wine users - Nov 2010

Tuesday November 30 2010
9:24PM 2 Problem with IrfanView
8:18PM 2 why can`t .2NET framework not be installed in ubunto 10.04?
7:30PM 5 Wine with Ubuntu 10.10
5:08PM 1 no command history in cmd?
4:48PM 2 Need help running Skype for windows
4:16PM 1 Re: windows apps on mac using wine don't connect to internet
1:00PM 0 Multiple Instances of Diablo 2
12:41PM 3 WoW - Ubuntu 10.10 - ATI HD5770
9:36AM 1 Mass Effect and dinput8
8:11AM 2 Windows Media Player Crashes
7:41AM 3 debian squeeze i386 test package available
Monday November 29 2010
8:37PM 0 wine startup always slow on Ubuntu 64-bit
8:35PM 2 Weird Permission Issues
8:33PM 2 Wine and RyanVM-integrator
6:01PM 1 Wine help
2:31PM 15 Playonlinux and Office 2007
4:59AM 2 Stratosphere - Conquest of the Skies game blacks out screen.
2:05AM 0 Microsoft Visual Basic 10.0
1:18AM 0 After upgrade wine cannot find the server
12:37AM 1 Images Garbled
Sunday November 28 2010
11:38PM 3 which wine directory to use
10:22PM 2 Wine 1.3.8 with Ubuntu 8.04
6:31PM 2 Lineage 2 Can't start
6:14PM 3 call of duty united offensive low fps
5:08PM 2 Problem with the game "Pilgrim"
4:39PM 2 program problem
3:12PM 2 wine: Unhandled page fault on read access
2:33PM 2 Wine fails
12:16PM 1 Performance problems with bitmaphandling on mac (only)
12:07PM 3 Problems running IE7 with Wine 1.2, Ubuntu 8.04
11:12AM 2 Installing Wine for Debian Squeeze
11:09AM 2 Problem installing MSOffice2003 in wine in Ubuntu10.04
2:08AM 6 Re: ArmA2
Saturday November 27 2010
11:38PM 1 Re: GameGuard
9:35PM 1 Mint KDE 9: Wine problem with MS Office
9:15PM 1 Newbie dummy question
6:27PM 0 World of Warcraft - IBM T400 Intel Graphics, FC13 - opengl
6:14PM 1 Install all dlls in a simple way
4:25PM 3 CoD:Black Ops-Keyboard Does Not Work?
3:00PM 1 New to Wine, can't mount .iso files...
12:14PM 5 Winetricks fails to install many programs.
11:52AM 1 Problem building 1.3.8 from source
5:27AM 2 Max ActiveX/COM Servers
4:30AM 1 Run Multiple instances of a game through wine
Friday November 26 2010
10:58PM 1 CoD: Black Ops - Runs Slow On Good Computer?
10:02PM 1 CS:S and other steam games won't start
9:44PM 0 Installed program but won't open
9:06PM 1 WoW addons folder, where is it?
8:41PM 3 Wine cannot start any application
7:55PM 1 problem installing utorrent on 64bit linux
7:09PM 1 Wine doesn't work with iso
6:20PM 1 Wine doesn't have direct3d9?
10:14AM 0 Civilization V
8:55AM 2 Problem playing ghost recon ... :(
3:23AM 1 wine install problem
12:06AM 1 explorer /desktop and Wine 1.3.0+
Thursday November 25 2010
9:45PM 2 Re: The perils of GMAX
6:11PM 1 svn winetricks bash
4:02PM 0 Geometer's Sketchpad 5.01 Doesn't Display Pictures
3:58PM 2 installation on another virtual disk -Myst IV
7:49AM 1 wow crashes
1:20AM 0 ??????? ??????
Wednesday November 24 2010
11:26PM 1 Black Ops and UseGLSL
7:40PM 1 Пикап
5:09PM 2 Ski Challenge 11
1:52PM 3 Wine nominated as best open source
7:06AM 0 FSX
5:42AM 3 wine 1.3.7 i586
3:01AM 2 Need Internet Explorer 6 or 7
2:40AM 1 thought this was about the drink
2:29AM 4 Installing Wine Problem
Tuesday November 23 2010
10:41PM 2 Problems with Wine importing DLLs
8:51PM 1 Need Help Running and app using Wine Mono or .net 3.5
6:49PM 1 a simple board game becomes slow when using wine 1.2
6:28PM 2 Eve Online some problem with sound.
5:51PM 2 Counter Strike: Source update breaks OotB functionality
5:34PM 1 WoW, Lost connection to Updater post-4.0.3
2:20PM 1 office 2003 setup: can't run msi
9:58AM 0 Voodoo Kid
2:15AM 1 Sims 3 Color & Graphics Issues
12:46AM 1 Problem Running App with Wine for Mac, RC Racers Deluxe
Monday November 22 2010
11:16PM 3 Age of Empires 2 profiling
9:57PM 1 Intellicad lisp fail using wine
8:29PM 1 Interpretation please.
6:45PM 1 Wow - Downloader Connection timeout
4:30PM 3 [Q] Running multiple instances of Wine for ea ver of Win
3:46PM 3 What antivirus program is the best for a computer?
1:53PM 0 PES 11: hangs on at startup
9:17AM 4 how to install internet explorer in fedora 11 64bit
Sunday November 21 2010
11:16PM 1 Need Help- new to Ubuntu...Wine
10:30PM 3 Re: Swiss Manager
10:04PM 0 german language The Learning Tree
9:37PM 3 regedit does not let me rename keys
9:36PM 0 Fedora 14 --> strange graphics issues.
9:21PM 0 Lord of the rings online
8:55PM 0 Wizard - M:tG app on Wine
7:10PM 1 WMVCore.DLL
6:03PM 6 How to configuartion user path
5:26PM 2 Thief: The dark project
3:45PM 1 trying to make ploader (piwigo) work
2:16PM 0 Tell me more doesn't work
12:36PM 1 Ubuntu 10.10, Wine 1.3.7 and Enable virtual desktop default
10:06AM 0 StarCraft II, low CPU/GPU usage
Saturday November 20 2010
10:53PM 7 yum -enablerepo=rpmforge install wine error
10:50PM 2 uLillith Audio Player
7:46PM 1 Log entries from different threads are mixed with each other
3:56PM 2 utorrent mot workin on Centos
1:51PM 3 Installing Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - help needed!
7:54AM 1 CRITICAL_SECTION hang my application
12:37AM 1 City Of Heroes - Updater Download not working
12:11AM 4 Process to get games working better?
Friday November 19 2010
7:28PM 2 EPSON Perfection 2480 PHOTO
6:45PM 0 wine Direct X version number?
6:10PM 0 launching error with opengl tag, not without?
4:04PM 1 Anyone has any kind of trouble with Nvidia driver 260.19?
3:02PM 0 WoW How disable synaptics touchpad Wine 1.2
2:50PM 1 HaoFang client (like Garena) crashes in WSAIoctl
2:13PM 1 Get the best discounts here!!!!
8:14AM 1 How to specify a working directory for an app
5:49AM 8 1.3.7 wine for Ubuntu 10.04
4:43AM 0 Re: wine stopped printing
Thursday November 18 2010
7:01PM 1 Civilization V with Ubuntu 64 Bits
6:44PM 1 Can I set the locale for the file system?
2:58PM 1 Window isn't readrawn after beeing in background
8:35AM 0 ExamPDF Citrix 1Y0-A15 Exam latest news
4:17AM 1 Aim Wont Work...
2:08AM 2 Multiple WoW/Wine issues, lack of internet and opengl
1:58AM 1 GTA SA Does Not Work
Wednesday November 17 2010
10:50PM 1 Networking on Mac OS X
10:06PM 2 ole error 80070057 using ensignsoftware
9:21PM 1 Quick question for wine developers
8:01PM 2 Wordq and Wine
6:19PM 5 n00b, how to uninstall wine completely and reinstall, Ubuntu.
6:04PM 2 Default wine registry timezone from GMT 0 to GMT -3
3:48PM 1 Building Wine Using Macports
6:03AM 1 two worlds
1:03AM 2 wine and ruins of war
12:42AM 1 Multisim 10.0.1 licenses problem
Tuesday November 16 2010
11:58PM 3 Fifa 11: Environment Collision Geo Sent
9:44PM 1 Question: How do i copy text from wow to other program?
7:59PM 1 Almost Sucessful!
6:48PM 5 IPX works via wired network, not via wireless
5:02PM 4 Very low FPS in Wine/Ubuntu vs WindowsXP
4:36PM 3 Installing Wine From A Patched Source
4:22PM 0 Black background in WoW with direct x.
4:16PM 1 How can I install visual fox 8.0?
2:22PM 1 e-studio File Download Manager
2:00PM 1 Office 2007: can't run vb code from Access (and Excel)
1:52PM 1 Visual Fox Application in Wine
8:27AM 2 Pronote 2010
7:03AM 0 Be attentive
5:41AM 1 problem graphic in wine
5:04AM 3 native and builtin dll
Monday November 15 2010
8:22PM 5 chronos
5:46PM 1 What's the meaning of labelling a game with "steam"
5:33PM 2 Fine Objects: Invalid command line - ERROR
5:31PM 3 Error when upgrading from wine 1.2.x to 1.3.x
1:35PM 4 VServer > Wine > Xserver
10:36AM 2 Cannot switch between excel files
10:23AM 1 Hackshield pro
Sunday November 14 2010
10:54PM 1 Can't create folders in .wine/drive_c/users/public/App Data/...
10:41PM 2 WoW Error. failed to find a suitable display device (ubuntu)
9:55PM 1 Images Black in MS Office
8:12PM 3 Fallout : New Vegas black screen with subtitles problem
7:46PM 2 Lineage 2: X Error of failed request
6:48PM 2 Error installing Wine in MAC OSX
6:06PM 1 Drakensang (German demo): Invisible humans
2:40PM 0 freebsd oss sound dsp scheme
1:59PM 1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine dosen't work
11:58AM 2 Cannot install directx9 using winetricks
7:24AM 1 Can't get passed hackshield plz help
12:51AM 4 .Net 3.0 needed to work---- HELP!
12:37AM 1 winedbg (w. gdb) and Eclipse (3.6)
12:23AM 0 Regedit Error 11
Saturday November 13 2010
8:45PM 0 RESS "ActiveX component can't create object"
7:23PM 1 MSI failure while trying to install gmax
6:05PM 3 Compile errors with the latest git of 1.3.7
4:17PM 4 Wine for next computing era
4:14PM 4 That I have no C directory... is a problem?
2:57PM 7 wine: could not exec the wine loader
1:08PM 7 Re: Open File in MSOFFICE winword 2007 Causes Crash
5:39AM 4 DLLs not found if set to native only (vcrun2010)
5:30AM 1 Age of Mythology
3:59AM 2 Counter Strike Source Scoreboard Lacks Fonts
3:21AM 1 Strange comment on wine output running SimCity 4
Friday November 12 2010
7:14PM 2 Poor Graphics
6:50PM 2 IE7: returned status 87. Task returned with status 15.
5:16PM 0 Re: [Wine 1.3] wine changes gnome mime settings !
4:42PM 1 Need help interpreting event log
3:45PM 0 Can't access visual basic code under MS-Access
2:40PM 2 [Cities XL: 2011] Sound is out of shut, then mutes
11:02AM 2 Unable to connect to an USB device
10:48AM 1 Are these the greatest winemakers in Bordeaux?
9:47AM 1 Can't start the game
3:48AM 4 How to Play Midi on Wine
1:43AM 0 Crash When installing Ultima Online when trying to edit loca
Thursday November 11 2010
6:15PM 1 Re: WoW on multiple monitors
5:38PM 4 Runes of Magic on Mac OS X using WINE
4:11PM 1 Catraxx and default cdrom drive
3:17PM 2 What is 'CPU' memory?
1:29PM 0 Re: Wine 1.2 IE8
11:51AM 1 windll32.dll FileProtocolHandler is silent
11:15AM 0 Support for PostScript fonts
1:21AM 3 Battlefield 2 & Battlefield 2142 : startup resolution issue
1:17AM 2 alt+f4 problem and/or virtual desktop question - MSoffice
Wednesday November 10 2010
10:19PM 0 It's in the FAQ
9:53PM 2 SimCity4 wants to do a VGA display, but wine gives me an HD
9:52PM 0 Preventing wine to change desktop settings
8:44PM 4 Why I cant use WEB CEO?
2:57PM 1 EPB association 2010
1:47PM 0 Help launching linux Google Earth from wine?
10:48AM 1 Applications which rely on WMP6
9:26AM 2 Has the "IOPL not enabled" not been solved yet
6:29AM 1 Problam , wine 1.2.1
4:48AM 0 Tower of the Ancients
4:02AM 1 WoW Wine unable to connect unless running as sudo
2:44AM 0 vans shoes after covering the basketball
1:23AM 1 Black Background on Applications TExt
12:14AM 2 How to find out why an (old xp) application isn' t working
Tuesday November 9 2010
10:16PM 1 Application is listen to UDP port but no output
8:48PM 1 Problem accessing sound card - WDM support needed
7:48PM 1 IDriver crash on install
6:11PM 3 Solved
5:18PM 0 Possible to run Band in a Box simultanously with JACK?
1:32PM 2 Disabling/removing "Unhandled Exception" error in .Net app
1:10PM 1 Re: OLE error 80004001
11:07AM 1 can't remove/uninstall PowerPoint Viewer
10:10AM 3 Does this software run under Wine 1.0?
12:48AM 1 Crazy screen on WoW...
Monday November 8 2010
11:29PM 0 Re: Filmon HDI Player
9:03PM 2 AppdB and Bugzilla suggestion
8:46PM 4 Trouble Running Games using Wine on Ubuntu 10.10
7:29PM 1 (very) noob help for set DKII
6:42PM 1 Black text background in TheWord Bible program and wine
6:35PM 1 sound and graphics problem for SONY:Infantry
5:35PM 3 No Jack Realtime w/ Wine, Kontakt 4
3:36PM 6 Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 and building wine
8:26AM 2 Help with centos linux
4:34AM 2 A little help with Wine installation
3:09AM 2 Adding the WineHQ Repository Problem
2:21AM 0 Re: Wine
2:21AM 0 Re: What constitutes a good backtrace?
12:45AM 1 Eve Online and Process Monitor Logfiles
12:06AM 1 Fedora 14 & wine: slow startup & missing fonts
Sunday November 7 2010
11:01PM 3 Issues with Rainbow 6 Vegas
11:01PM 2 Can only print to the default printer
10:48PM 1 help with getting started
10:01PM 1 trying to run geneforge in wine
9:47PM 0 Can't see download link on here, Dungeons and Dragons Online
6:56PM 1 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 crash
6:37PM 2 No Head in Force Unleashed
6:19PM 1 Trainers fo Games.
5:00PM 0 Command and Conquer 3
12:34PM 1 Desktop gadgets on windows 7 dont work?
12:19PM 3 iTunes?
11:38AM 4 Counter Strike Problem
10:26AM 1 Installing patches for programs
2:52AM 2 Problem with winecfg on new machine
Saturday November 6 2010
9:30PM 1 Some problems with wine
12:33PM 1 Problems Installing Slingplayer
11:36AM 3 Gamepad Support
10:29AM 1 Re: Sage instant accounts install
9:31AM 1 X devel Files
3:36AM 1 which wine do i download for linux mint 8
1:49AM 0 Re: Wine and netbooks - INTEL GMA500
Friday November 5 2010
5:09PM 0 Runtime linking in Wine
4:33PM 1 Problem with Proshow producer
4:07PM 3 How do I get my wine applications to carry over users?
3:50PM 0 error -ox is undefined when trying to log in to game
2:45PM 0 WoW quits right after I click PLAY
10:41AM 1 How to avoid users installing any Windows programs
1:22AM 2 Multisim not installing
Thursday November 4 2010
10:50PM 0 Vertical text problem in 3D Home Architect 2.1
9:26PM 0 2 problems with wine...Full Tilt and Guitar Pro/Power Tab
6:40PM 0 Re: Diablo II LOD with Patch 1.13c no sound problem ubuntu 10.04
5:23PM 4 Proxy/Auth Problem?
4:01PM 2 HELP! My Wine doesn't work at all !
3:12PM 0 Vista Solitaire
2:36PM 1 Forcing Worms 4 To Use The Mouse Correctly
1:25PM 1 Re: Tropico 3 on Mac OS X
11:55AM 0 Saw.3D.2010.CAM.READ
8:53AM 0 Really slow startup due to fonts reading
8:18AM 0 [HP, FS] SolidWorks 2010 SP4.0 Update Multilanguage x64 ISO
6:38AM 0 SIEMENS PLM NX- Win32
5:46AM 0 legacy of the dragons
4:02AM 0 Wine and Return to Castle Wolfenstein problem
3:50AM 0 [HP,FS] Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 full 32bit *ISO
3:16AM 0 Re: Is Wine intended to support DRM?
Wednesday November 3 2010
9:42PM 1 Word Viewer
9:32PM 2 Vietnamese language support
7:50PM 4 Starcraft 2 Issues =(
6:16PM 0 help debugging new application not in appdb
4:36PM 0 [HF, FS ] SolidWorKs 2010 Premium full Multilanguage
4:31PM 1 Can't add dvdrom-drives under winecfg !
3:30PM 5 wow.exe Wont Run in Wine 1.2.1
2:33PM 0 A bug ? diff LANG
2:27PM 2 Trouble with openGL on x64 system
10:40AM 1 Wine 64Bits
8:02AM 1 After restart app cannot open same port
7:09AM 0 wine1.2 for Debian?
6:58AM 0 Mastercam for SolidWorks X5
6:05AM 2 Can I disable gstreamer support? Crashes Battleswarm :(
5:56AM 3 Is it possible to configure OpenGL software rendering?
4:38AM 3 pepakura3 "DIB Init Failed"
Tuesday November 2 2010
11:20PM 2 tenCORE error?
7:55PM 1 Wine on a Mac Netbook?
6:36PM 0 .exe not running with Wine 1.1.42/Debian lenny but running fine with Wine 1.2/Ubuntu
2:56PM 1 Fonts Folder (Courier New)
2:23PM 0 DSS CATIA V5R19 SP9 Update Only new
9:01AM 0 Re: Bad COmpany 2 + Wine
7:20AM 3 can't launch Steam.exe bin/vgui2.dll error
6:49AM 0 Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) DVDRip XvID DIAMOND
5:47AM 1 Problem with MS Power Point 2007 on wine 1.2
2:37AM 2 e-sword under a tiling WM
Monday November 1 2010
10:03PM 1 Re: Virtual Breadboard
6:51PM 0 Re: Installin wine 1.3 shouldn't be this complicated!
6:08PM 1 [Fedora] MS Powerpoint 2007 won't start.
4:43PM 1 no sound in torchlight
4:33PM 2 Wine crashes in Lubuntu 10.10
12:24PM 1 wine - mons.exe