wine users - Oct 2010

Sunday October 31 2010
7:00PM 0 Indeo 5 Codec not working
5:45PM 0 X3 terran conflict sound
5:06PM 0 Mac wine user here needs help. :) regarding garena and war3.
4:38PM 2 Natural Selection 2 alpha, Steam
4:02PM 0 Fallout New Vegas doesn't work
3:43PM 3 Compiling Wine with opengl support
3:32PM 2 No Sound in Spotify with WINE
3:28PM 2 Problem to running command line Borland C++ program in wine
10:18AM 0 catia v5r19 sp5
10:09AM 0 PTC Pro Engineer WildFire V5 M060 WIN32 MAGNiTUDE
10:04AM 0 SolidWorks 2010 SP0.0 MULTILANGUAGE WIN32 ISO
9:57AM 0 Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011 x86 Portable
9:09AM 0 HP,FS - SolidCAM 2010 SP0.0 for SolidWorks 2007-2010
6:31AM 5 Using WinPcSign Pro with Wine
5:07AM 0 Catia pro v5 tutorial - Structure Analysis
5:07AM 1 Autodesk AutoCaD 2011 / 64 Bit / Multilangual + Keygen
4:56AM 9 Wine license
12:18AM 3 msg:install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executab
12:08AM 1 Ragnarok Online - Can't update the client (details inside)
Saturday October 30 2010
5:38PM 1 Re: Problem with text entry fields (Mac OS X Snow leopard)
1:49PM 2 Conquer Online 2.0
1:28PM 2 Jagged Alliance 2 crashes within first seconds running
12:55PM 3 How to reset Wine
12:19PM 1 Blood Bowl Legendary Edition
10:22AM 1 can't install wine 1.3 on lubuntu 10.10
7:42AM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
6:59AM 3 World of Warcraft on Linux Mint or Ubuntu, a doubt
2:01AM 1 New Vegas + Wine
1:38AM 1 Irfanview
12:36AM 1 C:SS alsa
12:20AM 2 Re: Wine on ubuntu 10.04 and altbinz 0.25
Friday October 29 2010
11:24PM 2 using Wine Internet Explorer
11:16PM 0 Sound broken on Oblivion and wine 1.3.6
4:50PM 4 Lineage Freya Engine.dll failed to initialise
2:05PM 5 City Life Deluxe Edition
12:19PM 0 Install IAR compiler on Fedora 8 using wine 1.2
7:42AM 0 Re: GSM 6.10 codec & ACM
5:48AM 1 Re: install "files for complex script and right-to-left lan
5:41AM 0 Bubblez
1:54AM 3 It shuts off when started
1:03AM 2 winecfg screen size
Thursday October 28 2010
7:18PM 5 Run 32 bit apps on Wine x64?
6:19PM 0 Ragnarok Online french Client
3:43PM 0 What is the problem ?
10:28AM 2 Wine with IE8
8:00AM 0 DVD Ripper +Blu-ray Ripper=Blu-ray DVD Ripper?
7:59AM 0 How to copy Blu-ray to computer or another Blu-ray disc?
7:58AM 0 Before Blu-ray taking the place of DVD
7:57AM 0 How to rip Blu-ray to HD, iPhone, PSP, iPad,iPod, etc.
2:07AM 0 Java Certification Exams
Wednesday October 27 2010
11:35PM 0 Forsaken World Crashing
11:25PM 4 Star Sonata: Great start, then crash when accepting missions
10:24PM 2 [wow 4.0.1] bad mouse binding
9:38PM 2 d3dx9_36 : How to handle bug reporting
8:56PM 6 Korg NanoKey under Wine
8:00PM 8 Advanced Diary.
6:54PM 2 Running Perfect World through Wine using Winebottler
6:30PM 3 Horizontal scrolling on mac
5:54PM 0 IE8 displaying blank screen
5:53PM 2 [Issues] Sound Locking up a program after a couple seconds.
5:07PM 4 Is this possible?
3:39PM 2 How to submit changes to the Wine site?
3:21PM 2 Could not find CLSID for Windows Script
11:49AM 1 Samplitude 11
11:41AM 0 Re: 64-bit chess engines and wine 1.2
10:49AM 0 Install Python under Wine
8:19AM 0 My Winboard64 works fine
2:21AM 0 how to install dragon naturally speaking 10 preferred (Danny)
1:18AM 1 SQL ODBC Application failing
12:24AM 1 Not a problem but an interesting Thing.. none the less
Tuesday October 26 2010
11:05PM 3 running proEngineer with wine?
9:04PM 10 Wine 1.3( Battle of the Immortals)
8:19PM 1 winlauncher HS
6:44PM 2 gstreamer-0.10 development files not found, gstreamer suppor
4:48PM 1 WINE_CHECK_SONAME seems to cause a problem.
4:19PM 1 PUSHD under WINE?
3:54PM 4 Integration between WINE and Host
3:50PM 1 Photographs of Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
1:57PM 2 Different Resolution in a Wine Window Possible?
1:24PM 2 What would it take?
12:58PM 1 Medal of Honor 2010
11:30AM 0 Re: Tableau Public vis software / Ubuntu
11:03AM 1 Re: ArmA2
10:20AM 1 Problem Importing qfx file into MS Money 2002
10:15AM 3 Unable to launch game launcher
8:41AM 2 What is '' in wine sources.
5:09AM 2 Can't install IE7?
Monday October 25 2010
11:15PM 4 Scrivener 1.0, unable to create or open a project
8:32PM 0 [Assassin's Creed]Transparent ground
7:52PM 2 Which WINE is the one for me?
3:50PM 2 Fallout new vegas audio device.
12:33PM 2 Teamviewer5 for linux with proxy authentication
12:04PM 0 how to install dragon naturally speaking 10 preferred
10:06AM 2 You're probably all tired of people like me...
8:55AM 7 Game works at 50%
12:38AM 0 Re: Trying to install MapPoint 2010
Sunday October 24 2010
10:57PM 1 Install driver for USB programming cable
10:46PM 1 Scanning with Wine
9:57PM 2 Possible wined3d Issue
8:39PM 5 A new approach to test Wine/CrossOver
8:30PM 3 can't install winetricks
6:42PM 1 LOTRonline - blank window at launch
5:51PM 2 java runtime library
1:13PM 2 Installing multiple wine version from Ubuntu Repository?
5:22AM 0 Between IGF Demo is Unresponsive (Steam Client and Wine 1.3.2)
4:35AM 0 Alien Swarm Does Not Launch (Steam Client and Wine 1.3.2)
4:16AM 0 America's Army 3 (AA3Game.exe) Crashes with Steam Client and Wine 1.3.2
3:25AM 3 winegcc on non-x86 system
1:36AM 4 C++ .exe files and Wine?!?
1:18AM 3 will darwine a big threats to bill gates? or a big helper?
12:59AM 4 winegcc and g++
Saturday October 23 2010
9:56PM 2 Entropia Universe Free to play
8:50PM 1 Golden Software - Grapher 8
8:46PM 2 Can't play Diablo II or AOE I
6:27PM 1 Cannot select from a list of models in LTspice ver 4.08e
5:48PM 1 Steam-Counter Strike 1.6
4:38PM 2 [Wine 1.3.5] Glu error on custom 3D application
3:58PM 1 FirefoxPortable and ThunderbirdPortable and Wine 1.3.5
3:33PM 1 Problem with enter key
3:27PM 4 Paper format (printing via CUPS)
2:47PM 0 A new problem with SC4s Graphics
1:42PM 1 Re: frame/graphics lag in microsoft Freelancer
12:04PM 3 DVDFab not working anymore
9:34AM 0 nwn cd key, nwn2 serial key, neverwinter nights 2 serial key
9:19AM 1 [Demo Football Manager 2011]Doesn't works
8:29AM 0 Re: Available Memory Mapping Space (PC Study Bible 5)
8:25AM 1 Trackmania. Error in installation
12:53AM 0 Re: Wine has improved a lot!
Friday October 22 2010
8:53PM 0 Invitación personal de Adrián Furlan
8:22PM 8 Wine with Ati 3d Card
7:38PM 1 Microsoft Office
6:46PM 1 Re: Folding@home Crahes Frequently
6:40PM 3 System Stutters/Skips with wine Under Load
4:00PM 3 Error running an ActiveX control on IE6
2:57PM 0 Baldur's gate II - 'rest' function problem
2:53PM 1 Re: MS Outlook 2007 won't open
2:10PM 2 wine test.bat - Does it work?
10:36AM 2 Last Chaos Online its not working.
9:06AM 3 Font config in Desktop Integration broken when switching locales
8:55AM 1 Code::Blocks 10.05
3:23AM 3 LOTRO installation error
Thursday October 21 2010
11:12PM 2 Script to add key to the WINE/Windows registry?
8:52PM 0 window managers
6:10PM 8 Fallout: New Vegas?
3:04PM 0 Winetricks and dotnet
11:41AM 2 Eve Online Accept Terms Issue
9:23AM 4 How to delete Apps from the AppDB?
8:48AM 1 CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver and CrossOver Games 9.2
8:24AM 3 BG2 in multiplayer session.. not working :S
Wednesday October 20 2010
9:55PM 0 How to start okular from windows app
8:59PM 2 Starcraft II 1.1.2: Cannot load libGL
8:09PM 5 Missing textures
6:24PM 3 Possible to have different versions of IE all installed?
5:48PM 1 Primavera Project Planner
3:26PM 0 Snooker 147 JHC Software
2:19PM 4 Starcraft II Problem
1:13PM 1 Cooee in wine
11:03AM 0 appdb entry recommended or deletion
10:52AM 3 Big issue since Wine 1.2 exiting programs/games...
2:11AM 0 Re: How to fix the SSL/https problem?
2:10AM 0 Re: [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?
Tuesday October 19 2010
8:40PM 2 Question about Steam.
7:58PM 2 Serial ports not available to apps nor in regedit
5:58PM 1 X11 Cursor's in Wine Applications
5:02PM 2 Re: XmlHttpObject
4:15PM 1 Printer Tray option not available
4:13PM 2 Passage 3
2:37PM 2 EnumDisplayDevicesW crash
11:11AM 2 hardware sequrity
9:25AM 1 Automated shortcut generation
5:17AM 1 Menu entries disappeared after distro update
2:53AM 2 Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
Monday October 18 2010
9:24PM 1 Avery Wizzard using Wine and Ubuntu
8:15PM 2 Wine on Windows
7:51PM 1 Wine through NX (mouse slow)
5:35PM 0 wrong place to ask but could you help
5:01PM 0 Re: Spore (trial) working?
4:27PM 1 Editing DLL Sources and log to file
3:11PM 0 Steam Installation Errors
11:40AM 4 installing wine on windows?
9:21AM 9 Re: Call for translators
8:41AM 1 Re: Steam Installation Errors
5:06AM 0 Re: OpenGL version / info. needed for WINE to render DirectX
5:05AM 0 Re: Macromedia Contribute in Wine
5:05AM 0 Re: Do someone can help me please?
3:38AM 2 Game problem's
3:32AM 0 bad fonts in day of defeat source
3:16AM 1 Guild Wars minimizing problem
3:03AM 3 Joypad emulated for more than one player
1:54AM 2
12:56AM 2 running notepad.exe on wine
12:53AM 5 status of darwine
Sunday October 17 2010
10:31PM 2 how do I get an address bar in windows explorer
8:34PM 1 error message
6:48PM 1 Sound works... but just stops
6:45PM 0 No more sound in wine
5:21PM 2 Help with Registry Stuff
4:56PM 2 MSI Afterburner don`t run
4:34PM 4 How to edit/modify system32 exe files?
3:00PM 1 N1MM crashes when using exotic callsigns
2:44PM 13 Can someone point mee in the right direction =?
12:23PM 0 Spotify Help
10:03AM 2 Exe just won't run
5:36AM 2 Why can't one run Wine apps in Windows
5:32AM 4 dll info
4:34AM 1 Installing Wine from RPM in Mandriva
2:12AM 2 Anyone know what this coredump means?
2:12AM 4 Question about gamma changing...
1:46AM 0 Problem installing wine 1.3.5
12:47AM 1 Screenshots - how to?
12:24AM 3 Wine Counter Strike Source
12:20AM 0 Is it just me or is the Ubuntu package archive gone?
12:05AM 0 Entropia Universe
Saturday October 16 2010
6:46PM 1 Re: Wine 1.3.1 X_CreateWindow Error
6:19PM 1 Compiling from source - where is winecfg?
5:01PM 2 Can't activate GLRC what does this mean?
3:41PM 1 wine version 1.1.42
3:08PM 1 Re: World of warcraft crash at login occasionally
2:35PM 2 Darwine or Wine? New to Mac, Install/Uninstall/File issues.
1:55PM 1 FlipShare
11:10AM 1 msxml6_x64 installation error
7:12AM 2 Astrosynthesis anyone?
6:26AM 3 wine start.exe error
1:55AM 1 StarCraft 2 Wine trouble
Friday October 15 2010
9:04PM 2 Run Command (or option) to disable Wine Title Bar
6:02PM 0 Re: WINE for Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.9.E
4:01PM 1 Civ. V / Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
10:57AM 2 [CitiesXL 2011]Doesn't work
8:07AM 4 office 2007 install
6:33AM 1 Wine and Windev
3:45AM 1 Microsoft Lync Server 2010 RC
1:20AM 3 OLEPictureImpl error may need winetricks dll?
Thursday October 14 2010
11:18PM 1 Media Player Classic
10:33PM 3 wine + utorrent on 64bit
10:12PM 1 Jk2 v1.02 and v1.04
8:01PM 2 Can not open Excel password protected file
4:32PM 0 Trackmania United Forever Optimization
2:32PM 5 Wine & Crazy taxi.exe
12:09PM 3 Problem with opened sockets
10:26AM 3 rundll32.exe error
8:26AM 3 New to Wine
6:27AM 4 how to remap serial port numbers?
Wednesday October 13 2010
8:16PM 1 GDI and MSCMS Color Management Patch
8:13PM 1 err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow
7:18PM 0 Selecting a printer without a dialog.
4:06PM 0 Internet links ineffective in Windows applications!
3:28PM 1 dll number release
2:28PM 4 WoW new instalation
2:19PM 2 Fwd: Re: Any progress on bug 16147?
12:49PM 1 wine stopped printing
9:52AM 0 Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray Copy tools
4:06AM 1 Re: The perils of GMAX
3:13AM 1 Installing wine into a second Direction & using it
2:33AM 0 Re: Getting Alibre Design to work...
2:31AM 0 Re: The perils of GMAX
2:29AM 0 Re: Problem with wine creating folders on installs
12:40AM 12 Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
Tuesday October 12 2010
11:31PM 0 Changing Rating of a Review
8:17PM 2 WOW won't start after installing Ubuntu 10.10
7:58PM 0 Running MS's "Signtool" app from Wine
6:33PM 1 Does wine 1.3.4 compile with Xorg-server-1.9.901?
4:31PM 3 WoW crash on startup
2:52PM 0 Fw: Re: Accessibility in wine
6:34AM 1 Can't install Office 2007 on Ubuntu 10.04
4:15AM 2 Civilization IV (Direct2Drive)
2:33AM 2 Moneyworks Gold
Monday October 11 2010
11:07PM 2 ATI propietary drivers = wine 3d acceleration?
10:28PM 2 compiling Wine with GCC
10:23PM 1 Seems that D3D10/11 is now natively supported in Linux..
5:33PM 1 winetrick is not working anymore
4:12PM 0 eDrawings gives Unsupported File Format
3:41PM 1 Re: Drawing problem in Wine 1.3.0
11:11AM 3 error installing wine from terminl
7:11AM 3 TF2 crashes when about to log in
7:05AM 1 Wow it doesn't work in ubuntu 10.10
6:55AM 3 Buggy black controls and text?
6:38AM 3 Text to Speech Programs Not Working
2:53AM 2 Rosetta Stone
2:04AM 3 Wine apps load from Ubuntu application munu but not from cli
12:26AM 0 Re: Avaya IPSoftPhone
Sunday October 10 2010
7:54PM 1 eLibrary doesn't work
6:15PM 2 Oblivion loses sound during game play
5:47PM 2 FDIIsCabinet issue
12:25PM 0 Fonts in Wine again
10:42AM 1 Wild Media Server running on FreeNas
8:53AM 3 WINE, StarCraft II and I/O bottlenecks
8:08AM 4 Start a mac program from wine
12:08AM 0 Adega: A minimal WINE frontend written in bash
Saturday October 9 2010
9:42PM 2 Crashing in Runes of magic
9:27PM 2 Plants vs Zombies
7:51PM 0 Weird sounds while playing WoW.
2:12PM 1 Fifa 2008 graphic
12:34PM 1 WoW 3.3.5 - Stuck at 'connected'... after ptrace fix
8:35AM 0 how to debug/fix
6:31AM 0 Re: For what reason the "official" Wine does not suppo
6:28AM 0 Re: Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
6:27AM 0 Re: wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
1:02AM 1 I need install
12:45AM 1 UBUNTU 10.10 is now only 2 days from release
Friday October 8 2010
11:23PM 1 Starcraft 2 Cannot create game.
7:05PM 1 Performing a Regression Test
6:39PM 3 Re: Performing a Regression Test
6:33PM 0 running wine from source tree
2:58PM 0 running 16 bit real mode executables on mac
7:40AM 0 How to burn MP4/MPEG4 to DVD playable on a DVD player?
Thursday October 7 2010
11:47PM 2 Firmware update via USB to Sony NEX camera
11:29PM 2 Com port problem
8:34PM 2 Source games not letting me tab out.
6:22PM 2 Re: running 16 bit real mode executables on mac
5:31PM 1 Wine not Working on Ubuntu 10.10
4:21PM 2 Why this error¿?
2:27PM 3 Mac, SSL does not work
2:03PM 0 Office 2007 is a half work'n
11:06AM 0 Re: Wine Installation issues on Snow Leopard
10:12AM 2 Trying to run Vega5
8:32AM 0 Re: [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?
8:30AM 0 Re: ISO as CDROM
8:26AM 0 Re: Still can't install from NanoCorp
2:29AM 1 Installing LOTRO
2:01AM 1 Networking not working for Windows game
12:52AM 3 Confused
12:00AM 1 Cleaning up and starting from zero
Wednesday October 6 2010
10:48PM 3 WinAmp
10:26PM 1 KSCSV.ocx registry failure?
6:21PM 2 Regression bug in latest Wine?
4:36PM 1 Mounting Netware Share - Rights Issues with Wine Programs
4:04PM 1 New Wine for Karmic?
10:10AM 1 open associated file with explorer.exe
9:16AM 3 Gameplay asks for the second CD
9:08AM 1 What dlls I need to create windows??
7:07AM 2 Problem with Eview 5.3 installation
1:09AM 2 Bejeweled Blitz ( Crashes )
Tuesday October 5 2010
8:26PM 0 Help with Wavelab5.0 re sound card preferences
7:52PM 1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 -installer
6:45PM 3 AntiAlias problems
6:29PM 1 Sound card & GTA San Andreas
1:57PM 4 Err 1359
9:23AM 3 How to install gecko by cab in compiled source
7:37AM 1 ole32 and CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId
4:43AM 0 Re: Font issue in Half-Life 2 via Wine 1.3.0
4:42AM 0 Re: Still can't install from NanoCorp
4:24AM 4 FIREWALL, Troopmaster FTP problem on Mac using Wine
4:04AM 1 Office 2007 is a half ass work'n
3:12AM 2 A program don't work from 1.2-1.3.4(I'll said in detail)
Monday October 4 2010
11:47PM 1 Re: CS:S microphone
11:44PM 0 Sins of a solar empire buggy since kernel update
6:53PM 2 Compiling Dll as Window replacement
6:34PM 2 uTorrent: removing torrents Wine 1.3.4
5:51PM 2 Multi-Core Affinity
5:33PM 2 Wine-1.3.0 Wrong fullscreen resolution in Starcraft 2
4:13PM 0 QuickbooksPro 2010
9:07AM 4 command 'wine regsvr32 comctl32.ocx' returned status 1. ???
8:28AM 13 HTML problem with Downloader from Battlenet
7:04AM 1 Disable the Gecko HTML rendering prompt?
6:04AM 0 Diablo II LOD with Patch 1.13c no sound problem ubuntu 10.04
4:59AM 1 MS Office 2010 - yikes.
3:56AM 0 Paltalk Problems
Sunday October 3 2010
8:34PM 0 Cossacks Back To War
2:42PM 0 Error, Installation of Word
11:39AM 1 Problem starting new game "War of Angels" - no 3d I guess
10:42AM 1 ASIO audio drivers for WINE?
7:48AM 4 Install Metatrader 5 ( wine 1.2 on Mac Os x ) help me ?
7:37AM 4 How to install Wine 1.3.4 for mac?
7:27AM 3 Sometimes Unresponsive, others just not working
6:22AM 5 I broke WINE plz help.
1:16AM 1 dlls. any way to convert or "wrap" them using wine?
Saturday October 2 2010
6:53PM 1 Office 2010 German "error install language unsupported"
5:13PM 1 Missing symbolic links
1:50PM 1 still does not work
12:52PM 1 steam games not running
11:16AM 2 Fwd: Re: Any progress on bug 16147?
9:48AM 1 .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 wont get installed
2:32AM 0 Issue w/ cursor for game
Friday October 1 2010
6:14PM 1 HomeAutomation software
5:38PM 0 SimCity 4 Deluxe's Building Architect Tool and friends
4:05PM 2 why isn't it running?
2:37PM 2 Internal error - invalid parameters recieved
1:18PM 4 Fonts garbled in application
1:12PM 1 Dragon Age driving me insane!
11:02AM 1 Using Line 6 PodXT Drivers on Nuendo 3 over WINe?
9:45AM 3 Oh that uncomfortable first question
9:19AM 2 regression, troubles with setup git tree
6:01AM 1 Last weekend to help support Wineconf 2010 and FreeBSD
4:01AM 3 Installin wine 1.3 shouldn't be this complicated!
2:28AM 2 Help running Lords of the Realm 2 in AMD64
2:23AM 7 Trouble installing packages with Winetricks
12:33AM 0 virtual memory zero in verification program