wine users - Sep 2010

Thursday September 30 2010
9:43PM 0 Re: ACT! 6.0 under Wine
9:40PM 2 wine 1.3.3 on UNUNTU 10.04.1 with gmax 1.2
3:55PM 0 Would there be value if I provided daily builds of Ubuntu packages?
10:27AM 0 What is the main diffence between John Black and John Blue?
9:13AM 4 EPSXE under WINE.
8:58AM 3 Problem with Wine
7:21AM 2 Tomb Raider Anniversary Issue w/ Water In-Game
6:33AM 1 Question About Cursor
5:37AM 6 ClamAV thinks Wine contains a rootkit?
2:35AM 0 Re: Font issue in Half-Life 2 via Wine 1.3.0
2:06AM 1 Wow crashes on learning DK skill
12:00AM 3 world of warcraft Cata droping openGL
Wednesday September 29 2010
11:20PM 0 [ANNOUNCE] Git User's Survey 2010 is now up!
7:53PM 1 I don't know where to look to figure this out
7:37PM 2 Starcraft2(unimplemented function fmodex_4_28_08.dll)
7:05PM 2 Program unable to access network
5:20PM 1 Running Vindicus Beta Client
12:16PM 2 Newbie Question
6:20AM 0 fixme:mountmgr:harddisk_ioctl unsupported ioctl 4d004
5:29AM 1 Civilization IV
3:15AM 6 What is .wine/drive_c/users folder?
Tuesday September 28 2010
7:30PM 0 Re: Noteworthy Composer error message - meaning please
7:25PM 1 Re: pulseaudio under ubuntu lucid
3:17PM 3 wineboot problems
11:56AM 3 xsyon game, black textures? black flickering
6:46AM 1 install "files for complex script and right-to-left lang"?
Monday September 27 2010
10:02PM 4 Question about Wine and windows compatibility
6:44PM 0 Problem with zero length files on USB drives
5:11PM 1 Windows Live Messenger 2009 - Is it possible?
12:19PM 1 Can't remove iTunes
12:02PM 3 Low FPS in Wine games
10:54AM 1 Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
9:50AM 1 Would like to get educated in wines
9:09AM 3 Wine bottle management
8:16AM 0 About wine
1:26AM 3 optimize mouse for games
12:32AM 0 Problems with 64 bit wine
12:05AM 2 WoW on multiple monitors
Sunday September 26 2010
10:31PM 1 Civilization V install & run on mac using wine
9:19PM 1 About Wine Doors missing
7:06PM 1 Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11
5:45PM 3 Copying application from Windows to WINE
3:02PM 0 WoW - fix pixel shader flicker
2:18PM 1 Issues w/ Sound
1:48PM 3 Re: Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard
1:34PM 3 Anarchy Online
1:24PM 5 Khmer Unicode problem on Wine 1.2 and 1.3
10:03AM 1 Wine 1.2 Help needed
6:38AM 2 Okie.... vcrun2008....
2:22AM 3 Problems running Braid with Gecko
12:45AM 0 Question?
Saturday September 25 2010
11:29PM 1 This information might help some one and or be modified
9:17PM 1 PaintToolSAI needs Admin Rights?
7:56PM 5 Problem with Wine on a Mac
6:53PM 0 C&C Generals Zero Hour
6:36PM 3 Steam does not work; Fedora 13; Wine 1.2
3:58PM 1 removing Microsoft Office 2007
3:31PM 2 Google SketchUp - unable to export image
3:27PM 1 Anno 1503 King's edtion crashes
7:39AM 1 POP T2T cd protection doesn't work.
6:15AM 1 windows apps on mac using wine don't connect to internet
3:37AM 2 Performance keyword
2:49AM 1 Memory Problems when opening an application
1:31AM 0 nfs undercover
Friday September 24 2010
7:02PM 4 ubuntu 10.10 and world of warcraft 235
6:39PM 0 Two yaers later tryout Topix8 with Wine 1.3.3
6:20PM 1 A new tryout with Topix two years later
2:42PM 1 Oblivion cannot find the DVD at launch
2:09PM 1 Wine and PAE kernel
11:49AM 3 LG PC Suite installed but wont run
11:41AM 3 modal windows in wine 1.2
10:56AM 0 Online Homework Help
9:17AM 3 Diva-GIS infected file?
7:38AM 1 Restore previous Wine installation
7:09AM 1 Printing options for a network printer
4:24AM 2 Trying to run Touhou 8
4:09AM 1 fixme errors on Wineboot
Thursday September 23 2010
11:44PM 0 Lotus Approach Help Files
9:24PM 0 Fps 13-25 in CS:Source Orange Box whit Wine 1.1.42 , 1.2
8:49PM 0 solidworks
8:07PM 2 Can't Initialize OpenGL
6:07PM 1 Junk appended to filepath, impossible to read from filesystm
3:16PM 0 Wine run "Windows Mobile 6 SDK" successfully !
1:52PM 1 More info
1:38PM 1 jet.exe will not run in Wine
1:13PM 5 Running Freelancer at Wine.
11:49AM 1 TF2 with GTX260 and Quad-core Phenom II - what performance?
8:45AM 3 Please add MyGUI and WxWidgets license exception
7:06AM 3 460 GTX performance on SC 2
5:36AM 1 Using WINE to install device drivers for Windows XP
3:35AM 2 Dragon Age dlc issues
Wednesday September 22 2010
8:49PM 0 Debugging 64-bit Wine Apps with winedbg
6:24PM 0 Problem using AVA FX Trader - module js3250.dll
4:29PM 0 Total War Medieval2 keys and mouse not working
2:30PM 0 please add wxWidgets+MYGUI exceptions to wine.
2:10PM 0 Wine , No Network connection
11:54AM 0 Progress with Windowed Applications on MacOSX
9:42AM 4 Run Application on Wine 1.2
6:08AM 2 Anyone please make Wine permissive?
3:41AM 0 Wine's Internet Explorer Crashes on Attempt to Access
1:12AM 1 Call for short reviews of Steam or SC2
Tuesday September 21 2010
8:58PM 0 Ubuntu - Wine, CounterStrike Source issue.
8:24PM 3 Need help with dragonage
3:42PM 3 Install shield error 5006 : 0x8000ffff
2:30PM 3 Direct3D natively on Linux through Gallium?
2:00PM 1 Ocad
1:12PM 2 General Alawar games issue
11:29AM 2 Any progress on bug 16147?
2:35AM 7 Wine 1.3 and weird error: Unhandled page fault on read
12:33AM 1 Fwd: Re: Regsvr32 running through Gecko
12:18AM 2 Problems with myscribe
Monday September 20 2010
10:59PM 1 Any sollution for bug 23906 ( Starcraft 2 Safe Haven ) ?
10:53PM 0 Re: Redshark Error "Windows Scripting Host not installed&qu
9:39PM 3 Program looking for dll's
7:10PM 1 Russian Letters are displayed as "?????????"
6:51PM 2 Civilization IV installation on ArchLinux 64bit fails
9:31AM 1 Dynamic forking in Win32
6:31AM 3 Cannot open Cloud Nine after installing
3:01AM 5 Strange Font
2:26AM 0 Re: sha1sum mismatch!
12:42AM 3 Can't figure out how to put wineprefixes on an NTFS drive
12:29AM 3 Hiya.... weird graphics issue.
Sunday September 19 2010
10:22PM 1 Regsvr32 running through Gecko
9:43PM 0 garbled dialog fonts, band-in-a-box, mac
5:12PM 6 Installing Directx 9.0c problem
5:05PM 2 New user
3:34PM 2 How to run Nokia PC Suit On wine ?
2:52PM 5 Quicken 2010 Home and Business
12:32PM 1 AVerDiGi EB Series Playback Console
1:57AM 1 Where to install an application?
12:46AM 0 What are the free games that I can play with Steam?
Saturday September 18 2010
10:43PM 1 Win 95 Turbo CAD
9:52PM 1 help me with sc2 lol please
8:04PM 3 Microphone in EQ2 2 devices
7:35PM 3 Rendering PNG images.
7:08PM 6 Help With My Little Project
6:38PM 1 mountmgr doesn't recognize d:: link to /dev/sr0
5:31PM 1 Writing device drivers for windows
5:13PM 1 Assistance with Fallen Earth wine beta
2:22PM 0 Doesn't display the images which are compiled in exe
1:52PM 10 Civilization V
1:19PM 1 Ran a partial upgrade. WoW Now doesn't load.
12:55PM 7 No Sound in Wine
12:38PM 1 Change wine language (installing quake 2)
11:37AM 2 Is wine portable to other windowing system?
Friday September 17 2010
9:37PM 0 Re: vbrun300.dll
8:30PM 0 Soldiers: HWW2, err:d3d:resource_init Out of adapter memory
10:12AM 15 Fwd: Unable to Get Sony IC Recorder (Digital Voice Editor 3.3.01) to Work with 32-bit Wine (Windows Emulator) in 64-bit Fedora 11 x86_64 Linux
9:31AM 1 Powerbuilder Application Slow with any inner dialogs
8:34AM 0 Unable to Get Sony IC Recorder (Digital Voice Editor 3.3.01) to Work with 32-bit Wine (Windows Emulator) in 64-bit Fedora 11 x86_64 Linux
7:44AM 0 Occasionally some Wine'd program window disappears
7:40AM 0 Soooo,north face winter coats
6:58AM 7 Make Office 2007 in Ubuntu + Wine, available to all users
5:28AM 0 Benxi Western Lake Ditch The first film to find au
5:02AM 0 Re: [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?
4:01AM 4 Install directory
Thursday September 16 2010
11:21PM 0 LaTale is no more - AGE canceled the game
11:18PM 2 Re: Error on every tyr of installation of .exe files
11:06PM 6 Cannot locate FoxPro Support Library
9:55PM 0 Request for help!
8:11PM 1 [1.2]S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:S.o.C.-Sky Missing?
5:43PM 3 Total noob question: Wine runs .exe but nothing happens.
3:07PM 1 Sage instant accounts install
12:19PM 1 Porting an application
9:23AM 1 ms office 2007 beep sound
6:35AM 0 Excellent, Quality Laser engraving machine and Laser cutting
6:34AM 0 Excellent laser engraving and cutting machine from Jinan K-R
6:34AM 0 Laser engraving and cutting machine from Jinan K-Ring Techno
5:42AM 1 Runtime Revolution
4:41AM 0 Re: Font issue in Half-Life 2 via Wine 1.3.0
3:59AM 0 Think makes crazy man
2:02AM 7 .Net Framework installation error Failed to load the runtime
Wednesday September 15 2010
9:00PM 2 USB Serial Port receives no data
8:42PM 3 WOW PTR 4.01 Fail to run
1:27PM 3 Help req
11:34AM 2 Battlefield 2 bad company
3:58AM 3 maybe I am an idiot...
2:11AM 5 How to figure out what packages are needed from WineTricks?
1:46AM 0 pulldown menu of a program is often missing
1:37AM 2 Can Wine read my built-in network adapter?
Tuesday September 14 2010
9:55PM 1 Folding@home Crahes Frequently
4:44PM 3 File Manager
3:31PM 1 Re: Memory Problems when trying to open .exe
3:19PM 3 Keeping multiple wine versions
2:34PM 4 Installing VC++ 2008 runtimes from termial only
2:11PM 2 No colored text on calculator's buttons
1:58PM 6 Steam overlay ubuntu maverick
6:41AM 6 USB support status in Wine-1.3.2
5:06AM 1 How to record accent on Wine
3:29AM 3 Team Fortress 2 Problem
Monday September 13 2010
7:27PM 2 WoW error "failed to find a suitable display device.."
7:07PM 15 Enter key disfunction on Arc+ progress 3 cad software
2:53PM 0 Corel Draw 12
Sunday September 12 2010
6:45PM 0 Problems related to Garena
5:28PM 4 Problem installing from source, 1.3.2 "..prelink not found"
1:46PM 1 Weird colors on wine-ventrilo window
8:20AM 1 help on execute the .exe file
1:56AM 1 Memory Problems when opening a small .exe file
Saturday September 11 2010
11:35PM 2 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
7:58PM 1 [Borderlands]Installation Problem
7:56PM 2 32 Bit Libraries with 64 Drivers
6:55PM 2 Wine performance drops hard on popup notification
6:16PM 1 gray mouse pointer?
5:23PM 0 Font problem
2:05PM 0 Cursor lagging with Linux KMS
12:41PM 2 How do I fix the following issues
12:14PM 9 No sound, no information why, where to start?
9:49AM 4 Namo FreeMotion - how to run in Wine?
12:36AM 7 How does Wine extract icons?
Friday September 10 2010
11:43PM 1 shaiya game
7:16PM 0 ZBrush and WinTab error
6:25PM 1 camstudio does'nt detect compressors. Err creating avi file
6:14PM 1 Error running ./
6:10PM 2 Newbie -- Program ereg32.exe has encountered a problem
3:58PM 1 Wine startup slowly
11:00AM 1 Help required for Lord of the Rings Online
8:52AM 1 Desktop Notifications/popups = steam apps hard freeze?
6:00AM 1 How do i download morrowind torrent?
4:31AM 2 soundforge 4.5 cannot paste audio
Thursday September 9 2010
11:33PM 1 Sound problems in Steam games
7:50PM 4 Help With WINE & Folding@Home...
3:48PM 3 [1.2]-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:SoC - Remapping keys?
11:29AM 5 Rfcomm0 to com1 (SeaClear2)
11:13AM 1 update causes game bug to incorrectly display text
9:21AM 4 Counter Strike: Source
2:47AM 2 Morrowind
1:57AM 5 fixme:ole:OLEPictureImpl_SaveAsFile
1:16AM 3 polarcypto and tsi libraries, needed in Wine
Wednesday September 8 2010
11:27PM 1 Wine won't read Windows program
10:01PM 1 secret of monkey island 2 special edition
8:46PM 2 Garbled fonts
8:21PM 1 Re: IrfanView/IrfanPaint-Latest update doesn't save paint edits
6:10PM 1 Trying to get audio into Steam
6:03PM 4 help with wine etraction needed
2:42PM 16 Steam installation problem
2:36PM 3 In WineXO, how to change drive_c location?
2:05PM 1 Warhammer Online
12:37PM 5 problem with app, 80 days around the word (game)
12:12PM 2 Lineage 2 texture problem
10:55AM 1 2 versions of wine in the same PC ?
10:39AM 1 Use registry data previously used on a true Windows PC ?
5:32AM 2 Re: Need help with Wine and Forex MT4??
1:08AM 3 wine problem
12:42AM 4 edit in external image editor
Tuesday September 7 2010
5:15PM 1 Wine + X11rdp project = missing text cursor
1:13PM 2 .net 3.0 and Windows Presentation Framework?
5:17AM 1 hhc.exe compiles .chm files, but does not index properly
3:33AM 3 [Fwd: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2]
2:01AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2]
Monday September 6 2010
9:52PM 1 Please do a new update...
9:51PM 1 philips streamium wac7000 through wine
9:50PM 0 can't install tomtom sat nav
9:02PM 0 Anyone now what happened to the more up to date USB patch?
7:34PM 0 Easy question for advanced users
5:52PM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
5:42PM 1 Metin2
3:24AM 1 Help debugging lockup when running wine
Sunday September 5 2010
10:16PM 0 wine-users Digest, Vol 62, Issue 18
8:41PM 1 please help
7:00PM 2 Marking .exe on cd-rom installation as executable
6:27PM 1 howto compile old wine versions
4:11PM 1 Running FractalTime Software through WINE on Ubuntu 10.04?
2:21PM 1 Installing tom tom home software in ubuntu 10 4 1
2:00PM 3 Re: Problem when trying to play Monkey Island 2 Special Edition
1:07PM 2 No output from linux console applications to wineconsole
12:52PM 1 Memory.dll.??0MemoryPoolObj@@QAE@PBDW4MEMPOOLTYPE@@I@Z
6:11AM 1 Re: can't run camfrog by wine
4:19AM 1 wine-users Digest, Vol 62, Issue 5
Saturday September 4 2010
8:22PM 3 Wine 1.3.1 X_CreateWindow Error
4:17PM 3 Weird sound tick in game World of Warcraft
2:37PM 1 Mounting under Wine
9:46AM 2 "Bus Driver" Game cannot complete registration
12:01AM 6 Solidworks 2009 on Linux Mint 9
Friday September 3 2010
8:48PM 1 Re: No printing - program in BPS Borland Pascal for Windows
8:32PM 5 Shockwave problem in office 2007
7:22PM 0 Re: wine Outlook 2007 cannot log on network error
5:07PM 1 Audible in Wine 1.3.1
4:33PM 1 Error message
4:28PM 2 can't install microsoft office 2007
1:22PM 3 Oblivion inversed sound
10:11AM 2 Desktop program interface for wine
8:35AM 2 User Account Control "Are you sure.."
6:08AM 0 Latest WoW Cataclysm Beta build = frequent crashing
5:05AM 0 Wine Users
1:54AM 1 Problems Installing Photoshop cs4 (DAVE LEMSING)
Thursday September 2 2010
8:56PM 0 Microsoft TAPI 2.1
8:10PM 1 Adobe CS4 and CS5 in Wine!
11:57AM 1 Problems Installing Photoshop cs4
10:49AM 1 XmlHttpObject
10:00AM 1 Installing on to Wine from disk
8:17AM 1 Host key equivalent for wine+desktop emulation+mouse capture
5:20AM 1 Steam Installation Errors
3:30AM 0 12 Game Achievements in Worms Reloaded
1:35AM 4 Help with installing photoshop cs4
Wednesday September 1 2010
8:50PM 0 need help installing "windows 95 Audio Compression Codecs"
8:42PM 0 Tribes 2 error
8:39PM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
8:18PM 0 Re: Vue xStream install problem
7:40PM 2 Championship Manager 01/02 - invisible mouse
2:52PM 0 Function tracing with winedbg
11:36AM 3 DPI slider
9:21AM 0 Help Installing Program in Wine
9:08AM 1 how linux application can connect to wine ODBC DSN
7:49AM 0 Statistics Homework
7:07AM 2 Running vbscript .vbs file in an EXE
2:58AM 0 How to Play Worms Reloaded ONLINE
2:46AM 5 Silkroad won't start