix
11:22PM 0 Agnes in Cluster Package and index.G1 in the clusterSim package questions
11:14PM 1 predict.lm
8:58PM 1 Permutation of Matrix
8:55PM 1 new to R, analysis of latency data
8:34PM 0 contradictory output between ncv.test() and gvlma()
8:13PM 20 SAS and R on multiple operating systems
8:09PM 2 changing column names in a dataframe
7:20PM 3 Matrix elements are vectors
6:46PM 2 Data manipulation problem
6:36PM 0 Pearson correlation matrix heatmap
6:27PM 1 Using pch with the RGL library
6:21PM 1 use of random and nested factors in lme
6:05PM 0 a warning message from "heatmap.2"
5:58PM 4 NMDS Ordination Graphics Problem
5:38PM 1 Adding a prefix to all values in a col in a data.frame
4:52PM 2 find the "next non-NA" value within each row of a data-frame
4:44PM 0 subtract a specified number of days from current date
4:31PM 2 Help transfrom R to C
3:17PM 1 Deleting many list elements in one time
2:58PM 2 Rprintf not updating
2:46PM 2 skip for loop
2:20PM 4 R 2.6 Support Question
1:36PM 3 bootstrap confidence intervals, non iid
1:19PM 1 using difftime()
12:06PM 3 A questionb about the Wilcoxon signed rank test
11:35AM 3 Creating R packages, passing by reference and oo R.
11:19AM 1 Co-occurrence
9:32AM 1 GLM
Sunday April 4 2010
10:44PM 2 logistic regression in an incomplete dataset
10:01PM 2 calculating an interaction statistic from stratified data
9:46PM 0 Major glmnet upgrade on CRAN
8:41PM 0 R-Python group on LinkedIn
8:18PM 4 ggplot2 geom_rect(): What am I missing here
7:50PM 3 How to split data for NMDS plots
3:04PM 1 How to add a column to dtm showing a part from directory source?
11:03AM 3 Generate Numbers
10:52AM 1 Adjusting X-axis time scale
10:51AM 2 "mantel.haenszel.test for trend in S-plus doesn't work i R"
6:52AM 2 One question about saving graph by using xyplot
4:40AM 1 test if a package is installed
Saturday April 3 2010
11:20PM 2 Export bug? Hist() vs. barchart().
7:52PM 2 histogram-like barplot? (or reverse?)
5:20PM 0 Multilevel model with lme(): Weird degrees of freedom (group level df > # of groups)
4:18PM 2 Using ifelse and grep
1:39PM 0 Restricting optimisation algorithm's parameter space
6:17AM 0 smoothing with sapa package and decibel function
12:06AM 1 Writing summary.aov results to a file which can be opened in Excel
12:04AM 1 "moving product", by rows, of a dataframe?
Friday April 2 2010
11:05PM 0 Nonparametric Canonical Correlation
10:56PM 1 can't read excel file with read.xls()
10:43PM 1 Problems with PDF/Latex when building a package
10:35PM 2 compare multiple values with vector and return vector
10:30PM 1 McDonald's omega calculation. How to???
10:25PM 2 tetrachoric correlations
9:37PM 1 vector length help using prcomp
9:29PM 0 Arellano -- how to generate data for y given t
9:14PM 1 Extracting 'SOME' values from a linear model.
8:53PM 0 model reparameterization
8:28PM 0 optim doesnt work with my function
8:24PM 0 my mail to post
8:06PM 0 Simple plot of values and error bars: Is there an existing function for this
7:54PM 2 mouse-clicking on xy-plot
7:39PM 2 panel data
6:52PM 1 compare two fingerprint images
6:28PM 1 Selecting the first row based on a factor
6:24PM 1 All sub-summands of a vector
5:36PM 1 lineplot.CI in "sciplot": option "ci.fun" can't be changed?
4:13PM 2 angles
3:30PM 1 R abrupt exit
2:55PM 4 Merge failure using zoo package
2:49PM 1 POSIX primer
2:25PM 0 (no subject)
1:56PM 1 Plots don't update with xlab, etc. What am I doing wrong.
1:26PM 1 build Mac distribution for R package
1:14PM 2 Cross-validation for parameter selection (glm/logit)
12:14PM 1 timeseries plot
11:24AM 0 what is the significance of RSq in earth function??
11:01AM 1 What should I do regarding "DLL attempted to change..." warning ?
10:12AM 2 plot area: secondary y-axis does not display well
9:41AM 0 Hat matrix and MSEP
8:37AM 2 How to save a model in DB and retrieve It
8:36AM 4 Derivative of a smooth function
7:44AM 0 Restricting optimisation algorithm's parameter space in GNLM
7:08AM 2 Biplot for PCA using labdsv package
4:11AM 1 roccomp
3:36AM 0 BATCH jobs taking too much resources?
3:25AM 0 R Help
12:05AM 0 Heterogeneous bootstrap
Thursday April 1 2010
11:16PM 2 Exporting Nuopt from splus to R
10:21PM 2 Adding regression lines to each factor on a plot when using ANCOVA
9:24PM 3 Using a string as a variable name - revisited
9:21PM 0 Course***R Advanced Programming April 2010***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City
8:25PM 0 Analyzing binary data on an absolute scale and determining conditions when risks become equal between groups
6:59PM 2 Regression
6:52PM 2 t.test data in one column
6:27PM 0 barplot with error bar in lattice
6:18PM 3 pvals.fnc() with language R does not work with R 2.10.1
6:03PM 1 Best fitted curve using AIC
5:35PM 2 time series problem: time points don't match
4:16PM 1 Using a Data Frame/Matrix outside a function
3:53PM 2 How to get the scale limits in lattice plot
3:37PM 3 Using GIS data in R
3:26PM 4 Line Graph Labels
3:24PM 1 Regarding the De-bugger in R
3:15PM 0 Basic Question (Real Basic)
3:11PM 1 Factorial regression with multiple features: how to remove non-significant features?
2:37PM 0 export R data as web service
1:56PM 1 how to construct a time series
12:19PM 2 About logistic regression
11:35AM 1 fitness of regression tree: how to measure???
11:10AM 1 Palette color order in bwplot (lattice violin plot) vs. boxplot
10:19AM 3 reading excel into R
9:43AM 1 Stack with factors
8:47AM 0 Rule Induction
5:39AM 1 Sharing levels across multiple factor vectors
4:01AM 0 model set up question
1:44AM 4 Scope and assignment: baffling
1:44AM 2 pdf files in loops
1:43AM 1 predicted time length differs from survfit.coxph: