R help - May 2009

Sunday May 31 2009
9:50PM 1 warning message when running quantile regression
9:43PM 1 Error:non-numeric argument in my function
7:08PM 1 Can I Compile R with MS Access 2003 Developer Extensions?
6:06PM 2 Problem with reshaping of data
5:45PM 1 using chron vector with boxplot
3:58PM 2 renaming column names
1:29PM 2 convert the contents of a date.frame to a matrix
1:01PM 2 grid.edit() for ggplot2
12:51PM 1 Bug in gmodels CrossTable()?
12:46PM 1 Bug in truncgof package?
6:59AM 0 how to sort data frame order by column?
6:38AM 0 OT ; Interview with David Smith, REvolution Computing
6:34AM 1 how to sort data frame order by column?
5:51AM 1 mapply
2:42AM 1 R Solves Shakespeare Authorship Question
Saturday May 30 2009
7:07PM 0 improve efficiency of a loop
6:19PM 1 A problem about "nlminb"
5:22PM 2 Simple.lm
2:13PM 1 arithmetic problem
1:08PM 4 Looping until a solution is found
11:28AM 0 Y label with bold superscript
9:51AM 0 what is 'class.ind' here?
8:24AM 1 Spatiotemporal correlation function
4:35AM 3 setdiff bizarre (was: odd behavior out of setdiff)
3:45AM 2 'options=utils::recover' not working in .Rprofile or within R
1:32AM 0 validity of means comparison: unbalanced + weights
12:14AM 1 Help for running R2WINBUGS in VISTA
Friday May 29 2009
11:51PM 3 Quantile GAM?
11:17PM 1 code optimization problem ... using or not using "which" function
10:54PM 1 Problem making a package using S4 objects.
9:51PM 1 RODBC sqlSave with DB2
9:06PM 0 ggplot2 date help (minor gridlines months and major grid lines years in a readable format)
9:03PM 0 possible bug in "sspir" package?
7:43PM 0 Help installing sna on Solaris 10/Intel
7:27PM 3 SEM/path question
7:23PM 0 apologies for the redundant emails
7:21PM 1 save plm coefficients
7:15PM 1 strange behavior when reading csv - line wraps
6:51PM 4 logical vector as a matrix
6:48PM 2 Odd Behavior Out of setdiff(...) - addition of duplicate entries is not identified
6:25PM 1 matrix to vector
6:15PM 1 frequence of patterns in a vector
6:08PM 5 maxtrix to permutation vector
5:44PM 1 probably simple paste question solved: please ignore
5:39PM 1 probably simple paste question
5:09PM 2 strsplit
5:08PM 2 remove object
4:38PM 0 max.col specification
4:04PM 1 Mean of lognormal in base-2
3:01PM 4 R's documentation
2:46PM 2 excluding NAs in data frame without deleting rows
2:27PM 1 data manipulation involving aggregate
1:58PM 1 Problem loading rJava
1:39PM 1 Error messages/systemfit package
1:27PM 1 error message in plm
1:17PM 3 How to replace Inf by zero?
12:56PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 1.7.1
12:50PM 2 Nested variables
11:23AM 1 Regular point pattern on multi-segment line
10:47AM 1 Interface R <--> Processing
9:58AM 0 ACF roots
9:47AM 1 Backpropagation to adjust weights in a neural net when receiving new training examples
9:12AM 2 How to read a binary file bit by bit?
8:55AM 0 Finding Longest Identical Subsequence across Multiple Time Series?
8:36AM 1 problem with "ls" command
8:17AM 1 final value of nnet with censored=TRUE for survival analysis
6:32AM 0 labels in rgl.sphere
5:45AM 1 Package Licences
4:51AM 3 IP-Address
3:42AM 1 labels in rgl.sphere
3:00AM 2 Drawing schematics
2:51AM 1 how do I decide the best number of observations in MLE?
2:35AM 1 GTK Tooltips under Linux
1:56AM 0 I need help. about draw tree.
Thursday May 28 2009
11:18PM 1 RODBC package: how to check whether connection is open
10:39PM 1 Error: argument is of length zero
9:53PM 1 Package for Clustering - Query
9:45PM 3 avoid a loop
9:37PM 0 why warning appears when set both 'scale' and 'breaks' meanwhile in heatmap.2 of gplots
9:34PM 1 custom sort?
8:46PM 2 max.col weirdness
8:14PM 0 The R Journal volume 1, number 1, now available
8:00PM 4 How this addition works?
7:25PM 0 installing "gRain" package on ubuntu 8.10
7:25PM 3 how to avoid add 'X' before numeric colnames when read.table
7:16PM 0 filter function speed
7:05PM 1 plotting time series with data gap using type line- but do not want to connect gap with line
6:47PM 2 ggplot2 legend
4:13PM 0 getTree visualization (randomForest)
3:41PM 3 String replacement in an expression
3:25PM 1 maximum over one dimension of a 3-dimensional array
2:00PM 0 Urgent Statistician Position near Philadelphia
1:43PM 0 Changing data point size in quilt.plot
1:32PM 0 re gularly spaced points on multi-segement line
1:08PM 1 Plot error
12:58PM 1 How could I terminate a script (without leaving R)?
12:49PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 75, Issue 28
12:47PM 1 can you help me please :)
11:34AM 4 Read & name multiple excel sheets using RODBC
10:33AM 2 sample unique pairs from a matrix
10:03AM 3 R connectivity with Oracle DB
9:42AM 0 Delta Kronecker
7:50AM 1 optima in unimode
7:20AM 2 "1L" and "0L"
6:12AM 1 Unable to load R
4:38AM 0 PBSmapping problems with importGSHHS
4:16AM 1 Interaction plots as lines or bars?
2:54AM 3 R help
12:58AM 2 question about using a remote system
12:36AM 2 Replace is leaking?
12:25AM 3 How do I get removed from this mailing list?
Wednesday May 27 2009
11:38PM 1 lattice::xyplot axis padding with fontfamily="mono"
10:52PM 2 boxplot
7:39PM 3 Axis label spanning multiple plots
6:53PM 1 R Books listing on R-Project
6:46PM 2 Factor level with no cases shows up in a plot
6:31PM 1 reduce size of plot inside window and place legend beside plot
6:31PM 1 ggplot2 adding vertical line at a certain date
6:19PM 1 a simple trick to get autoclose parenthesis on windows
6:14PM 0 invert axis persp plot
6:09PM 2 how do I get to be a member?
6:04PM 0 interpretation of the likelihood ratio test under *R* GLM
5:41PM 1 contour lines on persp plot
5:36PM 1 "Error: package/namespace load failed"
5:27PM 2 problem with cbind
5:27PM 1 no internal function "int.unzip" in R 2.9.0 for Windows
5:24PM 3 alternative to built-in data editor
4:27PM 2 How to set a filter during reading tables
4:24PM 1 Deviance explined in GAMM, library mgcv
4:05PM 1 Changing point color/character in qqmath
4:01PM 3 Labeling barplot bars by multiple factors
4:00PM 2 Object-oriented programming in R
3:35PM 3 R in Ubunto
3:31PM 1 vegan metaMDS question
2:11PM 3 Defining functions - an interesting problem
1:16PM 1 RWeka weka.core.SerializationHelper.write
1:13PM 1 Hierarchical glm with binomial family
12:39PM 3 Sort matrix by column 1 ascending then by column 2 decending
11:42AM 1 Full likelihood from survreg
11:40AM 1 Problem with adding labels in ggplot2
10:37AM 5 How to exclude a column by name?
10:34AM 1 How to write a loop?
10:22AM 1 Warning message as a result of logistic regression performed
10:08AM 2 Intra-observer reliability
9:52AM 5 r-plot
9:51AM 1 Constrained fits: y~a+b*x-c*x^2, with a,b,c >=0
9:26AM 1 Multivariate Transformations
8:13AM 3 Neural Network resource
6:39AM 1 C4.5 implementation in R
4:43AM 2 Harmonic Analysis
1:57AM 0 Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040013
12:40AM 0 Newbie: Using R to analyse Apache logs
Tuesday May 26 2009
11:49PM 0 Cgee: error: logistic model
11:12PM 1 Finding and removing non-printable ascii characters in a file
9:52PM 2 Problem with fractional seconds
9:40PM 1 Beta Testers Wanted for SPSS Statistics Developer
9:36PM 2 Using package "exams" and xtable
8:37PM 0 OWL (Web Ontology Language) in R?
8:22PM 3 Still can't find missing data
8:15PM 0 NNET conditional Multinomial logit
7:10PM 2 (OT) Does pearson correlation assume bivariate normality of the data?
6:59PM 1 interactive file choosing in Linux?
6:48PM 1 optim() question
6:16PM 2 Problem accessing "row number" from subset on a dataframe
6:11PM 2 Linear Regression with Constraints
5:35PM 0 Bootstrapping and estimation of standard error
5:26PM 2 using lsoda() and nls() together
4:36PM 0 degree symbol using X11 on OSX
2:37PM 5 Help me...!!!
2:25PM 2 Discovery on packages
1:34PM 2 help wth boxplots
1:27PM 3 split strings
1:25PM 0 facet_grid problem: don't understand error message
12:43PM 1 R for arma mdel with constraints on parameters
12:13PM 1 Selection and aggregation in one operation?
10:41AM 1 stricter use of xlim in plot.stepfun
10:39AM 1 Converting a list to a data frame or columns at the least
10:17AM 2 R under Ubuntu
10:02AM 4 moving from Windows to Linux - need help
9:34AM 4 Creating multiple graphs based on one variable
8:56AM 1 R-windows unsuccessful
8:32AM 0 cross-validation in rpart
6:53AM 1 Sample size calculation proportions with EpiR: Discrepancy to other calculators
4:30AM 2 Help needed on R output
2:08AM 0 Grouping methods
Monday May 25 2009
11:58PM 0 Piecewise Aggregate approximation
11:26PM 4 How to create all pairs
10:19PM 2 apply fn to many dataframes
8:40PM 1 Running R from a read-only CD
8:26PM 3 Interpolating variables within (RODBC library) SQL statements for MySQL
5:30PM 0 image, domain, codomain
3:19PM 0 Or operator on working on the r-objects doesn't generate a logical value
3:00PM 1 Memory problems when using ifelse
2:12PM 1 SEM modelling
1:43PM 2 cairoDevice.dll error, but it exists..?
1:34PM 1 Blocking design
12:45PM 3 long format - find age when another variable is first 'high'
10:30AM 0 mle2 for poisson data
8:45AM 1 Working with daily data
1:50AM 1 vignette problem
1:11AM 1 The setting of .Library.site in Rprofile.site doesn't take effect
Sunday May 24 2009
8:42PM 1 unit of grid size of s.class plot (ade4)?
8:00PM 2 Getting an older version of a package
7:24PM 1 Timing issue using locator() in loop containing print()
6:32PM 1 filling area under a function line
5:46PM 1 subset dataframe by number of rows of equal values
5:09PM 2 how to implement a circular buffer with R
4:53PM 2 Deleting columns from a matrix
4:21PM 2 Assigning variable names from one object to another object
1:01PM 1 Animal Morphology: Deriving Classification Equation with Linear Discriminat Analysis (lda)
12:08PM 2 A question on type="h" plot lines
11:28AM 2 accuracy of a neural net
11:15AM 2 help with replacing factors
10:08AM 0 [newbie] conditional density of a bivariate
8:51AM 2 Creating a list by just using start and final component
3:29AM 1 about strauss process
12:34AM 1 using optimize() correctly ...
Saturday May 23 2009
9:40PM 1 Cream Text Editor
8:35PM 0 getting % influence for 2 factors in LDA
5:09PM 4 Search for longest consecutive occurrence
4:46PM 1 Save values from an expression that is created from deriv command
3:06PM 0 dimnames does not match array extent
2:32PM 1 create vectors within a double loop
2:01PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:59PM 1 optimizing function over x,y
12:44PM 2 counting occurrence of text in a dataframe
10:48AM 1 Constraining linear regression model
6:27AM 1 Draw a rectangle on top of an image using RGtk2?
6:25AM 1 Clean up a complex variable
5:17AM 2 how to adding colors to data points in scatter plot in R?
12:26AM 1 rank reduction method in time series analysis?
Friday May 22 2009
10:51PM 2 how to insert NULLs in lists?
10:28PM 0 mle() question
9:34PM 0 Goodness of fit for MLE?
9:15PM 1 stripchart and ordering of plot
6:33PM 1 Object not found
4:53PM 1 regrouping factor levels
4:38PM 2 sciplot question
4:36PM 2 Error in FUN with tapply and by
4:18PM 0 lattice strip argument check
3:32PM 0 levelplot in combination with xyplot
3:11PM 0 axis(): disable prevention of overlapping tick labels for pgfSweave()
3:04PM 0 fitting Autoregressive Conditional Duration and Cox Proportional Hazard model in R
2:56PM 0 EM algorithm mixture of multivariate
2:45PM 2 Returning only a file path on Windows
2:36PM 1 bug in rpart?
2:28PM 0 EM algorithm mixture of multivariate gaussian
1:58PM 1 Forcing a variableinto a model using stepAIC
1:41PM 2 Query regarding na.omit function
1:28PM 1 survfit, summary, and survmean (was Changelog for survival package)
1:11PM 0 How to compute the score-statistics from a logistic model using lrm {Design}
12:18PM 2 Step by step: Making an R package with Fortran 95
12:10PM 0 Reading iputs from adjacency matrix
11:42AM 1 Cannot Install Cairo Library
11:17AM 0 Changing a legend title to bold font
10:58AM 1 anova leads to an error
9:39AM 0 likelihood
9:06AM 1 Goodness of fit in quantile regression
5:27AM 1 Confirmatory factor analysis problems using sem package (works in Amos)
4:45AM 5 Need a faster function to replace missing data
3:47AM 1 automatic model selection based on BIC in MLE
3:42AM 2 System crash when using surv=T in cph
12:49AM 1 Paste Strings as logical for functions?
Thursday May 21 2009
11:35PM 1 axis in the barplot
11:20PM 0 hands-on model selection and statistical data analysis books in R?
11:14PM 2 good numerical optimization to use in R?
11:00PM 1 step by step debugger in R?
10:36PM 1 vcd package --- change layout of plot
10:16PM 2 Naming a random effect in lmer
9:13PM 2 help with gsub and date pattern
8:39PM 1 Axis Limits in Scatterplot3d
7:58PM 0 Marginal Effects in ordered logit
7:08PM 3 Behavior of seq with vector from
6:48PM 1 size of point symbols
6:28PM 2 NA when indexing vectors
4:57PM 1 Changelog for the survival package
4:38PM 0 Rpart - best split selection for class method and Gin
4:06PM 2 subsetting of a data.frame
3:45PM 4 Re placing a "+" in a string
3:11PM 2 Matrix sum
2:15PM 4 Product of 1 - probabilities
2:10PM 3 index to select rows of a large matrix
1:12PM 1 Loop avoidance and logical subscripts
12:28PM 1 Negative value for adjustedRandIndex?
12:10PM 1 Need help on ploting Histograms
12:05PM 0 Offsets in bigglm
11:33AM 1 transformation and outliers
10:36AM 1 Inverse
10:23AM 1 postscript problems (landscape orientation)
10:18AM 0 problem with ci for lmer
9:53AM 1 "Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit" (can't understand explanations of how to fix this)
9:51AM 1 Error in importing table from SQL to R
9:40AM 1 [newbie] how to do a 3d plot of bivariate density?
9:02AM 1 em algorithm mixture of multivariate normals
6:48AM 1 Rpart - best split selection for class method and Gini splitting index
3:19AM 2 Re order variables in a dataframe
2:34AM 0 lmodel2 - regression through origin?
12:32AM 3 Problems with sample variance
Wednesday May 20 2009
11:35PM 2 evaluate polynomial
11:27PM 0 Asymmetric t-copula code?
9:44PM 1 combining xYplot with map
9:13PM 1 how to get remote ESS graphics to work?
8:42PM 2 Example for parsing XML file?
8:10PM 2 round function seems to produce maximum 2 decimals
8:10PM 0 Linear constraints for constrasts
7:23PM 1 Non-linear regression with latent variable
7:04PM 1 Supressing the enumeration of output in console
6:50PM 2 How to load data from Statistics Canada
6:23PM 3 error message re: max(i), but code and output seen O.K.
5:10PM 0 dropping empty panels in xyplot
4:55PM 1 sem with categorical data
4:20PM 2 drc results differ for different versions
3:49PM 0 evaluating partitions in CLUE
3:34PM 1 Comparing spatial distributions - permutation test implementation
3:32PM 2 minmun p-value for wilcox.test and correlation
3:21PM 1 stationarity tests
2:57PM 0 meaning of order-vector in object of class hclust
2:57PM 2 Class for time of day?
2:31PM 0 function returning the name of an object
1:55PM 2 Trouble installing package 'systemfit'
1:41PM 0 Random effects aov
1:16PM 1 Error with regsubset in leaps package - vcov and all.best option (plus calculating VIFs for subsets)
1:02PM 10 How to google for R stuff?
12:54PM 1 efficiency when processing ordered data frames
12:38PM 0 how to merge replicate spots
12:10PM 1 turning off specific types of warnings
11:54AM 1 Where to find a changelog for the survival package
11:21AM 4 Functions returning functions
10:57AM 1 SEM:Standard error of std.coef estimates?
10:47AM 0 New package for medical image manipulation: tractor.base
10:46AM 0 Mixed Models
10:21AM 1 Plot data from table with column and row names
10:03AM 0 Running multiple versions of Rserve on a Linux system
6:17AM 2 arrangement of crowded labels
4:50AM 1 Package Inline under windows
4:43AM 0 glht problem
4:31AM 1 Extracting correlation in a nlme model
3:59AM 2 Too large a data set to be handled by R?
1:51AM 1 how to copy files from one direction to another?
12:50AM 0 New version of actuar
Tuesday May 19 2009
11:04PM 1 panel question (plm)
10:21PM 2 Getting lm() to work with a matrix
8:37PM 0 help with error
7:52PM 2 what is wrong with this code?
7:50PM 2 Replace / swap values of subset of a data.frame
6:37PM 1 length(grep(...
4:24PM 2 create string of comma-separated content of vector
4:07PM 5 exists function on list objects gives always a FALSE
3:33PM 2 Using while statements to insert rows in a dataframe
3:27PM 0 File too big for filehash?
3:17PM 4 nlrwr package. Error when fitting the optimal Box-Cox transformation with two variables
3:17PM 0 Spearman rho
3:16PM 0 error glmpath()
1:03PM 2 memory stack overflow
12:12PM 1 loglinear analysis
10:47AM 3 Remove objects names like character String
10:44AM 1 remove empty objects from workspace
10:17AM 2 Coord_equal in ggplot2
10:17AM 2 problem with installing a local zip file : GFCURE
9:04AM 0 R copula - empirical distributions
8:00AM 0 As "mat.or.vec"
4:04AM 1 fitting distribution
3:39AM 1 Finding data association in R
3:37AM 0 Grouping using pairs function
3:10AM 1 RGoogleDocs: can now see documents but cannot get content.
1:28AM 0 normal score transformation...
12:50AM 0 About " Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit"--resend
12:40AM 3 how to calculate means of matrix elements
12:21AM 1 Wilcoxon nonparametric p-values
Monday May 18 2009
11:50PM 2 Multi-Row Lattice Plot With Y Axis on Same Side
10:34PM 2 Overlay two quantreg coefficients plots
10:32PM 0 How to plot a surface plot (+contour map) from this data
10:20PM 2 stringsAsFactors param in expand.grid not working
9:43PM 1 Using apply() and scale() in combination
8:24PM 1 Generic 'diff'
8:16PM 1 JOB: C++ Programmer in London, England, UK
6:48PM 1 Predicting complicated GAMMs on response scale
6:47PM 1 Barchart in lattice - wrong order of groups, data labels on top of each other, and a legend question
4:24PM 1 Read.table problems
4:07PM 0 multinom() and parameters
2:47PM 1 comparing two ROCs
2:42PM 1 error in importing text files
2:25PM 2 Superscripts and subscripts in trellis graphics
2:01PM 0 (no subject)
1:11PM 2 intermediate iterations of stepwise regression
1:07PM 1 discrepancies between stata and r for a cox regression
12:02PM 1 Connection to Microsoft SQL Server
12:00PM 2 Simulation from a multivariate normal distribution
11:26AM 2 Overdispersion using repeated measures lmer
11:23AM 2 Split data frame based on Class
11:21AM 1 Save Cluster results to data frame
11:17AM 8 Simple plotting errors
11:10AM 0 Connection to SQL Server
11:09AM 9 Concatenating two vectors into one
10:46AM 3 Runtime Error! Keep on happening while using amap, anacor and ca pckg
10:37AM 4 MAC OSX vs Win XP: Different stats test results!
10:10AM 3 Parsing configuration files
7:03AM 3 (no subject)
4:20AM 2 How do you save in R?
4:09AM 1 How to run Rcmdr in Mac Os X Tiger?
3:26AM 0 About " Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit"
3:07AM 0 asymmetric t-copula in R
1:20AM 1 Measures
Sunday May 17 2009
10:03PM 1 sprintf() question
8:58PM 2 Chow test(1960)/Structural change test
8:36PM 3 build CONTENTS or 00Index.html without installing whole package
7:53PM 1 One Sample Nonparametric
5:23PM 2 Output of binary representation
5:05PM 0 plotting a chisquare
4:38PM 0 Some questions about package "pastecs" and "stats"
12:22PM 1 (no subject)
10:53AM 1 package for /usr/lib64/R/library/tkrplot/libs/tkrplot.so
8:55AM 0 Asymmetric t - copula code in R
6:42AM 1 Kumar quantile
3:45AM 2 wireframe 3-D problems
3:35AM 0 projecting onto 2d *integer* grid?
1:52AM 2 Newton's method for finding roots
1:41AM 0 Simulation Help
12:26AM 0 Croston's
Saturday May 16 2009
10:14PM 2 Row number of minimum value?
9:11PM 1 Lattice scales question: using "at" when log = TRUE
7:18PM 1 How to draw a R plot in Java frame ?
6:57PM 2 Question about barplot: gridlines & value labels
6:49PM 3 converting numeric to integer
3:57PM 5 bagged importance estimates in earth problem
3:21PM 3 How to save R "clean" sessions in BATCH mode?
3:17PM 1 I can't update
1:52PM 1 vector fragment
1:48PM 1 maxLik pakage
12:50PM 1 MANOVA
12:43PM 1 barplot in a loop not printing out to directory
12:34PM 2 newbie: closing unused connection + readline
9:37AM 1 Installing R on Ubuntu 8.10
9:32AM 1 Fwd: Cannot allocate a new database connection error
6:49AM 1 Gamma
6:48AM 1 Gamma function
4:27AM 1 How to turn the xyplot graphics upside-down?
4:05AM 1 (no subject)
2:02AM 1 ggplot2: annotating plot with mathematical formulae
Friday May 15 2009
11:18PM 0 problem with mle.stepwise
10:55PM 1 Matrix package,solve() errors and crashes Please help
7:46PM 1 Memory size problems in R
7:22PM 0 Converting numbers to and from raw
6:37PM 1 Dickey-Fuller Tests with no constant and no trend
5:18PM 1 Rotating x-axis categorical labels
5:09PM 0 Any R workshops on BUGS or resampling or other...?
5:04PM 1 anova(cph(..) output
4:43PM 3 drawing arrows
3:59PM 2 Using column length in plot gives error
3:58PM 2 Printing to screen a matrix or data.frame in one chunk (not splitting columns)
3:25PM 1 data summary and some automated t.tests.
3:04PM 1 warning message while installing a package
2:57PM 0 analysis of circular data with mixed models???
2:46PM 4 replace "%" with "\%"
2:31PM 1 Function Surv and interpretation
2:31PM 1 Plotting question re. cuminc
1:43PM 2 Additional points to scatter plot show up at wrong place
1:40PM 0 Issue displaying legend for large data
1:26PM 1 creating and then executing command strings
1:22PM 2 error writing to connection
12:59PM 1 Fw: Help with loops(corrected question)
12:33PM 4 displaying results
12:17PM 2 Help with loops
11:57AM 2 help with as.numeric
11:26AM 3 need help
11:20AM 0 web interface for R script??
10:12AM 0 Ego net and merge networkss
7:42AM 3 Using sample to create Training and Test sets
7:08AM 2 transposing/rotating XY in a 3D array
6:46AM 1 Intel® Core™2 Quad Processors
2:15AM 1 help on Nan error
1:45AM 1 About the efficiency of R optimization function
Thursday May 14 2009
11:21PM 3 memory usage grows too fast
11:19PM 2 is.variable ? is.initialized ?
11:15PM 1 fitdistr for t distribution
9:37PM 0 mathematical model/equations for neural network in library(nnet)
9:28PM 1 Supplying NA or Zeros in dataframe for missing factor combinations
8:58PM 1 Problem with viewports, print.trellis and more/newpage
8:51PM 2 How to do a pretty panel plot?
8:06PM 1 "Fast" correlation algorithm
7:36PM 2 can you tell what .Random.seed *was*?
7:32PM 1 Problems intalling on Suse 10.3 x86_64 OS
7:14PM 2 assign unique size of point in xyplot
6:55PM 1 Bayesian Model Averaging
6:28PM 1 KNN script: Identity of specific K samples chosen?
5:30PM 2 Importing data into R and combining 2 files
5:22PM 1 text() to label points in ggplot
5:16PM 2 Function to read a string as the variables as opposed to taking the string name as the variable
4:11PM 0 Rpart - user defined split functions
4:03PM 1 automated polynomial regression
3:46PM 0 Bayesian 2*2 table independence test
3:03PM 0 can I plot a matrix of colors?
2:44PM 0 I can't install RWeka
2:41PM 2 I want to avioid unnecessary value
2:09PM 0 extract decision tree from rpart
2:05PM 0 dissimilarities table factorial analysis
12:57PM 1 latex.table used with mixed string and numbers
11:54AM 0 EM algorithm for mixture of two Weibull distributions (Urgent)
11:40AM 2 specify the number of decimal numbers
11:31AM 1 replacing default axis labels on a plot
11:04AM 1 Simulation)
9:51AM 1 corrupted smoothing kernel ?
9:26AM 1 Least-square support vector machines regression!
8:53AM 1 Data extraction problem after importation using RODBC
6:16AM 4 Duplicates and duplicated
5:54AM 1 R Tools To Evaluate Confidence Interval
5:22AM 1 Finding root using Newton's method
4:47AM 5 Graphical output format
Wednesday May 13 2009
11:58PM 2 plotting multiple data sources
11:41PM 4 matching period with perl regular expression
11:01PM 2 Object and Classes ?
10:21PM 2 Optimization algorithm to be applied to S4 classes - specifically sparse matrices
9:51PM 3 SQL Queries from Multiple Servers
9:49PM 1 Block factor as random or fixed effect?
9:41PM 1 question about setClass
8:55PM 2 [OT?]R Reference Manual review/recommend
8:41PM 0 June R/Splus Courses: Nationwide Back2back (1) R/S+ Fundamentals and (2) R/S-Plus Advanced Programming. in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle and Salt Lake City
8:23PM 2 Dates and arrays
7:49PM 2 Input to variables - help please
7:21PM 0 simple anova question
7:04PM 0 Mann-Kendall test
6:57PM 0 replace() help
6:38PM 3 Checking a (new) package - examples require other package functions
6:06PM 1 Overlaying two plots
5:33PM 1 Calling R from .net environment
4:43PM 1 Anova
4:35PM 1 Centering R output in Sweave/LaTeX
3:42PM 2 ode first step
3:18PM 2 Problems with randomly generating samples
3:13PM 11 Simulation
2:54PM 2 Histogram + % of cases for a given criteria
2:20PM 0 rpart - not for classification?
2:12PM 1 access to the current element of lapply
1:19PM 2 3dscatter for linux
12:44PM 1 Nagelkerkes R2N
12:40PM 0 R package to fit mixture or cure survival models
12:34PM 1 Mixture of survivals or cure models
12:26PM 0 questions on rpart (tree changes when rearrange the order of covariates)
11:43AM 1 overlap contour
10:45AM 8 read multiple large files into one dataframe
10:19AM 2 Help with a cumullative Hazrd Ratio plot
9:53AM 2 converting numeric into character strings
9:44AM 2 Multiple ANOVA tests
9:23AM 3 where does the null come from?
9:13AM 0 Segmentation fault in package rJava on CentOS server
6:02AM 5 Help with reshape/reShape and indexing
5:22AM 2 Overlay cdf
4:29AM 4 creating a postscript file with two xyplots
3:30AM 4 plotting a grid with color on a map
2:22AM 2 (no subject)
1:47AM 0 pair matching query corrected
Tuesday May 12 2009
11:54PM 1 strucchange | weighted models
9:59PM 2 Specifying data type when creating a dataframe using RODBC
9:44PM 2 curve fitting
9:15PM 0 Bootstrap error rate for logistic disrmination model
7:53PM 1 adonis help - (non-parametric (permutational) manova)
7:48PM 0 Automatic task planner
7:47PM 1 Help needed to compile R with shared library.
7:35PM 0 How do I extract the scoring equations for neural networks and support vector machines?
7:08PM 2 selecting points on 3D scatterplots
5:22PM 0 FW: neural network not using all observations
5:11PM 2 Multiple plot margins
5:02PM 2 pair matching
4:19PM 1 questions on rpart (tree changes when rearrange the order of covariates?!)
4:09PM 1 AFT-model with time-dependent covariates
3:55PM 1 Using loops to run functions over a list of variables
3:21PM 0 Trouble with parametric bootstrap
3:16PM 1 R Group on Professional Networking Site
3:10PM 0 neural network not using all observations
2:57PM 2 import HTML tables
2:37PM 0 variability
2:20PM 1 Graphic aspect ratio
1:39PM 0 triangle.class pch per factor
1:37PM 0 R^2 extraction and autocorrelation/heterokedasticity on TSLS regression
1:00PM 0 Warning trying to plot -log(log(survival)) (John Sorkin)
12:50PM 1 survival curves for time dependent covariates (was "consultation")
12:48PM 1 plotCI line types for line and for bar
12:37PM 1 Response surface plot
12:29PM 2 SAS PROC SORT nodupkey
12:00PM 1 Power function for ratio of lognormal means: two equally valid results? [SEC=Unclassified]
11:32AM 0 Fw: Hold out procedures in R software
11:20AM 2 From two colors to 01 sequences
11:06AM 1 how to take away the same varible when I use "merge"
10:58AM 1 xyplot: no ticks for a factor scale?
10:18AM 3 What's the best way to tell a function about relevant fields in data frames
10:04AM 1 rbind help
9:49AM 1 how often we use the libraries/packages in R
9:37AM 2 Kumaraswamy distribution
9:23AM 1 ROCR: auc and logarithm plot
9:03AM 1 Two-way Anova
8:51AM 2 newtons method
8:50AM 1 extracting residuals from glm object
8:29AM 1 lattice histogram for multiple variables : adjusting x axis
8:08AM 4 decimal troubles ?
8:06AM 2 (no subject)
7:27AM 0 Bayes newby
7:21AM 2 How to display data content on a only row?
5:40AM 1 Can anyone suggest some r packages for Experimental Designs, specifically for choice and conjoint??? (or is intersted in helping me make 1)
5:14AM 1 How to generate pdf in more than 1 papes
1:28AM 1 how the break is calculated by R?
1:27AM 1 times family unavailable in postscript device (Ubuntu Linux)
1:08AM 1 how to specify xlim in forestplot
12:36AM 0 Bootstrap error rate of logistic disrmination model
Monday May 11 2009
10:30PM 2 Set working directory by dragging text file onto R shortcut? [WinXP, unfortunately]
9:46PM 1 inconsistent results for axis.POSIXct
9:17PM 1 Add data count to plot?
9:06PM 0 stepAIC + cox.zph
8:53PM 3 Looking for a quick way to combine rows in a matrix
8:37PM 2 Read many .csv files into an R session automatically, without specifying filenames
7:52PM 1 explanation - what does R in the background?
7:36PM 3 anyone know how to calculate chi square value from P value?
7:18PM 1 Warning trying to plot -log(log(survival))
5:46PM 1 Error in NLME (nonlinear mixed effects model)
5:46PM 1 consultation
4:56PM 0 Partial correlation function required
4:20PM 0 robustbase: cannot install
4:10PM 1 maxLik package
3:57PM 1 R errors when trying to read a file
3:26PM 1 Legend in plots
3:20PM 1 predict function the other way around
2:49PM 1 Seewave options
2:40PM 1 Rcompression on Omegahat
2:32PM 2 Plotting colors on a world map
2:30PM 0 Inconsistency in representation of variables
2:07PM 3 Searching within a ch. string
1:54PM 1 Ancestral Character Estimation
1:30PM 1 Problems to run SVM regression with e1071
1:23PM 0 Import Visual FoxPro (.dbf)
1:01PM 1 Removing any text beginning with...
12:54PM 1 R and McAfee 8.5
12:51PM 0 Comparing COXPH models, one with age as a continuous variable
11:57AM 0 Amsterdam course - Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation
11:55AM 1 Plot bivariate joint pdf
11:49AM 3 aggregate over x cases
11:22AM 1 doubt
11:05AM 3 readBin: read from defined offset TO defined offset?
10:45AM 1 Using ACE in the ape package
10:16AM 0 R-2.9.0 on CentOS 5 installation?
9:40AM 1 3d Scatterplot using rgl
8:58AM 0 Unable to install R package
5:13AM 2 working with groups of labels?
5:10AM 1 R Error, very odd....
1:55AM 1 Building US maps in R
Sunday May 10 2009
10:09PM 1 How does one plot the -log(log(survival))
9:52PM 1 Select the rows in a dataframe that matches a criteria in another dataframe
9:43PM 2 plot(survfit(fitCox)) graph shows one line - should show two
9:17PM 2 Unintended loading of package:datasets
8:36PM 1 Help with kalman-filterd betas using the dlm package
7:26PM 1 function for nice correlation output with significance symbols
3:32PM 1 ggplot2: recommended workaround for broken legend.position="top"
2:57PM 2 ade4 and inertia of axis 2
2:05PM 4 Partial Derivatives in R
12:25PM 1 Function recommendation for this study...
6:49AM 0 Predictive Analytics Seminar: May 27-28, New York City
5:01AM 1 Traceback NA's to their first appearance
4:21AM 2 What does it mean by skip=2 and skip=7?
12:03AM 1 Spatstat
Saturday May 9 2009
9:59PM 0 clump of binary pixels on raster
9:02PM 4 how to get design matrix?
8:53PM 2 Sweave \Sexpr{} advice please
8:53PM 2 need help with chisq
7:55PM 0 pointers needed to expected values of fractions
6:50PM 1 "Overloading" some non-dispatched S3 methods for new classes
6:32PM 1 sqlSave()
6:18PM 1 R package for estimating markov transition matrix from observations + confidence?
5:40PM 4 Generating a "conditional time" variable
5:33PM 2 a general way to select a subset of matrix rows?
4:25PM 5 Reading large files quickly
4:10PM 2 Histogram frequencies with a normal pdf curve overlay
4:04PM 1 Problem with package SNOW on MacOS X 10.5.5
12:33PM 1 for loop
11:03AM 1 pdf transparency not working with Latex documents
10:45AM 1 Strip labels: use xyplot() to plot columns in parallel with outer=TRUE
9:39AM 1 (no subject)
1:29AM 0 Barplot, Bold font in superscript cm^-2
Friday May 8 2009
11:49PM 1 new book on (Perl and) R for computational biology
11:07PM 2 I don't see libR.so in my installation directory
10:27PM 1 Citing R/Packages Question
9:28PM 1 Merging two data frames with 3 common variables makes duplicated rows
8:54PM 3 Beyond double-precision?
8:44PM 2 Vim R plugin-2
7:30PM 1 caching of the .Rprofile file
6:45PM 1 Rmysql linking to an old-ish mysql build
6:45PM 1 Installing RGtk2 on Mac OS
6:03PM 2 Help to extract results from lme.object
5:48PM 2 Probit cluster-robust standard errors
5:41PM 1 plm: plm.data vs pdata.frame
3:26PM 1 RGoogleDocs
3:08PM 1 centering axis labels in lattice
2:48PM 1 plotting with gap in x-axis range
2:27PM 2 partial mantel tests "Ecodist"
2:16PM 1 sscanf
1:47PM 2 postscript()-resolution
12:57PM 1 Gantt chart but slightly different
12:49PM 4 howto find x value where x=max(x)
12:35PM 0 how to calculace the Observational error of an variable (nls fit)
12:12PM 0 expression(paste with the superscript in bold font
11:10AM 1 Error while using rfImpute
10:34AM 1 graph resolution windows (dpi) using x11 device
9:56AM 0 Comparing elements of a vector, grouped by values in other vector.
9:49AM 1 glm fit
9:37AM 0 Episode splitting with qualitative covariates
9:30AM 1 Get (feature, threshold) from Output of rpart() for Stump Tree
8:58AM 2 Plotting questions
8:48AM 1 creation of a matrix
8:25AM 3 'Dynamic' 3D plot
7:52AM 0 Good website for help
7:07AM 1 What package I use to draw 3D plot after plsda?
6:45AM 0 dyn.load a package for dev purposes?
6:20AM 0 How to run regression of ordinal probit with IV
5:39AM 1 if ((x >.2 || x<(-.2)) && (col(x)!=row(x))) {x=x[,-col(x)]}
5:13AM 2 display data ( text) on leveplot / Superpose panel
4:19AM 8 I'm offering $300 for someone who know R-programming to do the assignments for me.
3:21AM 0 mgarch
2:39AM 0 why doesn't t.test value include standard error
2:09AM 0 DPpackage help: DPdensity
1:16AM 1 problem with normalize.quantiles
12:21AM 0 I need your help about graph. I would like to give color to text in the graph.
Thursday May 7 2009
10:35PM 0 Hmisc::latex() help
10:00PM 1 paste with apply, spaces and NA
9:50PM 1 How to properly shade the background panels of an xyplot?
9:23PM 1 making an Affybatch object for expresso
9:13PM 1 Using lme() for split plot
6:59PM 0 GAM ordered probit
6:54PM 2 for loop vectorization
6:45PM 1 increasing memory for R bg job
6:41PM 1 CHM error
5:15PM 0 .First and loading a package in a workspace
4:56PM 2 64 bit R double precision
4:03PM 0 Weighted multinomial logistic regression using the mlogit package
3:55PM 2 lasso based selection for mixed model
3:42PM 0 help~ how can I drow colorful text in biplot.
3:41PM 0 visualization of sub-parts in 3D arrays
2:56PM 0 compiling 64 bit JRI.dll with 64bit XP
2:38PM 2 A potential bug for paste() ?
2:34PM 1 How to save independent R sessions in BATCH mode???
2:19PM 2 Linear least squares fit with errors in both x and y values.
2:18PM 0 Draw a random number about the fitting of a glm model using family=quasi
1:55PM 3 Plotting counts vs. intervals for a shingle
1:37PM 1 Step and stepAIC
1:30PM 1 extending strsplit to handle missing text that doesn't have the target on which to split
1:24PM 2 How to call time series functions from C ?
1:22PM 3 RSPerl and Statistics::R
1:13PM 1 Bubble Plot Over a Map
12:00PM 2 Generating plots with two lines, each line plotted with a different color
11:50AM 2 Show name of dataset in graph
10:11AM 1 error using lapply with oneway_test (coin package)
9:34AM 1 I need your help about plsr
8:43AM 0 Gaussian local detrending and smoothing within a moving time window
8:01AM 1 data transformation using gamma
7:24AM 0 RPgSQL package man pages
6:19AM 2 Matching multiple columns in a data frame
4:39AM 0 Question about spatial probit model using zelig command
4:22AM 1 I updated/reinstalled ggplot2 and the trouble started...
12:55AM 0 Building 2.9.0 on Solaris 10 U6 x86
Wednesday May 6 2009
11:03PM 0 Biostatistician Job Openings
10:58PM 0 RMySQL and non-installer mysql
10:55PM 0 beta
10:21PM 2 Help with lme4 model specification
10:15PM 1 please, a help or information
10:09PM 6 by-group processing
9:19PM 1 When was the package relaimpo first introduced in R?
9:03PM 1 Hmisc package: deff() command's formula for the design effect
8:42PM 2 Print to File Formatting
7:47PM 2 rmysql query help
7:29PM 1 Add trend line to XYPlot using a subset of the original data
7:29PM 1 How to do Naive Bayes in R?
7:26PM 2 convert large integers to hex
7:17PM 0 remote browser and per-session dir
6:19PM 2 NLMINB() produces NaN!
5:49PM 1 dependency ‘Matrix’ is not available when installing Rcmdr
5:38PM 1 Heatmap: draw horizontal line
5:08PM 1 Positioning a legend via X and Y coordinates
4:53PM 1 'RG' looks like a pre-2.4.0 S4 object: please recreate it
4:24PM 1 [Fwd: loading SPOT file]
3:34PM 3 General Question about Graphics
3:15PM 1 Houston, TX Users Group
3:09PM 0 Help with JADE package
2:55PM 1 changing variables in a dataset
2:41PM 0 Age Calculation in years, months and days
1:45PM 4 tapply changing order of factor levels?
1:37PM 7 PGF Device
1:05PM 2 X and Y axis labels on a barplot
1:02PM 2 Summary help
12:36PM 0 DSC 2009 update, early registration ends May 15
12:28PM 0 sigma in glmer (lme4)
12:22PM 1 model fitting using by(): how to get fitted values?
12:14PM 0 Estimating parameters in a nonlinear model with observations
11:15AM 2 Need help building combined model
10:36AM 0 Can't find package for decision plot anymore
9:55AM 0 bug with RODBC ?
8:19AM 0 problems with rq.fit.sfn
8:18AM 0 Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data. Warning message: In rq.fit.sfn
6:56AM 0 threat analysis
6:31AM 1 Call R from Perl
5:15AM 0 Determining the contribution of individual variables to LOF
4:58AM 0 bivariate normal and rho
4:47AM 0 I need your help.
4:42AM 4 subset data
4:22AM 11 Do you use R for data manipulation?
4:03AM 1 Problem with update.packages on repo with a single package
3:00AM 1 Duplicating meta-regression results from PROC MIXED with lmer
1:31AM 1 help
1:24AM 0 R readline customization with rl_application_name
12:14AM 0 subscript out of bounds
Tuesday May 5 2009
11:41PM 1 Rcompression and Java Deflator
11:28PM 1 novice question regarding R archives
11:00PM 1 Relative subscripts?
10:41PM 1 yacas
10:35PM 0 illegal levels in yaImpute() / AsciiGridImpute()
8:59PM 2 problem with ggplot2 boxplot, groups and facets
8:03PM 1 re shape package - use one cast() instead of many
6:55PM 1 documenting quirky behavior of as.POSIXct, as.POSIX.lt regarding AM/PM, possibly other cases
5:24PM 1 big databases
5:05PM 3 quick square root axes
4:36PM 1 self organizing map advice for categorical data
4:28PM 0 Re : Re : Support Vector Machines
4:27PM 0 method for calculating grey level occurrence matrices (GLCM) with R
4:08PM 1 how to modify a function in a R package calling other (invisible?) functions
3:53PM 1 A question about using “by” in GAM model fitting of interaction between smooth terms and factor
3:52PM 2 Sampling a matrix with different probability distributions
3:52PM 1 Plotting pairs of bars
3:32PM 1 setting trellis auto.key color values
3:05PM 2 Bristol mirror GPG problem ubuntu repository
1:48PM 2 View cluster results of large data sets
1:41PM 2 Stepwise logistic Regression with significance testing - stepAIC
1:41PM 2 calibration plot
1:27PM 0 text mining in italian
1:02PM 4 Create Pie chart from .csv file
12:31PM 0 ERPs analysis
12:08PM 3 Cox Proportional Hazard with missing covariate data
11:47AM 1 Find cyclically identical binary sequences
11:24AM 0 noisy quantisation; Bernoulli scheme
11:07AM 2 Lattice: use levelplot as panel for wireframe
11:01AM 1 Working with R from Remote desktop
10:56AM 1 RMySQL insert statements?
9:55AM 4 problem with rgl package
9:47AM 0 stepAICc function (based on MASS:::stepAIC.default)
9:39AM 8 limits
9:23AM 2 noisy quantisation
8:43AM 2 Can't build termstrc package from source
7:53AM 1 "prob" in predict(randomForest)
7:25AM 2 smoothing spline in package gam
7:11AM 3 Heatmap without levelplot
5:30AM 0 Time series ARIMAX and multivariate models
2:20AM 2 Way to handle variable length and numbers of columns using read.table(...)
1:19AM 0 S4 slot of type connection [Sec=Unclassified]
Monday May 4 2009
11:29PM 0 questions about function arima0
9:42PM 0 RSiteSearch package?
8:40PM 0 to the person who asked about dividing by the base row
8:23PM 1 ellipse
8:03PM 0 sm.density.compare
7:41PM 2 Calculating relative ratios in a data frame..
7:04PM 2 rotate texts
6:58PM 2 A variation on the bar plot
6:55PM 1 ellipsis problem
6:46PM 4 Producing a legend successfullly
6:45PM 0 frontier 0.99 is NOT backward compatible
6:06PM 2 Code of the max() function
5:58PM 0 Cox Proportional Odds Model
5:27PM 0 Handling Error Thrown After source(...), read.table(...), and readLines(...)
5:24PM 0 Java-R
4:49PM 0 Zelig, oprobit error
4:31PM 1 help_if command_new column
3:44PM 1 mosaic plot with two factors and one continous variable
2:34PM 1 how to remove ( ) ? when using write.csv(chron.object)
2:18PM 2 Reversing axis label order
1:30PM 1 can install.packages() copy utility files to the public_html directory ?
11:35AM 4 levelplot question
11:19AM 4 Creating a variable which is the sum of equal rows in a dataframe
10:50AM 1 Randomized-complete blocks design and R
9:08AM 1 wrong if-else syntax
8:59AM 1 Caret package: coeffcients for regression
8:25AM 2 About the Transfer Function Model(ARIMAX)
8:22AM 1 quadratic programming
8:12AM 4 Surface for R outside of R
7:53AM 2 Need to clean a table, and compute mean and SD
7:48AM 2 normality test for large a large dataset ?
6:21AM 4 Splitting a vector into equal groups
4:50AM 0 Encoding issue with replacement operation
4:32AM 1 Nelson-Aalen estimator of cumulative hazard
2:38AM 1 Please help me subset this dataframe, thanks...
12:42AM 1 how to display case names in biplot.prcomp?
Sunday May 3 2009
10:50PM 2 clear screen?
5:36PM 2 is there a way to read a specific column from a txt file
2:02PM 0 AUTO: Katy Strong is out of the office (returning Wed 05/06/2009)
11:46AM 1 dates from Stata's .dta to R's .Rdata: become character
8:27AM 7 running R on netbooks/minis?
2:18AM 3 Optim function in the loop
2:12AM 1 fImport data from Australian stock exchange
Saturday May 2 2009
11:00PM 1 lattice levelplot axis + custom annotations
10:49PM 0 compiled help pages - OS info
10:37PM 1 compiled help pages
9:20PM 1 integer ranges in R vs C and Java
8:09PM 2 plotting fit from ols( rcs() )
5:34PM 3 Division ?
3:39PM 2 Problems producing a simple plot
2:45PM 1 Trouble installing packages on Macintosh OS-X 10.5.6
12:39PM 3 evaluate a expression
11:59AM 4 print value of variable to screen or alert box?
6:54AM 1 value labes Stata vs factors
4:23AM 0 Bivariate pdf and marginal pdf of non-standard distributions
4:19AM 2 any suggestions on this error?
4:05AM 2 Seed of Random number generation
2:55AM 0 Multi-variate rcs() error
Friday May 1 2009
11:49PM 0 stem's scale
11:04PM 1 Problem with qcc
10:59PM 1 computationally singular and lack of variance parameters in SEM
10:51PM 1 locating rcmd.exe through a batch script
9:54PM 1 Last month on the Revolutions blog
9:11PM 1 How to use write.csv(x=zoo.object), and how to let the first column corret?
9:07PM 1 question on aggregate
8:15PM 3 factor level
8:13PM 1 Plotting extra lines on scatterplot
7:45PM 2 Double summation limits
6:55PM 2 combine column names
6:52PM 2 sequence number for 'long format'
6:10PM 0 off topic -- publicly available datasets for opinions on the death penalty in the UK
5:59PM 0 Apologies: example of data needing zeros-no NA values
5:55PM 2 Reccomendation for graphics package
5:22PM 1 A beginner's question about ggplot
5:20PM 3 adding zeros to dataframe
4:03PM 0 Copying ncdf dims and vars from one file to the other
12:51PM 1 Problems with 'valid columns' when using merge
9:46AM 1 integrate with large parameters
9:39AM 0 need help - small code
7:56AM 0 Variogram: Tollerance in lag and angle
2:50AM 0 Confusion going from Stata -> R
2:10AM 1 Evaluating content of command line arguments
1:41AM 0 Rscript vs R CMD BATCH
1:01AM 0 How can I create all possible contigency tables if the total count and number of rows and columns are fixed?