R help - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
11:12PM 1 (windows xp) start script on startup / double clicking on the script
8:10PM 3 A point in a vector?
8:08PM 0 How can I use event.chart (Hmisc) to work with a single row of data?
6:40PM 5 Rounding error in seq(...)
6:34PM 0 change axis labels in persp
6:33PM 0 start a script directly under windows
5:55PM 2 aproximate a titration kurve to the measure data.
4:53PM 0 error in function AMER
4:35PM 0 extract clusters from a hclusrt object without cutree
3:40PM 0 Openning multiple (writing) connections to a single file - possible ?
3:19PM 0 Input format for kcca in kernlab
3:02PM 1 Managing random number generating, while using Condor parallel computing
2:58PM 1 Re cursive regression
2:27PM 0 Calling R functions into C# or C++
2:10PM 3 k-modes (Huang) in package klaR?
2:03PM 1 How to calculate KMO?
2:03PM 1 R/PL : cannot build PL/R
1:54PM 1 xyplot key
1:52PM 1 rcs fits in design package
1:51PM 1 Optim(...) estimate of stDev far too low
1:10PM 1 Read header csv file
12:50PM 1 Overview of error and warning messages for teaching + examples
12:27PM 0 how to automatically set plot limits and plot scale?
11:57AM 3 AsciiDoc and R
10:45AM 2 Change directory to implement same programes
10:37AM 3 programming to calculate variance
8:33AM 0 fitting logistic model with constant harvesting
8:26AM 0 help
8:22AM 4 How do I do simple string concatenation in R?
8:14AM 2 Compress (gzip) a pdf device
7:43AM 5 Condition to factor (easy to remember)
7:21AM 1 bwplot scales in alphabetical order
7:08AM 0 fportfolio - help
5:26AM 0 Rserve with java commands and examples
5:09AM 1 How to change e-mail address
4:58AM 1 Arial for pdf() on a Mac
4:38AM 0 FW: time series and ACF
2:39AM 2 R package for visualizing/analyzing accelerometry data?
1:22AM 1 Is there a R function that can do similar things like 'pdist' in Matlab?
1:18AM 0 3D bar graphs/density plots
Tuesday September 29 2009
11:01PM 1 connecting points on a graph
10:55PM 1 Help with sub functions
10:29PM 1 Interesting function in a function problem....
9:53PM 1 Another Loop
8:12PM 3 Deleting a column in a dataframe by name
7:08PM 3 creating Surv object from character vector
6:34PM 1 How to compile R with command completion?
6:11PM 3 Equivalent for Matematica function Which...
6:04PM 1 how to draw a slope (using abline) with a specific starting point?
5:49PM 1 start scripts directly in the console on windows machines
5:47PM 1 vectors levels are carried through to subsets...
5:43PM 2 rbind for a list
5:02PM 2 PCA or CA
4:39PM 1 help with lda function from MASS package
4:08PM 1 axis scale issues....
4:03PM 4 How can I avoid a for-loop through sapply or lapply ?
3:42PM 1 Summary
3:34PM 3 loop problem
3:24PM 0 Fwd: "Computing environments for statistics"
2:45PM 3 Probability of data values form DENSITY function
2:39PM 0 Problem installing RMAGEML package
2:34PM 1 overwritten plots in pdf file
2:34PM 1 Comparing vectors from lists
1:43PM 2 ggplot2 box plot notches
1:36PM 0 Incoherence between arima.sim and auto.arima
12:56PM 1 Data source for American college football rankings?
12:56PM 1 How to parsing data like this in R
12:27PM 2 C++
10:22AM 0 Comparing regression lines
10:07AM 2 preformatted and '#' in manual pages
10:06AM 1 Create column of frequency
9:54AM 1 fft with NA values
9:30AM 0 time series and ACF
9:27AM 3 sort dates within a factor
8:53AM 1 Cannot allocate memory of size x on Linux - what's the solution?
8:51AM 1 Probability of data values form empirical distribution
7:34AM 1 some simple questions regarding survival analysis
7:04AM 1 Data Step: Outer Join Rows, Inner Join Columns
6:55AM 0 Partial correlation coefficients Type I, Type II
3:29AM 4 Something wrong with my function Please Help
Monday September 28 2009
11:39PM 1 plot error -- figure margins too large
10:22PM 2 Tool for solving equations
9:54PM 1 help with lda function
9:52PM 2 Polynomial Fitting
9:19PM 1 how to visualize gini coefficient in each node in RF?
9:08PM 1 xyplot help - colors and break in plot
8:07PM 2 Help with time series
8:02PM 0 (no subject)
8:02PM 2 re trieve user input from an tcl/tk interface
4:59PM 1 Sweave, TEXINPUTS problem
4:28PM 1 Using linear formula inside MLE
4:03PM 3 Remove single entries
3:39PM 4 Running an ANOVA with a BY
3:27PM 1 for loop
3:19PM 2 Regression line w/ residuals - tuning the plot
3:07PM 2 Levelplot without margins
2:59PM 1 axis label using expression()
2:57PM 2 creating vectors from a list
2:44PM 0 msm and pmatrix
2:24PM 6 SAS user now converting to R - Help with Transpose
2:20PM 0 question on a warning(?) message from glm poisson regression
2:12PM 2 predict missing values with svm
2:01PM 5 R and REST API's
1:47PM 0 binary quantile regression with IV
1:27PM 0 residuals and missing values
12:57PM 1 JRI - get S4 objects from R and assign them again
12:47PM 1 colMeans()
12:15PM 2 probability density function for maximum values in repeated finite samples from a normal distribution??
11:34AM 1 launching two RGUI computations from two different Excel workbooks
11:22AM 4 How to assess object names within a function in lapply or l_ply?
10:36AM 2 Trendline and R square value
9:45AM 0 GAM predict
9:27AM 2 dichromat, regexp, and grid objects
8:07AM 1 xyplot & lmline: error message.
2:45AM 2 A programming question - is what I want to do possible in R?
2:42AM 2 Data formatting for matplot
2:01AM 4 Re ading Functions that are in a Vector
1:50AM 0 Data analysis package for positively skewed data
1:42AM 0 Strata formation using R
1:27AM 1 Bubble Plot
Sunday September 27 2009
11:39PM 3 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
11:24PM 2 Determining name of calling function.
10:59PM 2 dimension-preserving matrix coersion
10:33PM 4 array to matrix or data.frame
9:29PM 3 rsolnp- Error (Help!)
9:25PM 1 RSQLite column names underscores
8:54PM 2 Count number of zeros in a collumn
6:15PM 1 View this page "R-Packages (Statistical Computing)"
6:10PM 1 Clustering with R - efficient processing of large sparse data sets (text data)
5:47PM 0 constraining covariance structure for random effects in lme
5:24PM 2 Check value interval in a if loop
5:24PM 2 xtable - how to add a "sum of values in a row" column?
3:28PM 0 Generation of Multariate Gumbel Random Numbers VGAM or GUMBEL
2:23PM 1 Optional libraries (libtiff, etc) not found
2:01PM 0 Xterm escape sequences in Prompt
2:01PM 1 Gini importance measure in RF package
12:42PM 2 zoo: merging aggregated zoo-objects fails
10:55AM 1 Select.spatial on spplots
6:30AM 0 tuning parameter in lasso
4:57AM 0 need help in mixed poisson regression
4:39AM 3 Teach me how to transpose in R
4:33AM 2 Converting SAS Data code to R.
4:30AM 2 for cycle with uncontinuous numbers
3:47AM 2 Re ad in multiple datasets
2:07AM 4 3D to 2D projection
Saturday September 26 2009
9:11PM 1 Summary/Bootstrap for Design library's lrm function
9:06PM 1 implementation of matrix logarithm (inverse of matrix exponential)
6:36PM 1 questions on csv reading
6:05PM 1 Lattice, stripplot (xyplot), plotting data with median line, numeric x-axis
3:46PM 2 Conditional operation on data frame, shift/roll of vector
3:33PM 1 Mixed font in lattice xyplot lables
3:16PM 3 Adding variables
1:45PM 1 Looking for a textbook that is more concise than Applied Linear Statistical Models (2004 version)
12:34PM 1 R as a web service
11:43AM 1 Multiple comparisons for coxph survival analysis model
11:24AM 0 Function source: desired characteristics
10:59AM 0 merging columns from a large data set
10:22AM 1 multiclass SVM (e1071 package): number of estimated models
10:19AM 1 multiple lattice, xyplot & levelplot on same page
9:39AM 1 Problem with downloading workspace file from a web address
6:26AM 1 Is there any performance difference between subset() and list comprehension?
5:58AM 4 data frame's column names not the same as in CSV
1:10AM 1 renaming intercept column when retrieving coeficients from lme using coef function
12:33AM 2 Design Package - Penalized Logistic Reg. - Query
12:00AM 3 evaluate a set of symbols within an IF statement
Friday September 25 2009
9:46PM 1 NLM
9:16PM 1 Function question
8:24PM 1 How to open only one file in a .gz file?
7:02PM 0 On what (shared) machine will R perform faster?
5:58PM 2 grep or other complex string matching approach to capture necessary information...
4:54PM 0 help with multi-objective program using lpSolve API
4:47PM 0 SEa nd CI
4:33PM 1 Logistic Regression for Multinomial Data using R
4:33PM 0 Fitting a asymmetric logistic peak curve
4:21PM 1 error while plotting
3:56PM 1 Starting values in “arima.sim” function
2:18PM 2 summarize-plyr package
2:03PM 0 Error with Mixdist in R
2:01PM 7 Spliting columns, strings or reg exp returning substrings
12:47PM 3 Problem on plotting TS using GGPLOT
11:53AM 1 if else and loop for code in R
11:29AM 1 Binomial
11:24AM 0 variation in one variable
10:25AM 0 R 2.10.0 is scheduled for October 26
10:09AM 1 R CMD INSTALL --build: Folders /inst and /etc not in zip-file and WindowsXP locks /library/[package]/etc/
9:09AM 0 differing behaviour between xts (0.6-7) and zoo (1.5-8)
8:42AM 2 Nested select
6:53AM 2 Data import from .csv-file with numeric header
6:04AM 1 Java to R interface.
5:41AM 2 synchronisation of time series data using interpolation
3:31AM 2 Re tain current graphs in figure
3:20AM 1 How to download from github
1:51AM 1 simulating a model
1:35AM 1 Penalized Logistic Regression - Query
12:36AM 1 Does anybody know how to connect to SAS from within R?
Thursday September 24 2009
11:58PM 0 Adding to tick marks to Scatter3d
11:45PM 1 subsetting from a vector or matrix
11:15PM 2 Date formats in as.Date
10:52PM 3 keeping all rows with the same values, and not only unique ones
10:48PM 1 Creating grid graphics with grid.layout
7:07PM 1 Non-parametric test for location with two unpaired sets of data measured on ordinal scale.
6:28PM 3 Color of the plot which correspond to the group of the observations
6:06PM 1 multicomp plotting
5:45PM 1 panel.text question
5:45PM 0 Time Series Format Error
5:25PM 1 col headers in read.table()
5:20PM 2 Does anybody know how to connect to KDB from within R?
5:15PM 0 October-November R /S Courses: Nationwide (1) R/S+ Fundamentals and (2) R/S-Plus Advanced Programming. in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle and Salt Lake City
4:50PM 0 error in amer function
4:37PM 0 lmer() vs. "fixed effects" regression
4:23PM 2 RODBC problem
4:00PM 0 basic cubic spline smoothing (resending because not sure about pending)
3:26PM 3 making R print on screen
2:52PM 1 multinormial runs tests?
2:37PM 2 Access to conditioning variables (lattice)
2:29PM 1 graphics mailing list?
2:13PM 2 more strange behavior of Revolution R 1.3.0
2:09PM 0 Modelling
1:43PM 1 basic cubic spline smoothing
1:34PM 2 Downloading data from from internet
1:09PM 3 pipe data from plot(). was: ROCR.plot methods, cross validation averaging
12:48PM 2 P-value and R-squared variable selection criteria
12:20PM 1 superimposing xyplots on same scale
12:18PM 0 problem in forcing variables in CART
12:17PM 1 how to make a function recognize the name of an object/vector given as argument
11:45AM 1 problem on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (ia64)
10:57AM 1 Fw: Re: Multiple Normal Curves
10:52AM 2 aggregate() - error message
10:51AM 1 Maximum likelihood estimation of parameters make no biological sense
10:48AM 0 Multiply Normal Curves
10:38AM 1 Downloading currency data from from Yahoo
9:32AM 3 Bug
4:23AM 0 Fw: Simulating and Plotting
3:12AM 1 Optimise parameter of a generic function
Wednesday September 23 2009
11:37PM 5 Statistical analysis
11:36PM 2 Newbie Question About Setting Plot Axis Limits
11:24PM 1 read.delim very slow in reading files with lots of columns
10:29PM 1 generate random number without repetition
10:03PM 2 scaled Schoenfeld residuals
9:58PM 1 How to show number in the %f format?
9:37PM 4 save txt file
9:32PM 0 Simulating and Plotting
7:47PM 1 Best way to arrange data
7:18PM 1 stripchart with pch %in% 21:25 with bg
7:17PM 2 Box plot
7:11PM 0 logLik() in urca function
7:01PM 1 dotchart to barplots
6:57PM 1 set choose.files directory?
6:25PM 2 Stretch the x-axis for better alignment comparison
6:13PM 1 any advice on web interfaces to R?
6:06PM 1 survey package (3.18)
4:25PM 0 Class correlation with hierarchical clusters
4:11PM 0 ROCR.plot methods, cross validation averaging
3:39PM 0 R: Function to check if a vector contains a given value?
3:37PM 2 Function to check if a vector contains a given value?
3:34PM 1 p value from F value and dfs
3:31PM 1 Numerical integration problem
3:13PM 5 Fortran vs R
2:11PM 0 mapproject returns NAs
2:10PM 0 Fwd: confirm 60c6d87144c82778d7053d4f81d1e06f92f9f1e7
2:05PM 1 memory problems for fixed effect models
2:01PM 0 Error in package management on R 2.9.2 GUI 1.29 Tiger build 32-bit
1:52PM 1 percent data being treated as categorical
12:53PM 1 Compiled Rcmdr Plugin package (zip) has no etc/menus.txt
12:42PM 3 Reading data
12:29PM 3 retrieve certain part from html
12:27PM 1 re peated measures
11:58AM 4 Problem in graph plotting
11:16AM 1 Maximum Likelihood Est. regarding the degree of freedom of a multivariate skew-t copula
9:45AM 1 Variable as a filename
8:54AM 1 graduation
3:41AM 1 strange split behavior?
3:25AM 1 Sum of Product in a Matrix
1:51AM 2 reading web log file into R
1:50AM 1 how to save plots automatically
1:37AM 3 Ford Fulkerson
1:30AM 4 How to read zip file?
1:02AM 1 BLUP with missing data
Tuesday September 22 2009
9:58PM 2 Subsetting dataframes based on column names
9:49PM 1 Correlate two time series
9:23PM 1 Superimposing (aligning) two graphs
9:14PM 2 barplot with chopped bars
9:07PM 1 Data frame column name as function argument?
8:50PM 2 Creating loops with strings
8:29PM 2 chage the output file name
8:03PM 0 Question about the negative binomial hurdle model with random effect using REML.
7:52PM 1 Help with output height
7:03PM 4 Evaluating expresssions as parameter values
7:03PM 3 how to convert character string with only month and year into date
6:23PM 3 how to force R to evaluate variable?
6:13PM 1 Question about zero-inflated poisson with REML.
6:07PM 1 any way to make it work faster (deleting rows that contain certain values)
5:20PM 3 How to sort the elements in a matrix?
4:40PM 3 How to combine matrices?
4:30PM 3 R PNG graph width limitation
4:14PM 2 glm analysis repeated for 900 variables
4:07PM 1 Latex using expression
4:01PM 4 Problem in using BATCH command
3:47PM 1 How to get the current script file name in the script?
3:35PM 2 No parametric methods
3:32PM 1 run R script automatically by double-clicking WinXP desktop icon
3:09PM 1 cut and re-factor data
3:04PM 1 Coordinates of the current plot
2:59PM 1 microarray analysis in R without replicates
2:56PM 0 (correction) snowfall+Rmpi: sfExport error
2:30PM 1 Singular model.matrix of nested designs
2:18PM 0 tkmessageBox font size
2:12PM 3 Function similar to cumsum/cumprod
1:25PM 0 Programming insight
12:57PM 3 converting a character vector to a function's input
12:56PM 0 duncan test in R
12:21PM 0 snowfall: sfExport apparently harmless error
10:34AM 2 Semi continous variable- define bounds using lpsolve
10:13AM 3 trying to install plotrix
10:02AM 0 R execution by VBA Macro
9:52AM 1 matching pairs regardless of order,multiple matches
9:51AM 5 use of class variable in r as in Proc means of sas
9:41AM 3 problem using KLdiv - flexmix
9:35AM 0 snowfall: missing MPI node
8:59AM 2 Manipulate directory-help
7:38AM 0 Markov Switching
2:34AM 2 Pull Coefficients from MCMCpack models
2:12AM 1 Weird read.table error? (line `n' did not have `m' elements)
1:22AM 0 AIC vs. extractAIC
Monday September 21 2009
11:27PM 2 cox memory
11:00PM 1 Read-in TSV file
9:52PM 3 xtable - print - suppress output
8:52PM 0 RWeb javascript version
8:13PM 3 Linear Model "NA" Value Test
8:04PM 4 Working around 256 byte variable names? + trouble opening large file
6:47PM 2 logarithmic seq() ?
6:33PM 0 Problem while using KLdiv()
6:14PM 5 More elegant way of excluding rows with equal values in any 2 columns?
6:13PM 1 Plotting waver files
6:04PM 1 Regarding information on writing R scripts
5:04PM 1 truth (karnaugh) table
4:45PM 1 RODBC : using and passing queries that use " in some arguments
4:34PM 1 Problem in Installing packages in R 2.9.2
4:22PM 0 DF-GLS optimal lags
4:19PM 2 Error in make.names when trying to read.table in if statement
4:17PM 1 How to use nls when [selfStart] function returns NA or Inf??
3:52PM 2 Executing R scripts from another R script
3:29PM 3 Basic function output/scope question
3:07PM 1 Pattern Matching within Vector?
2:43PM 2 plotmath
2:38PM 1 Three dimensional view of the profiles using 'rgl' package (example of 3 dimensional graphics using rgl package).
2:21PM 1 spplot and cex
2:19PM 2 Combine vectors in order to form matrixes with combn
2:05PM 3 Create directory and copy files in R
1:32PM 1 Printing column names before each block of output (fwd)
1:31PM 1 Nested test
1:18PM 2 R crashes when packages 'impute' and 'GeneMeta' are used together.
1:16PM 2 How to handle missing values for the GeneMeta package?
1:10PM 2 Four concurrent Markov chains
12:39PM 3 compute differences
12:15PM 0 Printing column names before each block of output
11:43AM 1 Specific criteria for color palette using heatmap.2
9:42AM 3 Putting a text box in a plot
8:55AM 0 execution of R
7:56AM 0 max.deparse.length in tinn-R
7:53AM 0 sm color image
6:16AM 9 Handling missing data
6:04AM 0 Help needed to clarify hclust and cutree algorithms
5:55AM 2 Selecting data based on date-Data manupulation
4:28AM 1 Skipping missing files when importing data
1:07AM 1 Point Density calculation
1:05AM 1 Post-Hoc tests for Friedman Test?
Sunday September 20 2009
11:15PM 3 problems with Stackpoly, package Plotrix
10:40PM 2 xtable + print (html)
10:23PM 1 help with SAV file
10:22PM 0 New version of QCA
9:00PM 4 correlation help
8:59PM 1 How to choose knots for GAM?
8:11PM 2 Date/Time to date & time
6:06PM 2 missing level of a nested factor results in an NA in lm output
6:05PM 4 running many different regressions
5:46PM 1 perl functions in R enviroment
4:24PM 2 Read time series
3:58PM 2 how to count occurrences of string?
3:07PM 3 statistics
2:59PM 2 Function output
1:25PM 1 Truncated plot in the output file
12:28PM 1 packGrob and dynamic resizing
11:22AM 2 Plot factors with a loop
8:16AM 2 Quadratic Constraints
4:12AM 1 axis: forcing last label to print
3:42AM 1 Computing the sum of cross products of rows of a matrix
3:39AM 0 Barplot error with space=0, log="x"
12:35AM 3 plotting least-squares regression against x-axis
Saturday September 19 2009
11:36PM 1 plotting least-squares residuals against x-axis
11:30PM 1 how to add tables of different dimensions
10:40PM 4 Processing strings
10:31PM 3 Lattice: combine the same strip?
9:24PM 1 random selection from dataset and creating and graphing multiple means
8:48PM 3 eval(expr) without printing to screen?
7:44PM 1 Poisson Regression - Query
7:41PM 0 homals package and core loop
5:14PM 1 Rcmdr
5:11PM 1 Converting matrices into row vectors and saving as ASCII text
4:55PM 1 Amazon SimpleDB and R
4:42PM 3 reducing space between charts in lattice graphics
3:25PM 1 Re-order columns
3:17PM 1 matrix operations on grobs and grid units
12:19PM 3 graphing help
10:18AM 3 Replacing values in dataframes
9:39AM 2 Counting observations of a combined factor
9:37AM 3 Creating histograms from factors using a for loop
9:26AM 1 generic methods - in particular the summary function
7:44AM 1 How to avoid copy-paste when copying code from this list?
6:12AM 0 Filled contour in a irregular map (shapefile)
4:28AM 2 Use of R in Schools
Friday September 18 2009
11:49PM 1 Why don't formulas that work for lm() work for plotmeans?
11:38PM 4 Any concept of 'by reference' or 'address of' in R?
10:42PM 1 xyplot: Can I identify groups but not use them for regression?
10:04PM 0 Alternatives to Rgraphviz -- request suggestions
9:24PM 2 help with $ and % symbols in R
8:48PM 0 Why residual=T doesn't work in plot.gam?
8:14PM 1 Unable to install lme4
8:06PM 2 Emacs and ESS help
6:58PM 2 Ruuid missing Gtk glib.dylib
6:50PM 0 missing values at a combination of two factors
6:25PM 0 Error: length(f1) == length(f2) is not TRUE (fwd)
6:21PM 0 Predicting the Present with R at Google
5:08PM 1 lapply - value changes as parameters to function?
3:39PM 5 Writing Reports from R in Microsoft Office Open XML format (follow-up)
3:18PM 2 Sum according observation
2:24PM 1 Within-group correlation confidence intervals
2:19PM 1 as.POSIXct(as.Date()) independent of timezone
2:07PM 1 Missing link(s) in documentation object
1:32PM 4 R on browser
1:28PM 0 msm package - interpreting categorical results
12:47PM 3 matching pairs regardless of order
12:31PM 1 Updating R-code in own package
11:41AM 3 Error: length(f1) == length(f2) is not TRUE
11:16AM 1 Linear objective function with Quadratic constraints
10:17AM 1 some irritation with heteroskedasticity testing
9:49AM 2 Maximum No.of code in R
9:44AM 1 Lattice barplot not wokring in for-loop?
9:23AM 2 A stat related question
9:01AM 1 Help a newbie
7:18AM 1 merging data frames with matrix objects when missing cases
6:10AM 1 problem regarding the data
5:46AM 2 Suppressing script commands in R console when executing long program
5:03AM 4 Datetime conversion
2:50AM 1 Incorrect Dimension
1:38AM 0 Program with indicatrix function
1:22AM 1 Ubuntu 2.9.2 packages broken for amd64
1:22AM 0 Help with lm with a nested effect
12:15AM 1 Errors and line numbers in scripts?
Thursday September 17 2009
9:17PM 2 referring to a row number and to a row condition, and to columns simultaneously
8:31PM 3 generating unordered combinations
7:23PM 1 How write the same number of elements in the first line as the rest of the file with write.table()?
6:19PM 1 dyn.load search path?
5:39PM 2 define a new family (and a new link function) for gam in gam package
5:28PM 1 Grouped Logistic (Or conditional Logistic.)
5:09PM 0 Hi
4:11PM 3 Help with date specification
3:57PM 1 Dealing with heterogeneity with varComb weights
3:46PM 2 QQ plotting of various distributions...
3:43PM 2 r-inferno.pdf with detailed table of contents and bookmarks
3:32PM 0 lpSolve constraints don't seem to have an effect
3:31PM 0 stableFit
3:25PM 3 Simple as.Date question dealing with a timezone offset
3:21PM 1 How to do a PCA with ordered variables?
3:13PM 2 What does model.matrix() return?
3:10PM 3 How to separate a function by 2 probabilities
2:22PM 1 Why S4 method is not visible from another package?
2:02PM 3 How to generate a matrix where each row (or column) is the same vector?
1:00PM 1 How to colour the tip labels in a phylogenetic tree
12:58PM 1 Error message in Design library
12:23PM 1 heatmap.2() problems with re-ordering of rows and columns
12:15PM 2 What is the time complexity of 'match()'?
11:39AM 2 SVM
11:22AM 1 RCurl and Google Scholar's EndNote references
10:10AM 1 Problems with the commands FUNCTION and DERIV to build a polynomial
9:44AM 1 package documentation of S4 methods
9:23AM 0 hint required code in Tinn-R
8:19AM 2 Quadradic constraint in optimization of linear program
8:10AM 1 Turning points in a series
7:56AM 2 R functions with array arguments
7:28AM 3 latex code in R -> convert to pdf
6:55AM 0 geoR, variofit
6:33AM 1 Filling Empty Column with String in read.table
6:31AM 1 inline error message
6:29AM 1 boxplot
5:40AM 1 Fastest Way to Divide Elements of Row With Its RowSum
5:30AM 1 rJava .jinit() : Cannot create Java virtual machine (-1)
5:27AM 0 Partitioning analysis
4:35AM 1 poisson lognormal regression
4:21AM 1 Collecting data in a data structure
3:03AM 1 How to extract data.frame columns using regex?
2:58AM 2 Which one shall I use? '=' or '<-'?
2:14AM 2 What is the best way to get a subset of a data.frame?
1:23AM 0 solve heywood case within R
1:22AM 2 Why strsplit can be used with matrix but not data.frame?
12:15AM 1 Beginner Q- dates in the xrange?
Wednesday September 16 2009
11:37PM 1 Matching data.
10:33PM 2 How not to keep the redundant space when convert a data frame with as.matrix()?
10:12PM 1 How to convert a frame to a matrix while maintaining that a number is still a number?
10:03PM 1 What is the difference between double quote (") and single quote (')?
9:54PM 0 Problem Plotting Production Panel Data
9:15PM 1 What does 'collapse' mean in apply()?
9:02PM 1 changing number of axis
9:00PM 2 Generalized cumsum?
7:22PM 3 apply function across two variables by mult factors
7:03PM 1 Windows RGui line editing
6:49PM 2 T-test to check equality, unable to interpret the results.
5:50PM 1 re-code missing value
5:42PM 2 Turnpoints
5:40PM 0 Getting best three dimentions of data after dimentionality reduction (using kpca)
4:05PM 1 expression
3:39PM 3 fft help
3:37PM 3 lattice: How to display no box but only a y-axis on the left + Thicker lines
3:13PM 1 Can someone please explain why the last tick mark on this chart is not showing?
2:16PM 1 Memory in R on windows running 64bit XP
2:11PM 1 Is there a way to round numbers up or down to the nearest "natural looking" number?
2:08PM 4 a sequence that wraps around
1:53PM 3 How to extract a specific substring from a string (regular expressions) ? See details inside
1:40PM 2 A matrix problem
1:26PM 1 cycles in a graphical model
12:26PM 1 How can I replicate Excel's 'growth trend' series interpolation?
11:54AM 1 error: could not find function "sd"
11:34AM 1 extracting one element from all list elements
10:42AM 0 Error with JGR
10:22AM 1 how can we check file empty or not
9:41AM 1 Registration
3:50AM 1 list of symbols to substitution
2:35AM 0 plot sin wave and fft
1:58AM 2 Teasing out logrank differences *between* groups using survdiff or something else?
12:01AM 2 cluster-lite
Tuesday September 15 2009
11:51PM 2 How to quickly find the position of the first non-zero element of a vector
11:24PM 2 How to calculate min of a dataset that contains empty column
9:52PM 1 Regular expression problem
9:50PM 2 best method to format output of frequency table
9:47PM 2 R console line-wrapping
9:05PM 2 How to remove 'NA's?
9:03PM 2 wilcox.test p-value = 0
8:59PM 3 how to load only lines that start with a particular symbol
8:14PM 2 Viewing Function Code
7:07PM 2 Putting together a constantly evolving package
5:09PM 3 Questions on pareto
4:26PM 0 Function returns different results on the vector as a whole vs. on the values of the vector
4:16PM 5 identical(length(x), 1) returns FALSE, but print(length(x)) is 1, length(x)==1 is TRUE, and is.integer(lenght(x)) is TRUE????
3:34PM 1 coefficients of aov results has less number of elements?
3:22PM 0 INSTALL html help (and vignettes) only?
3:06PM 1 comma as decimal separator in xtable
3:04PM 0 two party questions: terminal stats and second dataset
2:57PM 1 Compare a group of line slopes
2:52PM 1 quoting a table name due to a special character in sqlQuery (RODBC)
2:48PM 1 Factor Analysis function source code required
2:48PM 2 why is nrow() so slow?
2:43PM 1 How to know the current line number in browser()?
2:36PM 1 R Journal
2:22PM 0 legend disappeared after pdf() export to file
2:05PM 1 Error...
1:45PM 0 regresion logistica
1:23PM 1 releasing memory when using the ncdf package
12:33PM 1 hel with factorial analysis with mixed data
12:31PM 1 Reg: R-systems in java
12:07PM 1 Boost in R
10:32AM 0 Usage of SnowballStemmer for German
10:29AM 0 Flowlines from contours
10:28AM 0 R-squared in proportional hazards regression
9:58AM 4 Reading a data frame from R to excel
9:45AM 1 Help with error on function: Error in .... attempt to apply non-function
9:28AM 2 Subsetting matrix with values from vector
9:24AM 1 rmutil
9:12AM 0 xts and data.frame question
9:10AM 1 How can I use R:sort function in C code?
6:54AM 1 Changing list to variable
5:15AM 0 trouble installing qvalue package
3:30AM 0 chinese character support issue of rcom
3:21AM 1 X-axis range
3:18AM 0 Multivariate Meta-analysis
3:11AM 1 R Memory Usage Concerns
2:01AM 2 syntax of formula
1:40AM 1 Header names when importing csv/excel data sets
Monday September 14 2009
10:55PM 2 symbols(x,y, circles=sqrt(N)) with lattice xyplot
10:48PM 1 64-bit binary for Windows
10:25PM 2 using filter while Reading files -
10:01PM 0 Marginal effects after probit
9:19PM 0 fastest OLS w/ NA's and need for SE's
9:11PM 1 R^2 for poisson and zero inflated regressions
9:10PM 2 Is there an equivalent of "echo"
9:03PM 0 How can I use foreach with snow, to allow multicore on windows XP ?
8:58PM 2 What are the return values of aov?
8:43PM 0 Legends dissapearing from scatterplot (car package) when using logarithmic axis
8:41PM 1 dates with lattice graphics
7:45PM 1 Best way to extract values from an aov object ?
7:42PM 2 Plea: No long unbroken lines, please!
7:25PM 2 Escaping . in regular expression
7:11PM 0 invalid type (list) for variable
6:57PM 1 ggplot, ribbon not showing up properly
6:34PM 2 average for files and graph
6:30PM 1 How to extract partial predictions, package mgcv
6:27PM 0 using lm with nested factor results in NA's
6:13PM 0 highlighting constants
6:11PM 3 How to convert numbers to words?
6:04PM 0 Cann't assign NULL to a vector
5:30PM 1 Mantel test
5:14PM 1 ggplot2 legend text....a basic question
5:00PM 1 Strange question/result about SVM
4:59PM 1 loading a package .Rda file at package load time
4:22PM 2 Which "apply" function to use?
4:04PM 2 Function "Varcov" in Design (Ver. 2.2-0) package
4:03PM 4 Location of Packages?
3:52PM 3 installation problem
3:48PM 2 call for input
3:44PM 1 64-bit OSX binary for 2.9.2
3:32PM 3 How to refer to the last a few rows?
3:20PM 4 local sequence function
3:05PM 2 how to recode with an if-type statement
2:57PM 3 Eliminate cases in a subset of a dataframe
2:51PM 1 ggplot2 graphing multiple lines of data
2:41PM 2 problems with reshape
2:19PM 1 (no subject)
2:15PM 0 SSVS
2:01PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:47PM 1 linear regression, exclude a datum
1:43PM 1 summary of rpart-Object in tktext window?
1:42PM 1 How do I ensure that the minimum value is always displayed on a y-axis in a plot?
1:24PM 1 Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit
1:17PM 3 Teaching material for children...
1:14PM 0 Announce: lme4 web application
11:43AM 2 Analysis of a highly pseudoreplicate mixed-effects experiment
10:40AM 1 acf gives correlations > 1
10:04AM 0 Rstem package not available anymore?!?
10:02AM 1 Degrees of freedom etc- Fisher's
8:35AM 0 merging two rpart objects
7:23AM 1 setting plotting device
6:03AM 2 How to set default plotting colors by treatment?
5:55AM 3 Exporting Numerous Graphs
3:55AM 0 How to specify knots and knots boundary in GAM
2:34AM 1 turning a list into a function's params
12:19AM 3 Question about Factors
Sunday September 13 2009
11:44PM 2 (no subject)
10:54PM 2 ountour "resolution"
6:18PM 3 How to get last day of a month?
5:29PM 1 making package interface with FORTRAN under windows
5:19PM 2 How can I get "predict.lm" results with manual calculations ? (a floating point problem)
4:47PM 4 Brand new To R
4:07PM 0 is it possible: predict.lm on a matrix instead of a data.frame ?
1:57PM 1 Help with Loop Please!
10:30AM 0 Stability VAR plot
8:12AM 2 Regarding Performance and Prediction routines of rattle library and XML package
2:33AM 2 zoo plot: yearly marks on X-Axis
2:13AM 1 Manage an unknown and variable number of data frames
Saturday September 12 2009
10:16PM 3 the integer of a given location
9:47PM 4 Normal distribution
9:30PM 1 (no subject)
9:13PM 0 Best Subset Selection - Leaps Package
7:54PM 1 medcouple-based outlier detection in R
6:34PM 1 ggplot2: deterministic position_jitter & geom_line with position_jitter
6:02PM 1 stack overflow when loading workspace
5:51PM 2 Triangular distribution for kernel regression
5:15PM 0 New package: tikzDevice
4:46PM 0 Survreg function + deviation
3:36PM 3 how to find maximum for multivariable data
11:56AM 1 Save data in txt
9:24AM 2 could not find function "Varcov" after upgrade of R?
9:00AM 1 How to visualize paired t-test results?
7:41AM 0 consistent results with heatmap.2
4:33AM 3 mclustBIC version 3.3.1
12:12AM 1 Way to iteratively change line color and line style
Friday September 11 2009
10:35PM 2 help with for loop
9:32PM 1 bar chart with means - using ggplot
9:13PM 1 Using R for a slightly tricky survey analysis
9:00PM 1 help in matching two column vectors
8:54PM 0 ANN: rproto v1 (Protocol Buffers and R) [repost]
8:31PM 0 ANN: rproto v1 (Protocol Buffers and R)
8:20PM 1 constrOptim parameters
8:10PM 2 Alternative to Scale Function?
8:05PM 4 R on Multi Core
8:02PM 0 ipred bagging segfault on 64 bit linux build
6:34PM 0 How to block data across multiple columns?
6:33PM 0 R help:
6:20PM 3 Barplot+Table
5:52PM 0 NLME
5:47PM 1 help with plotting
5:30PM 0 R/S Programmer Employment Opportunity - New York, NY
5:20PM 0 how to determine if a variable has already been initialized?
5:15PM 3 Working with large matrix
5:15PM 2 Moving to Mac OS X
5:15PM 3 how to determine if a variable is already set?
4:48PM 1 transposing a distance matrix in R
4:12PM 0 Slow enumeration of vectors with restrictions
4:02PM 2 How to Label Certain Lags for a PACF Graph
4:00PM 0 Rmetrics timeDate - business days between dates
3:40PM 3 For sending my R package as part of R-project
3:04PM 3 State Space models in R
3:03PM 1 format (?) problems with data imported from postgres
2:37PM 0 Reading gzip data from a non zero file offset
2:30PM 0 voice recognition software
2:02PM 1 Modify functions in base packages (needed for completion for proto objects)
1:46PM 4 Sorting
1:32PM 1 : How wo read stability VAR plot?
1:04PM 1 RPostgreSQL package and libpq.dll file
1:02PM 2 Searching 1st number within a ch. string
12:22PM 2 Graph visualization
11:50AM 1 What determines the unit of POSIXct differences?
10:12AM 1 Simple time series questions
9:35AM 0 Multilevel models with sampling weights at both levels
8:39AM 1 call Fortran from R
8:35AM 0 ipred
8:25AM 0 (no subject)
8:19AM 0 How to compare the result of GLM and GAM
8:17AM 3 how to do this?
7:54AM 0 R - box design-scatter plot für means/regression/lme?
7:23AM 1 Constructing variables conditional on two indicators
7:13AM 3 Is there any "month" object like "LETTERS" ?
6:12AM 0 problem formula (newbe)
5:52AM 2 Accumulating results from "for" loop in a list/array
3:40AM 0 fitting stated preference econometric data using multinomial logit in R
2:02AM 0 memory limit problem
1:25AM 0 New package "sos" for searching help pages of contributed packages
12:24AM 1 memory limit problem
Thursday September 10 2009
11:06PM 1 sppolot: fill below minimum legend value
10:55PM 1 Complex binning?
10:36PM 1 numerical integration
10:11PM 1 Exporting the formula for a LOESS fit
8:47PM 2 Linux R version: best?
8:45PM 2 R 2.9.2 memory max - object vector size
8:26PM 0 Bootstrap simulation
7:35PM 1 function to solve equations
6:34PM 2 index of min elements in matrix
3:21PM 2 Merge data frames but prefer values in one
2:38PM 0 fit arima long period alternatives
2:07PM 2 Running R in Windows server
1:58PM 1 Intercept=0 in gam from gam package
1:57PM 2 Negative AIC
1:25PM 1 executing rscript from VB
1:10PM 2 tranform a table?
1:07PM 0 Listing all data instead of only k-elements when using combn-function
12:40PM 2 Build a connectivity between .NET and R without using any interface
11:56AM 0 new version of R-package mice
10:44AM 2 Insall package
10:44AM 1 Issue displaying DATES on a plot with two ordinates
10:10AM 2 Plot area reduction
9:06AM 1 Order a vector and move to new vector
9:06AM 1 Facing error in loading dababase table
4:49AM 3 Order of multiple plots
1:41AM 1 inline function in apply
12:32AM 2 "Read.csv" in R with dynamic file (1st) argument
Wednesday September 9 2009
11:06PM 3 Help on percentage of random numbers for different classes
9:53PM 1 Xyplot, multi line title via main, all lines left justified
9:08PM 4 Joining Characters in R {issue with paste}
8:37PM 1 Stats help with calculating between and within subject variance and confidence intervals
7:25PM 3 How to return/show the indexes of unusual points in boxplot?
6:26PM 2 The code behind the function
6:23PM 2 fitting nonlinear model
5:43PM 3 lag a data.frame column?
4:40PM 1 R code for creating and appending to frequency table
3:26PM 0 more efficient vectorization of a function ?
3:24PM 2 ggplot2: mixing colour and linetype in geom_line
3:11PM 1 weird "vector size cannot be NA/NaN" problem
2:58PM 0 Help-R-graphic
1:36PM 2 Matrix multiplication and random numbers
12:43PM 2 "predict"-fuction for metaMDS (vegan)
12:05PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 79, Issue 9
11:50AM 0 Facing an error during SVM prediction
11:11AM 1 Forecast - How to create variables with summary() results parameters
11:06AM 1 change character to factor in data frame
10:54AM 0 gridlines in contour plot
10:51AM 2 How to sum and group data by DATE in data frame
10:28AM 2 Problem with print()
8:26AM 0 new package MLCM: Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement
4:00AM 2 vector of Vectors
3:24AM 1 Running a batch file with an r script
3:23AM 2 Help with data containing date
3:19AM 2 SAS vs. R in web application
1:24AM 1 SRS Required sample size for simulated data
12:26AM 1 Combining simulated data
Tuesday September 8 2009
10:42PM 1 Obtaining value of median survival for survfit function to use in calculation
9:13PM 0 image registration/alignment algorithm
7:57PM 1 rcorrp.cens and U statistics
7:51PM 1 Plotting two qqnorm plots:
6:47PM 0 help with 'lm' function: contrast and separate variance terms
6:47PM 1 Confident interval for nls predictions
6:22PM 1 gstat---2 basic plot questions
5:56PM 0 Ada package question
5:11PM 0 Confusion on use of permTS() in 'perm'
4:56PM 1 optim() argument scoping: passing parameter values into user's subfunction
4:18PM 1 makefile for sweave
4:01PM 3 Mapping factors to a new set of factors
3:42PM 0 RSPython can't find module
3:31PM 0 Incomplete time series
3:23PM 0 Re : calling combinations of variable names
3:09PM 2 strange results in summary and IQR functions
2:44PM 4 barplot with lines instead of bars
2:29PM 0 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation
2:23PM 4 Count number of different patterns (Polytomous variable)
2:15PM 2 Fitting a linear model with a break point
2:13PM 1 cbind formula definition
1:43PM 3 SPSS Statistics-R Integration Plug-In
1:33PM 1 Unexpected behavior in friedman.test and ks.test
1:19PM 0 New package: rms
1:06PM 5 sparse vectors
1:02PM 0 About " create dataset permanently in package "
12:39PM 0 Ridge and PLS grouping property
12:20PM 0 Inverse Mills in clustered (multilevel) cross-sectional panel data
11:53AM 7 Data separated by spaces, getting data into R using field lengths
11:46AM 2 Very basic question regarding plot.Design...
11:09AM 1 Changing font to times for EMF graphics
10:09AM 1 [OT] "_" inserted in postings
10:09AM 0 RODBC version 1.3-0 crashes with systemtables using SQL server 2000
9:16AM 2 Data in Array
9:07AM 1 Derivative of nonparametric curve
6:23AM 0 R meets apache ant
6:12AM 1 Truncating (not rounding) scientific value in R
6:02AM 1 Point patterns and igraph
4:39AM 1 Character manipulation using "strsplit" & vectorization
3:24AM 2 Function to Normalize Numerical Vector in R
3:23AM 1 3d scatter with trend line and errors
2:16AM 1 Help with use of rep function in R
1:41AM 3 Omnibus test for main effects in the face ofaninteraction containing the main effects.
Monday September 7 2009
11:58PM 2 Very inaccurate circles
9:29PM 1 spplot modifications
9:03PM 3 lean text label below barplot table
9:00PM 1 Equivalence of Mann-Whitney test and Kruskal-Wallis test with k=2
7:58PM 1 xyplot {lattice} are different types possible for each panel?
7:54PM 1 Omnibus test for main effects in the face of an interaction containing the main effects.
7:33PM 2 Confused - better empirical results with error in data
5:55PM 2 model simulation
5:54PM 1 Adding to the middle of a vector
5:47PM 2 Writing R Scripts and passing command line arguments
5:17PM 2 calling combinations of variable names
4:07PM 2 finding the minimum value
3:46PM 2 Averaging rows if a condition is true.
3:44PM 2 Tinn-R setup
3:40PM 2 using an array of strings with strsplit, issue when including a space in split criteria
2:34PM 2 R-crash when loading workspace - Windows
1:36PM 2 Andrews plot
1:24PM 0 help for cluster
11:43AM 2 Size of plots in pdf files#can it be smaller?
10:44AM 0 Matrix regression
10:22AM 1 Sort an array
9:55AM 1 Rmetrics: Problem with "align"
9:49AM 2 How can I change characteristics of a cca biplot in R
9:41AM 1 OT - Banker's Algorithum
9:31AM 1 Usage of OCaml/R binding.
9:19AM 1 getting name from function?
8:16AM 1 How to reduce memory demands in a function?
8:00AM 1 Scan and read.table
6:42AM 2 How Does One Use the Value of Density Function?
4:51AM 1 (no subject)
3:25AM 1 get the command line
1:52AM 1 Plot 2 ecdf in one graph
1:13AM 1 Why this statement does not print anything in an if-statement that includes 'q()'?
12:55AM 1 Why tempdir() always give me the same results in the same session?
12:28AM 1 Is there a package for generating standardized R script command line options?
Sunday September 6 2009
9:01PM 1 How many attributes are there of a variable?
7:33PM 2 avoid NA in list
6:25PM 1 Two packages and one method
5:04PM 1 How to refer the element in a named list?
4:53PM 2 How to pop up the graphics window from Rscript?
4:52PM 2 How to wait for a user response in Rscript?
4:33PM 2 How to figure the type of a variable?
3:49PM 3 linear mixed model question
1:54PM 2 selecting columns based on values of two variables
12:17PM 0 Simulation of population dynamics in R?
11:49AM 3 [Hmisc] Latex to pdf
11:03AM 1 using histogram to find cdf
9:02AM 1 struggling with "split" function
8:52AM 1 Concentration ellipsoid
3:52AM 1 Matrix as input to xyplot {lattice} - proper extended formula syntax
1:35AM 2 Regarding SVM using R
12:07AM 3 Video Analysis?
12:03AM 5 ggplot2::qplot() -- arbitary transformations of coordinate system?
Saturday September 5 2009
8:40PM 2 About BIC
8:18PM 2 Anova over a list of models
8:08PM 0 save image from R to database server in binary format
4:20PM 1 Convert dataframe to array of records
3:58PM 3 Selecting biological data
3:49PM 0 linear regression between two lists of vectors?
3:18PM 2 How to 'apply' on multiple arguments?
11:52AM 1 several questions about R graphic properties
11:21AM 2 Running two R instances at the same time
11:06AM 8 Color index in image function
9:16AM 1 how do I draw this surface -- hand drawn in the attachemtn
6:14AM 0 R2WinBUGS question from beginner
5:08AM 0 error in mixed effect model when use "maximum likelihood"
3:03AM 1 Is 'history' recorded in Rscript?
2:37AM 1 How to or or and all the values in a logical vector?
2:22AM 2 Combining expressions.
Friday September 4 2009
11:49PM 1 Problem with xtabs(), exclude=NULL, and counting NA's
10:26PM 2 How to join two matrices?
10:13PM 1 limmaGUI anomaly: top-table & venn-diagram for linear model
9:58PM 1 What is the difference between read.delim and read.delim2?
7:59PM 2 lrm in Design package--missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
7:42PM 2 Running R on read-only file system, without temporary directory
5:58PM 1 where did ggplot go?
5:16PM 2 Nested Fixed Effects - basic questions
4:18PM 3 How to print a variable with in double quotes
4:14PM 1 Redblack tree data structure
4:10PM 3 Using anova(f1, f2) to compare lmer models yields seemingly erroneous Chisq = 0, p = 1
3:45PM 1 How should a SelfStart function handle illegal parameter values?
3:28PM 4 Creating mixed line and point graphs with xyplot
3:15PM 1 NA in cca (vegan)
2:21PM 0 Large p, small n. Impossible to calculate the p-value
2:20PM 0 rromero3000
2:01PM 3 eps file with embedded font
2:00PM 2 help with functions
1:07PM 1 Windows Check/Build Configuration
1:01PM 0 creating lists in a list with loop
12:57PM 2 transforming a badly organized data base into a list of data frames
12:36PM 3 Applying qqmath using gamma distribution...
11:52AM 0 passing character vectors to FORTRAN
11:14AM 1 Linear Contrasts in GLM - Query
11:08AM 1 Multinomial and Ordinal Logistic Regression - Probability calculation
11:04AM 2 plot positive predictive values
10:48AM 0 power analysis for 2-way anova
10:34AM 0 plotting positive predictive values
10:25AM 5 < 0 x 0 matrix >
9:48AM 1 Best Way to Compute/Approximate(?) Probabilty of a Point in a Given Distribution
9:27AM 1 saving large matrices with decimal numbers
8:07AM 1 write.table column names shift
7:38AM 1 generation of eps image
4:54AM 1 User defined function's argument as Subset function's input
3:41AM 1 How to call R routines in C++`
3:09AM 1 Windows 2x faster than linux x86_64?
2:41AM 0 R Instance on Amazon EC2
2:34AM 1 Problem with locfit( ... , family="hazard")
1:06AM 1 predicting from segmented regression
12:38AM 1 DOE in R?
12:07AM 1 Removing redundant observations
Thursday September 3 2009
11:17PM 2 Easy way to get top 2 items from vector
9:10PM 2 Recursion is slow
8:41PM 2 Normalize data set
8:08PM 0 Neural networks
8:03PM 1 Export objects
7:36PM 1 Output from as.windrose() in oce package baffles me
5:39PM 0 wireframe - different axes on each panel
5:18PM 1 Differentiation on mathematical equation
5:07PM 1 Problem accessing functions in package 'roxygen'
5:06PM 0 Generating R plots via Ruby CGI - solved
4:17PM 2 dividing a dataframe column by different constants
4:09PM 1 trouble installing gtools package in local directory
3:42PM 2 Calling R from a Perl script: much slower?
3:24PM 1 putting reference lines or grids into the background of a plot
3:01PM 3 Rdonlp2 package question
2:32PM 1 Moving Rterm.exe to another location
2:27PM 1 Party plots
2:16PM 1 extract and replace columns of matrices stored in a list
1:50PM 0 Fwd: R package or function for ordinal predictors and continous response
11:49AM 1 Confusion metaMDS and CA
10:56AM 1 encoding problem using xml package
10:39AM 1 Help with GLM please!
10:32AM 1 Two-ways anova / interaction
10:01AM 2 to istall packages such as 'stats'
10:00AM 0 "Iterated cumulative sums of squares algorithm" in R ?
9:31AM 1 Sweavelistingutil: Encoding problems
8:51AM 2 How can I appoint a small part of the whole data
8:18AM 1 Alternative for correspondance analysis
8:15AM 0 R: "biplot" graphical options?
6:44AM 1 Subsetting Data Frame based On Specified K Value
6:37AM 3 Zoomable graphs with multiple plots
5:56AM 3 goodness of "prediction" using a model (lm, glm, gam, brt, regression tree .... )
5:35AM 2 [OT] book on Linux scripting
5:16AM 0 "panel.first" passed to plot() in "..."
5:04AM 2 How to do rotation for polygon?
2:50AM 5 abind, but on lists?
1:36AM 2 variable selection in logistic
12:13AM 1 (no subject)
Wednesday September 2 2009
11:50PM 4 diff of two timestamps
10:39PM 4 Grouping data in a data frame: is there an efficient way to do it?
8:16PM 0 Implementing timeouts or multithreading in R to solve hanging network problem? (Snowfall)
6:20PM 1 problem in loop
6:11PM 1 plotting vector of symbols
5:52PM 0 "as.is" for dbGetQuery?
5:09PM 5 pruning data
5:08PM 0 Revolutions blog: August roundup
4:49PM 3 PRoblem with paste function
4:30PM 1 get function to return object "name"?
4:21PM 2 combining grid.text, expression and variables
3:52PM 1 foreach + snowfall for multicore situations
3:49PM 1 Ability Estimates for Repeated Measurements in the eRm Package
2:53PM 0 Trouble building R 2.9.2 under solaris 10
2:36PM 2 Howto fit normal curve into histogram using GGPLOT2
1:27PM 4 within: order of newly added variables
1:19PM 1 a question for beginner
12:55PM 2 Average over data sets
12:23PM 1 Problems with Boxplot
11:35AM 0 Cointegration/urca package
11:02AM 4 "biplot" graphical options?
10:10AM 1 Howto Superimpose Multiple Density Curves Into One Plot
9:59AM 0 tiff format problem
9:57AM 1 Problem at subsetting matrix by using dimnames
5:12AM 2 Help with sub-setting data.frame
4:16AM 2 Normalized Y-axis for Histogram Density Plot
4:08AM 3 Avoiding loops
3:43AM 1 Ellipse: Major Axis Minor Axis
3:20AM 1 R and GNU gcc for OpenMP
1:05AM 1 Installing rJava RJDBC bad interpreter: Permission denied
Tuesday September 1 2009
11:59PM 2 ordering and factors into column headings
11:22PM 2 Simple question about data.frame reduction
11:01PM 1 matrix manipulation problem
10:52PM 2 read and sac files from windows 07
10:32PM 1 how to merge the fitted values from a linear model?
9:27PM 2 "simple" 3-dimensional plots?
8:40PM 3 Loading file in MAC-Syntax Error
8:24PM 1 Read multiple files into dataframe?
8:00PM 1 understanding the output from gls
6:48PM 2 Basic population dynamics
5:58PM 4 Date format in plot
5:52PM 2 cbind objects using character vectors
4:43PM 0 Plotting point text-labels with lattice splom
4:06PM 1 X11 plot window sizes
4:04PM 0 Package NP; npregbw; selective bandwidth selection
3:52PM 3 Simple question about error on CSV import
3:33PM 1 Logistic Politomic Regression in R
3:11PM 1 Best option for exporting data frame to SPSS?
3:02PM 1 Re gression - cluster option in STATA
2:19PM 1 Strange error returned or bug in gam in mgcv???? - additional information
1:51PM 3 Strange error returned or bug in gam in mgcv????
1:08PM 4 Function to find angle between coordinates?
12:44PM 1 Syntax for crossed random effects in nlme
12:26PM 1 R functions that count lines of a files
10:39AM 0 Article on teaching R
10:15AM 0 amer: generalized additive mixed models with lme4
9:29AM 2 List of tags in roxygen and use for S4 classes?
8:39AM 3 data frame
8:09AM 2 Function for all 2^N subsets of N
7:35AM 1 permutation and reshuffling
7:25AM 1 decimal sign
7:12AM 2 Mantel test least square line
6:58AM 2 Exclude 0 values from plot
6:17AM 2 numerical summaries across variables.
12:31AM 2 Is this a bug?