samba - Nov 2003

Sunday November 30 2003
10:45PM 2 vfs module for interpreting a script on file access
5:11PM 0 Compliments to peolle calling for help on configurations
4:45PM 1 Samba odd behaviour on double NAT network
10:38AM 0 Problems saving Quark 6 files to samba 3.0 share from osx 10.2.8 client
3:18AM 1 Seeking advice: Backup Exec & Samba shares
Saturday November 29 2003
7:41PM 1 ntlm_auth in samba 3.0 backported to debian stable
6:55PM 0 cifs issues
9:08AM 1 W2k ADC + Samba Member + winbind + win 98 clients problem
5:41AM 0 Strange auth issue - non-domain member succeeds - domain members fail
3:50AM 0 Samba Shares in the Root folder
3:31AM 1 BUG?: 2.2.8a, missing header files for source/passdb/pass_check.c
Friday November 28 2003
10:56PM 1 Samba PDC - Administrator issues
9:56PM 1 Best way to migrate NT4 SAM db to Samba3+LDAP ?
8:39PM 7 installation error
7:56PM 1 Samba support
7:54PM 5 [OT] Good Gigabit Ethernet Card ...
7:42PM 0 Samba as the Trusting Domain
6:14PM 1 Samba and the use of smart cards for authentication
6:13PM 0 Network Browsing Therory
5:14PM 0 ACL on a directory
4:38PM 2 smbfs size limit
4:04PM 1 USRMGR.EXE administration: invalid syntax error message
2:29PM 6 Samba Print Server
2:29PM 1 Roving profiles - how to power off
2:08PM 0 PDC+LDAP+Win2k/XP domain logon
2:01PM 4 User must change password on next logon
1:07PM 0 Linux-clients how to connect/auth on samba?
12:50PM 1 ACL Security-tab missing users and groups
12:47PM 0 Can samba do this?
11:20AM 0 Send broadcast messages with Samba
11:19AM 0 Samba on Sun Solaris v9
10:28AM 0 Problems with shares from a NT4
8:25AM 1 Perms must traduct to ACL?
8:21AM 0 join samba3.0 to the domint on samba-tng
3:55AM 1 Samba: 32 or 64 bit
3:52AM 0 winbind, wbinfo -u gives errors
Thursday November 27 2003
10:23PM 0 Samba 3.0 and NIS
8:30PM 0 Improve speed
7:30PM 2 Just a thought, all this "swen" stuff, this list
7:30PM 6 Authentication
6:46PM 3 How to migrate a complex NT4 network
6:22PM 0 /dev
5:48PM 14 WINS
5:06PM 0 smbpasswd & swat doesnt run on my samba3.0???
4:16PM 2 Linux/Samba for the first time
4:14PM 0 Problems with XP connecting to Linux SAMBA
3:44PM 2 samba 3.0 doesn't lock Word files!!
3:14PM 0 could I change read only properties from windows trought samba?
3:00PM 1 Missing files in directory listings
2:56PM 1 How to set up a share in smb.conf for ACL's
2:45PM 0 win98 users authenticating with Samba PDC, but accessing shares as guest
2:28PM 0 samba2.2.8/winbind : is it possible to add domain users to local linux groups ?
12:38PM 2 File corrupted when copy one large file(10G) from NT4.0 to samba
12:24PM 0 Please help: Samba 2.2.8 question.
12:07PM 0 password change from win95 client doesn't work
11:49AM 0 =?iso-2022-jp?b?SFAbJEIzK0BfNS1HMCEqGyhCQW50aXZpcnVzMjAw?= =?iso-2022-jp?b?NBskQkE0MHclNSE8JVMlOSEqGyhC?=
11:37AM 0 profile problems after upgrade
10:42AM 1 ACL/Files permissions with Win access control list
10:39AM 0 RID of Samba Domain Controller
8:18AM 1 Client SAMBA under AIX
7:56AM 0 VFS for locking from Linux client
7:14AM 0 Samba3 and AD
6:45AM 2 winbind failures in Samba 3
1:09AM 0 moving existing samba domain to a new samba server
12:54AM 0 OpenOffice fails to open in read-only files under Windows
12:29AM 1 FYI - Linux World does series on Samba 3
Wednesday November 26 2003
11:28PM 9 Error Message
11:22PM 3 samba 3 mandrake rpms...where is net tool?
10:15PM 1 ldapsam_compat & machine accounts
8:52PM 1 NT account locking out
8:28PM 0 Samba 3, Winbind, AD native - problem
8:21PM 1 Samba 3.0.1
7:10PM 0 Samba 3 trusts with ad.
6:54PM 0 SmbTar & on the fly compression
5:42PM 3 Failed to verify incoming ticket!
5:30PM 6 smbmount for Solaris
5:25PM 1 Samba and W2K printer issues
4:52PM 1 PDC/LDAP/SAMBA3/NT4/winbind/trusted domains corrections
4:11PM 0 samba passwd program not running as root on OpenBSD
3:52PM 0 Deny mode when a SMB client opens a file
3:49PM 1 Samba LDAP multiple servers
3:46PM 1 My experience with samba/ldap and machine accounts
3:38PM 0 Problem with security=user
3:32PM 0 Rejoin Workstation in Domain after "net rpc vampire" ?
3:29PM 0 [Security] Valid Users fails
3:02PM 0 Netbios aliases (virtual hosts) and TruCluster
2:56PM 0 changing password for w2k user logged in linux station (winbind)
2:19PM 1 Problem whit XP PRO client
1:55PM 0 Fw: SAMBA 3.0.0 and smbmount
1:48PM 1 many files from smb in /tmp
1:42PM 0 Connected To AD Domain but...
1:41PM 2 smbmount discontinued?
12:59PM 1 Setting passwords via LDAP
12:11PM 1 Please help! How to login other existing domain users to samba nework
10:46AM 3 Printer sharing
10:26AM 1 Antwort: Re: Backup from Linux onto Win2K-share
9:29AM 1 Samba Import User Scipt
9:16AM 0 Problems joining W2K Client to Samba 2.2.8 on RH9
8:00AM 1 SAMBA 3.0.0 and smbmount
7:40AM 1 WinXP error when launch "Network Identification Panel"
6:27AM 0 CAP_UNIX disabling
6:03AM 1 Upgrading a Samba Box
4:41AM 1 Can't use offline files in Windows 2000 properly
1:31AM 2 leaving a domain
Tuesday November 25 2003
11:56PM 1 samba 2.2.8a, XP pro workgroup question.
11:30PM 3 very low speed local network browsing from win xp clients
10:41PM 0 SMB PDC - Local Profiles
10:11PM 0 looking for a little help
9:29PM 2 PDC Machine Trust Accounts
7:48PM 1 NTLMv2 and Win95 clients
7:12PM 0 problem whit concurrency,,,, help
6:31PM 1 move the samba pdc to new box
6:28PM 1 Multiple AD domains in linux
5:48PM 0 Samba locking up... because of Java!
5:44PM 1 smbmount not exiting in script
5:32PM 1 Multiple Users On One Share With Permissions=755 for Created Files
5:07PM 1 Bug in installclientlib
5:05PM 0 Should User Manager for Domains work as non-root Domain Admin?
4:31PM 0 samba on macintosh
4:23PM 1 Understanding of SID generation
4:16PM 1 W98 can't get large list of users from Samba 3.0.0 PDC
4:08PM 1 idmap uid range missing or invalid
4:02PM 0 cupsaddsmb / rpcclient problems ...
3:57PM 2 Samba + MySQL
3:50PM 1 problems in MacOS X, connecting to shares with accents in name
3:43PM 1 Using SWAT results in crash on Sun Ultra 250 running Solaris 2.6
3:20PM 1 integration of samba to LDAP database
2:07PM 1 WinNT-> network path not found on samba 2.2.7 on rh 9
1:57PM 0 Read-only folders from XP Pro
1:22PM 0 very odd behavior for concurrent file access in Samba3.0 with MS Word
1:15PM 0 Problem: Join to AD domain
12:58PM 1 Connecting Samba 3.0 to a Win 2003 domain
11:55AM 0 Samba and Windows PDC
10:54AM 0 cannot generate proto.h with nawk under solaris 2.8 or 2.9 for samba 3.0.0 or greater
10:25AM 0 file delete problem with samba 2.2.8a
10:18AM 2 Round 2 - Guest Share on WXP Host
10:14AM 0 Auth problem?
9:17AM 36 printing problem
9:14AM 0 Account lockouts when telnetting from NT to UNIX
8:58AM 0 No credentials cache found
7:03AM 0 Unable to find suitable server
6:45AM 2 WG: User manager for Domains for samba 3.0 PDC
6:08AM 0 windows 2000 server expert willing to help?
2:21AM 1 HP560C
12:55AM 0 Problems using smbldaptools
12:33AM 1 w2ksrv, and a samba based netlogon?
12:17AM 1 Samba as a backup authentication server for Windows 2000 Server
Monday November 24 2003
9:25PM 0 Failed to verify incoming ticket - Samba 3.0 ADS
9:03PM 1 Login Server
7:31PM 0 A device attached to the system is not functioning
7:04PM 0 how to increase timeout?
6:58PM 3 Samba 3.0.1 from shows "bgmilne" as username
6:53PM 0 Authentication failed through SWAT
6:51PM 2 Samba 3.0.0, LDAP and multiples domains
6:49PM 2 Is Samba 3 stable for Mandrake 9.2?
5:53PM 4 files over 2 GB in size?
5:24PM 0 problem destroying /dev/null
5:18PM 1 User manager for Domains for samba 3.0 PDC
4:34PM 0 Samba / XP drive listing problems
4:25PM 1 9x clients printing in B&W with CUPS
3:17PM 0 Browse List Entry Limit
3:13PM 2 v3.0.X kerberos_verify sol8 compile problem
3:06PM 0 Re: Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K
2:49PM 0 nmbd: No subnets to listen to. Shutting down....
2:32PM 0 Urgent Help Linux/Samba not running
2:18PM 0 Cannot list complete directory with (not really) large number of files from Win2K client after upgrade to 3.0.0x
2:12PM 1 LDAP, Active Directory, Redhat 9 Clients
1:52PM 0 Re: Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K
1:13PM 0 Re: Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K
12:51PM 0 user policies using win xp and samba3
12:21PM 0 samba3 with ldap: connections from WinXP and smbclient 3 are OK, but not from WinNT and smbclient 2
12:01PM 1 Samba 3 Automount Home directory using Solaris/LDAP
10:21AM 0 problem getting windows 95/98 to logon
10:20AM 0 Cannot open directory
6:23AM 0 Joining Samba 3.0.0 to Windows 2000 domain
5:10AM 0 share is not accessible
3:35AM 3 At 4 a.m. it finally worked...Samba 3, interdomain trust, ldap, winbind
12:38AM 2 IPC$
12:12AM 0 Samba as domain member - cannot fetch trust account password
12:06AM 2 Error Copying File or Folder.
Sunday November 23 2003
10:32PM 5 samba & rsync
10:02PM 0 Re: Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K
9:53PM 0 Upgrading 2.2.8 -> 3.0 howto, pitfalls?
8:19PM 1 Files corrupted
8:10PM 2 Samba with Posix ACL support
7:02PM 0 ISO8859-1 missing
6:51PM 2 password chat program timeout
5:47PM 3 WinXP and Samba
3:08PM 1 samba 3 + heimdal
1:16PM 0 Win2K Client Intermittent Connections
10:51AM 2 Office 2000 / Windows 2000
7:08AM 2 Can't join my domain
4:31AM 1 Guest Share Access Fails for Win XP Client
4:04AM 1 Unable to add SMB accounts
1:29AM 0 Samba 3.0 and Active Directory Authentication
12:37AM 1 smbprint
Saturday November 22 2003
3:29PM 0 Installing a new version.
2:05PM 0 NT4 to Samba 3 LDAP Migration
12:08PM 0 profile trouble, please help!
5:46AM 1 adding network printer in W2K
3:57AM 1 Samba and Swat Installation Question
2:52AM 0 Samba and printers and god knows what else...
2:21AM 2 re. Initial Samba Setup
Friday November 21 2003
11:19PM 0 samba 3.0 does not list servers when "map to guest = bad user" ?
11:01PM 0 WINS problem?
10:49PM 0 make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error 1
9:40PM 2 Samba 3 and OpenLDAP 2.1.22
8:43PM 0 XP machines show very long server name
7:17PM 0 [Homes] directories created by winbind - permissions ?
6:40PM 3 Which Linux best suits Samba3?
6:26PM 0 smbmount and credentials file
6:20PM 0 User Description and Full name
6:03PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a Solaris 9
5:55PM 1 Windows XP Pro (client) with Samba 3 Server
5:53PM 0 A device attached to the system is not functioning.
5:45PM 2 Samba PDC + XP: still not solved?
4:44PM 1 net getlocalsid fails
4:28PM 0 UK Success Story
4:21PM 0 Volume labels in XP
4:20PM 0 Re: Part of samba manual not clear (fwd)
3:27PM 3 information
3:06PM 1 Winbindd and SSH (just disconnects after login)
2:57PM 1 Re: samba + winbindd with NT-DC problem... i'm stuck.
2:54PM 0 Re: smbclient ls error: NT_STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED
2:45PM 0 ACL doesn't inherit permissions
1:01PM 0 McAfee module for samba-vscan
11:43AM 0 Samba3 and Domain Admin group mapping and use pbms.
11:29AM 0 pb on install samba (testparm)
11:26AM 1 Problem with RH 9 and Samba version 2.2.7a-8.9.0
11:09AM 0 SAMBA3 and WINS problem
11:00AM 0 --with-pam and --with-pam_smbpass
10:44AM 1 Printing to Intel InBusiness Print Station from SAMBA
10:30AM 0 Re: samba + winbindd with NT-DC problem... i'm stuck.
9:57AM 1 samba and OSX issue
9:35AM 4 Samba with winbind trouble
9:18AM 1 Samba vs DHCP
8:38AM 1 Program Launcher
8:15AM 7 winbindd
6:00AM 3 Starting with Samba - first impressions
4:34AM 0 2 users can't connect to samba.
2:39AM 1 Building as non-root user
2:24AM 1 Is smbpasswd against windows 2003 server working?
12:24AM 5 Initial Samba Setup
Thursday November 20 2003
11:44PM 0 Hangs while prowsing a samba 3 share with windows xp prof.
11:43PM 0 Windows 2K Offline files
11:03PM 2 Migration from LDAP to tdbsam
10:34PM 1 Samba 3.0 PDC tdbsam
10:31PM 1 kudos to the samba team for samba3
10:12PM 0 How does "User and Passwords" work?
8:21PM 2 "Inherited Permissions" vs "Force/Create Mask"
7:18PM 4 how legal is samba
6:09PM 0 Trust, users, groups, scripts, etc. questions.
6:09PM 0 problems with uppercase in usernames
6:05PM 2 What is vuid?
6:00PM 1 Groups and LDAP
5:29PM 1 help with logons/passwords
5:15PM 1 Debian and Samba 3.0.x issues
5:01PM 0 Getting and providing help on this list (was "Printing on Samba with WinNT...")
4:50PM 0 Experienced Samba+Ldap+ACL in Windows TSE context ?
3:05PM 0 smbclient ls error: NT_STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED (user permissions are okay)
3:01PM 1 Restricting access to SAMBA Server for particular user+workstation combination
2:35PM 1 Samba 3 multible deamons running
2:22PM 0 Account flags
1:39PM 1 Winbind, AD login problem
1:22PM 0 Re: Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K
1:17PM 1 Printing Buffer Overflow
1:13PM 0 (no subject)
11:48AM 0 Problem with public shares
11:40AM 1 0xc0000022 error / winbind
10:09AM 0 multiple smbd process
9:25AM 0 Error when Synchronising
9:06AM 1 Samba 3.0 SSL
9:05AM 2 simple question concerning update 2.2.8 to 3
8:50AM 0 can't join NT4 wks into samba 3.0.0 domain
7:55AM 1 ADS and Realm
7:37AM 1 Bug-Report
7:23AM 1 Linux-Clients in Samba-Domain HOWTO ???
7:19AM 1 Printing on Samba with WinNT...
5:41AM 1 samba 3.0.0 freebsd
5:28AM 4 unable to access SWAT
5:10AM 0 New problem after up2date run
5:10AM 0 samba 3.0.0 Authentication with NTsp4
4:57AM 0 Win 2k and XP fail to log on to Samba (winlogon.exe error)
4:56AM 3 Having Samba integrate/replace existing mixed Unix/Windows network
3:27AM 1 Samba Auditing
1:35AM 0 Problem logging into Samba PDC
12:52AM 0 smbpasswd -r -U agains windows 2003 server not working
Wednesday November 19 2003
11:46PM 0 samba opening and closing everybodys login.bat file
9:43PM 2 BIG problem with the filesharing
9:40PM 17 Samba Printing
9:02PM 2 need SWAT for samba 3.0.0-14.3E.i386
8:55PM 0 Syncing time for non-Admin logons? - net time \\super server /set /yes
8:20PM 0 Windows Offline Folders
7:52PM 3 Syncing time for non-Admin logons? - net time \\superserver /set /yes
7:22PM 1 Mac permision problems after Debian update
7:07PM 0 tracing users logins
7:05PM 0 File Permissions. Two unix groups having write access to the same share without 0777
6:29PM 3 Power users on Samba 3.0.1.
6:07PM 1 two printers: one works ok in w9x/2k, other printer unavailable in Win98 BUT ok in w2k!
5:50PM 1 Little practical question
5:01PM 16 Help needed
4:24PM 1 Fun with veto files
4:09PM 3 Still trying to backup 66 GB from LINUX to W2K ***
4:00PM 1 samba as DC
3:52PM 0 winbind + windows SMB share, ACL and ftp woes
3:51PM 0 pdc and ldap, logon problem
3:46PM 0 PDC recognizing Domain machines: No problem, only Question
3:32PM 0 Solution to a Problem - Adding domain users as local Admins fails
3:05PM 4 how to add Samba 3 to apt-get install
2:37PM 0 Samba forgets it has "net join"ed
1:09PM 0 Samba PDC, WinNT PDC , trusting domains failure
1:08PM 1 auth problem on Samba 3 & W2k PDC
12:38PM 4 Authentication Problem
12:34PM 3 Samba 3.0 and the HP PSC 750 printer (printing over cups)
12:33PM 1 gdb compile error
12:28PM 0 Problems with printers share - strange, at least!
9:48AM 0 Strange homes share
9:39AM 0 samba3: problem with machine accounts - change PC name
9:16AM 0 3.0.1pre3 smbtar problem
7:02AM 1 Samba 3.0 client connection error
5:20AM 1 WPKG
3:58AM 1 Can't start smbd
3:28AM 0 Need mount -t smbfs to be world/group writable & notonly root
12:56AM 0 Winbind, Pam, And Active Directory
12:12AM 0 FW: Samba PDC trying rid null logins
Tuesday November 18 2003
11:17PM 0 Trouble with root password in SWAT
10:51PM 4 multiple domains
10:01PM 0 Upgrading from Samba 2.2.8a to 3.0.0 results in error
9:45PM 3 Samba PDC - Solaris 8 or 9??
9:28PM 2 Basic Sol8 compile question
8:54PM 0 Docs are hard to follow for port changing
8:44PM 0 Problems with Samba on Linux
8:08PM 1 compile failure on 3.0.0 and 3.0.1pre3
7:27PM 0 Execure a Task
7:24PM 0 Is print-serving this easy? Also, Sol8 compile problem
6:54PM 0 pdbedit in scripts?
6:45PM 0 Questions about SAMBA 3 , REDHAT and ACL- URGENT
6:42PM 0 Migrating from Win to Samba for printing
6:37PM 0 samba3.0.0 make install problems makes sambadir/lib a file not directory
6:26PM 1 tracking user actions
6:03PM 1 Failing Authentication
5:08PM 0 Connecting from Windows NT 4.0 to Samba on MAC OSX
4:39PM 2 printer.tdb (tdb_oob len errors) and Quirkiness: Solaris 9, Samba 3.0.0
4:37PM 0 Samba 3 and Windows 200 Server
4:33PM 0 Re: Samba Connect to ADS
4:23PM 1 printing and 'hosts deny' with samba 2.2.
3:51PM 1 Help (Monitoring users and open files)
3:26PM 3 Samba opens many files.
3:16PM 8 Samba Setup
2:42PM 1 ACLs and samba
2:19PM 3 WINS Replication
12:52PM 4 help with charsets
12:51PM 3 Fwd: Re: smbpasswd fails to add machine account with ldapsam
12:45PM 0 smbmount: smb_trans2_request message
12:27PM 0 SAMBA 3.0 : files lock from Linux client
12:13PM 1 smbtools, existing users, etc...
10:00AM 1 Samba 3.0.0-2 WINS Static entries
9:43AM 2 Printerassistent.
9:24AM 1 Need mount -t smbfs to be world/group writable & not only root
9:22AM 1 [Bug?Report] ldapsam duplication of output if two ldapsam sources
9:02AM 1 Need Support
8:23AM 0 ADS -> Samba/LDAP
8:09AM 0 allow writing, but no overwriting or deleting
8:06AM 1 Supporting multiple clients -- per machine/os config?
7:05AM 0 groupmember and local groups
5:29AM 1 pamsmb_pass, userPassword & samba(LM/NT)Password
2:16AM 0 Long File Name vs 8.3 File Name Performance
1:56AM 0 Samba PDC trying rid null logins
1:48AM 1 Linux Active Directory Login
Monday November 17 2003
11:20PM 2 German Translation of Samba-3.0-documentation online with first translated pages
11:14PM 0 Index Errores over Samba
10:07PM 1 Changing SWAT port or removing 2.2.7
7:10PM 1 Caracteres ñ á é ó ú en archives names not are reading
6:07PM 1 User Data / Profiles / Permission / Mappings Loss from Samba to Samba Migration
5:54PM 0 login troubles , samba-3.01-pre3 RedHat 9
5:34PM 0 Win2k System State Backup -> Samba box problem
4:42PM 2 UNIX paths vs UNC names in [profile]
4:40PM 0 unable to browse with smbclient
3:58PM 1 2k and 9x connect and print, XP won't
3:26PM 0 Printers in Printerassistent
3:26PM 1 Changing password on w2k server
3:08PM 0 Domain Local Groups/Kerberos Ticket
3:00PM 0 (no subject)
2:49PM 0 Question about locking files
2:48PM 1 Samba3 HowTo
2:31PM 1 Kerberos-authentication to a Samba server without a Windows KDC ?
2:01PM 1 printer permissions <-> ERROR: NULL dest in safe_strcpy (samba 3.0.0)
1:55PM 0 The boss will re-admit me, the system is worked again. THANKS!
1:27PM 1 N-Flag gone?
12:46PM 0 Stupid problem with SAMBA and Windows NT4...
12:34PM 1 samba (2.2.8a) driver download fails
12:25PM 4 The boss will discharge me, I spoiled the system. HELP!
12:24PM 1 Jobs hanging printer after printing
12:23PM 0 Samba 2.5 together with Win2000 SP3
11:56AM 0 Réf. : Re: smbldap tools
11:51AM 0 [Fwd: Re: install samba v3 pb on aix5.1 TESTPARM]
11:19AM 0 Samba 3.0.0 - WINS static addresses
10:55AM 4 SWAT adds suffix
10:26AM 8 smbldap tools
10:23AM 1 smbpasswd fails to add machine account with ldapsam
10:04AM 1 how many users?
9:08AM 1 credentials file doesn't work
8:26AM 1 I'm new-Win XP slow with Samba server
7:57AM 0 PDC/BDC with ldap: variable possible in sambaProfilePath / sambaHomePath?
7:32AM 0 joined domain but error fetching trust account password
6:18AM 0 Samba3.1pre3 file name problem
3:55AM 0 sambantpassword different at samba3 ??
3:26AM 0 Messages on the console
2:21AM 0 /dev/null corruption
2:02AM 0 (no subject)
Sunday November 16 2003
11:49PM 0 Problems with binding nmbd to an Interface.......
8:58PM 2 SAMBA 3.0.0 PDC + LDAP - Adding Computer Account
6:14PM 2 Can not add users to samba 3.0
2:49PM 1 samba-3.0.0 and Active Directory
12:38PM 0 Microsoft Word *.dot files / Samba
Saturday November 15 2003
11:22PM 0 Login after join domain fails
10:52PM 1 Samba and LDAP troubles
10:41PM 0 Unable to compile Samba 3.0.0 on Max OS X 10.2
8:09PM 0 John Terpstra at SCALE - Nov. 22, 2003
5:05PM 0 Samba + LDAP :: Create user
2:44AM 1 John Terpstra Update
2:09AM 2 Linux Shell
1:14AM 1 Profile Funniness on a Solaris 9 PDC
12:52AM 6 Samba 3 and CUPs printer causes explorer to abend
Friday November 14 2003
11:03PM 0 local group with members from domain
10:59PM 0 re:smbprint problem
9:58PM 0 Bug or misconfiguration
9:09PM 4 'Account disabled due to email bouncing' madness
9:03PM 0 Silly error message when building samba-3.0.1pre3.src.rpm
8:12PM 0 Test page failed to print. Would you to like ......? Access is denied.
7:47PM 4 Setting up Samba
7:36PM 1 RAS dialin
7:29PM 0 Win2K works but WinXP doesnt using ADS
7:00PM 0 freebsd and winbind
6:24PM 1 Samba 3 and Mac OS X Jaguar to authenticate AD2003 users
4:55PM 0 Smbpasswd to LDAP migration
4:41PM 0 vpn with samba
4:38PM 1 URGENT problem: Win-NT4 connecting to Samba
4:24PM 0 Network drive in Windows 2000
3:45PM 0 Don't see any shares
3:33PM 0 swat manpage -h opt bugreport 3.0.0
3:20PM 1 Samba 3 as Domain Member / W2k ADS
2:36PM 1 doc bugreport 3.0.0. install.html
2:01PM 0 3.0.0 doc obsolete content
1:58PM 1 doc bugreport compiling.html samba 3.0.0
1:43PM 0 doc bugreport 3.0.0 install.html
1:30PM 0 Local and nonlocal profiles
12:30PM 1 Difference between versions and compatibility for Cobalt RaQ2
12:09PM 13 Need Help
12:05PM 0 Compiling Samba fails on Tru64
12:01PM 0 Directory access works, file access does not
11:48AM 1 smclient-excludes
11:25AM 1 net group question
11:21AM 0 iseries and Samba 2.2.7a security rollup fix
11:05AM 0 Smalls problems
10:46AM 0 man swat 2.2.8a patch
10:46AM 0 swat documentation - password
10:28AM 0 sci files opening slow
10:20AM 0 Hello I'm a spanish new user. HELP FOR IRIX
10:08AM 7 Backup from Linux onto Win2K-share
9:29AM 1 Searchable Webinterface
8:51AM 0 re:smbprint problem
8:00AM 2 Auth problem
7:27AM 0 Re: Samba on AIX 5.1
6:51AM 2 Samba 3.0.1pre3 available for download
6:18AM 1 ADS with Kerberos trust
4:26AM 0 which ports need to be open to use an NT password authentication server
Thursday November 13 2003
11:52PM 1 Question on migrating NT4 shares to Samba 3 (Mandrake)
11:26PM 0 Add Windows XP
10:38PM 0 No user logon from w2k/winxp
8:22PM 3 Samba PDC on RH9 w/ W2k SP4 Client.
8:10PM 2 rid format in sambaSID
7:46PM 0 Samba FreeBSD problem
6:59PM 2 Netatalk and Samba???
6:49PM 1 Authentication against AD
6:40PM 2 file permissions on home directories and admin user copying files to it
6:29PM 0 Problem compiling 3.0.0
6:28PM 0 Gnome hangs after samba/winbindd configuration
6:18PM 0 samba 3.0 and freebsd 5.1
5:43PM 1 Accessing shares through XP on an NT4 domain
5:09PM 0 Client accessing Samba doesn't authenticate against A ctive Directory
5:02PM 0 Stuck on joining W2K clients to domain Samba 3 LDAP 2.1.23
4:04PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Corruption of floppy link when upgrading to 3.0.0]
3:29PM 0 Looking for a VFS Module
3:27PM 1 another bug?
3:18PM 1 Corruption of floppy link when upgrading to 3.0.0
2:39PM 2 cvs samba-docs missing configure and makefile
2:09PM 1 logon.bat is not running on startup
1:55PM 1 NIS Samba Authentication
1:40PM 0 3.0-cannot create profile directory...
12:04PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 11, Issue 23
11:30AM 0 CUPS printing with Samba.
10:04AM 1 Samba + POSIX ACL, e2fsck
8:53AM 1 Samba3 password backend
8:45AM 0 Fw: Samba 3.0 PDC, machine needs to be added?
7:52AM 0 How to build Samba3 on AIX??
7:26AM 0 Domain is temporarily not available
4:31AM 0 (no subject)
12:06AM 1 Client accessing Samba doesn't authenticate against Active Directory
Wednesday November 12 2003
11:30PM 1 strange behaviour
10:45PM 2 NT4 PDC and Samba 3 issues...
10:36PM 4 Best way for exchange?
10:30PM 2 NT4 PDC and Samba 3
10:14PM 0 Remove the active directory support
9:16PM 0 Pizza?
9:15PM 2 problems with cupsaddsmb
8:20PM 2 Samba 3.0 PDC, exchange 5.5 installing service pack 4 fails.
8:01PM 1 HOWTO is missing TOC
7:13PM 2 Accessing domain share drives
6:24PM 0 info...
6:13PM 0 SWAT authentication question...
5:50PM 2 Samba 3 Password Ageing and History
5:31PM 2 printing / printcap name in samba-3.0.0 BUG
5:28PM 1 samba (vs. nfs) in all unix environment
4:54PM 0 Problem Samba 3.0 with net groupmap access LDAP 2.1.23
4:46PM 0 Workgroup/Domain Comments
4:45PM 1 Upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.0 fails
4:08PM 0 Samba 3.0 PDC, machine needs to be added?
3:40PM 0 samba + ldap + group problem
12:58PM 2 Join Machine to Domain
12:10PM 1 problem authenticating win xp machine
11:44AM 1 samba 2.2.8 and win2k/tse
11:29AM 2 samba 3.0 pdc and samba 2.2.8a password authentication failure
9:57AM 0 -Please assist with Machine password change failed-
7:30AM 0 smbmount patch
1:45AM 1 Samba 3 home dirs not going.
Tuesday November 11 2003
10:03PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA27_1068588229_PC133_3 was ge nerated
9:39PM 1 Guest Account - don't enter a password
9:26PM 2 XFS + Samba 2.2.3a, unable to change permissions on shares
8:22PM 0 2.2.7a doesn't appear in network neighborhood
7:39PM 1 Likelihood of WINS Replication?
7:30PM 1 Wierd Roaming Profile Error
6:43PM 0 RE: Samba-3.0.0 on OpenBSD-3.4
4:50PM 2 FreeBSD and Samba Windbind questions
4:38PM 1 Book Signings?
4:36PM 0 RPC server unavailable
4:36PM 0 Problems with installation of samba
4:29PM 0 Client can't use share
4:10PM 2 No Roaming profiles local only
3:39PM 2 samba 1.9.18 swat
3:02PM 2 Current Version
2:58PM 0 problem with workgroup and inetd
2:57PM 1 3.0.0 problem: smbd and nmbd only works with lo
2:44PM 0 Samba Doks German Translation second File released, Samba Doku deutsche Übersetzung 2. File
2:17PM 0 nt status support
1:58PM 1 ntlm_auth and squid authentication problems
1:27PM 0 OT: English and French translations of "Munich Migration Case Study" seems to be available
1:05PM 1 Cannot enable browsing, chdir to /tmp denied...
12:42PM 2 Samba 3.0.0 - LDAP Authetication trouble
12:20PM 0 CIFS patch for 2.4.22
11:10AM 2 my samba3+ldap+SSO plan
11:02AM 0 group and user access problem [any versions]
10:20AM 0 Q: troubleshooting nmbd registration
9:51AM 1 winbind cannot run correctly
9:44AM 1 lock problem on 32 bit mounted nfs with 64 bit lock offsets
6:59AM 1 Machine account pasword change failed (NT 4)
1:27AM 0 netdom secure channel reset
12:58AM 0 "+" breaks "force groups" with winbindd?
12:39AM 1 Samba 3 Redhat 9 Openldap doc
12:03AM 1 Samba Success Story
Monday November 10 2003
11:55PM 0 Strange SWAT 3.0 behavior with group names containing spaces
11:44PM 1 Access Windows 2003 Machine Accounts for ADS group policy software deployment
11:26PM 1 Win2k Password Hash
11:20PM 1 High Availability with Samba and Heartbeat
11:10PM 0 [Fwd: Re: PDC]
11:10PM 0 Re: novice level question
10:25PM 0 some win2K machines get "incorrect username/password" error
9:58PM 0 (no subject)
9:25PM 12 PDC
9:18PM 0 Cannot access shares
9:10PM 1 Group sharing between NT and Linux domains
9:10PM 2 Samba Translation Dok to German, first file, deutsche Übersetzung Der Samba Doku erste Datei
7:49PM 1 full size shown before file transfer (via samba) completes?
7:32PM 0 samba users policies
7:19PM 0 Samba 3.0.0 deb package compile problem
6:31PM 1 Newbie problem
5:43PM 0 smb.conf when security = domain
5:36PM 8 winbindd panic daemon dies
5:32PM 0 read access without and write access only with password
3:55PM 0 Win2K and Samba v:2.2.7a
3:51PM 2 Failure to Change Machine Account Password
3:32PM 0 umask-y type question
3:32PM 0 Samba 3.0 - LDAP create machine account fails
2:12PM 0 Xp browsing. how to have browsing group different from domain group ?
2:03PM 0 Spnego =no,xp , security = domain ask for more info
1:55PM 1 Test Samba 3.0.1pre2 smb panic xp client
1:44PM 1 Winbind+OpenLDAP: Id mapping data is stored partially
1:40PM 0 Winbindd+LDAP problem: Id mapping data is stored partially
1:26PM 1 Forcing Samba & Winbind to use port 139
1:08PM 0 follow symlinks = no isn't enforced
1:08PM 2 LDAP IDMAP not working
12:43PM 0 upgraded --> cannot print anymore
12:37PM 0 Still can't see Printers in Printerassistent
12:36PM 0 smb.conf location
12:26PM 0 Samba 3.0.0 PDC, ldapsam: net groupmap settings for NT4 usermanager and administrative shares
10:02AM 1 Problem with winbind and pam
9:48AM 0 Machine account password change failed in N.T. 4 event log ?
9:26AM 1 Mounting Shares from a Windows Server 2003 DC
8:17AM 0 OT: Work offer - SAMBA consultant required in
6:10AM 0 netbios-ssn problem
5:39AM 1 Samba & Linux Pam
2:04AM 3 Backing up Samba
1:16AM 1 OT: Work offer - SAMBA consultant required in Sydney, Australia.
Sunday November 9 2003
9:35PM 2 What is LDAP for?
8:28PM 3 logging print jobs
7:54PM 2 File Disappearance after copy?
5:58PM 1 BIND version 9.2.1 how do i do local dns and external resolution
5:26PM 1 How to add users to samba 3.0
5:19PM 1 Solved: Samba 3 w/ADS on Slackware
3:55PM 0 How can i get synchronized of files between samba client and server
3:11PM 2 Check whether a unix user is a samba user
8:40AM 1 samba 3 LDAP/PDC problem - adding WXP account
Saturday November 8 2003
9:45PM 0 smb.conf problems causes net groupmap to fail
8:36PM 1 Second Windows Computer Disconnects First
5:31PM 1 sambaGroupType
5:18PM 1 Can not connect to SWAT
4:05PM 1 ADS still doesn't work with SAMBA 3 CVS.
4:00AM 1 Samba 3.0.1pre2 available for download
1:53AM 1 Samba 3 doesn't compile - the saga continues...
12:31AM 0 XP Pro machines cannot print or reconnect maps
Friday November 7 2003
11:25PM 0 Two instances, two interfaces
11:08PM 3 Samba with Domain User accounts
9:55PM 0 XP logins and Samba-3
9:31PM 2 Samba 2.2.3a and Windows Sychronization
7:39PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a and Windows Synchronization
6:57PM 0 (no subject)
6:50PM 13 File Locking
5:59PM 0 File/Folder Synchronization Access Failure Pblm
5:38PM 0 User Logon Problem
5:00PM 2 samba + user/host authentification
4:27PM 0 Cannot join domain: unable to find suitable driver
4:20PM 0 Samba <- Winbind -> Windows 2003 ADS Questions
3:41PM 0 Help Joining and NT domain
3:14PM 3 Outlook + attached files
3:05PM 0 joining machines into a samba domain
2:59PM 1 Users unable to change their passwords using 200/XP change password dialouge.
2:30PM 0 (no subject)
2:16PM 1 Groups & LDAP
1:52PM 19 Permissions
1:51PM 30 test
1:14PM 2 Réf. : Net groupmap fails
12:30PM 1 Problems With MDB in Linux/Samba
12:07PM 6 Printing with CUPS
11:31AM 0 Net groupmap fails
10:48AM 1 Samba 3.0.0 & OpenBSD 3.3: ldap.h not found
9:38AM 1 Problems with migrating profiles
9:31AM 2 Change samba and Unix password from Windows 98
9:00AM 0 Printing from Linux (Redhat 9) to a win2k shared printer
8:56AM 0 connection limit using 3.0.0 ???
8:20AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Samba + Radius]
7:30AM 2 Samba 2.2 -> 3.0.0 upgrade: questions + Internet Connection Wizard / Identities
7:29AM 0 Unable to access my home share on samba 3 and win nt4, was able to do it with samba 2.2.2
6:40AM 0 W2K, W2K Server and samba 3.0.1
5:51AM 1 special re-exporting smb share
2:53AM 2 Windows 2000 and 98SE at same time
2:32AM 0 NT Domain admins to have root privelages
1:04AM 1 Samba 3 still doesn't work - build errors (details)
12:53AM 1 Unix Password Sync Question
Thursday November 6 2003
11:13PM 3 Translation samba 3 how to in german, Übersetzung des Samab 3 How to ins deutsch
9:55PM 1 Winbind + LDAP Idmap backend finally running!
9:30PM 2 idmap + ldap + nsswitch +winbindd
9:29PM 9 Samba 3 and MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
9:27PM 0 cannot su to root
9:24PM 1 clarify issues on joining Samba PDC, machines, RIDs,
8:55PM 3 CUPS vs lprng
8:40PM 0 (no subject)
8:06PM 0 (no subject)
7:17PM 2 Need help setting up a Samba 3.x Backup Domain Controller with LDAP
6:40PM 1 File xfer speed issues with MacOS X 10.2 and 10.3
5:59PM 1 RE Samba 3, recycle vfs and symbolic links
5:24PM 0 Call timed out:
5:07PM 1 Winbind seems to have hosed my roaming profiles
4:48PM 2 Assistance request
4:31PM 0 Running samba on same machine for multiple domains
2:39PM 1 pdbedit and ldap
1:44PM 0 Samba 3, recycle vfs and symbolic links
1:26PM 1 Samba 3 ACL's not Shown for Directories
1:23PM 1 Samba and Word 2000 problems
1:18PM 0 security = user , but no username asked?
12:08PM 2 Problem with HPDJ1120C
11:04AM 1 Samba 3.0 and ADS How to
11:02AM 1 Audit File operations with 3.0
10:53AM 0 Can't see Printers in Printerassistent
10:50AM 1 Error trying to resolve symbol 'init_module'
9:49AM 1 Samba permissions..
9:42AM 0 set auth user
8:07AM 1 strange error-report in smbd.log
2:12AM 2 cupsd and winbind ...
1:35AM 1 Must I remove gnome-kerberos-0.3.1-9?
12:36AM 1 Automount homes via smb question
12:21AM 1 running samba
Wednesday November 5 2003
10:46PM 2 unable to open passdb database
9:33PM 2 Integrating a Linux desktop into a Windows Domain environment
9:23PM 3 samba and acl
8:48PM 0 samba3 + ldap pdbedit machine trust account problem
8:48PM 3 Samba 3.0.1pre1 winbind / getent problems
7:36PM 0 NT4 PDC, domain admin group on samba file server
7:24PM 0 Admin privilages for root in a samba domain on a win2000 box
7:22PM 2 Migrating from Samba2.2.8a+LDAP+PDC to Samba3+ldapsam
6:59PM 0 password keeps on expiring
6:13PM 0 Winbind separator warning
4:29PM 1 3.0.1pre1 PDC and Win2K joining Domain
3:47PM 2 Unable to connect to a Samba server using a Microsoft Dos Client
3:20PM 1 smbusers and wildcards
2:46PM 0 (no subject)
2:18PM 0 3.0.0, SunOS 5.8, Solaris 8, Error trying to resolve symbol 'init_module'
12:41PM 1 samba 3.0.2: Howto give a "normal" user the right to add a workstation
11:21AM 1 Is there a buffer or cache setting in samba?
11:19AM 0 w2k clients change some data
10:01AM 1 Conversion from UTF8 to CP850 not supported
9:39AM 0 WinXP and Samba 3.0
9:10AM 1 Samba 3 & ADC problem.
8:59AM 0 Linux and Replication: Reducing Cost and Risk in Migrations - Web Seminar Invitation
8:58AM 1 Samba + LDAP - PDC (i.e. workgroup)
6:54AM 0 ¡B¸`¬Ù©ù¶Qªº®t®È¶O/¹q¸Ü¶O
6:10AM 1 Cups printing, domain group error, getting closer...
5:59AM 0 Samba 3.0.x and W2K Server
5:46AM 0 (no subject)
5:08AM 0 Cups printing on Samba 3.0.1 from Win2000 SP4
4:48AM 1 samba PDC on FreeBSD question
4:44AM 0 PDC Disable Local Logins
1:58AM 2 Samba + Radius
1:20AM 0 sys_gethostbyname error
Tuesday November 4 2003
11:59PM 1 Compiling Samba 3 on OS 10.2
9:51PM 0 Samba system freeze on bootup...
9:37PM 1 Solaris, Samba-3.0.1pre1 Compile error
9:17PM 1 Samba 3/ADC/Winbind problem
8:58PM 1 HP1120c
8:51PM 1 unable to open passdb database.
8:33PM 1 Samba 3.0.0 can't join ADS domain
8:21PM 0 Can't browse Samba 3.0 domain member shares
8:20PM 1 domain admin users?
7:09PM 0 HP1120c problem
6:32PM 1 MS Word unable to sense file opening by other users
6:07PM 1 Samba mount directory on Win2k box
5:25PM 3 user can no longer connect to shares
5:18PM 0 resend: odd system in findsmb output
4:55PM 0 samba 3 on AIX using Bull downloads
4:55PM 2 acl problem
4:31PM 1 samba build problems
4:11PM 0 Home Directorys
3:05PM 1 ACL + sticky bit
3:01PM 0 HP1120 Sharing problem
2:51PM 1 Groups problem
2:02PM 1 winbind and getent ...
1:58PM 2 will someone help me please
1:56PM 1 Optimizations for Speed on Gigabit Network
1:49PM 0 Oplocks -- Simultaneously writing to same file
1:40PM 0 Read Write Access to Linux Share
1:20PM 0 cupsaddsmb error message
1:15PM 2 Logon script based on group
1:05PM 0 samba 3.0 logon problem
10:22AM 1 very odd behavior for concurrent file access in Samba3.0.0 with MS Word
9:23AM 0 No Printer!
9:11AM 6 SV: Samba-Citrix compatability
8:06AM 0 Samba printing, I just don't get it
7:32AM 1 General installation question: mksh error
7:22AM 1 Db3 data base is only availible to a single user at a time.
6:31AM 1 \ as winbind separator not possible?
6:19AM 3 AW: wbinfo error
5:53AM 0 don't be late! amzadaad
4:58AM 0 New Linux Samba server
4:41AM 1 Fwd: Samba semantics error?
12:55AM 2 Samba-Citrix compatability
Monday November 3 2003
11:34PM 0 AIX install question
11:26PM 0 No automated network interface determination, no seteuid method available
10:51PM 2 getting started
10:39PM 0 No problem.
10:38PM 1 samba 3011
10:22PM 1 HowTo Chapter12 Group Mapping and LDAP
9:35PM 0 relier linux mandrak9.1 à WinXP par smbmnt
9:24PM 0 don't be late! sbcsnaan
9:17PM 0 don't be late! aaeawaaw
9:12PM 0 don't be late! vvivfzaf
8:56PM 0 Problem w Samba on Alpha: No filenames > 80 chars displayed on Win Clients
8:41PM 16 Samba configuration
8:39PM 0 don't be late! oyuoaiaa
8:25PM 2 I joined this list today
8:24PM 0 don't be late! nzznuiau
8:16PM 0 don't be late! ihwiooao
8:11PM 0 don't be late! waownyan
8:06PM 1 How-to install Samba 3.0.0-2 on RH9
7:58PM 0 don't be late! unpulaal
7:51PM 1 Copying from win NTFS to Samba share=corruption??
7:49PM 1 Local Profile
7:49PM 0 don't be late! ijrivvav
7:49PM 0 Samba 2.2.8 and PAM....
7:41PM 0 Change PDC IP Address and moving them to a separated network
7:37PM 0 Q: logging other existing domain users to samba nework
7:33PM 1 don't be late! hmrheaae
7:25PM 0 don't be late! ebfemeam
7:05PM 1 No machine account possible?
7:03PM 1 PDC can't get SID
6:31PM 1 Samba new server in existing domain/sever
6:06PM 0 printing to w2k
6:02PM 1 question about ADS sync
5:52PM 1 samba-3.0.0: bugs in PDC/BDC mode with LDAP
5:48PM 1 Slow reads of large video files with a few clients connected
5:06PM 2 Errors in log file with Samba3
4:54PM 1 xp machines and samab 2.2.8a problem
4:47PM 4 Samba-3.0.1pre1 and LDAP
4:20PM 1 network printing
3:59PM 0 Fwd: Winbind: can't log in as domain user
3:45PM 0 $HOME in magic script
3:36PM 0 Connections to Samba server left open?
2:44PM 1 Cannot find monthly digests
2:29PM 0 Samba 3 - Windows 2000 ADS
2:20PM 2 upgrade 2.2.8a -> 3.0 Debian DOS long filename problem
2:18PM 2 Installing samba 3.0 on redhat 9
2:12PM 1 wbinfo error
2:07PM 0 Windows client can't connect to samba
1:33PM 1 Samba Error messages
1:07PM 0 RV: Help: Remote procedure call error
12:47PM 0 How to change the IP adresse answered by "nmbd"
10:49AM 2 Win2k clients not connecting
9:45AM 0 ERRDOS - ERRnomem error messages in samba.log
9:39AM 2 Joining smb server as a BDC for NT domain
9:28AM 1 FW: XP joining domain - problem
5:55AM 0 XP joining domain - problem
5:01AM 0 don't be late! fkmfbpeb
4:40AM 0 don't be late! srmsooeo
Sunday November 2 2003
8:54PM 2 please help with samba 3.0
5:42PM 3 error message after long connect with windows client(s)
5:04PM 1 Strange entries in logfiles
5:01PM 1 Samba is not identifying a print service on win 2000 client
3:04PM 1 Problems with Windows Explorer & Samba Fileshare
9:15AM 1 (no subject)
9:15AM 0 (no subject)
3:27AM 0 Windbind requirements and settings
3:15AM 0 oplock error message in log
3:09AM 1 Samba 3.0 PDC and Group Listing on Samba Winbind Box
2:34AM 1 Not reading quota under 3.0.0
Saturday November 1 2003
8:47PM 0 Windows 95 clients don't create profiles directories and "error 4"
8:05PM 0 Samba PDC: Cannot see the list of users
7:52PM 0 pam_smbpass broken in 3.0?
7:30PM 0 After Samba Update, WinXP won't connect.....
6:00PM 1 Mounting drives from Win XP
10:52AM 2 Samba on ReiserFS
10:09AM 4 XP Home and Samba? and: two network cards?
1:57AM 1 SAMBA-ClearCase access from multiple NT domains
12:35AM 3 authentication question: pptp tunnels for cisco vpn 3000