R help - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
11:46PM 2 Merge two variables together
11:15PM 1 error when going through Alan Lenarcic's package Tutorial
10:14PM 1 using "substitute" inside a legend
10:01PM 1 ggplot: order of numeric factor levels?
9:49PM 1 Selecting Bootstrap Statistics in the boot package
9:34PM 1 Multicollinearity with brglm?
9:33PM 0 How to load data from BLS web
9:14PM 2 error message obtained when plotting survival curves (error not previously obtained)
8:51PM 0 joint distribution of ordered normal random variables
8:47PM 0 WriteXLS: New version 1.6.0 - Binary CRAN packages available and other changes
8:02PM 2 convert table to list
8:02PM 3 Fedora 10 KDE plasma font rendering issue
7:42PM 1 About the proportion of data
7:27PM 2 Generating EPS figures automatically (like Sweave)
6:45PM 0 Last month on the Revolutions blog
5:49PM 1 viewport bug in 2.8.0?: Error: Cannot pop the top-level viewport (grid and graphics output mixed?)
4:58PM 1 Can not get a prediction interval from Predict
4:33PM 1 Lomb periodograms
4:29PM 1 Bug in col2rgb?
4:22PM 1 model selection using ANOVA
4:12PM 1 Reshape: 'melt' numerous objects
4:09PM 5 Using apply to get group means
3:53PM 1 Deriving Samples from specific, not implemented PDF for a QQ-Plot
3:40PM 3 'for Loop'
3:06PM 0 Connecting C# to R via rscproxy.dll does not return all results
2:22PM 1 CV and GCV for finding smoothness parameter
2:05PM 1 target of assignment expands to non-language object
1:37PM 1 Upgrade through the R interface?
1:29PM 1 help about: anova and population no normal
1:28PM 3 labeling panels in lattice plots
1:15PM 1 Problem with mathematical expression and loop
12:59PM 2 "digits" in round()
12:31PM 0 Function rmultiregfp from package bayesm gone?
11:32AM 0 R commands equivalent for STATA commands
11:27AM 3 R Language Bloggers and Web Sites Owners
11:27AM 0 R for Mac OS X Search in Help
11:14AM 1 error during DPpackage compilation
11:10AM 2 scope of variables in R
11:07AM 3 Factor Analysis Output from R and SAS
11:05AM 0 plot Geotiff
10:47AM 1 Jarque-Bera test and Ljung-Box test for multivariate time series
10:31AM 2 Programming objects in R
10:13AM 1 Doubt(load large amount of data) -reg
10:10AM 2 naming vectors/ matrices in R
10:09AM 1 3d cloud plot with point size reflecting variable value
9:25AM 2 Does R support double-exponential smoothing?
9:20AM 1 Efficient calculation of partial correlations in R
9:18AM 0 Row/columns names within 'assign' command
9:17AM 5 how to increase the limit for max.print in R
9:08AM 3 How to specify axis interval unit...
9:05AM 1 summarize logical string
8:18AM 1 Convert date to integer
7:14AM 4 Convert Character to Date
3:16AM 1 Package candisc
2:58AM 2 How to generate natural cubic spline in R?
1:37AM 0 data.table is on CRAN (enhanced data.frame for time series joins and more)
1:09AM 2 To save Trellis Plots on A3 size paper (Portrait and Landscape)
12:05AM 3 RMySQL compile
Monday March 30 2009
11:33PM 1 Can I read a file into my workspace from Rprofile.site?
11:04PM 1 advice for alternative to barchart
10:55PM 3 two monitors
10:26PM 1 Help with tm assocation analysis and Rgraphviz installation.
10:17PM 1 Mapping in R
10:13PM 1 use R Group SFBA April meeting reminder; video of Feb kickoff
10:04PM 0 Kruskal-Wallis-test: Posthoc-test?
8:56PM 1 Comparing Points on Two Regression Lines
6:43PM 2 ggplot2-geom_text()
6:40PM 3 Calculating First Occurance by a factor
6:23PM 0 circular analysis
4:46PM 1 64 bit compiled version of R on windows
4:35PM 0 pgmm (Blundell-Bond) sample needed)
4:19PM 1 Importing csv file with character values into sqlite3 and subsequent problem in R / RSQLite
4:12PM 3 Nonparametric analysis of repeated measurements data with sm library
3:28PM 0 Excellent Talk on Statistics (Good examples of stat. visualization)
3:24PM 1 List assignment in a while loop and timing
2:46PM 0 NY City Conf for Enthusiastic Users of R, June 18-19, 2009
2:38PM 2 Add missing values/timestamps
2:25PM 1 [OT] Contacting "Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation" authors
1:32PM 0 how does stop() interfere with on.exit()?
1:01PM 2 Sliding window over irregular intervals
11:55AM 1 Wrong path to user defined library for the R Help Files
11:13AM 0 (no subject)
11:07AM 1 (no subject)
10:12AM 1 PLS package loading error!
10:07AM 1 what is R equivalent of Fortran DOUBLE PRECISION ?
9:21AM 1 Retrieving the context
9:01AM 0 Self Organizing Map
8:26AM 1 How do I add a rug to a 3d 'persp' plot?
7:34AM 1 interpreting "not defined because of singularities" in lm
7:25AM 1 Sum of character vector
6:55AM 1 Binning
6:12AM 1 Warning messages in Splancs package :: no non-missing arguments to min; returning Inf
5:37AM 0 Problem in S4 object displaying from within a Java application using JRI
4:07AM 2 which rows are duplicates?
3:17AM 1 How to generate a new column according to some rule?
2:50AM 1 Another question
2:27AM 2 A simple problem
1:37AM 1 how to input multiple .txt files
1:18AM 1 Lattice axis list (when relation = "free")
Sunday March 29 2009
10:42PM 1 Lattice question.
10:39PM 0 unable to compile package
10:13PM 3 cmprsk- another survival-depedent package causes R crash
9:32PM 1 help on plot tick marks
9:08PM 1 a loop for boxplot graphs
8:45PM 4 Constrined dependent optimization.
8:31PM 1 Two variables on one lattice barchart
8:06PM 1 Quantiles for bivariate normal distribution
7:46PM 0 Frailty models and omnibus test
7:35PM 1 Darker markers for symbols in lattice
7:23PM 4 binary AND operators in R
6:36PM 1 DCT function?
5:45PM 0 finite population correction factor
5:11PM 1 Post-hoc and planned comparisons for repeated measures
3:50PM 2 re form data for aov()?
2:31PM 0 Washington DC R User Group
1:28PM 1 Data decomposition
12:53PM 1 problems importing file
12:48PM 1 Subscription request
11:39AM 1 Problem with circular::plot.circular()
11:02AM 2 Burt table from word frequency list
8:50AM 2 select observations from longitudinal data
3:25AM 3 Eclipse and StatET Howto (also added Subversion, Rtools)
2:38AM 1 simple example for linear mixed effects model
1:42AM 2 number of ticks in a persp() plot
1:08AM 2 Mature SOAP Interface for R
12:09AM 1 [cluster package question] What is the "sum of the dissimilarities" in the pam command ?
Saturday March 28 2009
11:54PM 2 Matrix max by row
10:39PM 1 list of variables to table of factors
9:48PM 2 Output an RWeka model via sink
5:48PM 4 Selecting elements from a vector (a simple question with weird results)
4:06PM 2 Calculate directions between points
3:18PM 7 unicode only works with a second one
1:37PM 2 recommended computing server for R (March 2009)?
1:15PM 1 Breaks in y-axis of histogram using lattice
12:24PM 0 Find boundaries between two SpatialPolygonsDataFrame objects?
11:28AM 1 stratified variables in a cox regression
9:23AM 2 text matching and substitution
7:33AM 1 Error in R??
4:11AM 0 R: Fortran 90 etc.
2:15AM 1 calculating average for multiple subclasses in a data set
1:44AM 0 Los Angeles area R users group
12:56AM 1 Quadrat Variance analysis
12:48AM 1 Find inflection points using smooth.spline
Friday March 27 2009
11:27PM 1 add variable in for loop
10:30PM 1 LME as part of meta-analysis
10:26PM 2 Sorting problem
9:50PM 1 asking advice for Integer Programming packages
9:03PM 0 Quadratic Discriminant Analysis (qda)
7:38PM 3 nls, convergence and starting values
7:11PM 2 : how to select rows at random
6:45PM 1 deleting/removing previous warning message in loop
6:28PM 0 RExcel rcom Server Loading The Wrong Version of R
6:11PM 2 Assignment to variables fails to loop
6:03PM 0 Efficiency: speeding up unlist that is currently running by row
5:58PM 1 constraint optimization: solving large scale general nonlinear problems
5:36PM 3 how to get all iterations if I meet NaN?
5:33PM 1 General help for a function I'm attempting to write
5:32PM 1 first time poster
5:24PM 1 Random Forest Variable Importance
5:20PM 0 creating a matrix as input to lowess
4:49PM 1 Out of memory crash on 64-bit Fedora
3:53PM 2 print table (data.frame) to pdf
3:46PM 3 about the Choleski factorization
3:44PM 1 Passing parameters to R script in Rgui
3:35PM 2 error when setting up Rcmd BATCH on new computer
3:18PM 1 functions flagged for debugging
3:04PM 1 Re sults sometimes in seconds with difftime unit=mins
2:56PM 0 R: plm and pgmm
2:30PM 0 cannot reproduce matlab wavelet results with R
2:14PM 1 snow Error.
2:12PM 1 Sweave-output causes error-message in pdflatex
1:57PM 1 3D PLOT
1:24PM 2 adding matrices with common column names
1:16PM 3 color vectors other than gray()
1:02PM 1 anova with means and SEMs (no raw data)
11:49AM 2 'stretching' a binomial variable
11:05AM 3 Ploting a matrix
8:56AM 1 Plot with nested x-labels
8:27AM 2 Remove error data and clustering analysis
7:49AM 0 problem with the plm package
6:40AM 4 A beginner's question
6:23AM 1 different results of fisher.test function in R2.8.1 and R2.6.0
5:08AM 1 Combining multiple dataframes in a list
4:15AM 0 Installing Rmpi on Centos 5.2
3:57AM 0 Need some help at interfacing R with Fortran-90
3:43AM 1 interactive image graphic
3:27AM 2 how to quit mailing list
2:44AM 2 Physical or Statistical Explanation for the "Funnel" Plot?
2:08AM 1 how to quit this mailing list
1:45AM 0 pgmm (blundell-bond) help needed
1:32AM 1 ROCR package finding maximum accuracy and optimal cutoff point
1:04AM 5 use of "@" character in variable name
12:11AM 0 Trellis barchart help
Thursday March 26 2009
11:31PM 1 Snow Parallel R: makeCluster with more nodes than available
10:18PM 2 R 2.8.1 and 2.9 alpha crash when running survest of Design package
10:15PM 0 for Interaction of continous var and categorical var, any way approach the categorical var to continous ?
9:39PM 1 pgmm (Blundell-Bond) sample needed
9:25PM 2 loading and manipulating 10 data frames-simplified
9:25PM 1 ApEn (Approximate Entropy), Total Corr, Information Interaction
8:45PM 0 VGAM and cnstraints
8:42PM 1 Bug? FORTTRAN help
8:31PM 1 ICC question: Interrater and intrarater variability (intraclass correlation coefficients)
8:26PM 2 Data manipulation - multiplicate cases
7:00PM 1 Weighting data with normal distribution
6:48PM 2 Analogy for %in% for the whole columns (rather than individual values)
6:40PM 4 Reading in files with variable parts to names
5:21PM 1 Conerned about Interfacing R with Fortran
4:51PM 0 Locale problem between WinXP and Ubuntu
3:59PM 1 standard plot font
3:53PM 3 How to rotate axis labels? 2009
3:39PM 2 Tables
3:23PM 1 arima, xreg, and the armax model
3:20PM 0 package installation on OSX --- suggestion
3:17PM 3 programming creating different functions in a loop
3:06PM 0 the by function
2:11PM 2 installing contributed programs
1:45PM 1 Some install package fixes for Ubuntu Hardy
1:39PM 0 Minimal R-installation (and it's size)
1:37PM 0 Plot the highest point in a contour plot
1:09PM 1 problem with "choose.files" command & interactive functions
12:33PM 1 Column name assignment problem
12:24PM 0 New CRAN Package: WriteXLS
11:31AM 1 Centring variables in Cox Proportional Hazards Model
11:20AM 0 Using JRclient in java application
11:15AM 4 same value in column-->delete
11:05AM 0 Warning messages from quantreg
10:58AM 2 Getting started,
10:21AM 1 loop problem
8:40AM 0 (Interpretation) VGAM - FRECHET 3 parameters by maximum likelihood estimation for
7:57AM 1 Extreme AIC in glm(), perfect separation, svm() tuning
7:54AM 1 Sort by timestamp
4:32AM 1 Fortran-90 and R
1:48AM 1 Splitting Area under curve into equal portions
12:43AM 2 sum to infinity
Wednesday March 25 2009
11:36PM 2 "with" and "by" and NA:
10:26PM 1 boxplot in subgroups
10:14PM 1 intelligent optimizer (with domain restrictions?)
9:56PM 0 (specific) Question about kernel
9:34PM 0 legend title
9:30PM 1 How to: Read Multi-filtes and sort to different files
9:01PM 1 Confusion about ecdf
8:28PM 3 very fast OLS regression?
8:08PM 1 Piecewise
7:49PM 1 Hopefully a simple question
7:47PM 0 R's "validity" on MedStats
6:56PM 2 "[.data.frame" and lapply
6:56PM 1 Weighted Graph Link strength ( I am making mistake please help)
6:38PM 1 Creating date seq in data frame
6:06PM 2 pca vs. pfa: dimension reduction
6:01PM 0 wavethresh start.level problem
5:58PM 4 Manual sort in a for loop
5:54PM 2 Plot inside For loop
4:26PM 0 constrOptim workaround for "L-BFGS-B" or Box Constraints
4:12PM 0 diversify the values of the x-Axis...
3:15PM 2 need help with ordering of plots
2:40PM 5 histogram plots with many different samples
2:02PM 1 Requesting help with lattice again
1:33PM 1 Angstrom Symbol on Y-axis ?
1:30PM 1 Density estimation: scale back for calendar time
1:03PM 3 Doing %o% that operates on columns instead of atomics
10:22AM 2 Including greek letters in a pairs() plot
10:07AM 2 Competing risks Kalbfleisch & Prentice method
9:44AM 0 Discreminant Analysis(How to interpret??)
9:33AM 1 turning of html help
9:05AM 0 R Query
8:00AM 1 mvtnorm package
7:57AM 0 calculate the power of kendall or spearman correlation
7:13AM 3 Converting a Matrix to a Vector
7:08AM 1 command to start a program (fortran code)
6:36AM 2 [ggplot2] Densityplot, grouping and NAs
6:16AM 1 Interpolate x from y
5:55AM 0 Longitudinal study with three treatments
4:35AM 1 Install local binary package on a Mac
3:30AM 1 how to calcualte Jaccard Coefficient
2:52AM 2 Grouping Numbers
2:36AM 1 glm.nb() giving strongly different results
1:27AM 0 question about commodity prices
1:27AM 1 position weight matrix
1:07AM 3 how to identify a symbol is defined from which package
12:35AM 0 Rmpi - send/receive multiple objects to slaves
Tuesday March 24 2009
11:10PM 1 problem with Rscript
10:36PM 0 Return value from a C program is different from the R console
10:20PM 0 GLMM with poisson distribution (lme4)
9:16PM 0 Announcement: Introduction to R and other courses at the University of Texas Summer Statistics Institute
8:54PM 1 Discriminant analysis - stepwise procedure
8:45PM 0 repolr output
8:19PM 4 multiple paired t-tests
8:14PM 2 Executing an external executable from within R?
8:00PM 2 Green and Byar (1980) Prostate Cancer Data set from Andrews and Herzberg - Data
7:49PM 1 segfault when running heatmap()
7:48PM 0 Probability trees
7:30PM 2 modelling probabilities instead of binary data with logistic regression
6:45PM 1 Search "Errors"
6:23PM 1 Why na.rm=FALSE is the default
5:29PM 1 Testing for symbolic links
5:26PM 3 generalized Poisson regression
5:07PM 0 no snowfall on debian after lenny upgrade
4:50PM 3 Display Equation on plot
4:28PM 1 Workspace Image
3:04PM 0 Hotteling Test
2:52PM 1 how to do trend.test for subset data
2:31PM 1 Help with lattice
2:25PM 0 as.list cannot handle an environment
2:02PM 0 using residuals of binomial GLM
1:48PM 1 Do we have to control for block in block designs if it is insignificant?
1:20PM 0 Has someone connected R with ITK?
11:45AM 1 Variogram with Gstat
11:16AM 3 How to find the path or the current file?
11:06AM 3 r online
11:05AM 2 install.package("TinnR") - there is no package called 'TinnR'
8:47AM 1 Which features would you like to see on the crantastic.org community portal?
8:41AM 1 How to separate huge dataset into chunks
8:22AM 1 Change teh datatype from factor to double
8:03AM 0 Unit root
7:27AM 1 Barplot With Selected X-Axis Region
6:58AM 2 Calculating percentage Missing value for variables using one object
4:37AM 0 cross-validation
4:05AM 2 Random sampling based on the observations
3:53AM 2 Legend containing maths symbol and values of variables
3:31AM 3 confidence interval or error of x intercept of a linear regression
3:01AM 2 Properly labeling abline with text?
2:36AM 2 help: what are the basis functions in {mgcv}: gam?
1:13AM 0 A question about rJava and the classpath
12:46AM 3 Summarizing each row into a frequency table
12:06AM 2 two different date formats in the same variable
Monday March 23 2009
10:53PM 1 Plotting with plot()
10:43PM 1 Plot Means Line with Standard Deviation as "Whiskers"
10:06PM 1 Confusion regarding environments invoked by "source" command
10:04PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Graphic with several curves]
9:58PM 1 Merging rows in dataframes
9:53PM 3 read in large data file (tsv) with inline filter?
9:33PM 1 Graphic with several curves
9:00PM 0 aggregate() problem on last patched version
7:35PM 1 specifying repeated measures model in lmer
6:36PM 0 repeated measures specification in lmer
6:10PM 1 Copying a subset of a matrix
5:39PM 3 Replacing a few variable values within a DataFrame...
5:30PM 3 How to set up a function for "Central Limit Theorem"
5:26PM 1 Extracting SD of random effects from lme object
5:23PM 0 Fitting multiple Gaussians to data
5:04PM 1 Basic regression output question
4:52PM 2 Looping of read.table and assignment
3:36PM 0 aggregate() example fails
3:01PM 0 Scaled MPSE as a test for regressors?
2:38PM 2 error statement: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
2:38PM 2 how to save a plot in a given size in inches or centimeters
2:30PM 0 Problems with adapt
1:47PM 1 how to estimate multidimensional spectral measure of coherence
12:13PM 1 Iterative Proportional Fitting, use
12:03PM 1 Capitalizing first letter of word or phrase
10:27AM 1 subset and "or" operator
9:44AM 2 Efficiently create dummy
8:59AM 2 How to get commands history as a character vector instead of displaying them?
8:54AM 1 Syntax in lmer...
8:49AM 1 performance: zoo's rollapply() vs inline
7:27AM 1 changing order of lattice plots
6:56AM 0 Parameter Estimation - "3 Paramter Gamma distribution"
6:54AM 1 lattice multipanel strip placement - with two factors
3:15AM 4 newton method
2:45AM 1 mvpart error
2:41AM 1 Help with 'boot'
1:05AM 1 Axes in 3D plots
12:04AM 1 using xyplot
Sunday March 22 2009
10:06PM 2 Following progress in a lapply() function
9:35PM 1 data frame to array
9:26PM 5 If statement generates two outputs
9:05PM 3 'require' equivalent for local functions
7:31PM 1 barplot2 x-axis
6:21PM 1 using wavelet transform to calculate mean frequency of a signal
3:35PM 1 Converting Matrix into List - problem (urgent)
3:32PM 4 Selecting closest values
3:20PM 1 Multiple Comparisons for (multicomp - glht) for glm negative binomial (glm.nb)
2:50PM 4 Problems with combining plots
11:19AM 2 Help plotting a histogram of X~Exp(1)
8:17AM 3 variance/mean
7:26AM 0 Peña, Rodríguez test
6:19AM 1 Estimating LC50 from a Weibull distribution
1:43AM 1 Percentage variance
1:26AM 1 package "sowas"
12:13AM 3 data analysis. R
Saturday March 21 2009
10:41PM 0 for transfer function model
10:39PM 0 replying to old thread
9:02PM 2 factor with numeric names
8:20PM 1 Looking for program for sample size determination
7:53PM 5 macro in a loop
7:17PM 5 Fisher test problem
7:03PM 1 Fisher test accuracy in doubt
6:31PM 4 Problem with zoo and rbind() converting matrix to vector
5:03PM 1 Forestplot () box size question
4:41PM 0 Can not replicate estimates with rScreen function from ROSSI "Bayesian Statistics and Marketing"
4:01PM 4 How Can I Concatenate Every Row in a Data Frame with Every Other Row?
3:53PM 1 I have a question about a programa in R
3:47PM 1 How to avoid switching on input type?
2:21PM 0 object gstat
1:20PM 1 oggetto gstat
12:33PM 3 Retrieving Vertices Coordinates from SpatialPolygons
11:57AM 0 Solved: [Fwd: Matching failure in merge()]
11:35AM 2 limiting simulated animal movement
8:22AM 1 bargraph.CI change se for sd
7:12AM 1 libRlapack.so not found
3:02AM 5 Plot and Boxplot in the same graph
2:36AM 1 Calling R from Java (trying the R interface to Omegahat and Java)
1:03AM 1 Goodness of fit for negative binomial model
12:25AM 1 Subsetting data where the condition is that the value of some column contains some substring
12:18AM 2 Creating dataframe names on the fly?
Friday March 20 2009
10:37PM 1 Bug with the col option in plot function
10:23PM 1 Is this sample size big enough to test for statistical significance?
9:23PM 1 any package for connecting berkeley db in R?
8:47PM 0 How to disable prompting for Return key before starting a new page of output when using rlarg.diag(z1)
8:46PM 0 Redefining [ using next method
7:55PM 2 plotting two variables with a third used for color
6:29PM 1 fisher.test - FEXACT error 7
6:23PM 0 RSPerl ?
6:16PM 1 Pruning trees in a Random Forest
4:10PM 2 struggling with pairlists
3:06PM 2 A category reduction problem
3:03PM 1 odfWeave : change of text style of output is ignored
2:49PM 2 installing and loading packages
2:44PM 1 how can I find actual axis limits for an existing plot?
2:41PM 0 FW: reshape dataframe
2:29PM 1 reshape dataframe
2:07PM 1 ggplot2: specifying legend titles
1:52PM 0 lmer
1:09PM 2 Finding determinants of x-loaded matrix?
12:40PM 1 Plot contour inside a polygon
12:15PM 1 How to use termstrc functions?
11:50AM 1 ANOVA and TukeyHSD disagrees?
10:59AM 1 Multi-line texts in plots
10:47AM 0 convert point coordinates UTM to WSG
10:26AM 2 Accuracy of R and other platforms
9:46AM 1 Statistical Tests
9:34AM 0 Time Series
9:31AM 1 Dickey Fuller test of a time series (problem)
8:28AM 1 Using predict on a biglm object returns NA
5:09AM 1 Howto Supress Extra Blank Page in gridBase
4:42AM 1 classes and methods
3:55AM 1 CCA - manual selection
1:48AM 2 print of objects in R
1:37AM 1 which.na
1:31AM 2 randomForest
1:09AM 4 how to make aggregation in R ?
1:01AM 2 functions within a list
12:25AM 1 Mean-replacing NAs in a 3d array
Thursday March 19 2009
11:30PM 2 Package HDF5
11:25PM 1 converting to strings
11:21PM 0 GLMM: non-linear fixed effect
10:03PM 0 Phase Spectrum
9:41PM 1 Aggregating multiple columns
9:35PM 1 simple "for loop" program for merging datasets?
9:12PM 1 Difference in client vs. server graphics defaults
9:06PM 1 Difference between gam() and loess().
8:55PM 1 How do I add a variable to a text file?
7:15PM 0 How to rank risks and opportunities;Tornado chart plot
7:04PM 0 Matching failure in merge()
6:30PM 1 zip.file.extract
6:27PM 1 two plots side-by-side with persp3d(rgl)
6:08PM 2 Randomly splitting a data frame in half
6:04PM 1 subtract values
5:47PM 0 sunflowerplot error
4:57PM 1 using Search engine from help.start()
4:49PM 8 function question
4:46PM 2 How to set R_PROFILE conditional on batch or interactive mode
3:21PM 2 nth root
3:15PM 0 Possible bug in charting: shaded region? (quantmod)
3:13PM 4 Import R-output into Java
3:12PM 2 Run fortran from R
2:45PM 2 xlsReadWrite library
1:31PM 0 Using unicode character for 'middle dot' in options(OutDec)
1:15PM 2 find the index of the smallest or biggest number in a vetor or data.frame
1:01PM 1 Generalized Extreme Value Distribution (LMOM package) and Frechet Distribution
11:11AM 1 How to keep attributes when dropping factor levels?
10:00AM 0 correlation with ties & multiple comparisons problem
9:58AM 1 Minimum cutsets
6:20AM 1 problem with Dates
4:46AM 1 .Internal
3:52AM 1 Simple Plot with Grid's Viewport
2:14AM 1 object size of a matrix and a list
2:01AM 1 Prediction-class ROCR
1:33AM 0 Restrained least squares fitting
12:45AM 0 Inconsistency in alphabetization of documenation
12:17AM 0 Testing loess fit versus linear fit.
12:04AM 0 R crashes while appending to a created table from SQL Server
Wednesday March 18 2009
11:26PM 2 incoherent conversions from/to raw
11:17PM 1 Reading a file line by line - separating lines VS separating columns
10:22PM 1 yet another package building question please
10:09PM 0 sorting by creation time in ls(), , * This message: [ Message body ] [ More options
9:57PM 0 several package building questions: found answer to the manuals
9:52PM 0 several package building questions
9:43PM 0 p.adjust(p, n) for n>length(p)
8:18PM 0 goodness of fit metrics for non-linear models
6:22PM 2 multiple barplot
5:54PM 2 geometric mean of probability density functions
4:44PM 2 Updated R on Debian testing machine...
4:16PM 2 Profiling question: string formatting extremely slow
4:07PM 1 Fw: Estimating Parameters of Weibull and Pareto distribution using LMOM package
4:05PM 1 Estimating paramters of "3 Parameter Gamma Distribution"
4:03PM 1 time difference (from date function)
3:58PM 3 numeric equality
3:16PM 1 License question
3:14PM 2 Three Parameter FRECHET Distribution
3:10PM 1 Last char of a string in a list -> list of strings
2:53PM 2 run r scripts (tinn) via command
2:50PM 0 Sweave / boxes
2:44PM 0 modification of the function ecdf
2:17PM 0 Estimating Parameters of Weibull and Pareto distribution using LMOM package
2:14PM 0 Draft mode for confint in multcomp
2:01PM 0 AUTO: Katy Strong is out of the office (returning Fri 03/20/2009)
1:56PM 1 error with effects package.
1:27PM 2 Describing clusters
12:27PM 1 Re ading from a Database
12:26PM 1 memory space
12:17PM 0 R with MKL
10:34AM 0 Help with Scviews - previous ver HTML
9:43AM 1 Help with Scviews
8:57AM 1 Cumulative Plot with Given X-Axis
8:57AM 0 multicore - shared memory
8:14AM 0 Wavelet reconstruction with coefficients set to zero
7:58AM 1 is that a bug
7:54AM 3 2D plot with colors from 3rd variable?
4:31AM 1 separating the integer part of a number from the fractional part
3:52AM 3 Extreme AIC or BIC values in glm(), logistic regression
2:55AM 0 JGR install problem
2:51AM 0 asymmetric mutual information
1:42AM 2 How do I set the Windows temporary directory in R?
Tuesday March 17 2009
11:35PM 1 Likelihood of a ridge regression (lm.ridge)?
11:28PM 2 converting null to some values
11:04PM 2 formula question
10:34PM 2 Converting time from HH:MM:SS to only HH:MM
9:55PM 3 Combining columns from two dataframes
9:15PM 1 Distribution U
8:29PM 1 Requesting assistance installing ESS for R on Redhat
7:39PM 1 sorting by creation time in ls()
7:38PM 1 Need a little help setting the upper median using "layout"...
7:12PM 0 RODBC changes data types when reading from MS SQL Server 2005 -- How to fix?
6:18PM 1 package vars: save plots
5:57PM 1 3d layering
5:30PM 0 update on mcmcsamp for glmer
5:25PM 0 Interview: Jon Peck on SPSS, R ,Python ...
5:22PM 0 A useful alternative to simple merging?
5:16PM 1 initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite
5:07PM 0 Std.Error in Analysis of Deviance Table
4:49PM 1 breaking ties in order() based on many vectors
4:33PM 1 AFT model
3:46PM 1 Combining Sweave and fancyvrb
3:13PM 1 Need to build package for Affy HT HG-U133+ PM arrays
2:44PM 2 Difficulty Replacing a Row of a Data Frame
2:32PM 1 RES: set a legend with an "image" graph
2:09PM 1 set a legend with an "image" graph
1:38PM 1 coefficient graph
12:54PM 0 Help with R.oo's Rdoc$compile()
12:50PM 1 the quote problem with readLines()
12:31PM 1 Double Cross validation for LASSO
10:44AM 2 General help on sample size based on recurrent events
10:44AM 1 help with 3-D plot of kernel density estimates
10:42AM 1 matching vectors
10:42AM 0 (no subject)
9:49AM 4 Merging
9:44AM 0 Merging.
6:53AM 1 Mean of difftime vectors : "code infelicity" or intended behaviour ?
3:51AM 2 Multilevel modeling using R
2:26AM 2 bigglm() results different from glm()
2:25AM 2 sweep?
2:08AM 1 Adding labels to heatmaps from image()
1:29AM 2 set intercept in glm to non-0
1:16AM 0 Bonacich Power (memory Error) (Igraph)
1:14AM 4 R package to automatically produce combination plot?
12:21AM 1 - help - predicting with glmnet/lars for dataframes with different nrow then the train set
12:09AM 3 Non-Linear Optimization - Query
Monday March 16 2009
11:47PM 1 Splitting variables
11:21PM 2 Calculate across columns
10:33PM 6 R with MKL
10:24PM 0 the effect of blocking on the size of confidence intervals - analysis using aov
10:24PM 0 the effect of blocking on the size of confidence intervals - analysis using lme and lmer
10:04PM 4 Get user system name
9:52PM 0 Logistic regression and mixed effects / hierarchial structure
9:03PM 0 Cointegration Vectors
8:41PM 3 sort data frame columns according to a list
8:25PM 2 : put grids in a plot at specific x points
7:55PM 2 plot lines at 0,0 axis
7:50PM 1 - help - LARS & LASSO based on glm
6:41PM 1 errors when install RSQLite
6:35PM 1 Best way to do temporal joins in R?
5:49PM 2 R-code in html help pages: syntax highlighting
5:36PM 0 dpaste, pastebin etc. Syntax highlighting for R?
4:44PM 1 readline() is reading the entire line and not just the user input
4:34PM 1 Scatterplot
4:13PM 0 Dear R help,
3:30PM 0 Implementation of ZIGP in R
3:11PM 2 How to read large file
2:49PM 0 Unscaled factanal()
2:35PM 3 svDialogs
2:34PM 1 Uniroot and Newton-Raphson Anomaly
2:34PM 2 FW: Select a random subset of rows out of matrix
1:50PM 0 JGR and system()
12:54PM 3 XYplot simple question
12:30PM 1 changing the description of the x-axi
12:25PM 0 hazard function in a Cox model
11:29AM 0 Updates to plotrix and clinsig
10:11AM 1 Creating variables with different levels depending on conditions
9:55AM 1 Please help! How do I change the class of a numeric variable in a grouped data object to a factor?
9:19AM 1 mixture models
5:30AM 1 Fw: Fitting GUMBEL Distribution - CDF function and P P Plot
2:25AM 0 transfer function in R
Sunday March 15 2009
8:12PM 2 Testing for Inequality à la "select case"
7:37PM 0 mvpart error - is.leaf
6:15PM 0 Axes crossing at origin
5:37PM 0 Yet another large file question.
4:35PM 2 xyplot of a specific ID number
4:22PM 1 Contour plots of four two-dimensional matrices
1:36PM 1 Help plase with simple loop
12:41PM 1 Tukey, planned contrasts or t-test without ANOVA? What is correct?
10:45AM 2 Help_Unable to run glmer
8:46AM 1 Stuck on building a package
7:14AM 1 Please help me to understand environments
6:54AM 1 cbind(NULL,zoo.object)?
4:00AM 2 builtin vs. closure
3:52AM 4 primitives again
3:27AM 3 read.xls question
2:59AM 0 How to summarise several models in a single table
12:46AM 1 What is the best package for large data cleaning (not statistical analysis)?
Saturday March 14 2009
11:34PM 1 dispcrepancy between aov F test and tukey contrasts results with mixed effects model
10:39PM 0 [multi-level model] set up categorical variable/indicator?
9:14PM 3 plotting question
9:07PM 2 SEM model testing with identical goodness of fits
6:51PM 1 Problem with figure size when embedding fonts
4:55PM 0 Comparison of data analysis packages: R, Matlab, SciPy, Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata - Brendan O'Connor's Blog
4:02PM 4 persp plot + plotting grid lines
2:00PM 0 Mixed modelling book
1:47PM 2 Time Zone query
12:52PM 2 Format about Date and time
12:47PM 1 multiple hypothesis testing
12:09PM 3 [OT] two question about color space.
12:08PM 1 (RODBC) defining variable as text
9:42AM 2 gsub and regex to tidy comma-limited values
8:14AM 1 obtaining the values for the hazard function in a cox regression
1:12AM 0 Is it normal that normalize.loess does not tolerate a single NA value?
1:08AM 2 permutations in R
12:02AM 0 Build function from model formula
Friday March 13 2009
11:28PM 1 Help with Function!
10:43PM 2 Question on summing rows within nested variable
10:25PM 0 Ever see Process R exited abnormally with code 4?
10:17PM 2 Using format to add leading zeroes
8:48PM 1 Output Data Formatting Question
8:32PM 2 different outcomes using read.table vs read.csv
7:56PM 1 transforming a matrix
7:39PM 2 Mixed model help!
7:13PM 1 malformed plot symbols in lattice pdf
7:03PM 1 Overlay plot: boxplot and stripchart
6:47PM 1 Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling in R
6:46PM 2 Fourier Analysis Help
6:12PM 0 Running Ztest on r
4:25PM 1 search for string insider a string
4:20PM 0 how to add labels to existing plot for the subset of data
3:31PM 1 More basic equivalent of TukeyHSD
3:14PM 4 Sorting rows of a matrix independent of each other
2:59PM 4 Save the elements of an atomic vector to a text fil
2:43PM 2 updating packages?
12:55PM 6 R multiline expression grief
12:35PM 2 code to find all distinct subsets of size r from a set of size n
11:25AM 0 COURSE: R and S-PLUS 1 day introduction, UK, 29 April 2009
10:51AM 1 pairs of numbers
10:24AM 2 Taking diff of character vectors
10:23AM 0 Singal channel spike in controls with custom microRNA slides - Normalization help needed
10:20AM 1 How to combine xtable and minipage with Sweave ?
9:37AM 1 cor.test(x,y)
9:20AM 5 Selecting / creating unique colours for behavioural / transitional data
9:04AM 2 changing function argument
9:02AM 0 ctree from Java via Rserve
8:55AM 1 don't draw legend in filled.contour plot
8:37AM 1 Invalid Type of Char Argument When Sum() is Used
7:05AM 0 Fitting GUMBEL Distribution - CDF function ISSUE
2:42AM 1 print median and sd...
Thursday March 12 2009
11:10PM 4 Windows binary version of DPpackage
11:01PM 3 Map using projection
10:39PM 2 Time-Ordered Clustering
10:37PM 3 Unable to run smoother in qplot() or ggplot() - complains about knots
10:11PM 0 FW: Re: Writing xls - multiple sheets
9:58PM 2 setdiff for data.frames?
9:28PM 1 How to find maximum values on the density function of a random variable
8:29PM 2 Writing xls - multiple sheets
8:25PM 1 Plots not loading
7:07PM 0 New York R Meetup
6:54PM 2 R grep & gsub issue - sign seems to be causing an issue...
6:30PM 1 Cross-validation -> lift curve
6:13PM 3 avoiding termination of nls given convergence failure
6:08PM 0 nested logit estimation
5:53PM 4 stats lm() function
5:14PM 1 debug
4:26PM 0 runs.test question
4:05PM 0 How to replace a pair of observations in a matrix?
3:58PM 0 Seemingly unrelated model with spatial processes
3:14PM 3 help with predict and plotting confidence intervals
3:06PM 1 eps/pdf write help
2:46PM 1 read.xls and name of worksheet
2:39PM 0 model simplification in lme
2:05PM 3 set size of a plot
1:39PM 0 R an .net
1:38PM 0 GARCH variance equation with dummy variables
1:04PM 8 help with loop
1:00PM 0 'netalg' and 'netlab' packages neural networks
12:44PM 1 alternative to EMV?
11:52AM 3 batch process file in R
11:09AM 1 How to install R-2.8.1 on AIX
10:53AM 0 problem with 'abline' in a regression with repeated measures
10:25AM 4 who can give me some hint?
10:25AM 0 Hi, I'm working with custom slides(Cy5) and worki...
10:13AM 1 zooreg and lmrob problem (bug?)
9:48AM 1 Removing rows
9:07AM 0 Randomization, line and spatial coordinates
9:02AM 2 Removing
8:17AM 0 e1071 SVM one-classification tune problem
5:41AM 1 heatmap and colour key
3:35AM 3 can I draw 3D plot like this using R?
3:33AM 1 R library help files
1:34AM 1 Test Set Deviances
Wednesday March 11 2009
11:42PM 3 Matrix Construction; Subdiagonal
10:29PM 4 R-help: grep in for loop using index - doesn't work
10:20PM 2 non-positive definite matrix remedies?
9:56PM 1 regsubsets() [leaps package] - please share some good examples of use
9:09PM 0 Working up examples of barplots with customized marginal items
8:37PM 1 matrix multiplication, tensor product, block-diagonal and fast computation
7:57PM 4 error.bars
7:47PM 1 Reshape question.
7:30PM 0 tracing SV3 methods
7:15PM 1 Iterations of random sampling
6:34PM 1 CI from svyquantile in survey package
6:34PM 2 Couple of Questions about Classification trees
6:07PM 0 compile under Ubuntu 8.10 (Ibex) - Thanks
5:41PM 0 "ets()" initialization
5:37PM 1 Comparing data frames and keeping non-matches
4:44PM 0 how to check the model adequacy for a cox proportional hazard model fit?
4:24PM 0 Two new R courses in April (US)
4:22PM 1 Using a NAMESPACE or the Imports field in DESCRIPTION?
4:11PM 1 compile under Ubuntu 8.10 (Ibex)
3:48PM 1 OT: Likelihood ratio for the randomization/permutation test?
3:29PM 1 Multilevel Modeling using glmmPQL
2:53PM 0 problem with rfImpute (package randomForest)
2:28PM 3 Mixed models fixed effects
2:18PM 5 Is there any difference between <- and =
2:16PM 1 About the merge
2:16PM 1 Easy "Recall" to get ls(..., all.names=TRUE)?
2:08PM 2 Combining math and variables in expression
2:03PM 0 Bias correction for random forests?
1:55PM 0 LDL' Cholesky decomposition
1:46PM 1 Is this a documentation bug? Spss dates import
1:44PM 1 adding text and other elements to ggplot2 plots
1:39PM 1 Forecasting with dlm
1:33PM 1 Ggplot2: saving a grid with multiple plots
1:25PM 2 How to monthly,daily,yearly average
11:58AM 1 odfWeave & xtable still best packages to produce tables?
11:36AM 0 Making a prediction model from a plot
10:49AM 0 Confidence/prediction interval for choice probabilities mlogit
10:36AM 3 chisq.test: decreasing p-value
10:34AM 1 RServe
10:32AM 1 Date frame
10:07AM 1 trying to run odfWeave()
9:33AM 1 how to rotate the histogram
9:14AM 1 full screen graph, and close x11
9:08AM 2 Repeated values
8:25AM 2 t-test, survey data
7:50AM 1 Barplot -density and multhist x-axis problem
6:45AM 2 lsmeans in R
6:03AM 1 prediction error for test set-cross validation
5:42AM 3 Converting a dataframe to a matrix
3:40AM 2 Creating a directory for my data
3:09AM 0 read.exp?
1:15AM 2 Question about datatypes/plotting issue
12:45AM 0 anyone can help me with Cholesky Decomposition
12:29AM 1 test two correlation coefficients against each other
Tuesday March 10 2009
11:48PM 1 Centering multi-line strip text in lattice
11:38PM 1 Matrices in R - Simple question?
10:48PM 5 2 Simple Lattice Plot Questions
10:40PM 6 Pseudo-random numbers between two numbers
10:39PM 3 mean +/- SEM
9:53PM 0 max-nsize, cons : what do they all mean?
9:33PM 5 Cholesky Decomposition in R
9:20PM 1 Using napredict in prcomp
9:05PM 2 R equivalent to MATLAB's "whos" Command?
8:35PM 0 tcltk - insert scrollbar to window
8:15PM 1 require() is not giving TRUE / FALSE statements ?
8:01PM 1 system() not accepting strings from cat()
7:47PM 1 Nesting order for mixed models
7:42PM 1 Sparse PCA in R
7:29PM 2 ordering
6:49PM 1 2 dimension convolve
6:19PM 0 Alternative to interp.surface() offered
5:47PM 1 (no subject)
5:30PM 2 How to color certain area under curve
5:23PM 1 Plots of different aspect ratios on one page, base aligned(trellis.print)
4:48PM 0 How to stop loop inside status ? ( haplo.stats package )
4:19PM 0 Help installing Kernlab: cannot find -lgfortran
4:15PM 2 (no subject)
4:09PM 1 File permissions
3:44PM 4 puzzled by math on date-time objects
3:40PM 0 nonmetric clustering
3:15PM 1 help structuring mixed model using lmer()
3:02PM 0 S4 coerce as.data.frame for lm
2:28PM 3 reliability, scale scores in the psych package
1:51PM 1 using chm help files under linux
12:41PM 1 find the important inputs to the neural network model in "nnet" package
12:40PM 0 Course - March/April ** R / Splus ** course in New York City and San Francisco*** by XLSolutions Corp
11:21AM 2 simple question beginner
11:21AM 1 North Arrow (.png file) on a Map
11:12AM 1 R-question
10:45AM 0 problem with creating webserver
9:56AM 0 Install JRI?
8:55AM 1 HAC corrected standard errors
8:49AM 0 FW: Adding text to both grid and base graphs
8:24AM 0 mean reverting model: THANKS !
5:31AM 1 example of panel data in R
5:25AM 5 Changing factor to numeric
5:18AM 2 problem with concatinating string while taking as a path of a file
4:49AM 2 perform subgroup meta-analysis and create forest plot displaying subgroups
2:56AM 1 foreign package install on Solaris 10 + R-2.7.1
1:49AM 1 Lattice: Customizing point-sizes with groups
12:44AM 0 link for OU versus AR
Monday March 9 2009
10:49PM 1 Help on MLInterfaces
10:44PM 1 lme anova() and model simplification
10:07PM 1 Problem with capabilities() in R2-8.1
9:50PM 1 Data Restructuring Question
6:34PM 3 Creating an Excel file with multiple spreadsheets
6:18PM 1 detecting NULL in recursive lists
6:18PM 1 Moving Histogram?
5:37PM 0 Median and prodlim
5:36PM 2 mean reverting model
5:06PM 2 Cannot update 2.8.1 packages: unable to access index for repository...
4:12PM 1 Is there any method to identify the distribution of a given dataset?
3:49PM 0 error correcting a signal
3:32PM 3 How to write a function that accepts unlimited number of input arguments?
3:14PM 1 Adding text to both grid and base graphs
3:13PM 1 rcorr.cens Goodman-Kruskal gamma
1:36PM 2 understanding the output from survival analysis
1:28PM 1 Zero distance error in corSpatial - correlation structure using lme
12:46PM 1 Normal Probability Plot - Time series
12:34PM 1 [sem package] path.diagram() ignores the edge.label argument ..?
11:05AM 0 statDA arw and plotmvoutlier function
10:41AM 0 LCP procedure Mercurio-time homogeneity
10:29AM 2 How to select randomly from a matrix?
8:38AM 5 Help
7:18AM 0 arfima model
6:39AM 1 predict.glm predicted prob above 1?
5:55AM 1 How to optimize a matrix
4:57AM 1 difference between Primitive and Generic
3:47AM 2 path analysis (misspecification?)
3:41AM 1 Detecting missing variables
3:29AM 2 Chull function
3:16AM 1 path analysis in R (standardized solution)
Sunday March 8 2009
8:23PM 1 Merge 10 data frames with 3 id columns that are common to all data frames
7:42PM 1 How do I use R to model this exponential random variable problem?
5:34PM 2 survreg help in R
5:14PM 1 Summary of data.frame according to colnames and grouping factor
4:52PM 1 fill the space between to lines
4:20PM 1 R console misc questions
3:41PM 1 R Style Guides?
3:25PM 0 ARIMA second order differencing problem
3:19PM 1 Prevent saving the workspace while running a script in batch mode
3:19PM 1 Have a document about the Batch Execution of R ?
2:32PM 0 image2GRID
2:25PM 1 re shaping a data frame with multiple IDs
12:38PM 1 Using R under Python
12:18PM 0 advice on using this C code in R
9:07AM 2 prcomp(X,center=F) ??
9:06AM 1 singular matrices in plm::pgmm()
6:05AM 3 xyplot() - can you control how the plots are ordered?
2:40AM 1 Predictive Analytics Seminar: San Jose, NYC, Toronto, more
2:01AM 0 statistical question: confidence interval of regression weight - significance
1:18AM 2 plot confidence limits of a regression line - problem
Saturday March 7 2009
11:19PM 1 plot confidence limits of a regression line
10:10PM 1 Rdonlp2 -Query
9:12PM 1 standard error for median
7:57PM 10 popular R packages
7:23PM 2 ttest in R
6:37PM 1 Standardized coefficients (std.coef) in graphviz from path.diagram()
5:49PM 6 using a noisy variable in regression (not an R question)
5:34PM 1 Week value function
2:54PM 2 piecewise linear regression
2:52PM 3 Question on Variables
1:39PM 2 Recode factor into binary factor-level vars
6:08AM 4 multivariate integration and partial differentiation
5:02AM 4 merge data frames with same column names of different lengths and missing values
3:04AM 3 Download and Import xls files in R
1:57AM 1 NonLinear Programming in R - QUERY
1:57AM 0 Fatal error: unable to restore saved data in .Rdata
Friday March 6 2009
11:28PM 0 Problem in Map function
11:19PM 1 a general question
10:04PM 1 Interpreting GLM coefficients
9:40PM 2 Interaction term not significant when using glm???
8:50PM 1 Thousand separator on axis
8:14PM 1 frequency of subsequent events
6:34PM 5 c() coverts real numbers to integers?
6:00PM 2 Highly Connected Nodes in Igraph
5:48PM 1 R and vim (gvim) on ubuntu
5:13PM 2 R code -column headings
3:48PM 4 Summary grouped by factor
3:06PM 2 Numbers
1:59PM 1 help to use ppp in spatial analysis
1:38PM 1 Travel funding for DSC/useR 2009 for young researchers at U.S. institutions
12:07PM 1 About warnings for non-matched items
12:07PM 2 Linear Regression
11:55AM 2 Re peated ANOVA or nested ANOVA, or parallel one way ANOVA six times?
11:53AM 0 impcat='tree'
11:33AM 1 fitting a gompertz model through the origin using nls
11:17AM 1 Extract dates from dataframe
10:53AM 0 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima) (CONCLUSIONS)
10:53AM 0 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima) (CONCLUSIONS)
10:50AM 2 How to apply a function to slices of multidimensional arrays, and not just iterating through single elements
10:49AM 0 File checking problem‏
9:45AM 1 function ctree in package party
9:11AM 1 Ask about glm()
9:09AM 3 PCA and categorical data
8:58AM 1 Automatically execute traceback when execution of script causes error?
6:45AM 2 sm.options
6:07AM 0 Variance inflation factors (VIF)
4:31AM 0 about the Batch Execution of R document
4:22AM 3 how to omit NA without using ifelse
4:07AM 1 OT: SAS on Open Source ,R and Code
2:57AM 2 Extract Row on Criteria
1:49AM 2 Statistics
Thursday March 5 2009
11:03PM 1 Constructing a barplot in R
10:01PM 0 AEA 2009 Conference
9:16PM 1 Using vectors of names in calls for functions
7:36PM 0 Using only one grid direction in filled.contour.
7:25PM 0 Undirected to Directed Graph ( Clustering Based on Link Strength)
6:45PM 1 File checking problem
6:42PM 2 Installing the Rstem package
4:58PM 3 Date conversion
4:54PM 1 RV: help
4:51PM 2 Overriding contributed package functions
4:47PM 1 Import the files.
4:39PM 1 hatvalues?
3:57PM 0 R 2.9.0 is scheduled for April 17
3:55PM 1 Does R have function or method to finish my task?
3:52PM 1 Boostrapping
3:46PM 1 Sending an alert / email when R finished?
3:37PM 1 missings
3:31PM 1 ANOVA
3:30PM 3 Time Series - ARIMA differencing problem
3:15PM 3 character string as object name
3:08PM 1 programing for partial maximum likelihood for cox models with two covariate
2:38PM 1 dummy variable encoding
2:18PM 2 identify() and postscript output
1:35PM 0 predict.fda - NAs are not allowed in subscripted assignments
1:00PM 2 subset
12:53PM 1 Doubt Linear Regression
12:43PM 2 File checking
12:17PM 2 R editor that will work with Rcmdr
11:48AM 2 Fast Fourier Transform w.r.t. CreditRisk+
11:46AM 2 a few scatter plots for a specific correlation value
10:45AM 1 Problem using RMySQL and fCalendar
10:14AM 4 including tabular information with a plot in R Graphics
10:09AM 0 the r package for svdpack?
9:13AM 1 is there any option like cex.axis in ggplot2?
9:00AM 2 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima)
8:47AM 8 R on netbooks et al?
8:46AM 2 testing column data against criteria, point by point
6:18AM 3 Dropping rows conditionally
4:30AM 1 new user
4:27AM 1 new r user
3:17AM 1 output formatting
2:30AM 1 listing functions in base package
12:43AM 1 Regressão linear
12:06AM 3 text at the upper left corner outside of the plot region
Wednesday March 4 2009
11:22PM 3 Bug in by() with dates as levels?
11:07PM 1 Question about the use of large datasets in R
11:03PM 0 Test mail
10:42PM 0 Map
10:04PM 1 mapping lat and long with maps package
9:43PM 1 place text out of plot region
9:34PM 5 how to create many variables at one time?
8:59PM 1 changing font size for y-axis factor labels
8:53PM 2 FW: flow control
8:38PM 1 Eliminate Factors from Data Frame
7:40PM 0 (no subject)
6:50PM 2 Grouped Boxplot
6:46PM 0 arima additive seasonality
6:45PM 1 dividing ts objects of different frequencies
6:23PM 3 Colormap that look good in gray scale
6:22PM 3 best fit line
6:04PM 1 help with GAM
5:58PM 3 Table Transformation
5:46PM 0 dividing time series of different frequencies
5:13PM 0 readline in vi mode on OSX
4:52PM 2 adding value labels on Interaction Plot
4:30PM 0 Error in -class : invalid argument to unary operator
4:17PM 2 lattice: remove box around a wireframe
3:17PM 0 R under Citrix and access to Lotus notes
3:10PM 0 arima additive vs multiplicative seasonality
3:09PM 1 help with integration
3:01PM 1 how to estimate distribution?
2:53PM 1 dotplot
2:17PM 1 How to dump plots as bas64 strings?
2:14PM 0 error in mood.test
1:29PM 0 sorting out partially nested mixed effects in lme4
1:05PM 0 inserting lines in large data set
12:18PM 5 Filtering R lists
11:42AM 3 Diff btw percentile and quantile
10:29AM 3 How to reuse my self function?
10:22AM 0 F test in lmer quasipoisson
10:19AM 1 Descriptive stats for factors in SEM
10:06AM 1 info
9:06AM 2 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima)
8:48AM 0 mgcv 1.5-0
8:47AM 0 OT : Interview with Anne Milley ,SAS
8:47AM 1 Plotting pdf of function
8:19AM 0 scatter plot question
8:11AM 1 nice way to find or not a value (problem with numeric(0))
7:55AM 2 Number Regular Expressions
6:09AM 2 Selecting one row or multiple rows per ID
6:07AM 2 R CMD check detects parse error, but in which file?
5:36AM 1 flaw in CRAN package "wavelets": Daubechies "d8" not recognized by function wt.filter
3:38AM 1 Package for determining correlation for mixed "Level of Measurement"
2:52AM 2 Multivariate GARCH Package
2:33AM 1 How to generate fake population (ie. not sample) data?
2:25AM 3 problems with exporting a chart
Tuesday March 3 2009
11:28PM 1 periodogram smoothing question
10:56PM 0 score test statistic in logistic regression
10:40PM 0 clust with "hclustWard"
10:36PM 1 detect outliers and high levarage points
10:30PM 3 reading scanned graphs
9:09PM 1 sm.density.compare
8:19PM 1 repeated measures anova, sphericity, epsilon, etc
7:53PM 1 par and a substitute for mtext to write one time a title per page
7:37PM 1 save the layout using igraph
7:11PM 4 scatter plot question
6:10PM 1 ggplot2: annotated horizontal lines
6:01PM 3 nlme: problem with fitting logistic function
6:00PM 2 preparing data for barplot()
5:20PM 1 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima)
5:20PM 2 modifying a built in function from the stats package (fixing arima)
4:40PM 2 Comparing two matrices
4:24PM 1 Mantel test!
4:17PM 1 behavior of squishplot in TeachingDemos
3:56PM 2 locfit smoothing question (package maintainer not reachable)
3:49PM 3 PLS regression on near infrared (NIR) spectra data
3:38PM 0 SAS Macros for R Users Only
3:37PM 1 zoo and coredata() classes
3:36PM 1 spatial markov chain methods
2:49PM 0 New R mailing list: R-SIG-insurance
2:29PM 0 REMINDER: DSC 2009 abstract submission before March 15
2:04PM 0 Monte carlo simulation in fGARCH
1:53PM 2 Reshape
12:48PM 1 Question about multiple plots of zoo objects
11:28AM 1 calculating standard deviation and variance
11:20AM 2 R - MATLAB apply like function
11:17AM 1 Self-Organizing Map analysis
11:10AM 2 Arbirtrary column names with write.csv
9:54AM 0 New mailing list: R-help-es
8:47AM 2 Characters To Matrix
6:16AM 4 regular expression question
5:39AM 1 R - need more memory, or rejection sampling algorithm doesn't work?
5:10AM 1 Error loading packages at sprintf()
3:57AM 1 SPSS data import: problems & work arounds for GSS surveys
3:13AM 0 [solved, please disregard] FW: how to pass a command variable in DOS to R program in R CMD BATCH
1:46AM 4 Writing R package and do.call
1:21AM 0 Two Column-group names using Latex(Hmisc)
12:15AM 2 latex output of regressions with standardized regression coefficients and t-statistics based on Huber-White
Monday March 2 2009
11:50PM 2 Unrealistic dispersion parameter for quasibinomial
11:22PM 1 how to pass a command variable in DOS to R program in R CMD BATCH
11:18PM 2 R-help
11:15PM 1 plotting on map
11:12PM 1 power analysis for prop trend test
10:58PM 3 Error setting rowname if rowname currently NULL
9:41PM 1 trying to get rid of for loop in simple scenario
8:57PM 1 [R Question]: regarding exponential axis
8:47PM 1 xy-plot alb font size
7:05PM 1 Cross Tables with odfTable in odfweave
6:41PM 1 Problem with dummy variables controlling for years
6:35PM 3 ways to put multiple graphs on single page (using ggplot2)
6:21PM 1 RWeka dataset running
6:11PM 0 package ltm -- version 0.9-0
5:48PM 3 TinnR & Philips Webcam
5:31PM 2 Goldbach partitions code
5:23PM 1 using par funtions in bargraph.CI()
5:07PM 1 Trouble - Installing R on RedHat el5
4:55PM 1 initial gradient and vmmin not finite
4:46PM 1 comment on this book "A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R by Brian S. Everitt (Author), Torsten Hothorn (Author)"
4:33PM 2 logistic regression model validation through bootstrapping
4:07PM 4 portable R editor
3:59PM 3 Help with Wilcoxon Test
3:27PM 0 Optim parscale?
3:15PM 0 RES: object ".trPaths" not found
2:57PM 1 (no subject)
2:48PM 2 Bash script that uses an R command
2:41PM 3 FW: partial residual plots
2:32PM 1 barplot with specific order of x axis labels
2:15PM 1 Finding Lambda in Poisson distribution
2:13PM 1 xyplot color question
2:06PM 2 Fwd: Converting R to Sweave (Rnw)
1:46PM 4 Bold Face in Plot
1:37PM 0 QQplot
12:27PM 4 density > 1?
10:41AM 0 Distance between clusters
10:37AM 0 Can no longer use resize graphics X windows
10:30AM 2 R-code help for filtering with for loop
10:30AM 1 Newton-Raphson method and Quasi Newton
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9:28AM 2 ave and grouping
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2:30AM 1 Question about normalization to a set of internal standards
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12:23AM 3 a very basic question: calling c function from R
Sunday March 1 2009
11:21PM 1 Understanding Anova (car) output
10:28PM 1 probleme with savePlot (to eps)
10:26PM 3 Modifying a built-in R function
10:13PM 1 gamm (mgvc) and time-varying coefficient model
8:22PM 1 projecting GIS coordinates for analysis with spatstat package
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7:45PM 1 Legend outside plot box?
6:19PM 0 R package.skeleton
5:24PM 3 R tools help
4:47PM 1 Combining 2 arrays into a third array via a function
1:14PM 0 Mersenne-Twister RNG
11:15AM 0 Would you please check my program
9:51AM 2 smoothing a matrix (interpolate in plane)
9:13AM 1 SPSS repeated interaction contrast in R
2:26AM 0 Variable scope.
1:12AM 1 Temporary tables with Microsoft SQL?
12:36AM 0 How to create temporary table in MySQL