wine users - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
8:53PM 2 Re: Install dell 1235cn laser error USB device not available
2:54PM 1 Problem with Question Manager
2:10PM 2 Sorry
5:08AM 2 Prince of Persia : The two Thrones
Tuesday September 29 2009
10:12PM 2 linux command line from wine
8:15PM 4 wine version?
6:24PM 6 Mailing list bounce issues
4:31PM 4 Kill all wine run apps, all wine processes
3:38PM 2 MS Office 2003 : error when I launch Excel.
2:33PM 4 Force feedback and pedal axis support and LFS
2:04PM 2 SAP BusinessOne
11:03AM 1 Why the hell isn't the sanity patch in WINE by now?
7:28AM 8 wine takes up most of the CPU
4:08AM 1 Winsock2 Error
3:19AM 1 installing dreamweaver cs3
2:07AM 2 staruml problem
Monday September 28 2009
10:47PM 3 firefox and media player plugin
8:58PM 0 Open Canvas 1.1 Networking and other questions
8:22PM 4 Impossible to run a program under wine
8:00PM 10 1.1.30 compile crash, Mac OS X
5:56PM 0 Lotus Organiser97
5:20PM 6 Another wine keyboard input thread
5:05PM 2 Counter Strike 1.6 periodically fails to launch
2:19PM 3 How to read out the Wine RAM content
1:40PM 5 Unity 3D
11:15AM 0 World War II Online Installation crash
10:53AM 0 winetricks vc2005express (register product)
8:41AM 2 tried subscription many times, don't get in
6:28AM 1 uninstall problem
4:36AM 2 Mouse in fullscreened apps keeps going to the bottom right
3:14AM 9 unable to initialize DAO/jet db engine
Sunday September 27 2009
9:20PM 1 Multiple apps within a virtual desktop
5:48PM 2 Should I upgrade my graphics card?
4:04PM 0 Star Wars Galaxies/appdb
12:52PM 4 Reinstall Wine
12:24PM 2 Quicken 2009 crash on launch
11:44AM 10 winedos.dll problem
11:00AM 5 "My bugs" vs. "Bugs by me" - what's the difference?
2:22AM 23 Wine Temporary Files under OSX
Saturday September 26 2009
10:39PM 5 No sound in Unreal Engine games - wine-1.1.30
9:39PM 2 Aion and Wine walkthrough
2:13PM 0 game 'mage knight apocalypse' crash after video intro
9:35AM 2 Problems mostly using Ventrilo
9:00AM 34 Pulseaudio
8:50AM 5 Test Drive Unlimited
6:35AM 2 Update Confusion
3:30AM 1 iTunes on Ubuntu
12:11AM 6 City Of Heroes
Friday September 25 2009
11:48PM 5 Fahrenheit
9:36PM 2 Watching Blu-Ray under Linux - TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum
7:39PM 7 photoscape 3.3 not properly running with wine
7:29PM 3 Run Wine in next Google Chrome OS
7:08PM 0 activemovie
6:18PM 6 loading vsd files is visio 2003
3:51PM 4 Wine, Steam, And Fedora
3:26PM 3 Problem runing MIXNET
10:53AM 2 How should a WIN32 App read MSRs when running under Wine ?
10:30AM 3 skype
3:34AM 1 Playing KOTOR II
Thursday September 24 2009
11:53PM 0 Re: rhino wont install...
11:20PM 3 Reading Registry of Mounted Disk
7:36PM 4 Wine BiWeekly Schedule
1:57PM 13 World of Warcraft running on one core
12:47PM 1 Hyperlink don't run in Powerpoint 2007?
12:02PM 4 3d slow in TW: Medieval 2
2:55AM 16 Using wine to run firefox
2:21AM 2 automatic gecko installer failing in latest git
Wednesday September 23 2009
8:42PM 10 Help please :D
7:33PM 6 WINE - Ambitious Project
7:22PM 7 Wine, AMD and FAT32
6:15PM 1 Wine 1.0.1 install failed
5:48PM 7 virtual memory problem
4:48PM 2 Trine not loading Textures
5:48AM 3 Oblivion periodic slowdowns
1:28AM 6 Mouse/keyboard input causes huge FPS loss in Eve Online
12:35AM 16 C&C Red Alert 3
Tuesday September 22 2009
11:42PM 3 C++ search for window
7:15PM 2 Install help!!!
5:41PM 4 deb packages vs. self compiled wine-1.1.29
1:13PM 4 Crystal reports & wine
11:50AM 3 Please help - I messed with wineconfig!
2:29AM 3 cannot login yahoo messenger 9
Monday September 21 2009
11:34PM 10 Unity3D Interface doesn't work on wine!
7:05PM 3 unable to set display resolution in 3d applications
4:56PM 3 What happened with my last post?
4:06PM 4 Wine Halts on 2nd CD install
2:23PM 9 All users
11:04AM 11 current state of Ubuntu Sound -- my experience
9:20AM 5 Steam interface on OSX 10.6.1
8:52AM 0 Soldier of Fortune 3 Payback fails to start
7:04AM 3 can not have unity 3d (3d application) run on wine.
2:58AM 4 Halo Combat Evolved Trial is not working correctly...
12:25AM 0 'Who am I" test says Wine is Windows 98. Change to show
Sunday September 20 2009
11:52PM 1 @Devs: Tired of feature requests?
10:49PM 3 Prevent a specific program to access internet
9:37PM 9 Oblivion dinput8 issues
6:36PM 5 New member - I have Xubuntu 9.04 and want to run Tesio Power
6:20PM 2 Steam games can not load filesystem.dll
5:12PM 13 'Who am I" test says Wine is Windows 98. Change to show XP?
2:48PM 0 wine flickers on startup
2:46PM 5 "unhandled page fault" on running Kult
2:23PM 5 Making builds on OSX 10.6, not working on 10.5
12:17PM 4 PulseAudio - atleast one possbile quickfix, need confirmatio
10:32AM 1 Realshot manager
8:53AM 4 wow crashes
2:26AM 1 Civilzation IV: Colonization
12:38AM 12 Winecfg and application settings...
Saturday September 19 2009
11:06PM 4 dream of mirror online - graphic glitches, missing cursor
9:05PM 9 Wine Question - Virus/Diable temporarily
6:44PM 6 WarCraft FT eat memory
6:40PM 4 switching between apps on wine desktop(wine explorer)
6:16PM 71 Install error Help!
4:44PM 0 NFL Gamepass HD
1:48PM 2 Dissapear menu item "wine configuration" after upgrade wine
1:37PM 4 Wine 1.1.29 winetricks mdac28 fails
1:06PM 5 New user: Need some information about next stable release
11:31AM 1 Desktop resolution change after using Wine
10:48AM 4 Problems with Britannica Encyclopedia
8:43AM 4 Network time sync
7:41AM 10 How do I put file into Wine system32. Age of Mythology
4:31AM 7 Help! Linux/Wine Newbie~!
Friday September 18 2009
10:20PM 13 installing wow
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
8:31PM 0 No subject
7:22PM 1 can not load script engine
6:14PM 4 Getting Black and White 2 to run
6:00PM 0 Taking a break
4:11PM 8 Problems with Graphic
2:00PM 1 National instruments suite 10
1:13PM 0 Re: Starting Linux apps from inside Windows app running under wi
12:14PM 0 Starting Linux apps from inside Windows app running under wine
10:47AM 2 All games aren't running
10:05AM 1 CS 1.6 run with lag
8:26AM 5 create *.so from *.dll ?
8:01AM 1 Internet Explorer 6 disable Proxy Settings
7:56AM 7 Recursive winedbg crash: Unhandled page fault on read access
5:04AM 0 Final Fantasy XI under Mint 7 64-bit?
Thursday September 17 2009
10:34PM 5 Arch64 and bin32-wine error
10:12PM 5 Not sure if this is a Wine or IES4OSX in 10.6.
6:26PM 0 Fonts Not working properly
5:43PM 10 Serial Ports: busy?
4:09PM 2 Uninstalling a program within Wine? - Mac OSX 10.6
4:06PM 4 Problem with Wine 1.1.29 and uTorrent
9:20AM 6 How to install Wine to PowerPC (MacOs)
7:33AM 1 Stack overflow
7:13AM 2 Accessing the host's "localhost" from a Wine app
3:00AM 4 net start spdtool
Wednesday September 16 2009
10:59PM 5 Wine for Umbutu - Beta packages???
8:28PM 13 Need for speed Shift
8:04PM 7 How to disable win-16 when compile WINE for Mac OS X
5:39PM 4 Fonts, Characters are missing
4:35PM 7 Wine must implement user/group permission policy
2:56PM 2 New to WINE ; Change default font
2:26PM 2 Printing works with wine notepad, but not WordPerfect
1:30PM 2 DOW Soulstorm
1:22PM 2 WineD3D, OpenGL error with Temple of Elemental Evil
11:41AM 0 GTA, gamepads and widescreen
5:31AM 5 EVENT_event_to_vkey and keyc2vkey
Tuesday September 15 2009
9:29PM 2 WINE installed fonts corrupts webpages in FF
8:43PM 0 Audiodriver crash after starting programs in Wine :(
8:13PM 3 Getting better perf from multithreaded app
7:54PM 4 Unable to download WINE
7:16PM 3 WoW problem under WinE.
6:38PM 8 Office 2007 Programs will not Launch
5:07PM 2 Braid want run
3:23PM 12 how to make programs play mp3 files in wine 1.1.29?
1:17PM 0 Oblivion mp3
12:05PM 4 regedit deletes serialcomm keys
7:36AM 10 Running an app that require specific NT groups
6:58AM 2 How to get OGG audiodriver?
4:48AM 6 champions online starting, but sleeping
3:38AM 15 Portal:The First Slice-Odd Graphic Glitch
3:38AM 3 Is This Really Legal?
3:21AM 2 Can someone help us?
12:04AM 3 Help with half-life 2
Monday September 14 2009
9:34PM 11 trying to run a visual basic script via WINE - need help.
7:12PM 7 WINE Changed System Font...
4:42PM 3 No text after tweaks involving Intel 945 chipset,
1:33PM 0 Installing DicomWorks
12:24PM 5 Timezone problem
9:28AM 2 Wine use nautilus.
6:02AM 1 wine 1.1.23 & Kompas V11
5:54AM 0 Re: Wine: Bug 12524 - MBT Navigator: can't create object: ADOCom
Sunday September 13 2009
8:57PM 8 Depressed amd64 user...
6:37PM 5 App: ColorLines3D IstraSoft nvidia / glx driver
6:14PM 4 Istalling problems on MAC OS X 10.6
2:59PM 3 Wine & Flashplayer ??
2:03PM 5 S4 League crash
1:57PM 18 Problem with wine creating folders on installs
12:59PM 2 App cennik offline
8:10AM 9 Half Life 2 Games via Steam - Basic Questions
6:38AM 0 Re: An Issue concerning FS2004
Saturday September 12 2009
8:30PM 18 What the last version WINE is support PowerPC processor?
8:29PM 2 point me in the right direction?
6:29PM 1 Out of memory error when changing fonts
4:52PM 1 My WINE won't go to work
2:48PM 9 Burraconline not start!
2:38PM 4 Lucida Sans Unicode
12:51PM 0 Re: error opening winecfg
12:07PM 2 Problems with Directx
11:51AM 1 Garrys Mod Problem
11:32AM 7 how to install wine
11:24AM 0 Re: Excel 2003 crash
8:42AM 8 Wine 1.01 wont start steam?
6:53AM 0 Unhandled page fault in application
4:39AM 2 What version?
4:38AM 5 Too many registrations!
12:29AM 3 Wine not showing anything in file browser.
Friday September 11 2009
10:56PM 24 Wine and netbooks - INTEL GMA500
10:22PM 8 Sandboxing syscalls
8:52PM 8 Quicken registration page is garbage
8:50PM 4 running Johnson J-edit under wine
1:09PM 3 vcrun2008 fail to install
12:53PM 2 Refresh troublesooting ?
12:44PM 2 I can't download from
11:36AM 2 WINE with 64-bit Support Build on Snow Leopard
10:43AM 4 first line refresh problem in SecureCRT telnet session
9:18AM 1 Where to get Wine beta?
4:24AM 1 Office 2003 word just caps
1:13AM 3 Quicken 2009 stoped working after WINE 1.1.29 installed
Thursday September 10 2009
11:42PM 9 Trouble installing mdac28
4:23PM 0 Family Tree Maker Hang
3:30PM 7 hMail Server Install?
2:23PM 2 Winetricks?
1:55PM 8 PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4
11:56AM 0 Re: Tested incoming sound with new kernels -- RT works, Generic
11:30AM 8 wprime not work
11:05AM 7 New install of 1.1.29: gives "fixme:ntdll:server_ioctl_file"
4:07AM 2 Wine: Bug 12524 - MBT Navigator: can't create object: ADOCommand
3:04AM 0 Re: Cant use deadkeys in Portuguese keyboard
12:19AM 4 wine closes when i run a game
Wednesday September 9 2009
9:26PM 0 THANK YOU for WINE!
9:04PM 3 Bugzilla keep logging me out
8:49PM 1 Audio problems in karmic-9.10
8:45PM 6 Problems loading iTunes 8.2 despite dbase advising so
4:42PM 2 Guitar Pro 5 RSE?
1:46PM 5 I want to be able to minimise WoW
12:29PM 3 Wine and DVDFab Platinum
10:40AM 0 sound timout error
8:47AM 0 OT: How does the wine-users forum<->email gateway work in detail?
7:24AM 12 Mac OS X, DOS tools start X11, this is silly...
Tuesday September 8 2009
11:41PM 0 Re: Wine on OpenBSD
9:39PM 16 Winetricks not connecting to M/soft
8:27PM 11 State of Steam Games
8:01PM 2 Wine Headache!
7:42PM 14 Visio2003 Slow rendering
6:52PM 2 [wine 1.29] - Warhammer 40000 Dark Crusade Demo
5:57PM 9 Warcraft III - The frozen throne , Bnet error.
5:02PM 0 Adobe Flash plugin isn't working on some sites
5:00PM 2 Wine running FullTiltPoker Problems
4:49PM 4 Can only use Guest Mode - Normal user shows only desktop BG
3:44PM 131 conquer online and direct3d
12:05PM 4 NWN2 crashing with page fault
5:17AM 0 Re: key remapping
4:05AM 2 Oblivion
1:05AM 2 Can't configure wine anymore
12:45AM 2 Call of Duty 2 error
Monday September 7 2009
11:00PM 0 Rosetta Stone - Cannot find language pack
10:56PM 0 Cannot install mdac28
10:39PM 4 Fallout 3 using crossover games
8:18PM 6 Installing The Ultimate Haunted House, DDE Flaw??
7:56PM 25 wine and avi2dvd
7:05PM 6 Wine won't let me agree to WoW installion terms
5:33PM 1 Adobe Flash isn't working on some sites
5:28PM 3 documents and settings
3:36PM 6 World of Warcraft installed on Windows-trying to run onLinux
2:57PM 1 Printing problem
2:52PM 3 help in installing the program mac
1:09PM 0 Share some useful tools for iPod and iPhone
9:54AM 5 Nothing pops when I launch wine
9:34AM 2 Wine & PlayUO
7:26AM 3 WINE configuration GUI too big for windowed desktop
7:25AM 24 Installing Wine on ubuntu 9.04
6:57AM 0 Re: Editing is disabled
12:59AM 1 wine-1.1.29 crash on civ IV
12:26AM 2 Freelancer Microsft Games
Sunday September 6 2009
5:55PM 5 fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_GetKeyboardLayout
5:46PM 11 An incompatible font ?
2:19PM 3 Rosetta Stone errors
8:05AM 7 Trying to run XHeader...getting errors...
Saturday September 5 2009
11:53PM 5 Ole error
9:16PM 4 Wine beta hangs, Requires reboot of Linux
6:18PM 3 API to get the Wine Version Number
5:23PM 3 newbie running wine
3:11PM 0 installing crossover games broke my working Wine?
10:55AM 2 the opengl and glu fiasco with wine 1.1.29 and nvidia binary
10:17AM 4 Soundcard detection failing
9:44AM 6 Original war problem.
9:08AM 3 Can I use UDL file in Wine?
3:57AM 1 Regedit Failure
3:09AM 7 Trackmania NF 2.11.11 fails to start in Wine 1.1.28
2:10AM 1 Fear2 not working properly anymore with wine 1.1.29
Friday September 4 2009
6:52PM 3 Problem with compiling wine on mac os x
5:28PM 0 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
3:42PM 0 MAC OS X compile -> 'OpenGL development headers not found
12:58PM 6 Wine 1.1.29: sound lost
11:35AM 14 Making wine use the correct OpenGL libraries
1:55AM 0 Wine window disapear when I try to drag in second desktop
12:57AM 4 Wine on Snow Leopard: dumbed-down help needed
Thursday September 3 2009
10:46PM 4 Re: Editing is disabled
10:34PM 2 wine advantages over mingw
6:09PM 3 Steam & wine 1.1.29
4:14PM 6 1.1.29 no more mp3 support
12:54PM 5 build wine dll problem
11:48AM 1 Anyone?: got Altera Quartus II version 9 SP 2 working?
5:05AM 20 MAC OS X compile -> 'OpenGL development headers not found'
12:02AM 3 winemp3, mpg123 Patent concerns
Wednesday September 2 2009
9:58PM 8 world of warcraft install
8:02PM 1 Brainfuse QuickConnect in Wine
6:21PM 3 World of Warcraft laptop power problem
3:38PM 10 Serial port problem
3:11PM 0 CodeWeavers Releases Crossover Games 8.0 for MAC and Linux
3:08PM 4 No font in my app
2:02PM 5 Wild Metal problem
12:46PM 15 no game seems to work with wine
9:30AM 4 Re: TeamViewer under Wine
7:01AM 1 Samsung MFC Printer Software
6:03AM 1 Re: anyone got a PS3 with Linux installed, that can test buildin
5:40AM 4 Locking up on Mac OSX when trying to run Game Maker games
1:40AM 12 Trying to get started
Tuesday September 1 2009
10:47PM 8 How to install wine with no internet connection?
4:11PM 4 what for wine for win32?
4:01PM 6 Loading iTunes
2:22PM 0 new user: p. installation and starting installed apps prob.
12:50PM 0 Tested incoming sound with new kernels -- RT works, Generic doesn't yet
6:58AM 7 Uninstall Wine Software doesn't work
6:10AM 1 Setting the current thread in winedbg
4:54AM 8 Absolute noob needs help getting and useing the right bits
3:47AM 6 Sid Meier's Pirates! crashes consistently - Part II
3:21AM 0 anyone got a PS3 with Linux installed, that can test building wine (or provide ssh access?)