R help - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
10:56PM 1 newbie HWRITER package question
10:49PM 1 Hmisc: xYplot and panel.lines
10:16PM 1 How do I set the working directory when using ESS and R under windows?
8:50PM 0 Additive Weighted Voronoi Diagrams
8:03PM 1 Creating datasets in packages
7:03PM 1 Overlaying graphs from different datasets with ggplot
6:50PM 1 postscript printer breaking up long strings
6:03PM 1 unloading loaded packages
3:55PM 2 gridding values in a data frame
3:50PM 1 Using 'aggregate' when dependent on row value increments
2:48PM 1 Binaries no longer compiled for RH EL4, i386?
2:35PM 1 setting key boxes in xyplot
2:24PM 2 How to skip rest of code
2:18PM 1 How to know what device I am using
2:17PM 1 odbcConnectAccess function
2:05PM 0 odbcConnectAccess in Access sub
1:50PM 1 What is the R version of the S function fac.design?
1:28PM 2 problem in reading data
12:09PM 1 factor issue
11:50AM 1 stepAICc
11:33AM 0 useR! 2009 program available
11:23AM 0 Using predict with glmmPQL
11:21AM 1 overlaying several subsets of data frame in pairs plot
10:43AM 1 rjava - JDK not found
10:10AM 1 Hoe to get RESIDUAL VARIANCE in logistic regression using lmer
8:57AM 3 Curved arrows
8:45AM 1 finite mixture model (2-component Weibull): plotting Weibull components?
7:13AM 1 problem about finding power in test about variances
6:29AM 1 How to replace values?
6:16AM 2 problem in as.date
5:42AM 0 plot scaling bug when using par(mfg)
5:29AM 0 Categorical variable in a custom nonlin function with gnm
3:51AM 1 Legend best position
3:10AM 0 [help]how to estimate kernel density over samples from importance sampling
2:32AM 0 Rpad installation help wanted (from NEWBIE)
2:22AM 0 OT : Interview SPSS 's Head Corporate Development Olivier
Wednesday April 29 2009
10:52PM 1 Data type question: converting dates
10:41PM 1 Corrupt data frame construction - bug?
9:19PM 1 R Macro Question
8:41PM 0 convex polygon filling an empty void in a cloud of points
8:37PM 1 Extracting Element from S4 objects
8:22PM 0 search R vignettes
8:11PM 1 Hierarchical Diagram of Networks in sna or otherwise?
7:59PM 2 help converting for loop to vector operation
7:54PM 1 arma model with garch errors
6:59PM 0 RODBC inside MS Access Sub
6:54PM 1 Dynamic visualisation of R data using Adobe FLEX
6:30PM 3 Evaluation of an expression as function argument
6:22PM 1 Error with Design.Function(fit)
5:49PM 2 Normal distribution with R
5:39PM 0 Installing/using "glars" package --- Error in library(glars) : 'glars' is not a valid installed package
5:38PM 3 mode(x) <- "double"
5:32PM 0 trouble with rgl on opensuse 11.1
4:02PM 1 Selecting vector elements using other vectors
3:17PM 0 what happens if a function removes an external (global) variable ?
2:53PM 0 Simulate.lme in nlme package
2:52PM 2 Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
2:42PM 2 Optim and hessian
2:28PM 2 AICc
2:23PM 1 How do I sample "cases" within a matrix?
2:16PM 2 if condition doesn't evaluate to True/False
2:12PM 1 Help with RExcel (running code)
2:06PM 1 boxplot - margin settings
1:32PM 0 modified Struve functions
1:28PM 1 Mailinglist; get a copy of all own messages
1:26PM 1 Newbie R question PART2
1:01PM 1 meta regression in R using lme function
12:54PM 2 library which convert dates
12:53PM 0 Re sidual variance in lmer
12:43PM 3 2 way ANOVA with possible pseudoreplication
11:25AM 0 combine_factor to empty level
10:40AM 3 how to word-wrap text in labels in plots?
10:24AM 2 reading csv file : blanks
10:23AM 0 Re : legend with small colored boxes
9:35AM 3 legend with small colored boxes
9:19AM 0 estimate alpha beta for gamma
8:28AM 3 selecting ith rows of a matrix
8:21AM 0 ANOVA in Randomized-complete blocks design
7:58AM 0 Help me about data.frame
5:09AM 1 Batch importing data with respective naming
2:35AM 2 Select the same rows
2:23AM 1 RweaveHTML (R2HTML) Help
1:02AM 2 Help on apply() function
12:21AM 2 Re moving unwanted double values in list
Tuesday April 28 2009
9:47PM 0 Regression Tree Question
8:42PM 2 Newbie R question
8:35PM 1 colored PCA biplot
8:19PM 1 Updating to 2.9 - ' no slot "call" in the result'
8:00PM 4 send command to other program
7:47PM 1 help with Rtools and Rgraphviz
6:56PM 4 Producing customized tickmarks when producing a graph using "curve"
6:51PM 1 Understanding padding in lattice
5:28PM 1 [macosx] improving quartz & Aqua Tk behaviour outside of RGui
4:31PM 2 problems with clipboard
3:55PM 2 Problem with survival
3:40PM 0 package geoR question
3:37PM 0 tiff graphics
3:34PM 1 Generalized linear models (GLM)
3:01PM 0 problems understanding error term in aov()
3:00PM 1 Problem with Random Forest predict
2:40PM 1 latticeExtra: useOuterStrips and axis.line$lwd
2:09PM 1 combining distributions
2:07PM 0 textured dot strips
2:06PM 1 image3d in misc3d
1:51PM 1 R-2.9.0 malformed bundle DESCRIPTION file, no Contains field
1:33PM 2 correlation coefficient
1:29PM 1 plot.lm cex.caption
1:26PM 0 estimate abnormality
1:09PM 1 How to read the summary
1:06PM 2 Dropping 'empty' panels from lattice
1:04PM 3 help working with date values
12:26PM 3 truehist and density plots
12:25PM 2 R 2.9 and XML
12:06PM 1 Cannot update.packages (error message)
12:04PM 8 duplicate 'row.names' are not allowed
11:39AM 2 Why there is no p-value from likelihood ratio test using anova in GAM model fitting?
11:11AM 1 Random Sample with Unique function
10:37AM 1 Mathematical label in a plot with a percent sign
9:30AM 3 creating a vector of sums
9:26AM 1 text in graph with expression
9:25AM 1 Bounded memory ANOVA
8:38AM 0 Matrix manipulation
8:28AM 1 About Matrix
8:09AM 1 I can't install dprep
8:03AM 2 Change font type PNG device with Lattice xyplot
7:59AM 1 Finding rows common to two datasets
7:50AM 1 kernlab - custom kernel
7:23AM 1 Processing POST data with brew?
7:13AM 0 need some help finding power in test about variances
6:27AM 1 Question of nlme package
5:07AM 0 problems in package gam
4:00AM 2 effects package --- add abline to plot
12:35AM 2 Build Windows binary
12:18AM 2 MCO: Timing using model.matrix method
Monday April 27 2009
11:54PM 1 question about adaboost.
10:22PM 1 help on bwplot function
10:21PM 0 Grouping multiple runs of multiple datasets in lattice's xyplot (with fixed example code)
10:05PM 1 Setting R not to try to contact a CRAN repository
9:57PM 1 problem dowloading
9:31PM 0 is there a way generate correlated binomial data in R?
9:19PM 3 Generalized linear models
9:00PM 1 plot estimates and their 95% confidence intervals
8:52PM 2 The .tex version of the manual in foo.Rcheck
8:15PM 1 problem with symbol function
7:54PM 1 downloading r 2.9.0
7:43PM 1 Extract one element from yahooKeystats data
7:33PM 1 Grouping multiple runs of multiple datasets in lattice's xyplot
7:15PM 1 Changing color of points in violin plot
6:48PM 1 FW: Install of R 2.9.0
6:29PM 1 problem with Power function on a power my result is "inf"
6:13PM 1 Julia set in R
5:29PM 2 R-Help
4:59PM 2 Problem with R 2.9.0 vs. R2.8.1 with either "survival" package or "predict" function
4:44PM 0 gettext and utf-8
3:33PM 1 equation on graph
3:28PM 0 PLS Y scores (orthogonal scores algorithm)
2:35PM 2 save history only option under Linux
2:25PM 1 For Loop Syntax
2:15PM 0 ANN: RHIPE 0.1
1:02PM 1 Memoria y Procesamiento
12:52PM 4 A way to get the R data stored temporarily in working memory?
12:20PM 2 refit with binomial model (lme4)
12:01PM 1 Vector of matrix
10:51AM 2 series at low freq expanded into high freq
10:43AM 1 how to send email with R
10:35AM 3 Formatting numbers
10:22AM 0 VIF's in R using BIGLM
9:49AM 1 Passing Bablok
7:46AM 0 plot implicit function
7:40AM 0 Sub-saharan Africa R user forum
7:21AM 1 MDL - Fayyad & Irani Discretization
12:44AM 3 Cannot clean infinite values
12:40AM 1 Plotting polynomial fit
12:32AM 2 How to create a graph layout?
12:06AM 1 RODBC - XLSX files - dropping/clearing sheets
Sunday April 26 2009
11:38PM 1 Unable to re-import a table that was just exported to a file
11:37PM 3 Flipping axes of qqnorm
10:45PM 7 Bumps chart in R
8:42PM 1 how to install R really *locally*?
8:25PM 1 R 64-bit for Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit
6:54PM 0 lme - nlminb problem, convergence error code = 1
6:50PM 1 Rmpi failing to install with all latest MPI packages and config arguments
6:44PM 1 Generate ramified structures
5:42PM 2 eager to learn how to use "sapply", "lapply", ...
5:02PM 4 comparing matrices
4:47PM 1 Install packages not working in latest version?
4:22PM 1 Matching in R
4:04PM 0 Problem with create a tree
3:54PM 0 doubt in vglm output
3:20PM 6 Memory issues in R
2:24PM 1 figure layout
1:13PM 1 Problem installing packages
1:01PM 0 Is their any function can generate orthogonal tables(e.g. L_8(2^7)
12:47PM 0 re moving entries from one vector that are in another
12:02PM 2 Help to select the raw in a data.frame with the max value
9:29AM 4 Scatterplot of two groups side-by-side?
8:27AM 1 help with plotting results of lda
7:24AM 3 Question of "Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data"
7:00AM 2 RWeka prediction
5:27AM 1 Stochastic Gradient Ascent for logistic regression
4:28AM 3 3 questions regarding matrix copy/shuffle/compares
4:00AM 1 constrained optimization
3:56AM 1 simulate arima model
12:31AM 2 Conditional plot labels
Saturday April 25 2009
10:57PM 3 Nomogram with stratified cph in Design package
9:52PM 1 fclustindex, e1071 package
5:47PM 2 plm Hausman-Taylor model
3:11PM 0 heatmap.2 does not accept dendogram passed to Rowv param
12:27PM 3 ANOVA/statistics question
6:46AM 2 Reading files
6:44AM 1 Overlapping parameters "k" in different functions in "ipred"
5:35AM 2 Tinn-R and latex
4:51AM 2 Changing gird marks in ggplot2
4:42AM 1 Request for some help
1:30AM 2 Extracting an object name?
1:23AM 4 dotplot: labeling coordinates for each point
12:41AM 0 R on Nokia N810
12:28AM 1 issue building my own package... moving from Apple OS to Windows
12:16AM 2 How to get rid of loop?
12:11AM 5 Out of memory issue
Friday April 24 2009
11:35PM 1 Sem and nlm and ols instead of ml
11:33PM 0 New package: CHNOSZ
10:26PM 0 Calculate number of elements in a MECE intersection of x vectors where the total number of vectors is n
9:22PM 1 ordinal logistic regression for longitudinal data set
9:11PM 1 Multiple Imputation in mice/norm
7:52PM 0 Invert Deviance Residuals
7:14PM 1 font size relative to graphic
6:19PM 4 omit empty cells in crosstab?
5:49PM 2 saved workspace
5:45PM 0 By= levels with the Hmisc summarize function.
5:33PM 1 How to custom the tick and type in bwplot
5:02PM 2 argument 'exclude' in function xtabs
4:02PM 0 Problem with greek "beta" symbol in plot using CairoPDF (Windows)
3:56PM 1 function returns R object with name based on input
3:32PM 1 what is this experimental design (mixed-effects model)?
2:30PM 1 the puzzle of eigenvector and eigenvalue
2:21PM 1 use of "input" in system()
2:12PM 3 Text Contrast in a Plot
2:05PM 0 Using JRI and Java 1.6 on MAC OS X
1:49PM 0 Dealing with unix signal
1:09PM 3 plot() - thicker points when pair exist more than 1 time?
10:11AM 0 lagged variable in a dataframe
10:09AM 3 How to see the content of geepack package
10:06AM 2 Array
9:17AM 1 stata ==> R - error messages
8:14AM 1 Terminology: Multiple Regression versus multivariate Regression
7:03AM 2 prediction intervals (alpha and beta) for model average estimates from binomial glm and model.avg (library=dRedging)
6:52AM 2 displaying percentage in bar plot
4:32AM 1 Box-counting dimension and package 'fdim'
3:56AM 1 deleting rows provisionally
3:37AM 0 error message in plm package
2:03AM 2 Generalized 2D list/array/whatever?
1:26AM 1 joining multiple lists
12:37AM 1 Can't install package "glmnet"
12:24AM 2 Error building package: LaTeX error when creating PDF version
12:07AM 3 Help with for/if loop
Thursday April 23 2009
10:34PM 1 suppress output from step function
10:11PM 2 conditional grouping of variables: ave or tapply or by or???
10:03PM 1 Parenthesis around date/time using chron?
8:32PM 3 Interpreting the results of Friedman test
7:56PM 1 Loess over split data
7:19PM 6 Stuck using constrOptim
7:16PM 0 latex(Hmisc): cgroup + rownames shifts column names
6:40PM 1 iteration limit error in gamm and notExp2
6:29PM 4 simple for loop question - how do you exit?
6:03PM 1 suffix convention?
5:42PM 0 How to construct confidence bands from a gls fit?
5:24PM 1 R 2.8.1 change user input color of R scrpt too
5:18PM 1 Load a data from oracle database to R
5:03PM 1 qqnorm.lme & pairs.lme
4:25PM 2 update.packages(checkBuilt=TRUE) returns Error: invalid version specification NA in 2.9.0
4:12PM 3 Floating simulation error
3:52PM 1 power.t.test formula
3:43PM 0 Course announcement: R for Financial Data Analysis in New York (July 16-18th)
3:13PM 1 boxplot of two variables
2:49PM 1 Adobe FLEX interacting with R for rich visualization over the Web
2:31PM 2 transposing a matrix - row by row?
2:27PM 0 Problem to get a simple Analysis of Variance table with lmer()
2:20PM 2 Plots - several pages per pdf - quality/size issue
1:59PM 0 R 2.9 for redhat entreprise 4 / X86_64
1:53PM 0 argument 'exclude' in xtabs
1:25PM 1 Setting lattice par parameters
1:18PM 2 R 2.9 binaries for redhat entreprise 4 / X86_64
1:15PM 1 surface interpolating 3d
12:59PM 1 Nonlinear regression help
12:35PM 1 how to control significant digits(?) on axis labels
11:22AM 2 Two 3D cones in one graph
11:13AM 1 Accessing all the first sub-elements of a list of list
10:43AM 1 Failing to print mer object in an RData image
10:33AM 0 (no subject)
10:33AM 1 rbind on a list
10:14AM 3 Running Edit() or Fix() on Linux Machine
9:17AM 1 how to split and handle a big R program into multiple files
8:59AM 0 Cox regression
8:50AM 1 the definition of eigenvector in R
8:49AM 0 Creating a model.matrix with a logical data matrix
8:42AM 1 problem loading ncdf library on MAC
8:31AM 3 Running Scripting on Linux Machine
8:23AM 1 generate individual panel keys/legends in lattice barchart
6:23AM 0 question of plm package
6:11AM 0 Fw: Problems with old version of R
4:19AM 1 ggplot2/aesthetic plotting advice
1:36AM 4 rbind data frames stored in a list
12:44AM 2 RWeka: How to access AttributeEvaluators
Wednesday April 22 2009
10:31PM 1 Multiple imputations : wicked dataset ? Wicked computers ? Am I cursed ? (or stupid ?)
7:58PM 1 lmer() function
7:51PM 2 function output with for loop and if statement
7:48PM 3 Rhelp
7:46PM 1 generate multipe output .csv files in a loop
7:42PM 1 Count Code
7:39PM 1 How do I loop through strings?
7:21PM 5 large factorials
7:01PM 2 R-User groups in North America (SF, LA, NYC, Ottawa)
6:56PM 4 Problem with "apply"
6:37PM 1 plot.logistic.fit.fnc
4:18PM 2 Exporting objects plotted with plot3d() - rgl package
3:09PM 1 How to make a time series object from a data frame containing dates.
2:48PM 1 Problems with old version of R
2:48PM 2 Returning Variables in R to Linux Shell
2:26PM 2 drawing a plot with SEM
2:13PM 0 Sequence analysis with TraMineR 1.2
2:00PM 4 read.table or read.csv without row index?
1:29PM 4 plot confidence intervals as shaded band
1:06PM 0 EVER_1.1
12:23PM 3 Help using spg optimization in BB package
11:40AM 0 comparing mixture models (mix function in mixdist package)
11:27AM 3 Discover significant change in sorted vector
10:58AM 0 Rép : How to compare parameters of non linear fitting curves - COMPLETE REPLY -
9:03AM 1 Gee with nested desgin
8:56AM 1 converting histogram to barchart
8:27AM 1 paste(" /" ") and paste(" /' ")
8:24AM 0 Intervention Time Series Analyis Tutorial/Package
7:44AM 1 Copula package
7:30AM 3 Merging data frames, or one column/vector with a data frame filling out empty rows with NA's
7:28AM 2 integrate lgamma from 0 to Inf
6:10AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 74, Issue 20
5:26AM 1 Subsetting a vector of numerics such that standard deviation is less than 0.5 ?
3:46AM 1 Color coded 3D plot
2:23AM 1 Finding and moving files
1:39AM 2 using Rmath in c-functions of R packages
1:06AM 1 memory.limit
1:00AM 0 error when using vcovHC()
12:52AM 2 How to extract integer in a data frame
12:30AM 0 anova table with lmer
Tuesday April 21 2009
10:46PM 1 sas.get() exit
8:34PM 3 Deleting rows or cols that do not meet cut off
8:17PM 1 plot with 2 y axes
8:00PM 1 Quality control and possible QC in R book?
5:43PM 2 Changing the binning of collected data
5:10PM 0 joined R-today [SELinux]
5:09PM 1 how to inspect content of save file
4:58PM 2 multiple plots in same graph window
4:54PM 0 Signed-Binary transform test (Fisher.test??)
3:51PM 1 fitting assimptotic decaing with - and + on X
3:40PM 2 DNAcopy package in R
3:07PM 4 plotting with R
2:43PM 1 Polyspline Integration
2:42PM 3 ggplot2 - boxplot of variables / columns
2:26PM 4 My surprising experience in trying out REvolution's R
2:12PM 3 broken example: lme() + multcomp() Tukey on repeated measures design
2:00PM 0 what is R best for? Evidence please.
1:59PM 0 Blanchard Quah/Impulse Response Functions
1:47PM 1 ncdf,RNetCDF
1:27PM 0 OT: Strange bootstrap approach to significance testing
12:41PM 0 Help with R 2.9.0 and XML
12:27PM 0 rmysql fetch issues
11:55AM 0 Fix/Edit Error
10:52AM 4 search through a matrix
10:12AM 1 Package or packages for randomization in a clinical trial
10:10AM 0 lme for between-within anova
10:03AM 1 line wrap in R console under windows
9:42AM 1 How to compare parameters of non linear fitting curves
8:47AM 0 n stage integer optimisation in R
8:34AM 1 joined R-today
8:32AM 2 Question on binomial data
7:54AM 1 Sampling in R: Please read my email from attached text.
7:20AM 0 Samplin in R
6:59AM 6 Sampling in R
5:50AM 1 Functions in lists or arrays?
5:03AM 1 how to do analysis of PCA with raw data in R software.
1:21AM 0 ggplot2 version 0.8.3
1:00AM 1 Vizualization of points within sets
12:57AM 1 n-dimensional vector operations
12:04AM 3 create objects in a loop and adding sqlQuery content to them
Monday April 20 2009
11:48PM 1 factanal error
11:38PM 0 JOB: Permanent Statistical Programmer | LOCATION: London, England, UK
11:26PM 7 Fitting linear models
10:06PM 1 bladder1 dataset in survival library
10:06PM 0 New versions for the distr-family of packages
9:44PM 2 The assign(paste(...,i),...) idiom
9:39PM 3 Append to a csv file
9:36PM 2 Cross-Correlation function (CCF) issues
8:25PM 1 R 2.9.0 MASS package
7:29PM 0 Is latest R faster?
7:10PM 1 Matrix package,solve() errors and crashes
7:04PM 4 graph with 15 combinations
6:36PM 0 R Golf?
6:35PM 1 Random Forests: Predictor importance for Regression Trees
6:35PM 3 Calling objects in a loop
6:15PM 4 automatic exploration of all possible loglinear models?
5:49PM 0 Sweave and executive summaries - WORK AROUND
5:35PM 2 SEM package
5:24PM 1 generic genotype calling algorithm?
4:30PM 0 Major revision of plink for separate calibration IRT-based linking
3:51PM 1 Constraining equality between parameters of multinomial logit regression using VGAM)
3:49PM 3 what is R best for; what should one learn in addition to R
3:26PM 3 How to force axis to have the same range
2:30PM 3 setting levels in contourplot()
2:29PM 0 How estimate VAR(p)-model robustly?
1:54PM 0 how to access file backed big matrix (package bigmemory)
1:25PM 1 Paired test for 2-way ANOVA
1:23PM 1 doing zero inflated glmm for count data with fmr
1:12PM 0 system is exactly singular
1:07PM 8 bug when subtracting decimals?
11:44AM 1 Two or more dimensional root (Zero) finding
11:44AM 1 R-Squared with biglm?
10:01AM 8 R graph into MS Word: which format to use?
9:22AM 2 problem with new version
9:20AM 1 Buglet in plotCI
7:58AM 0 xterm256
6:59AM 5 to extract data
6:03AM 1 how can I run to multinomial PLS regression in R?
3:37AM 2 PCA and automatic determination of the number of components
12:36AM 2 plotCI (plotrix) problem
Sunday April 19 2009
11:38PM 1 package installation error
10:45PM 1 data$ID -> I always get a NULL
9:58PM 2 Including a vector element in an if statement
9:15PM 2 Sweave: Howto write real TeX formula in plot
7:24PM 3 flip certain bits in vector
5:12PM 2 covariance
4:58PM 1 help with this code
4:36PM 1 drawing data structures
1:02PM 1 creating a package in R
11:30AM 2 importing spreadsheet data - linera regression - panel data
10:40AM 0 tcltk2 treectrl
10:03AM 2 Sweave: Changing the background color, adding a border
4:19AM 1 dynlm question: How to predefine formula for call to dynlm(formula) call
12:20AM 0 nonparametric regression
12:20AM 0 Tow to perform diallel analysis in R?
Saturday April 18 2009
8:45PM 2 Question about rpart(sth~.,database)
8:25PM 1 How use a matrix method?
5:28PM 1 Modelling an "incomplete Poisson" distribution ?
5:18PM 1 Can't read table encoded in Unicode (R-2.8.1)
5:14PM 2 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
2:46PM 2 (no subject)
2:01PM 1 Neural Networks in R - Query
12:49PM 1 Rd: how to put a prime in a code fragment?
12:41PM 1 how can i program this???
9:28AM 1 Dummies: Call function or script
9:18AM 0 igraph 0.5.2
6:55AM 5 Dummy (factor) based on a pair of variables
6:49AM 0 Need Help with R.oo and "multiple inheritance"
6:00AM 1 install raster package on ubuntu
3:10AM 3 Tinn-R (Version dose not support R 2.9.0 very well
2:12AM 4 Loop question
1:36AM 2 source code for prompt()
Friday April 17 2009
11:51PM 0 plotting effect confidence intervals
11:33PM 0 Mischief on legend when size=1 added to geom_line
9:28PM 5 Binomial simulation
8:44PM 0 Thank You All for the help
7:52PM 1 real numeric variable transforms into factor:
7:42PM 1 ColorRamp different from ColorRampPalette
7:39PM 0 merging multiple data frames based on X and Y coordinates
7:30PM 0 Matrix package,solve() errors and crashes"
7:23PM 4 Separating variables in read.table
6:22PM 1 Monotone Transformation
6:04PM 0 Margins in lattice and device resolution
3:39PM 1 args and test of passed paramters
3:27PM 2 Generate bivariate binomial data
3:11PM 2 numbers loop in R
2:59PM 3 Create histogram from data matrix
2:43PM 1 Color of points in a 3d plot of a PCA
2:15PM 3 Modular Arithmetic Error?
2:14PM 1 Coloring X, Y and Main Label
1:58PM 1 S+FinMetrics
1:38PM 1 cast function in package reshape
1:07PM 0 How to create the null distribution
12:36PM 0 Using spdep example data and R code : bbox should never contain infinite values
12:03PM 2 Numeric data calculated in bwplot
10:48AM 1 R on Windows and RMySQL
10:26AM 0 multiplot numbering
9:25AM 1 matching subvectors in vector sets
8:56AM 0 R 2.9.0 is released
8:20AM 2 Manipulate single line in textfile
7:46AM 0 Linear model with interaction
7:28AM 1 Turning off warnings from cor.test
7:26AM 3 rnorm() converted to daily
7:23AM 1 Sourcecode documentation
6:31AM 0 vertex ordering by date on a network diagram
6:01AM 0 question about the Text Mining package tm
4:44AM 0 R2HTML and summary of dynlm model
3:54AM 1 How to control distance between rows of figures in multiple plots
3:31AM 1 multiplot plot spacing and text strip
2:23AM 0 SAS-like cluster statistics for ward's minimum variance method
Thursday April 16 2009
11:38PM 1 string to integer
9:44PM 0 FD: R package to measure functional diversity indices
9:30PM 3 "reverse truncate" to extract only decimal values
6:58PM 2 Translate the elements of a dataframe
6:54PM 0 Partial Derivatives in logit
6:29PM 3 question on using lattice panel plots
6:23PM 0 Printing data as a narrative or form letter rather than as a table
5:49PM 1 map of china without regions
5:39PM 1 Asking help for finding the highest density region
5:36PM 3 Presenting R Results in Webpages
4:10PM 0 Lin Model with interactions
4:10PM 1 Survreg/psm output
4:05PM 0 manipulating data via the factors of a term in a lm()
3:56PM 0 there are fontencoding problem in Sweave
3:44PM 3 Digitizing the Plot
3:05PM 2 error bars in matplot
2:53PM 0 Major bigmemory revision released.
2:49PM 0 points geodata {geoR}
2:45PM 2 Help- extracting values
2:41PM 1 Creating a list of database names for merge.rec
2:35PM 2 Reading in a large number of dbf files
2:29PM 2 there are fontencoding problem in Sweave
2:14PM 5 Howto build combinations of colums of a data frame
1:57PM 1 Plotting C++ output in R
1:54PM 1 weird error with contourplot
1:52PM 1 get() versus getAnywhere()
1:48PM 0 Find common Markers for all animals in data frame
1:35PM 1 F test
1:23PM 2 splitting vector into equal sets
1:07PM 2 changing Swaeve output settings for .pdf and .eps - is there a way?
12:46PM 2 static variable?
11:19AM 1 Graphics help
10:57AM 3 segment between points on different plots
9:43AM 0 pooled mean
9:10AM 3 (senza oggetto)
8:22AM 0 Problems with adabag
8:03AM 1 Igraph: family 'serif' not included in PostScript device
6:03AM 2 Count data with several numbers separated by commas
5:15AM 1 Problem with a defined function which cannot access a function defined outside of the function
4:12AM 0 specifying anova error terms
Wednesday April 15 2009
11:46PM 0 plyr version 0.1.7
10:52PM 0 Transfer data
9:55PM 1 Looping through file names and loading...
8:53PM 2 problem with read.table
8:42PM 3 Citing R
8:29PM 2 How to extract p-value into a table from a groups of t test
6:33PM 2 (hopefully) simple array op
6:26PM 2 From daily series to monthly and viceversa
5:47PM 2 Sweave and executive summaries
5:03PM 3 How to apply a function to all combinations of the values of 2 or more variables?
4:21PM 1 clustering, don't understand this error
4:05PM 0 Cross-Validation for Zero-Inflated Models
4:02PM 0 False convergence error with lmer (package lme4) - What does it mean?
3:35PM 1 Lattice xyplot with text under x-axis
3:32PM 1 Equivalent to Stata egen
3:22PM 2 AICs from lmer different with summary and anova
3:17PM 1 Survreg and censored observations
2:57PM 2 issue with L-BFGS-B in optim (optim just hangs)
2:55PM 3 Extending a vector to length n
2:35PM 0 GEEs - custom link functions
2:24PM 0 labcon(adehabitat) & large number of patches
2:13PM 2 data frame display
2:02PM 2 How to Reshuffle a distance object
12:59PM 6 Intersection of two sets of intervals
12:59PM 1 performing function on data frame
12:53PM 2 shift/lag when merge zoo
12:43PM 1 Writing .xlsx files
12:27PM 2 nls factor
11:56AM 0 composition of layouts
10:31AM 2 how to index statements provided as function args?
10:30AM 0 Rank of factors for experiment based on latin hypercube?
10:15AM 0 repeat series of commands for each variable
8:48AM 1 geometric mean to handle large number and negative values
8:02AM 2 Split string
8:01AM 3 Kruskal's MDS results
7:38AM 1 "utils" lacking namespace?
7:09AM 0 ave returns wrong type
5:42AM 2 Double seasonal holt winter using R
5:38AM 3 excluding a column from a data frame
4:22AM 1 savePlot error when type = "eps" or "wmf"
4:17AM 0 How to use cubic spline coefficients from termstrc package?
4:07AM 2 Creating a graphics window (in Windows, with RGui) that is not constrained to the RGui Window
3:12AM 0 Rpad vs. Rapache
2:18AM 0 confusion over "names" of lm.influence()$hat
1:36AM 1 Compiling Fortran Subroutines as R Shared Objects on Mac OS-X
12:22AM 1 large version of the R symbol
Tuesday April 14 2009
11:39PM 1 Lattice xyplot: Line and Rectangle in legend.
11:28PM 2 Controlling widths in write.fwf()
10:26PM 0 Help with nested loops
8:13PM 1 import from stata
8:00PM 0 Fitted values and MSE of individual fits in lmList
5:32PM 3 Automating object creation
5:25PM 2 matrix merge problem
5:20PM 3 scatterplot3d
5:08PM 4 Forcing the extrapolation of loess through the origin
4:50PM 1 mean fold change issues and p values
4:06PM 1 Function call error in cph/survest (package Design)
3:36PM 0 Legend: different family for title and labels
3:18PM 1 Two functions plotted in wireframe
3:02PM 1 Help with ANOVA p-values
2:42PM 0 disappearing dialog boxes when using tcltk
2:33PM 2 Lattice xyplot with two y axis
2:32PM 1 method ML
2:20PM 2 subset dataframe by rows using character vector?
12:10PM 1 Decomposition of time series with forecast package
12:01PM 2 matching lists
11:58AM 1 Histogram and moving average
10:20AM 4 cbind
10:08AM 1 using Sweave, how to save a plot in a given size
8:23AM 4 Building GUI for custom R application
4:29AM 2 any other fast method for median calculation
3:24AM 2 Subset function: selecting variables within a factor
2:31AM 1 fractal vs. Fractal packages
1:48AM 1 Jacobian
Monday April 13 2009
10:56PM 2 weighted mean and by() with two index
9:34PM 1 overlay multiple time series on one plot
9:30PM 0 external R GUI on OSX using Eclipse and StatET
8:34PM 2 Question on zero-inflated Poisson count data with repeated measures design - glmm.ADMB
7:09PM 2 I source an R script. An error is reported. But on what line
6:07PM 2 I want to use Sweave, but only sometimes
5:06PM 2 Faster Solution for a simple code?
4:41PM 3 tapply output as a dataframe
4:34PM 1 Off-topic: Biostatistics book spam?
4:24PM 1 Unable to mark labels
4:01PM 0 How to: Post Hoc Pair-Wise Comparisons for the Chi-Square Test of Homogeneity of Proportions ?
3:54PM 3 toupper does not work in sub + regex
2:56PM 3 p-values of correlation matrix
2:54PM 2 equation help
2:41PM 1 Finding the 5th percentile
12:42PM 0 Hurwicz Bias Correction
12:39PM 2 Interaction of a dynamic number of factors
11:01AM 3 Factor to continuous
10:33AM 4 Group by in R
9:14AM 1 Continue R CMD BATCH on error
9:12AM 0 debug/mtrace problem
9:04AM 2 Random Forests Variable Importance Question
8:32AM 2 joint estimation of two poisson equations
5:19AM 2 Using trace
2:59AM 0 Fwd: modelling a nested student-school-district model in lmer
12:48AM 3 Clustered data with Design package--bootcov() vs. robcov()
12:09AM 1 value of strptime in R 1.8.0
12:00AM 4 Physical Units in Calculations
Sunday April 12 2009
11:45PM 3 Quantative procedure assessing if data is normal
9:47PM 3 p-values from bootstrap - what am I not understanding?
8:39PM 2 "taking the log then later exponentiate the result" query
8:35PM 0 Generalised Rejection Sampling
7:09PM 1 goodness of fit between two samples of size N (discrete variable)
7:00PM 2 Convert string to time
6:10PM 2 Problem with Loop and overwritten results
4:26PM 3 Running random forest using different training and testing schemes
3:55PM 2 First Derivative of Data Matrix
1:32PM 0 lmer overdispersion
6:24AM 3 Generating random integers
1:15AM 1 predict.lda posteriors equal to 1
12:23AM 1 looking for one-liner for strsplit and regex
Saturday April 11 2009
10:51PM 1 How may I add "is.outer" method
10:33PM 0 _Possible_ work-round for normalizePath error (was Re: [Rd] Package (PR#13475))
5:35PM 1 How to save independent R sessions in BATCH mode?
5:29PM 2 Help with postscript (huge file size)
4:33PM 1 Error in R CMD check 2.8.1
4:16PM 0 Sean / Re: question related to fitting overdispersion count data using lmer quasipoisson
4:12PM 0 question related to fitting overdispersion count data using lmer quasipoisson
3:38PM 1 Protocol question: formatting of posts
3:09PM 2 Labeling points on plot on relative warp scores?
2:44PM 4 (no subject)
7:03AM 2 leave-one-out in R
6:22AM 1 Install odfWeave on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
5:25AM 2 who happenly read these two paper Mohsen Pourahmadi (biometrika1999, 2000)
3:41AM 2 transfer function model of time series
Friday April 10 2009
11:55PM 1 Re MLE Issues
10:59PM 2 Plot legend
10:07PM 2 Problem with bargraph.CI in Sciplot package
8:53PM 2 Stacked density plots
8:48PM 1 How to handle tabular form data in lmer without expanding the data into binary outcome form?
8:40PM 3 Determine the Length of the Longest Word in a String
7:32PM 0 recursive function, how to avoid list structure in return value
6:43PM 2 Frequency Counts per Time Period
6:23PM 1 using more plotting area for a lattice plot
5:37PM 2 Two different scales for the same axis in the same plot.
3:28PM 1 Random Forests: Question about R^2
3:26PM 3 Coloring X and Y axis
2:32PM 1 png with ggplot on windows xp
1:48PM 4 split a character variable into several character variable by a character
1:24PM 0 Didactic example and doubt: how to compare two regression line slopes
12:04PM 0 Sweave, how to save plots with a defined size and how to include several pdf pages on the same line
11:44AM 1 FFT function
11:29AM 0 dependent competing risks
9:17AM 3 How to create matrix for if-else application with "i"?
8:03AM 3 turning list into vector/dataframe
6:40AM 1 Built-in Code behind SVM
2:16AM 0 timeDate and timeSeries function in R
12:58AM 1 Subset a data frame for plotting
Thursday April 9 2009
11:47PM 0 Los Angeles area R users group's first meeting
10:53PM 1 puzzling lm.fit errors
10:30PM 2 how to automatically select certain columns using for loop in dataframe
9:23PM 1 Convert bits to numbers in base 10
9:01PM 1 Random Cluster Generation Question
8:51PM 0 Discriminant Analysis Ellipse
8:51PM 1 pdftex treats R pdf figures incorrectly
5:39PM 2 numbers not behaving as expected
4:46PM 4 running a .r script and saving the output to a file
4:18PM 1 Error in saveLog(currentLogFileName
2:49PM 1 HELP to cbind several data.frame with a LOOP
2:46PM 1 request: maximum depth reached problem
2:37PM 0 re siduals
2:18PM 2 xmlEventParse returning trimmed content?
1:48PM 2 better way of recoding factors in data frame?
1:39PM 1 CFA in R/sem package
1:05PM 1 seemingly unrelated regression
1:04PM 6 Cross-platforms solution to export R graphs
12:51PM 5 data.fram zero's
12:42PM 0 Find a zero of a composition of functions
12:21PM 1 reading an image and adding a legend
12:07PM 4 problems with integrate ... arguments
11:19AM 2 failed when merging two dataframes, why
11:10AM 1 Does R support [:punct:] in regexps?
10:59AM 1 arima on defined lags
10:16AM 1 Biexponential Fit
8:20AM 0 Invoking bond_prices function of termstrc package
8:01AM 2 R interpreter not recognized
8:00AM 0 Connecting to "heterogenous" cluster using makeSOCKcluster of SNOW-package
7:06AM 1 Create 2*3 Table in R
6:23AM 1 .Call()
6:22AM 1 combine words and dataframe
3:07AM 1 Help plotting image to window without margin
3:00AM 1 Help with biOps loading
2:10AM 3 Multiple Hexbinplots in 2 columns with a Single Categorical Variable
Wednesday April 8 2009
8:16PM 2 Doubt about aov and lm function... bug?
7:59PM 1 Anova interaction not tested
7:54PM 0 Customize Legend in Juxtaposed Barplot
7:46PM 0 rhipe v0.1
7:10PM 0 April R/Splus Courses: Back2back (1) R/S+ Fundamentals and (2) R/S-Plus Advanced Programming. in San Francisco and New York City
6:40PM 1 xyplot - show values of a series on graph
6:38PM 2 Display a very low p-value
4:54PM 3 MLE for bimodal distribution
4:48PM 0 subscript out of bounds in eqscplot problem
4:25PM 0 Comparing Proportions Among Groups
4:15PM 1 Colour each letter of a text string in a plot
4:05PM 1 Sweave problem, with multicolumn tables from R to LaTeX
3:59PM 2 Reshape - strange outputs
3:38PM 1 vectors on top of contours, and lattice
3:32PM 1 predict "interval" for lmRob?
3:17PM 1 Is a point into an ellipse
3:01PM 1 persp3d and rgl.viewpoint for rotating 3D plots
2:45PM 1 Col Names
2:15PM 1 default print format for large numbers
2:13PM 3 R File I/O Capability - Writing output to specific lines of existing file
2:05PM 2 sourced plot commands not working
1:02PM 1 Genstat into R - Randomisation test
11:54AM 3 Howto Plot With Transparent Background
11:42AM 2 help with random forest package
11:36AM 2 factor, as.factor and levels
10:30AM 1 read.spss, locale and encodings
9:50AM 2 Clear all with/without function()
9:25AM 1 Tinn-R pdf()
9:07AM 2 Null-Hypothesis
9:00AM 1 does grid.rect() not accept NULL argument from gpar(col=NULL) ?
8:43AM 3 Convert data frame containing time stamps to time series
8:02AM 1 Student
7:55AM 0 References for elliptical2d(fCopulae)
6:54AM 0 asymptotic convergence intervall for poisson regression
6:02AM 0 help loading an svm model from file
3:38AM 0 "Too many elements specified" error when mob command is used
2:17AM 1 binary version of R 2.8.x
1:32AM 1 how to adjust titles on sub-plots in levelplot / contour plot?
Tuesday April 7 2009
11:44PM 0 how to load an svm model from file
11:11PM 0 Converting a whole dataframe (including attributes) from latin1 to UTF-8
11:10PM 1 Constrained, multiple response statistics
9:31PM 0 Offset Variable in Statistical Models - Query
8:55PM 1 matrix filtering and reordering
8:33PM 2 newbie query: simple crosstabs
7:32PM 1 use the value of variable to quote certain elements in matrix
7:26PM 3 extract argument names
7:02PM 1 Pulling data into a model
6:00PM 2 Minimum Spanning Tree
5:59PM 2 xyplot - label one line
4:55PM 0 survival time ties and memory issue with aalen{timereg}.
4:55PM 2 problem with creating a netcdf file under script sh
4:54PM 0 HELP: Use predict for Tobit Model. How to predict values in Tobit Model???
4:53PM 0 Comparing Sample / Population Geographic Distributions
4:44PM 0 [R-pkgs] tcltk - control message while the program is running
4:22PM 1 axis values on lattice log-scale plot
4:16PM 1 get optim results into a model object
3:58PM 0 summary.plm error
3:54PM 1 R segfaulting with glmnet on some data, not other
3:40PM 0 Europe zip code shapefiles
3:13PM 0 Repeated SANN values.
3:12PM 2 Running an R script from Delphi 7
3:06PM 4 group by-like statement for 2-row matrix
2:51PM 0 gbm for multi-class problems
2:39PM 2 change default output size when using Sweave
2:35PM 3 strange (?) behavoir of expand.grid()
2:31PM 2 Annotation rgl plot
2:04PM 4 Re ading Excel 5.0 files with RODBC?
1:47PM 2 Using as.formula() with the reshape package cast
1:47PM 2 Frequency table to histogram
1:26PM 1 Simulate binary data for a logistic regression Monte Carlo
1:13PM 3 write text file as output without quotes
12:32PM 3 calculate weeks for 2005 and aggregate them
12:17PM 6 Sequences
9:50AM 1 Lattice Groups
8:28AM 1 change inter-line spacing in grid graphics - how to?
6:59AM 1 Interesting Plot
6:29AM 2 Maple and R
5:14AM 2 parse_Rd() Version 2 on Japanese Vista 32 (encoding problems)
3:35AM 1 Concern with randomForest
2:28AM 2 Writing specific columns to a data file
2:04AM 2 Puzzled by an error with apply()
1:08AM 1 extract values from summary
12:59AM 2 heatmap.2 no reordering of the columns and rows
12:11AM 1 Calculating marginal effects in R
Monday April 6 2009
10:26PM 0 ROCR package partial false positive and accuracy
10:22PM 1 Confidence interval?
10:11PM 1 multi panel plot using xyplot()
10:06PM 0 tkrplot installation problems
8:47PM 0 mtext problem - grainy and massive file size
8:14PM 2 approximation function
7:45PM 3 "bucketing" observations
7:22PM 2 Bonpower Crashes Trying Sparse Matrix (Igraph)
6:15PM 1 Problem with Extracting Fitted Values from fGarch package
6:06PM 0 How to find the cost relationship with a few factors and a few numeric sizes? (Resending with datasets)
5:55PM 0 dput and getOptions('width')
4:23PM 0 How to find the cost relationship with a few factors and a few numeric sizes?
4:00PM 1 contourplot label color
3:40PM 0 ARMA-GARCH package in R?
3:39PM 3 how to subsample all possible combinations of n species taken 1:n at a time?
2:38PM 2 Collapse data matrix with extra info separated by commas
2:26PM 5 Search for a graph package - see link
1:49PM 0 update() a LME-with correlated errors object
1:49PM 3 Best way to turn a list into a data.frame
1:42PM 1 Maintain proportions while reducing graphic output size
1:24PM 1 How to preserve NULL in vector
1:19PM 4 R package: Where to put code to Run Once Only?
12:00PM 1 package: maps and spatstat question
11:46AM 1 Boxplots in Barplots
11:42AM 1 political maps world maps in R, wrld_simpl
11:13AM 1 time-series data and time-invariant missing values
10:28AM 1 Comparing 2 slopes of 2 regression lines
10:18AM 2 GarchOxFit output
9:57AM 1 nlme weighted
9:55AM 1 Grouping of data frames to calculate means
9:54AM 1 re ad.table
9:39AM 1 Need Help with StatET Error/Bug? on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64
9:05AM 2 How to save the variables in R to a file
8:56AM 1 R and .net/C#
5:30AM 0 mckelvey-zavoina pseudo r2
5:14AM 1 line argument in mtext for axis ?
4:29AM 0 applying function to non zero elements of a sparse Matrix
3:36AM 0 sasweave, and R 2.5.1 vs 2.8.1
3:15AM 6 Need help in calculating studentized residuals/leverage values of non-linear model [nls()]
Sunday April 5 2009
10:41PM 0 Souce macros help
8:54PM 0 edit for Time series data in data frames
7:56PM 1 inverting a table
7:19PM 1 lattice different colors in different areas
6:21PM 0 New package: ascii version 0.1
5:49PM 2 Problem with Dynamo-Package
4:37PM 1 Question: R software
2:49PM 2 loop problem for extract coefficients
2:35PM 2 Code of sample() in C
12:48PM 2 mtext in barplot
12:29PM 1 problem with lattice tiff or bitmap: character size and color
12:27PM 1 Quick Question - MLE for Geometric Brownian Motion Process with Jumps
12:00PM 3 number of zeros in a matrix -row by row
10:37AM 1 Time series forecasting
9:42AM 1 showing values in levelplot or image
8:18AM 4 extract the p value of F statistics from the lm class
8:00AM 1 Which model to keep (negative BIC)
7:22AM 2 Filling in Gapped Interval of a Data Frame As Series
6:13AM 4 predicting values into the future
4:15AM 0 Question about arima.sim()
Saturday April 4 2009
10:34PM 1 Problem with sample()
10:33PM 1 comparing columns in a dataframe
10:27PM 2 help with formula and data= argument
9:34PM 1 Extracting a function from a R package
9:13PM 2 axis colours
7:42PM 2 Help with "by"
7:19PM 2 Help using smooth.spline with zoo object
5:09PM 2 data.frame, converting row data to columns
4:05PM 0 multiple imputation
3:02PM 0 Nice error from misuse of <- and <<-
12:30PM 2 threshold distribution
11:14AM 1 temporarily modify par values?
12:55AM 1 error in trmesh (alphahull package)
Friday April 3 2009
9:14PM 1 Multiple use of par()
9:01PM 1 Changing the y-axis units of a lattice histogram
8:30PM 2 Basic doubts on the use of several script files in R batch mode
8:29PM 1 Discriminant Analysis - Obtaining Classification Functions
8:05PM 1 US county map question
7:37PM 0 Discriminant analysis - posterior prob
7:27PM 0 compute effect sizes (partial eta)
7:16PM 1 Weighted principal components analysis?
7:15PM 0 R. A. Fisher Test for value of periodorgam
6:51PM 0 Working with and without formula in function
6:51PM 0 dendrogram rect.hclust() not working?
6:45PM 3 data.frame to array?
6:33PM 2 Removing backslashes from data
6:17PM 3 Conversions From standard to metric units
3:48PM 0 Bivariate meta-analysis in R
3:25PM 0 R Training courses
3:04PM 4 embed?
2:38PM 1 Planned contrast on repeated measures
2:18PM 3 for loop for extracting linear model info
2:11PM 0 (no subject)
1:46PM 0 New R graphics package targeting HTML 5 canvas element
1:21PM 1 Convert factor to "double"?
1:05PM 1 Curve fitting,FDA for biological data
12:29PM 2 Geometric Brownian Motion Process with Jumps
11:57AM 2 Schoenfeld Residuals
11:10AM 1 Trouble extracting graphic results from a bootstrap
10:44AM 1 "factorise" variables in a data.frame
10:27AM 2 course in ecological data analysis
9:50AM 2 Linear model, finding the slope
9:43AM 3 plyr and table question
9:40AM 2 Help pasting string as object name
9:10AM 2 Titles on lattice colorkey
8:55AM 1 DierckxSpline fitting with different sets of y-values in one time
8:43AM 1 how to do this "the R way"
8:43AM 0 chaining & consensus in cluster analyses
7:23AM 0 Intraday financial returns
7:10AM 1 Survey Package with Binary Data (no Standard Errors reported)
6:18AM 2 extract tables as data.frames from HTML source
6:07AM 1 new line between '}' and 'else' in function body
4:45AM 1 bigglm "update" with ff
4:24AM 0 Translate C code to R code?
4:06AM 2 how to sort and plot data?
3:36AM 1 How to force an point in x-axis to appear in plot
2:47AM 1 Howto Disable Scientific Numeric in X-axis for Plotting
1:09AM 1 Functions Accessing Databases
Thursday April 2 2009
11:09PM 1 Updating a data frame
10:16PM 1 Histogram with lattice with two 'conditional' variables
9:47PM 0 Residuals for an Ordered Probit
9:39PM 1 calculating drop1 R^2s
9:20PM 1 re trieve R session?
8:30PM 4 Deleting rows based on identity variable
8:12PM 1 Looking for an R advanced programming course in USA
7:57PM 1 Sweave, using xtable in a loop doesnt work?
7:41PM 1 In plot.zoo the screens and ylim arguments seem incompatible
5:36PM 0 multiple annotations on a heatmap
4:54PM 1 help with two layers of factors
4:52PM 1 problem with svyglm()
4:40PM 2 finding best fitting model
4:40PM 1 Function?
3:35PM 1 [R} seasonal differencing
3:26PM 2 Selecting all rows of factors which have at least one positive value?
3:16PM 2 all subsets for glm
1:37PM 0 Calculating Modal value and huge dataset
12:37PM 2 Installation of all packages under Unix
12:26PM 1 matrix vectorization or something else??
11:39AM 1 [tcl] unknown color name "red" errors
10:25AM 1 help regarding converting the available date in "right" date
9:49AM 0 Plots of envfit (vegan) - placing of vector labels
9:31AM 2 Environments
9:26AM 1 Problem with Dates :-(
9:14AM 2 how to sort and group the data?
8:53AM 1 Start Klimt from R
7:35AM 0 request: cost complexity parameter "k"
7:26AM 1 Time series analysis with irregular time-series
7:17AM 2 A question about forecasting with R
7:11AM 0 Sparse PCA problem
4:28AM 0 how to deal with errors
4:16AM 1 Tick label orientation
1:35AM 2 Scatter plot
12:36AM 0 R_LIBS in Windows Vista
Wednesday April 1 2009
11:33PM 1 paste to collapse vector to string
11:26PM 2 Matrix multiplication - code problem
11:22PM 4 Recode of text variables
10:21PM 0 Reading from Google Spreadsheets with RGoogleDocs
9:28PM 1 VAR with binary endogenous variables
9:17PM 2 help with ggplot2 -- ggpoint function missing?
9:15PM 1 STACK
8:35PM 1 lme between-group and within-group covariance
8:08PM 0 How to set the number of multiple comparisons (Bonferroni-Holm)
7:37PM 2 something equivalent to "switch" condition
7:04PM 2 Public R servers?
6:52PM 1 Plotting a time series
6:04PM 2 Plotting multiple ablines
6:04PM 1 SNOW: Error in socketSelect(socklist) : not a socket connection
5:47PM 0 Lattice plot with an extra strip showing group weights
5:44PM 1 Noobie ANOVA intercept question
5:28PM 1 Recommended packages for a statistician
5:25PM 0 feature selection problem,urgent help need
4:58PM 1 Vector of Vectors
4:03PM 0 Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
4:01PM 1 Latex symbols in R (\perp and \parallel)
3:54PM 1 Help with mixed-effects model with temporal pseudoreplication!
3:49PM 4 A query about na.omit
3:34PM 0 Still confused about R method of data exchanging between caller and called function
3:19PM 3 Fit unequal variance model in R
3:06PM 0 Package tcltk
2:51PM 0 smv() in "e1071" and the BreastCancer data from "mlbench"
2:44PM 1 Learning development concepts in R for newbie users
2:39PM 1 Discriminant analyse
2:38PM 2 Definition of = vs. <-
2:09PM 1 Request: Optimum value of cost complexity parameter "k" in "tree" package
1:56PM 2 Need Advice on Matrix Not Positive Semi-Definite with cholesky decomposition
1:30PM 3 list substring
12:52PM 1 Obtaining average ranking from matrix of frequencies
12:22PM 0 R.matlab_1.2.4.tgz best library for loading *.mat files?
12:10PM 3 How to prevent inclusion of intercept in lme with interaction
12:08PM 0 R hangs when trying to invoke through java in linux environment
11:14AM 0 Principal components vs. raw variables
10:44AM 1 SAS Institute to invest upto $20 m with R Project
10:14AM 0 Discussion on hosting of local user group web portals under r-project
9:16AM 1 Fwd: 'for Loop'
8:03AM 1 problem with 'loading file size'
7:10AM 0 Plotting lines(...type="b", pch=1) vs. legend(pch=1)
7:09AM 2 How can I use R through command line?
5:23AM 1 FW: How to specify axis interval unit...
4:42AM 4 Variable Wildcard Value
3:42AM 2 repeated measures ANOVA - among group differences
3:05AM 1 problems with package tutorial
2:43AM 0 回复: R-help Digest, Vol 73, Issue 32
1:49AM 1 Adjusting font size in a lattice graph