R help - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
11:47PM 2 question about availability of splines library for 2.10.0
10:40PM 0 Fitting Distribution to Data
10:35PM 2 Ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis (Use R) (2009 Paperback)
10:32PM 0 normalized kernel question:
9:37PM 1 how to solve a problem in R this problem?can someone help me
9:17PM 1 error when installing Rcmdr / tcltk on a Apple laptop
9:12PM 1 Plotting color.legend() outside of plot region
8:55PM 0 how to calculate "axis variance" in metaMDS, pakage vegan?
8:13PM 0 Need help with for loop in forecast
7:25PM 4 Is there a way to convert rgb/hex value to a (nearest) color name?
7:18PM 0 RMySQL unique primary key ??
7:15PM 3 bug or bizarre feature?
5:34PM 1 allocating vector memory > 1 GByte on Windows XP / Vista / 7
4:14PM 1 RSQLite does not read very large values correctly
4:10PM 2 command similar to colSums for rowSums?
4:02PM 1 Scaling variables to positive values using scale() or performing BoxCox on negative data
3:40PM 1 Using stepAIC to produce a p-value for when a particular variable was taken out of the model
3:20PM 3 rpart: how to assign observations to nodes in regression trees
1:58PM 2 Ubuntu tcl/tk problems
1:46PM 1 multiple column argument in formula (MASS:lda)
1:36PM 1 Joint density approximation?
1:19PM 0 Changes in Predicted Probabilities for multinomial regression as in STATA software
12:56PM 2 Problem with Jri (rJava)
12:19PM 1 regression with a*cos(angle+phi)+b
11:43AM 1 multiple comparisons with non homogeneus variances
11:10AM 0 temporal replication
11:01AM 5 Histogram and Density on the the same graph
7:22AM 6 Learning R
5:21AM 1 Little help needed
4:22AM 1 Continuous legend colors
3:52AM 3 Question about output from optim
3:22AM 1 updating subset of data.frame
2:30AM 3 Assign palette (e.g. rainbow) to a series of points on 1 plot
12:35AM 2 How do I run to or more R consoles on Mac OS X?
Sunday November 29 2009
10:34PM 0 What are polynomial contrasts?
9:20PM 1 Why .Diag and .asSparse are not accessible in R sessions?
8:17PM 4 sequence of commands in R
7:40PM 1 optim or nlminb for minimization, which to believe?
6:49PM 0 KhmaladzeTest - quantreg
6:09PM 1 Roman numerical output
5:01PM 0 Rules for coding expanded formulas
4:46PM 4 lm() notation question
4:23PM 1 How to force regression coeffs for some values in a categorical variable
3:41PM 3 How to z-standardize for subgroups?
1:51PM 3 Plotting observed vs. Predicted values, change of symbols
1:49PM 1 lm: eval(parse(text=)) works on one side y/x but not on both?
1:21PM 2 kernlab's ksvm method freeze
12:44PM 3 column of dates into time series
12:35PM 0 KhmaladzeTest in quantreg
11:36AM 1 calling R from sas
10:00AM 2 Time Series Rating Model
8:36AM 3 Removing objects from a list based on nrow
5:48AM 1 Convergence problem with zeroinfl() and hurdle() when interaction term added
5:20AM 1 Plotting observed vs. fitted values
4:00AM 3 How to find where the source code of an R function or package is installed?
Saturday November 28 2009
11:53PM 2 R on Large Data Sets (again)
11:38PM 1 2-character plotting characters?
11:01PM 1 GMM estimation
10:34PM 1 how to put ggobi display into a GUI window setup by gWidgets
9:40PM 3 extract coordinates from contour lines
9:19PM 2 Orphaned R Packages (maybe this is too inside baseball?)
8:20PM 1 Kohonen Package
5:37PM 0 Exact test for count data
5:26PM 3 Whats happening to the forum???
5:09PM 1 Plot-region not complete
3:14PM 1 Include manually an intercept in lm without breaking it?
2:33PM 1 R function that duplicates Octave's poly function?
2:25PM 1 Plot fitted vs observed values
10:07AM 1 import statsoft statistica files?
9:53AM 2 fft and filtering puzzle
7:48AM 0 alternatives to mosiac plots and ?3D? mosiac plots
1:19AM 1 How to combine matrix with sapply function?
12:56AM 2 R en Windows 7 a 64 bits
12:10AM 1 Debugging the "unexpected string constant" error in the zp2ssg2.R
Friday November 27 2009
11:24PM 0 Questions about use of multinomial for discrimination.
9:23PM 1 my failing understanding ...
8:36PM 3 Iteration idioms & laziness
8:19PM 0 Orthogonal regression in R
6:42PM 2 using reshape to do ANOVA mixed models
6:35PM 1 Build of XML package failed
6:15PM 2 Replace Values in Matrix
5:51PM 1 R 2.10 Line Type Issue...
4:52PM 2 Modular inverses
4:27PM 0 changing titlessymbols in plot.spm
4:04PM 1 Force a variable substitution in expression
4:00PM 4 Simple Function doesn't work?
3:25PM 1 problem with "dynformula" from "plm" package [RE-POST]
3:25PM 2 matching and extracting data
3:08PM 3 problem with "dynformula" from "plm" package
3:01PM 1 problem tick marker and text
2:55PM 1 Time Series Data
2:48PM 1 post
1:27PM 0 how to analyze this design using lmer
12:44PM 1 plotting two surfaces simultaneously in a single panel
11:46AM 0 NMF package for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
11:30AM 1 generating a matrix after a for loop..
10:46AM 0 VAR forecasts and out-of-sample prediction
10:34AM 2 If condition using accessors
9:54AM 0 multicore: defunct R processes left
9:32AM 0 Comparing membership of clusters
9:20AM 1 Arguments
7:19AM 2 How to compute Rolling analysis of Standard Deviation using ZOO package?
6:59AM 0 R and SAS JMP
6:11AM 2 Overlapping x - axis lables
4:46AM 6 Learning R - View datasets
3:26AM 2 layers in xYplot of Hmisc
3:21AM 1 Splitting the Distribution
2:59AM 2 set condition in R
2:45AM 2 Symmetric Matrix classes
Thursday November 26 2009
11:41PM 2 Help on Html format R 2.10
10:01PM 1 How to suppress errors generated by readHTMLTable?
9:23PM 1 Barplot with confidence intervals
9:00PM 1 {ggplot2} Adding Mean to (grouped) Boxplot.
8:40PM 0 r code to combine random forest and glm
7:43PM 1 lattice --- different properties of lines corresponding to type=c("l", "a") respectively
6:53PM 3 barchart() {Lattice} help.
5:40PM 2 Export kde object as shapefile
5:14PM 1 How shall one present LRT test statistic in a scientific journal ?
5:06PM 1 Save workspace with ff objects
4:57PM 1 Does nargin and nargout work with R functions?
4:35PM 0 mcp.area vs. kernel.area Output... ?
4:30PM 1 Missing and number of days
4:17PM 1 different fits for geese and geeglm in geepack?
4:03PM 3 Best way to preallocate numeric NA array?
3:53PM 1 Moving quantile()?
3:22PM 0 Vista truncated Sys.getenv("PATH") when and only when running as administrator
2:48PM 2 Testing for strength of fit using R
11:30AM 0 homals (level numerical, scoremat and catscores...)
11:20AM 0 Error in do.call("expand.grid", dimnames(x)) :
11:12AM 0 R: RE: R: Re: R: Re: chol( neg.def.matrix ) WAS: Re: Choleski and Choleski with pivoting of matrix fails
10:57AM 1 JMP <-> R ?
10:43AM 1 analyse tab delimited textfile microarray data(help)
9:06AM 0 Sorry for repeated posts.
8:13AM 1 Arrhenius Plot 2 with lattice
7:14AM 13 How to display an image on RGL plot?
4:23AM 0 Binary operators in packages and documentation?
12:55AM 2 Multivariate problems . . . with 200 resposes variables and 1 explanatory variable
12:52AM 1 Adding text in the panels for Trellis plot ...
12:04AM 1 R help with princomp and pam clustering
Wednesday November 25 2009
10:54PM 1 Arrhenius plot with lattice
10:33PM 1 Interpretation of plots in linear regression models (verification of Gauss-Markov hypothesis)
10:26PM 1 jpeg support in R
10:05PM 0 predict(): NoSuchMethodError
9:46PM 1 Insert elements into a vector in a defined positions
9:11PM 1 as.data.frame.table() to convert by() output to a data frame
9:07PM 1 lattice: plotting in a loop
9:00PM 2 R or C++ on FreeNX servers
8:29PM 0 error with hmm()?
8:28PM 0 R installation error: perl not found
8:27PM 5 How to sum only a few elements in a line
8:15PM 1 Mysterious R script behavior when called from webserver
7:04PM 0 Is there a package for generating standardized R script command line options?
6:48PM 2 Grouped Barplot
6:43PM 1 help writing for loop
6:29PM 0 augPred and nlme
6:23PM 1 Sampling dataframe
6:13PM 1 draw circle on PCA plot
6:03PM 2 order of panels in xyplots
5:43PM 2 multi variate plot with string data
5:38PM 3 Feature request for as.Date() function
5:24PM 1 tick marks on fold change versus fold change plot
5:02PM 1 rattle(): unable to load shared library
5:01PM 1 fitting mixture of normals distribution to asset return data
4:37PM 3 Concave hull
4:23PM 4 Structural Equation Models(SEM)
4:16PM 1 Re-arrange Columns in data frame
3:55PM 2 difference of two rows
2:59PM 1 R: Re: R: Re: chol( neg.def.matrix ) WAS: Re: Choleski and Choleski with pivoting of matrix fails
2:44PM 2 Unique observations
2:42PM 3 Random data
2:35PM 4 Importing many files from a single code
2:15PM 1 arg min ???
12:34PM 3 Test Binary File
11:22AM 1 Plot and area below a line graph
9:15AM 1 Plotting Stacked Bar
9:11AM 1 searching code for combination of vector
8:51AM 0 ROCR Issue: Averaging Across Multiple Classifier Runs in ROC Curve
8:31AM 0 multiple regression model representation
8:29AM 1 extract area in netcdf file
8:27AM 1 Kerning issues with CairoPDF
6:44AM 1 center of cluster of points in PCA
5:47AM 0 Backfitting with Missing Explanatory Values
5:13AM 1 Eliminating 'Unprintable ASCII' characters
3:45AM 1 interior and exterior colors of a map
3:32AM 1 which to trust...princomp() or prcomp() or neither?
1:49AM 2 XML package example code?
1:33AM 1 reshape question
1:28AM 3 questions on the ff package
1:24AM 1 problem in building an R package
12:13AM 0 Accessing remote data (ftp) over the net
Tuesday November 24 2009
11:26PM 2 R Packages Crack the 3,000 Mark!
11:14PM 1 Titles in plots overlap
11:00PM 1 11 distinguishable colors
10:50PM 1 How to get the item in list that is a number?
10:28PM 1 Scatter plot with margin distributions
10:13PM 0 Aquamacs/emacs and color of echo in R console 2!
10:10PM 0 Aquamacs/emacs and color of echo in R console
10:03PM 1 keep empty subsets using aggregate
9:52PM 0 contr.sdif from MASS
9:49PM 0 Anova and covariable
9:40PM 0 Lag correlation
9:19PM 0 Install RPostgreSQL (Mac OSX 10.6)
9:18PM 2 Re moving white space help
9:11PM 1 merge on non-identical names
9:03PM 1 predict from glmer
8:41PM 1 overdispersion and quasibinomial model
8:25PM 2 linear regression on groups of consecutive rows of a matrix
8:04PM 0 Monthly Returns where first day is the 14th of the month and last day is the 13th of next month
7:58PM 2 How to identify the rows in my dataframe with a negative value in any column?
7:24PM 1 predict: remove columns with new levels automatically
6:14PM 1 reshaping data
6:13PM 1 How to interpret the name of an object literally?
6:00PM 1 Subscript out of bounds
4:56PM 1 Encoding problems.
4:52PM 4 Graphic Device - View/get all graphics
3:58PM 2 convex hull for cluster analysis
3:51PM 5 Split column
3:27PM 1 Error in text.rpart(fit) : fit is not a tree, just a root
3:02PM 1 Convert Time Variable to Numeric
2:02PM 6 From R to LaTeX to pdf?
1:50PM 1 Decision trees with factors and numericals
12:26PM 1 Old Version of R - packages
11:52AM 3 Help: Beanplots calculating wrong average
10:59AM 1 write to file append by column
10:18AM 4 Method
9:15AM 1 Fwd: R- bioconductor -- help
7:00AM 1 How to interpret the phase spectrum?
4:32AM 1 Cannot set wireframe ticks?
2:33AM 2 Grouped Boxplot
2:06AM 1 Adding to the years ...
1:45AM 0 R 2.10.0 (Snow Leopard) doesn't remember updates
1:28AM 2 random effects correlation in lmer
1:06AM 0 can't use function vcov with a GAMLSS object??
1:03AM 0 R extra package problem.
12:52AM 1 ow to have R automatically print traceback upon errors
12:23AM 0 problem: howto see ylim (or equivalent) within a custom panel function
12:01AM 0 How to calculate standard errors of predictions based on the fixed effects? lmer
Monday November 23 2009
11:21PM 1 Configuring R-2.10 help html server on Linux?
10:51PM 2 how to change the class of a group of objects
9:50PM 3 Trellis Plot
9:43PM 1 Doubt about CCA and PCA
9:35PM 3 Translation from R codes to SAS.
9:14PM 0 S4method with special character
8:32PM 1 using contents of one column to direct addition of new rows in dataframe
7:57PM 1 Re moving rows which do not satisfy a condition
7:48PM 0 vegan package: goodness.cca function
7:03PM 4 Loess Fit
7:01PM 0 Analyzing XML data
5:52PM 1 NAs introduced by coercion warning?
5:38PM 0 NAs introduced by coercion
5:30PM 0 Fitting a mixture of poisson
5:27PM 1 Different fonts on the same axis
4:53PM 1 List Name help
4:52PM 1 Natural colours for topographic data
4:02PM 1 get.gpar, grid.Call
3:58PM 1 Friedman test for replicated blocked data
3:19PM 0 find distance between two points with different scale
3:16PM 1 anova() method for coxph objects with robust standard errors
3:13PM 0 calling R from java eclipse
3:03PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 81, Issue 23
3:02PM 1 heatmap.2 adapting the colour scale and text overlay
2:42PM 0 new version of distr-family of packages
2:22PM 1 testing of randomness of residuals in the lm function in R
1:28PM 4 Check if string has all alphabets or numbers
1:14PM 2 categorisation of continuous variables in R
1:02PM 6 Excel-Export
12:18PM 1 R: Re: chol( neg.def.matrix ) WAS: Re: Choleski and Choleski with pivoting of matrix fails
12:18PM 0 R: chol( neg.def.matrix ) WAS: Re: Choleski and Choleski with pivoting of matrix fails
12:17PM 0 randomForest bug in predict.randomForest()
12:15PM 1 Calibration score for survival probability
12:11PM 1 Re adline()
10:25AM 1 unable to use coplot function with zoo package
9:30AM 2 Speed up R code
9:28AM 2 Question about S4
8:54AM 2 non-intuitive behaviour after type conversion
8:16AM 1 Downloading clim.pact package
8:15AM 3 FUN argument to return a vector in aggregate function
7:43AM 0 Interactions in 'MatchBalance' of the package 'Matching'
6:06AM 1 interaction effects in a Linear model
4:05AM 1 question about how to generate an orthogonal matrix with a known vector
3:48AM 1 recognizing variable-names of cast() (package: reshape)
3:35AM 0 question about brushing in rggobi
3:23AM 0 change in behavior of contrasts for ordered factors
2:43AM 2 dynlm predict with newdata?
1:19AM 2 Help about stability analysis in R software!!!
12:30AM 0 How to change line width in heatmap.2()?
12:04AM 1 how to prevent lattic barchart from drawing bar completely to the bottom/left of the chart
Sunday November 22 2009
11:27PM 0 optim(,"SANN"...)
11:07PM 0 Missing/Incomplete Data Study
11:01PM 5 Removing "+" and "?" signs
9:21PM 1 how to generate balanced sample from two normal distribution
8:44PM 2 any equivalent SUM IF statement in R
8:38PM 1 where is lme() that is referred by aov() help page?
8:14PM 0 How to get the factor level means with interaction term?
7:30PM 1 mac os X: mprobit fails to install
6:42PM 1 serialized plot object (2 years later)
5:06PM 1 contour(): lines & labels in different colours?
4:53PM 4 Do you keep an archive of "useful" R code? and if so - how?
4:27PM 2 scatter plot & equation
3:19PM 1 Why F value and Pr are not show in summary() of an aov() result?
2:56PM 1 How to make the assignment in a for-loop not affect variables outside the loop?
2:42PM 0 Repeated measures unbalanced in a split-split design
2:42PM 1 How to make a matrix of a number of factors?
11:26AM 3 Define return values of a function
11:14AM 4 how do i persuade IT to install R on PCs ?? ...and should I ??
6:07AM 1 "Over-coloring" facets on persp() plot
4:39AM 0 Adding columns to lower level of list
3:39AM 1 Metaplot Axis Annotation
1:57AM 1 Input file format to Anova from car package
1:43AM 0 Sample size calculation for paired proportion testing?
1:37AM 0 How to reproduce heatmap.2()'s result?
1:30AM 0 glmmPQL random effects model
1:21AM 1 how to tell if its better to standardize your data matrix first when you do principal
1:09AM 1 GAM plots
12:58AM 2 how to read BRFSS file
12:00AM 2 Help with indexing
Saturday November 21 2009
11:21PM 1 MASS loading error
10:01PM 4 other decriptive stats packages
9:41PM 1 what do i do to fix missing packages...see error
9:28PM 1 changing plot symbol and/or size in plot(cox.zph)
9:05PM 2 How to trim the front of a string?
8:19PM 1 how to ignore NA when using cumsum WHILE retaining NAs?
8:11PM 1 3-D Plotting of predictions from GAM/GAMM object
7:34PM 2 how to ignore NA when using cumsum?
7:11PM 0 Export to SPSS without truncating variable names
6:34PM 7 consecutive numbering of elements in a matrix
6:19PM 2 Fw: Re: title problem
5:39PM 0 BMA package MC3.REG question
4:21PM 4 title problem
2:29PM 3 python
2:25PM 1 EBImage do not read an Image: requested image not found or could not be loaded
1:58PM 1 compiling addons
1:14PM 0 deviance from lmer model: deviance(model) and sum(resid(model)^2), which one is correct?
1:03PM 1 p.value OR F.value?
12:46PM 1 how to download the package omegahat SJava?
11:03AM 1 Choleski and Choleski with pivoting of matrix fails
4:09AM 0 [Rd] Including local dynamic libraries
4:03AM 0 (ecological) model sensitivity analysis book
3:59AM 0 Missing data by design
1:52AM 1 How to make a cartesian pairlist from a vector?
1:40AM 3 "subset" or "condition" as argument to a function
1:23AM 1 How to change the label font size?
1:03AM 2 How to concatenate a vector of strings to a string?
12:26AM 0 How to make a cartesian pairlist?
12:05AM 1 Changing coordenates
Friday November 20 2009
11:54PM 2 Stacked Bar Plot
11:16PM 0 How do I specify a partially completed survival analysis model
11:15PM 1 How to put x-axis labels vertically?
11:06PM 6 How to add a top level title to multiple plots
10:53PM 2 How to setup the tsp attribute of a dataset
10:05PM 3 help me avoid nested for() loops!
8:52PM 1 Help with multiple comparisons on a 2-way repeated measures ANOVA
6:56PM 2 Problem at adding lines on a graphics with lines() function
6:31PM 2 How to use results of distribution fitting for further processing?
6:26PM 6 How to: highlight R syntax on webpages ?
6:23PM 0 problem with predict from nnet package
6:11PM 1 AKIMA: z values at a set coordinate
5:53PM 4 read a file into a matrix
5:48PM 0 nlmeODE posthoc
5:25PM 0 How can I remove one of variables which both variables have correlation coefficient more than 0.95 randomly?
5:15PM 0 multivariate type II regressions
5:10PM 1 ctree (party) changing font sizes in plots
4:52PM 2 how to draw image of a data distribution? Thanks
4:19PM 1 How to concatenate expressions
3:51PM 3 Remove leading and trailing white spaces
2:45PM 1 Has anyone had success with RGTK2/rattle and windows 7 64-bit?
2:10PM 3 denoting max value in ylim
1:25PM 2 can R scripts detect signals sent by the task scheduler ?
12:11PM 1 HTML help missing?
11:55AM 2 Problem with Numerical derivatives (numDeriv) and mvtnorm
11:26AM 1 find data (date) gaps in time series
11:12AM 0 Compatibility of AIC values calculated with different link functions?
11:01AM 1 Spatstat, markcorr, max. radius limited??
10:40AM 1 How to do X11 seasonal adjust in R?
10:31AM 1 problem selecting 330 to 30 longitude
9:58AM 1 boxplot question
9:23AM 1 Bessel function with large index value
8:43AM 0 DBFIsRecordDeleted() in read.dbf?
8:36AM 1 different results across versions for glmer/lmer with the quasi-poisson or quasi-binomial families: the lattest version might not be accurate...
8:02AM 2 Classification
5:34AM 2 Compiling from sources (ubuntu and x11)
5:33AM 1 R 2.10 'memory leak'? on OS X
5:33AM 1 2 functions in xyplot
5:03AM 0 help with screen layout using rggobi
4:37AM 3 symbol in the plot
3:54AM 0 crimson editor
3:45AM 2 R 2.10 memory leak on OS X
3:28AM 1 How to extract the variable names from a formula
3:00AM 1 uniroot vs.optimize
2:17AM 1 Hmisc and Lattice question on gridlines
1:57AM 1 linking to external C++ library
1:46AM 1 how to specify the order of panels with xyplot
1:29AM 1 how to link C code with gsl from R CMD and dyn.load
12:03AM 2 Finding & replacing non-ASCII characters
Thursday November 19 2009
11:33PM 4 how to plot mean+/-SD from externally calculated values
11:09PM 0 Passing filenames to the getopt package
11:05PM 1 optim(.. ,"SANN",..)
11:03PM 1 loess smoothing
10:51PM 1 RE shaping large dataset
10:43PM 1 Change color of single panel in xyplot
10:21PM 4 Is there an variant of apply() that does not return anything?
10:19PM 1 Performance of 'by' and 'ddply' on a large data frame
8:29PM 0 Partial derivatives of the multivariate cumulative distribution
8:14PM 2 Calling R (GAMM) from Fortran
7:30PM 1 sqldf
6:55PM 0 Lme
5:38PM 2 plot filled.contour over continent map
5:29PM 3 Reading in a series of files using a for loop
5:00PM 1 How do I specify a partially completed survival analysis model?
4:56PM 1 person-level to person-period xfm
4:47PM 2 Problem with zoo and BootPR packages
4:23PM 1 Splitting massive output into multiple text files
4:13PM 0 Printing labeled summary to text file ?
4:12PM 0 Problem on using Rexcel in the vba code
3:25PM 1 advice about R for windows speed
3:03PM 2 Efficient cbind of elements from two lists
2:30PM 1 ddply function nesting problems
1:33PM 3 t-criterion calculation using means and SE
12:27PM 5 Accessing list names in lapply
12:22PM 0 Acceptance sampling
12:07PM 1 Problem with sqlSave
11:15AM 0 How to analyse/visualize a city budget ?
11:12AM 0 randomForest: impact of bug fixed in version 4.5-13
11:00AM 2 PLoS, Arial, R & linux
9:27AM 2 3D plot, rotatable and with adjustable symbols
9:18AM 1 name of a name
8:26AM 0 Overlaying multiple ROC curves using ROCR
7:40AM 1 Want help on data resampling!
3:26AM 1 problem post request with RCurl
12:33AM 11 How do I change the colour and format for the trelli plot ?
Wednesday November 18 2009
11:20PM 1 Confidence intervals - a statistical question, nothing to do with R
10:57PM 0 Linear Discriminant Analysis and Wilks Lambda
10:57PM 1 Preferred Method for Reading in and Processing Access Database
10:27PM 1 row-wise means
10:06PM 3 GLM: Classification problem. Help!
9:55PM 1 Cochran's Theorem
9:55PM 2 Median on Aggregated data
9:52PM 2 error message; ylim + log="y"
9:15PM 2 Unnecesary code?
8:58PM 3 SOM library - where do I find it
8:27PM 0 Package for Miscellaneous Psychometrics
8:09PM 3 Re ading multiple Excel 2007 files with a loop
7:51PM 0 standard error for the estimated value (lmer fitted model)
7:48PM 1 How to choose appropriate linear model? (ANOVA)
7:27PM 1 (no subject)
6:21PM 1 Data linkage functions for probabilistic linkage using person identifiers
5:16PM 1 Method dispatch for function
5:15PM 1 border/box/frame around plot
5:00PM 0 Y axis of 1-D Linear Discriminant Histograms
3:41PM 1 mann-whitney test with more groups
3:31PM 1 Creating an excel file and manipulating it from R
3:20PM 1 converting a vector of bytes to a PNG/JPEG image
2:58PM 1 foor loop - undefined columns selected error
2:53PM 0 levelplot
2:10PM 2 Error "system is computationally singular" by using function dmvnorm
1:46PM 0 xts timeseries
1:33PM 0 Effective measurement of point-polygon distance
1:31PM 1 Spectrum confidence interval
1:25PM 1 where can I download package svIO?
12:50PM 1 Need help for graphical representation
12:32PM 0 Optimal parameters for Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter (loop)
12:18PM 2 reduce matrix
11:57AM 2 parsing numeric values
11:41AM 1 boxplot
11:25AM 2 How to install older version of R?
10:39AM 4 Switch Help
10:35AM 1 getting the name of a single object in R for debugging output
10:14AM 2 Importing tRNA data into R ?
8:24AM 2 recode according to old levels
3:19AM 1 HOw to delete a row in the data matrix and change the order of the row ???
Tuesday November 17 2009
11:17PM 2 :Problem with Looping
11:15PM 3 Perform operations on dataframes called with paste in loops
11:01PM 2 SVM Param Tuning with using SNOW package
10:55PM 2 Basic question on nominal data
10:44PM 2 Lattice plot
10:03PM 2 question about function heatmap
9:56PM 1 Plotting a dataframe with date format
9:54PM 3 re placing the dates format in R for exporting the data set...
9:40PM 0 Competing risks regression
7:15PM 1 hclust too slow?
6:20PM 1 how to merge two data.frames – only complete observations
6:20PM 1 lm.ridge {MASS} ridge regression calculation question
5:35PM 2 (exact) confidence bounds for lognormal parameters \mu and \sigma
5:33PM 0 Help constructing a stochastic kernel
5:18PM 0 Listing what a package exports.
3:55PM 1 Error running lda example: Session Info
3:46PM 0 Problem loading fAssets.
3:43PM 1 Add "bin" variable to dataframe
2:43PM 1 strange read.table results
2:17PM 4 Normal distribution test
2:17PM 0 tsls function help
1:59PM 3 Calculating the power of a negative number
1:42PM 3 CM Fonts in PDF output
1:16PM 1 How to plot an image in R
1:01PM 0 Re place NA values in matrix with the value of Nearest Neighbour
11:13AM 0 question on gps.prof in ismev
10:01AM 1 lattice barchart
9:11AM 1 Define lm/glm object without evaluating them
9:09AM 3 tseries to csv or xls
9:04AM 0 Marginal Homogeneity tests for sparse matrixes ?
8:26AM 3 One basic question - combining two conditions
7:37AM 0 how to get the p-value in ctree?
4:55AM 1 How to do Hodrick-Prescott Filter in R?
4:54AM 1 How to do band-pass filters, low-pass filters, high-pass filters in R?
4:50AM 1 Arguments for Plot()
3:38AM 1 Plotting graphs using FOR loop
12:37AM 0 Fwd: dendrogram
Monday November 16 2009
11:55PM 1 Paper on data exploration
11:34PM 1 lmomco package and confidence limits?
11:22PM 4 Where are usages like "== 2L" documented?
10:31PM 0 Poly()
9:37PM 1 how can one break or stop or return from a script?
8:43PM 0 Biometric Summit - 2010
8:39PM 1 Error using 32-bit R and RODBC package on 64-bit Windows Server OS with R version 2.10
7:49PM 5 Writing a data frame in an excel file
7:42PM 8 extracting the last row of each group in a data frame
7:34PM 1 non homogeneous poisson process
7:31PM 1 object not found inside step() function
7:29PM 2 parsing Google search results
7:22PM 2 fitting a logistic regression with mixed type of variables
7:05PM 2 in excel i can sort my dataset, what do i use in R
6:45PM 1 No Visible Binding for global variable
6:07PM 1 printing a single row, but dont know which row to print
5:49PM 3 Sum over indexed value
5:40PM 3 Discontinuous graph
4:44PM 1 extracting values from correlation matrix
4:42PM 2 (Parallel) Random number seed question...
4:22PM 1 Data source name not found and no default driver specified
4:17PM 1 specifying group plots using panel.groups
3:31PM 2 test for causality
3:16PM 3 R-help
2:40PM 2 violin - like plots for bivariate data
2:31PM 3 Cluster analysis: hclust manipulation possible?
1:21PM 2 on gsub (simple, but not to me!) sintax
1:19PM 3 Error on reading an excel file
12:43PM 2 Conditional statement
12:42PM 3 lapply() not converting columns to factors (no error message)
12:28PM 1 Labels in horizontal dendrogram not placed correctly?
10:24AM 2 ^ operator
10:11AM 0 Plotting Moa clustering result
7:44AM 1 ARMAX model fitting with arima
5:14AM 1 How to use SQL code in R
4:20AM 1 Locate 'repeated' package?
2:45AM 2 How to generate dependency file that can be used by gnu make?
1:45AM 2 How to make all elements all elements lower-cap ?
1:15AM 1 How to name a tag in a list or a data.frame from a string?
12:33AM 0 mvbutils and debug: new versions
12:29AM 1 Normalization of Data
Sunday November 15 2009
10:38PM 0 Basic Question about local
10:30PM 1 How to get the string '\'?
10:26PM 4 pairs
9:11PM 1 how to permute, simulate Markov chain
7:34PM 1 Help with unstack() function
7:33PM 1 wilcox.test loop through variable names
5:12PM 2 resampling problem counting number of means above a specific value
4:59PM 1 JGR GUI for R-2.10.0 "Help" "Print"
4:53PM 1 Finding Largest(or smallest) values
3:18PM 2 Relase positive with log and zero of negative with 0
3:01PM 1 where is a value in my list
2:23PM 6 update.lm question
1:19PM 2 lme model specification
12:48PM 1 Presentation of data in Graphical format
11:10AM 1 R crashing
6:22AM 1 browser() can not stop the execution
12:02AM 3 Error running lda example from Help File (MASS library )
Saturday November 14 2009
10:31PM 4 Weighted descriptives by levels of another variables
9:48PM 0 Best way to model colonization: logistic regression vs. Poisson regression, or perhaps some other technique.
7:49PM 2 formatting dates in axis labels (ggplot2)
7:21PM 4 Best advice for connect R and Octave
6:21PM 1 re move row if the column "date_abandoned" has a date in it
12:29PM 0 a problem about GPD distribution fit
7:25AM 1 setting contrasts for a logistic regression
4:05AM 1 Licensing data sets
3:36AM 0 Detecting invalid time zone names
2:30AM 1 refactoring in R
12:02AM 1 Silently loading an R package.
Friday November 13 2009
11:20PM 1 question about the lattice package
10:53PM 0 Analyze XML data
10:30PM 2 AR(2) modelling
10:29PM 1 spss imports--trouble with to.data.frame
10:20PM 2 help sample from large dataset - misleading error?
10:00PM 1 need help formating plot axis to standard dollar formats
9:37PM 0 Aov: SE's for split plot
9:18PM 1 Problem plotting output from tree()
8:23PM 1 when use which()
7:33PM 4 cleanse columns and unwanted rows
7:20PM 1 Utility function to rotate log files?
6:59PM 3 sum(row1==y) if row2=x
6:46PM 1 multivariate meta-analysis with the metafor package
5:59PM 1 Trellis settings get lost when printing to pdf
5:33PM 4 Simple if else statement problem
5:15PM 0 about the pgmm in plm package (application and singularity)
5:11PM 0 standardised effect sizes and confidence intervals for mixed-models
4:52PM 1 R and HDF5 Question
4:46PM 3 Problems by saving Rprofile.site under vista
4:41PM 2 random numbers in C
4:19PM 1 shrink list by mathed entries
4:05PM 0 Craddock-Flood Test in R?
4:02PM 1 vignettes: .png graphics or pre-compiled .pdf
3:53PM 2 How to show all the functions and classes that are defined in a library?
3:13PM 6 replace a whole word with sub()
3:05PM 0 format help()
2:34PM 4 Change working directory
2:12PM 5 Help with complicated regular expression
1:33PM 3 Escaping regular expressions
1:05PM 1 p-value > 1
12:34PM 0 Rarefaction Curve by Individuals not Sites - vegan (specaccum)
12:02PM 0 starting pdf help for a package? (was starting html help for a package?)
11:21AM 4 R, NIH and FDA
11:03AM 4 processing log file
10:59AM 0 z-test with NAs
9:02AM 2 All combination
8:17AM 2 survreg function in survival package
5:34AM 1 dfbetas vs dfbeta
4:14AM 1 binary data
3:57AM 2 data frame subsets?
3:10AM 2 Plotting Histogram using histogram() and for loop and I want to save the histogram individually ... HELP
3:04AM 2 why the same values cannot be judged to be the same in R
1:26AM 2 linear model and by()
1:08AM 1 Splus
1:02AM 0 Package to do Bode Plots and analysis?
12:39AM 0 how to contour plot on Date data.
Thursday November 12 2009
11:45PM 1 how to pass matrices from C to R effectively
11:14PM 1 Transforming a dataframe into a response/predictor matrix
10:22PM 1 starting html help for a package?
9:47PM 0 QR-decomposition using the base package vs. Matrix package
8:39PM 0 writing selfStart models that can deal with treatment effects
8:29PM 1 Auto execute R script
7:18PM 1 xts conversion problem
6:20PM 2 Dist function
5:41PM 1 Run an r file from the console
5:11PM 1 vector based command for equal values - if too slow
5:05PM 1 Step Function Freezing R
5:02PM 0 Residuals with Elliot-Rothenberg-Stock Unit Root Test
4:29PM 2 package "tm" fails to remove "the" with remove stopwords
4:10PM 2 simulated correlated vectors
3:09PM 2 A combinatorial optimization problem: finding the best permutation of a complex vector
2:13PM 0 A comparison between span in lowess method and h in sm.regression
1:59PM 1 How to select the part of column name heads?
1:56PM 0 Help with Rserve
1:46PM 1 barplot at specific x values
1:42PM 1 Automatizing Simulation in R
1:40PM 1 How can I get contour plot on this data?
1:39PM 0 Reading .sav (SPSS) files.
1:33PM 1 XML: Reading transition matrices into R
1:30PM 0 t-test
1:22PM 2 Question about simulation design...
11:39AM 0 A VaR question
11:06AM 0 Stat question mixed models with time varying covariate
9:59AM 1 Substituting vectors into a legend
9:56AM 1 R package for reading / writing 3D file (. PLY)
9:20AM 1 Rearranging long tables, Sweave, xtable, LaTeX
9:05AM 0 Mango Solutions' 2010 public R training schedule
8:40AM 1 Plotting implicit functions in R
7:12AM 1 How can this code be improved?
6:50AM 1 saving custom functions to existing library
6:32AM 2 Non linear programming optimization (which package to use?)
6:02AM 1 Reading a data file one record at a time [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
5:26AM 1 trap window pop up when running 'bugs' in R
4:56AM 1 Finding covariance in a lmer mixed effects model
2:00AM 2 redundant factor levels after subsetting a dataset
1:53AM 1 using R selecte data record?
1:51AM 2 By processing on two variables at once?
12:45AM 1 naive "collinear" weighted linear regression
Wednesday November 11 2009
11:49PM 1 loop through variable names
11:29PM 1 Convert to time from epoch
9:56PM 1 Suppressing final spaces in data.frame printouts
9:52PM 1 thousands separator in console output?
8:57PM 0 plotting time series
8:56PM 2 Partial correlations and p-values
7:24PM 1 fitting a glm with matrix of responses
7:15PM 1 fisher.test negative value error
6:16PM 0 Joint counts and spatial autocorrelation - binary data
6:06PM 4 as.Date from data.frame
5:15PM 3 how to use # in a rd doc in url address
5:09PM 1 Sweave() within a function: objects not found
4:04PM 1 problems in installing biomart
4:02PM 1 How to get the names of list elements when iterating over a list?
3:58PM 2 partial cumsum
3:26PM 1 Introducing R to statisticians
3:06PM 1 End of Month date capture
2:53PM 1 Unexpected behavior for as.date()
2:47PM 1 update.packages()
2:42PM 0 R installer can't find math.h, stdio.h
2:38PM 2 dividing a matrix by positive sum or negative sum depending on the sign
2:18PM 1 Loadings and scores from fastICA?
1:25PM 0 Passing MULTIPLE arguments from php file to r scripts
12:15PM 1 architecture of statistical programming language R
12:14PM 2 Error in lm() function
11:14AM 1 Polynomial fitting
10:09AM 0 Nested ANOVA
6:32AM 2 Removing levels of a factor
6:23AM 1 p-value calculation on a joint distribution
6:16AM 2 creating custom package and functions
5:57AM 1 please add this email to the maillist
5:39AM 2 plotting moving range control chart
5:27AM 1 lm and levels
3:02AM 1 What parts of 'Statistical Models in S' are not applicable to R?
2:40AM 1 Unexpected behaviour for as.date()
1:57AM 1 lme4 glmer how to extract the z values?
1:14AM 1 AMRAtoMA
12:42AM 0 ARMAtoMA
Tuesday November 10 2009
11:48PM 0 Help using "leaps" package
11:07PM 3 Dates plotting backwards
9:30PM 1 Data transformation
9:27PM 1 R echo code chunk runs off the page using Lyx and Sweave
9:26PM 1 how to suppress the output from stepAIC?
9:14PM 1 standardGeneric seems slow; any way to get around it?
8:37PM 0 qplot error
8:36PM 2 gsub does not support \b?
8:07PM 2 Formatted contingency tables with (%)
7:26PM 1 Generate Random Draw from Gamma Distribution Re: Monte Carlo Simulation in R...
7:05PM 2 All possible combinations of functions within a function
6:43PM 0 Why arima does not work when the time series is a costant?
6:25PM 1 Monte Carlo Simulation in R...
5:51PM 0 How to use package-rsm to generate experimental design
5:36PM 1 merge data
5:35PM 1 Interfacing R and C++
5:29PM 1 do.call and timeSeries
4:55PM 1 phase determination
4:31PM 3 NetCDF output in R
4:29PM 1 Implementation of the "Shuffled Complex Evolution" (SCE-UA) Algorithm
4:26PM 1 Calculating the percentage of explained deviance in lmer
4:24PM 3 HEEELP!!!!
4:22PM 1 2 significant digits
4:14PM 1 source() vs attach()0
3:49PM 3 drop unused levels in subset.data.frame
3:46PM 1 Titles on panel graphs created in zoo
3:23PM 1 Comparison of vectors in a matrix
3:04PM 1 when vectorising does not work: silent function fail?
2:42PM 0 NEW release of FRAILTYPACK
2:00PM 0 Akaike weight in R
1:48PM 1 problem with executing r-function from windows command prompt
1:23PM 2 Numeric formatting question
12:10PM 3 Error: cannot allocate vector of size...
12:01PM 0 How to do ADF test and KPSS test in R
11:05AM 1 write data frame in a list
10:54AM 1 Is it possible to detect whether running as Rscript?
10:53AM 0 Nelson- Siegel - (Yield Curve - Smoothening of curve)
10:47AM 0 contrast in lme
10:17AM 0 Plotting Mona clustering result
8:49AM 0 R-help(tune.svm)
8:46AM 1 polygon kills X-server
8:45AM 0 p-generalized normal distribution
8:33AM 1 Compile package in version R-2.10.0 (Windows XP)
6:52AM 1 Command-line arguments and --interactive
5:39AM 1 How to remove/prevent trailing space after tab completion in R shell
5:22AM 0 how to compute Autocorrelation function use fft
5:17AM 1 how to create time series object
2:28AM 0 When is a function call an expression? (multicore package)
2:26AM 0 Inconsistent confidence intervals for lmer sigma from mcmcsamp
1:43AM 1 What is the equivalent of column.prods() from S in R?
12:54AM 0 help, GA for varialbe selection. ?!
12:16AM 1 aggregate data.frame
12:01AM 3 creating multiple plots using a splitting factor
Monday November 9 2009
11:16PM 2 Java and R
11:08PM 1 Models
10:59PM 0 how to stop a loop in a sampling
10:24PM 3 How to transform the Matrix into the way I want it ???
10:00PM 1 R process gets killed spontaneously
9:20PM 1 deparse() and the 'else' statement
9:14PM 1 Print methods
9:09PM 1 Using something like the "by" command, but on rows instead of columns
8:38PM 1 Automating Plot Commands using a Loop
8:37PM 1 Controlling the distance between nodes at the root
8:01PM 1 Package build error
7:48PM 0 jpg file
7:06PM 1 categorization
6:44PM 6 Find the first values in vector
6:30PM 0 Testing treatment effects on exponential decay models
6:21PM 1 query regarding bctrans function
6:18PM 1 Getting Sphericity Tests for Within Subject Repeated Measure Anova (using "car" package) (Adjusted Dataset)
6:00PM 1 persp function question
5:44PM 1 Getting Sphericity Tests for Within Subject Repeated Measure Anova (using "car" package)
5:37PM 0 Formula for calculating interaction terms in R
5:37PM 4 prcomp - principal components in R
5:30PM 1 Parameter info from nls object
5:04PM 1 Percentage effects in logistic regression
5:00PM 0 Error in describe Unused Argument(s)
4:58PM 1 zoo: bug with unique for yearmon
4:57PM 0 regression tests fail for R version 2.10.0
4:41PM 2 Complicated For Loop (to me)
4:30PM 0 Problems with latex function on an ols model
4:16PM 0 ARIMA, xreg and intercepts
3:56PM 0 unexpected results involving the skellam distribution
3:34PM 1 adding zero to a number vector
3:06PM 1 multiple tests: t-statistic for vectors in 4-dimensional array
1:52PM 1 model based clustering with flexmix
12:52PM 0 pvclust with squared euclidean distance
12:42PM 1 Quickly generate all possible combinations of 2 groups
9:57AM 1 Incomplete, unbalanced design, and pseudoreplication?
9:44AM 1 ImproveProb Function in Design Package
8:21AM 0 How to identify what is used as EOL in a given file?
5:27AM 3 Hand-crafting an .RData file
3:22AM 0 Bug in gplots::heatmap.2 symbreaks arg default (?)
3:15AM 1 How to change color the default in levelplot() ?
3:08AM 0 Forward selection peculiarity
12:23AM 2 Outputing multilple subsets
Sunday November 8 2009
11:28PM 1 ordered factor and unordered factor
11:10PM 2 Simple 2-Way Anova issue in R
10:03PM 2 Express "e" in R?
9:08PM 3 Obtaining midpoints of class intervals produced by cut and table
8:25PM 0 a question in coxph
7:12PM 2 negative log likelihood
7:11PM 3 MCMC gradually slows down
7:07PM 1 Models for Discrete Choice in R
6:51PM 2 Extracting matched expressions
6:50PM 1 Turn dates into age
5:21PM 2 linear trend line and a quadratic trend line.
5:07PM 1 rd doc truncated with R 2.10.0
4:05PM 1 Strange Conflicts with Debian Repositories
4:03PM 2 reference on contr.helmert and typo on its help page.
3:23PM 5 look up and Missing
2:30PM 1 Windows 7 editor - I can't make RWinEdt work
2:08PM 0 how to remove one of any two indices with a correlation greater than 0.90 in a matrix (or data.frame)
1:38PM 2 Counting non-empty levels of a factor
1:10PM 0 Recall: Scheffe test
1:06PM 2 Scheffe test
7:14AM 2 influence.measures(stats): hatvalues(model, ...)
1:16AM 0 Repeated measures on a factorial unbalanced in a blocks with split-plot design
12:15AM 0 trend thresholds on time series
Saturday November 7 2009
11:37PM 1 EM algorithm to fit circular mix of uniform+Von Mises
11:28PM 2 plot.window arguments being ignored?
11:05PM 1 lme4 and incomplete block design
10:17PM 0 new dse package
10:13PM 0 Exhaustive search in leaps - Help Please
8:50PM 1 Conditional probability in Copula package?...
4:17PM 0 solution design for a large scale (> 50G) R computing problem
3:57PM 0 cross-entity equation
3:26PM 0 Scheffé's method?
12:50PM 1 after PCA, the pc values are so large, wrong?
11:12AM 2 Rpad and R 2.10.0
9:02AM 2 a bug with Student t-value??
12:01AM 1 How to create multiple command windows of R on Windows?
Friday November 6 2009
11:58PM 3 which data structure to choose to keep multile objects?
11:39PM 1 different values under the x axis labels
10:43PM 1 Function Value Not Being Overwritten?
10:28PM 1 error in 2.10: "R include directory is empty" prevents package installation
9:30PM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 3.4 Gb
8:36PM 1 Qtl - package - Question
7:40PM 3 order of points in spline
7:29PM 2 Getting to the Rgui Configuration Editor on a MAC
7:16PM 1 Survival Plot in R 2.10.0
6:12PM 1 using xyplot to plot frequencies
5:57PM 0 R Design Question...
5:53PM 0 Partial Plot
4:23PM 2 Debugging makefiles.
4:08PM 1 What is the best way to delete strings in a string list that that match certain pattern?
3:40PM 1 Fancy quotes on Windows
3:36PM 0 Is there a function that can test if a path is in a directory or one of its sub-directory (recursively)?
3:23PM 0 Assistance with weighted averaging function
11:53AM 0 TraMineR update to 1.4-1
11:38AM 0 Joint Test for Means of different samples (panel)?
11:07AM 1 GARCH Models in R
10:36AM 0 Grouped barplot with variable bar width
9:36AM 0 New version of package ff
8:49AM 1 how to combine the boxplot and dotchart together?
8:24AM 0 Enrolling to R help mailing list
8:22AM 0 Plotting with "Hebrew" text
8:16AM 2 another question: how to delete one of columes in two ones with high correlation(0.95)
8:11AM 2 How to strip everything after second whitespace?
7:53AM 2 How to test user-defined distribution using ks.test in R?
7:28AM 2 how can I delete those columes with the same element in every row?
6:54AM 1 Web implementation of R?
4:34AM 1 probem on merge data
3:42AM 2 Adjusting Yaxis (ylim) limits on a plotMeans(DV, IV1, IV2, error.bars="se")
3:09AM 0 Error with strucchange/breakpoints
2:28AM 1 issues with SSOAP when wsdl has ComplexTypes
2:11AM 0 Confidence intervals
2:07AM 4 map of a country and its different geographical levels
1:53AM 3 Calculate Mean for each Treatment/Trial Interaction in DF
12:34AM 1 R splits character fields in a csv file
12:23AM 2 wilcox.test returning 'NA' p-value
Thursday November 5 2009
11:43PM 1 How to load a specific variable from an RData file?
11:10PM 1 partitioning chi-square statistic (g squared)
10:58PM 1 How to read numeric as text
10:37PM 1 Simulate data for spline/piecewise regression model
9:15PM 2 Merge records in the same dataframe
8:54PM 0 Biometric Summit - Feb. 22-25, 2010
8:25PM 3 Bhattacharyya distance metric
8:21PM 2 rm(list<-ls()) error
8:19PM 1 Newbie question Multcomp
8:10PM 2 new help pages in R 2.10.0
7:54PM 1 help with ols and contrast functions in Design library
7:12PM 2 Using a by() function to process several regression (lm()) functions
7:04PM 2 19900501 into 1990-05-01
6:30PM 3 performing operations on a dataframe
6:27PM 1 Build recommended packages from source under Windows
5:13PM 1 plot.envfit/move labels
4:21PM 1 Set colors in a PCA plot based on a gradient vector
3:36PM 0 Subscripting for line colors in lattice
3:01PM 2 Windows build from source.
2:46PM 0 analysing HTS assay plates for spatial effects
2:21PM 4 The equivalence of t.test and the hypothesis testing of one way ANOVA
1:30PM 2 sort of cumulative counting in a vector
1:12PM 1 Adding a symbol/value/overlay to a boxplot in R
11:22AM 0 Smoothing of Yield Curve
10:53AM 1 Non parametric clustering
10:10AM 1 plot legend from file
9:56AM 4 collumn error when exporting to Excel
9:35AM 5 Density estimate with bounds
9:28AM 2 annotating time axis by axis.POSIXct
9:13AM 2 compiling R-2.9.2 or R-2.10.0 on ubuntu 9.04 (powerpc)
8:49AM 1 how to collapse list into a matrix with names
7:53AM 0 how ot remove the highest value from total time jmeter xslt
4:08AM 11 How to see any R package code?
3:48AM 2 Error in nls Error in if(any(start < low || start > upp)) {: missing value when TRUE/FALSE needed
3:29AM 1 Adding a symbol/value to a boxplot in R
3:22AM 0 nested factorial effects in a lme model
2:26AM 1 stepAIC(coxph) forward selection
Wednesday November 4 2009
10:48PM 3 Constrained Optimization
10:39PM 1 Activating html help in R 2.10
9:45PM 1 Search values and create a new matrix
9:09PM 2 splitting scientific names into genus, species, and subspecies
9:07PM 2 spliting a word into letters
8:54PM 0 Help with a Loop in function
7:40PM 2 enter "missing" into missing fields
7:31PM 0 (no subject)
6:41PM 1 Error invoking R2.10.0
5:46PM 0 Correlation of ranks of labels?
5:46PM 1 Building from source under Windows 7
5:36PM 0 exclusive access to graphic device
5:19PM 1 Convert H:MM:SS PM /AM into 24 HR syntax
5:17PM 1 pb with optimimization and fitdistr
4:40PM 1 Graph to show that very few classes has maximum best performers
3:58PM 1 Output
3:52PM 0 Weird errors with R CMD check/ggplot2 in examples: how to debug?
3:45PM 1 Variable selection in NLME or LME4
2:00PM 1 vglm(), t values and p values
1:25PM 0 Fw: ROC
12:59PM 1 turn off function output
12:49PM 4 unexpected results in comparison (x == y)
12:39PM 1 Fw: solving a linear equation
12:34PM 2 solving a linear equation
12:28PM 1 compute maximum likelihood estimator for a multinomial function
12:23PM 1 variable selectin---reduce the numbers of initial variable
11:24AM 1 What happen for Negative binomial link in Lmer
11:08AM 0 finding an observation with similar characteristics
10:52AM 2 PCA with tow response variables
10:17AM 1 Patterned shading in ggplot
10:03AM 4 read.table (again)
7:25AM 1 simulated data
6:58AM 1 kalaiinfo@gmail.com
5:23AM 1 Join points with arrows based a TIME variable
5:07AM 2 Conditional read-in of data
4:54AM 1 Sequential MLE on time series with rolling window
1:14AM 1 odfweave table styles
Tuesday November 3 2009
11:57PM 1 multivariate numerical integration.
11:57PM 1 Two questions about cloud().
11:27PM 0 Revolutions blog: October roundup
10:35PM 0 Setting column widths in heatmap
10:26PM 2 reshaping pairs of columns
10:02PM 3 Weird operator behaviour
9:08PM 0 ROC
8:58PM 2 Re place only first NA in column
7:49PM 1 Maximum Likelihood Estimation
7:05PM 6 one long column of data -> three small columns
6:30PM 1 Passing Command to Optim in factanal
5:47PM 2 Create Artificial Binary Matrix based on probability
5:44PM 0 Help with R and Webserver (SOAP)
5:00PM 1 Stacked barplot: specifying individual bar hue/luminance
4:01PM 2 R 2.10.0: Error in gsub/calloc
3:53PM 2 Issue with %in% - not matching identical rows in data frames
3:52PM 1 How to display full name for the coefficients/factors in summary()?
3:35PM 1 Calculate Averages for time data
3:03PM 2 RandomForest & PMML
2:56PM 2 Change negative values in column
2:49PM 2 how to display a string containing greek chrs and variables
2:31PM 1 creating mulptiple new variables from one data.frame according to columns and rows in that frame
2:29PM 1 Scanning grep through huge files
1:50PM 1 random text added to names (bug with 2.10.0?)
1:41PM 2 Exact String Compare in R?
1:37PM 1 fixed color scale for a series of contour plots
1:35PM 1 fitting a confined mixture model
1:28PM 1 tapply function
1:26PM 0 Re trieve scores using a cov matrix in factanal
1:25PM 2 R2WinBUGS not working?
1:06PM 0 package(vars) and generalized impulse response functions
12:47PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] Additive decomposition method
11:15AM 2 Plotting an interaction with error bars
11:15AM 1 lmer and estimable
10:37AM 0 D'agostino-Pearson K2 omnibus test.
9:51AM 2 bargraph.ci - CI and color question.
8:59AM 1 Run R code by Vim-R-plugin (How do I to run two or more programs at the same time)?
8:53AM 2 R2WinBUGS and R-2.10.0: The school example not running
8:53AM 0 Graph to show very few classes has maximum best performers
8:47AM 1 fill map with gradient: package?
7:41AM 1 mac question
7:00AM 2 1 dimensional optimization with local minima
6:31AM 2 about the cox result
6:18AM 1 help with SSOAP (can't find working examples)
5:29AM 1 why is adnonis function called adonis {package vegan}
5:27AM 1 hierarchical clustering with Jaccard index
4:10AM 1 OpenOffice Calc ODBC equivalent
3:40AM 2 design matrix construction question
2:09AM 0 residuals(lme) error message
1:31AM 3 How to exclude certain columns by column names?
1:00AM 3 re ading tokens
12:00AM 1 Can't pass file name as parameter to Corpus function
Monday November 2 2009
11:01PM 1 modifying predict.nnet() to function with errorest()
10:45PM 1 AR Simulation with non-normal innovations - Correct
10:25PM 0 AR Simulation with non-normal innovations
9:10PM 1 need help in using Hessian matrix
9:09PM 3 problems with read.csv
8:17PM 1 reference on p.adjust()
7:10PM 2 Robust ANOVA or alternative test?
7:03PM 4 Incremental ReadLines
6:57PM 1 Sorting NA's and Graphing a histogram
6:56PM 2 "Safe" way to automatically install required packages...
6:35PM 4 Frequency
6:32PM 2 "object not found" within function
5:56PM 0 Summing rows based on criteria
4:36PM 1 R and Python
4:36PM 2 a prolem with constrOptim
4:04PM 3 Problem building R 2.10.0 - Matrix package
3:40PM 7 qqplot
3:02PM 2 superscript troubles
3:01PM 2 how to print the full name of the factors in summary?
2:57PM 3 partial matching with grep()
1:40PM 1 Interaction contrasts or posthoc test for glm (MASS) with ANOVA design
12:54PM 0 Additive decomposition method
11:36AM 1 Regular expression substitution ...
11:29AM 3 question about difference in date objects
11:12AM 1 kernel density estimation and classification
10:29AM 1 Avoiding for loops
9:38AM 3 how can I convert .csv format to matrix???
9:02AM 1 Lattice: Saving Plots with Legend
8:27AM 1 for parameter 'keep' in 'step'
7:09AM 1 RMySQL and Stored procedures
6:04AM 1 Using processed objects as arguments of a function
4:51AM 0 unusual result with "any" :please ignore
4:49AM 1 unusual result with "any"
4:35AM 0 using exists with coef from an arima fit: please ignore
4:27AM 2 using exists with coef from an arima fit
4:07AM 2 How to execute a funcition which name is stored in a string?
2:53AM 2 save an object by dynamicly created name
1:32AM 1 Bagging with SVM
1:05AM 0 Document related data sets.
1:04AM 2 convert list to numeric
12:07AM 1 Time Series methods
Sunday November 1 2009
8:51PM 3 Collapse factor levels
8:11PM 1 Calculate Volume in a PCA
8:02PM 2 intigrate function and absolute error
3:24PM 0 SEM with Unbalanced Panel
3:01PM 1 package lme4
2:24PM 0 Decomposition method
1:49PM 1 problems whit seasonal ARIMA
12:43PM 4 convert list to Dataframe
12:14PM 0 re ct.hclust and horizontal dendrograms
7:47AM 1 wilcox.test construction in r
6:20AM 3 counting frequencies across two columns