Rails - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
10:21PM 2 Using a C program inside of Rails
9:32PM 4 if a && a.something...
8:58PM 6 generating unique tracking numbers
8:44PM 1 :redirect_to => :back only when HTTP[REFERER] available?
7:41PM 0 Trying to override assocation find
7:40PM 1 RMagick Question
7:30PM 3 Domain setup w/ RoR & Plesk
6:23PM 2 Ruby In Steel 0.76
6:08PM 3 data from my db to be my subdomain names?
5:33PM 2 Access protected flash in block of before_filter?
5:22PM 1 REST and CRUD Problem
5:11PM 1 Select tags and variables
4:12PM 0 Hardcoding things related to data in the database
3:20PM 16 What's the best way to DRY between edit and show?
3:01PM 6 Best Practices for using SVN with Plugins
1:08PM 8 update_attribute does not validate?
12:54PM 0 Usability and In place editors
11:37AM 1 modularized controller can't find application_helper methods
9:57AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many or new class?
9:51AM 4 Rails isn't DRY?
9:50AM 2 Receive external parameters when doing "rake migrate"?
9:08AM 1 Rails breaks strangely on the deployment machine
9:05AM 1 form_tag: post to https
8:36AM 3 Rails Time extensions are _not_ time difference safe...
8:32AM 2 Capistrano: Providing Options for SVN
3:08AM 2 Why my application_helper is cached all the way?
12:26AM 1 AJAX helpers and script.aculo.us 'parameters:' option
12:14AM 1 possible bug: edge rails, nested resources and images
Friday September 29 2006
11:53PM 1 newbie Q: it won't display foreign keys...
11:08PM 2 ApplicationHelper is not a parent of SomeHelper?
8:42PM 1 Calling Rails REST-style web service from Flash
7:55PM 0 Authentication question
7:44PM 0 deleting an item from a polymorphic association
7:40PM 1 Problem with validates_presence_of in linking table
7:30PM 7 Wrap Migration in Transaction
7:11PM 1 Error on drag n drop list after refreshing list using AJAX
7:10PM 3 link_to, anchors, and <a href name="link_name">
6:49PM 4 Squirrel plugin for better looking queries
6:38PM 1 HTTP Return Code not being set correctly at Dreamhost
6:36PM 0 Updating one to many
6:23PM 5 AWDR Book - no REST?
5:54PM 1 Cyclic formatting based on date..
5:50PM 1 conditional model callbacks
5:44PM 12 Apache, REMOTE_USER, and Mongrel
5:40PM 1 Weird characters - Encoding problem
5:28PM 0 Posting error: Ruby on Rails: Talk
4:53PM 0 Spurious ruby errors from edge rails
4:53PM 0 headers['Content-Type'] & link_to_remote on Rails Edge
3:49PM 1 Ruby LSAPI 1.10
3:35PM 3 How to tackle this problem: habtm, :though, :as?
3:34PM 0 Protecting Rails code with Excelsior and JRuby
3:33PM 0 has_one with conditions
2:26PM 0 Zentest
2:23PM 0 migration error
2:12PM 0 postgres driver collision
2:02PM 1 building a pdf with an existing pdf as watermark/background
12:01PM 2 newbie q: capture IP address?
11:59AM 3 Geo calculations
11:40AM 18 Sessions without cookies??
11:12AM 0 named routes in functional tests (edge)
10:57AM 4 rake db:migrate not applying changes
10:47AM 0 MyIsam/InnoDB: weird behaviour using migrations
10:26AM 1 the NEW "scaffold_resource" generator :)
9:53AM 0 Mime::Type.register in 1.1.6
9:32AM 1 Rails validation scheme: why not validate params directly.
8:31AM 0 Test Server Problem Displaying Images
8:24AM 2 regular instance variables?
7:44AM 7 help needed in UNIT Testing
5:10AM 0 rake doc:app question
3:40AM 1 What is the Font in the puristofbeauty
3:36AM 1 understanding rails transactions.
3:26AM 2 In Place Editor - Setting button text
1:09AM 2 Overriding the has_many accessor
12:14AM 0 Selective Logging for Specific IP
Thursday September 28 2006
11:46PM 2 remote_function with local javascript variable
11:43PM 1 Insert multiple form values
11:01PM 1 Easy Way to Apply a Patch from Trac?
10:38PM 3 date_select Doesn't Support Multiple Records? No ?
10:18PM 2 Calling Rake Tasks From Within Ruby Code
10:04PM 2 I have an error with before_filter
10:01PM 3 Question - Update error
9:56PM 0 Multi-Select result in form is not submitted, why?
9:33PM 0 Benchmarking a site behind login & SSL
9:22PM 5 Working With Edge ; Working With Active Resource
9:15PM 9 tabs and parse errors with Ruby 1.8.4 and Windows
8:51PM 0 Connecting to multiple databases
8:44PM 15 Inserting rows into linking table
8:34PM 1 access @new_record_before_save
8:21PM 0 redirect_to's and http_accept
8:07PM 0 A Brief Noir (film)
6:54PM 3 ActiveResource and collections
6:43PM 1 Pragmatic Rails Deployment Book - Beta?
6:26PM 0 Solved: was Re: Having a problem with form_for
6:12PM 0 please explain remove_from_list
5:50PM 0 :order => [:day, :month, :year] with date_select
5:14PM 1 global error handling in rails
4:56PM 2 submit_tag image?
4:33PM 3 Just wondering... server size?
4:19PM 1 Anyone use Arch?
4:15PM 3 ruby alternative to php's implode and expload functions
4:13PM 0 relationship handling and scaling
4:03PM 3 UJS bug? Defect?
3:49PM 30 Essential Mac Software
3:18PM 0 Writing a generic active record class for multiple databases and tables
3:01PM 4 Getting a list of possible actions from a controller
2:07PM 5 Eager loading using find_by_sql
1:31PM 3 Handling 2 forms in one controller
1:25PM 1 Validation of file uploads
12:38PM 1 Restful Form Validations
12:35PM 0 Having a problem with form_for
12:02PM 2 check if an array/hash contains a particular element
11:30AM 0 Web services and decimal column type
11:09AM 6 how to show nice file sizes
10:57AM 2 acts_as_attachment with restful application, image_tag fails
9:56AM 4 Image_tag problem
7:21AM 2 Dynamically changing table names
6:40AM 1 Different results between development and test
5:47AM 0 ruby wiki options?
5:36AM 2 How to update date field?
5:27AM 3 Quick Question: Opposite of Titleize?
5:06AM 7 Rub on Rails Question
4:53AM 1 Putting : in Builder Views
3:35AM 8 Tips on finding Senior IT/System Admin/Release Engineer
3:02AM 7 Best Practices.... passing referring controller / action.
1:44AM 2 Mapping external objects locally to arbitrarily named columns
1:10AM 1 Joplin MO Rails Users????
1:09AM 2 RHTML page not rendering properly
12:06AM 1 ever lose the ability to do ./script/plugin install http*??
12:01AM 1 how does backpack add an image inplace ?
Wednesday September 27 2006
11:44PM 0 Check it out......www.grandcentral.com, it's pretty cool
11:41PM 4 Read MS Excel Files from Rails App?
11:27PM 3 New project announcement - smoothbudget.com
11:04PM 0 Model classes not reloaded in development
10:43PM 11 Hashes in array?
10:35PM 0 MySQL and Default values
10:15PM 5 Routing for grouping controllers and avoid modules
10:12PM 0 Sql server and varbinary columns
9:58PM 7 RMagick and Image Manipulation
9:42PM 0 Strange error in jcode.rb when converting range to array
9:41PM 0 Rake not silent when told...
8:45PM 1 Ajax drag-and-drop issue
8:41PM 0 multiple rails app / single database
7:46PM 0 Survey Form Generator in Rails
7:38PM 2 link_to :post => true, w/ hidden extra params
7:30PM 5 best setup for shared hosting?
7:27PM 5 need some direction re: model setup
7:23PM 0 scaffolding not null columns correctly
7:08PM 0 Second ‘morning coffee’ meeting in Amsterdam
6:53PM 2 Multiple Actions
6:52PM 0 class works in console but not in RoR debugger??
6:49PM 0 Help Help Help TypeErrors Run!!!!!!!
6:42PM 4 undefined method `rewrite' for #<String
6:35PM 5 Question about has_one
6:29PM 4 date_select
6:27PM 4 apache/mongrel/mysql -master-slave on xen/memory allocation
6:18PM 0 RJS issues in ym4r
6:18PM 4 Correct place for this code?
6:03PM 0 structuring dynamic pages
5:52PM 0 extending Viney's validates_date_time
5:46PM 1 Re: AWDWR Question - was: Edge Restful question
5:35PM 2 Help - undefined method `merge' for error.
5:32PM 0 NET::LDAP Help Anyone? Maybe session Help? Bring my server to it's knees Help?
4:41PM 1 New Cool Rails Application..Take A Look
4:13PM 2 Why must I save/reload to get grandchildren in STI?
3:43PM 7 Rails OSX Tiger RMagick Bus Error Abort trap
3:38PM 0 To render or redirect
3:36PM 4 Rails newbie - can anyone please help with many to many NoMethodError
3:31PM 5 how can i see what sql is used
3:30PM 11 AWDR Book - Need clarifications
3:24PM 0 Help with Bizarre Error
3:00PM 1 Dry YAML
2:53PM 9 How to contact Rails Developers in your city.
2:53PM 2 Running backgroundrb jobs, where do they run from?
2:45PM 9 Rails, GC and memory eating mongrels -How to pinpoint cause?
2:29PM 0 postgres installtion
2:24PM 0 Any form generators?
1:38PM 0 Site of Sites Support/Advice in RoR
1:24PM 3 Problem with link_to_remote/render_partial and :html
1:10PM 1 Edge Restful question
1:02PM 0 CssFormBuilder Plugin 0.2
12:41PM 0 ActiveResource and query string parameters
12:33PM 0 Require problem with payment gem
12:11PM 3 rjs ruby
11:07AM 0 ruby project
11:00AM 2 how to get the message from validates_presence_of
10:29AM 3 microformats plugin?
10:11AM 9 How do I select multiple things in a form??
10:03AM 1 ActiveRecord foreign keys
9:31AM 0 adding id and class to date select helper.. is it possible ?
8:36AM 2 Radrails help
8:36AM 1 Capistrano - how to deploy to QA site *or* production site?
7:59AM 0 AJAX Combo with Ruby on
7:51AM 6 Routes question
7:35AM 4 Timesheets
6:05AM 1 searching for posts with similar tags
5:51AM 0 Project Cost Estimation
5:42AM 0 NET::LDAP and Rails Session
4:24AM 3 uninitialized constant problem
4:00AM 1 acts_as_taggable with single-table inheritance?
3:05AM 0 Autocompleter.Local
2:37AM 3 Searching multiple fields in table using LIKE
2:36AM 4 RJS Doesn't work for me :(
2:05AM 7 problems with accessing controllers in sub tree directory
1:15AM 4 Distinctions between RESTful default actions
12:34AM 6 rake aborted! Mysql::Error
Tuesday September 26 2006
11:06PM 0 Why does stylesheet_link_tag default to :media => 'screen' !?!?!
10:39PM 2 HAML and Ajax in Lists
10:22PM 0 Magic Scuare !!!! =))
10:18PM 4 restful urls and additional parameters
10:14PM 1 Any experience with MacMall?
9:23PM 0 Find Returning String Instead of Integer?
9:21PM 9 how to override a mixin method, but then call the overridden method within this??? (e.g. like calling "super")
9:19PM 0 rhtml to markaby converter!
9:05PM 4 [DUMB QUESTION] rake -T, db:migrate and rake migrate
9:00PM 0 some help with functional testing of nested routes
8:53PM 0 Is it possible to render RXML partials in RHTML templates?
8:21PM 0 I need some help with cookies and redirect
7:26PM 0 Missoula Users Group
6:49PM 3 Marshaling Objects with ActiveRecord Objects in them
6:46PM 2 Functional tests and creating objects
6:35PM 11 VPS Distro Question
6:32PM 5 How to change background image by using same layout
6:02PM 3 Storing Objects in a Session - how much is too much?
5:54PM 0 Intersection Tables
5:23PM 7 collection_select is quoting my text_method text ?
5:12PM 0 error_messages_for
5:05PM 8 Rails PDF gem woe -- "MissingSourceFile"
4:55PM 0 Debugging routes
4:47PM 2 Problem with code from Agile web development
4:37PM 0 Bug or Feature?
4:34PM 3 Beginners confusion
4:30PM 0 Code coverage of a rails plugin
4:23PM 0 [OT] Is there a calendaring/scheduling module out there
3:54PM 1 helper SELECT :include_label... rather than :include_blank
3:14PM 5 .script/server on OS X
3:11PM 3 Conditional Protoypte updates - Is there a simple answer ?
2:25PM 0 Similar to Excel
2:25PM 3 render partial login form
1:55PM 3 ym4r troubles
1:35PM 0 need help with observe_field
1:30PM 0 How to get back to my original results/list?
1:20PM 4 Accessing validations from view
1:18PM 8 PDF::Writer Switching to Production Trouble (on rails)
1:13PM 2 Dynamic subdomain - How to get that
12:59PM 0 ActiveRecord, has_many association and object graphs
12:33PM 8 Problems installing postgres in Ruby
11:42AM 3 can't convert hash into integer
11:36AM 2 Want to do something AJAX , what do I need to learn
11:16AM 0 Missing template with auto completion
11:02AM 4 restful tutorial with rich join table ?
9:54AM 32 Need info on RoR for big e-commerce project...
9:37AM 1 Error while generating scaffold
9:25AM 0 Problem with observer_field
9:23AM 0 newbie: Example of using prototype window class
9:21AM 2 Language variables
8:52AM 0 how to synchronize Ajax requests in a form ?
8:21AM 3 encourage IE users to switch to Firefox
8:05AM 2 Plus sign not passed in parameters
6:48AM 9 Encrypt URL Params, such as the id
5:08AM 1 My Cache Sweeper was never invoked...
3:55AM 0 need one decent example of has_many/through with checkboxes
3:31AM 2 Sending the values of Date_select form field through Post
3:06AM 0 Is Rails on GoDaddy worth the hassle?
3:02AM 3 I need acuracy!
12:08AM 2 group by attributes
Monday September 25 2006
11:28PM 1 RESTful controller names
10:28PM 3 Precision and scale support for BigDecimals in ActiveRecord
10:22PM 6 -%> Error in Windows
9:40PM 2 Managing requests for static content in WEBrick and Mongrel
8:51PM 5 Ruby LSAPI 1.9 + LSWS 2.2.2
7:52PM 2 Question about validates_format_of
7:41PM 8 seg fault when running tests.
6:52PM 4 Paying Others?
6:41PM 1 how to do LIKE search across associations and paginate?
6:15PM 2 multiple_auto_complete plugin
5:52PM 0 Textmate RoR Bundle tweak - Running tests straight from TM?
5:36PM 2 Problems using find_by_sql()
5:11PM 1 Collection management on form updates - problem with updating
4:59PM 0 Underline and text color
4:54PM 1 Get Available Environments From YML File
4:27PM 2 Rails and Return-Path
3:14PM 1 ActiveRecord instead of direct sql execution
2:54PM 5 ruby script under cron
2:35PM 6 Where do I 'require' a gem?
2:18PM 0 Rails revision 5186, activerecord broken ?
2:18PM 2 paginating results of a form post?
1:57PM 0 [PATCH] ticket 3952 look ready to be accepted
1:49PM 1 Can redirect_to pass a hash parameter to it's target action?
1:35PM 2 Create a Constant out of a String's value
1:29PM 3 I wanna learn how to code great plugins...
1:10PM 4 Partials not working
12:57PM 2 How to insert data into a relational database?
12:29PM 2 @article.article_groups.delete_if... Dosn't work!
12:15PM 0 datetime_select (noob question)
12:12PM 1 Using :join option in find
9:59AM 1 Chicago Users Group for Ruby
9:59AM 5 Deleting expired sessions
9:36AM 4 ATTENTION: several people are unable to post to this group.
9:30AM 0 My authorization approach: plz tell me what you think of it
8:37AM 3 AR and antijoin with habtm
7:04AM 3 Problem with rhtml
6:53AM 0 Melbourne, Australia ruby/rails meetup: 26th September (tomorrow)
6:30AM 4 skipping validaiton
5:54AM 0 Newbie: Proper way to set default text_field form value ?
5:21AM 0 Ferret 0.10.8 Security Patch Release
4:54AM 1 Distributing a Rails Application
4:05AM 1 UTF-8 String to PDF using PDF::Writer
4:05AM 0 Northern Viriginia - Tristate Rails / Ruby Study Group
2:38AM 8 validates_length_of :message not working
1:55AM 3 Subclasses - help required
12:15AM 2 More migration issues
Sunday September 24 2006
11:22PM 1 svn:externals with -r or without ???
11:18PM 1 Problem with Joins :(
10:49PM 2 Paginate and getting count of total number of records
10:17PM 0 How to change human_name
9:39PM 8 form_for and Multiple Models Being Saved
8:52PM 2 Script/Generate relationships Model
8:13PM 6 Validates causes NoMethodError
7:51PM 0 Deployment Platform Suggestions?
7:11PM 1 Breadcrumb class and helper
6:55PM 4 Two more dumb noob questions
4:56PM 3 Securing image / static content
4:40PM 3 Ruby on Rails on FastHosts
4:28PM 0 module in lib not included
3:57PM 27 Using :through
2:28PM 1 Managing a 1:1 relationship
2:02PM 1 Utilize Java Libraries
10:21AM 0 Don't Miss It
10:07AM 0 Free Ruby on Rails video tutorials
9:51AM 7 How to specify condition for eagerly joined model using :include?
8:09AM 0 Replaying a bunch of steps...can I use Rails, or would Flash be better?
7:21AM 0 My thoughts on site navigation
7:11AM 2 The one page to rule them all
6:40AM 13 why isn't mod ruby used more?
5:11AM 2 RadRails with SVN: No commit option under team menu ???
4:52AM 1 Ferret 0.10.7 released
3:50AM 13 Best practice for multiple models in one form
3:28AM 4 "Best practice" for doing CRUD?
3:26AM 1 Where to put a function called by a model?
2:11AM 3 Best web server for my situation
1:55AM 0 a complex active record question
1:36AM 1 map.resources Q
Saturday September 23 2006
11:48PM 3 complicated relationship, not sure how to access
11:03PM 0 cache_sweeper as event listener
9:37PM 1 Better rails way to join tables?
8:57PM 0 exception notifier and RoutingError
8:41PM 1 cryptography
7:26PM 0 Logger and RAILS_ROOT
6:34PM 3 Architectural question: one model, different properties
5:45PM 6 Scalability and Possiblity
5:17PM 9 Not sure why this isn't working
4:30PM 3 Problems with routes in production mode
3:55PM 4 help constructing SQL select query on massive table and joins
3:16PM 0 Queries specific to reporting
1:13PM 5 Anyone using Restful_Authentication or could tell me ?
12:06PM 1 rails + overlib +forms
11:04AM 3 Upload progress bar
9:55AM 1 updating fields based on another field value using ajax
9:08AM 2 order_by with property
8:50AM 1 Find statement and ':group => ' udage ....
8:47AM 2 How to organize controllers in Rails?
6:45AM 0 Query String Action Caching Plugin
6:10AM 3 current_user
5:51AM 0 Billing System
5:29AM 8 Ajax example from "Agile Web Dev w/Rails" not working right
5:25AM 1 Validates Presence of Child Object
4:28AM 1 select versus options_from_collection_for_select
4:13AM 3 Sort by sql question
2:07AM 8 acts_as_rateable plugin help!
1:46AM 2 Capistrano alternatives
1:41AM 2 managing tables and tables columns within my rails app.
1:31AM 5 Models inheritance
12:41AM 3 Layouts being ignored
12:13AM 3 Using :include with find
Friday September 22 2006
11:10PM 0 having problem with script/server, and other pathes
10:58PM 2 possible to create polymorphic relationship with STI models?
9:59PM 0 Linking tables with non-ID primary key / foreign key pair
9:56PM 4 Combining two arrays
9:53PM 1 [markaby] Error on form select.
7:41PM 2 Editing the migration template
7:33PM 8 using model methods for repetitive finds
7:19PM 0 Want some extra cash?
7:05PM 0 session domain and path
6:54PM 6 Using after_filter to control rendering on actions
6:51PM 0 config.AC.observers in environment.rb
6:45PM 1 ActiveResource and handling of arrays
6:44PM 3 Foreign JavaScript
6:26PM 0 Accessing Logger
5:28PM 6 AJAX autocomplete based on a static table in the database
4:43PM 7 Pluralize Bug?
4:41PM 1 Syntax Error and Other
4:34PM 1 RESTFul and AJAX
4:19PM 3 WIN32 install sans network
3:41PM 1 Newbie question geting info back out of autocomplete field
3:36PM 3 instanciating a class
3:26PM 9 Newbie: Models and Views and Controllers, oh my...
2:30PM 3 Please Help!!!!!!!!!Prove ROR's functionality
1:27PM 1 url_for params
12:49PM 10 Looking for inverse of base_class (or other elegant solution)
12:24PM 0 Paragraph comparison
12:15PM 4 Authentication Questions
11:13AM 5 (edge nubie q) what revision of edge rails to use ?
10:51AM 1 [ANN/ADV] Four-day Rails workshop in Alexandria, VA, USA
10:50AM 3 Website Link Query
10:12AM 2 Using here documents in views
7:31AM 3 Tiny MCE with spell check for Rails ?
7:17AM 9 defining layouts and application.rhtml
4:23AM 4 does the Simply_resful plugin still work ?
4:11AM 1 From IBM (regarding - RadRails)
3:43AM 9 ActiveRecord Model Object in Session
1:48AM 2 How to move data from a javascript control to the controller object?
Thursday September 21 2006
11:50PM 7 Ruby on Rails Wiki full of spam?
11:08PM 18 check_box for Noob
9:46PM 3 DB design question
9:33PM 9 Relationships
9:28PM 3 :order by association field
9:24PM 3 Apache proxypass messes up my link_to's
9:22PM 1 Questions regarding sessions stored as ActiveRecord store?
9:05PM 3 List of Rails admin backends? What's your favorite?
8:45PM 1 Pass parameters to controller from link_to_remote
8:26PM 1 Selection List query II
7:47PM 3 getting started on capistrano
7:21PM 0 post.author_id or post.author ? Rails bug?
7:15PM 6 Capistrano is Crazy Delicious!
7:13PM 2 Can I access an object attribute dynamically using a variable as the field name?
6:50PM 4 Updating MySQL - Instant Rails
4:54PM 7 Code Editor for Ruby both .rb and .rhtml
4:35PM 0 Call to session[:somevalue] returns the error "Symbol as array index"
4:17PM 3 Sorting arrays - Any thoughts?
3:59PM 2 Multiple actions and POST requests
3:41PM 0 Pop Up
3:31PM 0 filter_parameter_logging does not work with routing errors
3:19PM 0 Why is my view being postprocessed?
3:00PM 0 Using ruby-prof to optimize rails apps
2:54PM 8 Why escape HTML in the view?
2:40PM 2 Excluding an action from the log?
2:39PM 8 include java applet in ruby on rails web pages
2:23PM 7 Calling one RJS template from another
2:22PM 6 Prepared statements (PostgreSQL)
2:20PM 0 file_column, Apache fcgi and error "incomplete headers"
2:18PM 5 Leading zeros - Number Formatting
1:50PM 1 User Style
1:42PM 0 Debian/unstable is moving to Ruby 1.8.5
1:08PM 0 OT: Tracking user
12:59PM 5 Mysql error when no id column
12:47PM 3 Webrick problem with Edgerails ?
12:35PM 1 RailsConf Europe presentations?
12:23PM 3 Newbies here need help
12:20PM 14 my ruby is ugly
12:18PM 0 Is a Hash cookie entry possible ??
11:25AM 0 Dr Nic's Magic Models 0.8 - Validate Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
11:21AM 0 Rails on Ubuntu Dapper
10:13AM 1 I want to create id-attribute in form tag.
10:07AM 2 Is Rollyo on rails?
9:41AM 1 getting my head around referrers
8:20AM 10 Can I use 2 DB connections in my app?
8:15AM 4 Access and MDB file from Linux
7:48AM 2 daily task
7:45AM 0 View result only visible after the each loop has finished
4:43AM 0 RadRails 0.7.1 error
4:32AM 1 RJS replace_html MADNESS!!
4:05AM 2 Periodic RJS Calls?
3:33AM 1 Problems with select pulldowns combined with has_many :through
2:56AM 3 Effects queues
1:47AM 3 Depricated Controller Method :model
1:19AM 2 CVS and Capistrano 1.2
1:10AM 0 has_one_question :through => :josh_susser
1:06AM 5 Some attributes not updated when validation fails?
12:48AM 5 simple validation problem
12:26AM 5 Oracle returns floats, why?
Wednesday September 20 2006
10:48PM 2 Not receiving form data using form_remote_for
10:06PM 2 model associations
9:35PM 8 find conditions question
9:26PM 3 Ignoring Columns in a Model
9:25PM 8 N00b: heterogeneous instances in views: any ideas?
9:03PM 1 bug in routes ???
9:03PM 17 Newbie : What is the number Rails adds in images URL, etc?
9:00PM 0 link_to_remote as GET?
8:34PM 9 ActiveSpec - Ruby Specifications library (preview)
8:30PM 0 Getting Started with Ruby on Rails: A Compilation of Resources
8:26PM 3 Can this 1337 PostgreSQL Subquery Union be done in AR?
8:03PM 3 ym4r/GM GLatLng and RJS
7:45PM 0 Software Design Books
7:30PM 0 acts_as_searchable and Typo 4.x
7:30PM 7 flash[:notice] Security
6:49PM 2 components and application.rhtml
6:00PM 1 Session not being reset in integration tests
5:54PM 0 Webservice versioning
5:03PM 3 save data to blob
4:55PM 0 action mailer delivery errors
4:42PM 0 Assistance wanted for integrating existing C-API into Ruby
4:41PM 1 F/T RoR Programmer need in Romaina - Bucharest
4:18PM 2 Lost associations
4:02PM 8 404 Error when trying to run
3:57PM 0 problem with post url in form_remote_tag
3:40PM 0 FT Ruby/Rails Jobs in Denver, CO
3:38PM 5 Context based filters?
3:04PM 4 Limiting records in a restful controller
2:59PM 2 RESTful nested routes routing error
2:55PM 5 Dynamic Survey System
2:47PM 1 Problems with ActiveRecord, Oracle adapter, find_by_sql, multi-table join - ORA-04043 error
2:47PM 1 progress bar
2:35PM 0 unit test fails when trying to load legacy join table fixture
2:14PM 10 load balancer performance problems
1:53PM 0 Very good picture website
1:48PM 4 RJS & ReferenceError
1:32PM 0 Month Display
11:27AM 1 Restriction in text box
11:26AM 1 Workflow In RubyOnRails
11:16AM 0 Weird error loading images
11:02AM 2 database indexes
10:32AM 2 OT: macbook question
10:04AM 0 Handling multiple-currencies - advice/comments please
9:25AM 0 Storing massive amount of statistics
8:17AM 3 AR: quoting integer in string : how to fix ?
6:03AM 2 date_finder plugin: Find dates that match conditions
5:43AM 16 searching by month
5:33AM 0 EdgeRails/BetaGems *outside* application
5:28AM 2 Accessing the html files inside my plugins...
5:16AM 0 how to obtain the width an height of an image?
4:19AM 1 rails bug: incorrect sql generated or no error checking performed
4:11AM 0 does debug exist for routes URL creation? to identify why I'm having problem with some of my URL being generated
3:32AM 0 The Ruby Way in PDF
12:52AM 3 Odd Join
Tuesday September 19 2006
11:45PM 3 alternative to :decimal column type for migrations?
11:28PM 2 Setting Paths Dependent on Environment
11:24PM 0 Chaining different from temp assignment??
11:03PM 0 Freelance Developers
10:44PM 1 form fields causing line breaks when there are errors
10:40PM 5 Foreign Keys Put in DB Automatically, no?
10:30PM 8 Postback issue
10:00PM 2 Rails on plesk+apache2+fcgid
9:56PM 4 Passing parameters in a form
9:52PM 2 SOAP API: array of object
9:33PM 1 models that know how to display themselves
9:24PM 9 RoR with apache2 on SuSE
8:35PM 3 render problem + AJAX
7:42PM 1 File upload problem
7:34PM 9 Does find return true or false?
7:15PM 14 Mongrel Performance Issue
6:56PM 1 No request.raw_post when using RJS template?
6:40PM 7 The pain of full-stack ORM
6:32PM 1 routing: object_name.domain.com or controller_name.domain.com possible ?
5:20PM 1 How to get the name of currently executing action/controller
4:57PM 3 Can't dynamically create an Acitve::Record object
4:42PM 2 Question: Stopping insertion in rest controller
4:36PM 5 Importing existing Oracle DB to Ruby
4:33PM 0 Centralizing validation for multiple AR models
4:32PM 1 Clean dynamically generated forms... is there a way?
4:06PM 8 Common performance issues
3:41PM 9 [ADV] Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book is now available.
3:40PM 1 REST + AJAX (RJS)
3:35PM 1 Validations with HABTM relationships
3:10PM 3 ActiveRecord doesn't find posgresql sequences
2:28PM 9 Very strange: Umlauts (äöü) aren't displayed correctly in
2:23PM 1 ActiveRecord with multi-schema postgresql database
1:53PM 3 Database multitable and/or multicolumn search
1:49PM 0 Problem with BackgrouDRb installing on WinXP - help please
1:24PM 2 ActiveRecord Question?
1:20PM 4 German RoR Host
12:55PM 1 Select menu problem
12:06PM 4 Database structure
11:38AM 4 Option for select
11:32AM 3 where to put db-less objects?
11:31AM 0 Customised user callbacks
11:17AM 4 Text field size not taking
11:13AM 0 form_tag in form_tag
10:56AM 0 configuring apache for ruby on rails in window XP
10:46AM 2 Rails deployment configurtaions
10:15AM 1 how to set up this model :
10:02AM 1 stack level too deep
9:05AM 2 Escape Entire View output?
8:24AM 0 Re: object caching errors...
8:13AM 1 Callback sto InstanceMethods in a plugin
7:58AM 0 disable object caching?
7:25AM 1 Right way to do many-to-many relationships (long post)
7:06AM 18 Open Source UML Tool for Ruby on Rails?
6:36AM 1 Form post missing parameters for form elements
6:07AM 0 How to assign form name in rails using form_tag?
5:18AM 1 Mongrel Behind Apache - mime-type not working
5:06AM 0 vim 7 ruby omni-complete 0.7
4:37AM 1 break out of a controller
4:33AM 3 RJS confirmation popup
3:45AM 3 Making a 301 redirector for *everything*
3:45AM 2 Searching an array of arrays
3:31AM 0 Clearing the session of an integration test?
3:21AM 6 Isn't there a DRYer way for "size"= ?
2:57AM 4 Rails app on Apache2 not finding Style sheets
2:26AM 2 Storing login info for other services/applications
2:22AM 4 A question about relationships
2:16AM 7 Template is Missing
1:29AM 2 xxxx_before_type_cast and form_helper methods
1:06AM 0 Very odd time-zone behavior?
1:06AM 0 Multiple sets of Tabnavs
12:46AM 2 [OT] SVN: Anybody use BDB?
12:34AM 1 Select/drop-down menu
12:19AM 3 Money gem
Monday September 18 2006
11:59PM 4 Accessing data in a separate table w/out relationship
11:55PM 0 renaming controllers
11:49PM 6 Why doesn't AR find method cause a call to obj.initialize?
11:32PM 1 http://manuals.rubyonrails.com
11:09PM 1 rails combo box
11:03PM 0 design doco/overview for "routing.rb"
9:50PM 1 rest and unrest
9:15PM 7 Scriptaculous droppable groups
9:03PM 2 Controller & Multiple Models (And a self-referencing model!)
8:49PM 0 Apache2 & Mongrel & Pen - 502 Proxy Error
8:49PM 5 in_place_editor and lists
8:48PM 2 Editting dispatch.fcgi in Windows
8:45PM 0 restful validation approaches
8:40PM 0 Re: DB record versioning/audit - Recommended Approach???
8:39PM 5 Layout for static pages?
7:45PM 0 Using imag_tag and Gruff
7:44PM 0 Making ActiveRecord warnings go away
7:26PM 1 file_column / acts_as_attachment and international characters
7:14PM 8 CGI request query string parsing error in Rails
7:00PM 3 overriding getters and setters
6:56PM 0 Sr. Software Developer, Ruby on Rails
6:51PM 0 [JOB] Eyetracking_on_RubyOnRails (cool technology, fun company, and we're hiring)
6:41PM 4 Concat Two fields in find
6:14PM 3 Tutorial for mapping differently-named tables?
6:03PM 0 Rails Wiki is BROKEN - is there a plan to fix it?
5:19PM 1 rmagick causes webrick/mongrel to refuse to boot
4:19PM 6 ExceptionNotifiable doesn't work properly in development?
4:17PM 2 Plug-ins Available Protect Against Malicious Code?
4:10PM 1 Updated Soap4r for use with Rails App on a host
4:04PM 1 :joins or :select associating with a database view... is this possible?
3:58PM 0 ideas for autocompletion + object selection?
3:40PM 0 server setup for multiple rails apps
3:20PM 0 making an attribute private in ActiveRecord
3:11PM 3 Distributed caching techniques?
2:59PM 5 Database setup question
2:49PM 0 Components problem on 1.1.6 (Routing Error)
2:47PM 5 Undefined method "updated?"
2:46PM 8 Upgrade RUby on Mac OS X
2:40PM 0 Integrating separate apps into one Rails App
2:35PM 0 Help needed for writing a test for Ticket #4795:
2:33PM 3 Apache + Mongrel weirdness
2:23PM 0 ANN: Tanga.com (my new RoR site)
2:20PM 1 Question - maybe related to edgerails
2:17PM 4 Quick question - what should I read?
2:09PM 0 Legacy database belongs_to problem
1:17PM 1 using :group, :having, :select etc with eager loading through :include
1:10PM 1 how to disable query logging in development mode?
11:49AM 2 Question-The page isn't redirecting properly
11:41AM 1 ActionMailer and SMTP
11:30AM 0 Working with has_many associations
11:14AM 4 Drying up my controllers using inheritance
11:12AM 0 Problems with FasterCSV
10:49AM 2 Datebocks and EdgeRails
10:34AM 0 Test - PLEASE IGNORE
9:33AM 3 (slightly O/T) Agile dev. contract form for clients?
9:15AM 4 DHH's "Flower" presentation - a response
8:59AM 1 SQLServer adapter fails to commit on save()
8:56AM 6 [OT] What does GPL mean?
8:49AM 3 image refresh after upload on same view?
8:46AM 0 Mails aren't sent: 550 Administrative prohibition
8:36AM 2 Best practice - controllers
7:52AM 0 Uploading files in the AgileDev book?
7:37AM 4 Searching by date
7:28AM 2 Total
5:27AM 6 Adding a button to a form
4:53AM 2 ajax scaffold doesn't show up :(
4:24AM 2 Site5 Hosting problem: Application Error
4:01AM 0 Update children_count
3:46AM 0 file_column save directory without object id dirname
3:26AM 0 Capistrano deployment from Windows fun - What's going on?
3:23AM 3 upload storage: database vs. file system
3:09AM 3 Getting dates into m/d/yyyy format
2:54AM 2 RJS: how to find which button was clicked
2:18AM 0 Vertical Search Engine
2:18AM 2 Handling quotes inside of text submissions ...
2:02AM 1 how to set proxy with gem
1:20AM 0 Want to work on Patented Processes / Futuristic Technologies!!
1:19AM 2 OT: Hypothetical Security Question
1:16AM 2 RedCloth !image! bug with filter_html
12:10AM 3 Partials and Collections
Sunday September 17 2006
11:59PM 6 Error message when creating a new RADRails project
10:28PM 1 The more associations, the slower the app
9:11PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of on two columns?
9:00PM 0 inserting utf8 value in unique column generates unexpected duplicate key error
8:14PM 2 SQL Server backend - run rails on Linux or Windows?
8:14PM 1 Drop-down with multiple values selected
7:41PM 1 Quick Params query
7:10PM 1 reset session inside a model?
6:49PM 0 Zentest Tutorial
6:08PM 1 Serving rails application from server root
5:36PM 1 mongrel + apache + acts_as_authentication = status 500 error
5:33PM 0 Serving rails applicaiton from server root
5:08PM 2 No action responded..............
4:04PM 3 AJAX/RJS issue: observe_form not passing in form params
3:54PM 1 Selection List query
3:52PM 3 Locally install Rails documentation like api.rubyonrails.org
2:50PM 1 From IBM (ref - Streamlined)
2:25PM 0 Free Tutorials out-of-date. Ideas?
1:50PM 2 keeping mongrel running on *nix
12:39PM 2 NoMethodError in StoreController#add_to_cart
11:00AM 2 test_destroy breaks other tests
7:05AM 3 output csv data to browser
6:56AM 0 rails and RVG draw
6:42AM 3 Has Many Through Question
6:42AM 0 Using POST within another form (i.e. "sub-forms")
4:27AM 2 How to change 'True'/'False' value for boolean attributes?
3:48AM 0 [RFC] Nested Restful Resources + Polymorphic Associations
3:35AM 2 symlinks and controllers [stuck on welcome]
3:15AM 0 drop down and has_and_belongs_to_many
1:50AM 3 Installing RoR
12:44AM 2 updated production and have run into routing issues
12:31AM 2 question re routes.rb, and issue with redirected URL coming back with double entries???
Saturday September 16 2006
11:30PM 7 Random Number Appended to Images,JS and CSS files
11:22PM 0 Strange characters in production server
9:11PM 9 Help with Rails/MySQL setup on Windows
8:50PM 6 Anyone can host my small RoR app for a week or two? Please..
8:20PM 1 functional tests vs SQLite3's transactions
8:16PM 0 How to send a generic email using ActionMailer
7:34PM 2 Capistrano after_update_code Questions
6:45PM 0 file_column - on_save Proc and marsheling
5:54PM 5 FC4 > FC5 deployment problem
5:52PM 1 magic column name.. created_at, updated_at, etc
5:13PM 0 file_column and nfs shared
5:07PM 1 Re: Deploying with file_column library
3:47PM 0 rmagick and acts_as_attachment error
3:27PM 4 radio buttons with boolean field in database
3:20PM 2 Some fields not posting
2:08PM 2 how to write to console in rails controller?
1:49PM 3 Capistrano code_update woes
12:25PM 1 Best way to set up user preferences for multiple users?
12:09PM 1 Text_area WAS: Re: Re: OT: TinyMCE in Rails
11:56AM 0 Help with pagination
10:58AM 1 strange error, i have no idea what is wrong, please help
10:52AM 1 xmlrpc authentication
10:02AM 0 Performing tasks at startup?
9:43AM 0 Geez i thought my relationships were bad..
8:15AM 6 forking plugins - comments?
6:58AM 1 Finding dates that match certain criteria
5:53AM 1 Selenium Vs Zentest
5:47AM 3 Problem with deploying using Capistrano from Windows
4:24AM 0 Fwd: acts_attachment_problem
4:00AM 5 HABTM Woes
3:19AM 1 Class Table Inheritance - ?
2:26AM 7 faster rails server under XP
12:27AM 2 Help required on IFrames - Ruby on rails
Friday September 15 2006
11:45PM 0 storing a bunch of models in a session before submitting to database
11:41PM 2 where are the Best Rails articles/ressources ?
10:19PM 0 Setting Variables That Are Server Specific
9:19PM 0 Efficient way of finding the through model.
8:55PM 0 Newbie question about foreign keys
8:47PM 0 Using Selenium with a mock-method on associated Model ???
7:56PM 9 Modelling money
7:40PM 3 Does Rails work with SQL2005 express?
7:12PM 1 Capistrano password prompt
6:59PM 1 lock_version = null error on model save
6:48PM 1 including files
6:22PM 3 How to catch a parameter that contains a full url
6:11PM 0 Can SearchGenerator be modified to support 'LIKE' queries?
6:09PM 0 Oops...my apologies
5:13PM 7 OT: TinyMCE in Rails
5:09PM 5 testing confusion
4:52PM 0 [OT] Rails Based Las Vegas Tourism Site Launched
4:26PM 2 Where would this logic go in Rails?
4:14PM 3 Remote mysql connection failing under OSX
4:09PM 2 Looking for a part-time developer
3:33PM 0 Doubt on Models
2:41PM 11 Why are my FTP uploads so extremely slow?
2:36PM 1 Model validation of external references
2:26PM 3 Converting join table to join model table
2:18PM 4 Can I simply delete the log files?
2:15PM 9 Complex layouts for data input forms
1:57PM 1 Calling an rjs template from a normal action?
1:43PM 0 Helpers and Migrations
1:31PM 2 add_column failing migration
1:14PM 2 Link_to with anchor?
1:13PM 1 Limiting User access
12:52PM 0 Problem with "Add" with Table with no ID column
12:51PM 0 RMagick, OS X, and granite
12:47PM 4 Capistrano getaddrinfo error?
12:10PM 3 Periodic Task in Rails
11:56AM 0 Simply_helpful and STI
11:43AM 0 prototype.js rev 5077 vs rev 5012
11:42AM 2 Problems with Ajax & Internet Explorer(submit_to_remote_tag)
11:15AM 0 how does Rails order/prioritorize the class extensions/overrides that occur??
10:50AM 2 question about eager loading associations and finder_sql
10:36AM 7 is there a multiline ruby "comment" approach? like java's /* code */ ???
10:35AM 3 link_to_remote html_options example
10:02AM 2 What's the default table name for a model nested in a module?
8:54AM 4 complex associations
7:45AM 4 How to start BackgrounDRB when rails app starts?
7:38AM 2 Mostly Ruby question: How to change file modification time?
7:07AM 2 Backgroundrb works well on windows but failed on CentOS...
6:27AM 1 In datetime_select, :order does not work, but it works for date_select Why
6:13AM 0 Changing list membership (in acts_as_list relationship)
6:10AM 0 Help on sending an array in ruby to javascript method
6:05AM 0 Where can I find out about Capistrano 1.2 changes?
4:44AM 5 Any Good Ruby on Rails Books?
3:59AM 0 Render partial inside Insertion.bottom
3:25AM 1 Rcov going berserk
1:00AM 0 equivalent of application context in rails/ruby
12:22AM 1 Capistrano SSH weirdness (Timing issue?)
12:01AM 3 Expanding an array parameter?
Thursday September 14 2006
11:25PM 2 newbie: if statement with multiple conditions
10:50PM 6 Contract E-commerce Gig
10:28PM 4 Any good Javascript learning book recommendations?
10:27PM 0 validates_inclusion_of
9:29PM 4 Approximate matches in searches
9:24PM 3 printing project code - way to copy into one doc ???
8:54PM 1 a 'flag' model
8:42PM 4 Exceptions and model logic
8:24PM 6 Complicated find :include problem
6:25PM 2 passing invisible parameters
5:13PM 2 rails behind apache 1.3?
4:42PM 3 Filecolumn resize help
4:21PM 2 Check boxes check all tips
4:17PM 4 AWDWR 2nd edition and REST
3:54PM 1 newbie on deployment
3:53PM 1 adding sequences to postgresql DBMS via migration generator
3:29PM 0 flickr like images notes
3:20PM 2 [Slightly-OT] RailsConf Video problem
2:42PM 0 OT: Rails Programming Internship - Cambridge MA
2:37PM 1 Installing the new Rails 1.2 Preview Gem
2:35PM 1 dRuby and Rails together?
2:32PM 3 Module layout
2:01PM 0 eApps Shout Out!
1:56PM 1 Creating infrequently running tests
1:33PM 1 controller problems
1:27PM 7 AJAX Observe Form - problem with event handlers with :on
1:26PM 2 Handling database exeptions
11:22AM 2 capistrano errors when running `cap migrate`
11:00AM 2 Mutex locking on multiple models?
10:58AM 6 How to add 3 calendar months to a Time attribute?
10:42AM 0 Lost default value of timestamp field.
9:47AM 1 Model help for a newb.
9:35AM 0 Work around for problems with error_message_on
9:18AM 2 Can you embedd C++ into Ruby?
8:26AM 0 Lighttpd Conf - For .jar and .jad file types?
8:18AM 1 link_to_remote sho sign whilst waiting for return of data
6:50AM 1 What is peformance gain of using counter_cache?
5:05AM 0 Occasional consulting job in Sydney
4:22AM 5 How to make RESTful namespaced controllers
3:00AM 3 Another migration problem
2:08AM 1 SuperImage plugin - worried about performance
1:46AM 2 Use of %() for Strings
1:23AM 0 urls with script/runner
1:11AM 6 Missing database in RadRails
12:16AM 4 Massive data insert during migration
12:04AM 4 Amazon and Rails
Wednesday September 13 2006
11:53PM 1 TextDrive deployment issues
11:38PM 2 Need help on simplifying this code (and adding it via Migrations)
11:26PM 0 Intermittent Incomplete Headers error
11:09PM 1 Eager Loading: Load ALL Associations
10:53PM 61 HAML: RoR's new templating engine
10:45PM 3 Testing the ApplicationController for assignments
10:40PM 7 Method in Model
10:36PM 7 file_column and multiple image upload
9:46PM 2 Errno::EBADF: Bad file descriptor - connect
9:40PM 2 Generating Migration Files With DATA Changes
9:05PM 1 [PATCH] ActionWebService and Dot NET
9:05PM 0 Delegated Administration (authorization) ??? anything exist?
8:37PM 1 Using :function with observe_field helper
8:27PM 4 Mini_Magick Problem
8:18PM 3 Generating headless, console applications
8:15PM 5 Helpers -- Problem using one
8:12PM 3 form params help
7:46PM 6 Multi line text
7:44PM 0 [Blog] Cascading selects vs. auto_complete
7:31PM 2 adding information to the wiki
7:29PM 0 primary key in tables and re-using of id's
7:15PM 1 check_box, are values saved by default? what type in DB
7:01PM 0 Need RoR Programming - HELP
6:59PM 1 buy reductil
5:54PM 5 passing value through render :action
5:47PM 2 question about making comment in blog system
5:37PM 1 Wildcard Query (revisited)
5:36PM 0 Suppress Routing Errors?
5:36PM 0 PDF file manipulation
5:36PM 1 acts_as_ferret search associated tables?
5:30PM 1 Deleting a project in Rails
4:54PM 0 Debugging in RadRails
4:01PM 1 Eager loading with acts_as_tree
3:32PM 6 In need of a Rails Application Support Specialist - Please help
3:02PM 1 How can I send a pop-up window with a list of validation errors?
3:00PM 0 Using erb in fixture to dynamically find a foreign key
2:44PM 0 problem with image_tag
2:39PM 1 insert a date like 2006-00-00
2:21PM 3 add a column count(id) to the select statement, rail way
2:14PM 5 Multiple text_field for one variable...
1:58PM 16 known RMagick bug?
1:39PM 0 [OT] London Job Posting
12:54PM 0 Editing Image
12:51PM 1 How do I reach a related value?
12:01PM 9 Which is the best CMS or blog in Rails ?
11:47AM 3 Detecting whether response.body is html / javascript?
11:36AM 1 Individual humanize function
11:25AM 0 sha1 encryption with actionmailer
10:45AM 5 Remote form in form
9:43AM 9 Simple projects examples while learning Rails
9:27AM 3 looking for specific rails hosting company
9:21AM 7 Relationship insert problem
9:15AM 0 Extra railsconf ticket
9:03AM 2 => Booting WEBrick...nothing
8:33AM 1 Using mod_rewrite instead of mod_alias to mask rails directory
8:14AM 0 params not working properly in Edge?
7:53AM 0 url_for() maintaining params only in test mode
7:01AM 0 Dependent dropdowns
6:58AM 1 Postgres, Foriegn Key constraints causing too many fixtures to be included in tests
6:40AM 3 always the method is the madness...
6:40AM 3 Ticket #4795: ARs in the session have their associations persisted as well
6:30AM 0 File Upload in FCKeditor
5:54AM 2 Overriding a datetime_select's value with .update_attributes
5:37AM 3 ping database to keep connection alive
5:27AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many with one-way "many"
4:52AM 1 link_to_remote undefined within controller?
4:26AM 3 How to avoid AR confusing way of handling default values for attributes w/ :null => false
2:19AM 9 Rails and Google Analytics
2:04AM 2 43Things setup?
2:02AM 2 error when running rake test_plugins
1:16AM 2 Validating a has_and_belongs_to_many collection/association BEFORE it gets saved
1:09AM 0 Array arguments for find :conditions
12:43AM 6 How to handle static pages?
12:11AM 0 RoutingError cutting off controller name?
Tuesday September 12 2006
11:49PM 0 controllers and actions / best practices
11:45PM 0 Date calcs and beyond
11:43PM 0 Problem setting up capistrano deployment
11:01PM 4 I'm having a scaffolding problem
10:44PM 2 Cache sweeping and render_component (my mistake or Rails bug?)
10:29PM 1 pulling logger into lib classes
10:25PM 1 Plugin class seen from environment.rb but not production.rb!
9:51PM 0 restful_authentication
9:19PM 6 In migrations, how do I change the length of a string?
9:06PM 2 fastcgi: connection refused: Fastcgi: failed to connect to server
8:57PM 2 Microsoft "stupid quotes" in params
8:53PM 4 Table name ending in ie
8:07PM 0 Paid Ruby Help Needed, Ideally in Seattle
7:58PM 0 view in other layout
7:12PM 3 Paginating by initial letter (instead of N per page)
7:08PM 1 Less verbose than time_ago_in_words method?
6:25PM 2 What is proper place for methods/functions?
6:16PM 2 How not to cache a page with a rescued error
6:13PM 2 Finding by date
6:05PM 1 DateHelper doesn't handle MonthDays?
5:58PM 1 acts_as_taggable -- which one?
5:49PM 2 Generate JS from RoR - strange delay with send_data
5:35PM 0 Execute something once lib/ has been loaded?
3:47PM 19 Help: Exception caught
3:47PM 0 Hijack DB issue with server startup
3:14PM 0 Public Folder Not Seen
2:43PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.8.0
2:21PM 2 :www.myd2d.com is online!
2:18PM 0 Theme Support
2:13PM 2 accessing validates_... , :message => 'something'
1:47PM 1 check boxes and their values
1:46PM 1 lighttpd + proxy + page cache
1:14PM 0 Reverse Single table inheritance!!
1:01PM 22 [ADV] James Edward Gray's TEXTMATE book now in beta
12:51PM 1 Question on using ACL
11:44AM 0 What's the best way of forcing cache regeneration?
11:40AM 1 SystemStackError (stack level too deep) when creating new AR
11:30AM 4 Select list with selected value
11:27AM 2 A really good calendar data selector!! Take a look..
10:50AM 1 web services and associations
10:30AM 3 rails threads / contexts / fastcgi - can someone explain ???
10:30AM 3 :popup=> ["name", 'height=500,width=700'] not working in IE
10:21AM 2 assert_equal not evaluating to TRUE
9:58AM 0 Plugins not loading in production.
9:48AM 4 Newbie on rails - language switch
9:17AM 3 Handle really old Rails-installation.
8:42AM 3 make neater code question
8:02AM 0 Delegated Webservice Problem
7:57AM 2 [OT] need usability feedback? I'd love to help
7:46AM 3 Simply RESTful Controllers and Permissions
7:38AM 1 How to display date_of_birth field column in db having type DateTime using select boxes Date, Month and Year only, Please help!
7:17AM 0 Milwaukee RUG Meeting 9/13/06 at 5:30
5:19AM 1 How to use a text box instead a lis for year in date_select
4:07AM 1 AJAX-based Maps
2:14AM 12 How to use foreign key to access record in foreign table
1:58AM 3 find_by_sql not as cool as AR?
1:20AM 6 Help with Transient Error involving constructor on ActiveRecord::Base
12:36AM 4 Ruby Site Launced
12:04AM 7 Building a static mirror of a Rails site?
Monday September 11 2006
11:56PM 1 One table, many references
11:11PM 3 Hookup to partial template fails - Why?
10:50PM 4 Using rspec and mocha
10:42PM 1 what is equiv of RequestDispatcher.forward in Rails
9:39PM 4 ActiveRecord relationships..
9:29PM 6 fckeditor plugin, anyone using ?
9:15PM 1 Typo 4 and Dreamhost
9:11PM 1 ActionMailer SMTPSyntaxError 503
9:08PM 1 uninitialized constant ImageList
9:05PM 8 Help for Newbie
8:34PM 1 Creating menus with Ruby
8:32PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of :number by the year in a DateTime column
8:25PM 2 unset session data?
7:17PM 1 Paginate and 'Group By' Option
5:28PM 2 more respond_to strangeness
5:26PM 1 Testing posting - please ignore
5:12PM 3 GetText tasks break rails doc:app task
4:46PM 3 Accessing name of controller and action from layout
4:35PM 2 Collection_select and Ajax.
4:24PM 1 Select multiple models with multiple checkboxes. Rails Way?
4:20PM 2 https and ssl
4:06PM 2 How to add indexes and relationships in an ActiveRecord Migration
3:57PM 1 favicon.ico
3:35PM 5 OpenLaszlo and Rails - advice and war stories?
2:58PM 0 Houston RoR Group Meeting
2:50PM 0 Functional testing of information in a view?
2:41PM 5 Help: Timestamp and Userstamp just stopped working
2:26PM 0 free poker
2:08PM 2 Migrations with :decimal
1:27PM 5 WebServices & controllers
12:55PM 8 Server performance with nginx and mongrel - can you compare?
12:40PM 0 Print action to send body content to pdf-writer , which stra
12:24PM 1 Newb: use session and params in a model method : possible ?
12:21PM 0 Updating loaded classes
11:47AM 0 Webservice with PHP4 (and nusoap) as Client doesn’t work
11:39AM 2 YAML fields in Fixtures
11:33AM 3 Disable callbacks with save, unless specified.
11:15AM 0 Weird problem with acts_as_attachment
11:15AM 4 Separating out rubyonrails-talk into different mailing lists?
10:49AM 4 Webrick server does not respond forever
9:15AM 0 Globalize tuning
9:05AM 2 how to format floating point number
8:51AM 0 AJAX forms
8:34AM 3 how to build trigger-like behaviour in Active Record?
7:51AM 0 cleaner way to do this
7:49AM 1 In development mode, an occasional 'lost connection to sql'
7:12AM 0 ActiveMerchant Paypal Pro Support
6:48AM 1 sanitize()
5:44AM 1 Trying to get to REMOTE_ADDR
4:51AM 2 reload environment.rb without restarting server
4:48AM 0 using xgrid and kerberos with ror
2:33AM 2 form_remote_tag and redirect_to?
2:07AM 3 best search methods
1:56AM 1 installation of ruby on rails in in a User Directory
12:16AM 2 need to restart Webrick each time I change my model
12:07AM 5 Nameing Conventions: You say Tomato, I say tomatoes...
Sunday September 10 2006
11:29PM 3 depot app stopped working
10:38PM 8 Dynamic tag cloud
9:37PM 0 paginating_find Use of Calculations::count problem
9:35PM 4 file_column error --
8:24PM 3 A serverless, rich-client rails app
8:20PM 6 Anyone know a VERY simple smtp server for linux?
8:20PM 6 Having your clients write regular expressions...
7:46PM 3 Not to use pagination?
6:45PM 5 Depot example error
6:18PM 2 Issue with radiobutton and remote_function in IE.
6:10PM 15 Could a BackgrounDrb worker do this?
6:07PM 1 Creating In Place Editors
5:27PM 2 Simple call, weird error
5:09PM 4 [ADV] Flexible Rails Alpha Book now available
4:33PM 6 how to build a weblog?
2:33PM 11 Using partials with Markaby
2:08PM 3 IDE and other tools for Rails on Ubuntu
2:04PM 1 Capistrano recipe for Litespeed
1:38PM 1 [Slightly OT] Ruby File operation to create a directory?
1:25PM 2 Any nicer way to achieve this ? (habtm requiring at least one associated model)
12:43PM 1 Dealing with complex conditions
12:42PM 1 Overwriting ActiveRecord::Base.content_columns
12:00PM 2 help with action for update
11:57AM 1 validates_format_of :something, :with => /REGEX/
11:56AM 0 rails paginate issue
10:37AM 1 validates_confirmation_of and hashed password fields
9:19AM 6 Top 5 Must Have RoR Blogs?
7:22AM 1 Deploying on Planet Argon
5:10AM 5 accessing model class variables in a controller.
4:22AM 0 Bad Install?
3:56AM 0 capistrano ssh login problem
3:19AM 2 easy way to remove/rename controllers?
3:03AM 3 Need help un-subscribing
2:59AM 1 How can I define a column of type char instead of varchar
1:33AM 1 Errno::EINVAL (Invalid argument)
12:11AM 2 Where's the correct place to put files to parse/add to a database?
12:07AM 5 why isn't :order working in acts_as_list
Saturday September 9 2006
11:55PM 1 Acts as tree and list?
11:43PM 2 actionmailer HELP
11:22PM 0 struggling with Brian Hogan's Excel plugin
11:07PM 1 'id' not being correctly set when creating new record
10:54PM 1 Getting Valid ENUM Values in ActiveRecord
10:52PM 2 why doesn't this work (setting attribute in "before_create")
10:37PM 0 Hello World!!!
9:04PM 0 security question re auto-generated model population(params)
8:43PM 3 Call_user_func
8:42PM 3 Application Error (Rails)
8:08PM 1 :class in link_to_remote
7:28PM 0 "Edit my Profile" feature
7:19PM 5 "locals" in render partial
7:17PM 23 Can't migrate schema
7:00PM 2 Need help with many-to-many relationships
6:54PM 10 Creating Helper Methods To Be Used Within Model
6:51PM 3 Table.find(@params["tag"])
6:44PM 1 Observer: Loosing observation after initial request
6:42PM 2 Can ActionWebService handle SOAP::Header ?
6:28PM 2 When You Want To Pass A Condition To A Model From Dot Notation
6:10PM 2 Server-side session management for short session expirations?
5:55PM 3 Couldn't find any pid ... matching 'dispatch.[0-9]*.pid'
5:51PM 1 Ruby on San Francisco
5:37PM 1 locomotive
5:24PM 4 empty project in RadRails
5:01PM 1 Validation failure UI for selects on IE
4:27PM 5 RadRails on Windows XP
2:26PM 4 file_upload - invalid geometry
1:09PM 0 writing search :condition in a list methdo
12:47PM 5 Integrating with BIRT Reporting Engine
12:14PM 0 sessions in tables
12:13PM 2 Select custom MySQL fields with inclusion
11:37AM 13 best way to add "created_by" entries to all tables???
11:14AM 6 "echo function" for ROR
11:07AM 1 options_from_collection_for_select
9:37AM 2 Removing "globalize" plugin from rails app?
9:36AM 9 Trac will require login soon
8:19AM 3 Using check_box
7:36AM 9 DoSomethingDifferent.com
6:28AM 0 Volunteer Opportunity: Disaster Relief Supply Management Database
6:01AM 4 Newbie Question regarding views/controllers
6:01AM 6 has_many :through equivalent of :uniq option on habtm?
4:59AM 1 Most popular internationalization plugin??
4:37AM 0 Optimal Setup For Rails App On Textdrive
3:53AM 3 Model Without Associated Table
1:22AM 0 Good RoR plugin for Mailing List application?
12:08AM 2 Get undefined method when trying to invoke a class in my lib
Friday September 8 2006
11:26PM 4 Any Rails Developers in Montana?
10:55PM 0 AWS and old xmlschema instances
10:42PM 0 Test, please ignore
10:40PM 0 Is yaerp alive?
10:37PM 4 Images in body
10:17PM 1 page.replace missing in edge?
9:45PM 4 Gabriel Bauman
9:42PM 6 why does unsuccesful find throw an exception?
9:37PM 4 transaction question - when does rails handle it itself?
8:51PM 0 Storing user level for the current request only
8:44PM 0 Ruby on Rails Job - Northern, VA
8:25PM 1 Creating a master/detail record in one shot
8:17PM 0 Overriding parts of acts_as_taggable
8:13PM 4 varchar attribute with migration
7:58PM 4 Find() - can it be overridden?
6:48PM 4 LDAP and DSML
6:35PM 2 Detect file download status
6:12PM 3 "uninitialized constant Deprecated" with rake db:migrate
5:59PM 4 AJAX: Draggable Tree
5:10PM 0 Strange problem nested ajax list
4:55PM 1 (Probably Easy) ActiveRecord help needed!
4:52PM 0 Dynamic grouping and filtering of data
4:50PM 0 require paypal gem error on linux only
4:50PM 10 Migrations Vs SQL compare tools
4:24PM 1 Is there a way of calling actuate report from rubyonrails?
3:45PM 1 has_many relationship extensions and scoping rules
3:39PM 1 multi validation
3:38PM 2 SQL Script to Migrations
3:25PM 0 Object with two counter caches
3:09PM 1 Mysteriously unsubscribed
3:02PM 4 Rails Caching in dev mode.
2:59PM 0 Problem with file upload
2:45PM 6 acts as attachment 1.1.6 crashing my application
2:30PM 2 How to start a tail -f shell command and follow online.
2:12PM 3 Oracle connection problem
2:04PM 1 testing question
1:06PM 0 Dynamically adding validations to model instances
12:53PM 7 Questions about correct associations.
12:45PM 0 redirect_to behind firewall
12:43PM 3 Which is the most ruby style way to do this? Rubies only
12:02PM 1 Strange bug when moving from development to production
11:47AM 16 ActiveRecord uses confusing defaults
11:37AM 0 Forms containing collections
11:23AM 0 Development data
10:59AM 7 SSL for login pages - how do I configure this? (dreamhost)
10:59AM 1 acts_as_watchable 0.0.1
10:57AM 23 Gutted!
10:51AM 1 Webrick won't start with require statement in environment.rb
10:27AM 0 render component as string but pass value in
9:50AM 0 Rails developers in the UK
9:27AM 0 Best way to parse select_date helper?
9:01AM 0 id values in actionviews prototype helper
8:15AM 1 markdown helper is very slow?
6:46AM 0 Newbie | Unable to run functional Tests
6:18AM 6 How do I run the Rails test suite on Edge?
5:32AM 1 Ruby/Rails exports, please help fixing a bug in LSAPI
5:12AM 17 Problem with acts_as_attachment plugin
4:50AM 1 listing online users
3:28AM 0 universal configuration across models for acts_as plugins?
3:19AM 1 any developers on oahu?
2:05AM 0 Madison RoR October Meeting - Radiant CMS w/ John Long
1:57AM 4 Looking for good examples of database GUI and looks
1:20AM 1 session variable question
1:18AM 2 rails equivalent to symfony admin generator?
1:04AM 4 Does acts_as_attachment :storage => :db_system work?
12:58AM 4 Basic Active Record find question
12:42AM 0 "delete" doesn't work at all ? filter chain haltedication.rb
12:27AM 14 ruby script/console -- Errno:ENOENT
Thursday September 7 2006
11:31PM 0 dreamhost + rails trunk not working?
11:14PM 3 Render RJS and action from submit_tag ?
11:12PM 2 Help with find()
11:11PM 7 Select helper :prompt storing 0 in database
11:06PM 3 Scaffold 'destroy' method not working?
10:53PM 0 [OT] Scheduling API for Rails out there?
10:13PM 0 Populating my_app_test database before using console test
9:48PM 0 Verifying a file has been downloaded? Is it possible?
9:08PM 1 rMagick on win32
7:53PM 1 Act as Attachment vs. File_Column
7:41PM 7 param values are HashWithIndifferentAccess?
7:17PM 2 HTTP Header Information
6:43PM 3 Using Migrations with Legacy Schema
6:18PM 13 UI Testing
6:18PM 2 disabling a select
5:45PM 1 Extending a child of active record oddness
5:37PM 1 instant replay
5:24PM 2 How to manage a SQL server db on a mac?
5:04PM 0 Need help with accessing MS SQL Server from Mac OS X
4:53PM 0 RailsConf Europe IRC
4:46PM 3 XSS - Cross Site Scripting
4:19PM 5 Help with inject, using hash array...
4:14PM 1 Does mongrel_cluster support the concept of min-procs and max-procs like lighttpd fcgi where under load additional procs will be created
3:53PM 3 Ruby host - easy setup and expandable
3:39PM 1 frontbase adaptor?
3:38PM 2 Where should I place my own helper classes?
3:01PM 1 free pizza & beer at RailsConf Europe: Sept 13 @ 6pm
2:52PM 1 how do you assign associated models?
2:48PM 6 not encoding special html chars
2:48PM 0 Problems in accessing remote MySQL DB
2:26PM 1 gem mysql buggy on Win32
1:50PM 2 How to get the finename of the file taken from file_field?
1:49PM 0 Ruby on rails hosting in Ireland
12:32PM 2 RoR fastcgi lapse time
12:23PM 1 common global resources
12:18PM 0 webrick http auth
11:35AM 1 ActiveRecord's "conditions" magic
11:17AM 6 Access to mixed in method straight after its been mixedin???
11:07AM 2 setting default session variables
11:07AM 2 [error:flash function] message will not be displayed on some condition.
10:53AM 2 Validating phone numbers
10:12AM 20 dependent drop downs
8:01AM 6 form_for - Child object - how to set parent id
7:10AM 6 Template "specialisation"
6:56AM 1 oracle, sequces strange behavior
6:54AM 0 deployment problem
6:47AM 1 Selective update attributes
5:16AM 2 Help: error with example in "RJS Templates for Rails" book
4:57AM 2 methods in my models working in console but not in app itself... help :-)
4:23AM 0 login session
2:22AM 2 When does the new Dependencies reload libs?
1:59AM 0 why scaffold.rhtml?
1:13AM 4 Install config: lighttpd dead but pid file exists
12:41AM 9 inexplicable 'Application error (Rails)' in production
12:01AM 8 There is something rotten in the state of Denmark
12:00AM 5 CriteriaQuery
Wednesday September 6 2006
11:58PM 1 Ticket #4888 - observe_field's :on is ignored - a fix
11:31PM 0 parsing tags
10:52PM 1 Username display
10:19PM 1 http post in chunks
10:04PM 0 Freelance Work Exchange Home Jobs For Writers Programmers Designers
10:03PM 3 sanitize_sql and the "%" symbol
9:54PM 0 Seeking Ruby Developers - NYC - Online Video Space
9:28PM 5 admin controller problem
9:16PM 1 Changing Scaffold
8:55PM 1 Validation order
8:50PM 2 eclipse and radrails problems?
8:42PM 4 Multithreading
8:33PM 0 Rails in the legacy world group
7:47PM 1 Need a route to handle arbitrary query strings on URLs
7:43PM 2 active record problem
7:33PM 2 Unit testing models of legacy database
7:21PM 2 Autogenerate Link List (Painfully Newbie)
6:46PM 1 blinking cursor not showing?
6:24PM 1 WEBrick mime-type configuration
6:14PM 2 RJS Javascript oddity - trying to call Element.setStyle
6:05PM 8 Need Help With Find(:all) and conditions
5:50PM 4 Format the display of an array variable
5:31PM 3 Limit Net::LDAP results
5:28PM 2 Is there a way to output numbers in words (e.g. amount on a printed check)
4:57PM 5 Correct routing to handle static file requests
4:48PM 9 Looking for Database experience - DB2 - MySQL- Postgres
4:26PM 3 Weirdness with periodically_call_remote
4:10PM 2 onclick => :action ?
4:02PM 1 Creating histogram of categories in searched items.
3:44PM 1 Need to override database.yml settings for Capistrano run
3:25PM 22 ROR host: dreamhost or godaddy?
2:39PM 7 rake test:units is trying to load my schema every time
2:23PM 11 Helper methods available from the browser???!!!
2:12PM 6 validates_presence_of question
2:12PM 0 soapenc:base64 and xsd:base64Binary
1:59PM 2 render_component bug in Rails 1.1.6?
1:59PM 4 isn't ./script/plugin install -x dangerous?
1:40PM 0 server crashes
1:05PM 0 script.aculo.us - dropables
12:41PM 12 Namespacing controllers
12:17PM 1 Absolute urls don't work in functional tests (with 'fix')
12:16PM 1 Rails on lighttpd under cgi
11:03AM 7 how to generate goldberg
11:02AM 2 GEMS NEEDED: activemerchant and money
10:33AM 2 .htaccess in public and adding password protection
10:25AM 7 gem update broken?
10:23AM 3 conditional form element
10:14AM 1 Ruby by the pier...
10:00AM 0 belongs_to primary key
9:57AM 2 Enumerating all models
9:40AM 0 Multi-model form saving and validation error problems.
9:20AM 1 Why isn't this checkbox working? please help!
9:04AM 1 Scoped Controller to URL Mapping (namespace?)
8:56AM 6 ActiveRecord-JDBC 0.2
8:51AM 1 live_tree plugin fails on linux only.
8:23AM 3 url_for , controller routing error
8:06AM 13 Swap CSS
7:51AM 0 nil results caching in belongs_to association
7:48AM 0 Constants and environment.rb
5:25AM 4 Ruby / Rails Blogroll (What's on yours?)
5:07AM 1 Problem changing cookie expiration
5:05AM 1 Howto ? :: multi notes for same product in rails
3:59AM 1 31K failed stat64's when viewing a simple (no db) rhtml page?
2:42AM 13 Ruby/Rails facts?
12:41AM 3 What is SimplyHelpful?
12:14AM 2 Custom routes
Tuesday September 5 2006
11:59PM 0 Anyone have comments on 2checkout?
11:39PM 1 seperating tags with commas not spaces (acts_as_taggable)
11:31PM 0 Running mod_ruby
11:25PM 0 rmagick gem install FAIL
11:10PM 1 using "session" method from a class other than a controller?
10:47PM 0 [ADV] assert_select in the latest beta of AWDwR
10:35PM 19 [Off-topic] What is the market rate for Ruby on Rails jobs?
9:49PM 5 Deploying Ruby on Rails as a standalone exe
9:49PM 0 Fwd: Re: why 404 redirection?
9:42PM 0 RMagick Rails OSX Tiger Bus Error Abort trap
9:28PM 8 Net::LDAP
9:25PM 1 Prototype-Carousel 0.1
9:21PM 2 RJS page.select call chaining
9:13PM 2 dispatch.fcgi failed to start
9:05PM 5 how to start a rails application w/out using "rails" command
8:52PM 4 pdf writer not finding public directory
8:34PM 4 Clearing a remote form
8:27PM 5 Live Filter: Re-inventing Search
8:22PM 0 Re: Bug? ApplicationHelper methods are added to XML builder object
7:26PM 0 Limiting attribute fields in forms based on STI
7:11PM 2 new dependencies code - any docs?
6:49PM 0 RESTful Controllers Naming Conventions
6:21PM 6 Flow control for rails - suggestions please
5:09PM 1 file uploads and display..
4:55PM 0 can't use rake deploy with Capistrano
4:43PM 0 Reloading dependencies in Edge Rails?
4:19PM 1 ActionMailer, TMail: any way to strip quoted reply in receive?
3:44PM 0 rake craziness with Migrate as a dependency
3:35PM 0 Junior Rails position in London (West End)
3:25PM 6 what are your favorite plugins?
2:59PM 1 Good sample for Pagination with Many to Many Relationship?
2:36PM 0 Why have defs in helper files?
2:35PM 3 Help! Methods randomly ending.
2:01PM 3 Need a little help perfecting my friendship associations
1:59PM 0 Table with sorting
12:53PM 11 Adding condition filter to find records
12:21PM 1 Update_attributes on partially selected model?
11:49AM 3 Reflect table changes in models
10:37AM 0 Login Engine issue
10:36AM 1 Finding what methods talk to the DB!
9:07AM 2 Eager loading and :order produces ambiguous column error
8:36AM 5 cattr_accessor
8:19AM 1 date parse error with actionwebservice and sql server 2000
8:14AM 1 Named routes and current_page? incompatibility
8:01AM 4 What happens to 'old' posts?
7:51AM 2 "Resistance was futile, I have been assimulated!"
7:30AM 0 Forward a request
6:50AM 15 getting session/controller objects available in a Model ???
6:33AM 1 Inflector::pluralize("Agencies")=="Agency" ?
5:54AM 1 why 404 redirection?
5:47AM 5 decrypting salted passwords
5:47AM 1 how to put two controllers/methods on one url
5:44AM 1 Rails equivalent to symfony's admin generator?
5:32AM 0 Dependent dropdown lists - how to get them working
5:22AM 9 Migration and Enum w/ MySQL
2:12AM 0 Know of a Statistics Package for a Ruby on Rails App (model element view stats, not code stats)
12:54AM 3 Need help constructing complex SQL Queries for search with multiple optional values
12:32AM 1 lighttpd.conf problem
12:25AM 8 Why Ruby on Rails?
12:14AM 0 Can't generate Rails log files
Monday September 4 2006
11:49PM 3 created_at Exists In DB But AR Object created_at is nil??
11:46PM 1 Strange pagination bug in 1.1.6
11:08PM 3 file_column question
11:08PM 0 Rails app in a subdir?
10:23PM 4 Column Names? Many-to-many on same table...
9:52PM 3 advice on validation
9:33PM 0 Association Extensions plugin
9:32PM 7 Maybe a Ruby question: Strange math!
8:47PM 0 Ruby On Rails Training in Geneva, 16-19 October
8:44PM 3 Having trouble with update_attributes() after member access
8:38PM 2 "include" versus "extend" - what's the difference
8:36PM 1 Overriding ActionView::Helpers::InstanceTag::DEFAULT_TEXT_AREA_OPTIONS
7:55PM 8 Good co-location space?
7:24PM 0 RoRED released
7:01PM 9 RMagick Image.read doesn't... read!
6:16PM 3 transient subclass of an ActiveRecord subclass
5:44PM 1 Redirecting an Ajax request
5:25PM 4 Best way to implement application-wide variables?
2:55PM 1 deploy.rb
2:40PM 14 Google groups is a disappointment
2:12PM 2 Which code calls init.rb in a plugin?
2:09PM 5 Question: Select list and default options
2:04PM 0 Login Engine - Registration E-mail
1:15PM 1 Image manipulation on Windows
1:06PM 1 How easy is it to deploy RoR on Apache?
11:38AM 1 London Startup Looking for Ruby on Rails Developer
11:27AM 10 IDE which allows STEP-THROUGH? - Does one exist?
11:23AM 1 Can't get absolute urls working in this functional test
11:22AM 0 acts_as_audited - with ActiveRBAC? - how to setup User
10:38AM 1 Accessing SQL error messages
9:49AM 1 Patch: import csv on migration
9:33AM 2 how to? link_to with a rel="tag"
8:46AM 2 How to deploy more than one rails on one machine?
8:39AM 4 How to comment out a block of code
8:17AM 0 Select with data from other table
8:08AM 2 routing error __package__.js
7:50AM 4 How to represent an Array in YAML Test fixtures
7:34AM 8 what is "cattr_accessor" (used in acts_as_audited)
7:10AM 1 ActiveRecord Extensions 0.0.4 Released!
6:59AM 0 Bidi support in ruby on rails
6:05AM 1 Best practice for writing to the log from Model
5:48AM 4 Javascript validations
2:23AM 6 Actionmailer and Hotmail
1:49AM 0 state/province code validation
Sunday September 3 2006
11:26PM 1 New Technique: Subsets of has_many Associations
11:12PM 2 Why has_many update does not work on children?
11:08PM 0 Site map help?
10:36PM 3 text_field "maxsize" not working?
9:39PM 1 A question about Ruby on rails and Apache 2
8:35PM 3 Limiting Textile (RedCloth) Parsing
7:13PM 2 Help with each method
6:34PM 0 Solaris + Lighttpd + FastCGI + SSL HowTo
5:28PM 5 Getting logging under control?
5:15PM 7 using polymorphic associations with acts_as_list
4:31PM 0 How do I make multiple file upload as the on in Gmail?
4:09PM 0 Plugin: modules or generators?
4:07PM 0 SCMs and migrations
1:34PM 20 CRUD or not CRUD, I am so lost !
1:05PM 2 file_column validation problems
12:58PM 5 Upload Progress.
12:15PM 2 proper use of validates_associated
11:52AM 1 Following a HTTP request through scaled server setup
11:02AM 2 Undefined method "xxx" of a model when calling a helper
10:22AM 3 simple validation silently fails on update or save
9:51AM 1 Table locking with ActiveRecord
7:32AM 9 link_to_unless_current
6:38AM 2 [OT] Manning Ruby on Rails Coupon?
4:47AM 2 New to Rails: Assigning Post to Users
3:23AM 1 acts_as_tree with new pop out textboxes?
Saturday September 2 2006
11:51PM 4 multiple target tables for a foreign key?
11:21PM 4 One Model, multiple tables
10:51PM 0 Suggested Rails Architectures (OS/Webserver/Other Languages)
9:48PM 5 Single Table Inheritance
9:19PM 0 select from one table where id isn't in another table
8:16PM 2 Error messages without divs?
8:08PM 4 link_to google
7:12PM 0 Database "double" data type
6:11PM 7 email validation
5:37PM 12 Site Architecture: One big rails app or multiple small apps
5:31PM 2 a cleaner code view of :with =>
4:53PM 1 Updating Multiple Tables From Single View
4:38PM 1 getting the height and width of a given photo
4:29PM 2 Fancy drop-downs
4:28PM 1 html not rendering apache/mongrel
4:20PM 2 Using file_column and sending correct content type
2:53PM 3 Q: Using Same Table in Multiple Associations
2:37PM 1 non-existent in that revision error when trying to install
2:33PM 1 adding an association to the logine_engine user model
10:38AM 1 Getting file from form
10:16AM 1 Protecting images from the public..
9:19AM 1 Extracting a part of a web page
9:14AM 1 A tiny RMagick extension for image metadata
8:53AM 1 How to check the calling method?
8:15AM 2 New to Rails: Problem with adding comments to blog
6:43AM 3 Problem moving from lighty-fastcgi to apache-mongrel
5:21AM 7 Replacing an HTML select tag with text_field_auto_complete + hidden field?
3:55AM 6 When do I use "a" versus "@a" as a variable?
3:47AM 1 add a default value to hidden field
2:50AM 2 Many to Many table name order?
2:32AM 9 table sorting - no support in base rails?
2:26AM 3 custom_error_messages
2:09AM 2 Multiple models for one controller
12:46AM 5 LiteSpeed for Ruby on Rails
12:30AM 0 newbieQ: initial rake migrate problem with sql server 2005
Friday September 1 2006
11:51PM 3 Trouble with relationships
11:40PM 1 How do I parse ASCII delimited files to insert into a MySQL database?
10:58PM 0 time_zone_select Doesn't Update in Save
10:18PM 0 render file in helper causes WSOD
9:59PM 2 alternating row formats for tables - does a rails tag exist?
9:50PM 2 Using Utility Classes
9:37PM 5 respond_to strangeness
9:34PM 2 can Pagination be enabled for Scaffold generated views/code?
7:55PM 10 Need help understanding self.abstract_class = true in AR
7:50PM 2 connecting to sqlserver from RHEL4 issue
7:48PM 0 ENV mongrel_cluster
6:37PM 2 Aliasing Form Helpers
6:23PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many and order by
6:19PM 2 Include ActiveResource
6:18PM 0 Typo with custom route/controller
6:16PM 2 Rails weirdness
5:50PM 2 ActionMailer not authenticating
5:35PM 1 Controller Inheritance Bug
5:27PM 0 rails install via gems fails on fedora core 4
5:19PM 3 Generating reports in rails? Reinventing the wheel?
5:14PM 2 wicked n00b
4:43PM 1 how can i access to file .rhtml from the controller
4:43PM 3 STI isn't working for me
4:06PM 4 Saving file to disk
3:57PM 5 undefined method `current' for Personnel:Class
3:50PM 0 YM4R spatial adapter problem
3:31PM 0 setting different file_column options for certain files
3:27PM 11 Looking for an HTML parser
3:24PM 2 Convert string to class
2:15PM 2 unique primary key increments
2:12PM 3 find_by_sql with :include?
1:57PM 0 cache theory question
1:39PM 3 Writing XML Documents
1:08PM 1 Caching quesiton?
12:38PM 9 Paginate
12:07PM 0 mongrel thread safety and global variables
11:49AM 2 When do I need to reload?
11:32AM 6 Re: @session's scope in the model
11:32AM 2 website structure concept
11:10AM 9 need advice about race condition
10:48AM 0 partially-complete migrations cause incorrect schema_info.version values
10:31AM 2 Mrelation does not exists
8:51AM 2 sqlite3 rake migrate
7:59AM 4 NoMethodError [depot]
6:41AM 2 Uninitialized constant w/ ActiveResource
5:56AM 0 Upload a image from different machine using browse button
5:37AM 1 Reverse Geocoding?
5:14AM 5 Performance comparison: LiteSpeed + Ruby LSAPI vs Ruby FCGI
5:12AM 1 rmagick can not work?
4:22AM 1 Need Help on creating LISTS using Helper classes...
4:12AM 3 multiple object validation inconsistency
3:59AM 1 belongs_to causing NoMethodError exceptions ... ?
3:45AM 1 Agile Web Devel Chapter 7 Catalog Display
3:23AM 0 Are you using Array#in_groups_of(n, false)?
3:19AM 3 acts_as_attachment and file security
3:15AM 0 Rails install problem under Redhat AS 4
2:55AM 0 Scaffolding Question
2:44AM 3 Migrations, :table_name or "table_name" ?
2:35AM 2 Must rails make id field as primary key when we create database table?
1:45AM 2 Default order for models?
1:33AM 3 collection_select option ":selected" not working
12:34AM 1 Show/hide in tk?
12:25AM 0 Why prefix ActionController::UnknownAction with ::?