Rails - Oct 2006

Tuesday October 31 2006
11:52PM 2 Windows Capistrano like ?
11:31PM 1 New Article: Endless Pageless - No More Next Page
11:08PM 2 Parsing and ovewriting a comma delimated file
10:18PM 0 advice on central authentication system
9:56PM 1 Picture Grid View
9:14PM 0 Uniqueness validation on mult. attrs. / validation order
8:58PM 2 button_on with css style
8:23PM 1 best way to set up email in your website
8:19PM 1 Help with DRY. I feel like im doing more then I have to.
7:16PM 2 Q on ActiveRecord syntax
7:03PM 0 Looking for Newbies to review revised "Rolling with Ruby on Rails" tutorials
6:59PM 10 Render action from post call
6:31PM 0 RJS template sending JS that isn't executed?
6:25PM 3 ActionMailer how to check mail sent
5:54PM 0 getting ruby installed and working: zlib and readline
5:36PM 1 Versioned URLs plugin
5:25PM 5 MySQL Warm Standby
5:19PM 2 Link_to & class
4:54PM 1 newbie question: specifying view dynamically (html vs. xml)
4:41PM 5 ZipCodeSearch Plugin
4:40PM 0 Instance valiable was lost in render_component_as_string().
4:39PM 0 count_by_sql not working
3:48PM 0 Newbie question: page navigation
3:12PM 3 Can xx.com and www.xx.com stand for different app?
1:51PM 1 Functional tests - Autonumber for fixtures
12:17PM 3 Text entry recipe
12:12PM 2 Subdomains, Session Data, & Routing
12:10PM 1 RoR tools for managing static websites?
12:05PM 6 Trouble with Capistrano and custom symlink from shared directory
11:53AM 1 Feedburner and Google Analytics integration for Rails
11:39AM 3 Using check_box with a list of objects
10:16AM 1 newbie Q: how do I implement using ActiveRecord?
9:41AM 5 Authentication, REST and XML
7:51AM 4 Auto-increment lost during migration.
7:34AM 9 problem wirth google groups interface?
6:43AM 3 Rails/YUI-Grid Question
6:07AM 4 New Rails resource - PluginAWeek.org
5:35AM 0 set rmagick image depth?
5:18AM 1 Conditional routes
4:34AM 3 Forcing FCGI at dreamhost
3:38AM 0 E-R Model to Rails
3:37AM 2 Error starting WEBrick after environment.rb modification
3:35AM 3 File Management by User Permissions
2:42AM 2 Finding numeric maximum of numbers when they're stored as strings
1:04AM 1 callbacks for to-one associations?
12:32AM 0 Ruby code highlight in html
12:06AM 1 [OT] Hosed ImageMagick Kills Gruff
Monday October 30 2006
11:32PM 16 Seymore - Content Management On Rails
11:29PM 0 ym4r_gm
11:27PM 0 armailer
11:06PM 3 POTENTIAL TextMate Halloween Virus!
10:51PM 2 Design Question - Position created from one or more Trades
10:39PM 0 RESTful autocompletion and search
10:31PM 9 Memory limits on TextDrive
10:24PM 1 Is there a way to specify a possible relationship between models?
10:23PM 7 object.send("collection <<", something) doesn't work?
10:22PM 2 RJB in Rails - setting JAVA_HOME correctly in environment.rb
9:54PM 5 Updating database entries through ActionController
9:25PM 2 Two RoR probs: script\console "no such file to load" error, test "rake aborted!"
9:22PM 0 acts_as_taggable and user_id find_by...
8:39PM 0 Builder and Fileutils confilct
8:36PM 0 Online surveys in Ruby
8:07PM 2 best practice for downloadable product?
7:47PM 0 Modifications to User Controller and Login View generated by SaltedHashGenerator not working as expected
7:04PM 0 form_test_helper plugin
6:31PM 1 has_many throught and manual handling of updates. Is there something easier ?
6:28PM 0 NEWBIE: a pretty simple search form problem
6:19PM 1 TrustCommerce Subscription plugin
5:55PM 6 Connection Pooling / Postgres /MySql
5:39PM 0 possible to have multiple actions on 1 link_to_remote ?
5:29PM 2 file_column uppercase extension problem
5:15PM 2 It this possible: finder_sql-like behavior for belongs_to?
5:08PM 0 select options question
4:42PM 3 ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (2 for 1))
4:20PM 7 belongs_to nonintuitive results with assignment?
4:01PM 0 My showdown: Ruby/Rails, Perl/Catalyst, Python/Turbogears
3:56PM 1 DB schema and Rails Question
3:33PM 0 scaffold generator failing
3:31PM 8 Selling Ruby on Rails to the Masses
2:42PM 2 Route generation problems
2:27PM 1 session variable difficulty in Ruby on Rails
2:19PM 0 Sortable: tables and Firefox
1:32PM 2 apache2 mod_deflate does not work
1:26PM 1 Problem with reloading modules
1:25PM 0 Mocks and Associations
12:51PM 6 Agile Web Development with Rails
12:32PM 0 OT: RadRails fails to open
11:27AM 2 pg_escape_bytea / pg_unescape_bytea (php) alternative in Rails?
10:02AM 3 Can SOAP/RSS be served by XSLT transform?
9:12AM 0 How-to Pretty URLs with Subdomain using mod_rewrite, request routing plugin
8:32AM 0 Pretty URLs with Subdomain - URL Rewrite, Request Routing Plugin
7:05AM 1 RAILS_ROOT changed when uploaded to web server I think...
6:08AM 4 BackgrounDRb 0.2.0 Release. Complete Rewrite
4:58AM 5 Detecting MIME type of data
4:12AM 2 Problems integrating Nifty Corners Cube with Rails
2:29AM 0 BackgrounDRb 0.2.0 Released! Complete Rewrite.
2:26AM 0 Re: how to make template
1:38AM 14 Freelance rates
1:17AM 3 SQLite3 id not being updated immediately after save.
Sunday October 29 2006
10:48PM 4 Anyone read this , opinion ?
10:39PM 0 Is it a memory leak to...
10:11PM 3 Localhost subdomains with Mongrel on OSX
9:21PM 0 Custom form builders
9:05PM 10 Small conditional statement not working
8:43PM 1 :with for observe_field helper--parameter passing
7:52PM 4 Application extremely slow
7:20PM 19 controller/view problem from RoR n00b
6:55PM 0 Help with Draggables
6:47PM 3 Best practice - polymorphic or not
6:01PM 0 Rails Developer Position Available
5:04PM 0 mutliple sites on single code base architecture
3:47PM 4 RoR Templates to create a web site
3:33PM 3 Mark html elements with a CSS class
2:53PM 0 customizing the display of an erroneous individual field
2:40PM 4 help: restful and ajax call
2:10PM 2 Extending activeRecord::Base
12:27PM 4 adding form elements via a js / ajax call
11:30AM 1 Proper way to route 'date' urls using simply_restful
10:35AM 1 ActiveRecordStore: Where is the session id generated?
10:24AM 3 Scaling and class methods
9:06AM 1 Connection Management
8:54AM 5 Selective validation? Is it possible?
7:39AM 1 Why don't more generators use divs?
7:25AM 0 Here Come teh Dummies
7:12AM 1 weird error - any ideas?
7:06AM 5 rake db:migrate - targeting a specific <migration>.rb file ???
6:30AM 0 Does "respond_to" really buy much?
6:18AM 9 Undefined method IS defined in login subsystem
6:16AM 1 xml freeze pane and column width
6:15AM 3 RubyForge verus JavaForge??? for online project/defect tracking
4:37AM 8 active_record_defaults
12:52AM 3 how to create 0:M or 0:1 relationships in ActiveRecord?
12:04AM 1 params(:id) overwritten
12:04AM 2 Could this route be invoking the profiler somehow?
Saturday October 28 2006
11:42PM 2 where is the "record" method??? i.e. which is used in generators (e.g. scaffold_generator.rb)
11:09PM 1 Error messages and models.
11:01PM 0 paypal gem and ssl
10:42PM 1 Deleting in update - lazy and bad form or ?
10:35PM 3 understanding the RoR API, noob questions here?...
8:46PM 3 id tag assignment with date helper class
7:39PM 3 need some help understanding forms...
7:25PM 0 globalize or rgettext?
7:22PM 2 When a Partial lies in the main layout..
6:24PM 0 Using select_month, ._day, ._year, instead of date_select
6:21PM 2 page.replace_html doesnot work for a table row in I.E.
6:14PM 5 sessions things I can't figure out from the api
5:19PM 4 Read Local File System
5:16PM 0 model depracated
4:46PM 0 Interesting model problem
3:09PM 3 Wierd problem has stopped my whole site working
2:34PM 2 anything rails based app like pligg or digg out there ?
2:32PM 2 Loaded suite dispatch.cgi Started Finished in 0.000166 secon
2:14PM 2 Logging
12:33PM 5 Seperate admin and public views using one controller REST CRUD
12:17PM 0 Way to assign global prefix to all restful resource routes?
10:41AM 2 onchange="document.forms[0].submit()" - how to CANCEL
10:05AM 1 utf8 encoding makes functional testing troubled
7:14AM 1 Digitally Sign Email
6:23AM 1 accessing params when data posted as yaml
6:01AM 4 Event Listeners for form > select tags
4:42AM 3 Amazon API in Rails
4:23AM 2 Resize new windows
3:54AM 4 Rails application failed to start properly
3:14AM 2 HAML: Migrating Slowly?
1:14AM 2 Installing edge
12:15AM 1 RoR install on slackware not going well..
Friday October 27 2006
11:47PM 0 rake:functionals + controller namespaces + "global" setup method = BOOM + a sad me
11:46PM 4 to_xml output hyphen instead of underscore update?
11:31PM 0 Calling for Ruby developer in the UK
11:12PM 1 How to load fixtures in order
8:33PM 1 Iterating through a collection by date
7:54PM 2 Getting 500 error with Apache on Ubuntu
7:50PM 7 How to make this secure?
7:43PM 7 Media Temple or Dreamhost
7:42PM 0 FT Ruby on Rails job in Raleigh, NC
7:35PM 0 deploying rails
7:28PM 2 How does Rails handle many to many relationships?
6:56PM 0 How to install openssl?
6:44PM 2 STI types stored in a database
6:30PM 1 ActionController in Models, is it possible?
6:13PM 2 Problems installing a plugin
5:41PM 1 Advie for model relationships
4:56PM 2 Where are new Rails changes listed?
3:16PM 4 has_and_belongs_to_many - ensure only rows with there user_id are returned
2:50PM 4 Sending BCC to multiple recipients
2:39PM 2 Displaying a textfile inline
2:38PM 2 auto_link escaping issues
2:16PM 1 uncaught throw `Fetch Failure' in thread 0x2e8f810
1:36PM 0 Rails Plugin Tool 0.2.1
1:32PM 4 Updating just one property of an ActiveRecord
1:18PM 4 Webrick and Mongrel dies suddenly under Windows XP Prof
12:32PM 7 App Model "Image" conflicts with RMagick "Image"
12:18PM 0 wrong argumentwrong argument type false (expected Data)
11:10AM 10 edit / update text_field
10:55AM 1 link_to
10:05AM 2 Getting XML from different controller
9:47AM 5 Why don't form helpers read custom model attributes ?
8:14AM 0 Error management on models.
7:11AM 6 Dreamhost Deployment Issues
6:53AM 5 Purpose of after_initialize in ActiveRecord?
6:43AM 0 Expiring action from outside the controller
6:28AM 2 How to edit a record in the List, using Ajax?
5:22AM 1 selects and validates_presence_of
4:44AM 0 net/ftp problem
4:07AM 1 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.0.5
3:56AM 6 ugh - label printing
3:44AM 1 combining multiple models into 1 file
3:08AM 0 Looking for a Ruby Rails programmer for project in Lancaster, CA
1:29AM 3 Effect.BlindDown not working properly
1:16AM 0 Showing selected item when editing form with select drop-down menu.
12:47AM 1 has_many with nullable foreign_key?
12:34AM 6 Table naming conventions
12:16AM 0 Re: Best IDE for Ruby - Komodo
Thursday October 26 2006
11:51PM 0 how can I set the first value of a select to something?
11:49PM 0 Recipes authentication & validates_presence_of
10:32PM 1 Using data from another website?
9:30PM 7 Design Question: Where should I put this?
9:25PM 1 radio_button_tag and id
9:15PM 0 Merging two or more apps
8:43PM 3 DRY respond_to
7:59PM 0 hoverclass not changing
7:41PM 4 Unique cookie name?
7:35PM 3 Is there an Application state in Rails like ASP
7:13PM 1 Possible to debug or log outside of MVC?
6:51PM 2 Form separate from ActiveRecord
6:07PM 11 Ruby on Rails on a Macbook
6:06PM 9 [OT] what to use to edit CSS?
5:58PM 0 new FlexImage plugin, now image processing and effect
5:05PM 1 beginner question about sort
4:39PM 1 Text on top of image with PDF::Writer?
4:25PM 0 Setting-up HTMLDOC
3:22PM 0 Piyush Gupta has invited you to use Google Talk
3:07PM 0 Google Checkout on Rails Plugin
2:46PM 2 association extensions question
2:21PM 5 Basic InstantRails CGI implementation
2:17PM 3 direct matching of params hash to model
2:00PM 0 Looking for a contractor to work remote
11:47AM 2 Removing/Replacing Tabs to Spaces -- Global Find and Replace
11:11AM 1 array in database field
9:49AM 1 Re: Auth_generator 2.0.1 on the way
9:24AM 4 Newbie question about pictures
9:15AM 1 ruby windows installer down?
8:16AM 2 Problem deploying with Capistrano PLEASE HELP
7:33AM 2 model validators
6:58AM 8 doubt in Selenium test
6:49AM 6 A Ruby and Rails Google co-op search site
6:35AM 3 Variable Scope
6:22AM 0 access denied for connecting to a remote webhost database
6:11AM 4 acts as ferret vs mysql full text search
4:59AM 1 Production and Development databases
4:20AM 1 Help with rjs (basic)
2:09AM 1 problems with rake task db:schema:load
1:53AM 2 routes.rb priorities and REST resources; Bug or documentation vagueness?
1:48AM 3 Whos is using Agile methodologies ?
1:38AM 0 custom benchmarking - problems monkey patching perform_action_with_benchmark
1:07AM 3 how to get datetime_select params?
12:19AM 1 Is there a better way to do this in Ruby/Rails
12:10AM 14 How might these params be captured
Wednesday October 25 2006
11:50PM 5 Delete in has_many :through
11:24PM 0 has_one & foreign_key - generating bad SQL
11:03PM 2 RESTful Question
10:40PM 4 NEWBIE - Agile Web development Book - posting #3
10:38PM 1 how to use increment_counter in model
10:24PM 5 ROR Developers need for Steve Case's(co-founder of AOL) hot new start up!
10:07PM 14 [SEC] Mongrel Temporary Fix For cgi.rb 99% CPU DoS Attack
9:44PM 1 Help with a select_tag; getting an undefined method `stringify_keys' error
9:18PM 1 query_string to hash
9:17PM 3 Using a string to find a model name
9:06PM 12 NameError, uninitialized constant States
9:02PM 2 Disabling echo in script/console?
8:19PM 1 overwriting request parameters for hash
8:07PM 3 Sort and Paginate articles by # number of comments
7:30PM 0 simple-rss on dreamhost
7:09PM 0 Re: Error in environment.rb when starting rails on Windows
7:02PM 5 How to store international addresses?
6:53PM 4 Google Web Toolkit (GWT) - as a rails developers should I consider this???
6:15PM 1 acts_as_sugarbean: returning records based on flag in associated table?
6:06PM 3 how can I display nothing with RJS
5:59PM 3 Multiple text fields all with the same method
5:41PM 2 can't get line_items table created
5:28PM 4 How to hide non permited actions?
5:23PM 2 Securing a rails app, blog comments?
5:13PM 4 How to enable Gruff Pie Chart to show data values instead of percentages
5:03PM 0 [ADV] New version of AWDwR available
4:24PM 1 preventing URLs
4:18PM 1 new rails app: TheTyper
4:13PM 3 Help with validates_presence_of
3:57PM 7 rest nested resources - Help please
3:45PM 0 Fwd: catching soap::emptyResponseErrors
3:24PM 7 Rails Authentication Choices
3:22PM 1 Sync with legacy database
3:10PM 0 Why is link_image_to deprecated in 1.2?
3:03PM 0 select post list of multiple user_id
2:06PM 4 need help on special HABTM relation
2:02PM 0 object cloning with relations
2:01PM 5 Comments on blogs
1:58PM 0 extend AR to handle legacy fieldname casing
1:42PM 2 How to belongs to many (not habtm)
1:36PM 7 Mac vs Windows -- app works in Mac and not in Windows
1:33PM 9 PLEASE! how to connect to a database dynamically
1:07PM 1 Active Record and non-numeric, natural primary keys?
12:20PM 0 Unable to get Ruby/WEBrick and Eclipse working - newbie
11:43AM 6 Gem vs. plugin
11:28AM 2 File Uploads & parsing only work once?
11:14AM 3 Recognition failed for "/stylesheets/scaffold.css"
10:33AM 1 Is there a better way of doing this? checking for params
10:14AM 1 has anyone had trouble with deleting cookies?
9:51AM 0 no marshal_dump error for paginating_find
8:53AM 2 Keeping objects alive while user is logged on
8:10AM 3 Noob search question
7:51AM 7 downloading files from database
7:38AM 5 How to use Webrick server
6:59AM 3 Beginner question: create array with block?
5:50AM 1 Dynamically Choosing a DB connection in a Model
5:25AM 4 Flash messages stay up too long
5:20AM 0 :params, pagination_links, and the select helper form....
4:55AM 4 correct use of counter caches?
4:45AM 0 changing database connnection
4:10AM 2 how would I validate this?
3:38AM 1 Why do I get System exit message once a week or so
3:19AM 0 Orbjson: Rails Objects from within lib modules??
3:18AM 2 Browser caching creating problems while updating an image on browser using Ajax
2:57AM 4 Newbie question - using sql "Like '%...." in Find problem
2:55AM 7 Sending a file *and* rendering a page
2:53AM 4 Instant Rails
2:41AM 1 Capistrano, Media Temple and their Grid Servers
Tuesday October 24 2006
11:22PM 6 Noobie Questions
10:53PM 0 MySQL Date field
10:52PM 1 Executing arbitrary SQL against a DB connection
10:41PM 7 Slightly OT: SVN deployment of Rails apps
10:40PM 3 Strange problem... action content disappears after a while
10:16PM 2 Render partials using display:inline instead of block
9:46PM 0 Unable to access items in /public
9:37PM 0 ROR Developers needed for Steve Case new start up!
9:21PM 4 Efficiently doing INSERT INTO...SELECT FROM in AR
8:50PM 8 background image location
8:30PM 2 Displaying Columns
8:22PM 9 Server at home or use a hosting company?
7:53PM 14 RJS not working
6:58PM 1 Inline Links
6:13PM 1 trying to update a div from a link
5:59PM 0 Routing Error question
5:23PM 0 Re: Best IDE for Ruby - Komodo
5:13PM 1 trapping and redirecting URL's for login mechanisms
5:09PM 13 Putting filter conditions on ActiveRecord::Base object?
4:36PM 2 Testing
4:16PM 1 Fix for the multiple 'find' aliasing side-effects
4:04PM 13 How can my boss take rails seriously with bugs like this?
3:55PM 4 start_form / start_end
3:39PM 3 Subversion handling of .AppleDouble etc in mixed OSX, Linux environment
3:35PM 0 Found a bug in Time library!! Take a look
3:25PM 0 ImageMagick Error with Gullery ??
3:06PM 1 test env. differs from development env, tests breaking
2:55PM 0 Fwd:Fwd: Check out the one that suits ur degree!!!
2:33PM 2 simple sql - how to select last 5 rows
2:30PM 0 Kumbaya = RubyOSA + iTunes + Marshmallow
2:16PM 1 Code blocks syntax as method arguments
2:12PM 0 Why redirect_to "/blog"
2:12PM 4 Simplest way to accept credit card transactions?
1:36PM 2 Adding an ActiveRecord helper
1:19PM 1 Restful ---what if there are 2 id's
12:41PM 0 backend based authentication
11:50AM 3 problem with images/stylesheets between windows and unix
11:16AM 5 Updating select list
11:11AM 0 displaying unicode braille
9:55AM 0 ActiveResource and SOAP
9:21AM 3 NIL trouble since upgrading Rails
8:47AM 6 logging sql calls
8:27AM 5 Changing class of DOM object in RJS
8:01AM 2 AR caching for belongs_to
8:00AM 7 Interacting with a MySQL database
7:58AM 4 Where to put a large constant?
7:27AM 12 Ruby on Rails co-op
6:23AM 7 regular expressions in Ruby on rails
6:20AM 5 How does rake decide which database to modify?
6:18AM 2 Loading data from joined table
6:11AM 16 Showstopper - can't save a record
6:01AM 2 acts_as_searchable pagination
5:57AM 0 cached_model 1.3.1 Released
5:05AM 5 Radrails and RSpec
1:04AM 6 in_place_editor_field fun! Possible to pass more parameters?
12:44AM 0 Rest, Roles, Layouts
12:08AM 1 Password reset plugin?
12:05AM 0 If formating as method argument
Monday October 23 2006
11:57PM 1 'Dependent' question
11:44PM 2 Cannot catch ActionController exception
11:18PM 3 Rails webmail
10:32PM 5 ActiveRecord migrations in a single transaction?
9:59PM 3 RoR Migrations incorrectly consuming system tables in PostgreSQL
9:14PM 1 Ruby in the config file.
8:27PM 1 Hiding the initial state of AJAZy partials.
8:25PM 1 acts_as_attachment and belongs_to:
8:14PM 5 Help With has_many and belongs_to :through assocaitions
8:13PM 1 Switch statement
7:52PM 11 What's the Fuss About Fuzz?
7:45PM 1 find method use without sql in mind
7:42PM 12 Strugling with has_many :through
6:27PM 3 Variable syntax questions
5:23PM 2 drying up partials
5:14PM 8 check for nil array
4:42PM 2 how to create a report ready to print
4:15PM 1 Finding controller/action from partial view
4:11PM 0 composed_of the other way round
4:11PM 2 for loops -- for months use i in 1...13 ???
4:00PM 7 Does every model need a corresponding Controller and View ?
3:53PM 0 Strange problem with acts_as_searchable
3:30PM 0 More automatic/DRY form generation and maintenance?
3:23PM 7 using ruby variables with ruby/mysql
3:20PM 0 What does this mean -uninitialized constant ActionView Base
2:58PM 2 @ sign, quick question.
2:38PM 0 Popdog caching_extras plugin 0.1: standalone cache access and assertions
2:25PM 3 params element find problem
2:25PM 3 joining google groups?
2:19PM 1 problems with link_to_remote
1:59PM 0 Full Time Rails Devs in Orlando
1:59PM 0 Double Submit Protection
1:44PM 1 Last Date, First Date
1:23PM 0 dynamic class methods and attributes
12:43PM 2 How to get view as a string in the controller
12:39PM 2 rake clone_schema_to_test -- default time values
12:24PM 1 Postgres and Tsearch2, how do you do it?
12:22PM 1 Automated email generation
11:35AM 0 MiniMagick Gem
10:56AM 14 undefined method `find_all'
9:54AM 1 form_for with cart with list of cart items
9:02AM 1 Getting Rails working on as Servage account
8:26AM 10 Routing Error
7:44AM 3 redirection problem, passing variables
6:56AM 10 text_field_with_auto_complete
6:22AM 5 RoR Hell. Agile Web Development book example problems
6:06AM 3 Design Dilemma - Please Help
6:02AM 3 counter_cache to calculate child entries
5:35AM 1 TestResponse Object
5:26AM 0 Firefox vs. Internet Explorer!! Free Download Firefox
4:03AM 3 Is there a way to save an object to disk?
3:42AM 3 Creating a new object with multiple associations
2:48AM 2 Expanding Shopping Cart Tutorial
2:18AM 2 mysq connection fails
2:16AM 2 Rails Command Line Script
2:08AM 2 paginating_fing vs limit / offset
2:08AM 3 passing parameter to action
1:19AM 0 Invoking a remote (AJAX) action via double click
1:11AM 1 Model class objects that are not columns in the database
1:07AM 0 Database UML design
1:03AM 17 What is the best way to design RoR pages
12:01AM 1 need help on in_place_editor
Sunday October 22 2006
11:26PM 6 Why is ruby build in pagination bad?
10:17PM 4 I can't work out how to set up my routes
9:20PM 0 Saving a file ... what's missing
9:19PM 3 Keeping DRY - I like a simple life!
8:42PM 0 Multiple site architecture question
8:20PM 0 Gruff - using customized scale
7:57PM 2 stop module caching in /lib?
7:56PM 7 rest - nested resources
7:53PM 3 Setting a variable for view
6:19PM 1 Problems passing two sets of data
6:14PM 4 Flickr Screencast not working
5:57PM 2 Browser Back Button
5:35PM 1 A big load of some load balanced mongrels
1:43PM 4 Inserting multiple rows
1:22PM 3 Recommendations for a Rails based Wiki, preferably with bidi support?
1:09PM 0 Fixed: Re: Help: insert into multiple tables
12:42PM 0 Help: insert into multiple tables
12:28PM 2 Calling action/controller name
12:14PM 2 try catch for loading gems
12:10PM 0 creating batch file for installing rails gems
11:53AM 12 How to subtract months from time?
10:53AM 6 First App. Firefox Yes, Safari No
9:44AM 2 Calling a controller from javascript function
9:08AM 1 auto_complete_field layout
5:46AM 2 Auto Populating vendor with installed Gems?
3:01AM 0 acts_as_solr v.0.02 has been released
2:01AM 2 url_for In a Component?
12:13AM 1 Install TinyMCE
Saturday October 21 2006
11:40PM 2 AWDWR : Self-Referential Question
10:35PM 4 help integrating this railsweenie code
10:25PM 3 Transactions
9:55PM 0 Help with file_column
9:50PM 14 "PHP Eats Rails for Breakfast"
9:19PM 3 Polymorhic Relationships Will Not Save
9:18PM 1 InstantRails 1.4 with Mongrel issues on reload.
8:14PM 3 accessing :through table attributes
7:32PM 0 script.aculo - dragable - hide layer when droped?
7:04PM 2 Binary / ESC in dev log
6:41PM 0 find_or_initialize_by and Nested Resources
6:01PM 3 view code confusion
5:01PM 1 Location of Helper Classes?
4:10PM 0 Free download [Essential software of Norton, Real player, Adobe reader 7.0 and many other software]
1:32PM 1 Multi page forms and rest
12:17PM 1 link_to_remode :id
12:16PM 1 modules and class's help
12:08PM 0 Google Sitemap
11:56AM 7 help getting rails application working on fastcgi on dreamhost please
9:44AM 1 [part-OT] wysiwig-editors
7:08AM 1 Kernel.require behavior
5:59AM 3 Extremely good collection: All the 8 Audio Files on How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie
5:14AM 0 nil error on <% @people.each do |person| %>
3:34AM 1 public folder
2:43AM 6 test_create gets 200 instead of :success
1:31AM 4 TinyMCE security problems
12:42AM 3 OT: Non-idempotent links in e-mail?
12:24AM 1 observers cause rake db:schema:load to fail?
12:12AM 0 New Rails App - Secure Downloads
Friday October 20 2006
11:51PM 3 how to 'flush hosts' on shared host
11:21PM 0 TMail::Mail.sender_addr= ?
11:19PM 0 Pilot error or ZenTest issue
10:52PM 3 New App - Rails Pay-Per-Download
9:58PM 6 ROR Hivelogic install problems
9:08PM 2 Rails & IIS
9:00PM 1 static url rewriting / response headers
8:18PM 2 Template question
8:01PM 4 how to include a class and create an object?
7:47PM 1 AWDWR : Generating URL
7:32PM 0 FK references in DBDesigner4?
7:25PM 2 Calling a method in a gsub?
6:59PM 0 using has_many, acts_as_list together
6:16PM 0 Button "submit" with for_remote_for
6:09PM 3 SQLiki: Help
5:50PM 1 Does action_profiler work on edge?
5:34PM 20 New App - Rails Timesheets
4:44PM 0 ROR Developer wanted
4:02PM 4 Paginate by Year
3:48PM 0 Reserved words
3:46PM 1 Date Constructor
3:19PM 0 acts_as_taggable errors (gem)
2:41PM 5 Apache requirements
2:02PM 0 control panel structure
1:56PM 0 OT: RailsConf 2006 Schedule on iCal using webcal protocol
1:15PM 2 how do you manually cause a rollback in a transaction?
12:15PM 1 Is there a way to change the Alert box title bar text
12:13PM 2 question about multi-table creates
11:22AM 0 nested structures with build_query_string
11:17AM 3 regex fails
11:14AM 2 Rails transaction rollback failed
11:02AM 3 [OT:usage of uml]
10:58AM 0 possession "the boy's toy" vs the "the boys' toy"
10:41AM 2 Re: full current url with url_for()
10:26AM 0 Worrying MySQL behaviour -- unlogged insert. Bug?
10:13AM 0 Does acts_as_searchable work with Typo 4.x ?
10:06AM 11 Coldfusion
8:45AM 0 LOC is less, but so is Length of Line of Code (LOLC)
6:47AM 7 Is rails something I should get into?
6:04AM 2 how to display integer fields
5:54AM 0 problems while "extending" restful_authentication
4:31AM 7 MVC and modules. Views telling models to behave
4:01AM 0 ActionWebService - how to raise SOAP::FaultError
3:21AM 1 Simple formatting of an ActiveRecord Attribute
3:01AM 1 Login Engine, user object "marshal data too short"?
2:06AM 2 ftp upload taking an age...
1:13AM 0 Setting up another forum mailing list gateway
12:40AM 0 acts_as_tree example
12:36AM 0 Using INTERSECT in Base find
12:23AM 0 support for database set data type?
12:15AM 3 Multiple objects from an add form
Thursday October 19 2006
11:34PM 0 Migrations, superusers, security and least privileges
11:06PM 0 Odd tab sensitivity
10:25PM 0 pam auth with ruby-pam
10:10PM 2 OT :JavascriptSortableTables
9:46PM 1 Question about variable assignments/scoping after render call
9:13PM 0 file_field original filename
9:07PM 0 To be happy in the temporal world and in the eternal abode :)
8:42PM 2 Ruby 1.8.4 Rails 1.1.6 XML post with xmlns
8:36PM 3 Capistrano Deployment and File Assets (pdfs, etc)
8:06PM 2 Polymorphic assc. uses base_class of object instead of class , Why?
7:22PM 0 Any right click plugins?
6:27PM 1 How to test an acts_as plugin?
6:12PM 5 alias_method on a model
5:50PM 5 Relationship Advice - who do I belong to & can I have many?
5:16PM 2 Strange test output
5:12PM 5 find(:all) and find_all_<etc>
4:36PM 5 Service Temporarily Unavailable's problem
4:35PM 0 [O/T] Can anybody recommend a good graphic designer / firm for my new rails app?
4:25PM 0 Configure svn with a Balloon
4:15PM 2 NEWBIE - server error
4:12PM 0 Stragety about non-existing function in rails
3:37PM 0 in_place_editor and multiple updates
3:32PM 3 Drawing with rails
3:08PM 0 No-Cookie Session Support Plugin
2:45PM 0 testing non rails application
2:16PM 0 Full-time / Part-time work and business from home - India.
2:01PM 1 Scaffolding
1:59PM 0 Ruby on Rails developer needed by Stockholm based mobile media agency
1:48PM 4 Strange works on Mac but not on linux
1:17PM 1 validate against special characters *; ' * ^ } { [ ] ><|
1:10PM 5 is mongrel_cluster+pound good enough?
1:08PM 5 Accounting package model naming
11:35AM 26 Best IDE for Ruby
11:22AM 4 Staying in the same browser window ?
11:15AM 3 Does anyone actually use Capistrano?
11:08AM 0 custom save method on a model?
11:01AM 1 Writing my own generators
10:09AM 1 SOAP - missing method name
9:38AM 3 Call methods within a given block
9:01AM 2 WEBRick process not responding after few hours (rails 1.1.6 on linux)
8:24AM 4 RJS and javascript objects problem
8:10AM 0 pressing enter to auto_complete
8:07AM 3 2nd post: help understanding scaffolding
7:41AM 1 Ajax functionality not working - partial problem?
7:14AM 0 Any gut feelings on how long 'til 1.2?
6:25AM 3 best way to add a method to the Array class
6:01AM 3 Selecting datetime values from SQL Server (year < 1970)
5:29AM 4 Triming string to fit a specific width.
5:19AM 3 Has anyone noticed Rails abrubtly slows down for no reason?
3:53AM 5 efficient ajax calls using flash?
3:50AM 2 Connecting to XML/SOAP feed that requires pkcs12 certificate for client authentication
3:15AM 1 link instead of submit_tag?
2:39AM 6 Reporting from Ruby/Rails
1:42AM 1 in_place_editor to add new records?
1:16AM 4 simply_bdd?
12:41AM 0 REST and STI Design Pattern
Wednesday October 18 2006
11:12PM 3 Application structure tutorials?
10:49PM 19 Form layout using CSS
10:41PM 1 observe_field, GET method and RESTful controllers
10:37PM 1 Daemons
10:24PM 3 ActiveRecord and Oracle Views
10:17PM 0 More questions on multiple apps, single sign-on
10:06PM 0 ActiveRecordStore using wrong session_id value?
9:03PM 1 sum method
8:47PM 2 calling an ApplicationController method from console
8:09PM 0 Payment calculations for fixed rate loans (Excel PMT func?)
8:01PM 3 Caching pages
6:55PM 3 Ruby/Amazon nil Search Result
5:38PM 9 Are scaffold questions taboo for this list?
5:35PM 5 Delete files with file-column?
5:24PM 1 [ADV] New (content-complete) version of AWDwR available
5:24PM 1 memcache-client 1.2.0 Released
5:13PM 2 Drowning in underscores and foreign keys
4:03PM 4 How to get SQLite3, Cygwin and Rails to work together
3:53PM 2 MediaTemple (gs) Experience?
3:51PM 4 Losing arrays with partial
3:41PM 0 Multiple logs from Mongrels
2:56PM 0 Chunked + request.raw_post issue
2:53PM 1 HELP: array in a database field
2:42PM 1 Registering controllers and actions in a table
2:29PM 0 database.yml, postgresql and pgpass.conf conflicts
2:23PM 4 uploading pictures with ajax
2:10PM 3 bizarre lighttpd problem
2:08PM 0 Database observer?
2:07PM 0 acts_as_list - new items
1:41PM 1 Nested Controllers?
1:39PM 13 Apache + Mongrel + PHP
1:16PM 7 HAML 0.2: The Bomb
12:43PM 2 active_record issues following upgrade to rails 1.1.6
12:32PM 7 Any opinions on Railsplayground.com
11:41AM 3 routing_navigator error
11:33AM 0 using Insertion.After
11:12AM 7 Multiple relations between two models
9:41AM 3 page caching for multilingual site
9:23AM 1 (Newbie) Database (MySQL) config pb
8:31AM 3 UnitTest Problem
7:02AM 5 Habit 4 & 5 posted: & Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey
3:55AM 3 observe_field w/check_box (how do you capture unchecked event?)
2:59AM 0 Need help with the Google Calendar Helper
2:40AM 0 Error using rake -- Expected Object is not missing
1:04AM 1 Restful routes in edge and multiple paths to a resource
12:55AM 3 auto_complete_for not reading from the database?
12:39AM 0 Nullability and date fields
Tuesday October 17 2006
10:48PM 1 how to make reports in ror
10:20PM 0 [JOB] RoR Developer PAID RELO to San Francisco,
10:18PM 1 Watch Folder for New Files
10:08PM 1 Combustible FeedBurner Plugin
10:00PM 1 [OT] autotest + Growl problem : garbled notification text
9:49PM 4 Error Messages For Plugin
9:25PM 0 Routes
9:04PM 7 Restful design
9:04PM 5 lighttpd exits, don't know why
8:14PM 5 Agile Web Dev with Rails
7:53PM 1 about the login page
7:23PM 0 Debugging a Hanging Rails App -- Suspect blocking due to file locking
7:16PM 2 how to get the session id?
7:13PM 2 Does a Command exist for Proper Names?
7:04PM 0 More Time Issues. Default won't go Null
7:02PM 8 Is it possible to make an online poker clock with ruby ?
6:44PM 0 AWDWR and deployment
6:02PM 0 Capacity Planning & bottlenecks
5:21PM 3 rake -T is missing rake db:fixtures:dump?
5:08PM 0 selectively load fixtures
4:58PM 0 Plugin: EZTime
4:36PM 4 Degrading to same URL
4:26PM 5 Memcached Server - Memory Consumption
4:11PM 0 ANN: Cache test plugin 0.2
4:00PM 2 Looking for developers
3:47PM 5 How to add odd_or_even automatically in the for loop
3:04PM 14 Do I really need Subversion and Capistrano?
2:04PM 1 Foreign Key Confusion
1:27PM 0 Microformat DSL... would like some feedback.
1:18PM 4 Automatically stripping whitespace from form fields?
12:59PM 4 ruby floating point calculations
12:08PM 5 Design-Problem
11:22AM 7 if.request.xhr?
11:20AM 2 checking a value in RJS
11:03AM 3 action mailer, error Subject: Header must not be multiple
11:03AM 2 Rake aborts with "no such file to load -- postgres"
10:47AM 2 How to compile and execute a SQL query SAFELY?
10:32AM 1 Issues with sending HTML-mail
10:10AM 1 Routing Problem
9:37AM 2 MySQL broken in Edge Rails?
9:33AM 1 hosting a rails app in India.
9:30AM 1 Goodbye PHP! :)
9:12AM 0 UJS Rails Plugin Group
9:07AM 5 How do I install Ruby 1.8.4 on my server from source, with all patches applied?
8:47AM 13 Bug or misunderstanding with serialize?
8:10AM 0 New version of BrainBuster - logic captcha for Rails
7:56AM 4 How to do this?
6:58AM 2 PKCS#12
6:05AM 4 Need to run controller code periodically in the background
5:52AM 4 nil and empty
4:53AM 0 TypeError (can't convert Bignum into Hash):
4:19AM 0 7 Habits of Highly effective Person By Stephen Covey: Audio Books
2:23AM 7 OT: Terms of service
2:22AM 3 Backgroundrb - how to pass a data file to worker from form
1:55AM 6 Rails LiveCD 0.2.1 Released
1:35AM 2 Tables, Fields, and Naming Conventions
1:01AM 0 I'm looking for how to create two listboxes with the left, right, up, and down arrows between them....
12:39AM 1 RoR past and Future
12:23AM 1 nil object in live search
Monday October 16 2006
11:48PM 3 Going through an array in batches...
11:30PM 5 javascript:history.back() - is there a rails equivalent to this?
10:53PM 1 Handling Date Fields (date_select tutorial?)
10:44PM 3 Strange ActiveRecord error popping up
10:14PM 2 Trying to get acts_as_taggable plugin to work with users! :(
9:51PM 1 Restful and routes
9:24PM 7 Using edge in production?
9:00PM 3 ActionMailer Question
8:27PM 1 RJS and changing an element's class
8:10PM 4 Singleton Pattern in RoR
7:23PM 0 Callback check question
7:06PM 0 rjs is getting text/html content type
6:55PM 0 text_field_for_auto_complete
6:50PM 3 Why validation occurs on attribute read instead of write?
6:31PM 0 periodically_call_remote and server strain
5:50PM 4 has many :through, accessing join model attribute (newbie)
5:29PM 6 Rails CHM Documentation - 1.1.6
5:13PM 0 Restful routes, not repeating yourself and non-standard rest actions best practices
4:33PM 5 Handling new form entries with relational tables
3:59PM 0 user engine session id re-generating on post
3:20PM 1 ms SQL server and ID
3:11PM 2 Period as separator in Edge Rails routes
1:38PM 8 UK Hosting
1:14PM 3 ez-where plugin and type mismatch
1:07PM 2 generating a pdf from form data and serving it back
12:58PM 4 Rails : HTML only?
12:33PM 4 Rails equivalent of IIS' request.ServerVariables?
11:17AM 0 array
10:39AM 6 Double data entry
10:31AM 0 rails application behind firewall
9:42AM 3 Saving many_to_many
9:32AM 0 OT: Survey changes in a MySQL-database
9:17AM 0 How to use "Variable.new" in ruby???
9:09AM 10 All this power and nothing to use it for
7:57AM 2 error installing rails on ubuntu linux
7:21AM 5 New Rails Site: http://www.tanga.com
6:17AM 0 Sharing ActionWebService::Struct across several API
6:16AM 3 Draggables aren't visible above other elements - z-index problem?
5:44AM 4 How to populate a select list.
5:21AM 0 Testing a Form Builder?
5:20AM 11 Rails and MS Word
5:18AM 0 Help understanding scaffold generator (forms)
5:16AM 3 acts_as_attachment with more than 1 image per model
4:15AM 1 Irreversible Migration
3:11AM 2 Collection_Select and Foreign keys
2:22AM 8 EnginYard control panel screencast
1:57AM 3 deploy steps for edge on shared host ?
1:31AM 2 Creating Migration Files From MySQL
1:25AM 3 ANN: agileXtreme
1:04AM 0 Migrating inheritance of object to Rails (looking for DRY)
1:02AM 2 How do I use CSS with a link_to with multiple options?
12:22AM 2 Search form - need some direction / help
Sunday October 15 2006
11:32PM 3 array issues
10:47PM 7 question about params for resource routes
10:31PM 7 Module for site "admin"?
9:50PM 2 Getting check_box to default to checked?
8:48PM 10 Select a Radom list of Max 3 Users from the DB
8:44PM 1 Keeping Someone Logged In
8:29PM 3 Directory listing
8:12PM 3 Migrations - add_column :default=>true, :null=>false
7:36PM 0 revert after dropping a draggable, only if out of bounds
7:27PM 0 symbolic links on shared host
6:40PM 4 benchmarking rails app
6:17PM 1 Question on observe_form
5:58PM 1 RJS templates and Caching
5:47PM 0 comparing datetime Iso8601 with Mysql ODBC standard datetime
4:42PM 0 creating dynamic fields
3:48PM 4 Need help with a simple IF/ELSE statement?
2:32PM 3 Where to put csshover.htc in rails
12:39PM 0 Could not find the association
12:10PM 6 How to stop all records from being returned
11:41AM 1 Sessions doesn't work
10:46AM 1 link_to_remote equivalent call from javascript?
10:13AM 4 Find out the name of the currently :action
9:13AM 5 has_and_belongs_to_many question
8:56AM 1 create hash before model.find( _your_created_hash_ )
8:05AM 1 Problem updated Rails using RubyGems on OS X Tiger
8:04AM 0 Ruby and XMPP/Jabber
6:15AM 0 Any experienced rails programmers in the MIT area looking for work?
4:31AM 1 Non-numeric IDs with RESTful routes
4:05AM 0 Ten very good Powerpoint Files added in the Powerpoint Link Given Below
3:17AM 7 db_discovery generator gem
2:21AM 0 image swap and class change in layout
2:10AM 0 Very good picture website,
1:39AM 3 AWDwR Login Question
1:37AM 5 Another sessions' persistence problem
1:21AM 4 How to store order history / invoices
Saturday October 14 2006
11:49PM 1 Help! I need a Capistrano guru!
11:40PM 1 acts_as_ferret refreashing index?
11:22PM 0 Testing all conditions or params
10:13PM 5 A User to User Relationship
9:32PM 3 passing variables between rails and javascript
8:51PM 1 Captchator: A simpler Captcha
8:40PM 14 SessionTimeout plugin - anybody gotten it to work?
7:07PM 2 issues with validates_associated not throwing error
6:20PM 5 A question, or two?
6:18PM 4 Tools to inspect a web page?
5:16PM 7 Development and localhost
3:39PM 1 No receive email
2:39PM 2 has_many through
2:31PM 2 AWDwR Partial Template Question
2:29PM 1 Is date_select with :index fixed? Or not?
12:57PM 4 Editable data grid
12:34PM 2 Documentation for html_options = {}
11:18AM 3 Count records returned by find ?
11:14AM 1 embedding sort director icons in header using SortingHelper???
10:18AM 2 sending parameters with link_to_remote Ajax Request
9:13AM 2 sortable_element problem in scrollable div
7:42AM 3 undefined method `updated?' when saving object
7:05AM 0 removing generated view directories and files
5:20AM 24 tracking sessions
4:37AM 1 Global Controls
4:22AM 3 handling of nil objects
4:08AM 1 [ADV] Making space: First Edition AWDwR Paper Books: $12.50
3:51AM 0 A not so simple simple_format helper
Friday October 13 2006
11:56PM 8 @session is getting reset?
11:50PM 1 AJAX form within table
11:50PM 1 is there a bug with habtm and the "_ids" method?
11:48PM 2 new object bug in unit tests?
11:48PM 2 form_for() and name
11:42PM 1 draggable_element. . is there a way?
11:30PM 0 Boogaloo Simple Cache Server 0.1
9:47PM 1 toggle_blind blind"ed"up on load?
9:04PM 1 if condition based on method calling
9:01PM 0 Standalone AR Migrations
8:27PM 3 Validation errors in has_one/belongs_to relationships.
8:18PM 5 Insert NULL into MySQL "time" not 00:00:00
7:53PM 0 Ruby Position Bethpage NY
7:35PM 1 serving autogenerated files to users
7:08PM 6 Non Master
7:07PM 5 Dynamic content outside of <%= yeild %> in layout
7:06PM 0 Changeset 4264 inclusion date?
6:50PM 3 stylesheet_link_tag
6:29PM 1 Edge rails, single table inheritance and keeping multiple classes in a single file
6:26PM 7 Ruby on Rails Camp - Nov 9th in San Jose, CA
4:32PM 4 posting input feilds using link
4:03PM 13 has_many sample code for maintaining the child records?
3:13PM 5 Transparent Message
3:03PM 5 Testing Mongrel Configuration
2:57PM 4 How to get current method/action name from layout rhtml
2:18PM 1 Subversion, testing a quickstart guide, version control for a Rails project
1:39PM 1 ActionWebService and ActiveRecord
12:49PM 3 How to get a count of line_items
12:01PM 2 Dynamic Forms and Values
11:49AM 9 testing for nil or empty and then...
11:10AM 5 test - am i coming through
10:57AM 2 to_xml with deep associations
10:07AM 0 xi gong wants to chat
9:41AM 0 Test - messages coming through ?
9:31AM 2 Fundamental question: passing params
9:25AM 0 save a params value on database
9:12AM 0 Deployment problem with Capistrano
9:03AM 0 can you use only with skip_before_filter ?
8:36AM 6 Sessions and HTTPS
8:32AM 2 Splitting controller
8:23AM 0 Ruby on Rails wiki
8:20AM 0 problem with selected value on a select box
8:12AM 1 How to display user info on each view ?
6:57AM 2 user validation
6:52AM 0 Fixtures Load Error
6:46AM 1 Re: Does anyone know how to install/use Active Merchant?
6:43AM 0 breadcumb
6:31AM 1 How to make only header dragable
5:47AM 3 Accentuated characters with find function
5:29AM 0 Anyone in Victoria BC or Vancouver BC want a new client?
5:09AM 2 recreating tables in RoR after deleting them in mysql?
3:20AM 1 join table not getting populated habtm
2:32AM 0 Ruby on Rails connection using ODBC
2:31AM 0 ActiveRecord opening multiple database connections
2:08AM 0 Why don't match and scan work properly in AR?
1:40AM 3 Curl / login_engine /user_engine
1:12AM 0 New User group in Baltimore, Maryland
12:38AM 0 I recommend a very good free picture website
12:10AM 0 Help needed - Observe_form , passing parameters but ...
Thursday October 12 2006
11:08PM 0 rating / rateable plugin confusion
10:48PM 2 Browser Dependency on prototype.js
10:42PM 0 AR mixin NoMethodError
10:27PM 1 RoR: up and running problem in book example
10:05PM 4 Validation enhancements -- reflection, overriding, and schema tie-ins
9:51PM 4 [ADV] New Agile Web Development with Rails Beta
9:27PM 2 How to set up Subversion version control for a Rails project
8:34PM 7 Evil Scaffold
8:20PM 15 Restful Link_to
7:59PM 1 Trying to install SQLConnectionAdapter
7:41PM 2 Why is RAILS_ROOT so back and forth?
7:30PM 2 how to strucutre application
6:50PM 1 acts as taggable worth using?
6:49PM 2 Too Many Mysql connections
6:29PM 11 code layout question
6:26PM 0 file_column crop
6:07PM 5 How to convert a date in a model?
5:59PM 1 The find method and referencing another table
5:48PM 0 Mail server problems?
5:43PM 2 send_file problem
5:26PM 2 onclick event in ruby
5:22PM 1 find_or_create_by_name seems to broken when using SQLite
5:21PM 1 about values in a form.. w Ajax of course
5:10PM 2 How to add a new attribute to a model
4:52PM 10 Using select + onchange to change div element text
4:46PM 0 TheTyper (a simple web text editor)
4:36PM 0 Any working rails example for backgroundrb?
4:27PM 0 Testing: use_transactional_fixtures not working
4:12PM 1 How do convert data types to INT instead of float?
4:02PM 0 How do you access numbered column names in ActiveRecord?
3:40PM 0 Issues using Request Routing plugin & Mongrel
3:13PM 5 Question about experience with RadRails
2:54PM 3 Wanted: has_many :through elegance...
12:46PM 6 diff between redirect_to :action and calling action/render?
12:33PM 1 My .irbrc for console/irb
12:11PM 0 Railmail broken in 1.1.6?
11:45AM 6 How to have a Rails app inside a Rails app?
11:45AM 5 How to test for values in ajax form
11:31AM 3 Help with observer_form , javascript error
10:21AM 3 Field observer not working
9:18AM 2 HowTo autogenerate a cahced page that was deleted
8:47AM 2 unset relationship on the fly
8:37AM 1 Converting charset/encoding with ActionMailer
8:01AM 1 Migrate Country with TLD available
7:09AM 2 Test should fail !
7:00AM 0 google maps in rjs
6:40AM 0 AR questions: bitmaps, parallel tables
6:32AM 2 How do I test a unique index?
4:21AM 13 Drying up Code
3:04AM 1 Strange routing problems with edge rails
2:50AM 0 Wiki on rails
2:48AM 3 STI Troubles in a has_many : belongs_to relationship.
2:33AM 1 How to tag in one input field?
2:24AM 5 auto_complete_for reimplementation.
2:19AM 3 International character search.
12:32AM 2 Correct place for validation error messages
Wednesday October 11 2006
11:40PM 3 has_only_one or has_mate
11:34PM 2 Extending Routing
11:08PM 8 Time Calculations And Time Between certain times...
10:38PM 1 Override Controller Response
10:38PM 4 Pluralization of tables lost in a hosting environment.
9:29PM 1 has_one/belongs_to relationship issue
8:41PM 2 A .send method for associated models?
8:39PM 2 session: question and problem
8:38PM 5 Marshal Data too short error with ActiveRecord sess. storage
8:21PM 0 datetime_select -- include seconds?
8:11PM 6 Ruby For Rails Question
7:14PM 2 EZ_Where help, field IS NULL
7:09PM 1 problems with auth_generator
6:36PM 3 Creating subcategories with acts_as_tree
5:59PM 0 Using Integration Tests for profiling memory consumption
5:08PM 1 RJS - Splitting Strings and Inserting into DOM
5:01PM 0 options_for_collection_select
4:37PM 6 Testing 123
4:25PM 4 Image Upload
4:20PM 2 Controller error when tryign to usse page
4:05PM 1 scaffold.css fieldWithErrors style - inline field support
4:04PM 17 How to make Rails use default DB values on INSERT?
3:40PM 8 map.connect / url re-writing
3:26PM 0 auto_complete and REST
3:11PM 0 oracle adapter settings
2:51PM 5 Transactions are just not working
2:34PM 4 batch uploading data and using file_column
2:27PM 5 Syntax for calling the has_many class methods
2:20PM 0 tables with many to many relationship
2:01PM 0 before_validation callback or callbacks ?
1:11PM 1 Polymorphic Validations
12:32PM 0 storing typo sessions in memcache
11:56AM 5 How To Add Extra Application Configuration
11:12AM 2 Help please with observe_form - not working
11:06AM 0 Plat_Forms Contest
10:03AM 5 anyone using markaby?
9:59AM 7 (re-send) FAQ?
9:44AM 4 Observe_field and select lists
9:31AM 0 cached result set problem!?
8:53AM 2 Authentication
8:46AM 3 Basic Relationship Problem
8:37AM 1 using JasperReports?
7:23AM 3 Accents
7:19AM 0 ActiveRecord + SqlServer 2005, looking for feedback
6:39AM 1 getting edge rails working on bluehost
6:34AM 0 uninitialized constant Mysql when rake db:migrate
6:24AM 3 Saving multiple records from a single form
6:06AM 2 Return the file name of the current controller?
5:40AM 2 Validate without create
5:13AM 0 Milwaukee Ruby Meeting tonight starting between 5:30 and 6:00
4:34AM 5 Problems installing Ruby and Rails on Mac OSX 1.3.9 (Panther)
3:09AM 15 (ActiveRecord) Why is there no "belongs_to_many"?
1:41AM 2 Beginner question about a combo box
1:18AM 4 Ruby For Rails Bind and Unbind question
1:10AM 5 non-form-based file upload
12:40AM 2 Logging to Database
12:34AM 1 Rails strangeness - missing data - mis-reporting errors
Tuesday October 10 2006
11:55PM 5 finding highest ratings with acts_as_rateable
11:06PM 0 Extra database connections hanging around
9:50PM 4 SQL server 2000 - all pages are the same
9:48PM 1 send_file not working as expected
9:17PM 0 "acts_as_audited" - anyone have code for displaying the YAML stored audit-changes?
9:07PM 0 observe_form
8:57PM 5 Ruby For Rails class_eval question
8:57PM 1 Oracle Client for Rails on FC5
8:55PM 1 helper or partial for tab creation
8:54PM 2 Test Fixtures - Oracle date
8:41PM 6 rake migration not working
8:24PM 2 Can't call helper function!
8:11PM 2 Ruby web ap FUD
7:56PM 3 disassociating relationships
7:31PM 0 drop down lists
7:05PM 1 Backgroundrb -- help!
6:08PM 0 Couldn't find any pid file in matching 'dispatch.[0-9]*.pid'
6:06PM 1 AWS: base64 vs raw bytes
6:05PM 4 Session storage
5:24PM 4 Subdomain Setup
5:10PM 0 putting a blob in migrations
4:57PM 3 Validate: Only one row set to boolean at any time
3:42PM 2 jEdit snippets
3:40PM 6 "MySQL server has gone away" with Apache 2.2 + Mongrel cluster
3:36PM 3 TextMate's command-R throwing errors
3:31PM 0 Ajax field replacement ok but ...
3:07PM 1 file upload to MySQL blob on Apache
3:05PM 2 max file size for uploads?
2:58PM 1 Ruby on Rails Camp - November 6, 2006
2:50PM 7 Problems with RJS w/ Lighttpd & Ubuntu
2:31PM 4 Different <title> per action, when using layouts?
2:28PM 0 Routing Error: Recognition failed for ""
1:14PM 0 Help with integration tests
12:49PM 15 Ruby on Rails LiveCD Linux Distribution
12:39PM 5 Validation conundrum with Dates
11:33AM 2 Saving 'fake' habtm relationship / app design
11:05AM 0 Oracle + Rails using bind variables
10:54AM 0 how do I start/use Markaby 0.5?
9:41AM 1 A few quick fragment cache questions
9:20AM 1 File upload
8:32AM 3 RMagick as a local gem on Dreamhost
8:22AM 7 Doubts in Integration testing
7:20AM 2 connecting to multiple databases and assocations and typo
6:13AM 0 migration in typo
6:01AM 1 Problem with Sortable.create and the "only" option
5:51AM 3 Setting the default homepage
5:37AM 2 GD on OS X?
5:03AM 3 rendering partials from other controllers
4:46AM 2 TextMate Question
2:19AM 15 RadRails
2:08AM 2 acts_as_taggable plugin
1:57AM 4 rake migrate -- which db affected?
12:47AM 2 has_many and after_create
12:19AM 4 Prototype Tutorials?
Monday October 9 2006
11:54PM 2 Help Installing Mongrel - Broken Gems?
11:48PM 3 Add Mysql to PATH on OS X
11:34PM 0 No contact info on website and webcast cut.
10:13PM 2 Rails can't handle binary file upload?
9:31PM 3 text_field how to ?
9:25PM 1 redirect_to issue
9:07PM 4 Flash persisting for two requests
8:27PM 1 error running 'ruby script/console' => "uninitialized constant RAILS_ROOT" ??
8:19PM 2 Select Helper
8:00PM 2 page.visual_effect :highlight
7:32PM 1 HTML::Tokenizer - where is it
7:30PM 4 How do you POST to another website?
6:28PM 1 SQL Execute
5:46PM 4 Confusion about models and support tables
5:46PM 1 acts_as_ferret questions? anyone here have experience
5:45PM 1 Redirecting to the view that 'called' a method
5:29PM 2 Ruby on rails and apache 2.2.3
4:45PM 0 RoR Job Opening - Team Lead
4:42PM 0 BrainBuster - a Logic Captcha plugin for Rails
4:39PM 0 How to use an auto_complete to ensure a unique entry
4:27PM 0 Large file uploads - performance improvement
4:21PM 0 Fixtures and non standard table_names
4:06PM 5 Problem setting variables in ApplicationController.
3:12PM 1 Form handling
3:12PM 4 where is the latest capistrano info?
2:35PM 0 Google Maps / gems
2:33PM 6 Deploying multiple Rails apps with FastCGI
2:22PM 2 Petshop implementation on ruby on rails
11:59AM 0 Error with inline spacer templates when rendering collections...
11:55AM 0 Question: multiple values in a form field
11:39AM 4 error message on the redirected page
10:46AM 3 Doubts in Login - Session
10:34AM 1 how to identify which validates rule is violated in model
10:25AM 3 User levels and subscriptions
10:21AM 7 how to ad a "virtual column" to a model
8:50AM 1 has_many :through over more than 3 tables?
8:19AM 2 Multi-column primary key in joining tables
7:50AM 3 Creating an updateable ActiveRecord object for an existing record
7:43AM 9 What collection type does the has_many macro create?
6:17AM 0 Associated List plugin
6:09AM 2 Retreiving Session Variables
6:03AM 3 typo typo
4:54AM 1 restful authentication - filtering out login ??
4:33AM 2 Help: Validating when Updating a Record
4:33AM 5 retrieving "grandchild" data
3:35AM 2 Looking for other ROR devs
3:34AM 2 Parse with XML Builder, or use something else (like REXML)?
2:12AM 1 ActionMailer Multipart messages broken for Quoted-printable
2:09AM 1 How can I go back to where I was?
2:08AM 1 LightTPD+Radrails+Windows possible?
1:54AM 3 do controllers get crawed by search engines?
1:17AM 2 Changing my Ruby path to use a fresh install
12:52AM 11 Graphics World - New Rails app live
Sunday October 8 2006
11:29PM 0 Multiple File Uploads and Progress Bars
11:22PM 0 Putting large objects into Fixtures
10:43PM 3 Variable datetimes
9:59PM 0 has_one :through
9:51PM 1 Rails CRUD Problem
9:42PM 1 Two-way eager loading?
9:26PM 5 problem with belongs_to
9:18PM 0 ordering the results from :through
6:16PM 0 Accessing sesson params
5:25PM 3 Rails Sandbox on OS X
5:15PM 0 Alternative Rails installation method?
5:06PM 3 Call an helper method from a controller
4:33PM 2 sum
4:26PM 0 Getting test fixture binary files stored in DB
4:00PM 3 Passing instance variables in REST
3:42PM 1 link_to_remote: valid use?
3:09PM 4 R4Rails book is losing me
2:22PM 3 how to show HTML RoR as regular text
2:03PM 1 Re: Rails in Moscow
12:30PM 3 Configure Rails for previous installation of MySQL
12:14PM 2 cascading dropdown w Ajax
11:48AM 4 validations
10:59AM 0 save to db with no table create?
9:52AM 2 Fetching model's attributes (simple problem)
9:48AM 0 clean up validation errors from a_a_a ?
7:52AM 3 [newbie] Symmetric relationships
7:39AM 2 dependent => :destroy order assured?
7:09AM 1 gem remote installation error
6:36AM 5 Error Installing Rails
6:21AM 2 Error format for REST web services
6:18AM 3 Handling incoming REST XML problem
5:49AM 2 possible to find if attribute is a required attribute ?
4:51AM 0 Presenting form error messages
4:06AM 0 HTML test reporter for Rails
3:30AM 0 Pass locals with render_component
3:10AM 1 add_user function not working Log Attached
2:16AM 7 why my erb rendering time is so long
2:00AM 1 Interaction with Java Applet
1:23AM 4 Javascript Mouseover in a link_to method
1:03AM 1 RJS Dynamic Javascript update on page
12:31AM 2 Class name conflict
12:05AM 3 Associations don't work with FormHelpers?
Saturday October 7 2006
11:37PM 1 One more as the lights come on
11:14PM 4 Validating Child Objects against Parent
10:59PM 4 OT: form and multiple pics......pic included!
10:53PM 14 Ruby on Rails Symbol Question
10:21PM 0 Dynamic routing
9:35PM 2 Ferret search too slow, question.
9:26PM 2 Igonre Validatoin with Cancel Button
9:24PM 4 Rails and a Jabber (Gtalk) Bot
8:49PM 2 Multi parameter attributes?
8:16PM 0 Anyone using the plugin cirteria_query?
6:54PM 10 How to a create a main admin page
6:21PM 0 has many
5:18PM 4 Model not found???
5:01PM 3 blog_id magic with typo
4:07PM 10 When Rails speed matters
3:08PM 4 Concern about stability
2:42PM 1 How to refactor to use 'acts_as_tree'?
1:57PM 9 Count Associated (including zero records)
12:16PM 8 A bit lost , could use some direction
11:47AM 1 Multilanguage
7:55AM 3 Ruby on Rails Scope question
5:24AM 1 Beginner's question: how to format data model error messages
5:16AM 4 ActiveSupport::Multibyte question || Rails console question
4:41AM 2 Call Rails from Javascript
4:31AM 0 Is DHH on vacation?
1:32AM 2 Proxying Apache to Mongrel, not sure if Apache is serving up static files
1:15AM 17 Yield Example in Ruby For Rails book
12:39AM 0 nil.columns error in textsearch
Friday October 6 2006
10:33PM 1 HABTM vs Has Many
9:54PM 3 Problem with decimal data type
9:40PM 1 datetime type to Date object
9:36PM 3 Preserving whitespace & line breaks
8:41PM 0 ROR Developers need for Steve Case's(co-founder of AOL) Hot new start-up!
8:33PM 4 HABTM question
7:54PM 0 link_to with :post => true causes "link hop" on submit
7:53PM 0 Find collection by categories and dates
7:45PM 2 what does remove_from_list actually do?
7:42PM 3 Newby needs advice on membership function
6:37PM 0 can't convert nil into string
6:20PM 1 possible bug in url_for()
5:44PM 2 Models and Controllers
5:34PM 4 Ruby on Rails Data Model Relationships Diagram
4:46PM 5 Mongrel not serving PDFs (I tried to fix mime-type)
4:03PM 3 rubyforge down?
3:42PM 0 How to write a Filter action
3:24PM 1 Multi-selects and many-to-many relationships.
3:22PM 0 Javascript, Helpers and DRY
2:59PM 6 Storing ActiveRecord objects in session?
2:59PM 3 n<--extra_column-->n relationships...
2:55PM 0 LiveTree: how delete item in tree using AJAX
2:48PM 1 "has_many :through" and checkboxes
2:43PM 3 params 101
2:15PM 4 routes.rb and static html files in public/
2:04PM 4 hybrid website? php and rails..
1:48PM 7 Problem with Apache 2 and mod_fcgid
1:44PM 2 how to set the ‘Return-Path’ header in ActionMailer
1:30PM 1 difference between redirect_to and render :action
1:27PM 11 high interest - cold feet.
1:26PM 0 Setting up apache for rails
1:02PM 0 tip for DRY and RESTfull _form.rhtml
12:31PM 0 Problems when running functional tests
12:03PM 2 destroy order in model
11:58AM 14 Filtering user comments
11:48AM 2 acts_as_ferret
10:44AM 1 Running rails project in remote machine
10:27AM 1 self-referencing table - how to process?
10:23AM 0 User access levels & subscriptions
10:06AM 4 filemaker
9:31AM 1 Using apache server for rails
9:15AM 2 A question about redirect_to
9:12AM 1 transactions not work for array?
9:06AM 0 Moving to a new host
8:45AM 2 acts_as_searchable and Typo
7:02AM 3 coding for ratings in ruby on rails
6:56AM 6 online defect tracking tool recommendation? (with SVN integration ideally)
5:25AM 2 will this approach work?
4:53AM 10 Expedia / Travelocity web services?
3:23AM 1 credit card gateways
2:22AM 0 Unobtrusive JavaScript Help?
2:20AM 4 Sorting ActiveRecords by belongs_to fields
1:23AM 4 1.2 features?
12:39AM 2 How to join database tables together?
12:13AM 1 Storing multiple choices in databases
Thursday October 5 2006
10:59PM 1 Generate image titles with a custom font and rmagick
10:44PM 2 Ajax - Basic highlighting example
9:48PM 1 Prevent all writes
9:23PM 0 Streamlined and assosiations
9:16PM 4 [ADV] B1.13 of AWDwR Beta Book available
8:58PM 4 XML builder templates/dashes in node names
8:40PM 11 Optimising code
8:29PM 3 [semi off-topic] SSL Certs in a Distributed App
8:15PM 3 Date Time
7:51PM 0 script/console - no such file to load -- readline
7:34PM 2 other fields in AR forms
7:22PM 4 Is AJAX the solution?
7:18PM 1 counter_cache with conditions? [Store non-spam comments #]
7:03PM 0 TDDMate website has gone missing
6:44PM 0 WMP and Rails
6:33PM 1 variable class attribute access?
6:26PM 3 Exception Notifier plugin has stopped working.
6:09PM 0 OT: Linux Preinstalled Laptops
6:05PM 0 adding columns / conditional view
5:36PM 1 Relationships Revisited
5:36PM 0 I need some help with redirect_to_url
5:25PM 0 serialize question
4:37PM 4 Does capistrano do migrations?
4:23PM 0 Help a journalist: best/worst tech inteview questions
3:56PM 1 Papers/good info about RoR?
3:04PM 0 FasterCSV error in rails
3:02PM 0 Easiest way to customize scaffolding error messages?
2:45PM 3 ROR Dev's needed/Hot Start Up-Steve Case's cmpny from AOL
2:41PM 0 ROR Dev's needed for Hot Start Up/Steve Case compny from AOL
1:59PM 6 how to deal with NULL columns when displaying db tables ?
1:33PM 3 Trying to make things nicer
1:25PM 1 Custom Form Builder gives error
12:53PM 3 Mongrel & nginx - question
12:44PM 5 beginner questions
12:23PM 2 How to redisplay form contents
12:07PM 7 Values in form fields lost after validation
11:16AM 0 ANN: page cache testing plugin
10:58AM 0 FIXED ..Re: docs from trunk
10:44AM 0 docs from trunk
10:40AM 1 validates_xxxx_of messages extraction
9:51AM 2 update_attributes
9:16AM 4 Standard test fails on RESTful controller
8:57AM 1 Tests for plugins - "require"d files
8:37AM 1 Live-tree javascript call to db?
7:10AM 3 Conditions with update all ?
6:22AM 2 Finding Array Key / Value Pairs
4:21AM 0 Using :through when has_many of itself?
4:12AM 2 ActiveResource collections and from_xml
3:55AM 10 Best host
2:51AM 5 Accessing DOM node information via RJS
2:29AM 4 Array find vs. ActiveRecord find
1:18AM 4 rendering a 404 page with a layout
12:50AM 1 How to create a scaffold with 2 database tables?
Wednesday October 4 2006
11:23PM 0 UJS Plugin - apply_behaviour Question
8:59PM 1 belongs_to question
8:42PM 0 Putting Self-Referential Data Out to the View
7:27PM 4 Rails and Perl - Performance
7:25PM 6 Best way to parse XML data
7:00PM 3 Rails/Relationships/Recommendations
6:21PM 1 Turning off magic columns (updated_at, created_at) possible?
5:58PM 0 Foreign Keys in Scaffolding??
5:33PM 2 Connecting to MSSQL works in IRB, but not rails
5:20PM 1 form handling question
5:10PM 0 onSuccess and onComplete Prototype callbacks
5:05PM 14 App Design
3:48PM 3 XML to model conversion
3:47PM 1 problem passing parameters to a shared template from controller
3:46PM 3 Amazon S3 Plug-In for Rails?
3:44PM 0 Newbie question on relationships and displaying them
3:27PM 1 Selected option in collection_select()
3:25PM 1 Capistrano 1.2 not checking out latest version from cvs
3:16PM 25 Do big monitors make a difference to your work?
3:09PM 7 Enterprise Software is all about wizards
3:08PM 2 viewing validation errors
3:06PM 4 ActiveRecord Save Primary Key Issue...
2:56PM 0 Link to files on test server
2:23PM 13 utf-8 or encoding problems, need help!
2:20PM 0 set default value for form field
2:19PM 0 Generator for In-Place Editing
2:09PM 3 rendering XML from the result of a find
1:49PM 1 Activerecord Validations overwrite default message
1:37PM 1 RestFul with RJS
1:24PM 0 request encoding
1:24PM 18 Poor Rails performance when run on Redhat
12:34PM 5 scaffold_resource possibility - search
11:47AM 4 datetime_select generates html code that I can't have access
11:09AM 3 Is using a variable for a find conditions still sql injection safe?
11:08AM 4 how does ez_where catch =~ and co
11:05AM 3 Handle Large Objects (PostgreSQL)
10:33AM 10 Asking another way - no rest actions in a restful controller
10:12AM 0 Displaying validates_acceptance_of Errors In A Check Box
9:59AM 1 A better method for Rails validation error management.
9:24AM 1 updating multiple records in form
8:56AM 0 to_xml, but where is from_xml ?
7:34AM 2 Capistrano fails to restart Memcached service
6:04AM 3 ARRGH! Unconventional tables and RoR
5:40AM 11 Ruby 1.8.5 and Readline on Mac OS X 10.4.8 (Intel)
5:35AM 0 Alerting RJS Validation Errors
4:54AM 4 Multiple effects during AJAX callbacks
3:12AM 4 Ajax Calendar for RoR
2:28AM 2 DHH presentation: how to actually create the membership
2:03AM 2 What is wrong with this code?
1:47AM 6 before_filter :set_page_title using @item
12:59AM 4 RoR and GoDaddy
Tuesday October 3 2006
11:28PM 1 memcached, marshaling and AR associations
11:28PM 10 Are you PRO on RoR?
11:28PM 0 Email attachment -> RMagick
11:02PM 1 Dreamhost/Capistrano confusion
10:56PM 0 generated scaffold and layouts?
10:46PM 1 Navigation between pages
10:25PM 2 How do I arrange data in alphabetic order?
10:05PM 0 Syndication Tutorial
9:58PM 0 Slow First Time Page Loads When Using Lighttpd
9:57PM 2 How to make index.html share with standard-layout.rhtml?
9:56PM 3 Capistrano and Uploaded Documents
8:55PM 2 Can someone suggest a better way to do this?
8:42PM 4 Looking for a Rails project
8:35PM 5 Where are directories
8:22PM 2 Running Commands on Local Machine In Capistrano Script
8:14PM 19 Migrations Shortcomings
7:36PM 0 WebObjects-style Object Cache
7:29PM 1 Advice on replacing scaffolding in show.rhtml
7:29PM 0 Interesting usability issue for live search on IE6
7:22PM 0 Announcement: Yahoo BBAuth Rails plugin released
7:16PM 0 rs.recognize_path "/home" is not working in script/console
6:50PM 1 IE on Linux
6:31PM 4 Variable column names
6:29PM 1 recipe for a myspace type clone?
6:08PM 3 rake task for rsync deployment and rails wiki
5:26PM 8 Best way to model arbitrary-keyed Hash
5:00PM 2 need some advice on CMS + blog + shopping cart + custom programming
4:58PM 2 Caching/session Question
4:57PM 2 Question: map.resources
4:45PM 0 How to obtain list of attributes specified in a validation?
4:11PM 6 Form Data Injection - How to protect against?
3:57PM 3 relationships and delete
3:40PM 0 Functional test stopped working in RoR app
3:37PM 2 Helper Mixin's
3:32PM 0 Can't send messages to mailing list or subscribe (no space left on device)
3:14PM 1 line too long in editor... (textmate)
3:12PM 0 [ADV] New version of the TextMate book is available
2:51PM 1 Application.rb
1:58PM 1 Polishing Turds
1:47PM 1 how 'expensive' are DB queries? for example....
1:44PM 1 ActiveRecord::Base documentation
1:40PM 0 How to get absolute path
12:07PM 4 AWDWR (latest) searc example with REST
11:58AM 3 default value for attribute in model
11:33AM 0 New RoR Web 2.0 Project - team lead required
11:28AM 3 checking cookies
11:03AM 8 &amp in url: this is driving me nuts!
10:31AM 3 [Fwd: [Rails-core] Strange behavior with session]
10:30AM 2 link_to rel tag
10:15AM 0 Accessing class variable issues, hopefully a quick one....
10:00AM 2 Problems using Test on Instant Rails WinXP
9:33AM 3 How to pass users over to ASP.Net app seamlessly ?
8:09AM 1 [Job Offer] Quick project in Israel
8:05AM 0 ActiveRecord error
7:57AM 0 rake cannot find my tasks
7:18AM 0 changes to the exception_notification plugin
6:31AM 1 RJS and Textmate dreams became true
5:30AM 1 Trouble requiring a gem
5:24AM 1 Restful help: cannot create new record
4:58AM 0 use nested form to access restful route create method???
4:57AM 0 Goldberg -- new release 0.1.3
3:50AM 1 strange issue with responds_to_parent
3:12AM 1 Error messages from model
3:06AM 0 apache lighttpd proxy error
2:24AM 2 Rails transactions issue with rollback.
1:59AM 2 Creating your own global methods (like params, etc.)?
1:47AM 1 RESTful acts_as_tree
1:25AM 2 Turning off file_column ...possible?
12:58AM 8 net::LDAP and can't dump singleton method
12:01AM 0 Removing session keys?
Monday October 2 2006
11:57PM 4 Admin::Controller
11:36PM 1 How do I get line breaks in my text fields and boxes?
11:14PM 0 Need Help: site developed in Ruby on Rails ... site down/developer outta town
11:09PM 4 Creating a child object - handling the parent reference?
11:06PM 3 Local Variables vs. Instance Variables inside breakpointer
10:23PM 11 Newbie Code question
10:10PM 0 Retrieving value in controller - NoMethodError (undefined method `35=' for #<TimesheetItem:0x8ddda08>):
9:24PM 1 Where to put test for generator...
8:33PM 2 free hosting for Rails demos?
8:14PM 0 Problem while replacing an item in a polymorphic association
7:32PM 0 acts_as_solr
6:50PM 1 Trouble with RoR installation on Redhat
6:12PM 5 How do I override the default RJS template?
5:10PM 2 HTML Headers showing in page after AJAX call
4:39PM 4 Error generating any scaffold
4:34PM 0 Fixed: BUT ! Re: Help: Restful link_to
4:10PM 0 drag and drop between lists question
3:11PM 0 list of methods derived from associations?
3:07PM 4 Why does this work?
2:05PM 2 How to plan for the unknown (with little Linux experience)?
2:05PM 1 Scaffold problem with PostgreSQL
1:47PM 2 acts_as_hash ?
1:07PM 7 payment integration - ePDQ and Protx
1:07PM 2 can't seem to figure out how to secure the '\' character
12:31PM 0 Web Services
11:42AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many UI help
11:40AM 11 Help: Restful link_to
10:52AM 0 rails array in database
10:04AM 1 customizing generators - extend rails generators vs copy them???
10:04AM 4 Blue RoR desktop background
9:58AM 2 when to use find_by_sql
7:19AM 0 raising exception in transaction not rollingback
7:14AM 13 Is there a way to test caching in ur app?
6:30AM 3 Partials Good Practice?
5:40AM 3 Adding a method to ActiveRecord.
5:07AM 0 AWDWR Migrations question
4:52AM 1 Understanding rails transactions execution.
4:43AM 3 Populating Dropdown Values
4:15AM 3 Resetting passwords
3:08AM 1 +xml suffix not recognized as valid xml content
3:02AM 0 Returning form errors for a form which appears on various pages
2:42AM 3 REST Semicolon
2:13AM 1 A Simple Capistrano Question
2:02AM 1 alias :index => :list ?
12:45AM 1 Setting session variables in routes.rb
12:02AM 8 Db vs Filesystem for Binary contnet
Sunday October 1 2006
11:49PM 0 check_box issue
11:09PM 0 parseexcel and email fields
9:31PM 0 FixedRe: Displaying HTML
9:21PM 9 How to create a very simple form
7:37PM 1 wiki.rubyonrails.com problems
7:22PM 4 Does a "User" controller have a naming conflict within ROR?
7:19PM 3 Dynamic content in layouts
6:36PM 5 Ruby for Rails book question
6:23PM 0 Namespaced object in the session?
5:17PM 5 ||= for arrays
5:16PM 1 Edge Rails Resource Routing Problems
5:15PM 3 Strange behaviour with before_filter and instance variables
5:06PM 1 Displaying HTML
4:30PM 1 FastCGI mode dumps contents of dispatch.fcgi
4:19PM 2 Layouts
2:29PM 3 don't understand Paginator/Page or Ruby construct
2:25PM 6 acts_as_attachment plugin + rails
1:43PM 0 Combine h() with text_field
1:14PM 1 Why would rake migrate not use password to connect to DB?
1:02PM 4 RoRED (free Rails IDE for Windows) released
12:13PM 11 Ruby on rails on linux (ubuntu) want my mysql password but..
10:13AM 2 link_to_remote, how to specify an html id= ? what's wrong ?
4:10AM 1 Fixtures on fixtures
3:02AM 1 validating text in Rails.
2:55AM 1 link_to overriding problems
2:13AM 6 error page replaced with http 500 as of edge 5208 ?
12:26AM 1 Instantiating a Derived Class from an Instance of Base Class
12:07AM 0 Setting cookies from a library?
12:05AM 0 Validating Date Object