wine users - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
5:19PM 1 emulating midi with wine.
3:51PM 16 World Of Warcraft on FreeBSD 6.2
11:01AM 0 Max Payne 1 and 2.
Friday March 30 2007
11:14AM 1 Lotr, Asterix & Obelix XXL under Wine
Thursday March 29 2007
5:54AM 0 Debugging "The typing of the dead"
Wednesday March 28 2007
4:29PM 1 WarcraftIII TFT on Edgy
12:59PM 2 Re: Wine - Airmail -WHAT''S ACTCTX?
Tuesday March 27 2007
6:29PM 4 IE Failure to Import Data
4:10PM 4 Ultime9 works - or wine more win9x compatible than NT :-)
2:39PM 0 WM_TIMER stops being sent?
2:36PM 0 Problems with a .fon font
10:09AM 2 Winlink Airmail Help
7:29AM 0 question on wineconsole from GNOME launcher
4:04AM 4 Wine default font
Monday March 26 2007
11:59AM 1 Debugging my first app
Sunday March 25 2007
4:43PM 5 Heaven and Earth
8:28AM 2 Amicus Attorney
Saturday March 24 2007
6:38PM 4 extracting info from a minidump via winedbg
8:05AM 0 WideCharToMultiByte error?
Thursday March 22 2007
10:03PM 3 How do I remove all my Wine/Darwine versions?
11:59AM 1 Wine and DM Genie
11:58AM 1 Mailing list beserk - next thing
11:58AM 0 Wine-users mail storm - long explanation
3:39AM 0 APPDB now appears to be working at normal acceptable speed for administrator login''s + backlog of APPDB data requiring approval.
Wednesday March 21 2007
3:01PM 5 Lotus Notes and Daylight Saving Time
2:28PM 0 Dreamweaver MX 2004 on Wine
9:09AM 10 100''s of emails arriving from last year
5:17AM 0 Starting wine with window size gives error
4:37AM 3 Direct DVD-RW access possible?
Tuesday March 20 2007
7:02PM 1 Flood of email
12:28PM 1 starting wine with window size gives error.
10:55AM 1 Java-1.4.2 not installing - video issues.
8:13AM 0 problem with some fonts in native windows app.
8:02AM 0 MeetingMaker 7.5 on CentOS 4.4 under Wine 0.9.32?
6:20AM 3 Sudden high traffic on the wine list.
2:05AM 12 Mailing list going beserk
Monday March 19 2007
7:30PM 0 VBlank
7:24PM 1 Galactic Civilizations
7:23PM 0 X connection problem
7:23PM 0 Problems running wine under an Xvnc server
7:22PM 0 Re: Wine vs. Mono/GTK#
7:22PM 1 SPSS
7:22PM 1 problems installing Rosetta stone language program
7:21PM 2 Help creating a shortcut in wine
7:21PM 0 Joystick hat not seen by wine
7:21PM 1 Need help with CRYPTUI.dll and signtool.exe
7:21PM 4 Windows Installer
7:20PM 5 Strange Wine Error
7:20PM 2 Bug in WINE: Is there a chance that Crossover is free of that bug?
7:20PM 0 Administrator privileges
7:19PM 2 Problem with regional settings
7:19PM 1 need help
7:18PM 3 What files do I need from Windows?
7:18PM 2 [Dreamweaver 8] Pasting into design view impossible
7:18PM 6 [Dreamweaver 8] If UTF-8: Crash
7:18PM 1 Problems installing MapSource
7:17PM 6 Installing SQL
7:17PM 0 Re: Compiling Wine on Solaris
7:17PM 0 Blacked-out text in program: Myspace IM
7:17PM 4 exec: 29: /usr/bin/wine: not found
7:17PM 2 wine WM8EUTIL
7:16PM 4 Simulating IE6 on Wine
7:16PM 1 How to enlarge fonts in Wine?
7:16PM 1 Screen not changing from 640x480 to 800x600 - "Shogun - Total War"
7:16PM 2 Distorted Title Bar in Wine
7:16PM 1 tales of a newb
7:16PM 0 See icons for exe files
7:16PM 1 miranda-im 0.6.3-unicode - Wine crash
7:16PM 0 Kernel 2.6 problem
7:15PM 3 Ham radio application error
7:15PM 3 Wine: Configuration, Downloading, and Installing for absolute beginners? Help, anyone?
7:15PM 1 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b error
7:15PM 3 "FixMe GetCharacterPlacementW" on Igor 5.04
7:14PM 4 Installing Carbonite on Wine
7:14PM 1 How to launch apps ?
7:14PM 4 Trying to install wine on ubuntu
7:14PM 5 wine hangs up the system.
7:14PM 3 winecfg error - please help
7:13PM 1 Re: EQ6/IE6
7:13PM 4 Use wine with Nintendo Wii
7:12PM 6 Wine reboot my linux
7:12PM 1 Can''t install anything
7:12PM 1 Install RealMeteo for windows and WINE on linux SUSE
7:12PM 0 Surround sound and Creative EAX in Wine
7:12PM 0 Cannot install Garmin City Navigator DVD - err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles compressed file wasn''t extracted (L"c:\\windows\\system32\\ROBOEX32.DLL")
7:11PM 3 latest on printing
7:11PM 2 ProgeCAD
7:11PM 1 Crystal Report functions not working in Wine
7:11PM 1 how to execute a link on desktop
7:10PM 4 Wine for command line only
7:10PM 6 Cypress USB driver emulation
7:10PM 2 Wine version confusion
7:09PM 4 fixme: How?
7:08PM 2 Wine 0.9.9 Odd Start Default
7:08PM 2 Forms lost focus in KDE
7:08PM 3 "fixme" items for Adobe Acrobat Reader under wine
7:07PM 2 Wine and d3d window.
7:07PM 6 unmapped c drive
7:06PM 0 Trying to fix shdocvw.dll to support IPerPropertyBrowsing GUID
7:06PM 1 Setting small/large fonts
7:05PM 2 Can''t Install MSWORD
7:05PM 1 Half Life 2 - Steam
7:04PM 1 Does wine support CDDA?(CD Digital Audio)?
7:04PM 2 wine crash, no debug
7:03PM 7 No text at all in win32 applications under WINE :(
7:03PM 1 Paratext Installation Problem
7:03PM 1 wine with hid
7:01PM 0 World of Warcraft crashes
7:01PM 3 Packet Tracer 4 with Wine
7:01PM 0 Dreamweaver 8: "Design view" only partly visible, "Source view" completely
6:59PM 0 Re: Windows DLL as Linux shared library
6:59PM 1 Reinstalling Shockwave
6:59PM 6 Interesting problem getting wine onto my computer
6:59PM 1 Kicks me out to run level 3
6:58PM 1 aoss error (AMD64 OS)
6:58PM 3 Does wine work on Solaris SPARC platform?
6:58PM 1 Wine desktop size
6:55PM 6 foxit reader
6:55PM 10 Usb connection with HP S20 photo scanner
6:54PM 4 How to setup a joystick in Wine
6:54PM 6 background color of applications
6:54PM 1 Stealthbot
6:54PM 0 How does wine determine to draw non-client area according to managed mode setting?
6:54PM 1 Wine FileMaker 6.0 Calculated Date Fields
6:52PM 2 Installing Wine 0.9.32; Flex error?
6:52PM 0 using XKB with wine
6:51PM 2 Graphics problem with old W95 game (Panzer General 2)
6:51PM 2 Programm erkennt den Drucker nicht - applikation didnĀ“t know printer
6:51PM 1 error running a vb script in wine
6:50PM 1 Wine''s Notepad
6:50PM 5 err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x608121a0 "x11drv_main.c: X11DRV_CritSection" wait timed out in thread 000c, blocked by 000b, retrying (60 sec)
6:49PM 0 Wine with TBOOKS and Joost on Ubuntu edgy
6:49PM 2 COPY, XCOPY, and MOVE Overwrite Functionality
6:49PM 1 cs 1.6 instant lag problem NEEDED FIX!
6:48PM 4 half life 2 install issue
6:48PM 2 Windows Clipboard and WINE
6:47PM 3 Default file viewer
6:47PM 8 wine + AMD X2 + fifa07
6:47PM 2 winecfg/pixel shading -> not working, various Steam (CS:S) ?s
6:47PM 4 Problems with Steam Games (possible others?)
6:47PM 3 Problems with wine/openSuse 10.2/Papyrus 12.56
6:46PM 0 WoW crash Error #132
6:46PM 1 Application crashes when opening a graphics window under Wine
6:46PM 4 Are there any workarounds for the low disk space while installing error?
6:46PM 6 signal 11 on X server when starting winecfg
6:46PM 6 OpenGL and Wine on iMac/OS X (x86)
6:46PM 4 Compile wine to put inside a application (like picasa)
6:46PM 3 wineprefixcreate: msiexec.exe -- "Failed to open the service control manager"
6:45PM 1 error: choose pixel format failed
6:45PM 2 Page fault in xinerama_init
6:45PM 8 Printing with delphi
6:45PM 2 What are the FPS hits in Counter-Strike 1.6/Source?
6:45PM 4 epoll_ctl: Operation not permitted
6:45PM 1 printing
6:45PM 1 Errors when running wine on Intel Mac OS X v10.4.8
6:45PM 0 Problem to logar in MMORPG Sphere
6:44PM 0 Problema para logar em MMORPG Sphere
6:44PM 2 multiple arguments problem
6:44PM 11 Trying to install MS Front Page
6:44PM 1 axure wireframe software for linux using wine
6:44PM 0 setting up WineTools on freespire
6:44PM 0 SAP2000 Server
6:44PM 1 Wine with NPTL
6:44PM 1 World of Warcraft problem with Wine 0.9.31
6:44PM 0 pushd command
6:44PM 1 error while uninstalling program
6:44PM 2 Can''t install Mozzila active x control properly
6:43PM 1 fixme:wininet:InternetGetConnectedState always returning LAN connection.
6:43PM 2 Location for a DLL
6:43PM 4 Can''t get dropbook to work on FC6 wine
6:43PM 0 Problems starting Dark Age of Camelot with wine
6:43PM 2 NASCAR 2003 and sound issues
6:43PM 4 Directdraw and Wine Compilation
6:43PM 1 Wine just died of some "GLX" error
6:42PM 2 Starting work on wine
6:42PM 1 Keyboard map
6:42PM 3 Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast running very slowly.
6:42PM 0 Wine and Mondains legacy [uo] on fedora core 6
6:42PM 1 Strange start-up crash with 0.9.25
6:42PM 2 Wine not even born.
6:42PM 1 Wine just died...
6:41PM 4 Native Quartz Video Driver
6:41PM 8 Wine crashes the whole system with 3D games
6:41PM 1 problem installing Internet explorer
6:41PM 2 Virtualizing dual-booted Windows
6:40PM 1 noob help document?
6:40PM 0 direct draw init failed (886600de):no direct draw support
6:40PM 0 A few questions
6:40PM 0 Army Men With Cedega
6:40PM 2 Where does wine look for the native dlls
6:40PM 4 Blue Soleil
6:40PM 2 Font confusion
6:40PM 4 Wine not working after instalation
6:39PM 1 Need to Run Multiple Winapps At The Same Time
6:39PM 0 Warhammer: Dawn Of War Winter Assault Expansion
6:39PM 1 Driver installation on Wine
6:39PM 0 Pb licence WINE
6:38PM 0 Problems printing, fonts are cut off
6:38PM 1 Only a Black Screen (Ragnarok Online)
6:38PM 0 Voip Stunt not working
6:38PM 5 Wine and Mono
6:38PM 2 Wine Crashes X11
6:38PM 1 Wine and AMD64
6:38PM 1 logitech stick USB/HID compliant works with linux, only 2 axis in wine
6:38PM 2 Need config.h
6:38PM 1 Lotus Organizer 97
6:37PM 1 I have problem lineage 2 (Linux)
6:37PM 0 Webrecherche failed to start
6:37PM 0 installing Lame ACM codec
6:37PM 1 Launch Linux verison of Firefox from Lotus Notes 7?
6:37PM 0 Printing problem
6:37PM 1 Re: World Of Warcraft and Wine... A success story
6:37PM 1 how can I check which files or dll''s a exe needs to run?
6:37PM 3 Different settings for different programs
6:36PM 4 ShellExecute
6:36PM 0 Two Monitors Prevent Windows Programs
6:36PM 1 Can''t Print from Wine
6:35PM 12 winecfg won''t start and causes errors in xubuntu dapper
6:35PM 1 Just installed WINE on Ubuntu 6.06.. not working(errors)...
6:35PM 2 fixme error ?
6:35PM 1 Wine Babylone MS visio
6:35PM 1 VB database app
6:35PM 0 Word 97 with Wine/WineTools
6:35PM 1 Wanting to help with the programming, but not an actual programmer...yet
6:34PM 2 wine and catia OpenGL issues
6:34PM 8 Warcraft 2 BNE - performance problem...
6:34PM 0 Agent newsgroup becomes folder
6:34PM 1 Windows Genuine Advantage checker
6:34PM 2 Winemaker - Visual Studio 6.0 package
6:33PM 2 Trying to run mixed (MFC w/ CLR support) on wine failed
6:33PM 0 Edgy and Wine - still the "Unhandled page fault" problem...
6:33PM 6 Ubuntu edgy and wine
6:33PM 3 Error Msg After Update
6:33PM 2 Key for APT
6:33PM 2 ACT! 6 Random Crashing
6:32PM 1 winecfg freezes the PC
6:32PM 2 make apps parsing html code in wine
6:32PM 7 TaxAct 2006 Problem
6:31PM 3 Realplayer
6:31PM 8 Lego Mindstorm/USB on Wine
6:31PM 3 font replacement not completely,howto?
6:31PM 1 Wine Developers Wanted for Commercial Open Source project - Wine on Cygwin and Windows
6:31PM 4 Wine crash: err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height (or width)
6:31PM 0 mappery2
6:31PM 4 Steam not displaying text
6:30PM 0 Fireworks MX
6:30PM 1 winecfg problem
6:30PM 1 Dues Ex Keyboard
6:30PM 1 "BadWindow" error w/ NV-GLX
6:30PM 8 Sound Problems
6:30PM 11 Irfanview
6:30PM 1 Freetype fonts
6:30PM 1 Installshield/ Starwars Battlefront problems
6:29PM 1 Problem with LPT port (crossworks)
6:29PM 3 Problem accessing files on mounted .iso?
6:29PM 1 Wile: Error when executing "make" in SimplyMepis 3.4.3
6:28PM 3 64 bit compilation SUSE 10.2
6:28PM 2 DeviceIoControl support
6:28PM 4 DeviceIoControl
6:28PM 10 Quicken 2005 Won''t Connect to Internet
6:28PM 2 Steam Apps freezing
6:28PM 2 Wine page fault with ARRL Antenna Book ABSETUP.EXE
6:27PM 2 Can Shockwave apps run w/o Codeweaver''s Crossover product?
6:27PM 0 DVDRebuilder ?
6:27PM 1 Setting Language for Non-Unicode Programs to English
6:27PM 9 Objects "uncompletely" displayed
6:27PM 0 New Linux gaming community
6:27PM 1 Winecfg error
6:26PM 2 Visual Basic Applications
6:26PM 5 What I can do to run starcraft correctly?
6:26PM 1 WoW - ERROR #124 Memory invalid block
6:26PM 3 "Failed to open the service control manager" -- is it OK?
6:26PM 6 DavkaWriter 6 ?
6:26PM 3 Wine unhandled exception running PocketFMS
6:26PM 5 Fullscreen Refresh rate problem...
6:25PM 4 how to install program
6:25PM 2 Page fault with a working app
6:25PM 3 NET 1.1 framework
6:25PM 1 Mouse jumps to middle
6:25PM 2 winetools - where to get?
6:25PM 4 documentation for beginners ?`
6:24PM 1 xclip and wine
6:24PM 1 MSVCR80 Support?
6:24PM 1 Re: Different audio settings for different applications
6:24PM 11 ACT! 6.0 under Wine
6:24PM 1 Get an old game to run
6:24PM 6 running VBA code/macros within Linux
6:23PM 0 wiine
6:23PM 2 wine
6:23PM 1 wine: Unhandled page fault
6:23PM 9 winecfg and notepad hangs when first start up
6:23PM 1 help in using both linux and windows lib
6:23PM 15 Using native Dlls from original Win2000
6:22PM 4 Transparent / freeze Windows in WINE
6:22PM 10 Using smart cards with IE6 and Wine?
6:22PM 1 Woogle caming !
6:22PM 3 Delphi applications printing bug
6:22PM 8 HOWTO configure internet access
6:21PM 4 DC++ problem
6:21PM 4 cmd.exe behaviour
6:21PM 2 wine show only loopback interface
6:21PM 1 Help with running childrens cd-rom in Xubuntu
6:21PM 2 What kind of frame rate hit can I expect in wine?
6:21PM 8 use Windows icons in Wine?
6:21PM 3 "Horn Loudspeaker Response Analysis Program" mit Wine, geht das doch?
6:20PM 1 Force wine to exit on deadlock?
6:20PM 4 Unable to print - fixme:psdrv:PSDRV_EndPage Already ended a page?
6:20PM 0 Counter Strike
6:20PM 0 Can an App running on Wine access a network SMB printer?
6:20PM 4 Why is app defaulting to Captain Podd font?
6:19PM 6 ACCESS application in wine
6:19PM 4 .NET Application under wine
6:19PM 6 XML support needed
6:19PM 0 Changing wine''s windows\temp directory?
6:18PM 5 GenoPro and GenoProbeta
6:18PM 1 Curse of Monkey Island doesn''t work with wine 0.9.24
6:18PM 0 Font issue faced in RHEL 3 (7), not in RHEL 4
6:18PM 1 thermocalc in Wine
6:17PM 1 Problem with winecfg on Red Hat Linux
6:17PM 4 Change default browser
6:17PM 6 memory issue
6:17PM 14 app has problems parsing its config file
6:17PM 0 lomac or lock on modern air combat
6:16PM 6 Problem with DirectPlay networking
6:16PM 1 Opening PAR files in QuickPar through Wine
6:16PM 1 What Does This Mean?
6:16PM 0 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft
6:15PM 2 Graphic problem
6:15PM 2 Vector CAD/CAM
6:15PM 1 Lotus Notes Problems
6:15PM 0 SAPI (Speech Synthesis API)
6:15PM 1 Is there hope for this app?
6:15PM 1 EZ way to test Wine versions
6:14PM 4 error, please help
6:14PM 3 Wine identity for DCOM authentication
6:14PM 14 Installshield and Wine
6:14PM 10 How to change the windows version with command line?
6:14PM 2 Cannot install program. Errors out with 0x80040702, Failed to load DLL: Setupapi
6:13PM 1 Can anyone view these video files with Wine? - Cartoon Network website
6:13PM 11 Wine runs only once per X-session
6:13PM 5 The good old winecfg audio tab
6:13PM 7 Mouseclicks in games ignored
6:13PM 1 CreateScalableFontResourceA
6:13PM 2 Problem configuring wine
6:12PM 5 Uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7.0
6:12PM 1 set_queue_size trouble
6:12PM 4 Install all Windows XP DLLs
6:12PM 2 screen goes blank
6:12PM 6 Problem with Freeware Application : Babo Violent 2
6:12PM 1 Wine: Failed to open the service control manager
6:12PM 1 CS random crash
6:11PM 9 Virtual Pool Hall installation help needed
6:11PM 5 can''t print from wine+cups - ENUM PRINTERS PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS
6:11PM 0 Re: Multiple users without write permission on "drive_c"
6:11PM 2 Unhandled page fault since 0.9.24
6:11PM 0 NtLoadDriver problem
6:11PM 4 dll override for select apps only
6:11PM 4 compiz/gl-x crashes my games!
6:11PM 1 What''s the current equivalent of winecheck?
6:11PM 0 Age Of Empires III demo
6:10PM 0 Having problems installing doomsday
6:10PM 4 Printing via Cups uses lpr ??
6:10PM 1 Running Corel Gallery, unable to register dll
6:10PM 5 Running multiple versions of WINE
6:10PM 7 I`m new what to do with wine it don`t want work
6:09PM 10 Newbie Problem: need Windows Printer Driver?
6:09PM 1 Windows Media under Wine?
6:09PM 0 Wine hangs the system in
6:09PM 3 Wine 0.9.24 - Module not found?
6:09PM 4 Directory names in Wine patches do not match actual dir names
6:09PM 3 debugging an app which crashes my Window manager?
6:09PM 0 Photoshop CS2 on wine
6:09PM 1 systray
6:09PM 4 winebuild docs outdated?
6:08PM 1 Re: [OT] Kalorio unter Linux zum Laufen bringen
6:08PM 0 Newer versions break emule, winmx, bpftp, wincmd/totalcmd
6:08PM 2 steam&wine on Ubuntu dapper
6:08PM 1 libGL warning
6:08PM 8 abode acrobat professional 7.0 installation problem
6:08PM 1 steam games
6:08PM 1 error, wine in linux
6:08PM 0 Everything you need to beat online gambling...
6:08PM 0 keeping pwds synced with Windows
6:08PM 7 Planning first Linux/Wine install
6:07PM 0 Problems running the wine
6:07PM 3 sigmalot 9.0
6:07PM 2 Some strange window bahviour with Papyrus in wine
6:07PM 1 running KAV with WINE
6:07PM 3 serial port problem
6:06PM 1 Execution Trace of Application in Wine
6:06PM 1 wine on amd64
6:06PM 1 T4Win file load/save errors
6:06PM 13 installing on a different partition
6:06PM 3 Settlers 4 - Cannot enable hardware accaleration
6:06PM 5 Battlefield 1942 - SECDRV.SYS not found
6:06PM 10 Worms World Party wont start - cant find ddraw.dll
6:06PM 0 Any chess players here?
6:06PM 0 A very nice free browser to try...
6:06PM 2 Wine and PTTYn devices
6:05PM 7 where is all installed programs located?
6:05PM 4 Display damage after installing game on wine?
6:05PM 9 No License error message when running MSAccess via Wine
6:05PM 1 Installing new application help needed!
6:05PM 2 AOPA RTFP, XSetDashes, Hatches not implemented, Easy fix?
6:05PM 1 problemas com wine
6:05PM 3 Cant get "Emperor:Rise of the Middle Kingdom" to work
6:05PM 3 Atmosphere Deluxe
6:05PM 6 Wine and MS Access problem
6:05PM 2 Symantec Miniview.exe
6:05PM 2 Mac OS X (x86): winecfg Crashes when i try to setup audio
6:05PM 3 disk drive assignment problem
6:05PM 1 Half Life 2 fails to run in recent releases
6:04PM 5 Off center graphics in World of Warcraft.
6:04PM 0 "Antonveneta Disposizione ed Incassi" on wine.
6:04PM 0 Need Help with Janes WWII Fighters
6:04PM 4 Upgrading software under Wine
6:04PM 0 help trying to play dungeon siege
6:04PM 1 "Before You Know It" Page Fault
6:04PM 0 Thumbsplus on wine
6:04PM 16 world of warcraft
6:04PM 2 wine unistall
6:04PM 2 Winelib 64 bits native support?
6:04PM 0 Wine-0.9.22 RPM and Commercialization Issues
6:04PM 2 Table _Streams in msi files
6:03PM 8 Agent 4.0 and wine
6:03PM 1 Neverwinter Nights thru Wine
6:03PM 1 Wine, Ubuntu and Verbix 7.3
6:03PM 1 cyrillic font in Transparent LanguageNow! Russian
6:03PM 1 winecfg and wine returning error''s after install.
6:03PM 4 Wine-Package-Slackware Problem
6:03PM 1 A9CAD
6:03PM 1 logitech SetPoint
6:03PM 0 Dual-core support?
6:03PM 0 winmerge via wine on ubuntu 6.06 ?
6:03PM 1 why the menus and icons are always blinking?
6:03PM 1 newbie Mac question
6:03PM 0 photoshop and wacom, anyone got it working?
6:02PM 6 Opening wine-based applications from Firefox?
6:02PM 1 need help with a cdrom
6:02PM 0 Internet Explorer starts with white side
6:02PM 1 How to set up different "bottles" in Wine, just like in Codeweaver''s Crossover Office?
6:01PM 1 Installing wine
6:01PM 3 Enter key in text field does not work
6:01PM 4 Swarm (win95 game) leaving fragments
6:01PM 6 Newbie with BibleWorks
6:01PM 1 Roller Coaster Tycoon, Suse 10.1, installer silently dies
6:01PM 2 Ubuntu 6.06, wine and ALSA
6:01PM 4 Erreur Automation
6:00PM 2 wine error
6:00PM 0 direc port access in Wine-0.9.20
6:00PM 0 Opening links in new windows using native gecko IE in wine
6:00PM 2 Toshiba''s ConfigFree under Wine?
6:00PM 6 App can''t load DLLs without sudo
6:00PM 1 Cant set C Drive
5:59PM 2 Which version ? Advice please.
5:59PM 0 wine pagemaker cannot import text
5:59PM 6 Are there any wine applications that can print graphics?
5:59PM 8 Accuterm 2K2 on Wine under Gentoo Linux
5:59PM 1 Arabic Language
5:58PM 3 wine and bluetooth
5:58PM 1 Windows Screensavers under Wine
5:58PM 3 Wine Directx
5:57PM 2 Winsock error (Protocol not supported)
5:57PM 2 Fbconfig patch - how to install?
5:57PM 1 IE with winetools (wine ver. 0.9.9)
5:57PM 10 Any work done on the Com Ports?
5:57PM 5 How to get Cups to work with wine?
5:57PM 6 setup.exe fails on wine version 0.9.20 and later
5:56PM 1 Pagemaker 7 cannot print - no printers installed
5:56PM 3 Wine not working, Slackware 10.2
5:56PM 4 fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for c0000119
5:56PM 1 All Program Setups crash
5:56PM 1 open gl troubles
5:56PM 5 Found the patch that breaks my app. Now what?
5:56PM 7 Tell me the truth about WINE
5:56PM 2 Where to put dll files for applications on a wine system?
5:55PM 0 Having trouble installing iMacros - dll errors
5:55PM 1 OpenGL support on wine 0.9.21 in Fedora Core 5
5:55PM 4 ShowFPS in Wine?
5:55PM 6 How to fix Wine menu fonts that are too small
5:55PM 2 Updating problems
5:55PM 5 Diablo II
5:54PM 6 OneNote on a DualBoot system
5:54PM 1 Help on debug messages..
5:54PM 4 Again...
5:54PM 1 Trying to run LiveResponse
5:54PM 9 Can''t run old program
5:54PM 2 Crash after Aug24
5:54PM 4 Strange display error.
5:54PM 5 not enough disk space
5:53PM 1 using several wine versions from .deb packages?
5:53PM 3 locale in wine??
5:53PM 1 16 bit support
5:53PM 7 Photoshop Install Help
5:53PM 2 getting error
5:53PM 2 Install problems
5:53PM 0 Blank Dailog Boxes FC3 - Wine RPM install
5:53PM 6 PTgui.exe runs fine on one Kubuntu 6.0.6 pc but not on the other
5:53PM 0 OpenGL error in Wine 0.9.20
5:53PM 1 Duke Nukem MP
5:53PM 3 internet support
5:53PM 2 does wine work well with old fullscreen games on native windows xp?
5:53PM 1 Brand new to linux and winehq
5:52PM 4 dvdshrink crashes
5:52PM 0 Problem Installing and Running Office 2000 - Error 126
5:52PM 3 MIDI default output port / how to select timidity by default?
5:52PM 3 Ubuntu - winecfg problems
5:51PM 1 Browsing windows
5:51PM 4 How to install an application in wine
5:50PM 2 Can you Help Me? What''s go wrong?
5:50PM 4 "Module not found"
5:49PM 4 Ubuntu Dapper/Debian repository broken?
5:49PM 2 Wine and DirectX
5:24PM 0 Bonus Code For PartyPoker that doesn''t make you deposit money!
5:24PM 3 Hiccups on music even with the Implement_SetThreadPriority patch
5:23PM 9 Audio makes winecfg segfault
5:23PM 1 Problems when compiling actual sources ...
5:23PM 0 Bonus Codes
5:23PM 2 linux native program from wine
5:23PM 4 Kernal32 -- Known to do
5:23PM 2 Debugging Bug 5253: How to find who owns address space range?
5:23PM 1 How to solve this link error
5:23PM 0 Get $50 when you sign up for Party Poker!
5:23PM 5 Checking if Wine is being used
5:23PM 6 Problems with Steam (counter-strike)
5:23PM 1 How to handle this error
5:23PM 0 Pegasus - Exits on sending
5:23PM 3 Wine and Skype
5:23PM 0 $50 Bonus Code for Party Poker
5:23PM 2 Wine and iTunes
5:23PM 1 Warcraft III "Fatal Error"
5:23PM 2 Parallel port HASP - still battling
5:23PM 8 Problem well trying to run Need For Speed Porsche Unleased
5:22PM 1 ELF format
5:22PM 1 Using wine dll in another native library
5:22PM 5 CRM Commercial soft and windows authenticaction
5:22PM 3 Wine for the End-user?
5:22PM 2 IE6 SP1 with wine 0.9.19
5:22PM 6 registry settings in wine-0.9.17
5:22PM 1 CRM Application (Goldmine) on Wine
5:22PM 3 How come wine doesn''t improve?
5:22PM 1 acrobat pro?
5:22PM 0 Alien Shooter does not work
5:22PM 7 include dlls for MS FSX
5:22PM 0 Bonus Codes For!!
5:22PM 2 How to choose the DSP?
5:22PM 2 Can''t install Dreamweaver - _isuser.dll trouble
5:22PM 4 Stranger Characteres
5:22PM 0 Native Registry Support
5:22PM 4 suse 10.1 amd64 wine 9.19 dont create .wine
5:21PM 1 Wine - Launching Programs
5:21PM 2 Pegasus - No Internet Options
5:21PM 1 i686 vs i386 Wine Binaries
5:21PM 7 Wine crash
5:21PM 4 Wine with CIFS home directory
5:21PM 2 PrintMaster 7.0 *nearly*, *very* nearly printing properly
5:21PM 1 Wine with Graphic Rendering?
5:20PM 4 Master of Orion 2 hangs when run in Wine 0.9.17 under Fedora Core 5
5:18PM 4 Problem installing aplications...
5:18PM 1 No fonts in "Magic Online"
5:18PM 6 Fly!2
5:18PM 1 Icewind Dale 2 Mouse Cursor
5:18PM 2 Help in fixing a bug needed
5:17PM 8 Wine on a Flash drive
5:17PM 8 Running Wbid Under Wine
5:17PM 2 please help a WINE noob...
5:17PM 6 Problems creating a winelib-based program
5:17PM 4 Installation on dedicated linux server?
5:17PM 2 Flash MX doesn''t load
5:17PM 15 Difference Between WINE and an Emulator
5:17PM 1 problem with installing csi:dark motives
5:17PM 7 Trying to get a cdwriter to write to loop device
5:17PM 11 Tomb Raider 3 cd-rom
5:17PM 3 I have a big problem.. :(
5:17PM 9 Problem with WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM sound files
5:17PM 2 err:seh:raise_exception
5:16PM 11 backward step?
5:16PM 6 Error messages on installing from CD.
5:16PM 5 Can''t run winecfg under Mandriva 2006
5:16PM 1 wine or application failure ?
5:16PM 0 Unable to read PRINT.DEF file. Must terminate program.
5:16PM 1 Is there a Memu system for MS programs insalled via wine?
5:16PM 5 Execution DOS exe program via Wine ?
5:16PM 1 install Wine on Fedora Core 3 on Virtual PC
5:16PM 0 vobblanker
5:16PM 1 linux program from wine
5:16PM 9 Error while compiling in Ubuntu 6.06 64 bit
5:16PM 2 X Error of failed request
5:16PM 2 wine without X
5:16PM 2 i can''t find fake directory
5:16PM 0 not feeling the force
5:16PM 1 Changing to 32bit.
5:16PM 1 running sailors of the sky under wine. installs fine, wont run.
5:15PM 6 Windows DirectDraw?
5:15PM 0 Comment on Wine vs WinXP
5:15PM 2 InstMsiA cannot be installed
5:15PM 1 how to disable wineps.drv ?
5:15PM 2 Counter-Strike won''t work with 9.0.17
5:15PM 4 Winelib for creating makefile to run on Windows?
5:15PM 7 wine and Samba
5:15PM 1 I need Wine version 9.0.13
5:15PM 4 No text displayed
5:15PM 3 Wine tools 9 not compatable with wine 9.0.17
5:15PM 1 Paint Shop Pro 8
5:15PM 2 cant install or run programs from cd especially Final Fantasy VII (FF7)
5:15PM 2 Printing with wine and cups doesn''t work
5:15PM 1 Missing wined3d.dll
5:15PM 5 Can not install Wine tools
5:15PM 0 Trouble with Native Overrides on Fedora Core 5.
5:15PM 3 Photoshop menus
5:15PM 7 OziExplorer aborts with wine 0.9.18
8:10AM 4 VB 3.0 Installation on Wine
12:56AM 10 Playing online game
Sunday March 18 2007
9:38AM 0 an application fails to work with wine 0.9.30
Saturday March 17 2007
8:21PM 1 dlls/winex11.drv/mouse.c - edit howto?
9:59AM 1 Warcraft III
9:22AM 1 err:ole:CoGetClassObject class ...
Friday March 16 2007
11:42AM 5 I have got some questions involving Direct X
Thursday March 15 2007
8:55PM 1 RE: Using the JRE
6:13PM 0 Counter-strike MIC problems
12:42PM 1 must-install programs/applications/dlls?
12:20PM 3 WindowsInstaller doesn find Volume to extract
6:57AM 9 Problem installing SystemVision from MentorGraphics
Wednesday March 14 2007
10:19AM 10 Weatherscope mouse button issues
9:34AM 0 Profiling applications built with winemaker
9:34AM 0 Profiling wine applications
Tuesday March 13 2007
3:58PM 0 NoteTab Pro
8:08AM 2 Adding a dir to PATH without using regedit (for an NFS install)
Monday March 12 2007
6:22PM 0 Fw: Suffix or Operands invalid during AMD64 compile
3:05PM 1 How do I run a regression test for Ultravnc in wine?"
12:32PM 1 Running child''s game "Blue''s Treasure Hunt"
12:23PM 1 Installation and Winecfg questions
10:34AM 8 Suffix or Operands invalid during AMD64 compile
Friday March 9 2007
5:04PM 1 Jazz Jackrabbit2: cannot set videomode 320x200x8
2:40PM 1 help com1
12:26PM 1 Random software that no one has, and is not in the appdb.
5:05AM 1 wineconsole crashes - what am I doing wrong?
Thursday March 8 2007
6:04PM 0 Steam
1:50PM 2 Hotkey between Xorg and Wine applications
12:55PM 1 MS SQL 2000 under wine
Wednesday March 7 2007
5:53PM 11 wine: could not load L"D:\\Setup.exe": Bad EXE format for
12:48PM 1 how to install photoshop
12:48PM 0 app does not start but "Wine exited with a successful status"
12:48PM 0 GhostScript Problem
Tuesday March 6 2007
7:41PM 2 New eudora problem - "mswmsg" not supported
Monday March 5 2007
4:40PM 1 games:COH/C in wine
4:15PM 1 Serial port problem - again
10:38AM 1 SUSE restarts
Saturday March 3 2007
11:16PM 2 DOS apps
6:11PM 3 Can''t install TxaCut2006
8:01AM 0 winhelp.exe - tiny, unreadable fonts (SOLVED)
Friday March 2 2007
8:07PM 1 wine virus malware
5:53AM 3 Using VC8/VS2005 command line compiler on wine