Rails - Nov 2006

Thursday November 30 2006
11:58PM 5 Populate table from another table
11:31PM 41 TDD killing my joy of Rails
11:28PM 3 Strange send_file problem
11:08PM 1 Design of admin section
10:38PM 1 Simple table inheritance
10:26PM 0 Query string based on the selection in HTTP POST
10:15PM 3 mongrel and launchd alternatives
10:02PM 1 Cache expensive request
9:24PM 1 What gems should I have my hosting co. install?
9:22PM 2 Drop down menu
9:01PM 2 Displaying action partial on index page - object id doesn't persist
8:36PM 3 ACL / authentication
8:27PM 4 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid with Production ENV
8:22PM 0 RSpec 0.7.3 plugin problems
7:58PM 0 Calling Models from Library Module Problem
7:45PM 2 Pushing business logic into the model
7:33PM 6 No HTML code generated with submit_tag helper
7:20PM 1 Rails Edge Conference Discount
7:20PM 0 Entities with mulit languages
7:03PM 1 Consecutive post? if statments form(s) processing error
6:17PM 1 Handling HTTP PUT stream
6:10PM 6 ActiveRecord error with :id => false
5:57PM 0 Looking for task timer gem to adapt for project tracking app
5:39PM 1 ACL, Authentication and Single Sign-On
5:26PM 1 Best ways to share static content across apps...suggestion welcome!
5:18PM 3 Routing what has not been routed
4:50PM 2 REST and authorisation/access control
4:46PM 1 Newbie Q: Difference between methods that use () and methods that allow a .
4:23PM 1 assert_select and rendering of partials: bug?
4:16PM 10 Good Rails Reference
3:29PM 1 Collection_select troubles
2:46PM 3 Capistrano/svn repository problem
2:09PM 2 resouce_on_demand plugin
2:02PM 3 Encodings in 1.2rc1
1:55PM 0 BlackSun Web Hosting?
1:54PM 1 How do I have two habtm between same two tables
1:44PM 19 Help with nested resource
1:01PM 0 Are shared libraries being loaded in some other context?
1:01PM 7 Problems with link_to_remote
12:19PM 4 alphabetical navigation
12:09PM 1 Rails validation - newbie
11:43AM 0 Radiant CMS at DreamHost
10:16AM 1 Reporting
9:33AM 3 need help with rgnuplot
8:35AM 2 Rails Blog
7:21AM 2 Partial doesn't yet have object
7:08AM 1 Uninitialized Constant Using New S3 Library
7:04AM 0 show the order from counting
6:59AM 0 ruby with apache or lighttpd
6:33AM 2 generating Reports in Ruby On Rails
6:13AM 4 exempt_from_layout has no effect
5:47AM 8 Passing array in params via xhr
5:42AM 0 Problem with file uploads
5:32AM 3 ruby
4:37AM 0 Calling a Model Class within a Library Module?
4:15AM 0 Mobile best-practice for Rails
2:44AM 1 suggestions for Rails example code repository site
2:28AM 5 Edge Rails: observer is deprecated
2:25AM 8 Can someone please explain this line of code?
1:46AM 1 ThroughAssociations wiki page tarred
1:12AM 1 my model's validate() method isn't being processed.
1:02AM 3 searching datetime
12:31AM 3 link_to_remote; how do I tweak the div to update?; Ajax on Rails
Wednesday November 29 2006
11:00PM 1 Authentication Question
10:55PM 0 help with apache and ruby
10:47PM 3 form nesting for observe_form?
10:38PM 2 Generate a URL
9:52PM 3 How do I convert "1e+06" to "1,000,000" in RoR edit view?
9:39PM 1 Can PHP files work alongside a Rails app?
7:37PM 2 TableRow.MoveAfter
7:33PM 2 Concatenating Two Views
7:32PM 1 New RoR site launched ... Football Squares
7:31PM 0 exclude association option for ActiveRecord
7:12PM 2 periodically_call_remote updates self to turn self off??
7:01PM 1 Application errors give 200 response in production
6:55PM 15 Best Way to Include JavaScript from partials
6:29PM 0 javascript_include once
6:26PM 2 Ajax Problem
6:08PM 1 Fine tuning back button display when reviewing POST results
5:59PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer in SFO
5:53PM 5 Collection_select with two columns and a prompt
5:48PM 1 Locomotive & script/install plugin
5:43PM 4 Formatting a 2 Dimensional Array on Screen without Using Tables
5:42PM 2 validates_uniqueness w scope
5:29PM 1 Upgrading my version of Rails?
5:28PM 0 Populating from another database?
4:52PM 5 AR, find(:all), loops and memory usage
3:56PM 3 Authenticating to different tables
3:35PM 2 Using ActiveRecord and Migration with multiple dynamic DB connections
3:29PM 1 actionmailer on Debian Etch
3:27PM 0 Inconsistent MySQL access behavior
3:19PM 0 Observers breaking migrations
2:43PM 0 Ruby on Rails Contract Opportunity in Boston
2:31PM 0 Cherokee Web Server and Rails
1:53PM 2 Madame Figaro turns to Ruby on Rails
1:52PM 1 Array#group_by
1:22PM 1 url_for: /action?key
12:30PM 4 how do I model self-referential entities?
11:51AM 1 Invoke a route directly from a url
11:48AM 4 writing xml
11:35AM 2 Unexpected behaviour looping an array in a model.
11:06AM 0 path problems with mongrel and themes and filecolumn
10:52AM 1 Render partial
10:35AM 0 read text_value
7:42AM 5 rescue'ing UnknownAction
7:18AM 1 How to add Postgresql user & pasword details
7:10AM 1 HABTM foreign keys
5:41AM 2 db:migrate to add colum bombs...
5:20AM 4 editor for ruby
4:46AM 6 How do I create an array to represent an empty record?
4:34AM 4 select and link_to edit
3:02AM 2 'form_tag' helper stopped working in Rails 1.2RC1
3:01AM 4 Render 404 Error instead of 500 on ::ActionController::RoutingError
2:43AM 4 Importing Database into Rails App database?
1:53AM 2 Accessing Wikipedia's API
1:35AM 0 undefined method `acts_as_attachment' for :model
Tuesday November 28 2006
11:42PM 4 Is there any built-in auto-cleanup of the "tmp" directory?
11:28PM 0 How to model tabular data
11:26PM 7 RoR Logs viewer?
11:20PM 5 passing proc blocks to rhtml templates
11:02PM 0 Rails 1.2 RC1 and $load_path
11:02PM 1 url_for problems
10:53PM 3 Code browsing in Ruby on Rails
10:08PM 3 Lost connection to MySQL server during query: SHOW FIELDS FROM orders
10:05PM 0 Eager loading: what am I doing wrong?
9:44PM 1 Wiki
9:33PM 9 drb for ajax based chat?
9:11PM 1 Mongrel-rails wont start
9:07PM 0 tzinfo_timezone/tzinfo can't modify frozen object
8:34PM 3 Call rails method from onclick?
8:07PM 2 Twice the same code, but only once it seems to work
7:34PM 6 Plug-in question: define a module first or just open the class definition?
7:30PM 16 aws/s3 0.1.0 (initial release)
7:27PM 1 Eager loading: what am I doing wrong??
7:23PM 5 use of xml
7:20PM 0 deny_select? assert_no_select?
7:17PM 1 Difference between render :update & remote_form_for :update
7:10PM 0 using Javascript's prompt() and render_component to make one Rails action interactive
7:01PM 2 Real Estate Site
6:56PM 2 What's the deal with class << self
5:54PM 2 DrySQL article request for InfoQ
5:46PM 2 collection_select and selected_value
5:14PM 9 simple rails app- how to?
5:07PM 0 Looking for Ruby/AJAX/Web 2.0 Programmer
5:00PM 3 *Lazy* loading attributes
4:57PM 1 Reloading modified classes
4:54PM 3 [ADV] Updated PDF of AWDwR (plus a special offer)
4:43PM 2 Error handling when running outside of web environment
4:38PM 0 Server-side timer synchronized with Client
4:06PM 3 whats best practice, param checking
4:05PM 0 Rails 1.2 and custom routes
4:02PM 1 Test First Development with Rails Screencast
3:54PM 0 Enchanced tables
3:48PM 5 rails plugin question
3:44PM 3 session question?
3:40PM 11 New Rails Site: Wordie
3:30PM 0 Handling broken file upload
3:22PM 0 enchanced table
3:03PM 0 Design of an Ldap based application
3:00PM 2 daily rails application error...
1:59PM 1 link_to and url_for in ActionMailer
1:04PM 7 What to do when two mixins need to hook into attribute= of an ActiveRecord
1:01PM 3 Confusion of acts_as_versioned and inheritance?
12:48PM 3 mysql and unit tests
12:23PM 0 problem with fastcgi and lighttpd
12:09PM 0 "Exec format error" (Windows)
9:45AM 1 indexing uploaded files
8:33AM 3 remove_index appends suffix "_index" to the given name!
8:27AM 3 Concurrency problem with memcached fragments mongrel cluster
6:11AM 0 how to send an inline attachment in ruby on rails
5:38AM 1 Determining SSL state
4:55AM 2 Rails 1.2 with Subversion
3:56AM 2 High Level MCV Question
3:20AM 0 Keyword arguments in Rails
2:16AM 3 breakpointer + 1.8.5 + os x -- anyone have it working with call_stack?
1:13AM 4 NoMethodError in 1.2RC
12:53AM 4 Common actions "split" amoung several controllers? how to?
12:37AM 4 Incorporating runtime parameters in has_many :conditions
12:34AM 1 form_remote_tag rendering problem
12:31AM 1 Stylesheet disabled
Monday November 27 2006
11:37PM 0 mongrel - rubygems as local user
11:33PM 2 Mongrel upload progress: how to validate
11:04PM 3 Consistency in REST-routes naming
11:02PM 7 observe_form, observe_field, dynamic forms help please
10:53PM 0 Appending to content_for
10:12PM 14 Testing eager loading of associations
10:02PM 7 Newb - Active Records question
9:56PM 7 Includes: The Ruby Way?
9:54PM 1 session destroy callback?
9:20PM 2 Dynamic data in YAML fixtures
9:10PM 1 Data Warehousing
8:10PM 3 Power User Tipping Point: PHP to Ruby
8:09PM 3 render partials: set the name of a collection manually?
8:06PM 0 Shipping Error
7:36PM 2 Modules and Sessions
7:08PM 2 changing activerecord associations at runtime
6:55PM 5 acts_as_list: update all items?
6:38PM 2 Nested Layouts
6:27PM 1 link_to_remote with anchor
6:23PM 11 Adding conditions to every find(:all) call
5:59PM 0 Active Record, Foreign Key Object = nil and endless Optimistic Locking exception
5:58PM 1 named REST routes and extra parameters
4:52PM 2 mapping resources twice ?
4:29PM 0 how to select with a kind of through relation(has_one)
4:00PM 0 Rails 1.2, RMagick and Depency Management
3:35PM 4 Exceptional 1.0 - A new style of handling exceptions
2:14PM 2 tabular entering
2:09PM 2 DevBoi offline docs
1:58PM 4 foo_count method deprecated for cases when attribute doesn't exist?
1:43PM 4 Installing mongrel_cluster on Windows... Runtime error :'(
1:27PM 3 ActiveRecord: Reference same table twice
1:17PM 1 STI and polymorphism confusion
1:12PM 6 RoR on Windows 2000/2003.. Is there any problem?
1:06PM 2 ActionMailer & application_helper.rb
12:47PM 1 Counter-cache AFTER database already populated
11:30AM 2 Net::SMTP CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism not supported
11:05AM 4 button_to or link_to using an image?
10:52AM 3 CachedModel extremely slow
10:17AM 8 Open new Window
9:57AM 0 How can one controller refresh the view of another controller?
9:56AM 4 storing a hash in a cookie.
9:31AM 0 GD::Image
9:27AM 0 Rails 1.2RC1 migration problem: uninitialized constant ApplicationController
8:37AM 7 Active Record From A String
8:36AM 2 write file before EOF
8:34AM 5 Distinguish between Ajax.Request and Updater?
8:13AM 0 Markaby Problem
5:32AM 2 paginate not working because arguments become nil?!
4:25AM 2 when do you use redirect_to vs calling a method?
4:23AM 0 Documenting views, particular css ids
3:27AM 1 shared view between different contrlrs with pagination???
3:14AM 12 setting email headers so gmail formats email correctly
2:00AM 0 Problems using check_box
1:38AM 0 Freelancing on Rails - a new rails podcast for freelance developers
12:55AM 0 acts_as_attachment - RMagick mandatory for non image files?
12:52AM 5 What do you think about commercial applications for Rails?
12:17AM 1 Rails/Informix 0.1.0
Sunday November 26 2006
11:01PM 2 script dos problem
10:50PM 6 Restful rails: when simple just isn't enough
10:15PM 5 associations help?
9:55PM 2 cache_filter plugin released
8:39PM 0 Rails sessions
7:41PM 1 RoR on Windows Server 2003.. Is there any problem?
7:31PM 2 1.2 routing breaks in_place_edit
7:26PM 0 iframe remoting with remote_upload and responds_to_parent problem
7:21PM 0 RoR in Windows Server 2003.. Is there any problem?
6:34PM 2 hash parameters in link_to_remote getting munged
6:29PM 0 Implementing keyword arguments
6:11PM 6 Layouts - how to render partials from multiple controllers
6:02PM 0 send email using Actionmailer => error 500 gets rendered :/
5:33PM 2 Help with YAML, hashes, and design.
5:23PM 0 Simple Descriptor 0.1.0
2:34PM 3 Accessing model attributes before modification
12:26PM 4 quick DIV alignment question - for putting a "<remaining session time = ><value updated via AJAX>" horizontal alignment in header
12:01PM 0 concatenate fields in collection_select
11:55AM 1 Ajax with layout templates
11:35AM 1 Transaction with Model callback?
10:34AM 0 large temporary object
7:17AM 0 problems with @request deprecation and HelperTestCase
5:20AM 1 Session Support in Rails Routing (config/routing.rb)
Saturday November 25 2006
11:02PM 0 form_remote_tag and javascript function
10:55PM 3 new session records in DB don't get created until after "after_filter"s have run????
9:20PM 6 Beginner on rails! customize store. "Agile web development"
7:55PM 6 Mongrel upload progress jumps from 0% to 100% (no progress)
7:48PM 2 TEST: Is this message posted?
7:39PM 0 Nested routes query and sanity check.
7:31PM 7 acts_as_rateable implementation / algorithm question
7:28PM 0 javascript widget
6:39PM 0 How do I mixin a module to a generator template?
6:38PM 2 adding a different template (.fjs) and connecting with respond_to
6:32PM 1 Problems with WEBrick on RadRails
6:17PM 0 EZ_where has_many :through
5:25PM 1 RESTful Routes Confusion
4:33PM 2 Writing data to join table?
4:22PM 0 Unable to get webricks+ssl+rails app to work
3:51PM 0 How do I mixin to expose methods in a rails generator template?
3:05PM 4 Logging actions
2:15PM 2 xml parsing
2:00PM 2 How can I check if I'm running the C Bindings for Mysql?
1:38PM 3 Multiple rails applications under one domain
1:14PM 3 alias_method_chain :<<
9:57AM 1 Passing data to a partial in standard-layout
8:53AM 4 Sessions And Active Record
6:11AM 4 Method Arguments. Should I?
6:01AM 0 utf-8
5:39AM 4 Horribly Slow RJS/Ajax Rendering Compared to Non?
4:52AM 3 rails sessions in memcached.
3:24AM 0 problem with controller loosing an id
2:37AM 3 ?<number> added to my url's...
2:12AM 0 Reflection And Displaying Forms
2:12AM 7 Restful Authentication fails its tests
12:11AM 2 trouble with pagaination and conditional statements.
12:05AM 2 1.2RC1: Component Views Broken?
12:02AM 1 Polymorphic DB Model
Friday November 24 2006
11:52PM 1 validate method called 2 times when saving
11:42PM 1 Rails Error: Unable to access log file... in Apache error log file
10:51PM 1 actionwebservice/activerecord question
10:34PM 1 custom validation in activerecord
10:18PM 6 Rails 1.2 RC1 problem
10:10PM 4 pagination not keeping search params??
9:47PM 0 Strange "camelize" error when running fresh rails install on Hoary
9:26PM 4 good HTML, CSS, JavaScript design mail lists?
9:02PM 1 has_one with belongs_to
8:45PM 10 Company.count taking over 3 seconds for DB of over 500K
7:54PM 4 after_validation question
7:09PM 1 [Fwd: named_paths in non AR/AC class]
6:42PM 4 How to override count_collection_for_pagination in rails?
6:35PM 6 DRYing up link_to
6:33PM 2 Escaping Characters in Queries
5:34PM 2 Ruby on Rail and Google Gadgets - Are they compatible?
5:24PM 4 Newby (how to save information of two tables in a single data entry form)
5:16PM 0 Paging в стиле Rails
4:09PM 14 CHM Documentation for Rails 1.2.0 - RC1
3:12PM 3 find with has_many
2:13PM 1 Parent and child category creation
2:12PM 3 Duplicted Code (DRY)
2:04PM 1 Real-time Form Validation Plug-in
1:40PM 5 REST, sessions, authentication
1:38PM 1 Booleans, :conditions and Sqlite
1:10PM 0 Multiple Actions
12:07PM 2 DBI/unixODBC/FreeTDS weird problems on Linux
11:33AM 5 Issue with before_filter and redirect_to
11:22AM 0 new rails site: theWebtop
10:52AM 9 Event Model
10:49AM 1 RESTful Routing Confusion
9:07AM 0 Calling Java in Rails (JRuby, jrb, yajb) - real-world experience?
8:52AM 3 Dying server processes on Windows under load...
8:48AM 0 url_for_file_column undefined method
7:40AM 7 Quick question about joins, etc.
6:35AM 0 HELP!!! How to track memory usage in WEBrick
6:32AM 0 PluginAWeek: plugin_routing - Share templates (views, layouts, e-mails) with your Rails app
6:14AM 1 Help with a modeling problem.
6:13AM 1 Method Assigning
6:11AM 1 dropdown box
6:01AM 2 Do ActiveRecord relations defy DRY ?
4:47AM 1 Components Dead in 1.2RC1?
4:45AM 1 Another active record question
4:36AM 0 Checkbox Functionality
2:59AM 8 can't use habtm at all
2:48AM 2 HTTP 302 and redirect_to
2:43AM 16 Anyone using arorem in emacs ?
1:25AM 0 Incorporating runtime parameters in a has_many :conditions clause
Thursday November 23 2006
10:51PM 3 Create and edit with has_and_belongs_to_many
10:37PM 2 Inserting A Large Amount of Records into DB using Rake, Ruby and ActiveRecord? Help :-)
10:10PM 7 Best way to use Java class in Rails?
10:07PM 3 Getting the ID of a newly saved record
8:19PM 1 Apache/FastCGI causes error?
7:51PM 0 named_paths in non AR/AC class
7:28PM 3 trim information from url?
7:08PM 6 batch processes interacting with ROR data
6:54PM 1 AR Transactions
6:53PM 0 First project with rails ? OpenSource ?
6:27PM 2 ?using sendmail for actionmailer marks my emails as spam
6:17PM 0 Rails user group in Sonoma County
6:02PM 0 [Patch] authorization plugin caching
5:54PM 0 TypeError on loading fixtures for integration tests
5:25PM 2 simple thing but im not getting it -> params and @user
5:17PM 3 RJS page question
4:26PM 5 boolean to text?
3:42PM 2 Mongrel + Apache 1.3 + OpenBSD
3:33PM 2 Radio buttons causing line-breaks.
3:33PM 0 hash_for_resource_url problem
3:31PM 1 Problem with image caching
2:18PM 4 Where to place and initialize application params
2:14PM 0 over ride pagination default html
1:55PM 1 Select Tag not working in 1.2rc1
1:19PM 0 Application::Benchmarking Help
1:13PM 0 RailsInCocoa - example.
1:12PM 1 New rails social search project
12:17PM 5 RAILS_ROOT path definition
11:41AM 3 dynamic mapping in controller
11:32AM 1 Ruby on Rails
11:26AM 1 drop down box controller
11:08AM 0 Ruby on Rails -Rake db:migrate not functioning
10:41AM 3 Does Rubi On Rails Generate XHTML or Accessible HTML ?
10:40AM 4 Different User Types
9:24AM 2 Submitting a form conditionally
7:58AM 0 Custom Environments/Framework Exclusion
7:18AM 5 Google map to_html not working
6:17AM 1 Pointers/Help with Routes
6:14AM 9 Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 1
6:10AM 0 Cookie Implementation
6:09AM 5 where are my .rhtml pages?
5:00AM 0 acts_as_attachment form redisplays
3:56AM 2 Rails App Images fail to render with Apache2 Server
3:13AM 1 Script to restart webrick
12:42AM 0 Need help modeling complex entity relationships
12:40AM 2 Returning to the same position on a page
12:36AM 0 Request for names and web addresses of other rails orgs
12:35AM 2 problems with DB2 driver
Wednesday November 22 2006
10:56PM 0 Sonoma County Rails User Group
9:04PM 3 Ublip.com is Now on Rails
8:57PM 6 Pagination?
8:46PM 3 Newbie Q: Making code accessible by controller regardless of action
8:33PM 1 How to remove record from join table
8:24PM 1 Accessibility
7:59PM 1 in_place_edit for checkboxes?
7:47PM 4 How to load all models when testing?
7:38PM 0 fcgi SIGUSR2 (SignalException)
7:38PM 1 Using assert_raise
7:15PM 0 ActiveMessaging and MPath
5:29PM 1 Polymorphic Data Modelling Question
5:21PM 1 migrating to rails from wordpress
5:19PM 1 Basecamp projects - can't typecast "datetime"
5:04PM 7 Hiding multiple id's [element.hide]
4:48PM 0 Changing template path based on a request
4:17PM 3 RESTful web service design question
3:46PM 1 markaby, RESTful routing, edge rails, named routes (and simply_helpful)
2:39PM 3 How can I abort processing in the middle of a page & return?
2:31PM 2 Production mode class caching
2:28PM 14 Sweetest Way To Created Alternate Colored Rows
1:15PM 5 Escaping characters in controller
11:59AM 1 mssqlclient, id -> Itemnumber, System.IndexOutOfRangeException
11:55AM 2 help on tuning rails Rendering time
11:31AM 6 My Rails Blog
10:58AM 0 Rails start problem
10:48AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many find with multiple predicates?
9:31AM 5 why ruby ?
9:16AM 0 Handle specification in draggable item doesnt work in IE
8:39AM 0 Returning objects (not ids) in grouped count
8:37AM 3 Help Wanted: RailsInCocoa
7:33AM 1 Rails' influence is getting bigger and bigger
7:26AM 0 Problem with page.insert_html in rjs template
7:19AM 0 Handle specification in Sortable list doesnt work in IE
6:52AM 1 Simple Link to Static File
5:35AM 11 layouts with in layouts
4:35AM 3 hpricot for help!
3:13AM 1 Unidata
2:06AM 0 flex image - handling missing images
2:00AM 2 how to render a partial for test?
12:55AM 0 letting users edit their profiles
12:41AM 4 newbie question: how to read the "<<"
12:11AM 1 Peepcode REST podcast. ..didn't anybody get it ?
12:11AM 0 Associations that return objects for a particular user
12:02AM 0 BLOG and file upload
Tuesday November 21 2006
11:49PM 2 Destructive string operations working on multiple variables?
11:30PM 0 How do you access the value of a form field using rjs/ajax?
11:24PM 3 newbie question: how to read the "!"
11:03PM 4 newbie question: how to read the ":"
10:59PM 2 want to notify user if his prefs are not set up
10:56PM 1 RESTfully creating 2 models at once
10:41PM 2 Should I be using RAILS?
9:57PM 0 Validating form data without a model
9:44PM 0 Checking state of radio button
9:05PM 2 text input -> array
8:55PM 5 How to start a application from a controller
8:48PM 4 Turning off ID's auto_increment
8:22PM 3 Magazine for Ruby and RoR
8:08PM 2 before_filter in actionwebservice controller using direct dispatching
7:07PM 0 Missoula Ruby/Rails Group - December Ruby Tuesday Gathering
7:07PM 4 Linking to subdirectories in controller
6:40PM 10 link_to_remote for REST
6:39PM 5 Get most recent SQL executed from inside script\console?
6:35PM 0 LDAP to AR daemon - see your people records in your desktop's addressbook
5:37PM 0 juggernaut and flash_plugin
5:21PM 2 Script.acul.us not working as expected
5:13PM 1 RXML vs form_tag etc
5:06PM 2 Monitoring Disk Space Usage
4:59PM 4 Using like in multiple conditions
4:38PM 4 when to use @ and when to use self.
4:26PM 0 ModelObserver + acts_as_taggable plugin = Dead app
4:26PM 2 Using ActiveRecord in a Rake Task
3:34PM 3 ActiveRecord attributes
3:08PM 1 Rake Task: DB Recreate
2:53PM 0 Observer + acts_as_taggable plugin = dead app
2:19PM 2 Heads up on Javascript loop performance in Prototype
2:14PM 3 Extract find conditions from array
1:59PM 2 Rails without models
1:54PM 1 Creating a Rakefile
1:37PM 0 form including a collection of children
12:23PM 1 Unable to retrieve selected value
12:16PM 1 Paginate a scpecific list
11:24AM 0 Edge rails + Globalize caveats ?
9:46AM 1 Need help on list update
8:08AM 4 Embedding Rails in a Cocoa app.
7:37AM 0 porting coldfusion app to rails [business case for:]
6:46AM 3 Advanced activerecord validation
6:30AM 7 Nesting forms or a way around it?
6:25AM 3 Displaying images from database
5:17AM 2 Accessing scopes
4:34AM 7 Single mongrel -- ok for low traffic?
3:48AM 5 Time in Rails
3:48AM 0 Rendering Inline SVG - Here's how.. But why?
2:43AM 0 Interact with Rails REST web service using Flash
2:15AM 1 fix for modularized controller using overwrite_params
1:45AM 0 [Slightly OT] Mashup, Legal & Technical Inquiry
1:43AM 0 call Java .jar in Rails ?
1:12AM 1 file_column and resizing only when it's bigger issue
12:13AM 1 Calling a different controller from a view
Monday November 20 2006
11:38PM 4 Using Aspect Oriented Programming in Ruby to simplify tracing
11:21PM 3 MissingSourceFile... another post about this :D
10:20PM 0 SQL performance
10:08PM 0 User Engine : undefined method `find_by_login' for User:Class
10:07PM 0 any advice with deploying a rails app
9:36PM 1 undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "4":String - Meaning of this?
9:26PM 0 Webservices status
9:17PM 3 RSpec - superclass mismatch
9:14PM 12 Rails caching the model - is there a way to disable it or clear the cache code?
9:12PM 11 Insert.html working weirdly
8:41PM 5 What's your process?
8:33PM 1 Getting started with ActiveMerchant & new Ecommerce book
8:17PM 5 associations support in ActiveResource?
7:21PM 5 ActiveResource will not ship with Rails 1.2
6:53PM 29 Forcing rails to output HTML4 rather then XHTML?
6:32PM 8 removing 'controller_id' completely from URLs
6:00PM 1 standalone use of BulkMail gem can't mail because of an erro
5:31PM 0 Any instructions for getting Instant Rails to use Apache?
5:28PM 5 RMagick load problems?
4:53PM 0 Four dispatch.fcgi processes for the price of one
4:48PM 0 MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.3.1
4:38PM 5 Flashing validation messages
4:01PM 2 rake test_units error
3:58PM 0 Trackplace.com launches
3:49PM 5 Banner Ad Management in Ruby/Rails?
3:37PM 4 Observe two forms, submit both in one action?
3:21PM 4 RedCloth to_html strange behaviour
3:04PM 3 question about putting code in application.rb...
2:59PM 9 Seaside vs Rails article: truth or FUD?
1:59PM 2 getting form content for print popup
12:37PM 1 actions
12:16PM 1 problems loading schema
10:06AM 0 acts_as_attachment and overwritten methods
10:00AM 0 _form generation
9:08AM 3 Collaborating: Migration issues
8:23AM 4 ssl_requirement not working
6:28AM 16 E-Mail Client
5:59AM 0 Rails Programmer Needed
4:17AM 1 umldumper
2:48AM 7 Acts as attachement
Sunday November 19 2006
11:45PM 3 file_column - store all files in one directory
11:18PM 4 how update a select onchange?
10:08PM 0 Edge Rails Conference
10:07PM 27 Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce : Errata Help
8:56PM 3 Not found on Server Error
8:38PM 0 Fixtures for many-to-many association
8:35PM 6 AR Associations- Am I missing something?
7:54PM 0 Can i use webservices? or do i write my own protocol?
7:51PM 1 How do i call a controller action and just return to my temp
7:44PM 5 can 2 actions use a single view?
6:56PM 0 Planetrubyonrails.com
6:53PM 1 Re: Calling action method - no template
6:12PM 3 problem redirecting to rjs template
6:02PM 2 multiple nested ressources
5:58PM 5 created_on not working
5:21PM 2 Relations between same class objects
4:31PM 2 ajax upload?
3:52PM 1 ActiveRecord save-update not performed ?
3:47PM 1 Deleting items in m:n relation
3:10PM 0 big question about a relationship setup
2:19PM 3 Binary PUT requests are failing
12:44PM 1 How to create a SQL query without ActiveRecord?
10:36AM 0 acts_as_tree :counter_cache => true if?
8:48AM 1 problem webrick/lighttpd
8:26AM 0 Speeding up fixtures
7:56AM 0 ajax listener and partials
5:17AM 2 file_column url_for_file_column problem
4:49AM 3 sorting a hash in a view
4:21AM 11 pure XHTML
3:39AM 4 RSS and file_column
3:32AM 1 Minor discrepancies running Thomas' "Roman" program: why?
2:58AM 8 Disable sessions for API
12:53AM 6 Why can't I hide passed parameters?
12:42AM 1 String concatenation question
Saturday November 18 2006
11:38PM 0 [OT] Validating the Identity of a User
11:35PM 1 dynamic fixture reading in a file
11:06PM 0 date_select-like functionality for phone numbers
10:18PM 1 How can i split a text field for a phone number?
10:15PM 3 organize by a field
10:09PM 1 ActiveResource sample code?
9:56PM 1 creating an index page for an app
8:59PM 8 Working on a CMS, problem with Frontend
7:42PM 8 blocks in views
5:38PM 3 Dealing with deletion, entitlement/roles, and multi-tenancy apps
5:12PM 0 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to execute interpreter: [
4:41PM 4 One record too many stored, with NULL. Why?
4:28PM 2 using blocks in views
4:24PM 4 SimplyRestfull ? Where to download the latest version ?
4:18PM 0 (probably) simple question re before_filter and respond_to
4:09PM 5 submit a form
3:45PM 4 need one step deeper into a search and verify
1:29PM 1 Multiple result sets and ActiveRecord
11:30AM 1 ETS eMoney?
10:43AM 1 why aren't modules reloadable?
10:24AM 3 application on blackbery device
9:41AM 0 form fields with ajax listener
9:39AM 0 run application in blacberry mobile simulator(urgent)
9:12AM 3 has_one() in AR kind of weak?
7:16AM 2 submitting only populated attributes from a form?
4:24AM 1 Ruby on Rails & AJAX Introduction Workshop - Dec 15
3:45AM 2 RJS page.delay timing issues
2:52AM 3 New Rails site: Smatchy.com
2:51AM 1 naming convention
1:25AM 1 AWDWR Release Date
12:55AM 0 is the model() method no longer necessary
12:17AM 6 Non-breaking space in drop-down menu
12:03AM 2 Trouble populating drop-down from DB
Friday November 17 2006
11:36PM 1 How to put uploaded images into a static directory?
11:22PM 3 Rails + batch jobs
10:49PM 1 navigation bar w images
9:58PM 1 model validation
9:54PM 2 Rails foreign key
9:21PM 5 file-column plugin file size validation?
8:39PM 5 configure a rails app for multiple databases
8:33PM 8 validate_uniqueness_of question
8:12PM 0 Diff::LCS on Edge
7:20PM 4 How to Keep Non-Object Form Data
6:54PM 5 Patterns of use for helpers and partials
6:23PM 1 OpenSouce Projects Page lost
6:21PM 2 Clearing TEXTAREA After AJAX Submit
6:14PM 1 SQLite3 put a parse error in my schema.rb for timestamps
6:04PM 1 RoR API Search Engine
5:52PM 1 for all models
5:47PM 1 how to optimize sql and rails code, software??
5:40PM 0 Grumble!
5:36PM 4 set empty values as null in the database
5:35PM 1 Overriding default try/catch in Prototype Ajax.Request call
3:55PM 1 Product - Accessories: Active Record model?
3:50PM 1 Oracle string literal too long error
3:40PM 1 Login and related data
3:39PM 1 Scalable rails deployment and hosting in europe..?
2:44PM 1 On performance and logically distinct controllers
1:31PM 6 Dynamic attributes on a model
1:30PM 7 confused about a relationship
12:39PM 0 WWR Launched -worlds largest index of Rails Developers
12:20PM 10 I'm writing a lot of if statements
12:19PM 6 a simple problem, please help
12:18PM 4 textmate
11:34AM 4 How to represent price?
10:58AM 1 Rails Lighttpd Error
10:33AM 2 Getting table names
10:06AM 1 Check if associations are loaded before lazy loading them?
9:53AM 0 hosting service
8:40AM 6 RESTful routes and resulting urls
7:08AM 2 Q: Validating forms ... question about the URLs
7:01AM 5 Setting different layouts for a controller based on a param
5:37AM 0 Did I model this right?
5:06AM 0 This doesn't seem right...
4:27AM 0 Banner Ad rotation / management in Ruby/Rails?
2:50AM 4 before_destroy and sessions
2:25AM 8 Basic search, quick question
1:53AM 3 Is this the "right way"?
1:49AM 2 No ajax on IE mac?
1:29AM 4 Links for poor developers - <a href>
12:42AM 2 Need help understanding button_to_function (I think)
12:32AM 0 Rails Developer Wanted: Zvents
12:06AM 7 Hpricot help - parsing malformed HTML
Thursday November 16 2006
11:53PM 1 How to stop 'rake test' from recreating schema every time?
10:54PM 0 Central place for Ruby doc?
10:13PM 2 Can't get Test::Rails to work
9:31PM 0 Limited options and foreign keys
9:21PM 2 dynamically adding static (class) methods to a class
9:10PM 0 routing what looks like static files to a controller?
8:58PM 1 Using Apache's auth to protect RoRs sites
8:47PM 2 Creating and writing to a file
8:45PM 0 Forms with multiple parameters.
8:31PM 4 check box
8:22PM 0 Rails App going into beta
8:11PM 0 Project Announcement: Smatchy.com
8:05PM 3 Validation using session data
7:25PM 3 MySQL query optimization
6:45PM 5 simple thing about an undefined method throwing me
6:36PM 2 file_column and image watermarks
6:30PM 2 Fwd: building-a-multi-site-supported-application
5:56PM 0 How to get a legit ActionController with a nil @session param ... read on
5:14PM 2 Stubbing helpers
4:40PM 3 Where to put 'require's to be available to all models?
4:16PM 6 Up-to-date free tutorials ???
3:35PM 1 Sharing methods among migrations?
3:32PM 0 Help: 500 error page instead of stack trace even on own machine
3:13PM 1 webrick / lighttpd
2:56PM 1 Some basic acts_as_authenticated questions
2:39PM 5 Unsure How To Modify ActionController::Base
2:35PM 2 Problem mixing divs with table tags
2:11PM 3 Retrieving form post parameters from within a controller
2:09PM 0 Default options in method for hash
2:07PM 4 rake db:migrate problem
2:04PM 3 Web Services: Returning multiple values
1:59PM 5 recursively finding children
1:37PM 2 dropdown select
11:33AM 0 Using diff.rb
10:36AM 3 [OT] sync of static resources in shared-nothing architecture
9:59AM 1 InstantRails: Cookbook not deployed
9:59AM 11 Updating two divs?
9:35AM 4 Excel Chart
8:54AM 0 Anyone here have Safari 1.3 and a couple seconds to spare?
8:50AM 8 Session objects
8:05AM 2 Dos cuentiones para un novato
7:44AM 1 Displaying page render / SQL query time
7:25AM 7 Is textilize bad?
6:34AM 0 Handling arrays in forms
6:33AM 3 featurizing debug()
5:37AM 0 Rails validation model
3:43AM 1 Scoping acts_as_ferret
3:35AM 0 parse Payment gem response
3:16AM 2 New to rails, not sure how to model this
2:02AM 5 Looking for on site developer in Lancaster, CA. Any suggestions welcomed.
1:40AM 2 what first web page html call rhtml?
1:31AM 0 RJS callback functions fun
1:12AM 0 cache_classes = true but they are not being cached
12:53AM 0 Rails logger doesn't log nil, Ruby logger does
12:44AM 1 Fammer - easily cherry pick from the Silk Icon set
Wednesday November 15 2006
11:55PM 2 Validation: comparing two fields
11:26PM 10 How to tell if a site is implemented in Rails/Ruby
11:21PM 1 Convincing Management... need list of major sites implemented in Rails/Ruby
11:04PM 0 Right-Click JS library
11:03PM 0 pagination and returning data from tables to view
9:08PM 3 Sorting on one of two columns in database
8:04PM 2 Modeling question
7:25PM 2 Amazon S3 interface for RoR project
7:22PM 1 date_select using instance variable...
7:15PM 1 Should I store a time as datetime in my db?
6:33PM 6 Avoiding Nil errors
6:24PM 7 Howto - display PDF file in new window ?
5:16PM 2 Javascript in AJAX
5:00PM 5 Accessing correct ID
4:52PM 1 Which ajax function do I need - updating a div when user is logged in ?
4:51PM 1 Updating -just- a file_column
4:42PM 1 Image swap on rollover
4:18PM 0 No data in params for HTTPS POST request under Apache
4:02PM 3 Death first time out
4:01PM 3 Collecting checked checkboxes from table
3:53PM 0 Help with Error - trying out LesserWiki
3:48PM 2 Rake Migration Problem
3:09PM 2 RJS - loading a layout first?
2:28PM 4 Getting all directories in a specified directory
2:12PM 4 Remove a row from a table (Using AJAX)
1:07PM 5 Problem using Locomotive
12:45PM 3 Is Typo dead?
12:08PM 3 Star rating system - IE display problems
11:41AM 1 Textdrive Capistrano deployment Problem
10:59AM 4 InstantRails problem
9:57AM 5 ActionMailer & controller
9:05AM 1 customize logger / logging output
8:58AM 1 How to specify a 3-way relation in Active Record?
8:20AM 3 script/server set environment
5:45AM 1 how to handle alert box message in selenium test?
4:27AM 0 Edge RSpec on Rails
4:08AM 1 Date.today throws Invalid Date error only within Rails
3:12AM 0 has_many :through Accessor Methods
3:01AM 4 Any ideas on how to model this?
2:25AM 6 Accessing session variables
12:53AM 3 [OT] finding fuzzy duplicate data
12:42AM 9 conditional render partials
12:41AM 4 Dealing with large chunks of data
12:14AM 0 RJS Question - Creating an accordion effect with RJS/Scriptaculous
Tuesday November 14 2006
10:08PM 0 SybaseASE/Win32/*no Visual Studio*
10:04PM 2 PluginAWeek: appable_plugins - Share models/controllers/helpers with your Rails app
9:53PM 5 How to chat
9:39PM 2 timer on each page
9:31PM 6 Selecting 'attribute id' not 'object id'
9:03PM 9 session expiry approach - have I got this right ???
8:12PM 0 Running 2 application at the same time
7:34PM 0 "getaddrinfo: Name or service not known" error. MySQL driver?
7:08PM 1 Through associations on tables with non-standard primary keys
6:59PM 1 What methods go in the model vs. the controller?
6:43PM 3 moving public directory outside of rails structure
6:05PM 0 Per user tags
5:47PM 0 FastCgiWrapper forces RAILS_ENV to development
4:54PM 1 Better logging / compiler / webrick debug logging?
3:50PM 0 Prototype 1.5.0_rc2 and observe_field
3:30PM 2 installing gems vs installing plugins?
2:46PM 8 (unknown)
1:46PM 0 SaltedHashLoginGenerator - strange behaviour?
1:29PM 2 umlauts problem...
1:16PM 4 Newby Question
12:56PM 1 Starfish for mail processing
12:34PM 0 "tags not loaded yet" : what does it mean
12:07PM 4 Reading RSS feeds
12:04PM 3 Test units now loading
11:03AM 3 What is the best way to move rails application
10:58AM 1 GUI testing with WebKit and RubyCocoa
10:55AM 2 should rails sessions remain after the browser has closed???
10:47AM 3 degradable ajax links
10:42AM 1 Can I disconnect from the db inside test_helper?
10:09AM 0 Constants in PlugIns/Mixins
8:59AM 1 Rails doesn't see methods in Models
8:43AM 10 Specify RJS Templates
8:06AM 1 render without layout
7:28AM 4 What's wrong with textilize?
5:24AM 2 AWDWR : Quick question
5:19AM 3 messed-up habtm relationship
5:15AM 3 getting remote ip
4:36AM 0 rspec "assigns" and "render"
3:05AM 2 Finding results under a tree list
3:02AM 1 Associations problem
2:56AM 0 where does rails pull the session id from the cookie and connect the request with the session?
1:13AM 9 How can I join these tables?
Monday November 13 2006
11:57PM 0 RMagick throws path errors in Rails but not from the shell (OSX)
11:42PM 2 environment issues with apache/fastcgi
11:33PM 1 validation question
11:28PM 4 Click a link and insert into a database?
11:12PM 2 Rails Camp Scaling Session notes
10:17PM 4 mongrel upload progress and nginx
10:15PM 1 Advice on custom app with blogging interface
10:10PM 1 RJS scope problem?
9:46PM 0 Call any phone any where FREE
9:42PM 2 Select one column out of 2 returned
9:36PM 2 Login system
9:24PM 2 what happened to Radrails Generator tab?
9:17PM 3 Reporting and rapid CRUD with Rails
9:08PM 2 Quick and Easy Associations Question
9:05PM 0 TimeExtensions plugin
8:39PM 1 Rails Plugins - Extending Rails Beyond the Core Question
8:33PM 3 acts_as_ferret question
8:06PM 2 digg like clone
7:31PM 1 Rail under Apache on Windows
7:29PM 2 Which Continuous Integration System To Use?
7:17PM 29 Markaby, ERB, and the rails lingua franca
6:59PM 4 Detect Application Server
6:05PM 15 OT:Mongrel and Apache
5:49PM 12 Truncate array?
5:49PM 3 Lighttpd Problems
5:34PM 0 rails plugin error
5:11PM 1 Working With Rails: Beta testing invite (limited signup)
5:09PM 3 Rails and Wide Screens
5:00PM 5 rails doesn't create sessions in production
4:15PM 6 Counting comments for individual threads
3:34PM 4 Mass filtering page content for javascript anti-spam script
3:29PM 3 Subfolders in app/models
2:56PM 1 Log Rotation on Windows
2:56PM 2 apache not loading plugins
2:21PM 0 Portal on Rails
12:49PM 1 Removing column default with a migration
12:03PM 2 How to direct to an action in current controller
11:57AM 0 undefined datebocks_field
11:49AM 0 ping
11:26AM 5 Routes problem
11:03AM 0 using builder rxml template in model
10:30AM 2 Can I change the order for before_filter's between application.rb filters & another filters from another controller that inherits from "ApplicationController" ???
9:51AM 5 Help Symfony(PHP) to RoR(Ruby)
9:11AM 1 Getting the Session from a Model
8:59AM 1 has_many :through extended with writer and clear methods
8:17AM 3 using find to get the value from a table referenced by foreign key
6:02AM 1 How will I be able to talk to #rubyonrails channel in irc.freenode.net?
6:00AM 2 Seconds/Minutes/Days Ago
5:28AM 1 Returning a list from the database, refined by a column.
4:14AM 0 Need Ruby Rails developer on site in Lancaster, CA ($65.00 to $92.00/hour)
3:17AM 0 Integration Tests and Sessions
2:47AM 1 Ajax/Controller Problem
1:54AM 3 How to do optgroups?
1:30AM 0 How to deal with collections as input to habtm find?
1:03AM 0 popup or extended list
12:48AM 1 SQL error in migrations - adding data
Sunday November 12 2006
11:56PM 1 when moving app to prod server, do you need to reinstall?
10:56PM 0 Select boxes with Ajax
10:52PM 0 setting a base url in file_column
10:35PM 1 Two Foreign Keys between Same Tables : How To Display Data
9:27PM 1 Problem using Apache
8:12PM 4 How do I limit/restrict a results set?
7:44PM 3 what does :with do?
7:39PM 4 rendering HTML as an image
5:46PM 3 Form woes
5:00PM 2 Is the append function at Enhancing_RoRs_AJAXUpdater now built into Rails?
4:58PM 1 AWDWR : CartItem problem
3:49PM 8 extending find() in a horrible way..
2:05PM 5 Script/generate masterview fails
1:10PM 0 Yahoo Mail Beta - What did they use to develop this application and is it possible to replicate w/RoR?
12:45PM 1 l18n - gettext does not work
11:53AM 6 Free webeditor
11:27AM 2 Making Ajax rerender in div
10:28AM 0 Any experience with 'systemu'?
9:53AM 1 About SH2 Library
9:08AM 2 Pagination with Flickr.rb
5:44AM 4 Copying models
5:39AM 7 Undefined method with Active Record joins
5:04AM 2 how to correctly render a .rxml template for respond_to ?
4:56AM 8 Plugin generator gems
3:40AM 4 Trying to Replicate a Login Generator related Tutorial
3:00AM 0 ActionView::Base::ObjectWrapper -- What's it for?
2:36AM 2 2 "belongs_to :counter_cache => true" updates 1 counter ??
2:18AM 1 What is the best CMS developed in RoR?
1:02AM 4 One to Many help
12:45AM 0 AWDWR : Validation Question
12:38AM 2 Model-less SQL results
12:28AM 2 "Loading Image"-Image
Saturday November 11 2006
11:55PM 1 Radio Button Persist
11:51PM 1 RJS install event handler
11:40PM 1 Lost of form data on validation error
11:30PM 1 Specify body in process
9:52PM 2 Setting Ajax.Updater update target to alternate window?
9:26PM 0 How to do xml post in test
9:10PM 1 MySQL and INFILE on Ruby...
7:16PM 0 Re: linking database when primary key is not id and doing some counting
6:56PM 2 create a page but not specified in the database
6:14PM 0 ActionMailer/url_for issue
5:16PM 1 Disable foms when submitting
5:00PM 1 << does it force a save?
4:21PM 1 Syntax of link_to_image
4:07PM 0 acts_as_taggable plugin - paging through tagged model
4:00PM 2 question about undefined method
3:28PM 1 Converting smart quotes
3:15PM 0 drying up the testing code
2:45PM 1 Cannot Understand LittleBookOfRuby Example
2:38PM 2 ActiveResource RoutingError
1:05PM 0 destroy action redirecting when I didn't tell it to
11:16AM 2 <big>Rails plugins</big>
10:59AM 5 Rails running as sub domain: Help please
10:49AM 0 Rails text_area object name:
9:23AM 1 simulate sending file in functional testing
9:19AM 0 simulate sending file in functional test
6:01AM 2 Free MySQL Client that support ERD
3:16AM 8 is it safe to use rails engine?
2:19AM 2 Allowing JavaScript and preventing XSS
1:02AM 14 How can I extract the attributes from stored session "data" in the DB (using "active_record_store" for session storage)
12:52AM 6 [ADV] Release candidate of ADWwR is available
12:49AM 10 "Rails Cookbook" - is it possible to get PDF version somewhere???
Friday November 10 2006
11:41PM 6 Can't access model attributes via symbol
11:30PM 3 Probably easy -- data from controller into a database
11:28PM 3 file_column
10:31PM 1 Accessing constants in views/helpers?
10:30PM 2 Possible to use rails for a popup?
10:08PM 0 Ruby on Rails Training in Atlanta
8:40PM 2 encoding itunes dtd..
7:49PM 1 Content by email
7:14PM 0 MountainWest RubyConf call for presenters (2nd notice)
7:09PM 0 [ ym4r ] get lat & long by click the map
6:50PM 0 Routing: default value for component breaks functional test
6:46PM 4 Auto Generated ID
6:40PM 2 Struct: Difference Between Rails and Ruby/IRB
6:38PM 1 datetime_select and accessing in controller correctly
6:37PM 1 best way to see if an item is in a list
5:28PM 0 LiteSpeed + Capistrano How-to.
5:23PM 1 [SEC] Latest LiteSpeed ruby-lsapi does not vulnerable to the cgi.rb 99% CPU DoS attack
4:59PM 4 action_cacheing
4:54PM 7 Find when you have the model name but not the class
4:14PM 0 About mySQL
3:38PM 4 Why won't this array populate?
3:22PM 2 Testing with foreign keys
3:13PM 1 Use fragment caching from helper function
3:04PM 1 Strange Error when Navigating the links.
2:01PM 2 Oracle Driver installation
1:55PM 2 Rapid Rails Development?
1:51PM 4 linking database when primary key is not id
12:25PM 0 no such file to load -- gst
12:22PM 6 rjs partials
11:50AM 3 undefined method `of' for Task:Class
11:13AM 7 How to sort list by column in a grandparent table?
11:12AM 2 How to integrate Scruff Images
10:20AM 4 500 page instead of stack trace on any exception
9:23AM 12 Access denied for user:-
9:10AM 5 Hiding the command window when using system() on Windows
9:06AM 1 Multiple Controllers in a page?
8:17AM 12 Plugins book?
7:16AM 3 Functional tests for actions that aren't rendered
6:09AM 0 Draggable Image
5:46AM 1 AWDWR : Rake Aborted!
5:04AM 3 Move variables from session to ActiveRecord?
4:42AM 0 Fade away
4:33AM 1 Dyamically getting ActiveRecord using a string
4:10AM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete with sub-attributes
3:02AM 0 HTML to PDF. Is it possible?
2:39AM 0 Override logger for large binary data
2:37AM 3 Quick question about a loop
2:14AM 0 [ADV] New version of Flexible Rails book available (Alpha version 5)
12:21AM 2 mysql.sock
Thursday November 9 2006
11:13PM 2 Unusual rendering behavior with render_to_string()
10:50PM 0 Rails Logger in custom module
10:48PM 0 Newbie data modeling help needed
10:44PM 3 should I use Rails for a social networking site?
10:39PM 1 Model without db backend for form validation?
10:34PM 1 Get TextBox Value Ajax
10:21PM 2 AWS controller not loading API
10:17PM 1 PluginAWeek: plugin_assets
10:16PM 3 Has Many and finding unused options
10:12PM 0 Wiki page for plugins reached its limit?
10:12PM 1 readonly fields not updating
10:03PM 1 Getting Rails' Caching Working with Markaby?
9:58PM 9 Slow ActiveRecord - MySQL
9:26PM 4 mysql.sock error message
9:18PM 0 How to get hostname of my site?
8:54PM 0 AssociationTypeMismatch Product expected, got Product
8:53PM 7 using ActiveRecord to populate an array
8:35PM 0 calling methods through rhtml (layout)
8:12PM 3 Rmagic resizing images with transparant background
8:09PM 10 ROR/Ruby tech swap
7:44PM 2 ASP.NET Chat ability - can I do this in Rails?
7:28PM 0 Polls Plugin?
7:09PM 2 Getting the raw database value? Not the attribute value.
7:03PM 1 Server setup confusion
6:47PM 0 Smallest valuable Rails app - or a world clock in one line
6:36PM 4 CSV Export from view
6:29PM 3 unit test: fixutres not getting loaded into instance vars
6:02PM 4 Clean URL from two text fields
5:52PM 1 question on how ROR choses a controller instance ``at runtime"
5:45PM 3 rails session handling on windows problems
5:45PM 0 uploding files
5:09PM 1 Why is the test DB not wiped upon entering a test case?
5:04PM 1 simple question about code in a model class.
4:51PM 10 There's got to be a better way!
4:43PM 0 Make an attribute to mark a record as primary?
4:42PM 2 simple ( i think ) question about views
4:34PM 5 Build sybase adapter on winxp with eclipse/cdt
3:59PM 3 Logging Wiki user entries / edits
3:55PM 8 options_for_select and default value
3:44PM 5 Random Integer for Text Field
3:36PM 1 My First Rails App - Foreign Keys Questions
3:14PM 0 calling methods throught rhtml (layout)
1:50PM 1 revision 5454 broke my acts_as_authenticated
1:40PM 0 Solaris Container Hosting
1:24PM 2 redefining the method belongs_to in ActiveRecord::Base
12:58PM 2 Sorting and something like the <=> operator
12:57PM 3 sessions
12:47PM 0 Persistent connections
12:44PM 8 RJS help
11:59AM 3 always completely normalize your datamodel?
11:23AM 2 [ruby] delete folder, easy way
10:13AM 0 Apache configuration
9:59AM 5 How is this even possible?!
9:57AM 2 SQLServer + (OSX/linux) + accents
8:50AM 2 Preventing AR from writing a certain field?
6:44AM 8 image uploads
6:43AM 2 MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.3.0
6:29AM 0 weird template error
6:00AM 1 Page Level Locks Left In MSSQL when finding with conditions and > 1 association
5:30AM 0 combining information from several form fields into one attribute
4:43AM 2 help with join tables and has_and_belongs_to_many
4:31AM 2 routes with common text?
3:09AM 3 how to route to index ?
2:38AM 3 session help
2:31AM 2 Dumb question on db's other than MySQL
2:12AM 0 google web toolkit
2:10AM 3 WEBrick killed by Apple Security Update?
1:48AM 4 Unable to create associations
1:45AM 0 Can't seem to create an association
Wednesday November 8 2006
11:51PM 7 Legacy databases and migrating
11:42PM 0 Prevent an object from being destroyed in HABTM relationship
11:26PM 0 several fields editable with InPlaceEditor ?
11:22PM 1 Web services when data is not necessarily forked back
11:21PM 0 how to set the value of my checkbox?
11:15PM 0 Finding table realtionships programatically
10:41PM 0 Does changing the :domain of a cookie work in development mode?
10:40PM 4 Dynamic form elements via AJAX
10:35PM 1 programatically determine table relationships
10:12PM 5 Best way to create a reminders system (like backpack's)
9:44PM 12 Moving Rails apps from Windows to Linux
9:23PM 1 in_place_editor_field and a helper?
9:20PM 6 Why do I have to reload the Console
8:50PM 1 How do you post on Rails core?
8:38PM 0 Nottr.com - New Rails app
8:30PM 10 Textmate Like Editor for Windows
8:19PM 0 [ADV] Ruby on Rails Workshop for Microsoft Developers
7:14PM 0 Including js behavior inside a textfield
6:19PM 0 Paginating a fetched resultset problems with next/previous
6:10PM 20 Rails/Windows Guru Needed
5:00PM 0 Re: Rails and PHP with Webservices
4:54PM 4 writing SQL query WHERE.. IN.. anArray ?
4:45PM 1 Newbie question - ajax drop downs
4:43PM 1 Muliple SQL statements / Return percentage of rows
3:52PM 1 What am I missing here.
3:31PM 0 [ADV] New beta of the TextMate book is available
3:15PM 14 Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce is shipping
2:46PM 0 Developers in and around London, UK
2:29PM 2 caching database stuff
2:14PM 5 Question updating linked records
1:13PM 0 ActiveRecord-Mimer 0.0.1
12:40PM 2 Web Services on Rails
12:26PM 0 Mod3 Solaris Container Hosting
12:02PM 1 Report designer
11:46AM 3 How to implement status codes in DB and Rails
11:34AM 1 How To Patch Rails
11:27AM 7 RJS - checking if element exists?
11:24AM 1 Problem getting image file name with file_column
11:21AM 0 Strange ActiveRecord mapping problem
11:14AM 0 Problem ith file_column
10:56AM 2 RadRails Mongrel Error
10:08AM 1 test
9:27AM 3 Params from a collection_select
8:59AM 6 Problem getting application.rhtml to work
8:28AM 0 lol
8:25AM 3 long words killing HTML display
7:15AM 2 Milwaukee Ruby User Group meeting toniight @ 5:30 to 8
6:28AM 2 paginate on model/controller within modules
6:18AM 1 d
5:42AM 7 image uploads in Rails
4:42AM 5 Seeking expert RoR developer in NYC area
3:53AM 2 Configuring Apache for ruby on windows
3:40AM 0 Dreamhost 'Mysql not loaded' error
2:30AM 4 text field with auto complete to look up ID... again
1:11AM 1 How to get Observer fields watching checkboxes
12:58AM 0 routing error does not get caught by rescue_action_in_public
12:57AM 2 Scaffolding Extension Plugin... You use it?
Tuesday November 7 2006
11:53PM 2 RoR position available at Stanford web startup
11:51PM 4 Images urls
11:44PM 2 undefined local variable or method `invoices' for Provider:Class
10:36PM 0 how to if domain is such then show such
10:25PM 2 belongs_to association not connected to FK attribute?
10:17PM 2 Rails dates and times, 40.years.ago
10:07PM 0 just trying if it works in groups beta... pls ignore....
10:00PM 2 How to expire fragment cache from model?
9:49PM 2 Testing /using routes
9:21PM 3 Blocking/accepting params according to @member.admin?
8:50PM 1 Complex search
8:48PM 0 rxml template accidentally rendered within html layout
8:01PM 0 Hudson Valley NY User Group
7:44PM 4 Rails Documentation Resources
7:37PM 0 Globalize language changing
7:33PM 19 DrySQL
7:24PM 12 Functions in application.rb?
7:15PM 2 ActiveRecord HABTM in Legacy DB not inserting properly
7:05PM 2 find_by_tag
6:54PM 0 flash being lost in Firefox
6:25PM 0 getting one column or method from AR find
6:09PM 4 Unknown column 'id' in 'field list
6:03PM 0 Solution to generate table output of data, comments and suggestions please.
5:59PM 1 adding a form to autocomplete result display
5:37PM 3 form_remote_tag not working
5:37PM 0 New Rails Job Board
5:15PM 1 Reading and Writing to an external program
4:50PM 5 console broken
4:44PM 10 Read cookies in application_helper.rb?
3:55PM 3 Class-table inheritance in ActiveRecord
3:46PM 1 simple rjs works in firefox not in IE (no tables involved)
3:40PM 2 ActionMailer outside of Rails?
3:04PM 4 non-"table_id" foreign key
3:00PM 0 Restrict size of file uploaded with file_column
2:02PM 0 Edge rails a memory hog?
1:43PM 0 Something up with the forum?
1:43PM 0 somebody is calling my setters in the webservices!!!
1:15PM 2 Plugin not working
1:01PM 6 validating the whole app against dangerous characters
12:42PM 0 Where is my database being updated?
12:27PM 2 Many-to-many self-referential connection
11:57AM 7 Ruby on Rails & SQLite3
11:49AM 19 Rails and PHP
11:46AM 2 weird random errors when running without session affinity (behind balancing proxy)
10:32AM 2 Plugin to add client side JS forms validation ?
10:30AM 12 why I need testings in rails?
9:08AM 4 Form Field Observer - AJAX?
7:31AM 0 Redefine "base" classes in rails
7:06AM 0 SaltedHashLoginGenerator - welcome processing query
6:22AM 0 Remote migration problem: uninitialized constant Enum
5:44AM 0 Swiss Ruby User Group Meeting, 9.11.2006
1:49AM 7 Serving file from AJAX call
1:12AM 1 Are ActiveRecord connections just DBI connections?
Monday November 6 2006
10:33PM 2 Eager Finder SQL
10:03PM 4 Capistrano Deployment Delay
9:54PM 2 User vs. Administrator best practices
9:51PM 6 seriously, how much time does it take to develop a rails project
9:46PM 1 When should I use Edge?
9:44PM 3 Need help setting up.
9:31PM 2 where to provide additional methods to classes
9:27PM 1 @params['user'].delete('form') - what does .delete('form') do?
9:25PM 2 What should I require to use rails application in my script
9:19PM 0 @params['user'].delete('form') - what does this do?
8:13PM 0 Gem login_generator
7:58PM 1 What should I require to use my rails app in my script?
7:14PM 1 Send Email to Test Account in Dev/Test modes
6:54PM 0 Ruby racing to the top
6:11PM 4 manuals.rubyonrails.com down
5:44PM 1 Any pointers on integration of Rails and Mambo login
5:36PM 2 One model using multiple foreign keys?
5:32PM 2 Shouldn't ranges work for datetime fields
5:29PM 3 Rails without gems?
5:24PM 0 Missoula RoR Group Gathering
4:40PM 0 Ruby on Rails Evolutionaries
3:40PM 3 Foreign Key question
3:30PM 0 New Ruby on Rails Video & Search Engine
3:10PM 9 250 Snippets for RadRails
3:08PM 7 Yet Another request to help DRY some code
2:58PM 5 Prevent fields from being validated
2:54PM 4 Live Chat Support in rails
2:51PM 42 Multiple customers - keeping the data separate - how?
2:48PM 3 Absolute Newbie - Can I Begin?
2:38PM 0 A trinity of environments
2:38PM 4 RadRails and OSX
1:56PM 0 advice on database based tabs
1:49PM 1 Passing Two or More Objects to a Partial
1:33PM 2 Accent stress - ASCII - How to get rid of strange characters
12:44PM 79 Stop developing Rails !!!
12:02PM 0 paypal plugin problems
11:52AM 0 paypal tests work on testing server but not on production machine
11:46AM 0 Non-Fatal Anonymous Module Error
10:29AM 3 Column Names in Legecy Tables
8:59AM 2 How do I list items not 'joined' to the current record?
7:55AM 1 fcgiwrap and fcgi
6:01AM 2 Error in Tutorial #1 in beta book
4:56AM 1 using the rails logger in an non-AR model
4:55AM 0 emit scaffold controllers ?
4:28AM 5 random mysql error
4:17AM 0 Truncating Float column in MySQL
4:15AM 8 Bizarre mysql issue
3:36AM 1 loaded_plugins and plugin_migrations
3:34AM 4 Instance variable not holding between get? and post
3:25AM 2 association.contains
3:03AM 4 Confirmation fields on forms
2:43AM 0 Putting form errors in the right place
2:18AM 0 problems with paypal plugin
1:51AM 0 fcgi errors when starting rails with lighttpd server on Mac OS X
1:50AM 1 Has anyone got SSL to work on WEBrick?
12:39AM 2 writing TEXT from my database to file
12:22AM 0 link_to_post - Is this a good idea?
Sunday November 5 2006
11:48PM 3 Problems with navigation after log in
10:33PM 8 Newbie question: getting scaffolding to handle belongs_to relationships
10:25PM 0 OT: from local to server styles whacked
10:23PM 3 partial Inheritance
10:22PM 0 Saving form data with currency symbols / validating custom formats
9:05PM 2 maintenance app
7:59PM 5 Pulling information out of the session in the view
7:56PM 1 mediatemple
7:27PM 0 [Q] Multiple customer apps - maintaining data separation - how?
6:38PM 10 Selling A Rails Application
5:38PM 3 ID as primary key
5:11PM 1 self_referential has_many :through problem (can't make it work)
4:47PM 1 .sync() for ActiveRecord objects
3:33PM 1 Tests show no outupt
10:23AM 0 Using Gloc in model
8:30AM 9 Add dynamic instance methods in a controller class
8:21AM 8 Switched to OSX...
6:45AM 0 Recommended method for handling states/addresses?
6:40AM 2 database.yml question
6:34AM 4 sending email..
6:14AM 1 action_cache plugin now has x-sendfile support
3:44AM 3 cookbook2 question (cookbook2_developement)
3:44AM 1 Simple Web Service
1:23AM 1 How to print a variable type
12:56AM 2 Referencing another controller in a controller?
12:41AM 0 Forms with associations and collections
Saturday November 4 2006
11:36PM 1 Add dynamic instance methods in a controller
10:46PM 1 Wrong id passed when joining tables
9:42PM 3 newbie: Can I preselect pulldown option from passed in var?
9:30PM 1 Scriptaculous fails in safari > 2.0 ??
8:07PM 0 use_transactional_fixtures= and Test::Rails
7:58PM 1 validate_presence_of - not always needed
7:23PM 3 undefined method `load_paths=' for Dependencies:Module
7:17PM 2 in_place_editor_field submitOnBlur & okButton=false options?
7:17PM 20 Brainwashing needed
7:08PM 5 puts not working
6:31PM 1 Passing class name
6:10PM 2 select selected not working
5:53PM 0 How does the polymorphic #{as}_type attribute get set in ActiveRecord models?
5:31PM 4 Validation helpers in my custom validate method?
5:21PM 4 how to get observe_field to use GET method?
5:08PM 0 Need rails developer for youth radio-in-education project
3:44PM 1 Autocompleter :minChars not working
3:36PM 7 Multi applications on 1 database
3:21PM 2 user settings
2:54PM 13 Caching application data
1:22PM 3 backgroundrb - workers firing twice?
1:00PM 2 date_select parameter
12:41PM 2 Lazy recognition of inheritance hierarchy in STI
12:19PM 2 record not found
11:20AM 1 custom validation
11:03AM 6 Submitting a form without using submit_tag
10:03AM 1 Authentification using Linux user/password
8:35AM 2 Possible to use attr_reader/writer in model?
6:41AM 2 How to output the name of the db
6:30AM 2 database.yml YAML questions
6:08AM 1 Best way to filter a collection?
5:21AM 0 Entering secret data at server startup
4:55AM 0 Official Haml Site Launch
3:55AM 2 helper to generate element id?
3:20AM 0 Haml 0.3 - Slipstream
3:03AM 0 How to catch an ActionMailer error
3:03AM 1 ActionMailer Sending Two text/plain Parts
3:02AM 0 Seeking Jr Rails Programmer
3:01AM 0 trouble installing ferret on windows
3:00AM 0 Active Record and consistency
3:00AM 0 ActiveRecord
2:59AM 0 Re: Tutorial about XMLHttpRequest+Rails
2:59AM 2 [ Rails ] Multiple rails apps on 1 host
2:59AM 4 background process (cron job) and business rules + database connection
2:58AM 0 Using <=> in models
2:58AM 1 Database.yml not being parsed correctly?
2:58AM 0 observe_field and datetime_select
2:57AM 0 script/plugin woes
2:57AM 6 Javascript form validation for In place editting in scriptaculous ?
2:55AM 0 Deployment
2:54AM 0 What happened?
2:53AM 0 ActiveRecord for a single instance?
2:51AM 1 search function
2:51AM 0 [JOB] RoR Developers, Orlando, FL | 50-85k
2:50AM 0 Deployment w/ Subversion
2:50AM 0 Marshal Data Too Short Error
2:48AM 0 send_data from disk
2:48AM 0 bug in scripts option for in_place_editor?
2:47AM 0 #expire_fragment in models...any clean solutions?
2:47AM 0 How do CRUD and REST work for a wizard-style application?
2:47AM 1 trouble linking from the html page to a rhtml page
2:46AM 0 [Markaby] select with acts_as_dropdown problem.
2:46AM 3 role based authorization question
2:46AM 6 image_tag keeping add ???? after the url it generates
2:45AM 0 Functional test issue for testing newbie
2:44AM 0 Homebrew RBAC
2:44AM 2 how to use LabellingFormBuilder
2:44AM 0 Prototype observe issues
2:43AM 0 weird problem with content type
2:43AM 0 Appending a String to A Field
2:42AM 0 Re: Re: Re: Re: Adding multiple invoice items to an
2:42AM 0 login sugar generator
2:40AM 1 Partials shared between multiple controllers
2:39AM 6 Ruby/XSLT
2:39AM 0 Very Freak error!!!
2:39AM 0 RoooR ahead with your career: Looking for a RoR developer (50k, Amsterdam)
2:38AM 0 Mail System Error - Returned Mail
2:38AM 0 TinyMCE / Spellcheck integration with rails
2:37AM 0 write_attribute trouble
2:37AM 0 Can''t run script/console on OS X
2:37AM 0 hacking nginx to do some very basic logic.
2:37AM 0 mongrel cluster and rails cache.
2:36AM 0 Rails/Ajax/File::Tail?
2:36AM 0 How to paginate a find_by_sql query?
2:36AM 0 Ruby on Rails Live CD
2:36AM 0 Using Field Helpers to Edit a Related Model Object
2:36AM 0 Problem with edge rails, controller namespaces and routes
2:36AM 0 3 Months Ruby Contract / London
2:36AM 0 Ez_where question
2:34AM 2 Instant Rails 1.4 final released (with RadRails support!)
2:34AM 0 Preventing Concurrent access
2:34AM 1 error_messages_for ''a''
2:33AM 0 action mailer and IMAP
2:33AM 0 flush typo cache
2:32AM 0 DYLAN??
2:32AM 0 (no subject)
2:32AM 2 sql query in active record
2:32AM 4 live search
2:32AM 0 traits-0.10.0
2:32AM 0 Is there a Classified Ads Script for Rails
2:32AM 0 OT: 14 slots available in a browsercam membership
2:32AM 0 Book Review: Ruby for Rails
2:32AM 0 Fairmount Academy: October classes forming NOW!
2:31AM 1 Angel friend postcard has arrived for you!!
2:31AM 1 Instant Rails 1.4 preview1 released (with RadRails support!)
2:30AM 0 how do I debug a utorial ?
2:30AM 0 Having problems with edge rails
2:30AM 0 headers[''Content-Type''] & link_to_remote on Rails Edge
2:30AM 8 alternatives to script/runner?
2:30AM 0 Vol 3 - Week 13
2:30AM 0 Page Navigation
2:29AM 0 understanding rails transactions support.
2:29AM 0 leaving a column out of an association
2:29AM 0 excluding column from associations
2:29AM 1 BackgrounDRb Call for help
2:29AM 0 rake db:migrate is semi-broken
2:29AM 0 microformats plugin?
2:29AM 0 cry for help - make this faster
2:29AM 0 Rails newbie - can anyone please help with many to many NoMethodError
2:29AM 0 New version of the AWDwR beta book available
2:28AM 0 Session::ActiveRecordStore
2:28AM 2 strange errors in dev.log and webserver log
2:28AM 0 need help with observe_field
2:28AM 2 Returned mail: Data format error
2:28AM 0 @article.article_groups.delete_if... Dosn''t work!
2:27AM 1 role based auth breaks auto_complete_for
2:27AM 0 UTF-8 String to PDF using PDF::Writer
2:26AM 0 Mongrel not allowing URIs > 512 chars
2:26AM 0 one to many relationship; has_one
2:26AM 1 Message could not be delivered
2:26AM 0 stumped trying to escape javascript
2:26AM 0 (no subject)
2:26AM 0 PostgreSQL ActiveRecord default localized date assigned in test env
2:25AM 0 Ferret 0.10.6 released (and some benchmarks)
2:25AM 0 Controller don''t receives form parameters using form_remote_for
2:25AM 1 Dynamically updating a sortable list using RJS
2:25AM 0 looking for a del.icio.us like function
2:25AM 0 ProbleM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:25AM 1 Writing better HTML/CSS for the Depot app
2:25AM 0 Vol 3 - Week 12
2:24AM 0 form_remote_tag problems with post url
2:24AM 0 i''m getting this error
2:24AM 0 RJS not setting form input value correctly
2:24AM 0 <label for=..." /> best practice?
2:23AM 0 Globalize & caching
2:23AM 1 Angel friend message for you!!
2:22AM 0 Question about named routes - getting "No url can be generated for the hash"
2:22AM 0 Chaining actions
2:22AM 0 Model.delete_all vs Model.destroy_all in a habtm
2:21AM 0 Problems with ActiveRecord, Oracle adapter, find_by_sql, multi-table join - ORA-04043 error
2:21AM 0 Validations ignoring :allow_nil => true
2:21AM 0 Rails caching enabled Nginx.conf file.
2:21AM 0 Globalize: how to set a space in thousands_sep
2:20AM 0 Ruby Site Launched
2:20AM 0 Re: form_for scope issue RESOLVED
2:20AM 0 Free Rails workshop in Malmo, Sweden, Sept. 17
2:19AM 0 active record, checking for existing records
2:19AM 0 Using collection_select and ajax
2:19AM 0 using sessions to find who is online
2:19AM 0 [ADV] Ruby on Rails Workshop in Zurich, 27.-29.9.2006
2:19AM 0 populating select boxes, view or controller?
2:18AM 0 accessing constants in model from controller.
2:18AM 0 Migrations, development, test, etc.
2:17AM 0 [Question} how best to use attribute driven db with Rails
2:17AM 0 Howto start a unix Tail -f within Rails
2:17AM 0 detect ip country of origin
2:16AM 0 RJS .....
2:16AM 0 Using migrations with legacy schema
2:16AM 0 Bonus for Registration - $25
2:16AM 0 Vol. 3 - Week 9
2:14AM 0 Namespacing controllers
2:14AM 0 Howto ? :: multi notes for same product in rails
2:14AM 0 RESTful controller naming conventions
2:13AM 0 passing name/value parameters to paginate.
2:13AM 0 Seeking help constructing SQL Queries from search pages with many optional attributes
2:13AM 0 apache alternatives
2:12AM 1 How to run a project tutoial you have downloaded?
2:12AM 0 Weird exception
2:11AM 0 Basic Q: Please help with iterating through an AR.find result
2:10AM 0 Net::HTTP.post_form got 200 but no INSERT INTO. How come? How to fix this?
2:10AM 0 newbie: Single Table Inheritance
2:10AM 0 Need help with iterating through a ''find'' result
2:10AM 0 adding an association to the logine_engine user model
2:10AM 0 App for creating presentation slideshows (a-la DHH) ?
2:10AM 0 gem install sqlite3-ruby error
2:09AM 2 routing question
2:09AM 0 Controllers and Namespaces (no problem, just questions)
2:09AM 0 need advice about race condition
2:09AM 2 adding a method to an ActiveRecord Object
2:07AM 0 matching values in arrays
2:07AM 1 acts_as_tree repeats
2:06AM 0 deleting associations
2:04AM 0 Weak DBI support for MSSQL (was rails and MSSQL transactions)
2:04AM 0 Listing Users with Acts as Authenticated?
2:03AM 0 unique boolean flag
2:03AM 0 test/controller not using activerecord session
2:02AM 0 Namespace/Object scope problem
2:00AM 0 Fatal error in edge
2:00AM 11 [OT] What''s the best way to install ruby/rails on Mac OS X?
1:56AM 19 Mongrel Pre-Release -- Ruby''s LEAK Fixed (Death To Mutex!)
1:54AM 0 How to reference fixture under folder ?
1:53AM 0 My book is out -- Ruby on Rails: Up and Running
1:53AM 0 no logs from mongrel on win2k
1:52AM 0 ActiveRecord, insert and not auto-incremented primary keys...
1:51AM 0 Minimagick issue writing resized file
1:51AM 0 script/generate and --destination
1:50AM 0 filter function with parameter
1:50AM 0 migrations gotcha
1:49AM 1 layere dispatching - please help!
1:48AM 0 ActiveRecord Observers and Model breakage.
1:48AM 0 arrayfields-3.6.0
1:47AM 0 Vibrance Newsletter: please confirm your address
1:46AM 0 link to rhtml page from html
1:43AM 0 Pure-DOM JS based rich text editor
1:43AM 0 open4-0.5.1
1:42AM 0 Check_box woes
1:41AM 0 Please stop
1:41AM 1 Customizing routing error messages
1:41AM 0 traits-0.9.2 - better living through metaprogramming
1:41AM 0 Popup search windows: hints needed
1:40AM 0 Multiple domains for one app
1:40AM 0 um, what''s up with the list?
1:40AM 0 google ig
1:40AM 0 Case studies for high-availability Rails deployments?
1:39AM 0 Rails talk to gmane
1:37AM 0 any recommendations for handling a non autoincrement primary key
1:37AM 1 OT: Versioning
1:37AM 0 sharing a partial across multiple controller views.
1:36AM 0 link first page html to other rhtml
1:35AM 2 Trac Triage with THE MAGGOT (Time To Clean Your Patches)
1:34AM 0 Remember me not working across the browser
1:28AM 1 validates :on and :if broken in edge?
1:21AM 1 Newbie... Where is Rails ??
1:17AM 1 Validation on Update
1:06AM 1 Question - link_to 2 actions
12:59AM 1 Newbie: Select Box?
12:06AM 5 Last object edited appearing in form on new object page
Friday November 3 2006
11:38PM 10 [PLUGIN] rspec_resource_generator - RESTful scaffold generator with RSpec specifications
10:58PM 0 Rails upload magic number?
10:22PM 0 page.select problems
9:48PM 0 ANN extended_fragment_cache plugin
9:06PM 0 tictocit - Update/New Features
9:02PM 1 Having trouble posting...
8:47PM 2 Installed Ruby on Rails for the 1st time
8:36PM 0 How to upgrade my rails 1.1.6 with pessimistic locking feature?
8:35PM 4 Networked windows development client to linux server????
8:14PM 1 NNTP gateway for this list?
6:14PM 1 ActiveRDF 1.0
6:02PM 0 AdMob sample code for Rails
6:00PM 2 Get a hash/array with a range of dates?
5:43PM 0 Fixture data persists across TestCases
5:39PM 2 subversion with plugins
5:35PM 10 does Rails provide session timeout/expiry???
5:18PM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many count validation
5:12PM 2 Inherited associations causing me pain
4:36PM 1 redirect_to won't work on earlier JavaScript call
4:36PM 1 Resolved but one minor detail- Re: Re: Weird error now - RJS not working
4:33PM 2 ssl with subdomains
4:31PM 2 Problem with caches_page of action sending data
4:24PM 0 accessing model object var from simple sidebar
4:21PM 0 Test for posting new topics...
3:42PM 6 Application Error
3:41PM 5 Basic Active record help
3:37PM 6 rails documentation - wiki
3:34PM 9 Checkboxes, Rails, and Javascript
3:23PM 2 Ruby for rails ebook
3:16PM 3 Odd behavior on update
2:57PM 1 ActiveRecord in a database schema other than public
2:30PM 0 Help Installing Rails
2:06PM 1 Unsynchronized Ruby on Rails Mailing Lists
12:56PM 4 include HTML
12:47PM 6 read params from form ot working
12:02PM 2 European equivalent of RailsMachine / EngineYard?
11:29AM 0 Vacancy for Ruby developer in Amsterdam
10:47AM 0 Vacancy in Amsterdam
10:37AM 0 Ruby on Rails vacancy in Amsterdam
10:11AM 1 class inside module is not recognized by model
9:52AM 13 ApplicationController
8:51AM 3 Carriage return retrievel using RoR
6:48AM 1 Ajax within ajax,,
4:52AM 1 How to access TextHelper from Lib?
4:27AM 1 conditions_by_like
4:14AM 0 I need some help with a Depot problem
3:13AM 0 ANN: association_collection_tools plugin
2:37AM 2 Simple view question
2:35AM 3 ordering a collection of items
12:06AM 22 [OT] Rails development on desktop Linux?
Thursday November 2 2006
11:36PM 0 [JOB] RoR Developers, San Francisco, CA | 70-110k | Relo OK
11:19PM 0 Javascript and Rails
10:19PM 3 Easier tagging with consistency - movie vs movies
9:50PM 0 WEBrick hangs
9:24PM 2 Finding rows not connected through :though
9:08PM 3 validations and :message
8:52PM 2 Need help verifying AR after_xxx callback behaviors
8:52PM 6 Issue with string arrays using soap Web Service
8:31PM 5 How much database poking can I do?
8:01PM 3 Making it more DRY
7:53PM 1 Migration Trouble
7:33PM 0 DB: class to multiple rows mapping (aka rails 'osproperty')
7:21PM 2 Rescue don't work on web applications
7:18PM 9 Re: Weird error now - RJS not working
6:55PM 2 [RAILS, APACHE,TEXTDRIVE] Configuration?
6:30PM 4 Server restart to pick up changes
5:05PM 5 RJS error in internet explorer
5:00PM 2 Wish list: form helpers for collections of new_record?s
4:57PM 0 Ruby Mine: Ruby Custom Search Engine
4:48PM 0 Using routes to replace controllers in namespace
4:40PM 1 Ajax - page.remove broken by css in IE
4:20PM 0 Question - form_remote_for vs remote_form_for
4:18PM 1 >1 has_many between two tables
4:02PM 2 Validating and saving a MAC address using only one format
4:02PM 1 Scaffolding_extension and HABTM
3:00PM 2 Have you ever seen this table structure?
2:56PM 4 Uploading RoR Apps to Domains
1:55PM 9 Scaffold Password Confirmation => no red border
1:52PM 1 A column named 'type'
1:50PM 0 file_column plugin with custom store_dir
1:30PM 0 Polymorphic associations: finding object types
1:26PM 4 Inconsistent serialization-getting YAML::Syck object not hash in production on DreamHost
12:22PM 2 Newbie: New item goes to bottom of list
10:42AM 6 Multiple items in the where clause while updating...
10:27AM 5 Goldberg 0.1.4 released
9:46AM 5 Better than RoR...
9:09AM 2 acts_as_attachment
7:31AM 5 nesting content from multiple controllers
6:39AM 2 model-less sql
5:53AM 2 accessing single parameter in params (date in particular)
4:53AM 1 Logging validation errors.... possible?
4:30AM 2 Session tracking in RoR?
4:06AM 4 application controller security
3:22AM 3 Application Error [200 OK]
2:47AM 4 Still Having Problems With :through When Going To Same Table... Help... please :-(
2:40AM 0 how to start Lighttpd 1.4.11 on debian with port 80
1:56AM 2 memcache-client extensions plugin
1:55AM 0 in_place_editor_field inside another form.
1:42AM 0 New hope for Rails on Windows/IIS ?
12:47AM 2 inferred_routes plugin
12:19AM 0 Re: Ajax In place editor with drop downs (need help please)
Wednesday November 1 2006
11:22PM 0 nesting REST resources => scaffolded code requires heavy patching
10:54PM 4 problems with acl_system and before_filter
10:46PM 10 Error messages in other languages?
10:39PM 2 controller.controller_name for the controller name. But how do I write to get the current ID?
10:27PM 4 Through and through
10:24PM 5 Executing raw SQL in migrations?
10:17PM 2 Legacy naming
9:40PM 0 cached_model broken in Edge Rails
9:32PM 8 undefined method & has_one
8:17PM 17 So how can I rewrite my app without using with_scope?
7:53PM 7 Unwanted Caching
7:34PM 0 Content type and file uploads
7:32PM 0 Re: YAML.load(some_string) doesn't return hash?
7:27PM 0 Is it possible to serialize capistrano tasks?
7:24PM 3 Default application action
6:55PM 5 Writing good test suites?
6:53PM 0 Gruff : SideStackedBar "no data" error
6:49PM 0 Find models with a specified set of associated models
6:47PM 0 Fixtures dilemma - hard coded id values
6:43PM 0 ANN: custom_benchmarks plugin
6:34PM 0 CSS for in-place-editor form
6:29PM 2 What's this REST & ActiveResource all about?
5:57PM 2 Serializing - Deserializing a data structure in RoR
5:52PM 2 How to: Individualized mass email with ActiveMailer - separate thread?
5:48PM 1 In place editor with drop downs
5:35PM 1 AR object sees columns in table twice???!!!???
4:46PM 1 ActiveRecord with a weird DB Schema
4:35PM 0 Trunk vs. 1.2 branch
4:21PM 5 Weird rjs partial rendering
3:47PM 1 partials: disabling rendering if error
3:46PM 4 Does delete_all do one DELETE statement or several?
3:24PM 0 Initializing attributes on join models: best practice?
2:12PM 0 Bandwidth Test?
12:35PM 3 rake migrate to Dreamhost mysql database
12:15PM 4 Switching web page languages - how?
11:58AM 2 AR converts params to integer
11:55AM 0 creating associations question
11:55AM 1 children in acts_as_tree should acts_as_list
11:55AM 1 Environment specific application configuration values
11:42AM 3 Daily reminder emails
10:33AM 7 Japanese support for Rails
8:58AM 1 ActiveRecord column "type"
8:24AM 0 SAPRfc -- dependencies
7:23AM 3 active_record_base_without_table plugin - Easily use models without tables
6:03AM 1 Bulk inserts into SQL Server
5:17AM 12 Displaying images in Ruby
3:17AM 9 rake test not observing mysql table type
1:02AM 2 How-to access session data from config/routes.rb?
12:10AM 1 What To Do When You Have A Relationship Between Two Objects Of The Same Type