R help - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
10:15PM 3 How x[, 'colname1'] is implemented?
9:10PM 0 How to annotate lattice plots
8:37PM 2 producing a master table from list of tables
8:14PM 1 ggplot2: How to change font of labels in geom_text
7:44PM 1 iterating over a data frame the R way?
3:50PM 1 How to interpret some diagnostic output
2:29PM 4 Obtaining partial output from a function that does not run to completion.
1:49PM 1 newbie question
1:32PM 0 bulding your own tree
1:09PM 3 XML and RCurl: problem with encoding (htmlTreeParse)
11:25AM 1 xyplot - help with multiple Y's vs. X of a member data in multiple panels
6:05AM 1 joining two lists...
5:13AM 1 cross validation for species distribution
3:41AM 1 what don't I get about numeric/double comparisons in R way?
Wednesday December 30 2009
11:59PM 0 Robust Bivariate Poisson
11:11PM 1 Error: "Insufficient memory. Please close the console"
10:53PM 1 Fwd: Negbin Error Warnings
8:15PM 2 capturing stdout
8:11PM 1 lm() and factors appending
6:26PM 0 factorial analysis influenced by data skewness
4:52PM 1 What am I doing wrong in my loops?
4:44PM 1 NA or work around ??
4:35PM 1 Removing replicated rows
2:41PM 2 multivariate group means
2:31PM 0 parallel computing--help
2:20PM 1 seg-fault... but on what
1:50PM 1 glm error: cannot correct step size
1:45PM 2 select elements and transpose
12:18PM 1 boot function returns the same results every time - there appears to be not resampling of the original data.
11:39AM 1 Axis Labels for Compound Plots in ggplot2
9:32AM 2 Positioning plots on top of each other (aligment & borders)
9:15AM 2 Negbin Error Warnings
7:05AM 0 rJava on Linux
6:45AM 1 Factor and Level Issue
Tuesday December 29 2009
10:55PM 1 test of proportions
9:48PM 1 plotting circles with symbols()
9:46PM 0 Outage in Copenhagen tomorrow
9:11PM 1 Effect of na.omit()
8:33PM 1 Plotting power function to practice data
8:08PM 2 pass functions and arguments to function
7:59PM 1 (no subject)
7:18PM 3 as.numeric is truncating!
6:48PM 1 extract value from first column based on value in second column
6:28PM 1 apply a function over a factor
6:16PM 1 Remove double quotation marks
5:46PM 1 lmer: how to lmer with no intercept
5:08PM 0 Problems when using lag() in plm package
5:02PM 0 question on avoiding the use of loops when working with large multidimensional arrays
2:40PM 0 Weird keyboard/buffer issue using OSX Client
1:49PM 3 Newbie needs to count elements in a row
1:40PM 1 how to append new data to saved data on disk efficiently
1:25PM 1 problem reading from serial connection since 2.10.0
11:26AM 3 Histogram/BoxPlot Panel
5:45AM 2 how can I use R functions in Fortran 90
4:11AM 3 error logging
2:28AM 1 ggplot2, building a simple formula interface
1:03AM 4 subsetting by groups, with conditions
Monday December 28 2009
11:14PM 4 Accessing members
10:31PM 1 accessing members of a data.frame
10:30PM 1 nls error message
9:32PM 2 2D array of strings
6:23PM 2 What might be the security issues from installing R?
3:19PM 4 How to change the default Date format for write.csv function?
3:18PM 2 [BioC] make.cdf.package: Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1 Kb
2:49PM 1 Help With Custom QQ Plot
2:31PM 2 Ops method does not dispatch on either of two classes
1:55PM 2 refering to the 'boundaries' of a graph
12:46PM 3 apply loop - using/providing a data frame to loop over
12:01PM 0 auto regression
11:38AM 3 graph shading is overlaying axes
11:20AM 1 Matrix to list object
11:02AM 2 anova
11:00AM 2 WHO Anthro growth curve macros and R
10:24AM 0 micEcon split into miscTools, micEconAids, and micEcon
9:12AM 0 FW: Questions related to R- Credit Risk
7:31AM 0 MS-VAR
6:54AM 2 Help with Moving Average in R
5:19AM 2 To export results
3:55AM 2 Modified R Code
1:40AM 0 Lacunarity analisys using R
Sunday December 27 2009
11:29PM 0 problems in building R with libpng/cairo/jpeg
8:18PM 1 R and Finance - EAD, LGD, PD
7:51PM 1 very beginner's question
7:45PM 3 help: creating a unified histogram
7:26PM 3 Scaling error
6:44PM 0 inquiry
5:59PM 1 gWidgets / RGtk2 - how to change a handler from a toolbar?
5:11PM 1 Positions in datasets
4:29PM 2 RGtk2 / gWidgets - addHandlerClicked Problem
4:17PM 2 Make the output (from a Loop function) a Vector
2:14PM 4 how to create a simple loop ?
1:39PM 2 Identifying outliers in non-normally distributed data
8:34AM 1 svm regression/classification
Saturday December 26 2009
8:10PM 3 something similar to %include() in sas?
8:07PM 1 Is there a problem with lattice axes?
7:52PM 1 [BioC] How to do RMA without summary to probeset level?
7:02PM 3 How to manipulate tables
6:25PM 2 Question regarding if statement in while loop
5:58PM 1 if else does not return right value
3:38PM 1 Fwd: Why do histogram bars vary their width?
3:33PM 1 Why do histogram bars vary their width?
11:49AM 5 Is SEM package of R suitable for sem analysis
9:21AM 1 Reading Input file
1:27AM 2 input a list into a function
Friday December 25 2009
10:16PM 0 Composing a sequence of functions dynammically
7:25PM 0 sqldf 0.2-0
4:07PM 2 [ how can sample from f(x)~x^(a-1)
3:44PM 0 how can sample from f(x)∝x^(a-1)
12:52PM 0 boot() with an array-valued statistic?
4:49AM 0 problem with .Rhistory: please ignore
4:46AM 0 problem with .Rhistory
4:42AM 2 Help with SVM package Kernlab
2:40AM 1 checking package errors-'require' calls not declared and no visible global function definition
Thursday December 24 2009
11:26PM 1 Question to use R plot GO pie chart
10:10PM 1 How to dbReadTable() only a limited number of rows? (RMySQL)
9:14PM 1 lapack error on Redhat Linux Fedora 11
8:24PM 4 How to separate a data set by its factors
7:26PM 3 help in merging
7:03PM 1 Multiple CHOLMOD errors when attempting poisson glmm
6:04PM 2 Running 32 bit R in terminal on Mac OS
5:33PM 2 how to do multiple responses in a linear regression
2:27PM 2 Two Easy questions
12:56PM 3 aggregate binary response data
11:18AM 3 An unprofessional message
8:44AM 0 Error with Package "Kernlab" for SVM prediction
6:31AM 0 Innocentive challenge
6:07AM 2 What is ".Machine$double.eps"?
2:46AM 3 Newbie: colSums() compared with Matlab's sum()
1:31AM 2 Column naming issues using read.table
Wednesday December 23 2009
11:31PM 0 ensemble for machine learning
10:48PM 1 prcomp : plotting only explanatory axis arrows
8:36PM 1 Unwanted association between a function and a namespace
8:21PM 2 loading data into ZOO
5:19PM 5 iid.test
3:59PM 1 animated R plots
3:56PM 0 Fw: R and minitab : Censored Kendall
3:55PM 1 Rgraphviz on mac 10.6.2
12:43PM 0 panel data quantile regression?
12:13PM 2 how to create normal qqplot with the 95% confidence interval
11:24AM 2 Mean, median and other moments
10:28AM 2 COnfidence intervals for estimates of linear model
10:21AM 7 String question
7:47AM 0 new, much improved version of edtdbg debugging tool
6:43AM 1 removing rows with NAs in anywere
5:38AM 1 Help with makeClusters for Snow
1:45AM 1 Fitting ACD model
Tuesday December 22 2009
9:22PM 1 trouble with model.tables SE means
9:05PM 1 Sweave: font problems with Signif. codes lines
8:50PM 0 pdf() and pagecentre option
8:40PM 1 Building static HTML help pages in R 2.10.x on Windows
7:12PM 1 Using zoo() to aggregate daily data to monthly means
6:54PM 1 strucchange | breakpoints - pure structural change model?
6:51PM 2 Reading PDF files
6:38PM 2 3-D barplot
5:10PM 2 use of lm() and poly()
4:02PM 4 Problem with expand.grid
2:58PM 1 Cohen's kappa, unequal score ranges
2:30PM 1 (auto)regression
2:04PM 0 dcemriS4: A package for medical image analysis (S4 implementation)
12:44PM 0 Embed Fonts in All EPS files inside a Directory
12:03PM 0 Reading PDF files (using xpdf)
11:17AM 0 ggplot2 version 0.8.5
10:42AM 3 vector indexing problem in multilevel data: assigning a specific value to all group members
10:34AM 0 Reshpaing for xyplot() or ggplot()
8:34AM 2 ACF normalization.
2:56AM 0 Rcpp 0.7.0: R/C++ integration now even easier
1:42AM 1 RGtk2 - retrieve ggraphics mouse coordinates during drag-and-drop event
1:20AM 1 Slow survfit -- is there a faster alternative?
1:12AM 0 slow survfit -- is there a better replacement?
1:06AM 2 Nested For loops
Monday December 21 2009
8:54PM 2 Plot odds ratios on log scale
7:04PM 2 plotting
6:42PM 0 qq plot for 3-parameter lognormal distribution
6:20PM 1 mgcv with discrete covariates, interaction term
6:15PM 0 randomSurvivalForest 3.6.0 now available on CRAN
5:42PM 0 Inter-observer reliability, nested categorical data
5:22PM 2 Closing files after using write
5:18PM 1 an IDE for R... JGR perhaps?
5:13PM 1 Suppressing certain debugging output
4:46PM 2 Maximum spacing method
4:04PM 1 physical distributions
3:12PM 3 Question About Repeat Random Sampling from a Data Frame
2:09PM 5 Help,Suggest me some methods to identify training set and test set!!!
12:42PM 2 Playing with rgl: a Youtube video
10:16AM 4 how can generate h(u)=min{a,log(u)} for 0<u<1 in R ?
6:24AM 2 Reading multiple Input Files
6:13AM 3 Signif. codes
2:41AM 0 what is criterion of removing independence?
1:33AM 2 Limit on number of times Realloc can be called?
Sunday December 20 2009
10:59PM 1 "Object is not a matrix" Error
9:51PM 1 Problems in installing MCMCglmm package
9:50PM 3 insert a dot to the numbers
7:40PM 3 Object of type 'closure' not subsettable
7:08PM 1 How to put text outside an xyplot?
6:35PM 4 plotting polynomial regression line
6:24PM 0 new version of randtoolbox
6:06PM 3 How to rotate an axis?
5:12PM 1 Problem with sequence in loop
5:06PM 2 as.Date question
4:49PM 1 basic proto question
4:18PM 1 expression()
9:34AM 2 how to create three new variables? Thanks a lot!
8:51AM 1 utf8 postscript cyrillic
6:43AM 1 how to count the total number of (INCLUDING overlapping) occurrences of a substring within a string?
4:42AM 2 read.table: mysterious line omissions
4:11AM 2 Remove rows in a matrix that match rows in another matrix
Saturday December 19 2009
11:11PM 1 as.xts convert all my numeric data to character
10:36PM 2 Lattice boxplots
8:47PM 3 integer(0) and NA do not equal FALSE
8:21PM 3 DROP and KEEP statements in R
6:28PM 3 Inserting .png plots in MS Word.
5:39PM 2 Run time error when executing sqlQuery using the 64-bit version of R with 64-bit RODBC package in a Solaris 10 Sparc machine.
5:27PM 2 simple main effect.
5:02PM 0 ggplot2 help.
3:22PM 0 New version of package mda
3:09PM 0 new version of glmnet
2:06PM 4 expand.grid game
11:24AM 1 Help with arguments in .Script
7:22AM 1 model matrix with a spline
Friday December 18 2009
11:27PM 2 Generating permutations that always include one specific element
11:16PM 1 ?OT: Probabilistic Simulation
10:49PM 2 Package creation - require statement?
8:48PM 0 lattice, latticeExtra, panel.refline()
8:48PM 2 how to combine multiple indicator variables in a single factor
8:12PM 4 How to print to file?
5:44PM 0 Principal component
5:26PM 2 Hello all, How can I get corss-validation MSE of SVM in e1071?
5:19PM 0 Is there a way not to export the functions in the global namespace?
5:11PM 1 The RSQLite version of dbGetQuery drops colums
5:03PM 2 Legend for two plots
4:29PM 1 birats example with R2WinBugs
3:22PM 1 How to define new operators
3:13PM 1 linear contrasts for trends in an anova
3:02PM 1 Numerical Integration
1:19PM 1 lattice: shape of box around wireframe
12:53PM 2 NLS-Weibull-ERROR
11:49AM 1 Doubts about ADE-4
5:54AM 0 data download from metastock into r-software
4:47AM 2 Covariate adjusted survival curves
4:08AM 2 Getting Rd pages right for redefined S3 generic
2:34AM 1 ggplot2 / lattice
1:48AM 0 Compare two repeated measures mixed models
1:16AM 1 to remove an error with log(zero)
Thursday December 17 2009
11:52PM 3 write.csv and col.names=F
10:29PM 1 poly() with unnormalized values
10:14PM 2 Testing equality of regression model on multiple groups
9:46PM 0 Do a log rank test of two group in a fit more with more than 2 groups
9:30PM 1 Problem reading binaries created with fortran (More infos)
9:13PM 0 (no subject)
9:09PM 0 ROracle on Windows Vista?
8:51PM 2 some help regarding combining columns from different files
8:48PM 3 Problem reading binaries created with fortran
8:19PM 2 Sweave Makefile issue
7:50PM 5 forecasting
7:42PM 1 Plot with a factor variable which has large values
7:35PM 2 Which hist cell each value falls in?
7:06PM 1 Ryacas: problem with "Sym"
7:01PM 1 How to run several scripts?
5:55PM 3 R on amazon's EC2 "cloud"?
5:33PM 2 mantel test and NAs
5:24PM 8 how to import data from excel to R
4:44PM 0 Error using step.gam from the gam library
4:13PM 1 StructTS standard errors
3:58PM 2 SPLUS Seqtrial vs. R Packages for sequential clinical trials designs
3:47PM 1 cross-product
3:15PM 0 unable to run JGR in windows 7
2:31PM 2 Exchange NAs for mean
2:24PM 0 nonlinear (especially logistic) regression accounting for spatially correlated errors
2:11PM 2 Problem with spliting a dataframe values
12:11PM 4 Fishers exact test at < 2.2e-16
10:33AM 2 issue with using rm: cannot generate on-the-fly list
9:00AM 0 Extract variance from dist(cluster.data)
6:35AM 1 CORRECTION - Generation of Random numbers in a loop
6:25AM 1 Random Number Generation in a Loop
5:17AM 1 Help with Merge - unexpected loss of factor level
3:55AM 1 Remove duplicates from a data frame but with some special requirements
3:22AM 1 change the scale of grid lines in a plot
3:16AM 1 Error for making packages under windows XP-Error in library.dynam(lib, package, package.lib)
Wednesday December 16 2009
9:13PM 2 What is the fastest way to see what are in an RData file?
8:43PM 0 henon map
7:47PM 1 number of observations used in cor when use="pairwise.obs"
7:11PM 0 fortune-like FAQ search
5:19PM 2 problem with a densityplot
5:15PM 1 Baseline survival estimate
5:06PM 1 Rgraphviz installation
4:58PM 1 WinBUGS - R2WinBUGS problem
4:19PM 0 Duration model with sample selection (or selectivity)
3:09PM 1 difference between the meaning of MARGIN in sweep() and apply()
2:58PM 4 Creating Dummy Variables in R
11:47AM 0 Read dataset in R language
11:31AM 1 regularised incomplete beta function
10:59AM 3 R & very large files
9:48AM 0 MAPE and RMSE in R
9:41AM 1 Stata files
8:55AM 0 lasso regression coefficients
8:27AM 2 rcart - classification and regression trees (CART)
6:13AM 0 R graphics
5:39AM 4 How to find the significant digits of a number?
4:43AM 0 probit with robust clustered errors?
1:13AM 1 R and Hierarchical Forecasting
Tuesday December 15 2009
10:09PM 1 error when using multcomp and lm
10:04PM 2 Reconstruct a dataset
9:47PM 2 symbols plots - with circles
8:56PM 1 Counting in Matrix
8:44PM 0 'tracemem' question when I change the length of a vector
8:35PM 2 read dataset in R language.
8:05PM 1 R question type in Moodle
7:39PM 1 A Date related problem
7:19PM 1 Type III sum of square in ANOVA
5:44PM 1 expand.grid applied to a matrix
4:29PM 1 Reference to R in Publication
4:19PM 1 Starting with R and distributions graphics
3:03PM 2 Instrumental Variables Regression
1:26PM 2 Random numbers for a group
1:17PM 1 for loop for automatic pdf generation
1:03PM 0 Corrado's Rank Test implemented in R?
12:53PM 1 Changing Column names in (Output) csv file
12:50PM 1 match problem
12:42PM 1 shading between to curves that intersect repeatedly
12:02PM 1 user-written splits in rpart
10:51AM 1 [Fwd: snowfall on Win7]
10:29AM 3 comparison of these types is not implemented
10:25AM 0 snowfall on Win7
10:20AM 1 R CMD check in Vista
10:16AM 0 Full Professor Position at LMU Munich
4:34AM 2 Diagonal Labels on "Beside" Bars in Barplot
3:03AM 1 Is there lazy copy in R?
2:38AM 1 Help in R
1:09AM 2 subtitle in Hmisc xYplot
12:17AM 1 Supressing Scientific Notation
Monday December 14 2009
11:25PM 1 Loop counter used in variable
10:57PM 1 fast matrix-vector multiplication
10:20PM 2 R2 in lm function
9:31PM 1 Creating a string
8:44PM 1 Logit Estimation with Panel Data
7:57PM 2 hdf5 package
5:40PM 0 ggplot : scale_x_datetime issues
5:36PM 0 Problems loading RMySQL
4:09PM 3 R output
3:37PM 6 write.csv and header
3:20PM 2 Bug in lnme package?
2:07PM 0 Calling R code from within STATA
1:03PM 1 Determining the correlation coefficient?
12:08PM 2 Connect to internet
11:09AM 1 Printing to PDF in for
10:49AM 1 lapply , mapply questions
10:20AM 0 R 2.10.1 is released
9:59AM 2 Why doesnot Rscript work ?
9:35AM 2 Combinations
8:43AM 0 GBM package: Extract coefficients
8:26AM 1 problem with unmatched quotes
6:34AM 2 R square in NLS-urgent help
4:11AM 1 RPART - printing full splitting rule number on tree plot
2:58AM 0 Confused on using expand.grid(), array(), image() and npudens(np) in my case
12:13AM 1 help: forest plots
12:08AM 1 how to use Rengine instance to parse R script String
12:07AM 2 Error with hgu133a2.db
Sunday December 13 2009
11:40PM 3 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
11:14PM 1 forest() in metafor package.
10:51PM 0 hierarchical model in R
10:18PM 1 plot merging/compression with R
10:11PM 2 how to replace a single backward slash with a double backward slash?
10:01PM 0 Drawing an axis with a subset of the data
8:04PM 2 Reshape a data set
7:17PM 1 odfWeave produces output file that OO can't open
6:34PM 1 do while loop
6:29PM 0 cross validation/GAM/package Daim
6:00PM 1 how to replace a single forward slash with a double backward slash in a string?
5:46PM 0 How to control the skewness of a heteroscedastic variable?- The solution
4:29PM 1 Repeated Measures Analysis - GLM
3:21PM 0 How to control the skewness of a heteroscedastic variable? - A Correction
1:54PM 3 Subtitle & conova post hoc
11:28AM 0 How to control the skewness of a heteroscedastic variable?
10:31AM 1 debug an error that incapacitates R?
8:56AM 1 How to resolve include Rcpp.h problems?
4:16AM 1 Easily switch between R GUI and R term on Windows?
3:34AM 3 lines don't wrap. must scroll horizontally to see/edit a long line in R GUI
2:37AM 2 A random number from any distribution?‏
2:20AM 0 A random number from any distribution?
1:37AM 0 Hmisc filled bands colors
1:31AM 1 too large dimension problem
12:34AM 0 need a solution to an R-problem: consultant available?
12:27AM 1 Non-linear Weibull model for aggregated parasite data
12:21AM 1 xtabs - missing combination
Saturday December 12 2009
11:12PM 1 code for [[.data.frame
10:52PM 1 Replace NAs in a range of data frame columns
10:36PM 1 multi-dimensional array with different number of dimensions?
9:14PM 1 rpart - classification and regression trees (CART)
8:54PM 4 Need help to complete missing value (Date and Time) in Sp500 Data
8:04PM 4 simple ts.plot question
8:00PM 1 matched pair proportion test
7:27PM 1 Create sequence given start and end vector
7:23PM 0 Call STATA code from within R
3:59PM 1 Antw: Export R output to Word/RTF?
3:31PM 1 cube root on array
12:54PM 1 read.csv to read output of system()?
5:39AM 3 help with graphing -- Points in my graph are not apparent, always displayed in steps
4:51AM 0 How to get the right ASH using "ash" package
2:08AM 1 About zero-inflation poisson model
Friday December 11 2009
11:55PM 2 Frequency tables.
11:28PM 3 Export R output to Word/RTF?
11:19PM 1 random effects in mixed model not that 'random'
10:33PM 4 extracting vectors from lists of lists
9:56PM 1 R download
9:38PM 2 Data
7:01PM 2 How to calculte the power of a matrix
6:34PM 1 Problems with Rcmd install package
6:19PM 3 Correcting for missing data combinations
5:16PM 0 Calculation of slope for Poisson regression
5:07PM 1 The correct way to set an element in a list to NULL? (FAQ is not clear)
5:04PM 1 SVM regression
5:02PM 1 how to simulate brown, white and pink noise time series
4:58PM 2 Looking for categorization method/module in R
4:48PM 1 Sources for open sourced homework questions for R?
4:43PM 2 Why a list of NULL's are reduced to NULL?
4:26PM 1 How could I find the inverse of a matrix?
4:13PM 2 Regularized gamma function/ incomplete gamma function
4:08PM 1 some problems with ram usage and warnings
4:07PM 0 (no subject)
3:47PM 3 how to creat a matrix
3:26PM 1 ggplot: Problem with legend background
3:02PM 1 shared axes in multipanel plot
2:45PM 0 foreach and deparse(substitute(x))
2:39PM 2 Problem with calibrate function
2:22PM 0 Fonts and axes using persp3d
2:19PM 3 Please help with a basic function
1:50PM 4 get the enclosing function name
1:17PM 1 export anova table
1:03PM 1 lattice - 2 graphs per panel with 2 differents colours
12:46PM 1 Array of legend text with math symbols from predefined variables
12:24PM 1 memory problem on Suse
12:12PM 3 how can generate from trunceted gamma distribution in R ?
11:44AM 1 cluster size
11:09AM 1 Notification of false convergence with lmer()
10:54AM 12 Literature analysis
9:38AM 0 Gamma correlation
9:01AM 2 copyING directories and files
7:15AM 1 Creating bibtex file of all installed packages?
6:14AM 2 How to draw three line on the same picture ?
5:25AM 1 Reducing the "dimension" of a list object
4:53AM 1 Recoding factor labels that are lists into first element of list
4:48AM 1 library(survival)-- cluster
4:03AM 0 ggplot2: version 0.8.4
3:57AM 0 readHTML within tm package
3:44AM 1 How to get rid of NULL in the result of apply()?
3:39AM 1 How to profile an R program?
1:11AM 1 Combining 3D/2D plots
12:12AM 1 How to get the runtime as well as the result?
Thursday December 10 2009
11:15PM 0 R CMD SHLIB requesting makefile. Is a makefile required?
10:50PM 0 R CMD check glitch (resolved)
10:19PM 1 Open user's R function
8:48PM 1 Labeling plot points
8:40PM 0 January 2010***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA Cities: San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc
8:26PM 0 Is there a variant of findInterval() such that v[i[j]] < x[j] <= v[i[j] + 1]?
8:14PM 1 MLE for a t distribution
8:06PM 1 Need help creating multiple datasets using loops or vectorization
7:55PM 3 vector help
7:41PM 1 non-linear regression
7:15PM 1 Moving Averages in ggplot2
5:39PM 1 incorrect multiple outputs
5:25PM 1 option for multi thread or multi core machines
5:11PM 1 PH Model assumption
4:26PM 2 About R memory management?
4:10PM 2 Avoid for-loop in creating data.frames
4:00PM 2 global variables in a function
3:59PM 1 Statistical question and implementation
3:48PM 1 Help with beanplot fromatting
3:38PM 0 Graph for finding patterns
3:35PM 1 barplot and cumulative curve using ggplot2 layers
3:01PM 2 How to scale a histogram
2:40PM 1 problem with data processing in R
1:33PM 2 Hazard ratio
1:26PM 1 question about centroid-linkage (cluster analysis)
1:25PM 3 heatmap/image from csv data
1:18PM 2 plotting with varying dot sizes
1:01PM 0 Aggregating date for barplot
12:58PM 0 Need explaining to the ASH code in MASS
12:54PM 0 How to analyse a scale from 0 to 5
12:53PM 0 Get rid of automatic title from Anova plots
12:35PM 1 updating arguments of formulae
12:10PM 2 Problem with coeftest using Newey West estimator
11:57AM 1 how to set column width of terminal output?
11:47AM 2 updating specific arguments of formula
11:45AM 0 plm ? tests of poolability ? error: insufficient number
11:40AM 1 obtain intermediate estimate using optim
11:06AM 1 Help with missing values in the dataset
10:53AM 0 plm – tests of poolability – error: insufficient number of observations
10:14AM 0 Graph for pattern findings
10:05AM 2 Character String length
10:00AM 2 different randomForest performance for same data
4:10AM 2 What is the function to test if a vector is ordered or not?
3:43AM 2 Assigning variables into an environment.
2:47AM 3 Have you used RGoogleDocs and RGoogleData?
1:20AM 3 How to figure out which the version of split is used?
12:50AM 5 simple data manipulation question
12:34AM 1 Need help to forecasting the data of the time series .
12:13AM 0 Multivariate ECDFs
Wednesday December 9 2009
11:56PM 0 Difficulty with terminal properly displaying help function in an ESS remote session
11:52PM 3 Plotting frequency curve over histogram
11:36PM 2 Counting Frequencies
10:34PM 0 What is the development cycle where there are code in tests/ for package development?
10:10PM 1 split() is slow on data.frame (PR#14123)
9:54PM 3 Fwd: Evaluating a function within a pre-defined environment?
9:28PM 0 re-ordering labels issue using barchart().
8:22PM 1 formula () problems
6:47PM 3 Population Histogram
6:33PM 3 .Rhistory in R.app
5:40PM 4 equivalent of ifelse
5:13PM 0 Assign variables in a loop to a list
5:07PM 1 Warning for data.table (with ref)?
4:53PM 1 Greek symbols on "ylab=" using barchart() {Lattice}
3:04PM 0 doMPI 0.1-3
2:49PM 0 R echo code chunk runs off the page using Lyx and Sweav
1:46PM 1 Bootstrapping in R
1:42PM 0 new version of RobASt-family of packages
11:05AM 0 New version of ecological modelling software available with improved R interface
10:23AM 2 code
10:14AM 0 {Lattice} cloud() help
6:01AM 3 Ordeing Zoo object
5:04AM 1 Exporting Contingency Tables with xtable
4:50AM 1 How to know what vignette are available in a package?
4:37AM 1 Can elements of a list be passed as multiple arguments?
4:28AM 1 Significant performance difference between split of a data.frame and split of vectors
4:07AM 1 Why cannot get the expected values in my function
1:46AM 1 partial match for two datasets
1:36AM 1 by function ??
1:07AM 0 Advice - get my function to work with a list
12:45AM 2 Problem with if statement
Tuesday December 8 2009
10:18PM 1 Formatting the length one vector to match another?
10:04PM 1 problem with split eating giga-bytes of memory
9:42PM 3 re-ordering x-lables using barchart()
8:55PM 4 Split comma separated list
8:38PM 1 Quadratcount problem in spatstat
8:26PM 2 Changing border width in barplot ?
8:17PM 0 data.frame is slower than matrix?
6:42PM 3 arrow plots
5:33PM 1 coefficients of each local polynomial from locfit
4:49PM 2 "prodlim" problem with censor ticks in stratified KM plot
4:34PM 0 Job Opportunity
4:15PM 0 Opps Correct Version of Holiday Regressor Perl Script
4:00PM 0 Holiday Gift Perl Script for US Holiday Dummy Regressors
2:56PM 1 Printing 'k' levels of factors 'n' times each, but 'n' is unequal for all levels ?
2:15PM 0 Difference in S.E. gee/yags and geeglm(/geese)
2:14PM 1 Error of Cox model
1:59PM 1 Sort a data frame according to romans
1:49PM 1 Modula Generators
1:38PM 2 Upgrading To 2.10 from 2.6.2
12:50PM 6 conditionally merging adjacent rows in a data frame
12:10PM 0 Cochran C Test - Homogeneity of Variances
11:48AM 0 help in Rscript scripts
11:38AM 2 could not find function lapply<-
11:11AM 0 short term Cox proportional hazard model
10:40AM 2 automated image processing
10:04AM 2 general question about functions
9:40AM 1 Brew Package
9:30AM 0 Creating clustergrams in R
8:08AM 1 read.affy.mixed - subscript out of bounds error
4:36AM 1 Serial Correlation in panel data regression
4:12AM 1 Simplex Density Plots
3:58AM 1 Help with Nested loop - very slow, can I use an apply?
3:35AM 0 SSfpl question
2:24AM 2 lm: RME vs. ML
1:49AM 1 {Lattice} help.
1:38AM 1 data manipulation/subsetting and relation matrix
1:12AM 1 R-squared for ANOVA model
12:14AM 1 histbackback function
Monday December 7 2009
11:04PM 3 Regular expression help
8:55PM 0 Help required with NLME syntax
8:33PM 0 Reminder: ASA Stat Comp/Graph Student Paper Competition Deadline 12/14
8:31PM 0 Reminder: ASA Stat Comp/Graph Student Paper Competition Deadline 12/15
7:50PM 2 Are there free R webinar recordings somewhere ?
7:26PM 2 problem in labeling the nodes of tree drawn by rpart
7:24PM 0 zelig logit survey
7:23PM 1 Convert a list of N dataframes to N dataframes
6:48PM 1 Sweave and license message when loading mclust package
6:31PM 1 Very basic R workflow question for Windows users
5:47PM 1 Multiple regression script
5:42PM 1 Output multiple files
5:18PM 1 Setting Repositories in the .Rprofile file
5:17PM 1 [GGPLOT] Legends at different layers
4:38PM 1 anova/factor
4:21PM 1 multiple plots using summary in rms package
3:58PM 0 different model performance because of nlevels()???
3:57PM 1 Subset of time observations where timediff > 60 secs
3:44PM 0 A Gamma-GLM with log link
3:07PM 2 How to apply five lines of code to ten dataframes?
2:56PM 4 Subset sum problem.
1:53PM 2 outputting functions in lapply
1:20PM 2 data.frame to "stacked frame"
12:22PM 2 Filtering a zoo object based on index of another object
12:05PM 0 Sweave, cacheSweave, and data frame
10:56AM 0 install.packages error
10:44AM 1 A GGPLOT ploting question
10:25AM 2 column statistics
9:04AM 0 inverse gamma truncated
8:53AM 3 savePlot for Mac and / or Linux?
7:39AM 4 Announce: edtdbg, integrating R's debug() with your text editor
6:41AM 0 rterm user command line input
3:58AM 1 Label individual points in lattice by and ID
2:16AM 0 Bootstrap pvalues
1:31AM 1 rgl keyboard shortcut for translation on Mac?
1:07AM 4 yeroon.net/ggplot2 web application v0.11
12:34AM 1 igraph plot - vertex colors
12:05AM 5 confint for glm (general linear model)
Sunday December 6 2009
11:41PM 2 help with repeated values
9:49PM 0 Function for MFE and MSFE
9:06PM 2 bootstrap help
8:05PM 1 ifelse and wildcard matching
7:32PM 2 .libPaths(new) stopped working in 2.10
7:13PM 0 Evaluation error
6:14PM 1 R ANOVA question
6:08PM 1 R + Hull-White model using nonlinear least squares
6:01PM 0 conout
5:48PM 3 estimate inverse gaussian in R
4:57PM 0 citing R - really a bibtex/jabref question
3:53PM 3 R has stopped plotting
12:31PM 2 4D plotting
12:19PM 3 help
10:53AM 5 optim with constraints
10:53AM 1 hi there!
10:16AM 2 MLE in R
2:18AM 2 Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'N' not found
1:11AM 3 SAS "datalines" or "cards" statement equivalent in R?
1:05AM 0 STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF TEXT EMAILS Re: Refreshments after SOMS Seminar Friday 3:30-4:30 in HBB 334
Saturday December 5 2009
11:11PM 1 Forest Plot
10:49PM 2 plot data from tapply
9:59PM 1 integrate function
9:37PM 1 R packages and assess to data in packages
7:38PM 2 Announcing a new R news site: R-bloggers.com
7:37PM 0 R example for ancova
6:46PM 1 Incorrect number of dimensions
6:25PM 1 regression tests still fail for R version 2.10.0
5:25PM 0 Refresh with default x11() cairo
5:21PM 3 three plots as one JEPG?
4:22PM 3 Referencing variable names rather than column numbers
2:21PM 2 "R CMD BATCH" continue after an error in the script
11:52AM 1 HELP boxplot for time class
8:07AM 1 Using rgl to put a graphic beneath a plot
1:42AM 4 paste adjacent elements matching string
12:50AM 1 R brush for SyntaxHighlighter
Friday December 4 2009
11:53PM 0 expression and font type of bold
10:47PM 3 Use of apply rather than a loop
10:45PM 2 Installing RandomForest on SuSe Linux - warnings
10:24PM 0 EM Mixture Models
9:52PM 1 RandomForest - getTree status code
9:39PM 0 simple reshape of a large data frame (reshape() runs out of memory)
9:19PM 0 pdf pagesize
8:52PM 5 logical masking of a matrix converts it to a vector
8:11PM 0 New Package: pgfSweave
8:11PM 2 How to duplicate each row in a data.frame?
7:51PM 1 categorical vs numerical
7:43PM 1 no html help upon upgrading to 2.10
7:04PM 1 Distribution fitting with binned data
6:40PM 0 options(width=100) ignored on start-up
6:25PM 0 Network Graph Add Labels
5:56PM 1 User's function
5:56PM 2 Standard deviation for each element in a set of matrices
5:52PM 1 grep() exclude certain patterns?
5:15PM 0 Renaming columns of a data.frame
4:55PM 2 Class attributes
4:46PM 0 Machine Learning and Sample Size
4:34PM 1 Apparent different in symbol scaling between xyplot and grid.points
3:59PM 1 Problem with date x-axis
3:46PM 2 csimtest function in multcomp package
3:28PM 2 Source code for some grid package documentation
3:19PM 1 Converting a Matrix in a colum vector
2:29PM 1 stepAIC function
2:29PM 1 latex.table for table with character and numeric columns
2:08PM 0 flexmix and mclust help
2:06PM 2 curve fitting to data
2:02PM 1 question about invers gamma trancted
1:54PM 1 cycling k times a realization of a random walk.....problems..
1:46PM 1 set working directory in Windows XP
1:28PM 1 z to r transformation within print.rma.uni and forest from the package metafor
1:18PM 2 selective subsetting of a correlation matrix
12:19PM 1 length of a density curve (or any curve)
12:15PM 1 multidimensional point.in.polygon??
11:55AM 2 Logistic geographical weighted regression
11:37AM 0 Problems while plotting with ROCR
11:09AM 2 Substitute "Object not found" with NA
10:45AM 1 Saving predict
10:12AM 2 writing 'output.csv' file
9:10AM 2 Dividing a pixel image into factors - (cut.im(), cut.default())
8:57AM 0 Logarithm interpolation
8:44AM 3 Combinations and joint probabilities
8:27AM 2 Solve linear program without objective function
8:21AM 1 How to draw a big heatmap?
8:12AM 0 matrix^(-1/2)
8:08AM 0 pseudoreplication - LME
6:23AM 1 Lattice : Help with changing the labels of x-axis in respective panels
6:01AM 2 Speed of accessing list element by index or name
5:25AM 0 Re shorten str() output for long list
5:10AM 1 How to get a matrix by sapply (with strsplit)?
4:52AM 0 Re Off topic - Compendium of distributions
4:29AM 1 how to calculate covariance matrix in R? why cov doesn't work
3:12AM 2 how to seperate a matrix
3:11AM 2 shorten str() output for long list
2:34AM 2 How to exclude lines that match certain regex when using read.table?
2:18AM 2 [ggplot2] Wind rose orientation
2:12AM 1 R igraph clusters component
1:52AM 1 Naming conventions for R?
1:23AM 1 Get back to the console with ssh access
12:32AM 1 Rounding a Measurement to be Consistent with its Uncertainty
Thursday December 3 2009
11:18PM 2 Passing arguments to gpar
11:12PM 0 Off topic - Compendium of distributions
11:10PM 2 Error in namespaceExport(ns, exports) :
10:30PM 0 Revolutions blog: November roundup
10:29PM 3 Scraping a web page
10:21PM 4 Question about R Functions
10:07PM 3 dataset index
9:52PM 4 Data Manipulation Question
8:02PM 1 matrix data appears corrupted.. appears to be pairs of decimal numbers glommed together
7:54PM 1 corrupted matrix data.. sporadic result appears to be pairs of decimal numbers glommed together
7:47PM 2 Dataframe help
7:23PM 0 Please help with AR(2)
7:19PM 3 Tobit model fluid milk consumption
7:15PM 1 how to use different ylim scales on a lattice bwplot?
6:50PM 4 Two-way/Three-way sum.
6:08PM 2 GLM Question
6:06PM 1 distance matrices
6:01PM 0 Problem with predict() and factors
4:54PM 0 par() background issue
4:41PM 4 Replace values in a vector
4:28PM 1 count number of empty cells in a table/matrix/data.frame
4:23PM 0 online.QTAFI: Online questionnaire environment (R supported)
4:16PM 2 Formatting of numbers on y axis
2:49PM 1 S4 Classes, nested objects and references
2:22PM 1 Acumulate assign on lapply list
2:20PM 0 XML - ampersand escaped
2:05PM 2 adding bmp/jpg/gif to an existing plot
2:00PM 3 data manipulation
12:59PM 3 Three-dimensional (3D) movement using 'R'
10:31AM 1 How to check if file is on a drive?
9:45AM 1 How build hist combining data
7:18AM 5 Bar Plots: Error Bars
6:17AM 2 Avoiding singular fits in rlm
4:38AM 2 Help R2WinBUGS
3:44AM 1 suggestion for analysis ....MANOVA ?
3:25AM 2 (Grouped + Stacked) Barplot
3:10AM 1 reading table
1:58AM 1 How to step in a function?
1:03AM 0 smoothing or curve-fit a time series using lowess, polynomial or whatever I can get working
12:19AM 0 Deducer: An R data analysis GUI
12:02AM 1 Data frame/read.ftable
Wednesday December 2 2009
11:57PM 2 Arules - Association Rules
11:36PM 2 calculation problem when export and import data
11:27PM 1 barchart() {Lattice} -- auto.key()
11:25PM 1 Fw: Re: Help: barchart() {Lattice}
10:44PM 1 Lattice: multiple data sets on same plot
9:33PM 3 documentation of intersect() on string vector and num vector and on duplicated elements
9:20PM 0 [Fwd: RE: lapply assign to list SOLVED]
9:09PM 2 scatter3d with groups
9:01PM 2 Extracting vectors from a matrix (err, I think) in RMySQL
8:30PM 6 Ordering numbers
8:01PM 4 Finding cases in one subset that are closet to another subset
7:25PM 0 Stacked bar chart help.
7:17PM 2 lapply assign to list
6:40PM 2 Help: barchart() {Lattice}
6:26PM 3 Reading comments in text file from R
6:20PM 1 R and eclipse
5:32PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Adding and Multiplying two Unevaluated Expressions]
5:18PM 2 Reordering the results from table(cut()) by break argument
4:53PM 2 Arithmetic on multiple files
4:14PM 1 Extract html tables to data.frames
3:42PM 1 Ridge regression
3:31PM 0 standardized beta weights for lmer models
2:34PM 2 find the index of the next largest element in a sorted vector
2:29PM 1 Generate missing data patterns
1:25PM 0 residuals from nls fit on time series
12:49PM 1 polygon graph
12:13PM 1 Cryptic error message from rfe (in caret package)
11:57AM 1 category with respect to category
11:55AM 4 problems installing R packages
11:35AM 2 Histogram probabilities >1 ????!!!
10:25AM 1 Calling R (GNU R) functions from Common Lisp, how?
10:24AM 0 R Batch Mode Customized Input
10:14AM 2 Joint density kde2d works improperly?
10:08AM 1 pictures_in_a_matrix
9:46AM 0 RWeka problem with WrapperSubsetEval
8:52AM 5 Problem with "Cannot compute correct p-values with ties"
8:15AM 4 Again on overlaying plots (a plot region within a plot region)
8:14AM 0 Finding correlation between 2 variables from forcast
7:57AM 2 lattice: adding information on number of observations
5:23AM 1 Incorporating the results of White's HCCM into a linear regression:
4:42AM 1 How to export a function from a package and access it only by specifying the namespace?
4:41AM 3 A ggplot question
4:27AM 0 Re How to remove R banner?
4:01AM 2 How to remove R banner?
3:36AM 4 sort a data frame by a vector
2:48AM 2 Replying to Posts Within Same Thread
1:46AM 4 Passing additional argument to be numerically integrated function
1:15AM 1 Container/Collection Object to keep data structures and object
12:28AM 1 Reformat x axis
12:10AM 2 Error when running Conditional Logit Model
Tuesday December 1 2009
11:47PM 1 ''system(cmd) : make not found'' error during package install
11:24PM 1 draw a box at 10% lower and upper in scatter plot
11:16PM 1 Aligning Diagonally Oriented Labels Under Bar Chart
11:11PM 5 Normal tests disagree?
10:55PM 0 coding negative effects in categorical dummy variables
9:46PM 0 Canberra distance
9:40PM 1 How to compute contrast where there are interaction terms in the linear model?
7:44PM 1 An R vs. SAS Discrepancy: How do I determine which is correct?
7:41PM 2 Cut intervals (character) to numeric midpoint; regex problem
6:58PM 1 ggplot legend for multiple time series
6:47PM 0 Testing the significance of gradients in trends
6:36PM 1 write.csv fails with $ operator invalid for atomic
6:07PM 1 Multiple grouping on the X axis.
5:55PM 1 Problem in reading data
5:22PM 1 Error message when logical indexing vecor is all FALSE
4:43PM 0 time series - month value
4:40PM 2 problem with RWeka Weka_control RandomForest
4:35PM 1 eigenvalues of complex matrices
4:22PM 1 LMER: How to specify Random Effects
4:18PM 4 Package is loaded but functions are not exported
3:46PM 4 median for time data
2:41PM 1 Adding and Multiplying two Unevaluated Expressions
2:22PM 2 Starting estimates for nls Exponential Fit
2:01PM 1 Loop doesn't work
1:39PM 2 How to plot log-log figure using R?
1:30PM 3 Using two (...) in a function
12:45PM 1 assigning values to parameters, based on different names
11:31AM 0 R with atlas in ubuntu karmic 64
11:29AM 1 Trouble with read.table(clipboard)
10:53AM 0 R 2.10.1 Scheduled for December 14, 2009
9:35AM 0 Histogram and Density... Sorry for Mispost
9:35AM 2 Distance between sets of points in transformed environmental space
8:57AM 1 explanation for left-side behaviour
7:08AM 2 Calculation of Central Moments
6:33AM 0 R] Re: Histogram and Density on the the same graph
5:52AM 0 Amendment to previous post a minute ago, please amend before posting if possible
5:50AM 0 GLM Repeated measures test of assumptions: e.g. test for sphericity e.g. Bartletts and Levenes homogenous variances
5:42AM 1 Stripchart: way to get different colour for each group
4:55AM 1 R Script From PHP
4:49AM 1 Agreement among three or more observers
4:34AM 1 About the method dispatch mechanism
4:23AM 0 Dec. 1, 2009 tip of the day
4:15AM 2 go back a block of code in history
4:07AM 2 apply on two lists?
3:42AM 4 Is there a function to test if all the elements in a vector are unique
3:36AM 1 vector as data.frame element?
3:20AM 1 areg (stata) equivalent in R?
2:56AM 1 Overlapping Plot Labels and Color Palette
1:10AM 1 Remark on tapply().
12:49AM 3 paste name in for loop?