R help - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
9:01PM 1 avoiding loop
8:39PM 1 matrix^(-1/2)
7:13PM 1 na.omit leaves cases with NA's intact
5:30PM 1 Help me improving my code
3:02PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
9:56AM 2 get names of list elements
6:53AM 2 Logistic and Linear Regression Libraries
6:35AM 2 a publication quality table for summary.zeroinfl()
2:42AM 3 Plots with k-means
1:54AM 0 Formula with in memory data.frame
1:21AM 0 Stratified Maximum Likelihood
1:20AM 1 Johnson-Neyman procedure (ANCOVA)
Friday October 30 2009
10:57PM 5 Multiple linear regression with constraint (imposition)
9:33PM 1 Obtaining illogical results from posterior LDA-classification because of "too good" data?
9:04PM 3 possible to increase precision
9:00PM 1 exact string match?
8:25PM 0 What should my.data.frame[c(3, 1)] <- list(NULL, NULL) evaluate to?
7:35PM 0 NA values in Standard Error for zeroinfl()
7:23PM 2 Efficient way to code using optim()
7:13PM 1 identify which commands have generated graphics?
6:11PM 1 problems with re-loading exported data
6:10PM 0 Interpreting gnls() output in comparison to nls()
5:51PM 3 Help with RGDAL
5:49PM 2 polar.plot
5:12PM 2 MatLab SimBiology
3:46PM 3 how to loop thru a matrix or data frame , and append calculations to a new data frame?
3:08PM 0 Multidimensional scaling on a correlation matrix
3:03PM 1 How to properly shade the background panels of an xyplot?
2:17PM 0 R_PHP
2:05PM 0 environment or other technique to isolate some private working information
1:40PM 3 Help with creating some loops
1:30PM 1 .Rprofile replacement function setwd() causing errors
1:16PM 1 possible memory leak in predict.gbm(), package gbm ?
1:11PM 1 Back-to-back graph with lattice package
12:49PM 1 R strucchange question: recursive-based CUSUM
12:36PM 0 Fractal Package - Hurst exponent
12:23PM 1 Multicore package: sharing/modifying variable accross processes
11:35AM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 80, Issue 30
11:23AM 1 Quarterly data in PLM package
11:02AM 4 opacity under dispersion command under plotrix
10:09AM 1 Time series temporal disaggregation
9:42AM 2 data.frame extracting data row-wise
9:37AM 1 Function to manage seconds?
9:28AM 1 Applying a function on n nearest neighbours
9:26AM 1 whitespace with subscript text
9:10AM 1 insert a text in panels, always in the same position (lattice, ltext, ?prepanel?)
8:44AM 0 Multidimensional scaling
8:37AM 0 Agglomerative Information Bottleneck (AIB)
7:41AM 2 Names of list members in a plot using sapply
7:37AM 0 different L2 regularization behavior between lrm, glmnet, and penalized? (original question)
7:36AM 1 Package zelig
4:42AM 1 how to test for stationarity in time series?
12:22AM 3 Fast optimizer
12:05AM 1 comparing two data.frames
Thursday October 29 2009
9:42PM 1 How to create a "heatline" -- heatmap in one dimension?
9:22PM 1 how to control the label position on panels of trellise plot
9:17PM 0 ggplot2-caption on graphics
8:26PM 1 Announcement: the 2nd Chinese R Conference
7:39PM 1 strsplit() and Windows file paths
7:31PM 4 deriv() to take vector of expressions as 1st arg?
7:26PM 1 package:svMisc
7:26PM 2 Recommendation for dealing with mixed input types in CSV
7:12PM 3 x-y plot as an histogram
7:03PM 5 Summing identical IDs
6:45PM 0 What is the best way to efficiently construct a data frame from multiple source files?
5:21PM 1 How to turn individual consecutive information into survival objects?
5:06PM 0 a minor bug in "venn" from gplots?
4:45PM 1 Question about is.na for missing data
4:29PM 2 Rounding and printing
4:28PM 3 Weird error: Error in xj[i] : invalid subscript type 'list'
3:36PM 1 change in default behavior of ?functionname in R 2.10?
3:31PM 0 Keeping NAs in model.matrix for glm.fit
2:47PM 2 The 'subset matching' challenge
1:56PM 2 fast cumulative matrix multiplication
1:50PM 1 Error installing RSPerl.
1:36PM 3 Trouble retrieving data (.xls) from folder on my computer.
1:11PM 3 "The system cannot find the file specified"
12:59PM 0 ascii package updated
12:40PM 1 lmer and negative binomial family
11:10AM 1 singular variance-covariance warning in lmer
10:49AM 1 changing default character size depending on settings for mfcol: How to scale font consistently?
10:13AM 5 R crashes
10:06AM 4 Invert the sign of a number
9:55AM 1 correlated binary data and overall probability
9:22AM 2 similarity measure for binary data
8:54AM 0 Bezier interpolation
8:47AM 1 operation with if/else on a dataframe
6:15AM 0 please help
5:58AM 0 Negative binomials mixtures
5:53AM 1 Basic question ( too broad for help topics).
5:47AM 2 how to fetch rows with certain characteristics
5:04AM 1 Basic simple question
3:45AM 1 modeling and forecasting commodity time series?
1:44AM 1 Re trieving comments from PostgreSQL tables with RODBC and psqlodbc
1:30AM 3 Removing & generating data by category
1:19AM 1 multiple pages with ggplot2 facet_wrap?
1:02AM 0 Presence Absence of variables in a multivariate data set
12:00AM 2 sample weight for box plot?
Wednesday October 28 2009
9:54PM 1 hierarchical partitioning in generalized linear mixed models
9:54PM 1 R 2.10 under Windows XP: glitches and successes
9:22PM 2 Can I write Nothing to a variable?
9:19PM 1 replacing <NA> in character column
9:02PM 0 Help with read.fwf
8:57PM 2 Re ading user input (Readline)
8:41PM 0 R/Finance 2010: Applied Finance with R --- Call for Papers
7:07PM 2 How to union the elements in a list?
7:07PM 0 Parameter Estimation of Inverse Gamma distribution
6:34PM 1 Unsuccessful in reproducing README file in package build .zip and R library installed package folder
6:02PM 2 superscript in ylab
5:44PM 1 write to RTF format - possible?
5:33PM 2 Re ading and Creating Shape Files
5:28PM 1 output of "for"
5:27PM 3 variable labels to accompany data.frame
5:12PM 2 how to model a numeric factor as a non-ordinal factor
4:55PM 1 Is there a faster way to do it?
4:41PM 3 Why is package RandomFields not listed in the R 2.10.0 Packages list under Packages, Install package(s)...?
4:37PM 1 Easy method to set user-mode virtual memory space in Windows Vista and 7
4:27PM 1 Need help locating the longest series of consecutive numbers in a matrix
4:18PM 1 roc plot with zero length labels error
4:14PM 2 Selecting rows according to a column
4:11PM 1 Standard Time Stamps
3:57PM 0 help on paramter optimization
3:37PM 3 Lost all script
3:21PM 2 Labelling individual points on 3D PCA scatterplot
3:06PM 1 Data Partition Package
3:03PM 0 Question on Bias calculations and question on read.fwf
2:47PM 0 please join the R group on LinkedIn
2:37PM 3 structural equation modeling
2:04PM 3 Reading data
1:54PM 1 Regex matching that gives byte offset?
1:52PM 0 MLE for lambda of Poisson distribution using fitdistr
1:27PM 0 Kruskal-Wallis test and kruskalmc
1:11PM 1 cross-over designs
11:57AM 1 Generating sequence of dates
11:57AM 1 Vector grouping challenge
11:47AM 1 how can i call R program from one java program?
11:15AM 1 'R CMD check' fails with "evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion"
10:50AM 2 regression on large file
10:38AM 1 compilation options to get install.packages() to invoke tcl/tk
9:46AM 2 x11(title=' ')
9:45AM 0 HoltWinters function
8:38AM 2 read.table but more tables at once
5:11AM 1 need help explain the routine input parameters for seROC and cROC found in the R archive
2:27AM 0 running aov() and lme() on 64-bit
1:43AM 5 re gression with multiple dependent variables?
1:04AM 1 New variables "remember" how they were created?
12:44AM 0 [BioC] Is there a package similar to mogene10stprobeset.db by for Affymetrix Exon Arrays?
12:42AM 5 PDF Corrupted?
12:32AM 1 Aggregate and cross tabulation
12:22AM 1 Help - Probability scale on an ECDF plot
Tuesday October 27 2009
11:27PM 4 Antropometrics with R
11:21PM 1 Rjava, RImageJ, and/or S4 question.
11:20PM 2 Porting Custom Packages from Linux to Windows
10:50PM 2 cox regression extract strata as numeric
10:22PM 2 Why I get this error? Error in close.connection(f) : invalid connection
10:09PM 2 How to clear colnames?
9:49PM 2 Year and Month extraction from Date object.
8:32PM 0 anova interaction contrasts: crossing helmert and linear contrasts
8:17PM 0 newbie: grading an histogram for several classes of the same discipline
8:01PM 1 How to quit unwanted execution immediately?
7:51PM 1 option to control the spac between columns in data frame
7:33PM 3 Non-normal residuals.
6:54PM 2 Print several xyplots to the same page in a pdf file
6:42PM 3 how do I plot a regression curve with the data?
6:29PM 1 Exclude rows in xyplot
6:12PM 4 automatically adjusting axis limits
5:57PM 1 sm.regression
5:14PM 1 New vector based on if/else statement within for loop?
5:11PM 1 lasso plot using LARS
5:06PM 1 How to express a tree?
5:06PM 1 What is the difference between anova {stats} and aov?
4:15PM 1 Detection Times and Poisson Distribution
3:09PM 1 wilcox.exact() problem
2:54PM 1 Basic Sweave
2:54PM 2 column names of a correlation matrix
2:12PM 2 Why 'return' is needed in R?
1:22PM 1 if there is a package can do blast for gene in R?
12:15PM 3 Stack overflow in R 2.10.0 with sub()
10:02AM 1 "ipredknn" - How may I find values?
9:48AM 1 output (p-values) of "fastbw" in Design package
8:20AM 2 User input when running R code in batch mode
8:19AM 0 confidence interval for return levels
8:16AM 0 Installing RPostgreSQL from source on Mac OS X
8:04AM 1 tk_choose.files without multiple selection?
7:29AM 1 Error in solve.default peforming Competing risk regression
7:12AM 0 boxplot using grid
4:59AM 1 WAR file installation
4:28AM 1 Warning message when Loading package svMisc in R 2.10.0
3:49AM 1 Output pairwise.t.test to data.frame
3:41AM 1 How to reduce key strokes when defining S4 classes?
3:26AM 1 Using a variable in the formula
3:01AM 1 How to change a slot by a method?
2:20AM 0 syntax for estimable(gmodels package) and glht(multcomp package)
12:21AM 1 Poisson dpois value is too small for double precision thus corrupts loglikelihood
Monday October 26 2009
11:57PM 1 Multiple comparison test split plot analysis in R
11:50PM 1 GGPLOT2 Different Layers Different X Values
11:08PM 0 MLE for noncentral t distribution
10:56PM 1 API question (embedding R)
10:46PM 1 Severe growing pains with new help system
9:21PM 0 Time variables changed after reopening a .RData file (bug?)
8:53PM 2 Cannot activate chm help in R 2.10
8:39PM 1 issue with levels of a factor after subsetting
8:31PM 3 as.POSIXct month problem
8:15PM 2 basic statistics to csv
8:09PM 2 reshaping a data frame
7:56PM 1 Unable to get Legend with survplot rms package
7:26PM 1 GLMMPQL and negbinomial: trouble with the X-axis in PREDICT
6:54PM 1 How to browse all the functions in a package?
6:47PM 3 R.oo and S4?
6:35PM 1 Why 'validity' is not called? (S4)
5:55PM 1 Cbind() on the right-side of a formula in xYplot()
5:44PM 1 fit an exponential curve
5:43PM 1 Help with namespace
5:37PM 1 zeros keep dropping
4:43PM 0 Competing risk regression error in solve.default
3:29PM 0 R 2.10.0 is released
3:20PM 0 R 2.9.0 is released
2:49PM 0 Planned comparisons among means with WRS package
2:29PM 2 What is the most efficient practice to develop an R package?
1:30PM 1 regular expressions
1:14PM 1 xyplot lines goes forth and backwards
12:13PM 1 explalinig the output of my linear model analysis
11:21AM 0 Increase the Java heap space for openNLP
11:11AM 1 function
9:48AM 2 help with linear model
9:44AM 3 Sandard deviation calculation
9:13AM 1 What happen for negative binomail link in lmer() fonction?
9:06AM 1 Creating a sparse matrix from a file
8:14AM 0 how to intergrate rglpk with Rserve
7:25AM 2 exclude data for boxplot stats using mathematical operator
6:42AM 1 defining number of samples
2:17AM 1 agrep confusion
Sunday October 25 2009
9:45PM 2 row subtraction
9:19PM 2 Need help with reduced row echelon form
9:04PM 2 Help with history() in Emacs/ESS
5:32PM 0 Using WCSLIB in R
5:20PM 1 lsfit residuals
4:46PM 1 different plot symbols in key using xyplot
1:24PM 1 Getting AIC from lrm in Design package
1:10PM 3 Trying to save both an rgl plot and a bar plot errors
12:53PM 4 Multiple line commands in R scripting
12:31PM 0 storing initial path for tkgetOpenFile
9:07AM 3 Help with package reshape
5:33AM 1 A naive question about permutation tests in the coin package
4:48AM 1 Datasets for "The Statistical Sleuth"
4:43AM 3 NULL elements in lists ... a nightmare
3:32AM 1 rotate levelplot
3:31AM 3 Importing data from text file with mixed format
12:25AM 1 Bagging
12:13AM 1 Fitting a Correlated Hazard Model???
Saturday October 24 2009
9:49PM 1 operations on sparse matrices, and dense intermediary steps
8:53PM 2 Implementation of gamma function for large number
8:09PM 1 dev.copy(postscript,...) generates a disrupted string
6:40PM 2 Problem Removing Border Lines in Maps Package
5:22PM 2 ifelse
5:12PM 1 How to make XML support Expat?
4:02PM 1 How apply a function to a list while maintaining list name?
1:55PM 1 how to control the white space between sub figures
10:01AM 1 Smoothing Parameter Kernel
9:37AM 2 warnings details
8:44AM 2 how can I kown which package is added, or updated?
12:13AM 2 R 64 and R: using 64-bit versions of packages in R (32)
12:05AM 1 Generate random variate from a non-parametric hazard function
Friday October 23 2009
11:01PM 1 Connecting to winbugs from R
10:46PM 2 interpretation of RCS 'coefs' and 'knots'
10:00PM 1 Distance between axis and label adjusted automatically?
9:23PM 1 data.frame tall skinny transformation
8:57PM 1 making a plot in xyplot
8:29PM 1 RMySql problem
7:43PM 0 Reporting discriminat analysis
7:08PM 2 connecting to Oracle
6:54PM 1 Data format for KSVM
6:34PM 1 help using R's linprog for LP
6:33PM 2 Prediction Error Calculation
6:06PM 2 extract day or month as in Splus
5:45PM 4 How to apply the Wilcoxon test to a hole table at once?
5:30PM 1 Bonferroni with unequal sample sizes
5:28PM 2 how do you know which functions are being debugged?
5:19PM 1 ggplot2: stat_bin ..count.. with geom_text when NA is present
4:43PM 0 Capturing lagged values?
4:02PM 2 Determining which file is newer
3:36PM 1 reference for mahalanobis {stats}
2:52PM 0 Documenting related data sets
2:30PM 0 Nested logit in GEV family
2:19PM 5 Change positions of columns in data frame
1:44PM 2 Inserting rows
1:36PM 2 Memory Problems with CSV and Survey Objects
1:31PM 1 access elements of a named list using a factor
12:56PM 2 Wavelets
12:26PM 3 reset par() within plot layout
10:33AM 3 opposite estimates from zeroinfl() and hurdle()
10:11AM 1 standard errors in bbmle
8:58AM 5 data file with columns of unequal length
6:19AM 1 coxph() and survfit()
5:29AM 1 Functional data analysis - problems with smoothing
4:41AM 0 factor analysis: extract principal components until the eigen value <1
4:19AM 1 cut2 once, bin twice...
4:10AM 3 How to make R packages?
3:52AM 1 a problem about integrate function in R .thank you .
2:34AM 2 splitting a vector of strings...
2:13AM 1 integrate() function error
1:11AM 1 inspect s4 methods
Thursday October 22 2009
10:43PM 1 Recode issue
10:36PM 1 removing random effect from nlme or using varPower() in nls
10:26PM 0 dgTMatrix --- [, , drop=F] strange behavior, Matrix 0.999375-20
9:48PM 0 Linear Regression Model with GARCH errors
9:39PM 1 help sub setting data frame
8:29PM 1 URGENT helo re-beggining with R
8:19PM 1 tapply with multiple arguments that are not part of the same data frame
8:04PM 1 intervals package dependence on R 2.9.0
7:22PM 1 Intersection an Sum between list and matrix
7:07PM 3 PDF too large, PNG bad quality
6:57PM 2 Simple extraction of level,x,y from contourLines()
6:35PM 1 data frame is killing me! help
6:03PM 1 contour() & contourLines()
5:46PM 1 Cairo package, png files within for loop are black?
5:19PM 1 arima crashes too
5:09PM 4 Bayesian regression stepwise function?
4:48PM 0 arma crashing
4:37PM 3 Simple question, I think
4:28PM 2 How to find moving averages within each subgroup of a data frame
3:36PM 3 Boxplot with grouped data
3:24PM 1 help regarding creating package for GUI
3:13PM 1 What happen for Negative binomial link in Lmer fonction?
2:22PM 5 How to calculate the area under the curve
2:12PM 2 Replacing multiple elements in a vector !
2:10PM 0 sunflowerplot - digits parameter separate for x and y values?
1:48PM 1 Normality test
1:14PM 1 how to create a new data type
12:07PM 1 Code improvement
11:26AM 1 twoord.plot y lab size
10:56AM 1 How to perform an ols estimation with lm ignoring NA values
10:49AM 2 Diffusion of particles inside a sphere
10:39AM 1 "interactions" feature in RF?
9:38AM 1 S4 object??
9:21AM 1 Automatization of non-linear regression
7:46AM 1 Help regarding removing Inf from dataframe, creating new dataframe with selected variables, count function
7:39AM 0 Predictions and prediction intervals for model.averaging dRedging::model.avg
6:58AM 1 Building an R package on MAC
6:36AM 1 Converting a Vector into a 2-level Factor
3:03AM 0 Plot log scale
2:22AM 0 help in simulating AR models
1:55AM 0 simulating AR() using a
1:37AM 1 Error: NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)
12:54AM 0 Calculating Random Effects Coefficients from lmer
12:17AM 1 loop vs. apply(): strange behavior with data frame?
12:11AM 2 melting columns
Wednesday October 21 2009
11:57PM 0 multiple imputation with mix package
10:38PM 1 Use of the command 'replicate'
10:16PM 2 sorting table output
10:08PM 0 drawing a line indicating extent of each factored data series in multipanel lattice xyplot
10:01PM 0 increase size of filled box in a legend
9:58PM 1 How do I vectorize this loop....
9:33PM 0 Problems coercing to timeSeries
7:37PM 0 FW: reshaping data
7:25PM 4 random numbers between 0 and 1
7:06PM 0 reshaping data
5:51PM 5 News on R "s largest corporate partner REVolution Computing and SPSS CEO:
5:13PM 3 Missing data and LME models and diagnostic plots
5:09PM 1 How to find the interception point of two linear fitted model in R?
5:06PM 1 Question on mixed effect models with LME
4:31PM 3 Temperature Prediction Model
3:55PM 1 formula and model.frame
3:35PM 2 squared euclidean distance
3:29PM 2 Subsetting/modifying a symbolic formula
2:51PM 1 date conversion not as i would have expected
1:03PM 1 combining multiple 3D graphs
12:49PM 2 SVM probability output variation
11:45AM 1 Keeping package sources for recompilation with new R version?
11:25AM 0 "eliminate" characters of one data.frame col, using another column
11:21AM 0 problem with pdf in batch mode
11:03AM 2 How to average subgroups in a dataframe? (not sure how to apply aggregate(..))
11:01AM 1 ggplot2: Histogram with negative values on x-axis doesn't work
10:38AM 1 Bootstrapping confidence intervals
9:07AM 2 linear regression: Is there a way to get the results of lm as variables
8:56AM 2 three related time series with different resolutions
8:49AM 0 Solved problems with randomSurvivalForest
8:28AM 0 problems with randomSurvivalForest
8:18AM 1 slope calculation
6:55AM 1 re ferring to data of previous rows
Tuesday October 20 2009
11:10PM 0 List of Windows time zones?
9:50PM 3 Transparent Bands in R
9:02PM 2 editors for R
8:17PM 1 TukeyHSD no longer working with aov output?
8:00PM 1 Dummy variables or factors?
7:20PM 1 ScatterPlot
7:18PM 1 glm.fit to use LAPACK instead of LINPACK
7:03PM 1 New Award Announcement ASA Stat Comp/Graph Sections: The Statistical Computing and Graphics Award
5:41PM 0 Fixed: Re: Re: [stats-rosuda-devel] how to install JGR manually?
5:09PM 1 Systemfit package
4:26PM 0 plotw5.png
4:04PM 2 descriptive statistics qn
3:30PM 1 kendall.global
3:23PM 2 Time Zone names on Windows
3:16PM 1 RGtk2:::gdkColorToString throws an error
2:38PM 0 Perl error - Can't locate R/Rdconv.pm in @INC
2:31PM 2 LDA Precdict - Seems to be predicting on the Training Data
2:30PM 1 How to create a legend that automatically reads the values from two vectors?
2:19PM 1 2x2 Contingency table with much sampling zeroes
1:57PM 2 rbind with different columns
1:34PM 1 underflow of fisher.test result
12:43PM 0 (no subject) -- rename to optim() crash due to NA returned
11:09AM 2 Interpretation of VarCorr results
11:00AM 2 Problem using the source-function within R-functions
9:55AM 1 system() or shell() with python script
7:50AM 2 HOW to determine the number of components of the mixture model stratfied by age
7:35AM 1 RPgSQL installation problem
7:26AM 2 Problems importing Unix SAS .ssd04 file to R (Win)
7:10AM 1 how to draw stacked ellipses to illustrate the shared and specific of multiple objects using R
4:19AM 2 Weighted Logistic Regressions using svyglm
2:13AM 0 embedding R CMD BATCH in a unix shell script
2:10AM 1 plotting labels (not values) on xy plot
1:57AM 2 Is there a way to specify drop=FALSE as the global default?
12:17AM 1 Copulas
Monday October 19 2009
11:16PM 1 overloading base function
9:49PM 1 Singular Gradient Test
9:20PM 1 Best SVM Performance measure?
7:52PM 2 Using grep to determine value of last letter...
7:46PM 1 Random Forest - partial dependence plot
7:12PM 1 rbind to array members‏
6:54PM 1 Reposting various problems with two-way anova, lme, etc.
6:40PM 3 Sweave file generation
6:20PM 2 Time Series Data
4:59PM 1 Spline
4:38PM 1 Problem with geometry manager in TclTK
4:03PM 1 updating columns using other column as reference
3:48PM 0 (no subject)
3:41PM 0 Standalone RMath.h in C
3:30PM 4 population variance and sample variance
1:50PM 2 How to get slope estimates from a four parameter logistic with SSfpl?
1:49PM 2 how to get rid of 2 for-loops and optimize runtime
1:34PM 0 Time forecasting next step.
1:20PM 1 Defining S3-methods for S4-objects: cannot coerce type 'S4' to vector of type 'integer'
1:07PM 1 lmer family=binomal p-values
1:07PM 1 Convert data frame entries to numbers
1:06PM 1 Spatstat: xy binary data into mask type to use in owin(mask=)
12:41PM 1 access elements of summary.aov?
12:06PM 3 Import SPSS file to R
11:45AM 2 Pausing R
10:56AM 1 How to import the large data into R
10:14AM 3 loop and plot
10:04AM 2 Possible bug in plot.POSIXct regarding x axis
9:28AM 1 How do I wrap a long mixed text/math expression in an axis label?
6:30AM 1 speech spectogram
4:26AM 3 Variant of cloud with "sticks" from points to surface
3:52AM 1 What an element in loading is missing? (princomp)
3:45AM 0 order of interaction coeff in lm
3:42AM 2 What is the difference between prcomp and princomp?
3:26AM 2 modifying model coefficients
3:10AM 2 Filtering on a dataframe- newbie question
2:57AM 0 useR! 2010: submission & registration started!
2:56AM 0 Identifying similar but not identical rows in a dataframe
2:55AM 1 Why points() is defined specially for a 1 by 2 matrix?
1:16AM 3 "Error: object 'cloud' not found"
Sunday October 18 2009
11:27PM 2 rbind to array members
9:52PM 2 How to create MULTILEVELS in a dataset??
8:37PM 2 How to plot multiple data sets with different colors (also with legend)?
5:36PM 0 Fit copulas to data
2:15PM 0 optimization problem with constraints..
2:05PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 80, Issue 18
4:38AM 1 function to convert lm model to LaTeX equation
Saturday October 17 2009
10:51PM 0 how to cluster data for use with lmer
10:40PM 0 predict factanal scores
9:04PM 2 Putting names on a ggplot
8:50PM 1 optimization problem with constraints...
8:49PM 1 Easy way to `iris[,-"Petal.Length"]' subsetting?
7:02PM 0 R292 on AIX53 using gcc
4:55PM 1 looking for reference that covers convergence in distribution
2:57PM 2 repeating values in levels()
12:20PM 0 lmer function and Inverse mills ratio
11:26AM 2 How do I access with the name of a (passed) function
7:36AM 2 sum two columns with same value
5:22AM 0 the number of components of the mixture model and the stratfied data
3:05AM 0 length error using tapply()
2:51AM 1 avoiding loops in equation
2:05AM 0 More polyfit problems
1:12AM 2 Recommendation on a probability textbook (conditional probability)
12:09AM 1 custom selfStart model works with getInitial but not nls
12:02AM 2 ozone data
Friday October 16 2009
11:33PM 2 RODBC sqlSave does not append the records to a DB2 table
9:38PM 1 doing a Tukey HSD post-hoc
8:53PM 1 Modify the plot from countCDFxt
8:51PM 1 Frequencies, proportions & cumulative proportions
8:43PM 2 what's the R code for wavelet decomposition (Haar transformation)?
7:36PM 1 Breusch-pagan and white test - check homoscedasticity
7:25PM 1 Mixing LaTeX and R Code in Loops and Functions in Sweave
6:39PM 3 How can I run a function to a piece of text?
6:08PM 1 How odds ratio is computed in fisher.test()?
5:41PM 2 Different way of scaling data
5:06PM 4 Cannot calculate mean() for double vector
4:16PM 2 Division of data frame and deletion of values from column
3:49PM 1 Test model for singular gradient matrix
3:36PM 2 Matrixes as data
3:33PM 0 Determining a linear model based on a factor
2:25PM 2 "negative length vectors are not allowed" in wilcox.exact() and perm.test()
2:25PM 2 using a custom color sequence for image()
1:35PM 0 DCC Garch model estimation
1:31PM 0 Confidence intervals and p-values of ARMAX model
1:31PM 3 package installation from source
1:24PM 2 : Question about correlation between data.
12:01PM 2 Urgent help requested to modify a script
10:52AM 0 Problem with the stl function
9:05AM 1 Beveridge-Nelson decomposition
8:33AM 1 Converting dataframe to matrix
8:29AM 1 generalization of tabulate()
8:10AM 0 Help - Correlation between data.
Thursday October 15 2009
11:51PM 2 How to right-align labels in dotchart
10:54PM 2 how to install JGR manually?
10:24PM 4 Generating a stochastic matrix with a specified second dominant eigenvalue
9:49PM 1 tapply() and using factor() on a factor
9:27PM 2 Trying get away from the "for" loop
9:18PM 3 Solving an equation in R (and using a loop)
8:56PM 1 reference on fisher.test()
8:27PM 0 multiple comparison of means with glm model
7:05PM 2 Proper syntax for using varConstPower in nlme
6:51PM 0 Setting random effects within a category using nlme
6:12PM 1 Problems with rJava and tm packages
6:08PM 1 information
5:17PM 2 Data frame search and remove questions
5:06PM 1 Warning messages: Reached total allocation of 1023Mb: see help(memory.size)
4:01PM 1 ImageMagick not seen by movie3d function from rgl package
3:59PM 0 QQ-Plot using GAP but no 95% Confidence Bands...
3:54PM 0 Two way anova repeated measures and post hoc testing - several questions
3:50PM 1 calculating p-values by row for data frames
3:47PM 0 Bug in cut.POSIXt
3:39PM 4 Subset returning unexpected result
3:34PM 1 changing a matrix from class data.frame to class dist
2:43PM 2 converting to data.frame
2:19PM 1 Sampling procedure
2:18PM 1 Lattice package - Trellis
12:39PM 3 help: combine multiple 'pairs plots'
12:04PM 0 LondonR Meeting - Free event
10:56AM 2 Estimation in a changepoint regression with R
10:42AM 1 Discriminant plot
10:29AM 0 hardcoded paths hamper running R on heterogeneous grid
9:27AM 2 plotting/examining residuals of a mixed generalised linear model
8:43AM 1 "Complex?" import of pdf files (criminal records) into R table
7:50AM 1 Removing Embedded Null characters from text/html
6:24AM 1 Best way to get stock quotes
5:23AM 3 populating an array
4:25AM 2 When modeling with negbin from the aod package...
3:55AM 1 performing function on lists where each element is a data frame
3:53AM 1 .Call() function
2:18AM 0 Help with R and webserver
2:11AM 1 installing R on Ubuntu, can ignore warning messages?
Wednesday October 14 2009
11:00PM 1 Can R do specific factor analysis?
10:35PM 1 packaging R
9:32PM 1 ltm package error for grm (IRT)
9:07PM 1 Beginning R help?
9:05PM 1 Extract data from tseries stl function
8:56PM 0 help with loops
8:40PM 1 Plot overview xy plots from data frame?
8:39PM 1 Netalg
8:19PM 1 change order of bar plot categories
7:45PM 1 Clustering for Ordinal data
7:44PM 1 R neophyte question.
6:45PM 1 Announcement: New R book--50% off today only
6:31PM 1 Cacheing computationally expensive getter methods for S4 objects
6:13PM 2 Scatter plot using icons (from a gif) instaed of points - is it possible ?
5:57PM 1 different L2 regularization behavior between lrm, glmnet, and penalized?
5:30PM 2 puzzle using gsub (and encodings maybe)
5:04PM 1 "Error: testing 'stats' failed" - R 2.9.2 on Linux
4:48PM 0 Large data sets with high dimensional fixed effects
4:35PM 2 Survival and nonparametric
4:15PM 2 Getting indeices of intersecting elements.
4:11PM 0 Problem with NLSstClosestX; and suggested fix
3:12PM 2 axis label
2:57PM 2 metaMDS NMDS: use of alternative distances?
2:39PM 1 Taking specific/timed differences in a zoo timeseries
2:33PM 3 RPostgreSQL: unable to load shared library
1:31PM 0 R version of MATLAB symbolic toolbox (variable substitution)
12:34PM 1 pairs
12:25PM 1 Strange characters that block import
12:20PM 1 plot discriminant analysis
11:45AM 2 RCMD Rdconv debugging output
11:20AM 1 rect function
11:07AM 1 problem when resizing graphics devices
11:06AM 2 Handle lot of variables - Regression
9:40AM 3 currency conversion function?
7:17AM 3 post-hoc test with kruskal.test()
6:38AM 0 Error from termplot() with make.panel.svysmooth() for complex survey data
5:21AM 2 attach
4:58AM 1 using mapply to avoid loops
3:07AM 1 Request update on A (Not So) Short Introduction to S4
2:58AM 1 reference on permutation test
1:45AM 1 Understanding hclust and dendrogram
1:21AM 1 default borders in boxplot and barplot
1:00AM 2 How to get the definition of a class?
12:26AM 0 Confusion matrix from cross validation in R:
Tuesday October 13 2009
10:44PM 2 No funtions for character code?
10:44PM 0 tm: Why does adding local metadata take so long?
10:42PM 1 ggplot2 scale_shape question
10:37PM 0 Possible command line bug.
9:44PM 1 Time Dependent Cox Model
9:42PM 2 S4 tutorial
9:29PM 0 How to specify an ARMA(1, [1,4]) model? Solved
9:27PM 1 Iterating over file lines
9:17PM 2 Linear Regression Question
9:12PM 3 cdf
8:43PM 2 General means of matching a color specification to an official R color name
8:07PM 3 Request Infomation
7:37PM 2 Greater than less than in "ifelse"
7:28PM 2 heatmap.2
6:35PM 1 How to specify an ARMA(1, [1,4]) model?
5:26PM 4 replacing period with a space
4:58PM 2 axis labels
4:48PM 3 Selecting initial numerals
4:03PM 2 time grid for "survfit" Survival function outputs
3:55PM 0 Free Introductory R Course Taught Over the Web
3:06PM 2 decostand
2:49PM 1 how to have tkchooseDirectory resize in windows?
2:17PM 0 multivariate multiple nonlinear regression
2:13PM 1 How to calculate average correlation coefficient of a correlation matrix ?
1:48PM 4 Creating a list of empty lists
1:45PM 2 update.formula drop interaction terms
1:08PM 0 How to draw more geographical boundaries
12:33PM 0 can anybody give suggestion on how to use survreg with 3-parameter weibull
12:20PM 4 Counting
12:00PM 5 Introduction to mark-recapture analysis in R?
11:54AM 0 response surface designs
11:46AM 2 Installing R on Ubuntu ( 8.10 ) ?
11:33AM 7 lapply() reccursively
10:50AM 1 plot dates in x-axis
10:32AM 0 GridR
10:15AM 1 stepwise with F statistics
10:06AM 1 Adding additional X-axis data to charts, e.g. N values
9:01AM 0 using axis.Date with interaction.plot
7:59AM 3 Function to find prime numbers
6:43AM 1 stochastic process
6:30AM 2 How to read plain text documents into a vector?
5:15AM 1 plot() > point names ?
5:11AM 2 multiple groups with different colors in boxplot
2:44AM 0 appending to a file with R CMD batch and chron
2:10AM 2 How to choose a proper smoothing spline in GAM of mgcv package?
1:58AM 0 variable selection
1:55AM 2 gee: suppress printout
12:29AM 2 splitting dataframe, assign to new dataframe, add new rows to new dataframe
12:20AM 1 vis.gam() contour plots
12:04AM 1 Lattice barchart-reordered
Monday October 12 2009
11:06PM 4 Re use objects from within a custom made function
10:58PM 1 Kolmogorov smirnov test
10:12PM 1 Invoking par(mfrow...) on an already subdivided plot
10:12PM 0 What is the correct way to define __hash__?
9:25PM 4 lapply / mapply and assignments
8:36PM 1 how to plot a data by different group
8:26PM 1 Binding objects with a similar name
7:40PM 1 Creating object referant from argument name
6:52PM 1 How to hide tick lines behind the "box-and-whisker" 's in a boxplot
6:38PM 1 Using tabs in output instead of spaces
6:36PM 1 crosstabulation and unlist function
6:00PM 2 mkdir in R?
5:29PM 3 help with the use of mtext to create main title over multiple plots
4:56PM 0 combining/overlaying boxplot and barplot
4:32PM 3 xyplot does not find variable in data
4:27PM 1 Speed up and limit memory usage of lm()
4:02PM 0 need help
2:25PM 1 Ordinal response model
2:03PM 1 RPostgreSQL and needed .dlls
1:26PM 1 R and computer size
1:09PM 1 List mappings and variable creation
12:46PM 0 function: ploting an igraph object within lattice
12:05PM 0 tktext-window smaller than text
11:03AM 0 Non linear fitting of 2 distributions with shared parameters
10:08AM 0 Vector Allocation -problem
9:39AM 2 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.2 Gb
9:30AM 1 Using diff, ifelse on zoo object
9:19AM 0 Problem Fixed
8:56AM 1 package nlme
8:07AM 1 Position of legend box
7:42AM 1 Help Error
6:53AM 1 field index given name.
6:29AM 2 R commander.
4:32AM 0 r package for Probabilistic neural networks?
12:52AM 1 Loading data to Trellis barchart plot.
12:52AM 2 add=TRUE function not working
Sunday October 11 2009
11:54PM 1 Loading same libraries (old version & newest version) in r
11:11PM 1 Function Help
10:16PM 1 Solving a nonlinear System of equations
8:06PM 2 Random number
7:33PM 1 Saving Seed In a Lopp
6:03PM 2 Why H1=1? (H's the hat matrix)
5:10PM 2 Social networking around R
3:54PM 3 Error in family$family : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
3:43PM 0 DBI fetch argument ellipses?
1:24PM 0 Active learning and logistic regression.
12:41PM 0 Plotting groupedData objects by levels of a factor
12:38PM 2 spectral analysis
11:41AM 0 barchart
8:55AM 1 Decreasing Sort Error Message
6:13AM 1 How do you test if a number is in a list of numbers?
1:27AM 3 passing field name parameter to function
12:05AM 0 defining a function in the package boot
Saturday October 10 2009
11:45PM 1 many weighted means: is there a simpler way?
11:00PM 1 debug(sum) error
10:50PM 2 Manipulating Arrays
10:36PM 1 field names as function parameters
10:04PM 1 Creating new variables
9:37PM 2 How do I reverse the digits of a number
9:26PM 2 Nelder-Mead with output of simplex vertices
6:39PM 1 packages to download from yahoo finance
6:33PM 1 lattice auto.key drop unused levels
4:14PM 7 SPSS long variable names
3:05PM 0 Text Mining in R
2:43PM 2 Tabulation
2:05PM 1 permutations
7:34AM 1 [Beginner] Issue with the barplot function
7:21AM 2 easy way to find all extractor functions and the datatypes of what they return
7:13AM 1 auto.key legend color different from actual plot
5:05AM 6 Running R scripts from a GUI interface
4:14AM 2 Matching Dates Closest without going over
3:54AM 1 Setting a mirror "permanently" on R on ubuntu
3:38AM 0 rJava downloads but cannot load, when I run R as root
2:12AM 0 Errors in installing package "rJava" on Ubuntu
12:41AM 1 how to make the tick character in Y-axis to be horizontal?
Friday October 9 2009
11:46PM 0 regressions on large dataframe: speed?
11:08PM 2 Display more than one plot
10:36PM 2 user input in R
9:12PM 2 lm output
9:10PM 2 plot the same types of graphics on the same R graphic device
9:05PM 1 How to get "last status change", ctime on Windows?
8:09PM 0 R CMD --meetup=Chicago --when=Oct 29 --where=Jak'sTap
7:59PM 0 Help from Bill Liao
7:59PM 1 Placing text in a ggplot
7:46PM 3 "Use R" -- term and logo copyright?
7:00PM 0 Bayesian Belief Networks in R
6:51PM 4 Satellite ocean color palette?
4:47PM 1 variance ratio tests
4:42PM 0 Kernel Canonical correlation analysis (KCCA)
4:25PM 0 wrong plot with fda or lda?
4:18PM 2 different time series in one plot
4:17PM 1 For loop isn't working correctly
3:54PM 1 Problems with code
3:36PM 2 Problems with code containing a for loop
2:22PM 0 Help producing plot for assessing forecasting accuracy
1:41PM 1 celebrating revision 50000
1:38PM 0 Tobit model
1:26PM 1 Any reference to Tukeyline algorithm?
12:53PM 1 QQ plot
12:36PM 2 Help with printing fixed width
12:30PM 1 About finding NA values sources
11:54AM 1 Naming objects in a list
11:18AM 1 svy / weighted regression
10:42AM 1 Re place many rows in a table with new rows in one step
10:18AM 1 Get subset of n dimensional matrix
9:50AM 4 Trendline for a subset of data
9:31AM 2 Creating a Clustered-Stacked Column Chart
7:55AM 1 Substituting the extracted coefficients into the formula, exctracted from the result of nls()
6:57AM 0 Updates to tmvtnorm package
6:30AM 1 problem with CPU usage
4:42AM 1 about function *lapply*
3:11AM 1 subsetting key on qqmath
Thursday October 8 2009
9:22PM 0 Is there a book that summarizes different correlation methods?
8:57PM 0 glm pairwise interaction coefficients
8:40PM 1 "ask=F" option with plot.gam
8:25PM 3 odfWeave & XML error in post-processing
8:17PM 2 Bringing dbf Data With SQL
8:14PM 5 row selection
7:50PM 0 Problems With RODBC, sqlQuery
7:47PM 5 histogram
7:39PM 3 Plot nls line on plot?
7:28PM 3 error message - unexpected input
7:18PM 0 run WinBUGS under R, and kept getting the error message
5:52PM 2 lattice: passing multiple lty values to the key/legend
5:52PM 1 problem understanding factor levels for use lattice panel order
5:14PM 4 external variable by inside-function routines modifications
5:14PM 2 Adapt function
5:02PM 2 proto and get()
4:50PM 5 sort (all columns of) a matrix
4:27PM 0 Multiple plots of multiple plots
3:59PM 2 64-bit R on mac
3:53PM 0 New Special Interest Group: R-SIG-DYNAMIC-MODELS
3:37PM 0 Question on NLTM package
3:35PM 0 How to use multiple time series in R?
3:21PM 1 How to start R in mac with the current directory as the current working directory?
3:13PM 3 how to convert list into a vector
3:06PM 1 distributed computing
2:35PM 1 unordered multinomial logistic regression (or logit model) with repeated measures (I think)
2:20PM 0 Plotting fit marginals, multiple plots on same x-axis
1:48PM 1 Plot with CART results
1:48PM 2 intersection of 2 density curves
1:47PM 1 xyplot#strips like ggplot?
1:24PM 2 plotting a set of discrete distributions
1:20PM 0 sm.regression - RGL display without data points?
1:07PM 1 variogram
1:01PM 2 Determine restricted variable in SVAR and SVEC?
9:24AM 1 Slope between two points
8:33AM 1 distr package
8:27AM 3 I can not install DAAG package . help
7:48AM 1 acf for a univariate time series in a data frame
7:02AM 1 statistics and R package for election results
6:52AM 0 predict.lm() out-of-sample predictions - problem with data classes
3:10AM 2 how do I name data frames and files according to the index of a for loop?
3:04AM 1 R user defined language file for NotePad++
2:56AM 0 Robust estimation references
2:15AM 1 Colouring a grid segment
1:12AM 1 To hell with OpenSuse, ditch it and go to Ubuntu
12:56AM 3 foreach loop - rejection method
12:55AM 3 Evaluating/comparing dynamic linear model
12:24AM 1 Installing R on Suse 11.1 , cannot figure it out
12:00AM 1 Why do I have the following error message?
Wednesday October 7 2009
10:25PM 1 Make a blank dataframe with given dimensions
7:52PM 2 Need a vectorized way to avoid two nested FOR loops
6:20PM 0 error using predict() / "fRegression"-package
6:01PM 3 graphics
5:09PM 1 Which JAGS interface to use?
4:44PM 0 help with ncdf package
4:35PM 1 2 questions about mle() /optim() function in stats4
4:31PM 0 MCMClogit: normal intercept priors don't work
4:00PM 2 Plotting 1 covariate, 3 factors
3:28PM 1 repeat(?) measurement ANOVA or (general? mixed?) linear model?
3:28PM 1 sinusoidal relationship
3:27PM 0 princomp data input format
2:53PM 1 choose.files limit?
2:49PM 0 Help with pchisq function
2:29PM 0 neural network arguments
2:12PM 0 Power for Multiple regression?
1:58PM 1 Unable to load rjags
1:56PM 0 windows system file aux
1:32PM 1 merging dataframes with an unequal number of variables
1:16PM 0 how to extract the second table from the factanal functions result's loadings part?
1:13PM 1 "Emacs + ESS + R" installer
1:09PM 0 Prediction from BMA
12:45PM 0 Updates to rms package
12:39PM 1 Parameters of Beta distribution
12:11PM 1 Formatting outputs:(chronological object)
12:02PM 0 Grid on persp plot
11:21AM 0 cforest regressions - mean of squared residuals
10:56AM 1 Simulate negative skewed, fat-tailed distribution
9:15AM 1 help with regexps
9:12AM 1 1st R Conferences in Spain!!
9:06AM 2 communication of R Programs
8:29AM 2 Second y-axis --- alternative to par(new=
8:12AM 3 two plots on the same axis
8:09AM 1 Save plot to text file
7:59AM 0 Question about mirroring CRAN
6:59AM 0 Saving tkrplot/Clearing contents on frames/tkProgressBar
6:40AM 1 RExcel
6:40AM 0 R-beta: adjusting y-axis scale with multiple lines in plot
3:42AM 2 text on a plot
Tuesday October 6 2009
11:29PM 2 R, Coda, and OpenBUGS
11:26PM 0 'dbSendQuery' or 'dbGetQuery' error from library 'RMySQL'
10:40PM 0 MCMClogit confusion
9:45PM 1 gnu ODBC driver for ORACLE in WinXP platform?
8:49PM 1 power?
8:25PM 3 plot an arrow / add arrow to a line
8:03PM 0 Bifurcating Autoregression
7:41PM 1 Mixed effect multinomial regression
6:50PM 2 ggplot equivalent of par(xaxt)
6:40PM 3 rpois formula
6:32PM 0 Export to Excel
5:48PM 2 How to extract names from a vector
5:14PM 1 how to output profile plots for groups using lattice package
4:40PM 2 mle from stats4
4:38PM 2 Way of handling empty value when reading in CSV
4:30PM 4 Text editors for Sweave (rnw) files
4:14PM 1 IRLS or other iteratively re weighted optimization algorithms with constraints in R
3:50PM 1 ggplot2: mapping categorical variable to color aesthetic with faceting
3:42PM 0 tkProgressBar usage
2:40PM 1 Is there a recent book on Q-Q plot and data visualization in general?
2:07PM 2 ggplot cumsum refined question (?)
2:05PM 3 Plot
1:46PM 1 linear model with coefficient constraints
1:05PM 2 save wmf with a batch file
12:34PM 1 Linear mixed effects model ?
12:24PM 2 Viewing specific data from a dataframe
11:28AM 1 Spatial Autocorrelation
10:13AM 1 italics help in plot
10:13AM 2 Unable to load 'doBy' package
10:03AM 0 Kernlab: multidimensional targets in rvm(), ksvm(), gausspr()
9:39AM 2 Extracting year from a date object
9:12AM 0 Interpolation
9:03AM 1 previous.best in metaMDS
8:55AM 0 Problem with NLTM package
8:46AM 2 'persp' query
4:51AM 2 Problem with na.omit when using length()
2:30AM 2 how to fit time varying coefficient regression model?
1:41AM 3 R on Linux, and R on Windows , any difference in maturity+stability?
1:39AM 1 ggplot2 applying a function based on facet
1:07AM 1 taking limit
Monday October 5 2009
11:47PM 2 Loop function/comparison operator problem
9:14PM 6 Date-Time-Stamp input method for user-specific formats
8:31PM 1 3D polar plots
8:12PM 2 Visualizing some data
8:01PM 3 how to have 'match' ignore no-matches
7:52PM 0 boundary situation that caught me by surprise
5:17PM 0 Apply R in Excel through RExcel
4:52PM 2 GLM quasipoisson error
4:07PM 0 COM component/dll of R functions
3:42PM 2 How to plot a Quadratic Model?
2:52PM 1 interpreting glmer results
2:34PM 1 gsub - replace multiple occurences with different strings
2:12PM 4 Vim-R-plugin (new version)
1:29PM 2 Long for Loop- calling C from R - Parallel Computing
11:03AM 1 How to get NA's into the output of xtabs?
10:55AM 0 COURSE: Introduction to Metabolomics and biomarker research
8:49AM 0 Unusual error while using coxph
8:06AM 0 try function
7:00AM 3 convert RData to txt
6:27AM 1 Saving each output of a loop into something that can be graphed
3:59AM 1 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
3:40AM 4 Ubuntu, Revolutions, R
2:53AM 0 Help in the mtext function
1:49AM 2 Parsing Files in R (USGS StreamFlow data)
1:22AM 1 Ask about the memory size problem
Sunday October 4 2009
7:14PM 2 is that possible to graph 4 dimention plot
6:45PM 2 Row to Column help
4:09PM 1 extraction from data.frame
3:32PM 1 convenience question
1:36PM 1 Copying matrices with certain probabilities
1:31PM 3 help about solving the equations
6:28AM 1 Modify base R functions in Rprofile.site
5:42AM 1 offlist Re: AW: Urgently needed Exercise solutions related to PracticalData Analysis Using R Statisctial Software
2:26AM 1 Paste a character to an object
2:18AM 1 Numerical.summary Error
2:13AM 1 multicore - no parallel
12:53AM 3 Stranger Behavior -maybe not
12:31AM 2 Urgently needed Exercise solutions related to Practical Data Analysis Using R Statisctial Software
Saturday October 3 2009
11:51PM 2 converting matrix of lists to a regular matrix
11:05PM 2 update'ing trellis object
9:26PM 1 Optim Problem??
7:15PM 2 add lines() to 1st plot in layout() after calling 2nd plot()?
5:30PM 1 Passing lists and R memory usage growth
4:29PM 0 How to show clustering results?
4:08PM 1 if else statement error
4:06PM 2 Calculating the average after adding 3 matrices
3:54PM 3 else if statement error
9:26AM 0 Hierarchical partitioning built upon a GAM modelling framework?
5:46AM 0 Time Series
5:07AM 3 getting variables based on name
3:40AM 3 Winbugs under R's error message
3:38AM 1 Why do I have the error message?
3:15AM 1 Multiple time series and their names
3:03AM 1 Problem using with panel.average in Lattice package
12:49AM 0 posting contrib documentation
12:19AM 3 How to deal with this :" object ' obs' not found.
Friday October 2 2009
11:36PM 0 [Fwd: Re: randomizing groups]
10:13PM 0 (no subject)
10:12PM 2 how to fill out the empty spots when using rbind or cbind?
8:55PM 0 aggregate data into an array
8:36PM 2 randomizing groups
7:53PM 1 trouble with html() in Hmisc
7:16PM 1 xts dates spacings
7:12PM 1 error using frailty term
6:15PM 3 Tabulating using arbitrary numbers of factors
5:15PM 1 text mining
3:35PM 2 How to speed up R with version 2.9.2?
3:33PM 1 decision trees using the Hellinger distance rather than
3:20PM 1 ggplot2: proper use of facet_grid inside a function
2:47PM 1 How to select a subset <number of dimensions matter>
1:46PM 2 Legend
1:05PM 1 Rd files, \itemize in \value
12:56PM 1 Fetch large sized file from SQL
12:54PM 1 Weibull survival regression model with different shape parameters
11:32AM 1 plot subscript text and percentage symbol in graph label axis
11:04AM 1 Please Help me!
9:39AM 3 help with regexp mass substitution
9:36AM 3 break up a string into strings with a fixed length
9:31AM 0 problems with kzft
9:06AM 1 Problem with dist (bug?)
8:07AM 3 plot scale
8:01AM 1 nls not accepting control parameter?
7:05AM 2 Robust ANOVA with variance heterogeneity
6:49AM 2 plot ᵒ C in graph axis label
3:46AM 0 What did I do wrong? Bootstrap with glm
3:43AM 6 split-apply question
2:42AM 3 How to get duplicated items in a vector?
2:29AM 1 confint fails in quasibinomial glm: dims do not match
Thursday October 1 2009
11:26PM 1 Level name as object name
8:05PM 0 DEoptim 2.0-0
7:27PM 0 Espresso heuristic logic minimizer for R ?
6:57PM 1 inverse currying
6:56PM 1 caret package for time series applications
5:54PM 4 removing missing values from a matrix
4:58PM 1 Looking for a better way to document my packages
4:57PM 0 Revolutions blog: September roundup
4:36PM 1 .Rprofile file
4:16PM 1 Using optimize with array variables
4:10PM 1 Can You Recommend Books for Linear Mixed Models in R
3:29PM 1 Help me replace a for loop with an "apply" function
3:04PM 2 Debug
2:38PM 0 package:snow, timeOut for makeSOCKcluster()
2:25PM 1 cdplot????
2:15PM 0 General mixed effects Cox models
1:58PM 2 (no subject)
1:57PM 4 Color of graph
1:46PM 2 Treating variables as symbols
1:38PM 1 Help for 3D Plotting Data on 'Irregular' Grid
12:39PM 2 The problem of readLines
11:58AM 1 Getting formatted character from call
11:49AM 2 GAM question
11:45AM 2 Huge matrix: allocation works but assignment fails
11:33AM 0 Calculating estimates from a sample
11:02AM 1 debugging S4 methods
10:58AM 1 set package: more information about syntax
10:06AM 5 How to use Subpopulation data?
9:45AM 1 pass "..." to multiple sub-functions
9:43AM 0 Nested Anova and type II sum of square
9:37AM 1 typo in install manual
8:33AM 2 question
7:44AM 1 creating R roll in Centos OS
5:44AM 2 Missing functions
5:10AM 0 Off-topic: looking for a categorical, NMAR dataset
4:28AM 0 mvmeta function in GAP package
3:10AM 2 Re gression for levels of a factor/xyplot type="r"
2:17AM 1 Minimum and blanks
1:43AM 1 re ading and analyzing a word document
1:18AM 2 matrix exponential
12:37AM 0 Confidence intervals PLS prediction